CDC Director: Congo’s Ebola Outbreak May Not Be Containable

by | Nov 8, 2018 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that people need to be prepared for the worst.  Redfield said the Democratic Republic of Congo’s newest Ebola outbreak may not be containable.

    Tom Inglesby, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore, said that if the Ebola outbreak becomes endemic in the Congo’s North Kivu province, it shows “we’ve lost the ability to trace contacts, stop transmission chains and contain the outbreak.” In this situation, Ebola could spread, which could negatively impact both trade and travel, according to a report by Becker’s Hospital Review.

    “I do think this is one of the challenges we’ll have to see, whether we’re able to contain, control and end the current outbreak with the current security situation, or do we move into the idea that this becomes more of an endemic Ebola outbreak in this region, which we’ve never really confronted,” Dr. Redfield told The Washington Post.

    According to The Washington Post, if international Ebola containment efforts fail in the Congo, it would mark the first time the virus was not stopped since 1976 when Ebola was first identified. The current Ebola outbreak is going on its fourth month, totaling 300 cases and 186 deaths as of November 4th.

    The problems with containment of this particular Ebola outbreak stem from the fact that the disease is spreading in an active war zone with several armed groups attacking health officials, government aids and civilians. Some civilians with Ebola have refused treatment, and health care workers are still being infected. About 60 to 80 percent of new cases do not show an epidemiological link to prior cases.

    The daily rate of new Ebola cases had more than doubled in early October. In addition, there is community resistance and a deep mistrust of the government as the raging outbreak continues to spread through an active war zone.  The World Health Organization (WHO), CDC and other international health organizations say they are worried about the current Ebola outbreak spreading to port cities like Butembo, which will only exacerbate infection transmission rates.



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      1. Will it endanger the Chocolate crop?

        • Paranoid: Watch, all the super ethical candy/food manufactures will jack up the price of anything made with chocolate and blame that due to the jungle apes, continuing to “rape the back door” of their cousins, the poor chimps over there in Af-RI-CA. What a most worthless of breeds ever to walk the face of the Solar system!

      2. Well don’t bring the infected here like stupid obama did.

        • Menzo: Seriously, no joke! You know that tyranny, vile puke Barry Hussein the Muslim had to take care of “his cousins” and bring some of those jungle apes back to the U.S. – sure why not, what could possibly go Wrong?? Hmmm.

          • It went well beyond criminal and insane!

            • Why contain it? Let those stupid naggers die. Live like a savage pig, die like a savage pig. These semi human turds need to feel the consequences of their actions/lifestyle….

              • I just don’t want them flying Ebola patients into our country like obama did. He had medical Gulfstream jets do just that a few years prior.

      3. No but it will endanger the chocolate drops. Africans are the largest CDC test lab rats with Americans running a strong second. CDC and big pharma are the silent killers of the USA killing machine. Imagine a medical system that heals nobody with government backing yet charges prices that can only be considered a ripoff of the ages and the unwanted aged population. Scammed until death is the US Healthcare system.

      4. Heck, let’s just send the liberals THERE!!! Let antifa, Pelosi-ites and all the rest of those touchy-feelie types go over and do “community organizing service” to the poor Congoese. Hell’s bells, I’d donate to a go-fund me ticket effort for one-way trips for all of them.

        • Me too.

        • Heart: Okay, so let’s take about 50 of the infected black rat jungle bunnies and drop them into the HQ on the DNC and bolt all the doors and exits closed! Sorry, no one in or out, bingo!!

      5. The “MOAB” would make an excellent “containment tool” . . . Fry them all !

      6. And they’re forming a Caravan, Headed for San Francisco
        Where they will be welcomed by Mobs of SJW, ANTIFA, and Radical Feminists.

      7. OMG! EBOLA!!!

        Is this – by any chance – the SAME Ebola that was gonna eat everthing in its path back in th ’90s ???

      8. sounds like someone in Washington is planning our future.

      9. When is the last time we tested a nuke?



        • Funny!! Merry Christmas.

      10. This is the 21st century and if some people can’t manage the basics of hygiene, then they deser to die. The Romans invented flush toilets and clean water thousands of years ago, yet we are to cry for people who can’t wipe their butts and wash their hands.

        Africa needs to grow up and stop whining about these things.

      11. I think its interesting. I studied African history way back in middle school in the 1960s. What was sad was the fact that Europeans came to the “dark continent” to take the resources from the natives. I guess you would call this the “American interests”, that is the big companies financial interests. There were so many wars over there. The CIA backed any stupid jerk…who wanted to be dictator…as long as he supported “American interests”…We did the same in Central and South America too. After European and USA gov’t got out of the African countries(today Russia and China are raping the Africans)….the indigenous politicians raped their country men worse than the Europeans and USA ever did. Remember Idi Amin, sitting on a gold throne while his people starved?….Wasn’t he a cannibal, also? Somalia is so impoverished that their navy consists of a Zodiac inflatable boat. Yes, just one. And we all see how democracy came to South Africa!…After the “nasty” whites were put out of power, by the local blacks…what has happened now?…White farmers are loosing their land for the crime of….”being white”!…IF you go to the US gov’t web sites they will tell you that its estimated that 25% of Africans have Aids or are HIV positive. This is becasue they can’t stop F*&^*^g….about the only thing they know how to do. Is it any wonder Ebola and Aids is rampant in Africa?….NO…When you consider that India…somewhat more sophisticated than Africa must advertise to their people to ” use the toilet”…this is becasue the Indians are accustomed to defficating where ever they happen to be…toilet or not. So, consider the “poor African”…with their total lack of hygiene and scruples. I say…build the wall not between Mexico and USa…but build a wall keeping the infected mad Africans on one side…and the rest of us on the other. In time disease will kill them all off. I suggest you read the book ” The Hot Zone” Which will tell you the truth about Ebola. Don;t believe the CDC or other gov’t BS…Ebola may be the plague of the 21st century….

        • In the early 1950s our social studies teacher taught us, looking and reflecting back, the world beyond the United States Of America, existed for the benefit of our apple pie feasting. He also taught machines (computes IT & robots today) would replace us in the workplace, but machines and the likes, would not send us a check.

          In the most transparent ways, it seems for an eternity, Africa has been open game (no fault) for all Western nations. America has not left Africa and never will, but competition has grown and that was to be expected. Africa is now being used to hold the rest of the world in a state of fear, EBOLA. There is no out cry for truth; –almost none!

          The best way to ruin anything that is morally just and righteous even divine, is to embed into any entity that may profess to stand for truth in our day and time; –coopt and lead such wherever they may be found to exist, as in alphabet agencies. The greatest victory has been ceasing MSM the world over. I write this to share one major truth of this day; –those who are enterprising Ebola and other designer lab killer viruses; –are gaining traction.

          Keep telling and selling the lie, through alphabet agencies; –there are no cures for their deplorable handy works. The cure is known years before being mysteriously making any public debut.

      12. Oh! We don’t know what to do!

        Consider napalm.

      13. CDC and WHO: “Fear, Fear, give us just a few billion so we can save you”.

      14. and let the fun begin.

      15. Well, the thing is, this is bad for Africa, but only Africa. Not to say that’s a good thing but people who want to preach some kind of “end of the world” scenario due to Ebola are completely off base. it simply doesn’t transmit easily enough and evidence suggests it only like hot climates. So while there may be a limited danger of transmission to the rest of the world thru travel, that exposure is NOTHING compared to the good old regular flu or colds.

        If anything threatens the world seriously, it will be another bad flu most likely, like the Spanish Flu after WWI. Something like that or a more deadly cold would be almost impossible to stop and would just sweep thru nations. Ebola will never do that unless it changes radically. The thing with Ebola is that it’s just so damn scary the way it kills, that it makes it popular to talk about.

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