“Civil War Is Unavoidable”: Divided Americans Will Inevitably Turn Toward Militancy and Mob Action

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith and published at his Alt-Market.com site.

    Editor’s Comment: The time is coming – rather quickly – when we must choose a side in America. Unfortunately, there will be no good side to line up on, because they all will be corrupted, and tending towards dangerous extremes. The idiocy of the left is clearly becoming more dangerous and inflamed on a daily basis, and the entire Trump presidency is already giving many of them psychological issues.

    On the other hand, the right is tending towards extremes, too. Fascism, combining force, government power and corporate interest, is rising. Time and again, we are played by the special interests sitting behind the throne, and this time is no different. Trump was elected on his populist rhetoric, but his cabinet will be stuffed with Wall Street bankers and neocons. Meanwhile, liberty activists, conservatives and patriots will seek common ground and refuge in a side that has merely played lip service to their values.

    Either way, things are turning towards chaos. The clash of opposites, and the confrontation between ideologies is becoming inevitable. That chaos and division will coincide with these extreme times. Economic issues will add further pressure, as will environmental pressures. Competing factions searching and fighting for turf in a controlled arena. Whoever wins, the globalists will pick up the pieces; they designed it that way, and will wait for the moves to play out. That is realpolitik. Get ready… they are starting something.

    The real reasons why another American civil war is possible

    by Brandon Smith

    You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it. When their indoctrination doesn’t take, and the public stops them cold with a wall of skepticism, they don’t give up! No — the little buggers double down and go for broke!

    I have to point out, however, that this seemingly boundless drive to forsake all logic and reason in the name of ideology is not due to these people being special in their ambition. Rather, they are following a somewhat successful historic model; the model of communism. And by successful, I mean successfully destructive.

    With Donald Trump on the way to the White House in January, along with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, leftists long accustomed to dominating the public narrative through the mainstream media have found themselves without leverage. Now, they must resort to ankle biting with efforts like the “fake news” meme, which is designed to undermine the alternative media through ad hominem.  Obviously this will fail.  It is far too late for the mainstream media to gain back any social capital, and they will have to adapt or die out.

    With this avenue closing for the left, the next stage will be direct asymmetrics; they will use subversion at a more localized level; working to provoke “marginalized” groups into taking extreme action in order to illicit a negative and totalitarian response from conservatives.

    I am rather well versed on the history of communist insurgencies, and one simple reality that consistently stands out to me is that wherever communist movements exist, war follows.  They may claim to be peaceful in their aims and methods, they may claim to want what is best for society as a whole, but when these movements are denied access to social evolution, they almost always revert to violent means.  The primary reason for this, I believe, is that they really do assume at their very core that their ideal is the only ideal.

    They think they are heroes, awakened to a world view that the rest of us are incapable of comprehending. In their minds, anyone seeking to obstruct them is either dangerously ignorant or a fascist hellbent on sabotaging humanity’s “natural progression” into the leftist utopia.   Therefore any and all actions are justified on their part.  They are fighting “evil.”  And, of course, conservatives like you and I are the physical manifestations of that evil.  We are the super villains that must be destroyed at all costs in the leftist fantasy world.

    As I noted in my last article, Order out of chaos: The defeat of the Left comes with a cost, regressives in the form of social justice warriors are currently more cute in their provocations than dangerous, but this is only an early stage of their movement.  When these people do not get what they want, when they realize that propaganda methods are not effective, they will inevitably turn toward militancy and aggressive mob action.  This is the problem with zealots: they are infinitely capable of moral relativity.  They are monsters in people suits just waiting to be unleashed, but made even more dangerous by their self-image as guardians.  There is nothing worse than a psychopath with a desperate desire to nurture you.

    After my last article, some readers responded that they understood my basic premise — that the left versus right dynamic is being instigated by global elites, and that this could result in both sides moving to opposing extremes of the political spectrum; communism versus fascism.  That said, they also wanted to know what I thought should be done about the left in particular?  Sure, the elites are the root cause of the threat, but what about all the crazed leftists the elites hide behind and exploit?  Don’t we have to deal with them at some point as well?

    I would say yes, though our reaction must be measured or we risk falling into the paradigm trap the elites have constructed for us.

    So, here is the reality — when a movement like the social justice cult reverts to zealotry, there is nothing that can be done to persuade them otherwise.  Some will leave the movement behind, but the majority will refuse to acknowledge that their ideology has failed to sway the masses, and that this might be due to the fact that their ideology is highly flawed. They will seek instead to force us into compliance. This ensures that a violent conflict will eventually arise.

    The danger is that while conservatives now appear to hold the keys to the behemoth that is government after wrestling it from the left (again, at least in appearance), we will be tempted to swing the cannons of the bureaucratic battleship towards our foes and in our favor.  I’ll have to use the old Lord of the Rings analogy once again here — big government is like the “one ring;” it will always result in evil, no matter who is wearing it.  Good people will take hold of it thinking they can resist abusing it and that they will exploit its incredible power to help others, and they will fall into darkness like everyone else.

    The solution?  Conservatives must face leftist extremists on equal ground. We must avoid the temptation of using government as a weapon to extinguish them.  We must avoid stooping to their level.  Otherwise, there is an extreme risk that we will falter in our principles and become just as bad if not worse than the regressive left.  And yes, this means a decentralized civil war — a war in which government is denied as a player.  As long as conservatives refuse to wield government as a sword in our arsenal, we will win against all enemies.  The second we wimp out and beg government to aid us in our fight, we will be co-opted and assimilated by the elites.

    But what would this conflict look like?

    I could see an insurgency versus an insurgency, but this is only if the right refuses to join with government to exact its goals.

    In the meantime, I welcome you to look at theories on this from the left first. Check out this article, referencing military “experts” from the ever regressive and dwindling Cracked Magazine titled 6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying, published at the beginning of November.

    While Cracked does briefly address the notion that a civil war could be triggered by the left in the U.S., their article was published before the election, clearly with the assumption that Donald Trump was bound to lose and that “right wing extremists” were the greatest threat to peace and stability in the wake of a Clinton presidency. The majority of their list is composed of scenarios in which “anti-government” right wingers could undermine social cohesion and was no doubt supplemented thoroughly by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    I also want to quickly point out that the No. 2 threat on the Cracked list of civil war threats was the Thermal Evasion Suit I designed!  Or at least, the notion that we have the ability and knowledge to build these kinds of countermeasures.  Here’s a quote from the article:

    But in my lurking on militia sites, I did occasionally run into information that looked like it had its basis in something other than a manual. Take this guide to evading drones published by the Oath Keepers, an anti-government group made up of former military and police veterans.

    [Cracked never actually links to the video, they just show a still photo.  Clearly they did not want people watching it and deciding for themselves what the intent was.]

    I had a former drone operator review the video. He said their “thermal evasion suit” was based on a “decent premise”, although he said it would only work well if the shooter was stationary. It’s impossible to know if the info in this video came from someone with direct (albeit outdated) drone experience. In his time among America’s many militias, Bill said, “…I’ve probably ran into direct training” of groups by military veterans, “…five or six times, in five different states. It’s incredibly prevalent.

    I’m not sure exactly who their “expert” was.  Apparently he thought I was building an invisibility suit because he mentions the problem of “movement,” which no suit I know of can hide. They also state something about “outdated drone experience,” yet don’t actually qualify that with anything of substance. Finally, they insinuate that I somehow received help from military insiders with top-secret knowledge, and this is how I managed to design a thermal evasion system.  In fact, I came up with the design and materials on my own and brought it to Oath Keepers, who aided in the testing phase.  Not one drone expert was on hand to feed me design information.

    The point is, these people have no idea what they are talking about. Cracked never contacted me about the suit even though my face and email address are all over the video. It was not “impossible to know” if I received insider information; all they had to do was ask.  The left in their zealotry likes to jump to conclusions. They also assume we are a bunch of dumb hillbillies, when we are in fact much smarter and more innovative than they are.

    While Cracked and their so-called “experts” are hopelessly naive in many respects, they do make a few solid observations.

    First, they present the issue of lack of trust in government and police forces on the part of the public. They seem to suggest this is a bad thing by claiming that distrust of government leads to insurgency.  I would say distrust of government is the healthiest state a society can exist in.

    However, I would remind readers that conservatives will take over the helm of the government ship as of 2017.  And, as I warned when I predicted a Trump election win back in June, the elites have allowed us into authority at a time when trust in government is at historic lows.  We have been handed the reigns of power, but I say this is not a cure, but a curse. We will no longer be considered freedom fighters.  We will be considered the jackboot stomping on the face of America.

    Second, Cracked brings up the problem of infrastructure interference, such as highway bombings and other methods of breaking down travel and supply routes.  They mention this based on the premise that we right wingers might set up IEDs using tannerite to terrorize road networks.

    We’ve already seen something like this, but not from the right wing.  Leftists are notorious lately for building human walls across major roads in order to shut down movement.  I would suggest that they will do this with more frequency (and with more violence) once winter winds down (leftists can’t stand the cold, which is why they all live near beaches). Communists like to disrupt supply chains and production; they know this is the quickest path to instigating mass panic.

    Third, the Cracked article argues that right wingers might adopt the methods of ISIS in our bid for supremacy, which is extraordinarily absurd if you know anything at all about conservatives.

    But, the left has shown time and time again their affinity for Muslim extremism and they defend it openly and publicly. You would think all the social justice feminists and gay rights groups would view the Muslim world as a carnival of horrors being that in almost any Muslim controlled nation on the planet they would be enslaved, stoned to death or thrown off a tall building. But no, instead, SJWs champion mass Muslim immigration without question.

    Understand that forced Muslim immigration standards in Europe and in the U.S. are a product of global elitism under the Cloward Piven strategy.  The elites like to use incompatible cultures as a tool to destabilize target societies.  But, leftists are also more than happy to go along with this program.  I believe it is because the left is inherently weak when it comes to direct confrontation, and many progressives secretly enjoy the idea of having their own hitman (Muslim extremists or Black Lives Matter) on speed dial just in case.

    If any group has shown a willingness to work with the likes of ISIS, it is the left. Set aside the fact that the Department of Defense under Obama admits in its own white papers supporting the rise of the Muslim terrorist network.

    Finally, Cracked and their experts suggest the idea that a second American civil war will not be two-sided, but multi-sided.  This is the only intelligent notion in the entire article and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

    Here is the problem — multiple groups on the left and the right have entirely different concepts on what the final American product should look like.  Some on the left are anarchists, some are communists, some just want the continuation of the democratic process (but still think Trump should be supplanted). On the right, there are hardcore neo-cons and war hawks that want to nuke the Middle East into oblivion, women and children included.  There are libertarians that just want a return to small government and constitutionalism.  There are anarcho-capitalists that seem to want the erasure of government and the constitution entirely but live in a world of theory rather than practicality (I call them egghead libertarians).  There are even Christian factions that long for a Christian-based theocracy.

    Then, there are people like me, who just want to get to the root of the problem and hang the globalists from lampposts (after a speedy trial of course).  We don’t necessarily have a beef with any other group as long as they stay out of our way.  We would like to circumvent the danger of a civil war altogether if possible.

    Unfortunately, I think Cracked and their experts are right on this, and that a second American civil war will be multifaceted.  And, while we are all at each others throats, the elites will be lounging on the riviera sipping mojitos and laughing.  The most dangerous faction (besides the elites) will be the catalyzing faction; the regressive left.  They will be the group that initiates all other hostilities.

    What leftists do not know is that they have always been useful idiots for the global elites, and, they will be thrown in the garbage once the elites are finished with them.  I hope that every leftist could watch the following interview with Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, in which he examines the process by which free nations are brought to chaos by the elites through the exploitation of the regressive left in order to establish a totalitarian system.

    I leave you with this thought — civil war is unavoidable. The left is too crazy, and the right has now been given the weapon of government too enticing to overlook. Consider for a moment which “faction” in the world benefits most from this arrangement and then you will understand that the left is ultimately a distraction from the greater enemy. Remove the globalists from the picture, and the left will sort itself out.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith and first published at PersonalLiberty.com. Please visit Brandon’s site Alt-Market.com and support his work.


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        • Sorry, but I missed the point; are they talking about a war between the people that needed puppies and kitties and safe spots, having a war with the right wing, paranoid, gun crazed, carrying mad dog killer right wingers? Trying to remember; there;s a word for that kind of thing.. Massa— something?

          • As usual, most do not understand the true political spectrum. Both communisim AND Fascism are products of the far left and represents a right and left wings within that far left. True right wing of the political spectrum supports very limited government with farthest to the right being anarchy or no government at all. The political spectrum left is ANY totalitarian form of government monarchy, aristocracy, Communism, socialism and Fascism all of which require a police state to achieve their goals. Far right on that spectrum is the constitution, confederacy and finally anarchy.

            • You got it!

            • Bravo, Thank you Tom!! You saved me ten minutes of furious typing. For a guy (Brandon smith)who claims to know so much about political ideologies, he sure does miss the boat on this one. If we are ever going to have a chance to correct this sinking ship, we have to get the verbiage, history, and definitions right first. So much ignorance and misuse of language and meanings help in the obfuscation ( part of the plan). I.e today’s liberals are anything BUT liberal!!

          • I believe this is one reason Obama has been flooding the US with Muslims and not acting on any of the Islamic Terror training camps and compounds that can be found all across the US.

            Obama’s communist movement needs terror cells, and the fat liberal communists that the public schools and universities produce can’t do the job. They can’t climb a flight of stairs without being out of breath.

            The Muslim kids being raised in madrasahs across America have a cause and many the desire to die for it. All they needed was for Obama to keep droning their friends and relatives back home to trigger them. So far they seem to be an effective tool that the FBI etc has little trouble pointing in a direction and triggering them.

            • If the people don’t start “it” NOW, it will be too late!

      2. When the full force of the Globalist Fascist Police State Corporate Mercenary hell is released on the American people by the chosen Manchurian Candidate Trump, the programmed indoctrinated Trumpbots will cheer the violence released on the Protesters of our divided collapsing dying system and nation. The Trumpbots are already are cheering and calling for the deaths of the DAPL Portesters on Social Media….Well done Globalist fascist demon psychopaths, well done indeed, you now have a new group of dumbed down drunken bum toxic dump American violence loving cowards to exploit and control for the planned chaos, inevitable Marital law, and the Final Solution de-population plans of the psychopaths. You can see it more and more everyday-this is evil like the world has NEVER seen or known destroying our nation and corrupting our cowardly dumbed down people….God help us all!!!

        • Its always the chicken that cackles that lays the egg and so far the cackling and threats has been on the progressive left. The left never tires of lying, trying to shove socialism down our throats, protesting and trying to keep things stirred up. The American people have spoken and you left wingers lost so deal with it like adults says the old swamp rat.

          • You illustrate the problem perfectly by placing everyone in a certain Tribe you can demonize, who says the TRUTH you do not like, or the TRUTH you are unable to accept because you are a coward.

            • WTF are you talking about, Ronald ? When has the left ever said anything even remotely approaching “the TRUTH”? And you’re calling someone you don’t even know a “coward”? You must’ve gone off your meds and in the process lost your ever-lovin drug-addled mind! You don’t know dick about “the TRUTH”, got that asswipe?

              • There you go snowflake with the left versus right paradigm you will remain stuck in all your dumbed down COWARD life

                • Ron, your problem is that your ass hurts from Michelle O’s schlong stretching it out. Bathhouse Barry will be happy to rub some soothing ointment on it for ya.

                  • First hiding place and coping mechanism of all cowards afraid of the TRUTH…humor, but in your case, it fell flat and stupid. Do not give up your day job for a comedy career please, you will probably lose your fourth spouse.

                    • Ron, there’s absolutely NOTHING humorous about your fecal incontinence issue

                    • I thought he did good. A side job – maybe.

                    • So this is the true right. Got it.

              • Hi WWTI aka: “SYBIL”. Still attacking people.

            • I see no truth in your words only the hate that socialists have for we common people and there is enough of that in the world already. You are either on the side of right or wrong and you seen to think the side that is trying to destroy America is where you should be. Come away from the dark side and become someone who helps America instead of cursing it like the coward you really are.

          • Socialism shmoshalism. That’s the way to frighten people In Norway they laugh on their way to the bank.

        • man, talk about drug addled extreme doom porn wet dreaming. You should really lay off the prescription meds…

          • Ron is right though. The truth is the truth, even if it’s real bad.

            • Well, I don’t know what I would be called… I sure as heck ain’t no right winger (I’m not racist and I don’t pretend climate change is a hoax!) so I definitely ain’t no republipuke! However, I DID vote for Trump (held my nose as I did so!) and I DO believe very strongly in the Constitution and especially the second amendment. Basically, I’m an anarchist–don’t believe in hierarchy… Tribes are best… definitely no federal government.. And I don’t believe in western (man made religion– Jesus was NOT an American)… I feel very strongly in environmental issues (pollution=death!) and am very spiritually inclined. and definitely don’t believe in domination and control!!! FREEDOM is the most important thing in the world!!!

              • I guess that is why you are afraid to even publish your name.

              • Hate to pop your Christophobic bubble, but Jesus and the Christian faith arose in Western Asia, and most of the 2.5 billion CNs in the world live in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

            • The truth… according to Ron.

          • Sorry to disappoint, I am not one of the 70% of Big Pharma addicted pill popping psychotropic drug consuming toxic waste dump America cowards listening to obese unhealthy disease ridden doctors, who not only forgot their Hippocratic oaths to “DO NO HARM”, they have whored out their genocide supporting profession to psychopathic monsters in the Chemical, Big Pharma, Big Agri, and the entire Medical Industrial Complex.

            • Sure you are RON. You are everything you have posted on your comment; the only difference is that ‘you’ hide it well!
              I bet you practice “taqiyya” in your spare time.

          • For cripes sake. The Standing Rock Souix Indian Water Protectors in N Dakota are an orhanic legitimate group trying to protect their drinking water source from oil pipeline contamination.


            In fact they have a lot of national support and will be joined by over 1200 American war Veterans on Dec 4 the through the 8th. The Vets say this time they are actually fighting for Americans on American soil for Freedom of being ripped off by the Fascist Corporations who dont even have the proper permitting to lay oil pipe across this waterway. There is NO GRAY AREA HERE. Every American should be supporting the Souix Tribes fight for justice and common sense.

            So please Stop all the lies and BS.

        • The sooner the better.

          I’m sick of all the non stop drama from this bacterially induced, bloated politic crap.

        • Anyone that spews that mentality has to be a looney liberal. Now let’s hear from you how great things are with the terrorist in chief followed by a few lines on the greatness of old lying hillary. To the tune of Lyin’Eyes.

          • Another coward engaged in Tribal warfare, just what the psychopaths controlling you want.

            • Ron,
              You seem to be attacking both left and right. There won’t be any neutral parties in this countries war since there is only one country.
              In order to win a war, there has to be sides. Whose side are you on. Liberals/Communist or Conservatives. There are no other choices. To have effect, you must choose and then support with a great deal of fervor. You do have fervor.

              • I am on the side of freedom and liberty, which the Liberal tribe and Conservative Tribe care NOTHING about as they seek to control a Fascist Police State hell on earth to crush the other tribe. You insane programmed indoctrinated tribes just fight it out in your collapsing fascist Police State of dumbed down toxic dump cowards, and leave peace loving, health loving, and nature loving real humans out of your “divide and conquer” “choose a side” Tribal mentality.

                • You seriously need to take your meds! Have you thought about contacting your psych counselor lately?? I’m sure there are many couselors’ who would love to have you attend their sessions with the other “patients”?!

                  • Please come up with something original for once in your dumbed down coward life as a boot licker. I know your parents were cowards and boot lickers as well, and did not teach you a thing except how to throw-up mindless un-original garbage like “you are off your meds”, and besides having a mosh pit for a brain filled with useless tired rehashed dribble-it is really BORING!!!!!

        • Ron, lay off the crack. Which group has perpetuated violence? Missouri ? Baltimore ? Cali? Detroit? NY? DC? STFU. Your the kinda of BLM supporting, flag burning, white guilt fuck that needs an ass whipping. But do you see 100’s of us like minded militant right wingers running through the streets burning shit up tearing shit down? Nope – but keep pushing F head. One day soon you’ll think you have us in a corner and then you’ll find out what a can of whup ass looks and feels like.

        • Gee Ron, i dont remember you being all worried about “Globalist Fascist Police State Corporate Mercenary hell” with Obama in power. I remember all you left wing nuts telling conservative people to just shut up, and live with it. I’ll tell you what Ron, when your ready to start this war, I’ll enjoy stepping over your dead body.

          • I second that….. I’m a pretty good shot. I try to go to the shooting range whenever I can to practice with my S n W 38 357 Magnum. I just need a ‘good target’ like maybe—-a lifelike Ron.

            • So violent in words, but so cowardly in thought and action, I think that describes you pretty well does it not???

              • Not at all.

              • Queef, Queef, Queef, that’s all i ever hear from you soft leftest, Ron. By the way Ron, if you don’t know what a Queef is, look it up, it’s the true definition of you.

                • Now that was good.

                  aka: Vart

          • Uh dumbed down toxic dump drunken bum coward you really need to lay off the EDC filled GMO’s, step away from the booze, and put down Big Pharma psychotropics Fox News sells you all day long, because that toxic stew has fucked you up to the point you cannot understand that the psychopath Globalist Obama is STILL IN POWER as the puppet POTUS as of the time of this writing and your ignorant vomiting of complete non-sense. Still stuck in the Left versus Right paradigm, and your programmed indoctrination as a dumbed down fascist boot licking COWARD will never enable you to see that fact snowflake, how sad for you and the loved ones who have to deal with your insane cowardly boot licking mindset.

            • Ron, your anger and repetition compulsion (same tiresome expressions) are missing the point of the article that is supposed to be the topic of discussion. Shouldn’t we be channeling our energy into coming up with a solution to problems in the U.S and around the globe? Repeated name-calling (in a bad imitation of Alan Ginsburg or whoever?) does not solve anything.

            • WTF??

        • well said!

        • So Ron, how long have you had this “mental illness”? Have you thought about asking your nearest mental health clinic to recommend some good ‘head drugs’ for you??

          Now I see why most of your neighbors stay away from you! You’re a “real NUT case”.

        • Metzger always said the best time was to wait until the state showed its true fascist, authoritarian face: and then that is the time for the RAHOWA. I think we will see this in 2017. The seeds have been sown (BLM, Muslims, out-of-control migration, disease pandemics etc.). Once you put people’s backs against the wall, once you create a situation when a white father can only see one option for his daughter – to be raped by a non-white gang – then that person loses their fear from the state and acts. We are seeing this starting to happen in Europe; it will eventually come to the US.

        • How is it that what to me you say so well and with well founded suspicion so few of our compatriots seem to have any awareness of. Thanks Ron.

      3. Voluntary segregation equals higher probability of peaceful existence. However, TPTB don’t want peace.

        • Yeah, segregation is normal. That’s why bees and hornets don’t share their hives.

          Trying ( forcing ) people of different cultures to co-exist will never work in the long run.

          • Buddy of mine got to visit the Fox Ranch where the original village scenes for Planet of the Apes was filmed in the mid-1960’s.

            He said at lunchtime, the Chimps ate with the other Chimps, the Orangs with the Orangs, and the Gorillas with the Gorillas. Didn’t matter who was inside the suits, they just sought out their own ‘kind’.

            • Wow, that’s quite telling. Gave me goose bumps!

            • As a card carrying member of the orangutan Union, I’d like to lodge a formal complaint against the chimp in the White House……. Damn commie pinko chimps, always getting up in the gorillas poop.

      4. “… I am rather well versed on the history of communist insurgencies, and one simple reality that consistently stands out to me is that wherever communist movements exist, war follows. …”

        I am well versed in this history also. The difference in the U.S. is we have a substantial number of ordinary people who are well armed, have fought in wars and are up to date in using their weapons.

        Liberals are dogs without teeth – they bark loud and long but have no real bite. They would not last long in a real fight. Most snowflakes would melt with the first shot…

        • agree…….

        • Even a toothless and spineless rabid dog can transmit rabies…

          • Its still a insanely dumb idea to let the toothless spineless rabid dog bite you..

            • or live

              • GET LAVOY FINICUMS NOVEL “ONLY BY BLOOD AND SUFFERING”. It is way better than Rawles shit and one second after too. All the proceeds go to his wife also. Great book, Great cause…

                • This is one of the best summaries I have read RE: Standing Rock and the Souix Water protectors.
                  Link to full article. ht tp://www.counterpunch.org/2016/11/30/standing-rock-determining-president-obamas-legacy-to-all-americans/

                  What is occurring at Standing Rock in North Dakota is another once-in-a-lifetime and once-in-the-history-of-the-country event. The country’s first people, Native Americans, are fighting to protect their ancestral burial grounds and the drinking water for not only their people, but all people whose source of water is through the Missouri River. While this is the only source of water to the Oceti Sakowin, known as the Sioux to non-Natives, it is also the major source of water to many more who live downstream. The United States government established the Great Sioux Reservation in the Treaty of Fort Laramie in 1868 of which Standing Rock is a part. In 1877, the government unilaterally removed the Sacred Black Hills from Great Sioux Reservation because gold had been discovered. Continual theft of lands has occurred since as the reservation continued to shrink and shrink. Referring to these actions, the U.S. Supreme Court concluded in 1980 that “a more ripe and rank case of dishonorable dealings will never, in all probability, be found in our history.”

                  So now in 2016, thousands of people, from more than 200 Native American tribes, indigenous peoples from across the globe, and white allies are peacefully protecting the sanctity of their lands. Those present at Standing Rock refer to themselves as water “protectors,” not “protestors.” Descendants of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse have joined forces to tell all that “water is life.” What many do not realize is that the Dakota Access, a subsidiary of Energy Transfer Partners LLP, originally routed this pipeline near Bismarck but authorities worried that an oil spill would wreck the state capital’s drinking water, so the crossing was moved to a half mile from the reservation across land taken from the tribe in 1958 without their consent. If the tribe had been consulted, the government would have learned that this route requires digging up sacred places, old burial grounds and Lake Oahe, but the Army Corps of Engineers approved this path under a “fast track” option called Permit 12.

                  Why is this a safety concern? According to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, since 1995, more than 2,000 significant accidents involving oil and petroleum pipelines have occurred. From 2013 to 2015, an average of 121 accidents happened every year. Pipelines are approved by states, but access via waterways and federal lands must be approved by the Army Corps of Engineers. On September 9, 2016, the Departments of Justice, the Army and the Interior stated they would not authorize the building of the pipeline near the tribal lands and asked the pipeline company to voluntarily pause all construction activity within 20 miles east or west of Lake Oahe. The company has not followed this directive. Only a few days later, Energy Transfer Partners LLP sent contractors back to work near Standing Rock, where over 20 protestors who discovered this were arrested. President Obama can not only order the work to stop, but he can also deploy the Army Corps of Engineers, or even the National Guard, to stop the violence being perpetrated by local, regional and state officials against the nonviolent protestors.

                  Thanks for reading.

                  • Zeus – many thanks for your masterful expression of history and good old common sense…

                • I have not read his book, but I did attend his funeral even though I never met him ( I live in Utah and am not that far from where his widow lives).

      5. “… I am rather well versed on the history of communist insurgencies, and one simple reality that consistently stands out to me is that wherever communist movements exist, war follows. …”

        I am well versed in this history also. The difference in the U.S. is we have a substantial number of ordinary people who are well armed, have fought in wars and are up to date in using their weapons.

        Liberals are dogs without teeth – they bark loud and long but have no real bite. They would not last long in a real fight. Most snowflakes would melt with the first shot…

      6. This Article is, Right On Time. ;0)

      7. I Think the left needs a spanking!
        Seditious media should be punished by pulling broadcasting licenses.
        “Too big to be” Media corps should be broken up under monopoly laws.
        Laws now on the books should be enforced without compromise, including imigration laws.
        The department of education/indoctrination should be closed for good.
        Communist propaganda government radio should be defunded.
        New usery laws should be enacted and enforced.
        Violent Rioters should be prosecuted as terrorists.

      8. The history of Communism is a J*w History.

        Go to YouTube:

        Watch “The Secret Behind Communism”

        By Dr.David Duke

        Communism became Zionism
        Rothschild is behind Soros
        Rothschild started the banking System
        First European Monarchs were debt slaves
        The Monarchy (kings) lost to the Moneychangers
        The Moneychanger is Rothschilds
        In America Goldman Sachs is a key player

        The Neocons are Trotskey Communist J*ws

        — read on rense.com
        “The forty five goals of Communism”
        All have been accomplished

        __ the J*w media calls anyone not following the Communist Agenda a NeoNazie
        __. Polarization and opposing sides are the objective

        We need to stop referring to people as democrats, leftists, idiots, etc.
        Stick with issues. We can get agreement because we are right, iMHO.


      9. I really can’t see a civil war like the last one. The war of Northern Aggression!!! What I can see is the Big City VS Rural. Just look at how different us in the Rural are than the Big Cities.
        Rural= just leave me alone
        City= do everything for me. (gives us all of your money/tax dollars, and time.)

        Rural folk can take care of them self.
        City folk make people/slaves do things for them.

        I don’t believe they (city folk) will last long in a fight.


        • You’re right Sgt. Dale.

          We are very rural and don’t require any outside help for defense, etc.

          Just leave us alone and all will be well. You nailed it there!

          • Sig:
            Good to have you aboard the site.

            I’ve been on here for years, but lately my father has alzheimer’s and I’ve been helping with him. This is the first post I’ve seen from you. Again Welcome.


            • Thank you Sgt. Dale.

            • It’s good that people are still caring for their elders. I hope things go well for you all.

              My dad has Alzheimer’s as well and it’s not easy to handle.

              Especially if they wander off and don’t know where they’re going.

            • Sorry to hear that Dale
              My Mom is going through this too .. its tuff
              hard to see your parents go through this hell

              I’ve got yer 6 bud

              • S&E
                Thanks guys.
                I will keep you all ion my prayers.

                I told my wife if I come down with this just put me in the tree stand and let me let me meet Jesus from there. I can’t think of better way.


                • Sarge, sorry to hear about that. I’ll keep all of you in my prayers.

              • Sgt.
                I know your pain, my mom and her mom had it and they both suffered for several years before they passed, it is hard to watch that and wonder IF your next? My Dad and Grandfather did not have it so maybe i won’t! sure seems that more people have it and why? there are some things that sometimes work cures but they don’t work on everyone. Coconut oil is one that works for some.
                hope this helps
                STAY SAFE MY FRIEND!

                • ditto on the coconut oil, apache.

                • The brain needs to be awash in fats and cholesterol to function normally. I am wondering what all these cholesterol meds might be doing to the population. Just sayin. Research and you will find out there is no such thing as bad cholesterol, just bad modern diet.

                  • Ive noticed that when folks go on the so called heart healthy diet they tend to get demented. Yes the brain need,s cholesterol for the synapses to connect up properly. Im gonna continue to have my bacon & eggs for breakfast. Last nite my wife fried the Deer burger in bacon grease. How healthy you are is largely the result of your genetic makeup. If you avoid the commercial grown hormone meat and junk food you will be better off.

                  • JC,

                    your correct the so-called “BAD” cholestrol is needed for many things in the body, ie. repair blood veins and arteries etc etc. modern medicine can give you a heart transplant and charge lots of money but since there is NO money in just keeping your body functioning correctly they did not do research and they don’t know CRAP about it, it is always about the MONEY and so the average “JOE” suffers for it, so much for the Hippocratic oath they take!!
                    and thank GOG for the independent alternative med doctors!!! they save MANY lives for there dedicated work!

            • Sgt. Dale,
              I’ve read that with some forms of Alzheimer’s the addition of coconut oil in their diet can noticeably help. They also get some relief from drinking coffee.

              My mom had Alzheimer’s, she was a smart and active woman who hated losing her faculties. Right after she reached the point where she needed 24 hour supervision and care, a bad flu came through that year and took her.

        • yea just the recent term sanctuary cities is creepy as all get out. I just see the crazed supremacists trying to slaughter people trapped in urban environments.And then the idiot urbanites just beating on people if they differ in appearance. Whatever, i would be happy with a return to a sense of law and order where nobody gets away with bad behavior rich or poor, black or white

          • Any moron who targets me had better be ready to meet his maker.

            • Now ain’t THAT the sweetest truth! (ya deplorable sob…).

              • Equorial, I DEPLORE THAT. LOL.

            • Hey deporable. When was the last time you even faced someone that got into your face in person? You would probably have a heart attack from your shaking. Talk is cheap keyboard commando.

            • Oh, you scare me.

      10. Tick all the boxes, times up!

      11. I think it will end up every man for himself. It may start as left vs right but once people start dying and shippments of food stop or are resticted it will turn into haves vs have nots, neighbors fighting neighbors for supplies to survive. Its not pretty but folks will do what they have to to survive, even good people will kill their loved ones to survive

        • Its pretty much always been every man for themselves. Sure there is the illusion of charity and we have a few do gooders trying to buy their way into heaven. But for the most part when push comes to shove its every person for themselves. I believe in DTA don’t trust anyone. Even your own loved ones often get jealious and sabatoge your success. And your friends will be friends as long as you let them use you. If you don’t let others use you they don’t bother with you much. So im a lone Wolf.

          • Ditto Old Guy. Lone Wolf means you are independent and self sufficient. Isn’t that the goal of everyone here?

            How many say, “Gee.. My prepping goal is to be fully dependent on a group to carry my sorry ass to the finish line.” Remember in Groups you are only as strong as your weakest link. Commie socialism only works for so long.

            When America was being settled and developed the first settlers used the socialism model to run their community, where everybody put their sweat and toil into the pot to be split up for all. Well what happened is most sat on their asses, and contributed nothing and only about 45 worked their asses off for the settlement. They almost starved to death after a few years. That socialism model was an utter failure. They then switched to a Individual Land Ownership Model where everyone was independent, and where they could keep or sell their production to others, and low and behold we built a country, based on your own work and ambition and made many wealthy men.

      12. My funny take on this is

        most of the 46% are too fuckin lazy to even get off the couch let alone enact a civil war

        riots .. now thats another story , a riot is not a civil war though the MSM will push it for that angle

        when the cry babies of this country find out that maybe their free rent and pharmaceuticals might run out or no free food because the working class has said fuckit.. than maybe we will see something

        but until than these bags of shit wont do nothing but screw up their own hoods , than cry that they have nothing

        I say bring it bitches .. ive had enough of feeding 3-4 lazy assed families I dont even know
        and if anyone has the right to bitch its those of us working to provide for those we love

        Im at the point of ignoring my government , because nothing takes the wind out of sails of a full on throw down tantrum like being completely ignored

        and with the media these days doing nothing but fanning the flames .. this is just another one of those “lets see who we can piss off today” deals

        • censored again in my free speech country

          and people ask why i dont comment here much any more

          jeeze Mac when did this place become Mr Rogers Neighborhood?

          • Enemy, its called Free Speech Prison. Get used to it. I have found several other great Prepping sites for better Intel and commenting. This is becoming more of a Tabloid sensational headline grabbing site. Most of these articles have nothing to do with real people in their locals dealing with real life struggles or for anything to do with prepping in any matter. Some will catch on when nobody clicks the add links.

            Not sure why people are afraid of Free Speech? People who flat out lie with no facts need to be called out for what they are immediately, otherwise the lie drags on for days and that is a disservice to all. Maybe they will learn to post legit info when called out ASAP.

            Seems here most of the Morons here get their BS posted like clockwork. Legit info posters sit in Freedom of Speech Prison, for hours or days or their posts just disappear. I am sure this post will sit in prison for hours or a few days too. 11:12 AM EST 21/1/16 lets see what is it logged in at.

        • “Enemy…: You’ve every right NOT to trust (or even comply) with the present government. It is NOT “the real” government of The United States of America (we’ve been infiltrated to a horrid degree). Nothing Obama has scratched on an EO is worth a pisshole in the snow and most of them will just ‘cease to exist’ in a short time (we pray).

          I think you are certainly not alone in your thinking. The Election pretty much said precisely what you just did to The Democrats, who “just knew” that they had it in the bag, but didn’t! So now, they are doing anything and everything in an effort to recoup both their monies and their efforts and (to them) PUSH THE NWO upon us (even if it means some sort of war, against ourselves, now wouldn’t THAT be the height of intelligence)? This is what Obama would LOVE to see. I don’t need to say why…

        • Riots are not a revolution or a civil war. Riots are riots. That’s it. They always burn themselves out. The standard procedure is to let them burn out; create some space and let them run wild for awhile, hopefully burning down their own neighborhoods.

          A revolution requires a disciplined cadre with a plan and a means to execute it. No such thing exists in the US at this time. A civil war, on the other hand, requires various factions who feel such fear of the other, they then need to kill the other to feel safe. I see that happening. There are certainly enough weapons out there and enough stupid, angry people. Riots and civil war I would say have a high probability. The US Government would, however, survive both events. It has the advantage and the infrastructure to fall back and let the mess confess.

      13. Call it what you will, it will be a time of culling and the useless and worthless will go first. Others will band together to survive and will grow food,trade/barter and learn to get along.

      14. I wonder if Brandon knows that Cracked is a humor magazine similar to Mad Magazine? That tells you how much I value Cracked’s opinion on any subject other than humor.

        • What, us worry?

        • You’re wrong. They used to be a humor magazine, but that was years ago and they haven’t been funny in a long time. Now they are a liberal rag interviewing military experts telling us why we constitutionalists are the problem.

      15. Whatever, be prepared, and ready to defend what is most precious to you. The Elitists, only care about power, money. I care about family, country, and my way of life. Leave me alone, all is fine, mess with me, ooops, Cracked will be the sound of one’s body breaking apart, not some commie two-bit magazine, that panders to sissy leftists, black lives matter racists, and hopelessly radical leftists who live in a la-la world!

      16. Civil war is unavoidable,then,another header,the reasons civil war is possible,well,one or the other please.I do not see so much a 2 sided civil war as more a general breakdown,face it,we are fucking broke,plus,we are divided,we need a divorce.Things fall apart any organized sides including feds will splinter apart,won’t be pretty but perhaps necc.

        • Warchild, well I’m back for the winter. I discovered some more cool stuff you might add to your arsenal. 10lbs. tannerite with 2 gallons of gas on top. What a whoop ass BOOM! Made a fireball 20 ft. in diameter 🙂 Gawd I love shit like that lol….

          • Warning: only do it when there is snow on the ground or rain. Otherwise you will start a fire 😉

            • Hmmm…..,tannerite and gas,why does that sound,well…..,dangerous?!

            • You’re such a genius.

        • hahah… Right now, if we were to ‘go into’ some sort of a civil war, we would have NO IDEA who was and was not the enemy …do we?

          Falling apart? I dunno. We’ve been broke for decades and decades. My entire life I think, and we are still here and not that much has really changed, except our knowledge of government is now ‘extremely keener’ and more ‘learned’ than it was say, 20 years ago.

          I don’t think we are divided. I believe it is the lying media is trying to impress upon us that we are on the verge of a race-war, and yet we see no signs of one, unless it is staged complete with paid actors.

          Our chances of being duped at every turn? 100%. Islam STILL IS a formidable force that has entered this country. If WE THE PEOPLE do NOT fight it, then “it” will eventually consume each and every mechanism of The United States until we are forced (which would be our children in about 10 or 20 years, at most).

          Chances of The USA “crashing”? Well, we’re not as bad as France or Germany is nor Venezuela. For the greater part, for this moment, we have “somewhat stability.” (WalStreet and stocks are normalized, other things are going insane …but we don’t know why).

          I wonder if N. Korea would somehow ‘putz’ us with an EMP, and that’s why NK is back in the news again. They HAVE threatened more than once, and Kim Sung Un isn’t the brightest bulb in the closet (he just takes up the entire closet). I caught that S. Korea’s leader is getting what? Thrown out on her ear for some type of corruption? Obama never let’s a good opportunity pass, so what is there to be gained if we also “drive a huge wedge” into them, for the ultimate division?

          The danged news isn’t exactly full of info, why am I not surprised?

          • What sect has been more destructive to America and out people? Islam or Zionist Israel? Did you know the current vice chairman of the Federal Reserve is an Israeli citizen and the former chairman of the Israeli central bank?

            See the trees from the forest.

      17. Struggling with the culture language borders delema. We have a border with Canada. Why, cause we just don’t get along? Throughout history when worlds collide there is war? So America is doomed? If we have to have a border with Canada we will need 50 different countries to separate Americans of different cultures. So a civil war seems inevitable? Then it will be last men standing. And we can all guess who they will be? Then eventually it will be the blue eyes against the brown eyes. Or the positive blood type against the negative. Then the Os against the ABs? Then the short against the tall. Personally if 95% of the people I meet of a certain race or culture are rats . I say get rid of them all. I guess that makes me a bad word . I guess the second coming will separate the wheat from the Tares. And burn the Tares. I hope I get to help.

      18. I’ll be fine. I am living flesh over metal endoskeleton. You poor humans on the other hand…

      19. “Divided Americans” is the main reason why another “civil war” will be futile at this time.
        A unified populace desiring governmental change to create a righteous society is long into this nation’s future.

      20. the fing republicans are just as responsible for the mess that the people have let their so called leaders create here, religious fanatics, newagers and liberals are the problem with america, the filth and scum that has been allowed in this country that will create the civil war here has been allowed by all the traitors in dc, americans are nothing but idiots and victims for a civil war. lawyers, judges, politicians, bankers, corp ceo’s, are the enemies of america, and you american idiots keep supporting the very things that are destroying you, you deserve your death wishes.

      21. It will be easy to determine who is your enemy. anyone who tries to take what is yours. So If your not well hidden enough you will be someones prey. certainly you can defend your stuff but the stress of having to be on full alert all the time would be difficult to maintain And you cant be lucky and kill them all. So you must hide at least part of the time. If there is a road your not hidden. if theres a power line your not hidden. If theres a building your not hidden. A remote natural cave is my bet. Even Osama Bin Laden hid in caves.

      22. Brandon, we have our enemies assurances that they will not let us use the the usual and peaceful methods of fighting them. When you are in a fight with a leftist, you are in a dog fight, and they will do anything to win. Playing Mr. Nice Guy, and by the rules will get you dead. Get it? They are not going to play by any rules. They only have one credo. Win.

      23. Any war will be due to the evil psychopathic ruling elite reptilians who could not care less about humans and want thus planet for themselves.

        The problems are not religion, not politics, not black versus white.

        The ruling elite reptilians will treat all humans as the enemy regardless of what they say.

      24. What bunk! Practically the whole of the US population has been profiting off the NWO: bureaucrats at all levels, the military, people employed by the armaments industry, media types, politicians, people in the entertainment industry, diplomats, intelligence agents, etc. Why should a CEO be seen as more culpable than an employee drawing a salary who is “going along to get along”? Only someone with skewed perception would attribute culpability so selectively. So how will the sides be drawn in the “inevitable civil war”?

      25. sides in a civil war The parasites versus the Productive? The Haves versus the have nots? all of the different religions against each other? the different skin colors against each other? The starving versus the well fed? I think it will be some of each. The defined goal will be to live for another day. Once a real Donny brook broke out at the stock car races here. Hundreds of folks beating on each other. It started when the track owner who was a Baptist failed to award the pole position to a 16 year old Catholic driver. The 16 year old confronted the track owner who was smoking a cigar. And the 16 year old walked a few steps turned and ran and struck the much larger track owner and knocked that cigar down his throat. The track owner hit the 16 year old. and that was it. The entire stands erupted and poured into the track and infield. Knock Down drag out no holds barred Donny brook out for almost a hour. That track owner had the skin beat off of his face. that was the end of Squaw City Speedway at Pocahontas Ar. No attendance and no racers came anymore. And that crowd was 100% white. About evenly divided between the two religions. and the women where fighting too there where women fighting men and women fighting women. Too bad there isn’t any video!

      26. sides in a civil war The parasites versus the Productive? The Haves versus the have nots? all of the different religions against each other? the different skin colors against each other? The starving versus the well fed? I think it will be some of each. The defined goal will be to live for another day. Once a real Donny brook broke out at the stock car races here. Hundreds of folks beating on each other. It started when the track owner who was a Baptist failed to award the pole position to a 16 year old Catholic driver. The 16 year old confronted the track owner who was smoking a cigar. And the 16 year old walked a few steps turned and ran and struck the much larger track owner and knocked that cigar down his throat. The track owner hit the 16 year old. and that was it. The entire stands erupted and poured into the track and infield. Knock Down drag out no holds barred Donny brook out for almost a hour. That track owner had the skin beat off of his face. that was the end of Squaw City Speedway at Pocahontas Ar. No attendance and no racers came anymore. And that crowd was 100% white. About evenly divided between the two religions. and the women where fighting too there where women fighting men and women fighting women. Too bad there isn’t any video

      27. The late American historian Stephen Ambrose was being interviewed toward the end of his life by a reporter from the New Orleans newspaper The Times-Picayune. One of the subjects was the Civil War and its aftermath. The reporter asked him if he thought there was a possibility of the United States ever being torn apart by another civil war. His answer was yes. He said whenever this country would elect as President a black man. He said this one mans tenure as President would be so divisive that civil war will be inevitable. Stephen Ambrose died in 2002.

      28. HEY ZEUS !
        I am a native American!
        I was BORN in the United States!
        That makes me a native American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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