Chicago Public Schools Celebrate Third Straight Day Without Violence!

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Headline News | 161 comments

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    It may be a humorous satire, but sadly there’s truth to it:

    Jubilant Chicago Public Schools officials announced Wednesday that, for three straight days now, there has not been a single act of student violence in any of the city’s 675 public schools.

    “Our classrooms and hallways are safer now than they’ve ever been,” said CPS chief executive Jean-Claude Brizard, happily noting that there have been no reported instances of beatings, stabbings, sexual assaults, or shootings in any of the city’s public schools this week.

    “We’ve had no incidents of weapons being brought onto school property, nor has anyone had to break up a fistfight between students.

    We’ve all had to work together for this, but it’s paid off. Let’s keep it up!”

    At press time, a gunfight on Chicago’s South Side had reportedly claimed the lives of three 16-year-old boys.

    Via The Onion

    While the above report from faux news site The Onion makes light of the Chicago teachers’ strike, what’s not so funny is the fact that Chicago’s public school system is abhorrent and its teachers make more money than just about any other school district in the country. The average annual salary before benefits for a Chicago school teacher who works 9 months out of the year is $76,000.

    Teachers are on strike because they are apparently not making enough money. They originally asked for a 30% raise – yes, they want to make $100,000 a year for 170 days of work – and the city made an offer of 16%, which was rejected.

    For a school district where the high school graduation rate is barely half (55%) of school attendees, and of those who do graduate some 20% are functionally illiterate, it’s quite shocking that the teachers are under the impression they have earned such a salary.

    The city has a public school deficit rapidly approaching a billion dollars (currently $665 million) for a district that provides 25% fewer instructional hours than most other major cities in the country.

    In an economy where millions of Americans are without work, governments around the nation are going broke, and higher education pedagogical institutions are on the verge of mass layoffs due to fiscal collapse, the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) is holding the students and parents of its city hostage with demands for more money.

    The fact is that neither Chicago, nor Illinois, nor the federal government can support these outrageous salaries, and doing so will only fuel similar protests from public unions across the entire country.

    The system is completely broke – BROKE!

    There is, however, a simple solution to the teachers’ strike in Chicago.

    Every strike is a strike of choice. Moreover, given projected budget deficits and with pension plans even deeper in the hole, the 16% raise offer was actually far too generous.

    The ideal approach by mayor Rahm Emanuel would look something like this.

    1. Immediately fire all 25,000 teachers, disband the union, and kill defined benefit pension plans
    2. Offer teachers their jobs back with a zero percent pay raise with three days to decide
    3. For each day beyond three, the city would reduce its offer to teachers by $2,000 a day
    4. Offer generous relocation expenses to those willing to come to Chicago to teach
    5. Offer substitute teachers full-time jobs

    It is time to break the back of the insidious grip public unions have on the state of Illinois. There is no better place than Chicago to start.

    Burning Platform

    The mathematics of this is very simple – and all government workers should take note. There is no longer any easy money in the system to allow for reckless spending in the government managed public sector.

    These teachers shouldn’t be getting salary increases; they should be getting pay cuts and walking papers.


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      1. Average classroom IQ has risen also.

        • Public Schools (indoctrination centers) should ALL be shut down PERMANENTLY. All the unwed welfare mommas would quit having so many kids if they had to actually take care of them all day.

          The Corp Department of Education (indoctrination) has ruined them beyond repair. If the kids are ever going to get educated, it will be in a system that is started from scratch, by the parents of the kids, FOR the kids.

            • Most people will never face who controls thier schools, because they fear the repercusions of speaking about it. They are the same parasites who have infested the bureaucracies of your government, worked overtime to deindustrialize America, control Wall Street, and the banks.

              “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.”-Vladimir Lenin

            • That didn’t work as Lenin predicted. The USSR barely lasted 50 years,

            • It most certainly did work as Lenin predicted. Much like the bindweed and thistles that I keep fighting in my garden, even a fragment of root ensures that it will come back and, if not constantly fought, spread tenfold. It doesn’t matter if the USSR collapsed. The ideas behind it morphed genetically into something far more destructive, insidious and resilient. Look at what is happening in Europe. It seems like Poland is the only beacon of strong Christianity and independence left there. And here, in cities like Chicago, which has an enormous Polish population. I suspect that they will once again be required to save Christendom by beating the barbarians back at the Gate of Vienna.

            • Mama Bear,

              Sobieski, 1683AD. You know your history

          • All government employee unions should be illegal.

          • Ideal Response

            1). Eliminate all education entities and jobs, no more union contracts, all voided.
            2). Establish new charter schools for each facility with volunteer school boards voted on by the neighborhood.
            3). Hire back no more then 33% administrative positions for each school.
            4). Offer up teaching jobs for each school with applicants bidding on pay request, lowest 50% get 3 year gigs, next lowest get 1 year gigs,

            • By whatever name, accountability for education quality must be obtain this result:
              – no federal money accepted (this is one huge factor in failing education, yet the people want to,suckle at the federal teat so,they don’t have to spend their money. Irony is that we are sending money to dc so dc can “give” it back to our schools with strings attached.
              – top level leadership of schools at local level. No more dept of education, no more state education boards.
              – no unions, collective bargaining and all the other union nonsense needs to stop. Simplest way to do that is pay a fair wage and make it illegal to require union membership as a term of employment. The only people in charge would be citizens and local school board. Union would have no role in teacher performance, or classroom instructional content.
              – morals clause for attendance and employment, and obviously. Have discipline that is rigorously enforced. Ironic that the clowns here in my city make a huge deal about student on teacher violence, but let fights, bullying etc.. Happen without repercussion.

            • Jim and the rest: And how many of you sent your children to private schools? If you all hate public shools so much then you’d have sacrified and worked over time,or a second job, cut back on other family expenses, anything just to be able to send them to private school. If you didn’t do these things and instead you coped out by sending you kids to public school, then you’re part of the problem and are nothing more than a bunch of lazy, loud mouth hypocrites. Those of you who did sacrifice, well done! All the thumbs down will come from the lazy slobs who want private education at public education prices.

          • Literacy in the US ranks 42nd in the world. For reading, mathematics and science, the US are ranked 14th. Maybe they should fire all the teachers and bring in people from other Nations who are capable of raising the standard of education in the country.

          • God’s Creation: So what’s your solution? Do you have the time, the knowledge, and money; yes, it still costs money, to educatd your kids at home? Or perhaps you’re rich enough to send them to a private school? I’m talking about a good prep type school, not some fly-by-night job run by your local church. That’s great for you if you’re wealthy enough to send your kids, but what about the rest of the folks in your town? What’s their option? Those church schools average no better scores than the public schools, and here in Florida they are often a little behide the public schools, and way behind the real $$$ private schools, especially in the sciences. I live near a mjor university and one of the major complaints is that kids coming from these ‘church schools’ are woefully ignorant of science in general to the point of needing remdial courses. So, what’s your plan?

        • I really like the idea “Burning Platform” put into place, but that would never happen.

          Teachers’ unions have one big, fat advantage: lies.

          They’ll go on TV and whine about how it’s all about the poor, overworked teacher that can’t even get by, and has to buy school supplies for her kids out of her already meager budget.

          It is true that there are some teachers in that bad position – mostly part-time teachers that are just starting out, or who are teaching towards the “K” end of K-12.

          What they don’t tell you is that the vast majority of teachers are making fairly decent wages (considering that most of them work only 9 months of a given 12-month cycle), get hellishly generous benefits, and that union stewards + union bosses are making some serious bank.

          What they also don’t tell you is that the vast majority of the school budget goes towards ‘specialists’, ‘administrators’, and other members of a vastly bloated bureaucracy.

          Cut some of that crap out and you’d have more money for teachers.

          IMHO, I think at least one thing should be added: Accountability. Teachers should be able to pass independently administered tests in the subject matter they teach, and that they should be required to undergo annual performance reports. They should also be under ‘at will’ employment, which means they can be fired at any time, for any reason not already defined as illegal (race, creed, religion, etc).

          Hell, it would put them in line with those of us who work in the real world…

        • Risen from 110, to 80?

          Yeah, and the choko ration’s going up again, too…

        • Good for them. I’ll still send my kids to private school. Worth the money and the peace of mind to know my children are safe. All the prepping in the world won’t matter without my kids

        • Wow, Unreconstructed, I think you hit a nerve.

          • ‘Twould seem that way, HighSpeed. The truth often hurts.

        • ru serious?
          were getting reemed!



          1did u miss that day?



      2. Hey Mac,

        You have an article coming up about Germany’s court decision and QE3 starting soon?

        • Not sure — I am confident it is coming though… Actually, QE3 is probably happening as we speak!

          • I heard that too a week ago. Mac, that was a creepy quick response. Remind me never to draw on you. Thanks again for the site.

            • Hahahaa!! I just happened to be rolling through the moderation queue right when your comment came in!

            • iowa
              uncle ben announced qe3 as you were posting. hyperinflation is now a certainty.

          • I agree. Gasoline normally goes down in price at summer’s end. It has gone up thirteen cents on my block in the last two weeks.

            • KY Mom , two weeks ago it was 3.48 / gallon. Now it is 3.65 . Still lower than many states, but not a positive indicator.

            • I just paid 387.


            “The Federal Reserve fulfilled expectations of more stimulus for the faltering economy, taking aim now at driving down mortgage rates.”

            “The Fed said it will buy $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities per month in an attempt to foster a nascent recovery in the real estate market.”

            “Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke will explain the central bank’s decision further at a 2:15 pm news conference.”


            • Most of those will probably be purchased from Morgan Stanley to keep it propped up until after the election. Exactly $0 of the expenditures will benefit the People.

              Transparency in government is alive and well.

            • Come on guys. The bond buying NEVER stopped in the first place. The sheep just needed to be prodded a little so it has been made public again.

              So now, along with “purchasing” 80% or more of the US Treasury bonds, they will be buying enough MBS’s to keep the banks afloat and supplement the difference between the Zero interest the banks borrow from the Fed at and the 2 1/4 % the same banks get for keeping the money they borrow from the Fed, at the Fed.

              What a scam. You know it takes a lot of something to do this kind of stuff right out in the open. And it takes a bigger lack of something from the millions of sheep who believe it will help them because the Fed says it will.

              Things like this convince me that America can not stand for much longer, and should not stand like it is. Hopefully a few of us freedom seekers will settle together in a small corner of what was America and reinstate the Law.

            • gah – beat me to it! 🙂


            • How much lower can they go? As payments from lower rates fall then price will rise causing a higher payment. Problem right now is no one can qualify for a loan unless they are golden both credit and income wise.

            • Will Ben explain that the next 10 generations of Americans will be serfs of the parasites? Probably not…

          • smell that? yah, fresh ink and decaying purchasing power. A fresh shipment of Dr. Ben’s QE3 suppositories. The Portly Woman is vocalising harmoniously.

          • It is Mac at 40 Billion a month and that deal is open ended until economy improves. Something about bonds andf mortgages??

          • YEP – QE-3 IS A REALITY
            the stock markets are off and running with free money !

            we are sooooo screwed

          • So a question for everyone on this site about the QE 3 news.

            I am looking at buying a bug out location property in TN. Is now the time to buy? I would most likely pay for half in cash and finance the rest…is that a good decision now? I am thinking this is the lowest that interest rates will ever be so is now the time?

            Thanks in advance for the comments and feedback.

            • Land and houses are cheap in the Jackson area. Owner financing is readily available so the banksters can be kept out of it and not be able to make a claim against you.

              Forget about interest rates and bankster loans and you will thank yourself later on.

            • Bare in mind, when TSHTF, Agenda 21 will be enforced. You may want to research Agenda 21 in your area. States and counties have different names for it, but the goal is the same in the end.

            • I own a house in Knoxville, selling it really cheap! 🙂 You can find some great places for a great price in TN now.

            • Southern Gal: It is never a good idea to buy residential real estate with 50% financing. As a Rule of thumb,pay cash for all of it or finance as much as possible, since rates are low. Maintain your liquidity.

              Retain the right to prepay without penalty.

              In a deflationary environment cash would be king with a shortage of cash in the hands of consumers.

              In an inflationary environment your payment would be fixed and you could prepay before your fiat loses too much value.

              Good luck.

            • Any house located in the mid-west or eastern U.S. needs to have a basement set up as a nuclear fallout shelter. Joel Skousen says the Russians have been arming themselves heavily and are planning a massive strike against the U.S. within the next 10 years, possibly sooner. There are lots of military installations west of you and the fallout from those hits would head your way. He has a book called “Strategic Relocation” and it will give you the areas in TN he recommends, as well as other states, to avoid civil unrest, how to protect yourself from natural disasters, good land and resources, nearest cities/towns, crime rates, governmental building regulations, etc. His book is very detailed with maps, he’s aware of the NWO conspiracies, he’s a Ron Paul supporter, pro-constitution, etc. In other words, just right for this forum:


              You could also try searching on YouTube for an interview Joel Skousen did with Alex Jones to get an idea of what he’s about.
              Good luck!

            • Buying MBS doesn’t put fiat into the system by the FED so there is no “danger” of hyperinflation.

              This process only transfers the really bad stuff to the FED while the banks continue to get cash to stem their losses from the next wave of foreclosures, as the banks will be forced to mark these assets to market once foreclosure is completed.

              Nothing has changed.

          • Boy you called that one. 100+

          • he has fired up the printing press’s get ready

          • Mac, do you follow Ulsterman’s Wall Street Insider? A week or so ago, he said that the real PTB in finance were behind the gas price rises in order to keep the electorate focused on Obama’s economy.

            I think you’ve nailed it: they will bring Obama down the same way they put him up there.

            May it be so. All of us who are out of the market won’t care and if it gets rid of the Obamanation, it’s all good.

          • Yah Mac, seems too obvious for an election year ploy. These guys control wealth distribution throughout the western world. Sounds like a plan to shore up the siblings and confiscate our land before another leg down. This is nothing more than transferring wealth.
            Who ever gets elected doesn’t matter. Jefferson was right on the money.

      3. I believe The Bible says a fool pays for his education.

        • Times are not the same now. The bible is not relevant to everything.

          • Yeah, right.

          • Ecclesiastes szays that NOTHING is new. The Bible is in fact 100% relevant to everything!

          • Times are the same, people are the same, the world is always the same, evil. Thats why the Bible is always relevant.

          • You’re stupid comment will be forgotten by tomorrow. The Bible will be relevant a thousand years from now.

            • “Your stupid comment” NOT “You’re stupid comment”.
              I hope the Bible’s grammer is better than yours. Or your’s. Or maybe it’s your’ses.

            • You know, you can tell a lot about a person’s character, even when they hide behind “anonymous,” by the grammar they choose to correct. I think there are two instances where I have chosen to use the red pen to eviscerate some rather foolish posters on this site, with the result that one greatly improved his grammar and the other stopped writing everything in doggerel.

              Based on the 22 words above, I am guessing that this “anonymous” is smallminded, spiteful, and just a basically nasty person at heart, to jump all over someone for what could just as easily be an auto-correct. I am also going out on a limb and guessing this person is likely a unionized public school teacher, of the sort that enjoys–indeed, is turned on–by humiliating a hapless student over a minor mistake.

              You all know the sort.

            • Iowa, BJ, Usouthern, et al.: The bible is relevant, to what exactly in this thread? Education? Please be kind enough to explain, thank you.

      4. The hoards have been let out. start of the end.

        • “hordes”, but only the most self-entitled.

      5. You couldnt pay me enough to teach in Chicago, or visit it.

      6. I already made my comment about this on the previous thread

        but I will add this

        fire all of them and see how fast they come back for what they got paid last year when the banks come for thier homes

        sick of this thug ass union mantality..and how it has infiltrated or private sector

        cant fire a bad cop..’cause he’s in the union
        cant get rid of a do nothing teacher..’cause their in the union

        stupidist thing ever allowed

        the unions figured out the automotive comapnies could shut them out, by leaving a state or the what do greedy fucks the the unions do? they attach themselfs to municipalities that cant move thier work out of the country

        if you cant see how the unions have fucked this country and our economy, than theres no use in wasting my breath on you

        • and dont misunderstand me..Im not talking about the workers, im talking about the thugs running the unions, and how they are even fucking the people they “represent”..they are stealing from you blind and still stand up for them thinking you’ll get a piece of it..
          wait until they find out theres no money at the end of thier rainbow..or that their pension plans are completely void of any money..its wanna see the start of government take over? when all these union workers find out how played thay have been, blood will spill

          • Unions were taken over early in the last century, when the parasites figured out that unions are a good vehicle for marxism. The people who are overseeing the unions know exactly what they are doing. They do not care if they break the average union employee, thier goal is to help break America.

      7. Real easy….YOUR FIRED….next!

        • Then the courts overturn it and the result is back pay, damages, more union power and even worse education results.

        • What would Ronaldus Maximus do?

      8. I bet crime will go up big time while these teachers are out forcing their tax will on the people who support them..

        hey I learned one thing as a kid..dont poke the sleeping bear

        I hope the tax payers get big time pissed, and tell them they can either take a 30% cut or they can kiss thier cushy job good bye

        these schools opperate off of funds they get based upon the amout of childen they have in the building..maybe the parents should go on strike and fuck them all to the unemployment line

        if they cant perform, time for reform

        • The majority of kids in the pubic schools in Chicago have parents that don’t work or pay taxes. Just look at how many taxpayers took the side of the unions against their own self interest in the Walker recall. Americans are stoopid! The unions know that and act accordingly. Obama so reflects the character of the population of this country.

          • well that may be true , but they dont speak for me

          • was just wondering where you recived the data for the 51% of chicago’s parents that are not working or paying taxes? or at least 50.1% which is the lowest to be majority. Just asking because if im going to use something like this as a debate point against some teachers i know i need to have actual numbers to back that shit up.

            Now on to teachers, over payed yes, over worked? FUCK NO
            “but we have to work after hours at home”. heh you only work an average of 7 hours a day. ” but we got to be there a littler early and a little after ” well I got to be at work a little early too and the after part TYOU STILL AVERAGE 7 HOURS A DAY!not to mention if I could work after hours at home in my pj’s sipping wine drinking a beer, smoking a joint fuck I wouldn’t mind that :)hell if I got as many work year vacations as they do I would get no work done. I want 3 months off during summer that are payed for. fuck almost 2 weeks for christmas a winter break a spring break. Shit some of us are working 12 – 16 hour days and being told you don’t like it enjoy the unemployment line.

            Hey your 5 minutes late we are docking you the whole days pay. What your talking back to me? docked a days pay. Just a couple reasons to remember why they made unions.

            Everything has its good and bad. Focus on fixing the bad but never forget the good. Even goverment , remember at one time they gave us the greatest document to ever be made. The US Constitution.

          • 9.8% unemployed, that would mean that 40.2% do not pay taxes in chicago. Where did you get your data from? Just askign because if i were to use this as a debate point against some teachers I know I would need actual numbers.

            Now on to Teachers.
            Over payed? YES Over worked FUCK NO. Roughly averaged at 7 hours a day. ” but we got to take our work home and do work there ” if I could sit in my pjs drinking a beer smoking a joint I wouldn’t mind too much. Alot of us now are working 12-16 hour days. We are told if we do not like it enjoy unemployment. If I could have almsot 3 months off for summer I would enjoy that too 🙂 almsot 2 weeks for christmas? I want that too. Spring break winter break? I WANT THAT TOO. They have to pay out of pocket for items yes they are tax detuctable just like a shop workers tools he has to buy so he can work, or a shop workers boots which he has to buy to work. I tell you a good pair of work boots are alot more then some fucking paper and pencils, AND YES will wear and have to be rebought up to 3 times during the year. ” but we have school loans we have to pay back” hey you wanted the job you knew the price going in, it was your choice. Just like those who go into the IT field or become doctors or lawyers.
            “They are making us pay more for our medical benifits ” OMFG there are companies out here that are giving thier employees what is known as catastrophe insurance. 6000 out of pocket before they ever pay for shit. You almsot never reach that 6k either, even with a major surgery. Now some teachers are getting screwed not all are making some 75k a year, that is liek they said in chicago which are some of the HIGHEST payed teachers inthe country. They ar not the norm.

        • Though I will agree with your comment “if they can’t perform, time for reform”, get off your hate-mobile and take a step back. Most people haven’t got a clue what it is like to teach in a public school. So many people are so quick to point at teachers and talk about the long vacations they have, the cushy hours, that it’s just babysitting, etc. But for those of us who take it seriously, our job is not just 8-3 during the school year. Far from that. It is exhausting physically and emotionally. During the school year I work around the clock, literally. You go home, after a long day, grade, lesson plan, email, upload website material, email again, create assessments and activities, etc. Every lesson is catered to each class, each student, each topic. It is constant. Always changing. It is HARD to captivate an audience that is accustomed to technology. you try captivating teenagers for just 10 minutes, much less an hour. Good luck with that.

          I challenge any person who thinks they can do what a teacher does to undertake the job for a week, planning and grading everything. Good luck. tell me how it turns out when you are told to go “f*ck yourself.” And don’t even try to tell me that they wouldn’t talk to you like that. you don’t get much better than me, and even I have had one try that little number on me before.

          How many people do you know not only teach people but then have to hold their head while they cry because they’ve been beaten, neglected, abused, pregnant, alone, depressed, in a gang and can’t get out, suicidal, afraid, hurt, lacking direction, etc. Or conversely have a learning disability which causes them to scream out in class, but you have to keep it all under control and prevent the environment from being disrupted…don’t get me started. In the past 2 weeks I have dealt with 1 suicide scare, 2 dangerously depressed young people, a kid with such a ridiculous IEP the modifications are a mile long… These kids just need someone, anyone to listen (thank you shit head parents for not being there for your kids). I’m the one picking up those pieces.

          Real teachers should earn way more than what we are paid. I do more in a given day than what most people do in a week. I positively impact more lives in a given day, than most people at a desk job will do ever. But my rewards are where? I don’t get bonuses. I don’t get huge raises, if any. And if my students don’t perform to some standard set by noneducators, then apparently I’m not doing my job? How about the fact that I helped keep the kid alive for another year? does that count for anything? Or the kids I talked out of drugs or gangs? I guess that’s just not important. But wait…my students DO perform well on state tests yet I still get to financial incentive. It’s bull shit. Should it be reformed? Yes, but unless you are in the classroom or work directly with kids, I don’t want to hear you damn opinion.

          Are there a lot of bad teachers out there? Yes…but why are we all bent out of shape for these people striking? Why aren’t WE striking DC in protest? re making a lot more than any teacher out of their jobs? Congressmen and women make a lot more than teachers and they take a lot longer recesses than teachers get holidays. Hell, they don’t even pass their budgets (i.e. do their jobs). We at least get the grades in on time. AND, the impact of their decisions is much greater than a teacher’s, arguably.

          Is it shameful that the unions are crooked? Yes…but they are no more crooked than the establishment. I don’t like the fact that they are striking, because it is the kids that are being effected, but let’s not call a teacher’s job cushy. My job is ANYTHING but cushy.

          • Wow! Very well said. My mother was a teacher and told me and my sisters not to do it. She taught in a safe suburban school district. I’ve known for years I could never handle being a teacher and I have two kids. I would go completely insane. Thanks.

          • kynase,
            Thank you for the work you do as a true, caring teacher. My adult child will be a teacher next year and will be one of the best because, like you, she cares and is willing to step in and fill the void left by the parents. Our children are our future and we need GOOD, COMPETENT people teaching them. Good, competent people deserve to be compensated well. She sees people in her classes who have no business entering a classroom to teach children. I don’t know how you best analyze teacher performance–it’s a hard thing to measure. How many of these kids in Chicago are crack babies and can only learn so much? How can you give a poor evaluation to a teacher based on those crack babies’ test scores? I wouldn’t teach in Chicago for less than $76,000 a year and put up with all the bullshit.

          • You forgot to mention I.E.P.’s. Though I stopped teaching in 1999, we were required to do an Individual Education Program for any special needs kids that we happened to have.

            Let me explain.

            The public schools are required by law to educate everyone so any child with a “disability” must have his or her needs individually address by an I.E.P.

            Schools and parents (I taught only in inner-city schools)can receive extra cash if the child is “disabled” so everyone was in a rush to have the child labeled disabled. Plus, disabled children are NOT part of the standardized testing program.

            These “disabled” children are not held to account for their terrible behavior (actually, it is encouraged) as it is this “behavior” that gets them labeled.

            So, lets say little Billy likes to come into my classroom and stare up at the ceiling and scream bloody murder. I am expected to create a unique curriculum to address his disability. It there are 10 more just like him then I need to, by law, have a plan to address that as well.

            I could arrange a meeting with his single parent mom but she knows that having a “disabled” child in the school system brings her more money at the end of the month. I know for a fact that I had parents that encouraged their children to act like wild animals as that could entitle them to Social Security payments. After all, they do have a disabled child. . .

            Finally, it only takes a single child acting like a wild animal to ensure that NO ONE in the classroom learns anything. Why parents still choose to send their children to public school is beyond me.

      9. do you remember what president reagan told the air traffic controllers ?

        get back to work or get out !

        not verbatum , but you get the point.

        • I had exactly the same thought about Reagan!

          Fire them, hire better teachers, and pay them each $50k each.

        • Yes, Reagan help break the unions and now the average American worker is paid less than half in real terms as they made back in 1980. Congratulations and welcome back to the Gilded Age.

          • If you need a piece of shit union thug boss man to negotiate your salary, piss on you. If your valuable to the company, you’ll get paid. If not, quit and find a better job. Or, how about this novel idea; start your own business. Then you can be big shit boss man, and find out what a royal pain it is dealing with whinny ass employees. Yes, this topic has plucked a nerve.

            • If the mayor had kahunas, he would fire every striking teacher. And NOT offer their job back. And if police and firefighters whine, make them the same offer. Puck-em

        • you spelled verbatim wrong.

          • @ b , sure did , and i never attended school in chicago !

            • Rick:) : That should cojones (ko-HOnez/s), Spanish for balls. I know this because Spanish is my second language. Kahuna is Hawaiian for like a big-shot or a chief. I know this because I stationed for 5 years and then worked for a while in Hawaii from 1981-1988. Glad to help out. Hasta luego hermano-shaka brudda.

      10. “they should be getting pay cuts and walking papers”.

        I would think it would be one or the other…….

      11. I for one would push all of cook co. into the lake and plant it in beans. At least it would be worth something then. I do not care want people think of me, but the f–k’n unions have been the down fall of this country peroid. Yes I have belong to unions in the past, because I had to to work,there was not one union that done anything for me but collect dues. As PH would say and thats the rest of the story

        • i was wondering when that sucker was going to pop

        • @ Todd. Thank you for the update. The Caribbean plate cannot take much more of this pressure and these volcanoes are showing this. The earthquake in the far north today shows something to come, am watching for more action towards the poles.

      12. Police Sent to California Home of ‘Innocence of Muslims’ Producer, Who is ‘Scared of Retaliation’

        ABC news, and Ruters..and they post a picture of the guys house and car with a very legible licence plate..

        the dude is fearing for his life and so these duchebag news punks post a picture of his house and his car and licence plate..

        if anything happenes to this guy I hope these news duches get it for aiding and abeting a murder

      13. It really is amazing how people are so unaware that the county, state, and country that they are in is probably broke. Where’s the money coming from? Why by darn, helicopter ben has the solution, print some more up. God help us!

        By the way they just had a polar earthquake at 82.9 north by 117 east of 5.1. It is very interesting to note that 10-3-1989 this area had a similar earthquake and then 3 south pole area earthquakes of 5.3, 5.0 and 5.8 then on Oct.18,1989 there was the world series earthquake in san francisco. On June 8, 1992 there was an earthquake in this area, and then there was 6 earthquakes in the south pole area each getting bigger until an earthquake of 6.5 on June 25, 1992, then on June 28, 1992 there was the Yucca Valley 7.3 earthquake in southern california. On Sept.22, 1987 there was an earthquake a few hundred miles from here and on Oct.1, 1987 southern california was hit with the Whittier earthquake.

        I would say watch the southern area around the Antarctica for activity, if this occurs, then I would really watch for a californian earthquake. The past events can predict the future as many weather forecasters use past clouds and wind direction to predict what is coming. Patterns emerge and this one could be the precursors. Otherwise look towards north of Australia for earthquakes. Will try to determine size as more earthquakes present themselves. Right now low 6 to mid 6 range.

        • BI,

          Do you know anything about earthquake faultlines in relation to ley lines?

          • @ JustMe. I assume by ley lines you mean grasslands as this is what ley means. There are many different types of faults and vegetation will normally grow along most fault lines as long as there is enough water, sunlight, and nutrients. Faults can be buried and the land mass can remain hilly to almost flat. I guess you are referring to the grasslands of the great plains in which the stability of the ground plays a factor in the growth of grass. New Zealand has many grasslands and is one of the most tectonic regions on the planet. I suppose though most grasslands are relatively flat and somewhat void of dangerous faults.

            • And what’s different about the one in the Artic, IMHO, is the location. I’ve yet to see an earthquake so close to the pole. Does the location of the earthquake in the Artic or ANtactica have anything to do with where the earthquake following it is? I figured we’d see something closer to the west coast of America or S America….just bc the earthquake in the Artic was so much further north.

            • @ you don’t need to know. Polar earthquakes are precursors to earthquakes in the lower latitudes. Notice how you have one at 82 degrees north and soon after you have an earthquake of over 6. There have been earthquakes at near 90 degrees, rare but they happen. The real equation here though how close it is to true magnetic north or south. This is why I say that earthquakes about north of 70 degrees north, give or take about 100 miles, and south of 60 degrees south, again give or take 100 miles shows what is to come. Magnetic south is much further away from the south pole than magnetic north is from the north pole.

              Each location of a future earthquake focuses energy towards different locations in the polar regions, the same as a break on any mass will graviate towards certain spots. This area points more to california, as the small 4.5 earthquake this morning shows off the northern californian coast. Much more information I am working on to try to narrow down this more so.

      14. Mac: while you’re doing satire, touch on the NYC ban on sugary drinks over 16 oz.

        • Michal:

          Small potatoes.

          • Business opportunity in selling a cardboard holder for 2-16oz cups. I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who thought of this. As a bonus, they can be printed with your favorite slogan as to how you feel about Bloomburg.

        • you know that is so stupid! what about bans on beer on a 12 pack. what are they going to do only sell a 6 pack, or a double cheeseburger take the cheese out or add new chemicals to lower the cal count. isnt this nuts anymore. this fucking idiot bloomassburger is a total tub of crap. I hope to god he feels the actions for what he has done. We will never be the same. we have too many idiots in this country anymore. preppers just try and do what you can and ingnore all this hype, it will drive you bonkers and make you hate people.

      15. Be informed,

        Living in N. California I sure appreciate your updates. If it comes, I am ready for it thanks to the mentoring of the people on this site for the last year or so. So thanks to Mac as well.

      16. CHICAGO (Reuters) – The head of the Chicago Teachers Union said on Thursday an agreement was near to end a four-day strike in the nation’s third-largest school district over education reforms sought by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

        Asked how close the union was to a deal with Chicago school officials, teachers union president Karen Lewis told reporters: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a nine.”

        But it was unlikely students would be back in school before Monday even if a tentative deal was struck today

        Agreement near in Chicago teachers strike: union chief
        By James B. Kelleher | Reuters – 2 hrs 45 mins ago.

        • I wonder who caved

          • or maybe this is where some of the stimulus money is going to?

      17. So on the announcement that the Feds are going to keep the interest rate low and will continue to buy it’s own bonds.(kinda like check kiting if I did it) The entire stock market and all commodities are up. No budget, on a fiscal cliff, no intention of addressing the economy by the Senate, Congress and or President. Can’t beat that! Give those teachers a raise. They can’t help it the kids in Chicago are too stupid to learn what they are teaching. You gotta be kidding me!

        • hey hey brian – lets set the record straight –

          the kids cant help it if the TEACHERS are to stupid to teach , and thats why they deserve a raise.

          this is nothing more than “payin back the hometown” and the unions for getting the vote out ,evry union thug in chi-town will be casting their soro’s counted vote for obama . he can pay for this from his “stash” .

      18. I have to agree with Burning Platform, but RahmE is no Ron Reagan. Rahm doesent have the Balls. Rahm’s just a little bully that’s never had his ass kicked.

        He’s a blow hard that will verbally excoriate conservitives because he knows concervatives won’t resort to violance. Liberals however are another story and he’s afraid of them.

        I mean really folks think about public sector unions, they don’t need protection on wages, benefits, pensions, opportunity or working conditions. They are merely there to fleece the citizens thru higher taxation.

        • PO: Actually RE is an ex-Israeli soldier, faggot, and former lover and confidant of O’bummer, as the two of them often frequented gay bathhouses and bars together in Chicago looking for men to service and service them.

          Perverts all.

          • Not quite DK. Some sources report that Emanuel served briefly as a civilian volunteer in the Israel Defense Forces during the Persian Gulf War in 1991. It is said he was stationed in one of Israel’s northern bases, where he rust-proofed brakes. Other news reports deny this claim, saying that while he is deeply committed to Israel’s safety, Emanuel never served the army in any capacity.

            However He did this; As a child, Emanuel and his siblings took regular field trips to art museums and civil rights rallies. According to his mother, the children were expected to not only help prepare dinner, but be well-versed in the daily news as well. They were often quizzed in current events over family meals. The boys also took ballet lessons at their mother’s urging. Rahm particularly excelled at dance and, while attending New Trier West High School, earned a scholarship to Joffrey Ballet, Chicago’s Premiere Ballet Company. Emanuel turned down the opportunity to instead attend Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York, a school with a solid dance program.

            Just the facts please, he was a Ballerina, not a Soldier!!

            • PO: One thing WE can be sure of … his loyalties to not lie with America. Another Dual Citizen planted by Mossad to do US harm.

      19. YOU CAN SMELL IT … the chicago concrete jungle

        you can literally smell chicago from 18 miles away east of it cruising along the highway westbound , then you see the brown haze off in the distance over the city day and night its covered by a deep thick brown haze .

        bleh ;0P cough cough

        that always bothered me .

        new york , l.a. , boston , baltimore , detroit … etc etc they all have a certain smell from miles away as you truck up to them … but chicago always smells the worse of em’ all !

        like dirty diesel oily exhaust in the air … you can feel it on your skin even … in your clothes .

        And its in these very MEGA CITIES … THE NWO UN ZOG wants you All to live in Shoe Box size apartments Mega Block Apartments stacked on top of each other in UN AGENDA 21 directed population controlled eugenics u.n. agenda 21 MEGA CITIES !!!

        Puck That !!! not this kid …

        I’ll go live in my montana winterized bug-out cave first in the bob marshall wilderness before i go live in a u.n. agenda 21 mega city !!!

        FREE Men Women American Patriots are not meant to live in NWO UN ZOG SLAVE Cage Cities !!!


        • Sit Coco Sit.

          • I thought it was boo boo

            sit boo boo sit

            • sheeesh … don’t encourage him @vrf ;0p … he is @fbpg Ze’Ignorant brain-washed cia mk-ultra Traitor Sold Out Zionist Jooo Troll ZOG Enemy to All Free American Patriots .

        • It’s not Chicago you were smelling–it is Gary and Whiting and East Chicago, Indiana. Steel mills and chemical plants and foundries and such, and yes it is dismayingly foul. I think most of the heavy industry has left Chicago’s South Side. Chicago’s unique smell is that of sewage, wafting up from the sewers. But for the most part you have a clear, pure breeze blowing from off the lake. It wouldn’t be so bad if your box could have a view of the lake. You could remember that you once were free.

          • Yea, Mama B. ya forgot all the SLAUGHTER-HOUSES !!(probably a good place for them!)

      20. Re: the headline – No violence in schools because no kids in the schools.

      21. And I am sure everyone here is smart enough to deal with what teachers have to deal with. Every person I have ever heard complain about teachers, turn ariund and say they could never do the job. Oh yeah, remember, as you demonize others, do not be surprised when you are demonized. As you dehumanize others, do not be surprised when you are dehumanized. Also, all there people and groups you dehumanize and demonize are just like you, they do what they percieve to be in theor own selfish interests.

      22. well,…maybe they should all take up homescholing?

        • In Chicago?

          That would be homeboy schooling.

      23. The corinth ny gym teacher makes over $90,000 per year and he doesn’t even like kids very much. Ridiculous!!

      24. I remember not to long ago, teachers became teacher cause they truely wanted to teach and truely cared about kids… I don’t feel that way anymore.

        The soulution should be to give these people who are wishing to become a teacher a lie detector test and ask them what comes first, them or the kids.

        The one that pick the kids and pass the detector, pay them double what a normal teacher makes now. The ones that say them, and pass the detector re-direct them a political position.

      25. 4.Offer generous relocation expenses to those willing to come to Chicago to teach

        Not necessary—with 75,000 annual pay(7500 month) I could rent an apartment, and go home every weekend in a chartered plane!!!

        7500- 2000 rent- 2000 plane fare = 3500 month or 875 week.

        Not bad for doing nothing but stopping fights and confiscating cell phones!!!

      26. Things like this convince me that America can not stand for much longer, and should not stand like it is. Hopefully a few of us freedom seekers will settle together in a small corner of what was America and reinstate the Law.

        GC..I’m waiting, and when you decide which part of which state to start this new union, I have not one connection to any of these parts– no family, friends, church family, job, or neighbors—I’m ready and waiting.
        Secession has a nice ring to it.

      27. these teachers should all be fired and banned from the classroom forever!

      28. I am not happy about the teachers salary either,,, but, lets start at the the top and talk about CEO’s who make 50x the hourly rate compared to their hourly workers. 🙁

        Myself, I like to make as much money also., but, some of that 50x can be spread out to the hourly workers who will in return spend it much faster and keep the money system moving., instead of it locked up in investments that move slowly.

        • Eagledove your comparison is not based on equal factors at all — different business models. Public school teachers (which are the ones in a union who are striking in Chicago) are paid with taxpayer revenues and they are public servants. Privately held businesses or large corporations are paid with business revenues — excluding the ‘new normal’ of bailouts/stimulus funds.

          As JRS says below, public sector unions that employ collective bargaining should be illegal. To hold taxpayers responsible for benefits of union employees is NOT what the tax code represents.

          • @ Zoltanne., I agree with you on the business model.

            Many variables to this argument about teachers and my point (variable) was about pay. Maybe I should have not brought up the comparisons to CEO’S on this subject.

            Thank you for opening my eyes to your post. 🙂

            • Eagledove, on just the merits of pay, I would surely agree with you — as when you compared the CEO to the hourly workers (within one business). No different if we compare the teacher’s salary up against a public school administrator’s salary. There is a gap that many, even within the school system, would cry foul over.

              When the big-S hits the fan though, everyone will be ‘reduced’ in so many ways: “the great leveler” will arrive. Heck, even now, government welfare will reduce the high-earners down to a low income playing field. That’s got to be a painful rub for them.

            • Thumbs up Zoltanne. 🙂

      29. Cocopuff Crackhead: I understand and agree with the point you’re making in your post, but like I said before, leave the Jewish people out of it. Jayjay, you’re right about this country is dying; once the balloon goes up, issues like this one won’t mean squat anymore; everyone’s going to worry about where their next meal will come from.Take care and keep prepping.

      30. All public sector unions whose jobs are tax payer funded should be disbanded. That being said, a 10% raise per year is what we should all be getting.This will only keep up with the REAL rate of inflation. It won’t even get you ahead of the game. My raises for the last 4 years have averaged less than 1% per year. I would LOVE to get a 4% per year raise even though I would still be losing to inflation.

      31. VERY SIMPLE.

        IF Rahm has BALLS….

        Declare the union null and void.

        Fire all strikers-no unemployment-no severance.

        Immediately call for rapid hiring of any and all qualified-assembly line human resources be set up.

        Fill schools within five days.

        Any strikers blocking schools-arrested and put into interment camps!

        Any police who fail to follow their orders–>FIRED with no chance of recall-blacklisted for failing to follow theri duties and city orders.

        IF any one riots-call out National Guard-shoot riot leaders, arrest some, and put the rest in interment camps.

        Have the interment camp in the open and soon cold plains of Illinois.

        Rahm’s way would revitalize the Democratic party.

        That is IF Rahm had ANY balls.

        • now when you say blocking schools do you mean standing there or actually blocking the doors? IF you mean to just be standing there and NOT blocking entrance way into the building, wouldn’t that be against the Constitution since we ARE allowed to peacefuly gather and protest? ( we as in all of us in the US not just the teachers im not one of them but I will not advocate taking away thier Constitutional rights to gather and protest. We must be fore ALL the bill of rights not just the parts we like “2nd” 🙂 Just checking to make sure that your not trying to take thier freedoms from them 🙂 as the goverment is doing to us already.

        • And…this genius presents exactly the way tyranny will begin. “Let’s have the ARMY come out and kill our teachers and cops! And send all the people we don’t like to FEMA camps! USA! USA! USA! USA! Woot!”

      32. only in america, teachers work for 9 months .loaf for 3 and get paid well for 12.

        • okay, a former teacher for 6 years in the 80s, I was paid for 10 months(you can choose, divide salary by 12 or divide by 10), and in ’88 I left the school system with a 21,000 dollar salary in Tennessee.
          Not exactly a great income, huh.
          But, I was a great teacher, cared for the children in my classroom, but rejected the idea of ‘political correctness’ for more funding comes first, way before the child.
          I quit.

      33. (CNN) — Before this week, the last time the Chicago Teachers Union went on strike was September 8, 1987. It lasted until October 3, during which officials, teachers and parents clashed in the city’s longest teachers strike ever. After it ended, I called the Chicago school system the worst in the country.

        “I’m not sure there’s a system as bad as the Chicago system” were my exact words as U.S. secretary of education.

        The Chicago school system was a failure. Half of Chicago’s 64 public high schools scored in the bottom 1% of schools on the ACT, an old metric used by many colleges for admissions.

        ”Forty-six percent of Chicago teachers send their children to private schools,” I noted then, too. ”The people who know the product best send their children elsewhere.”

        They need a raise so they can afford to send THEIR kids to PRIVATE SCHOOLS!!

        F^ck them!!!!

        Excuse the language ladies.

        HAD TO!!!!!

      34. CHICAGO (CBS) — Illinois budget deficit skyrocketed to almost $44 billion, by far the worst in the nation, the state’s auditor said in report released this week.

        The latest audit looked at the 2011 fiscal year, which ended last June. The deficit has more than doubled to $43.8 billion in four years. It stood at just over $20.8 billion in 2007, according to a report filed by auditor William Holland.

        Looking at just the fund for general expenses, the state was $8.1 billion in the red in the red in 2011. Illinois ended the year with more the $4 billion in unpaid bills.

      35. JoeinNC,

        “And I am sure everyone here is smart enough to deal with what teachers have to deal with. Every person I have ever heard complain about teachers, turn ariund and say they could never do the job. Oh yeah, remember, as you demonize others, do not be surprised when you are demonized.

        As you dehumanize others, do not be surprised when you are dehumanized. Also, all there people and groups you dehumanize and demonize are just like you, they do what they percieve to be in theor own selfish interests.”

        Please be advised of the conversation below with Y’all and Beware concerning JoeinNC is totally possible!

        Y’all: Were y’all demonized?

        Beware: Damn, I don’t know I just may have been dehumanized. Does that mean I lost some weight?

        Y’all: Naw, if y’all turn ariund enough and git dizze enough y’all never git the job done. So, there.

        Beware: So, if I demonize somebody I can git demonized too?

        Y’all: Darn tootin! Just make sure that when you are demonized you might dehumanize others, let alone dehumanize yourself!

        Beware: Does that make me a zombie?

        Y’all: Only if you are dehumanized and demonized in your own selfish interest.

        Beware: Who’s on first?

        Y’all Beware! Joe in NC

        • That was awesome…thanks for the laugh. Reminds me of the conversation I had with my 1st grader this morning:

          “NO! It is spelled G-E-T, not G-I-T! DANG it! We have been over this spelling list a hundred times! Was y’all been hangin’ out with Y’all Beware again?!”

      36. As a NYC teacher in a high needs school, I feel compelled to answer some of the nonsense on here. To all of you who think it’s an easy job, you should try it sometime. When you get frustrated dealing with your high school age child, think of dealing with 180 of them every day at your job. Each one comes in with a different set of problems, experiences and expectations. When you complain about our working 9 months a year, understand that most of us keep working at home at night and on the weekends trying to make school work for our students. The typical teacher puts in a years worth of full time hours (approximately 2100) in 10 months (not nine like most of you think – school year typically runs from beginning of Sept. to end of June). Most of us have earned advanced degrees. And we don’t do it for the money, trust me. To all of you who think we have it easy, walk in our shoes for a day, and then you will have an idea of what it’s like. If you haven’t tried to do it, you really don’t know what you are talking about. I’m not asking for sympathy, just want you to have some facts before you bash us too hard.

        • Arnt there 2500 teachers in ny who cant be fired, so they go sit in a room and surf the net, and do their nails ALL DAY because they can not be fired?

          I am glad you do not want sympathy, because you and ALL the teachers there will get none from me.


          How many of you teachers in ny send your kids to private schools? Do you?

          Loook at my post farther up, I bet a buffelo nickel that the percentage is about the same as in chicago.(but probably higher)

        • How many administrators,coucelors,clerks,assistant commissioners,superintendants,secretaries, and other people do you have in your districs there.

          I bet there is MORE of them then you teachers.

          How many new schools and not needed construction projects in the last ten years in your district?

          New ipads and computerss for “the children” perhaps.

          And last but not least- how much of all the bull$hit above is payed by federal tax money and borrowed money on the federal level???

          So WE in other states have to pay for YOU??????

          Working 9 months blah,blah,bla,blah. TALKING POINTS!!!

          Address THESE “nonesense” issues.

          I have to say that ny is plum full of special needs voters as well.

          Question- Are you sitting in that room full of childmolestors and others right now??(who cant be fired)

        • Ah Steve-

          No one twisted your arm to be a teacher.

          If you don’t like it, quit it.


        • Oh, Steve, you and I are exceptions.
          I could lend horror stories of what I saw in just 6 years by teachers, not students.
          I got out–why don’t you??

          And in those 6 years, not one complaint from me…it was my decision to leave because education is a political game..and I didn’t play it.

      37. THE MORMON MAFIA is watching RECORDING you AmeriKa for their Illuminati NWO ZOG european Masters .

        Beware the Mormon Mafia … the ameriKan zog fbi and cia have within them at high echelon fedgov management levels actual secret mormon power political groups .

        the utah based mormons and their salt lake city utah mormon church , salt lake city itself are now literally owned by the nwo zionist illuminati of europe !!! lock stock and barrel !!! due to mormon outstanding debts in the billions !!! now owned by the nwo illuminati european bankers !!! ~truth

        the threat is VERY real PREPPER PEEPLES especially with the worlds largest CIA FBI NSA domestic SURVEILLANCE ARMORED SPY BASE being built right by the city of salt lake city utah .

        BEWARE THE MORMONS the new Gestapo Zionist Jooo Mafia Thugs of AmeriKa !!!



        • NO…Any links to the Mormon debt? Can’t find much since the LDS church doesn’t publish financial records. I see they do most of their banking with Zions Bank (strange name?)that was founded by the LDS in 1873. They no longer own this bank but it was bailed out with TARP money that has not been repaid.

          • @jrs ;0) … whaddup ??? the report on this was 5 months ago and off a swiss investment daily website … the buyer of the mormon debt is a european swiss national citizen from what I read understand 1 one swiss man bought all the mormons church debts and other property debts in the mormon mafia controlled salt lake city utah area .

            i’ll look for it some for you . no guarantee’s . i’m busy at the moment fixing another fedgov gestapo fusion center black hat fedgov hacker fried puter system .

            some one else besides the homo jooo troll @fbpg doesn’t like my posts and spent yesterday constantly shutting down my network with ddns attacks fried one my desktops ops boot system in the process . ;0P

            i can’t but grin an wonder how much $$$ the zog jooo cia fedgov spends just to keep me off the web daily ;0) Bwaaahahaha


            • @jrs … i saw the report at the european website the “daily bell” .

              check there .

        • ;0P pssszzt … go phuck yourself @fbpg ;0P ya’ zog cia fedgov homo jooo troll tool bwiatch !

          it’s ignorant crazy illiterate little puckers like you that remind me daily why i carry concealed even just to go to the gym .

          … and then i pause smile grin to myself … cause soon i’ll be hunting down lil’ pricks just like you for some one on one extermination on u.n. nwo zog ameriKa dhs martial law day !

          keep it up homo jooo butt fun boy ;0) … your only adding fuel to my fire !

          see you on the streets real soon @fbpg … real soon ;0) .


      38. It scares me to see so much ire directed to the working class. What did the private sector workers do when they took pensions and benefits…nothing. Now we’re stuck with 401K’s and subpar medical coverage. I agree that a lot of indoctrination goes on in schools,but they are OUR schools and Rahm and company are opening up education even more to corporatization. Yeah, America is broke but you think privatizing educations is going to lower the costs…who do you think is going to flip the bill? One way or another the taxpayer is on the hook. I think a lot of posters on this site forgot who started the Great Recession in the first place. It wasn’t teachers. Why do you think the banksters are attacking education? It is the last dying bastion of democracy and cash cow left in this country. Jefferson knew we needed to run the country- an educated populace. Think teachers earn too much…shadow one for a day. Remember, you get what you pay for. And by the way, the strike isn’t all about money. There always seems to be enough money for the military industrial complex. Where do you think a lot of the undereducated kids end up? One of their few options in the military. Before we dismantle the schools, how about the pentagon first?

      39. Its not just about money. You attack the teachers and ignore the corrupt administration and politicians who use schools as a plaything. They have no direct knowledge and tinker with the system to make it appear that something is being done. Education has methodically been stripped of any real purpose of preparing students for the future. Bush’s “No Child Left Behind” and Obama’s “Race To The Top” are a sham; built around the idea that a student’s success can be measured through a standardized test…one size fits all. Really? The entire school year is spent prepping for those tests, not real-life, practical learning. Standardized testing creates mindless drones for the NWO. Independent thought and individualism are lost. Teachers aren’t the problem, the system is.

      40. There are plenty of places in the US that pay more because they’re in tough areas. Property managers, for example. You’ve got fights every day, gang violence, constant disrespect and apathy. Afraid to discipline a child because you could seriously get killed? Sure, let’s cut their dollars. You people have the solution to everything. They don’t need $100,000, but don’t complain about their current salary.

      41. I have to disagree with those who say (often in inflammatory and rude terms) that those who participate in public education, rather than “doing anything and everything” to pay for private education for their children, are “lazy slobs.”

        As part of our preparedness plan, my husband and I are throwing every available cent to paying down our debt. This often leaves us living paycheck-to-paycheck for things like clothing, groceries, and the like — but to us, it is totally worth it. We’ve paid down an unbelievable amount of debt that accumulated before we “woke up” to the reality of what is happening in the world today, and paying it off helps us feel like we are freeing outselves from bondage.

        The Bible instructs us quite explicitly to not go into debt — a stricture which we, unfortunately, ignored before — but I don’t recall a single passage where Christ tells us that it’s a sin to NOT homeschool our children.

        We literally cannot afford to send our kids to private school; however, we have our children attending a very good charter school (so at least it’s outside of the local and not very good public school system, and it emphasizes citizenship and pride in the United States); I work at the school and thus know the administrators and teachers; I am active in the school’s PTO organization; and I regularly (ie, daily!) interact with my kids’ teachers so that I know what’s going on in their classrooms.

        I was so angry when I read somebody say that the welfare moms would stop having kids if they didn’t have school to send them to. Trust me, I have a sister who worked that system for over 20 years, and part of “working it” was having six children. It doesn’t matter if they have a school to send them to or not, those welfare parents get money for having more and more kids, and as long as they get paid like that, they’ll keep having them. If anything, school was my nieces’ and nephews’ escape from the crap that they had to deal with at home. When you talk like that, people, you’re not thinking of the innocents who pay the highest price in the welfare society: the children who never asked to be born into it. Let’s think of them before we make judge, shall we?

        Sorry for the length of the post, I just have to admit that several of the commenters here who I normally respect and agree with really disappointed me and hit a nerve.

      42. I’m a public school teacher in Ohio. Our average salary is only $50,000. We have not had a raise in 7 years. We even agreed to pay more in medical. So I wouldnt place all public school teachers in this category with Chicago. It all depends on their local unions. Our union negotiates in a respectable way…but as in Chicago some want more than they deserve.

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