Coronavirus Found to Have up to 24-Day Incubation Period; CDC Releasing Wuhan Evacuees in Texas, Nebraska, and California After Just 14 days

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    The CDC has already flown hundreds of American evacuees from Wuhan, China to various cities across the United States, including San Antonio, Texas, and Omaha, Nebraska. There, evacuees are being quarantined for 14 days, after which they will be released to return to their homes.

    This 14-day quarantine is based on an assumption that this nCoV coronavirus has a maximum 14-day incubation period. But what if that assumption was wrong?

    What if some patients actually experienced a 24-day incubation period before showing symptoms?

    If that were the case, the CDC would be releasing people into the population 10 days too early, effectively contributing to the outbreak.

    Guess what? That’s exactly what’s happening, according to a science paper published on the MedRxIV website, backed by the British Medical Journal and Yale. The study, entitled, “Clinical characteristics of 2019 novel coronavirus infection in China,” is noted as a “preprint” which “has not been peer-reviewed,” but the study notes that incubation periods for the coronavirus vary from zero days to 24 days.

    The study was based on 1,099 patients with lab-confirmed 2019-nCoV, gathered from 552 hospitals in 31 provinces, through January 29, 2020, explains the abstract. We’ve posted a backup copy of the original PDF here, just in case MedRxIV removes it or stealth edits the paper.

    The median incubation period was noted as 3.0 days. The conclusion of the paper is not good news for the world:

    The 2019-nCoV epidemic spreads rapidly by human-to-human transmission. Normal radiologic findings are present among some patients with 2019-nCoV infection. The disease severity (including oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, blood leukocyte/lymphocyte count and chest X-ray/CT manifestations) predicts poor clinical outcomes.

    Notably, only 1.18% of the patients studied by the researchers had any direct contact with wildlife. Almost everyone in the study caught the virus from other people, underscoring the human-to-human transmission that’s exploding across China.

    If the incubation period lasts up to 24 days, then governments all over the world are releasing infected patients after insufficient quarantine

    Although we feel great remorse for any human being trapped in medical quarantine, the entire purpose of the quarantine is to isolate infected people for the full duration of viral incubation. If quarantines do not cover the full range of expected incubation durations, then they will inevitably release some number of infected people into the general population.

    Although a 14-day quarantine will no doubt cover the vast majority of possible carriers, if even 1% of patients demonstrate incubation periods lasting significantly longer than 14 days, that’s still enough to spark an outbreak in the general population.

    This is on top of the fact that the CDC just admitted earlier today they made a mistake in the lab and “accidentally” released a person from a quarantine center in California long before the 14-day quarantine requirement. As Zero Hedge reports:

    Dr. Anne Schuchat, a top official at the CDC, told reporters in Washington, admitted that “it turns out there was probably a mix-up and the original test wasn’t negative.”

    First off, what’s with the doublespeak? Why not just say the first test was positive? Instead, they have to say, “was not negative” which is a double negative. So the pandemic language police are alive and well at the CDC, it seems, where even mentioning the word “positive” is now forbidden. And we’re supposed to trust these people to be transparent?

    Secondly, does anybody really believe this release of a possibly infected person was an accident? By all accounts, it seems like the CDC is trying as hard as it can to distribute potentially infected people all across the country, literally chartering commercial jets to land American evacuees from Wuhan in cities like Omaha and San Antonio. So the CDC is either lying or just flat-out incompetent. Perhaps both. But it makes no sense to distribute returning evacuees across several facilities in several states (and then release them after just 14 days instead of 24 days).

    If you don’t believe the U.S. government is preparing for a pandemic, ask why the U.S. military is preparing 11 quarantine centers across the United States:

    JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI (HNL)
    Great Lakes Training Center Navy Base, IL (ORD)
    Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base, TX (DFW)
    March ARB, CA (LAX)
    Travis AFB, CA (SFO)
    Dobbins ARB, GA (ATL)
    Fort Hamilton, NY (JFK)
    Naval Base Kitsap, WA (SEA)
    Joint Base Anacostia, DC (IAD)
    Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, NJ (EWR)
    Fort Custer Training Center (DTW)

    As Michael Snyder writes:

    If this coronavirus outbreak is not a serious threat, then why is the U.S. government preparing to quarantine victims all over America? As you will see below, 11 U.S. military bases located close to major airports are being converted into “quarantine centers” for potential patients. When I first learned about this, I was greatly alarmed, because we have all seen what is going on in China right now. People are literally being physically dragged out of their homes and are being forcibly relocated to “mass quarantine camps” with hordes of other very sick people. Sadly, many of them will never come out of those camps alive. If this virus starts spreading like wildfire here in the United States, is it possible that something similar could start happening here?

    The answer, of course, is yes.

    Follow the narrative to get to the real truth on all this:


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      1. 2/3s of the world population gone ?
        Are we here ?

        • Up to 60% infected…not dead…as high as 17% death rate Cherrio… Butch

      2. Quarantine has been and is the only method for containing contagions for centuries. People placed in quarantine were kept there until there was no doubt the contagion was played out. There was a time when gov’t placed a high priority on protecting the population. At the turn of the last century immigrants were quarantined at facilities on Ellis Island if an examination showed any possible contagious disease. If any immigrants did not want to be quarantined for the necessary time they were sent back. There were also official guidelines about not allowing people in from parts of the globe that were known to have ongoing plague- like conditions (no, it was not a racial thing). It worked well. Now we are seeing a variety of diseases and parasites resurfacing that was thought to be eradicated in the US a hundred years ago.
        This is just one more example the present day gov’t does not care about us. It is no longer a gov’t of, by, or for the people. That’s because gov’t does not really answer to the people, it answers to a cabal commonly referred to a TPTB. And their priorities are not our priorities. We are seen merely as a managed disposable resource. If fact, they despise us.
        The CDC is little more than a organ of big pharma. They practically rubber stamp everything they want. Big pharma policy
        is the de facto policy for the CDC. Our “representatives” allow this because they take lots and lots of money from big pharma lobbyists. Officialdom works in collusion with big pharma to achieve their common goals. Again, their priorities are not our priorities. They want to vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate, as a life long process for everyone. G*D only knows what they’re really doing. You can bet it’s not for the behalf of the people.
        It is highly suspicious these individuals from Wuhan are being released all across the country – simultaneously. Officialdom does not need to keep concocting enemies to keep the Amer. people captive, they are the worst foe of the people.

        • I agree: quarantine is the only thing that works. We should have done that with AIDS and it would have been over a decade ago. Instead, we let Africans spread it across the planet, including vile cultural practices like having sex with young virgins because they think it can “cure” you from AIDS.

          I suspect the Chinese are not letting this opportunity go to waste. Those crematoriums seem to be going on full steam. Are they also dragging away known miscreants and malcontents too? Will this happen elsewhere? If I was a totalitarian leader with an unrest problem then I might reach for Stalin’s maxim: “Man problem? No man, no problem!!”

      3. Well, this ain’t looking any better with the passage of time.

        Epidemiologist define R0 (read as R Nought) as the effective number of successful transmitted infections a single person can induce. As a matter of historical record Polio is thought to be at or near the top of the list for infective potential with an R0 of 12.

        Now, to successfully infect another person(s) an individual carrier must be both infectious, mobile and not identified since in the latter case either by civil authority or personal choice, isolation occurs. Naturally, anyone visibly showing signs of infection will be shunned by others as was recently seen in the NYC subway system…and those people were only of Chinese derivation and not obviously infected.

        IF, in fact, nCoV can be asymptomatic for 24 DAYS then the effective R0 hereinvolved – essentially – doubles, or worse. Consider that a scant two weeks ago the inferred R0 was being estimated at 1.7 to 3.0…and a week later was re-evaluated to be between 3.1to 5.0. Hence, we MIGHT well be seeing an infective rate near to- or possibly – higher than the Polio virus. Inasmuch as repatriated detainee’s have already been released in a dozen or more countries this far after authorities – mistakenly believing that a 14 day quarantine was sufficient – released those into the general populations of their respective nations the effects can be presumed to be wholly global henceforth. Act accordingly.


      4. This is just a rehearsal.
        It’s almost all ready to go.
        – Fast and highly contagious
        – Air borne
        – Person to person
        – up to 24 day incubation

        All that is required is to mutate it to a much more deadly virus.
        Now we can rid the world of 95% of the the useless eaters.

      5. The “range” of 0 to 24 does not mean there was any transmittable effects at 24 days.
        Good lord people that is NOT what that criteria means at all.
        Idiots thinking they know how to read epidemiology papers….
        It’s not even relatable to transmission of polio.
        Polio is only spread thru contaminated food or water…not thru the air. A simple google search will prove this fact on any number of websites.
        Coronavirus is spread thru the droplets of a cough or sneeze. People then breathe these in or touch something where they’ve landed like a doorknob.

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