Can “Zombie Deer” Disease Kill Humans? Research Suggests It ALREADY HAS

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    This article was originally published by Dagny Taggart at The Organic Prepper

    An infectious disease expert has warned that a deadly disease found in deer could infect humans in the near future.

    Often referred to as “zombie deer” disease because of the symptoms, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been reported in at least 24 states in the continental United States and in two provinces in Canada as of January 2019.

    But is this warning too late? Because there is an extremely similar disease that has already killed quite a few people.

    And before we get further into this – some of you are already thinking that the government is trying to “scare” us. Others will say that the government is trying to “cover it up.” But rationally, neither of these is true. It took a lot of digging to find the information and piece it all together, however, all the information is readily available on the CDC website.

    Minnesota has issued a warning.

    Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota, recently told lawmakers that CWD should be treated as a public health issue.

    That unsettling news surfaced at a hearing Thursday at the Minnesota Capitol, where a number of experts from the University of Minnesota pressed upon lawmakers that the disease should be treated as a public health issue — a major expansion of its current scope as mostly a wildlife and hunting concern.

    The issue is especially pressing for Minnesota, where wildlife officials are tracking the state’s largest outbreak of CWD yet in deer in the southeast portion of the state. (source)

    Osterholm (who sat on a panel of experts tracking the emergence of mad cow disease, or BSE, decades ago) issued this warning during the hearing:

    “It is my best professional judgment based on my public health experience and the risk of BSE transmission to humans in the 1980s and 1990s and my extensive review and evaluation of laboratory research studies … that it is probable that human cases of CWD associated with the consumption of contaminated meat will be documented in the years ahead. It is possible that number of human cases will be substantial and will not be isolated events.” (source)

    While he is aware that skeptics will accuse him of fear-mongering, Osterholm said, “If Stephen King could write an infectious disease novel, he would write about prions like this.”

    There is a very similar disease that has already killed people.

    He noted that for years, many public health and beef industry experts did not believe a similar disease – bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, also known as “mad cow disease” – could infect people. In 1996, researchers found strong evidence that BSE can infect humans as a variant known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD).

    Since 1996, more than 230 vCJD cases have been identified in 12 countries, 178 of them in the United Kingdom, 27 in France, and four in the United States. Just last fall, a case of mad cow disease was confirmed in Scotland, reports Food Safety News.

    Also important to note: Hunters in Kentucky contracted a version of spongiform encephalopathy from squirrels in the 1990s.

    Here’s what you need to know about “zombie deer” disease.

    CWD is a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy disease found in deer, elk, moose, reindeer, and caribou. It is a progressive disease that always kills its victims.

    The disease is believed to be caused by abnormal proteins called prions, which are thought to cause damage to other normal prion proteins that can be found in tissues throughout the body. They are most often found in the brain and spinal cord, leading to brain damage and development of prion diseases. Infected brain cells eventually burst, leaving behind microscopic empty spaces in the brain matter that give it a “spongy” look.

    Prions are misfolded proteins that are somehow infectious (we’re still not really sure how or why) and for which we have no treatments or cures. If you were to catch one, you’d basically deteriorate over the course of several months, possibly losing the ability to speak or move, and eventually you would die. Doctors wouldn’t be able to do anything to save you. (source)

    The disease is believed to spread through saliva, urine, or feces from live deer or through contact with high-risk parts such as the backbone, eyes, or spleen of harvested deer. The disease can spread through the natural movement of deer but it spreads farther and quicker when humans move the deer.

    Symptoms develop slowly – sometimes taking years to appear – and include stumbling, lack of coordination, drooling, lack of fear of people, and aggression.

    So far, CWD has been reported in 24 states, and the number of cases is increasing.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), CWD was first identified in captive deer in the late 1960s in Colorado and in wild deer in 1981. By the 1990s, it had been reported in surrounding areas in northern Colorado and southern Wyoming. Since 2000, the area known to be affected by CWD has increased to at least 24 states, including states in the Midwest, Southwest, and limited areas on the East Coast.

    The CDC notes that it is possible CWD is occurring in other regions, but that cases have not been detected yet because some areas do not have strong animal surveillance systems.

    As of January 2019, there were 251 counties in 24 states with reported CWD in free-ranging cervids. This map from the CDC is based on the best-available information from multiple sources, including state wildlife agencies and the United States Geological Survey (USGS). For a full list of states and counties with reported cases, please click here.

    Chronic Wasting Disease Among Free-Ranging Cervids by County, United States


    Yesterday it was reported that the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries has found CWD in 26 deer in Northwest Virginia and two in Shenandoah County. They said 26 of the CWD-positive deer were harvested by hunters and showed no symptoms of the disease.

    So you can’t depend on the fact that a deer doesn’t “look” sick.

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease appears to have already killed several people in the past.

    CJD has killed several people and in the cases mentioned below, the victims consumed venison and their cases progressed rapidly.

    According to a report from Popular Science:

    In the 1990s, three deer hunters contracted Creutzfeldt-Jakob (known as CJD or vCJD when referring to the variant caught from infected meat) when they were less than 30 years old, which raised concern, because these diseases typically take years to develop and people aren’t often diagnosed when they’re young. (source)

    In a 2004 report titled Chronic Wasting Disease and Potential Transmission to Humans, the CDC described the three cases referenced above. Here is a summary of each.

    Case 1 involved a 25-year-old man who reportedly died of a prion disease. He rarely hunted, but his grandfather hunted deer and elk throughout much of the 1980s and 1990s and regularly shared the venison with the family. He primarily hunted in southeastern Wyoming, around the known CWD-endemic area. “It remains unknown whether the possible exposure of the case-patient to CWD-infected venison potentially contributed to the early onset of his prion disease,” according to the CDC.

    Cases 2 and 3 involved two men with CJD who were 26 and 28 years of age. They grew up in adjacent counties and became ill within several months of each other. In the first case, autopsy samples confirmed a CJD diagnosis. According to the report (which, again, was written in 2004), “The patient may have occasionally eaten venison originating from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan while away from home during his college years. However, ongoing surveillance has not detected CWD in Michigan deer.” In the second case, autopsy confirmed a prion disease diagnosis. “The patient did not hunt but may have eaten venison from Michigan once when he was 1–2 years old,” says the report.

    The report from Popular Science referred to additional cases:

    In the early 2000s, several more patients turned up with CJD and then several more with vague neurological symptoms that resembled prion diseases. Three men in particular all ate together at regular wild game feasts. (source)

    The CDC report includes details about those cases.

    Two CJD cases with a “positive history of exposure to venison obtained from the known CWD-endemic areas” are discussed. One of the patients was a 61-year-old woman who grew up in an area where this disease is known to be endemic. She ate venison harvested locally, and her autopsy confirmed CJD. The second patient was a 66-year-old man who was reported to have eaten venison from two deer harvested in a CWD-endemic area. Both of the deer he consumed tested negative for CWD, and his autopsy details were not provided.

    Three cases from 2003 are also mentioned. Three men (ages 54, 63, and 66) from the same area died of CJD. They had “striking neuropathologic similarities”. The report states that “their illness may represent a new entity in the spectrum of prion disease”.

    In a report titled Fatal Degenerative Neurologic Illnesses in Men Who Participated in Wild Game Feasts — Wisconsin, 2002, the CDC described the cases of the men referenced in the Popular Science report.

    Case 1 involved a 66-year-old man from Wisconsin. He was a lifelong hunter who ate venison frequently. He hunted primarily in northern Wisconsin, but also at least once in Montana. He died in February 1993. The autopsy indicated subacute spongiform encephalopathy, compatible with CJD.

    He hosted wild game feasts at his cabin in northern Wisconsin from 1976 until shortly before his death.

    Case 2 involved a 55-year-old man from Minnesota. He was not a hunter but had a history of eating venison. He made an estimated 12 visits to the cabin where the wild game feasts referred to in Case 1 were held, but he participated in only one feast during the mid-1980s. He died in July 1999, and the autopsy demonstrated widespread subcortical spongiform lesions, consistent with CJD.

    Case 3 involved a 65-year-old man from Wisconsin who died in August 1993. He had a history of eating venison and participated regularly in wild game feasts held at the cabin owned by the man referenced in Case 1. He was a lifelong hunter and hunted mostly in Wisconsin, but also in Wyoming and British Columbia. The autopsy showed symmetrical frontal lobe cerebral cortical atrophy and mild temporal lobe atrophy, but no evidence of CJD.

    There are alarming geographic links between the deer cases and the human cases.

    In states where deer are infected with CWD, there have been more cases of CJD in humans. And the fact that mad cow disease was passed to humans who ate the infected beef has caused the CDC to pay attention.

    Wisconsin, Montana, and Wyoming are all states that now have known cases of CWD in deer.

    According to a January 2019 report from the government of British Columbia, “The disease is widespread in the Canadian prairies and is moving west toward the B.C. border. The B.C. Wildlife Health Program has been monitoring for CWD since 2002 and has yet to find an infected animal in this province.”

    The CDC report also includes alarming details about cases in Colorado and Wyoming (emphasis mine):

    Despite the decades-long endemicity of CWD in Colorado and Wyoming, the incidence of CJD and the age distribution of CJD case-patients in these two states are similar to those seen in other parts of the United States. From 1979 to 2000, 67 CJD cases from Colorado and 7 from Wyoming were reported to the national multiple cause-of-death database. (source)

    Here are is an excerpt from the 2004 CDC report conclusion:

    The lack of evidence of a link between CWD transmission and unusual cases of CJD, despite several epidemiologic investigations, and the absence of an increase in CJD incidence in Colorado and Wyoming suggest that the risk, if any, of transmission of CWD to humans is low.

    Although the in vitro studies indicating inefficient conversion of human prion protein by CWD-associated prions raise the possibility of low-level transmission of CWD to humans, no human cases of prion disease with strong evidence of a link with CWD have been identified. However, the transmission of BSE to humans and the resulting vCJD indicate that, provided sufficient exposure, the species barrier may not completely protect humans from animal prion diseases.

    Because CWD has occurred in a limited geographic area for decades, an adequate number of people may not have been exposed to the CWD agent to result in a clinically recognizable human disease. The level and frequency of human exposure to the CWD agent may increase with the spread of CWD in the United States.

    Because the number of studies seeking evidence for CWD transmission to humans is limited, more epidemiologic and laboratory studies should be conducted to monitor the possibility of such transmissions. (source)

    CWD is extremely contagious

    A 2017 study titled Chronic wasting disease: Emerging prions and their potential riskstates that “CWD is one of the most contagious prion diseases”.

    Here are a few excerpts from that study.

    As the geographic distribution and case numbers of CWD are constantly growing, exposure of humans to CWD prions becomes more likely. To date, bovine spongiform encephalopathy is the only example of interspecies transmission of prion disease to humans. The potential zoonotic transmission of CWD is an alarming issue and still an open question.

    Laboratory studies suggest that the risk of CWD transmission to humans is low.

    These findings suggest a notable species barrier between cervids and humans; however, prion diseases are dynamic; interspecies passage of CWD can result in prion adaptation to new host species. Besides, the existence of more than one CWD strain may contribute to higher heterogeneity in disease and transmission profiles.

    Although the evidence gathered so far is in favor of a low risk to transmit CWD to humans, results from in vitro studies indicated that the species barrier is not absolute. (source)

    A report from Food Safety News titled ‘Surprising’ Discovery Made About Chronic Wasting Disease explains the alarming findings of a 2015 study:

    According to researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston (UTHealth), grass plants can bind, uptake and transport infectious prions. Why this is so important takes some understanding of what prions are.

    Much smaller than bacteria, prions are single proteins that cannot be destroyed by typical “kill strategies” such as extreme heat or ultraviolet light.

    “With prions, nothing like that works,” said Claudio Soto, Ph.D., a UTHealth researcher and lead author of an article about the topic published May 26, 2015, in Cell Reports.

    These protein-based infectious agents cause the characteristic spongy degeneration of the brain, leading to emaciation, abnormal behavior, loss of bodily functions, and death. (source)

    It gets passed through plants.

    Some people reading this may think, “That’s it, I’m becoming a vegetarian.”

    Not so fast. Plants aren’t safe either.

    Soto’s team found, to summarize, that plants can act as a carrier of CWD because they can “uptake prions from contaminated soil and transport them to different parts of the plant”.

    “Surprisingly, we found that they do bind to plants very efficiently,” Soto explained. “Even more surprisingly, plants infected with the prions were able to transmit the disease when animals were fed the contaminated plants.”

    An infected animal can shed the disease a lot over a year (via urine and feces), and its decomposing body can further infect the soil and therefore the plants.

    Soto warns that there is a good possibility that prions have been progressively accumulating in the environment.

    “We have to be careful about the potential dangers of this,” he said. “We need to take precautions.” (source)

    Getting rid of CWD is impossible.

    Antibiotics do not kill CWD. Neither does cooking.

    To give you an idea of just how persistent prions are: In 1985, the Colorado Division of Wildlife tried to eliminate CWD from a research facility by treating the soil with chlorine, removing the treated soil, and applying an additional chlorine treatment before letting the facility remain vacant for more than a year. Those efforts failed – they were unsuccessful in eliminating CWD from the facility.

    In its conclusion, the 2004 CDC report states:

    Because of the long incubation period associated with prion diseases, convincing negative results from epidemiologic and experimental laboratory studies would likely require years of follow-up. In the meantime, to minimize the risk for exposure to the CWD agent, hunters should consult with their state wildlife agencies to identify areas where CWD occurs and continue to follow advice provided by public health and wildlife agencies. (source)

    Soto told Food Safety News he would agree.

    He said that even though there have been no confirmed cases of infections in humans from CWD, the public should know that “it’s a possibility that needs to be explored.”

    “I don’t want to scare people,” he said, “but these (CWD) prions are accumulating, and prions have a long incubation period — sometimes as long as 30 to 40 years in humans.” (source)

    So with an incubation period like that, a person could be infected and not know it for decades.

    How you can avoid infection with CWD prions

    This doesn’t mean that you must completely avoid game, but you have to be careful.

    The CDC offers some guidelines for hunters:

    Hunters harvesting wild deer and elk from areas with reported CWD should check state wildlife and public health guidance to see whether testing of animals is recommended or required in a given state or region. In areas where CWD is known to be present, CDC recommends that hunters strongly consider having those animals tested before eating the meat. (source)

    In addition, the agency advises hunters to avoid eating meat from deer and elk that look sick or test positive for CWD. They should wear gloves when field-dressing carcasses and minimize the handling of brain and spinal cord tissues. As a precaution, they should avoid eating deer and elk tissues known to harbor the CWD agent (e.g., brain, spinal cord, eyes, spleen, tonsils, lymph nodes) from areas where CWD has been identified.

    In addition, hunters should wash their hands and instruments thoroughly after field dressing is completed. When taking the game to be processed, they should request that their animal is processed individually, without meat from other animals being added to the meat from their animal.

    If hunters notice animals that are unusually thin and exhibit behavior such as having trouble walking, as well as those acting tame around humans and allowing someone to approach them, they should notify their state wildlife agency.

    The CDC also states that “a negative test result does not guarantee that an individual animal is not infected with CWD, but it does make it considerably less likely and may reduce your risk of exposure to CWD.”

    Is this how the real zombie apocalypse starts?

    Will prions be the agent that wipes out humanity decades from now? Do you find this research concerning? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

    H/T to KS

    About the Author

    Dagny Taggart is the pseudonym of an experienced journalist who needs to maintain anonymity to keep her job in the public eye. Dagny is non-partisan and aims to expose the half-truths, misrepresentations, and blatant lies of the MSM.

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      1. Rule #1 Don’t eat brains even as a joke. A hunter recently got prion disease from eating some squirrel brains on a dare.

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        On a side note, if you wash your feet with sumac berries infused in water, that tannic acid will harden your feet and make it much easier to march many miles. It also is a way to treat ingrown toe nails.

        Rule#3 If you get something contaminated by prions, you can autoclave it ie steam treat it under pressure in a chamber AND spray copper ions on it. This seems to help clease it.

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        • Rule#3 is the best KNOWN way to deal with prion contamination. If you know of a better way, by all means say so. As far as I have ever heard, autoclaving with copper ions in some kind of formulation likenphenol or hydrogen peroxide are the only ways to treat contamination.

          • If you want a 100% eradication of prion contamination:
            1. Use a nuclear bomb.
            2. Drop a thermobaric bomb.
            3. Use a flamethrower until it’s reduced to ashes.

            Or since those are ridiculous…
            4. Just don’t eat an obviously sick animal particularly the brains

            The condition.of the liver is the old school method as it’s indicative of the overall health of the critter. A barely surviving critter is almost always sick in some way due to starving and a depressed immune system.

            These crybaby leftists boohooing over deer culling ought to watch herds suffer from starvation. That will stop that nonsense.

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              They will nibble the tips of branches then starve to death as very few can acquire enough calories. Is that how you wish to die in a slow lingering death?

              If it wasn’t for a few kind humans, a lot more would die. No decent hunter wants to see this. A decent hunter honestly cares.

        • I’d love to have a $20 bill for every squirrel brain I’ve ate. I’d also liked to have a $20 bill for every time I’ve bitten down on buckshot biting into a piece of squirrel..Growing up in southeastern,Ky during the 60’s and 70’s every boy I knew went squirrel hunting..Once deer were released in my area back in the early 80’s it became much more popular than squirrel hunting and most hunters quit squirrel hunting.. I still squirrel hunt, and still eat their brains..I always put my squirrel brains in a pressure cooker along with other parts of the squirrel,but I will also fry the meat in a skillet and make homemade “squirrel gravy” to pour over the squirrel..

          • uhhh…you claim to be a hunter…NOBODY uses buckshot to squirrel hunt.

            • You obviously have never went squirrel hunting before…Where I live EVERYBODY used either a 12 gauge,a 20 gauge or a 410 gauge for squirrel hunting..Those are shotguns city slicker..A .22 rifle can be used,but in southeastern,Ky where 90% of the population grew up dirt poor you didn’t chance missing with a single bullet from a .22…Don’t comment on subjects you have absolutely no clue about..

              • The old school way since colonial times was to “bark” a squirrel by shooting the tree which stuns them by the flying debris. Of course that won’t work with a .22 rifle. That is for precision and accurate shooting but squirrels nervously dart.

                Your SHTF method would be snarin’ them not shooting them.

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              • Vodka turns beautiful women into ugly hags like Pelosi, Hilary, and Feinstein, and vice versa.

      4. I’m a disabled veteran, but have always donated blood. Several years ago my wife and I went to donate plasma at the request of her friend who had been diagnosed with cancer. During the blood drawing process for myself, after about 20 minutes, the process was stopped, and Army Captain showed up at the civilian clinic, took my blood samples and i was told by the worker at the clinic, that my name had been placed on a list, banning me from further donating blood/plasma. When i asked why, i was told that i had been stationed in Europe from 1980-1990’s and during those years American troops had been fed downed cows, or cows possibly with mad cow disease, which could remain dormant in infected veterans for decades. Pretty scary stuff. Yet you think the US government has notified American forces who served during this time frame, the answer is NO.

        • Any veterans or family members that served in Europe from the 1980s, onward, has been on the Red Cross banned from donating list for at least 20 years.

          • that is strange… all the many thousands of people living in Europe that want to donate blood or plasma are readily accepted by that same Red Cross and have been for decades..

      5. I normally fill the freezer each year with venison. I primarily shoot only doe. I always wear gloves when eviscerating and dispose of them back at the truck. One important thing as well is that I always look the liver over before I drag it out. If it looks normal then it goes home. If there are spots and lesions present then the buzzards have won.

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          If things got “bad” and thats what there was, we may have to be less picky and better/more careful about preparing the meat but for now in good times, theres no need to eat questionable game and always take precautions

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      15. Ive seen plenty of weird acting deer here in KS and I will no longer eat them. Doing crap like walking around in circles in the middle of the road and they haven’t even been hit and wont run from you when you approach them. Same thing with racoons although I think something different is going on with them. If I had to eat them I would, but no longer for sport. I continually here of stories of people in the area cutting out “bad spots”.???? Really? Think i’ll pass. I seen a guy cut out a deer heart, half ass clean it, slam a bottle of whiskey then microwaved it for a couple minutes and sat at the table and ate it. He handed it to me to try I told him no thx

      16. Ive seen plenty of weird acting deer here in KS and I will no longer eat them. Doing crap like walking around in circles in the middle of the road and they haven’t even been hit and wont run from you when you approach them. Same thing with racoons although I think something different is going on with them. If I had to eat them I would, but no longer for sport. I continually here of stories of people in the area cutting out “bad spots”.???? Really? Think i’ll pass. I seen a guy cut out a deer heart, half ass clean it, slam a bottle of whiskey then microwaved it for a couple minutes and sat at the table and ate it. He handed it to me to try I told him no thx it was all I could do to keep my beer down just watching.

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        NOT having a wall cost us $27 billion and the cost goes UP and the wall is just $5 billion.

        I’d like to see Obama prosecuted for dismantling the system by which my hardworking grandparents came. When he did this and bled out our Treasury to pay for all the freebies, it sent a signal for zillions to cross our southern border.

        I’m Pro Wall and I’m Pro Immigrant IF we restore the prior sane, heathy system and invite the hard working American TAXpayer to VOTE OUT the buttholes who want chaos and death and drugs to reign!

      19. There is always someone who wants to say that common sense is never enough.

        Visibly sick animals, body fluids, and nerve tissue, though?

      20. As if there wasn’t already enough to worry about.Oh deer.

      21. Who gives a durn about some lame deer disease article. If you properly cook your food you don’t get sick. What about the Workplace shooting today in Shit Congo? I thought Shit Congo had all those Gun laws so folks are be safe?And thank goodness it wasn’t a White guy doing the shooting! What about President Trump’s executive order declaring a National Emergency at our southern border? We are the articles on real current news events?

        • You should learn to read.

          Nothing can kill prions. They are basically indestructible. I know another person claimed that autoclaving is adequate. Not true. There is nothing that kills them: not steam, heat, bleach, or chemicals. Prions are a protein and how they reproduce and interact is not fully understand.

          The only solution is to get rid of any contaminated materials, including surgical instruments, by burying them. Same for any infected meat. It should be buried, deep enough to be extracted by existing vegetation or where it can contaminate local water supplies.

          There are two diseases that give me nightmares: CJD and small pox.

          • There are two diseases that give me nightmares: Liberals and faggots.

            • Nee: AMEN to that brother!! Those 2 critters are literally destroying this once great land minute by minute, day after day…Napalm ALL of the trash before it kills us all.

          • I remember an article I read waiting for an oil change. It described prions as possibly the most stable anything ever found. Scientists put prions into soil and heated the soil up to several thousand degrees. Minerals,ash and prions remained. No acid, base or chemical they thought of could break them.

            Since then one theory I have heard of is that a prion most likely can only be attacked when it is causing its sister protein to fold into another prion. It has been theorized that since prions must be acting through a chemical/enzyme action on another protein, their structural shape or chemical makeup/reactivity must temporarily change during the process and thus open itself to attack.

            • imho —
              Has someone thought of that before?

              There are branches of chemistry, which look like a theoretical physics problem.

              In order to mass market that, to the attention span of a goldfish, there needs to be an easy button or miraculous ambrosia on the cheap.

                • b says, “There are left and right hand amino acids”

                  Amino acids make prions.

                  What is the cause of folding, if not chirality?

                  • chirality or handedness (left or right) is the equivalent of putting out your left hand and calling it chemical A. Chemical A can have a mirror or putting out your right hand, the mirror image of the left. I suppose a mirror protein fold can exist, but so far I have not yet seen that described for the prion diseases.
                    The prions in question apparently started from a protein found predominantly in the brain or CNS of an animal/human that had original needed function. The prion was a misfolded version of the original. This new prion gained an ability because of its new folding, the ability to change the original protein folding of its original folding type, into the new prion folding. From biologically useful folding to an individual to an infectious version.
                    In the Matrix Reloaded, Agent Smith (call him a prion) gets the ability to change the original normal folding protein with purpose to the system, into a version of himself.
                    If you go to the Youtube home page and copy the link additions below onto the end of the youtube address there are some decent quick crash course info vids.
                    In this one a reference to protease is made. Protease is a protein cutting enzyme. Used in digestive tract as well as in cells to clear up useless protein junk.

                    • I guess, I mean to ask, whether the prion is folded in only a single direction, and in which orientation(s).

                      I am asking in the form of a hypothetical question, with no claim to inside knowledge, per se.

                      However, handedness might be seen as a weakness, in that handed structures could be rendered inert.

                    • Beaumont,

                      Prion study is still relatively young. Time will tell
                      All amino acids making up life on Earth are left handed amino acids. I guess that makes these prions discussed left handed by default. I don’t know if a mirror folding is then possible in a protein since pivots in the structure may have limitations that prevent the mirror folding.

                    • “Prion study is still relatively young. Time will tell”

                      Maybe, you or I will be the first to know. There are still things to discover.

      22. If you want a history of what prion diseases can do, begin with a Youtube video on “kuru”, a prion disease passed on due to one member of a New Guinea tribe having CJD. Although CJD is often inherited, it occasionally occurs in a “wild” or “sporatic” form. Since the tribe consumed their dead, the disease passed to many who ate it. They died, were eaten, and the disease continued to increase. Other prion diseases seem to be only inherited; i.e., fatal familial insomnia, but FFI is only found in 20-30 families worldwide and none are in cannibalistic societies. I don’t eat wild meat, and now I’d be scared to. When you see what BSE, FFI, CJD, vCJD, and kuru do to humans, you may not take this threat so lightly.

      23. 6aUKbgmFNPY
        This was taken by a brother visiting his brother who has CJD. As you can see, the patient is fearful, doesn’t recognize his brother, has no meaningful quality of life, can’t communicate, can’t perform any activities to care for himself, and he’s only 57 years old.

        If prion disease spread, then it would be a horror as patients would initially while mobile act in unpredictable ways and be confused and possibly combative. They are more apt to harm themselves or neglect things that might cause a fire or injury.

        A mishap with poor harvesting of an infected animal, that contaminated a processing plant, could then be sold and consumed, and infect an untold amount of people before being diagnosed way after the fact.

        It’s predicted that a rather large number of patients will acquire any of the common dementias and so will not only require extensive care but use up limited resources. And they are often confused, upset, combative, sharp tongued, and miserable. It’s a cruel prognosis.

        • My aunt died from cjd this past december. She was fighting things that wearn’t there. It’s a horrible way to go.

      24. Cooked well done problem solved.

      25. Not only are humans moving the deer around as the article stated but also wolves. Deer ,elk, moose and caribou all have a pattern of flight when in the presence of wolves they scatter far and wide this in turn spreads disease far faster than normal behavior could ever do.

      26. alzheimers is one of several brain diseases with a lot of similarities. if prions cannot be destroyed, we are in for the true zombie coming. Bodily Fluids Spreading Alzheimer’s Disease. … It accounted for at least 108,227 deaths in the U.S. alone in 2015. just read this at…

      27. You are exposed to millions of germs everyday and yet you don’t get sick. I wrote something longer but it’s hung up at Disqus. Have some balance about the relatve risk.

      28. Dumb Americans certainly don’t need ANY help from ‘Zombie Deer’ to claim the title of ‘The Planet’s Pre-eminent Zombies

      29. It’s not that government merely “scares” or “covers up” this kind of thing. It’s that the (Deep State’s) CDC (“Chemical/Disease Corps”) can infect animals (and people) with it. They can use it as a weapon to force people to comply.

      30. My entire life ive been hearing folks telling others what they ought to do. Don’t eat wild rabbit, don’t drink raw milk from your cow. Don’t drink the water from your well or spring. and ive regulary did those things and im healthy. and im old. Im so healthy I turned down the medicare part B. And I eat deer meat. Over crowding is what causes disease. we need to hunt to reduce wild population to a sustainable number.

        • “we need to hunt to reduce wild population to a sustainable number.”,

          Does this include humans?

          • does this include Humans? Well we certainly are overstocked with parasite culls. If your stupid enough to eat sick animals perhaps that’s natures way of getting rid of your cull genetics? I wish the Aids would become a faster better killer. Get rid of the druggies and corn hole weirdos. We need more fatal car wrecks and uncurable diseases. Perhaps some lab will cross aids ebola and sickle cell anemia & Kasacs. That might do the job. Doggone its fun being a Redneck Cracker Racist!

      31. The Devils hands , idle an searching for the bigger high?

      32. When Great Britain had trouble with the Mad Cow Disease, they build special ovens to create the heat needed to burn the carcasses (prions and all). Simply burying the carcasses was not enough since the prions are tough to kill. The species gap between humans and cervids is high, what about the disease spreading to livestock. What is the species barrier between deer and cattle/sheep like?

      33. Zombie deer,now we know why they have that”Deer in the headlights freeze”.

        Zombie deer,shoot em in the head,only way to be sure!


        Luke 22:36 paraphrased: ” He who does not own a AR-15/AK, should sell their coat and buy one!”.

      35. Statistically the overall chance of prion based infection is 1-2 per million. The chance of being struck by lightning is 1 in 700,000 by comparison. The number for prion disease is actually lower as some are caused by hereditary risk and nt many get Kuru in the USA as that primarily happens in New Guinea.

        Have some balance about the actual rate of risk.

      36. I believe that the government started, decades ago, to make us dependent on Their meat and food. I believe that this disease is Not natural, but Man-made in an effort to Destroy those that are self-sufficient. No one is hated more by Government than the self-sufficient man. But this is in My Humble Opinion.

      37. There are 40 genetic traits that can cause an inherited predisposition to a prion disease.

        There are weird rare prion diseases based on headhunting.

        This leaves the very rare instances of consuming a prion in meat and mostly organs, but how often does this occur anymore? There are historical recipes and one can get a brain sandwich in my locale but they are hardly popular.

        With bacterial infections, all chicken from the grocery is routinely contaminated yet few get sick unless they do somethig stupid. Once I ate some poorly cooked hamburgers at a school fundraiser and got sick.

        Your skin and nasal passage is routinely covered with bacterial, yet you don’t ordinarily get sick.

        Finally the worst case scenario rarely happens.

      38. vBot8SOLWBQ
        Zombie films began as a crass way to make money through horror movies while the subtext was the downfall of American civilization by becoming mindless consumers.

        Eventually zombie films became passe and this subtext was picked up in mainstream films like Fight Club.

        The genuine zombie cannot be satisfied by what they consume, as it brings them neither satiety nor pleasure, yet they keep buying more stuff and yet are increasingly impoverished and subhuman.

        That’s the zombies you need to be concerned about,not zombie deer. The real threat are zombies who must have IPhones to define them. They can’t even use a can opener let alone grow a crop.

        When zombie movies became mainstream, this consumerism was eliminated, and why it’s even more appropriate gallows humor.

        Why bother teaching ancestral skills to zombies who just buy gear and books and never actually learn anything and alter their behavior?

      39. Where hunting is a state industry, testing for CWD or Mad Cow, has become mandatory, before they will release the meat to you.

        If nothing — not even an autoclave — can kill a prion, what do testing facilities do, when they find one?

      40. Where hunting is a state industry, testing for CWD or Mad Cow, has become mandatory, before they will release the meat to you.

        If nothing — not even an autoclave — can kill a prion, what do testing facilities do, when they find one?

        • You would think prions would be the perfect weapon, right? That is until you realize they only kill 1-2 out of a million when taking into account all ways of infection. Thus ingesting a prion only has a 1 in a million chance of causing harm…ie not a big deal in the grand scheme of things versus say influenza.

          • If CWD is like kuru, that is eaten and re-eaten, so builds up, it would be a good idea, not to feed ruminants the nerve tissues and excretia of other ruminants.

            Herbivores have been filmed, eating eachother, believe it or not.

            But, there would seem to be some unconscionable business practices, where the animal feed is manufactured, imho.

      41. This is the new Government program to kill off the deer as a food source for those who shuck the elitists’ money system and survive (and thrive, as did the Red Indians) without playing their game. This is just what Government did to the Indians by killing off all their buffalo–to try to make the Indians dependent on Government Reservation rations (which those who were weak-minded played along with). Whenever Government’s own means of governing are themselves eliminated, the elites will have then finally lost the game that they had rigged for only the elites to win.

        • I think you have something there. Kuru is not very contagious, it requires bodily fluid exchange. Deer, elk and moose are not carnivores eating brains.

          Mad cow went epidemic in the UK because someone came up with the bright idea of grinding up all the inedible parts of cows, like brains ans spinal cord etc, freeze drying it and compressing it into Soylent Green biscuits and feeding it to cows. Essentially they fed cows cow brain and spinal cord. Turning vegetarian animals that chew the cud into canibals.

          I don’t see CWD going epidemic without the help of people, either through ignorance, greed, or malice.

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