Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 91 comments

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    Never mind who poked at the hive and stirred up an angry storm. Those are lessons of blowback for those with memory and perspective.

    Right now the reactionary fervor is all that matters. Indeed, it is difficult to focus on much else.

    In hindsight, the nation became sick and tired of the wars and the fear over terrorism under the reign of Bush 43. But in the moment, people embraced it – and that’s the danger again.

    There is no clear or rational thought under fear of attack.

    Under the auspices of retribution for 9/11, George W. Bush and his neocon advisors launched a roaming War on Terror that brought conflict to entire regions, and didn’t blink at bending the rules or trampling on constitutional rights. Spying, surveillance, intimidation, snitching, databasing, airport pat-downs, stop and frisk on the streets and more were all tolerated and even embraced. It was rule by fear.

    The narrative didn’t add up, but that didn’t matter until later for most. People began to regret the powers granted via the PATRIOT Act to the NSA and to the executive branch to indefinitely detain anyone they declared an enemy combatant. The slide down the slippery slope was accelerating at a queasy pace.

    Today, new threats from ISIS are dragging the United States dangerously close to this point again.

    The one-man show that is Donald Trump, who quickly made a mockery of the GOP primary, is calling for databases and surveillance of all Muslim immigrants. Other GOP candidates are making similar proposals, eager to look toughest on this unfortunate issue. RT reports:

    Donald Trump, running high in polls, proposes cataloging all Muslims living in the United States to ensure they are under constant surveillance.

    “I would certainly implement that [keeping a register of Muslims]…absolutely,” Trump told NBC, adding that there are “a lot of systems, beyond databases” that could be implemented. “We should have a lot of systems. And today you can do it,” Trump said, clearly with nod in the direction of the National Security Agency (NSA) and its unprecedented surveillance capabilities.

    And though the policies of opening the doors to these “refugees” is deeply flawed – and indeed invites attack from jihadists or foreign enemies – the destruction of civil rights for this group will soon harm those of every American.

    It seems that someone, from one party or another, is eager to finish what Bush started, and Obama has quietly continued.

    Hillary Clinton is now the only real nominee for the Democratic nomination; she has already sounded off on her plans for tougher policies and new strikes on ISIS and other targets overseas.

    Now, one of her top donors, billionaire Haim Saban, has gone on the offensive, literally calling to curb civil liberties in order to meet the perceived threat of attack from ISIS. Mind you, this time, the country hasn’t even been attacked yet:

    [B]illionaire entertainment mogul and major party donor Haim Saban, who donated a seven-digit sum to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, telling news website The Wrap it is high time to reconsider values and put life ahead of civil liberties.

    Saban referred to those members of the Hollywood community who are fervently liberal and appear to value civil freedoms more than they value life.

    “I disagree with that [liberal view]. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive,” Saban said, adding that at ‘a time of war’, interviewing Muslim refugees and migrants in a more intense way than Christians is acceptable, as well as “listening in on anyone and everybody who looks suspicious.”

    If warhawks are pouring millions (and billions) into the Clinton campaign, you can imagine that they probably want a return for their money. None of this bodes well for the next four years… or any foreseeable time afterwards.

    If the ‘terrorists hated us for our freedoms’ then, they should have little reason to target us now…

    It is no exaggeration to say that the response by the U.S. government to the acts of terrorism, including those on September 11, have done far more destruction to its system of freedom and prosperity than bin Laden, 19 hijackers with box cutters, or drama queens from ISIS ever could.

    Illustration: David Dees

    Illustration: David Dees

    Brandon Smith of Alt-Market has a great perspective on this – the bait and switch to convince Americans to sell their own birthright and volunteer for their own servitude.

    Today, the people of the U.S. are less prosperous in real wealth, in income and in opportunities than at any other time in history. Nearly half of the country is directly dependent on the federal government benefits for day-to-day survival, and the disaster of foreign policy continues to eviscerate the Constitution and bring decline to the American empire – all while the population lives in fear and abject terror of what may come tomorrow.

    A new darkness could be closing in.

    No jobs, no independence, no freedom, no future – but if the government doesn’t get more power… well, conventional wisdom says it would be better to be enslaved than dead. Others know the wisdom and the strength of Liberty or death.

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      1. I am amazed and astounded at to what extent the bankers have taken us to protect Western Financial interests. I really expected a financial collapse by now but as I have said many times “they can find new and creative ways to perpetuate our financial system”. But WW3? I guess it just shows you that history does indeed repeat it’s self.


        • BigB

          The Finance Oligarchs in the west (might as well employ the same term used in the east) have a mindset unlike the rest of us. Their core value is enough is never enough. If they got the entire Earth they would then want Mars and Jupiter. Their second core belief is, “the ends justify the means”. Their values are an absence of values that could be described as amoral not necessarily immoral.

          • Kevin2

            I like that explanation. ;0)

            • “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
              ― Benjamin Franklin, Memoirs of the life & writings of Benjamin Franklin

              • Yuan, the Next Reserve Currency:
                Guns, ammo, gold or silver won’t do any good for those who believe that they will be able to manage the impeding economic chaos coming to America, and challenging the Sovereign -the Federal government- will be the less desirable thing to do under these extreme circumstances (unfortunately, hundreds of thousands will foolishly perish as a result of their stupidity, ignorance and gullibility).

                Once China’s Yuan becomes a reserve currency (official announcement to be made this coming Monday, November 30th, 2015) anything will be the same in the US as you know it. As a result of this event, ordinary Americans will finally learn the meaning of living within their means (a painful but needed lesson for most of the populace).

                Wondering why this blog which supposedly is “well informed” on this issue does not upload a video or make an article about this sensitive topic…apparently SHTF is just following the same script as mainstream media while keeping you entertained and distracted with already known (and boring) stuff related to ISIS.

                • Tremes, I agree that NONPREPPERS will die because of THEIR stupidity, ignorance, and gullibility. A lot of preppers may die due to self-defense of their homes being attacked by foreigners, etc. I also agree that people need to learn how to live within their means and let’s scrap all the credit crap. I would be interested in an article and video about the yuan but DON’T compare us to MSM. None of us here follow anybody’s script. We’re NOT brainwashed by MSM.

                • Tremes, good call. Adding the Yuan, the Next Reserve Currency basket is a total game changer. That single act will really start the rapid decent into poverty and third world status for most Americans.

                  Game over man, game over!

              • Those that would give up freedom to gain security. Deserve neither . And will loose both.

                • Your statement of that historic phrase rings true more than people think (or don’t). One way to keep our freedom is to strictly monitor who comes into our country as they do today if I travel to Canada or Mexico before 9/11/2001 all I needed was a drivers license to go back and forth across the borders. Now I have my passport(lost freedom) and upon return have to answer a battery of questions from a CBP officer that looks like he lost his last friend. Now we have the benevolent administration that says come on in we need some more problems to take care of. On the flip side (if there is one ) the war hawks say kill them all let god sort them out. You see they all work for General Dynamic, KBR, Boeing,Colt Armalite ,General motors, and the rest of the war machine. Peace is only profitable when you supply arms to people that will not use them against us. Iraq gets training and equipment ISI runs them off and takes the equipment now they are in Syria fighting the man our POTUS says is our enemy but 2 admins ago he was an ally. Glad I can still have a sense of humor and am retired I create enough work for myself I need to hire 4-5 helpers.

              • Amen.

          • I agree.

        • You aren’t suprised because I was screaming this for YEARS that a financial collapse was many years away but you people are ignorant and see what you want

          • Now, now, Rich99, if i remember correctly, you have been coming out for years on this site as saying there is nothing gonna collapse nor is there ever gonna be a dollar crash.

            I know dk keeps the dollar as the world reserve currency for eternity… a little sarc…maybe not eternity.

            Anyways, very few of us have actually put a time stamp on the eco-collapse, but we continually bring up new markers and bubbles.

            I have said it is all tied in with biblical time stamps,markers and events.

            I have also said that i believe in God’s covenant with the sign of the Divine Rainbow.

            “there will always be cold and warm (seasons), and planting and harvesting”, (no total nuclear event) right up until this dispensation of time changes in to the spirit age. As in “no flesh”, not even the animals will be in flesh any longer.

            • I wonder if ISIS taking over the oil fields and selling it to us at half price will kick the can down the road a little longer?. Then if we can get our hands on Assads gold we can kick the can some more. But who or what’s next.?

        • Everything is coming apart. That is what is scary. Change.

        • Everything is coming apart.

        • Our 3rd president same that governments through out history have used the excuse of war for the implementation of a standing army. And a standing army is the means to bring about a police state… old as history– same old tricks.

        • In large part “history does indeed repeat it’s self” because the same damned so-called “elite” families have been running the show for so long! THEY want civil liberties GONE – they get in the way of profits and their Depopulation Agenda. Obama has been ignoring the Constitution since he was elected, but the AIM is to trash it! This crap about giving up civil liberties so we can be “safe” is BS. After those are gone, it’ll turn out that the whole thing was to get Americans give up their rights – to allow the Constitution to be trashed – as it is in effect now! The TPP is so illegal, immoral and unethical it’s ridiculous, as has been the secrecy around it. They kept it secret because no rational human being would ALLOW IT! The choices now are are that you can commit suicide by not fighting this, or you can die and watch those you LOVE die because of it.

        • Indeed and it will all happen on September 23, 2015.

      2. It’s the Apocalypse. Let’s have some fun.

        We are a polarized nation with too many ignorant people that will never come to an agreement on how to
        destroy the Terrorist.

        We do everything Half Ass.

        What is left is, to defend as best as we can, our own little corner of the world.

        The rest is bullshit.

        • Terrorists are the least of our problems … everybody should be focusing on those who have orchestrated/funded/and who are guiding these Islam pieces of shit to continue to destroy everything that is in their path.

          Destroy the “SOURCE”, then destroy what is left of the “SYMPTOM” that has been created. If the Source is not destroyed, then the continuation of Terror will go on globally.

          Candidates Ready to Trash Constitution to Fight ISIS: “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

          Candidates = Political Theater/Losers/Pathological Liars & Sell Outs

          Constitution = already been trashed beyond recognition

          ISIS = US/ISRAEL & PALS funded Global Terror Organization

          “Time To Put Life Ahead of Civil Liberties”

          Time to put an end of life of the Source & Symptom, and Civil Liberties will come naturally.

          • FTW, good post. Let me take it a bit further. To borrow a phrase from a few articles back; neutralize the ‘enclaves of terror’; DC, NY, Hollywood, City of London, etc. and most of the world’s problems will be solved. If I can’t live free, I’d rather be dead. Living in slavery is NOT living, period. WHAT THE HELL IS LIFE FOR IF YOU DON’T HAVE FREEDOM?

          • FTW

            Rand Paul says BULLSHIT to NSA spying

            h ttps://

            • Kevin2 – Rand Paul says a lot of things –

              Rand Paul does say things, and also does some things that most of the American people like.

              That being said, he is no different than those other politicians flip flopping his ideas. He’s a shill and full pledge supporter of Israel.

              Rand Paul is one of those that can not be trusted in what he says or does. He has fallen out of the shadow of his father and has shown his own true colors and identity.

              I would like to believe that we have some politicians on our side … anymore, I have my doubts. It has proven over time that politicians have to “play along, to get along” or something bad happens to you. Either by blackmailing or suicide by 2 in the head and 3 bullets to the chest routine.

              The enemy is within, and it’s collaborators are outside peaking in on us.

              “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum, but don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” ~ Bibi Netanyahu

              • Rand Paul lost my favor when he supported amnesty.

                I don’t support Jews OR muslims. Both have nefarious intentions for my civilization.

              • Kevin2: You say: “He’s a shill and full pledge supporter of Israel.” as if there is something wrong with supporting Israel. I think you should spend some time reading the Bible where you’ll see that God promises to help those nations that help Israel and to punish those nations that don’t help Israel.

                • Helping or hurting Israel is not equivalent to supporting international banking system that takes over every indebted country.

        • Planned UN ‘hub’ in Washington aims to influence US counterterrorism strategy

          “The chief United Nations human rights agency, with the Obama administration’s apparent blessing, is creating a new “regional hub” for itself in Washington, to use as a center for organizing against the death penalty, among other things, and for affecting the legal frameworks, policies, and strategies of American counterterrorism.”

          “Last month U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva, Pamela Hamamoto, wrote to tell the aggressively expanding human rights body that it didn’t need any additional legal agreement to establish the Washington hub, complete with full legal privileges and immunities, since it already is covered by legal agreements for the U.N. headquarters in New York, where OHCHR maintains a strong presence.”

          “…the hub is part of a sweeping “Change Initiative” being promoted by the U.N. High Commissioner, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, which aims at decentralizing the Geneva-based organization, extending its outreach and human rights monitoring capability, and ostensibly improving its efficiency through, among other things, concentration on eight global hubs as focuses of activity.”

          “…additional bureaucratic bloat and redundancy on the part of a world organization already famous for both.”

          • “The United Nations is nothing but a trap-door to the Red World’s immense concentration camp. We pretty much control the U.N.” ~ Harold Wallace Rosenthal, Zionist, The Hidden Tyranny

        • Slingshot, spot on. All of the candidates can go f#$% themselves. My rights come from God are NOT negotiable.

      3. well than if you are to put life ahead of civil liberties , that gives the 2nd amendment huge power..and not to be messed with

        bet they didnt think of that law of unintended consequence

        • Robin Sage

          The governments answer to every question has a globalist answer. Conversely the American public overwhelmingly support the Right To Keep And Bear Arms. When told, “crime is high surrender your weapons” the reply is, “if crime is high I need my weapons”. If the question is, “crime is low so surrender your weapons because you don’t need them”, the reply is, “if crime is low I have no need to surrender my weapons”.

          We may not be special but we’re sure different.

          • amen to that

            • Unfortunately both economic and foreign policy are not as clear in the minds of the body politic.The cause and effect is generally thought to be, ” its over my head, they know what their doing,” when its far more understandable than presented. You don’t increase a nations wealth by exporting and hence decreasing its industrial manufacturing. There is no such thing as a self sustaining service economy. Regarding foreign affairs you can’t decrease terrorism by arming terrorists and you can’t increase stability by overthrowing stable governments. This strategy is especially counterproductive when you use terrorists to accomplish the coup. Of course if you desire to create failed states that cannot effectively govern themselves the plan is succeeding very well.

              • Kevin, thank you for this post. You know how to lay the truth bare, plain and simple. Good job.

              • There is so much lying and destruction how do we stop it?

                • Most parasites eventually destroy the host. Maybe all we can hope for is to be destroyed so we can start over? Is there any other way to get rid of the parasites? Smoke them out somehow? Only a higher power can save us at this point? A General like Cinsinatus . Absolute power hasent always corrupted absolutely . A benavelent dictator? The democratic republics in the past have only lasted two hundred years . We are at that time. Destroyed buy internal government corruption . Game over?

      4. well than if you are to put life ahead of civil liberties , that gives the 2nd amendment huge power..and not to be messed with

        bet they didnt think of that law of unintended consequence

      5. well than if you are to put life ahead of civil liberties , that gives the 2nd amendment huge power..and not to be messed with

        bet they didnt think of that law of unintended consequence


          • Caps lock rage! Glad to see some life in you grandpa.

            • Acid, I don’t use caps a whole lot, but there are certain issues where you and I have some common ground. You’ve been on a roll with some damn good posts lately and I really mean that. Hell, I don’t even care about the all caps or the insults anymore. I’m glad to see you make some sensible posts for a change. That shows me you’re capable of some rational thinking. Keep those posts coming. I’m enjoying them. On the life part, LOL; I never ran out of life. As long as I’m still physically capable, I’m going to put up a fight.

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        • Thank you…KY mom & may GOD’s protection engulf, you & yours.

        • But, but, but, are you LDS. Gentiles want to know. Please don’t send out the angels, they’re mean muthers.

        • Hunter,

          Thank you! May God bless you and your family!

          Oil driller,

          I am a Christian, but not LDS.

      7. Civil liberties vs constitutional rights

      8. We don’t need to give up anymore of what’s left of our freedoms,
        Look how well that worked out for Germany.

      9. We don’t need to give up anymore of what’s left of our freedoms,
        Look how well that worked out for Germany.

      10. Americans have become armchair cowards or else they would have stopped this travesty already. Right now they are content in their perceived living standards and will roll over in a heart beat for perceived security because they do not each feel the reality of the FREEDOM they are losingby giving up their rights for the government created terror their unchecked government rains around them and the “security and safety” their government creates for them as well….The age of men of character and conscience is long past, that level of inspired patriot died out with the Founding Fathers, now it is just a nation of obese mouthpieces claiming they are patriots loudly, all the while doing nothing. they will never surrender to the reality of hardship and self sacrifice needed to get back to freedom and Liberty. that character simply doesn’t exist except in myth and lore anymore.

        • Neal you are unfortunately correct that Americans have become armchair cowards which is why we even have to import our trouble making terrorists (i.e. Muslim Refugees).

          Apparently, they can piss all over us and all we say is … Sir, can I have a little more. They were wrong to call us Constitution terrorists … we are Constitutional wussies.

          I am a coward, I’m weak, stupid and old. There are consequences, for being weak and stupid.

          • Watch some gun videos. Three gun matches. Yea a lot of them are cops enforcing blatantly unconstitutional laws for money.. The worse kind of treason for pay.? But most are vets who hate traitors more then a foreign enemy and they will get a lot of payback.. We here are all just waiting to join the party. We are not the cowards are Generals are. Not one of them will risk their life to save our country. Only they can start the party.

      11. Greed and the lust for power, power over others foremost, fueled by greed, THIS is what the basic underlying driver is, we see it in DC with the so called “representatives” and worldwide as well. Eeather it be the collectivist fools with their utopian dreams or the conservatives with their desire to be un teathered in their greed,
        It doesnt even take a bent to conspiracy to see this stuff, just open eyes, the conspiracy theories are just that, but the corruption at the top is real and visible to all who have open eyes

        • It’s a conspiracy fact! We are ruled by psycopathic freaks.

          • Genius, all the shit that’s taking place is conspiracy fact.

            • Its just fact, no conspiracy, psychopaths dont conspire, they just do this crap

            • USA=Occupied Nation run by Dual Citizens and we ALL will soon become Persecuted Palestinians by them kosherized killer squads.

              Unless america adepts to a new national slogan. Perhaps something such as “110-and Never Aagin!”

              IE: as in nation number 110 to do Das Big BootenOuten.

              my buddy has been kicked out of every bar hes ever been in for a drink…so far it’s been 109 Bars and he says the main reason for every single time has always been “It was the Bartenders Fault!” Cause I never did nuthin wrong!

      12. Blah, blah, da, blah blah blah. The Constitution has never been enforced except for those wielding the power. That scrap of paper written by slave owners certainly did not protect the slave, neither did it keep the “Indian” from losing their land, homes, and identity. The Constitution does not help them today because you can’t put back a civilization that has been destroyed. That’s about it, except to say this comment is not intended in any way to defend the actions of Black Lives Matters or other malcontents out there. Just look at reality people, except it and work with it, for if not, it will automatically work against you. PS: Remember, Obama is ISIS!

        • Malcontent. Who uses words like that . I heard a news caster on Las Vegas tv . Say. At the sobriety check point there were very few malcontents. Accept blatantly unconstitutional laws except them and work with them For if not it will automatically work against you. So we are all malcontents if we don’t accept unconstitutional laws. Isn’t accepting and working with an unconstitutional law treason? That scrap of paper still protects people I don’t consider human. An the Indian stole land from one tribe . And killed or sold the survivors to another. The small tribes sided with the white men to save themselves. From the big tribes. Obama is a puppet . The ones pulling his strings are ISIS.

          • Serious? Obama is no tool of ISIS. Look AR who put up the money for him. The banksters. Are the banksters a tool of ISIS? Hahahaha. Maybe the other way around. Blah blah ISIS and nobody is talking about the banksters, even though they own 56 percent of the US and we bailed them out thanks to Bush the Inferior. They bought Obama and the first thing he did was give Goldman Sachs the US Treasury. He kept them out of jail for 7 long years. The Republican House and Senate? They put a Chase Bank written rider in the budget bill that puts taxpayers on the hook for another bailout for 30 trillion according to Chase, but Elizabeth Warren said 300 trillion. She was the only one to fight the latest and greatest bailout plan. ISIS OWNS OBAMA??????? Hahahaha

        • did you ever stop and think who started this whole mess? Going after Ira. for w.o.m.d when it all comes down to a spoiled rich kid that had to much power and all the right LIES and us the people with no balls to back him down

      13. The first thing to remember is we (the West) are at war right now. Politicians have fudged this and pretended otherwise, but a state of war has been in effect between the West and Islam since 2001 (when Muslims flew planes into buildings killing thousands). We never acknowledged it but Islam sure as hell did and does. For a war to occur, it just takes one side. It does not matter if the side under attack denies over and over again there is a war.

        What we have not done and need to do is to implement the same level of vigilance and war readiness that we undertook in WWII. Nobody criticizes that response and we in fact honor and celebrate the veterans of that conflict. We don’t call those veterans ‘fascists’ or ‘nazis’ for interning Japanese and Germans nor nuking Japan. We call them heroes.

        We need to take similar measures and stop our current practice of tolerating a fifth column bent on sedition, civil war and insurrection of our government and law to be replaced with an Islamic caliphate. In war, you do not fight it while trying to house your enemy. You say enough until there is peace.

        In 1970, the peaceful, liberal and law-abiding country of Canada faced a terrorist group intent on bringing its government down. What did Canada do? It declared Martial Law, put troops on the streets and did this until they rounded up the terrorists and their sympathizers and enablers and shut the thing down. That took great courage because the leader who did it was a liberal and a social democrat. We need to shut down fanatical Islam and those who plot, plan and execute attacks to bring the West down.

      14. I don’t want to fight ISIS. I want to kill them one by one but most importantly I like to destroy their masters who created these barbarians and financed / Trained them.

        I know who the masters are. Do you? (many do btw).

        • Sure stolz, you’ve been saying that for a long time now. And you’ll continue to do nothing but post comments here about it, now, next year, the year after that, and so on. So what are accomplishing then? Right, nothing, nothing al all, just talk about what you’re ” gonna” do someday, right, sure you are.

          • Karma Poop. Spreading the truth hurts? This is not an individual fight rather is a populace fight and it should be within an international level. So since your IQ is way too low per your DNA all I can say is WAIT and you’ll see the worldwide uprising soon.

            TEST is this you again?

            • ” Wait”. Yeah, you’ll be waiting long after you’re gone, like you’ve been ” waiting” forever. That’s right, just keep ” waiting” in the pumpkin patch for your great pumpkin to arrive, he’ll come, sure he will……

      15. This is exactly why ISIS was created by the CIA/MOSSAD/DOJ… Take the Guns, Marshal Law, one world Government/Currency and there isn’t a damn thing we can do about it. But there is… Revolution 2.0 is now Guaranteed.

        • If the people that I personally know are all on that same R 2.0 wavelength, you can bet the numbers are fenominal, these ass lickers have no idea just how wrong they are if they think they will just mow us over.

      16. And God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign, “No more water, it’s Fire next time.”

      17. We must do whatever it takes to protect our country from terrorist organizations. Unfortunately, we have a jihadist muslim marxist in the Rainbow House and he is pro-muslim and refuses to address the fact that we are under attack by these muslim terrorist groups. Our first action to protect ourselves should be to arrest obama for treason and get him out of the Rainbow House so we can convert it back into our White House and start reinforcing ALL OF OUR LAWS AND CONSTITUTION.

      18. Now I am going to tell you how fuck up this country is.

        You can’t get a decently cooked breakfast.

        Hard to find a restaurant that has a cook. A Cook That Can Cook EGGs Correctly. Like you ordered it off the menu.

        Also the sausage or bacon is either burnt or not cooked.

        Coffee is like mud and how hard is it to screw up Instant Grits!

        Can anybody make toast, for crying out loud.

        Damn shit don’t even look like it is on the menu.
        Believe me. If the menu has pictures of the food, you better not order.

        • I know exactly what you mean. i took a job as a short order cook/manager for six months when i was rebuilding my landscaping/lawncare business in 1990. Had too many bills and not enough year round business that coming winter.

          I have always been able to cook circles around any and all wifes/girlfriends. Having a pretty face and killer body doesn’t always guarantee they learned cooking 101 from Momma.

          Anyways, i took pride and fixed plates as though i was gonna be eating it. I had customers that came to my shifts and specifically asked for certain foods because i fixed them as they asked. One man came every Friday night to get a T-bone steak and always gave me a tip. i asked him why he came to the Waffle House type restaurant, that had only frozen steaks, and cost about as much as a fresh one from the SteakHouse across town. he said, “they don’t know how to fix a damn steak and you do. You fix it the exact same way everytime, the way i order it.”

          I took pride and became known for my omelettes, and over medium eggs. It takes skill and patience to fix a perfect over medium egg, every time. I want my grits a little bit runny, without clumps and toast had better be golden brown.
          Bacon that is a little crunchy and not over cooked will satisfy almost everyone.

          Come springtime, after my business was in full swing, the lady manager, begged me to stay on, and offered to make a shift that i could live with, and continue my business. I said, “money talks and bullshit walks’.
          She offered me a quarter more on the hour, to my $7.25 current hourly.

          i laughed at her as I was walking out the door and said, “I wouldn’t cook over a hot greasy grill for you for $10.00 an hour. I average $15 to 20 hourly after paying my operating costs, so wtf would i be gaining by helping you make a big bonus?”

          She dropped her head, and turned away.

          • Uh Huh, yet another story about everything you’ve done and are always an expert on too. And naturally everybody always begs you to stay because you’re the best they’ve ever seen, regardless of what the work is. You’re the guy from work everybody knows, the one who sits around the break room table with a never ending supply of stories to tell. You’re going somewhere on a trip? Well, he’s already been there! Trying out some new kind of adventure? You got it, he’s already done it! Made a good investment for a good return? Forget about it! He’s made 20 times more then you! Yeah, the same guy that everybody wants to reach over the table and smack him with a coffee cup, that guy.

            • Should have treied being a Window Cleaner because #1 window cleaners works HIGH! and #2 working Heights brings one much Closer to…God!

              Plus the earnings are far greater! much much greater especially when you do Private very wealthy homes.

              Rich folk homes always are located in very Quite areas, are very clean work conditions, and they are willing to Pay big for trustworthy competant workers.

              In fact one can usually charge whatever the Traffic will bear…Thats reason very first thing I looked at when doing a priceing was to look Inside the Garage to see what type “traffic” motivation they owned…IE: ferrari & rolls Rocye owner types the estimate price Just went up a Notch!

              And if Mail box says “Dr” so and so on it at end of drive AND they also park ferrari in garage…Raise that Up a notch level to the next level of price…

              Window cleaners could earn what good truck drivers top pay today is back in 1980’s which is at least Double trucker pay today compared eh.

              From truck driver To Landscraper To Fry Cook to viewed 1/2 dozen TV preacher shows, and became a foremost biblical expert-Mini-Pope!…not much left to try besides ghetto Pimp, with Own former seven eleven store front,burned in past loot & Riot, turned into side street inner city Ghetto “church” as seen on Every Corner in All of Detroit inner city zones.

              Pastor:..”throws youse Moneys at the Wall! all the Goodt money what Sticks to wall belong to Da Lord! but All Dat Ebil Bad Cash dat falls to da floor?…I PasDa Loot gets ta keeps dat cash so’s I kin buys me a New Red shinny Caddy with big side exhaust pipes and Fake Lepord Fur on Dem Seats!….so Throws da Moneys at da wall you Heathens! or gets cursed and damned into tar baby tarnations!

              • Sounds like you’ve never heard of Angie’s List or the many other sites that allow for comparing prices, workmanship, reliability, etc. Nobody can just charge whatever they think they can get anymore, doctors and lawyers are no more ignorant then anyone else when it comes to comparison shopping. Doesn’t matter if they drive a Rolls Royce or Volkswagen, if you charge 10 per cent over what everybody else is charging, you won’t get the job, plain and simple. Maybe 20 or 30 years ago you could do that, but in this day and age anybody who thinks that will soon be out of business.

          • PWTW

            I give a new opening restaurant 2 tries. First try if substandard I eat the Bill, say nothing. Second time when asked I tell exactly what is wrong. The manager wants to take the meal off the bill but I pay the full amount and tip the waitress correctly. When that happens it is the kiss of death, for I never go back again.
            I cook at home and save. A few restaurants I have gone to eat at for YEARS. I could tell you who was cooking. After awhile I ask for the cook’s name. You also tell when it is under New Management. They cut the portions, the price goes up and the food tastes like shit because they went to poorer grade cuts. A New Menu is a give away. When you get a restaurant with a Terrific Cook. I make it a point to call the manager over and tell them to KEEP THE COOK. Don’t Change Nothing. I will keep coming back. They never Listen. )0:

      19. All part of the NWO psychopathic monsters evil plan of disarming and then de-population. We have seen this same continuously repeated act of the fascist psychopathic criminal genocidal monsters throughout history, and we have seen the same populations of coward Zombies throughout history allowing it all to happen, as we do today in cowardly collapsing fascist America “land of the Corporatist Fascist Police State, home of the coward Zombie boot lickers”.

        • Yep. This time their manifest is the Georgia Guidestones.

      20. November 20th the year 2015. A day of shame. Today the miserable traitor Pollard was released from prison. The fact that his treason caused the deaths of hundreds of Americans should have resulted in execution or, at the very least, a life sentence. He was enlisted by Isreal, America’s greatest threat to freedom. Isreal received no sanctions. Why not. Only a brainwashed by TV American will not know that answer. America is controlled by money. Money is controlled by the tribe of Toos,Pews,Lews. If I write it I go into censorship. Voltaire said you will know who rules you because you cannot critize them.

        It is blasphemy to deny the Haulocaust. I recently learned that Germany paid money for every person who died while in an internment camp. This fact explains why an exaggeration of the number from 300 thousand to 3,4,5,6 or more million. Bigger number equals more money. Prisoners of war died of typhus, harsh conditions, lack of proper nutrition. Whether there was genocide is debatable but to debate the facts is considered an act of hatred for the deceased therefore we can not know or learn any facts but instead are fed a constant diet of guilt for the events which occurred before most of us were born. I listened to the speech of Benjamin Freedman given in 1961. He describes a senario of treason that boggles the mind. Please go to U-tube and listen for yourself.

      21. B from CA – everything you said is 100% factual –
        To this day, Israel is still busy playing the victim and they’ll continue to do so until they get what they want.

        “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” ~ Fr. John Sheehan, S.J.

        • Before oil companies we had no enemies in the middle east.

      22. Fuck the billionaire,while I would rather be alive and free will be dead fighting to be free before I accept a life of non rights.

      23. FTW and B from ca: it gets even worse! a couple brand new NGO private non profit type orgs has been established by them….Reason being they desire to foment a form of “believable” reasoning that Goy folks dumbed down by mass whitey guilt will find true and be okay with it..

        To…Convince Goyim folks that even though Very soon now every last WWII person shall be soon Dead and Gone…In order to keep their Shoa going aka their holohoax claims for Big $$$$, the plan is convince goys that due to ONLY jews contain “special chozen DNA” of “memory Genes!”.

        This Fact of dna memory genes from Birth is main reason even today in 2015 small 4-5 year old jewish grandchildren decendant from holohoax victims keep haveing Gas Chamber Night Mares! and various other “1940’s nazi evils Memories”!

        They claim such jewish kids are Born with Memory Genes from folks that were there in 1940’s! but no other “Race” or peoples are born with such memory genes or dna of Other folks! only they are due to “self Chozen” status!

        Therefore These new orgs propose that Goys of europe and usa accept it that Yes indeed even AFTER all current WWII Era germany Money collectors of holohoax bennifits and reperations $$$ are ALL Dead soon….Their grandkids and Great grand kids Should also qualify to continue to recieve holohoax events reperations Cash for their Lifetimes!

        NO JOKE! Do online search see how Real it is…Incogman dot net website had article with Photos of org and its head women leaders etc! a month or so ago.

        They plan to Keep their WWII event hoaxes and claims aka shoa going forever litterally…Its more than the Cash payments too…WithOUT their hoax claims ongoing they cannot continue quest for JWO which is based on it all…

        AS for Benjamin Freedman?…Absolutly correct B of Ca…I got a saved Link to his 1960-61 Key Note speaker speech he made by Request of USA Army Military War College class of Grads that year!….It sounds like the very same stuff B of CA reported in his reply…

        Mr Freedman was a former zionist jewish man, a talmudic etc also, but once he took good look at it all he renounced jewry and zio talmud and became an sincere Christian…he spent his Own personal small several Million fortune he earned legit, on travel to every place from DC Library Congress to every possible Museum and univ archives to search info etc for TRUTH!

        Then once found it all, spent rest of life trying to wake folks everywheres to vast zio jewry JWO plans etc.

        Too bad more do not follow his footsteps eh.

        if I can find the Link to speech I will Post it up in newer article at shtf.

      24. B from CA: Forgot to add…Another article I think at incogman dot net aprox 1-2 montgs ago reports that Hewlet Packard computers or was it IBM Corp(??) was just Hired/consulted by the Top HQ Main holohoax currators board directors in Israel museum etc. Due to multi MILLIONS records-small torn paper pieces with names etc and dates of deaths of ALL jewish folk which had Died ANY wheres in Europe if died during years of aprox late 1930’s to 1945 era….ALL has been included in Listings of jews persecured and killed by nazis…Even if just died in sweden or england or france or russia etc etc and never set foot inside any nazi camps!

        The curators said the records are so mixed up they can’t made heads nor tails of it all now…Every possible form notification of a jews death durning that era was mailed in to israels hoax museum and kept and listed.

        Todays totals numbers close to 4-MILLION “survivors” and Head israel honchos admit greater than 1/2 are certain to be Incorrectly listed as a survivor! Many Multi-Listings! Many total Fraud names made up to collect Cash from germany! Acording To those jewish israel HQ hoax museum curators.

        Yet Germans tax pays for all of them…Per month for Life!

        Their entire swindles are fast comming unglued. As it Should eh!…WE All Deserve to Know real Truth on this issue our heads has been hammered with it for our entire lives eh….And vast most is propaganda or outright Lies and scams.

        Check Incogmans several articles and many Photos of it all for documented Proof galore.

      25. Never mide the state protecting us from ISIS when the USA has had years to deal with them out in the syrian open desert as they deliverd 1,000 or more truks a day of oil to the likes of our freinds, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

        Russia has just bombed 500 of these oil trucks this week alone so yes we know that the USA under the control of Israel and its bankers are behind ISIS and they will be used to remove more of your Civil Liberties in the process.

        “Moderate Rebels” Sure thats a good one to excuse the USA for lossing weapons to the free syrian army that all end up in the hands of ISIS and thats when the USA is not dropping ISIS weapons by mistake like they have done at least three times so far in this phony 9-11 war on terror.

        Israel wants a part, maybe all of Syria to fall under its control, you’re “Civil Liberties” come a poor second to that and lets remember the gun control rules because the French are not allowed to carry and that did tham a fat load of good in Paris the other week.

        Do not give up your guns and don’t be fooled by ISIS

      26. the author has not fact checked this and I am very disappointed. I’m no fan but Trump did not make this statement. Thank you for supporting the liberal liars at NBC news.

      27. Conservatives be trippin’

      28. Agree there tomahalk, Trump did not say this. A reporter proposed this and Trump basically said he would not totally rule it out as he hadn’t thoroughly or fully thought it through.

        I love how people take half-truth, a smidgen of truth, and make a mountain out of it when it’s only a pimple on a bees rump.

        Additionally, some of the vitriol expressed here gets tiring as I read it day after day. Much of it is utter nonsense.

        People, read things with a critical eye, examine things closely, don’t base emotional reactions on anything but the truth, the whole truth, and NOTHING but the truth. God in heaven help us. We’re as bad as the mainstream media as we twist things into what we want them to be, verses what they are.

        Son of Liberty

        • Son of L. Who are you to say what is. Utter nonsense. To use the word Nonsense. Think about it. Nonsense . . .? If it makes no sense to you maybe you can’t understand it . Does that make sense? We twist things into what we want and only you know the real truth. Will you listen to what you are saying.

        • well said son of liberty

      29. Hiam Saban . I’d rather be not free and alive quote. Spoken like a tenth generation spoiled rich brat with no experience with reality. Show us and be someone’s slave. Look up what famous men have said about these oos. Especially Washington !Jefferson ,, and expecially Franklin . And tell me they are not doing everything they warned us about.

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