Californians Sign Petition Allowing U.S. Troops to Commandeer Their Homes

by | Jan 13, 2014 | Headline News | 329 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Editor’s Note: Give some people the right keywords – like “Support Obama” or “Support the Troops” – and they’ll agree to just about anything…

    Illustrating once again how many Americans’ knowledge of the Bill of Rights is virtually non-existent, Californians signed a petition to repeal the Third Amendment and allow U.S. troops to commandeer their homes.

    The unbelievable footage was captured recently in California by activist prankster Mark Dice, a regular Infowars contributor.

    Dice managed to persuade several passers by to sign their names up for scrapping the Third Amendment, which states “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”

    “We want to repeal the Third Amendment to keep the housing prices down for the military folks… just support Obama and support the troops.” Dice told one passer by who then eagerly signed his name.

    “These military folks are clean and orderly people, so they won’t dirty up your house too much whilst we eliminate the Third Amendment and you can quarter them in your house if they just want to come in.” Dice told another man who was signing up without question.

    “They (soldiers) can choose what house they want to live in, maybe in your house or anybody’s house really.” Dice told another woman who signed her name. “That whole not quartering troops during peacetime, Third Amendment is just kinda unfair, right?” he asked the befuddled woman.

    The Third Amendment, introduced by James Madison as part of the Bill of Rights in 1789, was a direct response to Quartering Acts passed by the British government during the Revolutionary War. The British legislation would have allowed British troops to live in the private residences of Americans. The Amendment was adopted on March 1, 1792.

    “By repealing the Third Amendment we could increase their housing options. Maybe they could do some house sitting and things in a house that they choose.” Dice ludicrously explained to a young couple who signed their names. “We’re just trying to modernise the Bill Of Rights,” Dice added as they laughed and agreed.

    Two other young women simply agreed with everything Dice said even though most of it was nonsense. “They should be able to come into your house and they can quarter there forever if they want to.” Dice stated, as the women both replied “oh yeah definitely” and “I agree”.

    Other people didn’t seem to understand what the term “Third Amendment” even meant.

    Dice has now successfully managed to get Americans to agree to repeal the FirstSecond, Third, Fourth ,FifthSixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.


    Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham, and a Bachelor Of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Nottingham Trent University.


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      1. Sad

        • Thank you california, new york, illinois, and other eastern states for coming up with the stupidest ideas ever conceived. Thank for giving us orgress feinsteinless, nacny piece of, chucky e chesse schumer, BO, and all the other wonderful politicians that want to destroy all of rights and that hate anyone defending themselves against their friend the criminal. Thank you all the states that shovel perversion and sickos down our throats and force us to accept weirdos and bestiality as “normal” and trash anything that has to do with Christmas, Easter, or anything else that brings people a little happiness. Thank you for all the regulations and suffocating laws that you states are not satisified with, but that the whole country has to stomach. Thank you california, new york, illinois, and most eastern states for helping to royally screw America. F$%^ you all very much.

          • BI.

            You need a 64 oz. coke. With Bloomberg’s face on it.


            • @ slingshot. Yeah really. Or, I need to ride into town backwards on a three legged jackass with bloombergermister’s picture squarely taped to the rear end of of the animal.

              • Err, what would be the point of the picture? It would look about the same. 😉

                On a more serious note: The point of that little exercise up there should rightly scare the unholy shit out of any sane human being. The point? No problem: These folks are stupid. Dropped-on-the-head stupid. Oh, and did I mention that they are way more numerous than you think? I suspect they comprise the majority of most large urban areas, if my own experiences in such areas are any indication.

                Now – imagine them desperate and hungry en masse, and keep that thought fixed firmly in your mind as you make your preparations and plans.

                • Yup, its amazing the number of people that are just clueless. have been wondering is it me or are there just so many out there without common sense that talk gibberish all the time. Especially the younger crowd 35 and less. Seems like they lost out on good leadership and teaching. They don’t have knowledge of history, skills to build and survive as well as plain old common sense.

                  • The Sheeple will be getting a wake up call very soon. Early data is starting to show the party is over and WE will be moving into the Second Leg Down; while Congress refuses to extend unemployment for another year.

                    Can you say, “American Spring”, “Patriot November”? Its gonna get ugly. 🙁

                • Fortunately these urban people are stupid. They will die quickly.
                  They will eat each other. Best to stay out of your enemies way and let them commit suicide. Clean up the mess later and kill all the Journalists, Lawyers, politicians, and liberal instructors that are left.
                  Start over with STEM types and lessons learned.

                  • Sadly, I suspect that they’ll be just smart enough to gather en masse and go to where they think the food is – out in the country.

              • Yeah, there’s no effects from radiation
                on the west coast. Sure, uh huh……

                • Any troops quartered in my house
                  better sleep with one eye open.

                  • They’ll get what they’ve asked for soon.

                    But the soldiers will be speaking Mandarin.

                  • gunner, any troops coming to my house had better be bringing body bags…..for THEMSELVES! MOLON LABE braveheart

                  • “””Dice has now successfully managed to get Americans to agree to repeal the First, Second, Third, Fourth ,Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Amendments, as well as the entire Bill Of Rights.”””

                    No, he has managed to prove that SOME of the people are ignorant of their rights and the Law. They are NOT Americans, just plain idiots brainwashed by idiots to follow idiots when they suggest idiotic notions.

                    Not one single American would sign such a thing. California should not secede, it should be thrown out of the union.

                  • Unreconstructed Southron, those foreign troops will speaking Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, etc.

              • Be Informed: What are you talking about, Bloomberg’s face is every jackass’s backside down to the smallest detail!

              • Chris Christie closing the lanes of the road as political pay back is the same as ovomit closing the white house for tours and the WWII memorial during the government shutdown. They both did what they did for political pay back.

                • Obama not waiting on legislation: ‘I’ve got a pen and I can use it to sign executive orders’

                  Washington dot cbslocal dot com

                  The Right Scoop dot com

                  (also posted on Drudge Report)

                  • Bah Rock Obama is a SKINNY Buffoon, bottom feeding piece of shit.

                  • KY Mom

                    There is nothing on this God’s earth that any potus can legislate or mandate by executive power to create jobs for the private sector..period!

                    He is desperate and acting as a third world dictator..he knows the economy is tumbling and headed for disaster..he’s asking business and college presidents for insight to improve the job market..what a friggin’s toast!!

                    This systemic collapse is engineered by design and nothing by government can stop it..they created it!with the help of industrialists,bankers , and such globalists think tanks and ptb’s..

                    It totally befuddles me that so few see what;s transpiring before us..this is all planned by executive,legislative decrees and treaties well before this time and all is coming to fruition..

                    They have successfully dismantled our Bill of Rights and and Constitution..the SJC is bought and paid for..everyone that supposedly represents us does nothing except enrich themselves..all of them!

                    They passed the Patriot Act,NDAA, ETC ETC..Federal judges have dismissed all charges on the irs scandals..Benghazi has disappeared from the radar..Fast and furious has gone away..Banks accused of of massive fraud pay their way out by the billions is settlements and continue their predatory lending and massive leveraging….meanwhile Congress muddles to extend unemployment to millions..92 million are not working!…49 million on government assistance and

                    Never mind the 100’s of top brass in the military who’ve been purged..what’s with that?

                    This not going to end well..for 99% of us..even those of of us who are prepared..


                  • Possee!

                    I see this as a threat/promise to Congress to pass legislation that advances ‘the agenda’,
                    such as immigration, more gun control, etc.

                • The media is setting the agenda as usual. Hey let’s all rally around Christie, cause he’s the only one that can defeat Hillary. Give Me A Break! McCain, Romney and now Christie. Boy the Dems. as well as the Republicans sure play us for the Idiots they think we are, and unfortunatly many in this country buy right in to their scam. The Presidental election is still a long way off, but the seeds are planted. Make mine a Tea Party. Trekker Out.

                  • Hillary Clinton is a butt ugly buffoon and a bottom feeding piece of shit.

                • Chris Christie is a FAT fucking BUFFOON, bottom feeding piece of shit.

            • SLING:
              I’ll take one of them I’m thirsty plus in need some range time with a good target for some long range shoot’n
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • Slingshot, make that a 2-liter coke with Bloomberg’s face and some bulletholes in it.

              • No, don’t ruin the Coke! Lol

            • with his face on it it probably go flat before the 2nd sip

            • And you can put Michelle’s face on the box of a triple greasy hamburger with xtra large fries cooked in lard with a warning: “Eating this will give your brain the energy to tell the difference between Constitutional government and comunism!!!!!

          • Take a look at Obama’s top administrators, cabinet level etc. I’ve seen more normal looking people in a tent marked Freak Show.

            I’m not sure why diversity demands that we actively look for dwarfs, those of indeterminate race or sexual orientation or those who manifest all the markers of a degenerate psychopath in order to be seen as democratic. But I guess since this is a government of, by and for the people, it’s important to salt our highest offices with the most visibly deranged and damaged people you will see outside of Skid Row.

            It’s too bad Fellini is no longer with us. He could have come to Washington and had the grandest assortment of odd characters ever assembled in one place.

          • only 2 counties in IL support commie demorats. someday, I have a dream, that all commies will get what they derserve

            • the rest of Illinois is as pro liberty as Texas. We despise Obama for the liar and thief that he is, a man who wouldn’t know integrity if he took it out of his pocket twice a day and looked at it.

              • Larry:
                Down state Illinois is pretty conservative. We are out numbered as far as population goes, out of the 102 counties there are only 2 or 3 counties that vote COMMIE, of corse Cook, Kane and that is Chicago. I don’t know the other one but it is down by East St.Louis.
                Here were I live it is sold Rebulican leaning Tea Party, bunch of proud Red necks Preppers.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

                • But unfortunately we are over run by liberals in Springfield too. Lots of Illinois ppl here!!

              • Larry from IL, welcome aboard and you’ve come to the right place. MOLON LABE braveheart

              • after all cook county elections are honest aren’t they????

              • I’m from IL and I agree whole heartedly.

            • Hey I heard that, it’s not easy being here. Since it’s the have a dream weekend coming up I’ll quote that commie agitator too. I’m in those counties every day of the week; the people you refer to are a voting majority, especially with the phony machines nowadays but they’re not 100%, even with the help of all the various forms of corruption. Everybody here is not like you see on TV.

              They are only 2/3. They may have reached 3/4 the first round of Odicteater-with-a-pen but only because of too many at that time judging him/her by the color of his/her skin while ignoring the content of his/her character. There was plenty of info about that character around even then, Larry Sinclair and many other things, but only if you made an effort to find it. The propaganda machine was going full blast. I know firsthand a bunch of those people who made that mistake also came to regret it later and have said so, that is people of different colors here. He/she would not really get all those votes again, even here. His/her former supporters have seen a lot more since then about that long-legged ‘dude’ than they knew at the time.

              But that is still only enough to bring it down to 2/3 or 6/10 again. That leaves at least 4/10 opposed. I know lots of people opposed who don’t get around to actually voting when the cold day comes due to discouragement and futility, plus the Tuesday work schedule, which ends up making it even worse.

              Joe Walsh is on the radio here right now, he was the representative 2010-2012 in NW Cook County suburbs, but forced out by redistricting shenanigans, which brought in Tammy Sucksjerks. For many years the same district had Phil Crane, the most antitax man in the entire uS Congress, bar none, until he got too old. Look him up and compare with Ron Paul, and give that district some credit. Even compare with your district.

              That was when Melissa Beanfart barely got in, late 2004 only when Crane was very old and hadn’t the energy any more to fight the RINO’s at the primary plus the demons at the general. In 2010 when the Tea Party emerged a younger and more energetic Joe Walsh knocked her out on her double airbag keister. But he got redistricted to split his district with Randy Hultgren from DuPage County who is also pretty decent. These are jerrymandering tricks the pinkos do to dilute the opposition, but don’t think there is no opposition, there is, it is just suppressed by tricks. They would not need the tricks if it wasn’t for us.

              Crane was reelected 16 times 1969-2005, even with the same tricks back then. He had to fight GOP establishment because he was too much like Goldwater for the RINOs, besides all these demonrats, but even so he won a lot of times, and said NO to everything you see going on now, every time.

              This state is one of the top ones with good people moving out, which reduces population and representatives from what it once was, but who moves in to take their places? A lot of the gay activists and whatnot you see in Chicago are not from there, they moved there to be accepted in a larger community from places like Nebraska, Kansas and maybe even one from Idaho where they didn’t feel quite right around their family, so they moved to make more friends to try to make up for the big empty spot. Generations before that is when the blacks migrated here sort of but not exactly for similar reasons in a way, to find acceptance for different reasons. Other cities have the same situation, even San Francisco. Detroit is a good example of what’s left when the good people give up on it and leave completely.

              If you want to see a standing-room-only business here when the rest of them are doing layoffs,just stop by Gat Guns, or the Cabela’s, if you can find a parking spot. They are busier than McDonalds all the time. Up by the Wisconsin side of the border there’s also a Gander Mtn keeping busy.

              And happy birthday to Gen’ls RE Lee and Old Jack coming up this holiday weekend, while we’re at it, their men didn’t rape burn steal and loot like the yankee invaders did from day one. Don’t listen to that bigoted idiot down the page, who’s giving BH a hard time, he does a bad job as the ambassador of Illinois, and back here he is considered yet another embarrassment.

              • Rustic:
                You are correct, but those commies in Chicago do run the hole da&* state. Even the democrats down state hate them.
                From down state Illinois, Happy birthday Gen. Lee and Old Jack. Boy do we need men like you now.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

          • This video is being filmed on the pier in Oceanside, CA., hardly a bastion of intellectual prowess. Oceanside is the civilian town next to Camp Pendleton, home of the US Marine Corps on the West Coast. I hardly think this is a cross section of the state of California, not that there aren’t plenty of knuckleheads in California.

            • SD Mule, at least 75% of Cali residents are morons and the other 25% would love to get out but are stuck there for one reason or another.

              • Braveheart,
                That is an ignorant statement!!

                • Sd mule, it’s possible I could be overestimating the percentages to some degree, but the state of California is not exactly a bastion of intelligence and common sense. Both of those items are sadly lacking in that state. I’ve been there twice in my lifetime and wasn’t impressed with the place either time. I’m sorry to see you feel that way, but I’m standing by my remarks on California. there’s plenty of other people here that agree.

            • “Illustrating once again how many Americans’ knowledge of the Bill of Rights is virtually non-existent.”

              We wonder why Americans don’t know about or VALUE our history, the Bill of Rights, etc.

              New York City’s Worst School (And The Reason Why)

              “Public school PS 106, located in Far Rockaway, Queens – the school is allocated $2.9 million to serve a low-income population with 98 percent of its students eligible for free lunches. As a Title 1 school, it gets extra federal funds.

              There is one problem: none of that state money actually makes its way to the students, and with no class, or books, and a rat infestation, PS 106 has officially earned the title of New York’s worst school.”

              “Students at PS 106 in Far Rockaway, Queens, have gotten no math or reading and writing books for the rigorous Common Core curriculum, whistleblowers say. The 234 kids get no gym or art classes. Instead, they watch movies every day.”

              “The school nurse has no office equipped with a sink, refrigerator or cot.”

              “The library is a mess: “Nothing’s in order,” said a source. “It’s a junk room.”

              “The principal is a frequent no-show, sources say.”


              • Ky Mom, it’s a safe bet all of those school faculty members and other employees are protected by affirmative action. When you belong to a certain minority group, you can commit any kind of crimes you want against anyone you choose and not be held accountable or face any consequences. That is called ‘civil rights’.

                • plus the teachers union i read one report over 500 teaches report to a building daily collect full pay for years while under incitement for crimes or violation of school policy’s
                  some for violence some sexual misconduct etc etc
                  and a report today do not know if it was this school but parents were required to buy 110 clothing for each kid for some skit?

              • But the no-show principal probably make $250k per year, along with dozens more administrators well over $100k.

            • Not Surprised as nearly half the nation voted for the HNIC twice or is on some type of gov assistance whether it be for corporations, illegal aliens or fucking lazy asses. Excluding the truely needy that unfortunatly gets thrown into the mix.

          • Your welcome. Now excuse me while I work to get a 3rd term for Ombwabwa. Yes I’m from Ca. I have to abbreviate because I can’t spell the states name.

            • C-O-M-M-I-E-F-O-R-N-I-A.

          • Be Informed

            and thank you to Massachusetts for our share of criminals..
            barney frank,ted kennedy,”mini me” guvna duval patrick,sec o state john f’n lurch heinz kerry,james whitey bulger..

            just for starters..


            • Posseecom I think you said your from Ma also. I haven’t voted dem ever and never will. And I am not even sure anymore if I will for republican or not vote all.

              • I have become a political atheist over the no one in gubmint..none of them!

                Local,county, state and federal..

                Government produces zilch nada.

                The only wealth they create is on the backs (by confiscation) of working people and small business..then they redistribute that confiscated wealth to all the bureaucrats and public employees..all with better pay,pensions, and benefits ever afforded us in the private sector…ever!

                All they provide us is roads,schools, and police and fire..period!
                The they tax the crap out of us to pay for these so called services..
                The only service I think is valuable is the fire and rescue..they actually save lives..police show up after the crime has been committed..and spend most of the time radaring us for revenue enhancement on our way to or from work..
                The public education system is a total farce and disaster as well..all of it..

                When is enough enough?

                I’m done with it all!

                All of them..


                • 3 Conservative Massholes !!!!! All in one place!!!! First time since the original Sons of Liberty. Lets throw some assholes in the Boston Harbor

                  • Basstard


                    Problem is..most of the so called conservatives here still support the status quo..just not the current empty suit regime in the oval orifice..

                    They want to replace all the D’S with R’s then all will be whole again..just more “hopium” from the other side..which is really one in the same..


                  • I agree Basstard. Its funny no matter who I talk to around here no one admits to voting for BO. Either the ballot boxes are rigged or they are lying. Maybe a little of both.

          • Good to see that the southern regional bigotry is alive and living on this blog …. maybe if you keep the Rebel yell going the slaves will return home to the plantation ….

            • Illini Warrior, uh, you need to wake up. slavery was abolished in 1865 with the end of Lincoln’s War. I see that antisouthern bigotry from your region is still alive.

              • Lincoln a republican and who opposed equal rights democrats led by al gore sr

          • Now, now BI. Not all of us in California or elsewhere for that matter are as ignorant as portrayed by the above authors. How many people did they have to go through to get any to sign the petition? probably not that many as there are to many of what Rush calls the low information voters. Sad commentary on what the vast majority of Americans have any idea as to what is going on. They will be the first to perish in a SHTF situation.


            • 4

            • @ BigB. There are good people such as yourself stuck in an area overrun with corruption and evil. North Korea, Cuba, England, most of western Europe have very good people that are just living in hellholes run by dictators that value the criminal more than they do the victims and good citizens. What is so sad about this whole issue is that good people like yourself have to interact with the ass monkeys like this. Your safety is at risk when you are driving next to them. Your freedom is at risk should you ever have to depend on them in a court of law to make the fair judgement on you. Your basic rights are affected when they gather together like flies on sh$% and pass more laws and regulations to suffocate you.

              This is absurd, but just wait until they pass some tax on your bees using the air space off your property to find flowers. Or that your neighbor deserves a portion of your honey because the bees used his or her flowers. this makes just as much sense as these fools out there trashing their own rights under the Constitution. 🙁

            • Please don’t lump us Northern California people with the fruitloops in the south and our legislature. Not all of California wants to secede. We in the North want to secede because Sacramento seems to think that there are no people in North State, so they feel free to plunder our resources (water), make foolish decisions that mean about a hill o’ beans to us up here, and cover their ears to any conservative-leaning information. The people of the State of Jefferson are, generally, constitutionalists, Bill of Rights-believing country folk. Just sayin’.

              • Yes please don’t confuse Northern CA with Southern CA.

                Northern CA is where Nancy Pelosi, of “We have to pass it, before we can see what’s in it” fame.

                I live in Southern Ca (I’m one of those people who is stuck here for the next couple of years). CA is chalk full of idiots (the fact Moonbean Brown was voted BACK, nor is this the fist time this guy has done something like this…


                Communist Karl Marx Endorsed by Obama as the Next President? [Trolling Obama Supporters]

                • Sorry, My computer went all Skynet…

                  *the fact Jerry Brown was voted back into any office, much less governor, ought to attest to just how much voter fraud is in play in CA.

                  • almost as bad as DC with Marion Barry or New O with Ray Nagin Chicago with both Dailys fortunately they were just mayors frown can screw the whole state

              • We’ll said Mrs Moose!!! Secede indeed!!! What a beautiful word!!
                Cede ; )

            • @ BI.. I bet Mark Dice could do the same thing in your state. And in Texas too for all you shorthorn fans, and if you red thumb me I will send S. Jackson Lee over your house and have her sit in your face.

              • A, if that heffer comes to my place, she’ll get a dose of 00 buck from Bertha.

                • Braveheart,
                  Is that what you call your little pecker?

                  • Sd mule, how the hell would you know what I have or don’t have? A was referring to Sheila Jackson-Lee, one of the congressional crooks.

              • @ A. Someone tried something similar years ago and they were literally laughed at and you didn’t see STUPID any longer after a couple of days. Humiliation tends to have this effect. Another asshat tried pass a petetion against the 2nd Amendment rights, surprised that dullard didn’t end up getting the royal flush like they use to put some jackass in the toilet head first in high school. People where I live still have something, it is called commen sense and conviction for they believe in.

              • (per) the curse of “A”-

                DAMN!!!!!! ***(note to self)***..don’t piss-off “A” poster.

                –him…havem’ heep big MOJO-MEDICINE–!!

                ..send-em’ powerful, ebil-smelling wampum dark-squaw, to torture sinus-cavities/olfactory-nerves..and squashem’ nose forever, wit buttocks!


                +1 for your humor!

          • Be informed…

            Most of the people in Illinois are not like that. We despise what is going on as much as the rest of you. Gov. Quinn only won 2 counties in the whole state, Cook and Madison, and won the governorship. Course its hard to tell how many dead people voted in Chicago or others who voted more than once.

            • @ blankone. There are good people in many cess pits of the world, as I said this to BigB and you also. Illinois is a terrible state, not because of the people that still value the Constitution, but because of all those that support this crap. There are people stuck like in a giant prison in these nightmare areas, bound through monetary obligations, their family, jobs, etc. These people are good people, but it doesn’t mean that the state or country they live in is not totally rotten to the core. Nor does it mean that the majority of the people in these nightmare areas are not supporters of the evil and corruption.

              I know a lot of people from california that hate these politicians, but I also know total morons that want to piers moron us with taking our firearms. There are plenty of ass licking BO supporters in new york, illinois, california, and most eastern states. too many of them. IF there was not these mass pieces of manure, then the restrictive self defense laws and other absurd suffocating laws would not be in place. A dictator can ONLY exist with enough fools supporting him or her.

          • I tend to think that the so called researcher aka Mark Dice thinks of us as a monkey on a string. He comes up with some meaningless, noncontrolled study, post it on youtube and then sits back to see what kind of reaction it generates. Basically, he pulls on our string and we go “OOO, OOO, OOO” and throw our crap around.

            Sorry Mark Dice but this monkey cut his string a long time ago.

            • mark dic(k)e is a typical fool that “thinks” that licking the backside of BO or any dictator or wanne be dictator will get special favorites and safety one day from a police state. Well mark dick there are plenty of graves all over the entire world of just such dupes that thought they too could trust the tyrant. Just look at how easy it was foir Porky over in North Korea to execute his uncle. Cutting off his nose top to spite his face, this is so predictable with these utter total losers that idolize these tin gods, eventually they turn on everyone. Keep it up mark dic(k)e you will sure be one of BO’s main men, until he and his puppet masters are done using you.

          • Would you condemn California, New York, and Illinois if there were found to be 40 good people?

            • God was just looking for one!

            • id put the 40 on a bus and get them out to sane land
              i wanted to go to CA when i was in my twenty’s so glad i could not afford to

          • I live in IL, don’t thank me. I knew BO was a piece of crap before he ever ran for Prez. Unfortunately, People like to think that all people in IL think that way when the majority of us don’t. We still get treated unfairly because we simply just can’t buck the socialist majority otherwise known as the City of Chicago.

        • Sad only begins to cover it. Pathetic, moronic, ignorant, stupid, etc. I will bet that at least one, if not more of those people have a college degree. What are people learning these days? Common sense is now uncommon. If you do know this stuff, people will just roll their eyes at you like you are some kind of nerd. It is infuriating to think that these idiots vote.


          • If you think about it, the point isn’t about intelligence or lack thereof. It’s about manipulation. These folks are scarily easy to manipulate.

            And now you know how that Hitler guy not only managed to build a fanatical army, but a nation chock-full of fanatical supporters.

          • People like these are exactly why we are in the shape we are. They smile and agree to anything even if they have no idea what they are agreeing to. Wake up America!

          • What?, AMEN to your comments about sheeple.

        • Sad only begins to cover it. Pathetic, moronic, ignorant, stupid, etc. I will bet that at least one, if not more of those people have a college degree. What are people learning these days? Common sense is now uncommon. If you do know this stuff, people will just roll their eyes at you like you are some kind of nerd. It is infuriating to think that these idiots vote.


        • Great video i’ll almost piss in my pants. STUPIDITY AT IT’S BEST !!!!!

        • But ……. does it really surprise you all that much??? They aren’t called “sheeple” for nothing!!!More ‘victims’ of a public school education!!!

        • Short-bus-window-lickers, one and all.

          And they vote.

          Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.

          How about you?

        • Well California is the land of “fruits & nuts” what would you expect??

          • And whispering bushes.

        • idiots

        • Huh?

          Food… food… Iphone… food… brains…

          Makes you wonder if Heinlein was right…

        • I just showed this to my wife and she said, “people are just stupid”. That just seems to sum it doesn’t it.

        • “Stupid is as Stupid does”

      2. Go ahead and sign yourself into an interment camp now , so you won’t have to stand in line later!!!…friggin’ igitts!!

        • Buncha stupid freakin donkeys!


            • Give me a break! That’s like saying there,s no difference between Braveheart and Eisenkraut. Trekker Out.

              • MT, I promise you and everyone else here there’s all the difference in the world between me and eisen.

              • MT-

                Touche’…nice call!

            • Eisen, for once we agree on something.

        • I don’t think you understand.

          If there are internment camps, these folks will be among those who will don a uniform and force the less-compliant into them…

          • If this is an example of what is going to be forcing me and my family into an internment camp, they built them for nothing.

      3. California – all I can say is ignorance is bliss

        • Order of the day is more like it….

          • Oh believe me… add in predjudiced, classist, and belligerent while you’re at it and you’re getting somewhere near close…

        • Another example for not legalizing pot!
          It creates Obamzombies.



          Semper Fi 8541

          • yeah, like military people that put their chains around others necks in order to get a government paycheck of redistributed wealth!

      4. Well it’s Kalifornia what do you excect from the left coast. Stupidity is there second name they have no freak’n clue of what in the world they are doing. Juast look who they put into elected office year after year.
        The have no idea what the

        • Reb, my thought was initially the same… Mark Dice lives in California, so it makes sense that this is who he is speaking to in most of his videos… But I suspect that if he went to any metro area in a Blue state, and even most metro areas in Red states, you’d get a very similar result… It’s a sad state of affairs to be sure.

          Millions of Americans – probably the vast majority – will go along with whatever they are told… Add that mob mentality and you can probably imagine just how far they would go when pushed.

          • @ Mac. 1%, that is the population left that still realizes what is coming, 1% that prepare. You know how really and truly pathetic that is? 1 in 100 people prepare. It is no wonder you have these mongoloids out there trying to undermine the Constitution, their own personal guarantee to their freedom they are trying to trash. Talk about self destructive ignorance. Just like those total retards out there trying to petetion to ban pressure cookers. The masses are turning right in front of our eyes into cretins. And they wonder why people prepare for the worst. The worst is upon us now in the form of utter idiocy and stupid people don’t live very long. Neither does a society filled to the brime with stupid people.

            • au contraire, BI, stupid people live WAY TOO LONG! here’s my post from a while back, and it’s never more appropriate than for this story…..stupid people……that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human resources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
              wear a lifejacket in a boat
              wear a helmet riding a bike
              don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
              label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
              can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
              can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
              no jaywalking
              gotta have seat belts to drive a car
              sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
              mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
              ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
              don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
              these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will most all stupid people die off? hmmmm… for thought……

              • I don t really think those laws are there to protect the stupid. They are there because some lawyer was paid by big business to protect their interests. There is an epidemic of stupid breeding stupid because we are PAYING them. The more they have(kids) the more they make(dollars).
                And the cycle continues! Just my two cents.

              • buttcrack, I believe you’re right.

              • @ buttcrackofdoom. I don’t think I have met someone past 80 that doesn’t exhibit some true common sense. I know there is some very stupid 80+ people, but I have been fortunate not to met them. Stupid people are the ones that don’t pay attention to any health issues, they just keep pumping walmart playdough into their bodies. The only thing keeping these people alive is dr quack dope like some zombie, half dead walking near corpse.

                100 years ago if the stupidity of today was so common, the life expectancy of people would have been about 25. Give it time, stupidity can only last so long before a natural or man made culling will come. Most human beings are at what is called a genetic dead end, they are being totally supported by the rest of the society. This social welfare doesn’t work because it is like a snake eating itself from the tail up the rest of its body. SELF CONSUMING ITSELF TO DEATH.

            • There is a perfectly good reason why critical thinking skills and careful analysis are never in high demand around our “educational” institutions. They would get in the way of growing a population of intellectual pygmies such as on display here.

              All it takes for most Americans to sign on the dotted line is a smiling face, a glib line or two and throw in a “do it for the children/military/LEO” and you’re home free.

              The good news is, the 1% of Americans who ARE thinking and PLANNING will make short work of these morons, individually or in herds, if they actually wake up after the SHTF.

              What they have is shallow emotional response. What they don’t have is the ability to think. I’ll take my chances.

            • BI, good morning, and I have to agree. We have become a nation of retards, a total lack of intelligence and common sense thanks to public schools and MSM. We, the 1%, can at least wear our badges with pride and honor. We know what’s really coming and we prepare to the best of our ability for such events. We can take comfort in that and still walk tall and hold our heads up high.

              • RETARDS?
                Going to report you to P.C. police.

                Getting on the short bus, Boss.

          • I used to live near Ann Arbor MI, the Berserkley of the Midwest. Knew any number of people who would have signed that petition, and I could garondammtee that 50% of those would have PhD degrees.

          • @Mac,
            “Millions of Americans – probably the vast majority – will go along with whatever they are told… Add that mob mentality and you can probably imagine just how far they would go when pushed.” Your comment rings true, and the article linked below might well illustrate Americans possibly going along with whatever they are told. I hope I’m wrong and that the author is wrong as well. Time will tell.


          • Thank you Mac.


          • Absolutely, When I read the first comment “sad” I thought where has “me” been. I live in Nevada and I run into people everyday the would sign on to this or any other progressive idea. I always hear politicians and the commie’s in the news talk about what the “American People” want. Its obvious they want whatever someone tells them they want. The founders warned that a knowledgeable people were required to be free. There is no doubt in my mind that Americans are already enslaved they just haven’t been told yet. And even when they are told they won’t care as long as the ebt cards work.

          • CA has at least 10 Million good conservative people living and working (hopefully working) there. in a population of about 48 million including the illegals not on the cencus, mayby more. This 10 million population is more than most states. You assbites should back off generalizing the good conservatives in Ca, Mass, and the rest of the blue states.

            • “A” You need to post where you get your data from. I lived there for many years and met a terrifying few conservatives in CA. I now live in NV just across the boarder and all we get are CA libs, progressives, communist. When I ask why they are here, they tell me taxes are to high in CA so they shop here. That would be great if they just made their purchases and shut their fucking mouths. Instead they complain how scared they are about our guns.

              • Maddog, I have to agree. A., can you furnish any links to anything to support your claims? 10,000,000 good people in commiefornia? I’d like to think so, but I do have my doubts. I’ve been to commiefornia twice in my lifetime, 70s and 90s respectively and met very few good people there both times. commiefornia, does deserve its reputation.

                • Why should I have to look up links for you. I lived there 50 years. RR was Governor at one time. I se both your states turning Blue from Within. Not from Ca liberal transplants. Hell, you probably will become a Liberal soon.

                  • A, if you can’t or won’t back up your statements with some proof, OK, but if you think I’m turning commie just because my region has some, you’re in a fantasy world.

                  • Are you fucking crazy. You talk shit like this to people you don’t know. Do you realize you are a delusional Californication liberal and your mouth proves it. Please don’t bother to do anything for me, if I needed that I would have stayed in CA and went on welfare with the rest of them. Good luck in the coming culling.

                • Brave, your in Fucking MEMPHIS. You got more dark and crime in 2 city blocks than I got in my whole 1200 square mile county. Pot calling the Kettle Black.

              • Oh yes they’re liberals. Of the limousine variety. They talk a good talk because it makes them feel better about themselves and because it makes them look cool to all the other armpit-haired wanna-be bleeding hearts (who in reality couldn’t give a rat’s ass if they tried… it is mentally impossible for them).

                They’ll vote away their rights as a bragging point as to how compassionate they are. But they wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire.

              • Maddog. you must live in Reno/Sparks area. Of Course you meet all the Libs from SF and Sac coming in on Hwy 80. If you are in LV, then you meet all the LA libs. Northern Ca is mostly Conservative and you can google how the counties voted the last election. I noticed Nevada voted Obambie this last election and Reid AGAIN. Mexico is in charge of the elections in Ca, Nev, Ariz, and New Mex, soon to be Texas. As they always vote Dem/lib. All states have problems, Ca, Mass, NY ILL, OR, Conn just seem to have more. coming soon to your state.

            • A, I believe you are correct. I live in ME, and most of the people I know live their lives as conservatives, but many of them still vote for dumocrats, not realizing that that party has been completely taken over by marxist-communists. I would be willing to bet that many states that consistently vote for lefties are the same way, the rural majority ruled by the urban liberal minority.

              • Problem with Ca is that Illegals are allowed to vote. And they vote Dem. Ca has the most Illegals (wetbacks) because of the most freebee’s. Texas will be blue soon if they give benefits to the wetbacks.

          S.T.S.F.P. N.R.NS. N.R.

        • Do you think that the result would have been different if asked anywhere else? The entire country is made up of stupid people. The wording of the question was also less than straight forward.

      5. I carry a little book of the ‘Constitution’ with me.
        Maybe everyone should??

        • The problem with it is that nobody will understand the English that it is written in! We speak a different language. And practice another.
          We are dealing with the education system … Fire the administration from the top and down to the hands on.

          • I believe the Constitution is written in cursive, as well as the Declaration of Independence.

            That automatically means a large portion of youngsters won’t be able to READ it much less comprehend it.

            (not teaching cursive writing can’t possibly have an ulterior motive on parts of the “educators” now could it? )

        • I dont think most people have ever even read it!
          Its no wonder these dummies will say yes to whatever,,,,

          • and when i ask a person who’s collecting petitions “what am i signing”, they think i’m EFFEN CRAZY! it’s like their position is the ONLY one POSSIBLE…how could someone NOT want this or that law changed…i OFTEN refuse to sign petitions after reading them. READ BEFORE YOU SIGN ANNYYYYTHIIING people! yeesh

          • It WAS required in High School.In the 1970’s anyways.

            • A, I was in high school until 1975 and yes it was required at that time. I think they stopped teaching it during the 80s.

              • somebody said Iraq needed a new constitution, so we gave ours to THEM because we weren’t using it ANYWAY…

        • JayJay it is amazing that the foundation this great nation is built on can be contained in such a small book. And next to the Holy Bible it is one of the greatest documents ever written. But what is so unbelievable is that people, even though they don’t know what these amendments are, will sign something that they have no idea what it is that they are signing. And Mark Dice even tells them what it is that he is trying to do. It’s not like he is hiding the fact of what the Amendment means. There is no doubt, we are in serious trouble. Trekker Out. Constitutional Republic or Democracy?


            • eisen, you’re also something to be despised.

            • Eisenkraut, we may not agree on much, but I don’t see how your worst enemy could give you a thumb down on that.Trekker Out.Si vis pacem, para bellum!

          • Like Nancy Pelosi said:
            “We’ll have to sign it to know what’s in it.”

        • @JayJay,

          Knowing the constitution and keeping up with the news if those who want to destroy is two different things. Let us not forget that our “esteemed” President is a Constitutional scholar. He is working very hard to tear it up.

          And he took an oath to uphold the Constitution. How can people let that stand?


          • I was NEVER taught the constitution in elementary OR high school.
            I think every school should have a class teaching it–not just once, but repeated after 8th grade into secondary.
            I still have to resort to my little book (everyone needs one)to read the specifics of the Bill of Rights or the 10 amendments.
            I finally know by heart the first amendment rights.
            R.S.P.P.A…..religion, speech, petition, print, and assemble.
            How many teens or even adults know the first amendment details?? 🙁

            So to the joke of the day…freedom of print AND speech!!
            Two blonde prostitutes were riding around town with a sign on top of their car which said:

            Two Prostitutes — $50.00
            A policeman, seeing the sign, stopped them and told them they’d either have to remove the sign or go to jail.
            Just at that time, another car passed with a sign saying:
            Jesus Saves
            One of the blondes asks the officer, “How come you don’t stop them?!”
            “Well, that’s a little different,” the officer smiled. “Their sign pertains to religion.”
            So the two ladies of the night frowned as they took their sign down and drove off.
            The following day found the same police officer in the area when he noticed the same two blonde ladies driving around with a large sign on their car again.
            Figuring he had an easy arrest, he began to catch up with them when he noticed the new sign which now read:
            Two Fallen Angels Seeking Peter — $50.00

            • I was taught US History in Junior and Senior years
              US History 1&2.
              Thank you, Miss Jordan.

              • Ky Mom, I think it’s safe to say very few if any 8th-graders of today could pass that test.

                • I know college graduates who can’t answer many of those questions! Most of the history is simply never brought up, and more time is taken with learning technology and classes for the major, that, unless one reads a whole heck of a lot( and I do) then one is able to graduate with a Bachelors degree, and not know 3/4 of this stuff. I just graduated in 2005, BS in Computer Information Systems, and I was tutoring students less than half my age that could not read or write beyond a 6th grade level. It was scary to think about, so I didn’t…

                • they can’t pass it because they CAN’T READ THE

      6. It is amazing that some people are so unwilling to research something before agreeing to it! My response is always “Give it to me in writing, and I will give it all the consideration it deserves”. I can study it on my own time and terms, then if it turns out to be crap, then I can just pitch it and carry on. If you are given the time to think, never waste the opportunity!


        • It was presented as a way to improve housing for the military. Actually the answer given shows Californians in a good light. I hate polls like this that are word games. Something politicians are good at.

      7. Hell to the no. What the fuck is wrong with people these days? I don’t know if I feels sorry for these idiots or if the gene pool needs a lot of bleach.

        • We desperately need to reduce the population size to save mother earth.

          • Eisen:

            Your support of Avram Noam Chomsky in an earlier post of another subject on SHTF should alert all posters here that you are a leftist progressive (if not worse).

            Noam Chomsky is an Askenazi Jew; parents main language was yiddish. Family was influenced by the Left Zionist theories of Zionism, the family was particularly influenced by the left Zionist writings of Ahad Ha’am (real name Asher Zui Hirsh Ginsberg) who was a Hebrew essayist and one of the foremost pre-state Zionists thinkers. He was known as the founder of cultural Zionism.

            According to Wikipedia, Chomsky:

            Associated with the new left. Was arrested multiple times for anti Vietnam war activism.

            Harvard University in 1955 appointed him Harvard University Society of Fellows. Since his retirement Chomsky continues his vocal activism, praised the Occupy Movement.

            He aligns himself with ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM (a theory of anarchism in which views industrial unusism or syndicalism as a mothod for workers in capitalist societies to GAIN CONTROL OF AN ECONOMY.


            Political philosophies commonly described as libertarian socialism include most varieties of ANARCHISM (expecially anarchist COMMUNISM, anarchist collectivism, ANARCHO-SYNDICALISM, and mutualism).

            Chomsky is a member of CAMPAIGN FOR PEACE AND DEMOCRACY
            whose aim is to seek out and work with dissidents and social justice movements worldwide and to forge alliances between them and PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENTS IN THE UNITED STATES.

            Chomsky is also a member of INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD which was founded in Chicago in 1905 with 200 SOCIALISTS, ANARCHISTS, AND RADICAL LABOR UNIONISTS. In the 1960’s the Civil Rights Movement, Anti-War protests, and various UNIVERSITY STUDENT MOVEMENTS brought new life to the IWW.

            So Eisen, I don’t understand why you even visit SHTF. Your alignment with Chomsky puts you in a category that most posters on SHTF are violenty opposed to. We are American Firsters, not Chomsky supporters.

            • Guns N Roses, I agree. Noam Chomsky is one of those “red diaper doper babies” as Michael Savage would say. I always knew something was wrong with Eisen but DAMN! Eisen turned out to be a commie!

            • YOU SHITWIT,


              AND ANOTHER THING,



              • Eisenpuke, f@#$ you, COMRADE! All of us ‘old farts’ as you call us love this country and think it’s worth saving. when the balloon goes up, we’re going out and do what needs to be done. I don’t care what you do for yourself but just stay the hell out of our way while we go fight the real cause of our problems. Why don’t you relocate to China, N. Korea, Vietnam, or Cuba? You just might feel more at home in any of those countries, COMRADE!

              • I believe your talking about removing useless eaters. Sarcasm is sometimes missed.

          • Eisen, you sound like the globalists. So you’re a commie? So you support the NWO? So Noam Chomsky is your hero? You sound like one of those “red diaper doper babies” like Michael Savage would say. go find another country you like and relocate to it.

        • A great culling is needed. Check out Dave Hodges article on the coming civil war. Some of us are already at war. Time to join up if you want a chance to fight. RESET for a future for our children.

      8. To finsh, Bill of Right are and what they are there for. They are there for the protection of the GOD GIVEN RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

        • Sorry Northern Reb, the bill of rights is and has been for some time a sham. There are so many cases of these bill of rights being robbed from individuals that you cannot even pretend they are God given. What you have now are privileges that are masqueraded as rights.


          • …BigB…with respect… the BOR are not/never were shams…they are reflections of the highest aspirations of freemen who understood despotism…our general apathy and inaction to the mistreatment thereof is the true shame…I understand your intended point but because we the people are the final bulwark against tyranny…defence of our rights and the rejection of any govt granted privileges …we cant be surprised that the PTB are prone to ignore the BOR and make them appear to us to be just a sham…then folks wont fight to defend the sham (the BOR)… the group here and others like us are trying but as a whole we the people have been remiss in our defence of our God given rights and those of our fellows…just because someone gave you something doenst mean others wont try to take it away, or ignore it and just because they do doesnt make it right…such is this situation…those in charge have not been given any reason to fear violating our rights,unless we give it to them they will continue to do as they please…we the people are way behind therefore we are the ones who have allowed this to happen…2cents…thanks!

            • I hear you Reb. I agree with you on what it should be like. Truth is our so called God given rights are trampled upon by our own government on a daily basis. And I tell you this my friend there isn’t anyone who is doing anything to make any changes. Example: How come Clinton gets a blow job and gets impeached and Obama screws up 1/6th of the economy plus countless other egregious assaults on the American people and nobody in any elected position says “Impeach the bastard”?

              Tell the Japanese Americans interned during WW2 and see what they think of the bill of rights. Tell me with what the NSA is doing currently to all of us that we have not lost our rights. Tell me what Obama Care says to our rights to live as free and independent citizens. Talk to me about the freedom of speech or the assault on the 2nd amendment.

              The list goes on. Now I ask you what is truly a God given right as described by the bill of rights and what is a considered a privilege?

              I know I sound a little hostile but I am not. Just thinking while I am typing and it really pisses me off.


              • BigB…I get you…you have a very valid point…I had a nice long answer for you on rights vs priv and I lost it in cyberspace…will try again later…gotta feed critters now…thanks for the conversation 🙂

                • Oh and friend if you are not angry over all this crap going on then youd have no soul…hope we have a lot more out there like you!

          • BIGB:
            The Bill of Rights have never been a sham. The demagoges that try to infringe on them and try to limit them for there own benifit are no better than some dictator (like the one in the White House. They should be tried for treason and Tarred and feathered. Then kick out of the country.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • N-Reb-

              Having been placed in manifold foreign countries, courtesy of SAM..I think the tar/feathers and deportation deal is a light sentence.

              In truth..the only thing tyrants “FEAR” the retribution/vengeance/payback, that exits the barrel of a center-fire rifle!

              Call it long range justice served!

              • Hunter:
                The retribution and payback I’m ok with that, but the vengeance part, no that not my way. To kick there As% out of the country and make them live in some SH$% HOLE 3RD world country that hates Americans would be fine with me. Long range target practics would be to fast and merciful. let them suffer and worry about what my happen tomorrow and have to sleep with one eye open all night long. now that works for me.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.R.

      9. ‘To let them live in which ever house they choose”

        The idiots who signed, didn’t even stop to think it could mean THEIR houses, or their neighbors houses.

        This is the kind of doublespeak these same people fall for every time.

        This is what got us where we are today. The govt saying one thing, but really meaning another.

        People are idiots.

        • Six pack, they are fine with anything this government wants to do as long as it doesn’t involve them or they have to pay for it. Prime example would be obamacare. All of the far left liberals cheered government healthcare along until they found out they were going to have to pay too. Honestly in my crankiness I’m starting to like eugenics more and more every time I see a blatant example of idiocracy.

          • “Honestly in my crankiness I’m starting to like eugenics more and more every time I see a blatant example of idiocracy.”

            Take a look at what the average, educated Athenian of 2500 years ago was capable of dissecting, discussing and digesting. Take a look at the average, educated American in the same way.

            You will inevitably come to the conclusion that we have lost significant ground over the past 25 centuries.

            I recently saw a very compelling piece that argued our infatuation with liberal ideas of “fairness” was in fact well down the road of reversing many generations of physical and mental development. Yes, I know it sounds very authoritarian and heartless. But stop for a moment and ask yourself this: How does a society that is being overrun with the worst examples of moral degeneracy and intellectual torpor survive? How will it make any progress? How will it even feed itself when fewer and fewer are actually able to think?

            It may come down to eugenics or the devolution of all human progress. The movie Idiocracy was not far off the mark, after all.

          • Idiocracy…….. The Documentary

            • Eugenics……The reality

          • FoF, ZDP, I couldn’t agree more. I have argued in defense of the sheeple before, but honestly, it’s getting harder and harder to defend such a high level of stupidity and carelessness…

        • The Zombie apolcaypse is already here. Quarantine yourself.

          If this comes to pass – Take tent & bicycle, burn house, find freedom.

        • Like Obamacare. someone else will pay for it.

      10. As a society…we are doomed…the idiots are content to be so…and multiply like rabbits. Every morning I wake up amazed that we made it through the night…again. I suspect one night soon, we won’t.

        • time is SHORT!

          • Time is short, but my patience is getting shorter.

        • Ref: Ordinary Average Guy

          Sadly…you are so right…your statement makes me sad and made me laugh ……

          But…I think I may have an idea that could possibly solve a lot of our problems….Here goes…

          ” An Executive Order Written By the People and For the People “…It will be called…
          ” Retroactive Abortions ” and we start out in Commiefornia……..As in ” Yo, Surfer Dude….they have passed Retroactive Abortions and your Mother said for you to meet her at the Clinic at 3:00 !!! Problem solved !!!

          I can see the Libtard thumbs going down as I type !!!

      11. It just goes to show all the money being thrown at education is working. The gov’t is throwing and the libs are obeying! Engage your children and their friends. Prepare the next generation to think and research for themselves!

        • This should make all y’all laugh.

          The master manipulator next door, has been trying hard to find some common ground to engage ME in a conversation, for a couple of years now. She apparently figures that if she can engage me in a longer conversation, she won’t have to just come up to me and try to bum what she wants (which usually gets her a quick “no” and the door shut in her face).

          Well, in order to have that kind of discussion with me, you kinda need to think for yourself on the issue at hand, AND be prepared to defend your position with facts, not rhetoric.

          What that means for her is, she had to at least get familiar with those issues I’m most liable to be interested in, and she couldn’t get away with bluffing her way through it.

          In short, she had to truly research “prepper” issues.

          She was out there the other day, scraping the “I (heart) Obama” sticker off her bumper. She asked me to help her put a BOB together, and she actually, already had some pretty good filler for it. Now she wanted to know if I know how to grow pumpkins and, where does one get the seeds and tools for cheap. She has also switched from those pretty little decorative (read: useless) candles to utility candles with some real burn time.


      12. Brain Dead Americans.

        Doesn’t surprise me at all. You know for damn sure they are not preppers. They are in all the states. Some more than others.

        • the night of the living braindead…i find myself saying that OFTEN, these days.

      13. There are people like this in every state, every city across the nation. None of them understand what is at stake, what freedoms are up for grabs to TPTB. Their world revolves around when the next i-gadget is coming out, or what time they need to get up and go stand in line at the mall for the latest Nike offering. No comprehension whatsoever of individual liberty or the great cost attained to get them the cushy lifestyle so sadly taken for granted. I’ll bet none of them could point out Afghanistan on a world map. Could they point out Normandy or Midway? Nah. Not a chance in hell. That’s the future of America right there. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

        • Heck, they probably couldn’t find Arizona or Nevada on a map. You could probably convince them that Wisconsin is in the Caribbean, even after a weather channel special they watched on the record cold that was caused by global warming.


          • I just got an email that DIRECTV stopped the Weather Channel on their service.
            WOW!! I mean when I had cable years ago, that was one channel that I used.

            • guess what, i got a letter from direct tv also just a few days ago. the letter stated that i might not see a billing for their service in my bundled package from centurylink this month, due to an undisclosed error. i would be billed for that month’s service the following month. kind of makes me wonder whats up with that.

            • The Weather Channel isn’t much use anymore. They spend all the prime time hours showing reality shows. They have lost their direction just like MTV did.

              DirecTV replaced it with Weather Nation, which seems like a poor local show with a couple of preppy college age guys. I saw it this morning and was tired of it in about 5 minutes.

      14. Universal suffrage. It allows the stupid to vote. Hell, it encourages the stupid to vote. There are more and more low IQ individuals voting every year. The “Original Intent” of the Constitution was exactly the opposite. How long does it take to destroy a country when the stupid are determining the future of a country? Remember the congressman in the southeast who was worried that if more troops were sent to Guam the island would capsize? It’s gonna take a lot of bullets to fix this.

        • Democracy= Mob Rule….. Mob=Average Idiots.

          Why vote, when it’s cancelled out by 5 morons. Herd needs thinning.

        • I believe that man was reflected with over 85% of the vote.


          • Reelected

      15. Somebody should report Mark Dice to the Amalgamated Union Of Clueless Petition Signers. It’s not nice to take advantage of people just because they’re dumb. And while you’re at it, file a report on PETA, and Greenpeace… and the Democrat party…and the Republicans…and every lawyer in the country….

      16. Is the United States united anymore? If so, what are we United on? Stupidity does not count.

        Poll-What is the United States United on?

        1. Stupidity
        2. Double Stupidity
        3. Triple Stupidity
        4. Is the United States near Belgium
        5. Where is the United States

        • I pick C

        • Ref: Ugly

          I Pick Yes….No wait…Is this a True or False Quiz ?

      17. DAMN. Unbelievable.

      18. There ain’t no good in an evil hearted woman,
        And I ain’t cut out to be no Jesse James,
        And you don’t go writin’ hot checks, down in Mississippi,
        And there ain’t no good chain gangs.

        Sorry about that, but this song’s been in my head all day and I had to get it out….. Feeling much better now.
        So, what do you tell a 13 year old girl when she asks why the world is so messed up? My grand-daughter recently asked me that very question.
        ‘First,’ I said, ‘Never believe anything a boy tells you. They all lie. They’re only after one thing and they’ll say whatever it takes-‘
        She cut me off, “Grandpa! I’m not asking about sex! Mom’s already told me all about that!”
        I blushed, and wondered to myself, (did her mother tell her the part about naked people? I hoped not. It’s just too embarrassing)
        ‘Okay, sweetpea. What we’re you wanting to know?’ I said, adjusting my Stetson and trying to look like the Fountain Of Wisdom, The Paragon Of Knowledge, The Sage Among Sages she thinks I am. (rather than a clueless old geezer who hopes he can pull this off)
        She said, “I want to know why everything in the world is so messed up? Why all the wars? And poverty? And homelessness? And people screaming about politics… and all the rest?”
        ‘This might take a while,’ I said, leaning back in my chair and relishing the thought of a long discourse on life and all it’s problems.
        She glanced at her cell phone to check the time, “I got 15 minutes before Sherry comes over. Take as long as you want, Grandpa.”
        I zipped through my mental file cabinet (it sure is dusty in here) and started to build a quick-reference dialogue on banksters, fiat money, greed, crony capitalism, socialism, false religions, power politics, media propaganda and the like. I was just about to speak when she interjected-
        “And don’t tell me it’s all about the metaphysical realignment of the universal Turtles. I’m not nearly as naïve as Junior.” (her 6 yr old brother, who, by the way, still thinks I know everything)
        I was momentarily at a loss for words. And, let me tell you, that doesn’t happen often. I live by the maxim ‘What you lack in understanding, compensate for in verbiage and volume.’ It’s gotten me through life pretty well so far.
        Somewhat befuddled, I grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled a line, and handed it to her. ‘Just go here, next time you get online. And check out all the related links.’ I sat back, exhausted, feeling like I’d just lost a 3 hour chess match.
        She looked at the paper, “shtfplan dot com, huh? Okay. Thanks, Grandpa! I’ll check it out.”
        As she walked away I called after her, ‘And don’t believe ANYTHING you read in the comments section. They’re mostly a bunch of lying boys!…’

        • note- Mac didn’t pay me anything to write this. In fact, I keep thinking he’ll eventually pay me to stop… so far, he hasn’t come through….

          • Okie, I have no idea what you look or sound like, but when I read your stuff, it is in the voice of Robert Duvall, cast as Gus in Lonesome Dove. I really can’t think of a higher compliment, unless it’s being cast as the Antonio Banderas character in Il Mariachi.

            • Oh, when I think of Okie, I think of ‘Secondhand Lions’.

              • Hahaha I think of Mrs okie and little Debbie!!

              • I agree…Second hand lions…. 😀

        • Only five years to wait before I can make you my grandpa. BWAHAHHAHA. Make sure your little bitch drinks her milk old man.

          • Eisen:

            Your name calling of a small child is beyond the pale.

            • GNR

              What do you expect from a greasy, smarmy little skid mark who lives in his grandma’s basement?
              The second a grown woman speaks to him, he’ll faint from anxiety, so he acts tough online.
              Eisen is a pathetic schmuck who lives in a fantasy land. I guess we can let him have his make-believe world to live in. Maybe after he grows some pubes, he will meet a real girl. Then his perspective will change

          • Eisen.

            WTF! That was real low. Move on to someplace else. Even with free speech here at SHTF that was the lowest comment I have read and there has been some low ones at that.

            • He’s probably mad because eisen still thinks “it’s all about the metaphysical realignment of the universal Turtles”…smokin okie just blew his whole day.

          • absolutely disgusting and uncalled for.
            I recommend that all the good folks here completely ignore this infantile p.o.s.
            From now on, please just down arrow all comments by this pathetic ignoramus, and refuse to engage in any commentary with him.

            • Guns-N-Roses, slingshot, and kittyhawk, I discovered earlier that Eisen is a communist. He’s worse than the average troll that comes here. I’m with all 3 of you concerning this scum. Not even ncjoe or Peterson ever said anything bad about children.

            • K-hawk-


              ..responding to “Eisencrank”, is akin to casting ones pearls before swine!!!

              ..a waste of one’s time..of which he is “unworthy” of!

              ..hence, ‘red-thumb click’ and move on.

          • Eisenpuke, you commie POS, you would only have one time to call any child of mine any kind of name and you would end up going to the emergency room. This ‘OLD FART’ as you like to say is still in good enough shape to kick your ass if it ever came down to it. The average troll is bad enough. You make the trolls look good in comparison. If I ever meet you in person, it’ll be my pleasure to take your ass out of this world. MOLON LABE braveheart

          • Now know why you get censored. Where Icome from punks like you get their ass whipped for comments like that

          • Eisen, Now know why you get censored. Where Icome from punks like you get their ass whipped for comments like that

        • Just the fact that your granddaughter questioned the present state of affairs shows that she is already ahead of the rest of the human curve. She’s thinking for herself and it is a miracle of sorts that you are there for her. Long after you have passed, she will remember her grandpa for the wise, old sage he was and she will draw on those memories of you and those memories will sustain her when the fight comes to her door. I know this because I was blessed with such a Grandpaw. God Bless.

        • ***She said, “I want to know why everything in the world is so messed up? Why all the wars? And poverty? And homelessness? And people screaming about politics… and all the rest?”***

          G.R.E.E.D….since the beginning of mankind.

        • Shes 13?…don’t worry Okie in about 20 years you will re-ascend to the throne of wise old sage who knows almost everything… 🙂

          Thanks I got ole Waylon in my head now too…that’s not a bad thing friend…

          I tell my grand daughters the same thing…or a similar thing…”Boys are Yucky” 🙂

      19. “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.” Woodrow Wilson 1961

        • Seataka:

          Here is a link for who he was talking about:


          This link has been listed many times for viewers of SHTF. A history lesson you will never forget.

      20. Some years back a Canadian satirist walked around Detroit or Chicago, on camera, asking folks what they thought about the US bombing Toronto.

        Just about everyone said that was fine with them.

        One guy got the joke right off, he said “It’s about time those Canucks got what was coming to them. They’ve been asking for it for a long time.”

        The Canadian just looked at the camera for a while.

      21. Headshake, Facepalm, Sigh…….Uggg

      22. I clicked only to confirm it was a Dice story…I want to laugh but its sooooo not funny.

      23. California is the bottom of the cannery cage, the bird has died and sleeps in it’s own shit

      24. I will be glad to sign the petition.
        Love, Mrs. WhenHellFreezesOver
        Birthdate: July 4, 1776 ( My employees are right. I really am an OLD Bitch.)


      26. As Ron White said so eloquently

        “You can’t fix stupid….stupid is forever!”


        • Possee, in eisen’s case, it’s ‘you can’t fix stupid eisen, stupid eisen is forever.’

      27. On a similar note:

        The Obamvit minions have been working over time lately


        The Festivities may commence shortly.

        Do you know where your Liberty Teeth are?

        Only in MassaFascistchuttis.

        Remember CONCORD bridge and Capt Parker.

        ” If they Want a war let it begin here”




        Semper Fi 8541

          -That is worth the price of admission, right there.

      28. These will be the same un informed who will blindly go to the polls in 2016 and elect the beast Hillarah in a landslide…and the same tools who re elected the messiah..

        After all,they’ve kept pelosi in power for how long now?

        Meanwhile on the other side of the spectrum..the rabid neo con fox news/limbaugh/hannity followers are all in a fury over crispy creme christy’s bridgegate…oh the horror! everyone else is a”low information” voter

        It is apparent that both sides of the equation are low information tools.

        Thank you Mac for providing an alternative..


        • These are the people who elect nanci pelosi and diane finestein

          • And Shatz and Hirono.

      29. prepping alert

        What’s up with the Water supplies in E. Kentucky and W. Virginia? Is it true the water in W. Virginia has been poisoned by a chemical used to clean coal? Has W.Virginia really been made FEMA zone 3?

        I’d love to hear some news from anyone in these areas.

        Are your water butts full?
        Control clean water and you control life.

        • I live in southern wv…If you could only hear the same ole 6 & 7 bs from the ptb it’s enough to make you sick. The ptb is telling the sheeple it’s ok to drink the water when it’s still blue and leaves residue in the sink, btub and glass. The outside world doesn’t have a clue what is going on here. The politicos are slapping each other on the back and bragging what a good job they have done. Total bs….Very good practice run for us believers. We just sit back and laugh…sittin on that sack ‘o seed.

      30. Does anybody now how many sigs. he gets and the percentage of people who agree to sign? Based on this vid, what 90% sign…

        In a perfect world THESE are the people the NSA should be tracking and tagging for… whatever….

      31. How about some SERIOUS petitions from Mark Dice.

        Start with the 16th amendment. After that one add in all the amendments after the 10th.

        Come to think of it, he shoulda got a petition up to nationalize Beam Distilleries before it got bought out. Now there woulda been a constructive petition.

        How do you spell Makers Mark in Japanese?

        • No more of those products for me…The last MM that I by has already been bought…and aging further.

      32. Ya’ll want to know what is WORSE ? SHEEP that routinely stand up at meetings and say “The Pledge”.

        “The Pledge of Allegiance” contains the phrase “…one nation, INDIVISIBLE,…..”

        That means you are pledging NEVER EVER to use the Declaration of Independence again….no secession….once in, always in, no matter how bad the Federal Govt screws you ( which is far worse than anything King George ever thought of ), you can’t use the “When in the course of human events” option.

        We deserve exactly the screwing we’re getting.

        • You make a good point about the ‘indivisible’ part there TnAndy. And, that got me to thinking… How about a new pledge?

          I pledge allegiance, to common sense. Even when I stray, I’ll come back. I pledge to not be an unnecessary burden to society, to my neighbors, or to the land in which I live. I pledge to follow the conviction of my conscience and to inform said conscience with the most verifiable information available.
          I pledge to brush after every meal. And to floss regularly.
          I pledge to never pass gas in an elevator. Or to pee in the swimming pool (unless I really can’t hold it).
          I pledge to never pull the tag off the mattress. And to signal when changing lanes.
          I pledge to never back-talk my Mama, and to never take the last piece of chicken.
          I pledge to avoid waxy yellow build-up.
          And, I solemnly vow to not take life too seriously. (just serious enough to get the job done, but not enough to become cynical)
          And, most of all, I pledge that, even when looking at the humorous side of life, I will not forsake my Faith or my family.
          Amen. The end. Th-th-th-that’s all, folks.

          • The lifeguard runs into the motel office and tells the manager, “A man is peeing in the swimming pool.”

            The manager says, “Don’t worry about it. Everyone pees in the swimming pool occasionally.”

            The lifeguard says, “But from the high diving board?”

        • Might come a time when the powers change it to just “invisible” or “unrecognizable”.

        • TnAndy, excellent point about the pledge. I never take the pledge, period! Because you’re not really pledging allegiance to the people, you’re pledging allegiance to the US government and everything it stands for. I feel my loyalty, my allegiance belongs rightfully to the people of this land and all of the original founding principles which made this nation great. Knowing what the Stars and Stripes REALLY stand for; no, I won’t pledge allegiance to it.

        • So,when you say the pledge just change or insert the words of your choice. If the idiots in charge incorrectly interpret what you are doing, they deserve what they get for not paying attention and for making assumptions based on appearances. Personally , I delete the word “indivisible” since it is clearly contrary to fact.

        • “Indivisible” just means no secession. Revolution is still OK.

      33. I wonder if he would like it if Chinese Troops were quartered in his home.

        By the way, if any of you fine people know this dumbass,
        remind him that one of the contributing reasons of the revolutionary war was the illegal occupying of colonial homes by British Soldiers which led to the reported sexual assaults of women in some cases.

        Everybody be safe……

      34. It is Tuesday Jan.14th, 2014 7:36 on the East coast of our country.
        Our children are loading onto yellow busses.
        They will be taught about how ” Mary had 2 Mommys ”
        They will learn nothing of their factual heritage.
        They will be taught to press a keyboard for information.
        They will learn nothing about mathematics within their mind.
        They will be taught about mass killings because weapons
        are available without more strick restrictions.
        They will learn nothing of our forefathers loss of limb and life in
        battle to attain our Constitutinal rights and protections.
        They will be taught how to spend for the profit of corporations.
        They will learn nothing we learn here about being prepared for the
        Inevitable disasters looming ahead.
        — Whom is to blame for what is happening on this 14th day of Jan. 2014 ?
        WE ALL ARE
        — Miss Dee Dee

      35. What petition will they sign when the San Andres goes? Are they meaning only U. S., how about Chinese or Russian troops? How about U. N.? This is the true reality we will be and are dealing with. I for one say forget them keep prepping and taking care of your-self and love ones. With this kind of mentally our country is gone and it is time to start over, but enough is enough and as long as we wait to restart the harder the job is going to be if at all possible, time is running out. Like it or not this is what I believe.

      36. Pathetic, uninformed sheep. Makes me think i should get out of prepping and begin manipulating.

        I mean really, scamming these sheep seems to be a hell of lot easier than figuring out how to reduce the turbidity of my collected roof rainwater.

      37. Those clowns in Kalifornia sign all sorts of s#$t. Hells bell they even signed one to ban water. that’s right H2o.
        When the big one comes and it sinks into the pacific. it won’t be too soon.
        I think they should quarantine Kalf. form the rest of the USA. (NY IL NJ) would be next on the list.
        Just thinking.

        • To support Dale’s post:
          Rhino Hunting Permit Auction Sparks Death Threats…Hungry US Citizens Spark Little Reaction –

          death threats over a rhino??
          “””A permit to hunt and kill an endangered Black Rhino in Namibia has been sold at a US auction for $350,000″””

          The author asks any of those people who signed that partition:
          •When did you last say anything about homelessness in your neighborhood?
          •When did you last petition the government because children in the United States are going hungry?
          •When did you last give thought, time or energy to helping at the local food bank?

          Amen..Maranatha..Come quickly, Lord.

          • I think the author meant ‘petition’–not partition??

          • Thats something that blows my mind,,,
            Alllllll these do gooders trying to fix some hellhole halfway around the globe but then they act like the guy on the corner with the sign that reads “need work” doesnt exist as they blow by him in their mercedes on their way to get a petticire then go to the tennis club.

        • Howdy, Sarge, and I agree about states like CA, NY, IL, NJ, MA, MD. There’s no hope for them.

          • Hey there Braveheart.
            Whats this crap about you having to change your handle after all these years?
            My brother told me some troll messed thing up for you. I was gone for a week looking at land in Tenn. so I didn’t get a chance to get on the site.
            Only found two places with some promise, but we are still looking.
            got some great stuff a the Gun Show. More stuff to add to the preps.
            Off Topic Off Topic Off Topic
            Where is a good place to buy freeze dried foods Like Wise or Mountain House. What I’m looking for is Milk Butter, eggs. I can get it from my regular supplier but he seams a little high.
            Any help from you good Folks would be greatly appreciated.

            • Good evening, Sarge. Due to a ‘technical difficulty’ I couldn’t get any comments to go through several articles back. I tried rebooting but to no avail. so I made a little change to my handle, and VOILA, my comments make it through. I hated to make any change to my handle, but I had to do something. Where there is a will there is a way. I went to a gun show in my area this past weekend and picked up some more ammo. The surprise is they’re coming back to this area Feb. 1-2, so I’ll get more ammo and even a few more cleaning supplies, plus some some more stuff for my preps. On your freeze-dried food, I’ve only buying some locally to sample it. I’ve only tried the Mountain House brand and I like them. I don’t know about the other brands at this time. There are some places that advertise on this site as well as other prepper sites. I’ve never ordered from any of them so I can’t really vouch for anyone. I try to do as little online shopping as possible. Everyone knows the risks associated with that. Good luck on the freeze-dried food. braveheart

            • Sgt Dale:

              Have you tried THRIVE? You can order from Costco, but THRIVE will match the price if you order directly from them. I have tasted much of their stuff and it’s really good. No GMO’s.


          • 1 Braveheart:
            Illinois would be alright if we could dump Chicago into Lake Michigan, and give E. St.louis to Missouri. Then we could have one low tax, freedom lov’n, gun tot’n deer hunt’n goose shot’n cat fish’n, Red Neck Haven. Then I would be Da– proud of this state, and would not want to leave.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.R.

            • Hey don’t be trying to give East St. Louis away. Ya’ll freed em, you keep em. Trekker Out.

            • N.R,
              You are right on my friend. If we could just do what you said above!!!!!!
              E St. Louis might go to Mo. if the New Madrian would go to work. We could only hope.

              • That should be Madrid.
                Should not try to post at 0230hrs.

      38. The Pledge of Allegiance was actually written by a socialist. The words “under God” were added in the late 1950’s. Allegiance to a flag that now represents the socialist anti-American globalist empire. Or you could just replace “the United States of America” with “the Confederate States of America” and you would be closer to the original intent. (sans slavery of course).

        • And the original salute was exactly the same as the National Socialist Party used in Germany…

          Children would recite the pledge with their arm extended pointing at the flag.

          It was called the “Bellamy Salute” after the writer.

          Take notice of the fasci on either side of the flag behind the Speaker of the House podium in the House of Representatives.

          Some claim we have been under fascist rule for many, many years.

        • The Constitution of the C.S.A. actually forbade the importation of slaves into the confederacy (as opposed to the Constitution of the U.S.A.). No importation, no money to the slave traders (who were mostly Northern businesses) and one more reason the Confederacy had to be squashed. Probably just a common-sense move for the sake of the children.

          • Provisional-Art. 1,sect.7
            Permanent- Art. 1, sect 9

      39. The byproduct of the government schools and liberal universities. Google the 45 communist goals read into the congressional record in 1963 and the 10 planks of communism.
        You can call it what ever you like: liberalism, progressive, fascism or any of the other names but its a byproduct of Communism, plain and simple.

        U.S. History, American History, Civics, The Constitution and The Bill of Rights have barely been taught in public schools since the 70’s. In today’s world children know more about sex and homosexuality then History. They are doomed to failure.

        For people who can read, but don’t, are no better off then people who can’t read. I think Mark Twain said something like that. For the record FB post, Tweet’s and Headlines don’t qualify as reading.

        But Hey, most Americans really believe we had a budget surplus last month too. Why because the government said so, that’s why!!

        Keep watching the propaganda flat panel as you are wrapped in chains!! So what do you think???

      40. would someone please tell me where the hell all these “liberal”
        colleges are ???

        I have an extensive college level education
        and I never went to a college that I thought was “liberal”

        I would certainly be interested in taking a few courses at one
        just as a change of pace !

        and as to the Pledge of Allegiance
        it is what you make it to be

        some people think Halloween is an evil Satanic hokiday
        others think it is just an excuse for kids to go begging for candy

        Christmas ???

        the same way
        virtually all of the holiday traditions have STRONG pagan roots
        is Christmas a holy and religious celebration
        is it just a time to give gifts and get drunk at a party ???

        it is what you want it to be

        • How about UNC-Chapel Hill for starters?

          I went there many years ago, and even back then I couldn’t stand it and finally had to leave. There was drinking and drug use all over the place. When I was there, Chapel Hill had the highest per capita beer sales in the country. I saw students crying because a Republican won an election. I sat next to a girl in one class who wore see-through blouses and no underwear. They showed X-rated movies in classrooms. They had the world record streak at one time. The professors were liberal and trashed any conservative ideas. The economics professors taught from Samuelson, which is Keynesian. I failed that class because it didn’t square with reality, and I just could not bring myself to lie just to pass tests.

          If UNC is conservative now, then they have done one hell of a turnaround.

      41. Perhaps this article answers what happened to our tenth amendment? That one sure seems to be repealed although I can’t for the life of me remember when or how…….

      42. Just another example of how badly this countries citizens have failed. The entire system from government to education is rigged. Keep the citizens as mushrooms, in the dark and feed them poop.

      43. Yet another clip of stupid people doing stupid things? Well call me amazed.

        It floors me how The Constitution and The Bill of Rights are held as sacrosanct immutable objects. They are simply useful tools to keep the herd pacified whilst the wolves carve up the spoils.

        You think those with REAL power (i.e. the power to inflict pain, cause hunger, end lives) actually care about either of them? You think they consult either of them when they go about their machinations of power and wealth accumulation? They only feign abidance when they get caught (ala Snowden style), just long enough to appear repentant, quell the masses, and get back to business as usual.

        The attention span of the average ‘Murican is about that of a gnat. Everyone is too busy chasing down their next super-sized pleasure, fretting over who got voted off Dancing with the Twats, which team of pituitary freaks in uniform advanced to the next game, etc. This is the perfect situation for those who own this country.

        I just came back from overseas. Not going to name a country, but lets just say they have their meal portions under control and haven’t built a new church since the dark ages. I fly back into the good ‘ol U S of A and WHOA. Having been “unplugged” for two weeks, the stark reality of just how far this nation has slid behind in relation to the rest of the civilized world could not have been more palpable.

        To quote Jeff Daniels in “Newsroom” –

        “We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, third in median household income, number four in labor force and number four in exports.”

        “We lead the world in only three categories. Number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real and defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined 25 of whom are allies…So when you ask what makes us the greatest country in the world, I don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about.”

        -Heel out

        • Heel,

          Link today from Drudge Report to a Wall Street Urinal article,

          “US slips out of Top Ten Most Economically Free Nations.”

          Hong Kong is the most free, then Singapore, don’t remember #3, Switzerland is 4th…
          Denmark is 10th and we are 12th.

          That’s sad. If economic freedom can’t exist neither can political freedom.

        • Heel,

          Link today from Drudge Report to a Wall Street Urinal article,

          “US slips out of Top Ten Most Economically Free Nations.”

          Hong Kong is the most free, then Singapore, don’t remember #3, Switzerland is 4th…
          Denmark is 10th and we are 12th.

          That’s sad. If economic freedom can’t exist neither can political freedom.

      44. Ask at least 40 million Americans to sign a petition to arrest anyone who does not support Israel, and you will get get blind support. People who let a preacher think for them can be lead to do ANYTHING. Would the Christian Zionists turn on their fellow Americans? I believe they would in a heartbeat, if directed from the pulpit with the caveat “god wills it” (small “g”, since it would obviously be the will of Satan).

        • MongoPissed:

          The time will come when your post will be true. Heaven help people to wake up to who the true evil is that is permeating our once great nation.

          Most seem to have no idea who the enemies of the world are. Mongo, you have been blessed with ‘eyes to see and ears to hear’.

      45. may the Chinese and Mexicans who eventually overrun that failed state have mercy on these idiot’s children.

      46. Jay Leno does a thing called Jay Walking. He goes out on the street and ask folks questions. Of course he never shows any knowledgeable folks. He just shows the idiots. and strangely many of the dum dumbs are college students!

        • …instead of strangely Id use “unsurprisingly” 😉

      47. Good Lord you people are really banging on us poor old Californians some thing fierce today.

        I have told you all over and over again that we here in California are nothing but a mirror image of your own states 10 years down the road, unless of course the SHTF before then. Which I believe is about to happen.

        But if it doesn’t we here in California will be the first to go down in fames and then be the first to start to rebuild knowing the mistakes that were made that caused the collapse. 🙂 Or we will be a shithole for a very long time. lol


      48. In the movie, “Ride With The Devil”, Director Ang Lee put in a scene where the good guys are talking to their host at his dinner table. The host tells them that they already lost, because the North was making kids go to public schools where the government will tell them what to think. Figures a Chinese director was the only one with enough spine to openly say that.

      49. Hell BigB, both your state and my state,(MD) are states in denial, neck in neck for the bottom finish line. I just keep grinnin’ about how its such a target rich environment.

        • @PO’d Patriot,

          You made me laugh out loud at that comment. I think there are a couple more like Illinois and New York vying for the trophy. Crazy stuff going on and like you said you just got to grin about it and start taking names.


      50. O.K. I will change the banging to…..
        You guessed it!

        They’re everywhere. They’re everywhere.

      51. I didn’t sign shit!

      52. You will never kneel before the painted emperor.

        It matters not if you die, but that you live hard, and  die free.

        Whatever horrors they send against you.

        Whatever the terror.

        It matters only that you account well for yourself, weapon in hand.

        Win, by any means possible.

        Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

        If, despite all your efforts, you lose, lose at great cost. to the enemy.

        Victory is Liberty.

        Never Give Up!

        Crusaders of the light


        Semper Fi 8541

      53. Endure the disappointment …..


      54. Friggin Idiots. Get ready folks cause this is the Obots we’re dealing with. I’d like for him to do a poll and see just how many of them are ready for the grocery stores being down for a few days. This is Kalifornicate, but can be said about every urban center in the country.
        Buy more ammo, target rich environment.

      55. It looks like Israel going it alone against Iran just took an up notch with the meeting with Kerry. My gut tells me that the world is about change big time. New Moon Jan. 30, who knows just keep prep’n. POTUS also said he has a new ink pen for more E O’s, and who knows what they maybe. Just be ready my friends be READY!


        Wells Fargo: Effective April 7, 2014, the fee for deposited U.S. or foreign currency denominated international items, including drafts, will be $5.00 per item.


      57. May I suggest a small quiz you can spring on your family and friends? Ask them to name any 3 of the ten amendments comprising the Bill of Rights. And tell you briefly what they mean.

        With the under-40 crowd I would guess perhaps ten percent of them could do it. Maybe the ignorance spreads older, I don’t know.

        High information voter doesn’t mean you can recite what the talking heads are saying on television. It means knowing the fundamentals of your own history and culture.

      58. You can go on and on about the government repression and crackdown on the citizens livelihoods and freedoms. Much of the money being spent is for police state protection of the perpetrators, the criminals who orchestrated the collapse. Money pouring out accross the earth, controlling everything and everyone. Welcome to the nwo. Will American’s sit around and wait for conditions to deteriorate further, to wait for the slow creep to absolute tyranny? Are we going to wait until they come after us in our homes? TPTB’s biggest fear is a united public not afraid to protest nonviolently in mass displays of objection to policy. That is why ows was smashed down so quickly. The people still have the power, it is their voices in public, in the millions.

      59. The Republican Party in Illinois put Obama on the path to the White House. Powerful Republican, Dennis Hastert ran a Liberal Democrat (Ryan) as the Republican candidate for the US Senate from Illinois against Obama. Ryan had skeletons and had to drop out. Instead of choosing the conservative Oberweiss, Hastert did the unthinkable, and imported an out of stater, Alan Keyes. Keyes lost, as expected, and the rest, as they say, is history. Thanks Denny, you fucking traitor.

      60. I have watched Mark Dice for some time now and I consider his Youtube site to be mostly entertainment. He is much like the Jay Leno skits ( Jay Walking )as someone earlier above mentioned. Unfortunately the Tonight Show did not have a following audience that knew or cared about their civil rights. They were mostly interested in the funny factor. It would have been great if Mr. Dice could have had a regular segment on a major entertainment network.The knowledgable folks on this site take what we are loosing very seriously as we all should. Prior to the Revolutionary War the British Government was the ruling enforcement entity of the land. They had ample time and warning to stop the mistreatment and taxation of their subjects. Our present government has had the same time and warning. I for one have begun to study our Bill of Rights with a passion since first entering SHTFPlan 6 months ago. Life was so much more comfortable and relaxed before my eyes were opened. There is a blessing and a curse with all knowledge.
        — Miss Dee Dee

        • Good evening, Miss DeeDee. it’s wonderful to know you’ve awakened. Please do continue with your studies. I’ll take the trials and tribulations of having the knowledge over being left in the dark any time. braveheart

          • Brave…is this your new handle?…no more renegade braveheart? or are you using both…just curious…wish theyde leave our handles alone eh?…guess that’s askin too much…

            • REB, I’m still a renegade; hell I think we all are. But 1braveheart is easier to type than the renegade braveheart, but who knows? I do have the option of changing back if I chose to do so.

        • Blessings will outweigh the curses…better to know and understand for why we fight then to be murdered in our sleep so to speak and wonder why…

      61. Unworthy of citizenship in a free country!

      62. same bullshit comments on this site your keyboards will
        not save your ass when the bullets start flying

      63. This makes me sick to my stomach.

      64. I just showed this to my wife and she said,”people are just stupid”. Sums it up doesn’t it.

      65. I knew we were in bad shape as a country but I really didn’t think things were this bad. We’re so hosed. Leave it to the sheeple in California to lead the way down the path of destruction.

      66. @ braveheart. I am in a really bad mood tonight and I need to hear what a true patriot would do if one of these brain dead assholes came up to you on the streets of Memphis and asked you to sign a petition to limit what force any of us can use to protect ourselves with when we are attacked. What clever choice of wording would you give such a manure worm?

        I have talked to someone that had such a character approach them in southern california recently. The mongoloid said that anyone attacking someone needs understanding and they have to let the law system decide the treatment of such an attacker. They also said that it was the responsiblity of all of us to safeguard all people from harm, regardless of what they are doing. No it was not piers moron in drag, but could have been some european refuge trying to turn the U.S. into a criminal friendly country.

        • BI, you may rest assured that such a character would receive the BEST part of my mind on the subject and I would tell him in no uncertain terms that I won’t follow any restrictions on self-defense, period! The only “understanding” any attacker needs is to know that there will be consequences for his/her actions so any would-be attacker should think very long and hard first before doing anything. BI, I’m not as well-educated as certain people like you and my choices of wording won’t always be the best. But I can still make myself clear and understandable in no uncertain terms. BTW, if you chose to “vent your frustrations” on said character, you do have my full understanding and support. such is the world we live in these days. braveheart

          • Brave…Im sure when you were finished with them they would have smoke coming out their eyeballs and would have a very solid understanding of the error of their ways…you too BI…hope you get feeling better friend!

      67. Sheriff Chris Nocco makes piers moron look even stupidier and even a bigger ass worm than he is tonight. This made my night a little better. I have been avoiding the piers moron show, but with the theatre shooting and the 12 year old kid firing off a shotgun at two students at a school, I had to see this piece of waste spewing off. As usual this Atlantic Ocean wetback called all of us that want to defend ourselves from the bad guys insane in other words, and he even stated that he is the only one with any sense of sanity left. When are they going to fire this bum face english chicken fried pile of monkey feces?

        • Piers Morgan is such a pompous ass, all these Brit broadcasters on TV need to go the hell back to England. Take your as well this and as well that and shove it. It is like a contagion, heard increasingly. So boring, they have to use two words to increase their content. Too and also work fine.

      68. NSA devises radio pathway to pry open computers

        Software implanted

        “can enter and ALTER data in a computer, even if NOT connected to the Internet.”

        NY Times

        (also posted on Drudge Report)

        • KY Mom: yes, I read that today….scary isn’t it?

          I am still looking for the seed books…hope I didn’t sell them at a garage sale.


      69. Not since they let gays in the military, I’d be afraid to go to sleep at night.

      70. Puerto Rico continues to rock and roll with an earthquake swarm. Mostly on the east side.

      71. Chomsky is also a defender of the official 9-11 government story of the events of that day.

        • Aljamo, I only found out earlier today that Chomsky is eisen’s hero. eisen is a commie. I always knew something was wrong with him, but DAMN!

      72. @ maudy fricket. You mentioned about the swarm of earthquakes in the Puerto Rico region. This is very common on top of the aftershocks from the 6.5. Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands are one of the most active regions in the world for earthquakes under magnitude 4.

        Had another precursor earthquake this morning pointing directly at New Guniea, Japan, Central America and South America. This is somewhat rare to have such a specific energy signature like this pointing again and again to the same areas.

        I would watch the following areas until Jan.29 for a near certain major earthquake. One of more these areas need to be on high alert:

        – India/China to Mynamar, AGAIN
        – The whole northern Australian plate from Indonesia to Samoa. Especially central Indonesia to New Guinea, Santa Cruz Islands, Kermadec Islands and Fiji to north island New Zealand.
        – Taiwan
        – central Japan to Kuril Islands
        – Andreanof Islands and Rat Islands
        – Eastern Gulf of Alaska
        – Vancouver Island to Oregon/California border region
        – Southern Mexico to Panama
        – Columbia, Ecuador, northern Peru, south Chile

        Possible dark horse locations include: Argentina/Bolivia border area, Venezuela to Barbados, Eastern Iran to western Pakistan, Central California

      73. A soldier won’t need your whole house. He’d probably be happy just sharing your daughter’s bedroom.

      74. Scary!

      75. Sheep, some one asks and follow without questions.

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