CDC Suggests “Hermetically Sealed Caskets” For Ebola Victims – AKA “Fema Coffins”

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Headline News | 451 comments

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    I remember years back when I was still writing for my original website,, we came across a then little known video of air tight “coffin liners”, hundreds of thousands, stacked in a field in the middle of Madison, Georgia in close proximity to Atlanta and the home of the CDC.  We helped break that story which immediately swept through independent media circles.  Owners of the property leased to store the hermetically sealing plastic coffins stated that it was the CDC that had rented the land for storage of the coffins.  Confirmation from the CDC has not been forthcoming.

    I have been keeping my eyes open for any mention of these kinds of coffins since that story was released, knowing that one day, they would suddenly be touted by the government as if they had always been in use.  It appears that day is close at hand…

    In a story for Yahoo News, the CDC says that in the event of an Ebola outbreak in the U.S., bodies of the deceased would be required to be buried within “hermetically sealed caskets”, which would prevent the escape of microbes during funerals.  An administrator of the Dallas Institute Of Funeral Service interviewed in the article states that he has never come across any such caskets in his industry, meaning, hermetically sealed coffins are NOT common in the slightest for burial.  The CDC coffins in Madison, Georgia, though, ARE designed to prevent spread of infection.  In fact, the patent for these coffins confirms that they are meant for the burial or cremation of bodies exposed to infectious diseases.  You can read the patent here:

    This would suggest that the CDC has stockpiled such coffins in places like Madison, Georgia specifically in preparation for a viral outbreak.  Meaning, the CDC has been expecting the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans due to infection for at least the past six years.  That is a LONG period of preparation.  Such preparation requires certainty, not hypothesis, especially were the federal government is involved.  Our government was so certain of a viral catastrophe they purchased fields full of sealing coffins to be ready for it; not to prevent it, but to have the means to clean up after it.  Let that thought settle for a moment, and then read my latest article, ‘An Ebola Outbreak Would Be Advantageous For Globalists’, to understand the bigger picture…

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      1. CNN is reporting patient zero for US Ebola died this morning.

        Probably time to put a stop to flights to the region until they can get on top of this outbreak.

          • Ebola crisis leaves Dallas a city on edge

            “Dallas is a city on edge as public-health officials wait to see if any of the people who may have been exposed to Ebola develop symptoms of the deadly disease.

            Several residents of the neighborhood where a Liberian man emerged as the first U.S.-diagnosed Ebola case told city officials they had been sent home from work. Some community volunteers shunned a nearby after-school program. And the hospital at the epicenter of fear acknowledged for the first time that some patients were staying away.”

            “Heart House, an after-school program serving the neighborhood, said about 20 volunteers had declined to come in for their shifts due to fear of the virus. Lenita Dunlap, director of Heart House, said the loss of volunteers made it harder to have enough adults to serve the 120 children in the program.”


            • Could this be the same guy? Maybe not….

              But if so, then not the innocent random that they suggest…


              Director of Management and Operations Overseas Peacecorps.


              Director of Management and Operations Overseas Peace Corps
              Government Agency; 5001-10,000 employees; International Affairs industry

              June 2013 – Present (1 year 5 months) Monrovia, Liberia

              Director of Management and Operations Overseas Peace Corps
              Government Agency; 5001-10,000 employees; International Affairs industry

              October 2010 – May 2013 (2 years 8 months)Georgetown, Guyana

              District AIDS Coordinator Peace Corps
              Government Agency; 5001-10,000 employees; International Affairs industry

              2007 – 2009 (2 years)

              Botswana Ministry of Local Government

              Senior Vice President – Market Executive Business Banking Bank of America
              Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BAC; Banking industry

              2005 – 2007 (2 years) Greater Los Angeles Area

              Senior Vice President – Market Executive Business Banking Bank of America
              Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BAC; Banking industry

              2002 – 2005 (3 years) Las Vegas, Nevada

              Vice President – Regional Market Sales ManagerBank of America
              Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BAC; Banking industry

              2000 – 2002 (2 years) Scottsdale & Central Phoenix

              Vice President – Regional Service & Operations Manager Bank of America
              Public Company; 10,001+ employees; BAC; Banking industry

              1994 – 2000 (6 years) Scottsdale & Central Phoenix


              • CDC Forced to Admit that Ebola Might Be Spread to Healthcare Workers through Coughing and Sneezing

                “Scientists have said for some time that Ebola may be spread through coughing, sneezing and other aerosol transmission.

                The top American health agency – the U.S. Centers for Disease Control – has DENIED this for months. But CDC has FINALLY been FORCED TO ADMIT that it’s true.”

                “Will the L.A. Times article finally push the CDC to require respirators for front-line healthcare workers treating Ebola patients? Or will we need a full pandemic before CDC changes its outdated policy?

                An L.A. Times article also confirm…
                •Ebola might be contagious even when the victim isn’t showing any symptoms
                •Travel screening is a joke”


                • Here’s another breaking story from Dallas:

                  “An afternoon news conference has been called in Frisco, a suburb of Dallas, to discuss a possible second case of Ebola.
                  The patient claims to have had contact with Thomas Eric Duncan, referred to as Dallas ‘patient zero.’

                  It is not clear how the patient had contact with Duncan or if the patient was one of the about 50 people being monitored by federal, state and local health officials.

                  The call came in shortly after noon from Care Now, 301 Main Street, where the patient was “exhibiting signs and symptoms of Ebola.”

                  CBS 11 has confirmed that the patient checked yes to one of the screening questions regarding travel to West Africa. The facility is in contact with the Centers for Disease Control and is holding everyone in the facility until receiving clearance from the CDC. The patient is being transported to a nearby hospital by Frisco firefighter-paramedics.

                  First responders are also examining clinical staff and other patients. It is unknown how many other people may have been exposed to the patient.

                  The news conference will be held at 3:30 pm at Frisco’s Central Fire Station. CBSDFW will stream it live.

                  • Sounds like a great way for a homeless dude to get three squares and some attention.
                    Just a thought…….

                  • The identity of that patient was put out a bit ago. The person admitted in Dallas is a police officer …the one who served the writ of quarantine on the family of Eric Duncan.

                  • AMAZING! Just how dos someone contract a virus, that is NOT airborne, by serving some papers to someone who is not an Ebola patient? They don’t. So, I think it is now safe to assume that there just might be a chance it’s airborne and the CDC is either incompetent or lying. Either is equally deadly.

                  • If they are now admitting this, we should expect it.

                    HHS secretary: There may be other cases of Ebola in the U.S.

                    “Americans have to prepare for the reality that there may be more cases of Ebola in the United States.”

                    Washington Examiner
                    (link on Drudge Report)

                  • Post this sign on your front door:

                    NOTICE: The occupants of this home have Ebola and is in self quarantine. Anyone attempting to enter will be doused in urine, blood, and spit on.


                    Put a big bucket of water (or piss) next to your front door in the event that “forced vaccination” etc. is attempted to be done near you. When the knock comes on your door, scream I already have ebola and throw the bucket of water at them. That should make the cowards run for their lives, and you can shoot them as they run in panic. If there are just a few, you might even get them all.

                    When they bring the war to your door, you have no choice but to fight them on spot. Use their own methods and scare the crap out of them. Because they are already so afraid of life they have to serve the devil to live they will be easily driven over the edge.

                • Here’s the “end game” for Ebola, just as many here have predicted

                  NIH: ‘We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak’

                  ht tp://

                  (as usual, take out the spaces)

            • KY mom. I figured there would be a level of panic in the Dallas area that would affect people in the area. Stands to reason. As I mentioned in a previous comment attendance at sporting events and traffic in shopping centers could be curtailed. IF the virus spreads. It seems like we got mixed messages regarding Duncan’s death; when did he actually pass away?
              My wife and I stepped outside to view the moon this morning and it did have a reddish tint due to the eclipse. I took a pair of binocs (12x50s) outside to look at it. I was too lazy to haul a telescope out from one of the rooms I store it in. I also get paranoid about copperheads in my yards even though I have yet to see one.
              Let’s see if anything happens to the Kaaba clocktower today. Supposedly ISIS is going to attack it. I wouldn’t rule it out.
              Yawn. More coffee for the Meathead. Stayed up too late last night.

              • He died a few days ago according to one Israeli media outlet.

                • A doctor here who travels to Atlanta regularly told us days ago he knows of three cases in Atlanta.

                • Israeli Media Outlet Source?? Now there”s a worthy news source to bank your beans on.

              • In my opinion , a clue to what killed him: liver failure .
                There was concern about his liver function and then he dies.
                my husband died from liver failure . The day before he died he was ” red sheeted” that means he was at a high risk of bleeding out .
                Just my two cents . It seems to me this would be a very dangerous occurrence , bleeding out with a highly infectious bloodbourn disease.

            • FROM ZERO HEDGE–

              nephew, Josephus Weeks, said earlier today that Duncan did not receive any serum from Ebola survivors, a treatment given other survivors. Kent Brantly, a U.S. doctor who recovered after being infected, has donated serum to at least two other patients.

              Asked in a text-message interview if the family thinks blood serum derived from disease survivors should have been used, Weeks said, “We begged and pleaded several times. They said it’s too late in his treatment. They didn’t try any other options but saline, oxygen and water.”

              So the lawsuits are coming.

              In any event, one can only hope he is the last Ebola casualty on US soil. Unfortunately, when the best plan the “smartest and brightest” in the room can come up with is to take the temperature of West Africa travelers, he won’t be.


              • Damn. So nothing was really done to save him. Why am I not surprised. Even though he entered the country under false pretenses, I wouldn’t wish that death on my worst enemy.

                • Did you hear the faint applause from the 1% elitists from their enclaves hearing the news. Just 300 million more to go in America. Hip hip horrah…

                  • 300 million and 1 if you wanna get all technical like that, he was an “import”.

                • If his internal organs had begun to liquefy they may have determined that it had gone too far. But since they have never treated Ebola they should have tried anything they could think of. If not for him ( and his welfare should have been a good enough reason) then for anyone else so they would know what might help.

              • Our anointed one knew it was too late to send in reinforcements in Benghazi too. What a bunch of smart people we are running into!

              • Or do they know more than theyre letting on?….how many underground labs have been playing with this stuff and others for how long?…perhaps experiments on many “homeless” or”runaways”has given them a very clear timetable of when treatment works and when it is in fact”too late”…just my cynical mind asking.REB

            • I live in Dallas. I know where the hospital is. I have been in there before. Things are going as normal around here except for the apt. complex. The cops have it blocked off. A few of the guys who live in the apt complex were let go from their jobs. They are getting legal aid and will sue the crap out of those companies.

              • Harp.. You mean the Puke Picker Uppers?

              • Fired for getting (potentially) sick?

                Huh there’s a shocker. Never seen that one happen before *sarcasm*.

                • The Beatings will continue until moral improves. Mgt.

            • FROM “AND THE HITS JUST KEEP COMING” AT Daconteur Report website…

              “…infected vomitus outside the apartment where Duncan was staying, where he puked all over on his way to the ambulance.

              Note the total lack of any personal PPE, and that the crew, equipment, their truck, and any subsequent stops they “cleaned” from then until now are future Ebola locii, with no notice nor oversight by Dallas public health authorities on scene. Oh, and they’ve now spread it hither and yon about the complex, for neighbors, kids, and pets to play in.

              These are exactly the 70-IQ motherfuckers who are going to kill us all, every day, forever.
              Write that on your hand in case you’re tempted to believe for one fleeting moment “the authorities have a handle on this”.

              Oh, and note that the two geniuses doing this job have cleverly left their water sippy bottles just at the edge of the spray/splash zone, one above the car, and one at the front bumper.

              “I don’t often drink bottled water, but when I do, I like to smear the bottle with Ebola vomit before I suck on it. Stay thirsty, my friends.”

            • This is why it is advantageous to have employment (self-employed or otherwise) that allows you to work from home. If an outbreak spreads, you may not be permitted to even go to work to pay the bills due to the fear.

              • DM,if a outbreak of epic proportions occurs one of the last things I will be worried about is working or bills!

            • Additionally, Charles L. Bailey supervised the government’s response to an outbreak of Ebola among several dozen rhesus monkeys housed for research in Reston, Va., a suburb of Washington.

              What Bailey learned from the episode informs his suspicion that the current strain of Ebola afflicting humans might be spread through tiny liquid droplets propelled into the air by coughing or sneezing.

              “We know for a fact that the virus occurs in sputum and no one has ever done a study [disproving that] coughing or sneezing is a viable means of transmitting,” he said. Unqualified assurances that Ebola is not spread through the air, Bailey said, are “misleading.”

              Peters, whose CDC team studied cases from 27 households that emerged during a 1995 Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo, said that while most could be attributed to contact with infected late-stage patients or their bodily fluids, “some” infections may have occurred via “aerosol transmission.”

              Though he acknowledged that the means of disease transmission among the animals would not guarantee the same result among humans, Bailey said the outcome may hold lessons for the present Ebola epidemic.

              “Those monkeys were dying in a pattern that was certainly suggestive of coughing and sneezing — some sort of aerosol movement,” Bailey said. “They were dying and spreading it so quickly from cage to cage. We finally came to the conclusion that the best action was to euthanize them

              • The CDC had been using the word “airborne” in a technically correct way but it is misleading to the general public who might not understand the difference between airborne and aerosolized. And I believe they knew what they were doing because telling the public what is going on and how to protect themselves is their job.

                Airborne: if I breath out and you breath in I can unknowingly pass a virus to you.
                Aerosolized: if I cough or sneeze the larger water droplets will spray out up to 10-20 feet and then drop the to ground. The finer mist cloud will only travel about 2-4 feet out but will linger in the air longer. Anybody that enters either droplet cloud and breaths in or gets in into the mucus membranes or open skin areas is at risk to contract it. Also the droplets will land on surfaces and remain viable (able to promote disease) for up to 5 days. So if you touch those areas and then touch your mouth, eyes nose etc or an open skin area then you are exposed. Same if you touch your child in those areas. Don’t forget that semen, tears and breast milk as well as any other body fluids are potentially dangerous.
                Wash hands and cover coughs.

                • …Talking about aerosolized Ebola virus, nobody has mentioned the spread of this disease through insects. Once an epidemic begins, infected bodies will be visited by flies, etc… which will in turn infect the population.

          • After hearing the turn of events that happened to the patient in Dallas Texas.., I keep getting the feeling that they had no reason to keep him alive..I pray l am wrong.

            • Poor black guy dies from Ebola. Rich whitey that was flown back to the US after contracting Ebola survives. Cries of racism in 5..4..3…

              • What if you are biracial then you have a 50/50 chance?

                • Yeah, Johnny, according to the idiot poster above!

                • YH I couldn’t agree with you more. There will be no Private jet for the common guy. Just a Hey buddy sorry you’re sick, got insurance ? from the hospital staff.

              • I doubt that, the black guy would most likely have ancestors that contacted Ebola so he should have had a better chance of making it. On he other hand, if I were the Gov I would have made sure he didn’t make it. Can the number of desperate people that might come here if he had.

              • I have one better. White guy given expensive experimental anti-viral drug with first class medical treatment and lives. Black guy turned away from the hospital with same illness and dies. Hmmm. Sorry, but DNA has nothing to do with it.

                • YH I gave your other comment a green thumb. But now it sounds like your trying to play the race card game. Hope Not. There are enough people out there that already do that. Trekker Out.

                • UHHHH, White guy got experimental drug given to him in liberia.
                  The dumasses at the FDA wont allow it to be used in t5he US.

                • The guy did not have Obamacare. See what happens when you do not listen to the anointed one.

                • Mountain Trekker,

                  >>”YH I gave your other comment a green thumb. But now it sounds like your trying to play the race card game.”<<

                  Absolutely not MT. Ebola isn't taking sides in this lopsided battle, and neither am I. This is asymmetrical germ warfare run amok, and Ebola is winning.

                  It's gunning for every one of us regardless of race, sex, creed, height, weight, or politics. I am hoping the FDA and CDC are not going to decide who lives and dies based on race, but so far I'm not optimistic.

                  All I know is that if we contract Ebola, a Gulfstream Jet isn't going to rush us to a special quarantine hospital to give us life saving experimental drugs. We are on our own MT. Stay safe out friends.

                • YH how true, ebola ain’t prejudice. All life is precious, whether Red or Yellow, Black or White, or Unborn. Trekker Out.

                • white guy is over in africa trying to save lives of those with obola ,black guy sneaks into the country (with possible knowledge)that had the potetial of killing many more people,white guy can still go on to try and save others with his knowledge ,white guy offered to give up his place in line for the serum to his coliuge,black guy didnt give two shits on what the consequices might have been trying to save his own ass

              • twitchy dot com/2014/10/08/ebola-didnt-kill-him-guess-whats-being-blamed-for-the-death-of-thomas-duncan/

                Ya, that didn’t take long…

                • Watch Obama come out and say you are fully covered under Obamacare for Ebola, just to increase sign up participants. But upon sign up you habe to get our free vacination. (Snicker) hehe..

              • Look at the horrible way the black family was treated compared to the white people…

                The black guy wasn’t given the serum til the last minute and no blood transfusions with blood containing possible anti-bodies… yet the white people? Also, he was sent home with anti-biotics in the beginning– what lousy, treatment!

                The black family (woman and 3 kids) were forced to stay in apartment with ebola virus for days!!! Can you imagine kids playing in an apartment for days which contains ebola virus???

                If these kids get the disease, it seems the mother could sue the city… they forced them to stay in extremely unsafe environment for days, without food, water and pampers half the time!! And CDC/hazmat team didn’t contact them, try to help them for days!!

                In the book “The Hot Zone”, it describes how scientists experimenting with the virus worked in level 4 biohazard containment facility– meaning they had to go through 4 steel doors, 12 inches thick to reach the lab and wore hazmat suits… compare this to the situation in the apartment!!! Its disgraceful!!

                And some old stupid white man (below) with IQ below 70 wants to proclaim its all because the color of skin as to why some survive and some die… He is obviously lacking in reasoning ability and moral compass.

                • Oops… now the stupid old white man is above my post (not below).

                • It is always best to help the white man. The blacks rut like goats and multiply like rabbits. It won’t hurt to lose a few blacks, actually it would be better. The more the better. The old stupid white man is just that a man. On the other hand the old black Joe is just another hairless pavement ape with no meaning or worth for that matter.

                  • “Scum” is more like it (the old stupid lowly evolved white ape who writes stupid remarks that are erroneous, unreasonable, and without scientific basis).

                    Stupid old white men came here, duped the american indians, stole their land and goes from country to country seeing how much they can steal from others–

                • Awww, you fell for it.

                  • Yeah won’t it be great when we get rid of all the Libs, and theirs just US. We will be able to build a real Utopia since we all seem to get along so well and agree on almost everything. Trekker Out. I Can’t Wait!

                • The blood type of the blackdude wasn’t the same as the donor (that doctor they flew back and cured awhile back was the same blood type as those he donated to for the transfusions).

                  • If they had given him the transfusion he would have blown up like a tick.

                  • Give Jesse Jackson the transfusion. Win-Win for everybody.

                  • Plasma does not have to be type specific. Only red blood cells need to be type specific.

                • Anonymous, I agree that old man shouldn’t have been playing the race card and the way that family was treated was wrong, but don’t you start playing that same card yourself. Two wrongs don’t make a right. This disease appears to be an equal opportunity killer that WON’T discriminate against anyone it comes into contact with.

              • Jessie Jackson has already been here in Dallas. He has already said it.

          • Why do the TPTB want to bury highly infectious corpses? I say bring them to the crematorium to be incinerated for double the normal amount of time, just to be safe. Some might think this is disrespectful to the memory of the departed. However, I’d rather err on the side of preventing further infections than worry about the PCness of burial vs cremation. Not to mention that if this thing goes full retard, there isn’t enough available land to handle the amount of burials required.

            One other thing, who does the CDC expect to paying for these hermetically sealed caskets? What would one expect of a government that hrives on other peoples money.

            • Look at those caskets. They are not meant to hold just one. Looks like 10+ people would fit. Remember the dead don’t complain about crowding. With that number of caskets available for that many dead, no way could you cremate that many people.
              Someone with better eyes than I have, count those you can see. Those things are meant to transport mass dead, not for funerals.

              • Caskets hold 4 bodies deep. Sad to say but unknowingly when dead, you may be placed in the casket huggung a darky for the rest of eternity. LOL.

                • WWTI.

                  There is some Gallows Humor in there somewhere. Hahaha!

                  • Sling. Yeah I couldn’t resist. Ha.

              • They are oversized “Hillshire Farm”, cold cut containers.

                • If anyone has ever seen the usual crowd at walmart, it’s obvious why the coffins are so big. I’ve seen grazers that you’d have to literally stuff into one of those coffins.

                • The Walking Dead Series Returns this Sunday October 12 9/8c. July 24-27 Watch on AMC Channel.

                  • “Carl Poppa”

              • The stack is about 17 high, by 15 long, what I could decipher, and that only went about halfway. So I doubled it, and 30 x 17 is 510. That row could be 60 long which would make it around 1000. Makes more sense that way. If each casket holds 4 people( I think they could get more, depending on size, we’re talking 4000 bodies…

                • Big Tupperware containers for left overs. They anticipate the EBT Food Stamp Program to greatly expand.

                • Looks to me that 4 bodies high may be right, but also 2 wide and two long. Makes 16,000.

            • NV…didnt see your comment before I asked the same question…makes one wonder doesnt it? REB

            • have you ever seen the movie return of the living dead,they burned the infected and it didnt turn out to good.

              • om … from the National Funeral Directors Assoc.

                “Cremation Process

                The casket or container is placed in the cremation chamber, where the temperature is raised to approximately 1400 degrees to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. After approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours, all organic matter is consumed by heat or evaporation. The remaining bone fragments are known as cremated remains.”

                No organic matter is going intact, including viruses (or Zombies), at those temperatures.

                Just because “they do it in the movies” doesn’t mean that they are presenting actual FACTS.

                • third para should read … is going to survive intact …

                  Sorry, pressed Submit b4 thoroughly reading.

          • Preppers don’t get totally sidetracked by this Ebola scare. Did you ever think about buying a short barreled upper for an AR pistol. It might be a good idea to buy one of these uppers while you can get them, who knows one day you might want to buy the pistol lower. I bet if the SHTF it might even come in handy on your AR rifle, might be very maneuverable in your home or vehicle. Yes Yes I know it’s not legal on your rifle. But when the time comes and you start shooting cops, military and all of those fereral alphabet agencies, like many on this site talk about,whose gonna be worrying about how short the barrel is. Trekker Out. Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

            • no need. Amd65 with the muzzle device removed is as small and runs a better round.

            • MT … Got M855 green tips?

              • NV-SGAmmo

            • Ill just take a hacksaw to my carbine, re crown and thread it, theres the SBR,

              • Yeah Kula your probably right. Guess I’ll just forget about that AR pistol upper. Don’t need no unwanted attention anywho. Trekker Out. Shades Of Randy Weaver!

            • This is way off topic: 2 cops were shot near Oklahoma City. One got hit in the arm, the other in critical condition. I-35 is blocked off; traffic is a mess. Completely stalled. Apparently there are 2 bodies near the interstate.

              • Update. Looks like traffic is being re-routed, but still stalled on the interstate. There’s a 3rd body uncovered near a service road. The 2 cops who were shot were transported to Emergency in police cruisers.
                Welcome to the Sooner State.

              • Meathead. Maybe it was only one body on the highway. When you ran over him and heard a thump thump you thought it was 2 bodies. That usually throws people off on their body count. Just saying… And if you backed up to recheck and heard a thump thump again you would think 4 bodies. LoL

                • Who,you watched the classic”Wait Until Dark” didn’t you?!

                • 2 things that were a little unsettling about this incident.
                  One: traffic came to a complete standstill quickly when the cops sealed off the interstate. Right out of a SHTF scenario. No one could turn around or pull off on an exit; everyone was trapped on the interstate for over an hour. Apparently the body near the service road was a female who was killed during the shootout. It’ not clear if she was a hostage or a perp.
                  Two: An eye witness was talking to news reporters who said he saw the whole thing from a hotel balcony; minutes after the interview, the cops grabbed him and took him into custody. Apparently the witness used a cellphone to record the incident from the balcony. The news reporters said there was no explanation as to why this witness was hustled into a cop car and hauled off. I’m thinking the cops wanted to get the guy’s cellphone.
                  The witness was “disappeared”. Same method the KGB used when they would arrest people in the former USSR.

          • Ebola is a JV virus.
            Started by YouTube.
            Besides, what difference does it make.
            We infected some folks.

            • yes thank you for being the antithesis to what you seemed 6 years ago, President Neegor.

          • If you’re worried, you should move to Dallas. Because everyone knows that Dallas can’t catch anything!

            This joke was funnier before Romo pulled one out of his ass last weekend.

          • He (Duncan) was a big man– a strong man! Amazing how a little virus could take him down… my heart goes out to his family, loved ones. God bless! (I’m really sorry he wasn’t able to receive the care that others got– the serum, etc.) 🙁

            • He should off got his care in LIBERIa!

            • Duncan was just another illegal alien trying to get married so he could stay. F-em.

              • What’s worse than Ebola?

                A Woman’s Scorn. Cause I can guarantee a woman’s scorn can kill a Man faster than any case of Ebola. Ever see Hell’s Furry unleashed?

              • I think we need to send 2,000 pounds of Ebola-infested SHIT to Liberia in exchange for this NON-CITIZEN pile of garbage that came here and infected us. Of course, I heard of some other US GOVT OFFICIAL saying something about using NAPALM and fire over West Africa yesterday…may be ON to something there! :-O

          • Who can prove the guy exist or did exist.It is asking to much of me to believe he died.First I need to know he exist in the first place.

            • Well the all look alike you know How could you tell the difference? The green shirt?

          • Possible second case of Ebola in Dallas – reported in media here as a Deputy Sheriff.

            On the subject of “sealed” coffins – that’s all well and good but most of the danger of transmission of the disease is not after a person dies but surely while he/she is still walking around having broken with the disease yet not being sick enough to seek treatment?

            Remember, Ebola is supposedly not communicable UNTIL you break with symptoms. But think about that – the US is moving into Winter, the cold/flu season. Lots – 100’s of 1,000’s of people are going to catch cold over the next few months and in the early stages the symptoms are similar so for a day or two at least someone with Ebola will just think they have a cold.

            THAT is what frightens me the most!

            Take care of yourself, I want you guys to be safe and well (except for maybe Flaccid Wretch, oops, sorry Acid Etch 🙂 )


            • Hey, got a red thumb already – Flaccid Wretch must have googled “Flaccid” ………. just look down if you want an example of what it means 🙂


            • “Ebola is not communicable until you break with symptoms”
              They may be changing that statement. It appears that in animal studies they could pass it prior to showing symptoms.

              • Cara – for sure there must be a crossover period. Just when someone is contagious is a crapshoot and it isn’t a chance I’m willing to take given getting it wrong can kill you in a most horrific way as well as there being a good chance you’ll take your family with you.


            • The way I have heard it reported is that an ebola victim’s dead body is actually when the virus is at it’s peak and most contagious. This is why all of Mr. Duncan’s fellow neighbor’s that assisted the ebola stricken pregnant woman died within mere days after trying to get her to a hospital. There is a whole theory that the African death rituals are the main source of the massive outbreak over there.

              • Dead bodies infected with Ebola are contagious. Perhaps that’s why all
                The sealed caskets were purchased. Not a fan of the government but sealed caskets are a form of prevention if and when the pandemic happens.


                  Now, I know that President Ebola has his ancestral roots in and a deep commitment to Monkeyland Death Rituals and Monkey Witch Doctors and Monkey-Fuckers and Monkeymeat-Eaters; however, when you go to extremes, so as not to do the most basic actions to protect the populace of your own nation, as is obvious to most, then it is CLEAR that YOU and THE ORGANIZATIONS WITH WHICH YOU ARE ASSOCIATED are not acting in an urgent, timely fashion and that INFECTION is the TRUE END-GOAL to your operation. That's FUCKED-UP.

                  I have voted Democratic in every election over the past 20+ years. THIS time (next month), all of the levers are going to swing to the RIGHT, regardless of whom the candidate is in a given federal political race. So, fuck you: Prez. Ebola, that CDC shitpiece Tom Frieden, and Ben "Go Fuck a Camel-Fucker" Affleck.

          • Mac..Did you see the patient or do you believe what has been reported.I have to see.Believe nothing in print.

          • Welp so much for our “superior” health care system.

            In fairness, this is sort of like attempting to cure a bad case of death, so there’s that. But it was like “oh people have such a better chance if we bring them back home”… uh nope.

        • It’s time to quit calling this “ebola” an outbreak and start referring to it correctly as a biological attack on the people. At least then maybe we can focus on stopping the perpetrators posing as legitimate governments all over the world.

          This appears to be the even I predicted would happen by the end of the year, with 2015 designated for the cleanup and beginning the Post 2015 agenda being kicked into motion thereafter.

          There is no other possible explanation for the corps actions in this matter. How can these people sleep at night?

          • Yes it is but I believe in a higher power and “he hath said paybacks a bitch”

            Rodster 3:16 🙂

            • Luke 21:10: “Then he said to them,“Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.There will be great earthquakes, and in various places famines and pestilences. And there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.”

              Matthew 24:6: “And you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, for this must take place, but the end is not yet.For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be famines and earthquakes in various places.All these are but the beginning of the birth pains.”

              • ….now the King James version, as the new-age editions lose a lot with the constant editing:

                Luke 21:7-12:

                7And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be? and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass?
                8And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.
                9But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.
                10Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:
                11And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.
                12But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

                Matthew 24:6-7:

                “6And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.
                7For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. 8All these are the beginning of sorrows.”

                • oooh there it is oooh there it is oooh there it is…….

                • PWY Preacher:

                  Jesus says there will be a “great falling away” from His Word just as all of this starts. No one with eyes to see and ears to hear can deny this is/has happened.

            • But Patient Zero was a Christian and true believer so he is Guaranteed “Ever Lasting Life” according to the Bible. JOHN 3:16 right. The Bible is right isn”t it?? Any religios fplks out there can answer that?? Maybe some really old people out ther over the centuries who got Ever lasting life can you come foward and verify this. Moses you out there. You believed right. Don’t tell me this Is a big lie too .

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Luke 16:19-31 Read it for yourself.

                It ends with~~

                v.30 And he said, Nay, father Abraham: but if one went unto them from the dead, they will repent.

                v.31 And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.

                You asked~~”The Bible is right isn”t it??”

                Yes, the Bible is right.

              • WWTI:

                You assume much about patient zero, don’t you? Did you see somewhere he is a Christian? I have my doubts he is who they say he is and that he even died.

                Remember the movie Wag the Dog? Our wonderful MSM can make up and cover up more shit than cats…..

          • Help me understand this notion of the “great culling” better, along with 5 million or 500,000 on these Georgia tombstones, or the deliberate “thinning” of the world population by the NWO elites.

            I’m not fully on-board with such notions because it doesn’t make sense. Let’s the Obolas are part of the NWO elite. I was in Hawaii where a big deal was made that the POTUS and his family were attending a basketball game in which Michelle’s brother was the head coach. POTUS, not only being a local boy and a basketball fan, was there cheering on his brother-in-law.

            Anyways, here’s the notion that the NWO elites are pulling the levers of both the government and big corporates to begin a great culling via whatever means they want, but in this case a pandemic.

            So would a purported NWO insider like Michelle Obama let a rogue virulent epidemic kill her brother and his family?

            That makes no sense to me. The purported NWO’ers can’t have their circle too big, because eventually, as sure as the fact of human sin, someone’s gonna talk!! And the whole cat is out of the bag.

            Seriously, I would just track relatives of purported NWO’ers and if they start to mysteriously relocate to some safe haven, then I’d start to get worried. That to me is a signal that something’s amiss! The purported NWOers are looking to protect their own.

            Another example. Chelsea Clinton and her new baby. Billary and Shrillary are purported NWOers. Are they going to risk that some obola pandemic is going to kill their daughter and granddaughter?

            Lastly, notice that the two purported NWOers mentioned are Libs.

            As far as I can tell, NWO = Libs.

            No false left/right paradigm. It’s Libs. You will not find a Biblical Conservative or a Principled Constitutional Conservative among any purported NWOers. No way.

            If purported NWO, then NWO = Libs.

            • @ FS,

              You DO realize that Hawaii is an island, Yes? Think about it.

              • Mr. Rodgers, Michelle’s brother is the head coach of a program on the mainland. Think about it.

                • ‘Pardon’ Mein Herr,

                  No, I have not been ‘Keeping up with the WH Kardashian’s’ lately…I stand corrected. Carry on Everyone.

                • FS, call me when you get the phone call from the Clintons telling you that they’re haulin’ ass. I’m sure you’re at the top of that list.

                  • That’s not the idea.

                • What difference does the location of the Hawaiian hairless pavement ape make? Think about it slave

                  • Well the Obamas did all go to South America for the period just before and till just after a rather large radiation cloud from Japan passed over the US.

                  • Howdy JACK!

                    …Good one! +1

                • Michele’s brother is a head coach? Thought he was canned

              • Mr Rogers you are aware 10s of thousands of tourist fly to Hawaii the island daily right. From all over the world. No one is immune from any contagious disease. Well maybe not a lot of parts of Russia cause Putin is not a slave to the NWO like out Shoe Shine Boy Puppet stooge

                • Unless Putin has the kind of that the NWO bankers do, he is the puppet of somebody who pulls his strings and allows him his power position. The bankers do not control everywhere but Russia. Think about it.

            • The skull and bones club are definitely NWO. The false left/right paradigm exists. The left undermines the culture and social structures of our nation, the right undermines our economic and military legitimacy. It has been a constant attack internally and externally, alternating with each president.

              The left wants to hug our enemies while the right wants to bomb them and the innocents around them into oblivion. Neither is a good policy. It’s the people in power trying to gain and maintain power vs the rest of us who are fed up with their terrible rule. You must break away from the liberal/conservative paradigm. It’s all bullshit to polarize the people into fighting each other rather than to turn on the elite.

              • “The false left/right paradigm exists.”

                What I will buy is this: “The Liberal / RINO paradigm exists.

                “The left undermines the culture and social structures of our nation”

                That’s true. Nationalizing gay marriage undermines social structures.

                “the right undermines our economic and military legitimacy.”

                Nope. Nope. Nope. It’s the Liberal Left that does that. Eg. Obola.

                “The left wants to hug our enemies while the right wants to bomb them and the innocents around them into oblivion.”

                Nope. Conservatives have no wish to kill civilians.

                • F-slave…

                  Your disconnect, per your failure to fully comprehend Truth-is-All’s accurate analysis/statement, regarding the false left/right, liberal vs conservative paradigm…is manifested in your failure to understand that a ‘conservative politician’ (i.e. congress-critter) is, by default..

                  ..a completely different animal, as opposed to the conservative, patriot average American.


                  Said conservative politicians routinely compromise their so called conservative core issues/beliefs, as evidenced by their voting track records!

                  ..and their ever increasing net-worth, whilst in office!

                  They’re all in on the scam. Votes are traded, back & forth across the isle or abstained/dropped, by not voting…to further whatever agenda the money masters/controllers desire.


                  Case in point, see 9/11:

                  ..they have access to reams of facts/data/chronology of events, that we’ll never see!

                  They know 9/11 was a MOSSAD op…albeit, w/ assistance of USA-ZOG traitors in our govt.

                  ..yet all politicians of both parties continue to push the lie (for herd-animal public consumption)…that a bunch of boozing camel-humpers w/ box cutters pulled off said catastrophe..

                  ..and that JP-7** free-air jet fuel fires, melted ASTM-572 structural steel girders in said towers, causing them (all 3), to magically fall within their own footprint..and at the acceleration of gravity!

                  **JP-7 -(burns at slightly above 500*F in a free-air fire)-

                  ..and nary a word about the collapse of ‘Building 7’..which wasn’t impacted at all!?!

                  ..and thus, we & I should lend/give them credibility?

                  Yeah, right!


                  TIA is absolutely correct.

         sir, should re-evaluate his/her analysis w/ reference to the evil, corrupt two-party skullduggery..

                  …that passes as a political system, in this country!

                  Good Luck..

                  • Sorry Hunter, not buying it. Sure, some/many of the elected conservatives sell out, but not all of them. But these guys are RINOs like Boehner.

                    9/11. Not buying your story there either.

                  • Sorry Hunter, not buying it. Sure, some/many of the elected conservatives sell out, but not all of them. But these guys are RINOs like Boehner.

                    9/11. Not buying your story there either.

                  • Hunter:

                    I would like a “list” of the good guys freeslave writes about.

                    Name them freeslave so we all can take comfort knowing they are standing in defense of America…..

                • Out of touch Slave. Conservatives don’t want to kill civilians?? Gee was not loong ago the guy who called himself a “Compationatr Conservative ” GW Bush the most killingist Govetnor ever in Texas put more prisoners to death than any other Gov in history. Then marche’d on Aafghaniston and Iraq killing a million people mostly innocent civilians just in the wrong place when one of those conservative cluster carpet bombs went boom. Telling the truth is one of the conservatives biggest jokes. The Joos control BOTH parties.

                  • Pissed Off Granny,

                    Ted Cruz is a good guy. Non-politician Dr. Ben Carson is a good guy. Ronald Reagan was a good guy.

            • @ Free Slave : I have said this for many years, if you had the hubble telescope, and you looked as far down the road as you could, you would see that for the most part, they are all the same. They go to the same schools, the same ivy league colleges, the same high priced vacation resorts, they screw the same boys and girls as each other. The only difference is they are taking different roads to get there. The libs take the smoother road on the left and the conserves take the little bit bumpier road to the right. They both pass laws to screw us and our rights. The libs are trying to get there faster then the conservatives. Obviously their is a few good men/women out their, but they are few and far between.
              Most of them probably don’t care about certain family members. Casualities of doing business or war. You are correct, if you watched the right family members, you might have a little warning. Who’s to say that at thanksgiving dinner, our some other popular holiday of family get together wouldn’t be the time. You would not think anything about them all getting together. Best thing to do is be prepared and be vigilant as to what is going on around you and the world.

          • @ GC,

            Perhaps ‘biological attack’ is a bit off the mark; I submit that instead this is better descibed as ‘product development’.

            By now most here are fully acquainted with the REMARKABLE coincidence which is the existence of ‘ZMapp’ as treatment for Ebola, Yes? Consider that for a pathogen which is regional (previously) as well, one that has never managed to simultaneously infect more than several hundred people concurrently, what – exactly – is the profit motive here to ever begin such a development cycle? Clearly NOW there is a motivation to do so…but before?

            Thus, ‘product development’ in my opinion. We aare all aware that ‘what is’ is not sustainable,,,we HEAR about this every day on the MSM, Global warming, Population growth, increasingly scarce resources, etc.

            The entirety of the vast organism which is ‘US’ is structured to filter VAST amounts of information to the top of the pyramid…and it has done so – quite efficiently – for many, MANY decades. Therefor, does ANYONE beleive that those at ‘the TOP’ do not know what is coming, HAVE known…and would not have long been in prepatation for that,ie, would have been diligently preparing a suitable and ‘effective response’? Never beleive (for even a moment) that THOSE lack for ‘vision’…far, far from it. One short look around at ‘what is’ today should serve to lay that notion to rest permanently, No?

            Few here – yet – fail to recognize what that response MUST be in the End; the Georgia guidestones – whether they be a prank or a directed warning, regardless – are likely the path to ‘that’ inasmuch as a small group of Humans (those with extraordinary ‘means’) consistently refuse to concede right-to-Life to thier fellows by the adoption of an ethos utterly ROOTED in terminal Greed with all it’s attendant ramifications.

            “May your Children live in interesting times…”

            the familiar, ancient Chinese curse, ever so applicable today. As always Brandon’s read on things is a fascinating one…perhaps ‘telling’ as well. The jig-saw pieces fall a little more into line each passing day seemingly.

            • Perhaps, but I suspect true history will tell a different tale.

              Those who know, know exactly what is happening and when months or years in advance. Why did GW Bush buy that large farm in Paraguay (where all good NAZI’s relocate once identified)? He knew he was going to need a place to live after the destruction was completed by Obama, and he knew Dallas would be the starting point of trouble so there would be no time once it was started.

              The only way to miss the truth is to look the other way, which is a voluntary act. Should you choose that, the enemy will kill you before you know who they are.

              • # GC,

                “Why did GW Bush buy that large farm in Paraguay (where all good NAZI’s relocate once identified)?”


                I’ve been wondering about THAT for some time. Thankkfully, the PTB – ALL of them – have RADICALLY underesimated the nature of the effect that they are about to create…and by a far larger measure, the response when that is seen broadly by the public at large.

                Look up the word ‘Extirpation’ when you have a moment, it brings a WARM feeling to my ‘heart’ when I think of them. You’ll like the definition, I’m sure.

                After all the World IS round…one can only run SO far.

                Am long in Guillotine and rope manufacturers currently, otherwise completely OUT, yourself?

                Seriously though, ‘Bring it ON’….I have waited for this my whole life, let Justice be SERVED, cold…as it should be…

            • ZMAPP…the “Z” stands for zombie…I know I’m not the only one who thinks it!

          • I have not seen Be Informed on this site anymore. Does anyone know what happened to him. I like his take on the earthquakes and info he always provided.

          • Ebola here in the US is a Terrorist Attack. The TSA and FAA let this terrorist slip through.

            Honestly I don’t ever want to fly commercial airlines ever again. Also I highly suggest buying flight life insurance if you fly Malaysian Airlines. Ha.

        • Call your senators NOW! DEMAND THAT THEY STOP ALL FLIGHTS TO AND FROM AFRICA! Not just West Africa but ALL AFRICA! And all countries infected with Ebola. Even my Dad made a comment on how this is all going to be a mess. He never comments on these things. Omen….

          • @npgh,

            If the U.S. stops all flights, other countries will follow suit. This will then have a severe impact on economic conditions in the U.S.

            We are a globalized, interconnected society whether one likes it or not. At this point in time, the international flow of commerce is critical to our existence.

            If international commerce stops, business and personal lines of credit will become non-existent. We already saw that in 2008 when the European banking cartel conspired and refused to purchase American bank debt in the overnight markets.

            If you are an employer, you won’t be able to purchase future inventory and you’ll probably have to lay off employees. Even if you run a cash business, the drop off in customers alone will cause the business to all but fail.

            If you’re an employee, you’ll probably get laid off due to your employer’s inability to stay in business. Mortgage, cars, credit cards, etc. will all go into receivership.

            If you’re a social security recipient, the price of goods and services will skyrocket. Fixed incomes just won’t go as far.

            Even if one is totally off grid, there are still property taxes. If governments can’t borrow….the tax rates naturally go up…and then the off gridder will have to come up with real capital to meet the increased property taxes.

            I honestly don’t think we want to create a virtual ebola epidemic at this time.

            • We’re talking Africa here, which is not a great source of labor and manufactured goods for the western world.

              Cutting off much of the continent will not create the conditions you are citing. Quarantining travelers and holding of products is just good sense.

              An actual Ebola outbreak in the west or Europe will be far worse than an Ebola scare, and certainly worse than any cutting of physical flights.

              • culling the jungle apes of Africa would be in the interest of the white world. Without them as a distraction normal people could take their rich minerals without the distraction of the hairless apes

              • I get what you’re saying. However, there aren’t any flights I know of that originate in Western Africa and connect directly with U.S. Airports.

                Rather, the flights originating from Western Africa connect through Brussels, Madrid, Heathrow, Paris before making their way to the U.S (Boston, Dulles, Atlanta, Miami).

                Therefore, if one wants to lockdown air travel in the U.S, by definition, they are locking down air travel to Europe.

                Now what I think people would like to see is Passport authentication (ie no one gets in from Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, etc.). The problem with that though is that our TSA screeners become the front line. How well is that going to work out? I don’t think any of them can tell the difference from a bacterial infection vs. a Viral infection.

                • Remember AIDS originated in Africa. Monkey sex

                • Or… You could stop playing stupid ass word games and cancel all west African visas. There, your planes can still fly.

              • Smokey … One word, OIL.

            • @cellar spider…it’s called quarantine. It has been protocol for hundreds of years for serious comunicatable disease. Commerce isn’t going to mean shit if we are dead. You know…DEAD FOREVER from bleeding from your orifaces. Last I checked, dead people don’t spend money or travel. I just happen to be an employer in the service sector, janitorial to be exact. I don’t want our employees getting EBOLA from cleaning up after someone elses puke.
              As for myself…I’m a prepper. That’s why I come to this site. I am ready for everything but this shit.

              • Npgh,you are right that this is a super serious virus. I read a book about Ebola 15 years ago and it really scared me, made me hope I would never see a day in which the disease was rampant. I use natural, herbal essential oils for most of my family’s medical needs and feel that some of them would be a great help and protector for the body if it were to be exposed to ebola. The night before I heard about the Dallas case (Duncan), I had a dream that I was using oregano essential oil in a certain way to combat the virus to help a loved one who had been exposed. I was shocked to learn the news the next day; the timing was too weird. I wish everyone knew about how amazing essential oils are, so I am teaching people how to use them for many health issues. The company I am with, doTERRA International, uses the highest quality oils available. Here is a link to the website if you’d like to look into our products; wholesale pricing (25% off of retail) is available with a membership fee and I’d be happy to answer any questions via my website in regards to how to use essential oils for many reasons. I hope this helps.

                • Doterra oils are awesome….can you recommend a book to go with the oils?


                • If your oils are free, you should mention them here. If you are a sales representative, which your link says you are, you are spamming this site and I wouldn’t go there if you had the last bottle of colloidal silver on the planet and every neighbor on every side of me had Ebola.

                  Take your sales pitch elsewhere.

                • Where is the link to your website?

                • Where is the link to your doterra website?

            • I couldn’t imagine the US stopping all flights to West Africa. As some politician the other day said, “we can’t just bury ourselves in a dark hole… we live in a global economy.”

              ECONOMY– get it? It would hurt the economy. When, oh, when has the US government ever put the needs of the people before the interests of Big Business??

              • GLOBAL — get it? It would not hurt the economy nearly as much as free trade with ebola.

          • HOw is that going to help…what is with all this talk about stopping flights to and from Africa??

            HELLOOOOO!!!! You think that a flight from Africa is the only place it can come from?


            The only way to contain and protect America is to shut down all borders 100% and stop all flights coming in from ANY OTHER COUNTRY!!

            • The only way to contain and protect America is ….

              Two silver rods in every household and simple instructions for using them.

              • @GC,

                Did you get my email with the pic of my CS set up?

          • How about our southern border ? Mark your calendar, we’re in deep doo doo when that panic starts. The “system” will be overwhelmed. I’m praying for everyone. Other than that, if I know I have contracted ebola, I’m heading for DC to shake some hands and/or projectile vomit on as many as I can.

        • Good that asshole came here knowing he was infected. his daughter had just died a week before. Now no more US dollars are being wasted on him.

        • Forget the sealed casket. Strait to an acid bath then incinerator. Forget this voodoo Christian buriel nonsense. I suppose they want an open casket for the wake too?. Bwhahahahaha.

          • They could stuff and mount the body for the Smithsonian Museum as Patient Zero. (The First Man of 300 Million Deaths in America from the Ebola Great Plague Culling).

        • One person died from Ebola. BFD! Hundreds die from cancer, Aids, and cops daily. When this Ebola thing starts dropping a hundred Americans a day, then I’ll start being concerned. Until then, it is nothing. Absolutely nothing.

          • lets make a deal, you and i – just one month.
            on day one, you give me a penny. on day two, two pennies, and so forth.

            i bet you $1000 that you’ll beg to quit before the end of the month.

            that’s why you should pay attention. its the exponent that gets ya.

            • Day 1: $.01
              Day 2: $.02
              Day 3: $.04
              Day 4: $.08
              Day 5: $.16
              Day 6: $.32
              Day 7: $.64
              Day 8: $1.28
              Day 9: $2.56
              Day 10: $5.12
              Day 11: $10.24
              Day 12: $20.48
              Day 13: $40.96
              Day 14: $81.92
              Day 15: $163.84
              Day 16: $327.68
              Day 17: $655.36
              Day 18: $1,310.72
              Day 19: $2,621.44
              Day 20: $5,242.88
              Day 21: $10,485.76
              Day 22: $20,971.52
              Day 23: $41,943.04
              Day 24: $83,886.08
              Day 25: $167,772.16
              Day 26: $335,544.32
              Day 27: $671,088.64
              Day 28: $1,342,177.28
              Day 29: $2,684,354.56
              Day 30: $5,368,709.12

              nobama… less, listen and pay attention more.

              • @BJ….

                Excellent practical example of the exponential function in action.

                I’ve been harping on this for a while.

                Nice to know that at least some other people understand it as well.

              • BJ, the way the challenge was worded says 1 penny on day one, two on day 2, and so forth, which indicates the next step in his challenge is three pennies on day three because nothing was said about doubling it every day rather than following the pattern established in his “challenge”.

                Nobama can’t see what is there with Ebola, and you are seeing what is not there with the challenge.

                Both of you would be screwed if the challenge had any significance to Ebola.

                Silver will save you anyway, no matter how many pennies Nobama has. I hope my email the other day was helpful.

                • I see your point and I guess I am guilty of making an assumption that he was talking about doubling each day.

                  Your email was helpful and we got it going for a batch….that ended up 26 PPM….due to me falling asleep…LoL Oh well, I figure the first batch in a while, our systems with whats going around between enterovirus and ebola, could use a big kick start. Did you get my email back with the pic of our set up?

                  Now we have to resoder an alligator clip…it broke off.

          • @Nobama…..

            Your ignorance is unparalleled.

        • Well Frank, that would be a total violation of the agenda. It should be obvious to even the dimmest bulb that all this shit is being foisted on us by the masters. They have openly said for years they want a pandemic that will kill millions. SARS, H1N1, AIDS, the list is long. The ebola virus has been genetically engineered by the CDC for years trying to perfect its spread and fatality. The CDC has a patent on it in fact. Why would the CDC have a patent on theyre engineered virus? Dude I hope your not serious…

        • There won’t be any, “getting on top” of the Ebola outbreak. The casual attitude of our “government” in controlling this disease smacks of a planned event. Martial law, emergency powers and a third term for Obama. HEll, it might even be too late to wake up, America.

        • Ye muz watch out for the large liberian neegors. Dey pose much thret to Usa peoples. now is time you mite want to buy guns and have extra gasoline and matches or firethrowers on hands to protect dee selfs. dees Neegor come into de cuntry andd dees no time to play ddee games. so you mus help each othor, ok, yah, end use fiore to defend selvs and burn de infected if come near you, like thees beeg fat dizeezes bag of shit Tome Doonkin.

          Keep very stronk iye on if family membors become seek from dizeezes bag of shit and then alsoh siik. might want to keep dees peepuls in jails or cages under thh ground and only go down der to give food water mediseen ann instrokesions., Rest if time keep lockd hermmeticly seeled in bunkir, ya. and don go there when dont need it to

          so yous do dees da selve and privent more prroblemps. help then zee comunitee two, yah, ok, fine, good you do eet..

      2. Leave it to the government:
        “they’re the last one to let you down.”

        • QFT !!!

          Based on their actions the USSA government is hoping this accelerates. The globalists need a lot less of us, in the tune of 95%.

        • Solitary, It’s the other way around, they are the first tolet you down.

          • Genius LOL, an old morticians joke.
            “we’re the last one’s to let you down.”

            • Oscar’s Mortuary:

              “You stab ’em, we slab ’em.”

              That’s a real business in a town I used to live in, but the slogan was a local joke.

      3. Don’t issue visas to the US from west Africa. Then they can’t board flights to the US from Europe. Simple. It won’t stop all, but it will stop nearly all. But stopping the disease is not the governments plan, now is it?

        • Its the perfect vehicle for them to get total control,
          Or so they think,
          Everyone i know is more likely to go off the reservation than go along with some martial law roundup crap.
          Me included, only way im going anywhere against my will is in one of them polymer boxes in the picture, and at that point I DONT CARE!
          The Lord is my shepard,

      4. I hope they make emporer size liners, my neighbor would have to be dumped in by crane! Laziest bastard I’ve ever seen. One thought about this though, wouldn’t burying the infected be too labor intensive?
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • Daytona,the feds will just at gunpoint use all the unarmed folks as slave labor,of course then shoot them also as now may be infected!Wipe,rinse,repeat!

          • WC, good point! Make them sheep dig theyre own grave lol. BUT, if the thugs have federal ammo the sheep might have a chance 😉

            • Damn,good to see you are back Genius!As stated before,your multi paragraph post with nary a mention of Federal had me worried!That said,on a more serious note,did you get Goldfish crackers for car and your desk?!Without em,what’s the point?Might as well deep/wet kiss a obola patient!I see another cease and desist in the making!

              • WD, I have something even better! A 30 day supply of mainstay bars (the size of a shoebox) in the car 🙂 Good for 5 years in any climate and only 60 bux. Plus a water filter and 6 canteens (full)and bugout pack. Maps, weapon, ammo, I figure I can walk for 2 weeks or more with what I carry or remain in place for 30 days. As for an office, I don’t do office jobs 🙂

      5. Are you telling me that loony, Alex Jones was right?

        Maybe the whole bullhorn thing is a bit over the top.

        • Good morning, Townsaver. I first saw this story at Infowars a few years back. Hard to believe the feds are verifying something Alex Jones said, but it sure appears that way. I also think the bullhorn thing is over the top.

          • I lmao when AJ and Jesse Ventura were sneaking through some bamboo thickets trying to get photos of the site. Looked like the Bumble Brothers or the Fudd boys hunting wabbits.

          • Good Afternoon Braveheart-

            I hear Michael Savage citing infowars now too. When the crazies are the truthers, and prepping is now mainstream – we have arrived.

            What ever happened to peak oil?

            • This is all part of “Operation Garden Plot” Look it up.

            • Russian scientists say that oil is produced continuously deep in the earth and has nothing to do with dead dinosaurs. I think they may be right. I researched the composition of oil and plants and animals, and there are some elements that exist in only one or the other. Therefore, crude oil cannot be composed of dead plants and animals.

          • Braveheart Good Evening

            Here lately a lot of what everybody said was crazy is coming true.
            Hopefully my high alert and bad gut feeling does not.

            Next Aliens will land at the U.N. lol
            Sorry could not resist.

            • Alex Jones has helped wake a lot of people up. The only reason people bag on him is because they are too stupid or lazy to verify his info. True he is a drama oriented guy but thats what it takes for a lot of people. What have you done to wake the masses? AJ puts a lot of people to shame, cast the first stone? Better rethink that shit 🙂

              • Genius, back in my old shortwave radio days before there was an internet, I used to listen to people like William Cooper’s “The Hour Of The Time” show and “Radio Liberty” with Dr. Stan Montieth. “Dr. Stan”, as he’s always been called, pioneered what we know as the alternative media today. I also listened to Tom Valentine at “Radio Free America” and James “Bo” Gritz at “Freedom Call”. Those were my PRIMARY sources for true information back then, ESPECIALLY William Cooper and Dr. Stan. They were always “straight shooters”. Dr. Stan still has his show and website, Valentine is now a writer for, Bo Gritz supposedly still has a show and website,, and we all know what happened to Bill Cooper. He and Dr. Stan were always my 2 favorites. In those days, my shortwave radio was like gold to me; couldn’t live without it. I still have 2 for backup for whenever we lose the internet.

                • Back in the 1980s when Russia shot down an airliner that mistakenly went into their airspace, I immediately turned on the shortwave to Radio Moscow to hear the announcer talk about how they had shot down an enemy invader.

                  It’s good to listen to the BBC, Radio Moscow, Deutsche Welle, etc. to get other points of view on world events.

                • Braveheart, I had a shortwave as a kid but never really got into it again till around 98. There used to be some local talk shows with excellent guests on AM radio that really got me going though. But alas, they were kicked out in favor of crap like rush and hannity. By then I had internet so I was able to get info. I have a couple shortwaves still but can’t get much on them around here… 🙁

              • I agree. Alex Jones does sensationalize things a bit (sometimes he way over does it), but he also breaks stories that are called crackpot at first, and verified much later. Not everything he says is golden, but he gets it right enough that it is worth reading his site to try and sift the wheat from the chaff.

        • aaaand he’s dead.

      6. At this time, we look forwad to your cooperation and ask that you all die in a calm and orderly fashion.


        Your Government

      7. What do they do with the Ebola medical waste?

        The Bioweapons Pandora’s box has been opened.

        Starts with psycological war, then economic,then shooting, next bioweapons, then tactical nukes, then thermo strategic nukes.MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Useless eaters gone.

        • j s – All the best taxpayers will be saved.
          Somebody has gotta pay gov’s bills.

        • All hospitals have dedicated incinerators.

      8. Without stopping people from West Africa from entering this country, any attempt at slowing down this outbreak will be similar to the task of herding cats.

        Will stopping these people from entering completely halt future cases here? No. But could it drastically reduce the number of simultaneous infections in the country? Most assuredly.

        The line of BS from TPTB that halting travel from West Africa will not help is just that…..BS.

        Look…when they keep lying to you, sooner or later you must come to the realization that they have an agenda.

        It should be obvious…but for some I realize they have normalcy bias and can’t wrap their minds around the fact that there really are people in the world who are just that evil.

        • Walt:

          Wonder how thrilled the TSA crotch maggets are about their jobs at the present? They certainly get cozy with the public.

          Seems if any of this is true, they will be deserting the ship.

      9. Sure never cared for Jones… but now I’m starting to wonder if there’s something to all that screaming about fema coffins. We’ll see.

        You can guarantee that air travel will not be restricted now. No way.

      10. Sounds to me like a few bulldozers are in order. Maybe now people will not think the predictions of many on this site are as someone called it “just nuts” our government wouldn’t do that to our people. Think again nothing is off the table when it comes to the TPTB these days. So glad I found this site or I could be as far behind as 99% of the rest of the country.

        What’s the opinion of most of you in as much as our timeline goes?

      11. growing a lil’ concerned

        this is not the only viral disease disaster capitalism card they have to play…

        they’ve plans and resources stacked 20 deep to execute and profit from our goyim gentile tax debt slave deaths.

        gotta wonder what comes after aids, ebola, enterovirus d68 etc etc

        maybe BIG PHARMA weaponized ‘BLACK PLAGUE’?


      12. Could they seal Obamanation and his shemale wife in one with some live snakes and rats?

        • That could be considered animal cruelty.

      13. Each “coffin” appears to be able to hold 3-4 bodies, they may cremate first then dump the ashes in the boxes, who knows? I would like to piss on the one that contains Obama, biden, Pelosi and reed.

        • Confederate, better yet, leave those bodies you mentioned out in the open. Like Clint Eastwood once said, “Buzzards gotta eat, too.”

          • @ RB, the question arises, Can obola spread via animals to humans?

            • I can speak to that,

              The natural resevoir in Africa from which Ebola stems is the local bat population, so strictly, Yes. Recently, there have been – very public – media announcements that the local canine population is able to carry the virus asyptomatically…though I am not sure that ‘re-trasnmission’ has been actually verified as yet. Still, it is becoming – increasingly – likely that such is possible. The Ebola virus has an affinity for several mammalian species including monkeys, pigs and others.

            • they are going to kill that spanish ladys dog over in europe..because they say it has ebola too.. so maybe yes is the answer to your question

              • ht tp://

              • Thanks packin’

                Yes, I did see that a bit earlier. As you suggest, that would appear to confim the matter sufficiently well as a practical matter, to my mind.

            • Confed … Yes. Bushmeat.

            • Bat Soup.
              Bat F***’n Soup!
              They eat Bat Soup.

              • So would you if you lived in a day to day survival situation. That’s the danger of living without our relatively safe food supply and having to live off the land. Those people are either in places without modern food supplies or they do not make enough money to be able to afford to live without subsistence hunting.

                • Wrong.
                  I don’t eat rats, or bats, or monkey brains or intestines.
                  I don’t have sex with monkeys or goats or sheep either.
                  See, its called evolution.
                  Gotta get ya some.

                  • So you live in the bush then, I presume? Nice to see you live in a wilderness that gives you a wide ranging choice of easily-hunted foodstuffs that are to your liking. Not everyone living in similar circumstances has similar choices and if you lived in an area where most people lived that way then your choices would become severely limited due to competition.

        • cremation leaves behind a handful of dust (maybe a little more).. why use a 3-4 person “coffin” for that.

          basically what im saying, is a 3-4 person coffin would hold 100’s of cremated people.

          • They have to get our juicy, leaking carcasses to the crematorium where specialized machinery will dump said leak proof black ABS plastic containers into a well designed furnace that was paid for by, yes, the juicy, leaking carcasses formerly known as tax payers. So they did learn from Hitler, save a few for manual labor. Somebody has to drive that damn fork truck and the semi trucks. Now, someone please explain what those billions of 9mm bullets are good for, maybe just splattering an unruly crowd of undesirables ???

          • Hahaha…. See, the PLAN is to make the family members think the body is there in the coffin, while actually it will have already been cremated. The 3-4 person econo-class size is so that, logistically, if anyone tries to figure in their head how we could possibly have all that land space for individual burials, it will make it more believable to say up front that we don’t; however, the space-saver coffin still will allow you to be buried with 3 of your closest loved ones. And that’s just nice… 🙂

        • I’ll call your piss and up it to take a “dump”.

          • You got me there. LOL

      14. Mike in Va says:

        I have posted this on several articles lately. Posting it again with a couple of added thoughts. Just trying to be as helpful to everyone and myself as possible.

        There are differing opinions on whether Ebola is a threat or not.

        Ebola and reasons to fear it?

        1 – The death rate if you catch it and the horrible way you will die.

        2 – The agony of watching a loved one with it.

        3 – The staggering numbers that will perish if it becomes airborne.

        4 – The failure of our government to do anything about it. Either they are totally incompetent or they want it here. I believe it is both.

        5 – The economic impact it can have if it does not get here but does get to Europe or other developed country’s. This could be enough to start the domino’s falling economically.

        6 – What would happen if the disease infected Mexico and other south American countries. We refuse to shut the border for political reasons and maybe others. If this happens there will be a major outbreak in this country and we don’t have the resources to contain it. Then there would be panic in this country.

        7 – How many cases would it take to cause panic in this country. Panic may be the serious issue with this.

        8 – Panic caused by this disease. If enough people panicked it would be a disaster. If 30 percent of workers decided to stay home then services would be disrupted. If shipments to the grocery store were 3 days late then think about the implications. I have heard that if 30 percent of workers in the power industry did not show up then the power would go out.

        9 – Panic could in itself become a domino effect. The more people panic the more effect it has on other people. Power would go out. Stores would not get shipments. There would be riots, looters, and people dying in the streets. Life as we know it would come to an end.

        10 – The failure of the American people to prepare or realize how fragile the system really is. This is really the real problem for all of us. The failure of people to rely on themselves will be the cause of this country changing forever. It will also be the cause of blood in the streets. The same people who are lazy and rely on the rest of us to provide for them will be the same people that cause all the blood shed. All hear have to realize they will become like rabid animals. There hunger and thirst will cause them to do things that Americans have not seen for so many years. We must realize that to combat this we will have to do things that will change us forever. We have to become hardened like the older generation.

        11- What areas of the country have the highest gun ownership and the least amount of regulations for firearms? I would say the south and the Midwest. I would bet a paycheck that those areas will be hit the hardest by Ebola.

        12 – Another bet along with states with high gun ownership. Those states are generally the most conservative and against government. It would sure benefit the government to lower our numbers. They don’t have to come for our guns then. They just then out the population.

        13 – Just reported on the Blaze. Dogs can carry Ebola and transmit it to humans. Ebola does not affect dogs.

        14 – Sean Hannity show stated yesterday that Ebola can be transmitted through the air up to 3 feet. May be because of coughing and the cloud associated with it.

        15 – I state below in this post that we are outnumbered. If Ebola hits the States I think it is going to it will be for a reason. To lower our numbers even further.

        16 – South America is key to us as well. If there is an outbreak there then there will be a mass movement of illegals into the U.S. This will cause even more problems regarding us patriots being outnumbered. It would also cause a massive outbreak of Ebola in this country.

        We must never give up, give in, or fail. We have future generations that are going to either live free or live under a dictatorship because of our actions. We just may be the generation that either saves or loses this country.

        My and our children are depending on us. Please my friends. Lets stop bickering over things that don’t matter. Let’s save this country and turn it back into the country it used to be. Freedom is what we are fighting for. I will die for it. For my children, grandchildren, and myself. Is there anything more important than that. Then we can bicker about our petty beliefs.
        Without freedom then our petty beliefs don’t matter. Our religious beliefs don’t matter. Our race, sexual beliefs, nationality, financial situation, beliefs, religion, thoughts, speech, or politics is irrelevant.

        My desire is for all of us to ban together and help all. Get everyone we know to visit this site. Start a movement of caring towards all people. Try to educate all. We will need all the help we can get when the collapse occurs.

        Has it ever occurred to everybody on this site that we are severely outnumbered. They say 3 percent are prepared. Even if we got it up to 20 percent we would still have to deal with 80 percent of the country against us. We also have to deal with those in power.

        I know I am on a rant now. It is just that all the bickering is more serious than most people realize over very small things. It is something that has been on my heart lately because of the horrible gut feeling I have about the end of this year.

        Things just don’t feel right to me. I think things are about to become very serious. I really believe that what we all prep for is about to happen. My God I hope I am wrong. If Ebola is the plan to thin us and other patriots out then it is not good at all. Sorry to say but it is a plan that could make the governments attempt to take over this country so much easier. ………

        My friends my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Please think of me and everyone else on here as your friend and team mate. Prep harder than you ever have before. Help your friends, family, and everyone on here. Get the word out about the Ebola threat. Every person we can get on board will increase our chances of winning.


        God bless you and your family’s. My prayers and thoughts are with you all.

        Mike in VA

        • Thank you Mike in VA for being a watchman on the wall and reminding us of our duty as prepping people.

          Went to a homeschooling seminar once and we were asked:

          If your student doesn’t understand something you are teaching, what do you do about it?

          The answer–teach it again.
          Doesn’t get it yet?–teach it again, and again, and yes again until they do get.

          It’s our duty to teach it (prepping) again and again and again, until someone we love, our neighbor, our mayor etc gets it.

          It is our duty. We were given the wisdom.

          • Grandeee

            Thank you and Amen.

        • MIKE IN VA., WE NEED MORE LIKE YOU. As they say, “united we stand, divided we fall.” God is Love (unites)…

          • Anonymous

            Thank you very much. I just try to do what I think is right. Without us all standing together then we have lost before the fight has even begun.

        • Will you guys protect black people too?

          • Yes there are good black people. There are good people period. It depends on the person and who they are. Not there race, religion, sex, nationality, or anything else.

          • @ gods beloved…yes. hard working Christians come in all colors. Why did you ask a stupid question in the first place.

            • no such thing as a stupid question..just stupid answers

          • @ gods beloved…yes. hard working Christians come in all colors. Why did you ask a stupid question in the first place.

          • God’s Beloved: Oh good heavens….I (and I believe most people) believe in the quality of character, not the color of skin. That being said, quality of character is in short supply these days.

            I am mostly spending my time on other sites because of the very same reason that Mike in VA said. We need to get back to posting helpful things and let an opinion that offends just slide. The arguing is getting tiresome.

            Nathan Cline is putting together a vast amount of preparedness information for a nominal fee. Might be a good idea to contribute to his efforts in whatever area you are knowledgable in.

            Natural News is a great site. Listen to all episodes but this is episode 6.

            Take out the brackets (.) in above link, leave the dot.

            PS: Eppe: Put your big boy pants back on and come back…I miss your jokes.


          • As long as the y are in the right I care not what color their skin is.

        • Preppers might have a bit of an advantage in a ebola event. Their might not be as much rioting or looting. You might not have to bug out. Just write ebola infected on your house. What idiot would try to get in. The only thing is you would have to be able to remove it if the fema catchers came down the street.
          Good luck and keep prepping.

      15. Do you really think our Government or the Zionist is any where close to humane? They may try to have it look as though they are,but in all actuality they don’t want to take a chance of this “Virus” leaching out in the soil or being being dug up or “Disturbed”.
        I’m Thinking they just load em up on a Cargo plane and dump them in the closest active volcano on which ever continent is available, Instant cremation!

        • I wonder how many of those cargo planes would “accidentally” by remote control crash into that active volcano…

        • Hey Thinker! Good to see you again 🙂 I dont think they want to burn the bodies, I think they would maybe airdrop them on population centers since the want it to spread. They are doing everything possible to spread it around without going so overboard as to be suspected by the masses. Got to do our radio test sometime, let me know what you need. I can send a dipole antenna but dont have a spare radio. Good to see you man 🙂

          • Genius ! Good to see you back,are you done with the gig in V and back to peace & quite?
            I’ve been @10,000 ft building a cabin for a friend of mine, that got me out of the heat.We need to get the direct communication going asap,i think were going to need each others help,as things seems to be speeding up eh? Or maybe just a lot of fear theater from the pussies in charge!

            • Thinker, Ive been off and on in Vland but had a job from hell this spring then took 4 months off lol. I will have some time in late Nov. and Dec. maybe we can try it then. Glad to hear you escaped the heat and had some fun! I will get a hold of you after work slows down and we can get together. 🙂

      16. DAMMIT!DAMMIT!DAMMIT!So now folks gonna believe cdc ect.?!They are keeping it a surprise,those are fucking cake molds for folks to have a welcome treat when they arrive at camp fema,rosters are filling up,get your reservation quickly!I have already explained the hermetic seals are to ensure freshness!I have done my research,as for the nerves getting tingly when one starts a shower,well,still looking into that!

        • WD, bout time you took a shower! I don’t want you to be smellin up the place when you come over for my end of the world deck party 🙂 Maybe we can throw some boxes of federal ammo in the campfire and see if maybe that will set it off lol 😛

          • Well,have avoided the showers as they also “hermetically sealed”,not too sure about why so far!That said,will bring plenty of Goldfish crackers to the party!

        • Ahhhhh, Cake molds. I’ll sleep better tonight, thanks.

      17. Wait to close the borders much longer, and it’s going to be like closing the barn door after the horse got out, or in this case The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse got out.

        • Angry,horsemen?!Check out this cartoon from western,pretty good! ht tp:// ,as always,space in http to avoid the “moderation Game”.

      18. Israel Intelligence reported the death of patient zero two days ago, why the big delay in telling the American public????

        • AP reports he died on Wed @ 7:51am.

          DALLAS (AP) — The first Ebola patient diagnosed in the United States died in a Dallas hospital Wednesday, … was pronounced dead at 7:51 a.m. at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital

          The Daily Sheeple says an Israeli news source said he died Sunday but the link to the Israeli source points to a news article that says he was battling the disease.

          Not sure if TDS is lying or if the Israeli news site changed their web page.

          • There was a Reuters link on Sunday also that said he died. I told my wife in the middle of an NFL game that he died. I am not crazy (yet). Not a tinfoil hat guy but this whole fucking shitpile reeks.

        • Obama has instituted limited media controls authorized per Exec Order to prevent ebola “panic”. And all they have to do is threaten to use them and the media stops.

        • Israel Intelligence reported the death of patient zero two days ago, why the big delay in telling the American public????

          Umm think about that a little longer Bob….

      19. Doesn’t pay to be a mortician any more…

      20. I’m thinkin’ (I know that’s dangerous) that a year’s supply of food and water ain’t gonna cut it no mo’.

        • This thing is going to come down to who’s got the most resources (food, water, weapons and ammo), like any other conflict. The FSA is going to be SOL on the latter two.

          • Sandbags and body armor.

          • My thoughts too…If you have enough supplies you don’t have to go out and risk exposure. If this really does spread wildly, the masses will be sick and those that aren’t will be desperate to help their dying family/children. Being able to hunker down is critical. As will be defending your home/supplies/family.

            My head spins.

            • Be able to hunker down without power. I will not go to work if this gets bad. I work at two gas fired power stations.

              I would think the government would force people at the nuke stations but who knows.

      21. meanwhile fukushima a very real GLOBAL E.L.E. EXTINCTION LEVEL EVENT is still killing … Dr. Yuri Hiranuma, June 11, 2014: First death of a USS Ronald Reagan sailor hit by radiation from Fukushima Daiichi while on Operation Tomodachi.

        Theodore Holcomb, a former USS Ronald Reagan aviation mechanic during Operation Tomodachi, died of synovial sarcoma on April 26, 2014. Holcomb was a plaintiff in the lawsuit against TEPCO.

        He began experiencing “breathing difficulty, pain in right shoulder, and excessive heart rate while still in service. He was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma next to his heart, causing lung and heart issues, in late 2011. Holcomb was 38 years old and a father of a five-year-old girl.

        Rest in peace Teddy. You gave your life and now your daughter and wife deserve acknowledgment that radiation killed him. An apology and compensation is the least that can be done to repay the sacrifice of workers who were exposed to Fukushima releases.



      22. The military has already stated that if it hits central or south America there will be a stampede north to the US. Then it will be over because our medical system couldn’t handle it. Time to seal the southern border along with all flights being cancelled.

        • Jim

          I agree completely but it is not going to happen. I think this is the beginning of the plan they concocted.

          • !BINGO!

      23. Brothers and Sisters. Some people believe that this “Ebola” is just a big false flag? A power grab, control, the next move in the Endgame? A way for the rich to get richer by claiming the virus is here, getting people terrorfied, then “creating” a vaccine to grab 100 Billion dollars? Perhaps even further Obamacare? What do you think?

      24. A teacher is explaining biology to her 4th grade students.

        “Human beings are the only animals that stutter,” she says.

        A little girl raises her hand. “I had a kitty-cat who stuttered.”

        The teacher, knowing how precious some of these stories could become, asked the girl to describe the incident.

        ‘Well’, she began, ‘I was in the back yard with my kitty and the Rottweiler that lives next door got a running start and before we knew it, he jumped over the fence into our yard!’
        ‘That must’ve been scary,’ said the teacher.

        ‘It sure was,’ said the little girl.

        ‘My kitty raised her back, went “Ffffff!, Ffffff!, FfffffF,” but before she could say ‘Fuck Off!,’ the Rottweiler ate her!

        • Old Guy: Do you know any jokes that don’t have swear words or raunchy sex acts?


          • after more than 4 decades of driving truck & operating heavy equiptment. Im afraid the lions share are adult rated. I know a few I heard on the CB that are so raunchy I cant tell them even here. I was one of those drivers that was mostly nocturnal drove at nite slept during the day. Back in the day the nite drivers all listened to Charlie Douglass out of louisana on the radio. I heard thousands of jokes on the CB and 90% where X rated.. However just the next joke I post will be tame & lame.

      25. You know why they want to use that type of a coffin? So that they at a later date can go back and get the Ebola bug out again and us it!
        The right way to dispose of the body is FIRE, FIRE, FIRE!

        • Sorry Sarge; but that’s not the way this Virus works, nor is it a useful way to get large quantiles. They can get all they want in a lab by just growing it.
          There are a few that can last a long time in the ground, especially if it’s very cold. They got some of the Spanish Flu from bodies in Alaska, buried in the perma frost. Ebola apparently is a very large virus and won’t last buried in normal ground. Not that I’d recommend digging around in it.
          I’d use fire, but I think Bleach and lye might be a safer way.

          • “P”
            Thanks for the Info. I didn’t know that the bug would die in the ground.
            I wouldn’t take the chance and would burn them. I know that FLAME will kill them.

      26. Hmmm… yours truly actually posted about this happening just a few short articles ago here on SHTFPLAN.

        Seems some numb nuts had the audacity to down thumb me for that as well.

        I hope you realize how stupid you are, right now.
        Then again…ignorance IS bliss

        Maybe you will die happy, who knows?

        • They are everywhere Soc

        • Socrates, I hear ya man, I get a lot of red thumbs for naked truth. It just tells you how many people refuse to believe what they don’t want to believe. Truth is subjective it seems. Notice they never try and refute your point 😉

      27. Ziploc gallon size for the cremated?

      28. Another BS article. Those are not “coffins” or caskets. They are fiberglass burial vaults that prevent graves from collapsing. Stop believing the lie.

        • Dave-

          Hate to burst your bubble, but the alleged ‘FEMA Coffins’ or ‘vaults’ or whatever people want to call them are NOT ‘fiberglass’. The whole point of the patent was a tightly sealed, burnable container that did not off-gas toxic fumes. Last time I checked, fiberglass and many other polymers burned heavy, black toxic smoke.

          In fact, the patent clearly states that they are meant to contain bodily fluids right up to the point of cremation. In short, they do not want what’s inside leaking out till they are in the fire.

          It’s spelled out in black and white right here in the patent’s description:


          This invention relates to a casket for the transport, storage and cremation of a cadaver, and, more particularly, to such a casket having certain improvements in use and especially in providing non-polluting combustion byproducts.
          Considerable handling of a corpse is required prior to final disposition of the body. The corpse must be moved from the site of death, possibly stored for identification and mounted for autopsy, moved to a funeral preparation site, mounted again for funeral preparation, moved again to the funeral site, handled in preparing the corpse for the funeral, with possible viewing, and then finally moved to the site for final disposition. In all of the moving and handling, the body and body substances may be exposed to a number of people, both in line of professional services and mourners. It has long been known that the deceased continue to carry the diseases of the cause of death as well as those incidental to such cause, and that these diseases may be highly contagious during the period of time from the moment of death to the final disposition of the body. Today, more then ever, it has become most imperative to treat the deceased with a great deal of care in avoiding the spread of infection. There is a great need for a cremation container for the deceased that is able to contain the corpse and fluids expelled therefrom in such a manner that the spread of infection is totally avoided.

          Additionally, there is a need for an inexpensive body cremation container which is at once strong, impermeable, durable, easily stored and shipped in quantity and which is burned without producing residues and pollutants.

          And THIS from claim number one:
          …whereby, a cadaver can be contained during funeral preparation, presented at a funeral, and cremated in the cremation container, the cover providing isolation to the internal volume and additional rigidity to the cremation container.
          h t tp://

          If people choose to remain oblivious to the FACTS right in front of them, fine. I am named on four patents myself (with others pending) and I DO know a thing or two about this. 😉

          • Soc … As usual, your post(s) is full of the wisdom of your namesake.

            • Sorry Soc,still going with cake molds!

          • Ok…here’s a rather disturbing observation;

            PLEASE note the SIZE of those contianers…those are NOt designed for single-slot enclosed burning in a crematoria, noware they?…

            • Yes, they are large enough for several cakes. I have to believe the cake theory or I’ll never sleep again.

            • Mr Rodgers.

              I remember reading about ovens that are used to cremate animals. Are they large enough to insert these coffins.
              Size of a horse or cow.

              • Ovens and cake pans. I’m going with that theory to quell the mind for a brief moment. Better than the alternative theories for what intended use they are planned for. Yowza.

              • Howdy slingshot,

                Might as well dispense with the charade, Eh Friend?

                “I remember reading about ovens that are used to cremate animals…”

                Yes, HORSE or COW…I would think! My thought here runs much as does SheepDawg’s does below,

                “Ovens and cake pans. I’m going with that theory to quell the mind for a brief moment.”

                Revised to read, pretty, sweet HORSES And Oh-So-Cute COWS. Oh merciful Jesus, I wasn’t sure till now that the PTB were THAT crass, THAT bold!…I’m going to take my tranquilizers now…I shouldn’t talk here anymore today… 😉

                Adios Old Friend…

        • Apparently you didn’t read the patent linked in the article, or, you are a troll…

          • If you read the patent, you will see that it’s for a much smaller container than in the article’s photos. The two are not at all the same.

      29. I would prefer that the following be allowed to come across the border: (please feel free to choose all entries, as you are going to get them anyway, whether you like it or not):

        ____ Allow illegal immigrant kids to line jump, and come in without serious health screening, to pass the EV-68 virus to other school kids (already 5 dead, a dozen paralyzed with EV-68)

        ____ Don’t close air traffic to western Africa, where there has been a known, ongoing, existing pandemic

        ____ Wait to seriously screen possible potential west Africa Ebola patients until several months after the crisis starts, as this could impact Obama’s golfing schedule if he had to pay attention to this

        _____ As long as they promise to vote Democrat, send 10,000 barges to Bangladesh and pick up *everyone* there. After all, why should we discriminate against countries that don’t have a physical border with us?

        _____ Bring in anyone suffering from the latest malady, chikungunya, which now has over a million sufferers in South/Central America. It is OK to do this now, as the outbreak won’t reach the US until next mosquito season and we need to get Democrat voters in ASAP.
        _____ Provide express limo service for all the al Qaeda, ISIS and Muslim Brotherhood bad guys from Juarez, Tijuana and Nuevo Laredo, so they arrive in the US safely to do their evil deeds.

        _____ Make sure that no one compares this mess with Hurricane Katrina, which was just a natural disaster compounded by incompetence, whereas this is just pure and simple incompetence.

        _____ Chant “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” which will undoubtedly fix everything… if you an unthinking leftist lemming

      30. The EV-68, Ebola and next mosquito season’s chikungunya epidemic makes Hurricane Katrina look like a maestro was running that relief project.

      31. As usual, Old Man, your posts are wrong, dumb, ignorant. I’ve read your posts on many occassions and I can’t think of any time (except possibly once) when you made any sense…

        Your pen name should be “Ignorant Old Man” because that is what you are. Go fiddle with your thumbs or something– do something useful for a change.

      32. Lets face it we live in crazy times that by every indication will become crazier. With the mindset of both fascists and communists at the helm I don’t think mass burial will be the disposal method in event of a mass die off and disposal problem.A gallon of fat contains a comparable BTU value as a gallon of #2 oil. With the trash to steam plants already in existence that on occasion dispose of hospital waste and illegal drugs can an abundance of human corpses be too far behind if available? No money for burial; no problem. Figure about 7 pound per gallon of fat and 28 pounds overweight equals the energy equivalent of 4 gallons of oil. At conventional trash to steam efficiencies an overweight human is worth about 15 to 20 kw.

        Its like “The Final Solution” US style.

      33. It’s all coming together now and making sense
        Now we know what the fema coffins are for
        Now we know what the stockpile of ammo is for ( panicked sheeple)
        Now we know what the stockpile of mre’s are for ( elite nwo to wait this out)
        Now we know why the border is left open(let the refugees flood the system because there will too many to care for and they will already be in the fema camps)
        I think we all know what’s under the Denver airport, a good place for those special folks to wait this out.
        I work a a hospital, I see the new stockpiles of ebola suits being stored AND about a week ago there were a few people here looking at and measuring the parking lot areas outside the ER and checking for the nearest water and electrical outlets as well as our decon holding tank underground for wastewater.
        When I ask my boss who they were, I got” They are from the state and inspecting our emergency management capabilities in case of large disasters. I made pretend I was stupid and went about my business.
        I hate to quote Star Wars, but I do have a bad feeling about this!

        • Iceman;You know another thing i noticed the stock market just rallied after the news of his demise.
          Follow the money and fear!

          • Uh, the was more likely due to the feds reassuring that the interest rates will remain low. Nothing to do with the African bleeding out.

            • So you don’t think it has to do with big pharmas future profit on the vaccine? For the zionist making this shit up?

              • Nope.

              • Pharma getting a vaccine ain’t a big enough mover to cause a near 300 pt rally. But assuring there’s still a floor under the market will.

      34. ​Great article.

        Ask yourself,What more could a Government do if it wanted to import ebola, than to open the borders,and send the military to get infected. Armed forces throughout history have brought diseases home, going back to the Romans.

        But the time for assessing blame on Obama is over, its a waste of time, use the time to prepare.

        3 short things you can do in self defense against ebola:

        1. Make super strength bleach disinfectant paper towels. Stop up the sink, pour in some bleach and fill with water. Then soak a washcloth, squeeze the washcloth some (but leave it wet) and set on counter. Fold up paper towels and soak on the washcloth. Then insert the paper towels into a Ziploc bag and carry in your pocket to sterilize phones, wall switches any touch services at the office, hands after pumping gas etc. Realize the commercial disinfect wipes use alcohol and not bleach, even, ironically, the Clorox ones. And you need bleach. These are dirt cheap and better.

        2. Plan how to get your family together around the likely quarantine perimeters (many times the Interstate beltways around a metro area). Preposition bicycles or cars across rivers or natural barriers. A repositioned canoe on one side and a car on the other side of the river may be the difference between freedom and a FEMA camp.

        3. Realize your family may have to make tough internal quarantine decisions. For example, assume a happy family husband, wife, and two kids, a girl and boy. Wife calls husband, distraught, looks like daughter has ebola. Son is still at school. The natural, almost irresistible, reaction? Husband rushes to get son, then rushes into rook with wife and daughter. But realize the son needs a father to survive. If wife and daughter could be isolated in one side of home and father and son in the other, maybe….But this is only an option of you thought about it ahead of time

      35. I waiting to see how the attitudes change if and when the infected numbers rise. Nothing like a hometown scare to move things along. Wait, is Ebola airborne? Instead of talking about it, you better be doing something. Getting ready to hunker down.

        Oh! The things that go bump in the night! Hahahaha!

      36. As a funeral director,in looking at those “coffins” I believe that they are actually a type of burial vault, not a coffin. The flat piece goes into the bottom of the grave and then a casket is lowered into the grave on top of the flat piece. Then the larger part is placed on top and locks into the flat piece in the bottom of the grave. This creates a waterproof vault based upon the inverted glass in a bowl of water principle.

        • so they’re not FEMA coffins
          but rather FEMA vaults ???


          doesn’t make me feel any better !

          what the hell does FEMA need them for anyway ?

        • No, they are coffins. Look at the patent.

          • Yeah, look at the patent, Brandon. The patent is for a much smaller box.

            • Obviously these are empty containers waiting for the ice and beer …. to be used at the next DHS annual picnic. 🙁

        • If there is a funeral for someone I know that dies of this I’ll be asked, “How come you didn’t go to the viewing”? “Didn’t know the guy”. “What? He is your twin brother”! “Never met him”.

          Good luck embalming one of there people. OBTW, where do you live?

        • local CBS DFW is televising a press conference about this. One of the Dallas County Sheriff Deputies who entered the family apartment of the now-deceased Ebola patient reported to a Frisco, TX urgent care clinic with Ebola-like symptoms. He has been transported to Texas Health Resources Hospital in Dallas.

      37. is that a For Sale sign on all the fema coffins?


        hey it looks like one

        • I think private property signs,I was wondering also!Maybe a firesale dump like the post katrina trailers!

      38. A question…Did “patient zero” die, or did he DIE???
        A sad state of affairs it is, when one has to ask!

      39. Don’t worry. The govt has life insurance on each of us. The more that die, the greater the debt reduction. It will be our patriotic duty to die and leave a debt free country to illegal aliens.

      40. I love the black people though. They built America for the white people so we must show them some love. I hope we can get the vaccine for ebola to them quickly because they are stronger an smarter than the whites and without them the whites can’t make it for long. Look how long whites have tried to eradicate them and tortured them after all the great things they have done for the whites but yet they are still alive and well. Look how many years whites tried to keep them out of different sports but yet they came back and got better than the whites so when are we the whites going to realize that we need them?

        • If the black people built the US for the white folks, why in the name of Jimmy Cracked Corn do they still live in mud huts in Africa and starving to death? They’re worse than the friggin’ Mexigoats.

          • Years of Western governments using colonialism/mercantilism to strip mine their countries and undermine the formation of stable governments? The existence of intelligent people is only one factor in the advancement of a given society. Without good, stable governance and a reasonably fair judicial system, countries do not advance.

          • PO’d Patriot:

            Manning’s “Longlegged Mack Daddy” is just the best. Wonder he has not been offed for his truths.

      41. Update: Ailing sheriff’s deputy who visited Ebola patient’s apartment taken to Presbyterian Hospital…c-duncan.html/

        Dallas sheriff’s deputies upset about being ordered inside Ebola patient’s apartment without protective gear…ive-gear.html/


        just WOW

        the incompetence,the failures,the missteps

        they just don’t stop

        quote from the CDC

        “word to ya mutha,step back,we got dis'”

        NOT !!!

      42. The Daily Sheeple.

        Go on over and listen to what the press really thinks.

        Under, “We’re Screwed”…

        Hey Mac. Bring this one up so we can RIP the Press.

      43. Watched that video and did a search on the sku# that comes up “EFG59BD” and that took me to this site.

        Says they’ve been in business for 25 years and it’s an exact match to the ones in the video. So there’s your supplier. Also the casket liners are no longer visible on google maps or bing maps – so they are gone.

        • Probably chillin’ in some plane hanger over at Area 51.

      44. What if the dr.s That came back here to be cured were never sick and the serum is a big pharma scam? After Patient Zero passed, who wouldn’t line up for a cure? What better way to make trillions
        and curve the population? Just one of the many thoughts I had.
        Also I doubt if we will do anything. They took our houses, jobs, futures in 2008 and nobody did anything. I doubt if anyone will pick up arms now that they have unleashed Ebola on us. Waste of guns and ammo for sure

      45. All stories on Drudge Today

        1 – A Dallas sheriffs deputy is being monitored for Ebola Symptoms.

        2 – World bank issues a warning. The Ebola outbreak could have catastrophic economic impacts if it is not contained.

        3 – China overtakes USA as worlds largest economy.

        4 – 10 ISIS fighters caught coming across Mexican border.

        It sure is a great day isn’t it.

      46. Yes I don’t care one bit the guy in Dallas croaked. He came here knowing he was infected. His daughter had died the week before. Look at the tax dollars wasted on him. He was a parasite who should have stayed home in his own country. It was wrong for him to come here. Im ick & tired of folks being rewarded for doing the wrong thing. If they actually didn’t treat him on purpose that’s great. They did the correct thing. Its not that much different from those of us who prep deciding that when SHTF happens to let those who didn’t prep do without. Its a long shot but I may die from ebola. However the odds of almost anything else are better. All of this cry wolf the shy is falling crap is getting old. Went and hunted & killed a few squirrel this morning. I think ill go back and hunt for some more.

        • Tell it like it is Brother.

      47. Movie Quote time “When they tell you its the end of the world they want to sell you a stereo, when they tell you not to panic…it’s serious”-Martha Claendon “Storm of the Century. That says it all for me.

      48. Quotes from your elite, for all you unwashed masses in flyover country:

        “The present vast overpopulation, now far beyond the world carrying capacity, cannot be answered by future reductions in the birth rate due to contraception, sterilization and abortion, but must be met in the present by the reduction of numbers presently existing. This must be done by whatever means necessary.”
        Initiative for the United Nations ECO-92 EARTH CHARTER (of course the authors of this are excepted, just like Nancy Pelosi excepted her cronies from Obamacare)

        “One America burdens the earth much more than twenty Bangladeshes. This is a terrible thing to say in order to stabilize world population, we must eliminate 350,000 people per day. It is a horrible thing to say, but it’s just as bad not to say it.” Jacques Cousteau, UNESCO Courier (Jacques, of course, with all his globe-trotting, was equivalent a zillion Bangladeshes, but he was “special.” As in Orwell’s comment that in the socialist worker’s paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be “more equal” than the others.

        “A reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material standard of living would be 1 billion. At the more frugal European standard of living, 2 to 3 billion would be possible.” United Nations, Global Biodiversity Assessment

        “A total population of 250-300 million people, a 95% decline would be ideal.”Ted Turner, founder of CNN and major United Nations contributor. Hey Ted! You volunteering to go first?

        War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine” Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas speaking on the topic of reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control.

        A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells, the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people. We must shift our efforts from the treatment of the symptoms to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions.” Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb. Ehrlich is a classic nutcase. He predicted the world would end from global cooling in the 1970s – and if of course now a global warmer.

        “We have to take away from humans in the long run their reproductive autonomy as the only way to guarantee the advancement of mankind.” Francis Crick, The discoverer of the double-helix structure of DNA

        “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.” Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Leader of the World Wildlife Fund
        Malthus has been vindicated; reality is finally catching up with Malthus. The Third World is overpopulated, it’s an economic mess, and there’s no way they could get out of it with this fast-growing population. Our philosophy is: back to the village.” Dr. Arne Schiotz, World Wildlife Fund Director of Conservation. Hey Arne – ever hear of the Julian Simon wager with Paul Ehrlich about scarcity issues around 1990 or so? Nah, didn’t think so. In fact, Malthus has been roundly disproved. But don’t let that bother you!

        “There is a single theme behind all our work–we must reduce population levels. Either governments do it our way, through nice clean methods, or they will get the kinds of mess that we have in El Salvador, or in Iran or in Beirut. Population is a political problem. Once population is out of control, it requires authoritarian government, even fascism, to reduce it….” “Our program in El Salvador didn’t work. The infrastructure was not there to support it. There were just too goddamned many people…. To really reduce population, quickly, you have to pull all the males into the fighting and you have to kill significant numbers of fertile age females….” The quickest way to reduce population is through famine, like in Africa, or through disease like the Black Death…. Thomas Ferguson, State Department Office of Population Affairs. “Too many goddamed people.” I think that expresses your sentiments perfectly, Mr. Ferguson.
        “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.” Dr. Henry Kissinger.
        “The world’s population needs to be reduced by 50%,” and “The elderly are useless eaters”Dr. Henry Kissinger. Kissinger is turning 91 – but no word yet if he plans to “check out” early. Y’know… just to do his part and all

        “The principle that sustains compulsory vaccination is broad enough to cover cutting the Fallopian tubes.” Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

        “Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of.” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Nope, no word from the leftist media on this racist comment. And never will be, either.
        “The Planetary Regime might be given responsibility for determining the optimum population for the world and for each region and for arbitrating various countries’ shares within their regional limits. Control of population size might remain the responsibility of each government, but the Regime would have some power to enforce the agreed limits.” Obama’s science czar John P. Holdren: From Ecoscience. Holdren is a current global warmer cult leader – and in the 1970s, was a fanatic global cooling alarmist.
        “It is easier to kill a million people rather than trying to control a million people… people are fighting back…our capacity to impose control over humanity is at an historical low…” Zbignew Brzezinsi

        “No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian Initiation.” David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative, United Nations

        • You and Zeke Emanuel. Will you volunteer to go first?

      49. Let me get this right: Hurricane Katrina was something the public was outraged about, but this – which, if it goes south (and it may or may not, but that isn’t the issue; letting it GET to this point is), is not an issue for the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” Dear Leader myrmidons????

        Then we have the EV-68 virus that has ALREADY killed 5 kids last week, paralyzed a dozen, all so Obungler could get more Democrud voters in illegally, and not a peep from the Goebbelian lamestream media????

        • Yep, absolutely nothing is as important to the left as a permanent political majority by way of Undocumented Democrat Amnesty.

          So much for national security, public health, and the economy. All of it means nothing compared to their lust for power.


      50. Let me get this right: Hurricane Katrina the public was outraged about, but this – which, if it goes south (and it may or may not, but that isn’t the issue; letting it GET to this point is), is not an issue for the “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanting Dear Leader myrmidons????

        Then we have the EV-68 virus that has ALREADY killed 5 kids last week, paralyzed a dozen (and many more to come), all so Obungler could get more Democrud voters in illegally, and not a peep from the Goebbelian lamestream media????

        • TEST

          Give that man a Cigar!

          The News Media with NO INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING is complicit in this crime being perpetrated on us.

      51. if yer salad has a little bit of a chemical smell to it
        this might be why

        Confirmed: California Aquifers Contaminated With Billions Of Gallons of Fracking Wastewater

        short on water
        long on stupid

        what kind of a species contaminates its own drinking water ???
        oh well
        somebody made a fast buck
        and that’s what we think is important

        • “what kind of a species contaminates its own drinking water ???”

          The type of species that likes air conditioning and motor car transportation.

        • “what kind of a species contaminates its own drinking water ???”

          The type of species that likes air conditioning and motor car transportation.

      52. You Burn the contaminated dead, stupid.

      53. I forgot.. is it the CDC strain they have a patent on ? ..or the african version they released a few months ago ?

      54. The beautiful people get richer- the rest not so much.
        Continually see the ostentatious gluttonous consumption by the beautiful people.

      55. All that money thrown at education- the results shown are pathetic. Valid to say- crap in, crap out ?

      56. US debt at $17+ trillion- the interest on that much debt has to be humungous – Fed manipulated interest rates low now- if interest rates were raised, Impact on Federal deficit would be overwhelming ? What a mess!

        • “How do you clean an ebola infected apartment?”

          You burn it. Same as the infected dead.

      57. What are we really going to do if Ebola spreads?

        There is a lot more to it than just sitting tight.
        Those who have set up a perimeter and are capable to defend it is a good move. From Who? That is the more important question. The Government might have its hands full with riots and fires. The medical outlets and hospitals will be busy with flu. Now what I want to know is who is going out to loot and steal in the dark of night. To add, would they be afraid of contact with a sick person? Same goes for the Med Teams to transport sick people to FEMA camps. Think about that? Each time they make contact they set themselves up to become sick. Their family unprotected. Which will be the driving survival factor. Need to eat or keep from becoming sick.
        Ninety days from when the store shelves are emptied.

        • Im going to have a party! Kick back and git drunk and listen to the action on radio. Yer invited but byob 🙂

          • Now that’s what I’m talking about, a good time. All these people fleeing to the hills of arkansas are hilarious.

      58. Dallas sheriff deputy showing ebola symthoms Sgt. Dale,how’s that make you feel. You are frontline troop.

        • Actually,though he may come in contact with infected brethren seems Sarges job usually would have a fairly safe distance.

      59. Regarding blood transfusion not being given: The blood type of the blackdude wasn’t the same as the donor (that doctor they flew back and cured awhile back was the same blood type as those he donated to for the transfusions).

      60. It will be of interest to see how many people Mr. Duncan has passed ebola to. The family has already claimed sub-standard care by the hospital. Rev Jesse is on duty with the family. I smell a lawsuit aimed at the hospital.

        • Remember that this is in Texas, where the medical system is already over-stressed with providing free care for a million or so illegal aliens. Hospitals going out of business left and right with the financial burden. Those that are left are struggling to keep up.

      61. NM Mayor: ‘All of A Sudden’ Fed Gov Releasing Illegal Immigrants at 4-to-1 Ratio

        “Wednesday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” Mayor Phillip Burch Mayor of Artesia, NM, a isolated town that houses a federal immigration detention center, said there has been a sudden large increase in the number of illegal immigrants being released from the center into the United States.”

      62. First off,where can I get me some of these”coffins”?…theyd make great raised planters for greens also theyd hold alot of water for stockwaterers or for raising fish/hydro-veggies…you could start small poultry in them or use them to store stuff in…theyre great!
        On the subject of burying in them(heck theyd store alot of goodies if they seal up good eh?)why would anyone want to bury a diseased body?…wouldnt it make more sense to burn the bodies(cremation?)if the goal were truely to stop bugs from spreading?…I burn any critter on the farm that dies from anything out of the ordinary…of course it isnt and we know that!”Live free or die tryin”…REB

        • Maybe they want to leave a disease-ridden time capsule for future generations to discover?

        • Burried 2A cache

      63. More from my employer this morning. I wont list the check list just what it is about. Three parts listed as follows.
        Part 1 prepare to detect
        part 2 prepare to protect
        part 3 prepare to respond

        There are about 20 items on each check list. Oh and I almost forgot.
        part 4 prepare to run.

        On the radio on my way home they said a Sheriff deputy that was at that guys apartment in Dallas is thought to have ebola.
        Two more in Spain.

        Unrelated news, 4 deer here in Ohio jumped head first off a highway overpass. A deputy says he thinks it had something to do with the moon last night. All 4 died.

        • A guy down the street told me the moon causes ebola. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

      64. Hospitals are not ready for a pandemic, or even a mild one. There’s only 19 level 4 biohazard containment beds in the US, and many hospitals are not adequately equipped or trained with an added likelihood of personnel shortage. In a pandemic, the economy will disappear. People stop going to work and school, people stop going shopping or to the theaters and restaurants, and life comes to a standstill under isolation and quarantine. Lack of power, food, water, sanitation, medicine for the chronically ill, and violence will kill more. Grocery stores only have a few days of food and depend on just in time delivery, so do most households and perishables will spoil fast. The store shelves are emptied of water in just hours or minutes if there’s bad water or a hurricane panic. If you find yourself needing water, check the water heaters, they usually have several dozen gallons in them.

        Isolate, quarantine, sanitize, sterilize, incinerate. Infected bodies ideally should be cremated, along with contaminated things. Wherever you want to be, go into lock down and deadly force authorized.

      65. obama, ebola, obama, ebola, scary isnt it.

      66. Lady probable with ebola in kenosha now! Don’t get near anyone who just came from O’hare airport!!
        molon labe

        • WI … How about a link to the story where you found this info.

          If you don’t want to go through the moderation delay, put spaces in the link, as long it’s a trusted site.

          • Just Google it. I found stuff right away about it.

        • Amazing how these “poor” Africans can afford to fly to the U.S.
          What’s that cost?
          I can hardly afford to fill the gas tank to go to work.
          They got money to fly around?

          CAUTION !!!
          Tax dollars at work.

      67. Just watch the friendly skies and see whoever gets out of wherever. This has been planned all along with so much other SH~T to come down before the first of the year. Then after the first (2015) my gut tells me ALL HELL is going to break loose. I hope it’s gas, but I feel it is not, (just farted and fell the same).

        Feed Jake

      68. Just got home killed a cottontail rabbit. So tonite Im having a quart of goat milk fresh killed rabbit & squirrel, Fresh picked green beans and fresh dug white sweet potato. All grown hunted & processed by us. No taking parasite gets any tax from my food tonite. But Im really scared I might get Rabbitt fever (Tulumaria) from eating that cottontail.

        • Why not just go to the supermarket?

        • “Here comes Peter Cotton tail…
          Hopping down the Old Guy’s trail…
          Hippity Hoppity Easte…Oh Fuck!”

      69. LOL…Old Guy, that’s funny!

      70. URGENT – Ebola-Spain-More-Admitted

        http://www.wptz. com/health/urgent-ebolaspainmoreadmitted/29018582

      71. great
        stuck in moderator hell AGAIN

        Spain now reporting 3 more possible cases of ebola
        2 doctors and a male nurse

        • Hey, but it’s not airborne and can’t be transmitted before showing symptoms. Nothing to see here, folks…move along.

      72. So all these thousands of fema coffins were in expectation of this current Obala malaise we’re currently experiencing…


        All these coffins were exposed back in the ole Bush did it days and then some..

        Well yeah.

        the feds are always spending money,drills ,and training for every damned scenario known to mankind that even all of us could not dream of..


        That solidifies the argument that Obola is the final end game?


        I think not!

        They have way more nefarious plans for all of us in the future…and it will not be the Obola virus..

        Nor will it be IS..

        ThEse is just the beginning drills..

        One of many more to come our way..

        Just a test run like the Boston marathon “shelter in place” drills 2 years ago..

        We’ve a long way to go folks..

        Not until everyone is in perpetual fear 24/7

        and there is nothing left of the economy..

        until then

        Enjoy the day


        • Ubiquitous:

          I just ran across a a report:

          Us Dept of Justice Criminal Information Service
          Crime in the US 2012
          Table 8
          Offenses known to laW enforcement by city 2012

          NEWTOWN, population 27,904



      73. You think the goverment was planing on killing thousands of americans? Thats stupid who would pay the taxes. We are ripe for a pandemic. I bet it was more like the goveremnt spending money just to spend it.

        • They don’t care about the taxes. If they cared, they would make some attempt to balance the budget.

          They only care about control.

      74. She’s being held in the Kenosha jail under observation. Might not be anything, but sounds like they want to fast-track her out of the country back to africa.

        Yesterday I found out Froedert medical was told to get an ebola wing ready immediately. Very fishy that they might have their first patient this fast!!

        And it’s not that hard for you guys to look up any info that is brought on this board.
        molon labe

      75. Those FEMA coffins don’t hermetically seal. They look pretty crappy.

      76. In Spain, the nurse who got Ebola also had a pet, a nice lap dog kind of Labrador, one of those lick-ya-to-death mutts. So, since canines can show Ebola antibodies, but it is still not known if they can transmit the disease, the Spanish euthanized the dog.

        Thousands of people are outraged at what they believe to be a senseless murder of a dog.

        Apparently, the life of a dog is more important than the life of a human being.

        So, it’s going to be pretty obvious, if Ebola does spread here, the pets of infected people are going to have to be put down. I wonder how many people who develop a fever and such symptoms are going to defer seeking treatment because their pet might be euthanized if it turns out to be Ebola?

        • if the Spanish government was so damned concerned about ebola
          and human lives
          they should have provided health care workers with proper PPE

          they were grossly unprepared to deal with ebola patients

          just like the US government was

          despite their multiple assurances/platitudes/propaganda/outright lies

      77. Sorry for this post that is off topic but we have reached a milestone event today.

        Chinas GDP has just surpassed the US making them the worlds largest economy.

        This was accomplished through the hard work, toil and sweat of the Chinese people and Bill Clinton signing China Free Trade into law. While we have Labor Day China is proposing Bill Clinton day to honor their benefactor.

      78. keep in mind the NWO END GAME is UN AGENDA 21 , one world religion , one world bank , no property rights , no right to personal protection (no firearms, no knives, no clubs) , no single family homes , no gardens , no water rights , no personal property , etc etc

        complete and total global human subjugation into legally enforced eugenics obama death care controlled tax debt slavery.



        • Essentially we become an ant colony.

          Apparently the 1980s new wave band DEVO was right. Man has reached the peak of his evolutionary development and were headed backwards.

      79. Old Guy, you are absolutely 100% spot on! I too think the Aids experiment was an utter failure (more fags now than ever), and think this Ebola thing will pass like a fart in the wind.

      80. Its obvious that in the unfortunate event of a mass death caused by a contagious disease that the smart corpse disposal is cremation. This makes one wonder why all of these caskets were purchased. It dawned on me that the US has bought $900 toilet seats.

        The million dollar (or far more) question is what politician / bureaucrat got greased to approve this use of public funds and how much did it cost?

        Anyone know what company made these things?

      81. Its obvious that in the unfortunate event of a mass death caused by a contagious disease that the smart corpse disposal is cremation. This makes one wonder why all of these caskets were purchased. It dawned on me that the US has bought $900 toilet seats.

        The million dollar (or far more) question is what politician / bureaucrat got greased to approve this use of public funds and how much did it cost?

        Anyone know what company made these things?

      82. Hermetically sealed caskets, that’s absolute bull shit. The bodies and everything they touched needs to go into a biohazard incinerater. There is evil in the world and they will dig up and harvest the Ebola laden fluids or maybe some nut job doctor that thinks he can find the cure and save the world.

        Listen folks the Ebola fire is just getting started with 4000 to 5000 deaths and it’s already on 3 continents. The big spread has only begun in Africa, once the harvest is in on the west coast of Africa the migrant workers will leave for the east to work in the mines. What do you think will happen with millions infected of every continent?

        This isn’t going to be like some zombie movie, world war z or the walking dead. No one is immune and you can’t kill it with a gun, knife or tank. It’s potentially the worst of the last book of the Bible.

        It’s just my opinion and I’m not sure it could be done even if the UN and the world wanted to do it. That would be to completely isolate and seal off the continent of Africa to let Ebola burn out.

        Governments killed over 170,000,000 people in the 20th century and they are about to kill billions in the beginning of the 21st century. Is it God’s wrath, nature, an accident or something more sinister? We will never know! I do find it odd though that we have had the virus since 1976, almost 40 years and haven’t found a way to eradicate it like small pox, polio and other killers.

        What do you think?

        • I agree it will simply run wild in Africa because the health infrastructure is just not there. Hygiene and sanitation as we know it is nonexistent. Governments are also weak and corrupt and cannot stop people from moving around and violating the protocols.

          The idea of containment elsewhere can work if contact with Africa is stopped for the time being. Unfortunately, economics and politics make this virtually impossible to do.

          Governments will pretend everything is fine and under control until it isn’t. Then, when it gets out of control, they will lie and cover it up just as they have done with everything else. Think of the context for this: it has been already been revealed they spy on everyone and use this information to manipulate events. Now throw in a major pandemic and you will get some spooky-level authoritarian state stuff going on.

        • Weaponized….



      83. A tisket, a tasket, 4 bodies per fema casket ….

        • Come on Genius,add a box of Goldfish crackers and a box of Federal to each,you know,for the next life and all!

      84. Old Guys Rule

        A Florida senior citizen drove his brand new Corvette convertible out of the dealership. Taking off down the road, he pushed it to 80 mph, enjoying the wind blowing through what little hair he had left. “Amazing” he thought as he flew down I-75, pushing the pedal even more. But looking in his rear view mirror, he saw a state trooper behind him, blue and red lights flashing and siren blaring.

        He floored it to 100 mph, then 110, then 120. Suddenly he thought, What am I doing? I’m too old for this. and pulled over to await the trooper’s arrival.

        Pulling in behind him, the trooper walked up to the Corvette, looked at his watch and said, ‘Sir, my shift ends in 30 minutes. Today is Friday. If you can give me a reason for speeding that I’ve never heard before, I’ll let you go.’ The old gentleman paused then said, ‘Three years ago, my wife ran off with a Florida State-Trooper. I thought you were bringing her back.’

        “Have a good day, Sir,” replied the trooper.

        • LOL….that was funny…thanks…


      85. A Horse, A Chicken & A Harley:
        On the farm lived a chicken and a horse, both of whom loved to play together.

        One day the two were playing, when the horse fell into a bog and began to sink.

        Scared for his life, the horse whinnied for the chicken to go get the farmer for help!
        Off the chicken ran, back to the farm. Arriving at the farm, he searched and searched for the farmer, but to no avail, for he had gone to town with the only tractor.
        Running around, the chicken spied the farmer’s new Harley.
        Finding the keys in the ignition, the chicken sped off with a length of rope hoping he still had time to save his friend’s life.
        Back at the bog, the horse was surprised, but happy, to see the chicken arrive on the shiny Harley, and he managed to get a hold of the loop of rope the chicken tossed to him.

        After tying the other end to the rear bumper of the farmer’s bike, the chicken then drove slowly forward and, with the aid of the powerful bike, rescued the horse!

        Happy and proud, the chicken rode the Harley back to the farmhouse, and the farmer was none the wiser when he returned.

        The friendship between the two animals was cemented: Best Buddies, Best Pals.

        A few weeks later, the chicken fell into a mud pit, and soon, he too, began to sink and cried out to the horse to save his life!

        The horse thought a moment, walked over, and straddled the large puddle.

        Looking underneath, he told the chicken to grab his hangy-down thingy and he would then lift him out of the pit.

        The chicken got a good grip, and the horse pulled him up and out, saving his life.

        The moral of the story?? (yep, you betcha, there is a moral!) [​IMG]

        ‘When You’re Hung Like A Horse, You Don’t Need A Harley To Pick Up Chicks!

      86. “Ebola dissolves functioning organs.”

        Isn’t that also a description of socialisms?

      87. Well it’s reached DownUnder. Nurse confirmed with Ebola in Brisbane, Queensland. I live about 3 1/2 hours away (by road), so I guess it won’t be long before it’s here. People commute between here and Brisbane every day by train and plane. Scary.

        • Ug!

      88. I’m not surprised that an agency who’s job it is to deal with infectious diseases bought coffins for use in the event of a pandemic. I don’t understand the controversy.

      89. If you like your fema coffins

        you can keep your fema coffins

        Oback Barola

        President Ebola Nation

        • Obola

      90. Cremation is the most expedient way of dealing with an infectious cadaver. However, many religions (and also some people’s personal preference) require the body to be buried, not burned. Likewise, there are many whose religious or personal preference dictate that the body cannot even be embalmed. (The only time the law require supersedes is when a body has to cross state lines. Then it *must* be embalmed.)

        I think that the purchase of these hermetically sealed coffins satisfy the human need as well as the safety need. The infected body of an Ebola victim is not infectious forever. The virus can only live a short amount of time without living host material. So, if “evil people dig them up,” chances are good that it will be long after the biohazardous material (aka, the body) is no longer infectious.

        The fact that the CDC wants such a large quantity doesn’t have to mean that they were expecting something major RIGHT NOW. It just means that they got a better price break on this quantity than on, say, half that amount.

        Besides, epidemics are always happening. Just because we haven’t had any truly major in a long time doesn’t mean something can’t or won’t happen again.

        • Are you saying the government has so much money it can afford to spend billions on contingencies? I would agree with that partially. Government is spending billions. But worth asking why they bought coffins instead of colonized the moon, provide decent lunches in the schools, or built interstates. Where one’s money goes shows where one’s mind is.

      91. Admin, please add a post about the just published new test on the E-Cat cold fusion energy device, because it is a big story and very interesting for preppers:

        “These results place the E-Cat beyond any conventional source of energy”

      92. Flu season is almost here. The flu is highly contagious and easily spread by contact and airborne. What if someone gets the flu and obola at the same time–could the two illnesses morph together into some super-bug?

        • What about the common cold combined with obola? Obola saliva is contagious—a good hard sneeze would have obola particles shooting a spray of it out.

        • In Steven Kings 1978 novel, ‘The Stand’ a manmade virus gets loose from a military lab and wipes out most of the Earths population. The battle between good and evil ensues.

          It was also a made for TV mini-series in 1994 and the truth still holds today- the virus can always level the playing field. Why do you think they have allowed it to spread? The outcome from all of this is abundantly clear.

      93. TPTB can’t wait to get rid of the the masses. It’s their only way to save themselves and their ill gotten gains. Best of all, they can’t be held accountable for potentially causing the death of millions worldwide. They do lay awake at night devising ways to rip us off and now murder us for their pleasure. Talk about elite!

      94. Just to make sure they dont get anywhere near you ,, we have this

        ht tp://

      95. Question for Mac;Do you happen to have a way to contact BE Informed as to his current status? As most posters here seem to be concerned? Thanks!!

        • Hi thinker — BI and I only communicate via the commenting area. Unfortunately I do not have an email address for him. Thx -mac

      96. You know nobody says anything here about God havin a plan or still being in control. Yes I believe in being prepared but when you have done all you can do, Look Up and step aside.

      97. Plane cleaners strike at LaGuardia…

        The workers “say they’re sometimes exposed to blood and vomit but are NOT equipped with appropriate protective gear.

        They say the number of cabin cleaners per job has been reduced by up to half. They also say the time to clean entire planes has been cut from 45 minutes to as little as 5 minutes.”

        Drudge Report

      98. Ebola Pandemic Hits Germany, Turkey, And Australia As Infected Spanish Nurse Went Un-Quarantined For A Week
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        Despite the still confident exclamations from officials that the Ebola pandemic is ‘contained’, more and more nations are admitting to Ebola-symptomatic cases or bringing infected patients back from Africa for treatment. Australia has its first potential case of the deadly disease, as Bloomberg reports a nurse who returned from volunteering in Africa has developed Ebola-like symptoms. Despite claims that Nigeria’s outbreak is over, a Turkish worker there has been hospitalized in Istanbul after signs of high fever and diarrhea.

        Health officials from Germany confirm a 3rd Ebola patient has arrived in the country – having contracted the disease in Liberia. And finally, just as in the sad case of Thomas Duncan in Dallas, The Guardian reports the infected Spanish nurse went untreated and unquarantined for a week despite reporting symptoms at least three times to hospital officials. It seems the world is ill-prepared for this…

      99. If they are saying this, I translate this message to…
        We know there ARE other cases of Ebola in the U.S.

        HHS secretary: There may be other cases of Ebola in the U.S.

        Washington Examiner
        (now on Drudge Report)

        • “Americans have to prepare for the reality that there may be more cases of Ebola in the United States.”

          • They dont want a panic,,,
            Reality is that they are incapable of dealing with it. The disease and the panic, does not matter, they cant deal with either.
            Theres an article on Natural News that talks about preparedness and a pandemic,,
            is good to think over this stuff, we all may need to be able to just sit tight for 3 weeks, personally would be glad to not have to or be able to go anywhere for 3 weeks or more, Honestly that is the only way that they could shut down and avoid a pandemic if there are a bunch of cases all of a sudden,,, thats where those FEMA camps would come in handy, round up all the illegals and people who disobey the shelter in place at your home order, cities will be the worst, all the people stuck together in condos or high rises,,
            glad I live in the country,,,

          • KY Mom
            my gut and common sense tells me theyre lying and we already have another case or 5 here in the states. Everything is lies and illusion w/ the g-men. This aint no different.
            For anyone who thinks otherwise, ask yourself when the g-man has ever been up front and truthful. Then come on back to shtf and well talk about our latest preps for this world w/out rule of law. We been WROL and its escalating. Anyone catch the cops in IN who decided to bust a car window on the passenger side because a passenger didnt have a driver license to show that cop? So now an adult passenger in a car needs a license to ride along. Is this Nazi Germany? Why aint this done to the illegals invading the USSA?
            They really want a fight.

      100. Australian Nurse Showing Symptoms of Ebola, Prompting Fears the Disease has Spread Further

        “There were fears today that Ebola has reached Australia after a nurse developed symptoms of the virus.

        Sue Ellen Kovack, who had been working with the Red Cross in Sierra Leone, one of the worst affected countries, returned to Australia on Tuesday before developing the symptoms.”


      101. BRING OUT YOUR DEAD !

      102. You know to panic when they drop off one of those caskets on your front lawn and you’re not dead yet!

      103. Bombshell: Pilot Claims He was fired for not Signing Away His Constitutional Rights – Warns of Illegal Muslims flying into US

        This story is at freedomoutpost dot com. It also tells “Tennessee Rep. Rick Womick (R), a former Air Force pilot and commercial Boeing 777 airline pilot, admitted to flying five flights with Somali immigrants on board from London to New York City.”

        Nothing like illegal and felony from our reps.

      104. As bad as Ebola will be for some, it will be the knock-on effect that will amplify the negative consequences. As the number infected goes up, and the more it hits doctors, nurses etc. (as it has done in Africa) – and keep in mind doctors and nurses are well-paid members of the community – unions will start freaking out and demanding hazmat measures for their members. This will start to hit airports, border guards (try telling those paedos etc. who do the frisk checks that they should do it without protection), cleaners, customs, airlines, cops, air crews (“yeah, Mary, can you do the meal service on our flight to Lagos tonight?” Mary: “But I heard they have Ebola in Nigeria??!!”).

        Essentially, the way people live in the crowded cities of the modern world makes something like this very disruptive and ensures, if this form of Ebola is as virulent as they say, it will spread exponentially.

      105. It’s a wonderful day in the neighborhood…

        The ROARING markets of yesterday have already – today – given up every bit of gains made. So much for the ‘bulls’.

        What we are seeing lately is sometyhing I chanced to speak about here quite a while ago in addresing the characteristics of physical systems; all Physical Systems. There exist patterns of trackable behviour that are strictly ‘analyzeable’ and so then….

        Here, what we are just beginning to see, and as well what we SHOULD have been seen long ago, as the current market stretches far beyond the fundamentals underlying it due to continuous Fed intervention, is a pattern of increasingly large swings from the norm. This broadly is called ‘harmonic oscillation’. There are THREE cases of that in Physics.

        The first is the case called ‘overdamped’, wherein the effect of any impulse acting on the system is directly and strongly damped allowing the sytem to return to the baseline state. The second is that called ‘critically damped’ in which any physical system will expereince a series of oscillations around a central value, though always returning to s nominal state/value in short order. The last case is a tandem of two specific cases those being ‘under damped and un-damped’, which are characterisitically identical in all thier effects and behaviours.

        WHAT we SEE – now, jut lately – and should have seen years ago, is the latter case(s). It is worth noting that the behaviour of all systems undergoing that are fundamentally UNSTABLE in that they do NOT drive back to a previously recorded (or historically determined) set of values. During the course of the last two weeks we are seeing the market displaying exactly the third case descirbed above. Well, what does that mean?

        In the final case listed any phycial system evincing any such characteristic behaviour is sequentially and impulsively driven farther and farther from nominal values in an oscillating fashion, by the action of the impulses acting on it. The net effect produced is broader and broader swings in the ‘trackable’ values which are the metric of the system by which the sytem is analyzed.

        The Fed’s continous interventions have produced a circumstance such that the market system is COCKED and PRIMED for just such as what we are now witnessing. Needless to say, this type of behaviour usually precedess a systemic ‘break point’, a discontinuity in it’s real world behaviour; a sudden and characterisitic break from previously observed, historically determined norms.

        Put SIMPLY…when a child is sswinging on a swing – as we ALL did at some point – and kicking thier legs, goes higher and higher in short order, there comes a point where the smooth, gradual ‘swings’ are no longer smooth. Rememeber that? when you went SO HIGH that the other factors involved (here, gravity) began acting to pull you STARIGHT down…and NOT along the path of the curve that you followed as you reached the top,? Yes, I thought you might.

        Well…that is what I beleive that we are now on the cusp of witnessing; the Fed has expended ‘all of it’s arrows’ and thence it’s CREDIBILITY in the eye of the public – exclusive of ‘Wall Street’ – and where does that leave us? The leverage that has developed in the market as a response over the last few years in response to the flood of ‘mystery money’ generated by the Fed has induced an orgy of speculation (putting to SHAME the Wall street of 1929)- at every level trackable – which can only be sustained by additional infuions of ‘free money’ to support the effects of small market deviations arising daily…which are more and more destructive to each individual investor’s positions entirely due to the effect of being leveraged deeper and deeper…of having BET the FARM, several – dozen – times over, and then some.

        That is where – I beleive – we are NOW People. The broad system has no redundancy – any ‘vitality’ – left in the event of a significant market event. WHEN amd NOT IF there coems a larger disruption – of any sort! – the system willl ‘revert to the mean’. At this point that implies truly catasttrophic changes in the levels of valuation we see today. When that happens the markets will IMPLODE utterly as the natural restorative mechanisms have been so long suppressed leading to a HUGE overhang of ‘bad debt’ that was never ‘cleared’.

        “HOW will that affect us?” Simple, those so leveraged in the market will NEED to liquidate resources rapidly to ‘cover’ thier positions…unfortunately, EVERYOBE will be doing THAT simultaneuously, and so the effective price that they will be able to get for those assets/resources will be FAR below what they are anticipating, requiring LARGER disposals. That will rapidly cycle up into larger scales VERY rapidly, involving larger and larger institutions as pressure mounts on the ‘low end’
        and individuals are efffectively ‘vaporized’ financially. In relatively short order, this will lead to broader and broader swings in the markets everywhere. At THAT point, when a sufficient amount of the ‘low end’ has neem affected then we will start seeing the “CONSEQUENCE at hand”; the derivatives contracts that underlie the entirety of the modern financial world will be ‘triggered’ and pay-out’s demanded by those so insured. THIS is when things will begin to go South…

        THAT will be the beginning of the End of Western Markets, indeed, markets everywhere in short order, since all the markets are tied together by these ‘instruments of financial obliteration’ called derivatives.

        Watch carefully now Children, I THINK things are about to get very ‘interesting’…the ‘Top’ IS in, there’s nowhere to go now but DOWN, down, down…

        • Agree: as George Bush said, “This sucker is going down.” It is due and they know it is due, thus the Ebola, the war, the hints at shutting down the web etc. First you reel ’em in good and hard (housing bubbles in Australia, Canada, China, etc.) then you pump it up, and then you dump it hard, and grab the assets for pennies on the dollar, yuan or whatever currency/medium of exchange that is going to be left.

          • Howdy Frank,

            Yep…Ain’t lookin’ REAL good today, is it? I concur on the methodolgy you’ve here stated, it’s the proverbial ‘Greater Fools’ market…and it’s just about to die….

            Please don’t take this wrong, but I’ve waited a very long time to see this come to pass. For all that there is no Joy in my heart seeing it on the horizon now; as I checked a few minutes ago, the DOW was down over 325 pts with the other indexes down similarly.

            It is somewhat strange though, allow me to elaborate here. I KNOW that there will be true terror come when it all ‘falls down’, yes…but without the neccessary re-alignment of Human thought that can ONLY come when such times are upon us – put simply – Humanity will NOT be able you survive itself…or the consequences of it’s own stupidy.

            In that sense, it IS better that 6.75 Billion people perish from the Earth…rather than ALL perish, which will – IMHO – be the result of ANY continuation of the current ‘racial’ thought pattern. Does that make any aense? I fear I have the WORST time trying to explain this single point whenever I bring it up….

            OTOH, jut IMAGINE a World wherein there is no longer a Tyranny of Wealth…a world in which people are self-directed AND self-sufficient…a World of PEACE for the first time in the long history of our species, where as Liberty – Jefferson put it,

            “Liberty, defined as the freedom to do as one wishes, ‘circumscribed ONLY by the equal rights of others.”

            exists, and ia the NORM!

            For that Friend, I MIGHT well – deliberately, willingly – lay down my Life as payment for the greater GOOD of People everywhere, whereas for THIS world – now – I would not so much as yield the “sweat off my balls”…please pardon the expression there, it – undortunately – is the sole thought that comes to mind.

            Stay the course Friend…as I suspect that you are already doing, I beleive that we do not- now – have long to wait….Hallelujah!!!….”Free at Last, Free at Last…Thank God Almighty, We WILL soon be “FREE AT LAST”!!!


            • Mr.Rodgers;So right you are on almost every point! All though i am not a person on Faith,and money based religions,I do however have a feeling that we are going through an awakening process for the better of humanity! People are starting to realize How off the track we have been manipulated into believing is Truth have just been lies for the betterment of the Zionist and has done so well to make slaves out of this society.
              As for another thought as i was watching the blood moon i thought of the words to CCR’s Bad Moon Rising and some of the versus therein are so fitting right now! i was following the earthquake that was upgraded yesterday from a 6.2 to a 7.2 on the southeast pacific rise and was wondering about our friend BI that would be nice to get his input on the directed pressure for a future quake,as i don’t remember seeing one of that magnitude in that location.But maybe he is like most of the old time posters and have decided its time to get out of Dodge with everything starting to unfolds even the Sun is becoming increasingly active!!
              Maybe the new day dawning will bring a better feeling of love thy neighbor and help each other, and to the earth that we have allowed the greedy to rape and pillage of her resources until she is dying in the same fate as us. Maybe we will be able to live by the golden rule instead of who has the gold rules,in whatever time we have?

      106. Mr.Rodgers;So right you are on almost every point! All though i am not a person on Faith,and money based religions,I do however have a feeling that we are going through an awakening process for the better of humanity! People are starting to realize How off the track we have been manipulated into believing is Truth have just been lies for the betterment of the Zionist and has done so well to make slaves out of this society.
        As for another thought as i was watching the blood moon i thought of the words to CCR’s Bad Moon Rising and some of the versus therein are so fitting right now! i was following the earthquake that was upgraded yesterday from a 6.2 to a 7.2 on the southeast pacific rise and was wondering about our friend BI that would be nice to get his input on the directed pressure for a future quake,as i don’t remember seeing one of that magnitude in that location.But maybe he is like most of the old time posters and have decided its time to get out of Dodge with everything starting to unfolds even the Sun is becoming increasingly active!!
        Maybe the new day dawning will bring a better feeling of love thy neighbor and help each other, and to the earth that we have allowed the greedy to rape and pillage of her resources until she is dying in the same fate as us. Maybe we will be able to live by the golden rule instead of who has the gold rules,in whatever time we have?

        • Howdy Thinker!

          “I do however have a feeling that we are going through an awakening process for the better of humanity”

          Just so Friend. Broadly, the antics that the ‘uppers’ have engaged in are finally beginning to turn the tide of broad against them; Prople ARE waking from that deep slumber and deep inebriation with promises that will never be kept. Halleleujah! I have waited for this all the days of my Life.

          The location you mention does get tremors of that magnitude…but you guessed it: not very often…not as I have seen in the last few years. still, that leaves open a lot of SPACE ( 🙂 ) I am exceedingly fond of BI….he and I have engaged – here – in many long discussions, some bit ago…”Pleased to meet you….Hope you guess my name….” as the Stones put it.

          You last observation occupy’s most of my waking time and mind, as well. Friend, Hunaity will soon be faced with a CHOICE…it might not come to all – each and every – at precisely the same time…but it WILL come as a result of Man’s inability to empathise with his fellows, as well his inability to co-exists with the world around him, the natural World I mean. To be SURE, we will – almost all of us – soon face a Dark and Awful ‘Night’ as ‘what is’ now FADES to black…however, that night will end…though it remains to be seen how many will live to see the Dawn arrive. For those who do…the DAWN that comes is a NEW THING never seen in all the history of Humanity. What I here refer to is NOt any religo-centric viewpoint but instead a very Humanistic one. Finally, We will LIVE together, for having seen what Ended Humanity previously, “…and they shall beat thier swords into plowshsres and Man will make War no more….” Naturally, that will require a terrible PUSH before it is realized…one awful beyond imagination. i do truly fear for us all.

          Mankind has in all previous time – efectively – been ensconced in a ‘cradle’ of sorts. However, we have GROWN and in that growth we now exceed the natural boundary’s of that by a wide margin; too many people, too few resources acting in tandem to produce an inevitavle friction between peoples. Inneluctably, implacably, that will lead to a singular moment in time to come where that DECISION will be required of all…each and EVERY one then living.

          For that reason I have dwelt closely – for some few years now – on ‘WHERE’ we erred so badly in all times past; I have a ‘notion’ of what the root causes that were/are and moreover I beleive that I have mamanged to set down a START ‘for the many’ to consider as a place from which a BEGINIING might happen. Without going into any great detail here I will only ask, “Consider…WHAT do we KNOW?…”, from such as that – principally similar to what the Founders attempted – a BEGINING might come. Specifically, the single error I have concluded that those commited in forming US lay in NOT setting forth a firm FOUNDATION under the Law generally, even the Constitution. There must be a firm, FIXED BASE which is near onto unaltereable to PREVENT the temptation to abuse of the LAWS of the Land. As well, that FONDATION must be CLEAR…so much so that ALL can interpret that easily, daily without recourse to ‘legal-beagles’; as a matter of common sense. Per your moniker, I infer that you are not dis-inclined to rational thought, Yes? If so, then go online and look up ‘Foundation’ as a principle in Law and dwell on that for a bit; it is illuminating Friend, truly. Once you have done so, then ask ‘Where does THAT begin….”

          Altogether here, a pleasure Friend…Adios Mi Amigo!

          • Thanks Mr Rodgers its great to have your return from the wilderness! Your IQ is so much appreciated and some what very clear. thanks for the direction to The Foundation I will investigate further.As for as our humanity and existence here its only but a trial on being human and our (soul) or spirit will move on,so to be afraid of death? I’m not. I can only hope that to bring the truth to my children and their’s is so important.
            There has been so may great inventors prior to being hijacked by the usury and Dark Forces that our existence now, would be so much higher than it is without the lies and indoctrination. Tesla just for one wanted to share 0-point energy with the world and JP Morgans “Greed” couldn’t figure a way to charge people for it so he pulled the funding and went with Edison and bought him off and gave the” Devil his do”.So many lies and deception its a wonder we have made it this far! And as you say I will never kneel again to these dark force or their minions again! We will have peace and freedom again!!

          • Things are unraveling fast here in the UK. The tax authorities have admitted they screwed up with millions of people’s tax last year and will need to snatch back the money out of their bank accounts. Considering so many people are barely getting by, that is going to tip millions into poverty. Then today they announced the state pension will run out of money to pay out to pensioners next year. Next year! They are talking about getting rid of the pension for those under 35 but at the same time hiking their payments to cover the current pension obligations. How do you think that will go down with young people, many of whom are on no contract, working for little money or even working for free?

            All of that smacks of a government who is totally broke, knows it and is now running out of options. Time to get nasty.

            • Good Evening Frank (T),

              I SUSPECT that the ‘youngers’ will NOT take that well. Frankly, I beleive that this mess is all but over. consider of you will.

              To be any PART of a Civilization there must exist an (usually unwritten) implicit CONTRACT between an indiviudal and the collective. IF the basic conditions of the contract are fullfilled – regularly – then everyone is HAPPY, Yes?

              Just so…what about when the promises implicit in that contract are NOT fulfilled satisfactorilly. As an example here I posit the following hypothetical situation:

              A man breaks into your house, kills your wife and rapes your daughter. He is later apprehended and taken into custody. During that custody the Police announce that due to a technicality, the arrest is invalid…and he is set free….

              Q: What do you DO?

              A) You FORGIVE hinm, his heinous destruction of that which you most loved and go on with your life….such as it is?

              B) You ascertain WHERE that one is, proceed with a will to that location and there TERMINATE his existenece forthwith as retribution for the crime perpetrated against you…and Justice (and likely Vengeance as well) is thus SERVED.

              In the first case, you have chosen/allowed the compact between you and the collective to continue even in the face of a horrible, cruel wrong…but were your actions ethical? Maybe…maybe not.

              WHAT are the limit(s) of the compact bewteen us and the state…if I am utterly abused by the state, if my RIGHTS per that compact are NOT observed – scrupulously – then do I NOT have the RIGHT to divest myself of that affiliation by a conscious act of will? Soon, I think, THAT will be the ‘question du jour’.

              THAT is where the ‘younger’s’ are getting to at this point – mentally – I fear…though in my heart I say, MORE Power to them…”

              Truly, I had no REAL idea what was tranpiring ‘across the big pond’ of late, thus Thank You Friend. I am becoming of the opinion that the MORE information we have – continuously – the BETTER-OFF we will be in the future…especially when “IT” comes.

              “Forewarned is Forearmed.”, No?

              Adios Friend…Thanks again.

      107. The way it looks is if this just might be it! Soon the SHTF. I don’t want to see anyone suffer and die! Especially not my family! I am not afraid of death anymore, but if anyone comes to take me or my family WILL get great resistance and the color red may appear!

      108. The bombs will blow this coming week here in America. They will blame the Muslims over seas. They did it, we helped and you will suffer.

      109. Another one infected cuz of this neegor.

        • Don’t kid yourselves…it’s aerosolized if not airborne…

      110. These are grave liners (but, yes, they can seal). These are not caskets… these HOLD caskets. A hermetically sealed casket is different… like a Ziegler Case.

      111. I didnt bother to read all the comments but I can tell you this: The photographs are NOT FEMA caskets. They are protective burial vaults to protect caskets. They are made in Georgia. They are not made to house HR. They protect the casket via the airlock system. The flat tray part is set in the ground. Then the top is placed over the casket so the seam is at the bottom. Because of the ribbing, this plastic is supposed to hold the pressure of the soil over the grave, usually 2.5 feet. Sometimes it does and sometimes not. However, the moisture in the ground will only rise maybe an inch or two as opposed to vaults that have the flat lid on the top, they fill completely full of water. How do I know this?? I have been to where they make (mold) these and I am a mortician. It would really be cool if people knew what they were talking about when writing these articles !!!!

      112. Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!
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