Clamp Down on Cash Is the Ultimate Surveillance State: “Citizens Shouldn’t Be Under General Suspicion”

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 36 comments

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    The war on cash is more than just a currency war to  clamp everyone down on the electric grid. It is also a war on your privacy, and the nail in the coffin for the free market of low level transactions.

    Soon, restrictions on cash will become so severe that even spending $100 will arouse suspicion, despite the constant inflation on the value of such a denomination. One day, physical currency may become obsolete.

    When that day comes, they will know everything you do.

    Conducting transactions in anything but digital creds will be not only increasingly difficult, but seen as outright criminal behavior. It might even make you a terrorist.

    Don Quijones argues on Wolf Street:

    There are two sides in the global war against cash. On one side are many of the world’s governments, central banks, fintech firms, banks, credit card companies, telecommunication behemoths, financial institutions, large retailers, etc. According to them, the days of physical currency are numbered, so why not pull the plug already, beginning with the largest denomination bills such as the $100-note and particularly the €500-note?

    On the other side are people who like to use cash – most of whom, according to the dominant official narrative, are either criminals or terrorists. After all, they must have something to hide; otherwise, why would they use a private, untraceable (not to mention archaic, dirty, dangerous and unhygienic) form of payment like cash?

    Although it may seem like a foregone conclusion, cash still accounts for a majority of transactions in many European countries, and still factors in significantly in the U.S., though use of cash is in decline.

    Many leaders overseas are calling out the moves to kill cash – albeit in slow motion – as nothing more than an attempt to impose a police state where every transaction, every purchase and every activity is monitored and databased.

    Likewise, the use of cash is linked with terrorists and criminals, every bit as much as using pagers was linked with drug dealers in the pre-cell phone days.

    Don Quijones writes:

    [I]n recent weeks the unlikeliest of defenders of physical money has emerged: the national central bank of Europe’s biggest economy, the German Bundesbank.

    “I have my doubts that introducing a cash limit or getting rid of bigger denominations can really prevent terrorists or criminals from engaging in illegal activities,” Carl-Ludwig Thiele, Bundesbank board member in charge of cash issues, said in a speech last week. “We also should ask ourselves: what sort of an understanding of government forms the basis of these proposals? Citizens should not be put under general suspicion.”


    And in Germany and Austria, the EU’s plans to suppress cash have already provoked a backlash.

    “We don’t want someone to be able to track digitally what we buy, eat and drink, what books we read and what movies we watch,”said Austrian Deputy Economy Minister Harald Mahreron on Oe1 radio. “We will fight everywhere against rules” including caps on cash purchases, he said.

    The NSA surveillance has never been limited to just ferreting out terrorists, its mass surveillance of every conceivable communications device has created a Big Data tracking system that can hone in on specific behaviors of anyone in the country, or can track the mass patterns of human society like a school of fish.

    Standing by complicit with the elimination of cash is surrendering yourself to a society based upon nothing more than Big Brother teamed up with the Big Banks – and what good could come from all of that?

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      1. PFFT!!….wish i HAD some money to track.

        • Don’t worry too much about them watching what you buy. None of the things you like will be available to you when all this comes down anyway.

          • expect stagflation in 5…4…3..2…..when the price of the things you HAVE to have, goes up…and the price of things you WANT goes down.

          • I wouldn’t be so sure–this may very well be the mechanism that they use to rein in many of our freedoms.
            Who wants to stockpile ammo using electronic purchases. Do you buy preps after stopping at the ATM so there is no record of the items or do you use a credit/debit card which then logs you as the guy with the gallon of honey, 50 pounds of rice and 3 cases of evaporated milk.
            Already if you buy a Christian book, “One Second After”, anything construed as ant-government or anti establishment then your purchases and reading/viewing lists are noted. How much easier to subdue people like us who have the scales removed from our eyes than to have the full electronic monitoring system in place under the guise of “commerce”.

      2. It is all about full spectrum dominance. They want to know everything. What you bought, what you sold, where you were, what book you read, what movie you watched and they want to track all of that down to the second and be able to use your smart phones GPS cords and your computer search history against you.

        What is the first thing a farmer does to their livestock? They mark them with a brand or an ear tag. How are humans being marked? With a handheld tag they carry around also called a smart phone.

        • Exactly…

      3. Or knowing who Christians are based on what how much they give to the church.

        Catholics don’t have to worry. They give $20 on Easter and Christmas. The government won’t worry about them.

        • OK, that’s is funny.

        • Another excellent point–charitable contributions to groups on H^mela#nd S$curit%es watch list such as Christian groups, conservative or libertarian groups will get you added as a potential t3rr0rist–look what happened already with the gov using the irs to audit tea party and grassroots conservative groups.
          This is not paranoia–it is happening

      4. I no longer fear Armageddon. I welcome it as the end of this corrupt, sick, twisted, degenerate system. Yes, the end will be painful but worth it.

        We had the answer to the worlds problems but refused to listen. “Love thy neighbor, as I have loved you.”

        My place is not here. The natural law is being murdered. It’s a world of the collective and Communism not of the rights of man. My heart, mind and soul are as a stranger in a strange land. If I get out of this with my soul in tact … I win.

      5. A good experiment to try with people around you. Ask a few of them about a cashless society, and most will say it is a good idea. Then ask them their opinion on NIRP, and watch their face twitch. See if you get one of them to give you an answer. PRICELESS!

        • sal, too many mindless people wouldn’t even know what NIRP is, so obviously they wouldn’t have an opinion.
          As for nsa tracking let’s hope the Utah data center is hit hard with something.
          Like 5 megatons.

          • KOD: there is an easy way to wreck that data center: turn of the millions of gallons of water that are required to keep it cool.

            Then wait for it to fry baby fry.

      6. Even today only 60% of Americans have a bank account. Many of those only keep the minimum in the bank so I cant see a card system working for a long time. I even read somewhere that 30% of americans cant even get a bank account due to either bad credit or inability to prove their ID.

        • anyone can get an account with card,com.

        • Ed,
          When I switched from Wells Fargo to a community bank, they ran a credit check. Banksters don’t want deposits any more.

      7. Criminals use cash??? Hmmmm…. Obama crony Johnny Boy Corzini lifted $1.6 billion and did it all electronically

      8. You see it takes a lot of time and money to print up fake fiat currency. The P2B would rather just invent currency with the click of a mouse. Just keep adding zeros behind the $$$ sign. One business to be put out of business would be Brinks Armoured Car service. Actually it takes a lot of cost for bis merchants to handle cash. Secure it, count it, store it. I’d love to pay in all cash pennies just to piss off businesses that only accept cash. Here you like cash? Here you go.

        The bottom line is that a cashless society makes it harder to cheat on income or sales taxes. Barter and other forms of payment will quickly be formed to circumvent taxes. An example of that is way back in the 80’s I traded a $40 bag of pot with this kid, for a new $200 lawnmower he stole, I’m guessing it was stolen. I then traded the lawn mower to some lawn crew of Mexicans who cut my lawn the entire summer for that lawn mower. Thus a cheap bag of grass got my grass cut the entire summer which the value was about $500. And I can say this now, since the statute of limitations has well passed. lol.. Yes the art of the deal. Get what you want for something, someone else wants more of, and will gladly trade.

        Silver 1-OZ rounds will be a common barter currency guaranteed in a cashless society. People will do most anything for drugs, so it will only expand the drug trade, not slow it down.


      9. If the Grid goes down in a cashless society, we are done instantly, in a screaching halt for commerce period. Then try to prove or claim your wealth, which is held in a digital form. No thanks. Maybe that is the Master Plan by the 1%. And a 90% dieoff will ensue. Keep prepping and stacking.


        • WWTI–Your digital dollars would fall into the cyber abyss, but fortunately your debt data will be recoverable. See how we did that?

      10. I helped implement a number of these IT bank systems electronic deposit systems. I know the history very well of how cash has been eliminated from banks. Here is a short description of that progression.

        With electronic deposit systems banks have been implementing cash restrictions since the 1990s. The biggest one was to make all forms of payroll checks and government checks automatic electronic deposit. I saw at the bank I was at cash counts going down in the IT database reports up to 1/2% a month. That may not seem like much but over 15 years we went from 90% of the public getting cash back on pay day to less than 5%. Banks in the early 1990s delivered truck loads of cash for pay check cashing. Most banks by 2005 had all electronic deposit and kept 5% of what they used to dole out on pay day.

        When banks stopped keeping so much cash for payroll another problem hit them. If they ever had bank runs there was no longer enough cash to manage the run! So banks screamed to the fed after year 2000 and asked “…what are we going to do if we have bank runs. We don’t have the cash to handle runs like we did in the old days?…” Then before they figured out how to prevent cash scrambling in bank runs the crash of 2008 hit. This was what put the gleam in Uncle Sam’s eye. They said (not letting a crisis go to waste) “…We will eliminate your need for cash by redefining a bank customers money rights and doing bail-ins across to board. They will not ever get cash again only bail-ins …”

        So with bail-ins now the norm from the crash of 2008 worldwide and with there never again a chance of huge bank runs to get cash. Governments saw their next big opening. “…eliminate all cash so we have total control over all money, track all money flows, define patterns of spending, …, or in summary “have total control of all individuals”…”

        It’s a simple concept from the government’s perspective. You get out of line (as they define) and your bank account is frozen and you and your family starve…

      11. Simple rule:
        If it is a government or transaction with a corporation I use credit card or check. Because ALL transactions are documented even cash ones.
        Personal non electronic transactions are all cash or trade.
        Not traceable in ordinary situations.

      12. We’ll just make our own money.

        Foreign banker skulls are worth $50.
        Domestic banker skulls are worth $20.
        Politician skulls are worth $10.
        Bureaucrat skulls are worth $5.
        Community organizer skulls are worth $1.

        We’ll probably need bigger wallets.

        • give ya a 10 for ten ones!

      13. This has nothing to do with SUSPICION. It has everything to do with tracking every breath you take and curtailing as much of your freedoms as possible. There is after
        all nothing for the government to be suspicious about since they know full well that they committed 9-11 and that they are the true and only terrorists.

      14. UPDATE MARCH 7, 2016. Asteroid 2013 TX68 safely passed by Earth on Monday morning. According to the Minor Planet Center, the space rock’s closest approach occurred on March 7 at 13:42 UT (8:42 UT) at a distance of 2,542,960 miles (4,092,497 km) from Earth, just a bit closer than the nominal 3 million miles previously estimated.

        whew 🙂

      15. have you dipshits in america figured out yet that your vote is worthless

      16. They will go through a lot of boring info tracking me.

      17. Recently, Zerohedge published a story about computer hackers who stole 100 million dollars from Bangladesh’s account held at the US Federal Reserve. The hackers laundered the money through Phillipino casinos, and apparently got away with it.
        So much for the argument that digital money is safer and immune to theft by criminals.

      18. charlie, yeah we figured that out a long time ago.
        “you dipshits in america?”
        So where do you live?

      19. No more cash, isn’t just about tracking. It’s about control. No store or gas purchases without a card. No food without a card. And the best thing is the government can suspend your card at will. Now do you see?

      20. Anything purporting to be a representative govt, should have to show a chain of custody, and accountable person, for every last penny.

        Seeing as how govt is expected to be a civil servant, and the citizen is assumed to be in self-ownership, the doings of govt should be public knowledge.

      21. If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.

        Or so I’m frequently told.

      22. I don’t see how an economy without cash can work. It must be like keeping electricity but no longer using switches – we’d get some kind of function but nothing that would allow society to operate.

        I think they know cashless won’t work and they plan to roll out a new currency, greatly devalued, stealing up to 90% of our worth.

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