Communism Only Killed 100 Million People, Let’s Give It Another Chance

by | Feb 9, 2010 | Headline News | 7 comments

The Americans for Prosperity organization went to Copenhagen to protest the global warming summit. They found other protesters out in force, as well.

You can bet this video will not be shown on CNNCBSMSNBCABCNBC.

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    1. Anonymous

      Comments… comments? very interesting.

    2. Brian

      Capitalism means war? What about their beloved USSR?

    3. fred g

      I had not seen that—at first i thought it was a Colbert skit!!. the greatest irony is that they couldnt protest like that in the society they choose to live!

    4. Ponce

      Comments….. If most Americans were to know as to who were the founders of the Communist party were would no be today in our present situation…….they are alive and doing very well.

      We stopped Her Hitler before he was able to finished the job.

    5. 02/09/10

      Who couldn’t love having bureaucrats give out free things and redistributing the wealth from the winners to the losers instead of working for something and being independent of governmental freebies?

    6. Rick Blaine

      I, for one, am getting sick and tired of people bashing communism…
      …without it, “The Hunt for Red October” would never have been written (or filmed).

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