Think It’s Bad Now? “It Doesn’t Matter Who Wins, The Dollar Is Going To Be DESTROYED!”

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    In an interview with SGT Report, Doug Casey explains that we’re in the midst of the “greater depression” and the real chaos, both societal and economic, is dead ahead.  If we think things are bad now, just wait until after the election, because “it doesn’t matter who wins, the dollar is going to be destroyed!”

    Most of our readers already understand the dollar is being destroyed and it’s being done on purpose by the Federal Reserve to bring on their new fully centralized, unbacked, digital dollar, which will be a system of complete control and enslavement. When the dollar finally falls for good, things will get so chaotic, it’ll be unimaginable. Casey says we’ll see financial chaos, economic chaos, and societal chaos.

    This is not a matter of if the dollar will crash, but a matter of when, it won’t make any difference who is chosen to be the next banker puppet (president) when that finally happens.

    Casey says that gold is still one of the best ways to protect your wealth.  Preparedness will help you get through the chaos of a destroyed dollar.  Most people won’t know what’s coming, but those who have precious metals will have a better chance of getting through.  Silver is a “high tech industrial element” and could end up being in high demand.  Casey predicts silver will of over $50 per ounce.

    These next few years are going to be chaotic.  But you can try to become as wealthy as you can to insulate yourself from the chaos. Casey says old and silver are the best way to do that.

    SGT Report asks Casey about the democrats destroying the dollar and Donald Trump swooping in as a savior and returning us to sound money. Casey says: “Well, I wouldn’t plan my life around Trump doing anything that’s terribly intelligent economically, although I very much appreciate his efforts to deregulate the economy and fighting against the deep state.”  Casey then says he doesn’t necessarily think Trump will win.

    As we’ve stated before, presidents are chosen, and if Trump can give the Federal Reserve what they want, and as long as he won’t stand in the way of their destruction of the current system as we know it,  he will be reelected. The economy is going to get much worse by the time the election comes, and that will weih heavily on voters.

    Both sides will be cheating, and “I’d gear up for stormy weather,” says Casey of these times leading up to election.


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      1. Casey said Gold and Silver is the next Bubble. Does that mean these PM’s are priced or overinflated already? Can’t go wrong in land, food, guns, ammo and hand tools which are also real assets? Stock up on Lumber and fastners. Get ready the future is bleak.

      2. Long-term savings must be in the monetary metals.
        Don’t be left holding the bag of worthless FRNs/debt notes.

      3. Well, it looks like they are only capable of making everyone equally poor and equally miserable.

        Oppressors are not limited to one socio-economic class, as some are attempting to decieve people into believing.

        Oppressors are those who violate the rights and property of others for their own advantage, regardless of personal net worth. They use deception as well as force in Saul Alinsky’s
        13 Rules For Radicals, forcing their will on people and destroying their lives, families, property, and businesses.

        They want to convince us that we must cooperate with them in order to succeed exactly as the government attempts to convince us of this.

        It is not possible to reason with a lunatic.

        They refuse to admit or take responsibility for their total tyranny which in many instances has been far more violent, oppressive, sadistic, rapacious, and destructive than the government.

        Corruption is the number one problem in America. They are attemoting to use corruption as a solution to the problem of corruption.

        I refuse to yieild. I refuse to cooperate. I refuse to compromise. I refuse to placate terrorists. I refuse to reward evil behavior because it positively reinforces evil behavior and makes the world a more evil place to live in.

        I refuse to associate with these corrupt fascist individuals regardless of race, religion, or socio-economic status. Being poor does not make them honorable or worthy of my time if they are employing the use of force, the use of deception, the use of predation, and the use of corruption.

        For what insane reason would I have even the slightest inkling to placate or appease psychopaths that have engaged in terrorizing me, regardless of their socio-economic status?!

        I hope that they all end up in prison!

        Andrea Iravani

      4. Not true. In a world of midgets even a dwarf can be king, 🙂

      5. I don’t understand these guys. One minute he says the dollar will be destroyed. Then he goes on to say that silver will be over $50 an ounce. If the dollar is “destroyed” how does he value precious in FRNS? Unpossible.

        If the FRN is destroyed, you will no longer have a benchmark to value your precious. Are you going to carry a scale with you to assure the seller of the correct weight? What if he doesn’t know the correct weight? How about the purity? It will be your word against his as to the value of your pms. Will anyone accept your Mercury dime as worth anything more than ten cents? You must remember that only one or two percent of Americans consider precious as money. They will defer to the face value of your coinage, or paper cash that they are familiar with, rather than pm bars.

        PMs are a speculative commodity and no longer money as they were for thousands of years. They are not portable enough and not enough people consider them money. Casey better start educating a buncha people if he wants precious to be considered money after a dollar crash.

        Even Mike Maloney, the old PM sage, has said he will be selling his precious when it tops before the crash and using his FRN profits to buy income-producing land and REAL assets.

        Twenty dollar bills in number ten cans

        • Fiat currencies, like the U.S. DOLLAR, eventually FAIL. The historical record has many examples of failed Fiat currencies. Review the Weimar Republic, Zimbabwe, and other nations that went through hell due to currency failures. Quantitative Easing or printing money out of thin air during Bernaki’s tenure as Federal Reserve Chairman placed the USA on a glide path to currency failure. For that reason, folks like me try to have some precious metals. You can hold them within a retirement account, in a safe-deposit box, and in many other ways. Silver, a consumable commodity, continues to be a good value.

          For me it is a preservation of some wealth in case our Fiat currency fails.

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