China Tips its Hand: How it Would Prevent a US Attack on North Korea

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Headline News | 93 comments

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    The unanswered question of the past several weeks is “What would China do to prevent a US attack on North Korea?”  Well, the Chinese began to answer that question with military exercises and deployment of air defense forces designed to expand the roles of anti-missile units in size and scope of territory defended.  RT News released an article on September 6 entitled China carries out live-fire exercise fending off ‘surprise’ overseas attack, and here is an excerpt:

    Earlier this week, China’s envoy to the UN has once again urged all parties to the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula to return to dialogue. Saying that the situation in the region is falling into a vicious circle, he said that “China will never allow chaos and war on the peninsula,” Xinhua reported.  Alongside Moscow, Beijing has been calling for implementation of a “double freezing” initiative, designed to cease both missile launches and nuclear tests by Pyongyang, and large-scale military exercises by Washington and Seoul.  The US has rejected the joint Russia-China plan, and has been discussing further deployment of military equipment including aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the area. Beijing has repeatedly expressed growing concerns over the build-up close to its borders, saying it further destabilizes the situation in East Asia.”

    As can be seen from that last sentence, the US rejects these measures, because it compromises the effectiveness of a US attack and/or invasion.  In the bigger picture, it also solidifies defensive anti-missile countermeasures for Russia and China, slowing the attempted encroachment with the goal being capitulation to US and Western hegemony.

    The attempt to begin sanctions against China further exacerbates the situation, and instead of a “reset,” relations between Russia and the US are at an all-time low since the Cold War ended.  Russia and China would both back North Korea for the simple reason of preventing the US from gaining further foothold in their respective spheres of influence.

    Although the President has revealed over this past weekend that “nuclear consequences” could be part of the response or initiative taken against North Korea, the nuclear option is not a viable one.  Radiation from any nuclear strike against North Korean facilities or bases would affect both China and Russia, and possibly South Korea.  Conversely, North Korea would not strike South Korea with a nuclear weapon, as they wish to take South Korea intact and unify the peninsula under North Korean rule.

    The North Koreans do have the ability to level Seoul and kill several hundred thousand people with conventional artillery and rockets.  Using nuclear weapons would also complicate a ground invasion by the North, a central tenet of their military doctrine.  That leaves Japan and Guam as targets of opportunity for the North Koreans.  Another factor that hampers the effectiveness of a potential US initiative is the “lag time” imposed by South Korea’s President.  This man has stated that the US must “ask permission” from South Korea before undertaking any kind of military offensive against North Korea.

    In the meantime, the Chinese Navy is moving ships into the area, as live exercises in Bohai Bay are taking place with emphasis on surface-to-air missile systems.  In all likelihood, they won’t leave the area, as the US is considering moving more assets into the region.  As mentioned in other articles, if a conflict arises, North Korea will not be the only nation the US has to fight.  The President declared both before and at the beginning of his tenure that we needed to stop projecting force all over the globe, yet that seems to be the definitive continued policy.  North Korea knows what happened to Libya and Iraq, and for this reason they will not relinquish any development of their nuclear capabilities.  They also know that China will be on their side.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

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      1. What a poo-poo situation if there ever was one folks…

        • yes sir…..this is a shit storm……………

        • Ok folks, when was the last time china has actually fought a major war? All this talk about military exercises is just a show. China is quietly doing all it can to avoid the US attacking that little bastard. Of course publicly they’re gonna act brave but it’s just a show. If NKorea was gonna attack, do you really think they’d be broadcasting it? They’ve been doing this for decades just to get some money. Trump doesn’t wanna bomb that country, but he ain’t gonna pay em or put up with their shit (threats). More fake news and fear porn.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • Hurricane IRMA Update: IN Central N FL, Its 9pm sat Nt, and by tomorrow at this time Sun, the winds will pick up, and by Mon 2 AM-3AM will be in hurricane IRMA direct path. 125 MPH winds. A night time Hurricane really sucks because you can’t see anything dumping about 8 to 12 inches. 20 inches in some areas. By 8AM in the morning I will be in the eye of the storm. This will be about 24 hours of tropical winds, up to about 125 MPH Buz Saw giving everybody a haircut. Just pounding the area. Animals will all freak out and be displaced.

            Spent this entire week bolting down the trailers and buildings which are rated at 160 MPH, and the solar system with tie downs to 40″ ground mounts. Hope the wind doesn’t rip the panels off the mounts. Plywood on most of the windows. Any lawn items put away as they can become flying objects.

            Massive FL Gulf Coastal flooding going to happen in the storm. There are mandatory evacuation about 8-10 miles in. I’m Well in higher elevation 45 Ft. We get inland flooding with all the lakes and rivers starting about Monday Afternoon, and Tuesday after the Hurricane passes. BOV loaded 2 cases of water. Poncho and Boonie hat. I have the wader boots, scuba boots. I put 2 of my bug out bags in the SUV. Case of MRE’s. Loads of Mt House Meals, several camp stoves, propane tank. A Chain saw all toped off with fluids and ready to go, many trees will be falling on road ways. This is a possible Bug out from my BOL if there is flooding. If it floods the waters will be filled with Alligators, snakes, snapping turtles, Unknowns. And it will suck navigating any flood waters.

            Have the lawn tractor on the flat bed trailer and will head to higher ground farther out of the area. Moved everything up to higher levels in the buildings just in case. Will probably loose internet, and will have the electronics packed away. Get all your hardware now for all your future projects. Empty store shelves, and I am short one eye bolt for a building to be chained down. All Walmarts shut down for a few days. Generators all completely sold out. So eat every ting in your fridge now. Could loose electricity for weeks. Many gas stations ran out of gas in the panic and the line for 2 blocks out on the road to get gas. I’m topped off and put 3x 5 Gal Jerry Cans in the SUV. With a siphon hose Been taking Advil for all the heavy lifting all week, and very glad I have been biking 20 to 30 miles every weekend for months. I am in pretty good shape for an old fart.

            Sun Nt its game on, and see how well my preps went, or fails. Let you know. CSS. I will crack a bottle of Red Sunday NT, and will relax and chill out. Not much sleep probably.

            • CSS, I wish you the best of luck down there. I’m serious. Ain’t nothin’ nice about a hurricane. Sounds like you have everything under control.

            • Crack:
              Good luck.

              You are right about eating parishable food from your refrigerator before the power goes out. Got Bushes baked beans with honey and bacon, a spoon, something to open the can; and you should be fine. But write your social on your bum with waterproof ink just in case. The arm is too much like FEMA CAMP nazi.


            • CSS,

              We are all glad to hear about your preps. This could be a TEOKWAKI moment like it was for us after Katrina hit. We think of life before and life after the storm. I kept thinking the storm was going to enter the Gulf and it looks like it has. My folks in Miami did not evacuate but have taken all the precautions and boarded up their windows, etc. They are hunkered down now. So far so good. It looks like Jose may not even make it to the US mainland. Good luck with Irma though. You are in our thoughts and prayers!

              Louisiana Eagle

            • Very strange…

              Hurricane Irma is literally sucking the water away from shorelines

              ht tps://

            • CSS, sounds like you readied yourself the best you could. So in the best case scenario, this will be a test of sorts and good experience as well. I was actually wondering how you were doing before you posted cause I didn’t see any comments from you for a few days. I gotta give you credit, you sound like you have a really good plan. I hope the best for you and all who are affected by this hurricane. Let us know how you’re doing when you can. Stay safe

        • Just stop paying China and throw their economy into a major collapse.

      2. I’ll tell how they’ll do it . They will STOP shipping their SHIET over here!! The majority here will ffall in line like sheep to slaughter for their worthless crap! They will win AGAIN !!!

        • Or the Chinese are practicing to Annex North Korea and take it’s resources for themselves. Why buy when you can take it.

          Nothing in writing, just a handshake deal with the U.S.A. that we won’t do anything about it.

        • Survive, there are a lot more people looking to make cheep sh*t and sell it at WalMart than there are other people looking to by cheep sh*t from China. With the pressure DJT is applying via Venezula, Mexico, Canada, India and US trade sanctions, the Chinese will be looking for markets fast.

          Can you live longer without cheep junk than the Chinese peasant can live without a paycheck?

        • Survive, do you really think the Chinese will stop shipping their junk here? To what end? Have you ever heard China suggest economic sanctions against the US? Do you know what would happen to their economy if we, either by choice or by force, stopped buying from them? Something to consider, maybe china wants the US to bomb N Korea. Think about that.
          Look at Red Leaders comment.

      3. Ahhh, what the hell!!! Ya’ll think your going to live forever? Shoot boys and girls, might’s well go out fighting. I’m sick of threats. Sick to death of posturing. Sh*t or get off the pot folks in China, NK, here……… put up or shut up. I either want to get back to some semblance of worrying about a future for me and mine on a nice ol’ fashioned capitalistic basis; or, just get this whole b.s. parade over with once and for all.

        • Yup, thats where im at, add on to that the im sick and tired of bureaucrats and government overreach and thats where im at, im cool with EVERYTHING coming unglued

      4. China needs to be deselected from it’s favored trade status with the U.S.

        • “China needs to be deselected from it’s favored trade status with the U.S.”

          I second that thought.

          • I quit shopping at the Chinese flea market,(Walmart) quite a while back.

            • Menz,one can when on the road/visiting ect. still buy made in US ammo there @ decent prices along with qrt /gal. of oil ect(probably not made in US but what oil is for most part?),has it’s place but that tis about it.

              • Cool. I couldn’t help but think everytime I went in there that the gates would slam shut and I’d be trapped in the ready made FEMA camp. Call me crazy!

                • Menz,not talking disaster time/black friday(any difference)but,nice when visiting friends and doing a bunch of shooting to stock up on some not too expensive ammo to keep the good times rolling without breaking into important friends stashes!I get all my oil change stuff there and components for making Ed’s Red!I see the portable towers up/folks only entering and not exiting/ect. will just keep driving with me petal to the metal1

            • I dont like shopping there because most of the people in there look sorta inbred,,, sorta scarry

              • I agree Nail,they seem on the fence about inbreeding,give me the truly inbreed any day!

                • Menzo, Nailbanger, and Warchild, I stay out of wallyworld all I can. Ditto about the people who go there. There’s people who give me the creeps every time I go there. I go to Bass Pro for all my ammo and gun cleaning supplies. The store employees are always friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. Plus you never see any weirdos in there. I’ve seen them turn away weirdos at the front door a couple of times. Just not a lot of stores like that anymore. I don’t give a shit about paying a little extra for ammo at Bass Pro. It’s worth the extra money to me to have a good shopping experience and avoid weirdos at the same time.

                  • The local bass pro has a great archery shop/help,do support that.I will be damned to pay an extra 20-25% for the exact same run of the mill ammo,wally world it is!

                  • NB, WCD, DBH,

                    I enjoy blending in with the crowd, it is awkward sometimes when someone recognizes me out of my usual attire, but hey…I am with Warchild! Looks can be deceiving!

                    It definitely looks like Irma is going into the Gulf. My folks in Miami decided to stay rather than drive through dangerous traffic to get to Louisiana. Perhaps they did the right thing. I did my best to try to get them to evacuate, now, I will hope and pray that their decision works out. I sent them all the great articles on Hurricane preparedness. I have this gut feeling that we do have a storm coming our way, but maybe not yet.

                    CSS, it looks like the Irma may be looking for you in northern Florida. Do take extra precautions. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • Laeagle, The Weather Channel said earlier that a 6-to-10 ft. storm surge is expected in Miami. I hope your folks will be alright.

                    • DBH,

                      Thanks. They are now hunkered down in three separate homes. They have an 81 and a 79 year old with them and some young children in the group. They seem to be in good spirits and have taken everything seriously except to evacuate. They claim they are not in a flood Zone, so, I pray for the best. It looks like the worse of the storm is on the west of their location but they are not out of harm’s way. That storm surge they keep talking about is worrisome. At this point, I am grateful that they are not on the road exposed to the elements at the moment.

                      Louisiana Eagle

            • have’nt been to a walmart in years

              • Go to the dollar store much?

            • Thats not the only Chinese flea market in town. Harbor Freight, Hobby Lobby and many
              others out there. Put some cheap trinkets on sale and they all come running.
              Oh, and lets not forget the HUGE money maker for the ChiComs- FIREWORKS.
              You know the shit that Americanos love to blow up every 4th of July.
              Every time you buy that shit, all you are doing is enriching those commie bastards.

        • “China needs to be deselected from it’s favored trade status with the U.S.”

          That sounds nice and all, but … at times I wonder what some posters actually think when making a comment like that.

          Do you or others that agree with your statement even think beforehand what kind of ramifications would come out of such a thing?

          No need for those to be upset with China & their manufacturing powerhouse. Only reason why they are … is because of previous Politicians and Presidential Cabinet Members (Dem/Rep) SOLD OUT THE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS to ENRICH THEMSELVES.

          Yanking China’s Manufacturing base … would indeed be an Act Of War.

          What would millions of Chinese be willing to do … if they had no job.
          I believe China’s Military would be greatly increased in numbers and make a visit to the USA.

          Be mad … upset … pissy all you want.
          The bottom line here is … all fingers point to Washington D.C. for the turmoil that this nation is in. This is where peoples focus should be … not N. Korea … not Russia … not Iran … etc.

          All domestic and foreign problems come from one point of source, and it all entails into one word ………. GOVERNMENT!!!

          Don’t like “towelheads” and “slant eyes”? … there’s a reason for that … it comes from Government.

          They create the problems … that we have … and currently face today. They always have … and they always will … unless … we the people one day … actually find our balls & stand up to them.

          Until then … expect more of the same bullshit from them … but just more of it.

          • ‘What would millions of Chinese be willing to do … if they had no job’. Be like Americans?

          • China has a big army but a very small air force and navy. How are they going to get here. Ps if not buying stuff from China is an act of war, than we are all at war with everyone we don’t buy from.

        • Tell that to Ivanka Trump. All of her women’s clothing line, shoes and purses are assembled and manufactured and packaged in China.

      5. China needs to be deselected from it’s favored trade status with the U.S.

        Yeah because after all the U.S. is as pure
        as the wind driven snow

        • Of course it is! Just look around, at all the Snowflakes…

          • Ha, ha, perfect reply!

      6. The Globalists don’t have many cards left to hide our failing economy. People are awake and starting to see through the bread and circus show the MSM has been hosting for decades. We have Democrat Generals who are deep state to the core and they need war, Trump hasn’t taken charge of foreign policy and I don’t think they will let him. If war kicks off and it looks like we will lose….launch everything and pray because I’d rather be dead than re-educated by the Chinese.

        • President Trump is President in title only; he can only make decisions that minimally impact the marxist’s agenda. What an empty facade.

        • William The Resolute, welcome and I totally agree. I won’t be re-educated by anyone.

      7. According to Paul Craig Roberts, the REAL reason we are over there is to put up missile defenses (?) around China… We really want to go after China and are using this as a cloak, like we did with Russia, putting all those ABM(?) shields around Russia, pretending its to protect us from an invasion from Iran…

      8. HERE IT IS…

        It is about the same thing that the demonization of Iran was about. The “Iranian threat” was an orchestration that was used as cover to put US anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s borders. An anti-ballistic missile (ABM) is intended to intercept and destroy nuclear-armed ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) and prevent them from reaching their targets.

        Washington claimed that the anti-ABM bases were not directed at Russia, but were for the protection of Europe against Iran’s nuclear ICBMs. Insouciant Americans might have believed this, but the Russians surely did not as Iran has neither ICBMs nor nuclear weapons. The Russian government has made it clear that Russia understands the US bases are directed at preventing a Russian retalliation against a Washington first strike.

        The Chinese government also is not stupid. The Chinese leadership understands that the reason for the N. Korean “crisis” is to provide cover for Washington to put anti-ballistic missile sites near China’s border.

        In other words, Washington is creating a shield against nuclear retalliation from both Russia and China from a US nuclear strike against both countries.

      9. If its true– What Paul Craig Roberts says– then yes, I guess China is getting rather pissed off with the West.. getting “hot”…

        • The UN does not have the troop strength to occupy America.
          A EMP or other type of manufactured scenario happened in America, the UN would still need an outside force (nation) to help them out.

          More drivel from the Common”Dense”Show that will never happen and come into fruition.

          Want to be concerned about America and your overall well-being?
          Focus yourself onto your own GOVERNMENT.

          Notice how Dave Hodges is always quick to blame “outside” sources as in other countries wanting to do harm to us, but lacks the intuition and forethought of our own GOVERNMENT perpetuating the issues.

          • FTW, agreed about the UN. 100,000,000 gun owners in this country can and will prevent them from doing shit. Plus look at the history of UN ‘peacekeeping operations’. Even in Africa the UN boys get their asses handed back to them. Not an impressive history even from a military standpoint. We especially need to focus onto DC more than anything else. That’s MY No. 1 enemy.

            • Focus on the local yokels that you send to DC. They look like upstanding folks when they
              campaign at home. When they get to the swamp, they put the snorkel, goggles and the
              flippers on and jump in.

      10. OFF TOPIC but the 8.0 Mexico earthquake late last night was just upgraded to an 8.1 and many others are suggesting possibly an 8.4.

        The quake was even felt by some as far away as Dallas.

        The chance of a **devastating tsunami** on its way is very high at this time. Not definite, but high probability and according to experts more likely than not.

        • CORRECTION: It wasn’t felt in Dallas. A few people who are from Dallas assisting family in Corpus Christi felt a mild shake and some aftershocks from the Mexico earthquake. The seismograph at ABC7 in LA recorded it.

          No further info about a tsunami. I presume since it hasn’t happened by now it probably won’t.

        • Earthquakes are not random events. The quake in Mexico was forecast and expected. This weekend especially is a time of earthquake unrest due to the large X-class flares and now the 8.1 earthquake in Mexico. Expect compensation movement to happen soon on the West Coast, then transferring to the Midwest and then up the East Coast.

          Don’t be scared, be prepared. As with any other potentially disastrous situation, being prepared means being aware and knowing what’s going on.

          Watch from 14:35 for the latest update and earthquake forecast.

          9/08/2017 — Massive M8.1 Earthquake in Mexico — Unrest will spread this week — Be Prepared

        • Yeah, NYGuy, the earthquake was the worst this century, according to the news. And the hurricane in the Atlantic was the worst ever known. And the 3 hurricanes all coming to the same area was a first… and the turmoil in Texas after all that water… all in the last few days. and I just read on one website that Israel is bombing Syria. And China/Russia are building up forces around North Korea, as is the US…kinda bad stuff!!

      11. Looks like the deep state asshats will get their war…This wont be good for anyone…except the asshats. PEOPLE!! There can be NO game of chess….if the pawns refuse to move….

      12. There is nothing china can do to stop the US.

        • Russia AND China could and would, ANNIHILATE our country! What are you smoking officer?
          Russia would have China’s back and there’s no way we could beat them both–unfortunately–no way!

          Someone must stop our crazed rulers, (not leaders), from attempting taking over the entire world, as the rest of the world is tired of our hegemony and overt aggression!

          We already think and act like the gestapo for the world, and soon that reign will be over. We cannot afford it, and we are breaking our own laws and international law in many ways regarding our incoherent foreign policies!

          We have NO right to be in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc etc! Let those opium poppies fields rot, in Afghanistan instead of protecting them!

          • RickE., good points. I would also prefer to see us pull our troops back home to deal with the problems we have here and leave other countries alone. But Russia and China have some deficiencies in their armed forces that are not generally known. Russia only has a fraction of the manpower they had during the Soviet era and all of their current weapon systems are overrated. China hasn’t fought a war since Vietnam in 1979 and got their asses handed back to them by the Vietnamese. And their current weapon systems, made with US technology that Bill Clinton gave to them back in the 90s have yet to be tested in real-life combat conditions. Their one serious advantage is manpower but their true fighting capacity is still an unknown factor. The true fighting capacities of Russia and China remain to be seen. I just hope we never have to find out. But if I spot any of them on my streets my weapons will come out locked and loaded. It will be GAME ON.

            • I here ya, but what worries me is that China and Russia both have the capability to send an EMP our way, and that would render us handicapped for quite some time.

              What our rulers need to do is to attempt to use intelligent discourse instead of gun barrel diplomacy and belligerence in dealing with foreign countries.
              I agree with you pulling our troops out of all over the world, and bringing them home.

              We’ve had 2,300 of our troops killed in Afghanistan alone, and really for nothing, we can’t seem to win against goat herders with comparatively primitive weapons.
              All we’ve done there is protect the opium poppy fields and enriched the military industrial/security businesses.
              Good points made!

              • OOPS! I meant to say HEAR YA, not here ya, lol

          • “R”
            You make some good points my friend. What

            • Ooops. Just had surgery Friday morning on my left hand. having hard time typing. “What are you smoking officer”? Yes on pain meds.

              What I’m saying is the attack would be over before they would have time to react.

              Even if they did something it would plunge us into WW3. NO BODY WINS THAT ONE!

              Don’t forget the term MAD! If they did invade the US they would have to fight millions of American Patriots. Yes we would loose a lot of US, but they would also loose million or even billions doing so. AGAIN NOBODY WINS!

              Thanks for a civil debate.


              • Sgt., I see what you’re saying, I agree with what you’ve said here! You’re damn right they’d have to fight patriots here, and I think that they know that, and they would use bombs and aircraft rather than ground troops. (the Chinese, etc.).

                Yep, nobody wins.

            • Sgt., thanks for your kind words! Sorry, I don’t mean to come on so strong but it just gets me riled up thinking about what our stupid politicians are conjuring up without our permission or approval.

        • “There is nothing china can do to stop the US.”

          That’s a nice patriotic notion and all Sgt. Dale … but … There is plenty that China could do to America. I would not be betting against a country that holds the worlds largest population on Earth.

          • Who cares, at this point just go for broke!
            I would bet against then, they cant feed themselves, thats going to be a problem

            • Nail why go for broke? no north Korean has ever invaded the USA. simply let china and Russia deal wwith both koreas. Its not our business. The NWO needs to give it up.

              • I dunno bud, i had a bully who told me he was going to get me every week for a few months in school,,, finally the one day he was mouthing off i hit him in the face with a rock and busted all his teeth out, he never bugged me again and nobody else did either,,,
                That fat little gook has been saying hes going to bomb us, i say make his ass eat that next time he mouths off

          • FT, the Pentagon did 16 war game scenarios– Nuclear and other war scenarios– between Russia and the US and Russia won EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! And Russia and China have joined forces now– militarily and economically, they are as one– married.

            • Oops!!wrong email address…

              The Pentagon did 16 war game scenarios– Nuclear and other war scenarios– between Russia and the US and Russia won EVERY ONE OF THEM!!! And Russia and China have joined forces now– militarily and economically, they are as one– married.

      13. Just this last week Russia agreed to sell oil to china for Yuan. And then Russia can trade those yuan for gold. Russia no longer needs a oil pipeline to any ocean ports. the Russian oil will be sold world wide through Chinese brokers. and the yuan will become the prefered medium of exchange. the death of the fiat USA petro dollar is fast approaching.

        • That is HUGE NEWS and when I tell people aka sheeple about it, alI I hear is crickets.
          They don’t get it. When it hits them in the next few years, they will get it.
          Can you say banana republic? The new sheriff in town speaks Mandarin.

      14. All Trump needs to do is remove all troops from south korea. tell china and Russia we aint got any dog in this fight. Its all yours. Leave on our terms. don’t wait until we are booted out. We need to start minding our own business.

        • Agreed

      15. From reading a post over at Colonel Pat Lang’s blog, it becomes clear that the US has almost no ground military forces available to send to support South Korea in the event of war with North Korea. At most, the 25th Infantry Division and possible some light brigades of another division could be sent. The US is apparently stretched too thin to send a heavy force of a couple hundred thousand troops to SK as it did in the Iraq War. At most the US had 150,000 troops in Iraq and 50,000 tops in Afghanistan. War with North Korea would require at least that many if the US intended to lead the fight and they just aren’t available.

        So any fight between NK and SK will be fought on the ground by SK’s 650,000 troops, with massive US and SK air support. NK will not attack Japan unless US bases in Japan are involved. NK probably will attack Guam.

        Nukes will not be used by NK unless the North looks to be losing and won’t be used by the US unless it looks like SK is losing.

        Because the fight will be mostly between SK and NK on the ground, China can flood the northern part of North Korea with troops without worrying about engaging US ground forces. They could set up a defensive line and tell SK not to come further north or risk war with China.

        This would establish a new armistice and result in years of arguing with China who would be telling SK to go back south below the existing DMC.

        Because SK is a US ally, the US could intervene against China, but that is unlikely as it risks WWIII. Unlike NK, China does have a credible nuclear threat.

        In the process of occupying a part of NK, China could also quietly depose Kim and install a more reasonable leader to their liking. This would facilitate subsequent negotiations.

        Apparently the revised US battle plan for NK has dropped the massive conventional war aspect and relies on SK, plus Special Forces, precision strikes, and hoping the result is a collapse of the regime.

        The bottom line: The US cannot invade NK, SK doesn’t want to invade NK, and NK doesn’t want to start a war with the US and SK combined, so they won’t invade SK unless attacked first. Meanwhile, NK will continue developing and testing missiles and nukes until they get what they want.

        Putin recently said the North would eat grass before they give up their nukes as long as the US continues threatening them. The North has been clear that they WOULD negotiate on nukes ONLY if the US stops military exercises and stops threatening them.

        This leaves Trump with no good options. He either has to 1) blink and negotiate, or 2) try a “decapitation strike” against Kim and the NK missile and nuke sites, which will 1) fail, and 2) probably cause Kim to attack SK.

        Since Trump is a moron and also someone who won’t suffer any consequences if he makes a bad decision (although he may end up impeached), I’d expect war.

      16. Shut China down, they are playing us with a cheap magician’s find the pea under the shell game with us with North Korea. All Dollaramas, and imports from china must be halted IMMEDIATELY in every direction of the compass…

        this is the only thing the Chinese understand
        God Bless,

      17. I think Trump is getting cold feet at the thought of China intervening. Big pucker factor.
        All the experts on here talking about inferior Chinese equipment. Really? They reverse
        engineered a lot of our own shit, or just outright stole the technology. Yes, they got their
        asses handed to them in the 1979 border war with Vietnam. They learned from that and
        ramped up their training and tactics. They also were shocked in 1991 when they learned our capabilities in the Gulf War. They did not integrate air strikes with the ground forces in
        the border war with Vietnam. They have much better training and equipment since then.
        Their navy is not on par with ours but they are not to be trifled with by any means.

        • Anonymous, I didn’t say the Chinese equipment isn’t good. I just said we don’t know for sure since it hasn’t been tested in combat yet. Clinton gave away a lot of our technology to them in the 90s. But we still don’t know how well they’ve done with that technology. It all still remains to be seen.

      18. RSH: very cogent analysis. For Beijing the best outcome would be a dead Fat Kim and a puppet government of their choice without too much collateral damage. Like you, I see no good outcome to this standoff. I expect that any NK invasion would be met with tactical battlefield nukes courtesy of the USA. It would be hard in the fog of war to prove these were nukes. I know of a retired three star Marine General who knows about this stuff, and there is so little radiation left on the battlefield that it poses about zero danger to advancing SK troops. I’ve a cousin who is retired US Army Signal Corps Colonel who served in SK for many years and says the same thing.

        In any event serious preppers need to get “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms” (Dr. Arthur Bradley) and Cresson Kearny’s “Nuclear War Survival Skills” and read cover to cover. My substantial fear is that NK will take down the grid by either (or both) a cyberattack or an EMP pulse from one of their two satellites in polar orbits.

        Everyone please put small electronics in antistatic bags in a steel garbage can and make several Kearny Fallout Meters. Beanie Weenie cans work best. Beans, bullets, and bandaids are NOT nearly enough preps. Being able to measure fallout levels and have s/w radios with SSB reception may be beyond critical.

      19. Seems to be a lot of chest pounding going on. NK has a lot of resources that make it attractive to the world. If not for those resources, no one would give much thought to KJU and NK.

        • Putin made the same exact statement. He stated North Korea has a vast amount of valuable minerals that the wealthy elite are itching to get their hands on. I seen old footage from decades ago Where Trump was talking about Korea. whatever else loose cannon Trump is. One thing for certain He is a member of the Wealthy Elete. I repete there is a simple solution. The USA needs to drag up. Remove all troops and military from Korea. Let China and Russia deal with both Koreas. Thay way fat Kim will think he has really showed the world and will get what everyone who becomes too big for their britches gets. He will revieve his just desserts. Spend the money saved building that southern wall.

      20. Jim Kunstler Warns, America Is About To Become An “Even More Fragile Place”

        “For the moment, though (Friday morning), it’s a little hard to calculate the effect of a complete scrape-off, wash, and rinse of the state of Florida vis-à-vis the ongoing viability of the US economy.

        There’s going to be a big hole with dollars rushing into it and that will likely prompt the combined powers of the US Treasury, congress, and the Federal Reserve to materialize tens of billions of new dollars. Overnight the DXY plunged to a new low for the year.”

        “Am I the only observer wondering if Irma may be a fatal blow to the banking system? The mind reels at the insurance implications of what’s about to happen.

        Urgent obligations triggered by an event of this scale can’t possibly be serviced. Look for it to snap the chain of counterparty leverage that has been propping up the banks, insurers, and pension funds on mere promises for years on end.

        Finance, both private and public, has been feeding off unreality since well before the tremor of 2008. The destruction of Florida (and whatever else stands in the way up the line) will be as real as it gets.”

        “Apart from all that remains the personal tragedy that awaits, the losses of many lifetimes of work invested in things of value, of homes, of meaning, and of life itself. Many people who evacuated will return to… nothing, and perhaps many of them will not want to stay in such a fragile place.

        But the America they roam into in search of a place to re-settle is going to be a more fragile place, too.”

        ht tp://

      21. KJU is not doing this without help (nuclear build up). Who cares if he puts all his resources into the war machine while the population starves? We are being baited. Technology is progressing at to fast a pace to be putting to much money into weapons that will be outdated by the time they are deployed. Putin is playing us. Get into the game.

      22. China doesn’t want us near their border. Other food for thought: if the peninsula becomes unified with the south being a co-victor the amount of money it would have to sink into the north’s people to help with the poverty would be monstrous. The US doesn’t really want their to be a unified Korea as the amount of defense purchases from the south would decrease. China obviously likes that buffer zone between us the US and their border.

      23. How many are there like a billion. We gonna be wearing the insides of our barrels down to smooth bores but thats ok just wait till they are a little closer or really smiten them and shoot them with their own gun. I dont care who you are thats a kick in the nuts…

      24. The Pentagon conducted 16 war game scenarios– nuclear and conventional– and Russia won EVERY ONE OF THEM!!

        Also, Russia and China have joined forces now– they are married, so to speak. Militarily and economically, they are one. (See interview of Paul Craig Roberts on the Greg Hunter show, titled, “Everything is Collapsing”.)

      25. I read a story recently at about the 2015 supposed chemical plant explosion in China. This was actually a mini nuclear blast and all the technical evidence was revealed to prove that. China never responded to the attack for whatever reason. The US in conjunction with the middle east undeclared nuke nation also mini nuked Yemen and continues to interfere in Syria. The US recently rescued ISIS top members. Netanyahu working to escape his criminal deeds, he will probably get away with it with US help. The neocons scream for war, Trump follows right along.

      26. Lots of interesting comments here today.
        Mine will probably be the last.
        I’ve learned the Mandarin language(and subsequently
        forgot most of it) and Chinese culture.
        I post on Chinese web sites. I just ordered
        8kW of solar panels directly from the factory
        in Yangtze.
        Chinese are racist, arrogant, and un-disciplined,
        IMHO. What they do very well is plan for the
        long road, way into the future. Something most
        European cultures are not very good at.
        Korea has always been the invasion path into
        China, so they are touchy about it since the
        Chinese are such lousy soldiers.
        By that I mean, if you are a slave do you want
        to die for your master? Most Chinese are
        basically slaves, to the land, businesses,
        or Government. The worlds best armies are
        free men motivated by love of freedom.
        We need to be very careful in Korea. Frankly
        I don’t believe we belong there or Japan for
        that matter.


        • Rellik, damn good post. MAINLAND Chinese are useless. The only GOOD Chinese I ever met were from Taiwan or Hong Kong.

          • This a personal story most readers
            here won’t care about.
            I have friends that were born in HK
            and raised in Vancouver BC.
            Rather than adopt a local
            Orphan Chinese they went to
            the expense of going to a China
            orphanage to get a “real” China doll.
            Which by the way is half Caucasian.
            I understand why they did it.
            Chinese birth certificate.
            Strange world we live in.

      27. Hell with that we need to watch Florida now. The mass evacuation has left a lot of homes empty and you know the criminals didn’t leave. They will loot people’s shit the police and military will loot too. The biggest heist will go unreported just like the crimes now happening in Houston. I said before how the cops in Florida work to mask the criminal activity from the tourists which is the states flagship industry. once these homes are broken open by the storm a lot of jewelery and guns and of course other valuables will be open for the taking. My thinking is they wanted this evacuation. We need to watch this very closely. The chinks and norks is a distraction.

      28. Buy American made products. Go online and research what is available. There is only one company making silverware. It is called Liberty I think. There are clothes, housewares, all kinds of products. Much more expensive so most likely your house won’t be cluttersville.

        I can’t see speculating about the whys of international affairs. We can’t do anything about it anyway even if we did know. But we can find out which products are American made and take responsibility for at least a little something.

        Then the next most important, or maybe the most important, is to stay healthy. It all starts with a healthy diet of nonGMO Organic fruits and vegtables. Eat lots of berries, especially blueberries, cantaloupe, grapefruit, colorful vegtables and greens like kale and chard. Then eating wild meat. The hunters are ahead of everyone. Buying wild meats from the store you will notice it is naturally low in fat.

        Try to get in exercise every day. Doing work that requires physical exertion can be just as beneficial as a visit to the gym. Move the furniture. Get down and scrub the floor. Anything that keeps you moving. Wax the car. Or, like I’m about to do, take a walk.

        The best to all, especially those who may be having a hard time.


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