Check Out These Hilarious Responses From Men: How Will You Survive A Day Without A Woman?

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Headline News | 76 comments

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    This article was originally published at The Daily Sheeple


    Today we will see thousands of women across the country marching and striking for “The Day Without A Woman.”

    We’ll avoid the politics of it all, as that’s been covered almost to the point of exhaustion on various news outlets and social media.

    We will, however, take a look at the humorous side of it, because the point of a Day Without A Woman, we assume, is to show men how important they are in our lives. To be clear, no one here at The Daily Sheeple thinks otherwise.

    When the organization that started the movement asked men how they plan to support women on March 8, some of the responses, as you can imagine, were pretty hilarious. Some are nothing short of pure brilliance, and whether male or female, we think you might just get a chuckle out of these:


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      1. I’m gonna head over to Lucy’s Tiger Den in Bangkok. Yes sir.

        • On this International Women’s Day which is being celebrated all over the world, I want to share my thoughts on the matter. I truly have been fortunate and blessed beyond my wildest dreams to find a woman who is described below:

          Proverbs 31:10-31The Message (MSG)

          Hymn to a Good Wife

          A good woman is hard to find,
          and worth far more than diamonds.
          Her husband trusts her without reserve,
          and never has reason to regret it.
          Never spiteful, she treats him generously
          all her life long.
          She shops around for the best yarns and cottons,
          and enjoys knitting and sewing.
          She’s like a trading ship that sails to faraway places
          and brings back exotic surprises.
          She’s up before dawn, preparing breakfast
          for her family and organizing her day.
          She looks over a field and buys it,
          then, with money she’s put aside, plants a garden.
          First thing in the morning, she dresses for work,
          rolls up her sleeves, eager to get started.
          She senses the worth of her work,
          is in no hurry to call it quits for the day.
          She’s skilled in the crafts of home and hearth,
          diligent in homemaking.
          She’s quick to assist anyone in need,
          reaches out to help the poor.
          She doesn’t worry about her family when it snows;
          their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear.
          She makes her own clothing,
          and dresses in colorful linens and silks.
          Her husband is greatly respected
          when he deliberates with the city fathers.
          She designs gowns and sells them,
          brings the sweaters she knits to the dress shops.
          Her clothes are well-made and elegant,
          and she always faces tomorrow with a smile.
          When she speaks she has something worthwhile to say,
          and she always says it kindly.
          She keeps an eye on everyone in her household,
          and keeps them all busy and productive.
          Her children respect and bless her;
          her husband joins in with words of praise:
          “Many women have done wonderful things,
          but you’ve outclassed them all!”
          Charm can mislead and beauty soon fades.
          The woman to be admired and praised
          is the woman who lives in the Fear-of-God.
          Give her everything she deserves!
          Festoon her life with praises!

          For she is the Prepper’s wife and companion for life!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Excellent, Leaagle!

          • Women don’t belong in the workplace. As a manager, I will never hire women. Ever. Here’s why.
            1. They get pregnant and take months off for maternity leave.
            2. After coming back from maternity leave, they repeat #1.
            3. They submit sexual harassment complaints against their coworkers their bosses.
            4. PMS. Period.(no pun intended)
            5. If you need to reprimand them or fire them for poor performance, they pull a #3 on you.

            Don’t get me wrong, women are great in many ways, but they cause too many problems to be in the workplace.

            • Spot on!

      2. Liberated women. What a joke, alright. Liberated to have a door slammed in their face. Liberated to work all day only to come home and make dinner. Liberated to leave the kids with somebody else and hope they don’t mistreat them. Liberated, ya ain’t it great !!!


        • B from CA, damn good point. Liberated from WHAT? It’s the biggest shame and disgusting what feminism has done to women’s minds. What a waste!

          • PFFT! i gave up on women a couple years ago. i searched my whole life for one that had the same conservative ideas as me. so now i’ve taken up searching for a fish ridin’ a bicycle….i like my chances better. oh, and it’s MUCH quieter around here now.

            • Must be looking in the wrong places–more white women voted for Trump than Hillary by a wide margin.
              It’s just the under 25 whackos who haven’t shed their collegiate brainwashing yet, illegal immigrant women, extreme feminists in the govt and media, and of course-blacks.

              • Only the dumb blacks voted for Hiliary. The smart ones (both of them) voted for Trump.

                • A Hitch-Hikers Guide to Brilliant Black Conservatives

                  What do NFL stars Jim Brown and Ray Lewis, Family Feud host Steve Harvey, rap great Kanye West, megachurch pastor Darrell Scott, Dr. Ben Carson, and Martin Luther King, III, have in common? They are all black. They have all met with (or worked with) President-elect Trump and spoken of their interaction positively.

                  A list I did a few years ago of black conservatives is below. Not all of them are folks I would agree with fully, but they sure ain’t leftists:

                  Kenneth Gladney tea party guy,

                  Louisiana state senator Elbert Guillory

                  Starr Parker, former welfare recipient and now successful, well known writer

                  J.A. Parker, head of Abraham Lincoln Foundation

                  David Manning, Ph.D., has one good presentation

                  Timothy F Johnson, Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation, Tea Party supporter

                  Lt. Col Allen West

                  Ryan Frazier, Colorado House of Reps candidate a few years back

                  A black conservative, Kevin Jackson, (

                  Ward Connerly, UC Berkely, Dr. Condi Rice (who entered Univ. of Denver at age 15, and graduated cum laude, while starting teaching at Stanford Univ. at age 27 – and yes, I know, she’s a bit of a neo-con… but still….), Dr. Thomas Sowell of Stanford Univ., US Rep. JC Watts, Alan Keyes, Clarence Thomas, Janice Rogers Brown, whom liberals feared could become a Supreme Court judge (maybe KKKByrd would have filibustered her if he were alive?) vote, Colin Powell – and now, HORRORS for the socialists – there is a whole new crew of up-and-comers, including Dylan Glenn in Georgia’s 8th Dist ( ), Vernon Robinson in NC, Winston Salem (; State Sen. Jackie Winters, from Salem, OR,; Clinton LeSueur, from western Mississippi,; Herman Cain, running for Senator in Georgia (who, incidentally, became a VP at Pillsbury at age 31 when in business); Myrah Kirkwood, Michigan’s 5th district, James Garner in New York’s 4th dist.,, Dr. Margaret Crosby from Rhode Island’s 1st dist running for Congress, Lynn Swann, the former Pittsburg Steeler and USC star, and Armstrong Williams, commentator and host of the TV show. Oh yeah… there’s also the recently formed National Black Republicans Association (NBRA) that racist libs are gonna hate. And don’t forget Dr. Voddie Baucham, a great apologist fighting the culture wars.

                  Don’t forget Lt. Gov. Michael Steele in Maryland, going for the U.S. Senate, who so scares racist libs that good ol corrupt Sen. Chuck Shumer of decadent N.Y. got the Dem. Senate Campaign Committee staff to ILLEGALLY sneak into Steele’s credit records to look for dirt… of course they didn’t find any, and liberals are too ignorant to figure out that this in fact illustrated the dirt of those conducting the search themselves (the irony is delicious, and of course there were no hypocritical cries for a Scooter Libby type investigation from libs.) Conservative blacks, of course, are a major target for racist libs, as they are disgusted any minority would have the temerity to think for himself. Then there is Secty of State Ken Blackwell in OH – no doubt racist libs will ask for a recount on that vote when he wins!

                  Ron Greer is my fav in Wisconsin… a black fireman who got fed up with the PC police… you can read about him at , but Star Parker, of Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education is also right up there…. she’s a former welfare recipient who got out of the socialist trap using her own will power and just some plain ol’ elbow grease – you can read about her at – but remember! The PC Thought Police sure wouldn’t want you showing any honest intellectual curiosity and look at THAT site
                  Looks like African Americans are FED UP with the liberal/socialist Plantation-Nanny State, and are starting to escape, just like they did from plantation owners 150 yrs ago, and from the Orwellian socialist DYSTOPIA (go look it up, libs) in droves… or as Clarence Thomas put it in a 1987 talk, “I often felt that the media assumed that, to be black, one had to espouse leftist ideas and Democratic politics. Any black who deviated form the ideological litany of requisites was an oddity and was to be cut from the herd and attacked.” As I said, Orwell couldn’t characterize you libs any better….

                  Heck, even Native American leader Russell Means of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation is now down on liberalism, saying it just perpetuates the misery of his people.

                  • Can anyone spot the irrelevant in the room.

                  • Russell Means is dead.

                  • Test,

                    You have compiled an impressive list! Thanks! I believe that list is going to grow as folks began to see the economic, political, social, and moral bankruptcy of the liberals and their power hungry agenda. Sadly, the liberal zombie virus is so virulent and ubiquitous it has permeated and infected a significantly large portion of the population. The race is on for a cure. The social infrastructure to develop the cure and eventual herd immunity for the community is almost nonexistent and will be an uphill battle all the way. Perhaps not unlike the current state of affairs in the “Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead”.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                  • wow thats a short list

            • Find a Chinese Lady , …I gave up on American women years ago … now I am happy ..HA Ha

          • The feminazis will be stripped naked and whipped through the streets at midday. In the cities center, placed in stocks and left there for public ridicule and abuse. This scenario will ring true for them if they stupidly continue supporting the importation of muslim savages.

          • Every one of them skipping work for this nonsense should be fired from their jobs. If they think they won’t be missed for a day, then they won’t be missed for all other days too.

            • Women with jobs that matter don’t/won’t be participating in this nonsense. Just the unemployed black women, college-aged green and blue haired freaks and the ball busting women businessmen or those in retail and food service—the only ones I’ll miss are the big tittied waitresses.

              • Women with jobs that matter are the ones that stay home as housewives and caring for the children.

          • Truth is, never married women have made as much as men for the past three decades. Where the delta occurs is when women decide – of their own free will – to value the raising of their children over the almighty dollar and faux self-actualization from work (yep… some woman gets to emblazon on her tombstone “I am the author of Windows 98… or this year’s version of same).

            Truth is, a large percentage of women find their value in raising healthy, loved, well-adjusted children rather than some temporary workplace scalp. There is nothing wrong with work; however when we see THAT as our identity, rather than our relationships with each other, and with God, those are the people end their life, like zillionaire Ivar Kreuger (b. 1880) said “I am one of the richest, and most miserable, men on earth.” (I might not have the quote exact, but it is close), or Jesse Livermore, the Wall St. titan, who wrote the classic 1940 How to Trade Stocks and supposedly made $100mm during the 29 crash. Livermore committed suicide in NYC at the Sherry-Netherland Hotel, a week after Thanksgiving 1940.

            Yeah, femininazis… keep it up. You have been duped, and – I say this with a heavy heart – you are on track to pay a sad, gigantic price for your delusion.

        • Can’t live with them, and ya can’t kill em’ either.

          I’ve been married and divorced twice, giving up half my stuff twice, do the math.

          Being Single, the last house I sold, it was nice being able to keep all the profit for myself.

          If I had a woman around all the time, I would have to pretend I give a shit.

          Go Look up “MGTOW” – “Men Going Their Own Way” is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. It is the manifestation of one word: “No”. Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a “man” is. Looking to no one else for social cues. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. And, living according to his own best interests in a world which would rather he didn’t.

          Guy’s parents ask: Are you gonna get married buy a house and start a family?
          Guy answers: “NO” I’m M.G.T.O.W

          • Zeus, damn good post. I’ve already been MGTOW ever since my wife was killed. I’ve dated some real ‘winners’ [you know what I mean] over the years but nothing good ever came of it. I quit dating about 10 years ago. I LOVE going my own way. I won’t give it up for anything.

        • Womans Liberation was another Plot by the Chewish to break up the American Family and used Gloria Steinem (CIA Operative) to carry out their orders to create division between the Sexes. They also founded the NAACP to create hate and racial division, and now using the same sex Tranny bathrooms and locker rooms by Transvestites and queers to further degrade the traditional America Culture as well as creating “Black Lives Matter” to also create more Racial hate and rioting. Its all the same motive to destroy America from within, and if you disagree, you are then called intolerant or anti-Semite. I call my self Pro-American and Screw you parasites.

          We need to rid the planet of these Zionist parasites. Don’t buy into this Zionist hating fish bait BS to ruin your relationships Guy and Gails.

        • Liberated because when your husband cheats on you, you can cheat on him too! Liberated because we no longer have to stay married to abusive, dominating men! we can leave their asses! Liberated because when a man curses/slaps you, you can call the cops, have his ass kicked out in the street, take him to court and then steal half his stuff. Liberated because when a guy is unfaithful, you can leave him, take the kids and file for alimony. Liberated because we can get the good- paying jobs too! Liberated because we can be armed, shoot intruders too!

          • I just passed by a shop, with numerous t-shirts in the window.

            On one shirt, it said, “Feminists– people who don’t want to be treated like sh—!” (Or was it, people who refuse to be treated like sh—?) Oh, well…

          • Anonymous, you make some valid points, but on the jobs that’s only because of affirmative action. On domestic violence, I AM opposed to any man being verbally or physically abusive to any woman, but the way the Violence Aginst Women Act was written, women get special treatment under that law and men get treated like second-class citizens. The original legislation was written by a FEMINAZI so go figure. The law is full of sexual bias against men and is a discriminatory law. Also, it has NOT even REDUCED the amount of domestic violence in this country. In fact, domestic violence has increased every year since the law first took effect. That is alarming. so another way has to be found to deal with the issue. The VAWA needs to be reviewed and some changes need to be made. Treating men like second-class citizens is not the answer to the problem. We need to return to ‘equal protection and treatment under the law’.

          • Yep that’s why I never got tricked into having any kids with you Fem users. You suck and abuse men and take them for all they are worth. In fact, you are lucky there is not a bounty out for all of you. As one guy told me, women are all sluts, until they prove you different.

            Single and loving it. Yep you are stuck with a pile of kids that run you ragged and no other guy will want any used baggage and left overs. Enjoy your hell version of liberation.. lol

            • Zeus, another good post. It’s a wonder that I never got anyone pregnant. I used to f#$% like a rabbit, LOL!

        • Very good post, B. They are liberated to what? Work like dogs? Find their identity in creating this year’s version of Windows 98? One woman I dated years ago became a lawyer, and she said it was totally unfullfilling – just working with horrible crimes and horrible people. Oh… some woman here is now a CORPORATE lawyer? So… now you get to go home alone every night and cuddle up to law books on corporate tax? You get to die alone, with the following generation just thinking of you as some bitter old harridan? And now you feminists think you are creating dignity for women by parading around DC dressed as a woman’s reproductive organ?

          Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. Some of you know where that statement came from

          Feminists, as a whole, were one of the first groups to be fooled into the PC scam. And they went downhill from there.

      3. Make it A DAY WITHOUT ANY LIBTURDS WHATSOEVER and you have a real winner!

      4. Several schools have been closed so the staff could take the day off. What a total abuse of the public trust, closing a school and paying the teachers to attend political events.

        As a minimum, they should not be paid for mass unexcused absences, this is abusing the leave system.

        • At a minimum they should be fired, and any others above them for allowing it, no exceptions.

        • Smokey, agreed. All the so-called ‘educators’ are libturd morons.

      5. I said something to my wife this morning about the protest and she said,” I’m no libtard”, “I’ve got a lot of work on my desk”! Love that gal….Besides I always pitch in and help keep the house clean as well. Work is work. Things need doin’ has to get done is all.

      6. With the exception of my kids…What is there to miss really? In the vacuum that should be silence, there is the Fake Stream media hammering out more than enough annoyance to wreck the day for me instead, and that’s WITHOUT turning on my own TV. You don’t suppose they could take their estrogen fueled screeching and take a vacation and take the worthless media with them overhyped magnification of that estrogen fuelled screeching and go caving somewhere so we can finally enjoy some REAL HONEST peace and quiet, do you?

      7. Or maybe they could just discover ONE aspect of 50 shades of stupid hype and collectively ALL wear a ball gags for a week instead. Perchance to dream.

        • I like your idea. Blessed silence

      8. The stupid shit storm never stops

      9. By replacing all the toilets in my house with urinals!

        • Brian, some women pee standing up. Janet Reno, Fuglystein, Kagen, Clitary, Moochele, those are just a few.

      10. If White women keep thinking like that, they will be extinct in about 100 years. No marriage. One child, on average, per couple. In two full generations, near extinction for their race. Not theory, math.

        • Him:

          Exactly right. That is the sole purpose of teaching women to abandon common sense, leave the nest, and believe that men are their rivals and oppressors.

          Men who fall victim to resenting women, play right into the hands of the ones whose goal is the total genocide of white America, Europe, and everywhere white people live.

          Time to see it for what it is, feminism is the antithesis to feminism. It is misnamed; and should be correctly called anti-feminism. As it is the opposite of feminine.

          Confusion about sexuality is a danger to a race. It will lead to the destruction of both men and women whose roles are complimentary. Competition is what kills relationships. Competition is going to kill your prospects of passing your genes to the next generation. Cooperation is a femenine.

          The word femenine ends in the word nine. Nine is a large family. White women don’t need to be barefoot in the kitchen. But that’s not a bad thing.


          • All this feminist horse manure can be traced back, in part, to the famed sociologists Gunnar and Alva Myrdal on women, marriage, etc. Here is their insult to women from decades back:

            “It is still possible for the weak, the stupid, the lazy, unambitious or otherwise lesser equipped individuals to remain and make their way within domestic work, both as housewives and as servants.”

            As far as I am concerned, the only ignorant, weak, stupid and lazy people I see are the Myrdals. As in the fact that sociology never has done one good thing for mankind, and to get a degree in sociology takes less work than a degree in basketweaving.

            • I thought it was the Frankfurt School folks that were the genesis of the feminist movement. You know, those Marxist types. But I know that you wouldn’t say that. You’re confusing me again. You would blame that on that guy from Germany that threw the Frankfurt School out. But this quote seems to be saying that if you want to stay home to be a nurturing woman who wants to raise a family, that you are stupid and lazy. It’s not an insult, it’s actually a motivational talk to get women to be anything but. Now that fits the agenda.

      11. A day without assholes.

        Tell you what, can we make it 4 decades? K thx.

      12. I noticed that I don’t see any female birds, dogs or cats around today either. If days like this become more common, what a beautiful world it will be, right.
        I guess there’s a reason why rapeugees have no respect for white women. One is that the women aren’t aware of how they have been brainwashed to accept them. So they are easy prey. Two is that they women don’t have respect for the men that have provided the spaces for them to be so free to give everything away. They have fallen for the idea that everyone can become just as refined as they are if everyone just closes their eyes and clicks their heals together. It ain’t gonna happen ever. Anyway, feminism is a plan for destruction of a certain culture and always was.

      13. What I like about this is now we have all of the Libtard biothes in the same spot. Now go across the street or down the road and find a real woman, like I did.

        The day will come when the have everything thing they want. Then they will want to go back to the way it was. They are like teen agers they think they know it all.

        If you think I’m kidding look at the blacks they wanted equal rights they got them now they want more , not more but back to the easy way it was.

        Could you imagine what would happen to them in the Middle East. Holy Stoning and Beheadings Bat Man!!!!!

        Nature has it one RULE the STRONGEST RULE. One day they will find that out. I didn’t make the rule Nature did. I’m just reminding you of that!!!!!!!

        When TEOTWAWKI or WWOL happens they will find out.


        • Too bad these feminazis are marching to protest Bill’s THIRTEEN sex assaults, all the hundred of thousand of sex assaults by illegal immigrants, or the honour killings (murders) by Muslims.

          Wonder what these Einsteinettes will do when their Muslim friends come marching in to NYC to implement Sharia law, along with required full burqas, on women. Or, for that matter, what the radical gays will do when when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco (where I was born, incidentally), to implement that same Sharia law.

          But, then, these types never did think through matters very deeply, did they…

          • If they did they would be marching to end the FED. We can’t have that now can we. So it’s let’s keep everyone watching this subversive tactic that we have created for them to watch. And what would happen if they figured that out too. Well as long as the colleges and the media are controlled they will never figure it out. And that was figured out a long time ago.

        • WWOL?

          Without Worthless Old Libtards?

        • Sarge, I’m sure you meant WROL, NOT WWOL. BTW, any outcome on that land you were looking at?

          • B

      14. On my day without women, I will be contact NOW to ask them what they are going to do about all THIRTEEN of Slick’s sexual assaults (minus Monica and Gennifer, which were consensual), or maybe ask them what they are going to do about the the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of rapes, murders and assaults of women by illegal immigrants. Then I’ll contact my nearest feminazi to see if they will utter a single word against honour killings by Muslims. Finally, I will go out and buy a one way ticket for these feminazis to some Muslim country.

        After all that, I will take my wonderful, beautiful, university educated wife – who utterly DESPISES feminists and political correctness – out to a nice dinner, while these harridans go home to watch TV alone while whining, bitching and moaning about the “hard lot” they have in life, that they, themselves, created.

        Oh yea. Gloria “A woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle” Steinem married later on. All all those gullible women who listened to her are now alone, bitter, and broke. They say you can’t fix stupid… but neither can you fix EVIL – which is exactly what the feminazis are.

      15. That was today?

      16. My dogs and I will be just fine. We don’t need some bitchy broad telling us what to do anyway. I hope the rest of the guys enjoy the peace and quiet. Maybe we could make this a monthly thing at least. We might just find that we don’t need them as much as they think we do. Legalize prostitution and we sure as hell won’t need them.

      17. I could care less about “women” in general.
        The only one I loved divorced me after 23 years and Gardasil KILLED my beautiful daughter 10 days after her 20th birthday. ~ RIP Jessica D – 12/16/1993-12/24/2013
        The Board of Directors of Merck Pharma has 7 women “doctors”.. Go figure..
        Women hate other women more than all the men worldwide combined..


        • Hey, Gunny. I know this is just the internet, but I really do feel for you in both of those losses. That had to be really, really hard.

          But you are right – H8TE seems to be the calling card of the left, of feminists, of radical gays. The word “harridan” fits a lot of these poor, deluded, gullible feminists. Thankfully, my wife of 30 years is a radical non-feminist – brilliant, staggeringly beautiful, wise, funny, caring. Most of the feminists I know are the exact opposite. I don’t say that with any sense of schedenfraude, just as a fact that seems to be generally true.

        • I am sorry for your loss of your daughter. That is tragic.

        • Gunny, sorry to hear about your daughter. I lost my wife to a drunk driver in 1982. She was a refugee from Cuba. she was devoutly, anti-communist, anti-feminist, etc. an intelligent, loving, and amazing woman all around. I never remarried. Never found another one like her. I won’t lower my standards.

        • Gunny,

          I too am sorry for your loss and offer my condolences.

          Louisiana Eagle

      18. BITCHES just for argument sake and other variables..

        A lot of women is America are mentally fucked, as Sarge noted. When the shit hits the fan, you may see a change and immediate change in personalities. Nature has a way of correcting attitudes.. A multi millionaire told me some thing that made me start my own business and saved my life and I have not seen or heard from him for over 15 years. He told me that most women are a fucking liability and that everything is a business and they when you meet women it’s all business…and they are in th business of taking your money, destroying you and leaving you for dead..

        Here are the lessons he told me to follow.

        From the moment you meet a women for the first date, you spent $20.00 is gasoline to go pick her up or meet her. Then as soon as the bill comes for dinner, the bitche site there and waits for you to pay the bill, then you pay it .. You just lost $40.00 then you meet with her again to listen to hear bitch about her shitty ex boyfriend did this or that and he said they most of the time, it’s the women your are dating they is a liar and is the problem .. You just lost $40.00 again, if your still stupid and you screw the woman, and the sex is good. Now your hooked, now you start to loose $500-600.00 a month just by being in her presence.. He gets even into more serious details, he told me let’s asked her where she lives and find out of she has a car note and check the apt complete rentals cost for that area. Now your at $1,000 on rent, $600 on the car note, $250 on th insurance, and her overhead is $2600 a month, then he said to me now ask her what she does for a living, because most of them out of college makes under 35k a year. So ge the career of job details, .most of the time 90% of them, the income is under 27k.. So be said to me when a woman comes up to you asked you self what her motivation is, becaue that bitch is none other a live in whote and your paying for pussy are is stupid to know that your are and then you have kids with her and then you pay for life…. He said to me, start your own business and focus on making money, and don’t let these stupid useless bitches ruin your life.. Women only need men for one thing money and security and could care less about you, all they talk about with friends is about how much you don’t make or what you do make. Then They you a loser..

        I decided to start my own business and to hell with women.. When I met this new one , I laid down the ground rules. Told her that I would get rid her ass, and they I dont need her, she came back and she was independent paid her own way made her own money, so I banged her ass, and then move her in, works for me.the inter- Action worked out, the acrobatics was in balance. It worked out well, it wa great to ge good relief

        Now for you left wing Trump hater bitches and lesbians. Fuck off..

        As for you liberal lesbians and other stuff orange green types, fuck you Hillary supporting bitches, you can start by go eating shit off the streets, no help for you pieces of Hollywood wanna be actor types and superficial bitches, to hell with you types..lesson learned. At least if I knock up mine I am still the one who in control.. Its who you do business with and why it’s important, and business is business and I don’t do business with midocre goal digger wining complaining bitches..

        Mine does cost me a little money and she is worth every dollar..and of she loses her job. I can Support her and pay the way.. And I teach her very bad things like how to load AR mags, how to shoot at the range. How to kill shi coms at 200-300 yards etc , prepping, how to kick another man in balls, how to punch an sneak noses properly. How to stab another man his neck, juse all the bad stuff that some women need to learn..i was never th romantic type, romance for me the shooting range on Sundays followed by a nice dinner, and I pays s she pays sometimes.. Isn’t love wonderfull…


        • Oh yeah, women want their liberation all right, they order the most expensive item on the menue, then when the dinner check comes and they run off to the bathroom in hiding until the check is paid. I never go out for dinner on the first date anymore. They are called dinner whores who shop you for dinner first date..

          First date we go do some activity outside during the day, so I can see what she looks like in the day light. Women are flat out liars and fakes, they wear all that clown makeup, wear black clothes to hide their fat asses, and high heels since they are not that tall, die their hair, fake boobs and all, and try to act sophisticated. I want to see how coordinated they are to see if they ever hit the gym and can ride a bike. No chubs or fat chicks allowed on my plate. And most are cesspool carriers of STD’s, especially the younger ones. Hey I can still pick up women in their early 20’s and I am 50’s. I could write a book on dating. I’ve flown women in for weekends, for the weekend wife trips, and travel my self across country. Then after a few days when they real them comes out and they start bitching about everything, its time to drop them off at the airport, see ya!! Next!!

        • Why don’t you have her buy you a few first grade-level spelling and grammar books to study? Maybe you will be able to put a few complete sentences together.

      19. Hmm,
        Ill get up, make my coffee, make my breakfast, go to work, make my own lunch, go back to work, head jome feed the chickens, then make dinner,
        Just like i do every single day, except i wont need to make meaningless smsll talk and act like i give a shit

      20. It has been said that a woman is merely a life support unit for a p@ssy. For these Libtards, we should just pull the plug and walk out the door.

        • Well Guys, drain all the bank accounts and hide all the assets, and take out a 2nd mortgage, before it gets to divorce, so there is nothing in view to fight over. Its strategic pre-divorce planning. Also go visit with all the top lawyers in the area so she has no choices to when it comes to her hiring a lawyer to try and clean you out, since that would be a conflict of interest, since you already spoke to the top lawyers. You never want to make yourself too valuable for them to grab half.

          Lots of these foreign chicks come to the US, meet a guy marry him and have a kid, then after 7 years she divorces him and lives off his paycheck with full citizen ship for the next 20 years. So prepare for that scam Guys, get your nuts cut. Then if she gets pregnant you can get rid of her for being unfaithful. No doubt guys, women have their bag of tricks to spring on ya, so stay 5 steps ahead.

      21. “The She Coon of Women’s Lib” by Jerry Clower:

        ht tps://

      22. Zeus. You are right on th money. I am sort 50 and I can pick up women 23, 25 year old one she craziest shit I have ever seen. They are so fucking worth les it’s not even funny. They are good to just fuck and Chuck.. Then when the shit hits the fan. When the shit Hits the fan, watch them sell their asses out in mass..


      23. it’s simple really, if you are not a slave to your sexual desires; you can live without women.

        if you actually took time to figure out what you spend on women and dating them and trying to impress them vs. the return on your happieness; you wouldn’t date them. with the exception of a very small percent of women, you are probably blowing 50% or better of your assets on them and for what ? one, maybe two nights a week; you get to do something you enjoy ?

        sorry, women are like a new car; they look great at first; then you realize later you got a depreciating asset that will give you all sorts of trouble usally when you can least afford it.

      24. What is worse is a day without dogs…now that would kill me.

        • Here here!

      25. I’ll see their “Day Without Women” and raise them a “Week Without Men”. For one week all men shut down… No plumbers, electricians, firemen, cops, auto mechanics, no sugar daddies, no nuttin! We just go find our best fishin’ hole and sit around watching football game after football game… drinking some good Bourbon smoking some good cigars… telling all kind of lies and farting as loud we want! I’ll make my own damn sammich, thank you very much!

      26. The white race and all the benefits to humanity coming from this race is tittering on the edge of extinction. Unless men and women put away this squabbling petty selfish attitude and start taking some responsibility for the continuation of the white race, there won’t be one. Humanity will become savage. That is not cruel racism. It is harsh reality. Without the people who created the science and technology, the architecture, dams, bridges, intricate music and fine art; there will be none.


      27. Been alone now for awhile if I had to have one of these liberal it would be for ever.

      28. A day of marching visual Ipecac….

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