Confirmed: New Nationwide “Trapwire” Surveillance System Is Actively Recording, Monitoring Everything

by | Aug 10, 2012 | Headline News | 178 comments

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    If you didn’t believe that everything you do is monitored before today, this latest confirmation should seal the deal. The information, of course, was not officially released, but when hackers gained access to highly secure emails at global analysis firm Stratfor earlier this year the cat came out of the bag.

    With New York recently launching an all-seeing domestic awareness system, many Americans who don’t live in Mayor Bloomberg’s police state believe they are safe from the watchful eye of Big Brother.

    Thing again:

    Former senior intelligence officials have created a detailed surveillance system more accurate than modern facial recognition technology — and have installed it across the US under the radar of most Americans, according to emails hacked by Anonymous.

    Every few seconds,data picked up at surveillance points in major cities and landmarks across the United States are recorded digitally on the spot, then encrypted and instantaneously delivered to a fortified central database center at an undisclosed location to be aggregated with other intelligence. It’s part of a program called TrapWire and it’s the brainchild of the Abraxas, a Northern Virginia company staffed with elite from America’s intelligence community. The employee roster at Arbaxas reads like a who’s who of agents once with the PentagonCIA and other government entities according to their public LinkedIn profiles, and the corporation’s ties are assumed to go deeper than even documented.

    The details on Abraxas and, to an even greater extent TrapWire, are scarce, however, and not without reason. For a program touted as a tool to thwart terrorism and monitor activity meant to be under wraps, its understandable that Abraxas would want the program’s public presence to be relatively limited. But thanks to last year’s hack of the Strategic Forecasting intelligence agency, or Stratfor, all of that is quickly changing.

    Source: RT via Infowars

    The Trapwire system is actively monitoring every major city in the country. You know those little cameras on the stoplights at the intersection by your house? Or those CCTV cameras that business owners opened up to local law enforcement surveillance systems?

    Every one of them is recording and transferring what they capture to a centralized database – this includes your location, license plate, and facial identification. That information is then aggregated, fused together with other pieces of information (like what you bought on your credit card today and who you interacted with via text message or your favorite social network), and then processed through a threat assessment system.

    Naturally, the Trapwire organization, in a recent press release, touts their new surveillance infrastructure as being focused solely on potential terrorist activity and in no way violative of your sensitive personal information :

    Our flagship product, the TrapWire software system, has been designed to provide a simple yet powerful means of collecting and recording suspicious activity reports. Once a suspicious activity in entered into the system it is analyzed and compared with data entered from other areas within a network for the purpose of identifying patterns of behavior that are indicative of pre-attack planning. Generally, no Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Information is recorded by the TrapWire system, and no such information is used by the system to perform its various functions.

    However, as we have seen time and again from our government and tyrannies of the past, when the capabilities exist, they are often turned against the people. Trapwire indicates that, while they will keep the information private, they can and will turn it over to law enforcement when asked to do so. Thus, we can reasonably expect that any information obtained by the system will be shared with local, state and federal agencies at a moment’s notice.

    You are being watched – everywhere you go.


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      1. Mac

        a few questions..

        once all the data is finalized on each and every one of us


        what is in store for us?

        You ,and we, know every keystroke we strike is, and has been, computed and stored..

        then what?

        data based in threat fusion centers for possible round up and detainment once the shtf?

        just asking..

        cause I certainly don’t have the answer..


        • I don’t have the answer either… Why would anyone need to know what i had for breakfast, who I chatted with on the internet, what news stories i visited, or how many cans of beans I bought today? Honestly, I have no answer, but there can be no GOOD reason for it….

          My hope is that what’s in store for us is not this:

          Will this information soon be used to do exactly what you describe – “possible round up and detainment once the shtf” ? I don’t know, but my sense is that the motive cannot be for philanthropic purposes…

          • That is how I envisioned what it would look like.

            • This is another example of how the “elite” are trying to make themselves appear omnipotent, and that resistance is futile.

              The hope, I suppose, is that these so-called elite can convince everyone they are superior. If they can make YOU believe it, there is one less Man willing to stand up.

              Is there a police state trying to form? Yes, there is. Can they watch everything you do and say all day long. No, they can’t. Are they competent to use the Unlawfully obtained information effectively? I doubt it, they are incompetent at everything else they touch so why would this be any different.

              I can’t tell anyone what to believe. I can’t tell anyone what to fear. All I know is that what these idiots do is irrelevant in my life until they come face to face with me.

              At that time, they will act in a Lawful manner or be treated as criminals. I don’t have the fire power to defend myself from unlawful attacks and my soul will likely move on to the next place if it ever happens. I will do my best to take as many of them with me as possible.

              As a side note, I was listening to a “gun confiscator” who worked in New Orleans. It is my sincere hope that everyone whose door gets knocked on, should such an event happen again, shoot first and as much as possible. That will warn your neighbors as to what is happening, and make them more likely to shoot before the knock on their own door. There will always be time to ask the questions later if you need an answer.

            • 10% of People Are Good
              10% of People Are Evil
              The Other 80% are easily manipulated.

              If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.-George Orwell

          • US military officers are told to plan to fight to fight Americans…

            US Army manuals describe how to control domestic insurrection…

            Posted on Drudge Report

          • sorry mac, i am not trying to cause problems..when the chat starts, sooner or later some chat board troll, y7es you will say this time it was me,,….DO NOT COMMENT to my post, i am not a troll,,just remember what i am saying…Angry British Guy,, he stole half of the chat board,, he went looking for the violent types, so they might speak of violence, so the .GOV. can detain them,,these violent types will be hugely beneficial when the shit hits the fan…unless you are in on it MAC.

          • Just in case some believe that we are lunatic fringe here.

            here’s a quote from Nigel Farage EU Parliament Member..

            Today MEP (Member European Parliament) Nigel Farage spoke about what he described as the possibility of, “a really dramatic banking collapse.”

            Farage also warned that central planners want to enslave and imprison people inside of a ‘New Order’” and he described the situation as “horrifying.”

            oh well


          • that movie and fema camps in general remind me of what bill ayers weather underground had in mind for people like us. they would try to reprogram us but those who refused to abandon the constitution were to be eliminated. the FBI agent that infiltrated them said this was their plan. makes you wonder why clinton pardoned the jerk ayers.

            • You need to do some research on Clinton and his wife the Hildabeast. It will open your eyes as to how both Clinton and Obama were groomed and put into office. The coup has already happened it’s just the details being worked on now. Flawed as Romney is as a candidate he better win.

          • it’s simple, really… knowledge is power

          • Mac, Possee, et al.: TPTB are monitoring all forms of communications everywhere and peoples actions in the larger cities because they are very affraid. They know that this international house of cards they created by printing money out of thin air is about to come crashing down around all of us. They are watching and listening for signs that we are on the verge of revolt. They need enough lead time to get to their hideaways but they don’t want to do it too early and be noticed. They would prefere to use the cover of chaos following a major crisis to go into hiding while the rest of us are scrambling to get what’s left of any necessities. A few of them may be clueless or suffer from nornmalcy bias like some to the French aristocracy just before the revolution led many of them to the guillotine. But most of the wealthy and the politicians have and exit plan to fly/sail away to their foreign homes, or to their modern-day Greenbriars right here in the U.S.A. Don’t let anyone tell you they know the date and time for any of this because it will all boil down to someone somewhere saying, out of fear, that they will no longer be buying some nations debts. It will probably start with Spain, but this is just a guess, and spread to the rest of the EU. Or someone failing to buy ours besides the FED. But I don’t know either, these COULD be the trigger points. Then again, we could just continue our long slow slide into more and more taxes, less and and less government services, and fewer and more expensive daily necessities like we are doing now. The bottom line is this: TPTB are terrified of us because they know that we’re going to get screwed because of their fiscal policies and some will want their heads on a pike. Revenge is a waste of time, the only thing we should be doing is getting ready for hard times.

        • I dont see who would care, it sucks sure, but what are they going to do with it? Come to your house and say “come with us….” F it, get the party started early. Its no secret that the PTB are the most hated on planet earth, they already know it. Also, for a decent encrypted chat program check out, Wired also has a cool article featuring the young man that created it. The new version should be out towards the end of the year.

          Mac, if you want to make a live chat, maybe you could check out getting some kind of verion of this to implement?

        • Possee: The mindset of a normal human being cannot grasp the psychology of pointy headed bureaucrats under an evil influence.

          They are essentially control freaks on steroids who erroneously believe that THEY are the government and not the EMPLOYEES of the people, seeking to implement Agenda 21 upon US by any means necessary.

          The elite leadership of the NWO PTB recognize that there will be resistance by rank and file Americans: the “useless eaters” who will not be necessary once robots are perfected.

          100 million Americans on assistance will be eliminated first. They have no money and not enough education to be useful. If you cannot economically support your existence, you are a drain on society and consuming resources you cannot personally afford.

          If you are not an investor with capital, you are a “liability”. If the account on your chip is suddenly empty, you are toast.

          They want ALL of OUR info so that they can quash the Resistance, and locate those who refuse the dissolution of the US Constitution and the disarming of the American people.

          Engage my peeps. Political power in the hands of Patriots is OUR only real hope. There is still time.

          God helps those who help themselves.

          • “The individual is handicapped by coming face to face
            with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” – J. Edgar Hoover

            All of this has been in the works for many decades…

            • True. So we BELIEVE the exist. This nullifying the paralysis. Check into Color Codes of Awareness. Always in YELLOW. Now in Orange. This keeps you calm and alert… Not a deer in headlights.

          • The present U.S. government requires massive infusions of cash daily to function. The “elite” know that if some event out of their control puts the brakes on the present U.S. economy in a big way, the beast immediately begins to starve and they will be in a race to whip us all into submission before the beast is too badly weakened.

            • This was created by who? Our government? Please may I interject, a few examples of our government at it’s best:

              US Postal Service USPS
              Department of Motor Vehicles DMV (local)
              Social Security? (securing who, but I digress)
              Transportation Safety Adminastration TSA
              Alcohol Fire Arms and Explosives ATF+E
              Customs and Border Protection CBA
              Department of Justice DOJ
              White House
              General Services Adminastration GSA
              Energy Department

              hell the list goes on and on!

              I dare you to click on this link and you will be BLOWN AWAY! Do it iI double dawg dare you!


              You think that this incompitent government can run yet one more agency effectivly? Look at the examples! The odds are with them, if they make one bust in this nation they look like they are effective. In reality what they miss is on a greater scale. The TSA has never busted one terrorist, the John Q. Public has a better track record than the TSA! This government is only good at one thing and that is blowing “OUR” money! This has pissed everyone here at this forum! In reality “WE’ should be contacting (writing, calling and on the phone) to everyone of your elected officials expressing the same concern. How many of you are doing that? Instead of bitching and moaning on this forum. Stand up, you can not tell me that if your Congressman recieved hundreds of phone calls, emails and letters a day on a particular subject, that says “WE WILL VOTE YOU OUT!” that they would not listen? These fools get away with what we let them get away with. By the way, we are much smarter than they are! We live it day in and day out! We Let them think that they are smarter, because we sit back and bitch on forums. BITCH AT THEM DAILY JUST AS YOU DO HERE!
              If you have the “well it makes me feel safer attitude”, you would not be reading this site, and if you are reading this site than damn it, your just as pissed as me and you are not going to take it anymore. Quit wasting “OUR” tax money on worthless, bullshit agencies and programs that you “SUCK” at running with a high success rate! IT’S NOT THAT THE GOVERNMENT IS WATCHING YOU, IT’S THAT NOTHING IS GOING TO COME OUT OF IT. OTHER THAN WASTING “OUR” MONEY ON ANOTHER WORTHLESS AGENCY! NOTHING WILL BE DONE TO BETTER THIS COUNTRY! THAT ALONE SHOULD MAKE YOU WANT TO REVOLT!

              Agian click on this link


              We let them get away with this!
              Keep prepping!

              and you wonder why we are in the shape we are in.

          • I disagree partially with you DK on the elimination of the ones on assistance. They’ll be the ones, (conscripts) to go against those willing to fight the evil partiots. They’ll be outfitted with equipment, promised food and their families cared for in exchange for their services. They’ll be the fodder. Once the patriots numbers dwindle, then the PTB will send in the crack troops to mop up. Believe me, the PTB want this coming insurrection and rub their hands together in glee. This will make it easy for them to implement the large scale annihilation of those believing of returning this once great Republic to God-fearing, peace loving citizens. Psalms 63: 1-11.

            • So… they’re going to “outfit” a bunch of deadbeats who can’t motivate themselves to put the crack pipe down and get off the couch…

              They’re gonna offer to take care of the families that these people don’t give a crap about in the first place…

              And then, they’re going to herd these talentless, witless dropkicks into patriot country?

              Sounds like a great re-supply program for the resistance…

            • @ausprepper. I’msure they’ll find a few million out of 100 million.

            • And then what? Send them where?
              Are you going to drop them off at the edge of the Rockies?
              Somewhere in Yellowstone, perhaps?
              Maybe you could leave them at a street corner in Dallas and tell them to shoot anyone that looks like an insurgent…

              Equip them they may, but do you have any idea how long it takes to train someone effectively in counter-insurgency? Heck, one accidental dischage and they all probably kill each other in friendly crossfire.

              As I said before, you’d be doing a better job of resupplying the resistance than eradicating them.

          • Yes, I’ve always had a problem with the pointy heads, so I’ll just grab my hoe and keep doing what I do.

        • So why dont you people use the cameras as target practice with you .22Lrs?

        • Just so everyone knows, I am not who I say I am. No reallY!

        • red list or blue list

      2. I pray technology can win out. It always has in the past and I believe it will again. The technical guru’s, I have faith in them, will find us a way. Lord knows we have the will. We deserve our privacy. I’m not afraid to take it from them just give me the tools…..come on techies!

        • Jim, I’m pretty sure technology is one of the ways we are being controlled. The internet is an invention of the government. Just look at the effort to instill social media as the greatest thing ever. Facebook, Twitter, etc. It has never been easier for the controlling powers to know what people are saying and doing. Think about the opening ceremonies of the 2012 Olympics. Really, what was the deal with stressing social media and socialized medicine? Even this site is a great way to gather info on people who they consider a threat.
          What I’m saying is, the big players in the tech world (Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, and the rest) are either in on the game, or have been duped into providing info to the PTB. Welcome to the world of Big Brother/The New World Order.

        • I will post whatever I want, because I’m pretty sure I am already on a list. So I might as well. I am not scared. I am free. I refuse to allow myself to be frightened or intimidated by the so called elite. They may be able to detain or shackle me or kill me, but they cannot deter my spirit. They cannot capture or kill my soul. And I will resist for myself, my family, and all people. Because we all have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Those things are not just for the ones at the top of the socioeconomic ladder.

          • 1000 thumbs up!!!

            • biggest problem here,, once you are dead,,, nobody gives a shit what he thought,,he just becomes another nut job with a gun

          • yes, there’s going to be a lot of that sentiment around me too, I live in Texas.

            If Texans start getting the idea that stoplight cams and mini drones are spying on them, I envision a lot of those cams and drones getting shot out or shot down.

            • They should have already been taken out. Sounds like a lot of bluster to me Tex.

            • How do you think they will respond when we start flying Drones around “them?”

          • amen!!!!!!! i`m with ya all the way

          • I`m with you Angry

      3. First of all the source to me is very sketchy; RT = Russia Today. I have a hard time relying on Russia for accurate information.

        • Freeport, your concern is certainly understandable, however the source is not RT. RT is simply reporting the story. The source are the emails originally taken from Strator, Wikileaks, and the press release sent out by Trapwire, the company that has developed this system.

          “TrapWire is a unique, predictive software system designed to detect patterns of pre-attack surveillance and logistical planning and introduce the basis for a paradigm shift in the methodologies traditionally applied to securing critical infrastructure, key resources and personnel.”

          More at:

          According to emails garnered from the Stratfor ‘hack,’ the system is now actively operating within major metropolitan areas in the United States.

          • Mac- I hate to say this, but we all know we live in a crazy world. What’s up with all these ‘leaks’ from WikiLeaks and yes, even StratFor? Is this info legit or dare I say, ‘planted?’ I truly dunno who or what to trust anymore.

        • RT has way more info than our media gives us, and it is usually way more reliable

        • I trust RT way more than our media. I would like to share two things I saw today while running errands. Forst I saw a car that clearly belonged to a college kid the back window was written on with shoe pollish it said “do you knw about lennon marxisim” I was exited fot two reasons somebody that is young SEES what is happening YEA and second I thought what a GREAT way for us preppers to spread the word….onour car with shoe polish…I am putting NDAA on mine, yoi know people will search it via internet…let us wake the sheeple up let us stir the pot….we could put on things like agenda 21 or whatever to have people get curiouse and search it. Second thing I saw today is a woman is teaching toddlers chinese for FREE….that worried me a little thus lighting a fire under my rear end to wake the flock up…hope I have some fellow preppers with me on this I am excited. People never want to hear about prepping but if you peak the curiosity of people with just some laws like ndaa they on their own will research it and yo know how we all started one search led to more and more then WALLA we began prepping too….let US get the ball rolling. IT is peaceful and just a simple wonderful idea this kid had. let us follow

        • Who would have thought that one day we would look to an offshoot of Pravda, for some truth, alternative views, and information about the events around us? I never did.

          • I too am amazed that foreign news sources are more reliable and encompassing than our own MSM.

            I became familiar with AlJazeera while working in Argentina and it was one of only two English channels on the hotel’s cable TV. The other was the BBC. In comparison the BBC is mainstream.

            I might also suggest The Guardian, Steve Quayle(although it’s 85% BS, but he has a few worthwhile stories), Bloomberg (particularly about financial crimes), Vanity Fair on occasion, Rolling Stone, WRH – What Really Happened, The Telegraph, All-Africa, Press TV (which is run by Iran, but very up=to=the minute on Mideast events), Mercopress for stories on South America, RT-Russia Today, Addicting Info, Wikinews, (which has a lot of good VOA stories, and bundles stories by subject).

            I look at these sites on a daily basis to try to get a grip on what’s really going on. On the other hand
            NPR is 95% mainstream media, as is the NY Times.

            BTW I don’t think RT is associated with TASS. There’s also RIA-Novosty to peek at.

      4. I’m sure it’s for our own good.

        • After all, only a terrorist would not like being survieled 24/7/365…You’re not a terrorist…Are you?

          • Well, by your premise, I certainly am.

      5. Actually, the English version of RT is based in Washington. I’ve watched them for a long time, and they’re point of view is different, but the information is accurate enough.(as compared to main stream news)

        • The Russian reporterettes are much hotter.

      6. “touts their new surveillance infrastructure as being focused solely on potential terrorist activity”…… right. And, Janet Incompetano has already told us who the terrorists are…

      7. they can collect all they want and whatever they want. doesnt bother me one bit, because one the system goes down and power plants shut down and electic companies will be hit, its going to be a madhouse and id like to see these idiots that think they got this all under control on how they are going to try and keep order. they will not be able to. So we don’t do anything illegal on here, we talk chat, exchange ideas and plan and prepare. they can do all they want but this will just cause them headaches when their system crashes or someone inside destroys these recordings and what a waste of time of all. It will never get to the point where we are going to be scanned at checkpoints with chips etc. too many people will cause too much ruckus and violence for them to even try to manage this. Hell they can’t even manage a war and if they think they can keep order in this country with a collapse, dont think so. they wont know where to start. a lot of us have weapons in apartments, at mom and dads, at grandpas out burried in country, too many variables for them to process. for gods sake, if people started taking license plates and mix matching and wearing masks in cars to you name it, its not going to be for us, they are worried about the real terrorists. the La riots was a mess and took so much to handle, katrina another one, with the whole country in the whole US in chaos no way will they even be able to maintain control without massive massive enforcements, with one arson starts a fire in colorado burns houndreds of houses and acres down, imagine thousands and thousands of wild fires all over the US. it would be a complete disaster unable for them to control. Just keep your preps and have a plan and alternative plans and make sure you know where to meet up if sepereated with no cell phones and communications etc.

        • Ageed, Clint. When all the parasites don’t have enough snap in their SNAP cards the govt. will have it’s hands too full to worry about boring folks like us.

          In the meantime, though, the statists in charge have made it clear that they consider Ron Paul supporting veterans who own firearms to be potential domestic terroritst.

          I want as little as possible to do with the gooberment, but I’m concerned they may want to harass people like me until something more pressing comes along.

          • The parasite class actually believe the government loves them, and will stand slack-jawed when they find out how expendable they really are.

            • FEMA – couldn’t have said it better myself.

              The agencies always like to hire their little watchers to watch tea party patriots or plain ole white folks.

              Funny thing is when they’re done with these watchers, they will go the way of the dodo bird.

        • I agree with clint–
          ~~~In one case, the auditors discovered that 23,994 refunds all had the same mailing address in Atlanta. IRS officials tried to defend themselves claiming that many immigrants use the address of the person or company preparing the tax returns~~~
          And we are supposed to believe these same public employees have the brains to do anything with that inofrmation, downed systems or not!!!!
          Hell, they can’t even catch millions of dollars going to the same address in refunds!!!!

          • You assume that they WANT to catch this fraud. Just don’t YOU try it, white boy.

            • The amount of ITIN fraud and EIC fraud is enormous.

              All of these large firms make their primary money tax season from Earned Income Credit refunds. A working woman with a few kids who paid ZERO income tax will get a huge refund. The amount of fraud is mind boggling.

          • There have also been cases of hundreds of people using the same social security number and nothing is done. They just don’t care. They don’t care about the border or anything, it is all a sham. Just look at the illegals filing multiple returns for the EITC and never getting caught.

        • Clint,

          You’re dreaming again. This ain’t Kansas anymore, buddy. They will not run out of power. And they probably already have a chip with your name on it…

          • That is right JustMe. I have been arguing this point for the last year or so to some of my “friends” of like-mind. We are not in the pre or post WWII era. It is a totally different world, and we have much different and evil critters running everything too!

          • Just me, lets agree to disagree in a good sense here, I do believe they will not run out of power that is for sure and 100 percent correct, they will always promise anyone to do the dirty jobs they need to keep this country in order. But as for a chip I dont need a cell phone and if they track that, I usually dont even take it with me. no sound on my computer and over my computer camera I have a piece of black tape covering it so they dont know whos behind it. Yes they can track IP addresses etc but I will never allow or let them ever put a tracking chip on me wont happen. If they do I will find a way to destroy it so not worried about that. Anything else im missing or something I didnt say you want me to elaborate more on?

            • You are talking about marxist control freak parasites, who thrive on the idea that they own you. I know you will do your best to stay free, we all will. But do not underestimate them…

              If you disagree, that’s cool.

            • jUST mE– CLINT AGAIN, yes they are marxist control freaks and I agree 100 percent with you on that and yes i do believe chips are comming and tracking etc you bet they are I agree 100 percent with that. So i was not disagreeing with you writing is my hardest thing to get out, my thoughts go so fast when i write Im thinking about 5 things to write on at once then one I start writing one of the things to talk about i forget how to state the last 4 I was thinking and I forget, then I see i just spelled 2 words wrong and have to go back and then the emotions that popped in my head are gone and im left thinking, that is not just what I wanted to say. and get even more frustrated. there are some people on here that can write well. My college professor used to have a hell of a time reading what I write, he said i used to speak how i write and its hard to follow what im saying. Yes I go back over it and by the time it takes me to write this section alone it was over 5 min. Im just trying to get the main point out. but yes agree these people will not stop to chip us whatever agree agree agree but if they do it, it will be with felons first then by certain other groups etc. I just dont think we will make it that far. We are so deep in debt and crime is only going to go up and rebellions and more corrution will be the downfall of this country. im not racist at all but think we have too many cultures trying to occupy so little space and i think of that as certain breeds of dogs, boxers and poodles might get along, but pitbulls and bostons are going to fight no matter what. Not that exactly but you know my point. I did 6 years in the navy wasnt a seal but did special warfare and was firing thousands and thousands of different rounds a week. Not every week. had about 160 skydive jumps static and halo. When growing up in the midwest I was always questioning authority why do cops let women go but we get speeding tickets at 16 this is BS. and things like that always have been on my mind and followed politics more and more. When clinton was president we did see a cutback in the amount of ammo we could shoot or order. they had a cutback on 9mm back then but 45acp was all you wanted to shoot or .223. Obama got into office and I have never been more engaged into politics and even ask my parents who are still married, I know that makes no difference, have no brothers or sisters, never been married but engaged for 5 years, but I asked my parents do you ever remember things this bad or fear mongering or the amount of debt we have now in the 70’s mom? she didnt have an answer and I think these are shaky times and I know a lot of people on here say they are doo-ers but I really am a doo-er. Preps, you probably have more than me most of you. I have access to a large clean pond for water and have multiple purifiers, I have 3 dc to ac converts so can power things on batteries home appliances. rounds got probably 40,000 rounds of .22 5.7×28 got about 5,000 rounds of ss198 and 200 or the ss190’s. Do not have a ar-15! can you believe that. got 3 45 pistols 2 fn and fnp-tactical. one 9mm hk-usp9mm. have a benelli m2 with extended mag holder, love that shotgun, I alternate buckshot with winchester ranger segmented rifle slug that breaks into 3 chunks when hits the body, got a savage .338 laupa with about 600 rounds of hornady 250 grain htbp bullets. and a few other guns. Food Im at about 2-3 months of food. have about 100 rolls of toilet paper and what I do need to get is more cleaning agents, if water goes out im going to have to use a pond to clean myself. Someone on here said about 5 days ago bacteria and virus etc is going to be the biggest threat, want to say it was Be Informed, but yes we have to be able to keep ourselves clean and being around others that are sick will compromise our immune systems for some time since we are not used to it, so keeping extra soap, clean towels etc are important. whats going to happen, I have no idea, Im just going to never lay down quiestly or have all my stuff in one location ever. as a prepper I have one other person that we talked if things went down what he should get and where we would meet and how to deal with families etc. id do the same and prepare for anything. sorry for the rant and offtrack.

            • and the last thing on here, the ones that really care keep a open mind, we dont know who anybody really is, if there are liberals/gop or covert people that write things on here, ask questions, if you really are about survival and freedom we agree to disagree, if you plot something on here and someone doesnt respect you, they are either immature or wasting their time and yours. Dont get pissed and argue with them, they are not worth it. you can remember who they are and not credible.. I have been on here for about a 1.5 years now. I know i say things people dont agree with all the time and sometimes i dont agree with yours. but we all think about ideas and talk about them to each other. the idiots on here start getting internet tough guy talk etc. dont let them even get under your skin, there are a lot of idiots out there and a lot of people are just curious what others think. so respect peoples thoughts ideas and if you dont say why you dont, but dont act childish on here, this is really happening and if you cant talk things out with each other how you gonna survive with people you dont know.

            • We need to experiment with zapping RFID chips, like with a taser at point blank range…the price of freedom is momentary pain.

          • you know another thing, Im suprised we are not shooting these things with a bb gun or spray painting them black over the lens at night etc. youd think more people would be pissed off with these photo speed traps etc. i know they may get away with it in big cities but in small towns and country they dont fly. what really sets me off about this is hearing all the ticket money they produce from these traffice cameras etc, the company gets a profit from them, That is just wrong!! Now new york is selling their new system to others and they will get profit off the number of units they sell to others. When I hear that, this is what sets me off my rocker and want to do something personally about it. We just have to keep people that are with us the real free people to do what must be done to make sure we stay free. We haven’t lost yet but I think we are so close from one more mistake or quick one they try pulling and the american people are going to riot and its going to get bad. of course they are going to try and lock us down or martial law. they can go suck it. everyone in the world should be free and we are not. Do what must be done to make sure we get our freedoms back. I know a lot of people don’t care and thats why we are here! we all believe in same things and must do what we need to do to stop this insane control.TPTB understand now that we can all communicate quickly and see the truth and they are doing everything they can to cut off the leaders of sites like this from a riot taking over due to government control. how big of a threat we are to who is connected with who and how. we will win, people who try to control people always have a disadvantage, they have to keep a system in order to operate in a certain way, if they lose that and chaos breaks out they know they have lost control and we will win. yes chips, gun confiscation etc are all comming but its up to us to either allow it or not.

            • Few points – Firstly I don’t understand how the planned implementation of a totalitarian police state is Marxist in any way. That aside this is what i think. There is a point that many of you seem to have missed but is pivotal to the whole situation – and don’t forget this is not restricted to the US it is almost global in nature with the notable exceptions of China, Russia India who all have their own problems. This could still all go down bloodlessly because the main tool of oppression is not a weapon but the erroneous but deeply conditioned idea (virtually from birth) that money has value. Money was invented by the Chinese and has been used since as a universal credit/barter system that allows people to exchange credits gained from working for the necessities of life. Capitalism has an inherent tendency to become top heavy and historically societies in the past used to regularly and univesally write off all debts and reset the money system which did not result in people losing what they had accumulated but ensured that all people could afford the necessities which benefitted the merchants. Now the money system has nothing to do with necessities because it has been hijacked and corrupted by criminals and usury (interest charging). Therefore money now only represents debt and oppression which noone really wants, so it is therefore valueless. People need to realise this and stop using it-no more police, arny etc because no wages. Then the house of cards really tumbles which is why they are trying to install this police state apparatus as quickly as possible before it all crashes down. Just stop using and acknowledging it, working for and valuing it and it goes away. we have the power we have just been convinced to give it away cheaply. To hell with their money system where it now belongs.

      8. you would think it would be called “tripwire”…but it’s called “trapwire”…makes one wonder

      9. To everyone: Im at the point that I don’t care if they know who’s websites i go to, etc. 1984 is finally here almost in complete form. Whenever they come for me, I know there will be no legitimate basis for it; they won’t take me alive. Scre tham all. Take care and keep prepping. LIVE FREE OR DIE!

        • I hear you brother and I wish you were in my group…I don’t have to tell you to stand tall…you got that covered!!

      10. Greetings Everyone!
        So TPTB are watching “us”….
        And this is news to anyone who visits here for any length of time.
        We’re watching them in return.
        It would be like a good Marx Brothers movie,if it weren’t so life threatening.
        RT is a “iffy” source at times, so unlikeMSNBC and the Foxey “we treat you like you’re an idiot” News network in the U.S.
        BTW,here’s something just a bit off topic but worth noting to cheer your day up.
        They’re actually well and truly FUBAR level BROKE as we speak,but they were able to get good ‘ole HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL to wrap it all in nice colored toilet paper….Except they want the FDIC to take about 1/2 of their losses off their hands!It says different,but Mama Fox taught her son to “read between the lines” on something called a BANK bankruptcy….
        The RATS are getting their places reserved on the few remaining life rafts on the Good Ship U.S.A.,A.K.A The Titanic.Many RATS(300+ so far this year!)took “early retirement” and are leaving with their fat retirement bonuses for places undisclosed.The ocean water is cold,very,very cold.Hope you at least have a good working relationship with J.C. and God and have cobbled together a raft(prepping) to sit on.”Hard times difficult to deal with” coming real soon people.
        My best to All here,may God have mercy on us all.

      11. Thanks Mac!

      12. It’s time
        Disguise yourself and arm yourself. Black paint should be flying off the store shelves. And those who are really good at projecting small metal projectiles on target from great distances should be taking these things out

        • The spray on undercoating works real well also CO2 powered pellet guns. Not worth getting popped for.

      13. My sources tell me the only thing Bloomberg is going to use the “Domestic Awareness System” for is to determine whether or not you are drinking a “Super Big Gulp” 64oz Sugar/Slurpie. Then you will searched for illegal salt packets!. Then carted off to a fitness gulag!

        • it gets better. There is a story from NYC that is so disgusting, the procedings thereof, so disgusting, I won’t post the link. But that is one very sick individual…

      14. Report:
        Not that it should be a surprise, but many currant GM cop cars are being outfitted with Kevlar paneling. I find it interesting based on the lack of threat in my AO that this is being done none the less, a build-up? Yeh looks like it to me.
        I would say that I don’t think these Le0’s even know why this build up is going on, but even with all the Le0’s I call friends I’m finding it harder to trust their loyalty to the people.

        • Oh, by the way my first question is it level 3 because if not they better hope there dealing with nice people with small guns.

          Otherwise I guess I’m not a nice person, but I am, just don’t fuck with me and I’m a teddy bear.

      15. There are devices that block or interrupt the signals or processors that transmit the video back to big brother..

        If a man invented it.. Another man can take it apart.. Make it better or destroy what the 1st man invented..

        I’m not to worried.. I’m the type that woukd use CCTV cameras as aim-shoot targets ..

        • Anything wireless is less than 100% secure.

        • realist
          i couldnt get wifi to work at all in my house and finally figured out that my leapfrog system,which transmitts cable signals to other tv’s, had totally jammed my wifi
          kinda make you think


        sigh … can we start killing these cia nsa fbi dhs traitorous pucks now ???

        how many more zionist fascist jooo banker cia directed false-fags massacres must there be before we all say … ” PUCK IT ! ”

        and TAKE THESE NWO zionist fascist BILDERBOYBUGGERS bankers and their dhs gestapo henchmen down once and for all Free American Patriot Preppers ???

        how many more innocents must suffer and die for the fascist zionist commie jooo run oligarchy war machine of ameriKa/ nato / u.n. ???



        • the truth of ameriKa in syria iran new cia al-cia-duh jooo terrorist war Muslims

          learn the truth of the ameriKan cia israeli mossad controlled al-cia-duh who are raping murdering women and children in syria in the name of freedom=enslavement !!!

          • Do you ever have a day when YOUR INBOX IS FULL of this kind of stuff?

            ~ D

      17. Ahh go ahead and get rid of me, but who are the other 3 other deadbeat families going to rely on for food and money going to do once they kill me?

        seems they have lost sight of who is working and paying their way.

        and if their idea of this country or world is without freedom, than I dont belong here anyways.

        somethings are worse then death

      18. Also, if this is the case, than why arnt the big criminals being brought up on charges?..if they have all this so called “Information”

        • You mean like the awesome criminals at GoldmanSachs, Leahman Brothers, JP Morgan Chase, HSBC, Bank of America, CitiGroup, Royal Bank of Scotland, Bank of England, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Duetsche Bank, and so many other smaller ones. Not to mention entities like Fannie May and Freddie Mac. There is plenty of information and proof that these banking and financial institutions have committed unethical/civil/criminal acts. Yet there seems to be little or no prosecution of the offending parties. Criminals are prosecuted at the will of the prosecutors.

          That said, why would they go after seemingly small offenders? That would undermine the legitimacy of having the system.

          The info being gathered by Trapwire, while perhaps being used to thwart terrorism, may also be used to garner info on everyone. Who decides what is being collected and who is a threat? And who decides how to deal with that perceived threat?
          These are the slippery intrusions of a police state. This is not new, just look at history. Prime example is Pre-World War II/War Germany.

          • ROFL! I just don’t know what’s wrong with you, Angry. Doncha know that we need to know who those people are who save rainwater, sell raw milk, or turn their yard into a vegetable garden. We know who’s funneling trillions of $dollars under-the-radar and they’re not the problem. Sheesh.

            • The team arresting the rain catcher, the team arresting the raw milk vendor, the team destroying the vegetable garden???
              They are just making sure the funding of their jobs is not taken away or decreased..
              See CBO??—we dug up one yard of illegal carrots so that SHOULD justify our Hummers and tanks!!!

          • yup ..exactly..I’ll realize this to be true when I see some real criminals being incarcerated, until than , its a scare tactic to shut us the F up

          • And if you look a bit deeper – Bank of England, World bank, IMF ,Reuters news agency and many others all owned by the Rothchild mafia (worth some 50 trillion if you were wondering where all the money had gone.) This is why money is now useless and valuless. Although I am not religious, the bible notes that Jesus told a man when asked about taxes “give unto Caesar what is Caesars and God what is Gods.” Look for who owns the paper and ink IOU notes in your country we have all been conditioned to value and GIVE THEM BACK – no more problems.

      19. And , why didnt they catch some of the most nefarious types of crimes that recently went down..

      20. Oh man ! now they know it was me that took a crap on the hood of that squad car :/

        • lolololololol!!!!!

          • I know a couple of guys who broke in the cops parking lot, stole the tires off a brand new cop car and left it on blocks. Not real worried about the local cops here.

      21. Mac, you know what this reminds me is from the original Star Trek in which those tiny spacecraft were making a web completely encircling the Enterprise. Can’t remember the episode title. This is what these characters are doing to everyone, adding more and more spy sites to montitor everything, little by little closing the web on everyone and everything possible. Since most people must do some business in some town or city, they can pinpoint any individual and their actions most of the time.

        I have known some people that are so rebellious against this crap of being watched that they will go to one of these cameras and just stare into them for a long time and other people that will act all sorts of strange behaviour to drive them nuts. What good this does is probably none, but it is just their way of flipping off those watching.

        I was actually thinking about this monitoring of everybody last week and I just thought about an EMP from the sun and wondered about just what would happen to all this equipment if it was fried all of a sudden. Their main database of course is protected against EMP, but the power that runs all those cameras and the cameras themsleves are not protected. I imagine that they would just go to Plan B, round up everyone to be tagged.

        This really makes someone angry, as trapwire is the perfect name, find what you can on everyone and save it up for later to trap innocent citizens on something. Is it my imigination or has true evil saturated almost every corner of country?

        • It’s not your imagination, the parasites have perfected the art of infesting and destroying civilizations, after a few thousand years of practice. And yes, they are manifest corrupting, coniving evil.

        • Tholian Web- I have always thought of that episode myself…slowly being entrapped in the police state web, losing freedoms little by little,dismantling our society and way of life, until it’s too late to do anything. Is it any wonder I have a drinking problem!

      22. It’s sad that the only way many of us may ever truly live free again, is to survive a natural disaster that would hopefully destroy all major government facilities on both coast and force all who survive to return to the stone age for a while . . not a dream by any means but certainly better than being the worker bees for the disgustingly sick ruling elite. They are the true occupiers of the trash heap and have deluded themselves for so long, they actually believe their own BS and think THEY know what is best for the rest of us . . so did Lenin, Mao, Hitler and all the so called royalty and rulers who throughout history, somehow thought THEY were entitled to a bigger piece of this beautiful planet.

      23. Some people really get off when they know they’re being watched.

        • And lots of people get off when they know others are being watched.

      24. …Vasquez: “Look, man. I only need to know one thing, where they are.”….(Aliens 1986)…

      25. This is something that is weird and certainly means that something big is going on under the sea:

        10000 square miles is the size of Massacusetts floating around New Zealand. That much ash (pumice) is equal to about 21 cubic miles of ash material. Mt. St. Helens when it erupted was ONLY about 1 cubic mile of ash.

        This means that a pretty good size volcano has gone off or IS going off deep in the ocean along oceanic crusts someone near New Zealand or Antarctica. There is some serious sh^& going on down in the southern hempishere and those bastards that monitor and watch out every move we make, of course are not telling anybody about what they know about what is going on in the southern hempishere under the water and under the crust.

          • Do we know where the pumice came from? I know a volcano, but from where, location wise?

            • We know more complete info about Mars & Okie.

            • @ you don’t need to know. They say it is from here:

              Like all governments I don’t trust what is being said. This seamount is only 440 feet deep, the volume of debris coming from this you would think would have been visible sooner. If and when there is a truly dangerous geological event, I really belief that the governments would not allow anyone to know about it. Independent sources of information would be the way to go here. I have been talkiing about the dangers of New Zealand for months now, especially after that mega strike slip earthquake.

              There was two earthquakes of 6.4 and 6.3 in Iran today and this is definitely the result of the African plate on the move. The African plate affects the Asian plate and helps to sqeeze at the Australian-Indo plate on the west, as the Pacific plate is massively affected by the Asian plate and the Australian plate to the east. The Australian plate is actually being closed together where its north west part will eventually be together with its north east section. The Java trench is between these two section and looks like a catcher’s mitt that closing together. The south eastern section of the Australian plate is actually moving south will someday break apart and be separate like the Philippine plate is now from the Asian and Pacific plate.

              New Zealand has the major plate boundary splits the western part of South island and the very southern portion of North island. It is no wonder why at this point with the plates acting much more aggressively moving that New Zealand is experiencing volcanic activity. I have no idea what is going on very deep below the crust, but something is causing the plates to move much more so, or it could be that pressure has finally reached a peak that it cannot hold it any longer. This activity means that other very locked portions of the worldwide plate system must fail and break. These are areas that are overdue and places that everyone should look for as possible major earthquakes in the following months or sooner:

              San Andreas fault.
              Cascadia fault.
              Kuril Islands.
              Kamachatka Peninsula in eastern Russia.
              New Zealand, especially North Island.
              Caribbean, the eastern portion like Puetro Rico and the Virgin Islands.
              Northern Chile, Southern Peru, Bolivia area.
              Gulf Of Alaksa region.
              Northern India area.
              Eastern Australia.
              Persian Gulf and northern Arabian Sea.

              I did not include the New Madrid fault because the energy and movement seems to at the time being focused slightly away from it, until the San Andreas or the Cascadia fault breaks, then the New Madrid fault will have an opening to move. Almost all faults have other connections to other faults and plates much distance away. The same as a crack in one section of a dam can weaken another part of it on the other side. The crust is interwoven more than most people realize. And you can be sure that those that know about this within the governments are not going to tell the public what they know. They can however spy on us anytime they please.

            • 7.7 earthquake in Sea of Okhotsk which is directly next to the Kamachatka Peninsula which I warned two days ago on August 11 at 10:56 AM that was an area that was overdue for a big earthquake. 7.7 is almost a 8.0. You can tell when you study the earthquakes on a globe, you can tell where the focal points are due for big earthquakes as this proves. Anyone can do this like me.

        • BI: Great observation. 21 times the size of Mt St Helens is serious shit. It must be leaking like a sieve.

          • @ durango kidd. This is quite impressive:

            This thing is 250 nautical miles long and 30 nautical miles, which is about 290 miles long by 35 miles wide. A nautical miles is about 1.15 miles. It takes about 4 hours to drive 290 miles. This is almost the total area of Hawaii. I sure have never heard of anything like this before. I have been watching Mt. Taupo for months now just because it is a super volcano capable of a Yellowstone eruption size. New Zealand is at a triple junction point between the Antarctic plate, Australian-Indo plate, and the Pacific plate. Much stress is hitting that region as 3 volcanoes going off probably indicate this.

            I have always wondered whether it will be the planet itself that throws human civilization the true mega SHTF and then some.

      26. Take a minute and think about some of the comments that are made on this site. How long would it really take to go through the ISP and determine the true identity of the author – possibly a faxed subpoena, sometimes it as easy a phone call. The next step is to obtain your DL picture via the Department of Public Safety. It takes less than 3 minutes to complete this step. Submit you picture and all of that data that has been compiled that nobody actually reads or looks at now comes into play. A computer automatically dedicates itself to comparing your picture to the zillions of bytes of data that has been mined and stored. Once a hit has been established you can now be targeted – meaning every time you show up at location they deemed questionable a bell goes off. They will determine the number of times, but lets say 3 bells equals terrorists. This is far more serious than some might think. Lets say as a result of a comment they start tracking me. I stay at a motel 6, owned by someone other than from this country. That afternoon I stop for gas at a gas station also owned by someone other than from this country. When Homeland Security comes to arrest me for possible terrorist activity I have no defense. The standard for a criminal arrests is substantiated by probable cause. Terrorist activity has no standard, just opinion. This is scary stuff. 1) I made a comment, 2) I bought gas, and 3) stayed in a motel. Now I’m held indefinitely with no recourse… I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m now retired, but I have seen this in action.

        • Mac, you and others truly bring much to the table, your due diligence is outstanding. if it ever comes to that point you’re welcomed at my compound. Nailbender, your assessments are dead on balls accurate, this is how its played out, except this is far from a game. The aquisition of data and the extrapolation of results of that data is a constant, anything we say can and will be used against us, and not necessarily in any court. Any one who opposes, attempt to thwart their agenda is considered a “enemy of the state”. Everyone this thing is “haze grey, and on the way”. With Godspeed, prep even harder, stay even more alert, invisibility is a must.

        • Nailbender–Even worse than that scenario is the fact we know the capability to fabricate documents(hell, check out the fake BC of Odumbo), videos, witnesses even to create criminal offenses and all they do is lock us away.
          That scenario never leaves my conscious thoughts.

      27. I hate this! I don’t do anything illegal, (that I know of anyway) but I should be able to dance naked in my backyard. It’s fenced in so “nobody ” can see me.

        • that might be considered a terrorist activity, or porn, but somehow they will make it illegal

        • JL
          Who says we can’t see you, haven’t you seen the utube video? Just ask’n……?

          • Really I am being sarcastic, as for doing anything illegal I might break the law everyday and not know it. There are so many stupid laws we can’t keep up. Oh it’s illegal to eat pizza a 8 a.m. You can’t wear blue on Tuesday, I don’t think those are real laws but they could be. Fact of the matter is I know TPTB want to control everything. Why can’t I drink a gallon of soda or eat a stick of butter? Because “they ” don’t want me to. I pay cash at the grocery store but I’m sure they check my Kroger card to see what I buy. They want to search my house and redistribute what I have bought. They’re people who need it more then I do, if they can find it.

        • Probably a taxable activity, too…

      28. Stories like this just confirm my thoughts and it’s coming faster than I thought.

        If stuff like this this isn’t exposed and the US turned turned around in the next 5 years, it’ll be too late. The future for you children and anyone under 30 and probably 40 is at some point, every detail on their lives will be accounted for.

        Taking a lunch longer than an hour, your supervisor will know, not spending the required time studying, your teacher will know, had a cheeseburger and not a salad for dinner, whoever is in charge of your healthcare will know.

        I will keep repeating here as I have before, if there’s a trip you want to take or muscle car you always wanted to own; you might want to go for it in the next two years. After this coming worldwide economic crash hits, there is no telling what countries like the US that have the technology and firepower to control its people will do and I think I will be apologizing to today’s young people for letting it happen on my watch.

        • I rather doubt you’ll be worrying about cheeseburgers too much longer…

        • lee your right. nailbender is right too, a lot of good comments on here.

      29. there is a flip side to this story. yes, we are being watched, but “they” are being watched also. more people are waking up everyday, and starting to ask “why”. The scumbags can’t stand attention , and like a fungus among us, they don’t function well in the light of day. Their day in the sun is coming, but not before some dark days ahead for American citizens.

      30. how can a private company monitor so many people and than give the info to tptb free if asked for. that sounds like a terrorist organization to me, or does that mean that we can tap into all the cameras and do the same thing, than we can all sit around and watch eachother and get not a damn thing done……sounds good, lets do it.

      31. The KGB handbook on how to take control of a country goes like this:
        1. Destroy the common beliefs of a group, their religion, faith in themselves, each other, and their system. Infiltrate their media, schools, and political systems. Remove morals.
        2. Destabilize them. Cause riots, economic problems, start physical violence or promote same. Turn them against themselves. Stir up any group that feels disadvantaged, like homosexuals, Unions, people of color, ect. Destroy middle class and small business thru high taxes and regulations.
        3.Replace old system with a Marxist system where the Party contols evrything and everyone. Kill off those who resist and those who helped Marxism gain control, often refered to as “Useful Idiots”. Use the military where need to maintain The Party’s power.

        We are somewhere between #2 and #3. TPTB know what they have planned and have been preparing LONG before Marxism took power in Nov.2008. That is why all the drones and this thing, if it’s real?

        • Its real, and its defeat-able.
          THINK, don’t WHINE, you are AMERICANS.
          Remember what I’ve said before;
          For every problem, there is a solution.
          The solution to the System,
          is to set up another alternative system…
          After November, when the Dark man wins again,
          it should be on all your lips…
          IT is Biblical, to go “into the wilderness on wings of eagles”.. gold eagles, silver eagles, barter eagles…

          Those pol’s who don’t get it, go away.
          Bottom up.

      32. I *was* going to post something… but then I glanced outside my window and noticed on of Obama’s drones monitor me picking my nose. Apparently, boogers are deemed a security threat now.

        • Just be sure you can flip it onto the cam lens.

        • hurry up and eat the evidence

          • For some reason, those fries coming out of the oven aren’t as appetizing as before I read your comment, ncprepper.

        • After dinner snack? YUMMM!

      33. Hey here’s an idea: Why not turn this stuff on Jon Corzine, Goldman Sachs and ACORN?

        Oh, sorry. I forgot. No one ever answered Roman satirist Juvenal, who asked Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will watch the guards (who controls the controllers)?

      34. Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of those self-congratulatory, self-appointed world leaders, wrote in his book, “Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technotronic Era,”  

        “The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities. ”  Apparently, Herr Brzezinski and his self-appointed elite have never considered the words of the Roman satirist Juvenal, who asked Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who will watch the guards (who controls the controllers)?  

        Once you are done, google the “Utah Data Center,” which will detail the new NSA data base that is being built in Utah, then perhaps check out what the NDAA act does. It’s almost as if the Nazis had won WWII.

      35. The more data they acquire, the more the must sift through, until essentially they are overloaded and back to knowing no more than they could without their everywhere spying and super computers.

        Look at the IRS; there are all sorts of requirements for reporting people, and still a huge number of people manage to evade taxes, some having never filed tax returns for years or even decades, since their incomes come from the underworld. They just can’t have the number of employees to so much of any effective enforcement. Do you really think that the anti government underworld will be any more easily controlled than taxpayers?

        I think all this spying is just for show to make people think they are being watched, with the hope that citizens will then toe the line. Sure hasn’t stopped the drug trade, tax evasion, ordinary crime, or occasional act of “domestic terrorism”.

      36. The day when they no longer take cash for flights between airports, we’re in trouble.

      37. Hello folks

        I am sorry once again to post something off the topic.I found this Washington Times article in the internet. Not that we all know about it, but if it is in mainstream media, it should give us concern:

        A friend of mine is a German expat who left for Norway with his family. He said he wanted to get out before things will get bad in his country. He informed me about a similar article in a German newspaper on Germany, where it said that reserve forces of the German Army are now trained for house to house combat on German soil and supporting the police in fighting riots. By German law that is not allowed he said.

        He sent me this article:!99382/

        Copy it and submit it at google translate if you don`t read German.!99382/

        Most of us know that something is going on but if mainstream media picks it up, we have every reason to be concerned. I wouldn`t bet on the 2016 date suggested by the WT but that something will happen earlier. For Europe mid 2013 seems realistic as the German article says they will have their troops in place early 2013. Using cold war speak I think we are well on our way to DEFCON 4.

        All who have not prepared yet, please start to buy some extra food now and think of a plan B. Storing some water, getting some cans of food and buying some camping equipment, seeds and tools is not that expensive.

        Be on alert!

      38. Oops Homer tripped on the plug and their system went down..gotta start over

      39. To me, I smell fear(their fear)..they are seeing that 100’ds of thousands of people are waking up to their crap, and they are attempting to scare us all back into our boxes..too late, not going to happen, and if and when they take it to the next level ..well they better wake up to the hell they will have brought upon themselfs

      40. It’s apart of the beast system. If anti-christ is going to deceive the whole world, then he needs to know everything about everyone to make it look like he’s god. You know (all knowing) well I truly believe these so-called super computers and monitors and for that specific (person) that will be coming on the scene shortly. Prepare hour hearts and minds for the fulfillment of the son of perdition and put your full trust in Jesus Christ. He will be the only One that can save of us from all these things ahead.

      41. Fuck em!

      42. Was brought up the other day about where the next earthquake was going to hit..well here it is

        Powerful earthquake strikes northwestern Iran
        Reuters – 7 mins ago.

      43. I don’t see why people are getting so worked up about this information gathering by the government. They have been doing it for years and they have at thier disposal many banks of information, which by drummed up warrents can confiscate. Every survey, credit card application, drivers licence, insurance, and tax return leave some permanant foot print of our lives. Although the newly monitoring of electronic mail and phone messages gives them an up to date picture, they already have the information to draw a conclusion of who they consider hostile to thier plan. We complain of the use of drones but everyday we are survieled by hundreds of cameras.
        Let there be no doubt that with the super computers of the day, the time is compressed as to when they have compiled a vast amount of information on everyone and for TPTB to enact Draconion Laws.
        With the militization of our police force. The advances in non lethal forms of crowd control and the military exercises in major cities, just who do they expect to use this combined force to subdue?
        If, as I have read, that it is a mathemactical certainty that a financial collaspe will occur, it would behove them to collect as much information before an internet shut down. Either by presidential decree or a false flag EMP. Cutting communication would be my first act to remove any organization of counter attack. Just how well are we organised now? Who will direct operations? The NRA. Charlton Heston’s Ghost? Glen Beck? And while we try to fight tyranical actions against us, will we not have to fight off millions of unprepared? Is there been any information gathering by us as to who is the enemy? Who are WALL Street. Who are the Bankers? Who are The Powers That Be?
        We are 50 million gun owners with no head. Fractured!
        Trapwire is the means to identify and defeat any capability to organize. Would a military commander rise to the occasion?
        I would rather be thinking of more pleasant things but the government has gave me reason to think this way.

        • You do not need ‘leaders’, only coordination.
          The Net will not fall, they need it to implement the Mark that comes after the Dollar… this electronic currency will also have to have ‘money’ accounts, price controls, inventory controls, black market controls, etc. This cannot be done without the net.

          STEGO, and mail lists, will get you off the web…

          But, there is no Liberty Movement, there is only a herd of cats, easily divided by the sweet words on the tongue that grow bitter in the belly.

          • @ Piper Michael

            I’m somewhat confused. No Leaders? No George Washington, Douglas McAurthor, Winston Churchill. No single voice to rally around. No direction to coordination. No Flag or slogans.
            As you said, there is no Liberty Movement. Just a herd of cats. And I do agree.

      44. For every problem, there is a solution, if you use what God gave you. YOU are the HAND of JUSTICE, not gubmint.
        22 LR, just outside view area, face obscured.
        start shooting camera lenses.
        problem solved.
        Camera’s are being destroyed in the UK…
        we think they are sheep?
        they got nuthin on us.

        For secure unbreakable communication, with an innocuous feel… can you say STEGO.

        Drones? Fill the air with balloons, that have long wires attached…

        Above all, THINK don’t COMPLAIN.
        and if you have God, Have no fear.
        and if you don’t, too bad.


        “The ruling establishment sees little danger in violent uprising. What they fear most is the turning of public opinion against their legitimacy. They fear losing consent above all things because soon after, their lordship must come to an end. Support among the people is what keeps tyranny alive; not a violent clenching down upon personal freedom.”

        the money quote

        “What they fear most is the turning of public opinion against their legitimacy”

        and the government is losing its legitimacy to rule
        because of its growing corruption

        • Ridicule. If every time one of these a-holes shows up and starts to speak and the audience starts to laugh and yell bullshit it will destroy them. I honestly believe that the office of president is something we can no longer afford.

      46. I’m a Traffic Signal Tech. Those what you call little cameras on Traffic Signals are not. They are EVP Emergency Vehicls Preempt pick-ups. All it does is send a signal to the controller to preempt the signal for emergency vehicles to get a green light. They ARE not in anyway cameras. Now if you see a larger looking camera it is sometimes for vehicle video detection for vehicle actuation to operate the signal. The camera looking devices that are more round looking are cameras.

      47. .
        Iran earthquakes kill 87 people in the northwest
        Reuters – 11 mins ago.

        • Up to 180 dead now, latest report over 1300 injured

      48. Mac, I know you usually chill on the weekends, in regards to web articles, however, if you read this, please put up an article on the selection of Paul Ryan as VP running mate. I think this has huge potential economic benefits for our country. I like to read other people’s opinions on this.

        • Paul Ryan was certainly my choice for VP-I am very excited about Romney’s pick.

          • lil bit,

            Paul Ryan was the brave pick for VP. Romney did not cave in, for that I give him much credit. Ryan is a knight in shining armor, Dudley Do right, I hope he can survive the onslaught that is coming his way. Something tells me he will. A tiny light at the end of the tunnel.

            • you gotta be kiddin me right?This guy is a bought and paid for hack like the rest.Voted “YES” to NDAA and a pro
              a neo con.


          Paul Ryan takes apart Obama and Obamacare in under 6 minutes.
          Add www. for a great display of showmanship..but can he be bought??

        • They should of had this zeal when they gave up their guns.

      49. If NOTHING TO HIDE then NOTHING to fear!

        • tell that to the East Germans living under the Stasi

          or the Russian people during the time of Stalin
          Solzhenitsyn may have a different opinion

          or how about the Cambodians under Pol Pot
          under whose regime being educated or wearing glasses
          was enough to get you arrested and tortured to death

        • Do you walk around Naked Kev?….Why not? what ya got to hide?

      50. Drug traffickers will always have an upper hand on the government. They have a dedicated leader who kill for the inability to follow through with an assignment. If they are challenged they will remove that obstacle at whatever the costs – punishment is always quick and decisive. They don’t blog about it – they act or they cease to exist. What we now consider a scourge on society; we will have to become. When the SHTF we will have to be who we never thought we could. The safety of your core group is the primary concern, and nothing, but nothing can come between you and your objective. You will have to respond as if your life depends on it, because it does. Start mentally preparing now. I didn’t say act, but mentally prepare. As you drive down the street look for means of escape, defensive positions if you have to abandoned your car. Look at other motorists and pedestrians as potential threats. Mentally challenge yourself to run through these scenarios as you make your way to work, school etc. Wake up each day and ask yourself if you are mentally prepared to take a life, and go to bed each night thanking God you didn’t have to. If you wait until the situation arises, second thoughts could cost you your life. There is more to storing preps to being prepared. Mental preparation is just as important if not more so. Practice drawing your weapon while seated in your car with the seat belt on if that is how you drive. You can know in advance how you are likely going to respond by preparing mentally and training. Improve on your accuracy by grabbing high on the backstrap of your sidearm while drawing from your holster. Once out of the holster try pushing your weapon out with your dominant hand while pulling back against your dominant hand with your weak hand; it makes for an excellent foundation to shoot from. I like a 60/40 split. I hate drug dealers, but before I will be led like a lamb to slaughter I am mentally prepared to make them look like little bitches. If this site is being monitored, know that we are not just bitching, we are preparing. To maintain a tactical advantage we will come for you before you come for us and hell is riding with us. This is not a threat, this is our right per the Constitution of the United States of America. The same Constitution that so many of my brothers and sister have already fought and died for. I will not, nor will they let their deaths be in vain. I pray the day will never come, but I’m training as if it’s tomorrow and I challenge you to reconsider your actions before you unleash a hell like you can’t even imagine. Darkness can not exists in light and we are carrying the torches of those that have fought and died on our behalf for more than 200 years. So monitor, extrapolate, and file that you sons of bitches!

      51. Paul Ryan voted for the NDAA and is a nice fit for neo con mentality.Bought and paid for.I thought we were passed Red Team/Blue Team outlook.Both are the same.

      52. This article high-lights the need to “deploy surveillance counter-measures”, so to speak, which is why I wrote the only Anti-Tracking, Anti-Surveillance Web Browser as a free service to freedom and privacy lovers. Read about and download this free software here. Go “underground” with this new internet tool.

      53. The surveillance system was not created to surveil us common citizens, it was made to surveil congressmen and other people in power. Anybody remember the past rash of senators, governors, etc…that got prosecuted for things nobody should’ve known about? Heidi fleise(sp?) anyone?

        Come on guys—several ‘inside traders’, some supposedly private conversations outed? TPTB have used their surveillance system to ensure the items they want get voted into law… it’s called BLACKMAIL, and it’s been going on for years.

        I bet we can all think of at least one piece of legislation that should never have been passed—but it did. If they can’t blackmail them, they arrange ‘early retirements’ for them…and every member on capital hill knows it.

        This is how we got where we are…our lawmakers have been blackmailed into voting for what they’re told to vote for. Think about it, you’ll see I may be right.

        • @
          I think you are partially right. Saying ” the surveillance system was not created to surveil us common citizens…” just doesn’t fit into the reasoning. I will tell you about how “anything” about you “can” and “WILL” be used against you.

          In the early eighties, the drug and party scene was kickin into “high” gear in our country. In my neck of the woods, the younger generation say 15 to 35 was really doing a lot of pot smoking. There was a lot of it imported and a “lot” of it grown locally. Cocaine was a major part also.

          Here is how the “authorities” got their info or intel on everyone they could find. It started with a/the “list”. People they knew were involved in dealing/growing got the top of the list and as names “popped” up others were added. Anyone young that fit into their criteria was threatened into their long list of “informants” and was let go of charges so they could infilterate the party crowd and find out who people were and anything they could to report back to authorities.

          If you were at a party and the “informants” got your name, you were put on the list; sometimes just for being present ,even if you didn’t partake of anything. As people were busted/died/searched/jailed/etc. they were removed from the “list” and names moved up for priority. More info was gathered on persons as they moved up the list and that info was used to bust/search or get that person to become an informant on others. If your name popped up and you were one of the “insiders” and $$ was changing hands on the inside that could directly be linked to you; Your name never made it on the list or it was removed.

          It is the same way but on a different level. They want to know who is on their “inside” list and who is outside/against them. Whoever is making the bigger waves against them and their system will be “prioritized” and have more surveillance put towards them. No class of people are exempt from their/TPTB scrutiny.

        • I’ve been saying this for a long time..but sixpack, now with technology and photoshop, they can fabricate evidence that no one but the experts can tell is fake.
          We’re screwed.
          Did they get to all the congress critters when presented with the cold hard facts of the ineligibility of the fraud??
          I think it goes deeper than bombs located all across our nation, that type of espionage.
          Laugh all you want, but 5 years ago you would have laughed at Obamacare and NDAA being justified by the Supremes.

      54. As I have recommended many, many times, read ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC, a three volume novel that depicts it eerily well.

      55. Dont those cameras look like ducks?…gee I havent target practiced in a while..lets practice..probably not good eating for dinner..

      56. Even Facebook has been co-opted by Big Brother. Why do you think Zuckerberg sold out to the stock market….it was so the government could get control of it and use it. People’s personal information is out there and what better of a file could the government have other than all of your friends, family, classmates, etc. because when they come for you they will now have a list of everyone in your support network and they will be watching them for signs of you. They will know your hobbys and favorite past times and will know your favorite hanouts etc. Congratulations you just flunked your first Op Sec assignment if you’re on this thing!

      57. Not only are they actively recording and monitoring the FBI with local police support are breaking into folks homes in Washington State and Oregon for OWS participation regardless of what their individual participation was. They are using the excuse of “they may have committed a crime while protesting”.

        Be safe out there and use common sense.

        • Patriot Act lets them do that. Personally I believe the OWS people are morons but this going into homes is no different than a criminal act.

      58. If those lowly Afgan fighters can IED everything and keep our forces tied up all over that godforsaken country I don’t think we’ll have much of a problem here dealing with illegal actions by the govt. I just don’t think its going to happen…too many people whom of whick many are trained to resist.

      59. Well I guess those who were hiding something or had done wrong are the ones who must be scared of this nationwide trapwire surveillance. In my opinion, it is beneficial to most of us. It is a form of nationwide security.

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