Canary In The Coal Mine: Unfunded Liabilities Have Turned Illinois Into A “Banana Republic” On The Brink Of Bankruptcy

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Headline News | 109 comments

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    Illinois is the perfect example of what happens when your state is run by fiscally irresponsible dunces for decades. The state is buried debt, and hasn’t passed a budget in over 700 days. 100% of their monthly revenue is being consumed by court ordered payments, and the Illinois Department of Transportation has revealed that they may not be able to pay contractors (who are working on over 700 infrastructure projects) after July 1st if the state doesn’t pass a budget. To top it all off, the state’s credit rating is one step away from junk status, the lowest of any state. Because of these factors, Illinois may become the first state to declare bankruptcy since the Great Depression.

    Governor Bruce Rauner has gone so far as to call his state a “banana republic.”

    The state’s comptroller has admitted that “We are in massive crisis mode.”

    And a reporter for the Chicago Tribune thinks Illinois has gone so far past the point of no return, that the state should be broken up. He recently wrote what basically sounds like a suicide note for Illinois.

    Dissolve Illinois. Decommission the state, tear up the charter, whatever the legal mumbo-jumbo, just end the whole dang thing.

    We just disappear. With no pain. That’s right. You heard me.

    The best thing to do is to break Illinois into pieces right now. Just wipe us off the map. Cut us out of America’s heartland and let neighboring states carve us up and take the best chunks for themselves.

    The group that will scream the loudest is the state’s political class, who did this to us, and the big bond creditors, who are whispering talk of bankruptcy and asset forfeiture to save their own skins.

    But our beloved Illinois has proved that it just doesn’t deserve to survive.

    So how did it get to this point?

    The root of the problem is Illinois’ unfunded pension liabilities, which amount to $130 billion. The state’s leaders simply promised what could not be delivered. Most of their employees can retire in their 50’s, and many of them will receive 1-2 million dollars over the course of their retirements. As the debts associated with those pensions reached astronomical levels, the government increased taxes so much that many of the wealthiest and most productive citizens and businesses have moved away, leaving an even smaller tax base to draw from.

    In short, Illinois is in a death spiral, but it’s not alone. Illinois is merely the canary in the coal mine.

    We’re only hearing about Illinois right now because the percentage of their pensions that have been funded is the lowest in the nation. However, there are plenty of states that aren’t too far behind Illinois. There are plenty of states with a higher debt to GDP ratio, and more debt per person. And it’s not just public pensions. The pension funds for every company in the the S&P 500 are underfunded by $375 billion. Before the last financial crisis, they were fully funded. And globally, the problem is far worse. 20 countries in the OECD, whose members include every western and developed nation, have a combined $78 trillion in unfunded liabilities, from both private and public pensions.

    During the economic crash of 2008, we all saw how contagious an economic calamity could be. A crash in one market can put many others over the edge, and cause them to crash as well. What started with a subprime mortgage crisis in the United States, quickly turned into a global economic crash that we still haven’t truly recovered from.

    So when Illinois does crash and burn as a result of their pension funds (and it is a matter of when, not if), then it’s time to buckle up. It could be just the beginning of a global financial unraveling that will affect us all.

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      1. Illinois has always been a piece of shit state. It is just now the stench is unbearable to the remainder of the US.

        Luckily for us, we know who to wipe crap off our shoes.

        • Ah Mr. Land: I read you article twice and it seems to me that you think ILL going down is a problem? I admit down state is nice; but I don’t seem to find the idea of Chi town eating itself a problem. Save the Field collection, and a few other things and Chi would make a fine swamp. And I know down state would agree.

        • Correction John: It is the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Chicago. Take that out, and you simply have Texas with a bit more snow. But, they ARE moving the socialist ignorance out of Chicago into the western suburbs now. Staggering to watch what is going on. Just last night as my wife was coming home, FOUR police cars raced by to get some guy shooting at the police. Thankfully, he surrendered with no one hurt. I know this stuff CAN happen anywhere, even the “best” neighborhoods, but this is getting worse. Last week it was a murder in the same city.

          Of course, you know about the records set for murders in Chicago – sadly, virtually all of it by FATHERLESS black on black gangs. Andf if “black lives matter,” how about starting with them mattering to the men who FATHERED these boys???? Or doesn’t that count? I have a friend (white) who goes down to the most dangerous areas and works with these kids out of his Christian convictions. Interesting that George Soros and his minions with their “Black lives matter” scam never do that, isn’t it!

          • So the Socialists are to blame. Thin again. I live, unfortunately, in a rock solid Illinois County- McHenry. The Republican’s control every county-level elected position and have done so for years. The result. McHenry County has some of the highest property taxes in the US and the highest in Illinois. Why? poor governance and unmitigated corruption. So much for the Republicon’s are the party of fiscal conservatives.

          • Soros is CERTAINLY not Christian

        • My friend and I have been joking about Ill noise for years. We both follow bonds. He would continually comment to me “…there go those jokers in Ill noise again. They are issuing more bonds to fund those pensions. …” and I would poke back “..yep, it has happened after every election. The politicians raise the public pensions to unheard of levels and they issue more bonds to fund the pensions…” and he would state “…but look at what it is costing the state. There are fewer and fewer bond buyers…” and so it went for more than 20 years. So it is no surprise they are in a huge tax hole they will never dig out of…

          • and the interest rate for bonds is nothing.

            Just wait until bond rates rise to 6 and 8 percent.

        • Correction. It is now renamed to “Venezuellinois”

        • Most of that stench comes from Chicago and the wind carries it downstream. Many of those in the smaller cities and communities don’t even consider it part of their state.

      2. Oboinga did a great job with gangster Chicago

        • The entire nation is bankrupt, nothing new at all ? We will see much more going forward so no surprises really ?

          Wait until all the retirement plans and municipalities all across the nation start folding, we will see the fireworks. And many states are already BK as well !

          • My retirement will eventually go down too. Its already happening in the state where my check comes from. I have moved to the most free and independent state of the union. But the key is to raise as much as possible of everything you need to survive on, and have a skill to make enough money to pay property tax. A person can produce everything needed, including fuel if needed to run equipment.

      3. How can it be that those at the helm with all of the qualifications and education can get it so wrong and yet never saw it coming.

        Time for farmers to run government.
        Just smart enough to get the job done.
        But not clever enough to rort the system.

        Any one with a law degree needs to be automatically barred from running for political office at all levels.

        • Lawyers shouldn’t be able to write laws. Bankers shouldn’t be printing money (“Federal Reserve”). The IRS shouldn’t be collecting taxes. Political parties shouldn’t be selecting candidates.

          • Income tax shouldn’t exist. Don’t penalize good behavior. -_-

        • Because their supposed education is the problem ? They know nothing except spend more to solve unsolvable issues. That is why government gets bigger nit smaller.

          • We live in a small rural coastal area in South Australia and have the same issues with local council spending more and more and trying to look like a GOLD COAST type area….wanting to borrow more money while having a large amount in interest to repay a bank while trying to keep up appearences which other towns and putting up yearly rates to try and cover their spending…they think the people are stupid but they are awakening here also

            • In NSW, Australia the Liberal state government has announced a $4.5 billion surplus which it immediately is planning to spend. The only problem is that this money comes from the sale of assets, being the poles and wires of the state’s electrical system. So the sale of income producing fixed assets are being used to fund money being given away to parents of children playing sport and hospitals and everybody thinks this is a great idea. Even PM Turnbull was at the Liberal meeting discussing all this. The C’th apparently is in massive debt while NSW wastes all this money and no-one is saying anything about it.

            • Glyn, glad to hear Aussies are waking up. Check out Santos Binocchi in Perth I believe ?

            • In Northern Virginia, they are permitting contractors to build toll lanes with a variable toll purportedly to relieve congestion. After that big mess was done, it seems few people actually use it.

              A short time after that, the Virginia gov decided to switch already built high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes to a toll system for the same purported reason. Now the contractor owns another piece of Virginia but we taxpayers bought the thing!

              I refuse to patronize these toll lanes. I find alternate routes or times to travel or commute and avoid throwing my money away. Also they only use a gadget that the driver sticks on the windshield so that toll is automatically deducted from an account you choose. Being a cautious (okay, suspicious) type, I stay away from those.

      4. I don’t like the sound of that carve it up business. It sounds an awful lot like what the Prime Minister of Isreal said to the traitor spy Pollack as he escorted the prisoner from his cell to be released. Something about sucking America dry and scattering her to the wind.


        • I don’t like the concept either for a different reason. It smacks of the usual liberal socialism that got them into this mess in the first place. A better idea would be to make the State of Illinois enact the measures necessary to right their own course. Force the issue of all the freebies out into the open. Force the issue of the kick-backs and graft out as well. Let the entire country see the truth of where the legislation and policies have failed. Make the State change its laws to a system that works. End all hand-outs, all socialized and touchie-feeliegood b.s. In other words, make the State of Illinois become solvent by honest measures that actually can work. You solve the existing problems, you ‘man’ up and face the truth, you set an example for those States to follow this path as they fail. California being not far away.

          • 100% agree.

        • Yeah he YahooNut, said cut America up into a million pieces, bankrupt her and create the biggest welfare state we control and everybody is our slaves. Hit her again and again, and why? This is what we do to countries we hate.

          So like this just didn’t all just happened on its own. This has been in the works for a century, and really pushed hard since the 1960’s when they murdered our last Great president JFK. Who challenged their Phony Fiat IOU paper, with real Silver Asset backing.

        • But who will take Chicago? Not I said the Fox, Not I, said the Badger, Not I said the Hoosier.

      5. Step 1: Prohibit elected government officers from dog catcher to President from collecting any government funded pension.

        • Step 1: Eliminate “Universal Suffrage”. The Founding Fathers never envisioned a Republic where everyone had the right to vote. So long as you have millions of welfare queens pulling the lever for whatever politician is going to give them free shit, you can continue to watch the last vestiges of this republic swirl the drain.

          First of all, raise the voting age to at least 30. Gain some wisdom before you gain the right to vote.
          Secondly, if you receive ANYTHING from the state, you lose the right to vote. Welfare queens can’t keep voting for more and more free crap.
          Finally, bring back some sort of testing. Make it comprehensive. If you pass, you’re good for ten years before you test again. If you fail, come back next year and try again.
          I’m sure everyone here could add a few more. But bottom line, the right to vote shouldn’t be given away to anyone that asks.

          Have a great weekend everyone.


      6. No other State would take Chicongo.

      7. No Shitcago turned Illinois into a Banana Rep.

        Run by left wing libtard bastards for 75+ years!

        I hope it does go under then maybe we can get rid of the SOBs In power.

        (One who lives in this shit hole and can’t wait to get the “F” out!!!)!

        • Karma is a bitch, force little boys to drop their draws and the cash draw gets shut.

        • Exactly. Getting rid of the political scum in that city, along with literally millions of scum illegals, hood gangs and lazy welfare trash there might be a chance for the state. We just cannot allow that shit storm to migrate south.

          • That was my first thought–you know where they will migrate??
            Please, not Kentucky.

            • KY, Jay, is also one of the worst states financially. Not a KY hater, but just fyi.

              • Yes, we are # 5 I believe on that list.
                I will say it hasn’t affected the road work in this town/county.
                I can’t drive without traveling through tar most weeks!!! 🙂

                I also can’t find where the illegal Mexicans are hiding!!
                I can count them on one hand when I shop in town.

                • Maybe we are in dire straits because of the low property tax, sales tax of 6%, and 0% food tax???
                  I’m staying.
                  No Mexicans, low prop. taxes, 6% sales tax and no tax on food.

        • Sarg, I”m between Naperville and Aurora, and I have noticed they are relocating a LOT of inner city folks out this way. I am glad kids get a good education, BUT they are bringing their corrupt, leftist politics here, and this area, formerly a conservative location, is now a leftist stronghold. I give it 10 years before it becomes another Chicago or Detroit (Chicago is the ONLY city, out of the top 20 largest in the US, to have LOST people last year. And their idiot solution? Raise taxes. Brilliant. Now, they are relocating massive numbers of Muslims here. I see all kinds of burquas, headscarves etc. in Fox Valley Mall, etc. The problem is that Islam has completely different assumptions about human nature – and from that flows all the underpinnings of our political system.

          Worst of all, I am stuck here, too, taking care of a very elderly mother and a mentally handicapped brother – all while my entitled, lazyass siblings and spouses – all retired, on pensions, etc – do little to nothing… as we both work more than full time. So typical of the entitled type, isn’t it.

          I always found activities of my leftist neighbors extremely interesting: one guy, in the fall, blows all his leaves into the street… to later blow on to everyone else’s yard. That is a wonderful metaphor for what leftists do, isn’t it. Or, we don’t put chemicals on our lawn, and grown an organic garden. Our hypocrite, leftist supporter neighbor – all BIG GREEN MONEY, faux global warming, etc. – has NO problem spraying their lawn, of course, blowing their chemicals onto our yard. Again a wonderful example of leftist hypocrisy.

          As Orwell said, in the socialist workers’ paradise, we’ll all be equal, only some of us will be “more equal” than the others. These neighbors exemplify exactly that, don’t they!

          • Good on Ya Test ! for doing what you feel is right towards your mother and brother. Sometimes doing that is very difficult with no kudos. You got my kudos ! Been there and done some of that myself in spades. This world is full of shit heels and weak greedy people.

        • We are traveling through Illinois right now. Lots of road maintenance going.

          To bad that may get halted at the end of the the​ month.

        • IL has only funded their Public Employee Pension program BY 47.1%; the lowest in the country and equates to $130 Billion in unfunded pension liabilities outstanding. And who is to Blame?

          Answer: Every jackass that lives in IL that voted for these Commie Socialists to ruin it, INCLUDING ALL YOUR CORRUPT COPS AND YOUR CORRUPT UNIONS, that allowed this to happen. Corruption and Political Greed. Look in the mirror, Yeah YOU!~

        • I left Ill back in ’82, and never looked back because I would turn into a pillar of salt it was so bad.

      8. There aren’t too many alternatives except the lender of last resort, the feds, swooping in to the rescue.

        It’ll only add to the US debt.

        • “It’ll only add to the US debt.”…..which already can’t possibly be paid off, nor is there any serious intent to try.

          The Feds can print, via the FED, and the States can’t…so yeah, most likely the Feds will ride to the rescue at the last moment.

          And the rest of the world keeps on accepting our paper with a straight face, since they are doing the same thing.

          Countries like Argentina are issuing 100yr bonds, will an 8% interest rate….what a joke. Who in their right mind thinks their heirs will ever get back the principal, much less 8% for 100 years ? WHY wouldn’t you just buy gold coin and stick it in a cookie jar… least you’d know where it is at night.

          • 8% in Argentina, Andy? Folks are just looking for the greater fool, IMHO. Yeah, AU or AG (silver) is certainly a place to look. I think, domiciled in one of the Channel Island is good. The cool thing about the Channel island is that long ago, they had a choice to go with England or France, do England gave them a lot of autonomy to go with them – and this spills into favourable laws for stuff like buying gold. You can also put in s self-directed IRA, which I do, stored thousands of miles from where I live. Good post tho! Thanks

            • Hey Bud, You’re holding paper and they are holding your Au thousands of miles away. If you don’t have it in your possession, you don’t own it. What are you going to do if the financial SHTFever occurs?

          • Goldy Lox may know the location of that jar. . .

      9. PA isn’t too far behind at 60 billion of unfunded liabilities in the public pension funds. They just moved into a mix of defined benefit and 401k for new hires. But that doesn’t address the deficit at all…so WTF.

        It’s tough to get any changes in public pension funds when those who vote for change are the same ones who receive the benefits.

        Private pensions are mostly gone as the companies can hold the worker’s jobs over a barrel to get rid of them. I know. They did that to our pension when a venture capital outfit bought off the division from the original Fortune 500 owner and immediately gutted all benefits.

        • From a study:
          A new study shows that Kentucky has the worst-funded pension system in the nation, compounded by the fact that of all the states, the commonwealth is doing the worst at paying off its pension debt.

          Kentucky has $31. 2 billion in unfunded pension liabilities, and the state’s various pension funds have 37.4 percent of the money they need to make payouts to current and future retirees, the lowest ratio of all states.

          Obviously, our leaders aren’t good at math! 🙂

          • I am not aware of one solvent retirement plan and maybe there is a few states, but not sure which ones if they exist ?

            There will come a point when the feds cannot continue and I believe we are past that point of bailouts and illusions for many reasons. The insolvency of most states and municipalities will be unsolvable one day and I imagine it is much sooner than later as we have kicked the can about as far as it can be kicked. And of course the big sugar daddy is well past insolvent. All that is left is massive chaos of one flavor or another.

      10. People need to come to the understanding there is no tooth fairy…..that the pension model is broken, (including social security), never to be fixed.

        If I were a young person in the work force, I’d do again exactly what I did…..get a small hunk of land that can produce my food, water, fuel, etc, in a location where property taxes have a shot at remaining low, build my own home and farm infrastructure myself to avoid as much loan interest as possible, save some in cash, but mostly in stored preps and precious metals, and go into old age relatively secure…..just like folks did for century after century, before they bought into some pension/401k scheme that was being sold by scammers from Wall St and the govt.

        • A good , logical, reasonable post Tn Andy.

          I have suggested to my daughter, now only age 13, that she may very well have to consider having a back up parallel living arrangement on some land, with self sufficiency etc as you describe, even if she wishes to pursue a “career” in the traditional sense. She’ll have to keep one hand on understanding aspects of farming, animal husbandry, photo volatics, MMPT charge controllers, inverters batteries for energy, wells, water purification, communications via Ham radio, etc. all of which is certainly a lot more involved than just a casual “hobby.”

          Switching gears to politics, socialism only works for a while as they (Thatcher) say until you run out of other people’s money. And I think we are approaching this limit. One thing for sure, no economy ever emerged de novo from socialism. It always started out with some sort of other political socioeconomic system in which assets were already available, to be divvied up and redistributed – as long as they lasted.

        • Andy, all good points. Although SS was fine as intended until congress started using it as a slush fund and leaving IOUs as collateral. Another legal robbery of the people on a grand scale. Just as we have all been forced to pay taxes to support illegal aliens and other criminals for a very long while. Just a few of the crimes actually !

      11. Illinois is a red state until Chicago is thrown into the mix.Dump Chicago and the state would be better off. Don’t bail it out……it’ll only get worse. Make Chicago a state and let it die from lack of funds.

        • Why would US pay off debts? That would be like making your children pay you for being a dependent.

        • Like everywhere else, it is the corrupt, fascist-left big cities. Unfortunately, as much fun as big cities can be, and as much as not everyone gets co-opted, overall Jefferson had it right when he wrote:

          “When we get piled upon one another in large cities, as in Europe, we shall become as corrupt as Europe,” Quod erat demonstrandum.

      12. many innocent people in rural Illinois will be hurt by the actions of Chicago politicians. Its a shame but the state needs to collapse so that certain problems can be solved.

        • Socialism always and everywhere, Boopsie, impoverishes both body and soul. That is, if you aren’t outright killed by their abortion, kill granny “healthcare” (ask Zeke Emannuel about that!) or the 100 MILLION the left murdered last century, per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press.

      13. HA!

        no, wait, libtards wrecked an entire state?

        • Several.

      14. “…the government increased taxes so much that many of the wealthiest and most productive citizens and businesses have moved away, leaving an even smaller tax base to draw from.”

        We’re acting as though there was some definite, concrete barrier, keeping people from food, housing, and infrastructure, when the imaginary money supply never had to be taken from anyone, or balanced, in any books.

        They have just refused to imagine more of it, into existence.

        This raises the question of inflation, but you have not overextended labor, time, or useful resources, so much as the permission to use them. The social barrier is completely arbitrary.

      15. Chicago is a cancer on Illinois just as NYC is to NY state, or KC is to Kansas, or St. Louis to Missouri, or Detroit is to Mich., or Baltimore is to MD, or Newark or Camden is to NJ, and so on and on and on. Many cities (large and small) have exhausted the resources of their states and depend on handouts from the federal gov’t for their very survival. When the handouts are no longer possible (and that time is coming) civil unrest, social chaos, and extreme levels of crime will spread across the land, and everyone knows it.
        All these cities have one thing in common, they have been grossly run almost entirely by Democrats for generations where politics is the most important thing. There was a time when all these cities were incredibly wealthy and desirable to live in for people all over the world. People immigrated here in droves to be be part of it all. Now many cities throughout the USA are unsustainable financial and resource drains, and in a condition of advanced decay, even in their death throes.
        Cities in America represent the worst of what happens when they becomes politicized, when gov’t insists on controlling and interjecting into everything. We have cities where there are more people living on social programs than actually working, where unemployment is actually greater than 50 %, and are more dangerous than most third-world hell holes. The problem is of such magnitude that no presidency, no gov’t action, no programs can rectify it in even a couple of generations. Though it may be hard to believe, it will get even worse before it gets better.
        We have cities where they can’t even hire police, if a building is on fire it just burns down, where there isn’t suitable drinking water, garbage collects anywhere, where the economy has collapsed to a state of something like Somalia. Where gangs are practically the de facto controlling authority. Meanwhile, officials want to blame it on everything and everyone else except them.

        • And the resolution for that, Bill? Why… they are moving all the political filth out to DuPage, Kane and surrounding counties. Or should I say “metastasizing” to them…

      16. Illinois and any of the other Marxist states can rot in Hell for all I care.

      17. Hold state executive’s accountable…past & present …turn on them…fraud in any form is a crime / felony…comfascate their assets…jail them for defrauding Illinois workers…

      18. Not only is there no money in the individual states or at the Federal Government, theres not even the illusion of money having money any longer.

        FR banking has done exactly what it was intended to do, when it was intended to do. As most readers here are acutely aware, our currency is devoid of any tangible valued backing, much like the P/E of the entire stock market.

        Indeed, payment by .gov is intrinsically valueless. Its worth absolutely nothing sans whatever a 3″x 6″ piece of paper yields and thats only after the exchange from numbers on a screen in your account to the fiat.

        So the Fed Reserve now simply issues electronic numbers to its payees, who then in turn subdivide this imaginary money to their creditors, and so on.

        When the event horizon of this criminal, unconscionable evil surfaces it will let mom & pop and all who breath recognize the harsh reality: they’re all broke.

        The numbers on the screen representing their 401s, stocks, savings, bonds and all the rest shall be effectively, if not literally, zeroed out.
        Zero hedge against financial calamity for what, 95% of the entire citizenry?

        Now, sit back and ponder for a moment what that level of sheer, homicidal anger will look like. And then, toward what entity or persons it will be directed.

        Best that you have no debt..NONE, as one cannot pay for something real (house, land, car) with anything but gold and silver.

      19. The City of Chicago just passed yet another tax to go into effect July 1, 2017. A tax on soda, lemonade & other beverages with or without sugar. A .99 2 liter of soda will cost $1.82 when all is done. They are taxing every thing in the hopes of raising money to fund all the liabilities they have promised. No way.
        I am in Illinois but not the city. In another 6 years I vote with me feet & leave.

      20. Chicago can’t even provide protection for citizens in the upscale restaurant and tavern area of River North. 2 people were viciously beaten, and the female victim is in critical condition after leaving a tavern and being attacked right out front by a mob of “inner city young people”. The high end area of Chicago is in the news everyday for carjackings and shootings. The “inner city youths” are mobile.

      21. The next major item on the Democrats agenda will be for the Federal government to assume debt (student debts and local & state government debt). Bernie Sanders was running on the idea of Federal support for college education and Federal assumption of student loans. The Democrats have their support in urban areas and in states that are deep in debt. This would be financed by increasing income taxes (individual & corporate). Why not just forget income taxes? Instead, just find out what someone has and take a percentage of it? I’m not in favor of this but it is how these idiots think.

      22. Watched The White Rose. About the truth in Sweden , and France and England . How can a all out race war be avoided? And here La Raza. Every area the third worlders take over becomes a no go area eventually? When it gets bad your skin color will be your uniform . And how many will be thought of as possible spies, if you let one in your group. The only ones you could mostly trust? Will be the ones with your uniform?


        Is there a way to shoot down or disable the two North Korean satellites that fly over our country? Hopefully it would forestall any EMP attack planned

      24. I live in this filthy state. Unfortunately, I can’t leave for personal reasons. I can tell you that where we live, the Naperville/Aurora area, they are definitely relocating inner city folks out to this area, and it is now a Democrat stronghold, which it wasn’t 10 years ago. I am happy for kids to get good education… BUT DON’T BRING YOUR DISGUSTING LEFTIST VALUES HERE… which of course they did.

        The place is now also FULL of burqas in the mall, including full face veils. This WILL not end well. The world view of Islam does NOT comport with western values, pure and simple. It’s not a hate thing, it’s just a fact. If you read the Qu’ran, as I have twice, you will find out. And what happens when the radical Muslims come marching in to the gay areas to enforce Sharia on the radical gays? Any word on that, leftists?

      25. meh.

        Chicago…..dust off and nuke it from space…only way to be sure…….[Aliens]

        Keep it light…till it’s time to go dark…….then go PITCH BLACK …..BA.

        • Man…What were you thinking??? Why didn’t you fill those puppies up with rocks and wadded paper??? The result would have been the same???
          This brings up multiple containment for high moisture environments. Enjoy plinking with that wet ammo…Any FTF will be good practice for clearing jams…Just hope you don’t get one stuck in the barrel!!!

        • That is the dumbest video I have seen I a while. yeah of course the metal Cans work and hold a seal, they are Military Grade Ammo Cans. And like what dope would store ammo in a plastic leaky fishing tackle box as if it will hold a seal. Dump and a big waste of ammo.

          Next video. “I will hold your wallet while you go swimming for a year.” And see if your money is still there after a year. Ready Go.

          And the Dope’s ACR barrel is loose, Like take it apart and fix it and tighten it up. What a loser. I give an IQ of about 45 on the Video Taker.

          • Mike is simply an internet marketer like so many others . He does put out some good health info and some other matters. But he is s a stone cold marketer. I quit his site because of the many sham marketing gizmos and basic dishonesty a long time ago.Any site that uses google ads and has popups is a stone cold marketer and simply selling their wares to the fools.

            I think he is actually a very smart guy, but far too consumed in his shit marketing scams !

        • I would have put one box of ammo and a few bricks in each box. Or just bricks!

          • I do not know anybody that stores ammo underwater ? Ammo is easy to store especially if you buy it in the correct containers like spam cans or even well boxed and simply keep it in a dry place. The life is at least 75 years. Several years ago I purchased some Army WWII 1945 manufacture .45 ball ammo in a spam can and it works perfectly. I wish I would have bought much more because it was cheap. By the time I tried it and went to reorder it was of course all gone ! I got almost a thousand rounds for $95 and yes it was just prior to the ammo and gun ramp. But ammo prices are very cheap again now as well as all rifles. Lots of ARs around $500 or even less.

            • Also some excellent AKs now very reasonable. I saw an AMD 65 for under $500 as well.

              Any of you guys ever wonder why vets many times choose the AK over AR ? Guys that have fired many thousands of rounds and maybe of both ? That should be a clue. I agree they are both excellent rifles. But the durability of the AK is hands down superior and the false narrative of accuracy is not even close to reality. Most firefights or any kind of engagement is under 200 yds and usually much less. And it is very easy to dial in any AK to hit a man sized target at 200 yards, every shot. Moving targets a bit less. But same with an AR ? I will always go for longevity and durability in the coming events. Just saying from first hand experience of many years and real battles, not talk.

      26. Venezuellinois, courtesy of the left

        If you are 20 and not a socialist, you have no heart; if you are 30 and are still a socialist, you have no brain
        – Rough quote from Winston Chuchill

        “Socialism (lit. gouvernement in Fr.) is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
        – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850. And of course, the non-Einsteins in IL. have ZERO clue why this has never worked, will never work and CAN never work. But that won’t stop them from trying again and again and again… with MY money

        • “Socialism is the great truth, whereby (((somebody))) endeavors to live off of somebody else.”

      27. If they do divide up Illinois, none of the states would want “Chicago, that toddling town”. It would have to be a state on its own. If Illinois declares bankruptcy, a lot of the holders of the state’s debt are really going to be hurting. They will definitely be pressuring the Feds to bail them out. A lot of other states owe more than they can pay so they’ll want a bailout as well. Didn’t New York City declare bankruptcy at one time? Usually the assets are foreclosed on and sold. Any ideas on who is holding their debt?

      28. California, you’re headed down the same road. Libtards that cannot balance a checkbook run your state also. After all, they still have more checks; they don’t care that the account balance is below zero. All the feel-good entitlements have to be paid by somebody. You want to tax the rich (job creators) and give a free ride to everybody else; Newsflash-the rich can take their money and go elsewhere. A little common sense would have helped avoid your problems.

      29. Let it collapse. Only the strong survive.

      30. To say it plain, Chicago brought down Illinois.

        If there was a way to stop funding these parasitic cities, it should be done immediately. If this is the first domino, others will certainly be lining up behind it.

        NYC, Los Angeles, Houston, Trenton, Philly…. all will follow the same path eventually. They become too unwieldy for the state to afford anymore. Then the Fed steps in but their power is limited these days as well. They are busy burning our money overseas with little to spare for saving states and the like.

        If they are able to strangle them, they will wither and die. Working people can then go in and rebuild what our ‘brothers’ have destroyed.

      31. Best exemplar of Chicago Learjet leftists: Chicago School Bd head Karen Lewis. Just a few examples:

        – KAREN LEWIS DEFENDS SIX-FIGURE SALARY: ‘I’M NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR IT” or her THREE homes, including one vacation home in Hawaii

        “I don’t live extravagantly” she said. Really? She draws a combined income of $235,953 between her CTU salary ($136,890, plus $18,687 in “nontaxable benefits”) and her position as executive vice president of the Illinois Federation of Teachers ($64,157, plus $16,039 in “other compensation”). Lewis also has ownership stakes in a vacation condo in Hawaii and a home in southwestern Michigan’s “Harbor Country,” where Mayor Rahm Emanuel also owns a vacation property. (Hey Karen! I have two grad degrees – and not in some mindless area, either, like education, and I also am certified to teach in IL – and I make MUCH less than half of what you do – on MY DIME> See also or Heck, even the lamestream media is on to this: and

        • Any wonder Chicago is BK ? she is just one of the many and Illinois is just one of the many.

          I have often wondered what it will be like on the day Kawleefornya cannot pay the freebies ? That will be a very bad day indeed and it is coming.

      32. Your average low information voter or liberal democrat, but I repeat myself will as sure as the sun will rise, will give the predictable whine of how “the rich” are not “paying their fair share” and of how it is so unfair that they get “all of the tax breaks”. Since they are impervious to facts, logic or reason, they will refuse to see that, it does not matter at all what the tax rate is, or where and what you tax, if you continue to spend more than what you take in. In short, Illinois (or should I say TPTB, that have mismanaged the state) has made financial promises it can not possibly be able to keep. A lot of people are going to be very pissed off when they realize they have been lied to and the money that was promised to them does not exist.

      33. A few years back I checked these plastic ammo cans and submerged them and saw immediately air bubbles escaping so knew they were useless. Checked to find the “problem” was the incomplete seal, at least initially, but I bet even if you “fixed” the seal gap on these plastic cans they would still leak due to the deformability of the plastic.

        Totally useless except I guess unless you are using them to tote ammo you intend to shoot immediately.

        And as far as the metal ammo cans, they are as good as long as the gasket seal hasn’t rotted. But they too will eventually.

      34. We moved to southern Illinois 12 years ago to be a little closer to family and get out of a large city. Small town, nice area, a lot of ‘prepared’ people. But because of Chicago and the crooked politicians it turned out to be a BIG mistake. We should have stayed in Florida or chose somewhere else. No one is moving here and I’m afraid it would be hard to sell our home. The house next door has been on the market for over a year. It’s going to be interesting to see how this ends up.

        • Any small town in any country will not have much demand. You should have rented out your property in Florida and rented your new home in Illinois. You didn’t prepare your exit strategy. Cheer up, we are all on a learning curve.

          • Actually we sold our home in 2005. If we had rented we would have lost a LOT of money when 2008 rolled around. Houses in south florida were tanking fast and didn’t start to even slightly recover until the last couple of years.

      35. Most of those promised pensions are promised to parasite’s who worked a government job. They where already over paid when they where employed by the state. I could care less if they don’t get that pension.

        • Old guy- me too but also know many will come unglued and some will simply lay down and die for a lack of thinking abilities. I do not consider them a threat at all, just fat dumb and lazy. They rode that horse into its grave and therefore are part of their own problem now, phck em ! I surely do not want to be forced to pay for them any longer. Besides , today unions suck donkey !

      36. I don’t know why I got filtered,but here goes my off topic question again. Is there a way to shoot down or disable North Koreas two satellites that fly over us several times a week? I hear the next flyover will be June 22nd.

        • South – There are two that criss cross each other and they fly over daily at about 300 miles up directly over center of USA ! They went up with China’s help a little over two years ago and BHO and crew never said a word ? Now of course we are supposed to believe the Russia nonsense and hacking has been going on various forms the entire time BHO was in office and not a word until it as politically a convenient ploy ? all 100% lies and bullshit.

          Unfortunately we have no idea if those satellites have any capability at all or are just a ruse ? It was all done using NK as a proxy and all Chinese technology purchased from us via the Clintons and other sell outs !

      37. Unfortunately, we will end up bailing them out through our federal tax dollars, and that will allow them to continue their Marxist welfare state.

      38. Like “Escape from New York” lets just put all the liberal, Prgressive, Socialist, Globalists in Illinois, af and NY and build walls arund them. Let them eat eachother for lunch..

      39. Black people are the real reason for Illinois’ financial state. Blacks have over run the prison system. Blacks are destroying health care with firearm injuries, drug abuse, obesity, and alcoholism. Blacks are destroying the welfare system with illegitimate children born to crack addicted mothers. Solution? Restore blacks to their beautiful homelands in Africa!

      40. In IL about a year ago they came out with a study that stated the state workers on average made 30% more than the private sector. Add the ludicrous pensions onto that and we are screwed!!
        How is it possible? Corruption is how.
        Been rampant for years and now the time to pay the piper has come.
        It was mentioned in comments above about the migration from the cities to more suburban areas. I live mid-state and have been studying the maps for 2 years and looking into possible routes for a mass exodus from $hitcargo to a warmer climate when the power/money/food and handouts stop. I look at what will be a swarm of locust coming south.
        I study the road ways and lakes and streams as these will be the primary routes due to city folks being uncomfortable with the great outdoors. I believe any lake or pond along the way south will end up being a killing field. I look at these routes and it scares the heck out of me as they come close to where I live.
        I believe the Zombie apocalypse will be roving masses of starving people and will destroy everything in their path.
        I am prepped but am only a man, ready, willing and able, but just a man. I bring this up to my friends and show them where and what I think may happen and even though they are quasi preppers, their eyes glaze over and they refuse to see the reality of what I show them. Now to their credit, they are prepped and armed but seem to lack the motivation to truly plan for the swarm that will come.
        I pray more people will wake up before it is too late. I know we cannot fix what is coming (way too late for that) but at least be ready for will happen.
        The days of depending on others to take care of you is over,,, the reckoning is coming!!!

      41. So how did it get to this point? You can bet Rahm Emanuel had something to do with it!

      42. if the state government really collapses, all local and state politicians should be arrested and executed.

      43. I guess Obama was trained up in Illinois.

      44. Its simply too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable. They long ago ran out of other peoples money to spend. They used debt and increasing taxes to keep it going.

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