Cops Arrest 76-Year Old Veteran For Town Meeting ‘Outburst’: “I Asked Them To Speak Louder So We Could Hear”

by | Jul 22, 2014 | Headline News | 183 comments

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    overholt(Photo Credit: Kristen Buckles / Greeneville Sun)

    Eddie Overholt was attending his second county board meeting last Friday when he was arrested by police for interfering with a public meeting and resisting arrest for the dastardly act of asking county officials to speak up so that the audience could hear the proceedings.

    According to 76-year old Overholt and others present at the meeting, the board had assembled around a table at the front of the room. Some city officials were turned with their backs facing the crowd making it difficult to hear what was being said.

    Members of the audience began interrupting the proceedings with shouts, laughter, applause and complaints that they couldn’t hear, at which point the mayor warned the next outburst would lead to someone being removed from the building.

    At this point Overholt, who had been making his way to the front of the room, addressed the mayor and the board and said, “would y’all speak up so the audience can hear you?”

    The mayor subsequently ordered the local police chief to remove him from the building, to which Overholt protested that he was attending a public meeting and needed to hear, not just ‘look’ at what was happening.

    In a statement posted to Facebook Overholt explained that, as he was being walked to  jail, the arresting officer added another charge for resisting arrest:

    Since there are no videos after the arrest and handcuffing, ‘my first,’ goes as follows.

    On the way down the steps the officer called for a transport, but very shortly canceled the transport, saying he was ‘walking me down.’

    As we started the walk, I asked him his name. Having had a small restaurant on Depot Street, across from the jail, a few years ago, I thought I might have known him.

    As we started the walk, I asked him his name. Having had a small restaurant on Depot Street, across from the jail, a few years ago, I thought I might have known him.

    This question seemed to agitate him. He told me his name was Dixon or Hixon, and very abruptly increased the pressure and lift on my right arm, pulling my shoulder up into a very painful position, causing me to walk very awkwardly.

    After a few steps I told him I had a very bad back and hips and would have to sit or lean against something, at which time he lifted my right arm higher and stated that I had no trouble walking forward in the meeting room.

    His next words were, ‘You are charged with resisting arrest.’ [He] got on his radio and called for backup. Another officer pulled up but did not get out of his car.

    Overholt now stands charged with ‘interfering with a public meeting’ and ‘resisting arrest.’ His wife bailed him out of jail pending his court date.

    “This was a painful and humiliating experience to go through with a Police Department and county officials at the ripe old age of 76,” he said after being released.

    County officials and police refuse to speak about the incident because they say it is an open case and still being investigated.

    There was no audio or video equipment being used at the meeting, so no record of the incident exists.

    A simple microphone, like those utilized at thousands of town hall meetings around the country, would have probably prevented the incident from ever taking place.


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      1. This is building up to a firestorm against police overstepping their powers. I once would have assisted police in trouble, but doubt I could find the effort if thinking about their current behavior.

        • It’s well time for us to speak loudly.

          • Nickel and diming ordinary people, classic tactics from those too bored or those obsessed with itimidation. Just wait until this becomes the normal with firearms and ANYTHING deemed a weapon. And I am not just talking about anti-gunner and anti-self defense horrid states either, federal garbage.

            Excuses to arrest someone so they have a record, that their real agenda.

            • Correct. Intimidation and example making are the rule of the day. Any that step up to the plate are quickly dealt with.

              All these judges, cops and other idiots live somewhere and they have to sleep sometime. Not sure how they can sleep every night other than no morals, conscience or scruples.

              • What else can one expect from this forked up world???

                • 20 years ago a scumbag mayor tried to get me thrown out of a city meeting in California for asking some questions he didn’t like. The Sargent at arms (LE) flatly told him that it was beyond his powers because it was an open meeting and I was just asking questions. The mayor said I das disrupting the meeting and the LE said that the meetings existed to allow discussion between the elected officials and the people. The Mayor fired him for his attention to duty. The next year the mayor lost his election based on this act and a new mayor was elected and hired him back.
                  In the last 5 years or so Ive seen LE arrest many people at county and city meetings for speaking their minds.
                  When I asked the LE after the meetings why they did it they stated they were just following orders. I mention that the orders are both immoral and illegal and they just shrug and say they have families and don’t want to lose their jobs.

                  • Here is a Good Video – When Ex-Vets break out their home made Flame thrower against the Riot Police. The Vets won this Battle. ~ Ex-Military Vets against South-Korean Riot Police Won Their Disputes

                  • “they just shrug and say they have families and don’t want to lose their jobs.”

                    the SAME defense used by the German guards in the
                    concentration camps

                    this is how it starts

                    blind obedience to authority

                    few have the courage to defy it

                  • In other words, we, the people, have no rights, according to the elite and their protectors (corrupt cops).

                  • This is to you police, Next time you don’t want to lose your job, why don’t you fucking stop arresting people and just walk them out and then drive them around the corner and tell them not to go back. Your causing people to come close to beating your asses and causing more problems for you. We all are people and if you would just talk to people first, but you have to arrest and try and charge anyone with whatever you can get away with. What is it to get brownie points for your promotion? Are you that big of cock suckers and kiss asses that you are doing this to make your self look more superior? people are going to start lighting you up and im getting to the point where if there is a collapse and I see 3 people beating you to death and I have a gun and they don’t it coming a problem just to try and help you. Its not worth it. You are coming court police for revenue and you only go after people that have money. Do your real job, some of you are good cops but im talking to the ones out there that I hope your in the ground sooner than later for breaking the laws. The good honest cops Please be careful and treat people how you want to be treated.

                  • In the city in California that I live in, the Mayor believes he can dictate, oppress and rule. I continually challenge him. When the police are asked to remove me, I advise that they are committing a Civil Rights violation pursuant to Title 42 Section 1983 of the US Code. This causes them to back off. I will not be arrested. Also I advise citing the Brown Act and asking the city attorney for his opinion. A city attorney worth a damm should advise against Brown Act violation. Also file a SB 1003 complaint, that is a demand that the city council, mayor, and other officials cease and desist their unlawful acts. Hope this helps.

                • Pitch Forks Folks…. Pitch Forks!!

                  • The above red thumb was mistake. It was meant to be green. Hard when using tablet.

                  • You forgot the torches.

                  • Forget pitch forks, GUNS, GUNS, AND MORE GUNS, armor piercing ammo, body armor, ballistic face mask. Also don’t forget lots of rope, because ALOT of mothertruckers are gonna hang for their crimes against humanity.

                    Psalm 59:5

                    “You, LORD God Almighty, you who are the God of Israel, rouse yourself to punish all the nations; show no mercy to wicked traitors.”

                • A lady who was pulled over by a cop asked him “why arent you out catching real criminal?” And he said ” Maam to tell you the truth, Im just not very good at this job “

                  • Because the Cops would rather stay busy harassing the weak, than catch real criminals. Its less dangerous than go after real bad guys. The Cops are also revenue raising tax collectors for the city, county etc, through ticket writing. And that why ther are out there as required to harass and raise this revenue for bankrupt cities. Most criminals will not pay revenue therefore they are less targeted, and you were ,all to raise revenue, even though these violations and laws that do not harms a single soul. You should always fight every ticket, like I do, and have had a handful dismissed. Many Cops are even too lazy to show up to court and when you are called just plead Not Guilty, then your tickets will be dismissed. There are hundreds of ways to beat tickets, especially speeding tickets. Request a Jury Trial, as Juries are now becoming fully aware of Jury Nullification. “If Noone was harmed during this supposed violation, then there was no Crime.” Thus Not Guilty and dismissed with prejudice, meaning this case cannot be brought up again for retrial.

                  • On different occassions, I’ve seen cops talking to people, asking for ID, and then eventually arrest them even though they were doing nothing wrong. One was a young, white guy in my hometown and one was a young, black guy where I’m living now.

                    After they handcuffed them, they proceeded to search them and (in the case of the white guy)– searched his car. It seems to be the rule to handcuff them first and then proceed to search their pockets, etc. In the case of the white guy, they searched his car for a very, very long time and eventually found something, took it.

                    Isn’t this against the Constitution? I know its against the 4th ammendment to search you and your stuff without a warrant but not sure about the arrests.

                    Anyhow, I took pictures of both incidents and gave my no. etc to the mom of the young, black guy who was arrested, and told her (loudly) in front of the cops that what the cops did was against the Constitution (the illegal searches).

              • Intimidation is two way street. Attack their revenue stream. Most small town Mayor and Council members positions are part time. They usually have other local jobs. If their real job is owning/managing a retail establishment, take your business else where. If they are employed by private companies, boycott that company’s products. A good way to make these people pay attention to the needs of The People is to hurt their pocketbook. I’m sure that enterprising commentators can up with many other legal, non-violent ways to get their attention.

                • Good suggestion, remember folks, we get to VOTE every day!

                • The more corrupt, lieing, and ruthless the elite are, the stricter and more austere they are with us.

            • BI,

              Agreed. This looks like a major overstepping of power, but I can’t help but think there is a lot more to this story…. If not (and several of my old friends who are still on the PD tell me that the next generation of cops is really messed up) then it is inexcusable. And while the young cop in the photo might be acting like an idiot, where is the watch commander (the old Sgt veteran who is supposed to run the watch) to over ride the young turd and use common sense? A buddy of mine told me a new Sgt who is only interested in climbing and making more money made a dumb decision recently. When asked why he was here, he said because he got laid off from Pepsi and this job paid good.

              When I went on, we wanted to help people and wanted to be cops. It is not the same anymore. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely……

              Keep your powder dry,

              • JJsan, good to see you back and I have to agree. My cop relatives would’ve been at least reprimanded and/or suspended back in the old days if they didn’t handle a situation in a sensible manner. It’s definitely the exact opposite of what it used to be. The “old school” cops always cared about the public and helping people. Back then I could look up to police and actually believe in them. These days the wrong kind of people are allowed into your former profession for all of the wrong reasons. Now they’re brainwashed by the feds to hate the public with their stupid “us vs. them” mentality. That insane mentality has already gotten a lot of people on both sides killed for no good reason. How many more civilians and cops have to die before we say “enough” and put a stop to this madness? I cannot see any legitimate reason for law enforcement to HATE the taxpaying public, THE ULTIMATE SOURCE OF THEIR PAYCHECKS, BENEFITS, AND PENSIONS IF THEY LIVE LONG ENOUGH TO COLLECT ONE. I don’t want to see any war break out between the public and law enforcement, but the way things are shaping up, I fear it will happen. LE does not have the numbers necessary to take on the public and can be overwhelmed faster than they realize despite their military weapons, APCs, other gadgets, etc. If only there was some way to stop it before it could start. Take care.

            • Why wait for it to get to that stage? People should have protested this man’s arrest in every way but violence.

            • BI, if I had been that man, nobody would’ve been taking me anywhere and if I’d been touched that person would’ve been laid out on the floor.

            • If you are being arrested, it goes without saying, anything you think, say, or do will automatically become the additional charge of resisting arrest. Then they get to beat the crap out of you to protect the officer’s safety. Right.

          • Heed this quote from Solzhenitsyn…

            “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

            Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        • facebook social modification,,,plz stand down…dont let them win…..if everyone yells here we will lose…if we all shoot at once we will win in 3 days,,gods law..SHTF IS A SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLET….. oops renegade penisloveratheart….do ya wanna step on my first amendment right???? ya little fukin commie,,,,SORRY MAC not trying to know where i live

          • Think about it, what did I allegedly do to earn your criticism?

          • think about it, just what the f#$% is your problem?

        • Vote every single one of them out of office, including the police chief.

          • Town hall meetings and public meetings are just a dog and pony show. Anything above a minor proposal has already been decided away from public view by staff and lobbyist and “quid pro quo” has been determined. The public meetings are a throwback to a time when we the people had a voice. Now when we try to exercise that voice as individuals, the weight of the state is there to silence us.

            If you have something to say, there’s procedures to follow. Start an organization, file to be a 501c3, solicit contributions, hire a lawyer, a lobby firm, a PR firm, learn where the best restaurants are at, the best golf courses, theaters, prostitutes, contribute to some reelection campaigns and stash away stacks of unmarked 20’s and 100’s. Or compromise someone in a position of influence and blackmail them. Silly old fool, he should have learned by now, if you’re not willing to play by the rules of the game you should be silenced /sarc/.

        • Well of course you wouldn’t do the right thing to help. Stories about the police over stepping are in the news all the time. Of course it’s national news and seems common. I think some cop in montana should die because of a loser cop in New York. Makes sense to me. I ain’t helping either. I don’t care about the circumstances. Just gunna leave.

          • Cops are the foot soldiers in a POLICE STATE.

            they are the modern day REDCOATS!
            1. profiting from tyranny
            2. perpetuating slavery (FOR profit prisons)
            3. Swat raids for stupid reasons
            5. throwing Americans out of homes so FOREIGN entities can profit
            6. FREE SPEECH “zones”? needs no elaboration
            7. CHECKPOINTS?
            8. CONTINUALLY using VIOLENCE against protestors, guarding the 1%.
            9. arresting people for a PLANT (one that used to be part of the literal FABRIC of America, used and praised by our founders)
            10. infringing on the 2nd amendment in numerous ways.
            11. enforcing laws that go AGAINST the SPIRIT of the constitution/bill of rights

            the list of reasons go on and on.

            The POLICE STATE is ENFORCED by the POLICE!! DUH..

            • our sheriffs put a BBQ on the back of their APC

        • If this truly was only a guy shouting out a request for them to “speak up”, then why was every other citizen just sitting there with blank faces? I would have come to his defense. After all, how else would you get someone’s attention in a large hall without shouting it out?

          • We need to all help each other out, if a cop starts to arrest someone, Everybody needs to take that cop down and handcuff him, when more cops come you all are all on the same page. We have to bond together otherwise they will pick us off one by one. If a collapse happens they will try to target the majority of known weapons carriers etc. Dont be afraid to defend yourself and remember if you have to engage someone try and do it outside of your home, once they call for backup they will take everything you ever owned. thiefs!! There will be some much chaos that business will be targets and police will just detain anyone who is there and sort them out. People you need to stepup and defend yourself. tired of this corrupt judges to decide if you get your guns back or if you get probation and fines, this is not America anymore. be ready and Defend yourself. DOnt be afraid to. We are getting closer and closer to trouble.

            • I found something that lifted my spirits a bit tonite. No way to know if it’s true or not, but I’d sure like to believe…

              Ex-CIA Garrow – Military IS With Us, EMP Failed, Obama Infiltrated

              ht tps://

              • And May 16th came and went with a whimper….

        • “A simple microphone, like those utilized at thousands of town hall meetings around the country, would have probably prevented the incident from ever taking place.”

          Sorry~this incident had nothing to do with being able to hear the proceedings. The government was sending a message. What was that message?

        • When the SHTF cops had better watch out. There will be hell to pay for all the pain they have inflicted on Americans.

          • Shit isn’t gonna hit the fan. This is the slow decline into the abyss. It will happen so slowly you will never have time to prepare because you won’t see it coming.
            And if your relying on waking up one morning to the sound of gunfire and cars burning, then your already fucked.

        • Badges –> ARE R-E-D-C-O-A-T-S!

          in every comparable aspect.

          they are THE BIGGEST ENEMY to a free people in FREE REPUBLIC

        • Cops are the POLICE STATE.

          1. profiting from tyranny
          2. perpetuating slavery (FOR profit prisons)
          3. Swat raids for stupid reasons
          5. throwing Americans out of homes so FOREIGN entities can profit
          6. FREE SPEECH “zones”? needs no elaboration
          7. CHECKPOINTS?
          8. CONTINUALLY using VIOLENCE against protestors, guarding the 1%.
          9. arresting people for a PLANT (one that used to be part of the literal FABRIC of America, used and praised by our founders)
          10. infringing on the 2nd amendment in numerous ways.
          11. enforcing laws that go AGAINST the SPIRIT of the constitution/bill of rights

          the list of reasons go on and on.

          The POLICE STATE is ENFORCED by the POLICE!! DUH..

        • Press 2 for Spanish mother fuckers.

        • And ‘firestorm’ is *exactly* the right word. Thumbs up to you.

          you know what happens in real firestorms? People get burned to death. Homes and businesses get torched. People die.

          Thats whats going to happen if the police keep on doing things like this. I hear it every day. From conservatives, from liberals, from left, right, and in between. From the old. From the young. From blue collar workers and white collar workers. From caucasians, blacks, hispanics, asians. From people in middle class areas, from people in rich areas, and people in the ghetto. I travel a lot, and I talk with a lot of people. Every chance I get. Supermarkets, gas stations, on the street, waiting at the bus station, bookstores, town meetings. More times than I can count.

          Everyone is talking violence. Violence against the federal government. And many of them see the police as the face of that government, the frontline, the standing army so to speak. This is universal.

          Uniforms and abuse of people tend to make people want to fight back. Especially when police kill 500-1000 of us every year, and terrorists kill less than 20. And what gets done about it? Nothing. But you look at one of them wrong, then your guilty until proven innocent? Even speak out against one of them, or record them in the act of hurting a pregnant women–then you get beaten,tazered, arrested.

          Every day you do nothing, another person dies. And not just one person, but two. All you fuckers have blood on your hands, all of you. You, me, joe blow. Because all we fucking do is talk.

          You want to see the face of tyranny. Black boots and body armor, full masks and guns drawn. No. Look in the mirror. You and everyone you know, are the face of facism.

          Because now it comes down to this: US VERSUS THEM. And if you arn’t with us, if you arn’t doing something to preserve your future, REALLY doing something, not just fucking talking on the internet or “spreading the word” the future of your family, and the future of our country, then your supporting the enemy with your silence.

          Speaking out isn’t enough. Words don’t kill thugs.
          Bullets kill thugs.

          Either do something, or piss off and die like a bunch of cowards.

        • Would it be to much to ask what city and state? Damn people at least relay relevant info…

      2. “Now remember, when things look bad and it looks like you’re not gonna make it, then you gotta get mean. I mean plumb, mad-dog mean. ‘Cause if you lose your head and you give up then you neither live nor win. That’s just the way it is.” – Josey Wales – Outlaw Josey Wales

        To hell with them fellas. Buzzards gotta eat, same as worms. – Josey Wales – Outlaw Josey Wales

        “There’s another old saying, Senator: Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” – Fletcher – Outlaw Josey Wales

        “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams

        The smell of revolution is in the air.

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • River Rat, I agree, and it may come sooner than any of us realize.

        • you forgot my favorite.

          Lone Watie: “Get ready, little lady. Hell is coming to breakfast.”

        • no truer post!

      3. I hate its come to this J, but I agree with you totally. Its gotten to when I hear a story about the sacrifice of cops and firemen, I change the channel without another thought. I am sure there are a few good cops, I just haven’t met one lately.

        • @Highspeedloafer – I had to give you a Reds Thumb Down because I half disagree with you. There is a Clear difference between Cops and Fireman. Street law says, Firemen are there to help you and Cops are there to hurt you or take you away. Firemen saves your life, Cops try to take your life. Firemen are way under paid for what they do. I was one, including a fireman. Back in the 80 when baseball crybabies went on strike because they wer not paid more millions to play a f-n game, while we were on the street going into burning building, pulling people out of car wrecks for $25K a year. Really? There used to be a Bumper sticker that said. “Support your Local Firefighter, the Life they save may be Yours.” I witnessed this many time. The public loves Fireman because we are always there unconditional to put our lives on the line daily to save yours. Now Cops. Well anybody can pull up various videos of how they treat the public. So please consider this. Oh I too am well aware of the MSM glorification Propaganda, RE: How the MSM calls Military people Heroes. Give me a F-n Break. They are F-n war criminals who commit genocide. That is propaganda to sell the Militarization of the NEW Police State.

          • Fireman and women are gods angels. Enough said.

          • WWTI, I agree with you totally about firemen, but I have to dispute you only to a certain degree about military and LE. Yes there are many who have no business being in uniform who have fallen for the federal brainwashing hook, line and sinker. Those cops and soldiers should be held accountable for their crimes against people. The militarization of civilian law enforcement needs to be stopped and let’s return to the “old school” type of cops we used to have, better known as “peace officers”. I just don’t see all cops and soldiers as evil. there are still good ones out there. Sgt. Dale is one of the good ones and is standing with us.

        • I get your point HSL, however you may be forgetting one thing. Good cops do not allow bad cops to exist. If a good cop is silent, then he is a bad cop.

        • I am sure there were some ‘good and decent’ men back in 1776 that were REDCOATS> I am certain that the redcoats arrested thieves, rapists and murderers also.


          what they serve and protect is NOT society and citizens. They enforce and serve the UCC (uniform commercial code).

          Just because some of the SOME of the time do a good deed, does NOT mean we should ignore ALL that they stand for, support, and perpetuate.

          ALL cops engage in ant- free Republic acts that are wholly against the spirit of the Bill of Rights. they ALL continually stab our Patriot ancestors in the back daily through a multitude of Tyrannical ‘procedures’.
          and the do it for the 3 P’s (paycheck, pension, prestige)

      4. You stand in taint of high treason! Confess, and you may recieve a quick death. Deny, and you must be purified by pain. Do you confess?

      5. Police in the best of times are bullies, but bullies with the backing of the state. The usual way to deal with bullies, ie., stand up to them and give them a bloody nose, will not work when they have a more powerful bully standing behind them.

        This will never quit until Big Brother has had his nose bloodied, as force is the only argument that a bully truly understands.

        • “Off with their heads!”

        • Howdy, Moon. I agree it’s coming and has to happen. No other way.

      6. “makin’ a list. Checkin’ it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…..”

        Karma is a bitch.

        When SHTF, gonna be a lot of “authorities” who have sown the wind by violating people’s rights will reap the whirlwind.

        • My karma ran over your dogma, one of my favorites…. And for work scenarios: I got charts and graphs, so you can just fork off!!!

          • I could only watch about ten minutes. That was extremely disgusting and the vid is aptly named. There’s gonna be a heckofa house cleaning some day.

            This happened to me about 18 months ago. I’m a Vietnam era vet. Got out in early ’68, so you can sort of guess my age. I go to the VA for medical care. I had a late morning appt. for a regular checkup. I’m driving around the parking lot looking for place to park. Finding parking at this VA is very difficult and is an acknowledged problem at this facility. I see a person walking to their car, so I stop to wait for that person to leave the space. I look around first to see that I’m not blocking anyone else in. A Fed. popo pulls up few spaces back of me and goes over to another car for about 30 seconds, for what I have no idea. I’m watching him in the rear view and side mirrors. He then starts to approach my car. walks up and raps on the window.. I roll it down about three inches and he says to me, in a very aggressive tone ” You can’t park here, you’re blocking in all these other cars.” I politely point out to him that there’s no one else in any of the cars within 50feet of me and that I’m waiting for a space to vacate. Just at that time, the car starts to back out of the space I’m waiting for. He looks at the car, looks at me, mumbles something and walks off. I wrote down his name and reported him to patient advocacy after my appt. was done. My doctor asked me why I seemed so agitated during my appt. and I told her what had just happened. She said that she would follow up with security on my behalf. I haven’t seen him there since.

            While my experience in no way approaches the level of injustice recorded in the vid, it’s just another example of the mindless thuggery being foisted on the rest of us citizens on a daily basis.

            • oh believe me I know what you mean about the pricks at the VA. the Va in Pittsburgh sucks as well. My appointment was for 730am and I traveled from another state and had nowhere to go so I arrived there about 5am. Didnt want to hit traffic. So I go in and wait downstairs. Then I went to the 3rd floor and set in the waiting area on a couch and had headphones on and closed my eyes. About 20 min later cop dickhead comes up to me and says “what are you doing here?” I said waiting for my appointment. He asked when it was, I told him about 7 or so. Then he said come with me you cant be up here. I said why? Then wanted my ID and said to come with him. Fucking dick of course. Then went downstairs and kept asking me questions and then asked me again when my appointment was. I said around 730. The cop said you told me it was 7. I said Around there. Then he says are you homeless? I laughed hard and said do I look homeless. I was clean cut and not a chance. So I told him no I was just waiting for my appointment and i dont know why you giving me a hard time. Then he says well I dont know why you would be here so early. I told him I was drving a god damn government vehicle and my place was 2 hours away, what was I supposed to do drive back home. cock sucker. he wanted to charge with with tresspassing and told me I couldn’t be in the waiting room I had to go down in the basement lounge. What fucking idiots they are! Then I said while I was leaving you gonna bust me for sleeping im my fucking car, is that tresspassing too. Is there a crime for getting there a couple hours early. Fucking idiots.

          • Good video, whowouldathunkit! The part about the guy who was burned all over his entire body, sitting naked on side of road, after escaping his burned car, and the cops come along and start tasering the guy was unbelievable!

            • Fouad Kaady, a kid from Oregon. Police tazes him multiple times and shot him because he wouldn’t lay down on hot pavement with burned flesh hanging off of him.

              The also said they didn’t want to get his blood on themselves…

              ht tps://

              • The video is called “28 Seconds” because it only took them 28 seconds to murder him.

        • Oh goodie. A junior high hate list by Walt. Oh no. Walt has a list and he is checking it twice. Just like Santa.

          • NLT…give me your name and I’ll be sure to add you to it.

            I’ll let you worry whether or not I’m Santa.

            • Lists threats. Yippie. Put me down as mike seblantski

      7. Sorry off topic. This really pisses me off. The over-worked king is going on a 16 day vacation. Our cost is 12 million dollars! ! ! WTF that’s 750 grand a day. Does anyone here even spend $750.00 dollars a day on a vacation?? WAKE UP AMERICA WE HAVE BEEN HAD BY THESE TOOLS ! ! !

        • Sick of it all,

          Think on the bright side the ocean up there is full of Great Whites , says so on the MSM.
          Chumming anyone?

          Lyons , tigers , sharks oh my.

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Lions & Tigers & Sharks ..Oh My !…..LOL !
            I love it. Keep ‘Em coming NB
            Standing by in Montgomery County Texas

        • Obama goes back to work to rest up from his vacations and to have his staff plan out his next one. When he gets back from this vacation he’ll be resting up on the golf course while fund raising.

          • Bitch all we want if the clown ran again for office he would win again. This country is gone.

        • NOONE is MORE to blame than the REDCOATS/cops.

          every single time people try to protest, they use violence and obstruct.

          FREE SPEECH ZONES? wtf. the simple FACT that EVERY cop didnt turn in their badge in disgust of being ordered to enforce free speech zones —-> SAYS IT ALL>!!

          they are the STORMTROOPERS of the Evil Empire
          they are the GESTAPO of the NWO

          and they have SHOWN their hand! they are ARMING up to go to WAR against Americans for when Americans realize that peaceful protests are ALWAYS stopped by the REDCOATS!

          BADGES — ARE — R_E_D_C_O_A_T_S_!

      8. In my City they usedto televise City Council Meeting on Channel 16 so everyone in town had full access to the meetings. Well the Cable Company Switched the City meetings to channel 616. No kidding. So now people need to rent the cable box to watch the city meetings. The City is so shady, they don’t want anybody knowing what goes on. There is so much corruption it makes me sick. And if you try to go to a City meeting, there is no parking for blocks and you need to feed the parking meters with only a 2 hour limit. So if you are in a long meeting, you can face a $30 parking ticket. Its a racket as all meeting are to have full public access under Florida Sunshine law. So what does the public do about this commie Nazi City Govnt? Oh there is more, but that is jut the tip of the corruption.

        • and one wonders we we have guns….

          • Why, damn spell check…

            • And my wife is snoring like a man, hard to get to sleep at 1:00 am. But I love her dearly, she is my best friend forever. Anyone have the same problem???

              • funny thing is, she says she does not snore, anyone else in the same boat???

                • EPPE
                  Re comment ID number 3188566

                  Yup i do

                  is your wife slightly over weight ? or seriously

                  does she have what i would call a mans neck ? thick not thin and delicate.

                  does she get lots of colds sinus infections ear problems or do her ears hurt inside ?.

                  does she smoke or drink ??

                  is your house dusty or do you live in a high dust area ? say next to a dirt or gravel road.

                  and not to offend you but is your house dirty all the time

                  do you have pets both inside and out

                  and the last real question does she sleep on her back most of the time.

                  could be as simple as dropping a few lbs or cutting back on the cigs and booze.

                  but another thing is she could have sleep apnea mine does ( so do i ) and she and i both have CPAP machines

                  cuts down on the snoring

                  also i have had my sinus area cleaned out you get polyps inside the sinus and that blocks the air flow

                  if you can arrange it and afford it ( or get your insurance to pay ) try and get her and you a sleep study
                  you go to the office and spend the night having them monitor you and if your sleep is broken a lot you can get the Dr to get you a machine its basically an air pump with a face mask ( or nose mask )
                  the machines are really expensive ( something close to
                  $ 3,000.00 and the supplies are also pricey
                  But my insurance pays for 90% of mine
                  and leases the machine till its paid off

                  don’t rely on the crap you see on tv about anti snoring devices such as mouth guards they only work part time and are basically junk

                  another thing to try one night or so is having her sleep with her head slightly elevated.
                  it can help but is not guaranteed

                  you can also Google sleep apnea and Cpap machines

                  Snoring is one of the first signs of and can develop into really serious health issues. including insomnia
                  and Depression related issues.

                  i was also told by my Dr that this can bring on a heart attack if you let it go on too long.

                  AND not to scare you but a few people can and have stopped breathing and died

                  Hope this helps

                  • Triple risk for heart attack and stroke is untreated sleep apnea. Skinny people gt it too if they have short necks and big tonsils.

                • Haha eppe, My wife snored for years till she got the space mask for sleep apnea. Maybe you should encourage her to see a doc. I now sleep like a baby and she does too.

                • im gonna record my wife one night ,we’ll watch TV and she’ll fall a sleep and go to snoring ,swears she dont

                  • When I have congestion, I’ve awakened myself with my snoring. Sleeping on my side, instead of my back helps.

                  • Show her a cell phone video you took while she was snoring. But then, she might not cook for you for a couple weeks. Guess how I found THAT out.

                  • lower40 said “im gonna record my wife one night ,we’ll watch TV and she’ll fall a sleep and go to snoring ,swears she don’t.

                    I did that once with my wife, just about landed in divorce court….

                • Tape recorder. At least then she will hear what you try to sleep through.

                  I have sleep apnea also and wear a mask. I sleep better and so does she.

                  Also the orange, harder ear plugs work great. Not so much the softer ones.

                  • my next house will have separate rooms for each of us…

                  • Alka-seltser Plus helps reduce snoring some, but it raises blood pressure, too. Cinnamon tea helps, (kills germs in throat) but only lasts for 4 or 5 hours. CPAP machine did NOT help me at all. The noise from the machine is worse than the snoring.

                  • The tape recorder is what it took for me to know…
                    Me snore…nah…oh boy…you tend to shrink a bit…

                    AND a big FYI: moderate to severe sleep apnea may produce high levels of co2 in the blood, which in turn may cause non-alcoholic fatty liver disease…
                    Keep that in mind.

                    As far as this article is concerned, that man was probably the oldest one in the room…
                    Easy pickings…at least they didn’t taze him and take him to the floor…

                    As was stated before… karma baby karma…

                    All’s right in the universe, the pendulum still swings!

                • Yes. But she knows it. It’s bad when u wake yourself up

                  • damn ppl use some mint boughs works great bruise them a little

                • Advice? My nick is Ann Landers.

                  Sleep on the couch. You will both sleep better.

                  Besides, that morning wood is just a piss hard-on anyway.

                  • omg that why she gets excited in the AM

      9. Why can’t we legally pound a pig when you know it’s right? I’m sorry but if I were sitting next to that old fella and the cops grabbed at him they would be needing some back up right damn quick. Dumb disrespectful cop would be left eating through a straw.

        • It doesn’t seem that it was a contested meeting because only two people were removed for being disruptive otherwise they could have jumped the cop to release the old guy and then rush the city council. So either the majority of the town agrees with the mayor and his gang or they’re such sheep they may care but don’t have the cojones to do anything about it. It’s hard to tell with this story.

        • The cop was doing what he was told to do. Get the mayor and the rest of them, they’re the problem.

          • The SS was also doing what they were “told” to do.

        • Incognito, all I know for sure is that ANYONE who attacks me and I don’t care WHO they are, I have the natural, God-given right to self-defense and will engage in it. And anyone who tries to act against me for said act of self-defense will get a dose of me also. Nobody has any obligation to let anyone hurt them, period. It doesn’t matter what anyone’s policy, law, etc. says.

          • its called the rule of tooth and claw its not god given, just putting it out there. : )

      10. it will be interesting to see if the judge who hears this “case”
        is as corrupt as the mayor and police chief appear to be

        petty little men
        with too much power
        they’re everywhere

        • The vast majority of defendants now simply surrender and plead guilty. Consequently, trials are disappearing. Pleading requirements, Rules of procedure and case law overwhelmingly favor the government.
          Conviction rates, prisoner numbers, prison sentences, and bail amounts have all increased dramatically.
          Although appeals have increased, reversal rates have decreased. Most appeals are now decided on the basis of briefs alone; little depends on police investigations.
          The concept of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ may officially exist in courts, but administratively it was thrown out long ago.

          • Guero, the sad part of that is people not knowing their rights. I don’t care what any prosecutor or defense lawyer says, THERE IS NO LEGAL REQUIREMENT TO ENTER INTO ANY PLEA BARGAIN. The plea bargains are the only reason the system is running as smooth as it is these days. 90% of all criminal cases in the US are plea-bargained now. People need to be informed that they have the right to due process and DON’T have to accept any plea bargain. Insist on a trial. most likely the prosecutor will threaten the defendant with a heavier sentence for not accepting the plea bargain, but I say it’s worth the risk. There are always at least 2 sides to every story and the defendant has every right to have his/her side of the story made known, to due process, etc., etc. etc. I LIVE BY A SET OF RULES KNOWN AS THE BILL OF RIGHTS, NOT BY ANY OF THE DRACONIAN LAWS ON THE BOOKS TODAY. people need to reject plea deals and insist on trials. The more trials there are, the more bogged down the system gets. In most cases where prosecutors push for plea bargains, THE PROSECUTORS DON’T EVEN HAVE A GOOD ENOUGH CASE TO PURSUE WHATEVER CHARGES HAVE BEEN LEVELED AGAINST THE DEFENDANT. SO THE PLEA BARGAINS ARE ALL ABOUT GETTING AS MANY CONVICTIONS AS POSSIBLE. THE COURTS ARE PRIMARILY SET UP FOR CONVICTIONS THESE DAYS. ACQUITTALS ARE TOO FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. THIS SYSTEM WILL EVENTUALLY FALL UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT. Sorry for the rant but I had just had to vent on this subject.

      11. Look up Capt. Teddy Lawing – this is good ole boy territory

      12. If this is Greeneville, Tennessee, the good people of Greenville need to get a recall petition forthe mayor, Alan Broyles

      13. Where did this happen. Says “Greeneville Sun” under the picture but I think every state in the union has a Greenville and probably more than one has a Sun newspaper.

        How about more thorough reporting?

        • This happened in Greenville, Montana. It was at an Industrial Development board meeting on a proposed pipeline. Mr Overholt was against the pipeline destroying the Nolichucky river basin. Most of the board is very conservative except when it comes to nature. Kudos to SHTF for defending Mr Overholt!

          • I was mistaken. It was Greenville, Tennessee. There are too many Greenvilles!

      14. Bubonic Plague breakout in China, wonder how widespread it really is?

        ht tps://

      15. Yup, we all know how uppity those pesky 76 year olds can get. Down right hooligans! Cock smoking pigs.

      16. Wwti, we must have been on the same wavelength, had a nightmare last night about USA being attacked. Took out one helicopter with a shot where you described to hit. Weird eh???

        • Eppe, Damn strait. And another reason to stock up on tracer rounds. If the laser light on your rifle doesn’t piss them off first. When they start shooting or tracking you with their Infared, all bets are off and Let er’ Rip!!! Go look at the chopper schematics for the loc of their weak points!

          • Think “tail rotor”.

            • I often wonder, if in the minds of those whom watch, they see our thumbs? Mac?

      17. The Empire. [No matter how much you profess to Love it!] Does. Not. Care. What. You Think.

        You might want to fight it!?

        How-freaking-ever; and contrary to the blow-hards like DURango Kid and his dumb bunch:

        “Organizations, contrary to the usual view, do not generally precipitate protest movements. In fact, it is more nearly correct to say that protest movements precipitate organizations, which in turn usually attempt to tame protest and turn it into institutional channels.”

        That’s another way of saying, “The Durango Kid mantra is just another way for you to exchange one boss for another.”

        Crap/Hell, “They are going to make it very dangerous, through their tool, the SEC, to keep money in money market accounts.”

        …And, this – is – just the beginning.

        You all can just LOve your master The Empire. It’s your choice. ..Reap what you sow,… and all that.

        For the rest of us, “Have You Done Your ‘Anarchist Calisthenics’ Today?”

        • Oh, no! You used the “A” (Anarchist) word!

          Anarchy! Isn’t that where everyone kills everyone else because the government stopped killing everyone? Oh, wait…

          Uh, NO!

          Try this URL – Broken up to bypass moderation and Mac’s need to intervene:

          Tip: just remove the spaces from the line below:

          http: / /

        • Helot the first sentence of your post I can agree with, but let’s not start calling our people here dumb. You obviously don’t understand the people here.

      18. Pink Floyd lyrics come to mind everytime I read something like this. Particularly the Animals album.

        • us & them, Dark side of the Moon, sounds like the wars going on….

        • plz don’t leave out Meddle “seamus”

      19. We need to go to these meetings and record them. And if the officials object. They need to be removed. And if anyone gets arrested. They need to be followed out and video recorded for their protection.

        If the guy gets a raw deal. Then throw the laws out the window and take care of business.

      20. I am a citizen – not an insurgent, yet!

      21. I can sympathize with the guy, because I have been getting hard of hearing over the last decade, myself. High frequency hearing loss, is what a doctor told me. It is frustrating to attend a seminar or other public speaking event and the speaker does not have the brains to bring along a microphone and an amplifier – and then they’ll stand up in front of a large group of people and deliver their speech as if they were only talking to people who were 3 feet away from them. I attended one such seminar not long ago, and made sure I got a seat at a table that was in the front row – no more than 8 feet away from the speaker’s lectern – and the asshole was actually almost whispering, and as a result, I couldn’t hear jack shit. Needless to say, I tore the guy a new asshole on the evaluation survey that we were asked to complete at the end of the seminar.

        I can remember back in high school, in English class, there used to be several lessons that were included that covered the topic of public speaking. To emphasize this lesson, students were given assignments that included standing before the class and delivering an oral report on a topic that they had been assigned or which they had selected. We were taught to ‘project’ our voices and to speak in an audible level that was able to reach the students who were in the back of the classroom. Whatever happened to those public speaking lessons, I wonder? Were they deleted and replaced with Ebonics 101, or what?

        Like I said, every public speaking event should always include the use of amplification in order to make sure that the message and material being discussed can be heard by the entire audience.

        As for this guy, I cannot understand why any American citizen would feel motivated to attend one of these town hall meetings. I have such a deep rooted contempt and hatred for politicians of all stripes these days that the last thing in the world I would want to do is to rub elbows with these slimy cockroaches. Plus, I doubt that I could control myself and resist the opportunity to tell them that I consider them to be greasy scumbags – which would then give these jackbooted thugs an excuse to beat me to a bloody pulp.

        Why give them that opportunity?

      22. Seems like cops are getting piggier each day.

        • Seems like anymore that if the cops perceive the least little resistance, you either get tazed, clubbed, choked, stomped, or shot. And if they can’t do that, then they shoot your dog under the guise of “feeling threatened”. I too am fucking sick of cops. Used to be an annual supporter. Now I want nothing to do with them. Absolute power corrupts absolutely someone once said.

          • Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang!!!…. Freeze…Stop Resisting!!

      23. Pig holding his arm must be proud! Bet he’s the one of odered to disarm americans he will!

        • If he follows such an order it’s at his own peril.

      24. They arrested the townspeople at a town meeting for asking their ELECTED officials to speak up? Time for the townspeople to step up and remind those officials who they work for.

        • The quickest fix? Everyone in the audience pull their chairs up to the table with the council members, and join the discussion…

      25. dominos…1st amendment is shredded…2nd amendment to follow…3rd on the horizon.


        The definition of the word Conundrum is: something that is puzzling or

        Here are six Conundrums of socialism in the United States of America:

        1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

        2.. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

        3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.

        4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.

        5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in
        other countries only dream about.

        6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about –
        yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

        Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in
        the 21st Century.

        Makes you wonder who is doing the math.

        These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our
        current government and cultural environment:

        1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few
        lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions
        of a few lunatics. Funny how that works.

        And here’s another one worth considering…

        2. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run
        out of money. How come we never hear about welfare or food stamps
        running out of money? What’s interesting is the first group “worked
        for” their money, but the second didn’t. Think about it…..

        and Last but not least,

        3. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our
        military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but
        we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.

        Am I the only one missing something?

        • Funny, our employees get to have us arrested.

        • Mayor Broyles,

          After reading about the recent “public meeting” in the news I was astonished to see that your poor county doesn’t have the resources to purchase a simple microphone to make a “public meeting” accessible to the public. Maybe your Industrial Development Board could find a road construction cone to use as a megaphone until you can scrape together a few extra bucks. As an elected official with some idea that a contentious subject may cause an increased attendance to your “public meeting”, common sense would suggest that in order to inform the public in a “transparent” setting they would have to be able to hear what is being said. Remember them? The public? They pay your wages – unless there is some off the books contribution from anyone that isn’t so public who is developing an industry. As chairman of an Industrial Development Board I’m sure you never receive any improper payments to grease your pipeline with, right? Your use of strong-arm Brown Shirt tactics to silence the honest question asking for you to speak up, itself speaks volumes of your attitudes and education. If that was your first public meeting accept my sincere apologies. I was actually looking at TN as a possible retirement location until I read of dicktator-ish methods such as yours. It is shameful to treat citizens in this country with such disrespect and your behavior is nothing but reprehensible.

          and I don’t even live in Tennessee,

          Justsome Truth

      27. So, I want you to get up now. I want all of you to get up out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and go to the window, open it, and stick your head out and yell,

        “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”

        River Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE!

        • It’s too late..Best to be a ghost and avoid all interaction…

          Plan your exit now!!

          • I think the only exit strategy some think is left is that exit strategy that involves the little hole in the end of a gun opposite your shoulder. As in “plan your exit” = “aim carefully”… TPTB seem to think that and many seem to be determined to prove JFK correct…

            If peaceful revolution is suppressed then violent revolution is inevitable. -JFK (paraphrased)

      28. Every officer involved in any claim of excessive force should be immediately tested for steroid use. Over 80% of law enforcement are regularly using steroids. What we are witnessing is “Roid Rage” and every cop out there knows it!!!

      29. Not to bend the topic too far off … but most gooberment meetings need to be run under determined rules & laws ….just one of the rules is being able to HEAR the freaking proceedings …. all the damn gooberments would love to conduct biz without the citizens knowing what’s going on … hence the Open Meetings laws …. you also need to have a room large enough to adequately accommodate the attending crowd … again without public meeting laws the gooberment SOBs would be holding meeting in cubbyholes somewhere …

        that mayor is going to get sued by someone for his BS attitude ….

        • Illini: I agree with you to a point. Suing is not the answer to a lot of things, in this case a plain old A$$ WHIP’N is called for, to all those involved.

          Rive Rat at the ready!!! NOMI///MOLON LABE! (The smell of Revolution is in the air)

          • *sniff*

            Oh! So thats what that is!

            …the sheople just think its some kind of incense.

        • I would be pissed as well. The freaking rule makers up in front huddled up, mumbling and whispering. “Hey we could do this and tax this. This will really fuck them and we get a raise. Quiet, here they come. And if they bitch about it, we will just have them arrested and then take their guns and whatever else we like. I love being a councilman.”

          • Yes! That’s exactly what its like in every part of the world. They’re a den of vipers!

        • Actually-

          The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) covers many topics, including physical impairments. If people cannot hear what is being mumbled or spoken, is that not a physical hearing impairment? All the public meetings I have ever attended had at the least, a podium with a microphone and simple PA. Apparently that was not in the budget but one or 2 paid goons is. Sue em for violations of the ADA. Oh, and shitcan that so-called judge, ASAP!

      30. I think Americans EVERYWHERE should go to these city and council meetings and bring reality into focus.

        I spoke recently at my local county commissioners meeting and plan to speak again there and probably at the city council meeting. My finding here has been the elected officials ARE willing to meet with us and did meet with us (district county commissioner twice and state house rep once. other neighbors are working on the city side). But the entrenched County WORKERS are all but stealing from the taxpayer. That has to change.

      31. It is beyond the point where getting involved can make a positive impact.

        As of last year we decided to stop trying to affect change in our community or our Family, you make yourself a target of ridicule and scorn or worse yet, the jack booted Nazi thugs make you the problem.

        Sorry folks the game is rigged, the fix is in and you are not a factor.

        They owners of this country do not care about you and the military industrial complex along with big money hold the cards.

        Stay low…Hunker down….stock up, and avoid being noticed.

        A little sage advise from the Dog.

        Stay thirsty my friends

      32. Use to be public officials were of the people, represented the people and were for the people.
        NOW we are a nuisance to be ridiculed, taunted and arrested EVEN 96 year old Grandma’s, and 10 year old Boy scouts, NO ONE IS SAFE as we ALL are the enemy.
        More Obummer training kicking in I think.
        New Obummer Army motto is:

      33. When the PTB hear the truth or someone with the BALLS to speak it or to ask questions. This is what happens. That Officer should have just taken him outside and let him go, and not arrested him. You see the government thinks that they have the last word, but we are the Government.
        The people in that town should protest like hell, and have the charges dropped.

        • lol…c’mon pops, you ARE the “PTB” that you rail against.

          Put your badge in your sock drawer and join the liberty movement.

      34. Remember the past…

        Not so long ago (depending on your age), there were several individuals who were doing these very “tactics“. Remember?

        In case you forgot…

        and many more

        Remember …
        Remember …

      35. Shame on the rest of the people at that meeting. They should have all created a loud mass protest. I doubt the cops would have attempted to arrest them all. We’re at the point that if we don’t start pushing back, we will have no voice at all.

        • Power in numbers. Like minded people need to stand together.

          ht tps://

      36. “, at which point the mayor warned the next outburst would lead to someone being removed from the building.”

        My question…Who made the mayor king shit of poo poo island?


        Get him out of there. Get some citizen journalists to follow this butt wipe and his family around and publish the dirt on this jerk-wad and his cronies.

      37. Speak louder so we can hear? That means he was paying attention. They didn’t want anyone to pay attention. That’s a thought crime. In Cambodia, the Khmer Rouge would kill anyone with eye glasses. It meant they could read. Another thought crime.

        • While TRYING to discuss world events, I asked my neighbor if she’d ever heard of the “Khmer Rouge”. She said “Oh yeah, it’s a major river in France.”

          You just can’t make that up…

      38. Don’t worry! We’ll get rid of them in 2016 when they “allow” us to vote for Hilary Clinton or Jeb Bush, the two excellent candidates that have been chosen for us. That will put a stop to all of this nonsense, won’t it?

        • Sarcasm aside, a lot of nonsense is going to cease in the fall of 2014, when the Senate changes hands.

          Neither Hillary nor Jeb are chosen, both have big problems.

      39. How do you like ‘him’ now? When are you going to stand up and call him ‘the phony of phonies’?

        Not only are your ‘hard earned dollars’ going to help make the illegals ‘more comfortable’ that are overrunning America….

        Now Beck is going to use your dollars from Mercury One to help the Israelie military with supplies. Says he might be there in person to deliver them.

        I think he sees ‘the writing on the wall’ for America. When martial law is declared, and the Noahide Laws become the law of the land, Beck wants TPTB to know he has been a good little useful idiot “goyim” in hopes they will spare his neck from the guillotine.

        When are you followers going to hold him accountable. Why isn’t he leading his followers to block the busing of these illegals instead of spending your money contributing to the downfall of your country?

        His network is only being allowed to continue because he continues to skirt the issue (lie) about who the PTB are that are ruining America and the world. If he would ever tell that truth he would be GONE…

      40. Destroyers of Western civilization

        “You have not begun to appreciate the real depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are disturbers. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world, your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them.”
        – Marcus Eli Ravage, Jewish author, quote from January 1928 issue of Century Magazine

        “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will for ever destroy because we need a world of our own, a God-world, which it is not in your nature to build.”

        – Maurice Samuels, Jewish author, quote from You Gentiles
        For centuries, organized Jewry has been at the forefront in the efforts to subvert, corrupt, and eventually destroy traditional Western civilization and all that it stands for. Henry Makow, in a review of E. Michael Jones’ The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, described the role played by organized Jewry to accomplish this goal as “subversive in the profoundest sense, overturning the Will of God, “Logos,” Christ’s Gospel of Love, the inherent Design and Purpose of Creation, hijacking mankind and arresting its development according to Cabalistic and Talmudic dictates.”

        Through their control of the media and Hollywood, their influence in popular culture and the arts, various intellectual and “social justice” movements including cultural Marxism, feminism, and radical homosexuality, the promotion of pornography and sexual degeneracy, and advocacy of mass immigration and “multiculturalism” in Western European and European-derived countries (the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand), organized Jewry has certainly targeted tradition Western civilization for destruction.

        These destabilization techniques represent a Jewish plot to culturally, spiritually, politically, and economically corrupt, pollute, and destroy European culture primarily, and all decent, honorable indigenous cultures generally. Organized international Jewry must be viewed as a hostile elite determined to destroy Western civilization.

        In the Preface of Culture of Critique, Dr. Kevin MacDonald breaks this down quite well:

        • Jews in America = Parasites Feeding off the Host.

      41. I’ve told you people hundreds of times that cops are scum. Hassling an old man like that. Resisting arrest my ass. They just make things up.

        Like I’ve always told you, they trump up charges for no reason. Obstrucing is there go to all excuse. Everything you say or do is obstructing. Oinkers can only handle one situation at a time.

        They only understand one thing. A hollow point. And by that time, it’s just to late for them.

        Bacon anyone ?

      42. If I were … says:

        am Remember the past…Not so long ago (depending on your age), there were several individuals who were doing these very “tactics“. Remember?

        In case you forgot…

        Hitler anti jewish banker
        Stalin jewish banker agent
        Mao jewish banker agent
        Obama jewish banker agent

        don·t speak about things you do know shit

        Remember …
        Remember …

        • The premise of the article has nothing, repeat, Nothing to do with Jews, the Jewish state, the Jewish mindset, the Jewish …, etc… The Jewish connection was injected by other commenters.

          Please keep those types of comments in your own mind. It’s not needed here.

        • Hey Selman. GFY.

      43. Get ready to kill or be killed,unfortunately I see no other outcome here. It can not be more obvious ,its like a spoiled rotten little brat. We have spared the rod with our government,now we MUST whoop their little tender asses. Indeeed how much is enough,when will we start to unite and stand up,sooner the better.

      44. Can we say “AMERICA IS A FASCIST POLICE STATE” boys and girls.

        • In the words of the one that brings it to you:

          YES WE CAN!











        WTF WTF WTF WTF IS GOING ON ??????????????????????

      46. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. That mayor and police chief might just find themselves unemployed sometime in the near future.

      47. Why does the lyrics come to mind seem to be:
        Stand up, be strong
        Know right from wrong
        Forever hence believe yourself
        (Stand up, Be Strong Bleach anime)

      48. How many potted plants sat there and watch the pig unlawfully remove and falsely arrest this man?

        The thinning of the herd continues.

      49. DISGRAZIA! Did this happen in Tennessee by any chance?

      50. Maybe people will now start flying the flag properly, which is upside down.
        Things like this are now happening on a regular basis and most of the brain dead population still chants “USA USA!.
        “They hate us for our freedoms”, is a joke.
        The terrorists are here.

      51. Our town council uses city-bought ipads to communicate thoughts they do not want the public to hear. It is an effective way to gang up on people, push the conversation in the direction they want to go and influence the outcome. Does it help that the newspaper is owned by the Mayor?

      52. R.I.P. U.S.A. Too many asleep at the wheel to notice your country has been usurped. As an outsider with a neutral stand point its sad to see many sheep following the status quo being complaisant, and even advocating the destruction of your fine nation. Its obviously not the majority of the people on here I’m speaking about, you know who they are.

        I’m sadden to see this, and feel empathy for the innocent.

      53. Mayor and City Council are there for us… we the people, and they need to listen to us, we voted those people in, and they can be voted out! Next time people watch the power climbers, and don’t vote for them, vote for “real” people that are “for” the little guy, and hold them to their promises for the city, and people!

      54. Typical Stasi tactics to silence the people.

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