Collision Course: As Obama Weakens America, The Russians And Chinese Prepare

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    Jeremiah Johnson is a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne) and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).


    We have seen some very heinous events over the past years of the Obama administration’s rule.  We have seen the hollowing out of our military command structure (everyone is familiar with the list of field-grade and general staff-level commanders purged by Obama).  We witnessed the “mothballing” of TARS (the balloon system complementing NORAD).  We watch, as this administration shuts down production of the Tomahawk cruise missile, gets rid of the A-10 “Warthog” fleet that destroys tanks, and retires a dozen cruisers of the U.S. Navy, along with the aircraft carrier George Washington.

    We watched one of the greatest examples of complicit treason and traitorous behavior as Obama sat on a well-lit stage in the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Summit, leaned over toward Dmitri Medvedev, and said, “Tell Vladimir, I will have more flexibility after the next election.”  This statement concerned the stationing of U.S. missile defenses in eastern Europe and the reduction of ICBM’s (the United States’ missiles).

    We watch as Obama has used his cabinet and the power-base he enjoyed when he had control of the U.S. Senate to lower the standards of the U.S. military, weakening it and turning it into an institution where his fundamental transformation agenda takes precedence over battle readiness and effectiveness.  Unit cohesion is being undermined and destroyed, and the strength of our armed forces is on the wane.

    We watched on as Obama handed the Chinese and Russians our response matrices and battle plans under the auspices of “Partnership Readiness and Joint Training Exercises.”  This refers specifically to operations with the participation and direction of FEMA with joint drills between U.S. and Chinese forces in Hawaii November 12-14, 2013.  These drills were conducted for “disaster management,” specifically for “humanitarian purposes,” and on U.S. soil.  One of the administration’s “Yes-men,” American Admiral Sam Locklear stated:

    “These types of exercises give us a good place to start and to get into the kind of rhythm of understanding and trusting each other.”

    This came from the mouth of a U.S. Admiral, the commander of US Pacific Command.  It is a shame that he isn’t being quoted right now with the standoff that is currently taking place between China and the U.S. just outside of Chinese territorial waters.  What would his opinion be of the new hypersonic missile that China has developed to take out an entire carrier group with just ¼ megaton warhead?

    Just this past weekend we witnessed more weakness and obfuscation regarding the missile launched off of the coast of California in the evening of 11/7/15, witnessed by thousands of people.  Dave Hodges posted a comment from a gentleman who worked on Trident missiles who believed the launch (by the U.S. Navy) was to gauge response time and effectiveness in dealing with an SLBM (Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile).  Remember, the THAD system has proven itself several times under rigidly controlled conditions in Hawaii to be an abysmal failure regarding missile intercepts.

    Matching the level of the (purposeful, administration-designed) U.S. complacency, the Russian military has been matchless in terms of tactical acumen and performance.  Vladimir Putin’s brilliance is visible in the Russian offer in the form of a request for the U.S. to join it in the fight against ISIL/ISIS… a war against the very entity created and sponsored by the Obama administration.  By not accepting the Russian offer, the U.S. appears not to be helping its “fellow partner and actor” on the world-stage of affairs.  If it does accept, then the U.S. fights against its own creation.

    The Russians are quietly and patiently on the move.  We witnessed the annexation (the conquest) of Ukraine.  Now a bitter semi-stalemate exists between ethnic Russian separatists with Ukrainian citizenship and the Ukrainian military, the former also “augmented” with Spetsnaz units.  Those selfsame units have rotated into the Syrian theater of operations.  We are watching the ongoing actions in Syria with the continuous Russian bombing of ISIS and the gradual movement of ground troops into the country.

    Russia has been on the move, now, incrementally and patiently.  In December 2013, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that Russia would respond with nuclear weapons.  The Yars (SS-29) ICBM has been developed that can penetrate all current U.S. missile defenses.  For those who may think this piece to be “slanted” towards current U.S. policy, please think again:

    The U.S. has been in the process (for decades) of destabilizing former Soviet-bloc, eastern European nations with the infusion of capital from the IMF and with the insertion of American bases, military personnel, and war materials.

    The Varshavyanka-class submarines (diesel, improved Kilo-class subs), also known as Project 636, with stealth technology and improved range in combat, are capable of striking targets on the land, under water, and on the surface.  A 45-day range without refueling, and an arsenal of 18 torpedoes and 8 SAM’s (surface to air missiles) make these subs very formidable.  They also can be fitted with cruise missiles capable of delivering a 250 kiloton warhead.  They have been labeled the “black holes” of the ocean by the U.S. navy.  One of these bad boys cruising up the Chesapeake Bay and into the Potomac…could pop out a cruise missile and fry DC in under three minutes.

    A federal police officer reported on Steve Quayle’s website that Russia has been moving her subs into the Pacific, prepositioning its assets to conduct an attack on the West Coast of the U.S. and/or an EMP-device attack.  The U.S. has been pushing things in Syria.  Remember on March 24, 2014, that Andrei Kozyrev, former Russian Foreign Minister said that the Ukraine crisis was “in the 11th hour” to avoid a nuclear war.  The U.S. was pushing things then in Europe, and this was the reason for the declaration of willingness to use nukes.  On March 22, just two days earlier, the U.S. had sent 12 F-16 fighter planes and 300 troops to Poland.

    The main point is that the U.S. and the NATO countries are now facing nations that are not backing down and if anything are taking a superior position regarding a potential attack posture.  With the U.S. economy in a shambles and our military capabilities seriously compromised, the fall is visible on the horizon and steadily approaching.  The situation changes on a daily basis, but one can see the two sides are on a collision course, one way or another.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. The Virus is gonna get all of us killed…

        Be well all…

        • Indeed he will Eppe – and yet, to this day … with all of the illegal activity our Government has been involved in.

          There is no and has been no sign of a Military Coup to rid these traitorous fucks that call themselves Politicians and Leaders.
          If the Military isn’t going to get involved, then who?

          It certainly isn’t going to be the American people, they are too busy being distracted by religious, ethnic, poor vs rich theatrics and buying into the lies and deceit that gets tossed in their direction.

          TPTB have done a good job on “divisional tactics” that when the people do rise to fight. They’ll be fighting for the wrong reasons … they’ll be fighting among themselves, instead of focusing on the damn people who have perpetuated the situation.

          • You mean the African virus in the WH, don’t you?

            • Of course, pick a time…

            • I found this on yahoo. It revives my hope that they’re not all stupid and asleep:

              “Dorothy and Toto, 19 minutes ago

              Obama can be IMPEACHED for ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. He can also be removed by referendum. Isn’t BETRAYING OUR NATION a high crime? Can’t we at least consider it a misdemeanor anymore, or must we think of it as ‘business as usual’ these days? Sure, after 7 YEARS of presidential betrayal of our great citizens for illegal aliens, muslims, corporations and foreign governments, we have gotten somewhat used to being told a pressure cooker bomb is a fluffy teddy bear–but only democraps actually believe any of Oscammer’s lies–and over 40% of or great people now identify as ‘independent’ voters because BOTH major parties have hung us out to dry for decades.

              Trump, on the other hand, cannot be bought or bullied to push us closer to that one-world government desperately being sought by the above-the-law banking mafia that owns 40% of the world and wants the rest–ASAP.

              The World Bank, the IMF and the International Bank of Settlements are ALL minions of the banking families who have financed both sides of most wars for hundreds of years.

              What’s happening in all industrialized nations and around the world is actually a CRIME.

              These quotes show how serious this behind-the-scenes betrayal is-

              “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsibility to bring that about?”–Maurice Strong, a billionaire elitist, primary power behind UN throne and Secretary General of the first Agenda 21 summit in Brazil, 1992

              “We reject the idea of private property.”– Peter Berle, President of the NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY

              “I think if we don’t overthrow capitalism, we don’t have a chance of saving the world ecologically,”– Judi Bari, an American environmentalist and labor leader, a feminist, and the principal organizer of EARTH FIRST

              “The goal now is a socialist, redistributionist society, which is nature’s proper steward and society’s only hope.”– David Brower, a founder of the SIERRA CLUB

              “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.”– Paul Watson, a founder of GREENPEACE

              “…Our government–national and state–must be freed from the sinister influence or control of SPECIAL INTERESTS. The great business special interests too often control and corrupt the men and methods of government FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT.” – Theodore Roosevelt’s speech “The New Nationalism” August, 31, 1910

              “…The liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point that it becomes stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in essence, is FASCISM…to create a rapid accumulation of property in a few hands, and to render the great mass of the population DEPENDENT AND PENNILESS.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt’s April 29, 1938 “Message to Congress on Curbing Monopolies”

              We’re almost there–The United States of Corporatism.

              Our people have shorter work hours and 20% lower family income. 62.8% of us live from paycheck to paycheck, and 47% receive some form of government assistance. 94% of our children are being dumbed down with 2 + 2 = 5 Common Core.

              100% of us are getting SCREWED by the globalist and muslim traitors in our government and big corporations–and Citizens United that has effective neutralized patriotic-citizen votes and will let corporations determine our ruling class of political elites if we don’t stand up for our rights and constitution this election!

              We’ve been propagandized and brain washed to the point where we accepted a foreign muslim as our commander in chief, and are in a TV-generated trance that keeps us docile and spending money we don’t have–both in government and personally–for things we don’t need and that don’t work.

              “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981

              We need to turn off our addiction-feeding propaganda machines (TVs), get off our couch-potato couches, and do a little personal RESEARCH so we don’t embarrass ourselves every time we parrot back the popular pundits’ carefully-planned drivel to KEEP us from being the great nation we have always been.

              Let’s take back government, by the people, for the people, and kick our political elite to the curb this election.

              No political royalty in America! NO more Clintons or Bushes–ever.


              • sixpack

                Excellent post. America at some point is going down the tubes for good. We talk about the 1 to 3 percent that are preppers. Well that is not enough. The amount of gun owners is very high and the types of guns may be powerful to offset invaders but there will be a low percentage of those who will fire a shot.

                Learned that right here.

                As far as people prepping to repel boarders. Even with all our instructions to fortify our domains. Many have not because of the money, where they live and some just plain lazy.

                So do you dig a bunker. That’s a tomb. Buy a boat and go to sea. Pirates could get you. Move to another country. Only postponing the inevitable. Plain fact can you live off the land and endure the weather as you start over. Highly unlikely for most people.

                Simply there are more of them then there are of preppers.

                The thinning of the herd is going to a have few of us included too. Percentage speaking.

                No doubt about it.

                • X2

          • Most Americans are sufficiently un-informed to have much division over religion or ethnicity, I think. My job requires that I talk to people all day long, and most people have almost no knowledge of what’s going on in their own country save for what they accidentally see on Huffpo as they access their email. They know almost nothing about world events. I don’t see many people that haven’t got their heads plugged into a iPod during most of their day, and when they get home, they plop down in front of the tv to see who’s Dancing with the Stars, who the next American Idol will be, what the Kardashians are up to, and of course, ball games. When ISIS attacks in this country, they’ll be the last to know. I believe Dear Leader’s intention is to allow ISIS in the US as his proxy warriors against us–he’s already learned that no law enforcement agencies, local, state or federal have the stomach for gun confiscation, knowing gun owners aren’t going to be the only casualties to result from this Fool’s Errand. ISIS will simply blow up churches, blow up/shoot up shopping malls–with no particular people targeted, just EVERYONE, and Americans will quickly find that most don’t have the stomach or the tools–or ammo to feed those tools to defend themselves, and then, the Administration can “buy back” guns and ammo in exchange for “safety”. Dear Leader won’t mind if millions of non-muslims are killed, nor will he care if the terrorism is ongoing, as he’s too well protected to have any worries for his own safety.

          • You got her number right there mate….she’s a pure dick….playing the PC game for self gain in her career







          • America was sold out in 1913, by Woodrow Wilson & friends. All policies since then have been geared towards the eventual destruction of the US. What you see today, is the final takedown, not just of the US, but all of Western Civilization.

            WW3 really began on VJ+1, the destruction from within, of Western Civilization. It is now phasing into WW4.

            One of the parasite’s main goals is White Genocide. It’s coming, and most White people will refuse to face it, until it is too late.

          • anyone not familiar with the term ‘hijrah’ should look it up.

        • Acid, never thought I would say this, but I’m going to let your insults to us slide. You’ve been on a roll with some damn good posts that I agree with. Keep them coming.

          • Hey everyone……see Braveheart’s response to Acid?
            At times he disagrees….but is happy to roll with him, because he sees something in him other than complete opposition to his own views.
            Elect him as your next President.
            We need more people like Braveheart in the USA (in the entire world) if Planet Earth is to survive another 50 years.
            Well done sir….thus Australian salutes you, and will follow you, assist you, defend you right through to the end.

          • Braveheart

            I agree he has had some good posts. He’s getting Mellow if that is possible.

            Or is it the Old Fuckers? Hahaha!

            • Sling, he IS on a roll with some good posts. I hope he keeps them up.

            • Sixpack, I don’t know what’s causing it, but I hope he keeps them coming. He’s sounding good and sensible for a change.

        • AE

          I believe Youtube is sensoring videos.

        • Sorry bro–thanks for trying, but the video is down…

      2. By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
        -Benjamin Franklin

      3. Johnson,
        Outstanding piece. Thank you for not painting Mad Vlad Putin as some sort of saint, like they do at Zero Hedge.

        I would like a answer JJ, from a military man. Many State Governors have said that they will not accept more Muslims into their States. Ovomit said today, that they will come any way.


        Until then, watch our fur dem hogs!

        The Lord is my Shepard.

        • Don’t matter what these Governors have to say … they will be overruled by Obama & Pals. As is, Rick Snyder(R-MI) Governor is a typical two faced lying politician.

          Michigan already has Dearbornistan, and this Governor will welcome more refugees into the State. Typical rhetoric from him is “the refugees will help our States economy” … evidently … Michigan somehow has lucrative jobs that showed up out of nowhere overnight and we just don’t have enough people to fill these vacancies.

          Don’t be putting any faith into what these douche bags say … they have abused their “trust” status that they may have had previously or any at all.

          • The states must be getting federal money to let them in or they wouldn’t .

            • ❤❤

      4. We have had 43 presidents but the First Black /Muslim sympathetic will bring the country down. IMMHO.

      5. Obama is the Black Savior, Don’t you know.

        • If China and/or Russia take us over, does that mean we will be even more communist? Is that even possible?

          I’m beginning to understand the French during WWII, they hatted their government so much the would not fight for it. They thought, hell maybe thing will be better under the Germans.

          When White people are a minority in our own country, what stake do I have left in this “Obomanation” called the United States. It’s NOT a Constitutional Republic and it does not represent Christian European values and culture. It’s just a place where my stuff is!

          • When someone like me feels this way it wont be long until “the center does not hold” and everything falls apart.

            • I’m with you on that

          • Your question is well understood here.

            They will not take us over, if…i said “if”, my understanding of the scriptures is in direct alignment.

            They want to, and so does the Iranians (shiites), and the Arabians (sunnis).

            Syria is the “proving ground” for what they have planned. I was waiting to hear confirmation of what i had suspected, and it came this past week. The one missing part of the federation army that is forming, was China. I learned that they have donated high tech weaponry that is so sophisticated that only their people can operate it. It and them, is now in Syria and using/testing that weaponry. The Chinese were the missing link.

            The obominable one is in on the evil plot/scheme. Billery is in on it also. They have sold Americans out.

            When Russia gets it’s total federation armies together, look for movement into the Alaskan region.

            Ezekiel 38/39 will play out as foretold, and Syria is the beginning point. A fire will come out of Israel that prohibits a complete destruction of that region. A divine storm of hailstones comes out of the heavens and devours the armies lined up to come into the USSAG, and try to remove our bibles and guns.

            God will reveal Himself triumphant to the world for the first time in this modern day era, by supernaturally killing hundreds of thousands, maybe millions. 5/6 ths of that army will die.

            Then the greatest revival the world has ever seen will begin. But the evil empires will restock and come back with a vengeance on the people that have taken sides with God. it will eventually result in the biggest battle between good and evil that has ever taken place upon the earth.

            Which side one is positioned on, will be huge. i would not want to be in the shoes of the liberals and liberal supporters, when the hammer drops. My name will not be attached to baby killers and queer mongers, that is for damn sure.

            • Yea right the invisible guy in the sky is going to save the USA because we are such good folks. For the last 2000 years bible thumpers have sincerely thought that they where indeed living in the end times fortold in revelations. and so far they have all been wrong. My bet is when its all said & done you will get the same result.

              • The invisible guy in the sky said he will destroy the new Babylon .That looks like us. We have turned into soddom and Gomorrah .everyone through out history has hoped they would be the ones to witness the new beginning . We are no different. What else can we hope for at this point.

                • Yep. All you need to do is look at the worship of “caitlyn jenner” to understand how far down the rabbit hole we, as a country, has fallen.

                  I too feel like an outsider in the country of birth. It’s not my “home” anymore.

              • I too, am a Christian, Old Guy, and am sad to be forced to agree with you. I don’t believe God will abandon his own–as indicated in Revelation, but America–as a whole–has embraced abortion, gay marriage, hatred of God,Christians and Christianity, hatred between races, greed, violence and I can’t believe that America will be spared anything.

                • Loenard.

                  You got that right. America will not be spared. We are headed down the toilet like the Tiddy Bowl Man.

            • This is the most ridiculous post on this site, ever!

              If you believe this shit, you are delusional.

          • Really good point. America is nothing but an experiment and the experiment has crossed the line in which it is of any benefit to white Europeans. It is now toxic.

            Something will be there in 50 years time, but it will be a country that is despotic and with a substantial third world economy. Do you really want to be paying your taxes to support that? Smart whites would be better off going somewhere else to make a life. Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, Russia, Chile, Israel.

            It now makes sense to re-group in a place where you are not being constantly asked to apologise for who you are; told to pay more and more to support those who do not look like you.

            There is a strong psychic release and euphoria you will experience by being around people who bring you up, not drag you down. There is a place in Brazil founded by Germans. The whole place is filled with beautiful German women. They are hard working, eat pork, drink beer (so not Muslim friendly) and live in beautiful chalet homes.

            • Frank:
              White people forget Israel. They don’t want Aryan white people. They don’t permit marriage to white people. They are racial supremacists.

              This is what the Zio-NWO is doing. Getting whites Germans and White Europeans to run so they can have complete control. Then they will start discrimination against Asians who pose the next biggest threat to their goal of world domination.

              The Muslims coming here weakens us. They have already flattened their opposition in the Middle East by using our children to do the fighting, and our Taxes to support them and their wars. That is one of the main reasons these Muslims are coming here to kill us. Stand up if you still have legs with which to stand.

              • BFC. Yes . And it seems we are powerless to stop them. Everyone of us can’t wait for the culling to begin. We will need strong legs. When will the time be right? How long must we wait for our promised leader? Fill your lamps and be ready. Our time will come.

          • “When White people are a minority in our own country, what stake do I have left in this “Obomanation” called the United States.”

            Well … you’ll be doing what the rest of us will be doing in a SHTF fiasco. Whether you are religious or not, you’ll be fighting for what is right and kill anything that doesn’t resemble being White.

            The way things are unfolding, TPTB would love nothing more than to instigate a Race War. Unfortunately, most people are buying into the sick and twisted ways of the instigators.

            A scenario such as a race war. To survive, you will be left with no choice but to stick with your own kind for having any chance of survival.

            • Maybe that’s our only option? They started it. We all just wanted to be left alone. In our name they did this. It’s not us it’s them ..But who is them?

            • USA will collapse long before whites are a minority. The whole idea is a guilty white leftist’s wet dream. This whole country (and most of the world) has been built by whites. Blacks and muslimes have built nothing, and never will. Muslimes dream of a comfortable life of leisure provided by their non-muslime slaves.

              Never going to happen, mohammed.

          • Russia and China are both more capitalist than USA. Most of these governors are talking shit. They will quietly suck Obama’s dick. They are addicted to the ‘free’ money from USA will be partitioned, but first we will look like Bosnia on steroids. We are very much overdue for some ethnic cleansing.

        • Sling, he’s the African virus that’s bringing us down. Getting close to time to lock and load.

          • BH;
            I’m not a big weapons-speak guy but have used them all my life. I always hear the term lock and load and it sounds pretty cool but—I can’t make sense of it. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say load and lock? In other words, you have to load the weapon before you lock one in the chamber. Maybe I am missing something here. Please explain. (not being a wise ass, just curious.)

            • skeptic
              the expression comes from the days of the old garand battle rifle…you locked back the bolt and loaded the stripper clip of ammo…thus lock and load

              • Oldman, that’s right. Learned it from one of the WW2 vets in my family.

      6. The author apparently champions transferring even more money to MIC when we already spend more on our military than the next 10 major powers combined. We have 10 nuclear powered fleet aircraft carriers with each having about 100 combat aircraft. The next nearest “rival” is France with one and their allied with us.

        One Ohio Class missile submarine can put a nuke 5x (100KT) of what was used in WWII on 192 cities. Try to name 192 cities in the US. That alone is deference on an unimaginable scale. If you wanted to image it you could bet on the better part of 40 million killed and industrial capacity / technology centers evaporated in 30 minuets. Its instant stone age for the recipient.

        The Russians are moving their submarines to sea? Hell they can sail them up Tampa Bay for all the good it does.

        “If WWIII is fought with nuclear weapons WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones”.
        Albert Einstein

        • Dear Kevin,

          “Champions moving more money to the military industrial complex?”

          Sir, I am not referring to any move of the sort. As a matter of fact, pay attention to what I mentioned of the United States “colonizing” other nations in the name of the IMF and NATO. I am speaking purely of actions (or inactivity) on the part of both sides.

          Also, did you mean “deference” or “deterrence” in your statement?

          The point of the article was to detail Russian capabilities (underestimated in the US or purposely ignored) and to state the deliberate dismantling of American defensive capabilities.

          Thanks for your comments.


          • JJ


            Auto spell check gets you every time. My point is its ridiculous to state that the US wouldn’t have defensive capability. France has more than sufficient defensive capability. The US firepower is literally unimaginable as I pointed out with a single Ohio Class Boomer. Can you name 192 Russian cities? Bet the typical Russian can’t either. Wouldn’t matter because within 30 minuets they would no longer be there.

            Any shooting war gone public between the US and Russia would go nuclear. In that event its “Schools Out”, welcome to the most terrible event in human history. A war of major powers would have no winners. MAD is not madness, its reality.

            • If the Russians sank 9 of our 10 Super Carriers we would still possess more of them than they do.

            • Let’s not lose sight of who the enemy is. It is not Russia. Right now, Russia is mopping up OUR mess. OUR GOVT FUNDED, TRAINED AND ARMED THE SAME TERRORISTS WE ARE SUPPOSEDLY NOW FIGHTING. If the truth was known, the tragedy in Paris would probably not have happened if THE U.S. GOVT had not been funding, training and arming the terrorists to overthrow a legitimate govt in a sovereign country. RUSSIA HAD NO PART IN ALL OF THAT EITHER.

              THIS COUNTRY STARTED THIS AGGRESSION. NOT RUSSIA. I suppose you all think Russia is in the wrong for putting itself on NATO’s borders, right?

              WE have over 1200 bases in foreign lands around the world — Russia has TWO. Period. Russia is just about the only Christian nation left.

              A Christian nation does not ban a cross/crucifix in public places, and ban prayer in schools at lunch time. A Christian nation wouldn’t have “gay pride” running rampant over everyone else’s rights. The USA is no longer a Christian nation…there are only a few of us left.

              I guess I’m just so sick of THIS country shoveling the shit on the world, then people blaming RUSSIA for it. I would have this same outlook no matter what other nation was the scapegoat for OUR misdeeds. Silence is consent.

              • Isn’t thow shall not worship graven images. What’s the biggest graven image on this planet. Didn’t Jesus say lift up a rock and you will find me split a piece of wood and I am there.? I don’t claim to know what’s right . Is a dead man on a cross a graven image? How can a man understand all this? What is the truth? Satans greatest weapon is the lie . Deliver us from evil.

              • Sixpack

                “If the truth was known, the tragedy in Paris would probably not have happened if THE U.S. GOVT had not been funding, training and arming the terrorists to overthrow a legitimate govt in a sovereign country.”

                This is the part that both confuses and frightens me. There is no way in hell that French Intelligence doesn’t know the roots of ISIS yet this happened. Once that is is established as fact the reach of the globalists and collusion with governments virtually world wide are apparent. The BB focuses on the US. These SOBs have a reach that is global. There are Ron Paul types here and there in these nations. The UK and Italy both have an outspoken political member in the equivalent of our House of Reps but for the most part nations are silent. When the US says jump they ask, “How High”.

                Think about the organization that can accomplish the above. Sleep well.

              • Sixpack, that’s right. The feds are public enemy NUMERO UNO to me. I don’t even have anything against Russia.

              • well said mate…..btw…..ever been to Moscow?….beautiful, clean friendly place… things should be

        • Written like the leftist libertarian coward that you are!

          • Leftist?

            I just like the entire Constitution and Bill Of Rights. I think it applies all the time even in the event I believe it may be counter productive. Don’t like it get an Amendment to change it otherwise accept the fact that some very bright moral men spent 13 years putting it together.

            Conservative is now confused with Neo-Con. Those people that fight wars for corporate bankers without Congressional approval, without your approval and sell a lie to the public to get support. I’m wondering what Syria did to the US? You know? I missed in the news their attack on Pearl Harbor. Missed Saddam’s too and lots of US Men and Women are missing their arms, legs, eyes and lives too, for nothing.

            • The US Constitution applies to AMERICANS. We have no authority to impose or apply it on foreigners, even when it pleases us to do so. That’s why foreign representatives have “diplomatic immunity” from our laws, even on our soil. Of course that same “immunity” isn’t usually applied to the poor serfs of other countries, just to their elite class.

              The refugees from the middle east are protected by the international treatise on HUMAN RIGHTS, not US Constitutional rights. There is nothing in there that gives any foreign born person any American rights until/unless they become American citizens.

              Yes, I know they’re trying to claim that foreigners, especially mexicans, have some RIGHT to be here, but they don’t unless we give them that right. Until they become a LEGAL citizen, they have the right to be treated with respect and dignity, and not be exploited or killed without reason. They have the right to be treated HUMANELY … until their asses get shipped back to where they came from. Period.

              I think a lot of people are letting the UN/NWO “no borders”.”no sovereignty” agenda affect their thinking.

              • sixpack

                Actually a USSC case ruled that everyone in the US has rights alien or not. I’m not saying I agree with it but thats the way it is. That doesn’t infer we have to take them but they have speech, assembly and the like. Once permeant they can buy a firearm.

                Pose on this. Regardless the question given to the Government the answer facilitates globalization; always, no exceptions. Interesting. No collusion……na, just coincidence. GTFOOH.

          • Written like an ignorant fuck-stain that you really are.

            There was no weapons smuggling out of Benghazi? Those clowns who died defending a CIA outpost/weapons smuggling operation in Benghazi were not previously scouring that country for weapons? They were not part of the operation? This operation did not funnel weapons by the thousands of tons into Syria–and into the hands of ISIS.

            You are a complete retard!

        • Can’t be to hard for one of our Los Angelas class subs to pick up a diesel sub, and torpedo her bye,bye……

          • Seawolf is the newest sub killer. Only two.

        • Kevin= the resident Russian FSB agent/troll for SHTF Plan

          • Kevin = Realist that understands how things are actually controlled and as the late George Carlin said, “Its a club and your not a member”.

            • Kevin2, I always enjoy your posts. Keep them coming. Forget about the troll.

          • Anonymous=a retarded troll who doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

            • Braveheart1776


              Maybe thats why Anonymous is Anonymous?

              • So your parents named you Kevin2 and you have no middle or last name?

                Being anonymous is honest, using a pretend name to claim you’re not is dishonest.

      7. “could pop out a cruise missile and fry DC in under three minutes.”
        Russians aren’t that stupid, the biggest threat to my health, safety and welfare is the federal government located in DC. I wonder why they spend so much money on defense, as, as long as America has Democrats, Russians and China can’t lose.

        • Exactly

          “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Why get your hands dirty when the amerikan morons vote dipsh/^ after dipsh/^ into the white house.

          The Diggler, however, abides

      8. madness madness Obama is insane

        • He is not insane. The agenda appears insane and it is if one looks at at it from the perspective of helping the USA. Looking at it from the globalist view it all is perfectly logical.

          Regardless of the question the official answer is always globalist. Blend everyones culture together. Lower the standard of living of the wealthy nations and bring up the poor at their expense.

      9. Great article. Ever since the 60’s generation hippy movement, the pacifists in this country have slowly degraded our great nation. Every year we have less military might and respect within the world. I fear we are getting to a point where we will not be able to stand up to any country with a strong military. We now have political leaders who don’t care about what the voters think, and don’t care about the risk of bringing in refugees that could very well be terrorists. I applaud the governors that have said no to the refugees, but I fear the feds will now bring them in and distribute them in secret sort of like a witness protection plan, not telling anyone who they really are.

        • JAS

          Let me guess……you thought Vietnam was a good idea?

          • No, Under the circumstances that we were sent in I didn’t think we needed to be there, but I did my part. If we were going to be there, We should have went in and wiped out Hanoi and everything else in North Vietnam, instead of being hamstrung by the crying activists back home. While I supported the war in Afghanistan, We did not need to go into Iraq and destabilize the entire area. What I do believe is that we must have a strong military and stand up to nations like Russia and China. Personally, I would like to see them push all of the refugees back into Syria and block the boarder, not letting a single one out. I damn sure don’t want the shit heads in this country. While Russia, China and several rouge nations are furiously building up their military, we are allowing ours to be decimated to a point we will no longer be able to defend our nation. Yes, I am for a strong military. I want a military that every other country looks at and knows they have no chance against. It is the only way to hold your own in this world. I spent 9 years in the Air Force from 71-80, got out and worked in police and security until 1988. I then went back as a DOD contractor, assigned to the Department of the Navy for 23 years. I went where ever this country needed me, any time they needed me, no questions asked and would do it again.

            • JAS

              As I said we spend 10X the sum on our military. We have more than plenty.

              I feel for the Vietnamese. They didn’t deserve what we did to them. They helped us fight the Japanese, saved US pilots and only asked that the French not return post WWII. We promised them, gave them our word and reneged. The Vietnamese turned to their historic enemy China for help. We actually paid 95% of the French war effort and interestingly the French Foreign Legion was composed with a great amount of former NAZI soldiers. Bet they were kind to the Vietnamese. Having lost the UN set up a reunification election for 1954. We seen to it that never happened as Ho Chi Minh would have been the hands down winner. We created a government of our liking in the south devoid of real support from the people. After a few assassinations the US drafted American kids to fight. The Vietnamese having fought China for 1000 years weren’t going to quit. If we didn’t withdrawal in 73 and leave altogether in 75 the war still would have been going on.

              The moral of the above? Your haven’t been fighting for your freedom since WWII. USMC Major General Smedley Butler a 2x MOH recipient wrote a book about it, “War Is A Racket”.

              President Eisenhower warned the public about the Military Industrial Complex in 1960 just before leaving office.

            • Does anyone realize that since 1776, there have only been TWENTY YEARS when we weren’t in a war somewhere, declared or not?

              1776-2015 is 239 years. I’ve got a list of all of the conflicts, both overt and covert and it’s too long to even post here, but the point is, IN WELL OVER TWO HUNDRED YEARS, WE’VE BEEN KILLING SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE, FOR SOMETHING.

              The U.S. is the globally aggressive bully.

            • …it should be factored in that we are an “armed” nation with a mega-helping of combat vets. Perhaps the only one save Sweden? I have no clue which country has arms and which do not. (I’m betting Australians kept 90% of their arms and imported everything that was turned in for destruction). But that’s another scenario about to unfold as well; meaning, I believe ISIS has “forewarned them” of ‘impending doom’ headed their way in the near future? *Or, were these guns taken (read: stolen) before the word —>{Terrorist} was an everyday, household world on a global scale?

      10. Yep, Mr Johnson speaks the truth. I am not going to even comment on those damn russians and chinese, but i will say this much. If russians and chi-coms, jihadist, UN, etc, role in my city in tanks, i will fire on them. And when i capture one, you would not belive that i am going to do that son of bitch.

        When the cabal attacks my city, then transform it into a battlefield, starts to shoot its citizens, starts the killing raping spree, attacking women, children, decapitations, fires on our police officers, yelling for allah and other BS, executes men and women all over the place. Then you will see me transform into and animal, a very brutal killing machine. This means that i have witnessed evil and hell and once i decide to do something about it, that i when i am not going to be nice any more.

        From the moment that chinese or russian soldier is shot by me and injured and still alive, then he sees me coming at him with a machette, i will ask him the his final words, if it was worth is to come here in do this, thats when he will find God.

        I will not be on my knees, wating for the shot to my head or at the side of a ditch in my city. Over my dead phucking body. I hope to God it never comes to this, but if it does, my mind is made up. If its war, then its war, then if i have to fight in this war, then that what it is, then this is how i die.



        Molon Labe bithes, come and attack my city, i will kill you phucking russians, chinese and jihadist.

        • “And when i capture one, you would not belive that i am going to do that son of bitch.”

          I’ll take a stab at it … You gonna put ’em in a headlock and give him a wedgie?

          Sorry HCKS – I couldn’t resist the temptation –

          • FTW, watch HCKS. He turned against me for no good reason on the thread about surviving a mass shooting. Called me a troll AND a muslim. Maybe I need to try out what he’s smoking. [JUST KIDDING]

      11. We witnessed the annexation (the conquest) of Ukraine.

        Idiot. Pity he doesn’t know any better.

        • Be easy on the Author, but you are correct Breathial.

          There was no annexation – The people of Crimea voted, and the popular vote was to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia if Putin would except the reunification.

          There is and has been no evidence of Russia invading Ukraine as such MSM reports about. The pictures/video they have shown is proven to be old footage.

          Putin/Russia have been playing the field of politics in an upstanding way … which raises concern. Though they have not shown me otherwise not to trust them. They are playing this game so “clean” that it’s practically too clean to be completely honest.

          Something else is going on that Russia has not exposed itself on.

          I feel comfort in the way they are handling things at the moment, but usually where their is comfort in a Government. There usually tends to be a lot of deceit and another narrative behind it all.

          • FTW

            “Putin/Russia have been playing the field of politics in an upstanding way”

            The behavior of the US since 911 hasn’t been too honest. WMD in Iraq? Well forgetaboutit, he was a bad guy anyway. Libya? Nope its not about Gadaffii its about what he sells his oil in and anything other than US dollars is unacceptable. Syria, lets arm terrorists, good terrorists to take out Assad and bomb his infrastructure missing ISIS.

            Putin sees the unethical actions and lies above and knows that the world is seeing it too. Its a damn shame that things have gone full circle and one can depend on Uncle Sam lying most of the time. Putin is actually gaining credibility. That generally would be impossible considering his roots are USSR / KGB. The policy’s and blatant lies coming out of Washington are making it possible. The US loosing the high moral ground to Russia is backwards, convoluted, upside down. Such is the world today where good is bad and bad is good.

            • That is the part I find a bit worrisome. Russia has been doing the good deeds up to this point … Now, either Russia has completely done a 180° in their previous type of governance … or is this just some kind of illusion and they may be hiding something that has not yet been revealed?

              I certainly don’t like the fact that Global Leaders get together and discuss topics/issues that none of have access to. For once, it would be nice to know Obama ran out of a conference because Putin bloodied his nose.

              I suppose I would feel more at ease if that had happened. Anymore, the feeling I have is that every single one of them are in on this dirty illusion that they are orchestrating in front of the mass’s.

              Overall, I have little trust in people.
              I have zero trust for any governmental body.

              • It might be this simple:

                “How do you look young and thin?” “Hang out with old fat people”.

                US actions and obviously ostensible excuses make Putin look good.

                • Seriously… bad do you have to screw up to make an Ex USSR KGB Lt Col look honest and forthright? This is like someone that hits a $200 million lottery and is flat broke in 5 years. How the hell do you do that?

                  • Kevin2:

                    Off subject but ‘how to win 200 $ million and is flat broke in five years’. Think of all those ways and you have a list of what to avoid. Some of my friends have shown the way to financial demise. Here are my top contenders. You could probably think of a few.

                    1. Gambling.
                    2. Gambling
                    3. Drug Addiction
                    4. Failure to Make More Money
                    5. Loaning or giving money
                    6. Investing in scams
                    7. Vacations in expensive Hotels
                    8. Buying luxury homes, boats, airplanes
                    9. Trashing luxury homes, boats, airplanes
                    10. Being the Godfather to every Relative
                    whose kid is a genius and requires an
                    Ivy League education
                    11. Not realizing that every number of dollars has

                    • I know a few that were ruined by a wife with credit cards, who because of that financial irresponsibility became an ex wife, taking the remaining 50% of assets with them and got alimony and child support too boot.

                      Life is like navigating through a mine field with supplies out there. The further you walk the more you get. Be determined to get through and be very cautious.

                    • You forgot ignorance.

                    • I once won $100M. Spent $99M on whiskey and whores. The rest I just wasted.

          • Lots of ethnic Russians in Crimea. Ukraine almost joined the EU (with a little push from USA) and would have been coerced to take in a bunch of muslime ‘refugees’. Russia did them a favor. From past experience, mostly in the USSR days, Russia knows how to deal with muslimes.

      12. The NWO want racial conflict so they can put in Marshall Law. I think the smartest thing is to stay calm and start attending as many local political meetings as possible. Find out what’s happening locally. Get into the center of Politics. Run for mayor. Forget about the skeletons in your closet and put yourself out there. This will give us our revolution. We can take back America. We have been letting others run the show for too long. Win or lose, fighting is what they fear. Apathy is what they want. They want you overwhelmed. Embarrassed by your mistakes. Intimidated by how smart they claim to be. It is all part of the scam. I might run for governor. I might run for mayor. I might run for President. Why don’t you join me. We can’t do any worse than these other Politicians. Free booze and strippers at the next meeting of the minds. Just kidding. No strippers.

      13. I was reading this article intently, until that is I came to the name STEVE QUAYLE –the most notorious internet liar and faker in the USA.

        Now nothing in this article has any credibility.

        • Steve Quayle feeds off of the Christian Community. He is no different than a fraudulent Pastor reeling in the money while committing acts of sin that ‘said’ pastor preaches about.

          Just because an article has a reference to Steve Quayle, Alex Jones or a Dave Hodges ..etc. Does not mean that the article itself has no credibility. Overall, this is a decent article with some minor flaws and besides … it beats the hell out of those other articles that reference the Economy, which by now is and should be pretty much a ‘Moot point.

          • Steve Quayle is doing more than most to bring the truth out. The domestic enemy doesn’t like that. If he’s wrong or wright only time will tell .

            • I agree, SQ has done more to expose the liars at the top and bring out the hidden agenda than either of the A Joneses, or D Hodges.

              I don’t follow AJ and DH, but I do hear a lot of negative about them.

              btw, He is right about the giants and hybrid beings, and the cover up by the Smithsonian. Most don’t like Quayle because he is an outspoken Christian, like myself. We don’t back down.

              • If you believe SQ’s shit about giants and “hybrid beings” you are a complete idiot! If you spend your time thinking about such nonsense, perhaps you should also go to Cosplay and science fictions conventions as some character.

                You are such a dope for wasting your time with Steve Quayle.

            • You’ve got to be kidding me–right?!
              Steven Quayle and the word “truth” put together is an Oxymoron.

              And FYI–nothing that Quayle has predicted or babbled about has ever come true. NOTHING! EVER!

          • Alex Jones has waaay more credibility than STEVE QUAYLE or that dolt, Dave Hodges… who now seems to be picking up the whacko-ball for Steve these days. And yes, if you base your thesis upon the ranting and babbling of Hodges, Quayle, Hawk, John Moore and the rest of the internet liars–you have no credibility.

      14. I don’t know about that “taking back “Amerika BCA???

        These days it’s all new ground for me. I’m sooooo tired
        about hearing about the “homeland”.

        We’re gonna talk about stemming the Syrian tide of refugees into the USA???? Hello, Mcfly- The borders here in the south are wideeeee open????

        Time to start filling sandbags and dig the fighting positions…

        • 1Vet:

          Good thinking with the sand bags. The southern border. Yes. Tis a problem. I have wonderful Mexican friends and neighbors. I hope Trump gets elected because although I don’t trust him, he just might build the wall (regardless of who pays for it).

          Don’t know what to do to stop Obama from bringing in the refugees. His Vice President is more worser than The Obamanation. I do still believe that those who can should become more politically active, especially younger folks. For better or worse, our generation at least was involved. I regret neglecting politics. While we slept, the likes we have in DC remained vigilant. Too bad they are anti-American Zio-communist/fascist traitors.

          • I’ve worked with these people for thirty years. You don’t have wonderful Mexican friends and nehibors . You have foreigners who will tell you what they think you want to hear. Look how they treat each other in Mexico . You can’t even drink the water. They will sink us to that level. Just like they have done in every area they take over ..Are you blind ? Or in denial. Your grand children’s lives are at stake.

            • There are some good Christian Hispanics in America…so don’t be so blind and racist, by insinuating they are all bad.

        • 1vet

          Time to start filling sandbags and dig the fighting positions…

          Already filled.

          • 1vet

            I am laughing my ass off thinking of people filling sandbags. How many bags do you need. Where do I get the sand/earth to fill them. What protection level. How much do I fill the bag. What material is the bag made from. How to stack the bags.

            Many are going to find out it is Back Braking Work.
            Especially if you move each bag multiple times. Let the sand get wet. Hahahahaha!

            Get Humping people. Time is short.

            Many will give up after a couple of bags

      15. Time is short, actually, it is shorter.

        The Warning, first prophesied at Garanbandal, is at our doorstep, and we would be wise to heed the instructions Christ will then give each of us. The Warning will come first, then Martial Law, and the declaration of the Antichrist.

        Our nation will be invaded, as punishment for abandoning God’s Ten Commandments, taking God out of the schools, and for permitting abortions and gay marriage.

        But it is not too late to repent, get right with God, and ask forgiveness– individually, and, collectively.

        • Thanks for making a stand for truth, LR.

      16. What’s really sad is no one in any position of authority or influence, be they CONgresswhimps or media lapdogs love their country and way of life enough to questioner indict lil berry with his evil intentions for us all. Fools, absolute f ing fools.

      17. OK, enough of this BS with braveheart1776.. your in and I see that your fighting to get in…its obvious that you are not a agency ass clown troll.. I hereby remove you form the agency ass clown troll list..I taught your were trying to be the real Braveheart..unless the real brave heart just changed his handle..



        Back to the posting and bitching and remember we are not here for good news because there is none..anyone wanting good news, go to Cnn and Fix and get the phuck of this board.

        • HCKS, OK, I guess I’ll let you slide this one time and BTW, I AM the real Braveheart; just made a little change to my handle.

      18. Hey anon, you phucking Agency as clown troll. Get the phuck of this site, you are calling Kevin a troll… its now wonder you can’t. are a handle and keep as anonymous.

        Braveheart1776, cleard of Agency ass clownry.. Brave welcome to board..
        You kit passed QC.



        Who hell am I to moderate..this is why I Call myself the agency ass clown moderator. Someone has for to do it.

      19. Russian separatists with Ukrainian citizenship….are…err… UKRAINIANS.

        Crimea is ethnically Russian and after seeing what the fascists did in Kiev it was not surprising they opted for the Russian Federation.

        Why would Russia ‘backdown’? They are, like China, independent nations.

        Russia has advanced technology…wow, would have known that.

      20. The USA is the problem because it’s owned by jewish bankers and they pull all the strings of your politicians.

        Russia and China will not allow the USA or it NATO off-shoot to carry on with the double standards on the other side of the world.

        Keep sending weapons to the moderate rebels in Syria to be past on to ISIS and Russia will keep taking them out.

        • Rockefeller is not Jewish and they’re up to their eyeballs in all of this. One thing in common is that they’re all banksters.

          • You might want to investigate THAT a little further… the Rockefeller and Rothschild families are tied by blood… goes back a ways. Just remember what Meyer Rothschild said ” If I control a country’s money, it matters not what laws THEY make”. And THEY have controlled the European and American money for a very long time.

      21. It IS most distressing to sit and watch Obama hack away at this ‘tree called America’ …and not ONE sob within the beltway is doing ‘diddly’ (say, within Congress or I guess anywhere/anyone). Given that much, ALL of them must either be ‘in on it’ or buried in unreality with jobs soon to end.
        I would NOT be wise to fuel an uprising and set off a civil war as that is precisely what Obama would be delighted to see, because then he’d declare Martial Law (and from then on “there will be no law on the streets”). No election either! Hillary HAS mentioned him pulling a 3rd term (talk about walking all over The Constitution)! WOW! THAT is the kind of ‘stuff’ that SHTF/HCKS is “feeling” coming down the road – (make that ‘careening’ down the road). Yeah, and to ‘fulfill’ what may remain, it is very feasible that we’ll see ‘movement’ (the first indications of severe trouble)at the end of this years 1st quarter, or immediately into the 2nd Q.(<—of these things I know next to nothing). It is also just as likely that we'll see them kick the can down the road again …then Obama will take NO blame for everything that crashes when he leaves office (can you imagine how many things have taken place [by his hand] that we have not been advised of in any way)? With THIS many nations on Earth suddenly finding America to be 'vile, disgusting 'earthlings' …I stand appalled. One million dead from Viet Nam and all other 'theatres' and now this? That doesn't set well with me at all. Few vets would differ in mindset, and I don't need to ask to know I'm right.
        However, if we do NOT "take this by the horns" with some manner of organization (fully supplied over 200 years ago by The Founding Fathers), I believe it would be a feasible undertaking with superior odds on OUR side (of winning). One might say, upon meeting me and speaking with me, that 'I am a man that refuses to be left without a country.' I'm learning my Oath is indeed 'life binding' – as it must be.
        It has been a bit of time since several Sheriffs made an official "Call To Arms" and nothing has been passed along about a change …thus it remains in effect and ppl are truly arming themselves in record numbers. Perhaps it will be the Sheriffs that 'collude' to force the states to 'stomp' the feds back into what The Constitution SAYS they are …cuz they ain't shit! (easier said than done, but do-a-ble)!

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