COVID-19 Case Number Lies Continue

by | Sep 29, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 5 comments

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    A record number of COVID-19 cases were reported on September 24 in Alabama. Just two labs reported that there were 2,451 positive test results, but those included old numbers.

    The lies continue as those who seek ultimate power and control try to lie their way through this scamdemic.  At this point, no numbers from any mainstream media source or government agency should be trusted. There’s more than enough evidence to prove this is all manipulated in order to push fear on the public.

    More People Died Of Suicide Last Week In Tennessee Than COVID-19

    The department of public health says that the “record-breaking” number of COVID-19 cases is due to the fact that two labs provided test data to the state after not providing any information to ADPH (Alabama Department of Public Health) the entire pandemic. About 1,500 of the positive test results were reported from those labs. Some of the results dated back to June.

    Lies & Data Manipulation: NYC Adds 3,700 Who Never Tested Positive To COVID-19 Death Toll

    Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public Health says the state has experienced ongoing issues with labs not reporting COVID-19 test results. “And the historic file may go back… even some of the reports were from June, some of the reports were from August. But again, when this does happen it does affect our numbers,” she said.

    When you use even the government’s OWN numbers, which we know are highly inflated, there’s still a larger agenda at hand. This isn’t limited to the United States. This is a global problem of pushing an agenda of a New World Order:

    It has become more than clear to anyone who has been paying attention that this was a scam.  The lockdowns were not done to keep the public healthy and prevent infections, they were done to eliminate the middle class so the banksters can remove the wealth of everyone. Several agendas are coalescing at once with this scamdemic and that is not an accident.

    James Corbett: “The Great Reset IS The NWO!” We Are Almost Out Of Time

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      1. Africa has1.2 billion people and the positive cases are miniscule by comparison.

        Big Pharma has weakened the immune system of all people living in developed nations.

        If Big Pharma says you are sick then take a pill and another and another and another.
        Render your immune system useless and take no personal responsibility for doing so. Take a pill.

      2. The idea that COVID is a scam is laughable. Yes, positivity rates and numbers can be manipulated up or down. However, look at the expected deaths vs. actual deaths, beginning in April 2020, on the CDC website. Actual deaths spiked vs expected deaths. Use data and your brains sheeple! Facts matter!

        • They pay you to come on here and lie? Side job? Or you with the CDC, the WHO, and that fraud, Dr. Fraudci?


      3. Fauci Apple-Oranged the president comparing C19 CFR not to Flu CFR but to Flu IFR to amplify the threat by 100x.
        Big Lie #1: Fauci Apple-Oranged by comparing the C19 3% CFR to Flu’s .1% IFR and not 10% CFR to exaggerate the threat by a factor of 100 and all fell for the most elementary statistical scam there is. And no one noticed. http://SmartestMan.Ca/fauci
        Big Lie #2: On June 8 WHO admitted symptomless transmission was “very rare” though they walked it back the next day saying that their models predicted more than their field trials were showing. har har har. If we’re not sniffling, we don’t need masks! The truth got out for 1 day. Richard Feinman said it best: No matter how beautiful your theory or model, if it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. Two months later, still no reports that it’s not “very rare.”
        Have WHO found any evidence over the past 3 months to disprove their original report that symptomless transmission is “very rare?” Sep 6 Fauci said “not a driver.”

      4. Well Occams, if you are familiar with Occam’s Razor, you know that the least complex theory is most likely the correct one. Which is why actual deaths vs expected deaths is the easier way to see the impact of COVID on the American populous. No need to manipulate any data or misclassify a cause of death. I am not associated with CDC, WHO, or Fauci. I am a CPA. So while I am off F***ing myself, you should head to the library, grab a book and educate yourself.

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