Could It Be True? Will We Be Free? MSM & Governments Will FAIL This Time, IF I Can Help It!

by | Apr 19, 2020 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The mainstream media, who is responsible for pushing the government’s totalitarian ideals on the public are both crashing and burning along with their puppet masters as people constantly disobey their orders.  People all over the world are protesting the authoritarian boot on their throat and it’s only a matter of time until the power structure crumbles for good.

    It’s a good time to commend humanity.  If anything good has come out of this “plandemic” it’s that people’s eyes are now wide open to the tyranny and police states they’ve been living under for centuries. Humanity is awakening to the fact that they own themselves and their lives are not to be gambled with by politicians.  I personally believe that this “pandemic” is going to be the beginning of the end of the ruling class, and it could not have come sooner.

    As James Corbett of the Corbett report said: “No surprise that you are not hearing about this at all…so if you do want actual information about what is happening with these protests, you are, of course, going to have to online independent sources of information.”

    Many in Big Tech are attempting censorship right now and we have, unfortunately, been signaled out for not toeing the line and falling in line with the ruling class and their calls for totalitarianism. At this point, I’m concerned with humanity’s right, freedom, liberty, and regaining self-ownership.  Let history show who was on the wrong side of this issue.

    Real information can be found at the Corbett Report, and Del Bigtree’s YouTube channel. You can also watch the Ron Paul liberty report for some non-biased information.  People all over the planet are pushing back against tyranny.  We are no longer a small minority. The elitists have finally pushed the masses too far and the truth will get out.

    If we stand together and oppose this tyranny right now, we can all experience the freedom we have owed at birth but denied by politicians and elitists.  It’s possible to break the chains of tyranny as we can see RIGHT NOW!

    As James Corbett said:

    “The real truth that they desperately don’t want you to think about is that they need your compliance to make this happen. This is an exceptionally important point. This is the reason why so much time, effort, attention, and energy is directed into propagandizing the public on various things. It is because what you think, what you believe, influences the way you act and what you are or are not willing to accept. You control reality. You control your reality. This us…the reason why propaganda even exists.”

    Corbett adds:

    “The way to defy this, the way to end the lockdown is not some occult mystery, it’s not going to require some sort of 18-dimensional chess, it’s not gonna be some big plan…no! You end the lockdown because the lockdown only happens because of compliance, because of people complying with it; because people go along with it. This is NOT a difficult point.”

    Corbett lays it out just like we have. The time for disobeying is now. The time to reclaim your freedom is now. We are many and they are few. We decide when the draconian tyranny ends. And it ends NOW.

    “If you dare do so in defiance of government orders, if you dare to try to open your business during this lockdown…there is strength in numbers.

    The lockdown only exists because people comply with it.”

    Stop waiting for “authorities” or rulers or politicians to tell you what to do! You own yourself. Don’t comply with tyranny or the tattle tale mini tyrants who love their own slavery and will stop at nothing to see others enslaved along with them. This is a pivotal time in history, and for people like Bill Gates. Gates’ days in power are numbered. The police state’s days are numbered. We are the ones who control our own lives. And we are many.

    Start thinking for yourself. Start to know no one owns you. No government, no politician, no law enforcement officer, no bureaucrat and not state worker owns you.  No human can make a rightful owner and no human can make a rightful slave.  Realize the power you have in just realizing you own yourself.  It doesn’t matter how many votes a politician gets. It doesn’t matter what he commands, he still doesn’t own YOU.

    This video from Corbett is powerful and hopefully, we can all start to realize we are humans too and we deserve rights, freedom, and to live our lives free from coercion just like the politicians do. This has never been about protecting lives, but about tyranny and control. Let’s show the elites that they own only what they’ve worked for. WE own OURSELVES!


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      1. Unfortunately, it is not just politicians that believe that they own people, and have the right to control, enslave, and steal from people, it is so many average Americans. I am not speaking of wealthy powerful individuals. People in my own white tradh neighborhood have prevented me from living my life for over 3 years. I have been illegally enslaved and falsely imprisoned for over three years.

        Counter-intelligence is exactly that, it is the antithesis of intelligence, which is stupidity. That is why the media lies constantly, because it is trying to counter intelligence, which is the truth and the facts. Counter intelligence hacks and censors people that tell the truth, to counter their victims intelligence. It vandalizes, gas-lights, stalks, and terrorizes people that are intelligent, and is why America will never stand a chance of success as long as the financial fraudulent tech firms continue to be financed by the degense department. They must be starved and destroyed if America is ever to be great again. They are more evil, predatious, and fascist than the government.

        With declining incomes for the majority of Americans, now leaving home is not dangerous because of the corona virus, (which was never a justifiable reason to force house arrest and business closures,) but it is dangerous to leave because since they have blatantly stated that surveillance would be increased, they will undoubtedly steal from people that do leave their homes. Until the psychopaths that have tortured and terrorized me have been imprisoned for violating my rights and property, are in federal pennitentiaries, it is not safe for me to leave my

        The only thing that the government now seems to consider a crime is telling the truth, and the same goes for the psychopathic pirahnas.

        America’s number one problem is corruption! This never would have happenned if the government and majority of Americans were not extremely corrupt. A corrupt government could never remain in power unless it was elevated by the majority of the population, which would require the majority of the population to be corrupt, which is what we have.

        If you think that the problem is just the government, you will sadly find out how wrong you were!

      2. Houston, we have a problem. The way some pharmaceutical companies do research could be a real problem. It appears that pharmaceutical companies in the West use Chinese labs for some research, in order to get around regulations. And the research usually involves very dangerous substances. Never before seen. Things created in those labs for the first time. The goal is to invent a new disease, so your lab can invent the vaccine. A vaccine that everyone in the world needs. And every year it will be something new. Remember the tick borne Lyme disease? It may have accidentally escaped from Fort Detrick, Maryland. HIV/AIDS? Started in Africa. The testing grounds? We’ll probably never know. But someone knows.

      3. Good article.
        However this site is just as bad as the police state.
        I’m removing it from my bookmarks.
        Good luck Mac.

        • Thanks for all your contributions thru the years. Will miss you…


      4. The polio vaccine was a hoax. Polio is spread from fecese into the water supply, or from unsanitary conditions, not washing hands and the polio virus can be spread to another individual that has eaten food handled by a polio victim that did not properly wash their hands after they came in contact with polio contaminated fecal matter.

        Filters were developed, as well as better water treatment which is obviously the true cause for the irradication of polio. There was a cryptosporidium outbreak in the drinking water in the 1990’s from poor sanitation. Cryptosporidium is a bacteria, whereas polio is a virus, but it is still not transmissible via rispiration, just as sexually transmitted disease and HIV-AIDS are not transmitted via respiration.

        Since FDR was a polio victim and polio was a childhood disease, Americans and people throughout the world were terrified of polio paralyzing or killing children.

        The polio vaccine was likely creditted for the irradication of something that it had nothing to do with. Bill Gates and WHO have been vaccinating children to supposedly irradicate polio, which could essily be irradicated with proper water treatment and proper hand washing!

      5. I am in the UK and in an area where the Police have been well over the top – enthusiastic even – with thier new found enforcement powers.

        In my area, at first most people were subdued by the fear of this new ‘plague’ (according to mainstream media) and were willing to consent to the Governments draconian ‘lock down’ instructions.

        However, over the weeks it has become clear that Covid-19 has been well and truely hyped, and the figures of ‘deaths’ provided in the msm are clearly exagerated.

        People are now pushing back against the Police too, who seem to have thought they could get away with policing thier own versions of the ‘Coronavirus Health Regulations’ – which would have made both Stalin and Hitler proud.

        I was out today doing a local area walk round (yes I broke ‘lock-down’ as I read the actual Law and it does not prevent me from exercising my ancient rights) and I was very pleased to see 100’s, many 100’s of people in fact, enjoying a walk in the sun shine (yes the sun sometimes comes out in the UK!) just like me.

        Even some shops had re-opened!

        Many people are also now aware of the plan to use vaccines as control mechanisms, can now see through the brainless ‘clap for the NHS’ meme, and can see (or rather feel) the economic consequences of shutting down the country.

        Faced with homelessness and starvation by complying with goverment decree to remain under house arrest, or going back to work against ‘orders’, many are now going back to work.

        The government medical-martial law and economic collapse approach is now crumbling, and may it continue to do so!

        Good luck and God bless all who resist tyranny and evil in whatever nation they reside!

      6. I told you along with the founding fathers that NO ONE owns you!!!! It’s time to destroy these bastards (Fatherless) elites. They have no truth nor love for themselves nor for you and society!

      7. You don’t own SHIT! You were born a slave and always will be. Your birth certificate is collateral for the national debt. The US is a corporation and you volunteer to be part of it. Sure you can be out on the fringe of things but that doesn’t change the fact. Like I always say… man is too stupid to be free.. never has been and never will be. You have been brainwashed since your birth to accept the world as it is. You accept the idea that you need governing. You accept so many thousands of rules and laws its sickening. But hey, your free dammit!

      8. Apr 18, 2020 Thousands of Americans Begin to Protest Lockdowns Across The Country

        Americans have taken part in mass protests after President Donald Trump urged supporters to ‘liberate’ states from governors’ stringent lockdowns.

      9. Stanford study finds much larger percentage of population infected with COVID-19 reducing fatality rate to 0.12-0.2%.

        MIT throws a temper tantrum! Test everyone in the world, every day! Testing once is pointless! Just because someone did’nt have it yesterday, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have it today! 

        We need 33 million more nurses! We will also need much more PPE, so that it can be changed after each patient, obviously! 

        An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pork! 
        The Gates are open and the medical mafia is going hog-wild!!

      10. Liberty… blah, blah, blah. Tyrants…blah, blah, blah.

        You are owned by the bankers and have been for years, like the above genius says. Try to live completely outside the banker’s system and you will die.

        Ima wait fer mah trumpy check n buy some weed an uh new flat screen. Sittin ona couch eatin Doritos n waitin. Love muh trumpy n his money creator )ews.

      11. Lots of people crowing about muh freedom.

        Trouble is, you’re preaching to the wrong crowd on this board. Most are dependent on .gov. You know, social security, .gov pensions, unemployment, and treasury bills for investment. Think they will bite the hand that feeds them?

        I think not. All talk from keyboard warriors. You’re on your own. Get out there and catch some covid.

        • “Think they will bite the hand that feeds them?”

          Of course not.
          Keyboard cowboys live in their own little world of Hollywood action films,tech games, and internet fist fights.

      12. Why did publish the rubbish of counter-intelligence propagandist Eric Margolis claiming that the UN and WHO have successfully managed to eliminate and manage ebola and denge fever in Africa and that people that oppose the WHO and UN are flat earthers?

        Was it a joke? What rubbish and a complete disappointment to see such complete nonsense on Global Research! Why not credit the WTO, World Bank, BIS for protecting us from space alliens, and saving the economy while you’re at it?!

        • Oh, not to mention that if it wasn’t for the IMF, the earth probably would have been destroyed by giant asteroids!

      13. The way I see it,we have two choices. 1: President Trump puts on his old Trump pants and ends the national emergency ,takes back his presidential power and control. Now! 2: The people say the national emergency is over now and give President Trump back his presidential power and control. Then we start recovering from this attack.

      14. 1: President Trump puts on his old Trump pants and ends the national emergency ,takes back his presidential power and control. Now! 2: The people say the national emergency is over now and give President Trump back his presidential power and control. Then we start recovering from this attack.

        Both would earn Trump the respect from many that don’t support him now.

      15. “We would have healed Babylon, but she is not healed: forsake her, and let us go every one into his own country: for her judgment reacheth unto heaven, and is lifted up even to the skies.”
        — Jer 51:9

        No one making funny hand signals had any intention of jailing a Satanic elite, nor their countless minions. You see the biometric entry-exit VISA and wall being used against Americans, then reason that it was still the lesser of two evils.

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