Caught On Tape: Obama Campaign Staffers Say It’s “Okay” to Vote Twice

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Headline News | 237 comments

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    Controversial investigative journalist James O’Keefe (of ACORN  hidden video fame)  is at it again, and this time he’s caught some volunteers and employees of the Democratic National Committee assisting would-be voters with registering and voting in multiple states.

    When undercover reporters visited various locations across the country they received the same response from Obama campaign staffers – that it’s basically okay to vote multiple times if you happen to be registered in two or more states.

    In Houston, Texas, for example, the Project Veritas reporter made her intentions known, and rather than being rebuffed for her planned illegal activity, she was provided assistance with obtaining the proper forms to be registered in two states and was told to say “I don’t know” if the double-voting ever became an issue.

    Similar situations unfolded at other DNC funded community organizations.

    In a country where advanced technology is being used to track the most minute activities of its citizens, it is shocking to see just how easily the process of electing the leader of the free world can be compromised.

    Obama campaign staffer and DNC Regional Field Director Stephanie Caballero facilitates voter fraud on hidden video:

    Reporter: Yea I don’t want to get in any trouble but like I said if no one’s gonna know

    Reporter: I don’t have a problem with it.
    Reporter: Yea, so anyway – But –
    Obama Campaign: Oh my God this is so funny. It’s cool though!

    Reporter: But I was gonna see as far as all the registering for Florida –
    Obama Campaign: Mhm
    Reporter: Where do I get the forms to do that?
    Reporter: Or not registering but voting in Florida for the absentee –
    Obama Campaign: So what you’ll have to do is you’re going to call in to Florida.
    Reporter: Okay.
    Obama Campaign: And call – Let me see.
    Obama Campaign: Are you going to do what I think you are going to do?
    Reporter: Well I mean if no one’s gonna know –
    Obama Campaign: Laughter
    Obama Campaign: You’re so hilarious!

    Obama Campaign: Come up with like – If anyone checks say “I don’t know”.

    How many times will you be voting this election season?


    Hattip KY Mom


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      1. JasonS

        It does not sound from the video that this is a widespread issue at all. In fact the official seems to have never come across it before! Mountain out of a mole hill. Comes to mind.

        • Daisy

          Something like this should not happen even ONCE – these people are representing a candidate – actually the POTUS! It’s inexcusable.

          • Another Comment

            Yeah … I can’t even guarantee good employee hires for a good salary. There are always duds mixed in.

            Try getting volunteers with much of a brain. I’ve had to run fund-raising campaigns with volunteers, it’s really frightening.

            Have to agree, mountain of mole hill. If this were widespread and sanctioned, they would have been coached.

            • Zoltanne

              Another Comment, there’s only one worse thing than an ignorant troll….it’s an ignorant Progressive troll. The only thing you “run” is keyboard jibberish. Go back to the DU where you slithered from.

            • Another Comment

              And you can’t count. How many extra votes do you think they will get with this one-off stupidity, vs. systemic wide-spread GOP fraud that’s just been exposed(too bad for you they got caught).

              And you can you can keep your labels, you have been wrong on all but one so far. I am nowhere close to progressive (nice try though).

              Amazing how you decry the dumbing down of the American public thru state funded education, and now suddenly you think everyone is brilliant, scheming, masterminds. Pick a side and stick with it. You do need to get out more (ever?).

            • Gregory8

              I’m shocked, I’m shocked that there’s gambling, I mean, voter fraud going on here. Remember who you’re dealing with, this is Chicago politics: “Vote early and vote often”.

            • YH

              Another Comment, morals have really sunk to a new low when people openly make excuses for behavior that is patently ILLEGAL. What part of that don’t you understand? It is flagrant ballot box stuffing, no better than collecting votes from the dead.

              This is not a case of making a mountain out of a mole hill, it is blatant institutionalized sanctioned criminality. It is despicable behavior. If the Democrats must cheat to win, they are INFERIOR in every possible metric that can be measure; especially morality. They do not deserve to win.

              • No Relation

                Let me get this straight. Republicans walk up to random campaign staff, and suggest committing one of the least effective election crimes possible, and the Democratic campaign worker doesn’t object.

                That’s the conspiracy?!?! Waiting for people to volunteer to vote in 2 states?!
                If these “reporters” don’t follow through, the whole plan falls apart. If it weren’t for ethically challenged conservative fake journalist, there might be no fraud at all.

                I’m sure they ran the same experiment on the Republicans, although I can’t find the video… I wonder how much video they of Democrats telling the liars not to commit the crime.

                Teatards wonder why real news organizations ignore Veritas. It’s not surprising Romney lost when this is what his supporters burn their energy on.

            • Another Comment

              YH, Yes I do understand that is illegal. But freaking out over this is like freaking out over a paper cut while ignoring the fact your leg has been amputated.

          • Highspeedloafer

            Right Daisy, absolutely unexcusable! Obama will steal this election though. They are acting on his orders.

            • AnonLegion

              Ok Ok i put it on the wrogn post i put it on the other one behind someone who talked abotu voter fraud 🙂
              Lets be across the board here on voter fraud.
              Both sides are screwing us not just the dems 🙂
              They did it to Ron Paul one of their OWN party members?
              Or how about a person from the county clerks office only registering romney voters?
              or the companey they have used for the last 4 elections and each time has bene busted for voter fraud each time yet they still rehired them under a different name?
              Remember we are not the ones with our heads in the sand here, we know it is both sides 🙂

            • T.R.

              AnonLegion ,
              Your correct … matter who wins ..WE LOOSE . Having a GF that is an immigrant ( russian ) and being exposed to that . I find it interesting what they think and why . Voting for one ……she doesn’t vote . I asked her why not , her answer was simple : all she sees is corruption , that one is as bad as the other and care nothing for the people that go to work every day , worry about meeting the bills , cant go to a doctor when they need to , etc . etc . while THEY dont worry about any of that , have benefits that the people will never have on a daily basis , etc. as she was telling me this , she was getting more and more upset . All she sees are crooks , nothing more and doesn’t want to dignify their existence with a vote . A lot of Americans feel the same way , and NO she is NOT a communist , she will be the first to argue with any dem about how that shit doesn’t work from first hand experience .

          • Gods Creation

            “””How many times will you be voting this election season?”””

            Me, I will be voting exactly zero times.

            But really, it doesn’t matter if you vote 100 times so long as the votes are being counted by George Soros’ company in Spain.

            I can’t believe people still fall for this election crap. It doesn’t matter who wins, the People still lose and are never offered a good choice.

            I’ll be glad when it’s over so I don’t have to hear how much less bad one shill is compared to the other.

            • possee

              Gods Creation says:
              October 10, 2012 at 8:50 pm

              “””How many times will you be voting this election season?”””



            • smokey

              If you don’t vote stop whining.

            • NobodysFool

              Well, I hope all of you non-voters this election will be happy with the results that produces. You will have made your point (clap, clap). If the current Administration is re-elected, we’ll have YOU to thank for the more rapid decline that leaves most preppers with less time to prepare for the inevitable.

            • Heretic

              If you vote, you have no right to complain. The act of voting is your certification that you believe in the integrity of the system. Therefore, if your candidate loses, you must accept the consequences. Never mind that your candidate never had a chance of winning, because the other guy was chosen by the elite. You state the election was fair by your participation.

            • Gods Creation

              Smokey, who’s whining other than the voters who lost? All I want is to be let alone by the criminals you vote for.

              No Fool, you have me to blame for nothing. I am not a part of the system and ineligible to vote in it. You are electing officials for an Unlawful democracy bent on destroying the Republic.

              Those who vote in support of the system are responsible for what happens to those of us not in it. Those who choose not to participate are the victims of those who do.

            • john ina box

              “Those who choose not to participate are the victims of those who do.”

              Really? Really? Man I like most of your view points but that is about the dumbest statement I have ever heard. Ok, so the system is crooked, I get it, we all get it.

              How about voting for someone who wants to change the broken system like a Gary Johnson. At least if you vote that way TPTB might have to work a little harder to swindle the election.

              But no, someone like you justifies doing nothing. And not in voting, probably in every aspect of your life. That is sad to me. So sit on the couch and take another bong hit while you try to convince yourself the best course of action is to do nothing.

              As for me I will go and vote. Not to support the broken system or “victimize” poor innocent people like you. I will vote because I believe in Democracy. It will be much easier for them to take the vote away (Sham or not) if we all stay home and abstain from voting.

              “All tyrany needs is for good men to sit idle and do nothing”–Someone remind me who said that….

            • T.R.

              AMEN !!!!

            • T.R.

              NobodysFool ,
              I understand your convictions , Im going to vote because it gives me the illusion that I did my part . But the electorate makes the decision about that ……not us . Look at the last election , Obama won by a landslide in the electorate ……but in the popular vote , McCain was A LOT closer , he still lost in the popular vote , but it was not by a landslide . just sayin

        • Mr. Blutarsky

          Jason, if that person had gone into a Libertarian office or a Republican office, no WAY would they have even entertained this. They would have told her that it’s illegal & not to do it.

          Her inaction and her half-hearted support for this tells you everything you need to know.

          • OmegaGrayKnight

            no matter who wins we all lose. the out come will be the same if you vote for obama or if you vote for romney.

            the maker of the video should have listed the amount of times that they ran this test and for each candidate. when a person is looking for a specific answer the only thing they have to do is look for it.

            • Mama Bear

              Not necessarily true. There is a lot to be said for a boot in the backside of the current bum in office, and another one four years from now for the next bum. Either way, we are going to have a bum, might as well have some pleasure in kicking them out.

            • clint hospo

              omega,i dont think whoever wins wont make a difference. if romeny wins i do believe he will strike down the unlawful obamacare bs. if he doesnt you bet that people will be pissed and start to take things into their own hands. if things go bad it will start a chain reaction of freedom fighters. bad might win in the short run but good people and people like us will fight for our rights to even death to make sure we are free. we will not allow anyone to take us over. I know they are so slowly but they are trying to take us over rapidly and we are all awake, at least the majority of us. I geared up and ready and I know many are scared and you have that right but believe in yourself and doing the right thing whatever it takes and you can never do wrong. we should never ever be controlled. we should be free and we have that right to our freedom and if they attack us we will attack back no matter what and I cant stand being controlled by idiots and thiefs. We will win. have faith and confidence.

            • possee


              I will not waste the gas ,travel, nor my time for this absolute fraud..all of it..

              As I stated above prior..

              the agenda prevails no matter whom is elected.

              continue your preps


          • SD Mule


            Wake up!!!!!!! THEY ARE ALL THE SAME!!!!!

          • Gregory8

            YH and Smokey: It’s a shame that you and some others here actually beleive in this fantasy of voting to chose our ‘leaders/representatives’. If you were children I’d say your comments were precious, but coming from adults, it’s a bit shocking. Were you both this angry when you found out there was no Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or other mythical being? Follow the money to see who is backing the major candidates and then you’ll get an idea of what is really going on. The decision on ‘Citizen’s United” has made it a lot easier to see who’s funneling money to whom. These two unlikely fellows were chosen by very big money, along with many of their primary challengers. Most folks here are conservatives so I’ll ask you; is Romney in anyone’s top 10 or 20 picks? Was he even on anyone’s radar 2 years ago? He and a few of the other Republicans were pre-selected by very big money as being the most pliable to their needs should they get elected. The money folks backing the liberals do the same thing. Yeah, we get to vote, but for the candidates that have been selected for us, not the ones most of us would want. Voting here in America is like going to a restaraunt, you can’t order whatever you want, you must order only what’s on the menu, which is chosen by the owner; in this case, it’s very big money. And just like a restaraunt, if you don’t like what’s being served you can go elsewhere, or you can stay home, they don’t care because enough folks will show up to keep them in business. Does that clear it up for you some?

        • KY Mom

          Thanks Mac!

          Hmm. Let’s see. Voting by dead people, non US citizens, convicted felons, etc. Cases have been found where records show some extremely ill people in hospitals voted. I’d like to know how one can vote when they are in a coma. ?? People receiving voter registration forms in the mail for their pets – alive and deceased.

          Why should encouraging multiple voting surprise us? In the 2008 election, it was uncovered that there was fraud in several states where names were being “made up” on voter registration cards. Remember, Mickey Mouse was registered to vote.

          • laura m.

            My two cats (Stevie and Fred) voted libertarian last two prez elections. Me and the cats will vote for Gary Johnson this time.

            • NobodysFool

              That’s exactly how Clinton got elected…..when I and many others voted for Ross Perot!

          • rollo

            KYMom,I have abserved over my 82 year span that most people casting their vote in this “most collossal monkey-house an astonioshed world has ever witnessed” are in a coma.

          • jayjay

            Think long and hard on this one; convicted felons can vote but the military are fighting for the right to???

          • glacialhills

            And in Pennsylvania and now just yesterday in S. Carolina, judges said it is to late for this election with only a month to go, to enact the voter id laws the states recently adopted. But rest assured they said it will be enforced next year…

            How frickin’ many weeks can it take to teach poll workers to ask “can I see your photo ID to voters”? and then check it with a list of registered voters in the district.

            It takes our elderly volunteers here in Michigan about 10 seconds to look at my ID, find my name and check me off each time

            Give me a break!

            • snake eater

              The dead folks in South Carolina out voted the live ones,,HUH????????

            • VA Farm Girl

              Same here in VA glacialhills! You go in show them your ID and voter card all in seconds, even with two volunteers that are elderly ladies. Quick, easy and no problems. And VA been has doing this a long time now.

          • Heretic

            How long before we start sending boxes of ballots to Russia and China? Shouldn’t they have the right to vote in our elections too?

          • Sixpack

            Being a convicted felon (as if there was any other kind of felon) will NOT keep a person from voting unless they are incarcerated and can’t get to the polls…besides, a bigger percentage of people here are “convicted felons” than you can imagine. Why do you think they’re trying to turn the entire U.S. into one big prison? Because that’s the ONLY way we’ll all fit at the same time.

        • Zoltanne

          If this was a ‘mountain out of a mole hill’ issue, then please tell me why the Viewer count is a static number set at 301?

          I received this video announcement at 2:01pm today. I looked at the video within a few minutes. I just checked at 4:48pm, almost 3 hours later and the Viewer count is still set at 301.

          Oh I know. It’s perfectly normal for paid staffers at the Progressive Dem party to cheat, lie, commit felonies…..I forget who we’re dealing with here. And it’s also perfectly normal for companies like Yahoo and Google to aid-and-abet.

          This will all shake down with James O’Keefe taking heat, maybe being arrested, while he acts like a true investigative journalist to expose fraud, corruption, and illegal activities. And the paid Obama staffer will be quietly moved to a different location, getting away with voter fraud.

          • Another Comment

            Go ahead and vote for the squeaky clean republicans then. Never any fraud there.

            Link to follow.

            • Walli

              LOLZ! You’re quoting the Huffington Post? Really? Why not quote Pravda? Pravda is a little more centrist than HuffPo!

            • Another Comment

              Yeah, I realized after that was a bad source for this board, but it’s also been reported by Fox and many other news sources.

          • Gods Creation

            Interesting, it is still 301 at 9PM central time, with 510 likes?

            You just never can tell where the manipulation starts or stops….

        • Angelo Mysteriouso

          I seen that same dnc lady registering Chimps & Apes to vote at the Detroit Zoo a couple years ago. I wonder if shes who always counts the 500,000 Dead Black voters in chicagos graveyards every 4 years?

        • Jim

          And they really have to wonder why we want people to show identification before voting. California has enabled voting by mail so much now that all control of the vote is truly lost.

        • Goat

          Off topic a few days back some one had mentioned a web sight that they had bought a mosin negant for 99.00 flat would greatly appreciate that web sight again they had some interesting package deals would like to check out thanks in advance

        • possee

          I’ll take thumbs down on this..

          and here’s why..

          voter fraud is absurd..why you ask?

          because we’ve all been perpetrated by the fraud that our votes count..

          they don’t..

          and the agenda continues no matter who is elected..period.

          maybe just slowed down a bit..but it damn well continues.

          and has been for over a century..


        • John Q. Public

          “leader of the free world” [gagging], more like “narcissistic affirmative-action puppet-in-chief” Clearly that guy did not get the office based on any objectively valuable qualification.

          • Sixpack

            …much like his nobel peace prize…

      2. Pup

        Why don’t we ever hear of anyone but Democrats doing this? Scumbags.

        • KY Mom

          Jon Ralston interviews Steve Wynn (CEO of Wynn Resorts)

          WYNN: “I’ve created about 250,000 direct and indirect jobs according to the state of Nevada’s measurement. If the number is 250,000, that’s exactly 250,000 more than this president, who I’ll be da**ed if I want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs.”

          “I’m a job creator. Guys like me are job creators and we don’t like having a bulls-eye painted on our back.”

          “I gave 120% of my salary and bonus away last year to charities, as I do most years. I can’t stand the idea of being demagogued, that is put down by a president who has never created any jobs and who doesn’t even understand how the economy works.”

          “I have no idea what goofy idea, what crazy, anti-business program this administration will come up. I have no idea. And I have to tell you Jon that every business guy I know in the country is frightened of Barack Obama and the way he thinks.”

          • Renee

            Mona, have you fed the hogs yet ?

          • Walli

            Sartori…how on earth do you equate business owners with the Banksters on Wall Street? You need to read a little more.

        • AnonLegion

          PuP go up top and follow the links I provided 🙂 Then you will hear of the republicans doing it too 🙂 I did the leg work for you now you just got to click and watch 🙂

      3. T.R.

        double vote !? …….how about double tap !!!!!!

        • Rev. Ike

          Your comment shows a pathological sick mind, bent on violence, and I loved it!

        • snake eater

          How about just one and save ammo

        • T.R.

          A world without consequences is a world not worth living in , as one will never learn a damn thing .

      4. CrackerJack

        Scary, but do you really expect anything less from these folks?

      5. DRD5508

        I’ll vote once. Not voting for Romney as much as voting against Barry, his wife and his staff. And no, I won’t let them discourage me from voting. Why vote? Because I can as an American.

        • GregorKlusar

          If you are in a state that is not required for your representative to cast his or her ballot off the popular vote, your vote will not count. Florida for instance required the representative by law to cast his or her vote based off the popular majority.

          This happened in the 2004 elections where the popular vote(people) won, but Bush won the electoral college’s vote and therefore was elected the president even though the people chose the other guy.

          So the question of “Why vote?” can certainly apply. It might be your “right”, but it would be a waste of your energy.

          The elections system is ridiculous and so many Americans have been fooled about how it works. Why do you think people claimed Bush rigged the elections? He did no such thing, it is just a shitty, crooked system. A few hundred people should not elect the president of a country with 300 million.

          • afterthefallpa

            That’s the problem: Americans think that we are a true democracy but we’re not, we are a democratic Republic. The president is chosen by the electoral college (or rather TPTB which most likely dictate how the electoral college votes).
            Even if every single American decided to boycott the election and NOT vote, there would still be a president elected by the EC.

            Welcome to America, where your votes only count for three things: local elections, state elections, and who wins on American Idol.

            And yet, the masses still actually think that their votes count when choosing our supreme leader.

            In fact, I think more sheeple would be upset if they lost their power to vote on American Idol than in local or state elections.

      6. QuantumBubbler

        Anyway, IF Obama wins (steals) the election it will only mean a faster harder collapse and I ask you, which political affiliation is more likely to have only a beer, a slice of pizza and no guns when the collapse does happen?

        I feel safe and sound!

      7. Yellow Sub Commander

        Folks who vote twice should be lined up and shot. Twice!

        • Yellow Sub Commander

          Who junked me without comment? Coward.

          • Rev. Ike

            Hey, I gave you a thumbs up. Do I get a lolipop?

          • Zoltanne

            Yellow Sub Commander, The red thumbers are the radical-left. They’re here. They’re pissed. Their man-child has lost it and wee-wee’d away that Hopey-Changey Fundamental Transformation. Red thumbs ain’t nothin’ — wait til they lose their entitlements, SNAP benefits, and redistributive ‘free ride’! ROFL!

            (I gave you greenies and I’d like a lolly, too, please.)

        • DRD5508

          Gave you thumbs up Yellow. I know you meant 2 flu shots, double dose, right?

          • Daisy

            Flu shot = slow death
            Gun shot = fast death

            About as much difference as between the Democrats and Republicans…

            • Raleigh

              And your cooking !

        • T.R.

          How about chained to a poll and cornholed by inmates in the rec yard .

        • Sixpack

          But what if they only voted once for each candidate? …LOL!

      8. Mr. Blutarsky

        Let the Cheating Begin!

      9. Mike

        If this blog were in print it would be on the supermarket end-cap right near the National Enquirer. Have you people – the two or three who comprise your staff – thought of stand-up comedy when the world doesn’t end and you need to do something viable for a living? Have you ever tallied the astounding number (close to 100%)of times you are wrong with your silly blathering? I read for the entertainment value. I love it. Keep up the good work. If the dark times you so gleefully predict do come maybe Scotty will beam you up.

        • GregorKlusar

          Minus his aggressive and asshole like behavior, he does make a point. A lot of what is depicted in these articles never happened or never come to pass.

          • Dez

            I agree, this is mostly made for the bored.

          • iowaSparky

            an example please? “a lot of what is depicted in these articles never happened” – but you do not list one!? comments like these are a waste. Why even post?

            There is a very strong community of like minded people on this site that post advice and news that you do not hear on mainstream media.

            If you dont like what you see and read here, then go leave your generic comments on some other site.

            • GregorKlusar

              I do like what I see and read here, that is why I keep coming back.
              All the predictions made on this site are false or haven’t happened yet. One example would be the coming collapse a few weeks after the QE3 release(which its now been). I recall the homeland security vehicles being Photoshopped and false too. The article of terrorist threats was heavily biased and had no credible sources. It was designed to piss people off and turn them against their military and government even though it was ALL circumstantial and hearsay. That is just three examples. This site is heavily biased towards destruction and it jumps on the opportunity at any chance to jolt fear into peoples hearts and minds and is usually just propaganda.

        • Rev. Ike


          Mind if Iask you a question? Waht do you get out of coming here and busting chops?

          Are you that in need of feeling superior or just all alone and wanting to take your anger out on others?

          Please fill us all in.

          • LAG

            @Rev. Ike
            Thanks. Couldn’t put my thought process together enough to post a response to Mike that didn’t sound childish/stupid.

            I really don’t understand why people who aren’t interested keep coming back. I have much better things to do than trash a group of people who are trying to help each other.

            • Gods Creation

              “””I really don’t understand why people who aren’t interested keep coming back. I have much better things to do than trash a group of people who are trying to help each other.”””

              LAG, they are called trolls, and many of them get paid for each post they make. Others just like to be a holes trying to get a reaction. If you ignore them, they go away. There are many more as the “election” approaches, and there will be far fewer once it is over and they can no longer get paid.

          • SonOfSam

            Rev Ike, Mikey’s just pissed off because his mommy took away his coloring book. And his “Hope and Change” blankie. And his “Yes we can” pacifier.

            Plus, let’s face it, he’s acting like every other Kool Aid chugging ObamaNazi out there: just another finger pointing crybaby who needs his diaper changed

            • WOW!!

              Not fair SOS I have a good collection of kool aid for a change from just water when the time comes that is. I have a feeling when I’m using that stash of and everything seems so bad I’m going to laugh out loud remembering this post. Haha KOOL AID CHUGGING HAHAHA!

            • Angelo Mysteriouso

              Liberalizim aka Kommi-izim causes a distinct change. It is akin to a Mental Derangment. Once it takes hold it becomes cemented or glued into the deepest most inner sanctum of the cerebreal grey matter.

              It only takes aprox. 6 mo to one years time frame, and the victim is hopelessly Lost for good. The only exceptions are perhaps one in Ten Thousand which can be slowely brought out of their liberalized comma.

              The number One main symptom is uaually a dictinct IN-ability to admit when wrong. While remaining perfectly able to admit being wrong on say for example, Their told their socks are mismatched colors etc.

              But all issues pertaining to political-common sense-facts-truth or what to most others is called self evident. eludes the liberal kommie victims.

              This is a key reason with so many Millions who suffer from demacratitis liberalizim, America seems so hopeless to ever fix. I remain optomistic that we non liberals are or will be the..Cure.

          • Dez

            He’s BORED like me riight now….CLOWN !

        • Boss Hog

          Okeedokee Mike,
          I wonder if the folks in Athens or Madrid would like to take you for a stroll around their cities and show you just how much stand-up comedy is going on inbetween the knight sticks and tear gas? Im sure they will agree with you that everything is fine. Oh yes Mike your prolly right nothing to see here we’re all idiots and understand that everything will be ok cos barry will make it all better for us. Your right Mike what where we thinking, thanks for sharing, please come back soon and tell us what else we should think, nit wit

        • T.R.

          Hey Mike ,
          If you want entertainment value , stir up the pot with racial remarks …….its the fastest way to flush out the closet PC crowd with self righteous indignation .

      10. Rev. Ike

        America=Chicago. As they say in The Windy City, “The Machine Always Wins”.

      11. VRF

        well than this explains it all to me now
        this is how Obama got in , in the first place

        15% of our population voted more than once, maybe even 3 times..put that with the dead that voted, and the “un-documented ailens, and there you have it

        oh i forgot the kenyans that also sent in their votes from overseas..oh yeah but its all OKAY as far as his campaign staffers are concerned

        • VRF

          I guess 3 people didnt get it..or are closet Obama supporters..or are on the wrong site

          • VRF

            Glad i pissed someone off today, my work is done here


            • Facebook Page

              Is it my turn yet?

      12. lena

        Well, I live in Houston; so apparently twice.

        And I’m going to be in Ohio weekend before the election and if they’re letting anyone wanting to vote twice in a lost state like Texas, they got to be letting people vote four times at minimum to keep the handouts coming; I’ll have to try it.

      13. Tommy boy

        Doesn’t matter whether she votes twice or not, Romney is going to win. They are finished and they know it. Too many good people are out of work and they are angry. You would have to be an idiot to buy into the “give me four more years” crap. Their ship is going down and it aint gonna be pretty. The backbone of this country is going to show up and vote like never before. They are waiting quietly but will stampede to the polling booths come election day. One thing I have noticed this time around is the fact that I have not seen one vote for Obama sign anywhere, lot’s of Romney but not one Obama.

        • Facebook Page

          I do hope you are right. But all that will do is slow it down. Which I am not sure is a good thing.

          In the back of the my mind I think we should just let him win so we can get this party started. Plus then he will own it throughout history. Just an idea. I Just worry about our foreign issue then. So yeah get the bum out. Ican deal with the gang bangers. A cold war again going hot. Not so sure anymore.

          • Facebook Page

            Idon’t like Romney either.

            • Non-Commie

              In a commie country the commie you vote for is the commie you get. So vote often, you’ll get a commie.

        • 50BMG

          Blackbones goin to show up and vote too but theyre goin in the voter booth 2 or 3 times.

          If Obama dont win we’ll see riots and cities burn. When the cities burn them blackbones goin to the burbs. Town folks never been spooked like whats comin.

          • Tommy boy


            You sound like an ignorant jerk, the black population is less than 10%, it’s sub-humans like you that give us all a bad name. It is the white sub-culture that will be at your door, not the african americans.

          • don't tread

            50BMG said, “If Obama dont win we’ll see riots and cities burn. When the cities burn them blackbones goin to the burbs. Town folks never been spooked like whats comin.”

            It won’t happen until the cards stop getting re-upped every month. Then SHTF in major cities. Gang violence such has never been seen before. Flash mobs erupting on every street that has a store on it.

            • Tommy boy

              don’t tread,

              I do agree with your assessment but still think the african americans will not be a threat to the suburbs. When there is racial rioting, it almost always occurs within the black community and that is where it stays. It is the white and hispanic gangs that I would worry about.

              Some research suggests that the type of crime that members participate in varies with the ethnicity of the gang. Drug offenses appear to be more common among African American gangs, property crimes among white and Asian gangs, and Hispanic gangs appear more involved in territorial violence.

            • Heretic

              White…gangs…What? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a white gang. Well, it’s a big world, I suppose there is a white gang out there somewhere.

        • WOW!!

          Tommy boy
          Go to the bad side of town… Seriously! Only place i see the Obama signs is in the zoo!

          • Tommy boy


            I guess we know where you live.

          • Merree

            There are plenty of white gangs. Think skinheads. One of those gangs pulled a friend of mine from his car in a parking lot and stomped him unconscious 3pm in the afternoon at busy intersection. Supposedly, no one saw anything and the local pollice said, “oh, that gang. We’ ve seen a lot of this lately.” The gang was all white, skinheads with lots of tattoos. My friend is an average looking white male.

      14. bobMD

        Why is anyone even commenting on anything from James O’Keefe? he is an idiot that just stirs up trouble. Its an insult to other journalist’s to refer to O’Keefe as a journalist.

        • Q

          It’s an insult to O’Keefe to refer to him as a journalist.

      15. MLG

        This is a distraction. If they can get you fired up about people voting twice, it means you still believe voting isn’t rigged. Pay attention to the injustice and you won’t see through the illusion. I won’t be wasting my time. It’s already been decided by the elite, the numbers are in and we just have to wait until next month to find out who THEY chose. And this one will blow over so well, with it being such a tight race all of a sudden and all. Most of your average dumbasses will be none the wiser.

        • Boss Hog

          MLG you called it big green thumb, thats exactly the way I see it too.

        • the mom


          Distracting…..KEEP PREPPING

      16. Satori

        the Presidential election is irrelevant

        neither the Republican nor the Democrat
        can reverse what is happening

        the economic “downturn” is going to turn into a landslide

        the cause ?

        resource depletion
        in particular oil
        our whole way of life is dependent on one thing
        CHEAP OIL

        thats gone
        it ain’t coming back

        get used to it

        you can “drill baby drill”
        and put up all the windmills you want

        our fate is sealed

        • VRF

          Im with you on that, and be ready for more wars..because they are and were, all over resouces, no matter what you were told.

        • Heretic

          Peak oil is just another liberal lie. There’s all kinds of oil, and we’re finding more every day.

          • Satori

            there’s so much oil
            I just paid $90 to fill my tank !!!

            happy days !!!

            the latest big find was in Mexico
            a whole 125 million barrels

            that will supply the US for a WHOLE week !!!!!!

            • Heretic

              Alaska can supply us for 200 years, but they can’t drill there. Found a puddle under the arctic, another couple hundred. A bunch more in the islands off Alaska. Obama gave that to the Russians. It’s called artificial scarcity. Just look what they do to keep the price of diamonds up.6000 pounds of diamonds in circulation, 400 tons in warehouses that will never be released.

            • Heretic

              Oh, gosh, I forgot about a hundred years worth in Montana that they can’t drill for because of some bug or something.

            • Angelo Mysteriouso

              Big Oil co’s BP-Exon etc is who Funds stupid peta and enviro whacks who actually believe all their enviro global warming rhetoric crapola. Big oil Profits way more if enough folks worldwide believes in “peak” oil.

              Oil is produced in deep earth lower crust areas by Enzymes. That eat methane which occures naturally down there, and excrete(for lack of better terminology) Oil.

              Go search out and Read articles from aprox. 3 yrs ago at worldnet daily website. Two scientists wrote a book which articles highlight. They proved this after two yrs deep diveing experiments.

              They deep dove where Methane gas bubles float to surface of ocean in Very warm waters. Their findings shows what crap we was taught of oil comes from Dead Dinosaurs!

              Dinos die on surface of earth right. Then somehow sink 9-10 MILES deep into earth?!!…OR..Disintigrate into Oil on top of surface or slightly below as if were buried, and then Oil somehow sinks Past Fresh or salt water so deep?

              Yet everytime you try it Oil Always Floats on Top of all forms water right.!!

              Ok so why do not Any other areas with plenty of old dead flesh materials, such as graveyards or in the wild have pools of Oil where once Bodies of humans or animals were?

              Also if consider 100 Million Barrels Per Day world usage Today, and Add up all oil used ever since 1890’s or so.

              Realistically How many dead dinosaures do you think would have had to be on earth to cause so much Oil?…AND so far we used just 1/2 of earths oil to date?!!!!!!!

              I aint certain how many barrels or galons of oil One large size dino can turn into?…But I imagiane there would be so many dinos they were stacked on top of each other at least as tall as Empire State building no?

              I think them two scientists is whos telling truth. Especially since for some uncanny reason…ALL Forms MSM has Totally Ignored their work/papers/and Book…Hmmmm.

              Whenever MSM passes up so good of a article or story?…Its because they want to Bury it deep so We never get any Clue to facts and truths.

              Either way be they correct or not…We got enough Oil in America and off shore etc to last at Current rate of daily usage(for usa use Only if need be) Hundreds of years more. And weekly More is discovered worldwide and Here too. There simply is ZERO Peak oil truth same as Global warming crap.

              One more to consider. Do you really think All current Nations/countries/corps/private buyers etc etc would place so many NEW orders for Hundreds of New commercial and MIlitary type planes, if “Peak Oil” was remotely any real concern?….Come…On…Awaken already!

            • Heretic

              A Theory as to the Origin of Petroleum. Professor
              Mendelejef has recently advanced the theory that petroleum is
              of purely mineral origin and that the formation of it is going
              on every day. He has, moreover, succeeded in producing
              artificial petroleum by a reaction that he describes, and he
              states that it is impossible to detect any difference between
              the natural product and the manufactured article. His theory is
              as follows:

              Infiltration of water, reaching a certain depth, comes
              into contact with incandescent masses of carburets of metals,
              chiefly of iron, and are at once decomposed into oxygen and
              hydrogen. The oxygen unites with the iron, while the hydrogen
              seizes on the carbon and rises to an upper level, where the
              vapors are condensed in part into mineral oil, and the rest
              remains in a state of natural gas. The petroleum strata are
              generally met with in the vicinity of mountains, and it may be
              granted that geological upheavals have dislocated the ground in
              such a way as to permit the admission of water to great depths.
              If the center of the earth contains great masses of metallic
              carburets, we may, in case this theory is verified, count upon
              an almost inexhaustible source of fuel for the day when our coal
              deposits shall fail us.
              of Astounding Facts
              Useful Information

          • Q

            The world is not running out of oil, just CHEAP oil. same thing with water.

            • JRS

              Q….You said it. Energy Return On Energy Invested (EROEI) is why you will never see oil prices coming down in the long run. Other than a few cents here and there, oil is going UP. There may be a lot of “tar sand” but light sweet crude that is easy to pump and refine is drying up. Fifty years ago,it may have taken 1 barrel of oil to extract 10 barrels….now it may be 1 barrel to extract 3. Long mopeds and scooters.

        • Survivor in waiting

          Satori’s comment

          Could’nt have said it better myself. Red thumbs will be wishing they had learned alittle more here instead of being childish and argueing. Next year…..your all going to remember next year. Me, I plan on watching it all on my big screen with the genny on.

      17. LC

        This is evil. These people have no integrity and if allowed to win another four years we are finished. They are a cancer and if not removed will result in the death of our nation. Patriots vote against this evil.

        • Satori


          Shell has pulled out of the Arctic for at least a year
          thats after spending 4.5 BILLION

          TOTAL is refusing to even go in

          an indie company just pulled out
          after spending a hundred million on numerous wells
          and coming up DRY DRY DRY

          Brazil discovered app 10 billion barrels
          years ago
          but so far they’ve recovered zip,zilch,nada
          it is going to be
          if they can even get at it
          the most expensive and difficult to recover oil ever discovered
          and they cant afford to go after it
          and they cant get financing either
          no one is proving to be that stupid or that desperate
          but give it time
          one day
          and one day SOON
          we will be that DESPERATE

          the world is just awash in oil

          and did I mention the CitiGroup report that says
          by 2030 the Saudi’s will be IMPORTING oil not exporting it ???

          • Heretic

            The problem is politics not technology.

      18. GregorKlusar

        It is ignorant to think that any political campaign isn’t somewhat corrupt. It should not be surprising to hear this from Obama’s campaign or Romney’s. What do you expect in an age of concealed video cameras and microphones? Stuff gets leaked.

        It is ignorant to think Romney will be any different than Obama. Bottom line_______An ass hole will win this year and every following year until America is no more. The president is irrelevant anyway, Congress as a collective unit is who controls(tries too) the economy. The president is little more than a fall guy. He takes the blame, heat and pressure off congress during bad times. I mean, are you people ignorant to think that Bush and Obama are single handedly responsible for destroying the economy? Do you think those words they speak at the podium are their own?
        Is it their job to tell the people what they want to hear.

        • Gods Creation

          “””I mean, are you people ignorant to think that Bush and Obama are single handedly responsible for destroying the economy?”””

          No, that is the Federal Reserve chairmans claim to fame. But even he is a puppet on the strings of people we know nothing about.

        • JRS

          Here’s a hint to a couple family names……”Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws.” Mayer Amschelbauer ROTHSCHILD……”somebody has to take government’s place and business seems to me to be a logical entity to do it.”……David ROCKEFELLER, Newsweek International, Feb 1,1999. Also, the black pope, the Royal Family, etc.

      19. copperhead

        Chicago’s way of doing thing’s! Enough said!

      20. Kevin2

        Former Chicago Mayor and de-facto Capone employee Big Bill Thompson coined the phrase, “Vote early and vote often” in the 1928 mayoral election.

        I guess some ideas are timeless.

      21. Ranch

        This is pretty stupid. The secret hidden camera reporter is twisting the Obama lady’s arm to say things and she really doesn’t end up saying that she just laughs. Really reaching here.

        • Satori

          this so called “investigative journalist” is famous
          for editing his videos

          wonder what the original really shows ???

          • Ranch

            I’m a huge fan of SHTF so I hope Mr SLAVO takes no offense, I just find this story fairly absurd after watching the video. I don’t have to agree with everything on SHTF and I’m glad I saw the video anyway, because now I’ll remember to discount this hidden-camera-reporter anytime I see something new from the same source. You could easily go to some fire-breathing republican sheep gathering using a hidden camera and get someone to laugh and nod about performing an illegal vote activity in order to help Romney. This is a nonstory.

          • glacialhills

            Troll #2

            • Ranch

              #1 Dumbass

        • glacialhills

          Troll #1

      22. disector284

        The fact that they did not imeadiatly stop them and let them know that it is not only illegal but morally wrong. P.S. another reason voting really dosen’t matter. How messed up is this……………….

      23. Aljamo

        The GOP are known election fraudsters, evidenced by attempts to deny minorities the right to vote in many states accross America. Florida in 2000 is a prime example of theft of legitimate voter rights. Jeb Bush as governor, Harris as co-conspirator, and right wing supreme court ensuring Bush’s placement. The machine voting is corrupt and controlled by GOP interests. The hard drive to the far right supports continued war and continued supression of wages and repression of human rights and justice. The Democrats are no better, aligning with Republican dogma to leave voters with no choice for changes beneficial to Americans as a whole. Look at Venezuela, the CIA and military corporatists have tried to oust Chaves since day one. They thought they had him gone this recent election, but he won again. He has helped the people against the internationalist corporate agenda. The elections there are honest and the votes are verifiable. Mexico’s recent election was fraught with fraud, never reported in US. media. The same powers trying to control Venezuela would not allow the overwhelming people’s choice to prevail in Mexico. We have the numbers who demand change to benefit American’s overall, we lack the organization to accomplish the desired outcome.

        • Heretic

          Not minorities, illegals who have no right to vote.

        • Q

          Where exactly do you see any right-wingers in congress?

      24. Be informed

        There is so much cheating going on BOTH sides. I cannot stand either candidate, they both stink and won’t do anything to help this country. What is even worse is that Gary Johnson and Jesse Ventura, or some other candidate is freaking censored and not allowed to debate or speak. This is so sick it is horrible to even think about. Someone like Gary Johnson that is getting between 3-6% of the voteis not allowed to present their ideas. This is several million voters that believe in him are not even allowed to hear his ideas and what he would do as opposed to those other two idiots. This is so wrong.

        Talk about pissing on the first amendment and censoring a good person that served New Mexico as a governor not allowed to speak. Those other two candidates BOTH pissed on the second amendment, why not the first also. I can’t stand obummer, and I would be happy to seem him voted out of office, but not happy at all about getting rombot. I can never get enthused about anyone that would sign into law anything that dilutes the 2nd amendment, which rombot did in massachusetts. Did I mention that BO is an utter failure also.

        It is sick that someone like Gary Johnson and a true patriot like Jesse Ventura that represent true freedom have had their rights under the constitution taken away from to speak and debate those other two losers. Freedom thrown in the garbage can because the other two parties that suck swamp water are too afraid to allow a true AMERICAN to speak and present the people with someone that will respect them and most importantly respect the constitution and the rights granted under it. That should be the truly horrifying story of the month, of the year.

        • Another Comment

          You should know by now you can’t say anything against the republicans on this site without being junked. You and DK are about the only sane, regular posters here. I miss the great info that Prepared Pastor and manos used to post, but I know they’ve both got their hands full at the moment.

          On the one hand, I hope you do keep posting, I enjoy reading your stuff. On the other hand, this site has degraded so much in the last 3 years to partisan hysteria, and only occasional prepping, I am 99% done with it.

          • Juan A DeGuise

            99% done with it

            That’s like almost committed to your own opinion.

            • Another Comment

              No. 99% because I can use search to find the few posters who are contributing something and read only their comments. Once they stop, you people will have won and will have the place 100% to yourselves. Which is unfortunate. This blog has been a fantastic resource for me and many others starting in 2009.

              e.g., Rick Blaine’s article on guns was thoughtful and clear and a great introduction as I had never even held a gun at that point. But it gave me the info I needed to research, then purchase, then obtain CCW permits, train, and three years later, it’s a different world. The comments below that article were also fantastic.

              Not so much anymore. It’s devolved into politics and purple prose for the articles, and the comments have virtually no merit at all.

            • Daisy

              Then you must be wasting your time coming here – buh-bye!!!

            • Another Comment

              And I thought you were one of the sane ones up until now. I’ll skip your posts too.

            • Daisy

              When you b*tch, criticize and insult people, it’s difficult to read your posts and glean useful information.

              I’m always interested in seeing both sides of a debate, but you need to be respectful of the other person. Of late, all I see from you is how stupid everyone is. I used to also think that you made many valid points, but your points of late are lost in the anger in which you post them.

            • Another Comment

              You’re right, I have taken the bait (mostly Zoltanne’s) and been pulled into very unproductive, unpleasant exchanges. Combined with the virtual lynch mob that has formed around this article (and similar) over a single bit of anecdotal evidence (when there is plenty of evidence of corruption on both sides over many elections that is disregarded to do so), it has not brought out my best. I have no problem seeing the return of the salem witch trials, crusades, and similar and the fact that this kind of thought doesn’t scare anyone here… well that’s scary.

            • Daisy

              AC ~ we all get really frustrated but I think we all really want to see the same thing – personal freedom and liberty. We may approach it differently, believe different routes are the “right” route, or argue among ourselves, but at the end of the day, I believe what really matters is the end that we are seeking.

              I’m sorry I made that rude comment to you. It certainly wasn’t helpful and just incited further arguments.

              All of us have some valid points – we just need to express them intelligently and without anger and insults.

            • Zoltanne

              Another Comment, don’t go pulling that obnoxious victim crap. You’re a liar and you’re in a hole here and manipulating people into thinking you are something you are not. The funny thing about online activity is the e-record left behind. And since you feign victim, let’s have a look at who-trolled-who.

              First time I saw your ID here was on this story, “Education After the Collapse – School When There Is No Classroom”. You asked me a smart-ass question that evidently you didn’t like the answers (or red thumbs) to:
              Another Comment September 23, 2012 at 9:34 pm

              I would be very interested how you accomplished that with no money/income? I would walk away from my job tomorrow first thing if you’d share that secret…

              Then the next day, out of nowhere again, on September 24, 2012 at 8:46 am in the post “Alternatives to a Bugout Location – What You Should Consider” you wrote:

              “Maybe get Zoltanne to buy you something. Her husband apparently brings in piles of cash.

              You’ve been trolling me specifically, then others, since then. I didn’t realize I had such power over you but if you get this agitated this easily, get back on your meds — you’re failing.

              Face it, you’re an agitator, a divider — just like Obama — but you too insecure and don’t like getting crap, red thumbs, or negative comments. If you don’t have the spine to troll then don’t wage war with people over nothing but your own inherent anger and desperation.

              But if you think I’m your whipping post, you’ve got another thing coming. You wanna get vicious with me — we’ll have a go at it but I’m in damn good shape and I’ll whip your ass. You wanna meet downrange 300 yards out — I’ll spot you 20 seconds and the first round. You already dug your own hole so you’re done.

            • Mama Bear

              DAMN, AC, you were just SCHOOLED like Joe Biden! I do believe you were challenged to a duel. The gauntlet smack across the face was a very, very nice touch. And well deserved for anyone who is a creepy, stalker whiner.

            • Another Comment


              You didn’t go back far enough and were very selective in your quotes. I already said I have not behaved well. And here you are continuing this stupidity.

              But — Daisy’s right. Unlike you, I have a job and don’t have time for this stupidity. You can continue to post whatever garbage you want. Not playing anymore.

            • Zoltanne

              Another Comment, I work with facts — something you Progressives can’t deal with. What was provided were the FIRST and SECOND comment that you typed to me. If that is incorrect, submit the article and time or the link. Of course you won’t because you’re lying. And now that you’ve been called on your lies, you conveniently opt out. How very Progressive and, oh yes, “tolerant”…. “justice” and all that other Commie-bull.

          • Q

            What would it take to put you over the top?

            Your idea of a right wing nutcase is anybody who doesn’t have his or her toungue completely inserted in Obama’s ass.

            • Another Comment

              Where do you get that? I can’t stand Obama. I did everything I could to convince friends and family alike he was a narcissistic fraud in 2008. His presidency has played out exactly like I thought it would and now no one I know wants to talk about it. At least they have finally seen.

              No, my idea of a right wing nutcase is… a right wing nutcase.

          • Be informed

            @ Another Comment. I have a philosphy of not backing down to what I can see is wrong. The republicans are just as much at fault as the democrats for scrweing up this country. This is a fair assessment. It is critical to be fair. As a kid I floated back and forth between the two parties and then decided to support an independent or Libertarian type of party long, long ago. I think that if most of the people on this site took a test to see how much Libertarian they were, they would be shocked just how totally distant they are from either of the two parties.

            Each election cycle is a trap, an ugly trap that gets so many people into hating the other candidate. each election cycle someone is picked that further polarizes the country and gets it closer to a break apart of the states or a civil war. Each election people fall into the same trap that “this candidate” will be the one to change the course of the country for the better. Yet each time, we get stuck with a bum.

            I cannot stand what obummer has done to this country, but my God is rombot going to do anything to help the country. NO WAY. His numbers don’t add up. Before I made any theories on predicting earthquakes I spents hundreds of hours going through loads of numbers to make sure there was a correlation, proof to what I was saying to back it up. Romper’s numbers are not going to work on this planet. Besides this he pissed on the 2nd amendment.

            I have heard all of this garbage out there that say if rombot had not signed these restrictions against guns in massachusetts he would have been overridden anyway. I say so what. You have to make a stand for what you believe in. IF I was governor of a state you could not get me to sign a bill that would take away people’s right to defend themselves and bear arms. Synopsis: either rombot actually believed what he was doing and is lying now about his belief on gun rights, that should be scary to anyone that cherishes right to bear arms. OR he will sign anything that benefits him, that is also frightening to anyone that likes to keep their freedom.

            In other words it is cool to think about replacing obummer, but not realistic to have an ounce of hope that rombot would do anything for this country. Simply put, no one should ever trust someone that is so two faced. I can imagine the Russian or Chinese leader trying to figure out what rombot would do, they would be clueless and launch on warning. They would probably launch on obummer to, so we are screwed with either of these two. Simple fact is that most people could never say they trust rombot, they cannot look at themselves in the mirror and honestly say they trust him. Wonderful person to lead the ocuntry. I put obummer and rombot both at a snake’s belly for leadership and trustworthiness.

            People are so desperate to get rid of obummer that they are trying to swallow rombot. Even the republicans that torched him for all sorts of things now all get behind him and call him their saviour. Talk about total phoniness and insincerity. Same thing with the democrats. Ronald Reagan’s 11th. commandment also is totally crapped on that says do no harm towards the party. Republicans have vicously gone after each other to benefit their own personal agendas in ugly dirty ways. Both parties stink bad.

            It has to be remembered that carter and bubba really started the free trage debacle that has killed jobs in this country, but republicans “bushes” that further accelerated it to a death point. I try to be fair, and nither of these two parties have done much good for the country. Freedom is another issue to. Obummer has lead all sorts of slicing into the constitution, but it was junior bush that signed the patriot act that is a foundation for martial law. There are plenty of good reasons I don’t consider myself associated with either of the two parties, as other freedom desiring people should also consider distancing themselves from these two parties that have done little good for anyone.

            • Another Comment

              I think your comment here is clearly articulated and insightful and I agree totally — I wish I had made it 🙂

              “each election cycle someone is picked that further polarizes the country and gets it closer to a break apart of the states or a civil war.”

              I think my lament here is that a lot of people here at SHTFPlan used to recognize this. But they have gone and now that really isn’t the case. The folks left here now are quite happy to be polarized. Scary stuff.

              I’d want Eisenhower back.

              “A people that values its privileges above its principles soon loses both.”

              “I despise people who go to the gutter on either the right or the left and hurl rocks at those in the center.”

            • glacialhills

              Which side does not want voter id laws enacted and enforced and which side does? There is only one reason not to have to identify yourself to vote, get real, disenfranchise my ass!

              Ya, both sides have screwed us, especially lately, but I will still vote. I still want to believe that what our founders tried to set up is still the best thing going.

              I guess I just want to believe That there is still some vestige of our wonderful experiment left and until it all blows away into dust I will still participate.

              I know there are a bunch of corrupt,greedy people using our constitution for toilet paper on both sides, but call me naive, I still also believe there are patriots left that are trying to uphold it too,I believe Ryan and Romney are, and until they prove otherwise, and I will vote for them, and others like them, till it all goes boom.

          • GOP4EVER


            What righteous indignation, seeking to silence, censor and ridicule those who don’t agree with you.

            You’re like the democrats who, if you disagree with obama, then you are a racist.

        • jayjay

          Yep–dh and I decided that if we had one, same solution.
          Canada would be getting some fine yunguns though.

      25. 50BMG

        Jesse Ventura ain’t a Patriot any more than Al Franken is.

        • Be informed

          @ 50BMG. I listened to Jesse Ventura and he sure sounds a lot like the same talk that goes on this site. The point is that Jesse Ventura, Ron Paul, and Gary Johnson are not allowed to debate, this is censorship, especially because of the raw number of supporters that want to hear one of these people debate the other two idiots. This is what is serious, killing the first amendment, as well as blackening out the rest of the constitution. That is what is horrifying here.

          • 50BMG

            Ventura aint all there but hell Im not sayin the peeps here are all like that or all patriots. Theres a couple too many commies and skinheads soundin off too some just raisin trouble.

            Last election Ron Paul was in the primary debates same as this time. You pissed at the President debates not lettin third orfourth party candidates in?

        • Heretic

          At least Jesse served his country. Did you?

          • Alexi Hergunyov


            Not likely, but if he did I betcha he was a cook in the chow hall or a KP duty Rambo.

      26. CynicalCentaur

        Let see, I’d like to register in all 57 states! 😉

        * * *

        O – Obama
        O – Romney
        * – Write In:_________

        There is a third choice in November.

        • GOP4EVER


          Go ahead and write “obama” in the blank #3 spot, because with our current system, a vote for #3, is effectively casting a vote for obama.

          If you truely want any 3rd, 4th, etc party to have a (realistic?) chance to win, the bipartisan system would have to change.

          There are some 94+ parties in Italy, and their gov’t sessions are nothing short of a g–t f–k

      27. Satori

        I’m writing my own name in for 2012

        vote for ME !!!

        Jesse Ventura will be my VP

        I will serve for just 24 hours
        (I just want to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom one night)

        I will then resign
        and Jesse can have it from there !

      28. Event-Horizon

        The simple answer is withdraw consent and don’t vote for any of these jack-holes. Your decision to vote is an acknowledgement that you support the broken system (as if your vote is really counted by a black-box). The only difference between sex and rape is consent. Withdraw it, or you agree to continue to be raped.

        My conscious choice, is None of the Above.

        • Heretic

          Wonderful analogy! I hope you don’t mind if I steal it.

      29. braveheart

        Be Informed, I’m with you all the way about both parties and their candidates. Daisy, I agree with you about the voter fraud being wrong; however, with the 2-party system being as bogus as the day is long, the voter fraud would be relevant ONLY IF WE HAD A CLEAN, HONEST ELECTORAL PROCESS! Here’s a secret aboutthe Jim Crow South most people don’t know: Before the Voting Rights Act was forced on us, the states controlled their own electoral process and did a much better job of it than the feds have. There were a lot of black people barred from voting in those days, BUT FOR GOOD REASONS! All the Southern States had certain policies and criteria for EVERYONE to meet before they were allowed to vote in any election. Those policies helped to insure a clean and honest electoral process in those states. At least the white people in the South took voting much more seriously than the black folk did. We recognized voting for public officials as a serious ressponsibility. You had to know the issues of the day, whether the candidates had any integrity, etc. Most people today just don’t recognize voting as anything serious. All the black voters care about is having one of their own in a public office; they don’t care if that person does anything for their community or not. The same attitude has infected the white community to a large degree also. We’re in for “interesting times” when TSHTF. Best wishes and keep prepping.

        • Be informed

          @ braveheart. I am waiting for the possibility that all of a sudden the entire election is not talked about at all because of a certain breaking news event from the Middle East. The second that Israel hits Iran and missiles are flying like a mass migration of birds all over the place, the only thing that will matter is getting ready for the certain hell that will follow.

          I talked to an Israeli solider a little while back and he said you would not believe what could happen. I asked him if Hezbollah had 200,000 rockets and missiles and he said more like 300,000-400,000. To put this into prospective say that each rocket holds an average of 50-100 pounds of explosives, some are larger and so are bigger. This means that hezbollah has 1.5-2 million pounds of explosives on their rockets and missiles. This is between 7500-15000 tons of high explosives ready to fire at Israel, spread out all over the place. Or the same TNT as a Hiroshima nuke.

          This Israeli soldier was also very concerned over the chemical and biological weapons that are flowing to both Hamas and Hezbollah from Syria and Iran. Lets not forget about Russia and China over there protecting their interests and 4 aircraft carrier battle groups from the U.S.

          Netanyahu also has time running out as both candidates for president have made it clear that they support sanctions and no military action against Iran. Before an election the obummer admistration would have to support Israel if they attack Iran full with the military. After the election, no guarantee from either of them. Netanyahu loses his thump card after November 6 no matter who wins. This is why logic says Israel will attack Iran this October. Of course logic does not always play out, so we say see as we are in that windown right now for 10 days more that the sky is dark enough for an Israeli attack on Iran. Something all of us should be looking at and like you say, keep prepping.

          • glacialhills

            I have been hearing a sharp increase in military aircraft flying overhead (and not just at night like it had been) the last three days. Over and above what was already unusual traffic here in SW michigan. Most heavy lift types with some smaller fighter types also. Up until a couple years ago we never had this type traffic overhead just usual commuter stuff from Chicago-Detroit.

            Also heard what my wife and I both agreed was another P3 Orion sub hunter surveillance plane fly low and slow heading the same direction -south east to north west- as the one we saw a month ago.(it was night this time and couldn’t see it, to be 100% but the sound the four prop plane makes is pretty unique.

            Sure seems like something is in the wind…stay frosty.

      30. mccoy

        How come y’all stay bashing Obama?? Y’all don’t post a damn thing on Romney’s corrupt Mormon ass…..I’ve learned a lot here but parley it seems like its a one sided blog which isn’t cool so please explain….don’t worry ill wait.

        • AnonLegion

          mccoy there are a few people here who will talk the truth about romney and obama. We do not like either or. There is Be Informed ( great information on many topics specialy the shaking ground 🙂 Braveheart who also knwos both are fucking us and has mentioned it a few times. Satori who has mentioned it a bunch of times. And you got someone like me who will burn both PoS parties to the ground. I disliek those who fuck our constitution up, disreguard it or keep trying to change it. since you disliek ppl talkign shti abotu obama let me give you this one which you already know. He singed the NDAA dec 31 2011, He can fuck himself with his pen. He has killed 5 American Citizens with drone attacks, 1 being a 16 year old. he has done nothing to stop the stop and frisk bullshit going on in NYC, he has done nothing to stop all the police brutality that is going on to all people blakc white hispanic, he has failed us not just on the economey but in almsot all aspects of his job. O he got bin laden you say? shit my fucking fire team reported he would be found in afghanistan or pakistan back in 1997 but he was only on a watch list back then not a kill list or he would of been dead. Now I will throw you a bone mccoy romney is such an idiot he litteraly asked why plane windows do not open ( he was talking about a pressurised cabin by the way 🙂 Also he is so out of touch with america he thinks middle class is 200- 250k a year ( stated in an interview out of his own idiot mouth. ) not the 50k that it has slipped to under who? o yeah obama. romney obama put them in the thunderdome two men enter 1 man leaves at least let it be entertaining 🙂

        • Tommy boy


          Do y’all really want to know why we bash your guy and not Romney? I’ll tell y’all why, your guy has taken this country into the dumpster in more ways than one, he has turned America into a pathetic sorry ass excuse as the leader of the free world. He is a liar, a thief, a thug, and a carpetbagger. He wants four more years in order to make y’all completely dependant on the gov. for everything that y’all want, including toilet paper. Then y’all can just keep laying around and sucking off of the middle class that is just about gone now. You go ahead and vote for this creep but bear in mind, y’all may be charged with crimes against humanity when y’all are eatin each other cause y’all ran out of food and other peoples money. Do y’all get it?

      31. Lowtolerance

        Tell me again why I give a crap which pawn of the elites wins this farce election?

        I thought the thinking around here was a little deeper. Many comments here sound too much like sheep-speak.

        • Angelo Mysteriouso

          Face it Lowtolerance…It aint posters Here is a problem…It is just that You are TOO good for this planet probobly.

      32. Mike C

        When is Damion Thorn going to run for president ?

        • Juan A DeGuise

          Won in 2008

      33. VRF

        well if they say its ok than, i guess I’ll vote a few million times for

        RON PAUL than!

        no problem …right?

        • AnonLegion

          Ron Paul would nnot accept fraud votes. Or at least I would hope he wouldn’t, but im guessing not. Im still with you tho 🙂

        • GrandpaSpeaks

          They will just declare the hand written in candidate to be a spoilt ballot.

      34. TheGuy

        Oh cool, so can I vote 300,000,000 times for Ron Paul then?

        … damn it he’s not even registering as a write-in is he?


      35. braveheart

        McCoy, I have some questions for you. What happened to all of that “hope and change” that Obama promised back in 2008? Why hasn’t he done anything to improve the economy since then? What about all the promises he made to the black community in particular in 2008? How has the “hope and change” worked out for you and the rest of the black community since then? Are any of you any better off now than in 2008? NO, YOU’RE NOT ANY BETTER OFF AND YOU KNOW IT. BECAUSE OBAMA HAS DONE EVERYTHING BY DESIGN SINCE THAT TIME. HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR ANYONE ELSE, REGARDLESS OF COLOR OR GENDER! We’ve certainly had “change” but only for the worst and now we have an increasing number of people living without “hope”! Mike, if you don’t like what you see on this website, go back to your federal kollaid and Hollywood fantasy world. Stop bothering people who live in the real world who have joined together in a common cause and are trying to help each other and save our country. Going shopping again this weekend. Best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • jayjay

          For McCoy:
          Obama is going to lose in a landslide with these people’s help:
          Ohio–where part of the economy depends on King Coal and the money it brings in; where obama’s administration has through the EPA, singlehandedly destroyed the coal industry in America.
          Pennsylvania — also a mining state. Even the uninformed know that under Barack Obama there will be no drilling for oil, mining coal, or building nuclear power plants. Probably, the EPA will shut down fracking, which means no natural gas either.
          Florida—With its large population of seniors and Jews, it is not going to vote overwhelmingly for the man whose signature legislation, ObamaCare, decimates Medicare and who has marginalized and insulted Israel repeatedly during his entire term.
          Also, Florida is a state with no state income tax. So, we are supposed to believe they will vote for the man who gave us 20 new taxes through Obamacare and plans to raise taxes??
          The youth, who have discovered that hope means no jobs and student loans they can’t pay, while change means whatever coins they can find underneath the cushions of their mother’s sofa.
          The women who don’t agree with abortion on demand and contraceptives for all — free and clear.
          The Catholics and other religious “folks” for the same reason as women, in addition to his assault on religious freedom, support of same-sex marriage.
          The Jews who are appalled at his treatment of Israel and his obvious sympathy for Islamists.
          All those people who can no longer afford the drive to work, now that Obama has allowed the price of gasoline to double during his tenure.
          Blacks, who have suffered most under this man’s policies, will not be there for him this time around.

      36. Boss Hog

        It seems as though we’ve reached a point where the informed folks are wondering why we even bother talking about corruption between the 2 parties. I agree with those here that have come to the realization that the 2 party system is broken and caters to global banking cartels or the power behind those institutions. We have been sold a bill o goods for a long time now, at least since the Fed Reserve was started. Even with all the best intentions in the world neither barry or mittens will do what they say the will do, its beyond their ability, its out of their hands. The owners will have it the way they want it, and ,until we figure out how to fix that, all we are doing is playing into their hands. Arguing over the left and right minutia. Voter fraud, who cares the whole system is rigged and its not in your favor or mine. Just look at these clowns one is trying to get the other to say something stupid or do something stupid and the other is trying to laugh it off. Neither of them ends up getting what they want. However they both now have each other to blame and a hero to defend/support, nuts. I think we are looking for a political solution to a spiritual problem. Heres a hint…if we keep them arguing over red or blue they will be too busy to look at us…

      37. L.A.

        Like JFK once said, “Vote early and often, and from the grave.”

      38. baabaablacksheep

        i predict

        “… Romney wins the 2012 diebold vote machine very fraudulent rigged ZOG Puppet Prez Election , with a full blown iran war and then global financial collapse to follow in 2013 . …”

        gold will reach $2200. and silver will hit $60. by june 2013 .

        gas will be $7.00 dollars a gallon by july 2013 .

        food will be up by 15% inflation , meat will be up by 20% by july 2013 .

        … i hope you all are eating your “Wheaties” prepping now physically emotionally financially for what is coming .

        the old amerikan fiat dollar is dead … next year there will be a new 1/2 gold backed dollar issued … you will lose 50% of your wealth due to inflation / hidden taxes and forced to trade in your old dollars for the new zog fedgov 1/2 gold backed dollars . ( they’ve already begun printing them ) to be able to compete against china new gold back currency and russia .

        got physical pm’s ? at minimum buy .999 silver 1 ounce rounds as much as financially possible , 60% of your invest should be physical in your own control + a big f-in gun to defend it .


        • T.R.

          Gold is too expensive now ……Easier way to find it is from the fillings of riot casualties , and the chains and rings of dead wannabe ” gangstahs “.

      39. GrayFoxGreen

        Greetings Everyone!
        I watched G.W.B.(our most famous drunk CIC in charge to date)take a surplus and “declare” war and turn that into one of the worst deficits that I’ve seen.And STILL FAIL!Our current CIC didn’t deal with the national problems(put a number of crooked bankers in jail and let the rest FAIL).Instead HE knowingly added to the debt and STILL continues the “foreign adventures” that he promised to come to end.Any by the way,What possessed him to get that weird-looking Mutt?And why?No American dogs look any good?Given his track record,he might have been buzy getting “high” when he was supposed to be in history class.We had NAM in the ’60s and we know how that extended fiasco ended.As for “liars club” Mitt,he may know how to gut a company,fire workers and take the money and run,but bring a NATION back from the brink?He’s destroyed far more businesses that he “ran”.

        And so these are the times we live in…..
        Personally,I say NUTS! to both of them(Shakespeare said: “a Pox on both their houses!”,but I won’t go that far) .It’s time to do more than just “prepp”(that a VERY short term solution at best!).It’s time to PLAN VERY LONG TERM for the future.Try about twenty five to fifty years out.That will make you look at EVERYTHING from a different perspective.The current short term view of only next next quarter’s profits and gains is what’s driving our current political and business-leaders.It’s ALSO very toxic to everyone’s personal well being as well as the country as a whole.It’s a dated and VERY self-centered model.It’s also quite obsolete.
        The current “civilizations” world wide are in failure mode thanks to this model,and as things systemically slide downward ever faster,TPTB(the 1%ers) want to kill everyone else on the planet to stay on top.If the rest of us want to survive and even thrive,we need to come up with a better way than their current model.It possible still.The TPTB love their rapacious lifestyle,and no doubt will strongly resist and co-opt any other method of existing they’re not in control of.It’s what drives them to act the they do.THAT’S the reason they are ruining our wonderful planet.Vote for whom you want,but remember the diebold voting machines are rigged to “edit” your vote for one side no matter what.And the “others” might be voting more than once.This is how far gone AMERICA has become.
        Just a few lines….
        Do YOU have your towel?
        What’s YOUR plan?
        R U more than “prepped”?
        Best to All here

      40. PO'd Patriot

        Gee, lookin’ at all the comment ratings it seems everyone is getting wrapped up in another distraction. Seems some here feel this just started yesterday by the left only. Keep on jawbonin’. Meanwhile Rome burns.

        • PO'd Patriot

          BTW, Yall want to naw on a bone that has some meat on it? Ease on over to Prison Planet and watch the vid, “What to do when all hell breaks loose”.

          • AnonLegion

            The whistling sound is getting louder, can you hear it?
            I can. It will get even louder as it gets closer. The bad part is when the whistling stops and the fire and mushroom cloud goes up.

        • T.R.

          LOL , c’mon man , you and I both know there are venting sites and non venting sites ……everybody needs an outlet , you and I and everybody posting lives in a real place , have real worries , have friends , have loved ones ,have to live in this crap day to day …..that stuff is real …….the internet …..who cares ….that aint real , so dont let it get ya down .

      41. Prepping Preacher

        “voter fraud reports” are tossed out into the main circus ring to provide those who are still “under the influence” a reason for caring about voting… it’s used too to fuel the party differentials… the choice for the next nwo participant presiding over the Fractured States of America has already been bought and paid for… oops, i mean chosen – how does the quote go..? “resistance is futile”… they must have themselves quite a laugh when the uproar of accusations and bickering restart… the reason Ron Paul was not allowed to even show at the RNC was because he would have upset the charade along with everything they were and continue to foist on the American People… vote, don’t vote – it will make no difference… my prediction is that there will be a “landslide victory” for one or the other… who it is makes absolutely no difference whatsoever: the agenda is too far down the road now to be turned back – except through one means and one means only… they know it and they know that an ever-increasing number of us know it… both sides are engaged in a race against time now with them trying to provoke us into premature action…

        prep now, kids… prep now as fast as your budgets and time will allow… if you can’t buy a necessity, try to barter or trade for it… get prepped…

      42. Zoltanne


        Yemeni officials tell the AP that a gunman has shot and killed Yemen’s security chief at the US Embassy at Sanaa.

        • VRF

          Sanaa, Yemen (CNN) — The man leading the investigation of an attack on the U.S. Embassy in Yemen was killed Thursday, Yemeni officials said.

          The Yemeni national, a security official for the embassy, was shot dead on his way to work, Interior Ministry officials said.

          The killing of Qassem Aqlan shows the hallmarks of al Qaeda, the officials said.

          Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been blamed for numerous attacks in Yemen.

          Gunmen on a motorcycle shot at the vehicle Aqlan was in. He died at the scene, the Interior Ministry officials said.

      43. K.Mc

        It’s not about who sits in the big chair, it’s about the (agenda). And it will go forward no matter who the elites will groom and seat. The hour is late people, you better get this!

        • Piper Michael

          The Head of Gold controls the two legs.
          Evil is, as evil does.

      44. Texas_Dave

        prepare to not accept an Obama / Biden victory.

        • T.R.

          Hope your right …….but ifin your not ….is Texas ready to lead the way and secede ?

      45. Daisy

        Barry’s picking another fight – yesterday he signed another executive order…(please take away his pen)…this increases the sanctions against Iran even further…he’d do anything to stay in office!

        It’s called…

        Executive Order from the President regarding Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 and Additional Sanctions with respect to Iran

        Link to follow…

        • eeder

          daisy, this is a non issue at this point.what would mittens do? we all need to start getting serious and i mean fast.

        • eeder

          instead lets talk about the SEC bringing charges against egan-jones rating agency for telling the truth about spanish debt before the big ratings agencies came to the game. they will put egan jones out of business for daring to rate debt fairly and proactively. this is becoming more of a joke daily. these people are not going to stop. when do we stand up in front of them and say NO!

        • eeder

          you take away his pen , dais, and he takes away all americans guns.

          • Anto Hackl

            @ Eeder

            Let him attempt such foolishness, as that is exactly what many are waiting for! Game on?

        • Robo WOP

          Do you believe everything you read and post HEFER ?

      46. Satori

        well I’m off for a an impromptu camping trip
        I just came back from the Shenandoah’s a few weeks ago
        but you can never go on too many trips to the woods

        I’ll be thinking about y’all when I’m sitting around the campfire tonight

        take care

        • Daisy

          Enjoy, Satori!

        • Robo WOP

          B R O K E B A C K !

      47. Piper Michael

        If an election was held…
        and nobody showed…
        would there BE a winner?

        Protest vote: Jesus
        Voting for the red Caesar or the black Caesar, is enabling the evil to continue.
        You are responsible for the evil.
        Think about that, in the depth of your soul.

        • T.R.

          like a lot of elections ………its the lesser of two evils .

      48. KY Mom

        Obama signs new executive order

        “Authorizing the Implementation of Certain Sanctions Set Forth in the Iran Threat Reduction and Syria Human Rights Act of 2012 and Additional Sanctions with respect to Iran”


        Link to the exec order

      49. KY Mom

        “When it comes to explaining the problems with our economy, one of the hardest things to do is to get people to understand that we are living in an economic fantasy world that is completely and totally unsustainable.

        As a nation we consume far more than we produce, we spend far more than we bring in, our debt is growing much faster than our GDP is, our entitlement programs are growing at an exponential rate, our retirement system is a Ponzi scheme and the Federal Reserve is printing money as if there is no tomorrow in a desperate attempt to paper over all of our problems.”


        • Norse Prepper

          KY Mom, I just sent Mac an article stating basically the same thing.

          Thanks for the links continually!

          • KY Mom

            You are welcome. Glad I could help. 🙂

        • citiGiRl

          I can tell by your facebook page .

      50. copperhead

        > Subject: Fwd: WALMART INTERVIEW
        > YOU NEED TO HEAR!!!!
        > Jennifer, a manager at Wal-Mart, had the task of hiring someone to fill a job opening. After sorting through a stack of 20 resumes she found four people who were equally qualified. Jennifer decided to call the four in and ask them only one question. Their answer would determine which of them would get the job.
        > The day came and as the four sat around the conference room table, Jennifer asked, ‘What is the fastest thing you know of?’
        > The first man replied, ‘A THOUGHT..’ It just pops into your head. There’s no warning.
        > ‘That’s very good!’ replied Jennifer.
        > ‘And, now you sir?’ she asked the second man.
        > ‘Hmmm….let me see ‘A blink! It comes and goes and you don’t know that it ever happened. A BLINK is the fastest thing I know of.’
        > ‘Excellent!’ said Jennifer. ‘The blink of an eye, that’s a very popular cliché for speed.’ She then turned to the third man, who was contemplating his reply.
        > ‘Well, out at my dad’s ranch, you step out of the house and on the wall there’s a light switch. When you flip that switch, way out across the pasture the light on the barn comes on in less than an instant.. ‘Yip, TURNING ON A LIGHT is the fastest thing I can think of’.
        > Jennifer was very impressed with the third answer and thought she had found her man. ‘It’s hard to beat the speed of light,’ she said.
        > Turning to BUBBA, the fourth and final man, Jennifer posed the same question.
        > Old Bubba replied, ‘After hearing the previous three answers, it’s obvious to me that the fastest thing known is DIARRHEA.’
        > ‘WHAT!?’ said Jennifer, stunned by the response…
        > ‘Oh sure’, said BUBBA. ‘You see, the other day I wasn’t feeling so good, and I ran for the bathroom, but before I could THINK, BLINK, or TURN ON THE LIGHT, I had already shit my pants.’
        > BUBBA is now the new greeter at a Wal-Mart near you!
        > You probably will think of this every time you enter a Wal-Mart from now on.

      51. Maudy Fricket

        Vote twice? What slackers. In Chicago the dead get to vote more than that. Maudy sees everything!

      52. JRS

        Look around you. Is there any institution that is NOT corrupt? From the elections to pharma, big agriculture, organized religion, banking, the media and politics in general. Sigh…..Time to refuse to participate and reject the matrix. Start a garden, get some chickens and a goat, put a woodstove in, get some solar panels. And if you get the chance, hang a couple bankers.

        • Non-Commie

          Add doctors and dentists to the list. Crooks and commies everywhere.

      53. Alexi Hergunyov

        @ Daisy

        You’ve got mail, baby!

      54. baabaablacksheep

        Food Sickens Millions

        At the San Juan farm 30 miles south of Culiacan, Mexico, about 100 men, women and children work in filth to harvest grape tomatoes that grower Agricola Pauher SA says are verified as meeting international farming practices.

        On a sweltering hot day in mid-May, wind whips through an open-air latrine, carrying a cloud of dust reeking of human excrement across the field. Flies swarm in a squalid bathroom. Tomas Ramirez, 11, who says he’s worked the whole harvest with his parents in the field, says he uses some bushes instead of the feces-smeared bathroom.

        “I’m always dirty because there is nowhere to wash,” he says.

      55. Piglet

        “…it is shocking to see just how easily the process of electing the leader of the free world can be compromised.”

        If the US president is also the unelected foreign leader of other countries (“the free world”), then those countries can hardly be called “the free world” – whatever that means. Free from what? Foreign domination? By definition they’re not free, but instead are subservient to foreign power.

      56. GrandpaSpeaks

        I have re read this following the election reporting. Many were bragging they voted three or more times. It seems they were listening to their coaches. This election was the most corrupt business I have ever had the displeasure of witnessing. Pushing this kind of democracy on the world. No wonder there is such a strong pushback.

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