Congress Got A 21% Raise While Americans Are Suffering Hyperinflation

by | Mar 17, 2022 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Since March of 2020, Americans and the world alike have watched from the sidelines as power-hungry politicians have ushered in draconian lockdowns, shutdowns, police state measures and brought the economy to its knees. Now, thanks to the slavery spreading across the world, people everywhere are suffering, except those who are controlling them.

    While governments around the planet used their central banks to devalue their currencies by printing money to fund their tyranny, the US-led the way down this road to fiscal horror. Hyperinflation is destroying the savings and financial security of most people, while at the same time, the masters decided they deserve more while we should be happy with less.

    House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (MD-05) and House Democratic Caucus Chair Hakeem Jeffries (NY-08), released a statement this month in which they literally applauded a massive 21 percent increase in pay for their offices. Not since 1996 has Congress passed such a monumental increase, according to a report by The Free Thought Project. 

    Naturally, this 21 percent raise was tucked neatly away in the $1.5 trillion spending bill somewhere inside the 2,700 pages that not a single member of Congress read. Hoyer and Jeffries said that this 21 percent increase is needed to “promote a more diverse workforce” and help in “retaining the best and brightest to help us serve our constituents.” In other words, it will better provide them an opportunity to enslave and control and steal from the rest of us.

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    Biden’s Plan For Hyperinflation: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet

    Not coincidentally, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) which tracks the cost of everyday items has seen a similar increase. It’s shot up a whopping 7 percent over the past year, the biggest increase in almost 40 years. Gas is up by almost 100 percent, beef is up 40 percent, and furniture by 11 percent.

    When are we finally going to reject the horrific idea of statism? When will people actually wake up and realize they’ve been slaves and the ruling class has no intention of helping.  Their goal is to keep control over all of us.

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      1. Maybe they’re 21% more productive?

        • Congress-critters (House & Senate) are predominantly disgusting. There are some with brains & many that are clueless.

        • They (cuntgress) are criminals, thieves, mass murderers, liars, frauds, lecherous treacherous scumbags – every one of these scumbags need to be HUNG.

      2. As we all know, those
        wonderful people in
        CONgress have done
        everything in their
        power to deserve
        a raise.

      3. Let’s face it : The members
        of Congress do not work
        for the American people.
        They are all a bunch of lying,
        thieving, evil creatures – and
        I was being kind with my
        words! In reality, my words
        barely scratch the surface!

        • “Hyperinflation is destroying the savings and financial security of most people, while at the same time, the masters decided they deserve more while we should be happy with less.”
          Not given to subtle guile apparently, our fearless leaders do not even uphold the ideals of their sponsors in Davos. We are expecting a tidal wave of indignation votes in the mid-term elections but the question is, (providing our voting machines are not manipulated) will Republicans have a different perspective?

      4. Sure, the DC comedians deserve a raise. Especially after that performance with Zelensky last night. They can stash it along with the profits they will make pushing billions in weapons of war to Ukraine, and front running the stocks.

        The head of the clown show, Nancy Pelosi, was even spotted doing her routine, raising her right arm and shouting “Slava Ukraina…Slava Ukraina”…the neo nazi Azov Battalion slogan. It fits right in with the Iron Cross on Zelensky’s shirt. Are they actually trolling the stupid US sheeple or what?

        What a buncha moronic imps.

      5. Jump monkey jump!

      6. Only 21? Denver airport is going to be busy.

      7. They know about the jsb. What did others expect of the Master Race? Live with it.

      8. Our gov’t is nothing more than institutionalized mob rule, it is literally a crime syndicate. Gov’t is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights, it demands a legal monopoly of force against legally disarmed individuals. Gov’t is clumsy, stupid, bureaucratic, politicized, abusive, and corrupt. Gov’t consists of the lowest sort of contemptible, and therefore worthy only of ridicule and criticism. The State is the instrument by which power over the herd is wielded for the benefit of a few. The object of the State is always the same – to limit the individual, to control him, to subordinate him, to subjugate him. The State calls its own violence law but when an individual does violence it is called crime. The State considers an ideal citizen one who bows in silence and obedience for the status of a well-cared for animal. Statism is the belief that ideological idiots who have driven the country hopelessly in debt is more qualified to run your life than you are.
        Res publica et eius imperium est hostis populi. – The State and its gov’t is the enemy of the people.

      9. your information is wrong, congress can no longer print currency at will, because the federal reserve central bank has been absorbed by the United States Treasury Department , who by constitutional law is the only one that can print currency, that transition was done during President Donald Trump was officially the President.

        the currency has already been changed no longer are we to use the jew monopoly worthless green backs, no nation is accepting them any more, because is worthless paper good only to clean your back door.

        Stop believing the lies expressed by compromised writers, that are ignorant of what is actually going on or, by design to keep the American people sleep to reality.

        • The Federal Reserve, better stated as the PRIVATE NON-RESERVE, is the entity that authorizes the printing of USA currency. Yes, the Dept. of the Treasury “COINS” the money but that is a far different concept than “the federal reserve central bank has been absorbed by the United States Treasury Department”.

          Experts on both sides of the issue continue to argue their points of view.

      10. Well, at least we all now know what the REAL inflation rate is!

      11. This is how socialism/communism works. The elite power gain more and more control and wealth while the populations are restricted more and more of individual earning power and and more taxes imposed on them.

      12. This is how socialism/communism works. The elite powers gain more and more control and wealth while the populations are restricted more and more of individual earning power, more costs (inflation), and saddled with more taxes.

      13. I’ll bet they purchased real money.

      14. Congress did not get a 21% raise, there staff budget was raised 21%.

      15. A note to Congress…..remember what happened during the French Revolution? This act of voting yourselves a 21% raise is going to start and American one one day…’s getting closer…..and Congress can ONLY blame themselves…….shame on them…..the world sees their crooked, twisted greedy ways….and so do WE the people of the United States……

      16. Current House Rep. Salary $174,000

        174000 x .21 = 36,540

        Well they need that so they can by their new electric vehicle and not have to pay those high gas prices! (sarc!)

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