Casey Research: “There’s a Nationalization of Global Resources Occurring Now”

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    As economic conditions around the globe deteriorate and super powers vie for military, political and financial position, governments are increasingly putting their focus on the acquisition of resources.

    In China, where the government essentially owns all aspects of the economy, national wealth funds are being rapidly diversified into everything from agricultural resources and international energy exploration, to precious metals and rare earth minerals. Take, for example, the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 2008, which the People’s Republic cited as a political annexation. While politics certainly played a role, there was a much more sinister and strategic power-play at the core of the military occupation. Tibet is rich in one key resource that China lacks for its 1 billion strong population – fresh, clean water. That alone is motivation enough to send in the army when your own rivers and eco-systems have been destroyed because of unsustainable manufacturing practices.

    The U.S., for its part, is very much involved in similar strategic machinations. Given the trillions of dollars being generated, who could realistically deny that our primary purpose for military hegemony in the middle east is focused solely on the acquisition of cheap oil resources (Iraq) to keep the U.S. economy afloat and rare earth deposits like uranium (Afghanistan) that provide essential components for the defense industry?

    Countries all over the world, large and small, are racing to get their hands on anything of value, and they are actively and without regret nationalizing once private industries across the board.

    It’s happening as we speak.

    You look at what’s just recently happened in Argentina. In 2012 Argentina basically nationalized the oil sector and with that it had a major spillover effect.

    From there, look at Venezuela and Bolivia, and what happened in the last ten years. The same situation.

    This is a cold war of resources.

    A big pinch of resources is really happening where these national oil companies are kicking out these foreign exploration companies.

    And it’s going to become a major, major issue moving forward.

    You look at Venezuela… they’ve actually decreased their oil production since Chavez has been in power.

    There’s a nationalization of global resources occurring now.

    It’s difficult to paint with a broad brush, but I really like following the smart money – the management teams that truly understand, not just the commodity, but the political minefield of where they’re at.

    Listen to energy expert Marin Katusa of Casey Research discuss the geo-political strategy of resource domination, learn how to spot trends that will change the face of how resources are shared and acquired over the coming decade, and develop investment strategies to protect and grow your wealth in our ever-changing global landscape:

    Interview via Future Money Trends

    With the U.S. already in fiscal and economic trouble, leaders of nations all over the world are making moves to restrict our access to key commodities and resources. Some of them, including China and Russia, are no longer using the U.S. dollar in trade, and are switching to gold or other instruments.

    They’ve seen how political forces within the U.S. government have progressively weakened the domestic availability of key commodities like oil, food, and our power grid supply originating from coal and nuclear. Special interests, through legislative mandates and regulations, have created a national security situation that could prove disastrous in the future, as the United States will be wholly dependent on foreign supply for essential resources needed to run our country on every level.

    With the global grab for resources happening in full force, the long-term effect will be ever more scarcity and higher prices. This is inevitable, because as the global population continues to put more strain on the system and more people in places like India and China increase their quality of life, most political leaders will opt to take care of their domestic requirements before those of the United States.

    Thus, the only option for those concerned with this long-term trend is to continue investing their wealth into physical commodities. For some, that’s reserve food, tools, land, precious metals and sustainable energy practices. For others, who have retirement portfolios or personal savings, diversifying into unconventional assets that will thrive when others collapse in value will be the key to maintaining and growing wealth.


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      1. This is just the beginning of birth pains….I really don’t want to see the ending of birth pains.

        Its hard to change America when over 50% of citizens think that our President is making the right calls and is doing a good job. And the other 50%, most are in denial.

        I wonder what Day or what Event will Americans finally wake up on?

        • “As economic conditions around the globe deteriorate and super powers vie for military, political and financial position, governments are increasingly putting their focus on the acquisition of resources.”

          The UN is focusing on the acquisition of OUR GUNS.

          Obama Backup Gun Grab: UN Treaty Confiscation Vote Soon!

          “Section III, Paragraphs 7 and 8 of the Programme of Action mandate that if a member state cannot get rid of privately owned small arms legislatively, then the control of “customs, police, intelligence, and arms control” will be placed under the power of a board of UN bureaucrats operating out of the UN Office for Disarmament Affairs.

          On November 7, the First Committee of the United Nations General Assembly voted 157-0 (with 18 abstentions) in favor of Resolution L.11 that will finalize the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) in March 2013.

          China, the United Kingdom, and Germany all voted to move the historic measure toward passage.

          As we have reported, when the treaty was being deliberated in July, the United States was the only obstacle preventing the global arms control regulations from being imposed on the world.

          Miraculously, however, all the points of the agreement Secretary Clinton found so distasteful in the summer were made so much more palatable after President Obama’s reelection, and every single attack on the right to bear arms remains in the version of the treaty approved on November 7.

          Within hours of his securing his reelection, President Obama placed a late night call to the U.S. United Nations delegation ordering them to vote in favor of a passage of L.11.

          As soon as news of the U.S. policy 180 was confirmed, a new round of negotiations on the treaty was scheduled for March 18-28 at the UN headquarters in New York City.”

          From the Trenches World Report

            • I tell you guys, I am really starting to get worried that this is going to get real ugly real fast. I hope we are strong enough to win against the evil that is happening in this world

              • We HAVE to be strong enough, Jim. as Kenny Ausubel said (he’s a film maker, author, founder of Bioneers)–“community is moving from break down to break through… BIG CHANGES next 2-3 years– war time mobilization to create sustainability; world is being shook. Will come down to– how much do citizens want to retain democracy.”

                • Hi Cindy!

                  I always try to remember that America is not a democracy but a republic. In fact, the root cause of our problems is that people believe that America is a democracy and they have the right to vote away other peoples money and rights…they dont.

                  • OK.. wrong word. I don’t think he (Kenny Ausubel) meant we had to hold on to the type of government we now have (democracy). He meant we have hold on to our civil liberties. That’s what I was referring to..I was responding to Jim’s comment, who was talking about us losing our civil liberites. And I’m sure that’s what Ausubel was referring to.

                  • This is where we have been deceived. Since 1871, the Constitution is nothing more than a reference document for the bankrupted entity known as The United States. A corporation is neither a democracy nor a republic. But operating it more like a democracy is advantageous to support the illusion because steering public opinion is a piece of cake when you hold all of the cards.

                  • @ Ugly.

                    They won’t wake up till it’s too late. The masses, not only in USA, are too wrapped up in living the good life.
                    There is only a handful that really sees things for how they truly are.

                    The masses will follow a celebrity like odrama to the gates of hell. They will fall for the likes of billery clinton and tell us we don’t know what is truth. The truth will win out in the end and that end is not that far into the future.

                    As long as people live for their own selfish pleasures and worldly gain, there will not be a time of peace until the Great Day of the Redeemer.

                • Democracy? That’s THE problem Cindy! We were never established/founded to be a democracy. A democracy is a dog-eat-dog, mob-rules way of governing.

                  If you want to “retain democracy”, be my guest. But the problems will never be solved, or resolved, within such a beast.

                  • I DIDN’T MEAN “DEMOCRACY”– GET OVER IT..GEEZE!

                  • That’s right. Constitutional Republic.

                  • Cindy,

                    The words are often used synonymously by indoctrinators. Folks are getting specific, more now, to engage the enemies of the Constitutional Republic. It’s key to knowing what we were, are now, and what the usurpers mean to take us to.

                  • I smell a Tag Team

                  • Facebook,

                    WAC fixed yet?

              • Relax. believe it or not I was talking to people about this almost 40 years ago. There is no doubt in my mind that since at least the early 1960’S the US has had a definite policy to Shut in our natural resources and use other peoples. Whether it’s the Marsh Creek Anticline in Alaska, The millions of acres of Coal set aside in Utah, The Shut in of American Copper production in Arizona, our Rare Earth’s in Ca. it’s all the same. I’ve even started to wonder if we decided that with peak oil we no longer needed the Auto industry and some others. We talk about China buying Gold and silver and no longer exporting them, Anyone notice with the new US Gold and silver coins every ounce of American silver is now minted and not exported, nearly the same with Gold. . Just Look around there are some very interesting things going on in this country, A strange case could even be made that the gov is getting us to stockpile Nickel, copper and lead.

                  • A must read.

                  • Obama lets Chinese own U.S. energy resources

                  • Chinese Takeover with Free Trade Zones

                • Well Paranoid, I’m stockpiling my own supply of Lead!

            • Damn, looks like we’re heading right into the third great peril.

              • “The whole world united shall not prevail against her …”

                Did ya catch that folks? “SHALL NOT” as in “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

                This is the mantra YOU must carry to OUR brothers and sisters across the nation, to every village and town, every neighborhood and zip code. Spread the world. The word is Washington’s Vision.

                Divine Providence is with US. Victory is assured. Victory is certain if WE will do OUR part. This is the promise to Washington, and from Washington to US.

                Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. By ballot while WE have it, by bullet if they come for US. WE out number them by the many tens of millions.

                At best there is only a few thousand vocal, active, gun grabbing globalists. There are more than a million gun owners in New York.

                The preservation of American Sovereignty and thus American liberties falls upon THIS generation. It falls upon US.

                The price that WE will have to pay will be high, but the value of American Liberty is priceless. Create a Freedom Cell. Engage.

                WE are ALL Seal Team America.

                • The Weather Underground Boys are lookin to bring their buddies over from across the ocean. They have more than a trillion reasons to take up the offer to put American resisters face down in a ditch. So…

                  ‘Three great perils will come upon the republic. The most fearful for her is the third. But the whole world united shall not prevail against her. Let every child of the Republic learn to live for his God, his land, and Union’.

                  ‘While the stars remain, and the heavens send down dew upon the earth, so long shall the Union last!’


                  DK, very good posts. Thank you.

                  The Lord is Righteous.
                  Standing by in Texas.

                • Uh–dk, brother; you do know The Seal Team is on the ‘red list’.

                  • Jay-Jay;

                    Your correct to assume this as not only Seal Team, Special Forces, PJ, 1st Recon, are all on the constiution validity grounds, Not one more INCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • I wouldn’t have it any other way, JayJay. 🙂 WE out number the gun grabbers a zillion to one. The military is with US and WE have started OUR Red List, haven’t WE?

                    Turn about is fair play. Its time to restore fairness in America anyway.

                    It is only Federal Agents paid by a Rogue Administration that would follow an unconstitutional executive order; the TSA assisting, or some international “Blackwater Operatives”, deputized and dubbed “US government officials” under Frankenstein’s legislation that would move to disarm Americans and then in the most communist of States.

                    Is this woman Butt Ugly, or what! 🙂

                    Patriots in Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Illinois may be required to carry the heavy water this time around; but it has always been so since the founding of the American Republic.

                    Much of the rest of the States have, or will soon pass, legislation to negate any unconstitutional EO, and would pit States Rights and State Militia’s against a globalist gun grab.

                    The bottom line is simple: Will the American Patriot and gun owner resist a Rogue Administration?

                    I think so. NOMI!

                • Rev. 2:27 : And he shall rule them with a rod of iron: as the vessels of a potter shall they be broken to shivers: even as I recieved of my Father.

                  Revelation 19:15 : “And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations; and he shall rule them with a rod of iron; and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God.”

                  Isaiah 11:4 : “He shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked.”

                  Psalm 2:9 : Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.

                  So. Is a barrel not a rod of iron? And also with proper markmanship your cheak against the stock putting your mouth behind the barrel or iron rod? And going out a sharp sword by breath or gas expansion?

                  Is it the words of folks trying to describe what did not exist at that time that the Lord had shown them?

                  Me thinks that the Good Shepherd and HIS elect are superb riflemen. What kind of rifle or iron rod weapon? I don’t know.

                • Dream on. Ever since Looney Lyndon was in the White House with his “guns and butter” and civil rights nonsense I’ve been trying to explain to the brain dead super majority that it cannot possibly end well. Nobody would listen then and they won’t now. The country passed the tipping point many years ago. Now that you’re standing in the midst of this trash heap you still refuse to see it. You can’t get it back!! Want proof? just look at the demographics. Look at the corruption, it’s everywhere; CONgress, the courts, the banks, the unions, business, etc., ad nauseum.

                  • rollo is a new government troll trying to persuade US that WE are hopeless before a very small enemy.

                    Pure propaganda.

                    I believe Washington. Everyone who believes Washington, give me a thumbs up. 🙂

                  • Agreed Rollo.
                    The poster above notes a few bible verses, but left out the one that says:

                    Revelation 13:7 And it (the antichrist) was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

                    This is my country and I love it. What I do not love is what is happening to it. Not just the current events, but things like 55 million abortions and counting, Think about it! 55 million babies murdered in the name of ‘the right to choose’. These are nothing more than blood sacrifices to the ‘prince of this world’ also known a satan. Don’t believe in the devil? Boy, are you in for a rude awakening.

                    Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou came forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

                    Taking God Almighty (prayer) out of our schools, government and yes, even out of some churches. Most preach a gospel of prosperity and shun the true meaning of the Word of God.

                    Now even the boy scouts are considering having gay scoutmasters! This is a slap in the face to God Almighty, who condemns the practice of homosexuality. I can see the flames rising. Nuff said about that.

                    ‘It can’t end well’ is an understatement and I totally agree.

            • I often appreciate what you say, DK, but honestly…voting matters not. The only vote is to vote them all out on their arses, every last one of them. And in the end if they don’t wish to play nice and fair about it, then neither will we. This ain’t about right vs left, it’s about right vs wrong.

              • I keep getting various emails from groups trying to negate the filibuster, because it is “inconvenient” to the mob rulers. I always mark their emails as spam, after sending them a nasty note about the value of being able to overturn the wishes of the mob.

                They don’t seem to get it. Those that are the many, want to stop the ability of the few to filibuster. This is the same no matter who is in the majority at present, and that is subject to change.

                I wish someone would’ve filibustered the Patriot Act and the NDAA.

                My point to them is, without the filibuster, the mob rules us all, and that is not acceptable to me, whether I’m in the majority or the minority.

                “Mob rule” is not what this country was founded on…otherwise, it would’ve been slated a democracy.

          • You cannot put shackles around a mans neck until you first put shackles around his heart

            • Wanna bet? 🙂

          • Also from the article…

            “Lest anyone believe the U.S. delegation official’s promise to Reuters that “we will not accept any treaty that infringes on the constitutional rights of our citizens to bear arms,” consider the fact that a report issued after the conclusion of the last Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) conference in July listed the goal of the agreement to be UN control of the “manufacture, control, trafficking, circulation, brokering and trade, as well as tracing, finance, collection and destruction of small arms and light weapons.”

            That is a very comprehensive attack on “all aspects” of gun trade and ownership. Notably, the phrase “in all aspects” occurs 38 times in the draft of the ATT. The United Nations will control the purchase of guns and ammo, the possession of guns and ammo, and any guns and ammo not willingly surrendered to the UN will be tracked, seized, and destroyed.”

            … “On page 25 of the 1997 UN Secretary General’s Report on Criminal Justice Reform and Strengthening Legal Institutions Measure to Regulate Firearms (of which the United States was a signatory), a part of the regulations agreed to by the United States is the administering of a psychological test before a person is cleared to buy ammunition.

            Apparently, the UN recognizes that without ammunition a gun is no more than a club, so in order to effectively disarm a population, the UN does not need to seize all the weapons; it merely has to prevent purchase of ammunition.”

            • Well, yes, If I live to be around a thousand years old I’d start t get short in some calibers. Others: ‘Not so bad”

              • besides….how much ammo do you expect to SURVIVE long enough to use against the Oathbreakers before you yourself are KIA???

                If youaren’t contemplating your own mortality WZTSHTF you shouldn’t be rattling your saber on this or any blog.

            • I’m gonna step up my current rate of acquisition of lead scraps…looks like I may need some 55 gallon drums instead of 5 gallon buckets.

              • Mold some of that lead scrap into your preferred caliber. Write a note “Did this reach the correct target?”, seal into envelope with bullet(no shell) and mail to your least favorite representative.

          • Here is my take on this Kentucky Mom.

            This is still the US…not the un…they can just go to hell.

            If we have to send them, it will likely be painful.

            • Treaties do not confer powers not authorized by the Constitution…Constitution trumps treaties of any kind, with any nation, by any powers.

              • The constitution has not been enforce since 1871. It is simply a reference document in the bankruptcy.

                • Heretic, the Constitution is STILL Law. The corp does not enforce it because it is not up to the corp to enforce it. It is up to THE PEOPLE to enforce it.

                  Yes, YOU.

                  The Constitution restricts the corps actions, except when acting against it’s own creations. ALL courts are for creations of the corp ONLY, and you are assumed to be one of those.

                  If you are waiting for the corp to step up and enforce the Peoples Law on your behalf, then you are actively enforcing the corps law against yourself. The People MUST enforce their one Law against the corp.

                  Understand that you have a CHOICE OF LAW, that must be honored by every court that you get drug into in handcuffs and orange. There should be no other way you go into a court of the corp, and no other Law accepted but that which restricts the corp (The Constitution).

                  I think you understand what has happened, but just don’t know how to deal with all the information you have read and have come to believe some things that are not correct or will end up causing trouble.

                  It is not important that you understand the corp and it’s laws. It is important that you understand who you are, and that your power is unlimited except for Gods Law. You right to exercise that power is reserved and protected in the Law of the Land (state constitution).

                  It is not necessary or possible to prove your freedom to the corp. Only to live it, and be ready to protect it if and when the corp comes to you.

                  The corp wants everyone to believe they have lost their freedom, but the fact is they have voluntarily given it up by not recognizing it’s Source and fighting for it with the tools the Source has provided.

                  Gods war with evil is centered here because here, and here alone, the people retain the tools He has given us to win that war. We have the guns and the Law on our side.

                  One of our biggest problems is that everyone has accepted other laws and shunned His, and is relegated to fight the corp with it’s tools instead.

                  • Whoa… easy there GC… I understand exactly what is going on. My comment was for all of the unfortunate commenters who are under the illusion that these politician mobsters are somehow legally responsible for their abuse and ignor-ance of the Constitution as if the Constitution actually has any force in their system, which it does not.

          • Yeah… try to enforce it.

        • While there are millions of people that ‘get it,’ there are tens of millions that don’t, won’t, or refuse to even consider.

          I hate to say it, but my view is that if they ever do wake up it will be when they’re forced to stand in food lines miles long because it’s either unavailable to the general population, or the cumulative cost for essential goods and commodities is so expensive that they can no long afford to acquire them.

          Consider Hurricane Sandy… The people waiting in those emergency ration lines… I bet some of them woke up pretty quick to the idea of being prepared. But for many (most) it didn’t even register — their first and only thought was to go to the government for help.

          Out of all those people who waited in those lines for food in New Jersey and New York, how many do you think have subsequently taken steps to prepare for the next time? My guess is the same percentage as now…maybe 1% to 3%. Despite the complete failure of government recovery operations, the majority of people, even though they experienced it first hand, will not take any action to prevent such an outcome in the future. They will do what they’ve always done – depend on someone else.

          So, yeah, I am not very optimistic about the majority of Americans waking up. Not trying to be negative here… just a realistic assessment.

          • Man,I think all the “victims” of Sandy are still trying to recover what they HAD. I highly doubt they have resources to prepare for the future at this time

            • Thanks for posting that story. I read that the other day. 🙂

            • AWESOME story. Thanks for sharing!!!!

          • Mac – love your site. Thanks for all the great info and more importantly, the wonderful community you’ve built here. I just don’t know if I agree here though. It’s been interesting to watch news coverage of an event you are experiencing. Wow. Always knew there was bias but a real eye-opener to the comprehensiveness of the skew. Any coverage you may have seen was at the very least, inaccurate. I am staring to believe that the events after Sandy may fit in with the crux of this article in a way, at least it sure can seem that way. The truth of it is, many of the places that took a wallop were pretty old-school, established neighborhoods; people know each other, help each other. More than I guess you guys here would believe, were prepared. It’s honestly the shocking aftermath of what will become of a huge, generational way of life, and the life’s work of so many good people and communities, in light of what one NJ mayor called a “huge, government land-grab”. I mean, stuff has been happening fast lately. And maybe a saying I never liked, ‘death by a thousand cuts’ means more to me now. Lots of you have mentioned mental preparedness before. I should have paid more attention.

          • Agreed.

            At this point, I’ve taken the “awakening of the masses” out of the equation. By the time they wake up, it will be too late.

            The best we can hope for is that there are enough of us to win so they we can rebuild from the ashes.

            • We do not need the “Masses” we only need to out number the ones on the other side and they are the 1%; that’s not that large a group that’s why they haven’t won before, and never will as long as anyone really cares.

              • When a bear attacks, you do not need to be faster than the bear. You just need to be faster than the slowest camper.

                Don’t know who said that. I am just repeating it.

          • Evening folks

            It’s the same all over, here in the UK prepping is not even a mainstream word let alone one used in society in general.

            Resource rich countries will always be a target, but the real control will be afforded to those who have control of the water supply. Confrontations over water are increasing and will continue to do so as borders shift and water sources are diverted and even sometimes deliberated polluted by those in opposition or seeking change or control of an area.

            The unprepared can scrabble about for food, forage, hunt, whatever, but take the water and it’s game over, compliance can be assured when the people have dry taps/faucets.

            Another reason why we prep

            Take care

            • Hi B, I’ve missed you, On GB’S lack of preparation; I don’t know why; but the UK never prepairs, Not WWI, WWII, or even the Falklands. The US is almost as bad, not quite (I think because we have a resident population of wackos (That includes us, by the way))

              • Hiya paranoid

                Agreed on all counts. We have news this morning that our new power plants have had another set back….before even the foundations have been laid the bakers are pulling out. We will be energy deficient by 2015 if we adhere to EU emissions regulations. Welcome to rolling blackouts. The UK’s shtf moment is going to arrive WAY sooner than most people think.

                On the upside I have managed to sell the house and will be moving to one with chimneys and a decent sized growing garden by the summer.

                Take care

                • right on burt , good for you!

                • Burt Brit: Is there any truth to what I heard yesterday on some tv news show was a mention that, as of the Begining of 2014 All current laws that restrict in Any way imigration INTO England, will be Gone?

                  News item said as of 2014 ALL persons from ALL nations that desire to imigrate Into england won’t be able to be stopped by ANY laws once this occures. Is this fact and truth?….Thank you if you can or do reply.

            • I was reading MAILONLINE, comments between Aussies, about how unbelievably unprepared they were with the flooding, and how shelves emptied out, people taking more than they needed, because they weren’t sure when more would come back in. So glad I never have to do that!

              • Right on mate. Aussies aren’t prepared. But in comparison to the US, UK and Europe we have skated right over the thin ice of global recession. Sometimes it feels like we’re the last country still standing.
                For the last couple years, the mining booms in Queensland and over in Western Australia have been chuggin along nicely with our economy in tow. The Chinese have been stocking up on as much iron, steel and coal as we can ship. Obviously not for making trinkets of trade to the global market. In my opinion, it’s the material they need to advance their military.

                The red flag for me has been the recreation of what was MacArthers ‘Brisbane Line’ during WWII and the huge influx of Marines into Nthn Australia and with the Darwin region, with visits from Hillary and OB. And a couple weeks ago an Aussie, Major General Richard Burr was installed as the commander for Pacific Forces over there in Hawaii??? Yep he’s in charge of the Yanks too.

                So why the big rush to Militerize the Pacific again after 68 years of peace? Can honestly see the Spratley Islands as the trigger for China to consume the entire Asia region. For a very fast approaching Asia/Pacific war, Aussie will become what Britian was to WWII ….. Isolated and the front line.
                Don’t know what you Yanks think? But looks to me, like the Glob elites aren’t so much gearing up to collapse the US/UK and Europe financially. It looks more like everyone’s being set up for a global war against China, Russia and the middle east boogie men. The financial collapse and gun grab is a convienient smoke screen to keep us all blinded and ignorant of what’s building up on the horizon. China.
                Just my two cents worth.

                • I’d certainly agree that maps are being redrawn. The meditteraen is on the front line. I was looking at the old Roman maps recently and realised that linking the N&S med once more is deffo part of the elites plan. (Modern Libya & Greece for example were once part of the same culture).

                  Mali puzzled me until I realised there are large gold and uranium deposits there. The Chinese have been quitely colonising large parts of Africa over the last decade, and it looks as if the West have suddenly woken up to this and are trying to reclaim all the rich farmland and mines that they have conceded to the Chinese. Africa is definately the epicentre of a huge scramble for resources, from rare earth minerals to water rights and farmland.

                  I remember stories of huge butter and wheat mountains in the EU as a child. These vast food stores are all gone. leaving the population vulnerable to the machinations of the gamblers of the finance world and mother nature. I suspect a similar story is true for the States and Canada.

                  Food and water will be used to control us and manipulate the mob just as rising food prices triggered the Arab Spring. It has become clear that no lasting good has resulted from these uprising for the average man just wanting to go to work and ensure his kids are fed and healthy.

                • Oh my, geez, didn’t someone named Romney state that China was who we needed to beware of??

                  • No, Romney stated that Russia was OUR biggest military challenge.

                    Putin is a nationalist. He will noy allow the Globalists to over run the country of create deep, interlocking economic and financial partnership to control Russia’s natural resources with Western Capital.

                    So much for “reset”.

            • I don’t know about England, but here in my state, you could be set down anywhere at random and you would be less than a mile from a stream. You can put down a well anywhere in my area and be certain of striking water. I already have a drill point and everything else needed to put down a well, including a pitcher pump. I can put down a well, perhaps inside my greenhouse, and no one will ever know. I don’t think it’s possible to control water in my area. I wouldn’t want to live in an area where that’s possible.

              • Make sure you can hide or disguise the well head sufficiently so that a County Real Estate Appraiser will not spot it during an official inspection.

                Just saying. That can happen.

          • I’m not sure what to believe. I am, of course prepared for the worst, but I just watched a fairly long documentary called “Third Term” (YouTube it) and it’s claiming a different angle that CNG / LNG will be a huge export as the infrastructure is built to be able to export it globally. The film argues that this administration will use that power to win over the populous with a new prosperity, thereby giving Obama the power needed for additional terms. Worth taking a look if you have the time, it’s 1 1/2 hours long.

            • Arkaden:

              The *video* you linked at Comment: 1103589
              is yet another Porter Stansberry pitch for his newsletter and services.

              Now, perhaps he is correct about the investment strategy. However, just the fact that he is pitching any investment strategy indicates he is confident there will be a market, investors and commissions, not to mention gains in his own holdings in these commodities/industries.

              As for legislators proposing bills to abolish the 22nd amendment, there is one guy (name escapes me)who brings this forward periodically. It never gets any additional sponsors. *3rd Term* is just bait for the fearful and encouragement for the faithful.

              My major indicator that _will_ be a boom is that I am currently out of the market.

            • It doesn’t matter that it’s a Stansberry video or not. The fact is that it is very plausible.

              If ObaMao is seen as a dictator by most of us true Patriots (which I think he is), then why isn’t it very possible for the 22nd Amendment to be amended? Don’t say that it can’t happen. Why? Have you forgotten the 16th Amendment? TPTB could care less about the Constitution and are not ‘bound’ by it, at least in their own devious and evil minds.

              We have to remember, Article V of the Constitution prescribes how an amendment can become a part of the Constitution. While there are two ways, only one has ever been used. All 27 Amendments have been ratified after two-thirds of the House and Senate approve of the proposal and send it to the states for a vote. Then, three-fourths of the states must affirm the proposed Amendment.

              The other method of passing an amendment requires a Constitutional Convention to be called by two-thirds of the legislatures of the States. That Convention can propose as many amendments as it deems necessary. Those amendments must be approved by three-fourths of the states.

              So, it simply doesn’t matter ‘who’ bantered the first thought about this. It is completely within reason (seeing all the other unconstitutional acts – read treason – committed by this Administration), that this too could happen.

              God is in control of this, and all things, but we need to do our part and be vigilant and aware so that we can make either a big stink about it, or – as a last resort – a stand within our ‘line in the sand’!

          • Mac I agree with you on that one, it’s not that they cant it’s that a good percent of them are not able to because of how deep in they already are.

            I believe i said this once before on here somewhere, but its a quote from one of the matrix’s movies ” we have a rule after a certain age we dont disconnect them from the system.”

            I believe it went something like that. Morpheus said it and I think it is very true for our society as well. The reason people some of them are very dependent on the government for meds and other things that they cant get anywhere else sadly enough

          • And the race is on, all the countrys jockeying for position, trying to be 1st in the game of the millenium. The Quickening is upon us. Is that why everyone is acting so stupid, always in a rush, riding up on your bumper in traffic even when your going over the speed limit, even standing in harms way so they must bear witness to catastrophe. Willing to die or cripple themselves just to make a stupid video to post, to maybe have a little immortality. There is enough stupid people in the world, now the leaders want in on it? It’s time to throw a wrench at this monkey and knock out a few teeth, Maybe that will wake everybody up. Dont get too brain washed from the Stupid Bowl, its nothin like it years ago.

          • Yes, Mac, sad to say. They will probably get the depopulation they want, but will they enslave the survivors?

            There are enough here who think “anything goes,” that usury and “whatever the market will bear” prices and wages are just fine, so I worry about the outcome.

          • Mac; YOU are absolutely right. It boggles the mind that people will not prepare for issues, EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED TO THEM. It is called “normalcy bias”. It is the difference between seeing something and BELIEVEING in something and acknowledging it. If you don’t believe, then you don’t respond…period! You can SEE it all you want, but if you don’t believe, then you will not prepare! Just sayin’. When I give classes I ask “who has auto and home owners insurance”? No one says they don’t have it! You can have minimal food insurance for$300-$500 per person PER YEAR!!!! For a ONE TIME COST! They are stupid if they don’t make those arrangments. IMHO, just sayin’. Be Well.

          • Food lines exist, but they are in super markets and bowls have been exchanged for Food (Stamp) Debit Cards. That keeps them out of the public eye. If the 47,000,000+ Card holders were in a line, they would go 2/3 around the world or 17,000 miles. That is a loooong soup kitchen line. But it is hidden by the Government like all of the other signs of our Great Depression.

        • Americans won’t wake up until the shit hits the fan. And THEY will be the ones rioting in the streets looting, killing and ensuring that the government takes forcible action.
          We will be in our homes ready to defend and survive for however long our food and water supplies last.

          • Yes, the people, it seems, are permanently stuck on stupid.

            • Being brainwashed by the media doesn’t make you stupid…It just makes you brainwashed.
              Which is to say they are ignorant of the truth even when the truth is spelled out in front of them. The result of the brainwashing keeps them from believing anything other than what they have been led to believe. The government does this through commercials, news, games, film, most forms of entertainment and just about everything else you can think of.

              That is why there are so few people awake in this country.

          • I have been prepping for seven years now and in those seven years, I have spoken to everybody know about what is shortly to take place in this country and around the world. I have yet in these seven years have found one person who believed anything I have said. Most of my friends and neighbors and acquaints hardly speak to me anymore or just plain try to avoid me when they see me.
            In my humble opinion I believe Americans will never wake up until they are knee deep in shit, then it will be too late. What a sorry state of affairs.

            • “A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and don’t have one, you’ll probably never need one again.”

              Replace gun with food, water, and supplies;

              Food, water, and supplies are like a parachute. If you need them, and don’t have them, you’ll probably never need them again.

            • Yankee D: Welcome to the club! I too been trying as you said to awaken everybody I’ve known. Even total strangers I usually never see again, or rarely see again. Only I began this quest to awaken others 40 yrs ago.

              Probobly the first thing I figured out 40 yrs ago was that the UN is NOT a good plan or thing. I learned quite alot more ever since. However as you stated, I can’t say for sure if even one single person has really awoke yet.

              Many Know we types are correct. But everything they been brainwashed by from msm to fed/state govs to public schools to collages and too much more to list has caused them folks to resist facts and truths like their lives depended upon resisting it all!

              It is the exact Oposite of what they should be thinking and doing. And yes I too agree a vast majority of otherwise good folks of All types in america and elsewheres will continue their rejections, Untill far too late. Unfortunatly they will make if far worse for us also. Like the Titanic.

              The only real method that could have saved the titanic was if the few who saw what was ahead would have given stern warnings, and if not obeyed, formed a group like that airplane guys group “Lets Roll” did, and toss the Titanic Captain overbord and take command of ship to halt engines-Reverse engines-Turn fully Away from danger(iceberg). That one thing would have resulted in One man or maybe a few loyal to the captain being lost. But that happened anyways along with 1500 More dead folks due to captains stupid stuborness.

              Todays america is akin to the titanic in the past. Except Our “Captain”(hobammy) is far more stuborn and not qualified to run a tiny front lawn Lemmonaide Stand properly. And probobly never has!

        • In truth UGLY, I don’t see the majority population ever awakening until they’re “BITCH-SLAPPED SILLY” buy some event…or a combination of such…that we here at Mac’s are positioning ourselves to overcome!

          The ideological divide separating this country’s citizenry is…insurmountable.

          Unfortunately, we are a distinct minority insomuch that we prep, yet the LSM & fed-gov types endeavor to paint us as dangerous lunatics who should be monitored closely…at worst we’re liable to one day be portrayed as…the enemy domestic!

          The only silver lining to the cloud-cover enveloping America today…is the “not one more inch / 2nd amendment defense” sweeping the country!

          I have a hunch, we’re gonna find out who really has “skin” in the game….soon enough!

          …and when that happens, remember:…


          • Hey, Gunsmith,

            After the Gospel today, the thematic quote for the sermon was from St. John Chrysostom:

            “Some hearts are unteachable.”

            I am sure you agree; prepare and pray.

          • Ive been watching some videos on gunsmithing from AGI. Are there other online resources for technical learning about guns?

            • Ironcross….

              Take as many / much machining courses(lathe/mill/shaper etc)…as you can stand!

              Trust me, you’ll understand soon enough…good luck!

            • Eisenk, try to hook up w/ someone who has the equipment so you can learn ‘hands on’ if you can’t afford classes. A lathe can be darn expensive but if you watch online classifieds or even get involved with military surplus and bidding, you can get a lathe for a better price than buying new from a manufacturer. The basics are not difficult — but for precision, you need good tooling skills that only come with experience. Perhaps an apprenticeship somewhere?

          • WE all have “skin” in the game. As has already been assessed, many simply refuse to realize it. The “growing entitlement segment of the population” will never be assets/allies in the coming conflict. THEIR numbers have been dramatically increased in Obama’s first four years. The reason is becoming increasingly obvious. THEY will not bite-the-hand that feeds them…until IT NO LONGER DOES. TOO LATE will be the historically supported reality THEN.

            I still endorse pursuing this through the exhaustion of all Constitutionally mandated and legal means. I know that this is probably destined to ultimately fail. The extent of corruption within “OUR” options for legal recourse and justice have already been demonstrated on exhaustive occasions to be A FANTASY! Worse yet, a “running joke” by the JOKERS that will not prosecute the high crimes and treason that continues to destroy this Republic and ANY concept of equally applied “law”, consequence, and punishment-fitting-the-crime.

            “WHEN IT COUNTS”, my resolve and conscience are already etched in stone. LIBERTY OR DEATH birthed this Republic…the same “mantra and commitment” is the only action and mentality that CAN restore it.

            WE don’t need everyone…but EVERYONE WE NEED must be of this determination, unwavering mindset, and OATH! I have a growing sense of faith that EVERYONE WE NEED will answer the call. To believe otherwise only serves THEIR agenda…something I refuse to participate in.

            “Stand up to tyranny NOW” and WE WILL PREVAIL! Otherwise, define another course of action/inaction you will be content to not only live with, but pass on to your progeny…for countless generations.

            • Yental…

              Your position/heart/courage…was/is never in doubt here brother!

        • Judgment Day

          Keep preppin’

          • coming to every individual on earth…soon.

        • What happened to Chris Kyle was a set up.

          • I have wondered the same thing. An honorable, decent, kind, humble man who happened to be the world’s deadliest sniper-murdered by another vet. There have just been so many incidents of crazy happenings. I think that we have had more shootings, and more violent shootings, in the last 5 years than the previous 10 (personal opinion). It’s like the world is rehearsing to go crazy.
            I try not to wear tinfoil hats…..but what is going on is spooky. I worry that this country is once again going to be fighting Revolution 2, with some of us on the side of Liberty and Freedom and many others perfectly willing to be slaves for trinkets and false promises.
            Pray for the country, and prepare, prepare!

            • “An honorable, decent, kind, humble man who happened to be the world’s deadliest sniper”

              Youre a moron. He deserved to die many times over. Its too bad he wasnt tortured to death by the mothers of the men he murdered in cold blood.

              God will burn this asshole at the stake.

              • you must be trolling right now. tell me you were trolling.

                • Dont tell me youre a christian if you support the military. There is no difference between a sniper and a serial killer. Do you have any idea what it looks like in real life? Those are peoples lives.

                  • For once I sort of agree with Eisenkreutz.

                    Killing is killing. Just because the Government says you can do it, pays you to do it and trains you to do it doesn’t make it any more less than murder.

                    Look at the perspective of the people he was shooting. They believe their cause is just, they believe they are fighting for their rights and that the US military are the terrorists.

                    Sometimes intelligent people can see the faults of both sides and recognize who is ultimately in the right and wrong. At the end of the day, no matter the color of your skin, your heritage or accent, you are a person like any other and deserve to be treated with respect until proven otherwise.


                  • Jackass doesn’t begin to describe you. What a narrow-minded, trolling, S.O.B.

                  • The difference between a sniper and a serial killer is their PURPOSE. A serial killer does so for his own selfish reasons, whatever they are.

                    A sniper is defending something or someone, with the use of such force as is necessary.

                    Even a child can figure that one out.

                  • Eisenkreutz,

                    Chris Kyle, in his last day, was working charity. He found a way to make charity of a skill he excelled at and seemed to enjoy. He was no longer in the military. I read that he had found faith and is christian. Who was he serving that day?

                  • As long as he disagreed with this administration, I’m fine with it.

              • HEY!!! eisenkrutz. some times you type before you think. Ask your self if you know how many of our boy’s were killed by snippers from there side. THE ANSWER MORE THAN 150.


                  “yourself” not “your self”

                  “boys” not “boy’s”

        • i dont know ugly

          i agree they may wake up if they were only a sleep but i fear that the lion share have been lulled into a coma, i think the frog is in the water and it is starting to boil, and i wish i were wrong

        • The day they are told their money isn’t welcome as a medium of exchange.

        • Ok I just ran accross a letter to the State Of New York concerning their fight. I found it on ammoland’s web site very interesting..Link to follow this post..



        • This will be an individual event, it will come with heavy pounding and shouting at you door…

      2. Big war coming soon, if two nations can hate each other over a soccer ball what will they do to each other over a natural resource like water or access to fishing areas

        • Forget about the nations. We’ve got people in this country that will kill each other over then newest pair of Nike athletic shoes.

          • Well, I wasn’t wearing Nikes, but a few nights ago, a couple of “yutes” learned that not every lone white guy is prey.

      3. This is what happens when you let commies run things. They take everything “for the people”, attempt to control supply and demand, and the wreck havoc across the whole economy. This won’t be a cold war for long. It will go hot in our lifetimes.

      4. I read awhile back that China is running a huge copper mining operation in Afghanistan. No locals pure Chinese workers. We pull security. I wonder how this fits in with this.

        • They were doing similar operations in Libya… 35,000+ workers, all from China, working Libyan oil field and infrastructure projects at Chinese state-owned sites. (Link)

          All of them were recalled back to China after US/NATO ‘peace keeping’ operations started.

          I have a hard time believing we went into Libya to depose Gaddafi…

          This was yet another power move for resource control – plain and simple.

          Operation Iraqi Liberation

          just sayin…

          • Seems like I recently read the Chinese were going into Saudi Arabia and helping build petroleum pipelines to supply a Chinese built refinery and shipping facility to ship petroleum to China.

            As for Libya, I figured we were helping secure a petroleum supply for our European allies.

            • A friends wife is a professor of nursing.
              Saudi Arabis is paying her $30,000 to go there for ONE month to help set up more nursing programs. Why? because they expect big trouble–read as many injuries

            • Yes, China and Saudi Arabia struck a deal to build the largest refinery in the world. Once completed in 2014 trade between the two countries will be done with out the almighty USD Petrodollar. The catalyst for this deal was the Saudis disdain for Obama and how he through Mubarak under the bus and allowed him to be embarrassed and disposed of in the Arab Spring.

          • Kadhaffi also built the ‘great manmade river’ across a freaking desert in N.Africa. Lots of freshwater. Rumour is that isreal is pretty damn dry and has been for years.

            Didn’t he also have 110 tons of gold? i bet hillary knows where it went and who has it now. (or had)

            Hey…no central bank in Libya either…only place left without one is…wait for it…—-…Iran.

            I always thought that Mummar was and evil sob…upon a bunch of research (do your own) he was actually alot better to his people than our gubt is to us.

            But hey, you know that now.

          • Ari Fleischer=Head liazon for Chabd Lubivitzers.

            Shave off long beard+switch from all black funeral suit+way too small black widebrim hat to Reg Normal haircut & Suit+tie….get hired by Bush jr.

            Help destroy as many nations as posible to do “democracy+nation rebuilds”

            It is always eaiser to do nation building when first you kill off 10 Million residents who aint harmed anyone.

            And usa taxpayers foot the bills!

      5. In My part of the world when thinning the monkey troop never shoot the 1 alpha male, the problem becomes worse as all the male monkeys start to mate with the females and there is a population boom with new troops being formed you guys shot Gadafi the alpha male and know look at the situation in north africa

      6. Surprise surprise surprise.

        Every action militarily or otherwise is all about extraction of resources through destabilization of legitimate governments and then the vast accrual of money..period!
        Of course it enables the military contractors to test out new weaponry as well..

        And let’s not forget the central banks who profit at every angle.. once again

        has been throughout history..

        and of course we foot the bill one way or another.

        Surely most of us here will be glued to the “event of the year” bread and circus starting at 635 pm..NOT!!

        • I will be watching the game, and cleaning my 22 and storing some flour and sugar in mylar bags. Grin

          • Did you know there are foil mylar bags that will deter EMP’s? I store backup electronics in them

            • Put a cell phone in one and call it to test the system.

              The microwave thing doesnt work.

          • I’m bloggin on shtfplan man.

          • Multi-tasking at its finest!

      7. Of course it’s all about resources! You really thought we were overseas for ideological or humanitarian reasons?!

        • Ideological and humanitarian?

          That right there is!..
          but nearly all do believe this santa claus of a lie

          the right wingers lap up the “exporting democracy” ideologue

          and the left wingers equally as “humanitarian efforts”

          It is all so laughable if it weren’t so damned sick!

          • Yeah,man,it is soooo sad…the shit people believe

          • Thems the same american fools that Believed the FBI and ATF under Janet Reno, and her Underling #2 at justice dept…Eric Holder! Where actually really Saving almost 90 persons, many small kiddies, and a few yet unborns, by attacking and then Burning the place down to ashes at WACO….With all persons to be “Saved” still Inside the place!

        • There are really only two types of resources on this planet… 1) creation’s resources, in other words, that which is contained on the planet and has been from the beginning, and 2) another man’s labor when he can be deceived into parting with it for illegitimate exchange (see fiat currency).

      8. There’s a lot of truth to the nationalization of natural resources. Russia and other nations are aggressively and systematically staking their claims to whole sections of the Arctic and Antarctic. Where is most of the earth’s freshed water locked up frozen? Antarctica.

        Good article Mac!

          • @Jasmine….here in Canada, as of today, the Canadian Mint is no longer manufacturing pennies…..they claim that it costs 1.6 cents to make 1 cent. Soooo, when the purchase is for example $5.97, they will round it off to $6.00 and likewise if it is $5.94, the price would go to $5.90…..

            I really think that someone is making big bucks out of this one, as most items are like $0.97,0.98,0.99…..

            I heard that all the pennies that the bank takes in will be returned to the mint to be melted down for the copper, well I for one am going to hold on to my pennies, I have all of $11.00 worth, not much, but have decided to keep them along with my silver dimes. take care CC.

            • Good idea to hold onto the pennies! The copper will be valuable down the the road.

            • CC..your family has been on my prayer list..Hope all is fine with you.
              I have wanted pennies eliminated for a while now.
              Rounding should work out for us as others.

              • JayJay, Let’s not get carried away, I can’t hardly afford gas for my truck now. You want to eliminate the penny,and gas is 319.9 and you want to make pay 3.20 a gallon. Do you realize how much more that will cost me a year? I can hardly afford ammo. Trekker Out.

                • No, for me 319.9 is already 3.20.

                  For argument’s sake, 12,000 miles divided by 25 MPG=480 gallons X .01= $4.80

                  Okay let’s double the mileage… $9.60?? a year??

                  Let’s put this in perspective.

                  Now, those groceries that are 93 cents or 43 cents, etc., are now 90 cents or 40 cents. Wow, a savings of 6 cents just covered the last 6 gallons of gas you say you were screwed on.
                  I may be country and old, but my brain still works.

                  • But JayJay, my truck does only gets 12.5 MPG, so that does come out to $9.60. You do realize thats just about enough to buy a box of 7.62×39. That could be the difference between life and death. Trekker Out. P.S. Your math, sure is good.

              • @JayJay…..thanx for your prayers, and you can believe they really are working…..It’s been over the month now and the nurse commented this a.m. when she visited, that everything seems to be healing real well!!! We are blessed!!

                About the pennies, like I mentioned, a cup of coffee for me as a treat when I go out, is $1.37, so it is now always going to be $1.40…..of course I don’t buy all that often, but think of all those people that do! Someone is going to make a bundle off this… I heard this a.m. they want the nickle gone too!!…..Oh, Well, take care, CC

                • CC–I always say look for a bright spot–you found one.
                  You have been on my list with two other women–one says her husband is experiencing his last days of bladder cancer and the other had her foot amputated due to diabetes.
                  There is always another view, someone else’s view, if we just look for it.
                  Keeping all our troubles and hard times in perspective to those of others sure affects our outlook, huh.
                  May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

            • The rounding is based on the final total and not per item so it ‘might’ work out somewhat equitably. Of course I doubt if it will but hope for the best, plan for the worst.

              Of course hope is a leading cause of disappointment….

          • He can sign whatever he wants. Hey Barry, sign 10 copies if it makes you feel better. Who here is going to go along in the hope that they will be one of the minute number of survivors? Prison camp labor is usually not a positive experience for the laborer.

            Has anyone heard a story of a shelter during Katrina or Sandy being a nice place? Armed guards everywhere, not allowed to leave, told when you can eat or drink? I have already told my wife that I will die before I willingly enter a shelter/refugee camp.

          • Jasmine,

            You are spot on correct! The National Defense Resources Preparedness (NDRP) Executive Order pretty much brings everything, and more frighteningly everyone, within the jurisdiction of the U.S. under Homeland Security authority during a national emergency.

            Can you imagine a more frightening scenario than Homeland Insecurity running the Federal Government in the event of a massive decapitation of the national political leadership by an enemy?!?!?!

            These delinquents at DHS cannot even secure the US-Mexico border much less run the entire government, but they’re stockpiling billion of rounds of hollow point ammunition and ordering thousands of M4 machine gun assault rifles. Under the NDRP E.O. The Secretary of Homeland Insecurity would be responsible for reconstituting the national leadership in the event of a national disaster.

            We already know that these people utterly despise the U.S. Constitution and consider patriotic individuals a threat. God only knows what a new federal government under Homeland Insecurity would look like.

            Is it any wonder why retail ammunition and battle rifles like the AR-15 are so scarce today? Americans are instinctively “on edge”, and rightfully so.

            Thanks for the link Jasmine!

            • You have a impossibility in your statement, if things continue to go as they are; No one that “decapitates” a large percentage of our leadership can be considered our enemy.

              • Paranoid, I stand corrected! My post does in fact contain an impossible paradox 🙂


            • You will Know its close and even closer still when you hear from the MSM’s that besides Amnesty-citizenship for all illeagles, they also announce a new project to assimilate spanish speaking mexicans, by teaching them to learn to speak…Yiddish.

            • The AR isn’t a battle rifle, it’s a POS. Get a deer rifle bolt action in a good caliber, or lever action 30-30. No magazines needed.

              • I used the original M-16 in battle and it worked fine for me. The AR 15/M4 is the same weapon and the latest models and configurations are second to none.

                From my cold dead hands.

              • Your suggestion is a good one. The coming conflict will GREATLY benefit from long range, accurate ballistic placement. A “good” scope on a bolt action/lever action “reach out and touch someone” will be a standard for the resistance. “Shoot-N-Scoot”, not my original words, but words I agree with. At least in the “opening confrontation” that will GREATLY DEMORALIZE those idiots that believe THEY will act unopposed!

                There is a very special place in my “preps” and heart for a bolt action 30.06. Excellent range and stopping power. A “tactical scope” with rapid MOA adjustments…literally priceless.

                And what-do-ya-know…”this jewel” doesn’t currently qualify as an “assault rifle.” Further proof that Frickstein et al are agenda driven total idiots.

      9. “As economic conditions around the globe deteriorate and super powers vie for military, political and financial position, governments are increasingly putting their focus on the acquisition of resources.”
        “Countries all over the world, large and small, are racing to get their hands on anything of value,”

        As a prepper I am working to get the resources I need, and obtaining things of value while trading away my soon-to-be worthless dollars.

      10. Greetings All ~

        A little off the subject but kind of related.

        I was in ‘Wally-World’ last night. With the exception of some odd size ammo, most of the ammunition cabinet was empty.

        So I headed to Outdoor World to see about picking up a couple of Ruger 25 round factory magazines for the Ruger 10/22. These are the ones that you can take apart for cleaning. Out of stock. The clerk told me; “Be here when they come in, they’ll be gone within the day.”

        Major ‘holes’ in the long line of display cabinets that usually held 30 + pistols each. Only the ‘culls’ seemed to be left. Big holes on the wall where rifles once hung. No semi-autos left, only bolt guns and lever action. Only long barreled shotguns left.

        THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY .22 CAL. L/R AT ALL ON THE SHELVES!!! A big chain like Outdoor World??? WTF?????

        The ‘pucker-factor’ is at an extremely high level down there on the corner. People in the streets are very apprehensive, they are short tempered and civility seems to be a thing of the past. We are hunkering-down here and trying to stay as close to home as possible.

        God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Last week, at a local gun show, they were selling 525 ct. 22lr shells for 80.00, so we know what we prepped for is rising in value… We are the smart ones, right?

          • Good Lord, are you kidding? I was buying it on sale last summer for 15 dollars for 525 rounds. Wish I had bought more.

            • I wish, but in Jawja, that is what I saw, as crazy as it sounds…. Who,s gonna win????

          • Holy mackeral,Andy!! 80 bucks?!

          • i had to go over to a small farming town near us to haul off some scrap ,i stoped at the hardware store thinking i might get a deal on some ammo ,9mm $57 a box!!! 30 carbine $60 a box

        • No disrespect intended here, but….are you just now noticing this?

          • Those of us who thought ahead and have plenty haven’t paid close attention,smartass

        • I have several Ruger products and magazines have not been available for months…I bought the last 2 25 rd mags in town 3 months ago. I check twice a week and am first on the list to get 5 more.

          Butler Creek makes a 30 rd mag that is just not that good…at least on the Rugers…have also been waiting on ruger pistol mag for months…again first on the list and still waiting. The sob’s are $50 bucks each. 10/22 mags purchased were $22. Don’t know what they will be this time.

          saw some .223/5.56 mags…$90 never paid more than $13.

          Pucker factor is extremely high right now, especially if you live in NY state.

          SGT posted a video of a town meeting in Albany yesterday on his site…you owe it to yourself to race on over and listen to it…bet you can’t listen to it just once.

          If you are not moved by these mens words, you are done.

          I will never surrender my right to bear arms so help me God.

          • Lastmanstanding,

            I watched that a couple of days ago,those men are not going to give up their guns brother. It still looks like NY state will be ground zero for whats coming.. Some of the miltia boyes up there are getting a itchy trigger finger from what I have been able to find out..Also the miltia all over the country is seeing a rise in memebership.
            As far as ammo goes well guess people should have started buying it up a couple yrs ago. Now would be the time to stock piling primers powders,and bullets. Dont worry about brass when the time comes there will be plently laying on the ground…



            • a friend of mine in Minn. sent me an email yesterday that there is a bill HO241 that is worse than the NY bill if you can believe that.


              I posted it on sgt last night and the link showed up. I immediatley tried it and the mn gov site came up but said no bill 241.0 found. Well, I read what he sent me and it is as bad as NY…he also said barry s. is coming to Minn this week…we can keep and eye on it.

              I knew when Minn. elected that commie stewart smalley (franken) to USS that they were fucked.

            • I’m hoping to pick up a couple of the 7000 personal protection weapons that dhs just bought right there with the brass…I hope they are FN SCAR series!

              I have a comment/Minn house bill in moderation that was sent to me yesterday by a friend there…apparently Minn is next…he said barry will be in minn this week to beg for it.

              We’ll see.

              • Yeah, that’s right. If the brownshirts want disarmament then they should start by peaceably laying down those weapons when the call goes out by Constitutional forces. Since the bill for those rifles are on our great, great, great, great, great grandchildrens tab they should be passed down to them as far as we can. The Bill of Rights is for Americans. North Korean DMZ, no mans land, is for the Americants. The Good Lords guidance and blessings to the patriots of the Constitutional Republic.

            • DPS

              I know you will love this, militia is illeagal in NY. Literally forming a group and calling it a milita is against the law, couple of good ol north country boys formed on and they were informed of this by the local leo. I belive they changed the name and went a lil less public. I read the report 3 times laughing at first then almost crying. The good folks here had there first amenedment taken away apparently, the second wont go quite so easy. My family is all through the west and south but as the cards lay NY is my home, i will not run and i will not compromise my rights. Do t give up on us just yet theres many confederate flags flying high up here brother and many many of those scary rifles too!

              • DieselDan,

                No way would ever give uo on ya’ll up there. Sure got lots of folks around these parts about given you boy’s a hand if need be. As soon I found the video of the town meeting I went to work spreading the word brother. Just know we got your backs and most have to scary black rifles..

                NOMI- CATIMF


              • Yo DD –

                The situation ahead isn’t going to work out well or to the benefit of any of us ‘regular-folks’. As the “BEAST” starts to loose control of the situation; so too will the “BEAST” loose control of its own emotions and actions. Our own government will strike out viciously at any amongst us who display the slightest resistance or noncompliance to any of their ‘Imperial Decrees’ regarding the limitation of ANY of our Constitutionally Guaranteed Freedoms and Rights.

                As a people; we are going to have to ‘harden-our-hearts’ in order to face the tribulation headed our way.

                And for those who, just like me, haven’t been able to get their hands on any of the newer Ruger 25 rnd. factory mags that you can disassemble for the 10/22? I have put a lot of rounds through a 10/22 using those Butler Creek 30 round mags. that are currently really getting the ‘bad-mouth’ out there. If they work, then they work great right from the get-go. If they are a piece of crap, you know it the first time you insert the magazine into the rifle. Some work great and some don’t work at all; don’t ask me why, I don’t have a clue. That’s just the way it is. My family and I are going to use what we have rather than pissing-&-moaning about what we don’t have.

                God Bless & good luck to all who post here. Hope to hook-up with everyone there in “Barter-Town” on the far side of the coming storm. Please be well and be very aware of what is happening around you.

                • MAD MARKIE- i have found that mine will eat all the CCI ammo i can feed it . but it won’t take remington .
                  no idea why .

                  as far as this story is concerned i havent seen one reference to the obvious yet. agenda 21 , with monsatan on board now they are gonna ram all things UN down our throats as hard and fast as possible .
                  be vigilante.

              • The South Side boxing club meets every Saturday for games and conditioning. It’s a 15 round match so bring the good stuff.

          • lastmanstanding–I’d like to see that vidoe of the town meeting. How do I get to the site?

            • Cindy…go to the home page here at shtf and scroll down looking at the left side of the page until you get to the web destinations section…in the s’s you will find sgtreport. click on it and you will be there everyday.

              Just scroll down until you find.

              “The People of NY State rise to resist govt tyranny.”

              it is on page 2…lots of other good stuff as well.

              Bet you listen to it more than once.

              • I know I lsten to it several times



                • Eric is outstanding…thanks Cindy. God bless you.

          • For me, it’s strictly a practical thing. The question I must have answered is “What do you have in mind that you insist I cannot be able to resist?”

          • I have to admit that Gimmie Shelter playing underneath the dialogue raised some goose bumps on my arms.

        • For you Glock 17ers

          Go to Keltec site

          They are selling GLK17 9mm 10 round mags for 22.45 direct plus ship charges..for the sub 2000..or anY GLK17 pistols

          Bought 4 in the last 2 weeks.
          Have to check daily when they are in stock..order immediately ..they run out fast!
          Also..for you HIPOINT 40CAL carbine owners..
          S&W 40 CAL MAGS..10RNDS..selling for stock!

          Ruger 10/22 mags..forget it!
          Ruger 10/22 rifles..none!
          Ruger SR22 pistol mgs..none!
          Ruger SR22 PISTOLS..none!
          22 lr 525 bulk packs..none!
          9mm Luger brass rounds..none!
          40 cal s&w brass..none!

          This is nationwide folks..

          If you find a sight..please post.

          • @hamilcar

            Today I bought an Aimpoint PRO Red-dot sight for an AR from SKDTactical. I haven’t received shipping confirmation since it’s Sunday, but my order went through. I checked Midway and they won’t have any until the end of March.

          • Yesterday I saw that Brownell’s will let you backorder Beretta high capacity magazines. Prices weren’t crazy bad. Also, they had 400 rounds of 5.56, Lake City, for about $180 and it was in stock. Tracers, though. Bad for practice, fire starters.

            • obtuse- stay away from those tracers , if you call them they will tell you they are from the eighties , CTD has the same crap.

          • The only place in America I can find .22lr is gunbroker at 80-150% premiums. 9mm is out there, but hit and miss, and quantity restrictions. Shotgun ammo will be next.

        • MadMarkie Greetings,

          There are TONS of ammo and guns available. We only have to go to the auction sites to find them. I don’t like it, it’s the pinnacle of price gouging, but that’s the way it is. I’d be willing to bet even money that most of the new product being shipped from ammo and weapon factories are being routed to the auction sites.

          I’m not currently in the market, but when a Colt 6920 AR-15 is selling for more than $2,100 that sold for $950 late last year, and none are to be found in the retail locations, I say something smells wrong.

          • Looks like retail prices on what new stock is arriving is going up, too. Shop I go to had some new Beretta 92FS’s and they were up about $80 over what they were a month ago. They guys there are straight shooters, pun intended, and said the supplier was charging them more and they had to pass on the increase. Same seems to be happening with ammo.

            • Obtuseangler,

              >>”Looks like retail prices on what new stock is arriving is going up…”<<

              Absolutely! Not just a local phenomena, it's everywhere.

              In 2008 I bought a new FN Five-Seven pistol for $850 dollars along with CMMG 10 round magazine extensions for $5 each to convert the standard 20 round mags to 30. Today they're selling used for $1900+ and $30+ respectively. They have become somewhat less popular because, (a) the 5.7x28mm ammo is impossible to find, (b) when you find it on the auction sites, it sells for $1.50 per round. It's crazy. That's about the same price as Match grade 168gr .308 Winchester ammo. That's why I reload. Just 6 months ago the same ammo was $20 for 50 rounds.

              If Barry does an end run around Congress and issues an Executive Order to ban the guns and mags, prices will go up even more I presume.

      11. I’m sure there just collecting it all so they can help us when we really need it, kind of like The Red Cross. Call it “The Red Hammer and Sickle and Star.”

      12. Many things pertaining to basic infrastructure and technology are simply not made here.. anywhere here, anymore. The list is very long.. but for starters, those big transformers that keep our power on, to my knowledge, are only manufactured outside the country, mainly in China. Something as simple as a printed circuit board, which is used in some fashion in virtually every piece of electronic equipment, although still made here in relative abundance, all use RAW materials only made outside the country.. again, primarily China. The FR4 material and many other substrates are only produced in other countries now. Our leaders have screwed us pretty good.. but China has screwed us even better.. even in a lot ( a LOT ) of our key military hardware, there are fake Chinese components populating the circuit boards.. do they have a built in “back door” ? An internal “kill switch” ? Hidden algorithms ?

        • I bet the fuse panel at this years Superbowl was made in China too. 34 min black out due to cheep ass chinese made electrical crap.

        • You are exactly right, I work for a printed circuit board assembly shop.

      13. What’s worst, Nationalizing a resource and reducing it’s output or letting a foreign owned company in to extract every last drop of the resource, destroy the environment, give token royalties to the corrupt government and then sell that resource on the world market and screw the people of the nation where that resource came from. If drill baby drill happened here in the USA our gas prices would not go down, availability would not go up. There has to be a better way. I’m not for nationalizing any industry nor am I for globalization of our natural resources. I need a third or fourth option.

        • Do like me–solar for power and wood
          for heat and hot water

          • Scott my man, what type solar cell do you prefer? I’m just barely into solar but looking to expand and would like to get off the grid.

            I’ve got a couple small solar battery tenders for the lawnmower and the Hog. I try to keep my two deep cell marine batteries charged with a 50 watt panel but it is very slow. I only discharge to about 11.45 volts and use them to power a fan near the woodstove to push warm air to the back rooms.

            I’m in the process of getting set to build a passive solar water heating system for use in the home to use year round.

            Any ideas are welcome.

        • Watch what happens with the “new” secretary of state Kerry (Long devil). He said two of his priorities were gonna be Iran and Gobal Climate Change. It seems as though the torch has been passed down from not only billery but also Gore. Not many gonna take his (gore’s) sorry ass seriously since the huge windfall of selling to Al jazzera and making millions.

          But watch as Longdevil brings a lot of things in to US gov/TPTB control under the “banner” of Global Climate Change. They are so deceptive and slippery like a sneaky snake charming the masses. It will happen.

      14. Went to the gun show in Cedar Rapids Iowa Friday night…they have one about every month. The place was packed the moment they opened at 5pm. But here is the deal, at least here in Iowa. There are plenty of guns between the gun shows and websites like and, but no one was buying any guns at the gun show and there were lots of guns. The ammo tables had 4-5 people deep all around them all night and also the accesories tables. I was surprised to see as much ammo as I did and it was ridiculously high in price. One dealer told me “I hate it as much as you do, I don’t know when I can replenish my supply. I shot over 25,000 rounds in competition this last year and now I don’t know what I am going to do. I am being told by distributors and manufacturers that supply won’t go back to normal for two years”
        I think he is full of poo poo cause he wants to make more moeny as fast as possible….good ole supply and demand lies to support peoples greed….capitalism hijacked! Then I got home after spending more moeny then I should of and found these sites and

        Anyway just a little info from East Central Iowa

      15. KY: Calling BS on that old UN story. Alright, for the last time-I hope. Per Article 2, Sec. 2 of the Constitution the President can’t sign any treaty without the approval of a 2/3s majority in the Senate. For those of you that are bad at math, that’s 67 Sentaors. Those idiots Feinstein and Schumer haven’t even got enough votes in the Senate for the current gun banning bullshit, and they need only a simple majority. That’s only 51 for the math challenged. Now how in the hell is anyone going to get a total ban run through where 67 votes are needed when they can’t yet muster even 51? And no, to you super-conspriacy theorists; there’s no such thing as a special/secret provision/law anywhere that lets the President sign away any of our rights to the UN or to anyone else. And this UN crap has been going on since at least 1997, and again for the math deficient, that’s 26 years (more than 1/4 of a century). So no sane/intelligent person would believe that this is an imminent threat coming at us at warp speed.

        • Again you demean, degrade and insult a person’s post. Why don’t you offer up something informative for a change? Let’s not forgot Obamacare was passed using reconciliation in the Senate and it certainly did not have 67 votes.

          • Wolf359,

            What happened to the repost? And tell us what State.

            • Sorry, I didn’t repost it on this article. I did on the previous article though. It’s the dystopian People’s Republic of Massachusetts.

          • Wolf359: I just did; I called BS on the zombie rumor that won’t die about the UN gun grab. You are a truly a marvel of nature. To be alive without a functioning brain! Obama care was a NATIONAL law that needed only a simple majority (51)in the Senate and a simple majority (218) in the House. I was talking about treaties which are INTERNATIONAL laws that only require the approval of the Senate. These two different types of laws that are covered by two different sections of the Constitution. You and the other ‘thumbs downs’ folks have got to be some of the dumbest sons-of-bitches ever! You don’t even know the difference between local laws and international ones, nor anything about the Constitution. I’m willing to bet that none of you clowns have even read the Constitution. If you could read above the 5th grade level, yeah I know, it was the “Senior Year” for all of you, you could get a copy of the Constitution and figure out which parts cover which laws as I’ve just outlined here and in my first posting. But being inbred ‘tards’ it looks like it’s ‘mission impossible’ for you and the and the other Bubbas. If you all remain this stupid how will you ever make enough money to finally move out of your single-wides and into that little slice of heavan know as a double-wide?

            • More useless drivel from you. And as always it’s insulting and without merit. Your not worthy of this site you should move on.

              I forgot you were such a staunch constitutionalist and you have studied it so in depthly you discovered all the FF were atheists who rejected Christian Philosophy and didn’t use it in the framing of the Constitution.

              And now you’ve made another Constitutional discovery.

              Apparently in your indepth analysis you discovered the Progressive left(Obama and Reid) are Constitutional lovers themselves and have always follwed the constitution and will in the future use the constitution and not attempt to circumvent it to forward they’re globalist Marxist cause.

              I tip my hat to you again good sir. You have proven all of us lowly plebians are just too stupid to understand on our own and we need your infinite wisdom to guide us through.

              • Pssst, Wolf359….

                How about a quick check of the US Constitution, Article 2, Section 2:

                “He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…”

                • “[T]wo thirds of the Senators PRESENT,” which means they could possibly vote a treaty valid with less than half the senators. They just have to have the vote late at night or some other odd time when the right senators happen to be present and most of the opposition is absent.

                  You have to read every single word.

                  • Archivist: Yes, you’re correct. Article 2, Sec. 2 of the Constitution does say that. But then again most Senators are there, or near by when the Senate is in session. It wouldn’t be just a handful of Senators. All votes are usually published ahead of time. Besides, each Senator has a group of staffers that are always buzzing around the Capitol Building even when their bosses are not there to keep an eye on things. Now some conspriacy theorist might say that a secret cabal would call back only the friendly Seantors to get something passed when the Senate was in recess. That might make for a good novel or movie but that’s just not reality, but rather more like some super-paraniod bullshit. It hasn’t happened in over 200 years to my knowledge. And if it ever did, that would be the beginning of the end for sure. A move like that in the Senate would signal that democracy was dead and replaced by totalitarianism. It would be Game On!

                  • Archivist, technically, you’re correct. But do you know how hinkey that would be to pull off? Too many Congressional leaders have secondary residences in the DC metro area for Congress to be in session with a quorum of 51 Senators. Of course if there was something sinister being planned, an epidemic or some type of an uprising that might influence attendance, then a session was called to order, I suppose we could see history in-the-making. Wow. But so far nothing like that has ever occurred. But I’ve learned to never say never….

              • Wolf359: Hey pal, those things you call drivel are called facts and facts are they part of what we grownups call reality. You don’t have to like facts but they exist and if you ignore some of the for too long, they will bite you in your ass-hard! Ignoring reality is what children and mentally imbalanced do. What I quoted now at least two times before can be found in the Constituition of the United States; specifically Articles 1 and 2. Whether the FFs were Christians is irrelivant to the formation of our form of government. The FFs were also scholars of the classics and of other great thinkers like Hume and Locke. These are where they got their ideas for our Republic, not the Bible. There are no Bible passages in Constitution, no mention of Jesus, or God, or any diety for that matter. That makes our form of government a secular one. All that means is that we are not bound by any single church doctrine. The First Amendment gives everyone the right to practice whatever religion they wish, or not to practice at all. Our forebears we forced to practice and support the church of their country whether believed in it or not when they were in Europe. Even today, many european countries including GB, Germany, and many of the scandinavian countries tax their citizens to support the states’ churches. We don’t because our glorious Constitution forbids the government from interfering with each individual’s right to worship as they see fit. And no, you don’t need my wisdom as you put it, you need to learn to read and get your own, or we’re all F*cked! When we crash we don’t need a bunch of illiterate clowns trying to put it back together again if they can’t even read the instructions. If you and the others don’t wise up soon you’ll be just as big a threat to people like me as a hard-core one-world communist would be. And we will take you out the same. We won’t have time for morons during the chaos following a collapse, because you’ll just get in our way and slow us down.

                • Gregory8,

                  Again you offer up nothing but classless ignorance.

                  I could argue with you all day that the sky is blue but if you don’t look up and see for yourself then what’s the point. Your cemented in arrogant ignorance.

                  You repeatedly post insulting and negative comments. Nothing I’ve read by you has ever been constructive to anybody. Your conduct is disgusting.

                  Your just a bitter old man.

                  Good luck living alone for the rest of your sad pathetic existence.

                • Endowed by our CREATOR.

            • Hey, watch it–I lived in a single-wide for 5 years.

            • Gregory8..I hope You aint no Math teacher?…better RECHECK that Math deficieny of Yours! from 1997 to 2013 is NOT 26 yrs…I will Tell you what the correct answer is so you do not Fry yourt angry brain…Ready Gregory?….Here it is…16 not 26 yrs just 16 yrs…

              ps You are welcome.

              • AM: You got me. I admit, I was a little tired and my math brain short-circuited on that one pal. Still, 16 years is not what anyone would call an imminent threat, now is it. Among all of my wonderful attributes, I think humility is one of my best. I can admit when I’m wrong. And no, I’m no math teacher. My degrees are in Business and Political Science. But my math is usually pretty good. It was good enough to allow me to retire at 56 with nice pension and fat brokerage account to boot. This was due to my fantastic ability to accurately predict certain economic events. I escaped both the 2000 dotcom bubble and the housing/stock market crash of 2007-2008. I actually made money during those downturns while friends and co-workers lost their shirts. I warned them but no one listened until it was too late. Some of them would have been millionaiers today had they listened to me. I could go on but my humility simply won’t allow me. Good day sir. By the way, just how did you do during each of those sad little events? Well I hope!

                • Gregory8,

                  How many times are you going to proclaim how rich and smart you are? You somehow think by posting online anonymously how fantastic you are and how mentally retarded everybody else is that it’s a matter of fact.

                  Well in my experience and I’m sure most others here can attest that when a person like you constantly braggs about their conquests, accolades, savy business deals and vast wealth it’s more than heavily embellished.

                  You use these tall tales to build yourself up high and then you look down on everybody else and throw insults, belittle and demean them.

                  I’m calling BS on you. You’re a fraud, a phony, a story teller. More than likely you were forced out at 56. Bought out just to rid you from the company working environment. You’re toxic personality was a detriment to the business. They needed you gone and were probably willing to pay you good riddance.

                  Lastly if you are part of a group and you conduct yourself there like you do here you should be careful. You’re cancerous personality and attitude will most likely will see you expelled or worse when the shtf.

                  • Wolf359: No, I was asked to stay but I’d made enough money to leave and do the things I wanted to do. Staying longer at the job doesn’t add any years of life at the other end. Only a fool, or poor planner, stays until he’s forced to retire. Bitter; I couldn’t be happier because I get to do whatever I wish and have the time, money, and health to do it. I do cross fit training, swimming, and biking to stay in shape. I belong to private gun range to keep my skills sharp. I travel frequently and volunteer my time and money to help the less fortunate. And I especially enjoy correcting ignorant fools who believe every peice of unsubstantiated garbage that comes across the internet that feeds their personal paranoid delusions. Life is truly wonderful!

          • Wolf, don’t you understand the difference between a UN treaty becoming US law and basic US legislation that was brought to Congress?

            Gregory8 is correct. Any treaty requires 2/3 majority in the Senate. Obama threatened to sign the Kyoto treaty ‘into law’ when he was first annointed and several Senators reminded him that he could not sign a treaty into law without Senate approval by 2/3.

            For any UN treaty to become law and bypassing Congress, it would be treasonous. We would then be in a true state of WROL and the first person to be tried would be a President for attempting to subvert the Constitution.

            • Zoltanne,

              I know and understand constitutional law. But since when does Obama and other leftist Marxists care about the constitution? To them it’s an impediment and needs to be circumvented.

              Why did Obama within hours of re election did he call to have the UN small arms treaty voted on?

              Remember obamacare and NDAA? Both are flagrant violations of the constitution yet both are now law.

              So when I see Obama looking to limit our constitutional rights I pay attention and am not so quick to dismiss it.

              I certainly dont insult and belittle others as Gregory8 does in every single post of his.

              Look at how we are having a debate. Its respectful as it should be. We can convey our positions politely with out the use of insults. I think that’s what the majority of us here want to do right?

              • Wolf, I was correcting your error. I’m not going to get involved with your personal spat with Gregory8.

                Your other questions, rhetorical or not, I won’t argue with except to once again point out that the NDAA and Obamacare legislation you mention is not based upon any treaty. That was my original issue and you simply cannot compare unconstitutional Congressional legislation to treaty-based legislation.

                • Z,

                  You said “unsontitutional congressional law”.

                  Keyword is unconstitutional. What makes you think they all of sudden they will abide by constitutional law when it comes to treaties?

                  So I find it justifiable to be concerned if they’re even plotting a treaty to circumvent the constitution. Don’t you?

                  In your own words they’re guilty of passing unconstitutional laws so why so quick to dismiss it in a potential treaty? You should be just as concerned.

            • Z,

              Follow my back and forth with G8. I wasnt debating constitutionality. I was debating his deplorable conduct. Go and look through every article up. All he does is throw insults at people and demean them. I’ve read your posts and you dont treat others like that. You offer up constructive iinformation for people to enlighten themselves with as I try and do..
              G8 does not. Anything he posts comes with a negative connation. He doesnt try and buildup. He just looks to tear people down. Hes a bully and needs to be discredited for his insulting conduct.

              • WOLF – i am with you on this one ,obama is a die hard fcist and the constitution means nothing to him , only his agenda’s.
                he has alot of help subverting the constitution and i am sure that he will at least try some kind of “back door” approach on the gun treaty.
                as Z stated it is treasonous , but obama plays the old “legislate thru regulation ” game , so watch that ball instaed .

                • Hammerhead,

                  Exactly. The Globalist Marxist machine is working around the clock on all fronts to discredit, diminish and destroy the Constitution. Both here at home with Progressive policies and abroad through institutions like the UN and it’s Agenda 21.

              • Wolf, Some of us have our own personal trolls or people we personally don’t like (or can’t stand). I’m not The Mac or any sort of moderator and won’t get involved except about the factual info. Have at it for all I care, I know how to ignore stuff that doesn’t interest me. But could you remember to note the differences that come with the threat of legislation from a treaty? There are plenty of readers here who don’t know a treaty is handled differently and you could give them that fact.

                • Z,

                  The last thing I was doing was litigating the text of the Constitution. If you read all the posts I was condemning his disrespectful and bullying behavior. If you saw someone at the bank, grocery store, coffee shop would you sit idly by and witness someone be berated like that? I personally can’t stand bullies and If I see one I call them out.

                  Again if you look at all my posts I made it distinctively clear I was not arguing constitutional law. I simply stated with examples the Progressive Left does not care at all about the Constitution.

                  Since when does Obama try and adhere to our constitutional laws?

                  IMHO he attempts to work around it and subvert it with every ounce of his being. It stands in his way.

                  Am I completely wrong with the perspective?

            • Gregory8,

              Ignorant fool I am not. My posts prove that. And I’m sure you can see that if you put all the insults aside. My main issue with you has always been your demeaning comments towards others. If you respond as you dId In your previous post you will wIn more people to your side and strengthen your cause.

              If what you say about yourself is true then kudos to you and wouldn’t you agree that you would nver have found success in business and In life if you treated others the way you do here? You volunteer to help people who can’t help themselves. So why not try and help people here and be informative and constructive? All of us are here because we have a common trait that links us. We are the few who see through the BS of the world around us and are preparing ourselves family and friends for the eventual disruption of our way of life. Everyone here sees it and everyone here is trying to improve our positions to not only survive but thrive.

              Our Republic depends on US.

        • Since when does Dumbo care about the constitution.

          • Whenever he needs to wipe his feet.

        • The current politicians in USA think “Constitution, Smonstitution. We know best.

        • Doesnt NDAA through executive action suspend habeus corpus?

          Seems to me that is an end around the Constitution.

          But you know better right?

        • Greg, Did you mean to say 16 years or 1987?

      16. As the population continues to increase everybody is going to need something. It might be cheaper energy sources, clean water, wood and wood products, especially food and that means arable land. I think that very few people realize just how tiny the amount of land you can grow food on is. The United States has the most arable land of any country, yet has ONLY the size of Alaska in which crops can be grown on. South Korea for example has ONLY the size of Connecticut to grow food for a population of almost 50 million. China will need more land more to feed their people as they ONLY have the size of California and Texas to feed 1.34 billion people. Anyone say Australia for future Chinese NEEDS.

        Too often people look out and they think they see the vastness of the land, but don’t understand that the planet is quite small and has very limited resources. Most fresh water is locked up in ice, or in areas that have over abundance of water, in the atmosphere, or in groundwater. Water weighs 8.33 pounds per gallon and is expensive to haul to areas that need it, which cost energy and manpower.

        Countries are scrambling to get what they can. The United States is at the breadbasket of the latitudes and the U.S. is always a future target for world powers that need resources. Then these anti-gun psychos want to take away the U.S populations’ firearms, all the while countries like China and Russia salivate at the idea of the assault rifle being banned.

        The real danger I feel is Mother Nature. One can look at the fossils throughout history and the one single extinct ending reason for all those washed up bones and dead plant species is disease. The worst enemy of people is not people, but the germ. Each new hovel that pops up in a warm, moist, dirty, filthy, and unsanitized area grows the chance that some antibiotic resistant bacteria or super fast moving super virus is going to explode and look for all new hosts. People take for granted that modern medicine can solve any plague, and this is not the case.

        Agriculture plagues occur all the time, and it takes time before some sort of cure can be developed. With modern air travel a super virus could infect most of the world within a couple of weeks, no one could come up with a vaccine by then and all anti-viral drugs could be useless against something like this. They have for example given the strogest anti-viral drugs against Ebola patients and it did little to no good. People think that at worst a virus might kill up to 10% of the population, yet many viruses have a fatality rate of more than 30%. You get something that is as contagious and durable in the air as smallpox with a fatality rate of Marburg or Ebola, you have basically just ended the human civilization as we know it.

        Another thing people don’t think much about is what happens when the population cannot keep the modern world running like it should. There are 400+ nuclear reactors around the world that must be maintained. What happens to these nuke plants if most or everybody is too sick or dying to keep these plants from going into meltdown? What about the grid itself? Again without regular maintenance things fail and getting them back up and running is very difficult when it is very widespread.

        So much of the masses is totally oblivious to just how frail everything is and how the lack of regular uptake will cause everything to fall down like a house of cards. It is not just the blackout of the grid after an EMP for example. It is getting everything fixed and repaired which will require transportation that will likely mostly suffer the same fate as the grid. The more extensive the SHTF event is, the more difficult to bring it back to its original state of working. The further an event sets everything back to scratch, the more time and effort the recovery will be.

        The masses don’t get it, they just assume everything is too far technologically advanced to be vulnerable, yet all these dominoes that fall have actually made human civilization more likely to premanently collapse after a true SHTF event. I guess that is why they call the masses sheeple, I call them self absorped androids.

        • There are thousands of acres of farmland laying fallow just in upstate NY!

        • We need massive population control. I pray for an extinction level event.

          • Oh yeah, troll? To what do you pray?


          • ground zero your place? sure lets get the party started

      17. Wow, I really disagree with you’ll about this one! Some guy (forgot name) said the Revolution will come through the Internet. While its true we will never win this fight battling separately, when we “put out shoulders to the wheel” we can do ANYTHING. The state of Utah said they will not enforce Obama’s illegal ban on guns. Several sheriff organizations throughout the U.S. are making similar pledges. Many sheriffs plan to put their lives on the line to enforce the 2nd. amendment. All it takes is us citizens to join in. And our military men are leaving in droves when asked if they would fire on U.S. citizens who refused to disarm. True– the pigs can bring in foreign troops. But when a people (and their military men) are fighting in DEFENSE of their country, that gives them an edge. What the pigs are doing (Feinstein and other traitors) amounts to TREASON!!! Listen to Anonymous’ last video- answer to Obama’s gun grab plans

        • Cindy,

          I hate to break your heart but the video you are talking about was not put out by Anonymous. They have even denied it if you watch the real anonymous videos you can tell its not them. Many try and copy anon. but few few have succeeded. Keep on your path for the truth, you might just find it..



        • So far these states join Utah in beginning legislation to not enforce this administration’s illegal ban on guns:
          Texas, Wyoming, South Carolina, Mississippi, Missouri, Tennessee, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Pa, Virginia, Washington, Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan

          “Peace is that brief glorious moment in history when everybody stands around reloading.”

          • JayJay: are they Passing state LAWS?…Or just simple “resolutions” cause resolutions are really no more than what we call an Opinion basically.

            A resolution that says stuf like, It being the sense of the house or senate to disagree with this or that plan etc etc….That is only talk that sounds swell but carrys zero weight.

            Do you know what if any yet has been actual state laws pased and signed by state govner?…Thats what will work!

            Then each state legislators and Govner Must re establish citizen militias to Defend them laws. And yes its all 100% legit and us const supported…IE: Read Edwin Vieras massive works/books on militias etc.

            • I think Ive seen all or most all of these listed states plus a few on the list ive seen requesting “language” for “bills”(laws) to block gungrabbing….to boot most all listed are on the list of states refusing to impliment obarrycare…just thought Id throw that out there.

      18. Problem is, there are many who yearn for this type of control, not just politicians, but uninformed voters also.

      19. Remember, Traitor Feinstein isn’t proposing a ban on ONE gun. She’s proposing a ban on HUNDREDS of guns. That is in DIRECT VIOLATION of the second amendment! we just need to get the word out! On this one show I saw, where Jessie Ventura was debating Pierce Morgan, he asked the audience if they disagreed with his points or supported them. EVERYONE in the whole audience agreed with Jessie Ventura except one person! The pigs may pretend most people want a gun ban but don’t believe anything the prostitute media says. JUST GET THE WORD OUT..

      20. Gayest shit ever!

        Anyone watching this head fag ref in the Super Bowl?

        Gayest shit ever.

      21. Fish Farms !

        My advice to those worried about dimishing resources is if you have the means, it is not cheap; start a fish farm. You can do it almost anywhere in the US if you can afford it, and it’ll pay off as food becomes more scarce. Of course, that’s assuming the govt doesnt take it over for you.


        • Cindy you can be assured we are not singling you out. Your comment is up. We have an automated moderation queue for users not recognized by the system in order to help us prevent spam.


      23. One only needs to look at the globe and see where the US is putting and increasing it’s footprint to realize the validity of this.

        It’s so convenient for “terrorists” to just happen to go to nations with strategic location or resources to plan their nefarious attacks upon us. We’re surrounding China and putting US and allied troops in Africa on top of resources of value.

        Ray Charles can see this game plan.

      24. I went to a gun show in Memphis today and bought the very last box of .22LR, CCI AR Tactical 40-grain, box of 375 rounds, for $43.00. The last 525-round box of .22 i bought around election Day was only $24.95. Out of 5 ammo vendors at the show, only 1 had any .22LR left and i almost got into a fight with one guy who had already bought 4 bricks of .22 and tried to get the one I was after. most other calibers were already sold out as well. If what KY Mom said about the UN treaty is true, then it looks like March-April will be party time. Braveheart

      25. Looking at the big picture, nationalization of resources has been done as a way to steal the nations’ resources and passes them into the hands of multi-trillionaires.

        It’s nothing new for Socialist/communist countries to nationalize resources/assets; they have been doing this for decades.

        For example, apprx. in 2011 Argentina’s president declared independence from Great Britain, and she immediately nationalized all the country’s assets, including the assets of the private oil corporations from Britain, Spain, etc… She paid them pennies on the dollar.

        That’s how they steal assets from other countries. 🙁

        After the cabal nationalized foreign countries’ assets, they deducted any loans that your politicians claim to have paid for their war or wars that killed our loved ones and destroyed many countries.

        Casey Research: “There’s a Nationalization of Global Resources Occurring Now”.

        Really!!! No one’s surprised at all by this action.

        • N. Korea took down the Lenin, Bolshevik and Stalin statues, and anything that related to these revolutionary leaders. It was in only one media outlet Last month and it did not tell why.

          General Ramsey and Britain’s PM Cameron, etc… do not believe a country like N. Korea’s so poor and does not know how to feed their small population, but

          — it can make advanced missiles and nuclear weapons.
          — it also knows how to send them across continents,
          — and into space to threaten the USA.
          — YET China’s continental ballistic missiles are not even close to the US’s technology.

          I wonder who is helping N.Korea or did the testing and wants to destroy the USA?

          Or even wants to start WWIII?

          North Korea does not have that kind of technology, so who gave it to them???????

          Hmmmmmmm, another Arms race to destroy many countries’ economy. In the past, it has destroyed economy of some nations, such as the USA, USSR in 1991, etc… 🙁

          • people do not believe Putin wants another arms race, because he wants to build his legacy.

            Hopefully, Putin does not buy into his liberal rightman and his liberal cabinet.


            BTW, JOHN KERRY (D) NEVER HAS BEEN A CONSERVATIVE as the media or some propagandists aka experts are trying to say he is. They lie, period!


            • Sorry, I mean to say …..

              Hopefully, Putin does NOT buy into his liberal rightman’S and his liberal cabinet’s ADVICE.


              God Bless!

          • Check Isrealis since thats who stole or was given usa nuke tech or Both, and transfered it to their bolshe pals in Russia back in the 1940’s-50’s eras.

      26. Who out there is suspicious of the power outage at the Superbowl, could it be some sort of foreign cyber attack?

        Very soon North Korea is likely to test another nuke, watch the USGS for a very shallow earthquake to varify this. Anything over about a 5.6 would be a hydrogen bomb test. What better way of blaming North Korea for the Superbowl power outage on a cyber attack. maybe it was China, they don’t like football. Is this possible? Sure seems strange, it could be a coincidence, ir maybe not? What do you all think out there?

        • From what I have seen lately…..More likely an incompetent American.

          • That and low quality, cheap ass chinese manufactured electrical equipment, installed by the lowest bidder using illegal labor.

        • Feb 16. Watch and see…

      27. Chris Kyle, my newest fallen hero. 160, one shot, one kill to protect our troops. Good for you. Go Navy…

        • Our troops invade peoples countries to steal their natural resources. Chris Kyle is a cold blooded murderer. Do you have any idea what snipers do to people in real life? You need reeducation.

          • Eisenkreutz,

            Have you gone completely sideways? Chris Kyle is a Patriot. The majority of our Armed Forces, an important part of the strength of this nation, will keep their Oaths. It doesn’t help to flail against the strength of the Patriots needed to break tyranny’s back. Your starting to sound like a Jane Fonda jerkoff spitting on and cursing Vietnam Veterans calling them ‘baby killers’. Get your shit together.

            • Vietnam Veterans were baby killers. You need to learn about the atrocities the United States has committed and the real motivations behind every war we have fought, instead of brainlessly supporting this big killing big war big military bible thumping chest bumping neocon propaganda nonsense.

              • Wow Eisenkreutz,

                Mommy better make sure you stick to Sponge Bob Square Pants and Barney the Purple Dinosaur. Too many episodes of Road Runner or Tom and Jerry would get you the PTSD.

              • Son, we live in a world that has walls, and those walls have to be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it? You? You, Eisenkreutz? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for babies overseas, and you curse Chris Kyle. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That wars, while tragic, probably saved lives. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, saves lives. You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about on CNN, you want me on that wall, you need me on that wall. We use words like honor, code, loyalty. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it. I would rather you just said thank you, and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a weapon, and stand a post. Either way, I don’t give a damn what you think you are entitled to.

                • key words “gaurding”, not “invading”. the wars are wrong and the deployed soldiers are not brave heros.

                • The United States is an international terrorist. Our world doesnt have walls. We invade peoples countries, steal from them, and kill them. Stop with the bullshit lie that the military plays a defensive role, or that I in any way need you meatheads for anything, or that youre anything more noble than hired killers or a tax burden. What we need is a world where all the citizens have guns and the governments have no guns.

            • We are well into gray area here. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed to accurately judge the situation.

              Does “Just following orders” negate right vs wrong? Or does it negate right vs wrong only when it happens to other nationalities and races?

              What did Chris Kyle know? Who would have been threatened by his knowledge? Did he participate in something that “they” wanted silenced? Is this merely another salvo in the gun control battle? Perhaps a way to try and get the armed forces more on board with the legislation because it “happened to one of their own”?

              Too many questions and not enough answers. I can’t say that Kyle was a hero, but I can’t say he isn’t either. I’d really like more facts on this.

              The one thing I can say is that this is very suspicious.

              • Agree, very suspicious..seems to be following a trend lately too..many decorated vets coming up dead,,accidents, suicide..killings..LEO actions,etc..

              • False flag.

              • Daisy–left out the obvious.
                A message to other snipers/seals/authors??

                • Klintoncide PartII. The Dead Body List…..Continues.

              • Assassins are usually taken out by their employers for their protection. Now define an assassin.

          • E…I recommend that you get to your farm and get grounded.

            Nothing you can do about our govt. They use our troops for whatever the bankers tell them.

            I learned long ago that to survive you must put yourself in a good place…time to be a farmer.

            then again, that might not even be enough.

            • Speaking about farmers; the Pigskin Bowl commercials were just ok. But my favorite was the voice of Paul Harvey about God made farmers and it was great. I never really cared for Dodge trucks until i drove a new 4500 Power Ram last year hauling Christmas trees, and that baby was a smooth driving hoss mule of a truck. Anyways, I have a new appreciation for Dodge Ram trucks because of this commercial. Thank God for farmers (and gardeners).

              • As if anyone cares; I would have rather watched 15 more minutes of the Dorito eating goat, than the 15 minutes of Beyonce’ strutting her sluttiness across the stage. What has come to the world, to glorify such a slut of a so-called singer as her. Madonna is just as much a slut an sadist, but she can at least sing, and her songs, for the most part, sound like music.

          • Get your shit together.

      28. what do I watch on Feb 16th

        • Wait and see. I hope I’m wrong.

          • Feb 15 there is an asteroid fly by. It measures half a football field and moving at a few miles a second. It will pass only.17000 miles from earth. It’s about as close as you get with out a hit and inside many satellites in orbit. If it were to hit it wouldn’t be an extinction level impact but if it splashed in an ocean there would be massive tidal waves. It could also airburst like the Tunguska Event in Siberia. That would be the equivalent of a few hydrogen bombs going off and leveling a few hundred square miles. The experts say it will miss us but who really knows what to believe coming from our government.

        • @ quick. Feb. 16th was the birthday of that funny looking dead ex leader of North Korea, Kim Jong II. What Ted Kennedy is saying that North Korea will probably plan some sort of world news event for that day. Since North Korea is a day ahead of most people in the world, including the U.S. that day would be Feb. 15th for most of us, or one week from Friday. I am going to carefully watch the USGS for precursor earthquakes as I always do, but also for any very shallow seismic action in North Korea. Anything in the high 4 range would be another 10-20 KT test, Himoshima size. Anything in the middle to high 5 range or higher is likely a hydrogen bomb test. A H-bomb test that was successful would be a big step up for North Korea and a huge news event.

      29. Macho macho men…hey while the gun control issue is stealing the show, let’s not forget to address the huge health care regulations! It’s going to have a devastating effect on the economy! Someone suggested if we all cancelled our insurance policies now it might get a point across.

        And Chris Kyle? I read there was a $80,000.00 price on his head…

        • 80K fiat. Is that all?

        • seems odd all the current deaths of decorated vets..

          • Decorated for murdering people.

        • I believe patriots have common ground and agreement in the Constitutional Republic. Nearly the entire Bill of Rights have been usurped and we are under a declared soft tyranny. The trick is, how do we restore the Rule of Constitutional Law and the Founders Republic? What means are available to these ends? If the usurpers deny us equitable means to elections, to order violence against the people to seize upon their property by bureaucratic proxy, to deny Habeas Corpus by indefinite detentions, and by assassinations, what are the rules of engagement to be used by the Sons and Daughters of Liberty?

      30. The “low hanging fruit” principle describes the simple fact that people and businesses acquire the easiest to find, least expensive, most profitable “things” first and leave the difficult to find, expensive, least profitable “things” for later.

        This applies to things that are mined like iron ore, gold, silver, copper, phosphorous, oil, natural gas, and uranium to name a few. This is why it keeps getting more and more expensive to acquire these things. Even with improved technology, we still pay more and more, and often times the new technology itself makes it more expensive to acquire “things”.

        The growth of the cost to acquire things has been demonstrated to be a compound growth curve.

        Here is an example: In 1930 we only spent the equivalent of one barrel worth of energy to get back 100 barrels. But we soon discovered that this cost was increasing at a 3% compound rate of growth. And since a 3% rate of growth causes the cost to double every 23.3 years, in the 1950’s it took the equivalent of the energy in 2 barrels of oil to get back 100. So who noticed the small increase from 1 to 2 except for a few engineers, accountants, and geologists in the oil industry. The next doubling took us up to spending the equivalent of 4 barrels of energy to get back 100, and the next doubling took us up to 8 barrels of energy to get back 100. Every time the cost increased that left less oil energy to fuel our economy. Today we are at about an average of 11 barrels of energy spent to get back 100 barrels of oil. Up until recently this dirty little secret of exponential growth was hidden because we kept producing more oil each year, so that make up for the energy lost in increased cost, and still left enough to fuel an expanding economy.

        If you think of this as a clock and set 12:00 as the time that we are forced to spent the energy of 100 barrels of oil to get back 100 barrels then 11:00 would place us at 50 barrels spent, 10:00 would put us at 25 barrels spent, 9:00 would put us at 12.5 barrels of energy spent. Today we are at about 8:45 spending about 11 barrels to get back 100. And back in 1930 we were at 1 barrel spent. Since the clock advances to the next number every 23.3 years we can calculate the year that corresponds to the times on the clock. 12:00 = 2087; 11:00 = 2064; 10:00 = 2040; 9:00 = 2017; and 8:45 = today. Compound growth is a bitch.

        Each resource has its own clock, so to speak. Each follows a compound growth curve. Each will eventually be too expensive to acquire. And we as a civilization are rapidly approaching midnight.

        But we really don’t need to get to 12:00 for industrial civilization to collapse. Professor Charles A. Hall has put forth the hypothesis that at 11 barrels of oil cost, where we are today, we really can’t afford luxuries, higher education, or advanced medical care. There simply isn’t enough energy left after paying the acquisition cost to fuel an economy that provides these things. This is why the prices of these are advancing faster than the ability of people to afford them. If government forces us to buy medical care (Obamacare) then some of us will do without more basic things like shelter and food. Just in the last few days there was an article on the internet indicating that a previously uninsured family of 5 would pay $20,000 for required health insurance under Obamacare or face a penalty from the IRS. Certainly if they complied with the law, they would need to give up something, and I imagine that if they were already doing without insurance that they already are living close to the vest.

        The economies of the world will not grow without adequate resources, energy being one of the most important, and of energy sources, oil is the most important. With growing cost and output not growing much if at all, we face long term economic contraction.

        This is why governments are scrambling to take control of the dregs. This is why the US government wants us disarmed, because a resource starved economy will cause financial and political chaos, and revolution or civil war will be increasingly likely. Notice that the federal government and the big corporations want a bigger share of the contracting economic pie (higher taxes and big business bailouts) which means that the average person will have a smaller share of the smaller pie. In other words, bend over and grab your ankles.

        This is not a pleasant future to contemplate. But of all groups of people I think people who are preparing by divorcing themselves from dependency on the system and taking measures to provide their own food and shelter away from population concentration areas, will have a better than average chance of survival.

        Things like this unfold in spurts and bounds, with things gradually unwinding followed by major setbacks, followed by brief periods of stabilization and small recoveries, only to be followed by worsening conditions. Sometime it feels like things will be OK, but that will just be temporary.

        • Add in the information that in the last ten years we have used half of all oil ever pumped, and you have a time line that is just plain nasty. I have no source for that info at this time, as I cannot find the blog it was quoted on just yet.

          IF you are interested in a full andd serious discussion on the coming decline go to Archdruid Report on google and read John Greer’s essays. I have yet to find a better discussion of the subject.

          • The Oil Drum is also a great site for oil production figures and graphs. There are a bunch of smart cookies on there. Some of them are in the business of drilling and shipping oil. Better take off the sun glasses…the future looks mighty dim.

          • It was a couple weeks ago on oilprice I believe and Chris Martenson was the author.

            and population followed right along with that massive spike up in oil.

        • Sid…Great post. I think most people are buying into the tight oil and shale oil scam that the US will be energy independent by 2020 and the oil will flow like water. EROEI is a bitch.

          • Key word in your post JRS…water.

            How much of it is used/wasted/destroyed in the fracking/oil shale process.

            Answer: Every bit of water that us little guys will need to support our families.

            There will always be enought for “them.”

          • JRS–the citizens must be pushed into that conclusion..what are the alternatives??
            Talk about revolution aka riots?
            Trillions spent on drug wars, war against poverty, the dept of education to have the most drug addicts in the world, the most poor in the most affluent nation, and the greatest % of dumbies ever graduating instead of directing those trillions in alternative energy sources.
            Talk about a revoution– the Beatles would say.

        • Howdy Sid,

          Brother you just hit the nail on it’s proverbial head,
          I beleive….

          MY singular worry now is this; IF there is in fact a
          SHTF at this – or any subsequent point – the fact that the
          ‘low hanging’ fruit is gone has some ominous implications.

          Inasmuch as I do not believe that even a relatively small
          number of people will actually survive what is coming all
          too soon and given that Mac’s previous article about the
          Russian family demonstrated just how rapidly linguistic
          drift set in (the sisters), how long would it take to
          rebuild something even remotely approximating
          ‘civilization’? I’m afraid that the answer to that
          question is rather stark and in reality is probably,
          “We won’t’.

          If it took a couple hundred years for the industrial
          revolution to build all that we now see around us, then
          how much longer would it take to rebuild in the absence
          of easily accessible, extractable natural resources? It
          might WELL be the case that the simple absence of readily
          available ‘potable’ energy ,might serve as a permanent
          bottle-neck to ANY future efforts on the part of the
          survivors in a post-civilized world to rebuild at all.

          To be sure, there would still be things like coal
          available in semi-accessible form but the actual step
          of simply producing the functional machinery to extract
          that is itself hugely energy intensive. Locate and mine
          the iron ore, smelt and refine it into steel, build the
          1000 ton forges and the presses and the lathes that are
          needed to form that steel into useful precise shapes…
          rahter a ‘chicken and egg’ problem isn’t it.

          By virture of that alone it might take 8-10 times as
          long as our ancestors did to just get to the level of
          development that we refer to as the ‘steam age’ and in
          so doing they will have further exhausted the then
          available resources leaving them only with those that
          we ourselves are currently struggling to access today.

          If it were the case that nothing but isolated small
          pockets of survivors were all that remained then it is
          hard to believe that in the time they would have
          available to them before linguistic/culteral drift set
          in that they would even succeed in getting back to that
          level….the balance of this equation is tipped so far
          against Humanity, by our own prior actions that I do
          truly believe now that THIS is Humankind’s ‘Last Hurrah’.

          Additional considerations which further poison the
          chances of any remaining survivors in thier attempts to
          again rebuild come about as follows.

          The current mad dash for resouces are such that soon,
          geo-political tensions will rapidly accelerate; Witness
          the current building tensions between Japan and China over
          the energy-rich region where lay the Senkaku Islands;
          Witness the building tensions between China and India
          over China’s current attempts to divert the bulk of the
          yearly spring runoff from the Tibetan region into thier
          own desmene the consequence of which will be a near total
          diversion of the water supplying the eastern third of the
          Indian subcontinent which can only result in mass
          starvation on a scale never witnessed in human history.

          That now nearly every magor power in those regions
          has significant nuclear weapory AND the neccessary
          delivery systems all but assures that as tensions
          continue to mount someone, somewhere will mis-calculate
          during the process of posturing and will intiate a
          nuclear exchange with a neighboring state. It goes
          without saying that in that region of the world the
          launch and subsequent detonation of so much as a single
          weapon onto the soil of a neighboring state will
          absolutely result in a retailation by those so
          affected and from there it will likely become
          uncontrolled presently…almost immediately.
          To be sure there is fall-out to be expected from
          any such exchange though given today’s nuclear
          weapon technology that would be limited primarily
          to the regions upon which such had been activated.
          Now, here’s ‘Where the rubber meets the road’.

          As BI has pointed out above there are in excess of
          400 nuclear reactors world-wide and 112 of those are
          located in North America. The bulk of these reactors
          produce spent fuel assemblies which MUST be cooled
          after removal from the core for upwards of several
          months…WITHOUT FAIL lest something like ‘Fukushim-
          on Steroids’ be the result. This does not account for
          the active fuel assemblies currently installed in
          reactors globally but only the existent spent fuel
          itself. IF someone initiated a nuclear exchange with
          a neighboring state – and both China and India have
          active reactors – then who will see to the required
          cooling of JUST the spent fuel? The short answer to
          that is “No One” From that will arise a series of fuel
          fires that will broadcast radioisotopes into the pre-
          vailing winds which will certainly end up in the
          Pacific ocean in large measure thereby rendering
          most of the sea-life there unavailable for Human
          consuption at a minimum. The further consequences
          for the small variety of those radionucleiides
          which can remain airborne over large distances is
          of course contamination of the western seaboards of
          both the US and Canada. IF the exchange I posited
          above was of any but the most limited sort such that
          multiple or many several nuclear facilities were
          so affected then the likely contamination of the
          Pacific would be extraordinary as well might the
          concomittant contamination of the Western regions
          of North America as well to the point of
          inhabitability for an extended period of time;
          probably at least a generation, possibly more.

          That said, I ask you, “What hope then for
          our posterity?” Limited, inaccessible resources,
          a landscape – broadly – that remains inhospitable
          to life for a protracted period to be further
          accentuated by wide-spread post-nuclear climate

          Unfortunately, it gets worse…..

          Given the current level of genetic science today
          – all of which may be presumed to have been stolen by
          or transferred to China by the actions of “Our Dear
          Globalists Leader(s)” in thier headlong rush to
          further increase thier 99% ‘fair share’ of the global
          pie coupled with China’s demonstrated “Remote testing
          facility’ (North Korea) which routinely test various
          chemical amd biological pathogens on thier own
          incarcerated, It might well be the case, instead,
          that China might would coose to either preemptively
          or in response to any infraction by others, relieve
          it’s own internal population pressures by
          ‘sterilizing’ adjoining territory’s in an effort
          to minimize collateral damages in any such it might
          wish to inhabit. This ‘biological angle’ might well
          suffice to explain the construction of large city-
          like area’s – uninhabited – on the African continent
          at various locations thereon as has been noted

          Make no mistake as to this one point:

          Anyone who would EVER contemplate using such would
          neccessarily, painstakingly develop vaccines from the
          original stock they were intending to use. Not omly is
          this easily done usually, but it is VERY difficult
          for anyone NOT in possesion of the original pathogen
          stock to reduplicate an effective counter to same,
          This is especially valid under time-critical
          constraints. Furthermore, as has already been
          seen in the supposedly benign manipulations of
          various organics by our Very own Home-Grown
          corporation there have been unforseen consequences.
          The extent of those conseuqences remains not fully
          explicated to be sure but that they exist is
          well-known….some of these are unexpectedly
          lethal in thier nature and effect.

          Were it the case that anyone, anywhere made such
          an attempt the sole protective option available to
          contry’s not so targeted would be the creation of an
          absolute “Iron Curtain” around thier own borders of
          an absolutely LETHAL character through which NOTHING
          could be allowed to pass….short of that contagion
          would spread given the oh-so-efficient transportation
          systems of the modern world. In the tropical/temperate
          regions of the globe none such would be of any notable
          effect inasmuch as the migratory habits of myriad
          species of fauna would serve to negate any effort so


      31. Hagel is not…

      32. “Obama Says” is rapidly becoming the equivilant of “Simon Says”………Perhaps a bit off topic, but true nonetheless…..


        • Thanks, Eisenkreutz. Still trying to figure you out, buddy, but I appreciate the link.

          • I am also an isolationist.

        • U scare the living shit out of us.

      33. Well, if the Bankers pull off this RV currency reset they could potentially make this fiat ponzi funny money rule indefinitely. Just role out a whole new different stack of cards but still the same game.

        By by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered. Thomas Jefferson.

      34. So how is China going to get all that water from Tibet to China?

        No, the US wars in the middle east have nothing to do with resources. US oil companies weren’t even allowed to bid on Iraqi oil contracts. And just because there’s a “friendly” government in Afghanistan that doesn’t mean that the US will have any commercial advantage in mining its resources.

        The US wars in the middle east were either to fight Al Qaeda or they were meant to bankrupt the country.

        • Barn Cat

          The Soviets went into Afghanistan to make the country secure enough to run an oil pipeline through it, cut a deal with Pakistan and get the oil to a warm water port. Once the “Stans” dropped out of Soviet control the US wanted a footprint in Afghanistan to accomplish the same mission. The Us also wanted a blocking force between China and the Middle East oil fields in the absence of a US presence in Iran.

          Al Qaeda was a creation of US/UK intelligence to facilitate an excuse for both nations to move military troops where the powers to be wanted them to be ostensibly to fight terrorism but in reality to secure resources directly or indirectly.

      35. Had this sent to me from a friend, I had been telling him to gear up for this, not sure where he pulled this from yet, but its what we already basically know

        Breaking News:
        Smith & Wesson-is running at Full capacity making 300+ guns/­day-mainly M&P pistols. They are unable to produce any more guns to help with the shortages. RUGER: Plans to increase from 75% to 100% in the next 90 days.
        FNH: Moving from 50% production to 75% by Feb 1st and 100% by March 1. Remington-Maxed­ out!
        … Armalite: Maxed out.
        DPMS: Can’t get enough parts to produce any more product.
        COLT: Production runs increasing weekly…bottle­ necked by Bolt carrier’s. LWRC:Making only black guns, running at full capacity…can’­t get enough gun quality steel to make barrels.
        Springfield Armory: Only company who can meet demand but are running 30-45 days behind.
        AMMO: Every caliber is now Allocated! We are looking at a nation-wide shortage of all calibers over the next 9 months. All plants are producing as much ammo as possible w/ of 1 BILLION rounds produced weekly. Most is military followed by L.E. and civilians are third in line.
        MAGPUL is behind 1 MILLION mags; do not expect any large quantities of magpul anytime soon.
        RELOADERS!!!! ALL Remington, Winchester , CCI & Federal primers are going to ammo FIRST. There are no extra’s for reloading purposes….it could be 6-9 months b/f things get caught up. Sorry for the bleak news, it will be a long time before this gets any better…

        • Good heads up.

        • Job creation–open new plants??

      36. “Take, for example, the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 2008 . . . . Tibet is rich in one key resource that China lacks for its 1 billion strong population – fresh, clean water. That alone is motivation enough to send in the army when your own rivers and eco-systems have been destroyed because of unsustainable manufacturing practices.”

        Marc, I don’t know what you are smoking or where you learn your history lessons. I think it was 1950 that this event occurred . . . long before there was ever the appearance of unsustainable manufacturing practices starting in the 1980s.

        • Yep, Chinese invasion of Tibet in 2008?! What is this author thinking?

      37. DHS most recent ammo purchase reveals some odd facts.

        “Not only is the reason for the agency’s stockpiling of nearly 2 billion rounds of ammo shrouded in mystery, but so too is the EVIAN GROUP. An investigation into the company revealed some odd facts.”

        “It seems that the Evian Group was formed on December 12, 2012, just 5 days before the announcement of the solicitation,”

        “The company’s address of 105 South Eastern Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada is the parking lot for a bodega. … Further, the people supposedly running the company don’t seem to exist.”

        “The contract for 200,000 (.40 caliber hollow point) rounds was $45,758, which boils down to about $0.21 per round. And to be quiet (sic) honest, that (is) a really good price. As in, unheard of good price.”

        The Examiner

      38. Off subject: Chris Kyle was a patriot. He may have done things that people don’t want to think about, but he did so at the bequest of a country he believed in. Please don’t second guess the man. Second guess his government. He was a tool. A very good tool at that. A hammer can be used to build a wonderful house, or it can be used to fracture a skull. I used to be one of the most patriotic people you might know, now I question all from my government and country.

        • You are right, he did as asked. What we have to remember, however, is that today’s fighting forces are volunteer. A concious decision is made to enlist in the service. There is no draft since the Vietnam war. I realize that most young men don’t understand what war is all about when they enlist “to see the world” so it is up to the parents or veterans to tell them that death is not all the advertisments make it out to be.

          • I showed my boy the first 10 minuets of “Saving Private Ryan” and explained to him that was the last war that one could truly justify therefore young men are now going into this not for the reasons they’re being told.


        • You cant do it alone. We need a militia.

          • We got a militia. It’s unorganized, but we got it. Most are armed with deer rifles, shotguns and .22s. About 100,000,000. Sounds about right. Stack ’em high, ammo that is.

          • “You cant do it alone. We need a militia” sez the Isolationist….

        • Why does your site have lines drawn through it Mr Prepper??

      40. Has any one else here heard of a Common Law Jury? I read somewhere this could be in the works? I read a little about it, if such thing exists, or could exist, is this an option?
        Opinions? Comments?

      41. A quick word about one resource-oil. Having been an “oil man” for more than 30 years, I always get a laugh from the so- called “experts” – including the International Energy Agency.

        First, there is no such nonsense as “peak oil”. It is simply a ruse by the PTB to frighten and make us submit. Second, oil companies never report their proved reserves accurately. Why give up competitive secrets?

        Third, even in all of the existing fields that have been producing since the earl 1900s, only about 30-35 percent of the existing oil from these has been produced. Plenty left from them.

        Fourth, in many areas of the country, we are literally sitting on a sea of oil, and plenty to last us 100s of years.

        So why then have they held back, and instead rely on Middle East oil? I can only speculate, but my guess this was done to deny our enemies that resource, and to “buy” the favor of political interests in the region. Who knows? Maybe the idea was also to conserve what we have domestically.

        As to China, their oil reserves are pathetic. Their oil logistics are not so great, either. A vast military structure depends on cheap and readily accessible energy, and try as they might to buy up reserves, it just ain’t happening for them.

        As the Middle East erupts into even more violence and instability, just remember, this will cause oil prices to soar, and will spur renewed development efforts domestically.

        So let the world fight over resources. Let other countries deplete their own resources in this battle for resources.

        My greatest concern is that Obama, as a statist, would try to nationalize our domestic oil industry via Executive Order under a declared emergency.

        One last observation. It certainly does seem that we peppers are a small minority. But more and more I am running into all sorts of folks who are catching on. Obama scares a hell of a lot of people. Ron Paul has also been waking up people. Then we have the scare over government infringement of our 2 nd amendment rights. Hey, let’s not underestimate the resolve of liberty loving Americans. Obama and his minions are like testy little kids who keep poking at you, little by little, testing, testing, testing. But the time finally comes when we , the parent, slaps his ass silly and sends him to his room. I still be believe the majority of us will only be pushed so far, and that the extent of our pushback will surprise the hell ou of them.

        • Ralphieboy: I have been making your O&G argument here for a couple of years. Thanks for the support from a pro.

          The data is available for those who really want to know.

          • Thanks, DK. Indeed the data is there. Problem is, so very few do the homework. Peak Oil theory is much like Global Warming theory. These inventions are nothing more than an attempt by the globalists to scare people into submission. Over the years I have witnessed any number of experts get it wrong about the economics of the oil patch.

            Our biggest concern should really be Federal spending, and debt monetization by the Fed. My primary reason for prepping is simply the progressively heightened probability of a world wide economic collapse, sure as hell. Sooner or later, it will get very ugly indeed.

        • Ralphieboy, Thanks for the great post and please contribute more often! Some of us like our facts applied in healthy doses….

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