CDC Admits COVID-19 Nasal Test Swabs Were Used To Collect DNA, Not Test For COVID

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The United State’s top “public health” agency has casually and quite quietly admitted that the nasal swabs they claim are being used to test for COVID, are actually being used to sequence people’s genomes.  That means anyone who has gotten a COVID-19 nasal swab test has likely had their DNA taken without their knowledge or consent.

    According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), many of the cotton swab sticks that are being jammed up people’s nasal cavities and processed with a fraudulent PCR (polymerase chain reaction test) tests are later collected and used by “scientists” to conduct “research” on people’s genetic profiles.

    Many Americans were forced to take nose swabs processed with a PCR test in order to work, travel or get life-saving surgical procedures. “Remember that COVID-19 nose swab test you took? What happened to the swab? If it was processed with a PCR test, there’s a 10 percent chance that it ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis,” the CDC announced on Twitter, along with the following video:

    Of course, this was met with backlash, so the CDC now claims it was only sequencing the “variants” of COVID-19, yet they are in possession of everyone’s DNA now. This announcement didn’t calm those who have taken these tests.  There is now obvious and widespread outrage as people called out the fake federal agency that is actually a private corporation for exploiting the plandemic to collect human DNA, according to the Gateway Pundit. 

    “Remember that COVID-19 nose swab test you took? What happened to the swab? If it was processed with a PCR test, there’s a 10% chance that it ended up in a lab for genomic sequencing analysis,” the CDC said on Wednesday. One person on Twitter wrote that she read the package inserts of the tests early on and knew immediately that something was seriously wrong when it was revealed that they are not accurate, nor are they capable of testing for any actual disease.

    We all knew this scamdemic was multifaceted from the beginning. The nefarious actions of the ruling class are still playing out, and it’s doubtful that this will be the worst revelation in the coming months. It also begs the question: what about the Chinese anal swabs?

    Nasal Swabs Were Only The Beginning: China Rolls Out Anal Swab COVID Tests


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      1. Collecting

      2. You 1st.

      3. Whole thing has been a scam from the beginning.
        Anal swabs? Sticking a swab in someone’s butt to test for
        a RESPIRATORY illness!!!!!
        I guess if my ass ever hurts,
        they’ll check my nose???

        • You are probably more right than you think

        • Ha,Ha, now that is a hoot..?

      4. Knew it from the beginning!!

        • No, you didn’t. lol

      5. Mac, this article appears to stretch the truth a bit. The genomic sequencing mentioned in the original article by Gateway Pundit is for the virus, not the test subject! Where did you find your fact?

      6. 10% percent chance my behind! More like a 100 percent chance of being sold out to China! They are acquiring the largest DNA database in the world! We truly are living in digital slavery! The EMP can’t come fast enough, bring the collapse I say. Out of chaos comes order cause I’m tired of this horse puckey lying scoundrel of a government.

      7. For those who don’t know, they (whomever that is) has been after ALL the citizens DNA for many years now under the pretense of many things. THAT is where the conspiracy really is.
        For those of us who know, it was a no brainer as to why they are looking and it probably won’t be too long before it comes out.
        NOPE, if you don’t already know then maybe you should have been more in tune to what has been happening and MAYBE you would not have allowed all of this CRAP to happen as MOST of you are at fault for being sheeple and NOT concerned citizens.

      8. I’ve never been tested in a lab etc. I’ve used those home testing kits so no one got my DNA.

        • Lorraine:
          Have you ever had a blood test for your doctor?
          There goes your DNA to the lab. Same for a poop test, urine test, biopsy, throat swab and anything else taken from your body and sent in for “analysis, cultures, or blood typing”.
          Everyone who has ever been admitted to a hospital ever has had some sort of testing done, and likely there has been some sort of DNA sequencing if the CDC,etc. are so hot to get the information.

      9. Why do they want my shiiiit when they already have it ?
        OH ! are they going to clone me ?

        mmmm Put it in a test tube marked failure than .

      10. So what exactly are they using our DNA for? To make new and improved germs to kill yet more people? And how are they picking what DNA to target?
        Seems raycisd to me….just sayin’.

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