Congressman Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force”

by | Nov 15, 2013 | Headline News | 195 comments


During an appearance on the Janet Mefferd Show, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) warned that a provision within Obamacare could create an armed “secret security force”.

Referring to a section of the gargantuan Obamacare law which discusses “the president’s own commissioned and non-commissioned officer corps,” Gohmert drew attention to the notion that under the pretext of a “national emergency,” such individuals could be used to impose some form of medical martial law.

Under the Affordable Care Act, the Ready Reserve Corps is directed to “assist full-time Commissioned Corps personnel to meet both routine public health and emergency response missions.”

“It says it is for international health crises, but then it doesn’t include the word ‘health’ when it talks about national emergencies,” said Gohmert.

“I’ve asked, what kind of training are they getting….I want to know are they using weapons to train, or are they being taught to use syringes and health care items?” asked the Congressman, adding that “no clear answers” had been forthcoming on the issue.”

Combined with the continued DHS arms build up along with the federal agency’s hiring of armed guards with “Top Secret” security clearances, Gohmert characterized the issue as “very disturbing”.

Accusing the Department of Homeland Security of being wasteful, Gohmert said the DHS’ commitment to purchase over 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition was concerning because many of the bullets are hollow point rounds which are not traditionally used for target practice.

“I’ve asked Homeland Security what is the reason for that,” said Gohmert, adding that their response “made no sense” but that he would continue to push for an explanation in Congress.

“Some kind of secret security force is something the United States is never supposed to have….but until we get enough members of Congress stirred up over the things I’ve been preaching about then we’re not likely to get answers,” said Gohmert, adding that the only way to get the DHS to properly respond would be to start cutting funding.

Leftist media outlets responded to Gohmert’s concerns by labeling the whole issue a “debunked conspiracy theory.” states that Obamacare, “creates the ready reserve of individuals who can be called up for service by the U.S. surgeon general in times of need.”

While that does not translate into giving Obama a “secret security force,” it does stoke concern given that Obama himself called for the creation of a “civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded (as the U.S. military)” before he was elected.

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    1. Unreconsructed Southron

      Once in a blue moon he tells the truth. He told he was going to build this force.

      But most people believe his lies and don’t believe the one time he tells the truth.

      Go figure.

      • Be informed


        • OutWest

          Obama is a prophet

          He told everyone what he was going to do

          No one listened, no one cared

          Vote in haste, repent at leisure

          • sixpack

            “Push for an explanation?”

            How about subpoenaing the head of DHS before congress and slapping a contempt charge on them, throwing their sorry ass in a cell until they come up with a truthful answer.

            …pushing for an explanation my ass…

            • hammerhead

              sipack- Anybody that takes a job in this so called
              “security” force is a target.
              And so are their families , while in the field their loved ones are home all alone .
              It needs to be understood .

              • Thor's Hammer

                I sincerely hate to admit this but I agree with what you say here.
                ANYONE who is a member of any force that would be used to suppress the populace or impose any sort of martial law needs to be identified, and they need to have it made known to them that in the event of any sort of movement against the American people, there will inevitably be reprisals.

                • sixpack

                  Agreed. I guess the point needs to be made, that it won’t be worth the paycheck at some point.

                • John Q. Public

                  Every single legislator who voted for ‘BamaCare and the Kenyan who signed it and all those who lobbied for the tyrannical legislation must have their time in the docket at Nuremberg 2.

                  “I didn’t read it,” will be no excuse from guilt and punishment.

                  “[My] comment is awaiting moderation.”

                  How long are you going to do this, Mac?

              • John W.

                Dream on. No one will know who these guys are. Most will be assigned away from where they live. Good luck with finding out who they are or where they live.

            • KY Mom

              Guns and Freedom
              by Andrew P. Napolitano

              “The right of the people to keep and bear arms is an extension of the natural right to self-defense and a hallmark of personal sovereignty. It is specifically insulated from governmental interference by the Constitution and has historically been the linchpin of resistance to tyranny.”

              “When Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that we are endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights, he was marrying the nation at its birth to the ancient principles of the natural law that have animated the Judeo-Christian tradition in the West. Those principles have operated as a break on all governments that recognize them by enunciating the concept of natural rights.”

              “The essence of humanity is freedom. Government – whether voted in peacefully or thrust upon us by force – is essentially the negation of freedom. Throughout the history of the world, people have achieved freedom when those in power have begrudgingly given it up.

              From the assassination of Julius Caesar to King John’s forced signing of the Magna Carta, from the English Civil War to the triumph of the allies at the end of World War II, from the fall of Communism to the Arab Spring, governments have permitted so-called nobles and everyday folk to exercise more personal freedom as a result of their demands for it and their fighting for it…”


            • Confused

              There is no head of DHS at this time, there are about 40 undelegated jobs and there is only an acting director. DHS has become a lawless part of the government where employees are just doing what they want.

          • Anonymous

            Yo! Check that email!

        • Thinker

          BI; Well another precursor a 6.8 in the Scotia sea!

          • Be informed

            @ Thinker. I think you are right, this is a precursor. This earthquake occurred on a transform fault, like the San Andreas, which means that it moved side to side. This exact spot in the past has lead to huge earthquakes afterwards. A couple of 8+ and a few high 7’s. The area it seems to target is the Tonga and Samoa zones, but eastern Indonesia is also a place. This is the largest earthquake ever recorded in this area since at least 1900. This is a telltale sign that something huge is still on the way in the areas I mentioned yesterday. The time frame is now until the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Every time a major earthquake happens the 15 day window is extended to 15 days after the major earthquake. This is just the way the crust functions.

            To tell the truth this is very concerning down here because the same area had a 6.1 three days ago, then you have a 6.8. This is rare, 5%, that you have a foreshock like this. Then the largest ever recorded quake in the area. It tells me that the Scotia plate is on the move OR the Antarctic plate is and that would mean much disruption for all plates that border it; Australian, South American, African, Pacific, and Nazca. Probably though just the Scotia plate, but this still shows pressure cuasing it to move from another plate or two. I look at the Philippines and at least the people had a warning. With a mega quake there is no warning to most people and surprise is what kills countless more magnitudes of people. I still don’t like what I am seeing.

            • Thinker

              Thanks BI for being on top of it!!
              I have a question(and maybe you and Jog have addressed it before) and this is just a theory ? Could the magnetic shifting of the poles cause the stress to the plates and to the increase of the polar quakes by way of either the magnetic push and pull and or the electric generation from the iron core of the planet? Thanks again for all your insight>
              By the way I think Mother Nature has about had enough of our over consumptive ways,and is just letting us know! Maybe we should leave this life being more concerned about what we gave instead of what we got!


              • Be informed

                @ Thinker. The changing of the polarity from north to south or vice versa should not have a bearing on the plates like something you would see in the 2012 movie. In that movie the crusts actually shifted. In the fictional depiction Wisconsin became the new South Pole. As long as the crust did not shift and everyone’s latitude remained the same, extreme violence you would not see. Increase in earthquake activity because of the increase in electrical generation from the core, could be. Electricity is energy, and energy added to a mass will generate increase in certain tension zones. This is a cycle of the planet, and it would take past records to determine when this polar reversal last occurred did earthquake activity also.

                Since the polar wandering has increased recently, so have earthquake activity, especially larger quakes. This would not exactly explain the high earthquake activity between 1950 and 1965. My guess would be yes earthquakes would increase because the very balance of the magnetic core and the roatation of the planet around the Sun would be thrown off. Even a slight variation with a spinning top spinning around a larger object would put strain on the outer skin, the crust. It would be interesting to tie in time frames of sharper increases of north pole migration with increased earthquakes.

                A reverse way of thinking of this would be a rapid crustal shift like the 2012 movie. Unlike the movie this would produce severe magnetic storms around the planet, especially away from the pivot points in which the crust shifted. These storms would produce hyper hurricane winds and the planet would be left in awful shape. So you can speculate that a magnetic shift that became a rapid one would put strain on the crustal plates. I too would like JustOneGuy to chime in on this one as I imagine a magnetic shift interacts with the magnetic solar winds that buffer the planet. I know that during the last stages of a magnetic shift the auroras in the polar regions will dimish a lot.

                • Thinker

                  Thanks Again BI ; Maybe i should watch that movie? But like you say the increase in the extreme weather and hurricane winds that we have had lately could maybe attributed to this?

        • gone under

          Off topic… Japan has had 9 earthquakes above 4.5 in the last 24 hours spread out across the country and coast. 3 of them look like they are within a few hundred KM of fukushima and Tokyo.

      • Rodster

        George Orwell 1984 😉

        • durango kidd

          These are the “Brown Shirts” with Officers and non-commissioned officers. Officers to oversee the Military Officer Corp and Non Coms to infiltrate, oversee, and direct the rank and file, plain and simple.

          Push will come to shove in 2015 after the elections. Maybe before that if things look really bad politically and the NWO Demturds expect to lose their seats.

          And they will lose their seats; but this Executive Brigade is a NWO Brigade to implement Agenda 21 and disarm Americans when the American people demonstrate some spine.

          Politically, it may be impossible to accelerate their Agenda, but they will keep pushing bits and pieces here and there if Americans continue to sleep.

          Alert your family, friends, and neighbors to the dangers. Then engage your employees politically BEFORE you are targeted, disarmed, and given a one way ticket on that red, white, and blue FREEMA bus.

          If not US, who? If not now, when? Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. Create a Freedom Cell where you live. Be active, be vocal. Let your Barnhardt out.

          Multiply your voice and your personal power through any number of existing organizations, or create your own. Infiltrate, collect intelligence, stimulate others to political action with you; and direct their resistance.

          Political power and elections legitimizes those in power, and gives authority to their unconstitutional legislation. If you do not participate, if you do not engage the enemy, you are doing EXACTLY what they want. The fewer people who participate, who are active and vocal, makes it easier for the NWO to succeed.

          AIPAC represents less than 2% of the American population, yet they have controlled American foreign policy for many decades.

          The Gay & Lesbian community represents less than 4% of the American population according to the PEW organization, yet American law is being re-written and society as a whole is being transformed to accommodate this small segment of the population.

          Illegals are not even citizens yet they flagrantly break American law and demonstrate on OUR streets and even in the halls of Congress for access to the benefits of citizenship expecting Americans to subsidize them while they take OUR jobs and suppress OUR wages.

          Why are these segments of the population so successful in getting what they want? Because they are active. They participate. They DEMAND what isn’t theirs by right or by birth.

          They engage the PTB. Next year will be a very important year with respect to the future of the American Republic. It can be a pivot point to re-direct America and restore it to its former splendor; or it will continue the transformation of America into a socialist police state.

          100 million American gun owners hold the future of the Republic in their hands. What are you going to do for the future of this nation and your children’s, children. What cha gonna do when they come for YOU? Huh? 🙂

          • 10%

            durango kidd – THANK….YOU! That could not have been stated any better. If we continue to sit on our butts, this country will be lost, forever…..

          • braveheart

            Durango Kidd, what I’m going to do is ‘engage’ them, as you’re always advising people to do. Let the vermin bring it. It will be the last thing they ever do. MOLON LABE WOLVERINES bravheart

            • MC

              WOLVERINES is right!! Im talking 1984 Wolverines, not no 2011 Wolverines. Push people to the brink, and Wolverines is what you get!!

            • Urban

              Brave. Nothing changes with you. Always the tough talking crack pot. Always going to do something and calling out imagined government thugs. Always warning about pending doom. Glad to see you are still here buddy.

          • Farmer's Daughter

            You are so right!! I meant to give you a thumbs up but the buttons are so small…I’m sorry!!!!

          • watching and waiting

            Great Post……Great idea.

            This is a potential trap. Someone wants an armed rebellion within the ranks and on the streets so Martial law can be imposed.
            So DHS can take control of the streets and control state and local police/sheriff units. Someone is trying to aggravate the general public into an armed rebellion.
            many people who call for that fail to realize the resources organizations like DHS,FBI,ATF can bring…..
            They can see you from space……or from a drone at 25,000 feet with hellfire missiles…..

            The Nazi’s created a secret police unit. It was called the Gestapo.

            But, my heart is telling me, someone is going to go off
            and the blood bath will begin……

            • durango kidd

              I agree that the PTB want an armed conflict to break out so that they have a “legitimate” reason to respond with force and more tyranny. Because they hold elected office it gives them “legitimate” authority to “keep the peace” while they eroded American rights and tax US into poverty.

              That is why I show, and encourage active political power by all Patriots. Political power in the hands of a Patriot is ore fearful to the NWO than OUR guns. They came to power by the political process and this is the best way to remove them from power. After they are out of office their authority ceases, and their power base disintegrates.

              Once Patriots are in office with the power and authority that comes with it, with 100 million American gun owners supporting them, violators of American rights and Constitutional Law can be brought to justice and penalized for their TREASON.

              OWTFH !!! 🙂

          • Grey Dog

            Do you really think a Brigade of troops can disarm the US ? Oh they must going to meet up with he Russian troops hiding in the woods LOL

            • durango kidd

              Grey Dog: No the NWO Brigade of Officers and Non Coms in and of themselves cannot disarm the US, but spread these Officers and Non Coms out among the troops and they can control an army.

              One general in charge of a Division, one colonel in charge of a Regiment, one major in charge of a battalion, one captain in charge of a company, one Lt in charge of a platoon of 100 men and pretty soon a Brigade of Officers and Non Coms are controlling the entire army and linking up with UN Troops.

              Certain Executive Orders give the POTUS the authority to designate Non US personnel, foreign nationals, and private mercs as “government officers” who can then be embedded into the regular army as “political officers”.

              Re-establish the draft and conscript 18 and 19 year old kids and you have a pliable, manageable force armed with dangerous weapons who will comply with an unlawful order.

              Your ignorance is exceeded only by your stupidity. 🙂

              • Grey Dog

                durango kidd : The hole US military with the help of the top 5 military forces in the world couldn’t disarm the US. Your ignorance is exceeded only by your stupidity LOL. Take a break from the basement and gets some air.

              • Grey Dog

                UN troops really. They are about a fighting force as militia are. Both are a joke .

              • zorbo

                Just a thought, most of those 18 and 19 year olds have been conditioned, while in the public school system, to view the government as all knowing and always right.

                • New Mex

                  Can’t and wont happen. There isn’t anybody crazy enough for the job. When these “kids” see their fellow soldier get splattered by a .308 round from 1000yds out, they will shit themselves and reconsider, I believe. NOBODY is crazy enough to even TRY to take on a pissed off America.

          • John W.

            Once they get amnesty rammed through it will just be a matter of a few years and the country we knew will be gone forever. These turd world parasites will bring the tolerance of corruption and tyranny with them. It is already here but we still have a numerical advantage which will be lost with amnesty. This is one of the driving forces in getting rid of the elderly who remember the country as it was.

        • Shooternv

          The answer for 1984 is 1776.

        • Calgacus

          Barak Hussein Obama 2009

          Worse than any book or prediction ever.

      • Iowa

        Our’s is bigger.

      • The American

        The funny thing is..there will never be martial law. Americans are too fat, dumb lazy and would miss their TV shows.

        Obama is doing all he can to provoke a civil race war and all are too pumped up on meds, fluoride and TV to do anything.

        It’s like watching an old oak tree dye off…year after year it just gets worse.

        Kind of like Detroit.

        Oh well…it sure was fun while it lasted. I have about 20 years left.

        I’ll just sit back and watch the fire works.

        Good bye America.
        What did you in was fat fucks like Ted Kennedy and his liberal shit.

        When it all collapses… feel free to starve the liberals and watch them get very skinny.
        They caused all this.

        Honda driving bastards.

        • possee

          Couldn’t agree more!

          The only civil unrest will be on Black Friday when the fluoridated,over medicated, tv zombies get off their couches,put down the gmo infused snacks, and head off to their “temples of consumerism” to riot over led tv’s and the newest cell phones..

          Then it will be back to normal as usual..after all..sports center will be airing shortly..right before the usual spectator sport bread and circuses..


        • lastmanstanding

          Ted, the only kennedy that lived a relatively long life due to the fact that he blew the bankers rather than confront them…pos, alcoholic, murdering, cskn, dbag.

          Now burning in hell.

      • Mountain Trekker

        As we always say, off topic. But speaking of blue moons, for three months now as I’m coming out of the mountains after sunset just when it’s starting to get dark I see this beautiful bright star, or should I say planet, in the South or Southwest. since I’m somewhat of a stargazer, can anyone tell me which Planet this might be. Trekker Out. Thank You.

        • REB

          …Im told its Venus…a very bright Venus!

        • 10% Off

          MT – I know exactly which one you see. I saw it several weeks ago and then again last night. Bright! I’m also curious about what it is. Thanks for reminding me! I’m sure someone here will know.

          • PrepShepherd

            I’ve seen 2 latey and have been wondering about it. The big one is Bright and Yellow, I thought maybe it was Saturn. The other one was Bright bluish green, big and flikering and wasn’t a plane or the comet (this was a month ago) no clue what it was.

          • John W.

            It only appears for a short time around sunset when the sunlight goes by the earth and lights it up. Was told it is a satellite in fixed orbit that is being seen.

        • eeder


        • Montana Mike

          All; Check out .Scroll down to the
          “Observing Highlights” . It is quite a view
          in a dark sky. Enjoy!!


          • Mountain Trekker

            Thanks for all the responses. Montana Mike thanks for the info on the couldn’t find the “Observing Highlights” but found alot of other info. Considering the time of observation, I’m sure this is (Venus) it is a very brilliant white. Satellites don’t remain in this position for that long. Trekker Out.

            • star gazer

              It is Venus. It rises in the west, higher everynight, before it descends into the west. It is the Evening star at this time of the year.

        • REB

          …not that it matters but you got a thumbs down for asking a question and I got two for answering it….all I can say is wow….how miserable a life some inbreds must have…

          • Mountain Trekker

            Reb I know what you mean, I had the same thought. I figured they down thumbed me for being off topic, but I really couldn’t understand why they down thumbed you. But hey, it takes all find to make a world. But just remember, we always was on the losin side. Trekker Out.

      • Baracalypse

        It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled – Mark Twain.

      • Tenet

        (From Encyclopaedia America, 2055) The “globalist” order eventually fell due to its inherent flaws, which were never fully addressed. In order to win elections the political parties needed to offer a constantly improving economy and economic benefits. To pay for these promises, the national debt was increased drastically in the final years, to a point where interest payments significantly weakened the central government. Combined with massive money printing, the dollar collapse became inevitable, resulting in soaring prices on imported goods, fleeing investors and mass unemployment.

        At this point the Left depended almost entirely on voters imported from the Third World, their loyalty bought with borrowed and newly printed money. When these outnumbered Americans the situation became untenable. Attacks on American civilians, and between the Third World groups themselves, were now so common that this period is often referred to as the “Twilight War”.

        The central government in Washington increasingly relied on temporary martial law in various hot spots. This backfired however when the armed American public … (next page)

      • Calgacus

        Dont know much about this secret security and wonder if we could get more articles about this. Ill read up what I can. Anyone have links for more stories or anything else to read, Id appreciate it. Thanks.

        Got a half dozen 5gal buckets and lids today and more shelf wood. Used a coupon and got some candles but theyll be discounted after the holidays.

        Talking about toilet paper the other day here made me realize we need more. Got a good amount but if were upping ourselves to 5 years its time to start thinking about a truckload. So where can we store that much when space is running low. Man you could insulate a wall with a quantity like that. Damn if I didnt just outsmart myself just now.

      • lastmanstanding

        …with our money.

        No fucking way they win…no way.

      • The American

        I just farted and it smelled like the crap from Obama’s mouth.

        Enjoy the collapse of America. Brought to you by our first communist president.

        Unreal. We deserve to have everything collapse.

        When the UN fucks take over… no more BBQ, kiss your Harley, Truck and guns goodbye.
        Green nazis.

        It’s all going down. Enjoy things now.

        I do remember blue skies before they started spraying all the shit.
        Global dimming.. geo engineering.

        The very fact that folks cannot look up in the sky and remember what blue skies were like tells me the masses are brain washed.

        For you younger folks…

        I still remember sitting in a backyard and someone would be looking up.
        Someone would say… “What are you looking at?”
        The reply.. “Just how blue the sky is today.?

        I just ordered three boxes. I’m set for life now.
        The power went out last month for three hours.. my young one was wigging out until I gave her a glow stick on a string…then it was all fun and games after that.
        Sometimes a simple prep like this can take a bad situation and make it nice.

    2. Paranoid

      Well just how are they going to pay these people? They seem intent on destroying the taxpayer. I for one don’t really care, I’m not going to start a war I’m to old. But as someone nobodey ever heard of said once: “If it’s war they want let it start here” or some such. Must have been some nutcase.

      • braveheart

        Paranoid, the FED still has the printing presses rolling 24/7/365, but when the dollar finally collapses, all bets are off.

        • Hammerun

          You’d think at some point congress would see themselves as non players and irrelevant if they don’t feel that way already. If Rep. Gohmert in fact feels there is something to this, why isn’t congress up in arms?
          I read a week or so ago that the administration was negotiating with contract security forces like Blackwater types. What for? WTFKs. But it would make a lot of since, why build and train a force when there are ready made and trained mercenaries for hire. Lord knows the government hired boat loads of them back in the Iraqi gold rush. The contractors could engage in actions that government forces couldn’t. That way the government could shrug off any knowledge of an action that went way south when staffed by contractors.
          I’m going to be vague here. Two months ago there was teams of non military people in white trucks and cars with blue slash stripes at a national training center, being trained in demolition techniques with HE. This wasn’t out in the open either, they were off in a section all by themselves out of sight. There are thousands of people that work there so word got out eventually and nearly everybody wondered, what do these people need training like this for? Different targets were arranged from buildings to vehicles. Just food for thought.

    3. Steve in Ramona

      “Gohmert drew attention to the notion that under the pretext of a “national emergency,” such individuals could be used to impose some form of medical martial law.”

      This is just asking for civil unrest using weapons…when this pot boils over it isn’t going to be like Greece with a bunch of people throwing rocks at the police.

      A very large number of people will “bring it” and those armed security will have a REAL fight on their hands.

      I’m not advocating it…just saying that we aren’t Greece or Syria or any other unarmed citizens of some other little country. Many of us are Americans and can be pushed into a corner…but when we come out of the corner fighting…you just stand by and see how we fight.

      • lastmanstanding

        Fuckin A Steve…and they know it.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

      • YH


        When things do go “sideways” and things get ugly, it will be very interesting what percentage of Americans side with their masters and how many side with the Patriots. I think it will be a repeat of the Revolutionary War, but on a much larger scale. History has a heck of a way of repeating itself.

        King George III is dead, but now we have Obama in his place.

        I’m just playing Devil’s Advocate.

        • Steve in Ramona


          I agree…the number of Americans, citizens, patriots or whatever we want to call those that will ultimately stand up is limited. There are WAY to many soft, fat, lazy people that will not fight but will roll over and submit. Just like the submissive dog does to the alpha dog.

          When things get tough the weak will cave and beg for help from the Government.

          But I also believe that there are millions of us that will fight in some way and resist the…to use a cliche, the NWO. So yes like the Revolutionary War where there was truly a small contingent that fought. We will experience the same thing in the coming fight for our country. A small, by a percentage of the country number of folks will do the heavy lifting for the rest of those that can’t or won’t stand up for themselves.

          I believe our time is coming and I, or you or any of us here may die in the first fighting. But without the ones that will stand and fight, we might as well kiss the boot that will be on our necks.

          Sorry for my rant but this country, this way of life is worth the sacrifice some of us will make to bring it back on track for those that we leave as caretakers.

          • John W.

            Ramona. Good place to be when things go to crap. Especially if you live on some acreage and have a well. Year round growing season for most anything except tomatoes and peppers.

      • braveheart

        Steve, don’t let anyone maneuver you into a corner if you can avoid it.

        • Night breaker

          The way it will happen is they will keep pushing till the citizens have nothing left of their wealth
          The will force a confrontation by forcing people to pay for services they cannot afford because TPTB have taken everything . Knowning nothing else can be gained they will incite unrest by pitting people against each other to deflect attention from themselves ..When the rioting reaches a certain point they will cut off all food and water then isolate regions that are uprising.

          This regime will not make its moves unless it is sure of the outcome, they will continue to marginalize different political factions that do not agree with their facist world view , arrests of dissidents from lists they have prepared are only the opening acts, the minuet they start going for our arms will be the catalyst that causes the final breakdown of law and order. Then they will have lost all legitimacy . mass desertions will occur in the police and military leaving only the sociopaths left in these positions.

          This regime will fail with thunder and fury.

          Outside help ( UN, NATO ) will be brought in. The US is a Nuclear Armed country the rest of the world is not going to stand by and watch us self destruct with a cocked and lock Nuclear Force.
          Fourth generation warfare will be the rule of the day.

          This will be the equalivent to pouring gasoline on a bonfire.
          People will ban together they will finally come to their senses and realize there will be only two choices slavery or fighting for what was lost. It will ignite a Third World War It will be a hard , bloody slog . With enough determination and sacrifice in the end we will be victorious .

          Next year is the 100 anniversary of the beginning of the First World War , the body count has never been matched in modern times. It all occured from one single event in history that on its own had little meaning in the scheme of things. Some times small seemingly unconnected events can develope a momentum of their own and lead to an unexpected conflagragation, will we have our own guns of august moment? War on our own soil is something we have not experienced in living memory , people have been protected from the horror of war, this time it will be at our own doorstep and that option will not exist.

          Prepare , get tactical training, form Liberty Defense teams, trust in God

          There is darkness on the horizon a storm is coming.



          Semper Fi 8541

          • arco

            There are only two forces in the world, the sword and the spirit. In the long run the sword will always be conquered by the spirit.

            Napoleon Bonaparte

          • JohnFornaro


            “When the rioting reaches a certain point they will cut off all food and water then isolate regions that are uprising.”

            Which is along the lines of the predictive entertainment book, “Hunger Games”.

            • Night breaker

              This is what the Soviets did in the Ukraine to the Kulaks.
              The history of tyranny follows similar lines.
              The world of the Hunger Games may very well be our future.



              Semper Fi 8541

    4. Ugly

      We need a Lame Duck POTUS in November 2014. That is all there is to it.

      If not, then we need the biggest tax revolt in the history of the world. Where is Judas Maccabeus? Where is Spartacus? Where are the Americans?

      • Kulafarmer

        we need the tax revolt anyway,,
        it is the best and most effective way to cause change, if the beast is starved of funds, and if the printing press class is strained because nobody is cooperating, their plans will all be for nothing,,, you think those brown shirts are going to keep working when they are not getting paid?? when there are no doctors to treat them or their families??
        We are way past due for this

        • Agent Provocateur

          See! That’s exactly what I’ve been talking about! We wont have to fire a shot! Dam it, if people would just “walk away” from these aggressive narcissistic sociopathic control freaks, withdraw there currency from the banking system and abandon their credit cards and stop shopping in the corporate mega stores we could drive them to their knees ! It doesn’t require a movement or leader- just do it!

          • JohnFornaro

            Yes: Conceptually easy, yet virtually impossible to do. Back in the Cold War, when I was in college (UVA1976), some of us would get together to brainstorm about survival. One of the most salient observations of those chats was: “How do you survive the peace?”

            Technically, that’s where we are today. Surviving today’s “peace” is a full time job for both working parents.

            I don’t have a complete answer, just encourage you and everybody to keep doing what you can to survive.

            You can’t “drop out” of the system.

            Put another way: If you like the system you have, you can keep that system. Period.

          • Agent Provocateur

            And for God’s sake stop voting in their rigged elections!!!!

      • AnAngryJew

        Yeah, lets have another Spartacus. Lets get all the Americans to revolt, lead them all to their premature death and solve nothing in the end…

        • The IT Guy

          Hey, angry jew.

          Is the Elders of the protocol of zion real?

          I heard the museum of england has a 1908 copy that predates Hitler’s time.

          Is the plan for enslaving the human race with debt still on track?

          Just wondering.

          • Them Guys

            IT GUY: You kinda asked thge wrong question IE: are the zion elders protocols Real?

            A better question to defelct the naysayers who will Always claim they are a “forgery” which is stupid since even if a forgery, whats a forgery OF other than the Original actual real item right.

            Better question would be “has the events outlined and fully detailed within the many pages of the protocols of the elders of zion, from back over 100+ yrs ago, actually happened? Have events Happened AS outlined in the protocols?…have said events happened due to influences and involvements BY the members of the Same Tribe as the orig protocols writers tribe?

            The folks who actualy Read what was wrote in the protocols, and refuse to simply take MSM’s or others words for it, and make their Own determinations Based upon Two main issues: Based upon whats written in the protocosl, VS. What the reader person KNOWS has already occured, and the issues very Likly to yet happen.

            If an Honest person who actually Reads it and has at least a semi-valid idea of the things and issues that Has so far occured the past 100+ yrs in america and worldwide, their only real conclusion will be YES the protocols are Real. Be it the orig version or the copy in English or French languages, it is way beyond simply coincidence or chance when every issue wrote of Has or appears to Soon will happen. Oh its a Plan alright!

            And the ONLY reason so many folks object to the meere mention of the protocols, is because of Who wrote it. If they were written By the Irish-Germans-Greeks-Brits-Africans-Or ANY other group/race one can think of, NOBODY would ever cry foul or cry forgery!

            But due to whom the original protocols were written BY, combined with a Lifetime of total Brainwashings from Every place/source such mass brainwashings can arise or go forth from. We see the typical slanders and crys of objections. And it is a safe wager, that 99.9% of all who bitch or complain or cry forgery! Have NEVER READ it nor any parts of it!..Their crys and objections Are an Emotinally based Trigger-responce, due to that lifetime of brainwashings.

            Very similar to how most everytime someone needs to refer to a named person or group to highlight or enhance that they are speaking of evils or wrongs etc…Who and which group do 99% folks always name?…They name nazis and hitler…Even though the russian soviet bolshevik kommies invented Their kommie systems and Their “CHEKA” secret police 20-25 Years Before anybody anywheres ever heard of hitler or nazis!…AND the Facts that if one compares wrongs and evils between nazis and soviet jew bolshevik kommies….The jewish kommies and their cheka secret police along with sheere mass numbers of killings do not even compare to nazis. The jewish bolshevik kommies win as Most evils and wrongs and Way more deaths Hands Down!

            But these facts and truths will gain many red thumbs from the majority of folks who cannot Handle Truth whenever it involves “angery Jews” tribe.

      • Anonymous

        I’m Spartacus .

        • grandee

          I’m Spartacus. Not sure anyone here got that. 🙂

          • Ugly

            How could we forget Tony Curtis and Kirk Douglas?

            It is like forgetting Heston and Ben Hur or Moses….

            • AnAngryJew

              I prefer Andy Whitfield and Liam McIntyre.

          • JohnFornaro

            No you’re not. I’m Spartacus.

            • Ugly

              I’m Spartacus !!!!

              Next Scene—We all get crucified.

              But at least we stood for something.

              • JohnFornaro

                What, Crucified? Me not Spartacus! I’m John! Really!

        • Spartacus

          I’m Spartacus!

    5. Socrates

      Get to KNOW your neighbors. Where do they work? Are ANY of them O supporters? How about DHS employees? TSA? If you know where they live and work you have them by the BALLS. They won’t do squat if their OWN families are in harms way. How’s it feel to live in FEAR, 3 letter agencies? Sleep tight…

    6. Hellsfire

      I’ve seen a few of the DHS employees sporting khaki pants with boots and ballistic vests over black polo shirts. They appear from time to time on the Bainbridge Island ferry from Seattle for some mysterious reason. Talk about unqualified… they always appear like they’re retired security guards. I even saw a man who seemed to walk with an obvious handicap effecting his back and pelvis. Another man appeared from southeast Asia and would certainly lose in a fight with the average American criminal, as he was about 5 feet 4 inches and quite this. Yet he sported the vest and pistol in a thigh holster. Other female DHS officers I have seen are extremely over weight and not what I would want for backup if I went into a hot situation. I am not sure how any of those I’ve have observed could have completed a basic law enforcement academy course without the instructors dumbing down the requirements. Someone is going get their ass kicked and it ain’t gonna be me. Oh yea… I’m in law enforcement also. I work out a lot and prepare for combat!

      • braveheart

        Hellsfire, it’s called affirmative action. That’s the only way those people could’ve gotten those jobs. Sounds like Obamanation is so desperate to create his “civilian national security force” that he must have told DHS to just scrape the bottom of the barrel; take whoever you can get. Judging from what you describe, the veterans in my family or any other veterans still in good physical shape could hand these DHS goons’ asses back to them. I think even the average street cop [like yourself] could take them on without any great difficulty. If they come to my place for anything, they would become history. Damn, i’m still fired up over that last article and now this one pops up. Mac, you’re the best person I know of to get me on a roll. So this is the face of Obama’s army? Sounds like affirmative action retards to me. Maybe the revolution won’t be so hard after all. Hellfire, good luck to you out there. braveheart

        • SWFL

          [Sounds like Obamanation is so desperate to create his “civilian national security force” that he must have told DHS to just scrape the bottom of the barrel; take whoever you can get.]
          In my opinion this is the camouflage for the core of hired hard-core members who actually are used on significant targets while we watch the losers on parade.

      • Eagle Eye

        I once saw a 5’3″ guy take out four 6’+ mongrel mob members in the public bar of the Cobb and Co hotel in Hamilton NZ, in the time it took me to blink. All four, motionless on the floor. No weapons, just bare hands.

        Never, ever, underestimate your opponent based on his size.

        It is not the size of the dog in the fight, it is the size of the fight in the dog.

        • LSB

          Don’t judge by size is right. You never know what their training has been. Go for the neck, hang on, cut off blood flow. They will be out like a flash.

        • star gazer

          Just what I was thinking!

      • Gregory8

        Ignorance is of the biggest causes of fear and many folks here are ignorant when it comes to math. DHS has just under 250,000 total employees, many of whom are support personnel (unarmed). By best estimate the U.S, has 11.6 million vets under 65. There are at least 66 million gun owners in America and that’s only those who admit it. Of these guns owners the ATF has 488,000 machine guns on file owned by citizens with licenses and over 2 million destructive devices like grenades. Again, that’s the ones that have actually been registered. There are more than 1.4 million gang members in America. Some of them are vets and a lot of them have guns that are not known about. The U.S. is the third largest country in both geographical size and in population. While the total number of military personnel throughout the world may seem overwhelming, remember that most are not combat arms, they are support personnel. All these ‘leaked’ stories come from the government. It’s all for show to frighten people into compliance. This is really more like the Wizard of Oz where it’s just a puny man pulling a lot of levers to make everyone one think he’s powerful. Every government, including our own, isn’t a powerful as their press say they are. If a 1000 SWAT trained cops can’t find one wounded teenager in a house-to-house search in Massachusetts, what are you worried about? Besides, when TSHTF all cops and the military personnel living off base, are going home to protect their own families first.

        • JohnFornaro

          Gregory8: Thanks for that math refresher course. Still, ther is much to fear, as you know.

          • Gregory8

            JohnFornaro: My greatest concern/disappointment/anger is at the gross stupidity of our so-called leaders. Their greed is only surpassed by their arrogance, both of which has led us to this precarious point in our history. But honestly I don’t fear them, TPTB, only the unnecessary chaos and pain that will follow. IMHO the reason for all the internal spying and agency buildups is to protect them from the angry masses. They know things are falling apart, they know it’s their fault, and they know that nothing can be done about it other than prepare for a horrible collapse. TPTB are scared shitless of us and they are watching everything and waiting for some indicator that the collapse has begun in earnest. All the heads of government and industry are preparing their own hideaways because they know that many folks will be looking for payback. Many of them have got their own little Briarwoods with small private armies to guard them when they go into hiding. Don’t think for a minute that they are going to ride this out in their mansions and offices. Everything they are doing now is just buying them a little more time. A few of them are delusional enough to believe that this may all just magically ‘blow-over’ but most know that what they are doing is nothing more than rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic for our ‘entertainment’. What is going on today in government and industry is nothing more than a cheap children’s magic show. TPTB know that a few million of us are on to them and that number is growing, and that really frightens them. So no, I don’t fear them because I know they fear us.

      • JohnFornaro

        Hellsfire: You gotta admit that if the fat lady shoots you first, it’s a different equation.

        That is, I believe, the fundamental principle behind the recent “No Hesitation” programs that were revealed by those pregnant women and children targets of last year.

        That’s the part that scares me.

    7. John_Allen

      Citizen … you over there … come here for your RFID implant … that’s a good slave … you don’t want us to sic those ten body armored thugs on you to hold you down do you?

      There are work a day bureaucrats by the thousands in Greater DC who put their best efforts into DHS. Either they hold their noses while pretending not to know what’s going on … or they are complicit with it.

      Most of them are just technocrats earning their paychecks. A few percent are evil.
      The techies will cast their lot with whomever they perceive to be winning. IN the cultural war for our liberty …. that isn’t us.

      The key to this whole bucket of worms is retaining our ability to defend ourselves. When we lose that we are all going to be in the same position the Ukrainian kulaks were in when the NKVD wanted what they had.

      I’d like to see some of the Left – Statists join a movement to impeach Otyrant, but for the time being it won’t happen. Too many people still believe government lies and like the benefits they’re getting.

      Nattering with like minded folk about RKBA isn’t going to do it. The battle is for the low-information people. Those who don’t own firearms and are somewhat frightened of them. I bone up on facts but facts aren’t where the battle is being fought.

      It’s being fought based on fear and carefully inculcated identification with appealing victims. Poor so-and-so … that could be YOU or YOUR CHILD.

      Relatively few people own a firearm but tens of millions of people are parents. Everyone goes to the mall once in awhile. If the scare mongers can direct cultivated fear in the direction they want it to go … we can kiss RKBA goodbye.

      It isn’t enough to vote pro-2nd Am. It isn’t enough to belong to several RkBA organizations. The battle is for the EMOTIONAL allegiance of millions of uncommitted people.

      Facts help. By all means know the facts. Especially since the proggies care so little about what is real. But decide how you can become a guerrilla in the campaign for the low-information folks’ EMOTIONS.

      • braveheart

        John Allen, someone will take your weapons ONLY if you let them. We’re all being forced into a nightmare scenario none of us ever wanted. Such evil people, whether DHS or anyone else, have to be resisted. That’s the only way. braveheart

      • sixpack

        One would think that the armed citizen who stops a murdering mass shooter in a mall, would win the hearts and minds of everyone who survived the ordeal…but it doesn’t seem to work that way, does it?

        I wonder, what is it going to take to convince the sheeple that we’re not the source of their fear.

        • armed citizen

          Hey I can’t be everywhere at once!

    8. arco

      The disturbing thing about the whole LAX situation is that now they are calling to arm the TSA which is made up of a bunch of wannabe leo’s who can’t get real jobs because of their pedophile, molester backgrounds.

      He doesn’t need a secret army, all he has to do is arm a bunch of freeloaders and tell them their going to lose their entitlements. Steve in Romana has it right. They’ll be in for one heck of a surprise and don’t count out divisions of the military standing beside their loved ones.

      • durango kidd

        This “Executive Brigade MUST be stopped now before the horse is out of the barn. Then it will be too late. Elections legitimize political power. That is why OUR participation and OUR activism is vital to the health of the Republic.

        With TSA growing and expanding, IT becomes the SS directed by the Executive Brigade Brown Shirts.

        Resistance, even to unconstitutional rules, regulations, and laws, becomes “terrorism”. Expect POTUS, the DEMTURDS, and their propaganda machine in the LSM to continue to try to marginalize the loyal opposition with labels, ridicule, and euphemisms.

        Its standard operating procedure. 🙂

        • arco

          Agreed DK, the problem is what I keep telling everyone; we don’t need voter ID laws, we need voter IQ laws.

        • Heirloominati

          You guys are all hitting close to the target I think … Yes we ‘outnumber’ the letter agencies and they don’t instill fear in many of us on this site, with their shiny badges & holsters, and $800 uniform subsidies. To say nothing of fitness or conditioning. But to build on good points above by JF, Gregory, JA – imagine a few of these Valiant Alphabet Agents getting the full Trayvon hearts & minds treatment from the press after a FF event with multiple gov’t casualties. “They were there to PROTECT us… he/she leaves behind an orphaned cat snuggles … joined the tsa to serve his country after job went oversees … Single mom with 4 kids…” etc ad nauseum. You get the idea. Short step from there to congress critters pleading for more funding and training. Patsies and schlubs out front for show and sacrifice, highly indoctrinated and armed pro’s waiting in the wings.
          They’ve shown no shame from the depths they will go or the lies they will tell to hold and consolidate power. Or the extent to which pawns will be sacrificed.

          Sixpack, it’s like when in conversation with sheeple certain facts are heard for the first time and I ask,
          “didn’t you hear or know about such and such ?!”
          “Noooo ( surprised)!”
          “Didn’t you see the report on MSM?”
          “Noooo (confused)?”
          “Do you wonder why something seemingly so important wasn’t on the news?”
          “We’ll, yeah…?”

          Reverse it, and you know why no legally armed citizen acting to stop such carnage will be made available to the public, or held up as an example of heroism. Doesn’t fit the pre-ordained agenda. If it happens to you – bring lawyers, guns & money – the S has HTF.

      • braveheart

        Arco, let them go ahead and arm TSA. I doubt if that works out well at all. They’re also affirmative action retards who can’t go anywhere else. TSA doesn’t even do background checks on their applicants. They’re guaranteed jobs under the affirmative action guidelines. There’s people everywhere who could take on a TSA thug and hand his/her ass back to them. They’re no better than the other DHS goons.

        • arco

          That was kind of my point braveheart. The morons they hire for TSA are but as dangerous as a toothless poodle. But the disturbing part is that they are even thinking of arming these losers.

          Guarantee within a few months one of them will shoot a mother with her toddler or some poor schmuck that just happened to be in the wrong line. Instead of calling it an accident, they’ll praise them for averting a terrorist strike.

    9. Joe S.

      Well he can shove his pansy little terror squads up his ass,I ain’t afraid of them.

    10. RickInOregon

      So let’s say that there’s an outbreak of a mutant ebola virus or some other nasty and it’s highly contagious. Let’s say that Cuba Gooding and Dustin Hoffman isn’t around to find the cure. Don’t you think we need a Donald Sutherland to contain it? Obama must have seen the movie Outbreak and thought it was a good idea to have an armed division of the CDC. And they call preppers crazy.

    11. ENFP

      It’s obvious to me we have had a coup and they are arming a force to uphold the coup against the patriots. That is what this and the purging in the military is about.

      • apache54

        YUP you got it! now all we have to do is change it around and bring the people in and wipe all the corruption out!!

        • sixpack

          “all we have to do”

          sounds a whole lot easier than it will be to actually do.

          • lastmanstanding

            Be patient…they will make a mistake…and millions (more)good folks will wake up and we’ll send them all to hell.

            The rest…I don’t give a fuck about anyone who can’t make it on their own.

            • braveheart

              Arco, I agree something like that is bound to happen. TSA is safe as long as they’re inside the airports, but once they finish their shift and get off airport property, they will be targets. Let some armed TSA thugs get popped in retaliation shooting any innocent people and see what happens then.

              • Lake Monster

                What I do not understand is this… if people do not want enhanced pat downs and scatterback machines that cause cancer, then WHY do people keep choosing to fly?

                I stopped flying shortly before these invasive security measures went in place, and I will not fly until they stop. That might mean, I’ll never fly again. I’ll be damned if some woman puts her hands on my body, or my child.

                Everyone complains about being touched, but they keep lining up and flying. I’ve often said, to friends, family, etc that if everyone stopped flying for a couple of weeks and ground the airlines, take money out of their pockets, they will be forced to change these procedures. Don’t get me started on how American Muslim women do NOT have to go through enhanced pat downs. It’s not right or fair.

          • apache54

            Six Pack,
            You are very correct, i did not mean to imply it would be easy, just hoping to motivate people as to a solution, and even though i doubt we can get enough city slickers off there EBT freebies to assist us, it is worth a try, they will be the ones who start it though when there cards quit working. i guess we will just have to see how this is going to play out and adjust as needed !not going to ne a pretty site anyway you cut it!

            • sixpack


    12. Horsenut

      I just happened to watch the UN speech Obama gave in late Sept. I have been amazed that no one caught what he said towards the end of the speech….

      “This leads me to a final point. There will be times when the breakdown of societies is so great, the violence against civilians so substantial, that the international community will be called upon to act. This will require new thinking and some very tough choices. While the United Nations was designed to prevent wars between states, increasingly we face the challenge of preventing slaughter within states.

      And these challenges will grow more pronounced as we are confronted with states that are fragile or failing, places where horrendous violence can put innocent men, women and children at risk with no hope of protection from their national institutions. I’ve made it clear that even when America’s core interests are not directly threatened, we stand ready to do our part to prevent mass atrocities and protect basic human rights. But we cannot and should not bear that burden alone.”

      I don’t think this has anything to do with other nations problems,,, I think it has to do with our problems and I think he was letting other leader know in advance that IT IS COMING! Notice he said STATES not COUNTRIES.

      • Socrates

        100% astute observation. Yes, he DID say that and many of us noted it the first time. The ONLY reason they are trying so hard to take away all rights, (2nd Amendment rights in particular)is because the U.N. KNOWS that they will be wiped from the face of the earth if they dare set foot on U.S. soil en masse. Also the reason why scary Kerry signed the U.N. arms treaty. It is beyond obvious.

        Case in point: When Sen Diane Franken-Stein started her gun grab, arms sales spiked and ammo dried up almost overnight. Importers from Russia, Australia and other countries quickly filled the gap and ammo and arms poured in from overseas. NOW they want to ban imports of arms (and ammo) because they see their first attempt was side-stepped. Again- painfully obvious.

        As far as ‘voting’ our way out of this debacle…it ain’t gonna happen, no way, no how! We are FAR beyond that circus act. Oh by the way, I figured out why there are two serpents twined around the medical ‘shield’ symbol. Each snake represents the 2 major political parties of the U.S. The knife or ‘spear’ they are entwined around is the ‘affordable care act’ they are trying to drive into our hearts and kill us with!

      • braveheart

        Horsenut, excellent observation. I wonder if he was giving a message in code to the UN that when he finally acts against us that he’ll need “peacekeepers” to come in and help him. If/when foreign troops show up on our streets, IT HAS TO BE GAME ON! They will be invaders, unauthorized by we the people to be in our communities, and every one of those blue helmets will be targets. It will be war.

      • sixpack

        Nice catch, Horsenut. Once again, the NWO is actually telling us to our faces, what they plan to do…only the sleeping sheeple slept right through it.

      • GrandpaSpeaks

        I am not worried because UN members will be thinking about their own homeland. It won’t be a shot heard round the world, this crack of doom is going global and will do so simultaneously in all countries. If Obama is good at anything it is making strategic errors. I think he will probably face a coalition of the unwilling, unless their motivation is retribution. Obama pushes us to give him reason to act before the reset. Call his bluff, hold off for now, redress will come in time. Be vigilant for false flags and watch them self destruct or the crack, whichever comes first. Crack first, is key to our survival. Redress first will bring the boot.

      • JohnFornaro


        A chilling speech snippet there.

        A minor semantic quibble in that at the UN, they mostly say “States”, as in “nation states”, intead of “Countries”.

        The quibble does not detract from your warning, which I too read the same way. The President is not talking about just African or Middle Eastern states, or whatever nation states, he is implicitly including the United States as being subject to the “breakdown of societies”.

        Thanks for pointing htis out.

    13. PO'd Patriot

      They best be trained better than Monkey-boyz healthcare website builders.

      • braveheart

        PO’d Patriot, for all we know, maybe THEY were the ones who built the website. If that’s the case, the revolution won’t be so hard after all.

      • sixpack


        • jerrytbg


          I believe he was referencing “nation” states, which is a fairly common depiction.
          He just left out the word nation.

    14. mountain man 6-1

      SO! The Secret Government has a undercover security force !? Since they’re an Elite Society ,they can think of us as sheeple and can do whatever they feel is necessary to control us . I guess to them we’re totally brain dead and they’re super-intelligent and know exactly what we need to start doing to speed up our demise, so they try to force us to cut our own throats by pushing all the right buttons and make us start jumping off the the cliff !! ……..And I for one will say; I am an AMERICAN ,and I will NOT go quietly !! ……mm PS: And thanks MAC for having a Website that is UNCENSORED !!

    15. AnAngryJew

      The president is a figure head. He probably had a gun pointed at his family’s head the second he came home from his inauguration. “If you don’t do whatever we tell you to…”

      • The Old Coach

        The Zaphod Beeblebrox pResident. Installed in office not to wield power, but to draw attention away from it.

        Douglas Adams was a prophet.

      • Socrates

        If was a REAL man he would have said “DO YOUR WORST”!

        That’s a miserable excuse and we all know it. Just maybe not you.

        Excuse= ‘The skin of a lie, stuffed with reason’

        Kennedy took his bullet like a man. I bet you won’t.

        • sixpack

          As a real man would you have said the same with a gun pointed at the head of your wife and children? Easy to say yes when it isn’t YOUR family being targeted.

          Personally, I don’t believe most of these presidents have any idea what they’re getting into when they run for office. NO MAN would run for president, if he knew there would be secret forces targeting his family to gain his compliance. It doesn’t make sense unless they are knowingly NWO ‘selected’ to perform a task.

          I’ve only been watching the last 3 presidents, but if you look closely, there is a point early on in each presidency, where the new president reverses his campaign rhetoric and does the exact opposite. It is about the same exact time he publicly ages about 15 years worth.

          I believe it is at that precise moment, they all learn they are expendable puppets and their family’s lives depend on their continued cooperation.

          It is then that the formerly honest men realize there is no way out, but a trip to Hell.

          • JohnFornaro

            SixPack: Spot on. Not at all clear what the solution could be.

            • sixpack

              I think the solution is four-fold.

              1. Never allow ANYONE to acquire that much power. EVER.

              2. NO ONE should ever be above the law and, that law should never be a secret.

              3. There should be term limits for every politician.

              4. Impeaching the president should be by the will of the people, NOT only by the cronies in congress. In other words, if congress WON’T do it, WE, THE PEOPLE WILL.

              • JohnFornaro

                I agree in principle with SixPack’s four suggestions; I’ve come up with much of the same approach. But they cannot be implemented in practice in the current situation. “They” say, “work within the system”, but it is broken, dysfunctional, and gamred to the profit of corporate insiders. That’s why I don’t see a solution.

                • sixpack

                  Well, I agree with you, JF, but the Constitution says, if the system is broken, toss it out and make a new one. (I’m paraphrasing)

                • JohnFornaro

                  Bit of a quibble with ya, SixPack. The Constitution tells us how to run the government. It is the Declaration of Independence which states that: “if the system is broken, toss it out and make a new one”.

                  “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

                  Total agreement in that to me, it appears to be more and more the case that our system of government is irreparably broken. This breaking is not because our founding principles are at fault; it is because there is no gold in the hearts of the men and women who run our government. The gold is religious morality which God offers us to choose or deny, of our own free will.

                  The forces of the scientificist religion control much of government, and steadfastly deny that there is a Creator; this is now virtually the law of the land. On every legal front, choice is being replaced with compulsion ordained by the godless, atheistic state. Science claims, without reason, and against the very evidence that exists in the universe, that all life is a mechanism, and that there is no purpose in the universe for life other than blind reproduction and survival. The scientificist viewpoint will never allow there to be morality which is not based on brute survival.

                  This does not mean that there is no difference in the many other religions of the Eaarth, because some of them have been taken over by individuals who preach murder of innocent life, and the imposition of human slavery in various disguises. These individuals are not limited to East or West, North or South, and have, in some cases, hijacked older faiths to their evil purpose. That is a bit of an aside, except that there are too many agencies in our government, assisted by individuals in the favored corporations, comprised of people who promote murder and slavery.

                  While the solution to the problems of our government is exactly the revolution that will not be televised, running that revolution successfully will not be an easy task.


              • sixpack

                you’re right JF, but the point remains the same.

                • JohnFornaro

                  Yeah you’re right. Just a semantic quibble. Is all.

      • Gonetoolong

        No gun needed dumbarse, Obama is willingly led and propped by thousands of powerful lib elites. He for all intents and purposes is an actor. However, he is an actor that truly believes in what he doing. The ultimate problem-causing issue in this country is the disparity between the rich and poor. The wealthy have in essence offshored our fucking jobs ie. our means to make a living. They in turn accumulate more wealth and we get more crumbs. Everyone we see as a talking head on the boob tube is in the rich category or elbowing in to be part of the club. We have no representation at any level. The animus builds. They poor will rise and most of on this board will be among them whether we agree or not. The have’s vs. the have not’s will have their battle. I see no way around it. None of the wealthy will stand and raise their hands and say “Yes, please take some of my wealth. I have been greedy and continue to be so.” Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist, but this shit is no longer capitalism. The cronies were not allowed to fail. The underclasses are getting screwed. White, black, Mexican, doesn’t matter. If you are low/middle class, you are getting the shaft and will get it further by the pressures of our system currently in place. Higher insurance premiums, deductibles, gas, food, you know, just the important shit. It will come to a head eventually as the wealthy try to figure out how to collect more revenue to keep the shitship afloat. That means a storm or at least a depression. Remember the income tax rates on the wealthy after the depression? Approached 80-90%. Look it up. Somethings got to give.

        • RickInOregon

          Gonetoolong, I like your post. Another aspect of the income rape, offshoring and out sourcing is that many of the global corps, Wall Street investment firms and brokerage houses are not run by US born citizens. Even corps with names like Coca Cola. They have no loyalty to this country, no roots in this country and will never do what’s best for this country. They feel no guilt in raping this country and screwing over the middle class, they probably feel great pride in it. US created companies are bought by foreign entities then the guts of the company is dismantled and shipped overseas, leaving behind a shell of it’s former self.

          • DaisyK

            To Rick in Oregon:

            Obama has no roots in this country, no loyalty to this country. He has shown that he HATES this country. That is why he is trying to destroy it. He didn’t even hire Americans to build He has been moveing more and more toward embrasing Iran. Don’t forget, the REAL president, who holds the strings to our puppet president, was born in Iran.

        • JohnFornaro

          GoneTooLong: You’re right. It is no longer capitalism.

          I gotta sign off. I’se gittin’ depressed.

      • gone under

        He is One of Them. Raised as a commie, he is a commie.

        • gone under

          How did this end up here? the comment was for the Angry Jew.

    16. Raider

      The question that still remains is how long are the American people going to continue allowing the undocumented, illegal alien usurper Obama, to remain in office?

      • Gonetoolong

        Until his term is done. Out of all the shit he has allowed to take place, what in the world do you think could possibly get him out of office. The people don’t give a shit. Hell the Broncs are playing the Chiefs tomorrow night.

    17. Baracalypse

      “Civil unrest”……. Just wait until Oblamo-care collapses and the inner city Oblamo-bots lose the insurance that they never had.

    18. REB

      Some fool even shows me a needle and he’s got a fight on his hands…deadly force is justified…did I mention I don’t like needles…:(

      • braveheart

        REB, I’ll shoot a SOB before he/she could get near me with a needle. yes, you said clearly you don’t like needles and I don’t either.

        • Be informed

          @ braveheart and REB. Dr. quacks’ needles are licensed deadly weapons that can POISON you. We ALL have the right to defend ourselves against someone attempting to use deadly force on us. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but so does a nice 10 gauge.

          • braveheart

            Good morning, BI, and AMEN to your comments. My beloved “Bertha” and the rest of my “ventilation team” are perfectly capable of keeping needles away from me.

          • REB

            BI and Brave….I chuckle at myself sometimes when it comes to needles…all the things I do and can do that involve pain and stress…but a needle stops me cold…and yes Im aware its just a issue in my head but you know Ive met guys who were special forces and rugged woodsmen who feared nothing…guys who would fit any mans definition of a mans man and they would almost pass out at the thought of a needle…funny how the mind works eh?…and yes the needle is and has been one of the deadliest weapons in history…lots of dead/wounded/messed up people all destroyed by a simple needle….on a humorous note…I once had a jersey cow who would pass out cold if she got poked with a needle…even if you snuck up on her….but regardless stick that needle in her hip and BAM down she went…I liked that ole cow…felt sorry for her and understood her completely… 🙂

        • Gonetoolong

          That little needle could be a deadly weapon. No shit. All one needs is a little hepatitis or aids contamination and a little time.

    19. Chris45

      Looks like a lot of targets.

    20. Sierra Dave

      I’ve said it before and I’ll repeat it.

      Get ALL the information you can think of that will be useful. Sneakernet it to a Laptop that stays off the internet ALL the time. Maybe run a Linux version as long as all your docs and maps are compatible.

      In a hypothetical takeover. They cannot protect all the power lines.

    21. caliber

      just remember, when Obama had that gun-grab moment a while back, all of the Americans who bought guns and ammo by the thousands. THAT is America.

      history will tell about that moment, when Americans decided to take control. Now, all we need is a moment to use the ammo we have collected. I don’t care what secret army Obama has, because im part of an army of 100,000,000 and growing.

      • Gonetoolong

        In my area, very few are shooting the ammo. It used to be that every weekend you could here people practicing/playing. Not anymore. The folks have figured out that they might better squirrel some back just in case. That is a good thing and I am glad to see it.

    22. VRF

      bring your Fort Sumpter, and see how you do..

      feel lucky?

      This would open the gates of hell on this admin , so how they are planning on playing it is slow and steady, so you better keep your eyes and ears open.. don’t be coward and watch your neighbor die and not stand up for your fellow man., next is you

    23. JRS

      Louie is barking up the wrong tree.

      Controlled opposition.

      If any of these Congressmen were serious about effecting a rollback in these various agencies of oppression, they would be addressing the demolition of the buildings in NY and those who were complicit in the halls of DC.

      This is where the alphabet agencies under FEMA were born and the Patriot Act is what makes them “legitimate” in the eyes of .gov.

      Everything else is mostly rhetoric for the masses.

      • Calgacus

        Thats what Im afraid of. Everything we see is an act and is managed, preplanned activities to disguise a complete takeover from inside. There are only a few in politics can be trusted at all and even then, kept at a distance and never with any allegiance. Anyone in politics will roll and weve seen it enough times to know. Look how many top brass have been booted. None are talking. I watch the actions not so much listen to the words.

    24. Farmer's Daughter

      Remember Jericho? Does it sound a little like Ravenwood? They’re heeerrree!!!!!

    25. Npgh

      I wonder if this is something we will see in our life time or if this will be our children’s war. I am old enough to see the big changes in this government from when I was a child and I can say with certainty that nothing is getting better. The commenter above that states the presidents back-peddling after they are in office is all too true. They have all done it, all they way back. The only difference we have now is we are living in the “instant information age”. We can find out for ourselves if what is being sold to us in the press is true or not and it makes me sad to see that, no, nothing is getting better in the long run. I am personally tired of hearing Democrat this or Republican that still cage fighting it out in the main stream press and television. It really doesn’t matter and a lot of people are waking up to that reality. The change over the years have been slow but now it is happening really fast. I have always had a strong belief that God has always protected me. I have been in some life threatening situations that only he saved me from. Those are another story however. I can’t explain why I feel “compelled” to prep…I just know it is something I must do. I often find myself wondering if it is for me and mine or if this is what God wants me to do for a future generation that would benefit from my prepping. Which brings me back to my original question. Do any of you think we will see a civil war or do think it will be our children’s fight?

      • armed citizen


        I prep because I also feel compelled to, and some force is pushing me will a great urgency lately.

        “if there must be trouble let it be in my time, that my children would know peace.” Thomas Paine

        If it doesn’t happen in our time, our children won’t put their gadgets down long enough to notice that they are screwed.

      • slingshot


        “Do any of you think we will see a civil war or do think it will be our children’s fight?”

        Sure is long in the tooth. If it does not happen within a year there will be no civil war and our children will follow the Piper.

        • slingshot

          If you were in command of the Prepper Militia, what would be your evaluation of your Army?

          George Washington must have had these thoughts.

        • TPTB are liars

          “If it does not happen within a year there will be no civil war and our children will follow the Piper.”

          I have no words for how wise this comment is.

          Those governing over us have been systematically taking away our freedoms and our rights for generations. Now with most so plugged into technology, the sheeple have been dumbed down to the point no-one cares what happens. Look around, common sense, morality, ingenuity, are all things of the past.

          I see it everywhere. I would hire half a dozen people, but I can’t find anyone that will work with their hands and work outdoors.
          molon labe

      • JohnFornaro

        “If it does not happen within a year there will be no civil war and our children will follow the Piper.”

        Which is chilling, but by no means certain.

        My kids, for example, have pretty good heads on their shoulders. They’re not blatantly anti anything, but they do see the hypocrisy in government and authority. There is a big problem in their attachment to devices; they have had early exposure to manual labor, but have since avoided it, for the obvious reasons. One important thing they don’t have is outrage. Theirs is a quiet distrust. All of this holds true for a number of their friends.

        So, if nothing happens in a year, it is not guaranteed that the Piper wins, although the Piper will almost certainly be strengthened.

        It may turn out to be our kids’ war AFTER we’re gone, and can no longer help them with the knowledge of the pieces of the puzzle that each of us, individually, have accumulated over the years. The age part is scary to me. I never got below ten seconds on the hundred yard dash, and only a few sub fifty second quarters. Today, I’m faster than my garden tractor, but not by much. Most of the kids today are not as fit as many of us were, in our prime.

        Point is, fitness is a part of survival, and fifty, sixty years from now, our kids ain’t gonna have it. It may be that the current state of affairs can be kept afloat for this long. Yes, this is a quiet argument in favor of pre-emptive action, but the danger with pre-emptive action is that the mass of people today are not unified or prepared in the right way. A premature rebellion will almost certainly result in a hundred years or more of “Hunger Games”.

        Whatever is the game under foot, the long view has been taken. Obviously, Christianity has been around for 2K years. Human organizations can stay active for a very long time. Another fifty years or so, ain’t all that much, if there is such an organization at work behind the scenes.

        It’s important to realize that I’m trying to analyze, which means including the less than deluxe possible future situations.

        Clearly, there are several plans being hatched by several different “agencies”, with an “agency” being a country, a group, a bureacracy, etc. They’re not all looking for the same thing as an end game. Worse, in gloom and doom sites like this, it is altogether too easy to characterize the “masses” as sheep, when actually, many of them are quite intelligent and able to adapt quickly to new circumstances of scarcity.

        Anyhow, reconsider the opening sentence. Maybe all this shit can be stopped peacably. Remember the poverty in the Great Depression was not necessarily accompanied by never ending riots in the streets. In a year, there’s also the chance that a collapsed system can be replaced in an orderly process.

        Just sayin’. And no. I’m not blowing smoke out of that part of my body!

    26. VRF

      Just a quick look at those security forces individuals I see over 7 vulnerable areas per person.

      • jerrytbg

        can you say FEMoral Artery…

        • VRF

          yep and a few more

    27. Npgh

      Another thing…when you map out everything that is happening now…spy grids, militarization of police, God being erased from our country, huge number of people imprisoned for stupid drug laws, Common Core, my favorite: very little real news, Fukashima, the list goes on and on. I don’t EVER remember so many events coming to a confluence at once. And I’m not the only one. A fellow I know in his early ninety’s says the same thing and when I talk with older folks they all basically say the same things as well. One more thing and that’s it. What’s up with all of the zombie porn these days. It used to be only a few people were interested in zombies for like, say Halloween but our culture is being bombared with zombie lore,movies, books, festivals and so forth. I feel it in my gut, we must get right with God, now, because if things have been getting worse through the years then on the same trajectory, they will get much worse. God Bless.

      • RickInOregon

        Zombie porn explained.

        Action flicks sell

        PC prevents movies from depicting any country as the enemy with the exception of the USA

        Zombies are nonpolitical, nonreligious, race and gender neutral with no nationality.

        Zombies are moral neutral, can not do good, can not do bad, they just do zombie.

    28. slingshot

      Good Morning SHTF!

      We have again another subject that gives us warning as to the direction of this nation. Total Police State. To ease my mind, I lump all of these actions by government into one ball and that is Tyranny as its finest. Too many departments of government arming up. Why? To which I do not see or hear an increase in prepping by others to combat these actions. Oh, I do hear them bitch about it. No action. That is a major problem with me. I have FAILED with Pick 7. Very hard to motivate people even with the information at their fingertips. Both informative and instructional. Even give “Hands On” experience.

      So where do I see the Prepper Movement?

      In poor shape.

      Many have not learned the Basics. Food, Water,
      Shelter. They have little understanding of their environment. Desert, Woodland, Swamp, Plains and mountainous regions. How to survive, Hot, cold, wet or ability to transition the differences. My fear is that many topics will have to be taught in a compressed time.
      Time that could be use to improve other areas. Topics that should be already learned that would cause untimely death and hardship. Improvisation and adaptation. Duct Tape and bailing wire. Rope knots, splicing, lashing and plain camping skills.
      I lament that I have so much information to pass on and nobody wants to listen.

      • Thinker

        Sixpack;Remember the other day when we was speaking about the propogandist creating our reality?Watch this when you have some time and give me your take,and to all who have an open mind! Great video on mind control!!! How You’re Being Mind Controlled And Don’t Know It


        • sixpack

          But I DO KNOW IT—and I’m not gonna to play.

          If I was being mind controlled, I’d have a big screen TV blaring DWTS around the clock. I’d be out impulse buying a bunch of junk I don’t need. I would’ve voted for obummer, and still be stuck on stupid right now. I would believe this site is full of whackos and I wouldn’t be here right now—or I’d be another troll.

          I’d think God is dead and, prepping is something only idiots would do, because the govt will be there if I need them. I’d be ready to hand in my guns, if I hadn’t already. I’d have so many pills in my drawer, I’d need to put my socks in the next drawer down.

          NO. I’M NOT MIND CONTROLLED…if I was, I’d believe the idea of “mind control” is a stupid conspiracy theory.

          Does that clear things up for you?

      • OutWest


        Prepping can never be a movement, it requires
        individual thought and self-motivation, put
        into positive action, like being self-employed
        as opposed to working for the MAN.

        It’s the herd mentality.
        On the African Plains, when the lions head out
        to look for their dinner, why aren’t a few of
        the herd saying, Oh Oh, trouble coming, I’m
        going to head out the back way before they even
        get here.
        Instead, they just mindlessly mill around crowded
        together until they are eventually picked off.

        Silly analogy, I know, but sometimes there seems
        to be striking similarities between the Human
        animal and the Plains animal.

      • The VOICE from the Outer World

        Howdy slingshot,

        Too true Brother…all too true, I fear. The Human propensity to DELAY is one which DOES not well-serve most. This was my own problem…initially. Over the coure of time I asked myself – as well those “others” which are here now with me, “Is this SH_T in any wise realistic?!?!”. As you might have already guessed, OUR answer, collectively was in the ‘Affirmative’. Each makes their own Choices…each therefor acts either to PRESEERVE…or to do ‘otherwise’…so it is.

        I concur that most are simply not prepared…on most levels for what we are likely to see in the next few months as the ongoing cancerous infiltration of the Body Humana is finalized…thereby effecting it’s logical concluion. Most, I think will ‘Tarry’ just a wee bit to long, then ‘as the Thief in the Night it will come pon them unawares’…more’s the pity Bro’…it will the take the concerted efforts of MANY to avoid the loss of ALL.

        I have mentioned here that “none are Islands, complete unto themselves…” paraphrading Hemingway in the prelude to his novel, “For Whom the Bell Tolls”…and so it is. Those who beleive they can simply fade into the “Wild” background to relative safety, awaiting a time when all will be ‘peaceable’ again, MIGHT be mis-informed. To be sure, there will be a time wherein the main body is ‘whittled away’ by the exigent circumstances which will likely come…but that is not the PRMARY flaw-in-thought in what will later come to ‘Haunt’ us all; that being that NONE are capable of overcoming thier ISOLATION – which we HERE are not immune to, even in the Wild North! – sufficiently to project Humanity along through TIME. I have mentioned this previously, so I will, not here belabour the point further…just refering back thereto.

        All that begs a SINGLE question though, one of the utmost gravity, which is:

        “HOW MUCH effort does it take to rebuild a WORLD?”

        To which the answer – obviously – is MUCH. Possibly too much for what will likely be the small remnant of Humanity ‘left behind’, here. Resources, Knowledge, People will all fade unless there is a SUPREME effort on the part of MANY tu nullify the ‘wasting effect’of TIME which will be acting continously against them, us all….like a clock ticking. Many here will not think this to be possible, but I have come to think that the most probable outcome before us is a ‘Multi-Generational’ outcome, ere Humanity COULD rise again to Supremacy pon the Earth…we are SO HIGH NOW, so ‘divorced’ from the World of Nature, from REALITY…the FALL will be like as nothing ever seen in all the history of Humanity, EVER.

        As to the last point you make, be at PEACE Friend, there is a HIGHER ‘selection’ at work here, one which I will not name per se, but which is seen always in the World, everywhere one looks…THAT will soon be operant in FULLNESS, thence the final selection is made by People themelves…tis OUT of our hands Friend, truly…
        Be Well…Be Safe, Oh Brother…I WISH to see you on the FAR Side of this ‘mess’, – which we have ALL allowed to come to pass; NONE are “Guiltless” today, none at all – LIVING and HALE, as well YOURS also!..for YOURS will NEED MINE, and Vice-Versa! Else there is simply then no Hope at all…I Assure all here of that.

        Be Resolute and Steadfast, t’will be over soon enough, I am now sure….


    29. Thinker

      Tried to link but it didn’t work the link is on Rense under this heading,”Your being mind controlled and don’t know it”.

    30. maudy fricket

      Ballistics info. Ever watch an action movie and they show a guy dives into deep water and the bullets are whizzing past him 10 feet or so under water? Reality check. Even .50 caliber BMG bullets only travel about 36 inches under water. 5.56 (.223) usually disintegrates after it yaws in the water. Same as it does in human tissue, when fired within distances that permit it to perform as designed. Anybody have additional factual info to add?

    31. bubba

      the ones who underestimate their enemy are those who will get their ass kicked. just because you don’t agree with them doesn’t mean your going to roll over always have to figure on your enemy as being as smart or smarter than you.

    32. 11 Bravo

      Ummmm….wait a sec here…..I gotta call BS on this one. Reading and re-reading the article, what is being described is the IRR’s, (Individual Ready Reserve). It’s been around a very long time, and is simply a way for Congress or the President to call up already trained trops in a crisis time.

      It is not some specialized Obamacare provision. When you join a branch of the military, you’re obligated for 8 years. What you do during the 8 is up to you. I spent 3 on active duty, 4 in the National Guard, so out of the 8, I had one year left. For that one year, I did nothing, except let the Army know where I lived, in case they pulled me back in. There was no training, nothing. When the year ended, my 8 year obligation was done, period.

      During the first gulf war, guys started showing up at my post in Germany. They were IRR’s who, after being out for a year or two, but were in the 8 year obligation period, had been recalled to the Army to fill all the open slots in Europe. This was no secret.

    33. akvalmet30

      Modern Day SA. We all know how history turned out for them when the SS rose to power, knife in the back! Be interesting to see what our night of the long knives will look like.

    34. aljamo

      How convienient that the technology of the latest electronic innovations preceded the present all encompassing spying on everyone. TPTB must be afraid of the peoples communications between each other. The bankruptcy of 1933 gave the feds the present national security takeover and gave the feds the opening to declare American’s enemies of the state. This 80 year old declaration still stands today. In times of war (always) or the increased threat of national security risks, we are the enemy. The American people are nothing more than expendable slaves in this version of predatory capitalism.

    35. RickInOregon

      This weekends homesteading project: Making a round of traditional cheddar cheese. The milk is in a pot in the sink, at temperature and aging. Next will be to add the rennet and then let it set up to curd.

      I picked up a small hand grinder that’s suppose to be able to grind meat, nuts, and what ever else you want to put through it. I tried some dried mushrooms and it did ok. It came with an attachment that extrudes out pasta. My second homesteading project will be to try and make homemade pasta from scratch using stocked supplies.

    36. SmokinOkie

      Twas the night before Black Friday
      At the Alamo Mall
      It was eerily quiet
      Down the long, empty halls

      I steeled my resolve
      With what courage I could muster
      I’m Head of Security
      My name is Joe Custer

      Some call me fat
      Or a bit overfed
      Ride around on My Segway
      Little helmet on my head

      Got my mace and my walkie
      But no police power
      Though I have a cool uniform
      And make nine bucks an hour

      But this year is different
      Than past ones I’ve known
      I’ll be working Main Entrance
      And I’ll be there alone

      I’ve fought with the flash mobs
      And somehow survived
      And I pray this Black Friday
      I’ll come out alive

      Down on 29th Street
      At our old Union Hall
      Hangs a dusty old plaque
      On the stained plaster wall

      It commemorates our heroes
      Those fallen brave men
      Like Helmsley, and Richards
      And ‘The Old Navy Ten’

      Ah, The Old Navy Ten
      Is a legend known well
      How they fought the crazed hordes
      How they stood, How they fell

      It was back in the day
      Christmas season ’04
      Three-hundred mad shoppers
      Hit the Old Navy store

      Carruthers fell first
      In the elbowing frenzy
      Then Manny Rodriguez,
      And Jones, and McKenzie

      The six that remained
      Put their mace into play
      Took defensive positions
      Near a T-shirt display

      They fought to the end
      All those screaming mad buyers
      One even threw spitwads
      Made of Close-Out Sale flyers

      I remember those heroes
      As I gaze out the door
      Crowd estimate: Three thousand
      But it looks like much more

      Send up one last prayer
      As I make the cross sign
      I stand as a one-man
      Maginot line

      Straight up 12 midnight
      Says the watch on my wrist
      I reach for the deadbolt
      And give it a twist

      The crown lunges forward
      I’m flat on my back
      I reach for my walkie
      Scream ‘Full frontal attack!’

      Take a heel to the groin
      But I scramble back up
      This year I remembered
      My protective cup

      ‘Folks! Please take it easy!’
      I yell to the din
      Then my shirt sleeve is ripped
      Take a knee to my chin

      I retreat to Orange Julius
      Where the blenders are revvin’
      As the kid at the counter screams
      “Oh Lord in Heaven!”

      “Get out of our way!”
      Yells a granny in bloomers
      As she leads a fresh tide
      Of orgiastic consumers

      They surge past in waves
      Heads of red, brown and blonde
      To the clothes shops, the gifts shops
      To Bed Bath & Beyond

      I jump on my Segway
      Radio my subordinates
      ‘Officer down at the yogurt stand!
      I’ll send you coordinates!’

      Zip over to the music store
      See blood in the hall
      (Well that’s one less shopper
      And I can’t help them all)

      Then I ride like the wind
      On my pony electric
      Past the frantic, the frenzy
      The mad and the hectic

      My men call for back-up
      At entrance 3A
      It’s absolute chaos
      At the new Chik-Fil-A

      The food court is littered
      The tables askew
      But I’m head Of Security
      I know what to do

      I gather my men
      Lead a running retreat
      ‘Let’s get out of here, guys!
      It’s time to beat feet!’

      So we fled to the exits
      Quit the job just like that
      There’s other employment
      For wannabe cops (fat)

      That’s just too much danger
      For a smart guy like me
      My next job, I’ll say
      ’30 minutes or it’s free.’

    37. aljamo

      Good one SmokinOkie!

    38. John_Allen


      As I said above, convincing isn’t going to do it. Positions arrived at EMOTIONALLY aren’t changed by rational argument.

      As a grand strategy, the grabbers DON’T CARE about the facts. Example: the conflation of a .22 Ruger with collapsible stock, pistol grip etc with a selective fire military full auto is DELIBERATE.

      There’s a perfectly good definition of an assault RIFLE that any firearms literate person knows. The media has seized on the term “ASSAULT WEAPON.” Why?
      Because it means anything the grabbers want it to mean.

      It’s EMOTIONS, primarily fear, where the battle for the sheeple needs to be fought.

      The Left gets this. Do we?

      Grabber images and disinformation playing to their emotions moves the sheeple.

      The grabbers have academia, the medical profession, the LSM, govt schools and most of the bureaucracy. They influence millions all day every day.
      What are we doing, other than preaching to the choir?

      We’ve got to use emotional appeal or 150 million frightened sheep are going to bury the 2nd Amendment.


      My Five Step Plan to Ban Firearms within 10 Years, Jason H. SurvivalBlog.

      Millions of grabbers take this as the absolute truth:

      Assault Weapons: Mass Produced Mayhem, Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence,
      October 2008.

      We’ve got to reach the frightened sheep emotionally or we’re gonna lose.

    39. old geezer

      It’s pretty clear that most of those in the senate and congress don’t have the gonads to stand up to that pos in the peoples house. Next time I vote it will be for all females, at least I know they don’t have any balls.

    40. Lake Monster

      As I read these stories I realize that they have it all wrapped in the bag. It’s pretty much done. All I can do is pray, and pray for the strength that I’ll get through the mess that is coming, and do what I can to get my family through it.

    41. GreatAmericanRedoubt

      Whatever we do, Where ever we go, we will still be there!
      We will still be here!

    42. vincent

      Not sure the UN or foreign troops would be needed to massacre US citizens. I wonder how many inner city gangbangers, Muslims, militant LGBTs, and “youth” with histories of drug abuse and juvenile crime, are in the armed forces today. If any one of these groups were sent into a neighborhood as “peacekeepers” the effect would be similar to a foreign occupation force!

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