CDC Says Masks Don’t Work, Suggesets An Upgrade

by | Jan 18, 2022 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday revised its stance on various kinds of masks, acknowledging that the cloth masks which are frequently worn by Americans do not offer much protection, if any, from viral infections. Most rational people have known this from the onslaught of this scamdemic.

    But now that the CDC has “caught up” are states going to release their populations from the burden of muzzling up everywhere? Are the rulers going to apologize to those they silenced for “medical misinformation” earlier on for saying the exact same thing?

    A video Paul posted last year in which he dismissed cloth masks as an effective method of preventing the spread of COVID landed him a YouTube suspension, with the company claiming the content violated its policy on COVID-19 misinformation, according to a report by Summit News. 

    Early on, many preparedness websites suggested N100 respirators instead, if people actually wanted some level of protection beyond virtue signaling. If something else more sinister pops up and begins to spread, an N100 respirator is going to be your best bet. Although, remaining home and relying on your preps is not a terrible idea either.

    These respirators are designed to fit tightly around the nose and mouth, and, when worn correctly, block out at least 99.97% of small airborne particles.  These are lightweight and easy to wear for long periods of time.  While some are disposable, others are reusable.  It’s your personal preference here. Choose what will work for you.  These masks are selling out quickly as news of the Coronavirus continues to worsen. These will offer the most superior protection. The 3M 8233 N100 Disposable Respirator With Cool Flow Exhalation Valve offers the highest level of protection and is virtually leak-proof. –SHTFPLan

    When the C.D.C. finally recommended masks for ordinary Americans, it emphasized cloth face coverings it now says were irrelevant at best when it comes to stopping the spread of anything.  Like the vaccines, cloth face masks are probing to be worthless, other than signaling your willingness to obey whatever your rulers are asking at the time.


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      1. People with any degree of intelligence and the ability to understand how things work knew this from the start and said so.

        At least they said so until they were banned from most media for propagating false or misleading information.

      2. How about a plastic bag over the head? Won’t catch COVID and won’t catch a breath. You health officals try it first.

        • Perfect answer. It really IS what they are doing.

      3. Great, here I was used to
        not wearing an useless
        mask and now I have to become accustomed to also not wearing the upgrade recommend by the ever so lovely folks at the CDC.

      4. You KNOW the purge is coming, so now is time to make a choice. If there are any here reading who know the Lord Jesus Christ- please go unto the people to proclaim His Gospel unto salvation…
        From the book of Romans: 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. 10:10For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. 10:11For the scripture saith, Whosoever believeth on him shall not be ashamed.
        (if you have not already done so): Turn your eyes to Jesus- repent of your disbelief of what He did on the Cross in dying for your sins. Confess Jesus as your Saviour. Then understand that after you are born again, NOTHING else in this crazy world matters….except telling others of Jesus.
        to know more go to: nowtheendbegins (dot) com/eternal-life-through-the-blood-of-jesus-christ-is-a-free-gift/
        From the King James Bible; The Gospel according to John: 3:16For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. 3:17For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

        • Is that your opinion or a fact?

      5. I have a few suggestions of my very own on what the CDC can do with their upgrade suggestion.


        Mark Valade

        Friday, January 14, 2022 1:31 PM


        Subject: Supreme Court Ruling on OSHA Vaccine Mandate

        Carhartt Associates,

        Many of you have asked how the recent Supreme Court decision on the OSHA mandate for large employers will impact our associates so we want to provide some clarity. The ruling does not change Carhartt’s mandatory vaccination program, which went into effect on January 4th. As you know, we have extended the vaccination deadline for both RCV and Madisonville associates to February 15th. This date also remains in effect.

        We put workplace safety at the very top of our priority list and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling doesn’t
        impact that core value. We, and the medical community, continue to believe vaccines are necessary to ensure a safe working environment for every associate and even perhaps their households. While we appreciate that there may be differing views, workplace safety is an area where we and the union that represents our
        associates cannot compromise. An unvaccinated workforce is both a people and business risk that our
        company is unwilling to take.

        If you have additional questions please send them to [email protected] and we will respond as
        quickly as possible.
        Thank you,

        Mark Valade”

        CONTACT/BOYCOTT These tyrants! I wear a lot of carharrt stuff but NO MORE.
        [email protected] This has phone numbers too

        CEO EMAIL [email protected]

        • Don’t forget apple, Nike, google, Facebook, the list I’m sure is a mile long!
          All doubling down for useless shot in unbelievable!

      7. Hmm, I use to wear these masks in the winter time when it was really cold, at or below zero and it helped. Now we are suppose to be wearing the damn things 24/7, 52 weeks a year where ever we go or are . Yeah right, the damn things won’t even filter out fart smells. What good are they?

      8. Tits on a boar are more useful than a COVID mask. It’s all virtue signaling and subjugation. I’m saddened here on the front range of Commierado we have a mask mandate still in place but the majority of businesses and retailers are so worn down from this scamdemic they no longer enforce the rules.

        I do not wear my mask anywhere! Ive had to walk out of an arc and chipotle. I’m thoroughly disappointed in my fellow man as I’m in the less than 5 percent group not complying right now! Wake up sheeple please! Take your country back!

      9. From nanites and genetic alteration, to eating upcycled garbage, and circular supply chains, using nothing from nature.

        Meat shortage solved with feces:

        The ultimate upgrade was to “live” inside of the Metaverse, without so much as your physical person.

        Self loathers become transhuman:

      10. In February 2020 I attended Chinese New Year Festival in Phoenix, AZ. My goal was to see whether anyone talks about covid and/or wearing a mask. Not one person wore stinking diaper and no one said one word about covid. A few days later I fell so severely ill that I did not know if I would recover. The difference between you and me is that I am disabled since birth with every pulmonary disease you can name and was in hospitals 100 times in childhood alone. I know how cold or flu affect me and it was different (new content of chemtrails). Fortunately, I knew that the last thing you need to do is to take ANY medication or listen to what allopatic fraud tells you to do. Does it mean that covid actually exists as countless phony truthers keep saying? No. However, believe it or not, I did not have any Internet access until summer of 2021 and did not know that no such thing like virus – any virus mind you – exists in a first place. I only knew from personal experience that cold, for example, is not caused by virus as every article on every language would tell you. It is 100% bullshit.

        So in February 2020 I went to Home Depot and bought industrial strength N95 mask. Only after I ripped out the cover and looked at outrageously lengthy explanation on how to wear it, I found out that one cannot wear it if one has beard. It does not say so on the cover. I paid some $40 for it, but was able to return. Now lookie here: a known truther advertises masks and allows Mac Slavo to say that new masks are selling quickly to promote such diabolic assault on humanity? After the first few days when mask hysteria started, I realized that I cannot breath and never wore it since. But what about all of you? Some do not wear masks, but still accept vicious brainwashing that other masks, which no one needs because there is no such thing as virus in a first place, selling quickly and you better hurry up to get one? I am reading articles with attention. Are you?

        • @Antichrist Intimidator,
          Well said!! I’m with you.
          I do not wear any type
          of a mask and have no
          intention whatsoever
          of doing so.

      11. Stop playing into this. Stop playing their game. You’re giving legitimacy to masks and wearing masks.

      12. Mask sales must be dropping.

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