China Has Warned Japan Against Backing NATO

by | Aug 4, 2023 | Headline News

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    China’s warning to Japan and other countries that they should learn some “history lessons” and not become proponents of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) expansion into the region. Allowing the United States-led bloc into the global East is to let “the wolf into the sheepfold,” Beijing’s envoy to Russia, Zhang Hanhui says.

    “We advise Japan and other courtiers to learn the lessons of history in full: They should not, without taking the stance of other nations into consideration, unilaterally undermine peace and stability in the region, they should not become the proponents of NATO’s expansion into the East. Like they say: Let the wolf into the sheepfold, it will take a bite on every sheep,” the ambassador said according to a report by RT.

    The diplomat made the remarks in an exclusive interview with TASS published on Thursday.  Zhang was reiterating Beijing’s repeated warnings about the dangers of bringing the US-led bloc into the East and Asia-Pacific, in particular.

    More War Rhetoric As NATO Chief Warns China & Threatens Consequences

    The potential move has prompted firm opposition from China with Beijing pledging to show a “resolute response” should NATO try and move closer to its borders. Russia has also repeatedly warned the West to remove or reduce its presence near Russian territory as well.

    Back in July, China promised to “safeguard its sovereignty” and oppose “NATO’s eastward expansion into the Asia-Pacific,” warning that “any actions that damage China’s legitimate rights and interests will be met with a resolute response.”

    The liaison office in Japan idea apparently ended up shelved for now, with multiple media reports suggesting the bloc will consider establishing a foothold in Tokyo this fall or even later.

    “One Way Or Another,” Russia Will Prevent Ukraine From Joining NATO

    NATO‘s Great New Idea: ‘Let’s Start A War With China!’

    The ever-increasing war rhetoric and warnings continue. It’s not really new news at this point, but a continuation that could lead to an excuse to ignite another global conflict that will affect millions, if not more, human beings on this planet.



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