Collapsing Venezuela Is Out of Food: “Prepping Became Illegal”, Long Lines Mandatory

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    This article was written by Daisy Luther and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The current crisis is very unfortunate for the population of Venezuela, which includes large numbers of very poor people. It is a prime example of a socialist nightmare state, where obsession with central control and distribution has forced people to turn to the black market and alternative solutions to survive.

    Apparently, it is only going to get much worse. And like the political climate of a country that has outlawed guns and implemented tyranny, the autocratic government outlawed prepping, and only encouraged its people to pray for an economic miracle of socialism that would never come, while they wait dependent, hungry.

    Venezuela Is Out of Food: Here’s What an Economic Collapse Really Looks Like

    by Daisy Luther

    Venezuela is out of food.

    After several years of long lines, rationing, and shortages, the socialist country does not have enough food to feed its population, and the opposition government has declared a “nutritional emergency.” This is just the most recent nail in the beleaguered country’s slow, painful economic collapse.

    Many people expect an economic collapse to be shocking, instant, and dramatic, but really, it’s far more gradual than that. It looks like empty shelves, long lines, desperate government officials trying to cover their tushes, and hungry people. For the past two years, I’ve been following the situation in Venezuela as each shocking event has unfolded. Americans who feel that our country would be better served by a socialist government would be wise to take note of this timeline of the collapse.

    A quick review: Why Venezuela Is Out of Food

    In 2013, many began to suspect that the outlook for Venezuela was grim when prepping became illegal.  The Attorney General of Venezuela, Luisa Ortega Díaz, called on prosecutors to target people who are “hoarding” basic staples with serious sanctions.

    Shortly thereafter, grocery stores instituted a fingerprint registry to purchase food and supplies. Families had to register and were allotted a certain amount of supplies to prevent “hoarding.”

    Then, just over a year ago, it became even more apparent that the country was falling. when long lines for basic necessities such as laundry soap, diapers, and food became the norm rather than the exception. Thousands of people were standing in line for 5-6 hours in the hopes that they would be able to purchase a few much-needed items.

    Shortly after the story broke to the rest of the world, the propaganda machine shifted into high gear.  As the government began to ration electricity, it was announced that this was not due to economic reasons at all, but instead was a measure of their great concern for the environment.

    As the situation continued to devolve, farmers in Venezuela were forced to hand over their crops last summer. They assumed control of essential goods like food, and began putting retail outlets out of business. Then, once they had control of the sales outlets, they began forcing farmers and food manufacturers to sell anywhere from 30-100% of their products to the state at the price the state opted to pay, as opposed to stores and supermarkets.

    But that wasn’t enough to keep the population fed. (Isn’t it astonishing how much less motivated people are to produce food and supplies when they are no longer allowed to benefit from their hard work? Historically, collectivism and farming have never gone successfully hand in hand.) This January, the government told citizens that they would need to produce their own food. The Ministry of Urban Farming was created to oversee this. While self-reliance sounds great, it isn’t so great in Venezuela. Just so the urban farmers don’t get too self-reliant, a registry of the crops and livestock will be required. (And obviously, they’ve already proven that they have no issue forcing farmers to hand over what they’ve produced.)

    Now, it looks like all of the socialist measures and forced food production haven’t been enough to keep the people of Venezuela fed. The country is in so much trouble now that it isn’t possible to cover it up with propaganda.

    According to, lawmakers have learned nothing.

    Socialist legislators are hoping to manipulate the initiative in the other direction, and use it to expand government control of private food enterprises. Legislator Héctor Rodríguez has insisted that the economic emergency “does absolutely nothing,” and the government should impose itself on private enterprises. Another socialist legislator, Ricardo Molina, is calling for the government to expropriate Polar, Venezuela’s largest private food corporation: “we have to intervene on private sector enterprises.”

    Venezuela previously forced a Polar food distribution center in Caracas to shut down in July, putting 12,000 tons of food, six million liters of soft drinks, and 2,000 jobs at risk.

    And now, the announcement of the “nutritional emergency” makes it official. Venezuela is out of food, and it’s only a matter of time before Venezuelans are quite literally starving due to a long series of terrible decisions by their leaders.

    Prep before it happens

    It’s essential to note as this all plays out that there is little people can do now to rectify their situations. If they aren’t already quietly prepared, they are completely at the mercy of their socialist government.  It is absolutely vital to put back supplies well before the general public is aware that a crisis is pending.

    As well, consider the fact that many folks here believe that a socialist government is exactly what our country needs. They eagerly lap up the promises of “free education” and “free healthcare.” They warmly embrace a presidential candidate who is an unabashed socialist. It absolutely astonishes me. They’d be well-advised to pay attention to how well the freebies have worked out in Venezuela. Socialism is not a sustainable economic model, something that has been proven time and time again, much to the detriment of the victims of the misguided notions.

    The game pieces here are already lined up to control the American people should our economic situation continue to worsen. For example, there are already laws in place to “prevent hoarding.” Remember a few years ago when President Obama signed an executive order that gives the federal government authority over every resource and infrastructure element in the United States?

    There are a lot of uncomfortable parallels that can be drawn between America’s financial situation and the disaster in Venezuela, and one thing is clear: self-sufficiency is the only way to protect your family. Even if you haven’t really begun to prepare, there’s still time to become more self-reliant. Here are some steps you should consider:

    It is vital to practice OPSEC (Operational Security) by keeping your preparedness related activities on the down low.  Preparedness and self-sufficiency author Tess Pennington warns that in a crisis situation, things you said months or years ago could come back to haunt you.

    A person should think twice about telling others about any prepping investments they have made.  If a SHTF scenario occurred, anything said previously can be used against that prepper.  For example, if you tell your neighbor you have silver coins stashed away, if times were desperate enough, that neighbor could turn on you.  Keeping quiet about what one does is second nature to some.  But for others that are new to the idea of prepping, they do not see the whole SHTF picture.  If one person tells another about their preps, one person could tell another person about what preps their neighbor has.  Then, the word spreads throughout; especially when a severe situation occurs.  People will remember what you have told them, and come to you for help (if they are unprepared).  Helping a neighbor or family member in need is a noble deed.  However, those preparedness items are an investment for you and your family; and therefore, no one outside of the family should know what you have (unless you want that person to know). (source)

    As people become more desperate, they behave far differently than they would in normal circumstances. You have to be prepared for the day when you might have to defend your home, family and supplies. When an economic disaster strikes, the one thing you can count on from the government is that they will not be prioritizing you and your family. In a situation like the one in Venezuela, you will be completely on your own at best. At worst, your supplies will be targeted “for the greater good.”   Maintain your freedom by becoming quietly self-sufficient.


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      1. from a country that has a year round growing season?

        there has got to be more to this than they are telling us

        • Precisely what I was thinking as well E.O.T.S – Is farming being deregulated under Government rule? Are people forbidden to grow their own crops on their land?

          All I know, is that something here is really wrong.
          There is no reason why the people of Venezuela should be lacking food. It’s not like the habitat and climate is like Ethiopia or some other undesirable place.

          • Im also wondering if this is just a local issue ..not across entire Venezuela,, like areas of extreme poverty or certain areas

            like not every single person there is experiencing this ..

            in other words is this story making a bigger issue out of this than it really is ?
            sure when you dont have food , thats a big deal ..but is it “state wide”?( all of Venezuela? I doubt it)

            • I agree, it is difficult to imagine all of Venezuela suffering from food shortages. Maybe it is just these pockets of non-producing individuals known as the free-shit army.

              Next door to them is Guyana – though a small country, they do not suffer in terms as their neighbor and actually have a sound system. I suppose this is the difference between a productive society to a non-productive society … iduno.

              • Agree

                I think we are closer to the truth than what we hear

              • EOTS and FTW: There is a statement in the article about the farmers:

                “As the situation continued to devolve, farmers in Venezuela were forced to hand over their crops last summer. They assumed control of essential goods like food, and began putting retail outlets out of business. Then, once they had control of the sales outlets, they began forcing farmers and food manufacturers to sell anywhere from 30-100% of their products to the state at the price the state opted to pay, as opposed to stores and supermarkets.

                But that wasn’t enough to keep the population fed. (Isn’t it astonishing how much less motivated people are to produce food and supplies when they are no longer allowed to benefit from their hard work?”

                The government started forcing the farmers to hand over their crops so the farmers quit producing much. Socialism at its finest.

                • yup ,, they got what they asked for ..
                  I still wonder if its just localized .. V-uela is a pretty large area .. and I’m sure there are some fiercely independent types that said F.U. to the establishment and their” rules”

                • Not surprised – typical Government mismanagement – wonder if Venezuela has been taking notes from the U.S. Standards Of Agriculture?

                  • Actually the country has been under the defacto control of the IMF since 2009 and along with bank fraud has collapsed the economy. Any country the IMF touches is doomed to collapse so the bankers can rape and pillage the assets.

                • Much has been written in recent years about the man-made famine that ravaged Ukraine in 1932-1933 and caused the deaths of 7 million to 10 million people. This is in stark contrast to the largely ignored famine of 1921-1923 – the first of three famines that Ukraine’s population has suffered under the Soviet Communist regime, and a famine that, contrary to popular belief, was not caused by drought and crop failures, but by the policies of the Soviet state.

                • Germany starved under the Nazi much like this. They stole crops and farmers stopped production. They stole garden produce and gardeners stopped growing. The got too debilitated to produce food for nothing. When the Allied came into Berlin with money… food appeared overnight. People will not produce food if they can’t eat. Soviets did the same.

                  • You are spot on.

                    When soviets took over Poland they made farmers give everything to the state, except what they grew on a small 1/4 acre family vegetable garden. Most farmers would produce more in that personal vegetable garden than on the primary 10 acre wheat crop they grew for the state.

                    There was a blossoming black market for any excess they could produce.

                    In Venezuela the government collects all the food, but it doesn’t get to the stores, implies it’s being exported for cash by the government while the people starve.

                    Venezuela also did have minor problems where government subsidized food was bought in bulk, driven accross the border and sold for a profit in the next country. Though that was limited to towns with border access where travel was not subject to scrutiny. Rather than control the border the VZ gov chose to ration sales. Sounds like Obama’s US stand down border policy allowing drugs, terrorists and undesirables in, the subsequent social problems are exploited to take more power, and limit civil rights.

                    The VZ government has gradually turned a democracy into a full on fascist state where all the people are slaves.

                    • Go look up the influence of the IMF since 2009. I know it does not fit your narrative but it is the reality behind the collapse of the economy.

                    • It’s one of the ways that governments set the populace up to lose everything. In warm countries people usually shop for food once each evening. Everyone needs food, of course, but in Western cultures and many Latin countries food is usually plentiful. Or it was. Now, as the so-called “elites” have chosen to use it as a weapon, that has changed and is changing. To begin with most food in the U.S. has been poisoned in one way or another – and the farmers who grow it together with their families get it first and maybe worst. In S. America farmers often end up working the land their families had owned for centuries; Monsanto (aka “MonSatan”) strikes again. Growers are not taught to handle glyphosate as safely as it can be handled (which is not very), and many have died of cancer as a result of the fact that GMO crops need ever-increasing doses of Roundup. Sometimes they catch on, but they can’t refuse the owner’s orders to use GMO seeds; they no longer own the land, the Rockefellers do. Since GMOs require large and increasing doses of Roundup to survive, the farmers get it too, along with everyone who eats that produce. Thanks to Monsanto Exec Michael Taylor (who works at the FDA now and then literally making up regs and false “information”) declared, and put it on everything GMO in America he could: “GMO products are not substantially different from non-GMO products” – or words to that effect. It’s an outright LIE, but it’s there anyway. In addition to the glyphosate in the Roundup and the crops (and the meat of animals that eat them, us included, GMOs are also now known to be carcinogenic in and of themselves even without Roundup. GMO animal feed also contaminates the meat as well with carcinogenic GMOs AND carcinogenic glyphosate.

                      Americans often have little choice about eating GMOs instead of organic produce and other products in many places. Then there are the OTHER additives to the food *sigh* and Americans, having been taught that cooked-to-sludge, “color-enhanced”, preservative-saturated, heavily salted and otherwise meddled-with canned “foods” are safe, good food, and it’s often bought in large quantities as food that can be stored for long periods of time, saving more shopping trips. They buy for the week or even for the month routinely, never knowing that much or most of it is no longer really food at all.

                      Now, when shipping is cut back for various reasons at the same time the USD is losing value (meaning prices go up because the dollar is worth less) we’re paying more and more for less and less. To top it off, we’re slowly starving because the “food” has less and less nutrition in it. Soon now, say after an EMP and other problems (all carefully engineered) destroy the power grid and so cuts incoming supplies, people will seriously and relatively quickly begin to starve for real – to death. Frozen foods will have thawed, and it will start rotting fairly soon if not cooked; even then the shelf-life is short. Americans have seldom had to contend with polluted water – it always comes out of the faucet clean and ready to drink or cook with. Lack of water kills much more quickly than lack of food.

                      Much of what isn’t canned is “instant” – dehydrated, and usually with most nutrition destroyed or otherwise removed from it. If people aren’t careful they’ll have stores of what looks like a large stash of food that has about the nutritive value of sand, though it might make good rat poison – some of it at least. Soon enough a matter of a few days) the panic begins to set in as people start starving, the weak and ill dying first, soon in real numbers. Most people are simply NOT prepared to deal with food shortages, lack of power (there goes everything in the fridge and a freezer, if any), no gas to cook with or heat water (or the house) with, no water to heat anyway, and all the store shelves were bare in the first two days or so – though almost no one has any money with real value, like gold or silver, anyway.

                      The entire supply and waste disposal systems of the West have been sabotaged and are primed to collapse, and the vast majority are not at ALL prepared to deal with it. I’ve read that in China when things got bad, some people traded children – so that no one had to eat their own. David Rockefeller said that it was “…the most magnificent” something-or-other – experiment in human cultures? – the world had ever seen. He was so very delighted, impressed and downright enthusiastic about 50 million people in one of the oldest cultures on Earth starving to death or eating their own children! NOW I can see the uses to which he intended to PUT this knowledge.

                      The Power Grid has been sabotaged with neglect. The food has been sabotaged with biochemistry, heavy metals and other toxins that include at least three that are radioactive (from Chemtrails, then there’s Roundup and its’ relatives, hormones and more), foreign DNA that causes cancer, we have medicines that weaken, sicken and kill, cause cancer or do nothing useful, water and crops poisoned by Chemtrails and fracking, no way to GET water in most places without electricity, or to get light, or heat… There may be gas for the cars for a while, but nowhere to go – safely. I’ve a feeling that most people will WALK – willingly – to the FEMA Camps. You know: the places with the guillotines, televised for the edification of the watching “elites” who are fascinated by beheading… Between judicious bribes, deadly threats politicians KNOW will be carried out and other tactics, the Banksters have taken control of what we thought was “our government”; it wasn’t and isn’t. It has become a tool of The Enemy who intends our destruction by destroying most of the biosphere on which we depend along with what I think of as the “technosphere”, which is just as vital.

                      D.C. is NOT America’s Capital and never was, but three corporations masquerading as the Capital City. Our “Intel agencies”, L.E. Agencies, much of the military and most other D.C. Agencies, many now illegal or operating illegally, are now also under their control, their people conditioned or outright under “mind-control” developed by DARPA, and We the People are their targets. We ourselves, between multiple radiation sources of almost ALL types (Cell/MAST towers, cell phones, power line emissions, TV outputs (including mind-bending flicker-rate alterations), microwave ovens, a nearly destroyed ozone layer, HAARP…

                      In short (I know; it’s about time. Sorry about that): WE ARE UNDER CONSTANT ATTACK – PSYCHOLOGICAL, BIOLOGICAL, RADIOLOGICAL, CHEMICAL, BEHAVIORAL, MORAL, ETHICAL, SPIRITUAL… Get the idea? I HATE the idea of an epitaph that reads something like “America; died waiting for the next election and a government that would fix it for them.”

                      If we do not ACT – ASAP – together…


                • Nah “socialism at it’s finest” is when they do this shit.


                  Won’t produce huh? What are you, a subversive? We can MAKE you produce…

                  As an aside, all this Putin dick-sucking nonsense overlooks the very real fact that the dude headed an organization that had a very long history of this very same shit.

              • Guyana is a unitary parliamentary republic, not a socialist country. They were under British rule until 1966. They’ve continued to run their country as they learned under the Brits unlike some of the other SA countries with their tin-plated dictators.

                • Yep … and if I had to choose a place to live in South America – it would be Guyana.

                  • Columbia is better at 8,000 feet above sea level in the tropics; creating a Spring like climate, year round. 🙂

                    • Colombia does not like White People, I’d feel safer in Mexico … if you get my drift.

                  • Thank you! We would love to have you! Help grow our population.

                • Absolutely! Though the British did rape the country, we are so rich in resources and now with our newly found oil we are poise to be the leader amongst our Caribbean sister nations. The Brits did leave us with a good system of institutions. And we embrace democratic principles.

                  • This country needs to take a few lessons from yours.

              • The time to “hoard” is prior to an economic collapse with long term food storage. Not during a communist economic implosion.

                The crisis in Venezuela has been many years in the making and could have been and should have been foreseen from trends, years ago. 🙁

              • I worked with a woman from Venezuela in 2013 who told me stories of her parents, brother and cousins who were middle class, ranch owners, lawyer, and business owner. Her parents had to wait in line for over 3 hours to get into a grocery store, and at each store because it took shopping at 3 or 4 stores to complete a shopping list. This was 2013. They lived nearer the Colombian border where goods were being smuggled into Venezuela and the Maduro socialist government was closing the border off and on to curtail it. Some could argue a government has to enforce it’s “laws” but it was to the detriment of it’s citizens having enough to eat.

                • GenEarly, I have a Venezuelan refugee in my company who has told me similar stories. Maduro and company are killing the country with their BS. The socialist regime needs to go.

                  • Venezuela and/or the USSA? What is it that people let this economic/political tragedy just happen to them?
                    Worse yet, people letting their “leaders” go down the same path after watching it happen over and over through out history?
                    Don’t Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls……..

              • America could learn from this. Socialism is suicide. But they won’t. Free Shit Army always wins.

                • It works well in Northern Europe as their per capita income is higher than then US. The concentration of wealth currently in the US is destabilizing as billionaires exercise a disproportionate amount of political control. This control tends to push for greater wealth at the expense of the majority as can be seen with both Free Trade and the De-Regulation of the Financial Sector to the determent of the middle class. There is a question of degree as Venezuela is virtually communist. Its doubtful to me that the demographics in the US would work well in a functioning socialist democracy as Norway has. Too many in the US would be “gaming the system”.

                  • This is what I try to tell the young people at work. Learn the game and play it better then they do.
                    You can watch their head shawl. there is more but this is a start

              • We must remember that Venezuela WAS a fairly robust nation with plenty of modern conveniences until Socialism reared its ugly head. The people became too comfortable and too lazy to take part in their own affairs, preferring to let the government do everything for them.
                Sound familiar?

                • Hauntingly familiar, to answer your question.
                  How about these questions; What are ProgreSSives constantly always unrelentingly moving “Forward” into?
                  We Know the answer, We have to say No, and if our Elitist Rulers aren’t listening, What next?

              • Well said! I’m a Guyanese. We are a young thriving democracy! Pass leaders have tried to install that socialist nonsense. We didn’t stand for it. Now Venezuela wants our newly discovered oil, want to bully us for 1 of our biggest county call Essequibo, we are not poor resources wise only bad management but selfish politicians in the past but we change that and voted them out last year. We have coalition government now that has fully embrace democratic principles. We are on the rise! Exxon mobile discovered the oil with our government’s commission and is here to help us explore it. Venezuela had an agreement with Guyana our rice for their oil, they have since quash the deal since start to explore our oil. Now their people are trading black market oil for our food. Bunch of backward people if you ask me. So many millions of them and can’t stand up to their socialist government.

                • Stupidity is the mother and father of socialism

          • Is this one of the countries that Monsanto used their GMO-seeds-and-Roundup formula to steal the farmland from family farmers, perhaps? If a country decided to boot the Rockefellers and start over, they’d STILL have a lot toxic farmland, likely poisoned water tables, etc. I don’t know if there IS a way to clean farmland soaked in glyphosate, either! According to some scientists, it lasts in the soil for slightly less time than uranium (1/2-life 4.5 billion years). If a country did that AND went politically hard left, that would do in pretty well, I’d think.

            If we don’t change some things muy rapido, we’re just liable to find out pdq ourselves…

        • Yet another reason not to give up our weapons and to shoot and kill bringers of tyranny when they come.

          • Any person[dumb ass] regardless of country of origin who is willing to surrender their weapons, deserves everything that comes to them and then some.

            • yep

            • FTW, you said a mouthful with that one.


          8.5% of freshmen go to protest rallies demanding more diversity among college professors

          71% say racist and sexist speech should be banned on campus


          Pigs are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by pigs

          Kaffirs commit 62% of all robberies, 57% of murders and 45% of assaults even though they are 16% of the population

          40% of cop killers are black, yet blacks are only 26% of police shooting victims

          Coleman Young was a Tuskegee airman. And he bombed the shit outa Detroit.


            Amazing – ids who actually listen to their teachers! Or were you (and others) aware that colleges and universities have been packed with far-left ideologues? It sounds wonderful to a kid for everyone to be GIVEN enough food, a free house and car, etc, etc. They tend not to think that the $$$ HAS to come from somewhere – or rather, someONE. After all, The Government takes in all that tax money.Right? It doesn’t go to infrastructure, which is falling apart. Of course there’s DARPA, MK Ultra, maybe the biggest military on Earth, or close to it. So they wonder why we don’t all get “free stuff” from The Government,” which can do anything – or everything…

            Telling them SOMEONE has to work for it, well… Why? *sigh* THEN try telling them it all gets stolen by the already super-wealthy. Even smarter adults have trouble believing it.

        • I’m always amazed at the number of beautiful porn stars from Hungary and the Czech Republic.

          Mia Stone is so hot. So is Zita Gorog. Christina Blonde. Vernoica Vanoza.

          Have you ever seen 8mm 2? One of the best movies ever made.

          • Eastern Europeans are quite often “naturally stacked”. Maybe its a genetic adaption to living in a cold environment.

          • So much for Jesus.

          • Pointless videos. Gold fap girl can’t carry a tune in a bucket. I wonder who she was friends with to get that “singing” gig.

            • Trying to teach baby boomers about good music is like trying to teach calculus to a dog.

              • Any random charted record from the 1960s beats that Gold fap girl.

          • Acid, if you can’t come up with something better than that, you need to hang it up.

            • Actually she has a really nice voice. I’d like to hear her doing a ballad kinda thing. Nice range, too. Thanks, Acid Etch! I’ll see if I can find her doing another type song. Where’s this kid from, anyway?

        • If you dig into it a little deeper you’ll find that those with gardens as well as farmers must give a portion of what they grow to the federales’. Then it gets dispersed (maybe ends up on a soldier’s table). Why would you tend a big garden, do all the work by yourself, only to have a large portion taken from you by a government stooge with a gun. Then on the flip side I read that a lot of this article is misguiding in that only some articles of food such as butter or other real non-necessities are the only items that are scarce. So who really knows. There’s quite a bit of disinformation to be picked up and ran with only to find it’s a bad bone with no meat on it.

        • Our company has sold electrical materials to PDVSA for 3 decades. Up until recently, they were our #1 client…Between 2004-2012, we sold them over $50M USD in equipment & MRO supplies. However, they now owe us over $750k that is 1 year in arrears. By far the longest they’ve ever stretched us out. The biggest issue is currency. Their government has “issued” an official exchange rate of 6:1 (Bolivar:USD) however the black market rate is 1000:1.

          With PDVSA now on hold across all industries (Eletrical, Mechanical, Civil etc) they are having a very difficult time getting needed supplies for the upkeep of their infrastructure from their USA supply base. As their infrastruce ages and breaks down, so does their oil output. With lowered oil output, they are unable to generate hard currency (USD) in the same quantities via exportation of oil. With lower dollars coming into the country (PDVSA is a govt entity that essentially is the central bank too) it is almost impossible for the local businessman to get his hands on dollars which he needs to import basic items mentioned in this article.

          Without dollars flowing into Venezuela, their countrymen CANNOT import materials as NO ONE in their right mind would accept Bolivars for payment. Thus, the locals are at the mercy of their central bank/PDVSA to generate dollars that they can trade Bolivars for to import basic necessities.

          And no, this is not a localized problem. Venezuela has been pushed to the brink…And now I’m afraid our company won’t see that $750k either..

        • Its called over population! The country can only produce so much and for so many! That’s Socialism for you!

        • Gee and I wonder where the Author in the food fear shortage article, guides us to buy our food?

          Yes it is true when farmer’s are forced to give a large percentage of their food production to the state that they loose incentive to grow food. The same result happens here in the US. When we are forced to give all our annual profit from our labor to the State in the form of income taxes and Obamascare, we too loose ambition to go to work. This is why many just live in poverty and remain unemployed, as they are far better off making more babies and live off SNAP, SSI, single parent benefits and welfare than being productive and working for a living and paying taxes. It is a race to the bottom for sure. I too have been taxes to death and chose to reduce my taxable income. Carry no debt and have no speakable Bill’s to pay monthly besides car insurance Cell Ph bill, internet and annual property taxes. F@(k the State and starve the beast. Off the Grid for me. You can do it too.


          • No paycheck then the government can’t tax you very easy. I have chose to reduce my taxable income also. Starve the beast.

        • Similar Government mechanisms are already in place here in the US for confiscation of food. Its called. NDAA. What’s your is the Governments by Presidential declaration. Income Taxes already takes earned profit from our labor to Feed the Government Beast. And it Just is never enough. That Beast is a very hungry blood sucking vermin.


        • The cabal (parasite Bankers)and their minions are sitting at the fencepost to swarm in when the time is right and divide the spoil.
          It is the same system all the time”
          1.Lent Money,that they can not repay.
          2.wait for the total breakdown
          3.Take over for none payment the good stuff of the Country for pennies on the Dollar.
          NEXT COUNTRY

        • what would you tell atlas with the world on his shoulders. Shrug.

        • Unfortunately the administration has made certain that the lamestream media keeps Americans completely ignorant of these facts.

      2. The slow drawn out collapse is worse than a quick one. The problem is when your preps are stretched over a longer period of time. How many meals can your property or skills produce over a given year? How far can you stretch your pantry before waiting 6 hours in a line to survive?

      3. Part of the reason is that no other country will sell them food or goods because of rampant inflation and the threat of default on all their debts. Welcome to socialism 104.

      4. Can we add liberalism to the national disease database yet?

        • and Socialism

          • Anyone looked at Northern Europe? All have a higher standard of living than the US. I think they are referred to as socialist. They don’t have dozen Fleet Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers though.

        • Stupidity should be on that list too.

      5. “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in French) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850.

        But, don’t worry! The Yes we can/Bernie “Free ice cream for everyone” Sanders/Hilary supporters still have no clue why this has never worked, will never work, and CAN never work. Nor do they have any idea why the USSR failed. Low information voters indeed.

        • They know Socialism doesn’t work. If you look at all they acquire while feeding the stupid voting public this garbage you understand what motivates them, GREED.

      6. Why is it that there are still overweight people in line? And don’t tell me about low quality vs high quality foods. I don’t think it is Ethiopia bad yet. Maybe soon.

        • Too many tortillas perhaps?!

      7. To everyone; I have some information on Venezuela most people don’t have. When Hugo Chavez first took over, he created some social programs so his people could start benefitting from the oil wealth to some degree. But what made him suspect in my view was when he went to the Castro brothers for support. He allowed Castro to put some top Cuban officials in all of his govt. ministries and the military. Why allow foreigners into your govt. to run it? Chavez was sending 100000 barrels of oil per day to Cuba to help prop up Castro’s Soviet-style economy. There’s also an unknown number of Cuban troops stationed there to keep the socialist regime in power. Crime has also been getting out of hand in that country. Things have only gotten worse under Nicholas Maduro. while the previous regimes had their faults, at least they provided stability. Venezuela is falling, no question, and because of socialism. That regime appears to be in its twilight era now.

        • Sounds like what’s happening here. Scum foreigners don’t even need to be here, much less in positions of power. Especially muslim trash.

        • “Why allow foreigners into your govt. to run it?”

          America has the same problem, which is why we have a Governmental problem.

          Dual Citizenship in politics is a disaster.
          Constitutionally – there is nothing wrong with it …
          but it would be nice someday to see that it is, but something tells me that it is highly doubtful.

          • FTW, sad but true. We have AIPAC which is full of a certain ‘tribe’ and we supposedly have some Muslims in DHS. Dual citizenship should be abolished and the ‘tribe’ and muzzies kicked out.

          • When most of the country is made of forigners, what do you expect.

            • Fair enough John Stiner – but … if a person is going to run for a political position in this country, they need to choose which country they are going to fully support.

              Dual Citizenship status in political seats needs to be abolished and done away with. A person can not serve two country’s. [masters]

              There’s been plenty of evidence over the years to prove the point on Dual Citizenship has taken it’s toll on American Policies – within and outside of our borders.

          • Are you kidding?? The Jews in Congress, at least several I’ve seen over the years, would SINK the U.S. for a little profit for Israel. And as for gratitude for all America has done for them, we get mockery and sneering instead. Looking into it I found the Likud, while they’re Jews, are converted Khazars, NOT Hebrews – not ONE Hebrew. And “We could make America bend over and kiss their own butts!” is NOT gratitude.

        • New England, Oregon and Washington are run by liberals.

          And they rank highly on the quality of life index.

          By far the most important factor is the percentage of the population that is white.

          Numbers show that irrefutably.

          • It is easy to support welfare when there are no blacks around to draw on it.

            You look at the uber liberal cities of Chicago, Detroit, Washington DC, and Philadelphia.

            Filled with free shit army blacks and they are bankrupting the municipalities and states.

            • Well said

          • OREGON ranks high on the quality of life index???

            …Oregon ranks high in the illicit narcotics index from what I hear tell…

          • Yeah we heard that same BS about the Scandinavian Countries just a few short years ago. Wonder how thats working out. Liberalism always looks good at the start. Trekker Out. Till Payday Comes Around.

      8. Regardless of the reason for its failure, which is by design of course and I have learned that Hispanic people In general don’t prep in my city and are some of the most stupidest sundown peopel I have ever encountered.. I am not talking about Hispanic preppers in this site, so this is not a racist comment, it’s just facts.. the first thing that affected me in the 2008 calapse when it kicked in full fear in 2009, then it was out of money a d immediately I can’t eat and have no water.. after the brutal struggle that kicked in when I suddenly ran out of money could barely pay the business overhead, and lost my apartment, to head straight out on e streets of Houston literally, for 18 and personal comfort was gone. Not only did I barely oat the business overhead, I had to reset my economy..and then I began to study the bankers to watch what they did next to use it as a gauge then research trends..i succeeded because of my higher intelligence and have to talks all you preppers in this site that covinced me tp get so.e survival food and secure water.. it’s was fire thing I did when I had money left over from coverage here overhead, then I out in my first order of under $200, got freeze dry MRE’S, water filtration which worked good in the Houston Bayou’s, suddenly I was no longer hungry from following all these insane out paranoid prepper people in this site.. it’s obvious that Venezuela does. It have intent access and is censured because judging by that line, those people are retarded dumbasses.. you aught to see the lines coming in California..anyone living in that state is Total completely phucked, they will be needed lots of gas mask soon…97% of the people of all races combined in America today do not prep..97% of them will be dead in 1 year after and engineered EMP event or a ww3 fallout…the troops on the border of turkey and it’s about to ignite..the civil, revolutionary war will follow in our neck of the woods.


        I have been reinvented..I leaned My lesson about food and water.

        • HCKS, sounds like it was one tough row to hoe. Good on you to come out on the other end of it intact. Hope me and family never have to walk it. In thought, this thing with Scalia has got my mind churning. Why now? What is tied into his passing? No real black swan event but maybe a possible thought out move on the chess board to obtain a Queen piece? I guess we’ll see in the coming days. I hear tell that O’babalouie, (Quick Draw Mc’Graw’s side kick)was damn near giddy when he received the news.

        • HCKS, sorry to hear about your tough time but glad to see you survived it. I was homeless for one month in 1982 and survived it. I also reinvented myself afterward. And some people wonder why I live without credit? 2 reasons. 1. I don’t want it and have learned how to live without it over the years and, 2. I don’t make enough money to worry about it anyway. I won’t let anything interfere with my prepping. That’s always been my first priority. Over the last 3 years I’ve bought myself enough preps to keep me going for the next few years. No car notes, credit card bills, or any of that shit for me.

        • Good Lord, let me die rather than have to walk the post apocalyptic earth with the ignorant and childish likes of you,HCKS. Do you use crayons writing your stupidity out?

      9. The world price on oil killed Venezuela’s economy much like the Russian and US economy. The govt in Venezuela is living on fumes and corruption and we aren’t far behind.

      10. Ever have a long talk with a former citizen from a Warsaw Pac country, or a former slave of the USSR? L-O-N-G lines for everything!

        Now remember how good it was under President Reagan? All the new businesses, lots of jobs. Winning the Cold War!

        America needs a flat income tax, stop spending on “social” programs, and a rebuilding of our Military. Also securing our borders and getting Government out of our Health Care.

        Otherwise, America will look like this soon.

        Dump the Progressive Democrat “Crazy Don” T-rump/Choose Cruz!

        Cruz is the only one promoting all of what we need.

        • “Cruz is the only one promoting all of what we need.”

          The thing Cruz is promoting is, as well as the others you mentioned – are more “hope & change” theatrics that the gullible Americans can drool over.

          It’s like OBAMA ’08 again with these candidates – getting their hopes up and then when the one is selected, this person will fail to come through with their promises.

          I’m only 45 years old, and I have seen enough of this circus show called politics in our country. There is not going to be some knight in shinning armor riding into to D.C. to save the day.

          Casting a vote into the ballot box is not going to make a difference one way or another. Hasn’t a person such as yourself had enough of the “Blue & Red Deception Show”?

          Supporting candidates that you had mentioned … is supporting more of the same American Imperialism. If that sounds good to you and it makes you happy … then please by all means … continue to support your masters and handlers slave.

          • FTW
            Given that you a nut job Muslim crank, I really wouldn’t expect anything less from a Piss Ant like you.

            • “A Muslim nut job crank?”

              I would like to see evidence of such an accusation.
              Please follow up with documentation of your allegations.

              Thanks in advance, it is very much appreciated.

              BTW – to make my above post a little more clearer to you.

              We have a Wildebeest, by the name of Hillary Clinton who is running for office of the Presidency of the United States, by Constitutional Law should be rotting in Prison instead.

              If you want to continue to support this corrupt system called American Politics – that is your choice and right to do so. It won’t make a bit difference of how you cast your vote.

              Want change in America?
              It won’t be done with a ballot box.
              There is an alternative, but it appears most Americans are not on board and are too pussified to do what needs to be done.

              • FTW, spot on. Seminole Wind is another poor misguided soul.

                • I suppose so Braveheart –

                  I just don’t get how people can support career politicians … the same ones who have gutted the middle class and continue to destroy the Constitution to this day.

                  How a person can continue to believe in the lies and deception and thinking tomorrow may be a brighter day.
                  I have news for those people … and that “brighter” day is not going to come.

                  Those manufacturing jobs are not coming back.
                  Things will continue to be outsourced.
                  Our Civil Liberties will continue to disappear.

                  The Republic is Dead.
                  Democracy is Dead.
                  Fascism is very much Alive.

                  People in general need to stop supporting, glamorizing, and idolizing these corrupt, traitorous shits called politicians.

                  The system is broken, and participating in an election that is obviously corrupted beyond repair – a ballot box is not going to fix the issue at hand.

                  All the Government needs from the people of this country is to win our “hearts & minds”. That is all they need from us … and of course our tax dollars.

                  Participating in American Elections – is giving them consent to continue their un-Constitutional ways.
                  Those people who choose to participate and then later get upset because promises have been broken … well … what did you expect … some fk’n change?

                  • FTW, that’s sad but true. Govt. will never get my heart or mind but they damn sure get my tax dollars.

                  • “career politicians” should be an oxymoron! It’s not inviting trouble, it’s friggin’ DEMANDING trouble! Granted a country needs administrators. We DON’T a bunch of self-serving wannabe tyrants who spend more time “raising money for reelection” (i.e soliciting bribes so they can live rich even though they aren’t). “Public servants” ought to be JUST THAT: SERVANTS! Instead they hang around with the rich and famous hoping some of both rubs off on them. One or two reasonable terms should be IT, and no more. Also, a 180 degree turnaround once they’re in should be considered a breech of verbal contract and cause for termination.

          • I don’t fucking NEED a dam thing from my government
            And I don’t fucking WANT anything from the government
            I wish the government would STOP thinking I give a shit what they want Me to do for IT
            When all they’ve done is fuck me from day one
            Voting is the definition of insanity and I’ve been voting long enough to finally wake up to that years ago
            Never has this government done anything beneficial to me or for me , my entire life
            If I NEEDED anything I went and made it happen
            If I WANTED anything I worked to get it
            I have zero use for this bread and circuses way this regime runs this joke

            Anyone running for president isn’t in it for YOU and what you want
            I know it’s a hard concept , but if you were rich could get and probably have gotten whatever you wanted in life..all your life . Ask yourself .. Would you honestly give a shit what anyone else but you wants ? Remember think spoiled rotten
            Be honest , because the answer is no

            All politicians do is blow smoke for money
            And some people like smoke blown in places I care not go

            • EOTS, same here. You said it better than I was about to.

            • EOTS.

              Learn to be self efficient and self sufficient.

              With all that is happening in the news and how many have failed to prepare. I have come to NOT want any help nor do I need anything from anyone. If I don’t have it now I will do without.
              All the info we ALL have written here to help others. Most of it fell by the wayside.
              Of all the preps I enjoyed was to put in a garden. It went well till the rain came. Hard work and constant attention. My brown thumb has great respect for those who till the earth. And I do know for a fact that fish sticks, chicken tenders, steaks and pork chops, do nor magically appear in the meat freezer section of the supermarket.
              Today I purchased some of that Camo Paint and have been gathering Spanish Moss for future use. Treat for red bugs first.

              My wife told me a long time ago that once I stopped prepping things will begin to happen. She has been right on some other things about me. Good at cards too. ;0)

              I am slowing down.

              • Slingshot
                I have been gardening 50 years. The weather takes its bite. My current garden is part standard leaning to landrace species that do not require supplemental water. My food forest is leaning toward native edibles and hidden foods that I can eat and that attract edible wildlife. Even if I had to give up the garden, I would have Opsec foods. Could live at the top of the hill if necessary. Where there is a will there is a way. If it gets to starvation though… pink cheeks is a dead giveaway. Surviving starvation does not look like chunkers standing in line for a pound of mantequilla.

                • Rebecca

                  Lean and mean will be in order. Hunger is something that never gets full thought. We always have food. We stuff ourselves with so much of it we expand our stomachs way beyond what the normal use. Pushing our body’s chemical balance to the limits. We can live off our body fat for 53 days. But at the first hunger pain we eat.
                  Now what will be left to eat after the supermarkets close?
                  Plenty cause there will be many that starve because they can’t eat wild food or don’t know wild edibles.

                  There are plenty of PINE BARK beetles and grubs. Have not tried them yet. Swamp cabbage and cattail. Turtle, gator and snake. Just a few. See how many are willing to enter swamp area, on foot.

          • FTW-

            You are confused on who the masters are. Americans, real Americans, Red Yellow, Black or White are the masters over our government they just forget that at times. And have to be reminded from time to time.

            It is the muslimes who are the slaves, slaves to darkness, and too foolish to be able to see it.

            I wouldnt go outside if the SHTF in America if I was you. Like say if there is a chem attack and children are killed or some other sick thing that muslime minds think up. It will be open season, remember that…Keep talking that crap in the dark muslime boy.

            • Nope, I’m not confused – but it appears you certainly are.
              Let’s compare Monikers for the time being.

              Yours – USMC1982
              Mine – FTW

              You had or continue to take orders from your masters. [military]
              I, on the other hand is self-explanatory in a 100% defiant manner.

              I don’t tolerate anybody telling me what to do.
              You obviously have no problem with it because you are a compliant individual. You are a good Marine, you do what you are told and ask no questions.

              “Americans, real Americans, Red Yellow, Black or White are the masters over our government they just forget that at times. And have to be reminded from time to time.”

              Thanks for the chuckle … I needed that this morning.
              So … real Americans forget from time to time that they are in charge? If this was true, then this country wouldn’t even be in the shape that it is. Peddle that nonsense to your fellow Marines.

              BTW – you forgot to mention “brown” people in your Real American drivel – I’m sure there are plenty of brown people who are real Americans, but you didn’t include them … why?

              George Carlin: This country is only two hundred years old, and already we’ve had ten major wars. We average a major war every twenty years in this country. So we’re good at it!

              [laughter and applause]

              George Carlin: And it’s a good thing we are. Can’t build a decent car, can’t build a TV or a VCR worth a fuck. Got no steel industry left, can’t educate our young people, can’t get health care to our old people. But we can bomb the shit out of your country, all right!

              [laughter and applause]

              George Carlin: We can bomb the shit out of your country, all right! Especially if your country is full of brown people. That’s what we’re good at, bombing brown people. Can you remember the last white people we bombed? Can you remember *any* white people we’ve ever bombed? The Germans! Those are the only ones, and that’s only because they were trying to cut in on our action. They wanted to dominate the world. Bullshit, that’s *our* fucking job!

              [laughter and applause]

              George Carlin: That’s our fucking job!

              • That is partially right I will give you that. We have our problems here.

                But, as a Marine, and the Grandson of a Doe Boy who fought in WW1, The Grandson of my other Grandfather who fought in WW11, the nephew of an Army Ranger who fought in WW11, and other military who have fought and bled for this country for your right to get on this site and run America down the way you do. If you live here why don’t you move? Go try Russia out for awhile…

                I know your type, you stand for nothing of value, you just set back and run others down.

          • This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector. Plato

            There’s just something about Cruz. At least with the Donald we see what were getting.

            • “There’s just something about Cruz”

              Yea … that is probably because he was born in Canada. His parents Citizenship was Canada … Cruz’s birth certificate says born in Canada … but we won’t let that “natural born” thing in the Constitution get in the way of things … it worked out so well for Obama.

        • Seminole Wind, uh, you ought to do some research on Ted Cruz AND his wife Heidi. She works for Goldman-Sachs and is also a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. She’s one of those INSIDERS. Cruz is not what you think he is.

          • Brave
            Council of Foreign Relations = Rockefellers. Hillary said she’d ask CFR for “advice” if elected. I know she would.

            • Rebecca, the hildebeast already got advice from CFR long ago. I’m sure she already has a game plan she’s just dying to follow.

          • He is a lot better than someone like Hillary or the communist ol’ Bernie.

        • Seminole

          “rebuilding of our Military”

          We spend as much as the next 10 nations, friend and foe, which include China and Russia combined. We have 12 Fleet Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers. The nearest to us is France with one and everyone else with none. We don’t have a Department Of Defense, we have a Department Of Offense that damn sure has been used offensively.

          Just wondering why we destroyed both Iraq and Libya and we’re now working on Syria? WMD? Nope. To help their people and free them from Tyranny? Na, not that either. So the globalist bankers can continue the Oil Peg / US Reserve Currency? We’re getting warmer as thats Iraq & Libya. Maybe a little gas pipeline in Syria for the Saudi’s cutting Russia out of gas sales? Bingo! You care to tell the young person, man or woman that you lost your legs in an IED attack for globalist banking financiers and Cruz would like to continue this strategy until the world is theirs or destroyed whatever comes first?

          “stop spending on “social” programs”

          Enact Free Trade, ship US Industry to the 3rd world for cheap labor, lay off the former US workers and let them starve. Realize that the majority of people with EBT cards are working poor not making a sufficient wage to put groceries on the table. In the meantime a 10th of 1 percent have half of the countries wealth. We’re managing to create an increasing amount of billionaires and poverty stricken families simultaneously.

          Haven’t heard a word out of Cruz about regulating Wall Street by re-adopting Glass-Steagall. The Establishment doesn’t want that. Haven’t heard Cruz support an accounting of the QE money given to the banksters. Haven’t heard Cruz support an audit of The Federal Reserve or isn’t that important?

        • Seminole, were you actually living in the same USA I was during the Reagan years? Cuz I don’t think so……depending on where you were there were absolutely NO jobs! Offshoring started in earnest in the early 80s well before NAFTA and GATT. as for winning the cold war, it never stopped. It just morphed into proxy wars. The Russians and US are still up to our old tricks. We’ve simply invited more people to the dance party.

          • Are you “Ready for Hilarity?” Progs can’t learn anything because they know it All already, like Comrade Maduro, Fidel, and Obamy.

      11. One thing keeps getting left out. We are screwed no matter what. So what IF a “conservative” is elected now. Look at the demographics of today’s voters. If we are blessed enough to elect Ted, Marco, or even The Don, we will never return to the glory days of my/your childhood. This country resembles the old Merle Haggard song… “Are The Good Times Really Over For Good”. We are rolling down hill like that snowball headed for hell, and anyone that thinks it can be reined in is severely delusional.

        We are in the end times, and there is hope and promise with Jesus Christ. We can prep like crazy, tend our gardens, and stock the BOL, but some time in my / your lifetime, you will be required to answer for the things that you felt were most important in your life. The stockpile and our rants on blog sites won’t buy us much.

        Sure, I have put a few things back, but our focus must be on Christ Jesus and we must be vigilant as to what He would want us to do…


      12. I would love to “Join The Discussion” like it says at the top but I’ve been blocked or censored for almost a week now.
        And I haven’t even used the F word here..yet.
        Anyone know why??

      13. Well, whadda ya know?
        I remember reading another blog about a guy who worked in the oil business in Ven. and he was black and it saved his life as he was flying around the country on business and everywhere he went there were Iranians who were brought in to “help” with the oil projects. They had armed escorts with them.
        He had to pretend he was Jamaican to blend in. Felt like he was a “hit” target while there.
        Maybe Iran will step up and help now that our obama traitor has made things easier for Iran.

      14. I have been banned from this site it seems.

        I went to grammar school with a kid from Venezuela. Supposedly his uncle was the President of the Country. But you know how that goes. Maybe he was just a no account beaurocrat. Regardless; those overweight may still be undernourished. Hopefully, we will avoid winding up in food lines and/or going hungry. In the Ukrain, people starved, not because there was no food but because Stalin (maniac that he was) robbed the farmers of their harvest of wheat and grain and took their farm tools and seeds. So, hide your guns. But better hide your other food preps as well. And pray. Even if you are an athiest.

      15. As the Poles used to say in the Communist days, “When socialism comes to the Sahara, there will even be a shortage of sand.”

        It is, as was said 150 years ago, “Men, it has been well said, think in herds; it will be seen that they go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one…”
        – Charles Mackay (March 27 1814 – December 24 1889), in his famed book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds (1841)

      16. People without firearms and a criminal Government are nothing more than captured peasants. Those in there Government will go on to live the good life.

      17. This is the real history of socialism playing out again. American youth have been brainwashed toward socialism by people who know this history and intentionally withhold it. The fatal flaw of socialist design is that people will stop working once so much of their time and labor is expropriated for the benefit of others. Nations have tried to enforce the system through murder, imprisonment, turning neighbor on neighbor, and all manner of theft, but to no avail. The system always crashes.

      18. I lived as European 5 months in Venezuela, these shortages are a created problem by the Venezuelean NEOcons, the US CIA big supermarkets, they are mainly in bigger city’s. 1/ the US gov. is doing everything it can to sabotage Venezuelian economie, by lowering petrolprices via Saoudi oil dumpingprices(but it causes also an incraese in bankrupty’s from US oil company’s) so the V. government is restricted to provide sufficient in own shops. 2/ The big company’s and supermarkets stock reserves for long time in order to create nessecity’s and than incraes prices, so some people buy higher quantity’s and stock at home, double problem and the former opposition influenced the propaganda and desinformation around the problem, compareble in the US are racks more regularly filled but with unhealthy products, so it’s difficult to compare, Venezuela has a good educational schoolprogramm, good medical care, (cheap housing for poorer family’s) both are free even for me as a stranger, as a + 65 i could use the metro from Caracas for free, go on the mountain, the Avila for free with cabletrain, travel the country in highcomfortbusses or airplanes at 50 % cost and the most of all very very friendly people. The main problem in Venezuela is the US Government involvements and sabotageacts compareble to CIA interventions wenn a CIA agent in Cuba cement puted in schoolchildrens milk !

      19. In Las Vegas there are 70,000 homeless wandering the streets. State government is raising taxes again–the “commerce” tax lacks enough signatures to petition for its veto. Sales tax is 8 1/4%. Hordes of third world are in our public schools, costing over $17,000 per pupil annually. The school district wants to hire more and better teachers to achieve better performance. (We’re ranked the worst educational system in the nation.) Somebody needs also to ask HOW teachers are supposed to educate plates of rocks. Just wait until the elitists raise interest rates.

      20. Get out there and make these things known. On second thought, who wants to be imprisoned or killed for trying to run his cattle ranch under the constitution of 1789?
        Your federal United States is a private corporation, and they own you and everything else because everything is commerce. This government went bankrupt in 1933, but the republic still has sound currency and people still have the power if they can just acknowledge it.

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