CDC Wants The Un”vaccinated” To Avoid Travelling This Weekend

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments

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    Because they likely know many will resist another lockdown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are asking those who have so far not taken the experimental gene therapy shots to stay at home, and not travel this weekend for the holiday. The fully “vaccinated” can travel according to the masters, but they still have to “take precautions.”

    Aren’t breakthrough infections rare though? Not when this is simply the common cold or the flu renamed. And those “breakthrough infections” in the fully “vaccinated” are going to be a problem for the ruling class if they can’t convince people soon that a new “vaccine-resistant” variant is to blame.

    The CDC ADMITS: PCR Tests CANNOT Differentiate Between Coronaviruses!

    What Is the True Vaccine Breakthrough Rate? The CDC Doesn’t Want You to Know

    “First and foremost, if you are unvaccinated, we would recommend not traveling,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at a White House Covid-19 Response Team Briefing on Tuesday. Walensky said that while people who are fully vaccinated can travel with precautions, current transmission rates mean they, too, need to take Covid-19 risk into consideration when deciding whether to travel.

    The fear-mongering is ramping up to new levels. They could be preparing the public for more lockdowns, or they could be ready to release something nefarious, that isn’t just a renaming of the common cold. It’s tough to say how this will play out, except the power grabs will be immense and the more afraid the public is, the more enslaved they will become.

    Continue to use critical thinking skills and logically assess everything. Most of what we are being spoon-fed doesn’t make much sense when logic is applied instead of fear. Keep your awareness at all-time highs.  This has been ramping for a few months, but it is moving much more quickly now.


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      1. Be afraid, be very afraid.

        Otherwise, you might engage in rational thinking and make rational decisions.

        And that would interfere with our rulers plans.

      2. Do the assholes at the CDC
        ask any of us “permission”
        when they travel around
        spreading misery everywhere
        they go? Exactly!!! So, I don’t
        think anyone is going to ask
        Dr Walensky or any of her evil CDC cohorts to please
        “allow” us to travel. They are of course trying to ruin
        any labor day traveling or any fun people may have.
        As we all know, these evil, soulless creatures cannot stand it when anyone has anything even close to resembling a good time.
        I say to hell with them.
        Get out there folks, ignore
        their “recommendations”
        and enjoy yourselves ?
        That is my recommendation.

      3. Since 60% in my state are vaxxed super spreaders of diseases and shedders of deadly spike proteins running over the state, I will stay close to home and avoid them.

        It’s a matter of time there will be fewer and fewer of them because they went to the worldly side as in ISAIAH 5, where GOOD is BAD and BAD is GOOD, and their houses will be left DESOLATE where no one will be left inside them.

        • Your brain is broken. Please stay home and away from regular people. Thanks!

          • LOL. Not broken, wise. I stay away from the vaxxed, they are diseased with prions and deadly spike proteins that can be transferred to the unvaxxed and make them sick, bleed, and swell up testicles and ovaries like cancer. They are NOT regular people.

            The amazing thing about the Bioweapons Pfizer and Moderna mRNA shots, it can kill and disable, but another danger is that they can transmit these deadly spike proteins to others.

            SGT report.
            Jeffery Keith Aimless News
            Dr. Roger Hodkinson Pathologist
            Michael Yeadon toxicologist, former VP Pfizer
            Peter McCullough
            Dr Lee Merritt boweapon, advocate against vacs
            David Icks
            Vernon Coleman his blog–
            Dr Collin Barrens
            Dr Simone Gold
            Joe Mercola
            Dr Hotez
            Del Bigtree
            Dr Larry july 15th every Thursday
            Dr Briddle, Canada ethics on mandate experimental shot
            Dr Tenpenny
            vincent James
            Dr Judy Mikovits
            Gerald Celente
            Dr Jane Ruby
            Dr Flemming
            Christopher James, Canada
            DR Li-Meng Yan from China who worked on the virus
            Dr Robert Malone who invented the mRNA vaccine says to halt the shot it caused loss of immunue system.
            Dr Andrew Kaufman
            Dr Hoffee Canada
            VAERS REPORT
            Dave Martin
            Chris Sky Canada podcast
            Patrick King canada proved there is no covid 19 samples
            Ivory Hecktor pod cast
            Scott Kesterson on podbean
            Dr Nepute
            Dr. Steve Hotze
            Ann Vandersteel
            DR Sherwood
            Clay Clark
            Dr. Vladimir Zelenko — an expert on immunology and treatment
            Ron Johnson is understanding the effect with Rand Paul.
            Attorney Thomas Renz has lawsuit against the US
            Americas frontline doctors

            • @Woogie , thank you ?
              for all of the information

          • Recently a guy in my area had to be rushed to the emergency room via ambulance for a suspected heart attack.
            The guy told his neighbors “DO NOT CALL PARAMEDICS” because he “doesn’t trust doctors,hospitals,or paramedics anymore.”
            Thankfully one of his neighbors isn’t a paranoid Schizophrenic and she called the paramedics and saved his life.
            After the guy underwent quadruple bypass and was stabilized,he was asked why he didn’t want to seek medical attention?
            The guy responded “because doctors are in on it too and they are conspiring to reduce the population”.
            An RN asked him where he got his information from and of course he said “the Internet”.
            When the RN asked him why didn’t the doctors just let him pass away instead of performing quadrupled bypass,the guy said “because this ain’t the same thing as the kill shot”.
            Just goes to show that people only trust doctors when it’s their own ass,or the wife and kids ass on the line and needing medical attention, and then suddenly all the “doom & gloom” BS is separated and REALITY suddenly appears back into the picture..

      4. CDC can lick my taint

      5. just going to continue to hoard and prep

      6. It’s hard to imagine but there are signs that our government will eventually insist unvaccinated are a danger and require quarantine. As the variants get deadlier, they’ll justify encampments for public safety. Especially since unvaccinated are more likely to be a national security threat.

        Oh, and Chyna is practice on our soil.

      7. Leo, I am in agreement with others here in that it is time to have a discussion of the medical industrial complex. Thank you for bringing this latest to our attention. They have done nothing but lie about cv19 and the radically experimental vaccines from beginning to our current day. Dr. McCullough, the most cited cardiologist in the world on cv19 states that around 500,000 American lives could have been saved had it not been for doctors suppressing legitimate treatments. Immunologist Dr. Mikovitts, has informed that the so called experimental injections are extremely dangerous, that all vaccines are poison and that people should stay as far away from their doctors as possible. All the while the amount of child abuse that has taken place and continues to take place under the despotic rule of the doctors is unfathomable.

        Sadly, in keeping with Dr. Mikovitts theme, there is overwhelming hard evidence that autism is a result of the vaccines. State laws require children to be vaccinated under threat that their children will be taken from their custody. What kind of a country is that? Meanwhile, the doctors require patients who are desperately in need of pain management to sign opioid contracts in order to get their meds. The patients live in constant fear that their meds could be taken away and often they are for petty or no reason at all. The more the doctors constrict the rights of patients the the worse the drug war and drug pandemic gets. They actually make it dangerous to their very lives to have confidential doctor-patient relationships. Child sex trafficking and other horrid drug crimes sky rocket while the greedy doctors make bank. Not to mention the have two thirds on Prozac like drugs. And this has been going on for decades. The coercion and threats to life, limb and Liberty from the filthy disgusting out of control doctors is making life unbearable throughout the world and United States.

        Let us be real, a person can hardly get a job picking up dog sh*t without taking a complete and thorough psychological examination. It is not difficult to deduce that the globalist have tested or otherwise profiled the doctors as psychotic sociopaths before allowing them entrance into the medical order.

        My Uncle fought bravely on the battlefield in WW II. The outcome of WW II was the Nuremberg Code. It is beyond description to describe the tyranny that has unfolded before us. And so very sad to realize that those who fought and survived WW II did so only for the lessons learned to be forgotten in our current age. Every single one of these rat doctors who has been recommending the radically experimental baby fetus material injections without getting proper consent deserves to hang, be put in the electric chair or otherwise be put to death as is the historical precedent as set forth by the Nuremberg Code. Let us not let the swine doctors, politicians, msm and others trample the hard earned and learned lessons of WW II. Let us not quit until “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters for each and every one of these heinous criminals is sent forth into every corner and crevice of the globe and Justice is served.

      8. Fuck them

        • F them twice!

          • F them thrice!!!

      9. It’s a small demented club.

      10. CDC needs to color within its lines. None if us elected any of them or gave them authority to dictate a damn thing. Study germs, have witty virus themed Christmas parties and fuck off otherwise.

      11. Hey, CDC! STFU and stay in your lane!

      12. My family and I drove 120 miles (round trip) to go to a park and hike for the day. Oops, sorry faucci.

      13. What the CDC is saying, is that they want vaccinated superbug generators to travel freely while the unvaccinated stay isolated from the herd. This prevents natural herd immunity from pacing the rate of variant creation, especially among the perfectly healthy unvaccinated.

        The vaccines appear to be promoting antibody dependent enhancement of SARS Cov-2, as witnessed by the explosion of variants from vaccinated populations. Vaccines may also weaken and stress the natural immune response, as many of the vaccinated end up hospitalized.

        Vitamins D,C,K and zinc are the immune system’s best friend, vaxxed or not.

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