Confirmed: Authorities LIED About Las Vegas Shooter’s Hotel Check-In Date – What Else Are They Hiding?

by | Oct 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 99 comments

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    Over the last few days the alternative media has spent countless hours conducting their own investigations into what actually happened during the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left 59 dead and over 500 injured. From reports of multiple shooters to officials seemingly covering up the ISIS connection, many different theories have been put forth that counter the mainstream narrative.

    Now, new information released by investigative reporter Laura Loomer proves that authorities have directly lied to the American people about the case at least once by claiming that supposed shooter Stephen Paddock checked into the Mandalay Bay Hotel on September 28th when valet records (with photos) prove he actually arrived three days earlier.

    According to Loomer, she obtained the image from a source which shows that Paddock’s car first arrived September 25th. The photo even has a handwritten note that was reportedly written by an FBI agent – proving that the FBI specifically lied to the country.

    The picture “proves FBI misled public about #StephenPaddock’s check in date,” Loomer Tweeted.

    Shockingly, another Tweet by Loomer also revealed that the license plate numbers given out by police after the horrific shooting DO NOT match the actual license plate of Paddock’s vehicle.

    That’s right, photographic evidence from inside the hotel parking garage has confirmed that the FBI, along with state and local police, specifically lied about key details of the shooting. This throws their entire narrative into question and makes one wonder what else is being hidden from the public?

    Keep in mind that at least four videos from the scene of the shooting have already been released that indicate there were multiple shooters. In fact, there are so many unanswered questions that the Drudge Report even linked to an article asking them directly.

    As noted above, at this point literally every piece of so-called evidence put forth by authorities and then regurgitated by the mainstream media cannot be trusted and should be considered as disinformation until proven otherwise.

    And if Paddock really did act alone and this evidence is some sort of mistake, there is surely video footage proving so.

    It is also important to note that Paddock’s brother Eric has conducted a series of bizarre interviews that have led to even more questions about what actually happened in Las Vegas and what Paddock’s role was in the worst mass shooting in American history.


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      1. So what is new ??? YOU are on your own to see through the lies and disinformation.

        HEADS UP FOLKS !

        • Yup,, same old same old

          • Can’t trust a fucking thing the govt. says. In my mind it’s yet another attack on the 2nd Amendment and us. Come and get our guns.

            • I have decided not to renew my NRA membership. They REQUESTED a review of the bump fire stocks. TOTAL BETRAYAL.

              The NRA is selling out just like everybody else.

              F. Them.

              • JS, agreed about NRA. I’m glad to see you wake up to the truth about NRA. They’ve NEVER been true 2A champions. They’re at least partially responsible for all the gun control laws we have now.

              • to be fair they have always been a little wishy washy GOA has always been immovable

              • How do you know that this is exactly what the gun control freaks want you to do. The message is controlled by the MSM.

        • “MGM Resorts International (owners of Mandalay Bay Hotel) (NYSE:MGM) CEO James Murren sold 294,150 shares of the stock in a transaction on Friday, September 8th. The shares were sold at an average price of $34.08, for a total transaction of $10,024,632.00.”… Just a strange co-incidence…like all the others around this case.

          They rely on the fact that half of the people will buy the official narrative without question. YouTube is removing videos linked to this case, that question the narrative. The agenda will press forward, regardless of whether the truth gets out.

          • When the truth does get out it is immediately dismissed as a conspiracy theory.

      2. The Federal Bureau of Entrapment. What to expect from an agency given too much power with too little oversight. Well I guess that didn’t work. Too many swamp critters. The good ones in the FBI had better stand up soon for their own well being. We are catching you in real time now. Time to choose sides.

        • They wont, too worried about upsetting their nice little lives…..

          • NB, no shit. There is an FBI couple I know of and that fat bastard is getting 95K a year in retirement! His fat assed wife will retire soon with a comparable sum. Fuckin’ idiots befriend these whores and party with them? I won’t give them the time of day and avoid any contact with them. People are soooo stupid, they think oh they are just people like the rest of us. BULLSHIT!

            • Exactly, bullshit, and then theres the ones who throw the ast like they are such good people,,, so good something smells rotten

            • I have a very close friend, now retired very senior Illinois State trooper. He had to VERY often interface with the FBI, and despised them. I am sure there are a lot of good FBI folks out there, no doubt, but just telling you what he told me. He is very even minded, so this is very disturbing….

            • Genius, agreed about FBI. Government people are TOTALLY DIFFERENT from everyone else. They think they’re better than we the people. They have the same anti-public mindset as law enforcement. Never trust govt. people.

      3. Sounds like Hillary and her FBI counterparts are back in business with throwing shit balls at Trump. They want this to go down as the Vegas Benghazi on Trumps watch. The wicked biatch couldn’t get the results she wanted at the kiddie Massacre in Sandy Hook on Bamster’s watch. So she (still feeling the sting of having her ass handed to her in the election) used her muscle and money to come up with this massacre. This is just her way (along with her minions in the alphabet organizations, to upend Trump and call for Americans firearms to be turned in and leave us completely helpless.

        • She was schlonged a good one. But not good enough.

      4. Vegas Shooter Investigators “Puzzled”, Believe He Was Not Alone For Two Reasons

        “Investigators are “puzzled” by two discoveries: first a charger was found that does not match any of the cellphones that belonged to gunman Stephen Paddock.

        Second, garage records show that during a period when Paddock’s car left the hotel garage, one of his key cards was used to get into his room.”

        ht tp://

      5. Shooter voted for Obama and Sanders.

      6. You don’t have to be a registered guest to use valet parking. All it takes is $$$.

      7. Las Vegas Shooter Made ISIS Tape According To Former Trump Campaign Official

        “There should be a statement on motive soon”

        ht tp://

      8. Can anyone remember when the governments official story was 100% accurate without a spin in the narrative at best and completely bogus at worst? Seriously, from economic data, foreign affairs, assuming the incident even occurred, the response is ostensible at best.

        George Carlin nailed it on the head:

        h ttps://

        • To paraphrase Mary McCarthy:

          Their every word is a lie, even ‘a’ and ‘the.'”

          • It depends on what your meaning of “is” is.
            Bill Clinton

          • Can’t trust them to the mailbox and back.
            I don’t believe them when they say “hello”!

      9. Looks like their going after North Korea after this event as they went after Iraq after 9-11


        multiple shooters at multiple hotels and multiple shooters on stage. the witnesses are getting the truth out. see j9im9st9one dot i9s (remove the “9”‘s

      11. why are my comments getting blocked?

      12. multiple shooters at multiple hotels and on stage:

        jim##stone dot is remove “##”

      13. Yes, and why was the license plate on Paddock’s Chrysler and the other one in the parking lot registered to him also? Did he have two cars there? There were witnesses that reported his car being driven away immediately after the shooting? Where are those witnesses? Where are the tapes of the hallway to Paddock’s room? If there were two cars there how Paddock get them both there?
        Was the CAB driver shooting? What does he know?
        Several witness said there were shooters on the ground in the parking lot?

        Is the FBI trying to pull something?
        Sounds like a communist operation to kill our second amendment…or the whole Constitution.
        We need to know if Obozo, Hitlery, $ore..ass, etc., leftwing radical nut jobs have been investigated thoroughly, before we pass any laws they are promoting.

      14. multiple shooters at multiple hotels. multiple shooters on stage. see jim##stone dot is (remove “##”)

      15. Video just goes to show that mental illness runs throughout this family!

        • So that makes him a perfect patsy?

          • Active alcoholic.


      17. Best line I have heard yet…..”.criminals will obey laws like politicians
        will always tell the truth”……

        I wonder what ISIS, Ahabs, CIA etc. has promised our liberal organizers
        Obozo, Hitlery, $ore..ass, and many others, to overthrow our government?

      18. I thought the official story of Sandyhook and Boston Matathon were already proven to be false flags where nobody died. Sandy hook crisis actors sign in required, school closed years earlier for asbestos contamination, account appeared on Internet before that event happened, child supposed victims seen later, families compensated richly to remain quiet. In Boston crisis actors also employed, shelter in place and other discrepancies. In Vegas big kill numbers, wrap up the official story quickly with media. On 9-11 the goal was high enough dead to shock people, war on terror and surveillance state imposed. All false flags and more to come. Our government murders its own people with no regard to advance the NWO.

        • aljamo, The Sandy Hook families that were well compensated to remain quiet were also against civilians owning guns; they want gun control or all guns banned. That’s why they had no problem going along with this, and felt no guilt or remorse about going along with this hoax and forever keeping quiet about it. They are so against gun ownership they probably would have done it without the compensation they all received.

        • aljamo, yep. PROVEN false flags! But don’t tell the braindead moronic masses, if it wasn’t on CNN it never happened and if it was, it did happen the way they were told. My hatred of humanity grows by the day…

      19. Ads on Craigslist in California for crisis actors preceding Vegas shooting. 15-20 dollars an hour, same thing happened in Orlando. The pattern is evident. I don’t think the perps really care what looks fishy while holding absolute power.

        • This REALLY HAPPENED! I have friends in Vegas with relatives that were shot. It’s not a total fake like Sandy hook. Shot by who though? Not by the dumb fook they claim but deep state op’s. It’s obvious to anyone with an IQ over 50….

          • No one is doubting the shooting happened in Vegas; just the story behind it.
            There are victims in Vegas…but not at Sandy Hook. All liars and actors; families that can’t be found now and if you search for them, you can be sent to jail??
            What’s wrong with this picture??

      20. I still have not seen a list of the guns and the accessories that were in that room.
        Nor have I seen a “brass” count and types of “brass”.
        How much ammo was left over?
        Why did the asshole stop shooting
        after eleven minutes, if he had plenty
        of ammo?

        • Stopped shooting because that stupid ass bump stock rattles your ass pretty quick,

          • The bump stock shit is just another BS story IMO.

            • Agreed,
              Have friends who have one or two, they are a gimmik, most of these guys have gotten fairly proficient with them, but they are in no way an accuracy platform nor a smooth rolling platform. The only guy i know who is real good with it is a big dude, and i dont mean fat i mean 6′ tall 200# of muscle, so sure he can run that thing, but at the most he will run 4 mags and stop, not for lack of desire but because it smokes your rifle, even mil spec isnt made to sustain that fire, a SAW, sure, thats what its for, but certainly not an off the shelf AR

      21. IF this LV shooting was a hoax and didn’t happen (and I’m not necessarily saying it didn’t) there’s no way Trump didn’t know about it and wasn’t in on it. No way.

        I posted about 10 or so threads ago about why Trump doesn’t want us to have guns, statements he made openly in the 90’s on Howard Sterns’ radio show regarding gun control. So he would have surely been in on this. IF this event were a hoax it would not have been carried out without his knowledge.

        Trump always has to get his way in spite of what others want, in spite of what the majority wants, and in spite of what’s best for most or all. ALWAYS has to get his way, even at the expense of others. If this LV event was a hoax I could see why he would have went along with it because he could just use it to emphasize that guns are dangerous and why they should not be in the hands of civilians.

        I know one thing for sure, I am not giving up mine.

        Trump has always had bodyguards and elaborate, sophisticated security systems. He’s had a personal driver/chaueffer most of his life too. FACT: He has never needed to own a gun or carry AND he doesn’t relate to anything outside of his world.

        There’s also a website for general topics/info and it is not specifically a political website, but members on there were saying that they saw ads for “actors needed in LV” two weeks before the shooting. So it’s not only Yahoo and Craigslist where these ads were posted.

        In any case don’t believe Trump wants Americans who are responsible adults and also emotionally stable to have guns. He doesn’t. He feels that even those who are not mental could snap at any time. He doesn’t want an armed populace and in the 90’s even talked about this openly on the air to a NYC METRO area audience of millions.

        • Anonymous, I’ve learned my lesson about Trump already. If he becomes another ‘great gun salesman’ like Clinton and Obama then civil war 2 is not a question of if but when. I have the feeling gun dealers’ business is about to go back up.

      22. Was it a lie or did someone accidently transpose a 1 for a 7? Some people’s write 1s lime 7s.

      23. Last night, On Clyde Lewis Ground Zero show, he had a caller on, who provided morsels of information about Vegas, that got his show shut down for a short time. Clyde said the caller was making him nervous. The title of Clydes show last night was something to the effect of ‘What happens in Vegas, remains Silent in Vegas. You couldn’t pay me to visit there.

      24. Clyde also viewed pictures of the guns in the room, and the bad guys dead body. Clyde said the bad guys face/ eyes looked strange.

      25. Why were the police congregated down the street at the Tropicana just before the shooting
        started? Was there a disturbance there or were they waiting for ‘the’ call? What did they know?
        So many things look suspicious.
        I saw a photo of Paddock, supposedly he shot himself in the mouth, blood, brains, bullets… eyes open….just like we see in the war “movies”. Now, after all this….did he get up and leave like in the movies?
        Where did they take his body?

      26. Jeff Rense has the photos of the crime scene with almost NO SPENT SHELL CASINGS. Also issues with the body, the gun placement, blood patterns, etc.

        STAGED SCENE, folks.

        • If they are going to stage it, why do such a crappy job?

      27. It’s obvious the FBI is lying and withholding.

        The FBI does this when they are looking for an accomplice or they want to politically spin the story. There are many strong rumors this guy was a recent convert to radical Islam, and even left a suicide video to that effect. A story the FBI has never been coumfortable with since they are Globalist central often working with Islamists. The other is they are looking for accomplices, and don’t want to tip their hand.

        If reality turns out to be a big story the FBI are just trying to spin, the longer the FBI delays, the more complicit they look.

        The American people are looking for a slot in the bookcase to file this nightmare, so they can have piece of mind, and move on. It’s interesting it has dragged out so long. If it turns out to just be spin, it’s a frightening indicator of how deep the swamp still is at the FBI.

        • FBI is full of obummer holdovers and appointees, they are also a buncha lyin motherfookers, all the obutthole holdovers from the rest of the federal cesspool also dont want negative press for their favorite religion of pieces,
          Its all a buncha bullshit

      28. We’d like to think the FEDs are putting out this story so the accompless’s think their home free and get sloppy? But some large event is nesesary to erase the debt? Seems only a matter of the day and hour?

      29. This whole thing makes no sense, there is no motive, the guy made 5Million Dollars in 2015 sup[supposedly on gambling, why in the world would he want to do this?

        Lets say he went insane and lost it…. then he sure spent a lot time planning this… A LOT OF TIME AND EFFORT…

        When if he did just go insane and wanted to kill as many people as possible (he had a pilot licensee and access to two planes) it does not take much imagination to see he could have killed more.

        So if killing maximum people was not the motive…what was?

        What was the $100,000 sent to the Philippines all about?
        Was he an arms dealer?
        Does the House of Saud own the top 5 floors of Mandalay Bay operating it as a 4 Seasons hotel?

        Why not release footage of him carrying bag after bags of guns in to the hotel and up to his room? Vegas has more cameras on more faces than anywhere on Earth.

        When nothing makes sense follow the money.

        Who will make money on this?

        Who will do the sales/installs of all of the new metal detectors and airport like security systems they will want to install EVERYWHERE!

        Or is this juts another set up sham to disarm the people of the United States as they have been doing and escalating for 20-30 years.

        There is nothing they would like more than to disarm the best equipped, most well armed citizenry in the world.

        Never in the history of this planet has a country been more less likely to be successfully invaded than the United States is today… and “they” hate that.

        For 5000 years all bad guys have done is invade other peoples land and take over… from Genghis Khan to Hitler invaders have rolled in and conquered pussyass unequipped populaces who laid down and rolled over as they ran up the white flag.

        NO ONE CAN DO THAT TO THE UNITED STATES TODAY! I dare them to try. Not only do we have great armies… we regular people have more than enough guns and bullets to hold back and/or decimate any invaders. They would be better off nuking us… because a ground invasion/occupation AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!



        Hell yes they want to take our guns, they know if they do that then we are sheeple… but as it is??? NO WAY!!


        God bless the people of our country who have spent our own money arming ourselves to the hilt to protect our country!!! Armed to protect what is ours!!!

        This thing is Vegas is a lie…
        it makes no sense… there is something else going on

        • That Guy,
          Anyone that takes the house for five million at video poker will be blacklisted as a cheater. A place like Las Vegas doesn’t lose that much unnoticed.

          I have an in law that loves Vegas and goes regularly, he’s read multiple books on poker and does well, but still loses in the long run. He does his best when playing a table and takes money from drunks. We went with him one year and he taught us how to play the long game on video poker. We can go to a show, come back and play for 40 minutes on twenty bucks, as we put away the free drinks. In the long run we still lose, but with cash drinks at the bar going for $15 or $20 each we drank $90 worth for $20, and had fun playing the games.

          Vegas is the best place in America to launder money. You collect a payoff in casino chips from an illegal source, gamble some away and cash in the rest in calling it winnings, pay your tax and you are clean.

          This guy may have been into some stuff the government can’t afford Americans to know about.

          • Chertoff will profit big time from this shit. So will the PTB with gun control, so will every police state corporation.

            • > Chertoff will profit big time from this shit.

              How that guy is allowed to keep doing this is a… a… there is not a proper word for how rigged it is.

              That (supposed ) underwear bomber incident changed flying and made him a zillionaire…. this Vegas incident will do the same.

              Follow the money, it leads to the truth.

          • Agreed on the 5Million he supposedly made.

            5 million gambling? my balls the casinos would let him do that…. but if (can believe this?) he paid taxes on 5 Million, that is making some cash some how/some way and it does not exactly fit the mass murderer profile.

            Something is way off on this deal. I believe people people died, I just do not believe the official story being told, it makes no sense. He had easier better ways to kill more people if that is what he really wanted to do. He was a pilot and had access to two planes.

            I wont go off the deep end repeating the various theories, but they make more sense than what the official story is.

            I honestly do not know how people “on the inside” can live with themselves. 59 innocent partying happy-go-lucky dancing music fans were murdered, how can the people “who know” think that is OK? How can the insiders look away and be OK with that?

            This is rotten. It stinks and taking away everyone guns is not going to fix what the real problem is.

            The news networks talking heads and late night talk show goofballs spouting their crap makes me SICK!!! They are not even smart enough to know they are shills.

            This whole situation and distrusting the people in charge makes me sick.

            I wish I could believe it was just one nutjob, but that simply does not make sense. It is obvious they are hiding things and that is sickening.

            • he didn’t pay taxes on winning 5 million dollars. ALL Gamblers know that winnings are offset by LOSINGS… better do it too, be able to prove you lost it all by yearend when the bill comes due….collect lottery tickets, casino receits, and such, to prove you lost it all, the same year you won, and no tax due. NOBODY that “Gambles for a living” pays taxes.

              • and if he really DID pay…..WHY? nobody wins,gambling long-term, unless you’re the house.

        • “a ground invasion/occupation AINT GONNA HAPPEN!!!”

          It is already happening. Check out how many Muslims are in positions of authority in America, and how many brainwashed Muslim zombies they have supporting them, and how many brainwashed Lefty zombies they have stamping on your ability to challenge them. Try pointing your gun at a swarm of locusts and see how many you manage to stop.

      30. The authorities lied? Rev. 2:9 ,3:9. John 8:44 . Read it and realize our situation.

      31. WTF is really going on? I cannot believe the shit going on with this nation…

        • Were you born yesterday?

      32. The guy was a government arms dealer and it just went bad. This totally explains 23 of the same weapon in his room. Was the shooters antics or isis, remains to be seen. But his aircraft was in Virginia and another owned by a DOD with the same tail number. Enough evidence for me. Then the idea he wanted to escape with his vehicle loaded with explosives, ha (sarcastic) let me blowup my car so I can escape on foot. LOL

      33. It was on the main stream news that Steven Paddock was a “professional” gambler and claimed winnings on his 1040 form of 5 million dollars last year. Gambling winnings are the one place to launder money still available to the common person unless of course its done both too much ($5 million) and too often (unless your Uncle Sam is intentionally looking the other way).

        The more that comes out the more things don’t add up. Five million in gambling winnings GTFOOH.

        • Exactly my thoughts while reading this thread. Say he was a gun runner, getting paid to supply guns to whoever, for whatever reason – how do you explain all the money you made?
          Just claim it as gambling winnings !!!!!

          I guess the same goes for drug dealers !!!!
          Sure, you have to pay taxes on it, but then it is “clean” money. AND – the government is HAPPY to get the tax money, so they don’t care (look the other way on purpose?)

          • Dealing with seven figures as they say, “That ain’t peanuts”. The only way your laundering that kind of money is with the permission of Uncle Sam. That opens up the who / why of gun running. Now you get your gun runner to get a room. He believes its for business. They kill him, commit the multiple murders and flee. One thing I’m puzzled by. These casino hotels have video cameras everywhere. There should be a 100% coverage of his and anyones whereabouts entering and leaving that room. The lack of reported evidence is evidence to me that something is very wrong here.

      34. I posted the other night that I thought that the law enforcement at the hotel should have gone into the hallway and opened fire into the room through the 2 sheets of sheet rock that seperated them from the shooter. The rounds fired would not be deadly outside of the 32nd. floor. I was immediatly jumped on by another poster, Marcus I believe, who informed me that I was an idiot and that there could be a hostage or hostages. Instead, they knew where the shooter was for over an hour and waited to blow the door. In reading this web site I believe that there are some of you who could have done a lot more damage in that time than Paddock. A whole room full of hostages would seem to me to be acceptable compared to what toll he could have taken. Hostages would have hit the floor, shooters probably not. Please explain how my thinking is flawed to want to end the shooting much sooner.. Thank You

        • There are rules of engagement that prevent police from blindly shooting through walls, as well as liability issues and practical issues.

          That said we don’t know the construction of this building. Many of the walls may have been concrete. Would police risk bullets ricocheting back at them?

          The Sheetrock used in high rises is different than what is in homes. It’s more like concrete board. For fire resistance it is often several layers thick, as in bullets just won’t go through it reliably.

          Not knowing if you’d even be close to the bad guy, would you burn up all your limited ammo using it In place of a power saw, or taking random shots at an unseen enemy? Are their power lines in the wall that will get people electrocuted? Myth busters did a test to see if you could cut a round hole in a single sheet of plywood to escape like Bruce Willis did in the movie “Fifth Eliment”. It didn’t work.

          One reason they delayed getting in is because gunfire from the room had stopped. An extra point, police are trained in a potential terror attack to expect the bad guy to boobietrap their rooms.

          • good post, plan!

        • anon…ptpo is right in his expln…le gets enough bad publicity and yes there are a lot that deserve it…you are right that it took way too long in locating the firing position…there are many things that are not right with this situation and all we can hope for is that sooner or later someone will speak up…you have a right to be upset with how this was handled…what you are thinking would have worked thus it is not flawed but the aftermath would be impossible to deal with.

      35. 100th anniversary of their beloved Red October Bolshevik Revolution and 300 Million guns in the hands of Americans???


        False flag immediately! Actually kill red necks! Panic so much leftists get busted.


        USA is NOT 1917 Russia and may well NOT fall to the same tactics.

      36. Explain why the “blown door” had no damage…. Oh ya when they said blow the door they wrapped their lips around it and sucked it open just like they do with their masters greasy member….

      37. I wonder if he left a note indicating it is time to start killing republicans, Trump supporters and everyone else not supportive of Antifa? That would certainly cause the FBI to not release the contents of the note.

      38. Is is odd that the shooter left no manifesto…..Usually people who do this kind of thing have some reason for doing so, even if the reason sounds insane. Was he programmed to do this, seems very well planned out.

      39. 5 million in gambling winnings? if it sounds too good to be true? My guess he made his money illegally and got to big for his britches orIt wasn’t his money and he became a liability for those who actually owned the money & where using him to launder their Illegal money. It appears He was desperate and planned to flee the country. He possibly was dead before the shooting started. Because dead men tell no tales. A set up just like 911 sandy hook and the Oklahoma bombing.Like Mc Veigh He wasn’t the mastermind he was a patsy. And I wouldn’t believe any motive tape that appears such things are easily faked.

      40. We are programed to accept the ILLUSION.
        Once you wake up, and see the reality it’s a HORROR SHOW.
        Live, and in living color 🙂

      41. Eerie Predictions in Vegas… Cui Bono?

        Insolvency is when an organization, or individual, can no longer meet its financial obligations with its lender or lenders as debts become due.


      42. Off topic, but tired of just complaining? I just called Southwest Airlines and told them if the below is true, I will never fly them again:

        Charlene Carter of Aurora, Colo., filed suit against the company and union in a Texas federal court. She said her employment was terminated after she expressed her religious beliefs regarding abortion in Facebook posts and messages to union president Audrey Stone.
        The suit alleges that Stone and the company’s actions represented retaliation over her bid to stop paying “compelled fees for its political, ideological, and other nonbargaining spending, and to engage in other speech and activity in opposition to Local 556.” Carter criticized the union for using employee dues to fly two dozen officials and flight attendants to attend January’s Women’s March protest.

        I am calling customer service at 855-234-4654, option 5 and telling them I will no longer fly if this is true

      43. Sheriff Lombardo said that Paddock had something happen to him in Oct. 2016. He did not elaborate. He also said that the LVPD was familiar with Paddock. The casinos reported 200 incidents to police agencies about Paddock. Mostly currency transactions over $10,000.

      44. Why aren’t they telling us that the top three floors of the hotel Mandalay are actually The Four Seasons which belong to Saudi’s….?……with private entrance, dining, conference rooms, staff, elevators and stairway’s? This is common operation for Saudi’s and a major deception to the public, by the FBI. Now…didn’t press confrence official say it appeared he was going to escape? My thought was…escape to where?
        Paddock could have gone up one floor and never been seen again.
        This is getting really weird.
        This was my first prediction… four days ago.

        Mac, is this why some my posts have not appeared?

      45. Listened to a hour twenty minute youtube video of Vegas police dispatch calls in during the shooting event. Officers claimed multiple shooters, that one officer shot in neck and shooter in crowd at concert. This shooting may as well have happened a month ago by the media ignoring all outside the official story and centering on the lone gunman to the exclusion of conflicting reports.

      46. Was he checking in at the time of the photo’s showing him arriving earlier or moving weapons in to a different hotel room so he would be ready when he did move in and wouldn’t attract attention moving a large number at once?

        This would be the potential difference between two or more people being involved and his acting alone.

      47. Let’s try this…

        It makes absolutely NO SENSE for Paddock having all those weapons in his room. None whatsoever. Maybe 2, maybe 3, in case of weapons failure. Not 23 weapons, or whatever the official count is now. Why would he take the chance in transporting all those weapons into his room over a few days, if all he was going to do was be a “Lone Wolf” gun-man, shooting from the 32nd floor, into the crowded concert grounds?

        Yeah. They’re, the FBI, are stumped. At why their man and their sting went bad. Who tipped the objects of the sting to Paddocks set-up. Of course, the FBI will never admit to it, seeing the carnage that resulted from it.

        Sheriff says Paddocks “security Cameras” were not operational. Of course the FBI “security cameras” are not operational. They don’t want the public to see their sting gone massively wrong and whoever they were stinging put a gun in Paddocks mouth and pull the trigger. Of course Paddock had 2 rooms. Every sting has 2 rooms.

        And out of all the pictures released of Paddocks room, why are the spent shell casings so light? And after Paddock supposedly committed suicide, I suppose he fell and his left lower leg just happened to slideright under that bi-pod weapon… rather than someone putting the bi-pod weapon there after-the-fact.

        And, listening to 1 hour 52 minutes and 52 seconds of the Police audio, it is obvious that a lot of diversion was going on… diversion to cause confusion to allow escape of the objects of the sting. And whoever the objects of the sting were, they knew what they were doing.

        As for the Taxi lady video, it is as obvious as daylight that there were multiple shooters and multiple caliper/weapons. You can be a lame-ass all you want and blame everything on reverb and echoes, but there were distance gunfire AND close proximity gunfire in that video of hers. Which MEANS, there were more than one shooter, and they were on the ground… moving… to escape.

        Before the FBI got a hold of Paddocks G/F: “I knew Stephen Paddock as a kind, caring, quiet man. I loved him and hoped for a quiet future together with him.”

        After the FBI got a hold of Paddocks G/F: “Vegas Shooter’s Girlfriend Says He Would Lie in Bed Moaning, Screaming.”

        I am pretty sure that you can believe that the FBI and other Intel’s can be very… persuasive. Especially in a cover-up.

        Then there is:

        “Steve had no help… Steve didn’t take help… it did not take a village for Steve…”

        “Steve was an arm…”

        ****Eric Paddock Realizes Mistake****

        “I’m sorry… Please don’t…. I’m using a colloquial term…”

        What Eric? Steve was an arm… y of love? An… arms dealer? Well that explains it… the sting.

        Someone had a MASSIVE GOOF on this sting operation gone wrong… and they will NEVER admit it. They will turn their dead operative Paddock into a nut-case. With the added bonus of another black gun scare. And whoever they were trying to sting, were professionals. And I am betting of Middle Eastern types.

        (Or, some slight variation of it).

      48. Yeah this one stinks worse road-kill-skunk.

        I honestly wish is was just one guy, I wish it was a simple situation where a dude went insane and did this… that would be horrifying enough…

        But… once again it even MORE HORRIFYING- Once again it is corrupt people in positions of power, people who are above the law, doing corrupt things and then issuing obvious BS stories to cover it all up.

        Only they know what was really going on… but the facts remain 59 innocent people were murdered… and all they have to say is thier nonsense cover story… again… they are so bad at making up cover stories. They are bad liars.

        I seriously wonder what is wrong with their brains that allows them to live with themselves? How do so many of them agree to let this all be OK? How do they all stick to the BS story? They have to realize any thinking person can see through their BS…. their story has more holes than… it has more holes than… anything that has a lot of holes. Yes, I am at a loss for words and not in the mood to be punny or funny.

        This is all very depressing. The people in charge of running things have monsters working for them. Murdering monsters.

      49. there were multiple shooters at multiple hotels. they finished at the concert. see jim9999stone dot is for the details. remove the 9’s

      50. Las Vegas Plot Thickens: Stephen Paddocks plane was owned by Obama Administration Intelligence Contractor. – ■■■■■ – Source – Steve Quayle Website – ■■■

      51. Why aren’t they telling us that the top three floors of the hotel Mandalay are actually The Four Seasons which belong to Saudi’s….?……with private entrance, dining, conference rooms, staff, elevators and stairway’s? This is common operation for Saudi’s and a major deception to the public, by the FBI. Now…didn’t press confrence official say it appeared he was going to escape? My thought was…escape to where?
        Paddock could have gone up one floor and never been seen again.
        This is getting really weird.
        This was my first prediction… four days ago.
        Mac, is this why some my posts have not appeared?

      52. The biggest gun crazies out there — Hilary Clinton, the Democrats, the MSM, and the “Powers That Be,” George Soros, and his filth, want to take all the guns. They obsess about gun control. They plan. They contrive. They take out front page editorials on the “New York Times.” They propagandize.

        Guns, in the hands of civilians are not part of their one-world, one-country, one economy, cashless, globalist world. Neither is legal immigration, sovereignty, secure borders, Constitutions, Bills of Rights, Second Amendments, or any Amendments, of any kind.

        The biggest gun crazies out there staged these “worst mass-shootings.” They staged Las Vegas. The worst mass-shooting in U.S. history took place at Wounded Knee, December 29, 1890, when between 200 to 300 unarmed men, women, and children were massacred. This genocide (the dead were all Native American Indians, was carried out by the U.S. government).

        The gun control freaks are blaming it all on the “bump stock,” something practically everybody did not know anything about until Las Vegas. Why? Because it is something attached to the only weapon legally available to American Citizens since 1937 — in the form of the semi-automatic, the “Assault Rifle” AR-15 — and the weapon these people hate, hate, HATE the most.

        The “bump stock” is a toy, made out of toy-like material — plastic. It wouldn’t hold-up for 5-minutes on a real battlefield. The “bump stock” only works for as long as your finger holds out. Bump stocks by themselves are fairly cheap, but without paying hundreds of more dollars for drum magazines, the thing is practically worthless.

        Funny how the “worst mass-shooting in U.S. history” just happened to take place when this “silencer” bill was about to come to a vote.

        I think we can expand the circle of “Suicide by Hillary Clinton” to include despicable and deplorable Country Western Music and Country Western music concert-goers who are gun-lovers, and Trump supporters.

        You got to hand it to Hillary. No messing around in Las Vegas. They can read a legislative agenda. Her operatives showed-up with machine guns. But we are supposed to believe that it was the AR-15, again. And again. AND AGAIN. What’s next if they don’t get their way? M1A1 tanks, Bazookas, Hellfire Missiles, Maybe a tactical nuke — all masquerading as AR-15s?

        Even before the dead and wounded were counted, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats, and their operatives (like MSM, the “New York Times” and the “Washington Post” and CBS), are back right back pushing gun control and bump stock bans. They are going to get the silencers, too. They are going to get it all. Not bad for exploiting a mass-shooting for your own agenda.

        These people are compete sociopaths. They have no pride and no shame. Why do you think it is always the innocents dying?

        If I could say one thing to all these mass-shooters out there it would be this: Please. In the future, please think about having these mass-shootings in Washington, DC. Face your tormentors. Leave the rest of the country alone.

      53. Somebody said the killing went bad and was a sting. I don’t think so. There are over 100 muslims working in that hotel. The upper 5 stories belong to mussies. I could be wrong but here is how I see this play out.
        Paddock works for the CIA / ISIS / Saudi’s. He believes they are his friends. They pay him well which he launders at the muslim casinos. He buys guns and sometimes flies them to an ISIS agent, picks up the money. Reportedly, the plane is or was registered to the CIA?
        He brings the money back to the muslim casino and gambles enough to make it known he is a “high roller”.
        The Master wanted a grand plan, a mass murder. Paddock agrees, they set it up. Paddock will fire on the crowd, until police arrive, that is his cue to drop everything and run upstairs to the muslim / CIA hideout.
        The double cross….they kill him first, and ‘stage the body.’ Dead people don’t talk. They ‘stage his car’ complete with explosives.

        And when the police finally come to his door…they are long gone.

        Hideout. Meanwhile, shooters on the ground keep everyone busy running.

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