California’s Rulers Will FORCE Gun Owners To Pay Annual Taxes and CONFISCATE Guns Of The Non-Compliant

by | Jul 7, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    While all ruling classes seek domination and totalitarian control over others, California’s is especially diabolical. The masters ruling over the slaves within the state will now force gun owners to pay an annual tax on their guns and send law enforcement to confiscate the guns of the non-compliant.

    For the crime of wanting to defend oneself, the government of San Jose California will be taxing that fundamental and basic human right. This move comes on the heels of another Orwellian gun law the city passed two weeks ago which requires every single gun purchase to be video and audio recorded and that media stored indefinitely. Though the forthcoming tax amount has yet to be determined, “lawmakers” have already determined that they will begin confiscating guns from anyone who refuses to pay it.

    The city claims the gun tax is necessary to force gun owners to cover the costs related to gun violence in the city. Given the fact that most gun crimes are not committed by law-abiding gun owners, this measure is little more than an attack on legal guns, according to Matt Agorist of The Free Thought Project. And he’s correct.

    Another valid point brought up by those who oppose this new law is the fact that — like most taxes, fines, or monetary requirements — it targets poor people. For those who can afford to pay, it won’t be that big of a burden but for those who can’t afford it, they will be forced to turn in their guns or become criminals overnight. It appears this is a back-door means of disarming the city’s poor population.

    “What is his solution? Is he going door-to-door, knocking on people’s homes and saying, ‘Do you own guns and where are they?’” Sam Paredes, executive director of gun rights policy group Gun Owners of California said. “That would be a very, very bad idea, and would be reminiscent of some very bad periods of history, going all the way back to pre-World War II—what Germany did in Poland and even the unreasonable acts of government in the Japanese internment camps.”

    Paredes also mentioned the obvious totalitarian undertones of enforcing this gun tax and notes that the only way to do it will be using law enforcement to violate the rights of individuals.

    Have we figured out who keeps these sociopaths in power? The masters aren’t going to go confiscate guns.  They are going to send those ready and willing to enforce any law, even if it disagrees with their morals. Supporters of law enFORCEment seem to have cognitive dissonance when it comes to this type of tyranny. Who do they think will confiscate the guns, especially when the excuse is still “I don’t write the laws, I just enforce them.” It’s past time to wake up, folks.  Things are getting ugly on many fronts and it is beyond clear that those in power do not want the slaves to be armed and will send their own armed agents to prevent it.

    Confiscation, like taxation, is another word for theft.  If you take something from another human being that they do not willingly give you, that’s theft. It’s kind of sad that in 2021 people need reminded of the this.

    Politicians only have power as long as people line up to force compliance.  We need to realize we are better than this. We are better than violating the rights of anyone and no one has more rights that anoyone else. Unitl we realize this, we will continue to fall for the left vs. right paradigm lie and see the other side as lesser than we are.  The only way out of this abject enslavement is to first realize it.



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      1. Nope, nada, tidak

        “Thou shall not infringe”
        This stupidity will be thrown out upon the supreme court – if it even gets that far!!

      2. As the government continues
        to take more and more from all of us – is there anybody
        left who still thinks these “leaders”/psychos are here
        to help us? They are NOT
        on our side. Never have been and never will be. Anyone who still has even an iota of trust in these people needs to wake up and see the truth. The sooner the better!

      3. Congrats CA, a smart move.
        Gang bangers will think twice about carrying in public. I say attach a mandatory 5 yr prison sentence for anyone caught carrying a unregistered gun

        • Like most gun laws, this doesn’t apply to them.

        • Nobody especially voted on these laws or on most laws in general.

        • Either brain dead, a paid troll, I just think your logic makes no sense. Take guns from GOOD LAW ABIDING REASONABLE NON VIOLENT people is STUPID! Why don’t you move to another country and then comment!

      4. Nazie germany all over again. Funny how history tends to repeat itself every so often and we have the prefect leadership in DC to approve of everything that Calif sill be doing.

      5. All California is really accomplishing with all its new rules is continue driving out all the categories of people that once made it a great state. Businesses, wealthy individuals, professionals, taxpayers who don’t want to get raped in the *ss any more, independent people who no longer want to give up their rights, the white flight, etc. The state is really horribly mismanaged, its finances are unsustainable, any many parts of the state and its cities have become truly 3rd world. Some officials there are now saying those who leave the state and taking their assets with them (businesses, taxpayers, wealthy, etc.) are racists.
        California’s trajectory is downward, and the Dem. politicians know it, but don’t want to fix it because of the voter base. Those who keep voting for it, well, enjoy your paradise.

      6. Redcoats at Katrina:
        “Golly gee whillikers, no sir. I I sure don’t like this job, which I have chosen to do, and which I am doing.”

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