CENSORSHIP CONFIRMED By Investigative Journalist: It’s A Conspiracy FACT

by | Mar 13, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 16 comments

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    It isn’t new news that YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have taken their censorship to a whole new level in recent weeks.  But investigative journalist Ben Swann has now proven that alternative media sites have been laying out conspiracy facts, not theories about what’s being done to them to silence their dissent.

    In many instances, the social media sites weren’t just censoring content they disliked. They went as far as taking down entire YouTube channels, such as Mike Adams’ Health Ranger. They removed complete video and content libraries that often contained hundreds or thousands of programs all under the guise of “combating hate speech” and “fake news.”

    YouTube’s purge is being done to any channel that questions the establishment’s official narrative or offers another view on a scientific theory. Often called “conspiracy theorists” or “pseudoscientists” as a means of shutting down the ideas, these tech giants are actually doing nothing more than proving those they censor correct. -SHTFPlan

    And as we now know, and Melissa Dykes says it best:

    The things that are going to be blocked are not going to be fake storiesThe things that are going to be blocked and censored, the things they are going to keep from people is going to be stuff they just don’t want you to focus on or know about.

    Alternative media’s warnings about Nazi-style censorship were met with criticism, doubt, and haughty derision in many mainstream media quarters, but as it turns out, those censored were not only correct, but the warnings were just the tip of the censorship iceberg. Investigative journalist Ben Swann noted in All News Pipeline, there is indeed a concerted effort by the Alt-Left social media giants to deep-six conservative, libertarian, and independent voices of liberty as part of an overall effort to silence their voices.

    The notion of liberty and freedom is so much more easy to grasp than the one of government authoritarianism the media glorifies and propagates to brainwash the masses. Hence, the bold censorship of anyone calling for the liberty and freedom that all human beings deserve – the most basic of human rights and dignity.

    Ben Swann with Truth in Media recently detailed the horrors of censorship, and why it’s such a slippery slope.

    Swann goes into the details that all of us are aware of by now, saying that the new moderators at YouTube are going further than simply “flagging” content they don’t like.  They are completely removing channels that question the establishment in any manner.  “So it’s not a conspiracy. There is no question that in fact, human moderators were pulling down ‘right-wing’ or conservative content,” says Swann.

    There is, in fact, a very coordinated effort by a number of organizations like Media Matters for America and the Southern Poverty Law Center to silence voices with which they do not agree. For instance, I know firsthand as these organizations have really attacked me personally, trying to silence my voice. Full disclosure here: I am, ideologically, a libertarian, neither on the left or on the right. But according to these groups, anyways, I am “alt-right”. A dog whistle, which actually means a white nationalist, which I am not at all. But that doesn’t stop them from slandering me…the goal of these organizations is to silence dissent not just from the right, but from the left as well. In fact, they silence anyone who is not part of the establishment structure.”

    Swann then goes on to agree with a sentiment expressed by SHTFPlan that the next big things to prevent censorship, are decentralized platforms, not begging for the regulation of the platforms that are actively censoring dissent.

    We disagree with Adams that more regulations of the internet by the government is a solution.  The establishment is more likely than not in on all of this and leading the censorship charge. Their regulations will actually only enhance censorship of non-establishment and freedom-minded ideals while adding to an already unending number of laws.

    See what we did there? We disagreed with Adams while still calling for him to have the right to freely express his ideas. Free speech is not some magical concept. Our idea is a decentralized video platform like DTube. It’s a much better solution than adding to the ever-expanding tyrannical regulations of…everything. Regulation of the currency is why Bitcoin arose in the first place, and snuffing out those platforms who kill basic human rights such as free speech should be a more worthy goal over increasing regulations. –SHTFPlan, March 6, 2018

    DTube and Steemit were suggested by Swann, and both are decentralized. The future is one of fewer regulations.  As freedom becomes more desirable and the establishment hardens down on attempts to coerce the public into accepting slavery, the censorship of dissent will be the undoing of Facebook and YouTube, while decentralization will take hold in almost every aspect of life.


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      1. Someone needs to create an alternative site for fair debate unlike Twitter,Facebook,Google and Youtube. All sides need to be heard and let the public decide.

        • Any place created dedicated to “fair debate” would be corrupted and taken over by trolls. It’s just the way we are.

        • http://gab.ai is fast becoming the goto place for those of us booted from the lefty BS sites. Trolls don’t last very long and they are doing a good job keeping bots out.

        • your alternative site would require investors deciding to spend a lot of money to provide a voice to the conservative echo chamber. How, exactly would they earn a return on their investment. Please bear in mind that the conservative part of this country is remarkable unproductive, to the tune of 36% of what the liberals produce. Yep: 2016
          counties Share of GDP
          Hillary Clinton 472 64%
          Donald Trump 2584 36%

          conservatives are poor and stupid. The ones who are rich, realize that there is little if any money to be made from the conservative echo chamber. And of course, there is the fact, that almost by definition conservatives are not creative. Hence liberal media, books and above all hollywood.

      2. One cannot argue with liberals because they have no capability to truly debate or consider another viewpoint. For to do that would mean they would have to understand the arguments being presented. No, it is the easier course for them to just give up all thought processes, all logic, all sense of history or perspective; thus, that is what they do. They haven’t a clue to the idea of rights. Or of right and wrong that comes from within their own hearts. We need a purging of this entire mindset. Nothing less will work.

      3. Without public dissent anything goes. There are sites that still allow dissent. What you say can and will be held against you. The early stages of a complete blackout of dissent on the net. Par for the course, see it coming from a mile away. Good because I ain’t buying nothing besides food.

      4. Any site that makes your information its main profit product is inherently bad for you, especially if the site isn’t giving you anything tangible ( such as $$ ) as a result of selling, you.
        It’s a form of digitized slavery.

      5. Anybody engaged in this censorship on behalf of the social media and search companies needs to give a long think about this particular fact: by removing from the web information about paedophilia and sex trafficking networks, money laundering and bribery in international institutions, war crimes, human rights abuses etc. is colluding with the perps. In fact, the law says so. Anyone who knows about crimes and actively covers it up is complicit in those crimes. Remember that, when you hang out with your Millennial and nano generation shit-fag friends drinking organic beer and discussing your tats.

      6. Steemit and DTube may be decentralized, but they require a cell phone number for full access. I don’t have one, so they are useless to me.

      7. They’re censoring George Carlin videos, FFS! How I know this: I had downloaded and re-posted one of his greatest monologues ever (“It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It”). I never maintained or promoted this page, yet after a couple years it ended up with over a half-million hits on that one vid. I couldn’t keep up with all the notifiers I was getting (when others commented or liked the vid, or replied to one of my comments).

        Then right around the first part of February, the hits stopped coming completely. I went to the YouTube page and looked at the “analytics” tab. This particular vid had huge visibility, climbing to the top five searches for Carlin vids. And suddenly–it got yanked out of the searches and the page hits plummeted.

        Like I said, I never put a lot of effort to the page, so I know the censoring wasn’t about me or anything I did/said. They just don’t want people thinking about what Carlin had to say.

        These people are pathetic. They KNOW how wrong they are, but they persist anyway. Bunch of sociopaths…

      8. A problem occurred with this web page so it was reloaded? Over and over again Untill you give up?

        • I’ve experienced that with some other articles, but I never give up. I just find another way around it.

      9. All of this is just another reason I am not on any social media sites. Short and sweet responses, such as this, is enough to support my ego for the rest of the day. If it gets censored that’s ok; I just means one less site I will visit in the future.

      10. I still think closer examination of the deleted material will show that there actually was hate speech present. Should hate speech be plastered all over otherwise very good sites? Youtube has the “adult content” flag that can be set to raise the tolerance threshold of questionable content. Some of the deleted sites didn’t have the adult content set. Re-submit the material with the flag set and it probably won’t get deleted. (unless it really is trashy!)

        • I guess it depends on who is defining hate speech.

      11. Let me get this straight You are claiming those private companies should not be allowed to choose who they serve or what they carry on their pages? And who should determine that? The government???
        And in your world this would be a free market. In my world that is the satanic offspring of Orwellian doublethink and Humpty dumpty speak.

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