Candidate Destroys Red Light Cameras “To Expose Fraud”… Then Turns Himself In

by | Sep 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 96 comments

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    Red Light Cameras

    Is he a hero of the people, or an enemy of the state?

    A New York man who has become known as the “Red Light Robin Hood” is attempting to run for state senate, despite the fact that he is facing charges that could put him in jail for years… and he may actually have a chance at winning.

    Stephen Ruth recently spoke with Luke Rudkowski of and explained how he turned himself in to police after defacing dozens of red light cameras in order to raise awareness about the shady and dangerous practice – which make intersections far less safe and which impede upon the constitutional right to due process.

    Ruth decided that the situation warranted civil disobedience, and has received widespread support from community members who feel exploited by the cameras, and the ridiculous fines that are accrued by the state.

    “See what I just did? All it took was a pair of balls and a painter’s extension rod,” Ruth said in a 2015 video explaining how to disable traffic cameras.


    In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the Red Light Robin Hood Stephen Ruth who one night decided to go out in Long Island and destroy 19 red light cameras in an act of civil disobedience. Find out why in this video and the darker truths about red light cameras.

    Ruth says he has collected evidence showing that municipalities in Suffolk County, where he lives on Long Island, have shortened the timing of yellow lights, making it harder for drivers to safely pass through yellow lights or, alternately, to come to a safe stop.


    Stephen Ruth, also known as the “Red Light Robin Hood” recently announced that he is officially on the ballot to run for the Senate of the New York 2nd District.

    Last month, 43-year-old Ruth, who faces felony charges for damaging red light cameras in Suffolk County, started collected signatures for a petition to run for the Senate.

    “It’s time to get the word to there and put the Red Light Robin Hood in office to fight for the people, just like I’ve been fighting this unconstitutional program,” a previous post on his Facebook page reads. “By putting me in office, it will be the first step in taking the power back.”

    Last August, Ruth was arrested after he tampered with red light cameras in Ronkonkoma, pointing them upward so that they could not capture violators, which he took a video of and posted on YouTube.


    “I cut the cable wires, making it useless,” Ruth said, according to the report. “I’ve made it dysfunctional, just like the whole red light camera program.”

    Moreover, he revealed that the cameras – used to enhance revenue collection and enrich local governments and private contractors alike – overwhelmingly tend to ticket people making legal right-on-red turns, as the cameras tend to go off unless a driver pauses for the right moment of time even after making a complete stop.

    His candidacy is based around raising awareness about this issue, and if elected to reign in the practice, which has not only picked at the pockets of local residents, but fueled a rise in traffic accidents during shortened yellow lights.

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        • Times they are a changin. If you are corrupt, you are not held accountable and can become wealthy, very very wealthy. If you expose corruption you’ll probably go to prison or even lose your life. Just sad.
          Stay quiet Be smart

          • baby boomers have inverted values

            • Acid, inverted values? I think it’s more a morality issue, which your generation is lacking greatly. What this guy did was for attention in the hopes that will send him to his political victory. Nothing more. But he ain’t the brightest crayon in the box because he’d have more of a chance doing something about this type of corruption in office than handling it criminally and now facing charges. As popular as it seems to be, it was still the wrong way to handle it.

          • yeah stay quiet, do nothing that is why the country has become a shit hole of crime filth and disease, and criminals run it.

            • Charlie, get a clue. You don’t need to come here and spout off about what you’re gonna do or what should be done, to get things done. Ever here the phrase “walk the walk or talk the talk”? Those words are at the end of most of my comments and they apply to surviving. I actually thought of that phrase many many years ago at a certain army training school. Think before you speak.
              Stay quiet Be smart

        • I haven’t got a red light ticket yet, but when I do, I will be on the band wagon.

          • WHY WOULD THAT IDIOT TURN HISELF IN? Good luck winning office from jail dumb ass! I love what he did but geeezus turn yourself in? Maybe he’s too stupid to hold office in the first place….

            • Genius:

              That’s precisely what I thought. Then I noticed his last name. Well, if he’s in with the small faction of terrorists, Marxist J*ws; they will set up the stupid Christians and other white people by deception, and they will join in order to destroy.


            • Genius;
              There is absolutely no limit to stupidity as far as holding public office is concerned.

            • The Senate has taken Nancy’s famous quote to the next level.

              “We have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” – Nancy Pelosi

              Washington at Its Worst: Senate Passes Nonexistent Bill

              “On Tuesday night, the Senate voted to proceed to the continuing resolution, a bill that will allegedly fund the government until Dec. 9.”

              “Forget not being able to read it, or not having time to digest the policy at hand. The bill does not exist.”

              ht tp://

            • I took care of that Red Light Problem. I moved out of the City and out into the boonies. No Red light cameras out here. People out here drive golf carts, 4 wheelers on the roads. Nobody cares.

              I live in a private subdivision area community, pay $50 a year for road maintenance for our private roads. At the last HO meeting, some old man dipstick wanted to put in speed bumps. He was out voted 20 to 3.

              Get out of the Cities, and away from all the Ripoffs of their spider web traps transferring your wealth to them.

              ~WWTI… IL is the same way, I will never go back to that NAZI Police State of criminal pricks.

          • The occupied territories of Kalifostan have road signs saying ‘Turn on Headlights’ of which failure to comply will cost you $2ØØ & ONE POINT moving violation on your license. The citation lists the violation as ‘FAILURE TO OBEY’ No shit. Like the signs that say ‘Click it or Ticket’ I’d like a bumper sticker that says ‘LICK IT & STICK IT’ Mofos…

        • I’ve gotten two red-light camera tickets and simply threw them in the trash.

          In my state, failing to pay the ticket is NOT a criminal offense…merely civil. If you don’t pay the fine, they can’t prosecute you further. The reason is because there is no way that they can positively prove that you were driving the vehicle when the infraction occurred. Additionally, a traffic violation that can be criminally prosecuted for failure to pay must be witnessed by a police officer who then issues the citation. No officer to witness the violation, no possibility of criminal conviction.

          The only thing that can can be done by the city is to flag your vehicle registration. The city where I received the citations has no contract with the county to enforce collection of the fine, and the state simply flags the vehicle. When I went to re-register my car, the guy at the courthouse said, “Are you aware that you have an outstanding ticket?” I replied “yes”. He then said. “ok.” End of story.

          The company that owns the camera issues the citation and sent me a letter demanding payment. I told them to take their ticket and up it where the sun don’t shine and to never contact me again or I would sue their ass off. I’ve heard nothing more from them.

          This method of dealing with red light tickets may not work in every case. Your laws may vary state by state, or even city by city. But it worked in my situation. Do your research on your particular location and especially in regard to which city issued the citation.

          For me, the bottom line was that it was a CIVIL matter. They could not hold me criminally liable. Could not ding my driving record. Could not ding my credit. And in my case, could not compel me to pay the fine when it came time to register my vehicle.

          Your mileage may vary.

        • why bother breaking them? just sue the shiz out of the city collecting the fees under the 6th Amendments confrontation clause.
          By doing that, we have managed to get red light and speed cameras pretty much eliminated in Ohio. The only way they can be used is if a cop is sitting directly under it monitoring traffic.

          constitutionality wins again.

      2. Some place I read that the Framers agreed that it would be preferrabl that 10 guiltly persons go free rather than have one innocent convicted. The Police especially traffic enforcement are largely agents to produce revenue.

        • Go free from the state, yes, but free from justice deserved, no.

          You can always dispense justice yourself.

        • Old guy mentions revenue collection. That’s really rich coming from a guy that says follow the rules and you won’t have to worry about getting fines or going to jail or whatever. Sounds like people were following traffic rules and driving safely but it was rigged against them. How many other places are the lights and speed limit signs rigged?

          • ALL of them since you cannot confront your accuser, and even attempting to take the issue to court requires you to pay the fine UP FRONT.

        • we are ALL agents for the State/US

      3. He is absolutely right about impeding upon the constitutional right to due process.

        In my town you have to pay the fine, if you don’t pay the fine you can’t get your car registered, which leads to traffic tickets by real cops.

        There is no hearing to contest the charge. They get away with this by claiming it is a “civil order” rather than criminal charges, but then punish you by making criminal charges the foregone conclusion when you can’t register your car.

        I say it is time for civil disobedience. I would vote for this guy.

        • Civil Order.
          Enter no plea without a ratification of commencement, rule 17 of civil procedures.

          Administrative[admiralty] jurisdiction on land is a violation of the first amendment. Free will is violation of consent presumed by most state civil statutes. People should be presented with the right to choose.

          …be safe….fight the fight….BA.

          • challenge the constitutionality. FRCP 5.1(a)

            it does not exist.

            right to choose if they wish to be extorted?

      4. You would think a good mask and a paint ball gun would solve the problem. And a good shooter. With balls.

        • You have seen where the police state shoots kids with bb guns.

          • Are you talking about the car thief? Under the circumstances, it probably was impossible for the cops to see just what the weapon was,and if you’re brandishing a weapon when running from the law, you can’t blame them for doing exactly what you would have done, if you were in their shoes…

      5. senate HELL!….he gets MY vote for PRESIDENT! we had those here, and i boycotted the city they were in…..musts’ been a LOT of people LIKE me, because now they are GONE…..and everything i heard in THIS story, i heard here local….some of it by insiders…BTW, HERE, if you ignored the letters, you got a free pass, because they couldn’t PROVE you had been served….wink wink….oh, one more thing….even though they get hundreds of dollars from each ticket, they make very
        little on this program for their bottom line. you would THINK these simps would do a little research before they sign these contracts…all over the country, it’s been tried, and failed…..why aren’t the citizens surrounding city hall as we WRITE….?…………….

      6. P.S….i STILL don’t shop in that city unless i HAVE to.

      7. If you get a camera ticket. Take it to court and ask to question you accuser. Just a little advise.

        You have the Right to question you accuser.


        • Sgt. The accuser is the person who administers ( or who he designates) the red light program. He will show up, I saw a a woman try this in traffic court. After she lost, a few people stated they wanted to change the not guilty to a guilty plea. This doesn’t work.

        • Where I live, the court handling these citations was administrative–neither a court of law nor a court of record; the constitution did not apply. The collections, however were poor, as the law had no teeth, since the Administrative court had no power to compel payment. Laws were passed requiring you to protest only in district court where you’d spend thousands, while your govt oppressors legal defense expenses came from the bottomless pockets of the taxpayers. A mayoral re-election campaign was lost as a result of these cameras, which were quietly taken away by the incoming administration…

          • The police chief of my town has said that as long as he is chief, there will be no redlight cameras in this town.

      8. The cameras in public places must go. We are not a free people when our every move is monitored. Destroy them all. Make the government a very small group of individuals under the intense scrutiny of the public, not the other way around. These camera are step one in putting America into a virtual prison. Kill the cameras or the traitors who put them there in the first place. I’m becoming indifferent as to which occurs first.


        • Cameras are the least of the worries. Big telecom has a new device that mounts on top of power poles that is described as a “scientific sensor”, reads pressure, temperature, listening device, video, and guess what else, it can detect gun fire….wonder what that will be used for in the future.


          • Yep

          • Government doesn’t even bother putting cameras up where all the crime happens, because the criminals will just steal the cameras too!

            They only put cameras up in the suburbs to spy on hot soccer moms.

      9. Years ago in Washington state they put together a system to catch speeders. So many vans were shot up that they had to put people in the vans, so they could process the shooting as a felony. They eventually gave it all up. Unlike New York, people in Washington state have a lot of guns. Never register or give up your guns!

      10. Check out this low IQ’d Moron!

        Brother of Man Shot by Black Cop in Charlotte: ‘All White People Are F***ing Devils’

        Chris Menahan
        Sep. 21, 2016

        Short Narrative – plus a 0:19 video

      11. Small scale shtf here…around 2:30 today a fire in a substation took out power for the entire island.
        3 million people total. I heard rush hour in the capitol was a blast.
        We had just gotten home from a shopping run in the city and found out later how big it is. Friends got caught in traffic but we escaped just in time. Intersections are bad enough when the lights ARE working!

        Anyway, got the quiet 4 stroke genny running, tv on, lights, etc. and things are fine so far.
        Those without generators are hoping it comes back on soon, but we know there are no guarantees and at this point it could be a while.
        Solar collection is low these days; lots of cloud cover half the day is the norm.
        Hoping for clear skies tonight for star watching. I’ve been waiting for a night like this! Telescope would be nice.
        Lockin and loading, too.

        • Ketchup,the stars are amazing without light pollution,north lands of New England you shut off house lights and eyes adjust immediate gratification/natural wonder.

          Keep genny to a minimum,things out long will draw the bad like moths to a candle,be sharp but not trigger happy,stay safe.

          • Ketchup, maybe you can go to walmart and get you a new TV 😛

            • Get a new tv,to waste genny fuel on?Watch endless tv about,well….,the power being out?!

              • Sarcasm is like a bird… it went right over your head lol 🙂

                • No,not really,just didn’t like the reference that ketchup might be a “looter”!

                  Sigh…..,perhaps I need to make up a chat room so we can discuss this in more detail!

                  • That was also part of the sarcasm lol.

                    • Genius,I needed to leave the site for a few moments,not to have a smoke/take a pee/get a cup of coffee but due to your earlier post!I realize not directed at me personally your thoughtless/hurtful statement alluding to ketchup even thinking of being a looter made me and am sure many other readers need to go to our ” safe spaces” for a few to reflect on this micro agression!

                      I mean,it tis to a point…….,wait for it!……that I feel the need to break out the TOU card and bring forth the ugliness that you in your writings disparaged a poster!

                      I need to take a break and think about this more fully and recommend you also take a break and think about your actions and not only realize your error but come up with ideas so this doesn’t happen again,I only hope you can find the strength to not only face this issue but overcome it and become a better poster here in the future,assuming Mac will allow you a future after this obvious disregard for TOU.

                    • After a smoke and a beer and some reflection on the post mentioned I have thought it over and come to the conclusion in my mind that the post described (however hidden the sarcasm) was indeed not disparaging to ketchup for I feel that Ketchup would know that it was sarcasm and probably came to the conclusion that such post was in fact funny. Perhaps the addition of mushrooms to your smoking material would indeed stimulate your sense of humor and perhaps some laughter. WARNING: Do not over do it as laughing too hard can make one shit their britches 🙂

                    • Genius:

                      Hallucinogenic mushrooms are in fact poisonous and enough of them can cause a heart attack. Be careful. Better yet, avoid them. You may be a fast learner, but don’t learn the hard way. The blood that is pumped to your brain is also pumped to your special parts. Try not to screw yourself, please.


                • Geewiz, more than a few here with panties twisted and stressed out. Sure, having No power is not fun.. I thought G’s comment was funny.. Hell stay armed and eyes open.. Could get interesting once night falls. That’s where a great pair of Night Vision goggles comes into play. If you enjoy the luxuries of electricity, live in the burbs all on the grid, expect problems with that plan. If you want more control of your life, move to the country and get off the grid, own your own Solar power plant and still enjoy the luxuries of electricity.

                  I think in the 19 months I lived here my neighbor’s power failed about 4 times. I have not had those problems. DOS -Denial of Service.

        • Ketchupondemand,
          I’m a little curious about your island.
          there is only about three of us island dwellers
          on this site.
          Most here assume I’m somewhere on the big
          island of Hawaii.
          Nail( Kula) guy is probably on Maui somewhere.

          My guess for you is Philippines, but your
          lack of sunshine is confusing.
          In any event I hope you get your power
          back soon.
          If you are in the Philippines, Do you use much coconut oil for cooking and how does that work out? I’m thinking of stashing some away as I know a guy that has a farm that grows them by the ton.

          • Ketchupondemand,
            Puerto Rico?
            Population is closer to 4 million.
            All you need to know in Spanish.
            Dande esta los banos?
            Mas cervesa! Por favor.

            Forgive my grammar, you ought to see
            how I butcher Mandarin Chinese.

            Just popped up on Drudge and others.

          • rellik, I’m in the Caribbean, you know that bankrupt US possession that’s been in the news?
            Been using coconut oil for years now but we buy it at Sam’s Club or local stores. (air conditioned gypsies? No, it’s a convenience)
            Was buying it thru Nutiva in Cal. for awhile.
            I watched a couple videos on making the oil from cocos but haven’t tried it yet.
            Busting open a dozen mature cocos with a machete is tough work. Could buy ’em husked at $1.00 each but we have 30+ coco trees and some are finally producing mature nuts. It’s taken 7-10 yrs. from foot high shoots.
            I make killer coconut milk for cereal. One mature nut produces about a quart of milk.
            10:10PM , still no power. This could last. We’re ready. And thanks to everyone here who has ever posted. I’ve picked up some valuable information.

            • Saw the outage. We are praying for your safety. Vaya con Dios, Amigo.

            • My understanding is you only use the green ones.
              the brown ones will give you the shits.
              Also for you guys that want to visit paradise.
              heads up when coconuts fall you can get hurt!
              The things go thump in the night.

            • Could you make something like a log splitter but for coconut and have rounded blades you could even make it small and use a hydraulic jack like a porta power thats used for bodywork on cars ect

              • Maybe a log splitter gizmo would work but too many other things are ahead of something like ‘on the list’.
                Update: \
                News in English is hard to come by. I speak good enough Spanish but have a tough time understanding the Spanish dialect here. The English TV station seems to be ignoring the outage, running bs repeats and covering the weather but zero on the main situation.

                Neighbor tells me San Juan has been in chaos. Shootings, robberies, pedestrians being hit (when the power first went out) and the usual general shit you would expect.
                People in high condos are up a creek.
                We are safe up in the hills and have no need to go anywhere.
                Notable: yesterday we were in the car when power went out.
                First thing we noticed was the radio station went off the air. Not unusual due to lightning strikes in summer.
                Then, switching to another station, then another, and they’re off air, too. I didn’t think much of it but now I know it’s a good indicator of SHTF!
                We have propane fired hot water heaters, 2100 gallons of rain water, 24v solar powered water pump and 3000watts of Honda and 3000watts of solar backup power. Nice to be hurricane prepped. You never know.
                Will keep updating…interesting times, indeed.

                • Saw that PR was out of power (entire island) this morning on the news. I lived in PR for a little over a year in a small town Boqueron. I loved it and had a blast. I definitely enjoyed the ladies.

                  Was there in 97 when hurricane George hit and we were without power and water for weeks. Fortunately I was prepared with a generator and stored water.

                  I hear that PR is suffering from a major drought, how is that affecting you?

                  • Drought is over for the most part, has been for awhile.
                    Rainfall is less this year but in the mountains where we are rain is pretty regular in summer months, thru Oct./Nov.
                    San Juan and vicinity is where the drought was fairly severe.

      12. These lights are run by private corp.s with the blessings of thieving town officials,find the companies owners homes/investors and screw with their property,seriously,this is a small scale war,make those who profit from others misery miserable.

      13. Out here you can’t use a cell phone. The police are on call after 11pm. Frogs &crickets makes the most noise. The general store close at 6. The new day start at 4am the local kitchen open at 5am your start work at 6.30. Quit at noon take a nap. Feed the stock at 6pm go to bed at 9. GROUND HOG DAY.

        • Theres something to be said for that routine,,,
          Almost the same in my neighborhood exvep i cant keep my eyes open past 7:30ish

      14. I’ve been a civil dissident my entire life, just my mindset. Though I admit I could not get away with my past deeds today in this heightened police state atmosphere. I agree that civil disobedience is vital to maintaining freedom. I believe in free speech. The only people power comes collectively.

        • aljamo

          Just to make a statement as to why episodes of civil disobedience are being committed.

          The Nation has an abundance of Liars.

          In the past and like cats covering up their shit.

          Police Lie
          Politicians Lie.
          Bankers Lie
          Government Lie.
          Corporations Lie

          All forms of authority LIE, with increasing frequency.

          There is such an prolific level of lying that when the TRUTH is TOLD it is not believed. There is no trust.
          Why is this so? Because we have let those who constantly lie get away with it and there is very few who would confront the lies. So it continues unabated.

          Lying has become acceptable in our society, so why do we act so surprised when people act the way they do.

      15. But yet if you are an angry black young “man” that blames whitey for everything you simply loot the local Walmart and go home with thousands of dollars worth of rolling papers. More whites are shot by cops than blacks so black lives that reproduce bas.turd thugs are the only thing that matters.

      16. Good for that guy! red light cameras = racketeering

        There is a bill that went through the Colorado General Assembly to ban red light cameras in the state of Colorado, which passed through the legislature with an overwhelming majority of bipartisan support only to be vetoed by the Colorado Agenda 21 communist governor during the 2015 legislative session.

      17. In the last week Mac published an article on water purification. How prophetic.

        Two articles in the news caught my eye.

        Apparently in Florida a company that was a major waste water producer just lost track of their waste water when a sink hole began forming and draining it away unexpectedly?

        A new report on Chromium-6 a highly toxic form of Chromium finds it in known toxic levels in many major cities. Chromium-3 however is a necessary dietary mineral?

        Never the less, have you tested your wells, is your city water safe?

        I have multiple water filters in my house water supply. I’m feeling vindicated for spending the money on my filtered water. Turns out My water is drawn from a supply just slightly upstream of a city that reports toxic levels of Chromium-6 over 20 time safe levels.

        I never get tired of saying, thank you Mac!

        • Right back atcha! Thank YOU!

        • 215 Million Gallons Of Radioactive Water Threaten Drinking Water In Florida

          Officials waited 3 weeks to inform the public

          Anna Scanlon | – September 20, 2016

          That sucks… Those phosphate mines and retention ponds break and the shitwater dumps into the Tampa Bay, happened before, spilling hundreds of million of gallons of toxic water, and all the politicians gather to protect the polluters. And with minimum fines. ALL the Mines need to be closed, until they are all brought into compliance. What usually happens in a case like this is the Mine Owners file for bankruptcy, abandon the mine and the CEO runs off to his yacht. The State takes over and the tax payers are stuck with the clean up tab.

          The owners need to be put in jail until the entire problem is fixed and paid for at their expense. Mosiac Co are Environmental Terrorists. I have driven by these plants a few times, stinky, dirty and toxic smelling.

          ~WWTI…btw/ Radon is a common element that is found in and located near phosphate mines. It is a natural occurrence. And why you do NOT want to live anywhere near a phosphate plant. Radon is also part of the disclosure in a Real Estate contract. Read the fine print.

      18. Something something .177 – .22 scoped pellet guns…

        Amazed it doesn’t happen more often…

      19. My friends and I often laugh, saying how glad we are that none of this constant surveillance crap was around back when we were acting stupid. No internet, no mobile phones, and the closest thing to digital most of us ever saw was a digital clock.
        Today, there are cameras EVERYWHERE. We surrendered freedom in the name of a false sense of security.
        At least my state made redlight cameras illegal. Really pissed off some of the local cities as it was a bottomless bag of free money in their eyes.

      20. I hope this catches on!
        It’s a new game, and its game on.

      21. Another chimp-out in Charlotte. Time for Jesse and Al to come for a photo-op.

      22. Those cameras don’t bother me I don’t run lights and don’t speed. I’m not in a hurry at all. When somone rides my bumper I slow down I’ve had people cross the median to pass throwing the bird when they cross the median I speed up to not let them pass and hope a car will hit them head on. When I’m in traffic I block the breakdown lane assholes can wait their fucking turn.

      23. That so called riot was nothing. The blacks were crying more than attacking the police. More like a protest with a few bad actors. Totally weak the police will crush the niggers. They were pleading for other blacks to come out and join the destruction. Blacks are not angry enough. No worries.

      24. Get a good pellet rifle that shoots bbs and pellet you can use for squirrel rabbit ect small game and no one know. Hell you could even put a good night vision scope on it cus i would hate to get shot in the neck jugular or cervical spine or temple.

      25. Hey good news for hicks Texas wont be takeing any more refugees from the feds refugee program so im thinking they already have enough refugees to deal with from Mexico. .

      26. Any one see on the news the riots going on in North Carolina? My concern is how will Andy and Barney deal with these rioters when it spreads like a virus and spills over into Mayberry? ?? They only have 2 jail cells

      27. Disabling traffic cameras and such I think is the modern day equivalent if tossing tea in the Harbor. But don’t get caught. And certainly don’t turn yourself in.

      28. Well GS,aunt Bee has one hell of a frying pan to whack idiots dead with,Gomer joined the USMC and after a few tours in Vietnam as a LRRP sniper can pretty much handle the whole town from church steeple/Otis the drunk had his own still and thus can make bad ass molatov cocktails,naw,Mayberry will be just fine!Oh,and Andy gave Barney the whole box of bullets for his pistol(probably more danger to the town then rioters!).

        • That b funny shit

      29. National guard en route to Charlotte NC right now

      30. I have a love/hate relationship with this site and you people. On the one hand, you threaten to kill people carrying out civil disobedience if they get too close to your town when they feel they’ve been wronged by LEO, then you turn around on the other hand and profess to endorse civil disobedience when someone takes a picture of you as you break the law.

        Honestly, WTF do you guys believe? Civil disobedience is good for me and my white folk but not you and your colored folk? Or do you believe those cameras are more of a threat to your liberty than cops killing unarmed people?

        Ok, fine, I’ll go have a cup of coffee and re-think what I just posted, but I don’t think I’ll change my mind about my position regarding you hypocrites.

        • Its a fine line we walk between good bad and doing whats best right for the big picture. .

        • A group such as the “black lives matter” is NOT civil disobedience. As Godsoldier said – “it’s a fine line” … there is a right way and a wrong way.

          Committing crimes against others because a person/group feels it is justified in doing so because they feel like they have been wronged – is not acceptable.

        • Billy,my version of civil disobedience does not include looting stores/beating up a old homeless man ect.Take the battle to those that attacked you,not a bunch of folks who had nothing to do with attack.

          When King marched and committed civil disobedience he and his followers of all religions and ethnicities did not commit these acts.You attacked by powers that want to be for peaceful civil protest I then have no problem personally fighting back with violence,still,not going to burn stores and attack the homelss!

        • Point well taken. My apologies for running off at the mouth. You’re all three absolutely correct: As a society, the inner city does tend to be stupid in their actions.

      31. ‘Is he a hero of the people, or an enemy of the state?”
        is there a difference?

        btw we petitioned to have these cameras removed in our city and won…we no longer have them anywhere in our little city..

      32. If he has a jury trial he will walk

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