CEO Keith Neumeyer Warns: “There’s Going To Be a Major Revolt… We’re Going To See Riots”

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    With negative interest rates now the order of the day in much of the Western world, it’s only a matter of time before financial institutions start charging American depositors for the privilege of keeping their money safe in the U.S. banking system.

    And according to Keith Neumeyer in his latest interview with SGT Report, that could spell disaster for socio-economic stability. Neumeyer, who is the CEO of one of the world’s top primary silver producers First Majestic Silver and the Chairman of mineral bank firm First Mining Finance, says that should The Fed and government policy makers implement negative interest rates and continue on their current course of bailing out big business while impoverishing average Americans, we could well see riots in the streets.

    Negative interest rates are a way that governments are trying to tax the people… it’s going to start with big corporations that have a lot of cash sitting around in the banks and then it’s going to trickle down to the average person on the street… the people that get hurt are the small investor… the people that could least afford it…  the retired people that rely on their interest on their savings that they expected to have… this is all changing… the world is changing…

    I think there’s going to be a major revolt… If we actually do see negative interest rates in North America…  we’re going to see riots. 

    (Watch At Youtube)

    The Fed has lost credibility. And that has left the average person on the street with an air of uncertainty and concern over the stability of the system.

    This, says Neumeyer, is why many investors, both large and small, have started turning to tangible assets as a safe haven.

    The Fed is losing credibility… there’s talk of negative interest rates… people are looking to gold now as a safe haven to be in as protection against these major forces that are occurring in the world.

    But it’s not just the retail investor that is terrified of the consequences of Fed policy.

    We’re seeing State mining companies go on an acquisition spree looking around the world for gold mines to buy. They are very bottom-up players… very long-term players… a lot of the people we’re talking to are actually looking to buy gold mines…

    Of course there’s the institutional investor and retail investor who wants to have the physical gold…

    Last year Neumeyer warned that a global reset is in the cards for sure and urged investors to start positioning themselves for that eventuality. He also famously penned an open letter to the CFTC highlighting the rampant manipulation in the system in which he claimed that a small concentration of market players were attempting to control the price of silver through paper trading.

    But that manipulation will eventually become ineffective, he says, because industrial and retail demand for physical silver will overwhelm the paper markets:

    I’m a believer in the market. We go through phases where we have imperfections… and that’s one of the areas now that we have a price fixing mechanism that is very inefficient… it is very damaging to the miners… it’s damaging for investors who believe the metal should be at higher prices… so as long as the regulators allow the banks to sell unlimited amounts of silver and gold, I’m not sure if the system can ever be fixed on its own.

    What I think is going to happen is there will simply be a physical shortage of metal. We’re consuming more silver today than we ever have as a human race. The use of silver is climbing each year. We’ve seen production in 2015 drop from 2014 in silver. It looks like 2016 is going to be another year for lower silver production as well.

    Silver is a very rare metal and people don’t understand that. We’re currently mining on a global basis 10 ounces of silver for every 1 ounce of gold.

    That’s a shocking number.

    We’re trading at 80-to-1 [silver-to-gold]. So how can you possibly trade at 80-to-1 and be mining at 10-to-1. That relationship cannot possibly last.

    … The regulators are sitting on their hands… the banks are making too much money… there’s no incentive to change the system… but it will be a supply squeeze that will eventually change the system.

    As SGT Report echos, there is no incentive for them to change the system except for the time when people actually do reach their boiling point and start to march in the streets because they’ve been thrown under the bus for much too long.

    And when those riots do start, just as Zero Hedge previously reported during the Greek riots, the price of physical precious metals versus the bank manipulated paper prices will skyrocket. In 2010 the price difference between the two was as high as 40% above the paper spot price as Greeks scrambled for real money in the midst of their country’s collapse.

    Things will be no different in America when a jobless, hungry, and marginalized majority takes to the streets. When that comes to pass we will see the real value of physical silver and gold emerge, and you can be almost certain that it will be significantly higher than the suppressed paper prices the banks want us to believe.

    For more interviews, breaking news and commentary visit SGT Report.

    Click here to learn more about CEO and Chairman Keith Neumeyer.


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      1. Riots, who would have thought about that?

        Question is when???

        Be well all…

        • This summer & fall will be the warm up


          next summer if Trump is elected

          • Da Y
            Remember the 15 of April to the 1st. of May. The world and our nation has had more crazy things happen in this two week period than any other than I can think of.


            • Sarge, spot on about that particular time frame. that’s when I get a little more jittery than usual. I also don’t believe we’ll get through the summer without something significant happening.

              • I get jittery, the I shoot at things.

                • To the imposter posting under my name, I’ll bet you get more than jittery if you ever met me face-to-face. You couldn’t even spell my name correctly this time.

              • Sgt. and BH: I agree. I am afraid the media is going to stir things up and this will make the riots in 1968 look like kindergarten.

                I hope I am wrong. I hope we are all wrong.

                • Wrong or right, be prepared, prepared for anything! With the way Nations are being run these days we have no idea what moronic ideas they (the elite) will come up with!

                • Riots…Martial Law…No Elections…The Self Proclaimed King stays in the White House.

              • You both said that last year…and the year before. nuttingonnahappin. I myself figured last may, because all the fear porn talking heads said so. They are full of $$$HIT. Even the respected ones that only are worth 50 million, instead of a billion.

                • But

                  I did not

                  • More silver PROPAGANDA !!! This time from a Silver Baron himself !!!

                    “We’re trading at 80-to-1 [silver-to-gold]. So how can you possibly trade at 80-to-1 and be mining at 10-to-1. That relationship cannot possibly last.”

                    Of course it can !!! It could even go higher !!! It could go to 100 to 1; or 120 to 1 !!!

                    That premise (in quotes) is absolutely and totally FALSE !!! Value is determined by the markets which follow the actions of buyers and sellers: its called “bid” & “asked”.

                    The demand is for GOLD, not silver. Wake up you fucking moron !!! 🙂

                    • Here is a good article at Zero Hedge which explains why the Internet meme that the dollar is toast, is really a shit sandwich for the Alt Media Morons who believe that swill.

                      The dollar will survive everything except nuclear war, pole shift or a massive CME. Plan accordingly. 🙂


                    • Reminds me of what I read somewhere of Gold ownership at 325 owners to one ounce of gold. I wonder what happens when the music stops? peace. I don’t own any gold or silver and will not buy any. Ezekiel 7:19

                    • The dollar will collapse. Embrace it.

                    • I think it will end in a wimper,not a bang. Their is just to much hype.

                    • Wrong Durangoboomerang kiddy,

                      I totally agree with pretty much everything exactly as the Video conversation goes. Silver today is now at 78 to 1 Gold to Silver and Silver just breached $16.06, and the Bid Price is 16.02 @ 2:17pm Monday April 11. I also predicted that Silver would be at $50 in 2017 and this Video confirms what I said just days ago in the Silver Article. And Silver will be up to at least $26.50 by End of July 2016. That is a $10 Gift to all your folks, just getting in today. Next Month you can say Gee we should have bought silver before it went above $18, then $22.50, then $26.50 by July. The is the Black Swan event – The 2016 Republican National Convention (RNC) will convene in Cleveland, Ohio on July 18-21, 2016.

                      Durrango is wrong as usual. He has no understanding of much of anything financial, check the archives.. but tries to act like some expert. He reads a few articles then posts here, then if it come true, then he says check the archives, to like try and build his credibility. I post here and days later they post articles of what I just said here days before. Early last summer I told you all the Paper shorted were driving Silver down, just in the observation of the Daily Trading Charts. Like .40 cent crash drops when the NYSE opens. Duh!!! And when Silver is already at lows. Then a good rally takes off up 80 cents and then the shorters crash it again. Over and over. I am not sure why some are not sitting in prison for manipulation using thin air paper with no backing of real metals. Gold is over 500 to 1 Trading Paper to real physical Gold in possession. Ssilver is like 27 to 1 paper vs physical. Those People trading paper gold and silver ETF’s are going to loose it all. Physical holders will be greatly rewarded.


                    • durangokidd: there IS no other way to plan except to plan for the dollar to survive, do the math and please tell me I’m wrong. Please.

                      Unless you can produce 100% of absolutely everything you need to survive with $0 financial inputs (past the initial startup costs) and do it for 60 goddamned years… then my friend you need a dollar. Or damned something.

                      This is why not only they would go to war if the dollar was going to crash, but rest assured, you would too. It’s like a bank run, you got no choice.

                    • old nam vet~cool site!

                    • The Guy: Yes you will need “dollars or something”. That “something” other than dollars is gold and silver, or bartable items of which you own a surplus; or skills you can trade for what you might need.

                      I have no problem with silver.

                      I only have a problem with SILVER SHILLS pumping and dumping, deliberately taking advantage of the Sheeple, as I have shown with independent data from zero hedge.

                      Nuemeyer’s prediction based upon his premise is BS pie in the sky, attempting to stimulate the market for his junior mining shares by pumping the silver price. His premise suggests that because the mining ratio of silver to gold is “X” then “Y” must follow.

                      NOT TRUE !!!

                      The price ratio could go higher, or DECLINE if the price of gold drops as DENT believes. The ACTION is in GOLD !!!

                      If Nuemeyer’s premise were true, the silver to gold ratio would already be LOWER. Its not. The current relationship between prices and mining ratios shows that GOLD is in demand since the “new normal” silver to gold ratio has fluctuated between “40 to 60 to 1”.

                      The current price ratio (80 to 1) could go much higher as demand for GOLD intensifies. Historically, Spring is “off season” for cyclical gold buyers, so the fact that it is “out of season” yet the price of gold is rising, indicates that the demand is for GOLD, not silver.

                      There is no correlation between silver mining ratios and silver prices. Today, prices are set by demand and supply. Clearly with the current silver to gold mining ratio, there is adequate supply of silver and lackluster demand.

                      Meaning that there is not enough demand to boost prices; (which is why Nuemeyer and Daniel are trying again to pump demand, while the price of silver is suppressed by the PTB for its industrial uses.

                      This explains the speed bumps in the redline on the silver chart, and the line reverts to the base after the pumping and dumping is over and the Silver Shills have sold into the artificial demand that they have created through fear. 🙂

                    • You jerk

                    • Jerk ??? No, just exposing the CON !!! 🙂

                • “On Thursday, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve has called an ‘emergency’ meeting for Monday, April 11.”

                  “Just eight weeks ago, the Atlanta Fed forecasted GDP growth of approximately 2.5%, which would’ve been a very healthy growth rate, and even on March 11, the Fed was still expecting the GDP to grow by 2.3%.”

                  “In just four weeks time, the Atlanta Fed has revised its GDP growth rate from 2.3% to just the 0.1%, which means are basically at the tipping point between a growing economy and the first signs of a new recession.

                  Whatever the final outcome will be, it is now pretty clear that the economy in the United States is stalling. And the rate at which the economy seems to be crumbling is really terrifying.”

                  ht tp://

                    • Scary.

                  • KY Mom: I read that article yesterday on ZH. I have been up watching the news channels, including the financial channels, and there is nothing about this meeting.

                    Apparently Obama and Biden were supposed to meet with Yellen today, too.

                    • Philosopher,

                      I haven’t found any details of the “emergency” federal reserve meeting either.

                      The only information I have seen is the Government issued “brief” about the meeting afterward at the White House between Obama and Yellen.

                • Dave

                  You are not looking deep enough.

                  Have you not seen what BLM has (Black lives matters) has done. Chicago stopping the Trump rally. There have been more small riots than larger riots. But there have been riots.

                  True there wasn’t Ferguson but there was Baltimore. How soon we forget.


                  • A few small riots where only a few get killed is not going to start anything. When hundreds are killed such as in Ukraine, then it would be time for all you to go to your BOL’s. The Vietnam protests didn’t collapse the economy or government.

                    • And they were huge, remember watching film footage on news on our black and white Tv with the foil flags on the rabbit ears

                    • I only live 30 miles from Albuquerque, other side of the mountains, and we had some unrest over police killing on average 2 unarmed people a month. Barely a blip on the radar. OSS barely touched Seattle and there were more than 10000 people for several months. Seattle has a bunch of tent cities, all well regulated. This is an economic collapse, and people do the best they can. Millions starve to death around the world very quietly. Are you calling for a revolution? So is Bernie Sanders! Not sure what Trump is calling for, but his supporters have been signing petitions to bring guns to the convention. I am glad that is not my hometown. I am happy to stay home and garden at this time… and dig perimeter footings. I have a lot to do to catch up with many of you on preps.

                  • Sarge, my name for them is Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter. That’s all they really are, period.

                    • Bernie Sanders is an admitted Communist. You’ve been informed. Elect a communist – wait in long lines for your food and gasoline rationing.

                • Dave in Idaho says: “ignorant statements” …how can you possibly ignore the ‘sitting president’, and where he came from and all that’s he’s been doing to divide the nation …and he’s done such a great job we’ve become more divided than could have been done in The Civil War …with but “two clans” against each other as compared too (literally) 1,000’s of “what-have-you’s” (gangmembers #’ing in the thousands coast-to-coast, KKK ‘coast-to-coast’, the media is keeping a 100% “lid on it” but the blacks are being compelled into rebelling unlike EVER before, and they are being ‘jacked up’ to do so by Rev. Al …at Obama’s request (I assume, imho only).
                  So, (sir, and I use the term loosely), for one to remotely think that with this being an election year, and with a Domestic Enemy of The United States “at the helm” of America (who has fired our finest military officers because they remarked they would refuse any orders to fire upon American Civilians, no matter the reason(s).
                  No need to worry that Russia is now selling Iran everything that we just worked out with them that they could not have, like nuclear missles. So, they turn right around and sign a treaty then ignore it and within two months take receipt of the first of many Russian Nukes. Some for Israel, at least one for us. ISIS would and will use a “dirty bomb” at the appointed time, and if you think there are not any ISIS members in The USA, The FBI, CIA, DHS and others (ask the Border Patrol about it). There are 100’s of thousands of ‘extremists’ who CAN NOT WAIT to start blowing the hell out of this country …and WE have a great many “good targets” to hit.
                  Lastly, I am sure that everyone who frequents ‘these halls of horrors’ is aware that I won’t shutup about those people in America who are either refusing to accept the truth (meaning, the direction we are being forced to take IF “the wrong” person gets elected as president), or just don’t believe anything like this could happen in America. Amazing isn’t it?
                  That’s saying THEY CAN NOT TELL that the LEOs are getting a bit out of bounds when they start shooting civilians in the back, who are unarmed and pose no threat in the least …and in other “ways and means” seem to suggest that America is heading into a modality of a ‘type’ similar to Germany’s ‘super soldiers’ (Gestapo). Many of our LEOs are NOT being taught a thing except how to interface with the public in the same manner as a soldier is trained to interface with their enemies. They even dress the same, and use basically the same gear (as a soldier having a tazer would be a great “make them talk” toy)!!!! lol…
                  Lastly, we, the people, are allowing these lawless, illegal and unconstitutional leaders to “have their way with us” in all aspects …and even KNOWING they intend to dispense with as many of us as possible (genocide if everything else fails them), we continue to “obey all their laws” (few of which have any constitutional basis and extremely few laws are really “laws” at all. In a nutshell, if any law goes against The Constitution, then it is ‘null & void’. (This comes in handy in many courts …meaning to have a constitutional ‘alibi’ …the courts cannot hand down verdicts that are against “the law of the land” which IS The US Constitution and her Amendments.
                  As for this summer, DO enjoy as much of the summer as you can. (And plant like HELL because groceries may be in short supply as soon as August/September as “all matters” leading us into a “non-election” start to unfold. (Obama needs a reason to declare martial law, even if it is not at 100% but confined to large cities or ‘trouble spots’ they wish to chill out before riots get out of control and ‘trounce them’ (as they should be trounced).
                  If it turns out that nothing happens, I will be the happiest man on earth, with a great food supply too! lol… However, with everything the NWO and other nations have in store for The USA …I do believe we are “walking into an ambush” and Uncle Sam has thrown blinders on everyone …but the truth will emerge, and those who’ve been staying abreast of world ‘attitudes’ are “quite readied” and mentally, physically and ‘supply-wise’, totally prepared for the worst. Those are the expected-to-live percentage of 7%. Geesh, but then again, during The Civil War, a battle near DC on a creek (Antitum or at least I am close), the battlefield changed hands six times in one day of fighting. When the sun went down over 23,000 bodies lay dead. It is hard to imagine carnage of such proportions, and yet we are heading into it once again. Must be something that repeats itself over and over in history ….bloodbaths and annihilations of nations and entire peoples.

                  • Paragraphs would be nice.

                    • There ARE paragraphs, are there not? (Not indented, but ‘paras’ just the same. So bite me. 🙂

                    • No there are not. It is a wall of text.

                      Paragraphs have empty lines in between the main ideas.

                    • A second anon appears.

                  • What are YOU going to do about it? Thats what I thought…peck at the key board.

                    • Equorial..I know what you are saying, but the situation is going to unfold regardless of what we say, vote, or protest. Disobey the elitist laws, and you go to prison. I have a better way that I have posted lots of times. Forgive the snotty comment above. I have been working the fields hard today. self sufficiency.

                    • I’m an older man of nearly 60. Did my 20 in the navy and in no way am going to allow the likes of anyone to cast judgements upon me in any wise. Dave, nothing is directed at you, but the ones who feel they run the forum and truly “know it all” (and non-other but them doth have such an impressive, non-military …and you are also “down” on military folk (active duty OR retired), yet you don’t bitch about THEIR deaths that are lost for your ‘effing’ right to free speech now do you ya?
                      I’m outta here. Don’t need the bullshit or the questionable angles you civilians tend to view things from …angles that WILL GET YOU KILLED. Just wait and see. We may have a war in the near future …one never knows. (These are YOUR words …so you can’t deny the possibility is real).
                      Perhaps it is a problem of not being able to adequately present my thoughts ‘in a civilian-like manner’, and so I am mistook and wrongly judged on matters I did not mean …or something to that effect. No matter. (What does it matter)?
                      As for the forum. I’ve run more forums than I’ve frequented and left …usually for the same reasons. Eventually the place becomes a ‘clic’ and eventually it goes the way of the dodo bird….this was a clic long before I arrived. Cya’s…
                      Y’all be safe. We’ll be fine thank you! 🙂

                    • You are not older at 60 unless you think you are ? l am almost 68 and healthier and stronger than I was in RVN in 68-69 and have the body of a fit 25 year old. So you can do the same I imagine ? It is all about your mindset and little else. Go to the fitness page at my site for proof if that makes you feel better ! This is what I teach people regularly. Just takes a bit of courage and effort. I was also crippled for 5 + years and healed myself 10 years ago. anybody can do the same rather easily, just gotta know how and put out a little effort, no big deal !

                • That’s right, nothin’ gonna happin’. No non-commies left, particularly in Idaho.

                • You are right, don’t get caught up in a certain date. I have seen dozens of articles stating that on such n such a date something is going to happen but Nobody knows what date anything may or may not happen! The best advice I have gotten and can pass along is to be Prepared! We don’t know what if anything will happen so be prepared for anything! It seems to me that maybe a financial crises may happen upon us but that is only a guess, who knows for sure but God Almighty himself!

              • Sgt.

                Just got news that Big Brother just released some kind of mosquito in Florida.

                They said that they are carrying something.

                • Carrying Illegals back to Mexico.

                • This was a couple of years ago in the FL Keys –

                  The trial planned by mosquito control officials and the British company Oxitec would release non-biting male mosquitoes that have been genetically modified to pass along a birth defect that kill their progeny before reaching maturity.

                  The idea is that they will mate with wild females and their children will die before reproducing. After a few generations, Key West’s Aedes aegypti population would die off, reducing the dengue fever risk without using pesticides and at relatively a low cost, the proponents say. There is no vaccine for dengue fever.
                  ‘The science of it, I think, looks fine. It’s straight from setting up experiments and collecting data,’ said Michael Doyle, pointing to research Oxitec has had published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He inherited the project when he took the lead at the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District in mid-2011.


                • Don’t be scared, they are just looking for another reason to spend (sorry meant to say print) several more billion dollars. Oh I almost forgot,and in the national interest restrict your travel.

            • Remember, Mad Max is a movie.

              Real gasoline goes stale after 3 months if you forget to add fuel stabilizer to it.

              As most of us don’t store gas at home, the very first thing I would do in an unrest period is to go get some and put the pri-g or sta-bile in it.

              You should have many Jerry cans around for this purpose.

              • Then there are those of us who live in hurricane zones and are accustomed to losing power for weeks at a time. I store enough gas to run my generators for 10-12 hours a day for a month. Also store multiple bottles of propane. The gasoline is treated and rotated out every spring. The stored gas is run through my vehicles and fresh gas is then stored for the next year. I have been doing this ever year since hurricane Alicia caught me unprepared in the early 1980’s. In recent years I have also added battery banks and some basic solar panels so my gasoline supplies can now be stretched much longer. I have even gone so far as to attach a automotive alternator to a bicycle frame to recharge the battery bank with “manpower” if needed.

                • At least that if not more,,,
                  I have used 2 year old gas and it was fine
                  32oz StaBil in 55gal drum

                • Hey Texas prepper
                  Please tell more about the car alternator hooked up to a bicycle. Did you get instructions online or just know how? Thank you.

                  • Actually I first heard of something like it in a book, think it was The Patriots, but not sure. Basically all I did was make a stand to hold the alternator and stabilize the bike with the rear wheel off the ground. The serpentine pulley on the alternator can be engaged up against the rear wheel so that when the rear wheel spins the alternator, it charges the batteries. Simple wires (I used 6 gauge wire) attached to the alternator on one end and with alligator clips on the other end to attach to the batteries. It is really pretty crude, but works like a champ. If and when I do it again, I think it would be much easier with a stationary exercise bike. The alternator could be placed where the resistance roller is and that would be really the only needed alteration.

                    • A small wind propelled generator would be a good investment.

                    • Texas Prepper,
                      This was a how to article way back in the late 1950s in Popular Mechanics magazine. They also had one using a home made windmill. They were both claimed to work and the electronics in that time period were primitive compared to today. However alternators still work the same. Lose weight, get in shape and charge your back up deep cycle golf cart batteries while doing so.

                    • Texas prepper
                      Thank you for the good explanation. I believe I can put this together.
                      I need more aerobic exercise but am less comfortable biking alone than I once was, and stationary bikes are so boring! Creating power while getting exercise gives an added benefit that appeals to me. Fitness is part of prepping, power generation is part of self-sufficiency… life changes. I appreciate your instructions.

                  • Here is a link to a commercially available system you can put your bike on. The one I made is similar, but not near as professional looking. I think mine will generate much more power, but can’t say for sure because I don’t have an amp meter to put on it.
                    h ttp://

                  • You need to remove the tire off the rear wheel and put the serpentine belt around the rim and to the alternator in order to get the alternator to spin 600+rpm. There is a video somewhere on you tube.

                • Would an EMP affect the alternator?

                  • Not as long as it is a stand alone generator without the long lead in wires that are needed to build up the voltage necessary to cause damage.

              • Gasoline keeps far longer in a steel can than plastic. It is imperative to keep it in total darkness and a red plastic gas container ain’t gonna make it.

            • Every year, the DHS, ATF, FBI and others, gear up for April 19th. If you are on a list, you can easily observe the increase in surveillance, both aerial and ground. They use the excuse that April 19th is important to the right wing militia types. While this is true, it is because of government blood letting on that date. It will happen again.

          • If we gotta go this route–at least with Trump I’ll be entertained on the way down. Anybody that pisses that many useless fuks off to include the black lives DON’T matter crowd, queers who are an abortion of nature, Illegal Mexicans, latino’s–whatever you wanna call em and any derivative of–every side of the abortion issue–wall street–Ted Cruz cause his old lady is ooogly, welfare queens–the list goes on–my god–imagine his press conferences as president–priceless–you fired asshat–we will wake up one morning and syria, north korea, iran or any various other parasite country will be vaporized cause some turd government shit will have made a snarky comment about his old lady–lol–I don’t care–BUT–not ever gonna happen–The treasonous bitch and her impeached husband will be the last and I mean LAST rulers of this land. The time is close–get your affairs in order–by the way–love Da UP–Escanaba in the Moonlight baby–the Yimmer is my hero–a classic–live down by midland–keep up the good fight

        • No, Mr. CEO, we’ll be coming to lynch people that are CEOs, not to mention your families.

          • Let’s not go lynching people just for the sake of lynching people.

            People like Keith Neumeyer have been outspoken critics of Fed policy and rampant manipulation in broader financial markets.

            He may be rich, but having money doesn’t necessarily make someone a bad guy.

            I’ve been carrying some of Neumeyer’s work over the years because he tells it like it is. Sharp guy and someone who knows what he is talking about, and has repeatedly warned about what is being done by regulators and central bankers to not just his companies, but the rest of us as well.

            • He probably should hide then due to the fact he will be guilty by association to the masses.

              • Not everyone who is CEO of their company are wealthy. They started a business, work the business and re honest. If you think about it, isn’t Mac CEO of his business?

                • We are discussing a post SHTF world here. Rich, poor, or in-between, if you are perceived as ‘one of them’ you are dead. Or worse.

                  • It’s easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle . Then a rich man to get in heaven. But what is considered rich?

                  • FP: you are an idiot. If you are not part of the government you are not “in the club.”

                    There is a place where SHTF right now due to a failed state, communism, and hyperinflation. Where? Venezuela.

                    ht tp://

                    When you have to carry around bags of money, let me ask some of you, would you rather have PMs or a hyperinflated worthless currency? I am guessing the people that had PMs have left Venezuala. When? Quite some time ago. This place looks like hell with each passing day.

                    Apparently the morgues are full and the PM is telling women to not use a blow dryer for their hair. Oh, and Friday’s are now a day off for everyone due to electricity shortages. For those of you who think Bernie Sanders is going to save you, be careful what you ask for, you just may get communism and free $hit.

                    Oh, and in case you missed it there was also a story on Breitbart earlier today about roving gangs riding ATVs and dirt bikes. Where? In Washington DC.

                    • Here is a link to the Breitbart story I mentioned above:

                      ht tp://

                    • Go to hell you bunch of pricks.

                    • “P”
                      Just looked at the ATV sight. The Motor bikes All I can say is broom handles.

                      For the ATV’s Piano wire.

                      When TSHTF you will see a lot of this type of gangs. Remember some of the scenes in Mad Max. These turds will come out of the big cities. Easiest way to stop them is 12 GA. Buck Shot.

                      Thanks for the INFO.


                    • Sgt: thanks for checking out the link and please pass it one to your family, friends and co-workers interested in this topic. The sad thing is apparently this is not the only city to have this type of problem.

                      I almost fell off my couch this morning after reading this article. I read the article because I figured this was happening in Europe, like Bulgaria or Bosnia or someplace like that and it was a big shock to find out this happened in WASHINGTON DC where the punks were riding on Pennsylvania Avenue!

                      As usual, nothing in the MSM but silence.

                  • FP, no one here is happy about what has happened to our country and the direction it’s going in. BUT I’LL BE DAMNED IF I’M GOING TO LYNCH ANYONE JUST TO LET OFF STEAM OR SOME BS LIKE THAT. If someone gives me a reason to lynch them, then and only then is it different. BTW, the man I work for is the CEO of his own company and there’s nothing evil about him. I’ve been with him for 30-plus years and given my all to him. He’s done a helluva lot for me in return. I won’t go harm anyone unless they come to me with such intentions in mind. I just want to survive as long as I can. I refuse to become bloodthirsty.

                    • Screw you too shit talking punk.

                    • I am bloodthirsty.

                    • Austria just announced a 54% hair cut of Senior creditors in first “bail in” under new European rules.


                    • Brave 1776
                      I agree lynching someone just because they are a CEO or something like that. It is not right.

                      I understand F.P.’s feeling but that is what TPTB wants. We can’t play into their hands.

                      It looks like you made a new friend. (LOL)


                    • I think FP is a bloodthirsty keyboard pussy.

                  • FP, are you from Boulder Colorado? Your rants sound similar to other fine specimens of evolution in the People’s Republik of Boulder.

                    I could swear I passed you this morning on my way to work… had to cross the double yellows to avoid your punk spandex ass as you pedaled down the middle lane of a State Highway! Saving money and the environment no doubt, all ganged up with your other spandex love buddies on your way to God knows where, in order to turn around and pedal all the way back. Christ in a cartoon!

                    By the way, next time please use all your fingers as you wave to recognize my consideration for your health and safety, I may not be so careful next time.

                    Your friend, or not, your choice…

                    Burt Gummer

                  • If TSHTF I plan on hunting evil rich people, and taking everything they have. If they ‘need’ to die as part of that process, so be it/ big fucking deal. And in my mind the most evil are the criminals who have been stealing OUR republic for a long time now; the entrenched, elitist establishment scum, who full-well-knowingly have been selling us all down the river for decades. ALL power starts with those who get to make the rules. NOT rich people who have benefited from their tyranny against the rightful owners of the government. The first on my list would be congress critters – ONLY because the presidents, past and present, would have MUCH greater security detail.

            • A white crow gets pecked to death.

              In SHTF if you look like you have anything worth taking, it wont be good for you at all.

              Don’t bullshit yourself.

              I have lived through SHTF in a few expeditions.

              Believe me, all it takes it the absence of resources for a short time period. And people will turn vicious.

            • Mac, I do like your site and most of the replies to understand and learn from those with valuable information. I really don’t understand why you allow this type of hatred, foul language garble on your site. I’m checking less and less here as I can find good comments elsewhere

              • Would you rather he censor people’s free speech?


                • Yup, the politicly correct disease,

                  • Then get out of here ya dumb ass if you can’t ‘handle’ foul language. (Man oh man what an ‘effing’ p*ss* for daring to mention it). And I suppose his command of the english language uses no four letter words? lol… well of cos’ it does!

                    • Hey!!!!
                      Ill have none of that threatening tone,,,,
                      This is my safe space!

                    • Equorial, it’s time to wash your mouth out with soap.

              • Well, I think you’re right but your detractors here may be missing the point you’re trying to make. They may be just reacting, emotionally, instead of thinking, which is what we’ve all been programmed to do with TV, just a soundbite, a few words to press our buttons and get a reaction. 🙂 More come just to vent their spleens online than to provide valuable information, but often you can find both in the same people if you hang around long enough. It doesn’t matter if you say fuck and damn and I know you didn’t mean it that way; what matters is if you are actually thinking about, anything, or just foaming at the mouth ranting.

                Survivors, smart, rational, hardy and resourceful people, come from all over the ideological and political spectrum. They can be found, generally a small minority, just about anywhere on the planet – because they are independent-thinking individuals who can work as a team but they don’t think in teams. That’s not to say they all have the same opinions. Those are the ones who are going to make it WTSHTF, for they’ve been watching what’s going on, just like the rest of us.

                Since they’re rational instead of nuts, we can get through whatever personal differences we have, at least work around them, because what’s most important in the long run is not those differences but survival of the best, most thoughtful, most talented and resourceful of us. How are we going to save civilization if the only ones who survive are the passion-driven morons and nobody knows to do anything to build another?

                I am certain, if our ‘establishment’ really goes splat! that the very last thing we’re going to care about if we need, say, an experienced electician, is whether he voted for the same political candidates we did. TPTB have already broken us all if we’re wasting energy we need for getting prepared and staying aware on tearing each other apart with online screeds.

            • Mac, I agree with pretty much everything in the video, as what is Reality and where Silver is going. Half these people probably didn’t even watch the video. I call it like I see it.


          • I will make it a point to hunt you down and make you wish you’d died years before

          • I’ve been reading doomsday opinions from countless authors who also sell gold and silver…. I’m not saying we aren’t going to crumble… far from it, but the loudest voices seem to be selling gold and silver. They have a stake in the crash.

            • I have to agree. As we all know they can’t let a crisis go to waste. Better to err on the side of caution tho.

        • Paid advertising disguised as a news article.
          But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.
          Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean bad shit can’t or won’t happen.

          Buy silver. Not because this article goaded you to. But because silver could be useful for barter. Granted who barters anymore? Better yet, buy food–food, and ammo, and save the silver for werewolves.

          • Sarge, I don’t see FP as a troll and I’m not taking his bait. He sounds like he would play right into the feds’ hands. I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid for his sake.

        • Riots? Yep at some point. If a list can be made of all the potential shtf scenarios, it would scare the hell out of most. Financial collapse, racial issues, terrorism, famines, diseases, just to name a few, and this is really just a few. At some point, something is gonna give and when it does I believe there will be pandemonium and destruction that has never before existed, not even from war. I say the things I say, like be prepared to go mobile, stay quiet and be smart, I go to a gym almost everyday, for this very reason. To me, this is no joke, and this forum is a place to trade ideas. Please do not wear out, it’s coming and even the best prepared are gonna be challenged. (Which is an understatement). Take care of yourselves, your families and each other. Drive on.

        • PMs acquisitions is bullshit.

          The only selloff opportunity you will have is to sell it back to the PM company at 20 cents to the dollar or worse.

          PMs are a fucking scam just like insurance.

          I could think of a shit ton of preps I would buy before that silver bullshit even crossed my mind.

          Selco is fixated on gathering small items for trade in lieu of PMs.

          Methinks I will follow suit.

          • After years of posting, you finally post something that makes sense. I have my doubts on PM’s because the PTB can change what is considered currency whenever they want. Silver can at least be made into a topical antibiotic. Gold is almost worthless as a metal. But these are all opinions, and most of us, including your crazy ass will have died of natural causes (old age) by the time anything happens to the currency regarding PM’s. You are getting old Acid. You had better stock up on “depends” diapers, as you will be wearing them soon.

            • Dave in Idaho. Is it simply that you are exceedingly better than anyone else, or just picking on him because he’s ahead of you and you’ve no way to catch up. I’d rather have him “on my 6” that some others that ‘blow through’ now and then. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one, …and my opinion is that your’s suck. 🙂 But not trying to start a hate-war between us, just saying is all….(Judge not, lest ye be judged).

              • Here Here As I said months ago, I would have Acid on my team.

              • Equorial, now thats funny. Im sure he will be on your 6, because he won’t be on mine.

            • dave… what the hell do you have against depends?

          • Wrong acid, This silver rally MOnday and Tues, makes Silver up 16.25% from it slows just a few months ago. $26.50 by July. Quit spending your money on Porno, and Buy Silver. You are just grumpy because you don’t own any Silver,and missed a good buying opportunity to increase your wealth. Prepare to be fleeced Acid.


          • We were sold out long before the Boomers came along. They just happen to be the fall guys.

        • Sgt. Had a buddy that had problems with atvs running around on his deer lease during the week. He strung up some 100lb fishing line after a curve on a long straight run. Locals got the message they were not wanted there…

          • Eppe

          • EPPE
            What is this about these ATV riders today. I have had one for 15 years and never rode it where I was unwanted. I too have a problem with the turds riding on my hunting property in Illinois. We don’t ride ours in that area so I’m going to plant land mines (boards with nails in them) on the curves and on the top of the hills they climb.

            Good for your friend.


            • Sarge, figure out a way to keep the deer, etc. from stepping on those boards…unless you want an easy one to take down. 🙂

        • This spring/summer as the weather warms is the timneline. About 3 months ago I said we will see much more violence as we get closer to the supposed election. I also mentioned that 2016 will be a carbon copy of the events of 1968 which was a very violent and chaotic year for USA. It is all in place very deliberately by our own government and many still do not grasp that simple fact. Many still think all is well and there will be no repercussions of the actions of the last 10 years. But the world is full of fools and that is an easy thing to prove ! Most people want to believe the lies they are spoon fed because that way they do not have to take any action and can simply sit on the couch and get fatter and dumber !

          I also mentioned about 6 months ago that Gold and Silver had both bottomed and we will see a rebound in both as the world economies come unglued. all of which is happening as we speak ! Hang on to your hats because the chaos is mounting and all the pieces of that puzzle are in place very deliberately.

      2. Eppe:
        I have been waiting for years to see the s— hit the fan and nothing yet. I’m getting to the point that if and when it does come all I’ll do is sit and watch, lock and loaded of course. It will not surprise me if all the big cities burn.
        I’m ready for it to happen, but hope it will not.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • NR, know what you mean, been prepping for 2 decades now, I am about burnt out.
          I hope riots do not happen, but if it does I am as ready as I can be.

          Be well rounded…

          • I wonder if most of the rioting will be at supermarket parking lot lines. I’ll be dead in another day if I don’t get food now?

            • There is a very old and wise saying that will save your life in the days to come, perhaps.

              In times of trouble, take note of what the majority are doing and then do the EXACT OPPOSITE. In this manner your chances of survival are astronomical as compared to being ‘within’ the mob of crazies who could even kill with impunity (who would see them with all of such things going on)?
              Besides, this is precisely what TPTB would love to see ‘explode’ across the nation. (It would save them lots of ammo and manpower, and put a dent in our numbers for sure).

          • Eppe, I have always believed all the cities will burn if they don’t get destroyed by some other means. I’ve been prepping for what seems like an eternity. I know what you mean by ‘burnout’. Been there and done that. BTW, my next trip back to GA has been moved up to June if all goes according to plan. I have the feeling this summer won’t pass without something happening.

            • BH, glad I am 60+ miles from ATL.
              The city burned once before, but the people there now will have no problem doing it again.
              Sad to say, I avoid ATL like the plague…

              • Eppe, the family goes elsewhere for their supplies and so forth. They also avoid Atlanta like the plague. I’ve been through that area before and felt more nervous than where I’m at now. Anyway, I’ll be back at the BOL in June or before then if something happens.

                • Atlanta used to be very nice when it was run by white people.

                  It’s not the city your family is afraid of.

                  It’s black people.

                  Because they kill and steal.

                  Blacks must be thrown out of our society.

                  • Acid,

                    Not an option. Get rid of that kind of thinking. Better to have a plan and act on it before the swarm. Europe is getting swarmed now. Even the far north of Europe has allowed the swarms to move in.

                    Charleston’s response to the senseless murders by the white boy was exemplary. He had hoped to start a race war but wiser heads prevailed for now. Unfortunately, there are always profound consequences to such acts of hatred, reactions seen and unseen to an action, a ripple effect, resulting in an undercurrent of activities that further limit your/our freedoms and abilities to provide for ourselves.

                    Racial and sexual differences are a reality, it is not a matter of choice, but, racism and sexism is a matter of choice. Embrace the former and eschew the later.

                    The swarms will occur mainly for precious resources, real or perceived. If folks think you have it, they will come for it, even a private eatable forest will not be safe, let alone a CEO who is unable to hide his stuff. There was a time in Pol Pot’s Cambodia when they killed people just for wearing glasses!

                    On another note, I just got back from a turkey hunt. The turkeys were there but outsmarted and outmaneuvered all of us! I was glad that I did not have to depend on the success of our hunt to survive. Had a wonderful time though with friends and nature. I have also been fishing when we didn’t catch even a minnow. Keep prepping. ASMS, as the good Sgt. says. Be well folks and don’t miss a chance to “Let the good times roll”!

                    Louisiana Eagle

              • eppe. I am 1hr-20mins from Atlanta (north of it and thousands of feet in elevation over it)! lol… We must be about neighbors, or I suppose if you are anywhere but north of Atlanta, we’re prolly not all that close.
                You are SOOOOOO right. Folks in Atlanta would burn it to the ground given just half a reason. One mean-ass city (and they talk about Chicago and Detroit and others being downright mean …Atlanta is no place to live for the faint of heart.

                • Equorial, sounds like you’re not too far from the area where my family and the BOL are. those mountains in north GA are God’s country. I’m in Memphis and it would also get burned to the ground over little or nothing. I think the same goes for any cities in the US.

        • NR

          We get it done the prepper way. One sandbag at a time.

        • Yes it seems to be taking a lot of faith in the book . But please come. The sooner the better. Only the most faithful should survive . This is the great culling. The wheat and the Tares. Just as written .

          • Anon …the wife and I were discussing how ‘odd’ it is that in areas that are KNOWN for being “religious” and will defend their beliefs with a shotgun if necessary, are the same places that are having the least ‘levels’ of troubles // as compared to the places where God has been ‘cast out’, which are even now places akin to ‘hell on earth’. ANYPLACE overseas and Middle East under Sharia and their tin god …totally without law and getting worse by the day.
            Even The Amish are seeing their children returning these days …and they too are not being ‘hit’ nearly as hard as those so blind they will not see. tsk tsk but it DOES SAY this is exactly how ‘things will be’ …and danged if they weren’t right, down to the last syllable. And how could they have been so accurate? This isn’t the first time earth has been inhabited and then watched as the RULING NATION was taken down and destroyed, and this Nation has a “trojan horse” within her already. If nothing is indeed imminent, I will be shocked (and relieved), yet 100% without understanding if nothing comes of anything… except more taxes and fewer jobs, as after all, they intend to totally destroy this nation, making her a 3rd World nation for hundreds of years until another rises up eons from now.

            Hey, y’all have a good day. I’ve got work to do as related to prepping. (Is there anything else worth doing these days aside from chasing womens …well, if you’re single that is)?

          • Lone Wolver, may well be the case, but not necessarily per the Bible ?

            Unfortunately most preppers have many things very wrong and will be the first victims when the maniacs come unglued. And it will all be very deliberate indeed. For those that think they can survive in place in the cities all I can say is good luck with that foolish premise. Why expose yourself to suffer and lessen all chances of thriving, not just simply surviving ?

      3. Great article Mac! I like the SSG report. I missed this video so thanks for the link!

      4. No doubt this is going to occur but the physical gold and silver people are saying its going to happen tomorrow but they’ll gladly trade you dollars for silver and gold today.

        It takes a major event and a very empty stomach for life long law abiding masses to riot and a bit of food and a promise will quell their rage. The underclass, accustomed to lawlessness will riot not even knowing the cause. Its gang mentality. Once unleashed they become locusts going from protestor to their true first calling looter. Its wise to keep away from them in good times and imperative to do so in bad.

        • K2: +1 to your second paragraph.
          Just thinking out loud here but-
          I figure Bail-Ins initially won’t mean much to people that don’t have much in the banks. And people that do have more to lose if arrested for “unlawful whatever”. They’ll probably still have jobs they have to go to, to meet thier obligations… productive people produce. If they own companies they may even be too busy worrying about protecting them with deadly force from the FSA?
          But yeah- once we pass a certain threshold all bets are off…

          • In one hour all heaped up wealth will be gone . And they will through there silver and gold in the streets. Sounds like a warning to prep in advance? And if it’s going to be that bad . I wouldn’t trade a can of beans for a bar of gold.

          • “But yeah- once we pass a certain threshold all bets are off…”

            The crash hit in 2008. Blue collar people with say $500K lost $350K. Not a peep out of them but piss and moan at the grill with beer in hand taking to others that lost as much or more. Note the grill has food, plenty of it.

            Inner city, one man getting ripped off for $5 and the guy who did it brags about it; feeling disrespected (dissed) the ripped off guy shoots the other guy. Gets 20 years, serves 10. Just a normal day in the hood.

            It will take an enormous economic fall to get law abiding people to riot. One thing will do it; hunger.

            • Barret Jackson held a Huge all weekend long Cars auction over this past weekend.

              Top seller car saturday was a 1969-Black on Black orig Boss 429 Mustang….$500,000!!!

              Many more sold for huge prices compared to when bought new…That Boss 429 when brand new had a sticker MSRP price tag of aprox $5,100…..

              Many 1957 chevy’s, some all orig, most rotiserie redone’s from frame off restoration, and many called “Resto-Mods”.

              Resto Mods means for example a 1963 or 1967 Corvette BODY Put onto a C-5 (1997 to 2005) series Vette Frame and suspension and engine/tranny combo!….So you end up with what looks like a 1963-67 (and other yeasr models too) Body style but the rest is exact same high tech better trans and better engines etc beneath the older style body.

              Most such resto-mod vettes and 1957 and 1955 chevys sold for More than all 100% Orig same year cars!

              Prices like $125,000 to Over $150,000 for both vettes and older chevy cars named here.

              One Rare. only 80 made/sold to pubic Vettes was a 1984(?) L-88 Alum-427 Race engine that orig was NOT to be let out for public street use etc!….When New MSRP sticker price was aprox. $5,800+ if I recall right(?) had 15,000 Orig Miles, SOLD for New Record price of…$800,000! The owner was hesitant to put a Reserve auction price of $425,000 on it, and Mr Jackson of the auction owners, estimated it higher reserve at around “maybe” $475,000…SOLD for $800,000 With normal usage paint scratches and tiny chips of normal driver use!…Wow eh!

              The “red Seats” inside the main bidders tent were for only actual registered biders seating…They held at least 3000 to maybe 5000 bidders.

              Back tent area where folks can buy drinks etc and foods and just observe auction sits back over 100 yards from main stage at front!…Huge tent eh!

              Plus well Over 100 More massive huge tents for cars to park inside incase of rain..and reserved for Only auction listed cars etc…Massive weekend auction.

              Well Over $100 to $150-Million Cash sales per event!

              Events are held every couple months, plus MECHUM which has the Other worlds largest auctions and rates even larger numbers auction cars than barret jackson’s usually does…Also holds auctions every other month if not once per month most of year…

              Tens of thousands very cool costly vehicles per year.

              One very Rare, only 1,000 ever made 1980’s era Ferrari 290LM(?) sold for…$10.5-MILLION! Several older Mercedes Benz sport models from 1960’s and 1980’s era’s also sold for around $1.6 to over $3-MILLION Each!

              Last year at some EU nation auction a same type and year Rare Ferrari sold for $13.5 Million! US Dollars.

              So it would seem not all folks are on EBT cards and these folks spending such massive amounts for cars now, didn’t get so wealthy by being stupid nor idiots…Yeah some inherrit it all, some get lucky with Lotto wins etc…But….Probably 99% Worked to earn it one way or other or made it from Stocks and markets etc.

              And being savy enough to earn it, and smart enough to know these vehicles far surpass ALL but a tiny few “Lucky” stock picks in the huge Gains over long term investing of 25-40 years or longer on some older cars.

              I do Not believe so Many folks with so much to spend that way are doing so due to “immenent Collapse” scenarios eh.

              Many such folks hangs out with other wealthy and “connected” others and likely recieve much more and much Better “inside” info’s on various economic factors and overall issues going on within the usa. And on a regular basis they probably recieve such better inside ifnos when compared to avg mid class whiteys types that dominate the website forums such as SHTF and many other similar sites eh.

              So..To Sum Up…After viewing Tons and Tons of both Barrets and Mechums usa auctions for the past couple years almost “religiously” following these auctions and keeping tabs on various cars sell prices etc..

              Just….Perhaps…Maybe…the Overall usa picture aint really as bad as so many wish for or believe, when based mainly on repititious Fear Mongerings written or spoken by “Sellers” of metals and survival “stuff’s” eh?

              Same can be said for Most of stock market stocks that we all been constantly told to NOT buy into stocks or markets like DOW and nasdaq because Crash is immenent asap soon any day crash!

              And Instead buy Gold and silver from Us! we will Trade soon to be valueless usa dollars for gold and silver that is almost guarenteed to shoot Passed the MOON! $500 silver and $10,000 Gold per Oz folks! Soon! Real very Soon!

              Meanwhile those of us who for awhile thought such “experts” being Online as opposed to being on tv show market msnbc news shows etc, were a better bet for accurate info and “truths”…and for That reason did NOT invest in any stocks for fear of huge Loss or immenent wipe-outs of net worth….Lost HUGE!

              While for past few years now or longer yet gold lost 1/2 its top high values…Silver even worse! Down with avg losses of 2/3rd or so from silver highs…

              Those who invested in cool cars that can be kept at home in garages, Driven when one desires to take it out for a “spin”….Have seen Massive Gains of $$$$$.

              No not all gain 100 times orig investment cost per vehicle….A few guys even Lose from what was spent to make a car like new again etc….But….On avg, and the real true Normal is Most such folks Gained and did so very swell…many gain swell large amounts just within one or two years when they buy and re sell at future next year auctions.

              So I am going to continue to do My part to make certain you who prefer gold or silver or tons of, extra stuff never run out, by rejecting those and keeping my invetment cash(what little I have!) into real cool swell and vary much wanted cars…

              Although I may consider to sell my Z-06 vette if enough profits can be earned and then I will reinvest it into a New-slightly used, couple thousand or less miles used Z-06 Vette!

              Or if cannot do that I am going to keep mine and add another, but a reg Non Z-06 C-6 Model vette this time in the other favorite color of mine which is “Atomic Orange Tint coat”…Just an awsome very wonderfull color that must be seen in all types light indoors and sunshine outdoor light to be apreciated properly!

              If I buy a 2nd one it shall be my Daily Driver so less miles gets put on my Z-06 and its value will remain or Rise…

              Just something else to also consider as great profitable investing ideas we usually do not see discussed here often, if at all…One cannot spend all their fast fading time doing spagettie sauce canning or “shine” drinking eh.

              one hour or two ride in any Super car like a Z-06 vette, (a Modern day vette NOT older decades without same high tech stuff I mean) which is now classed as a “true Super car” status since the Z-06 was revised and again offered to public sales in 2006…And You Will get Hooked!

              Just simply the most Fun driver that goes well with, after the sauces cannings done, cave is swept clean, and all 76 Billion Rnds ammo is counted, and it is then time for a Break!….Can’t wait to do a track day to see how it feels at top speed of 198 MPH! Eeeehhhaaaa! Air Conditioned Gypseys at top speeds can make one forget about collapse emmenent daily soon any day now Crash.

        • Kevin2, spot on. I’m in a city that’s full of them and it’s all I can to avoid them all I can.

      5. Also, posted yesterday on Steve Quayle’s web site is an article regarding the government future attempt to bring private retirement funds and IRA’s into governmental funds

        Sound the Alarm: New Obama Regulations Will Push Private Retirement Savings Into Government Accounts 2016-04-09 is the title. Moved to archives of previous headlines.

        In regard to riots in the streets, yea, some are just licking their chops to temp the population to do so and it may well happen.

        World wide economic system break down that leads to rioting and looting fits the Muslim prophecy of their Messiah coming to end
        that and restore peace. Don’t laugh, snort, but do research.

      6. ya ya ya …i’ve been hearing riots on this site for yrs!

        • @ prepared, And there have been many riots and other extreme events , but many more coming sooner than you think ? were you asleep for Ferguson, St Louis , Baltimore , Chicago and many others ? they were just warm ups for the main events soon to unfold !

      7. Does anyone remember occupie wall street thousands were on the streets protesting and again crickets and silence. Lol not to mention any number of iccidents over just the last year anyone who stands to fight back is labeled demonized and wrote off as crazy. Look at the Oregon stand off no one helped and several here denounced them as fools and would not be helping why you ask its easier to sit there and be comfy. There will be no riots no demonstrations. Opportunity after opportunity has passed by no accounabilty no support.
        The whole country isn’t going to touch off at the same time.If it starts it will be in small pockets and grow from tthere. Just think if those boys in Oregon had got the support they needed in the form of trucks men and firepower to the tune of 150+ men / women things would look quite different instead they are getting shot down and arrested one by one.
        Bol still maintains control. Lol
        Comment after comment I read they are breaking the law they should just pay the fee they ate crazies that don’t represent us are you kidding me day after day I read on here how someone should just stand up to tyranny and when they do everyone runs way its called social conditioning your fear of authority.
        Now onto gold/ silver
        If the grid stays down for an extended period PMs will only hold any real value for the first few months cash will be use full for a while 3 weeks your PMs will be use full for a few months after that but after that window it will be food water meds that are the coin of the day after about a year or so when things settle we may see the establishment of friendly towns with markets that will take in PMs. think 6 months with no trucks moving. It will take one full year minimum for local produce to reach said markets for sale. then we may see commerce reestablished itself.
        I myself have about 100 oz nothing else I’ll melt them into bullets

        • Thank you for speaking the TRUTH about the keyboard COWARDS of fascist boot licking America. As you say, the dumbed down brain dead GMO poison consuming drunken boot licking toxic dumps could give two shits about their children’s health and future in collapsing fascist Police State America where softkill genocide is praised by the boot licking cowards, and the only thing they will get in the street for is a party filled with booze to depress and deny the fascist Police State hell on earth surrounding the cowards and the children they should of NEVER had.

          • RA

            Welcome to the party.

          • Ron, welcome back.

        • @ Beaver. it is NOT the law abiding that will be rioting and looting and raping and killing ? all of that has alr3ady happened in various forms. But eventually the law abiding will be forced to defend themselves and that is when it will get well past pout of control !

          None of it is rocket science, just plain old common sense shows what is coming and all of it is very deliberate from your own government. Look around and tell me if you see any signs of good improvements or any real sustainable future?

      8. RED ALERT!! Snyder says the economy will collapse before 2015 is over!

      9. Let see how many ways or reasons how we can have RIOTS!

        Negative interest.
        Stolen Election.
        False Flag.
        Assassination of Trump.
        Just having a Republican convention.
        ” ” ” Democrat ”
        More murders by Islamic terrorist.
        Shutting down the internet
        Attacks on the 2ND. Am.
        “” ” ” 1St. ”
        OK I started the list you guys add to it.

        Thanks Mac for the sight. I just hope we are here after the summer.


        • Trump might get scaliad. No autopsy . And immediate cremation.

        • My local 7-11 running out of PBR 12 packs
          ” ” running out of beef jerky
          The Cubs winning The Series

          • S&B
            GO CUBS GO!!!!!!
            Cubs fan since 1960!
            My bucket list has the Cubs winning the World Series.

        • Your home team winning a Championship Game.

        • Half the population is on some form of public assistance. Disrupt or discontinue that and things will get lively.
          Between 10 and 20% of the population is on psychiatric medication. What happens if the meds stop? Take someplace like the NYC metropolitan area with 10 million people. A million or two either killing themselves or others and the sane(?)ones reacting to that.
          Any disruption in the food or fuel supply.
          We humans are not nearly as civilized as we’d like to believe we are.

          • You are correct with the statement….”We humans are not as civilized as we’d like to believe we are”.

            The population of adults that are addicted to meds is nearly 60% according to some stats. Granted, not all are pain meds, but way too many are on “nerve pills”.

            The new norm for Psychiatrist, is to write a prescrip, and come back in five days. More “analyzing”, and adjusting larger doses of meds.

            Back in 2004, a study found that nearly 60 million adults in the US, sought mental health treatment. About 80% of those said they found it helpful. 90% of households surveyed, said they would seek mental health services for someone in their household if it were covered under insurance.

            If even half of all that information were true, it says a lot about the civility, and senility, of Americans. Crazy is the new norm.

            Apparently the majority of the adult population is walking a mental tightrope, and it is about to snap. It would not take much for that to happen. I know of about a dozen women, and a few men, that would snap if their use of telephones/texting, were taken away. Throw in a “cold turkey” quitting scenario on their meds, and you got a recipe for a shit slinging from hell in their world.

            A world where ole Passin’ will be gone, in the wind….gone. I can fade away, out of sight on the Rez with some Cherokee friends and distant relatives. Just got back from trout fishing for a few days there, and visiting. An old Indian friend gave me about twenty Lbs. of freshly caught trout to add to my 12 lbs. that i caught. Great grandpappy x 3 is buried on the rez. He liked living with the Native peoples, and in the big mtns. I took after him in many ways.

            • There is a veteran ‘friend’ of mine. He has a Panic Disorder and suffers with Panic Attacks (and other things of ‘like’ problems). The VA has him taking 6mg of Klonopin (Clonezapam) daily and six millgrams of Tramadol (a synthetic-opiod pain killer that is “addicting as hell” and so is Klonopin. Having to ‘cold turkey’ from either, in dosages like that, would likely result in death or death by suicide (which he’s come close to a time or two, when he was only three days WITHOUT either med). The “other” scarey mind-drugs out there would send even a normal person off the deep end after only a few days without them.
              I’ve always envisioned that Pharmacies will be “hit” even before the banks are because THEY MUST HAVE THE MEDS ..or suffer more than anyone should ever have to suffer.
              And, it’s true. PM’s will have a place (at the commencement of what’s coming down the pipe), but after three months or so it will be considered worthless if you can’t eat it or shoot it or barter with it in any way.
              Don’t forget, it is the people who are more or less ‘addicted’ to their pills that are going to be in for “the worst of it” (to include death within days for a great many, without power let’s say), even more will succumb to a lack of diabetic treatments/drugs …and God forbid should someone need “open” surgery. Few hospitals are adequately set up for a true 100% SHTF influx of people to their ERs (or morgues). Look at LA’s morgue with bodies piled to the ceiling everywhere you look)!

        • Hey Sarge,
          Just some comments,
          1) Most people don’t have enough savings to be worried about
          Negative interest, we’ve had that in reality ever since Obama
          was elected. ( inflation vs savings interest, I lose 5% per year).
          2) Stolen election – I live in a single party state that has never turned down a tax, prosecuted a crooked politician, not passed a gun control law, plus they elect dead Democrats!
          3) false flag, I don’t know?
          4) Assassinate Trump, that would be bad. But he is white and Democrats would not give a shit. Hillary’s brains would look good all over a wall so would Obama’s but Democrats would make them into Gods like JFK and I could not stand 50 years of that.
          5) Republican convention – good education on why we need to destroy both parties leaders and stack their skulls in a field.
          6) Islam, in the crusades we did not know how to kill them all. Today we can with Technology, and should do so now.
          7) I’m a Techno nerd. The INTERNET is like libraries were to the masses, years ago. Knowledge is power. Everybody sholud have access to everything. I realize most INTERNET bandwidth is chewed up by porn, but freedom has a high price.
          8) Guns. “if God had not made them sheep he would not have meant them to be shorn”. Be a sheep if you want. I’m a killer whale.

          Not much more to add, riot all they want, burn it down. If America lost its Black and Moslem cultures tomorrow, nobody would give a shit.

          • R
            Very good points. Something to think about.

          • Stack the skulls off all these traitors in a pile in DC and encase them in clear epoxy so people dont forget…
            Thats the biggest problem is everyone almost has forgotten the sacrifices a few made to give us what we had for years but wich is being taken away

        • Martial law installed because we have some sort of chaos out of control within CONTUS which could be from many sources already in place ! and BINGO no elections can take place for national security reasons ?

          and who would stand up against any of it ? are we already being setup ?

      10. 1.Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries which are coming upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments have become moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and your silver have rusted; and their rust will be a witness against you and will consume your flesh like fire. It is in the last days that you have stored up your treasure! 4 Behold, the pay of the laborers who mowed your fields, and which has been withheld by you, cries out against you; and the outcry of those who did the harvesting has reached the ears of the Lord of Hosts. 5 You have lived luxuriously on the earth and led a life of wanton pleasure; you have fattened your hearts in a day of slaughter. 6 You have condemned and put to death the righteous man; he does not resist you. James 5: 1-6

        • Kind of puts it all in perspective.

          Many people cling to PMs and mental health counselors, when all they need is the Mighty Counselor.

      11. The GOP establishment is plotting and conniving overtime to prevent Trump from being the nominee. Cruz’s campaign is pulling out all of the dirty tricks, this despicable big banker crook and establishment whore is just as bad as Clinton. There should be nationwide protests if Trump is denied his huge popular support for president. I would never vote for the compulsive liars Clinton or Cruz. Tens of millions more American’s think the same way.

        • cruz is another establishment tool that moronic gop voters drool over because most americans are ignorant of the Constitution although trump isn’t perfect and don’t trust him. None of them are going to reel in big government… all they will do is go along to get along and continue to drive the USA into the ground and steal more liberties and property from the people.

      12. Yea . It’s getting more obvious every day. You have to be pretty blind not to see this coming. Just remember it’s not the end of the world it’s the culling before the new beginning . What does anew perfect world look like ? I want to see.

        • thee will be no new perfect world,just the world that we make or allow to happen !

      13. I want the economy to flop not because I wanna see suffering. I feel that people need to get angry and revolt for the elites to listen. You can harass somone and if you keep getting away with it it continues and gets worst. I flip out the first time anyone gives me shit. This instills that I’m not gonna put up with bullshit right away. Believe me it works even with the meanest bunch of guys. They will not piss you off and you get respect as an equal. The elites need to come to an understanding that people aren’t gonna take it. The population getting ugly will give this impression. These phucks work for us not the other way around. We need to act like rebellious teens IMO. If it doesn’t happen this way we go down the spiral of suffering more and lose our credibility as the collective of WE THE PEOPLE. Respect is earned not given where I come from. Respect given for nothing is a recent liberal phenomenon called equality. if we are to be equal like hitlery and Bernie want us to be then my ambition is gone because the robbery of my labor and wages will get far worst. Resistance is your civic duty anything less is acceptance of what is happening.

        • Asshat

          Our nation is not going to recover from its ills unless there is a change in the way we conduct ourselves in society. Anonymous put it all together in his comment below.
          Take a look around you and what do you see? Trash, filth and decay. Of both body and mind. Which in turn reaches out and infests the cities and communities we live in. Do they care as this
          decline in our lives infects our next generation. Hell No! This is where I want them to hurt. They do not care because the rest of us is footing the bill. You don’t work than you don’t eat. No Jobs? Then go get your congress critter and make him accountable to do something. Also you can do things in the meantime to HELP YOURSELF and it is not a life of CRIME. The American people are so lazy and dumb that most could not get out of their own way if they had to.
          So what does it matter. Only to those who read here.
          When the time comes the talking will be over. I do not know about you but I will take the action necessary, AS I SEE FIT IN DOING. I will be damned if others try to tell me otherwise.

          • @ Anon, agree on all points and yes it will take much more suffering for people to get it ? Unfortunately that suffering is already in place for many reasons and about to become the next reality check for many who are afraid to see it all for what it is. No rocket science , PHD or MBA necessary.,just simple common sense, and some personal courage and honesty to face it all.

        • What he said! Absolutely! Positively. Damned Right! …I love it “….anything less is acceptance of what is happening.” (And it damn sure isn’t going to get my blessings).

          Everything you’ve said gives me hope that the things I’ve been writing are ‘hitting home’ and now (perhaps) the word is getting out to “the masses.” Actually, you DO realize that IT MUST BE “getting out” …how else would you explain so many guns and ammo being purchased that they RUN OUT. (Because demand has suddenly exceeded supply for the first time in decades …which is most encouraging to me).

        • I honestly could care less if the elite listen,
          I would rather see them squirm as all they thought they had evaporates before their eyes,,,
          Those who can do will come out on top, those who only know how to point fingers and give orders will become compost

          • Agree on all points, Kula. Mindset is the critical component along with health and fitness at the top, all else comes after those even though all are necessary to include beans and bullets.

            Most people have it all exactly backasswards and will suffer greatly for their folly! Many right here on this site as well as many other supposed prepper type sites.

      14. Keith:

        Better high tail it down to the thrift shop and buy you a new wardrobe. Get an old car and fix it so it will pass smog check and run on the highway. Better watch how ya talk, too. Your edgekaton might make people suspect you of being one of the elite, since retards RIOT and go after innocent people perceived as one of them, hell we are all suspect since we are able to read and have been caught on our computers and cell phones.

        I’m pissed that I pay for my savings account. I think I’ll go vandalize and burn down the city.

        • Bad words to hear from a angry mob.

          “There he is, Get Him”.

          • Anon, I once dreamed of spotting a troll and saying those very words. LOL.

          • Haha! I say that everytime I hear a car alarm go off. Or Just “Git him!”
            I don’t hear the car alarms go off like I used too.

        • That is sarcasm, you know. Some of the screwball comments do not reflect the opinions of the people on this site. The crazy threats are designed to make the people here look like crazed terrorists and I believe that they have been trying to make us out to be terrorists which is not the case. I find wanton violence abhorrent. I am a normal sound minded individual and I don’t like when I read some of the moronic crap by people who want to be violent. If they aren’t just trying to make Preppers look bad, they demonstrate that there really are people who would use a crisis as an opportunity to express their social maladjustment.

          • I thought being accused of being a terrorist was the job of your ex?

            • Not in my family.

          • Several months ago the Department of Veterans Affairs declared “any and all combat veterans” to be “most likely to become anti-American terrorists …and intended to use THAT to take their weapons away. (No “solid” reason other than that they fought for US and Their Country …and because of that veterans are now automatically judged to “most likely become the first terrorists” (we don’t have to worry about the muslims hiding in every corner eh)? Yeah right. Just another example of how “they” are stacking the deck to make the entire world appear EXACTLY AS IT ISN’T (and most will suck it up 100% without question). …and that will be their last foolish assumption won’t it?

            • Equorial:
              The “Agenda 21 collectivists/United Nations/dual citizens (Isreal&US), hate the American people. They are afraid Vets will be recruited into “extremist” patriotic groups, those fighting for the American people. As the American people, we should be rightiously outraged by the way our Vets are treated. They refused to buy them appropriate helmets, the greedy warmongering parasites. Use them like guinea pigs. Don’t fund their medical properly. Get them on drugs that make them worse. It makes me very frustrated that I don’t have the power to help. But at least Vets should know that there are plenty of people who care about them and their families.

            • Equorial, the VA has no legitimate basis any more than other federal agencies have [WHICH IS NONE]. The vets in my family avoid the VA. They say it’s not worth the effort they have to go through to use their ‘medical benefits’. Considering the VA’s anti-veteran attitude, all vets would do well to avoid them if possible. If I was a vet and a VA doctor told me I couldn’t own guns, first I’d knock him out and THEN tell him to go f#$% off. The majority of the VA’s doctors are sorry-assed foreigners on top of that.

      15. SGT. Dale

        I am truly surprised as to you mentioning the use of broom handles and piano wire (.032 thickness) against ATV’s and Dirt Bikes. Light gage pipe for wheel spokes and ATV’s. Nothing like watching a spinning pipe come at you. If you are nice to them you can use paint balls to cover face shields. Might become a spear chucker.

        They are very mobile and flexible vehicles and hard to defend against.

        There are other countermeasures that can be deployed.

      16. If the last civil war were to be re-fought today, there would be a different out come for sure.

        You fought all the way Johnny Reb.

      17. Breaking news: tomorrow the President and VP are meeting with Janet Yellen.

        ht tp://

        • Quote from the article listed above:

          “This is notable because the last time such a meeting took place was on November 21, less then a month before the Fed’s historic first rate hike in years.

          Moments ago things got even more interesting, when in yet another unexpected announcement, the White House said that both Obama and Joe Biden would meet with Janet Yellen on Monday to discuss the economy and Wall Street reform, the White House said late on Sunday. The meeting is expected to take place some time “in the afternoon.”

          “In the afternoon, the president will meet with Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen to discuss the state of the American and global economy, Wall Street reform, and the long-term economic outlook; the vice president will also attend,” the statement said.

          According to Reuters, the president and the Fed chair meet regularly to discuss economic issues. Still, one can’t help but wonder what will be said in these two back to back meetings, both of which will be closed to the public.”

          • Election year. Keep it going so Hillary can get elected.

        • Connecting the dots: another Monday meeting in Italy.

          ht tp://

          “Italy Seeks “Last Resort” Bailout Fund to “Ringfence” Troubled Banks, Meeting Monday; Italy vs. Austria

          Italy’s finance minister, Pier Carlo Padoan, wants to “ringfence” its troubled banks.

          Padoan called for a meeting of executive of the troubled banks in Rome on Monday. The banks allegedly will come up with a “Last Resort” bailout fund.

          Last resort or first resort, is there a difference at this point in time?”

          That is an excellent question.

          • “Ringfence”- I guess that’s the portable fence sections they use to corral people into “free speech zones” and whatnot. Sounds convenient- when I go down to WellsFargo to join in on the bank run, me and my fellow rioters can use them to shove through the plate glass windows!
            As a bonus, the stormtroopers can try out the latest crowd suppression tech that my tax dollars paid for.
            Man, I sure hope I at least get a reach-around out of all of this…

            • Jackson
              Entered a Wells Fargo branch in Albuquerque that has new 3 inch bullet proof glass sheets between the tellers and the people who have money in the bank. My country branch does not have it. NM State Bank said they will not get shields.

          • trouble is coming, soon.

      18. In other words, more lies forthcoming from Oliar.

      19. In other words, more fiction to be peddled from the boss Yellen to her houseboy Obullshitter.

        • A: answer? Basically, yes.

      20. As I can see, I am still reading boys. Like my scientist friend told us and I heard.. riots will be time in comparison to what I have been hearing.. try the gates of hell in earth is the phrase he likes to use.
        Anyone who has no preps with in EXTREMELY DEEP,DEEP CAPITAL SH…..T.

        And even if you have guns and preps you are now stuck at one spot and then thing go ape sh…t..and of course I am prepared for far worst than that..



        • My six is covered…….oh my

          • Imposter, you better I’M not behind your six and it can become UNCOVERED.

      21. “Colorado Republicans cancel presidential vote at 2016 caucus”

        ht tp://

        So Republicans in Colorado don’t even get to vote in the primary at all this year.

        And in Wyoming, Sanders won the primary, but gets only 7 delegates to Hillary’s 11.

        The above is absolute proof that voting is useless.

        • A: as my Army Air Corp grandfather would have said, “buck up lad.”

          Keep your chin up and do not lose hope. Just because some are manipulating and abusing the system does not make the system invalid.

          • Philosopher, it is too late for that simplistic answer ? The simple truth is this system must die or we all lose all ! I wish it were different , but it isn’t. we will simply have to start over and demand accountability once all the elites and control freaks are dead or begging !

            There are no simple answers any longer.

            • DTET: I am probably one of the last US army recruits that was able to march while singing, “Onward Christian Soldier.”

              I am afraid you may be right. Nonetheless, it is time to buck up and get ready.

              • It is and has been for a long while ! We will find out soon enough.

        • The GOP establishment and the leftist swine are the same people at the top of the control pyramid.

          Same goes for the colorado republican committee. They are all working together to fundamentally transform and destroy the republic.

          • There is “The Establishment”. It encompasses both political party’s, the bureaucracy, and is composed of the Globalist Financial Interests which includes The Military Industrial Complex. There is no distinction in political affiliation regarding their main issues. To maintain the illusion several social causes are used to maintain the illusion of self government. One issue that is unique is The Second Amendment. Its grassroots support puts it into a hybrid position of causes as TPTB desire its removal but its ability to motivate the masses render it useful to put in otherwise undesirable candidates into office. You vote for someone shipping your job to China but allowing you to buy an AR-15; I’ve done it. I have little doubt, as a final move, when the time is right, its political supporters will, with coercion, abandon it. Lets just say I don’t trust the Bush’s and use them as an example to formulate my theory.

            • Made an oops in post with wrong name.

            • I wish it were all that simple as the Bushes, but is isn’t.

          • @ RK…correct, and Hildacunt will be POTUS. The fix has been in for a long time. Your vote doesn’t count, the laws are not for them, prisons are for us, taxes are for us.

        • Republicans burning their registration cards and going Independent Party. Some disagreement on delegates going to Cruz. All on Drudge.

          Hillary will be the chosen one.

          • anon
            If Hitlery gets elected she will put Obullshit in 2Nd place for GUN SALEMEN OF THE YEAR!

            Time to invest in AR’s AK’s, Glock’s, 1911’s. Prices will rise faster that Gold or Silver.

            Just Talk to a guy who builds and sell AR uppers for a living, and got a new one for my Nephew. Prices have already started going up. If all goes as I see it. I will be building a couple more.


            • SGT. Dale.

              The signs are there and I believe it is a foregone conclusion as to whom is the next President. The republicans are will not unite the party. I had to smile when you mentioned the wire and pole tactics against marauding bikers. Thinking outside the box. You being a LEO have seen a few tricks in your day. I am now preparing items to be used in Stealth and Concealment.
              I will not be afraid when the lights go out but others should be if they mean to do harm.

            • “I survived the 2013 gun control scare and all i got was this lousy T shirt, and an AR-15 , a AK-47
              and 15,000 rounds of .223
              10,000 rounds of 7.62×39 and 10-30 round magazines and a gun rights membership , and a 3% ers patch”

              all in jest .. i dont have that kind of money to own shit like that ,, but im trying to make a point

          • got a workable alternative…Obama lets FBI indict Hillary, she’s OUT, Biden gets the nod.
            Better to have someone “dumber than an ashtray” (Roger Ailes) than anyone else. You all like that? 🙂

            • Id rather have Joe “shoot a round in the air” biden than hitlery for sure,,,
              Honestly, I dont like any of them, hence me prepping to be wayyyy off to the perifory where nobody will notice me.

        • I may be in error (or what I once read was taken wrongly), but I believe the US Government has a “Catch-22” Law that in the event that we the people do not elect the most qualified (by THEIR agenda), they reserve the right to elect and ‘seat’ THEIR elected choice for president …and screw your electoral rights. (It’s never been done, and I’ll have it checked out and get back about it shortly). Okay …I really gotta go and do my things. Cheers all…

      22. Article underscores why you should have stockpiles of physical cash stored in various locations. The math is real easy: 80 ounces of silver are being sold on paper for every 10 pulled out of the ground. Let’s oversimplify things for the purpose of magnifying the problem: 80 people each have a contract for one ounce of silver while only 10 physical ounces exist. That means 70 of those people are holding what will become a worthless paper contract because the physical metal to back it will never exist, and are under the impression right now that the physical metal is out there, waiting for them to get their hot little hands on it.

        Where are those 70 people once things really start to implode? Royally screwed. They don’t have the metal they thought they had (the Dennis Green Principle in reverse), nor do they have the next best thing, physical cash, because their cash is sitting in paper contracts with no physical metal to back them.

        At this point, if these people were smart enough to invest some cash in guns and ammo, they’re going to have to go out there and kill whoever they have to kill. They’re going to be looking to take back what was taken from them, and they’ll be looking to do so while their own survival options are very limited (no physical metal or cash in a world where physical metal/cash will be king).

        Important thing to remember about physical cash: it allows something resembling a country, culture or race to reconstitute itself following the worst of worst case scenarios. Something is going to have to fill in the gaps that will be caused by these empty metals contracts, and that something is going to be physical cash. That means you survive and advance while many others do not.

        • Ive never understood why you would buy paper PMs,,, just makes no sense to me, but then i guess im just an unsophisticated boob.

          • A lot of these people don’t do their own due diligence. All they know is that they need to be in metals. Unless they have a contract to take physical delivery of actual metal, all they have is an options or rights contract. Problem with options or rights is they are contingent on the physical metal being pulled out of the ground at a future date. If the metal does not exist or the mining outfit goes bust, your rights or options contract becomes very expensive toilet paper.

            Combine ignorance with hubris, and people will buy these contracts until the cows come home without ever understanding what they’ve done.

      23. We have been seeing these type of posts for years as the paper silver price continued to go down and adverts on our TV trying to sell us silver which you won’t see when it’s time to buy.

        Silver in my view, on the paper side has more room to fall but long term I think that everyone should own som real money.

        BitCoins are a big NO, NO because they have taken to eating their own with a virus that pops out of Tor and eccrypts all your files including your BTC wallet and then asks for a ranson payment in Bitcoins in an effort to push the price up and lots of people have been caught out including major hospitals.

      24. The American people could care less as they are busy doing drugs, drinking craft beer, being gay, watching the idiot box tv land distractions and propaganda believing the main stream news as fact, taking their pill/meds, eating fast food and GMOs to care.

        Americans are too fat, lazy, medicated and sedated to understand they are loosing their their republic to a bunch of evil communist fucks who are deliberately bankrupting and leaving the borders wide open while being invaded and taken over by shithead third worlders from Mexico and every other shit hole communist/barbarian muzloid country.

        • Anonymous

          You put it all in a nutshell.

        • Yup. Dittos.

        • Bingo!
          That is it completely.

        • Excellent, Anon; commies everywhere.

          The shithole people aren’t worth saving, but the land and Constitution is tops.

          Keep an edge on your K-bar and your deer rifle oiled. Be sure your receiver sights function for when your scope gets smashed.

          Lay in lots of ammo. The rest is easy.

      25. and THEY said Jessie James was a bad guy …LOL

      26. Austria Just Announced A 54% Haircut Of Senior Creditors In First “Bail In” Under New European Rules

        “Following a decision by the Austrian Banking Regulator, the Finanzmarktaufsicht or Financial Market Authority, Austria officially became the first European country to use a new law under the framework imposed by Bank the European Recovery and Resolution Directive to share losses of a failed bank with senior creditors as it slashed the value of debt owed by Heta Asset Resolution AG.”

        ht tp://

      27. I think the talk of negative rates is a fake out. In the UK, interest rates on credit are going up, not down. Credit cards are heading very high. This is a sign of tightening in credit markets, not loosening. I think we will have what we had in the 70s: credit rates will jump to 20% or higher (probably over-shoot because the scale of the calamity is far worse than in the 70s: maybe 40%?). This will cause a collapse in the economy and force governments to clear debts or hyper-inflate. Banks will snatch all mortgaged property and then re-sell it to the Chinese for a BIG profit.

        Politics and social tension will be the determining factor as to which route the government chooses.

      28. There are not going to be any riots. Sure, there may be flare-ups here and there. But no riots IMO. At least none started or instigated by the majority of Trump supporters. IMO this is all a psy-op; something to plant a narrative in the public’s’ mind. Mr. Trump’s opponents (the Media or Democrats (same thing), and the RNC) will use anything for an excuse to fit the bill. Even when something comes close to people having a natural reaction to being agitated, instigated, baited, and even harassed, the media will run with it. They will over emphasis it, and use the slightest of excuses to put something out there as another example. They (the Media, Democrats, RNC, and possibly even elements of the government itself (remember, the Gov can now practice propaganda on the US now. HR 4310, the 2013 NDAA. Section 1078) are willing to do all of this, in an effort to establish and reinforce their narrative by means of using reoccurring examples.

      29. WE already have a major revolt and riots in progress.

        It’s called Black Lives Matter, and has much support in high places.

        • I don’t consider those to be real riots by a majority of the people. They are a small group that only riot when a cop kills some black kid. Here is central Florida, there is at least one black on black killing every day. Generally more and no one says boo. As long as they are killing each other, they don’t care. Black lives don’t matter here and never will.

      30. a riot is exactly what the elite want .. they want a reason to shut it all down, or to outlaw everything and make us all felons (2nd amendment removal)

        because the narcissists are ruining scared. the wake up of the population is happening at a quicker rate then they can control and they are scared to death .. the fear factor is going to go up big time this summer .. dont play into the us against each other game.. keep your focus on the us against them

        No cicil war…revolution is what they fear .. they could give a shit if we kill each other off

        stay focused

        • *civil

          • Per Pat Buchannon’s Latest article: Pat states that Trump Has Unleashed THE Most Powerfull Force of the 21st century….That force he calls “Nationalism”.

            I agree with Pat and it Is The one main ONLY real true national force that is capable of any real usa fix.

            And is The main reason that we have constantly heard various political and tv news persons Non stop complaints and bashings of “Nationalism”.

            Because They know how swell it works to UNITE folks especially White 2/3rd majority of usa whom have been fully ignord and bashed 24/7 for past 40 yrs now for being white, and right, and the actual founders and builders and inventors of 100% of EVERYTHING all those elietes and msm types as well as those low life third world monky baboons so Crave….It is only Whitey they so hate and desire to exterminate while keeping all whites built etc….but that wont fly eh!

            NO more israel first!

            NO more whinny crying savage africans demands for More More More More! at whites expense!

            NO more fraud phony holohoax’s Draining usa wealth in Cash and Bodies/Blood fighting Their phony created wars!

            Nationalism=Whites=United!…Equals a Very Vary Bad day at blackrock for all of…”Them”..

            So…just what Took so long for it to happen eh?

            Perhaps some of Us that has been trying to awaken folks the past 45 years, will finally realize a success and won’t keep being called crazed nor conspiricy whacks eh?

            43 yrs ago was first time ever I told folks that in usa and globalwide future scenario they shall see..

            Fed govnt’s use of satalites tech camaras etc to WATCH every move they make!

            With High Tech Listining devices able to Listen and Monitor folks in all areas bar none.

            And that the final end result that will cause REV book’s prediction of a “Beast Mark aka 666 number” for ALL persons to be able to “BUY AND SELL” anything period…

            IS….IS! Going to be done VIa…Computerized Cash aka Digital cash, aka ZERO actual notes cash or phys cash and will be acomplished Via a Computer chip within their foreheads or Hands!

            When Today I run into such folks sometimes and ask did you recall what I predicted back almost 45 yrs ago?

            only a tiny small few admit to it! Rest demand we change subject! Stop saying that stuff Them Guys! Maybe you are wrong still?!!…Yeah maybe but Not Likley eh!

            America contains 99% fuckin royaly duped total idiots in vast denials….And the number One most important issue behind it all etc yet remains also THE Biggest ever “Taboo” to name or mention of!…

            So…Good…Luck AmeriKwans you going to need it!

            Because while Buchannon is correct on Nationalism and its Now awakenings via thru trump…It aint likley we see enough white folk join up, let alone see any combo of other non whites join up for good causes…nice Dream yes.

            Reality?…time shall tell..Tic-Toc…

        • Just wait till around the end of summer, primaries contested, general postponed, then some sorta SHTF event,,,

      31. Good news and bad news:
        Good-Monsanto going broke (will label food “genetically produced”)

        Bad-classrooms will put EEG on kids to read their brainwaves
        Bad-the Blaise is advertising “Round up” (Cancer causing Monsanto insecticide).

        Curtesy of Daisey Luther

        • A local farmer had to go out in his fields last year and pull up “super weeds” by hand. Those weeds have mutated to be immune to Roundup. So Monsanto really helped him out. He just died a few weeks ago from cancer. It was the biggest funeral at our church in years, standing room only.

          So Roundup is not only dangerous, it’s helping weeds to become worse pests.

          • Most of the growers who raise roundup ready crops have the same problem. Most are reverting to harsher chemicals to control stuff. There are no silver bullets or easy fixes.
            Personally i just deal with the weeds, i either get em or i dont, such is life

        • B from CA
          in truth? Monsanto was going under back in 2010 and Bill Gates popped $25 million in the kitty. They were just talking about buying Syngenta.
          is it just because they didn’t the Senate to pass the DARK Act?

      32. I just don’t see the people rioting. The regular people are so willing to except what ever is handed to them that I don’t believe they have it in them to riot anymore. The GOP will put in who ever they want, regardless of what the people say or want and they will except it. The DNC will do the same and nothing will happen. No matter what the government does, the sheeple just hang their heads and except it. I firmly believe that if they banned guns tomorrow, most people would go down and turn theirs in. There are very few of us willing to stand up for their rights anymore. I have seen so many gun buy backs now, where people just want to get those “evil guns” out of their house and take their ancestors antique weapons down and turn them in for a fifty dollar gift card. If they were told they could no longer own them, they would just drive by and drop them off. I hope I am wrong about people standing up for their rights, but I just don’t think they will. This summer should prove whether I am right or wrong when the parties tell the people who their nominees are and to just shut up and go home because you have no say in it.

        • Normalcy bias…
          It runs deep
          I think thats why theres so many people talking shit about Trumpster,
          On the one hand he most likely cant be any worse than what we had lately on the other he could really stir the shit up,, people dont want their precious little apple basket shook up, just too much work, rather just close their eyes and take their forking in the butt like a good little servant

          • Like a good little commie, people don’t want their precious little apple basket shook up.

            They, the commies, get to keep their diggin’ stick, so’s they got a pot to piss in.

            Be safe, Kula.

        • You can’t “see” the people rioting? No groceries on the shelves for three months nor drinkable water readily available coupled with other ‘never-have-seen-before’ surprises and you don’t think Americans would “rumble?” There’s a reason every gun on every store shelf has been purchased and that ammo is in short supply …yet it’s making a recovery on the East coast now (after months of ‘zip’ being resupplied).
          You say the “regular people are so willing to (accept) whatever is handed to them….” (we are speaking of a scenario where-in NOBODY gets any more ‘hand-outs’. That would not “set well” with anyone used to receiving “monthly” Direct Deposits from Social Security Disability (or The VA, Railroad ….there are many). Would they all ‘terminate’ as well? That would leave a great many deserving folks to die. Without receiving what they’ve earned, they’ll die. Pure and simple. The “great culling” isn’t going to be all-that-great imho. Hard to believe my eyes are going to possible look up on such things in Technicolor. But then again, if this is a battle against Satan and for God, count me in for the boys in white, or at least taking their six. (Imagine what fun could be had with a ‘holy gun’ that hated evil)?

      33. Phuck the cabal, phuck them all and for what they stand for. Thats all i have to say for now. I am felling the economic heat already, at least this time i wont have to go out into the street. Nothing like a good woman to help you consolitate power.


        • HCKS- I have a sister down by BMT they have business in Vidor, stay safe.

      34. [quote]
        so as long as the regulators allow the banks to sell unlimited amounts of silver and gold

        Wait what???

        … it figures it would be something like this.

        Unlimited? Really, so they can just sell infinity bars of gold (on paper) if they so choose, is that correct?

        Ugh that better not be correct. Do these stupid chimps ever learn??

      35. We need to get a grip on things:


      36. For a Real eye opener: Research “Dominionism” which Is what Many evangelical “christians” of todays usa adheere to and promote!

        Basically Dominionism consists of a belief that “only a few” are the special “Annointed by God” “One’s” fit and Destined to RULE!

        And rule under a Theocratic govnt run By those few anointed ones, and run based upon Old testement Laws like leviticus and deuteronomy books verses.

        They also believe that the top Most anointed ones are…I cannot name it here, but that bunch attends services on saturdays and despise Christ hint hint…

        And the evangelical anointed ones think They are to rule Us all GLOBALLY and Theocratically, yet while they themeselves recieve marching rulership Orders from those “others” at very Top located in NY and Mid east hint hint..

        These dominionist’s Are probably The Most dangerous latest group yet!….And Ted Cruz and wifey Hiedi are members/believers in it, as is Cruz’s cuban kommie daddy whos also a pastor that hangs out with the worst tv pastor apostates you have seen.

        And suprize suprize as Per recent guset article at newswithviews dot com website…Rand Paul is also a staunch member/believer adherent of dominionism too!

        That may explain why Rand made so Many visit trips to israel to bang head against the wall etc eh?

        in Fact so Many of current crop neocons in DC are such adheerents to it, it is best to simply state that MOST all of them now are!

        Dominionist’s are in Cahoots with the recent advent group of “New Apostles Movment” bunch…Both believe in close to same methods for Their annointed Rulership of entire usa and world.

        the “New apostles” as seen on TV evangelical shows sundays weekly…Have what is called the “Seven Mountains” system…or “seven Spheres” of rule methods..

        That means they believe world has Seven Main major “spheres or mountains” of importantce which are what rules the worlds nations and peoples etc..

        One sphere is society…another is Govnt…another Economic/finance/banking…another…Proper biblical Morals based again on OLD testement Laws, aka they all are judiazers…and so on untill each of seven spheres is what rules over its own distinct Domain globally.

        These are DANGEROUS Folks and Phyco’z Deluded as can be whom Lust for global world rule Power!

        They every week on sunday tv shows relate how They and They alone “Hear Gods Audible Voice-Commands”! hence why They alone are so “THE Anointed Ones” and WE all need Them to Rule over Us!

        Ted Cruz at one public campain event speech, after being announced to crowd by some pastor of these anointed ones said he agreed with that pastor that faggots and queers need be rounded up and be Stoned to Death publically and stoned By fellow evangelicals like themselves!

        I agree fags and dykes aint good and are perverts etc…BUT…To do as cruz and that pastor stated is plain Murder period…Thats NOT christian like eh! but sure fits into apostate anonited ones agendas it seems.

        Just do internet research on “Dominionism” and the “New Apostle Reform” members etc see for Yourself whats cooking in the evil Minds so infested with Viper Snakes crawling around inside said evil brains.

        Their ideas are as bad or Worse than Islamics!

        • Anon
          Ted Cruz’ daddy is a Dominionist, Ted Cruz thinks he is ordained by God.

        • Them Guys:

          Buy this book by Stephen King, “On Writing”.

      37. Anon I agree with you up to demanding your congress critter to do something. Gov does not create jobs it just don’t happen like that and the jobs they do create go to friends and family. Gov creates social programs for the people that can’t get employment. It’s up to people to decide how they wanna make a living working or programs. Since there is no shame in taking free shit anymore the workers are the suckers. I’m a sucker to the freeloaders but at least I can say I’m not a welfare case and I got all my shit myself and owe no one.

      38. All I can say.. If and when The end comes.. I have plenty of bullets to give to those whom
        Want them..

        They have to come and catch them..

        • Yeah bullets work great if they send a few army tanks at your place of refuge…

      39. Wouldn’t it be best not to take advice from someone trying to sell things to you? Someone whose job it is to stir up things in order to move his product for a higher price?

      40. We will only see riots by the people who require Government to support their very existence.

        Regular Americans will join together and solve all their local issue of food, housing, water and security. And will tell the Government to F-Off. And when the Government steps in to assert their authority and prevent regular Americans from solving their own issues, The Government will become the Hunted.

      41. by minority you DO mean white people right?

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