Coronavirus CRIMINALS: CDC Deliberately Released Infected Patient in San Antonio While Positioning Itself to Financially Benefit From an Exploding Epidemic

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    The CDC just deliberately released an infected coronavirus patient in San Antonio, Texas. The number of “accidental” releases of infected patients, the nearly four-week withholding of diagnostic test kits and the downplaying of the severity of the outbreak can no longer be explained away as coincidence. This appears to be a deliberate, planned strategy to spread the coronavirus across America, cause nationwide chaos and get more funding and medical martial law powers for the CDC itself.

    “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a patient from isolation in San Antonio, Texas, after two tests returned negative for the new coronavirus, but the person later tested positive,” reports The Epoch Times.

    So the CDC messed up yet again, failing to make sure the person was truly cleared of coronavirus before releasing him into the general public. The CDC later attempted to cover this catastrophic error by saying, “Following the patient’s release, results of a subsequent sample were received, and determined to be weakly positive. Out of an abundance of caution, CDC decided to bring the individual back into isolation at a local medical facility.”

    The CDC is now using transgender-like language to describe virus test results

    For starters, from a virology point of view, there’s no such thing as “weakly positive.” Testing for the coronavirus produces a binary result. It’s either positive or negative. Is the CDC seriously going to start telling us people are now “sort of positive” or “kinda negative” or other such nonsense? Suddenly the CDC sounds like a transgender high school student explaining how he/she fluidly transitions between 47 different genders by merely wishing for socially acceptable virtue-signaling transitions.

    This latest mistake is on top of the CDC deliberately withholding coronavirus testing kits from the entire country for nearly four weeks, allowing the virus to exponentially multiply with near-zero surveillance about which communities are already infected.

    According to truly bombshell new research that studied the mutation rate of the coronavirus in the wild, the coronavirus has been spreading for six weeks in Washington State, infecting as many as 1,500 people in that state alone.

    It was only the independent media — like — that sounded the alarm on the near-total lack of coronavirus testing across the country, pointing out that it’s impossible to detect infections if you don’t test for them. I even coined the term, “Don’t Test, Don’t Tell,” which has since been echoed by many others. (Source: My article from Feb. 25)

    Former FDA director Gottlieb warns “thousands” are already infected in America

    We’ve now reached the point where, according to former FDA director Scott Gottlieb, there are “thousands” of infections in America right now. Before Gottlieb said that, I publicly estimated anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 coronavirus infections in the United States right now. Gottlieb says it’s “low thousands.” Via ZeroHedge:

    Former FDA Director Scott Gottlieb, who has been far more vocal than the current FDA director thanks to his regular appearances on CNBC and other cable news channels, warned during an interview on CNBC Monday morning that the public shouldn’t trust the administration’s rhetoric.

    The fact is, things are far from ‘okay’, Gottlieb said. Now that the government is expanding testing, the US case count will ‘grow rapidly’. The public should start stocking up on supplies and preparing for widespread disruptions. Gottlieb warned that the number of cases in the US has probably already reached the ‘low thousands’. Hundreds could be confirmed by the end of the week.

    Note the stark contrast between Gottlieb and current FDA / CDC officials who are universally lying to the American public and even telling people it’s bad to buy food, hand sanitizers or medical masks.

    The Trump administration is floundering over this issue and U.S. government propaganda currently appears almost indistinguishable from communist China’s own propaganda parade. (Will the U.S. soon start hiding coronavirus deaths? Probably…)

    The CDC stands to receive billions in new funding as the coronavirus explodes across America

    Every U.S. government agency prioritizes its own survival and expansion over everything else. Throughout U.S. history, events have been staged to rapidly increase federal funding as part of a problem-reaction-solution cycle that’s often rooted in deliberately staged “emergencies.”

    For example, the ATF received a huge influx of new funding after staging the David Koresh / Waco, Texas raid in the 1990s. The entire thing was rigged, staged for CNN’s camera and carefully controlled to create an emergency where none existed. Koresh could have easily been arrested on the street while out shopping for groceries, but instead, the ATF staged a murderous raid that deliberately killed dozens of women and children.

    Similarly, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing was quite literally plotted by the FBI to increase funding for the FBI. They recruited the scapegoat, provided the explosives, evacuated their own offices and even planted explosives in the federal building there, all to create blood and gore for the cable news cameras so that more funding could be approved to combat “extremists” in America, all under Bill Clinton of course. To this day, the FBI is the single most prolific source of terror plots across America, and that fact is openly confirmed by the New York Times, the Kansas City Star and other mainstream media outlets.

    Similarly, the Disneyland measles outbreak from a couple of years ago was staged to push for mandatory vaccines in California (SB 277, Richard Pan), and now the CDC is actively allowing coronavirus to escape confinement as part of a malicious plot to cause infections to spread across America. The primary beneficiary of the outbreak? The CDC itself, which could receive billions in new funding. (Apparently, a $6.5 billion annual budget isn’t enough.)

    What’s even more insane is the fact that this COVID-19 coronavirus is the product of biological weapons development programs that were funded by the NIH itself to the tune of nearly $700 million.

    So the taxpayers funded this weapon system, and now that it has been unleashed upon the world, the very same “death science” government bureaucrats who caused the problem will demand billions in new funding to solve it.

    You need to watch this bombshell interview with Prof. Francis Boyle to learn more:


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      1. There seems to be an underground railroad, in the medical / mental health system, where there are just a couple of formally qualified doctors, and it is entirely staffed by temp laborers, like sloppy security guards, on the nightshift, who are all supposed to be uniformed and exercise in unison. In industrial parks and the outskirts of the suburbs, are facilities without signage, where patients / inmates are effectively imprisoned for mental or health reasons, but on flimsy, legal grounds. And, they fraternize with the guards / nurses / casual laborers, about politics and religion, in there, as though either person, on either side of the law, is a fellow, who has arrived there in a comedy of errors.

        I could easily imagine my slightly unstable foster friends (from childhood) being put in a place like that, for saying the wrong things, in the wrong way, at the wrong time and place.

        But, afaic, if you want to theorize that these actions were intentional —
        sanctuary cities and autism centers. (Same symptoms as sluggish schizophrenia.)

        In general, imho, all-too-big-to fails are for dual-use, and I would not put it past them to kettle people or perform social experiments, like are seen in advertising.

        Are we expecting a gigantic shtstorm, when all of this could appear plausible and orderly — except for a couple of urban legends from the hinterlands.

      2. Catch. Tag. Release.

      3. Months back there was all this worry about illegals crossing the border, but now that we have a deadly disease running rampant we don’t hear a word about the border, we only worry about who might flies in from China or Italy or Iran, I don’t suppose any of these people from these third world countries to our South, that pour in across the border could be carriers. I guess there’s something about that Rio Grande River water that sterilizes the Coronavirus. Trekker Out

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