CNN Lobs Veiled Charges of Racism at Ron Paul *Video*

by | Dec 22, 2011 | Headline News, Ron Paul | 153 comments

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    As Ron Paul strengthens his position in the lead up to the January 3 Iowa caucus, the media pressure continues to build. He is often depicted as an un-electable candidate because if his non-mainstream views on issues such as monetary policy, foreign wars, the second amendment, the right to privacy and personal security, and the federal government’s role in the daily lives of Americans.

    Recent polls suggest Paul is either a close second in the Iowa race, or has taken the lead by a small margin.

    Media arms of both, the democrat and republican parties, for their part, have been complicit thus far in orchestrating the build-up and then collapse of campaigns that have included Presidential hopefuls like Herman Cain, Rick Perry, and most recently, Newt Gingrich. Former Massachusetts governor, private sector millionaire, and architect of the Massachusetts Health Care Insurance Reform Law (a.k.a. RomneyCare) which forcibly mandates insurance coverage for every resident of the state, seems to have, once again, become the media front runner in the Republican primary. Curiously, it has been rumored that the Obama administration’s entire election strategy has been developed for and focused on the Romney campaign, which would put the President at a significant disadvantage if a dark horse candidate emerged and won the GOP nomination.

    With Ron Paul’s numbers rapidly gaining, reaching as high as 28% Wednesday night, there can be no doubt that the once un-electable Ron Paul is now a serious candidate for the highest office in the land and a formidable grass roots driven opponent for a President who has thus far failed to manifest the hope and change promised in 2008.

    For those friends and supporters of President Obama who worked so hard to get him elected and continue to help him maintain some semblance of credibility among die-hard supporters by keeping mum on stories like the Fast and Furious gun scandal and the $4 million Obama family holiday vacation, discrediting any legitimate Presidential contender is the primary directive, regardless of the legitimacy of the charges.

    In the following interview, CNN reporter Gloria Borger presses Ron Paul  about his involvement in a newsletter published/written (it’s not clear exactly what the relationship is) under his name in which there were reportedly some controversial statements made about race and other issues:

    While the legitimacy of the questioning is not in doubt, as the views of Presidential candidates should be thoroughly vetted, viewers will note that Ron Paul claimed that he had been questioned by the media on previous occasions, and that those questions were answered.

    Paul: I never read that stuff. I was probably aware of it ten years after it was written. And it’s been going on twenty years that people have pestered me about this, and CNN does it every single time. When are you going to wear yourself out?

    Borger: Is it legitimate. Is it a legitimate question to ask?

    Paul: When you get the answer it is legitimate that you take the answers I give. You know what the answer is?

    I didn’t write them, I didn’t read them at the time, and I disavow them.

    Borger: I mean, it’s legitimate. These things are pretty incendiary.

    Paul: Because of people like you.

    In the midst of Presidential campaigning in January of 2008,  CNN interviewed Paul about the same issue:

    A series of newsletters in the name of GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul contain several racist remarks — including one that says order was restored to Los Angeles after the 1992 riots when blacks went “to pick up their welfare checks.”

    CNN recently obtained the newsletters — written in the 1990s and one from the late 1980s — after a report was published about their existence in The New Republic.

    None of the newsletters CNN found says who wrote them, but each was published under Paul’s name between his stints as a U.S. congressman from Texas.

    Paul told CNN’s “The Situation Room” Thursday that he didn’t write any of the offensive articles and has “no idea” who did.

    “When you bring this question up, you’re really saying, ‘You’re a racist’ or ‘Are you a racist?’ And the answer is, ‘No, I’m not a racist,'” he said.

    Paul said he had never even read the articles with the racist comments.

    “I do repudiate everything that is written along those lines,” he said, adding he wanted to “make sure everybody knew where I stood on this position because it’s obviously wrong.”

    CNN has not been clear about exactly what types of newsletters these were and the specifics about what Ron Paul’s alleged involvement may have been.

    What is clear, however, is that Paul is a serious contender for the Office of the President, and the only character assassination scandal they can come up with is based on an obscure newsletter indirectly tied to Paul’s name and controversial comments made by an unknown author.

    The questions were legitimate, as they deal with the very serious issues of individual freedom and equality under the law. Ron Paul has answered them on at least two occasions with the same network.

    Perhaps it’s time that CNN ask some more legitimate questions and rehashes old material, but this time they should be directed at the leading candidate of the opposing party and cover topics such as real estate schemes in Chicago, sympathies towards violent extremist leaders, and ties to communist ideologies. And, if she can find time in her busy schedule, Ms. Borger may also want to look into Fast and Furious dealings with Mexican drug cartels, half billion dollar loans to alternative energy companies operated by friends of the administration, and the continued militarization and weaponization of our local police forces. Those, it seems, are also legitimate questions that require some answers for the American public.



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      1. CNN is like most of the major news media – they have a hidden agenda that is in direct conflict with the values and beliefs of most Americans. In my opinion, the people at CNN are creepy (and some are outright evil) – I never listen to them on TV or the Internet.

        • All of the major “news” media is a sick corporate joke.

          I am impervious to it all. Ron Paul is a good Man, but those are always sacrificed to protect the corp. So long as the control over the money we use is in the hands of criminals, nothing will help.

          Ron Paul can not change that by himself. He needs us to help, but at the same time he knows we can do it without him if we stand together as PEOPLE.

          That is his real message, but not even those here seem to get it.

        • Communism is racism against westerners, i.e. white people. Globalism and communism are bedmates. Communism was perfected as a racist movement against white christians under Marx.

          • Marx was a disciple of Rabbi Moses Hess. Rabbi Hess explicitly stated that his Communist theory was intended to destroy Christianity and Christendom. It was not so much a matter of race as a matter of the synagogue of Satan warring against God and His Church.

            When the Communist revolutions were in progress World Jewry boasted that Communism was theirs. Once their 60+ million body count became widely known, World Jewry pretended,as they do today, that they never had anything to do with Communism.

            If you want to understand the authentic roots of Communism, rather than the deceitful cover story, read the section on Rabbi Moses Hess and Karl Marx in Michael Hoffman’s “Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit,” ISBN 9780970378453, now available in a Kindle e-book edition:


            • ~John Q~

              Just recently finished Judaism-Discovered(got it from Hoff’s bookstore) & ordered Judaism’s Strange Gods along w/ J. Eisenmenger & his banned work(CD)…per your previous recommendations, today!
              Everything I’ve read authored by Mike is top tier / scholarly & his command of the English language & prose is astounding.
              Keep the faith & the fight for truth.

              ———-MERRY CHRISTMAS to YOU & YOURS———

            • Glad to see more people onto them.

          • Thanks, so good to see people wising up against the racism industry. anti-racism is code for anti-white/european. Only Western societies are obligated to welcome colonizers.

        • Anyone who dares even the most timid question about Israeli behavior should expect eternal character assassination. Fairness and forgiveness are completely alien to Judaism’s Master Race creed.

        • Academia = Media = Government….
          makes the Military Industrial Complex look tame.

        • All of the mainstream media are owned and run by the insiders. They call the shots on what is reported. There is no such thing as a free press in their circles. Rockefeller came out and said he was grateful to the mainstream media for keeping their plans for the world quiet over the years. Instead of real news, we get garbage like Beyonce’ being caught wearing animal print leggings.

          The mainstream media knows better than to try and vilify Paul now. He has quite a following and the backlash would be tremendous.

        • No serious people watch CNN any longer. The organization has discredited itself long time ago and to even suggest that it is impartial or objective is plain silly.
          Ignore them, never watch them, never mention them.
          Indifference is a potent weapon.

      2. Unfourtunatly I was first to see this crap from CNN for the 47th time in the last 20 years.

      3. Ron Paul 2012

      4. Perhaps it’s time that CNN ask some more legitimate questions and rehash old material, but this time they should be directed at the leading candidate of the opposing party and cover topics such as real estate schemes in Chicago, sympathies towards violent extremist leaders, and ties to communist ideologies. And, if she can find time in her busy schedule, Ms. Borger may also want to look into Fast and Furious dealings with Mexican drug cartels, half billion dollar loans to alternative energy companies operated by friends of the administration, and the continued militarization and weaponization of our local police forces.

        Well, touche.

        • JJ – you are right – they should cover critical events but they are complicit to these things and therefore will not cover them, at least not adequately.

          Rather, they ask unimportant but “loaded” questions to people who can actually help America (like Ron Paul and Glenn Beck) in a manner as to either embarrass or irritate them thus making them look bad and discrediting them – that is what these “third-rate” media outlets like CNN do best and that is how they are able to advance their agenda.

          Just my humble opinion!!!

          • Richard–I am not worried; yes, the media prostitutes are paid (or afraid of losing their jobs) to ignore the real news; however, the ones listening to this crap are the very ones already enlightened thanks to the T-Room, Mac’s site, Before It’s News, News with Views, and many others telling it like it is; therefore, the media prostitutes are not reaching the idiots targeted for they are on the other channels watching Dancing With The Stars, etc.
            I am of the opinion to vote, one needs to pass a test of the Constitution or at least a 10th grade civics test.

            Go on the street and ask 1)what is the NDAA that just passed, 2)explain it, 3)what amendments it violates,
            and 4)which 2 senators wrote it behind closed doors.

            • JJ, good points. However, I have two problems whenever reading all the alternative news on the Internet:

              1) I have to constantly figure out who is telling the truth and who is selling BS.

              2) There is too much information on the Internet making it difficult to wade through all of it and process it.

              And, you are right, most on the street can’t answer these questions; but, they can tell you what the color of lady gaga’s underwear is and they can tell you who is dating who in Hollywood.

              All of this reminds me of the movie called “The Metrix” where people were totally unaware of the real events going on around them. I guess you could say, they felt bliss in their ignorance.

              I believe people, like us, are too few in numbers and regardless of how much we prepare for the upcoming “not-so-pleasant” events we will not be able to protect ourselves without God’s protection and guidance. Just my two-cents worth.

        • Please NEVER mention that network. Shun them. Render them irrelevant with our indifference.

      5. And this is why I don’t watch CNN..well, that and the fact I don’t have cable!!

      6. What is this cnn you speak of? Really, is it the communist news network or the cartoon network news?

        • Highspeedloafer – I believe CNN is a bit of both, as you say “the communist news network or the cartoon network news” and if it wasn’t so serious, it would be laughable.

        • I would totally watch Cartoon Network News.

      7. A Ron Paul presidency means that tens of thousands of African American men will be returning to their families, communities and churches. They can begin working and re-building their lives. That is revolutionary! That is precisely what will happen if Ron Paul is serious about ending the Drug War and pardoning non-violent drug offenders.

        A Ron Paul presidency means that the bombs and drone missiles will stop dropping on Arabs, Africans, and Asians.

        A Ron Paul presidency means that the Federal government will no longer threaten the interests of gays who want to pursue marriage in their respective states.

        No Republican or Democrat (not even Obama) is promising these things; they neutralize the “Ron Paul is a racist” charge, and they expose Obama (and the GOP) for the damage they have allowed the War on Drugs to do to African American communities.


        NAACP Nelson Linder speaks on Ron Paul and racism –


        Equal justice under the law –


        • Speaking of the war on drugs… it sure doesn’t seem to be getting “won” by TPTB, and it reminds me of prohibition. Oh, wait, after a while the government realized it was a pointless pursuit and repealed prohibition. Our government currently just keeps throwing more money and time at this one.

          The majority of inmates in our prison system are there for low level non-violent drug offenses and it costs us gross amounts of money to keep paying for. Not to mention the fact most folks come out of the system more violent and with less regard for their fellow man -regardless of ethic background.

          I agree with Dr. Paul that government needs to get out of my (and all American’s) choices about what I do with my body. Period. It would solve a lot of “problems”, both foreign and domestic!

          Paul walked out of this interview when the idiot doing the interview wouldn’t stop asking the same questions different ways. I’d be pretty testy too if I answered a question and someone kept harping on the same topic.

          • Just like the “War on Terrorism,” the “War on Drugs” is not intense dot be won. Both Wars are tools of plunder and control. More expensive toys, more manpower, more infringements of liberty, more profit. If they win the War on Terror and the War on Drugs, their budgets are cut, no cash, no toys, no license to kill, and their power is lost.

            Besides, they profit at both ends. They get money to fight the cartels at the same time that they work with the drug cartels (most notably the Sinaloa cartel). They use the profits to fund their black ops and plump up their own bank accounts.

            Why would they ever end such a profitable set of rackets? They won’t.

          • “Paul walked out of this interview when the idiot doing the interview wouldn’t stop asking the same questions different ways. I’d be pretty testy too if I answered a question and someone kept harping on the same topic.”

            The reporter reminds me of my ex-wife. The ex would do the same thing and it pissed me off. I answered your question already, bugger off!

      8. Listen closely to the choice of words used by these propagandists of the lame stream media. Paul might pull an ‘upset’ and win in Iowa? Would they call it an upset if Perry won? He’s only at 11%. How about Romney at 18%? Would that be an ‘upset?’ And they quickly add that Paul’s lead over Newt is within the margin of error, as if to say he’s not really a frontrunner. They do anything they can to marginalize Dr. Paul. They hate him. Why?…because he doesn’t fit the big government gangster banker nwo scumbag plan.
        It’s not that difficult to detect the dishonesty of these media dogs. Watch the body language closely, and listen to the tone of voice and the choice of words, and you can see through these America-hating, capitalist-hating, Christian-hating, propaganda-spewing liars like a cheap pair of glasses.

        • Oh, SmokinOkie you are making the CNN people’s ears burn with your cutting-edge descriptions, adjectives, and adverbs – keep it up and maybe enough CNN ears will burn to warm up New York City.

      9. Rules of Engagement for American Patriots:
        1.) First Give the NWO FED THUG / Johnny Law the Chance to go home to his wife and kids. If safety allows it!
        2.) If he refuses to back off – remember your rules of engagement!
        a. Your threat target must have INTENT, OPPORTUNITY AND CAPABILITY to do life threatening harm or death to you!
        b. You only draw and aim your weapons when you intend to Kill! Don’t bluff or you’ll be caught off guard and killed! This is not a game!
        c. Use of Force Policy is preferred- Use only the Force Necessary to stop and subdue the threat(s)!
        d. No women or children period! If they take up arms against you! You probly deserve it! You are allowed to defend yourself and property from them, nothing more! No Raping or Molesting or stealing their Foods! If anyone is caught doing any such things then they will be Hung!

        • ~NINA~

          I beg to differ somewhat, regarding action against the NWO when it kicks off…..

          …………….AIM SMALL – MISS SMALL………………!!!

          • @gunsmith… just ;0P HOW smaaall is it… ;0) honestly become a ghost when da’ shtf… strike them at night swiftly silently and leave no trail or heat signatures… i you don’t give them a target they have nothing to shoot at! NIGHT Snipers / FREEMEN STRIKE TEAMS will win this next CIVIL WAR! There are just so many (few) of them , AND SO MANY OF US FREEMEN- THE PEOPLE!

      10. Pauls response to those spewing the fallaciousness.

        Why are more Blacks supporting Paul than any other republican candidate?

        It’s those who own 96% of the MSM that shape the news that molds the minds of those who believe what ever they are told. Those running the show have mastered the technique. We have to come to grips with the disturbing truth that the masses may NEVER get it, i.e. WAKE UP. That we are a small minority, and we stick out like a black sheep. When the time comes, become skilled at blending in. Shouldn’t be hard, just don’t snore too loud.

        • European American,

          Unfortunately, you are right, most will never get it and they will be the ones who will be totally caught off guard and totally unprepared when the SHTF.

          • WE are doomed. More sheeple know who Snookie is than Ron Paul.

            • “”RON PAUL prez/ SNOOKIE ;0P slurp – vice prez 2012 ticket… “LET’S GET THIS PATRIOTIC “”PARTY”” HOPPING!”

              VOTE RON PAUL/ SNOOKIE 2012!

              ;0p pssszzt

            • I must be out of the mainstream. I know who Ron Paul is. I don;t know who or what Snookie is.

            • I must be out of the mainstream as well. What is a Snookie? It sounds kind of nasty and/or kinky.

        • Nice link and post EA, Thanks for the info. Peace

        • I also watched a military supporting video–why are more military donating to Ron Paul than all other candidates pur together??
          Because they know he wants to stop policing the world, and use the Constitution as intended for a safe country; pursuit of life, liberty and freedom..nothing less, nothing more.
          If we’d just go back to the 10 commandments–wow, no problems; but all must feel that way and greed and corruptness are rampant with Satan as their leader.
          Sorry, got off topic a little..must be the cappuccino.

      11. When will the mainstream media get it? Their disinformation about Ron Paul does NOT work.

        Ron Paul is the most non-racist person in public life.

        In FACT, he has explained very clearly that his views on liberty mean that believing in racism would be a form of collectivism – complete anathema to those who hold liberty sacred.

        Ron Paul has stated that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are heroes of his. When was the last time you heard any politician say that?

        If they make this into an issue, Ron Paul wins BIG!

        In his own words:

        • Newton: The LSM will only grasp the fact that their disinformation, propaganda campaign did not work when Ron Paul is elected POTUS.

          KILL the FED!!!!!

          • The Federal Reserve is pure EVIL. I seldom use this word, but this central bank deserves the word.

            Through inflation, then deflation, over and over again, Americans will soon be completely homeless and broke on the very continent its forefathers had conquered and safeguarded for the sake of liberty.

            Americans in general are soo utterly stupid, they never contemplate what happens when an institution has the power to create money OUT OF THIN AIR . . . . .

            This means the system is owned by secret gangsters, where the nexus between the international bankers and the military industrial complex is all supreme . . . . .

            And the rest of us are simply slaves.

            • Newton, how does that saying go? What makes a good slave is one who does not know he/she is a slave? Or is it, the best slaves don’t know they’re slaves? Or, something like that.

      12. I often wonder why people continue to discount Ron Paul as immediately “unelectable.” It’s actually sort of baffling to me especially with the rise of the Internet and its ability to democratize. I sort of resent this assumption that Americans are not able to think for themselves and make decisions based on factual information.

        We can actually see through thin veils, and I think that surprises many in MSM. Ugh.

        I also can’t believe he’s still getting pressure about those newsletters from years ago. He’s addressed it time after time, and anybody who has been following RP for more than 20 minutes knows he’s about the most humble and honest politician we’ll likely ever see — regardless of your political opinion.

        • People continue to dimiss him as unelectable because that is what the MSM has told them to believe. I think more and more people are waking up and seeing that as a lie, i just don’t know if there are enough. When i tell people that i support RP they tell me “his foreign policy is just too dangerous” which i answer that even if it were dangerous, which i don’t believe to be true, which is more dangerous, hyperinflation and totalitarian govt. or the possibility of an isolated terrorist strike. I have yet to hear a good answer.

          • Ron Paul is a threat to (1) Judaic banksters and their worldwide financial hegemony and (2) genocidal Zionist warmongers and their neocolonialist military empire.

            THAT is why Judaic media is doing all it can to suppress Ron Paul.

            The synagogue of Satan will stop at nothing to stop Ron Paul.

            • You sound like Hitler. Seventy million people dead because of Hitler. Racist shit like you will always wind up like Hitler.
              Good shall always prevail over Evil shit like you.

        • I believe most of the opinions are based on his lack of success when he tried to get the Republican ticket to run against Obama in 2008. As I recall he dropped out fairly quickly as his numbers went down and so did his cash contributions.

      13. Everyone is a racist, if the opposing person, team or individual wants to see it that way.
        As i see it, we should be proud of who we are, mostly individual.
        This race baiting and racial strife is a game piece for TPAB to divide and conquer..I dont give into it, and if im called a racist I embrace it.
        Im White/American Indian Married to a Latina..obviously i can accept other cultures
        sticks and stones,
        get a life

        • VRF, well said, from another mixed breed and mixed marriage.

        • yes, every one can see colors, but its actions that matter. If Ron paul with his record is lying, then i say we are all fucked.

      14. CNN, do people still watch them, I didn’t even know they were still on the air, I rate CNN below FOX who I wouldn’t watch even if I were on it.

      15. cnn sucks!

      16. I guess it’s true that the media elects the President.

        I’d like to see the people show the media that they are not so easily led. However, I’ve attempted to have these conversations with people and they rebut with “Well, if it wasn’t true, the media would be sued. Therefore it has to be true.”

        *bangs head against wall*

        This is where we are fortunate to have alternative sources of media. Sites like this, Facebook pages, email forwards of relevant information- all of these things can help to inform the public.

        It’s OUR job to share the information we have ad nauseum. That is the small part that ANYONE can play in waking people up before it’s too late.

        As for charges of racism, really, that is such an easy thing to say and a difficult thing to either prove or disprove. Any of the candidates on either side could easily be defined as some sort of bigot based on something taken out of context. Pffft. Means less than nothing. How a candidate treats people tells the real story.

        • “I guess it’s true that the media elects the President. How a candidate treats people tells the real story.”

          Indirectly or directly? How an elected person, while “in charge” tells the story……….

        • Yes, Daisy, you are right – the media does play critical role in our elections and, instead of reporting the news objectively, they are now using their role to influence the masses on how to vote. That was clear as they supported and continue to support Obama. Remember when Bush was President? The news media hammered him regardless whether what he did was good or not good. On the other hand, to most news media, Obama can’t do anything wrong.

        • Speaking of Obama, here are some interesting facts from the Internet, information that the major news media will not talk about, after all it would belittle Obama and they would never do that.

          Below is my copy-n-paste:
          There are actually two messages here. The first is very interesting, but the second is absolutely astounding – and explains a lot.

          A recent “Investor’s Business Daily” article provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the United Nations International Health Organization.

          Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

          U.S. 65%

          England 46%

          Canada 42%

          Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

          U.S. 93%

          England 15%

          Canada 43%

          Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

          U.S. 90%

          England 15%

          Canada 43%

          Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:

          U.S. 77%

          England 40%

          Canada 43%

          Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:

          U.S. 71

          England 14

          Canada 18

          Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in “excellent health”:

          U.S. 12%

          England 2%

          Canada 6%

          And now for the last statistic: National Health Insurance?
          U.S. NO

          England YES

          Canada YES

          Check this last set of statistics!!

          The percentage of each past president’s cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is a real-life business, not a government job.

          Here are the percentages.

          T. Roosevelt……………….. 38%

          Taft………………………. 40%

          Wilson ……………………. 52%

          Harding……………………. 49%

          Coolidge…………………… 48%

          Hoover…………………….. 42%

          F. Roosevelt……………….. 50%

          Truman…………………….. 50%

          Eisenhower…………………. 57%

          Kennedy……………………. 30%

          Johnson……………………. 47%

          Nixon……………………… 53%

          Ford………………………. 42%

          Carter…………………….. 32%

          Reagan…………………….. 56%

          GH Bush……………………. 51%

          Clinton …………………… 39%

          GW Bush……………………. 55%

          Obama………………………. 8%

          This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration: only 8% of them have ever worked in private business!

          That’s right! Only eight percent—the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents! And these people are trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business?

          How can the president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he’s never worked for one? Or about jobs when he has never really had one? And when it’s the same for 92% of his senior staff and closest advisers? They’ve spent most of their time in academia, government and/or non-profit jobs or as “community organizers.” They should have been in an employment line.

          Pass this on because we’ll NEVER see these facts in the main stream media.

      17. “Racism is simply an ugly form of collectivism, the mindset that views humans strictly as members of groups rather than individuals. By encouraging Americans to adopt a group mentality, the advocates of so called “diversity” actually perpetuate racism. Their obsession with racial group identity is inherently racist. We should understand that racism will endure until we stop thinking in terms of groups and begin thinking in terms of individual liberty.”—Ron Paul

        “We don’t get our rights because we are women, or gays, or minorities. We get our rights from our Creator as individuals, so every individual should be treated the same way.”—Ron Paul.

      18. please ALL ALT NEWS WEBsites and AMERICAN PATRIOTS AND those who do not want their children and grandchildren to be raised tax debt slaves of the new world order bankers…

        IT IS TIME!!! TIME TOO…

        “”IMPEACH ((+)) BARRY SOETORO/ aka cia puppet barack obama!”

        It’s NOW TIME WE ALL as one FOCUS ALL OUR ENERGIES AND WILL POWER on taking that nwo schill down and out of office permanently!

        All Alt Websites , All Patriots Rise Up NOW AS ONE!




        NOW is the Time!



        i will see you all on the line… now fight for your families constitutional freedoms!

        • I’m encouraging ALL ALT WEB NEWS SITES to create “IMPEACH OBSAMA OBAMA” VOTE BUTTONS make them permanently as well as count down counter of how many days left till OBSAMA IS KICKED OUT OF OFFICE AND JAILED FOR TRAITOROUS CRIMES AGAINST YOU, AND THE WORLD!

          i’m being serious… we can all together as one… take obsama and the nwo down permanently, starting with obsama obama!

          calling all lawyers and private financiers , we need your help… HELP US TAKE BACK AMERICA!


          • NOW we’re on the same page, NinaO!!!

            There are battles to be won via alternative media with nary a drop of blood spilled!

          • Legally it’s too late for impeachment. Come up with a new, better idea like:

            90 million gun owners hold the fate of America in their hands.

            Imagine if that slogun were posted ALL over LSM sites over and over and over again ….

            Just saying.

            Join the Republican Party and vote for Ron Paul in your State Primary.

            • @DK ;0( DAMN @DK ;0p , there ya go again … peein’ in my punch bowl… if we start impeachment process and continue to expose the nwo control of dc and the military and it goes mainstream media… we win! ;0)

              here @dk ;0) here’s some water for your glass… SEE NOW IT’S HALF FULL ! ;0)

              … not half empty.

              now please zip up your fly… ;0P pssszzt

      19. I expect this from the MSM. You don’t expect this sort of thing from “conservative” media. Have you ever heard of conservative media trashing a potential candidate before the primaries are over? When I hear the libs and the faux conservatives going after him I know he is the one for me.


        Ron Paul 2012

      20. TPTB seek a candidate that can not be elected to run against Obama. Someone like John McCain.

        They can’t have someone who could actually win and be on the side of the people, like Paul.

        It’s all a joke. The same scam as the banksters use for everything. If it is good for the people, it is dismissed in the press as bad. If it is good for the banks, the press calls it good.

        Ron Paul a racist? No, but it is a good way to get the sheep thinking that all his supporters must be.

        I am a racist. I hate the bankster race. I hate the politician race. I hate the corporate race.

        As for People, we are all created equal, regardless of skin color, until we join one of the other races.

        Anyone who chooses to give up their humanity and equality to join in a corrupted corporate sub-race should be hated for what they have chosen to be.

      21. Hey CNN drop it get out of his face and get over it.he didn’t write them and you know it.He’s winning,and you and the people who own you can’t stand it.why don’t you go some where,cry yourself to sleep,and when you wake up go to China if you like communism so well.or better yet,just cut out the middle man and just go straight to hell,and take Ted Turner with you.

      22. Raceism has nothing to do with color anymore ,its the way a specific crew acts towards another. if people dont join hands now and start piling sandbags well all end up in bodybags.

      23. I understand if I am voted off the island for stating the obvious, but Ron Paul will not be elected president in 2012. America is the most obese person on the planet and Ron Paul is the diet that might save his life. He is going to stuff his mouth full of Twinkies until he dies of heart failure. The nearly 50% of those collecting entitlements are going vote in their own short-term best interests which is to keep spending other people’s money and not rock the boat.

        • I vote you stay on the island! Those who wish to continue to collect state aid (in whatever form) will certainly vote for whoever will give them what they want starting at a LOCAL LEVEL. It continues on to County, State and then to the Federal level.

          This translates into the middle class having to keep supporting Will and Wilma Welfare cats -you know the wealthy aren’t going to do it!

          I wish Ron Paul were elected POTUS and could put America back on track, but I agree it probably won’t happen. Maybe if he’s alive when everything falls apart we can have him as our leader?

          • Or his son. Like father, like son.

          • I look at Ron Paul as a limited resource. If I think we can right the ship then he is my guy right now. But I think we are going off the cliff, and would rather wait to utilize that resource when I think it can do the most good. I just think there is too much coruption in DC for any one man or small group of men. I believe it will take blood to dissolve the fed, and clean up politics and take back the country we have given away. And collectively we have allowed the gov’t to control us the way they do right now.


        • But, that grace can be won again..don’t lose hope; we christians are still out here; God, please heal our land adn place your protecting arms around Ron Paul.

          II Chronicles 7:14

      25. Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you.

        God Bless Ron Paul in 2012!

      26. And out comes the race card! Blacks are a part of America, so are legal Hispanics. It’s a damned shame that we can’t all just be considered Americans. Every one of us has a horse in this race and Ron Paul is clearly the best answer to the nations problems but the commie news network has to have us all divided. What part of Ron Paul wants to rebuild this country to have a thriving economy so everyone has a good life, don’t they understand? I think I’ll head over to RCP and make fun of Barney Frank’s moobies some more to calm down.

      27. Maybe the CNN reported would like to ask the same question one more time and hear the same answer. I would like to ask her why she didn’t ask him if he voted to make MLK Birthday a holiday;which he did. I would to ask her why didn’t she ask RP was it true that he change his mind about the death sentence,because he thought that Black were getting the shaft.I would like to ask her that 5 or 6 times in a row,and then ask again……….RON PAUL 2012..NO OTHER CHOICE!

      28. Ron Paul will never win because he doesn’t fit the agenda of the government, so TPTB will not allow it!!!!!

        • you are correct machinist73……he doesnt have the backing of the elite bankers.

      29. “What is clear, however, is that Paul is a serious contender for the Office of the President, and the only character assassination scandal they can come up with is based on an obscure newsletter indirectly tied to Paul’s name and controversial comments made by an unknown author”

        ^ This ^ is why he shouldn’t be worried about his campaign and a reason why his character should never come into question, Mac couldn’t have said it better.

      30. Sadly, Ron Paul will never win.

        The mainstream media will continue to relentlessly attack him because they know that he will appeal to many moderate democrats and independents – who they want to support obama.

        The Republican establishment will continue to relentlessly attack him because they know that about 30-40% of their base is totally fed up with their antics.

        And the two party system will continue.

        • Mr. Blutarsky, you are right. Ron Paul will not be elected and things will not change in this country. Things started going south starting in the early 60s and now we see it accelerating as their patience is starting to wear thin. They used to only grin but now they are showing their teeth. Damn, I better get my rabies shot.

      31. I’ll say it again……….anyone still believing that their vote matters is not fully awake.

        The gig is already in place, with the supposed reports of hackers threatening to mess with the Iowa vote January 3rd.

        And every single day there is a new “poll” out that tells a different story of who is where in the pecking order. It is all a waste of time, a distraction from where our focus should be……which is your self and your family and you and yours preparedness level, both in supplies and knowledge/action.

        • YEP……KEEP PREPPIN’

      32. Romney will sell out America to the Banksters. Ron Paul will sell out America to the Arabs. Take your pick. Anybody remember what Hobson’s Choice was?

        • Take it (this one choice being offered) or leave it and have nothing -this is the essence of Hobson’s Choice.

          I do not believe Ron Paul will sell America out to anybody. Do you have some evidence to back up you claim he will sell America out to the Arabs?

      33. Ron Paul makes voting for president what it should be, a proud choice to exercise democracy.

      34. In the end of the segment she states “He’d rather not answer them” regarding the question of the news letter even though he clearly states he knew nothing about them at the time, he read them after the fact, and he disavows any relationship to them. Sounds like he answered them to me. Perry, Romney, and Gingrich have said that people are allowed to change their minds in regards to their flip-flopping on issues. I guess you are not allowed that right when you wholly believe in the constitution and are leading in the polls after most major news outlet labeled you as a distraction who can’t win. FU CNN.

        • Well, what do you from a bitch who has sold her soul to the devil? To her it’s all about CNN’s agenda and her getting ahead at CNN. She is not only willing to kiss the ass of CNN but to sell her soul. Sorry about the strong language here but things like this really tick (piss) me off.

          When Sara Palin became popular, they attacked her. When Michele Bachmann became popular, they attacked her. When Rick Perry became popular, they attacked him. When Herman Cane became popular, they attacked him. And, the same goes for Ron Paul.

          The only Republican possibilities they didn’t seem to attack was Gingrich and Romney. Why didn’t they attack these two? Because they support big government, big spending, and big debt.

          Does everyone see a pattern here?

          • Right on Rich Thumbs up for ya!

            • Claymation, thanks for the support, it means a lot to me. Sometimes I feel a bit alone on this site and have been wondering if my opinions are off base and maybe I should go back to watching the sports channel and leave the Internet alone.

            • Rich, Sorry you felt alone here. This site is what this community makes of it. I agree with most here that this group is a family, if a dysfunctional one at that.

              That said, Paul may be this countries only hope. This country needs to isolate it self, even if for awhile. We need to become more dependent on ourselves. We need to be more self reliant and most of all we need to get back to a country that is for the constitution by the constitution. Peace my friend!

          • Globalists always stick together.

            • Hey DK, Good to see ya, Peace Brother.

        • You aren’t thinking people; Lamestream Media Prostitutes are afraid of Ron Paul because, not only will he put them in their places, he will set a precedent to keep them in their places, and return journalism to ‘real’ journalism?

          No more idols, or sensationalism of the Kardashians I see you refer to??

          • I hope JJ, I hope so.

        • Glad to see you posting again.

      35. When the balloon goes up, don’t forget the MSM in your “plans”.

        • Jawohl!

        • I believe some are going to LSD

          • I guess most on this site are too young to know what LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamideis) is.

      36. In the interests of even-handedness I hope Ms Borger now goes and confronts every other candidate with that dogged adversarial manner of hers. If she needs mud to fling at them, I can give her plenty. But no, somehow the real hateful attacks are always against Ron Paul; he must scare the hell out of those NWO demonic bastards.

      37. To all, Merry Christmas! I’ll be out of pocket for a few days and wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS, stay in His Grace and enjoy the reason for the season. So when someone tells you happy holidays, ask them what the holiday is. Each and every time they have told me Christmas.

        • See you all on Monday, Stay in His peace and in His grace.

      38. Ron Paul will stop aid to Israel. Look at the two people at CNN who are trying to hang him.

        What’s newsky?

      39. CNN short for Communist News Network

        • Compromised News Network.
          Never mention them.

      40. Ron Paul handled himself very well…

        …others would have exploded under that kind of questioning…That’s why CNN does not act that way to the to people they are rooting for…


      41. Dont watch main stream media news.

        Throw them in the streets when they dont get commercial sponsers.
        Dont let them blackball Ron Paul

      42. History, even when it has been clarified numerous times, often is the only tool Liberals have to make their invalid point valid.

        When this occurs the only people who see value in the same are the very well indoctrinated.

        Has CNN ever taken up and pursued the past of Sharpton (Tawana Brawley), Jesse Jackson or Louis Farrakhan Muhammad ?

      43. One way to refute the bias of the media is to comment on their websites. I like to hit the big sites like Fox, CNN, and Reuters and express my point of view.

        Incidentally, I was impressed when I went over to the CNN site and looked at the comments regarding this interview. They were almost ALL in favor of Dr. Paul and very negative towards Borger.

        Combat the media on their own page – this is something simple that any of us can do! One caveat would be to phrase your comment carefully – it doesn’t help if you sound like a member of the Tinfoil Hat Society!

        • NO, NO, NO!

          Ignore them, never watch them, never mention them, NEVER, NEVER!!!

      44. cnn is pure propaganda! Anyone who takes it serious is ignorant! Ron Paul scares the crap out of the establishment because he doesn’t play their game. They can rehash this garbage all they want. If the citizens of the US don’t take the time to see how they are being manipulated by the CON NEWS NETWORK, than they deserve what they get.

      45. Everyone here is acting like it is new that the media turns over every stone to hurt non dems. The problem here isn’t the media doing this. The problem is the fact that Paul can be plausibly tied to racist stuff and anti-semitic stuff. Game, set, match OVER. It Doesn’t matter if it is “fair” or not.

        The average person is not going to look past Ron Paul newsletter, Ron Paul Author, Ron Paul Editor, Ron Paul received compensation from the fundraising. Then Photos start showing up of Ron Paul with KKK wizards and other questionable people (stormfront) and it just doesn’t matter what his positions are. Independents will be sorry they ever considered him and Obama will win in a landslide blowout.

        Bottom line, Ron Paul is not the second coming and the cult of personality that has grown up around him is ridiculous. He is unelectable and it is his own fault.

      46. CNN Gloria Borger is married to LANCE MORGAN. Lance is the chief communications and crisis strategist of POWELL TATE D.C.

        Powell Tate is a DC firm which represents every part of the very same MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX that Ron Paul wants to reduce.

        • Heckuva good research.

      47. ~FG~

        —-WRONG ANSWER—-

        Ron Paul is unelectable solely because the ‘kosher crowd’ have deemed him as such!

        Screw them! I’m voting for him anyway!

        • You go Gunsmith!!

      48. Paul has answered these questions repeatedly. He answered the question several times in the video: “He didn’t write them. He disavowed

        Typical “hit” piece by a known Obama supporter posing as a reporter. She may as well be a paid lobbyist for that Clown.

        By the end of the video she is trying to justify HER actions. Didn’t work.

        • No, it didn’t work and I believe she will not keep her job at CNN – they will get rid of her and we’ll see her standing at a corner of a street selling newspapers.

        • Except he has previously claimed that he did. So he did before he didn’t. Regardless, do you realize how bat feces crazy you all sound arguing that HIS newsletter, with HIS name on it, soliciting funds for HIM, written by HIM and edited by HIM, SOMEHOW isn’t his?

          If it wasn’t his, or he disagreed with it, he would be on record disavowing it. Immediately. He never did until arguably it became a negative. He took the money it generated, nobody was fired for doing something egregious in his name, and no retractions were ran. Honestly, you guys sound like obama supporters. He owns it. Period. It is not a media concoction. Arguing that it is all a media conspiracy makes you look ridiculous.

          Pretending that the vast majority of the uninformed electorate will see it your way and that it wouldn’t slaughter him at a key point in the campaign and give the election to obama is worse than naive. Obama’s team is praying for a chance to get to play the race card and a Paul nomination would serve it up on a platter for them.

        • “By the end of the video she is trying to justify HER actions. Didn’t work.”

          When I saw her trying to explain her actions to Paul,it was almost apologetic. Almost as if she realized this guys for real! Peace

          • During his early Chicago days, Mr. Obama freely stated that he was born in Kenya, nobody questions his turn around today. Compromised NN is not.

      49. Why do we call them the “mainstream media” when they are nothing but the CORPORATE MEDIA! Call them what they are – corporate – they most certainly are NOT mainstream in any sense of the word. Tonight on CBS, the “frontrunners” romney and newt were given free airtime but not a single word about Dr. Paul – who is actually in the lead. Can you say “biased”?

      50. Screw the “main stream media”

        RON PAUL 2012 !

      51. Busted! Ron Paul’s early vile racist rants caught on video about locking up blacks and executing them in greatly disproportionate numbers:

        • I think I misunderstood your post, I watched the video, and while I do not agree with everything Paul stands for, I don’t think anyone in his right mind could ever call him a racist.

          • I agree – I listened to the video and there is no indication that he is a racist. Just because someone mentions the word “blacks” or uses stats to show disproportionate numbers of blacks does not mean he or she is a racist. Good grief. I get so tired of hearing that someone is a racist just because they mentioned black or brown or yellow.

            When I criticized Obama I was called a racist. When I asked what was I when I criticized Bush, they answered “smart.” Seems that I just can’t win.

            • You must stop playing this rigged name game.
              You know who you are so dont be afraid of what the socialists call you. Know that if you disagree with them, they will call you names. SO dont play this game, do what you must, plow ahead and ignore them.

      52. Here’s the “feedback” I just sent to CNN:—-

        “Gloria Borger’s so-called interview with Ron Paul, badgering him about questions he had already answered twice for CNN, was insulting and stupid. Would she ask Bill Clinton about cigars? No, because he’s a liberal. Nice job, CNN, showing that when principles and facts don’t work for you to discredit someone you hope to villify, you’ll lower yourselves to ad-hominem attacks. Credit to Dr. Paul for being so gracious during this low-class ambush. P.S.: I hope your email servers are crushed with responses to this crap. Have a nice day!”

        I suggest anyone who is pissed by character assassination like this ought to mosey over to and leave a similar message.

        • NO, NO, NO.

          DO NOT PARTICIPATE in anything Compromised NN does, never watch them, never mention them. Make them irrelevant by ignoring them.
          Complete indifference is the answer.

      53. Good afterthought: Anybody who is disgusted by this piece should visit Ron Paul’s web site and kick in 20 bucks. I’m going there right now…

      54. @God’s Creation

        Several months ago you posted some info about starting a blog to market small essays. It included some contact info. Can you post all of that again?


      55. If Ron Paul didn’t write the newsletters, then he should simply tell us who did – then it would be over – but he won’t. You can’t possible believe he doesn’t know! That’s laughable – he knows – he knows who’s to blame for a issue that has hounded him, on and off for decades…he knows. The evidence suggests it’s the man he sees in the mirror. Anyway, he’s had 2 decades to answer the question. Perhaps peope should stop with the cult of personality, and vote for the other Libertarian in the race, Gary Johnson, who doesn’t seem to have all th controversial baggage (having said that, Johnson hasn’t really been completely vetted either…)

        • If Mr. Obama didn’t authorize the Fat and Furious, then he should simply tell us who did – then it would be over – but he won’t. You can’t possible believe he doesn’t know! That’s laughable – he knows – he knows who’s to blame for a issue that has hounded him, on and off for three years…he knows. The evidence suggests it’s the man he sees in the mirror. Anyway, he’s had 3 years to answer the question. Perhaps people should stop with the cult of personality, impeach Mr. Obama and vote for Hillary Clinton, who doesn’t seem to have all the controversial baggage.(Commodity trading)

      56. LIVE FREE OR DIE!







      57. @ Fred Galt

        I looked at the links you posted. Can YOU see the problems with the information there?

        Much of what is written as “fact” is just what people suspect -it is not backed up with any solid evidence. When you can’t find a fact/evidence, does forming a conclusion without following the rules of logic make it fact/evidence? Uh, no. Just because someone “said so” does not make it fact.

        Are there newsletters that have some questionable things written in them? Yes. Can anyone provide the author of them? NO. Can anyone sign a document for a busy doctor or business person so work keeps getting done while that person is busy? Yes, and it happens all of the time. Often a staff member will “sign” for their boss on small matters and a newsletter would probably be considered small.

        Just because you assume something is true does not make it so. Your research on this topic is sketchy at best.

        Finally, if these newsletters are the only thing folks can come up with in Dr. Paul’s entire life that are inflamatory or questionable, I’d say he is MILES ahead of the rest.

        I will pray for you.

      58. It seems strange that the only solution to collectivism is being ignored in these comments. That solution is repudiation of our centralization in Washington, D.C.

        Seems that secession from the Eastern USA establishment will go a long way toward our living in peace and with having currencies which are not debased by printing for bailouts, armaments, and other fraudulent activities.

      59. “Recent polls suggest Paul is either a close second in the Iowa race, or has taken the lead by a small margin.”

        Mac – you know this above statement is complete hogwash!
        Ron Paul is by leading by a massive margin! The polls are rigged and paid for, just like the media networks (the Lamestream Media).

        Ron Paul is a true American. Why do they not badger or harass other candidates about such issues. It’s because Ron Paul is a truly good man; a man who stands for liberty and Constitutional rights. He is a threat to the banksters, and the war “industry.”


        • The content of the newsletters may bother some people but it really doesn’t matter to me or a lot of thinking people. It mentions blacks getting welfare checks. SO WHAT. The other quotes mean nothing to me. 20 years old. This is all the media can drum up as dirt on Dr Paul? BFD.

      60. Yes Fed Up – I agree 100%. Ron Paul has a stellar record. If this is the only stuff they can come up with against Ron Paul, he is WAY AHEAD of the others. He leaves the others in the dust! The Lamestream Media and their prostitute “journalists” are a disgrace to America.

      61. Special Report:

        I believe Krauthammer and Klein are fanatical, rabid Zionists who are not appropriate in giving opinions on American foreign policy, as they are intrinsically biased and based in deeming American foreign policy akin to and/or identical with the prerequisites of Israeli sovereignty. They believe, like Zionist ideologues, that
        both things are one and the same. Obviously, this tandem are not real Americans or represent the best national security interests of America.

        Why? If they truly cared anything about this country, then they would remind us of George Washington’s admonition against entangling foreign alliances in his Farewell Address.

        Telling us this much, as Jews, they would then recall that the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great is responsible for allowing them to return to their holy land, and thus conferred them the opportunity to write the Torah. In other words, there would not be a Jew alive today if not for the religious tolerance of the Persian empire, especially Cyrus the Great.

        Having this much knowledge, they would then state, as Americans, that we should obviously not forsake American national security interests at the altar of Israeli sovereignty.

        Instead, they take “cheap shots” at Ron Paul for racism? This is outright absurdity that smacks of profound ignorance and malevolent treachery. In fact, the honorable doctor and Congressman has made it known that Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks are his personal
        heroes. He has enunciated repeatedly that his belief in
        libertarianism entails that racism, as a form of collectivism, is anathema to his core philosophy.

        You would think that presumably educated and wary individuals like Klein and Krauthammer would know these things. Yet their all-consuming allegiance to Zionism blinds them to any thought otherwise, as they attempt to deceive and delude the viewing public.

        And finally, Brett Baier should be ashamed of himself for
        permitting and not challenging this tedious tripe and pedestrian fare.

        Thanks for nothing,

        Your BFF,

        Newt Romney

        AKA Christian martyr for his Jewish masters

        Concord, New Hampshire

        • This is true. American “conservative” discourse is heavily monitored and influenced by people like Krauthammer who are dual citizens of the US and Israel. They are acting as loyal agents of their Jewish race while proclaiming the evil “racism” of Founder-stock Americans for wanting to preserve theirs.

          If one were to exhume the work of St. Augustine, John Chrysostom, or Martin Luther, it should be evident that their perfidy and hypocrisy is legendary.

      62. Ron Paul doesn’t know who wrote his racist newsletters?
        Ron Paul doesn’t read his racist newsletters?
        What else does Ron Paul not know?
        All of you racists and Jew haters here are going to be sorely disappointed with this old pussy doctor.
        Now go to church and pray to your Zionist Jew god like good little stupid Christians.

        • Yes, Jesus is a Zionist Jew. He is returning to Jerusalem, capital of Israel, homeland of the Jews, not the Muslims nor the Christians.

      63. As much as I would love to see Ron Paul elected, he’s never going to be the nominee. In fact, I’m surprised CNN isn’t doing everything in their power to help his election bid, figuring Obama would fare better against him.

      64. It really doesn’t matter if Ron Paul is elected or not. Just by promoting him as a mainstream candidate Americans send a message to government and his ideas become main stream. There will be another after him to adopt these ideas and move it all forward.

      65. Its all part of the overall agenda of the ruling class.
        Keep the masses as doped on sex, screen and sport as possible. Also keep them fat, dumb and happy.

        As Nelson Rockefeller stated about control and manipulation back in the sixties.


        Others today refer it as MIMAC:

        The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs.

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