Conspiracy Fact? Hurricane Harvey Survivors Taken To Wal-Mart FEMA Camps

by | Sep 12, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 56 comments

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    We’ve all heard the saying, “it’s only a conspiracy theory until it’s proven a fact.”  And some in Texas think that survivors of Hurricane Harvey are being taken to Wal-Mart stores and held until they can be relocated to a more permanent location, aka, a FEMA camps.

    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is at the heart of many conspiracy theories, and one only needs to do a simple Google search to discover the fact in that statement. YouTube user Taj Longino posted a short video claiming that people are being rounded up for relocation to FEMA camps.

    That was not the only video either, by far, of what some are continuing to allege as FEMA camp transportation. YouTuber 2LiterJay 21 has a more in depth video complete with his theories as to what is happening in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

    Some of the videos and commenters on these videos are even accusing those who work for FEMA of stealing phones and computers so that communication with the outside is all but impossible. And unfortunately, because situations were so dire, most people were all too happy to do and go exactly where FEMA was demanding.

    But FEMA put out their own statement, advising against listening to “rumors” about the agency.

    To dispel some of the false rumors circulating on the internet and social media, FEMA created a dedicated website to address some of the most common themes. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Visit to get the most accurate information from trusted sources. –FEMA website

    So that’s it then.  Trust FEMA because they said so? Perhaps you can. But some just aren’t ready to put their lives in the hands of the federal government.


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      1. The real question is how many return and how many go missing ??? 🙂

        • Update: Hurricane Irma in FL. Millions still with no power, which means no power to run drinking water wells, or refrigeration or lights or AC.

          I am all off Grid Solar, and never had even one power interruption during or after the Hurricane. Fridge Ice cold, Flawless. I have plenty of Gas, Full Tank, plus another 30 Gallons in Jerry cans. 10 Gallons of Kerosene, 2 new chainsaws, chain files, plenty of Bar Oil and 2 cycle Gas Mix. Food and Water and various water filters. Just another day in paradise for me.

          vs. My unprepared neighbor which I gave them a case of beer for the storm, has a dull chain saw, the gas prime bulb on his chainsaw is cracked leaking and broken on his only chain saw, and has 2 trees up to his house that fell about a 75 Footers in the storm. So I will go over in the AM and help him cut that up with my saw. I still have 2 large trees on my property needing cutting, but it can wait for now. Canals rose another 8 inches or more, but I still have about 2.5 Feet safety margin from flooding my property. So keeping an eye on that. Ground is saturated yet, 12-16 inches of rain fell in 8 hours on 9/11 Monday AM, when this hit.

          People and Preppers; are all your tools in good working condition and ready to deploy right now, or waiting to be useless because you would rather watch mindless TV and play on Facebook? You either got your Shit together, or you look like an idiot in Grid Down semi disaster. This is just Day 2 and people are already whining about their food in their fridges and they have no generators. Tuff luck assholes. And I am not loaning my only Generator out to anyone. That is my backup, and it also powers my Electric Pole Saw. I am not loaning my generator out and wasting any gas, so people can make ice to keep their beer I gave them cold. WTF? These are the same kind of people that blow their weekly paychecks on Lotto Tickets instead of investing in themselves and being prepared. They should have spent that money on getting their chain saw ready months ago when they knew of the problem. Like go try to find parts now in a disaster. People are morons that fail to prepare. And I already see spouses fighting and arguing. And if they had a plan, it would not be this bad. Fail to plan, is a Plan to fail.

          Got your buckets to haul water from the canal to flush your toilets? And a backup Portapotty 5 gallon bucket Portoilet with a toilet seat and plenty toilet paper and plastic bags to dispose of your shit? Gonna get interesting if Power is not restored here in a week or so. Stores are closed, because of no Power, Gas pumps are down, no refrigeration to keep food cold in the stores, You got your 2-6 month food and water supply stored up? These people think FEMA is going to magically drop MRE’s on them like last time. Here is a wake up call, NOBODY IS COING TO HELP YOU MORON. Street lights and stop lights are down, so drive with caution. I am carrying daily, to protect my self from the panicked and desperate unprepared Dolts and my shotgun and AR’s are ready to deploy. Just cleaned and oiled them all down last week before this storm.

          And here’s the kicker. These mindless neighbors are just besides themselves because with no power, that means NO Mindless TV to watch, and time wasting to entertain their mush for brains. They have no solar to charge their cell phones, and are running their cars and wasting precious gas to charge their other mindless Electronic device called a cell phone, so they can all get on Face book and blabber about their shit situations. WTF? This is funny and entertaining.



            • If you are saying the round ups are not happening to the homeless during these tragedies
              Then for the love of God stick to the facts. Your message was lost what the hell is your point
              Haven’t you learned yet Conspiracy are the governments way to discredit people

          • You sound like me a few years ago…we must have the same neighbors…haha. A few years ago we lost power for 2 weeks from a freak October ice storm. My family was toasty warm, had lights, fridge, hot meals, water (hand pump in deep well) flushing toilets, etc… All 11 neighbors (11 families) were lost souls who we helped out with meals, heat, water etc…They used to laugh when they saw me prep, or the came over and asked why I had freeze dried food, solar panels, stored gas and other ‘stuff’…and that’s just the ‘preps’ they were able to see. (never give away too many secrets) Anyway, the next year we were hit with superstorm Sandy. No power for 2 weeks again. No neighbors showed up for help this time. They all spent the previous summer ‘prepping’ because of what they learned from us the October before. Now I live on top of the mountain with 11 other families who are prepped and self sufficient. Some people actually DO learn.

          • Good for you. Nothing better than keyboard warriors trying to feel important and tough by posting gibberish like you just did.

            • I reread CSS’s post 3 times. I see no gibberish or internet bravado. So he talks about being ready, helping his neighbor, and those that refuse to do for themselves.
              Care to elaborate on your venomous response?

          • why bother?

          • Hey CSS, can you get a life, huh? You got your storm, got to use all your preps, happy now? No one gives a sh%t

            • you evidently do, you read his post and took the time to reply.
              Great job!

              • Look! Look! it’s Marcus the side-kick monkey! Eek eek eek!

          • CSS, glad to hear you made it through.

          • We are camping down near the Alabama boarder of TN.

            Yes Irma is raining on us, but we had it paid for and came anyway.

            There are several Irma refugees here at this campground. One family has a pickup and trailer with everything they could grab.

            Feel for them.

          • We learned that if anything REALLY big ever comes along, the losers will lose, and big time! LOL!

          • I am sorry for saying this, but these dumb ignorant people who failed to prepare all deserve what they get. They are just brainless and mindless sheep. Useless eaters as the government and NWO calls them. Save them and your own boat sinks.

        • but at least walmart sells guns and ammo so at refugees can shoot at eachother for less money?

      2. I wonder what it is like inside a Walmart FEMA Camp? Do they still have products on the shelves? Was this Walmart already closed for business. How will they feed people? Are bathrooms clean? Do they have working toilets? Is there a safe place for girls, children, babies and women in general?

        What would you do if you were stranded in a flood and FEMA offered to help? Would you really turn them down to stay on top of your roof? I don’t think so? Will FEMA let you go if you are rescued, but you are afraid to go into Walmart?


        • B, I would say we’re better off NOT finding out.

        • If you allow .gov to rescue you, you will be made to submit to their whims. You will be powerless to resist.

          How can anybody question this? .gov “takes control” of any situation at the first opportunity. heir entire mindset centers on domination. They will preserve the empire at any cost. Sometimes YOU have to die for THEIR beliefs.

        • walmart, where refugees always shop for less?

      3. Are they still running the “Back to School” gun sale ?? LOL!!!!

      4. They aren’t going to be relocated to FEMA camps.

        They are going to be executed and their bodies cremated to leave no evidence.

        You’ll know this is true when the number of people returning does not equal the number that left and there is no way to find the ones that didn’t return.

      5. My guess is that they’ll want to give them vaccines and Pharma meds they don’t need and that aren’t necessary under the guise of limiting exposure to diseases and minimizing the spread of disease. It will, at first, be optional, but will suddenly become mandatory for those who refuse. I think they will also be fed a diet of FrankenFoods.

        I also don’t believe they will keep children safe from pedophiles and women safe from rapists, meaning safeguarding them 100%, knowing these places are a child molesters dream come true. And other sexual deviants.

        Lastly, in terms of the whole bs transgender, and other politically correct bs as well, I also think they will neglect to consider that anyone with a penis not be allowed into the women/girls and children’s bathroom, shower and changing areas which they may not even bother to designate. Or will designate but half-human freaks with a penis dressed as women will be allowed access to, and to enter, lest they be discriminated against and offended.

        After all, we don’t want to offend mentally ill criminals and liberals with zero common sense, seemingly thee most protected classes in society today.

        • What they should do is HANG ALL of these fruit-loop, mental midgets! You are either Male or Female, that is it period, nut jobs.

      6. The bathroom weren’t clean when China-mart had them, let alone now. Most likely if this story is true, and I wouldn’t put it past them, they’ve probably been relieved of all their phones so they can’t notify relatives. Hard to tell if this is BS or a ‘good bone’ with some meat on it.

        • PO’d Patriot, we’ve all heard countless reports of ‘FEMA CAMPS’ going back to the damn 90s. I’m still not totally convinced of them myself. Even the old Alex Jones videos didn’t really convince me. I wouldn’t go to anyone’s ‘refugee center’ under any circumstances.

          • Before going into any government shelter, you will be stripped of anything THEY deem to be of value. I can’t imagine anyone thinking they will get to keep their phone. I’m sure you would be given a good reason why you couldn’t keep it, and assured of it’s eminent return.

            Once inside, .gov will have complete control. You will eat, drink, sleep, and poop when they allow you to, and will be kept afraid to question orders.

      7. I remember early last year when they were clearing out and closing down many Wal-Marts in various locations all over the U.S. Anyone else recall that?

        Lots of speculation then but no real answers as to why. Maybe this is why; for future “natural” disasters where victims with nowhere to go who need rescuing or for pandemics, etc.

        A government comprised mostly of corrupt criminals on the take and some psychopaths too does not have its citizens best interests at heart. I think that means they’re up to no good.

      8. We are from the Government We are Here to HELP !!! LOL

      9. TRUST FEMA BECAUSE THEY SAY SO? GMAFB! And I’m bringing JFK back from the dead. We all know THAT won’t happen. I’m one of those who won’t put myself in the hands of ANYONE’S govt. I know how to fend for myself and will continue to do so. I live by a set of rules called THE BILL OF RIGHTS, NOT ANY DRACONIAN CRAP.

      10. The awful truth is that most Americans are only one disaster away from being homeless themselves. Add to that the average American family have no savings and three days of food. Any shelter will seem like paradise to the homeless in Texas and Florida. By the time they get any semblance of a border wall built(if ever), the first thing they’ll see are illegal Latino immigrants climbing it to get out of the United States. If things continue as they have been, there may be a lot of American borne people who will be beside them. Habla usted Espanol?

      11. Only nonpreppers will go to FEMA camps ? So be it? The Tares must burn?

      12. They aren’t going to Walmart camps; rather, they are going to Solyent Green camps.

        Just sayin’

      13. I visited a FEMA camp they had flown refugees into after Katrina. It was very much like a college campus except for the guards and barbed wire clearly constructed to keep people out. Anyone could come and go as they please and did until they got new jobs and homes. It normally functions as a residential alternative school from which teenagers occasionally run away. It isn’t difficult at all to get out.

      14. Don’t get on any bus with government plates on it
        Once on the ground somewhere after your initial “rescue”
        Make a distraction if necessary
        Or grey man it
        Duck and cover
        Pick your time to move out of the area

        Ditch all your ID and be Free
        Feed the cell phone to coyote

        • Best advice yet.
          But, have weapon(s) ready for the inevitable.

          • Yes
            always armed, no matter the weapon
            always ready to use it to remain free

          • Absolutely! I always have a gun with me – home, car, and on my person! Enough of all of this ridiculous bullshit going on in the good ole US of A.

      15. Don’t you think this scenerio is a little far fetched? I have worked with Red Cross and FEMA in past and the ones i worked with were genuinely concerned about saving lives. Granted, depending on where you are, who you are and who is giving aid is different in any situation. There are people who have their own agenda working for these groups…. that like to feel powerful….and take it to another level. But in my opinion, most are trustworthy.
        As far as Walmart goes….where else are there big enough buildings to provide hotel accomodations, food, clothing, toilets, etc., except in a vacant Walmart?
        I’m not crazy about them selling mostly Chinese products either! But who is to blame for that? Everyone wants the cheapest priced crap! I quit buying that cheap crap when my dog died of food poisoning from a brand new bag of dog food I bought the day before. I later learned more than 3000 dogs died from that brand! The news media buried that story.
        I now read all labels…..on everything…… and there are darn few food manufacturers that I trust even here in USA. Read labels people. So much ‘food’ is not food at all, just fillers, chemicals, corn syrup, sugar, fat, salt, ‘ franken’ wheat, tainted soybeans, roundup, pesticides, and crap you can’t even pronounce.
        Try not to be paranoid… but there are too many people, countries, out there chasing the almighty dollar now, and you are disposable eaters. Be aware, think before you act.

        • Its not the intent of the “workers. or help..its the intentions of the government when they corral this many people , and what really ends up happening to them

          the help has the right intentions, its the establishment that uses local areas and disasters to further their agendas against mankind in its time of need

          • I remember an old saying, something about paving the road to hell. what was it again? 😉

            • “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” May be apt in this situation, or it may be on purpose for a darker reason. If you know anyone in this WM compound, watch to see if they ever return.

      16. I have worked with FEMA and Red Cross briefly, and granted they are only humans with various agendas and perspectives, but I think most are caring. The problem is those money chasing, greedy power hungry people who have political agendas. These people are in every club, social event, power position etc., etc. all over the world. We the people, have to watch everything and everybody.
        I don’t like Walmart selling chinese junk….even though they said years ago they would sell only American. Well, whose to blame? We all wanted the cheapest junk…..Didn’t we?
        Since my dog was poisoned by dog food i bought the day before at WallyWorld……(as did about 3000 others.) I am really picky who I trust. If you read labels you will find what poisons are in our HUMAN food also. It is stocked in every store….everywhere!
        Keep vgilant…be careful who you trust.

      17. Sorry for double post. i didn’t think this was working right.?

      18. Welcome to the Hotel California (oops, I mean Florida). You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave.

      19. Hysteria and baloney.

      20. Crack, just read your post and saw that you just survived shtf. There is capture and take away by military going on all over Houston at nighttime, and its going on in Beaumont, and one chick was able to avoid capture and saw what happened. I am sure those people wont be coming back indfinately.


      21. We lost power for 2 days, and used a 10kw gas generator for backup. I think we will switch to a propane generator. Propane is a bit easier to store.

      22. FEMA death camps do exist and you will be shot trying to enter any empty one since they are guarded.

        Walmarts down South were converted to death camps.

        Documentation exists about those two facts and this site and others covered this.

        And given the absence of news conferences from Walmart camps, assume everyone brought there has been killed by guillotine or gas chamber.

        Anyone looking for any “rescued” survivor will be told they were lost in the flood and have gone “missing”.

        Remember, they stated on the Georgia Guidestones they want to reduce the world population to 500,000,000 people. This is one of their many ways– from the HAARP-devised hurricanes known as Sandy, Harvey, and Irma.

        Dane Wigington at will show you the science.

        Every reader here should expect to be “stormed out” and prepare bug in or exit strategies yesterday. Include in that the physical impossibility of shoveling out of snow so stacked that deaths will result from the frigid cold or starvation or both.

        Prayer weakens evil. Get right with God every day. Watch your six. Think like a Chess player. Anticipate their moves and plan accordingly. Pray that the destructive people doing Satan’s bidding “wake up” spiritually so both lives and souls become saved.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      23. Does anyone sell blue targets?
        I carry a loaded cigarette lighter just for UN flags!

      24. HEY!I’m here! I live in Houston! I helped load people into the FEMA trucks and many times rode along helping hurt people. Nobody was taken anywhere but normal shelters that were set up all over the place. Where do these nuts get this paranoid shit???

      25. Just more dribbleing bullshit. people making up bs and false claims with no factual evidencve, and others are just full of themselves telling the world what they have, not realizing you just made yourself a target. Loose lips sink ships.

      26. Why at this moment in time are FEMA using wallmarts as rescue centres any way,don’t they have there own emergency camps already.and are these wallmarts empty or not.if there empty marts there must be some supplies there to care for those people or why take them there in the first place.if there operating marts where are people going to sleep and eat,will the mart open the day after or are the rescued left to help themselves for free ,I doubt it .and if people have a opinion about FEMA and Walmart ,then that’s up to them.
        I think us peppers maybe having a opinion on something and believing in our way of life just trys to advise people to prepare for who knows what.if that makes us peppers targets then so be it
        But targets from who ?????? If all is OK with the world

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