CENSORSHIP INCREASES: Twitter Suspend More Conservatives

by | May 8, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    The censorship of conservatives and those who buck the status quo is ongoing and increasing in intensity. Twitter has now suspended pro-Trump accounts such as MAGAphobia, which was set up to track violence against president Donald Trump’s supporters.

    The @Magaphobia account had defined the word as an “irrational, unfounded fear of Donald Trump or his supporters” or bigotry towards those who voted for him.


    The platform also suspended the @AOCPress account created by conservatives to parody freshman communist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, despite the fact that it had apparently followed Twitter rules and labeled itself as satire, according to a report by RT.


    The man who ran the parody account, Jewish conservative Mike Morrison, who tweets personally at @OfficeofMike, also had his account “permanently suspended,” according to conservative activist Courtney Holland.

    This news comes on the heels of Facebook’s de-platforming of those who go against the establishment. In an email to the account owner, Twitter said “you may not register or create fake and misleading accounts,” conservative website Human Events reported according to RT


    Actor Rob Scheider has accurately called the current censorship “a real Orwellian nightmare.” And other social media users are preparing themselves for a massive free speech battle.

    Rational humans who understand the very basics of human rights see the move as more proof that liberal/communist social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are engaging in censorship in an effort to silence them. Last week, Facebook permanently banned a number of high-profile conservative voices citing vague policies on hate speech. Twitter has also come under fire in the past for “shadowbanning” top Republican figures and making their profiles harder to find.

    The latest bans even prompted outrage from former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, who tweeted out a link calling it the latest in “Big Tech Election Interference.”

    It may or may not be election interference, but it is clearly censorship and stripping people with differing opinions of the basic human right to speak freely. The truth is that no speech should ever be banned for any reason. When certain people with certain opinions are targeted and silenced, it just means the political elites and those tech giants fear what is being said…or typed out.

    “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” –George R.R. Martin


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      1. Why are conservatives still using FB and Twitter? By doing so, they are putting money into the pockets of people that hate them. It’s like going to a restaurant and getting horrible service, cold crappy food, yelled at by the staff and charged a ridiculous amount but they keep going back for breakfast, lunch and dinner and every day complain about the restaurant.

        • “Why are conservatives still using FB and Twitter?” Because it is easier for ‘conservatives’ (wink-wink nod-nod) to live off the fruit and hard work of Leftists than to create their own sites.

          That said, when ‘conservative’ sites are created, you can bet your Birkenstocks that they will mock, harass, and/or ban true conservative views. For example, go on FreeZoxee and support Jesus’ principle of non-aggression. Very few of today’s Americans standup for true conservative principles. Agenda trumps principles. They are full of hate just like the Commies.

        • With all due respect, you have already bought-in, against your will.

        • Anonymous, agreed. No social media for me, period. I don’t do business with libturd scum.

      2. Money is power and capitalists have the money. It’s interesting that capitalists are silencing conservatives. One would assume that they would be allied. The reality is that conservatives are nationalist populists and the capitalist business owners are globalist. The progressive agenda is just a method for control. The real owners, the Soros types are not communists.

      3. Censorship is not necessarily a bad thing. Things rarely are either totally bad or totally good.

        I much prefer to watch movies made during the era of censorship by means of the Code initiated by the movie industry itself.

        As for Twitter and Facebook, I don’t bother with them, but if I did, I’d expect them to censor things that were offensive such as certain sexual practices that many people regard as immoral and depraved. But they don’t.

        Therefore, it isn’t the act of censorship but the choice of content censored that is the problem.

        I fully support the First Amendment. It wasn’t written at a time when people walked around with their pants falling off. They weren’t expecting movies to be invented and used to destroy morality. If they had known, no doubt, they would have been more specific.

        And, if they knew about Twitter and Facebook, perhaps they could have written something that would have given us better guidance.

        I can think of quite a few ways that the amendment could have been written to make perfectly clear the boundaries.


        • “Censorship is not necessarily a bad thing.”

          Certainly political censorship is and if there are levels of speech protection it’s at the top.

          “I can think of quite a few ways that the amendment could have been written to make perfectly clear the boundaries.”

          In the end the wording is meaningless because of the prevailing attitude, “no rights are absolute”. Once an attorney finds one single exemption (you can’t yell fire in a theatre) the camels nose is under the tent and more follow. Militia is defined in US code:

          NOTE ALL

          (a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32, under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States who are members of the National Guard.

          Certainly “Shall not be Infringed” cannot be more clear.

          No wording thwarts encroachment upon liberty.

          • When 90+% of the politicians are re-elected and the 10% that are not are generally related with career politicians nothing will change. Elections have worked and the legislative system is followed. The “common person” was meant to be in Congress and not for three plus decades. The key point is the primaries.

        • “Censorship is not necessarily a bad thing.”

          “I fully support the First Amendment.”

          Views like this are very typical from conservatives, who are such space cadets that they can’t even see the contradiction.

          Only two systems are possible: 1) Strict natural rights
          2) Totalitarianism

          Both libs and conservatives “think” that the systems can be blended. And here we are, almost completely destroyed, thanks to one principle- COMPROMISE. Trying to blend good with evil- to avoid extremism. Trying to blend reality with unreality, to appease whomsoever needs appeasing.

          Give an inch and they will take a mile- ancient lessons forgotten. The country has been given away, all for nought. . .

      4. There is only one Twitter account I look at. That is Trump’s account.

        News articles used to put a little picture of Trump’s twitter account they were doing the article about, but they stopped doing that and instead started paraphrasing his Twitter comments.

        I found that the paraphrasing was actually fake news taking his twitter comments out of context and some, just fake.

        So, I now have Trump’s twitter account booked marked and I look at it just like I do other web sites through out the day.

      5. The answer is to abandon these Globalist controlled platforms. Let them be echo chambers for their like-minded fools.

      6. both platforms are slowly dying because of how they treat people. Surely somebody on the right with bookoo bucks could create a right leaning platform to compete with the others. People aren’t stupid,they would flock to a site that treated people fairly and wouldn’t ban them for opposing opinions.

        • There is an alternative to youtube, it’s call brighteon.com, it used to be called real.video.com. They will show video that has been banned on youtube.

      7. Jim in Va

        “Surely somebody on the right with bookoo bucks could create a right leaning platform to compete with the others. ”

        Unfortunately those with boo-coo bucks are globalists as that’s where the boo-coo bucks are to be made in the future. They subscribe to the idea of no borders as that inhibits business. Nationalism, individualism, independence essentially following the intent of the Founding Fathers is opposite of their principals as they subscribe to globalism, collectivism and dependence.

      8. Where the hell is the do nothing FCC
        They should either do their job or be abolished

        The MSM and social media re the enemies of the American people

        • The FCC was established in 1934 in order to cartelize electronic communication. CBS to Paley, NBC to Sarnoff, ABC to Goldenson. . .these folks are kissin’ cousins. . .commies

          People demanding action against FB et al- these cartels, including banking, are of government origin. FB is just another part of the mafia that has controlled things since at least 1913,

          Anti-trust? Say what- the same mafia controls ALL of fedgov.


      9. I’m a Realtor. That is the only reason I’m on Facebook. I am considering deleting Facebook all together. It is a parasite. I Believe I can go old School. Face to face, phone, email.

        I’ve been a Realtor for 7 years. My mentor said….. “Daniel, always go for the personal touch”. How right she was. We no longer work in the same office but she is still kicking ass. And so am I.

      10. They can bar us, but if we bar them, we get arrested or fined. That’s not freedom, that’s discrimination against us. Resist by any means possible. Destroy the enemy.

      11. “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” –George R.R. Martin

        None of these “conservatives” know where anything comes from, including babies.

        The battle is between pink and red.

      12. So, I see TruNews got banned. They are Christian based reporters, not? Are they conspiracy theorists? Why did they get banned?

        Anyway, TruNews reports that 1000 IDF troops are being sent to Southcom’s base in Honduras. Wait…WHAT? What does Israel have to protect in Honduras? Crickets from most media of any type. Where’s all the Munrow Doctorin’ talk about this?
        My guess, if this is true, is that they are training proxies in jungle warfare to cause chaos and death in Venezuela. You know, like in an “advisor” capacity. Crickets also from DC on this.

        Will wait for more concrete information. But if it’s TruNews, it must certainly be true.

        • j asks, “They are Christian based reporters, not?”

          Do they know any of the other verses, besides Rom 13?

          • “Do they know of any other verses?”

            IF NOT FOR JEBUS
            WE’D ALL BE JOOISH

      13. The big tech companies have statist and leftists tendencies, that is, they appear to want to help maintain a large heavily centralized federal gov’t. After all, they have collaborated with fed. intelligence and police agencies spying on citizens; that is, helping the gov’t in technical ways to more efficiently spy on us, collecting massive amounts of information on citizens and making it available to gov’t., informing on citizens, and generally cooperating in a variety of ways the gov’t requests. In return, the big companies could be rewarded in ways not publicly known.
        This fits the classic definition of fascism, a merging of state and corporate power for mutual benefit, for the mutual purpose of controlling the population. Both see you as little more than a resource for them. And every single interaction with them requires a sacrifice of privacy.
        Starve the beast, I don’t use google, fb, twitter, no social media that requires an account. Furthermore, I never discuss anything personal on-line, or what I would not say in a room of people. Technology and methods are being developed to absolutely intrude in and interface every part of our lives, no matter how small, all with your consent of course.

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