California Lawmakers Want to Reduce the Punishment for Not Revealing HIV Status To Sex Partners

by | Mar 22, 2017 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    This week, Democratic lawmakers in California proposed a piece of legislation that flies in the face of common sense and morality. In other words, it was a typical week for legislators in the Golden State.

    State Senator Scott Wiener proposed a bill that would reduce the punishment for people who knowingly spread HIV, from a felony to a misdemeanor. Currently, the law states that if someone who knows that they have HIV tries to have unprotected sex and doesn’t notify their partner of their condition, then they can be charged with a felony and face up to 7 years in prison. If the bill passes, they’ll get a slap on the wrist instead.

    The same downgrade in crime level would apply to people who donate blood or semen without telling the blood or semen bank that they have acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, or AIDS, or have tested positive for human immunodeficiency virus, or HIV, the precursor to AIDS.

    “HIV-related stigma is one of our main obstacles to reducing and ultimately eliminating infections,” Wiener said. “When you criminalize HIV or stigmatize people who have HIV it encourages people not to get tested, to stay in the shadows, not to be open about their status, not to seek treatment.”

    Of course this argument doesn’t make any sense. HIV hasn’t been criminalized. Only trying to have sex without disclosing one’s HIV status is a crime, and for good reason. It’s an incurable disease that can kill without lifelong treatment. How could knowingly spreading that around not be considered a serious crime? And how would the fact that this is a crime make certain people nervous about getting tested? Is it because they don’t want the legal and moral responsibility that this knowledge would carry? That doesn’t really hold water either, because even if someone doesn’t want the legal responsibility that comes with knowing that they have HIV, they’re still going to want to know so that they can get life-saving medical treatment.

    The lawmakers who back this bill point out that HIV is no longer a death sentence because of modern medical treatments, so it should no longer be a felony for someone who’s HIV positive to not alert their sex partners. However, HIV is still quite dangerous. Thousands of people in America still die from it every year.

    They also argue that with proper treatment, HIV isn’t nearly as transmissible as it used to be. However, studies show that even with antiretroviral treatments, the risk is still there. Until there is a cure for this disease, it should absolutely remain illegal to have unprotected sex with someone without telling them if you’re HIV positive. Even if the risk of infection was minimal, failing to disclose your HIV status is wildly irresponsible.


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      1. I’m in favor of the death penalty. Kill those who knowingly transmit this horrible disease. I’m just guessing, this change is to protect the new refugees and the hordes these monsters want to bring here. They are anticipating the rapes that are on the way. As felonies, the expected rapists spreading HIV/AIDS would be out of commission during their prime raping years.


        • HANG the disgusting mutts. They would not have the “bug” if they would stop playing Rear-Admiral all damn day and night in SF, land of the fruits. My God, no wonder this country is so damn messed up.

          • There should be nothing less than castration for these homos.

          • the government of Pornifornia is NO better than our own corrupt federal government and they BOTH need to have the scumbags idiots removed from office!!

        • Doctors in Europe and Mexico are killing HIV and cancer with 50,000 mg of Vitamin C daily for about a week, flooding the body with a very powerful antioxidant that kills virus’, bacteria, and fungi (candida).

          According to an Italian doctor, Candida is found in every cancer tumor and is designed to kill US and turn our bodies into dust after death.

          Vitamin C is the perfect medicine because it is TOTALLY non-toxic so what the body doesn’t use, the body excretes. Once the Vitamin C kills the vast majority of the HIV and bacteria that causes cancer (three have been found so far) our natural immune system is (normally) strong enough to maintain our health if we maintain an alkaline diet and avoid refined sugar;particularly HFCS.

          Pauline said that we should take 10,000 mg of Vitamin C every day. I still take 3,000 mg. Had I taken my cancer to the VA I would be dead already, waiting to see a doctor.

          Stock up on Vitamin C and the items on this list: ORAC VALUES DOT COM. To your good health !!! 🙂

      2. Just trying to see if I can post messages.

      3. Why does Commifornia have any laws at all.

        Just how stupid are the law makers in that state. I’m think they are 1/2 again as stupid at the ones in Illinois.

        One side of me would agree with B from Ca. The other side of me would say just spread it and let it kill them all off. But you know some innocent person will get caught up in the middle of it.

        Answer: A big wall around Commifornia and when they all turn into zombies we have head shot practice, because they are all walled off. B from Ca. Get the hell out of there its worse than Illinois. At least I can run North, South, East, or west to get away from the turds here. You can only go north or east.


      4. If this bill passes it will prove how far the left has fallen! Lived out there when I was younger,fun but had to leave.Told my bride we had to go back to the south.La here I be!Shit I get behind 3 cars at a red light ,damn traffic!lol! Love me some country.
        Maniac –out

        • Cool now I might only get probation! 🙂

          • SEE MY POST ABOVE. 🙂

      5. I fail to understand how anyone with a contagious and fatal disease would take any chance at all of transmitting it to someone else, either with or without their knowledge.

        • Anonymous:

          Exactly. Such people are anti-social “haters”. Many things and many people are being unjustly called “haters”. Anyone inclined to engage in sex with someone who is not already infected themselves, after being informed they carry this disease, is doing so out of hate, not love.


      6. Another mistake by a politician.

      7. in my lifetime this country has went from a decent country to a shithole of crime filth and disease, the people at all levels are so fukd up i see no way around a civil war, and complete destruction of the country. americans are fing idiots for the most part.

      8. Sure, why not. They are already killing thousands of unborn babies a year. Kill off the population of the USA, make more room for Jihadists, people from south of the border, and other pro-Communist groups.

      9. SICK!

      10. Radical gays uber alles

        Dr. Paul Cameron has shown that homosexuals have a disproportionate amount of child molestation (see – and notice all the frantic gay H8TEred they post about him). In NYC, you can be fined by the fascist left PC speech police for not using pronouns like zie, ziehr, ad nauseam (see or

        Then there is grandmother florist Barronnelle Stutzman, who served gays, hired gays, but refused to provide flowers for a gay wedding, out of her freedom (at least we used to be a free country)of conscience. Some fascist gays that she had served in the past sued her, and are destroying her life and business out of their disgusting H8TRED for anyone who dares disagree with gayness uber alles. One story here: Elaine Huegenin (sp?) was a photog in N.M. who was told her “right of citizenship” was predicated on her being a photographer for a gay wedding. Same thing with Melissa’s Sweet Cakes, a young couple who have a bakery (and children) who are having their lives destroyed by gay fascists. One story at; another despicable, hate-by-the-gays story – again, the game is to destroy people financially using judicial thugs, is this B&B owner in Paxton, IL:

        In all cases, all the people had to do was go down the street and get another vendor. Truth is, these fascist gay antics are nothing more than a judicial Kristallnacht, only using black robed thugs rather than brown shirted thugs. Otherwise, same diff. Or here’s another classic: Mayor of Houston demanded to see print outs of all Houston pastors’ sermons, to see if there was anything not politically correct re. gays. Hundreds of stories on this, one at True to the spirit of Texas, these pastors told her get lost.

        Hitler told Martin Niemoller “You just stay inside your churches – **I** will take care of Germany.” Same thing here. You can have your right of conscience as long as you keep it private. Otherwise, they WILL come for you, to destroy you.

      11. The explanation is quite simple. In Cafilornia nothing has to make sense.

      12. “America 2.0”, y’all *rolls eyes*

      13. Just hang all of those fruits out there and start over!! What disgusting and morally bankrupt bunch, Jesus H Christ and Mary.

      14. Biggest H8TERS on the planet are the radical gays themselves. To wit:

        – Florist Barronnelle Stutzman was a flower who served all clients in a welcoming manner, gay or straight. Unfortunately, she her conscience informed her that marriage should be between a man and a woman – not a man and man, not a man and three women, not a man and boy, nor a man and a porpoise. She respectfully declined to utilize her artistry to create a floral arrangement to celebrate something she did not believe in. Washington state officials – with technology organizations such as the East German Stasi could only dream about – found out about her decision on a Facebook entry, and brought the whole power of the state down on her, filing a consumer protection lawsuit against her. Of course, in the socialist state’s lust for money, she could release herself from the suit by paying fine, “donating” $5,000 (how the radicals love their euphemisms!) to a homosexual advocacy organization, and agree to create floral arrangements for future homosexual weddings (with the same Orwellian goal of crushing, and then co-opting any resistance, as found in the last line of Orwell’s 1984, where Winston finally capitulates – “And he loved Big Brother.”

        – Elaine Huguenin is a gifted photographer in New Mexico. Capturing once in a lifetime events in her personal gift and calling, with a sensitivity to light, emotions and people predicated on her deep spirituality and sensitive conscience to how she sees and understands her God. She feels that her art can only be created where she and her customers are in one accord (in a similar vein, think of a Jew being forced to paint portraits of Hitler in 1937!) A lesbian couple asked her to be the photographer at their “wedding,” which she respectfully declined, knowing that the message – and the resulting art she was requested to produce – behind the ceremony was one that she did not believe in to the very core of her being. Said Huguenin very plainly: “The message a same-sex commitment ceremony communicates is not one I believe.” Yet, despite our constitutionally protected right to live – and conduct personal business – according to one’s beliefs, the New Mexico Human Rights Commission charged her with violation of New Mexico’s “sexual orientation discrimination law,” and ordered her to pay $7,000 (there’s that money thing again! Always follow the money with the avaricious left!). It was comply, or you will be punished… and if the North Vietnamese don’t have any re-education camps left open, we may open one here with their help. The last report on this issue is that the matter had gone to the New Mexico Supreme Court, who ruled that the price of citizenship entailed kow-towing to the sexuality of the gay lobby. In other words, homosexuality uber alles – including conscience.

        – Then there is Sweet Cakes By Melissa, a bakery in Gresham, Oregon owned by Aaron and Melissa Klein, who were forced to close its doors by those opposed to freedom. As Freedom Outpost noted, the bakery didn’t go out of business because of the normal reasons. They shut their doors due to ongoing and violent LGBT threats (to me, this is reminiscent of the arson attack on Sarah Palin’s church – with people in it – during a homosexual brouhaha a few years back. Apparently no hate crime there). If LGBT threats of violence and mayhem are so intense that they force a family owned bakery to close, there is little chance that this horror won’t spread. So… where are the freedom fighters in this mix, screaming at the atrocities of a lynch mob taking away our First Amendment right to freedom of religion? They’re gone. When people stop fighting for freedom they will lose it. Freedom Outpost then continues: “The LGBT threats caused other vendors to turn away from Sweet Cakes by Melissa, and also caused an investigation into the family. However, Oregon’s Bureau of Labor and Industries Commissioner Brad Avakian said, “Everybody is entitled to their own beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that folks have the right to discriminate. The goal is to rehabilitate. For those who do violate the law, we want them to learn from that experience and have a good, successful business in Oregon.” In other words, this is the warning to Christians. You can have you beliefs, keep them locked away in church – you are forbidden to have your faith as anything other than an abstraction in your mind. Refuse to bake a cake or take a picture for the “couple” at a wedding, expect punishment. You can have your beliefs, but you must comply with THEIR wishes. In matter of fact, it is exactly as Herr Hitler told pastor Martin Niemoller right before WWII, “You confine yourself to the church. I’ll take care of the German people.” (That is, shut up and just sing hymns, inside your four walls and nothing else). When worldviews collide, there is no compromise – the person of conscience and faith will lose – and make no mistake, this is by well-thought out design.

        – One more example for the road. Jack Phillips, who owns Masterpiece Cakeshop in Lakewood, CO. was told his choice to respectfully not create wedding cakes for homosexual marriages was verboten, and told to change his store policies immediately, and for both his staff and him to attend homosexual re-education camps. He will also be required for two years to submit quarterly reports to verify he has not had the temerity to buck the jackboots. Fox reported on this story at, but you already know the drill.

        Homosexuals recently forced pastors in Denmark to perform gay weddings. I.e, it is now mandatory (no word yet if they are going to try to force mosques to perform mandatory gay weddings, but I’m not holding my breath…) Across the strait in Sweden, courageous pastor Åke Green (see a support website for him at has fought jail time for his sermon “Are people born with homosexual orientation or is it the result of influence by evil powers?” Yes… a prison sentence for merely preaching the gospel about sin, righteousness and judgment as well as about grace, redemption, forgiveness and restoration You can read a transcript of his sermon translated into English here: The vitriol and hate reserved for him you will also see against ex-homosexuals who have had the temerity to point out the gay emperor has no clothes – such as the very well-spoken and erudite writer Joe Dallas, or Focus on the Family’s Anne Paulk.

        You may think the homosexual juggernaut came out of nowhere but indeed it has not. Notwithstanding Madsen and Kirk’s game plan completely spelled out in their books on how to get homosexuality mainstreamed (one fitting quote from them is “First get the snout of the camel under the tent; and only then, once that is accepted, do you introduce the ugly derriere,” and forgetting the fact that once sexuality is sundered from procreation as it was in the 1960s, a whole brave new world is afoot. But there is more. If you are like me, you may well remember cases like the famed leftist Mario Savio protest for free speech on the student union steps of UC Berkeley in the early 1960s. And free speech is both good, and a protected right.

        But that was merely a trojan horse, for after the ground was softened up, the goal was to completely reverse gears, implement the campus speech and thought police, and then spread that to the culture at large. It was, and is, just as Herbert Marcuse popularized in his “repressive tolerance” theory of modern progressives. “Liberating tolerance would mean intolerance against movements from the right and toleration of movements from the left. Certain things cannot be said, certain ideas cannot be expressed, certain policies cannot be proposed.”

        Homosexuality uber alles indeed.

      15. “HIV-related stigma is one of our main obstacles to reducing and ultimately eliminating infections,” Wiener said.

        The medical establishment has created that stigma, in order to receive subsidies, in perpetuity, with no hope of a positive outcome.

        afaic, it’s a syndrome. Also known as GRIDS. The ‘S’ is for syndrome.

        That being said, I would not tolerate someone taking unnecessary risks, with my life.

        In my experience, pathological narcissists are generally playing well, well within the rules, are knowingly within the protection of the authorities, or an establishment, or formal, social system.

        The reason that many bullies and cazies exist, is they know you will go through the appropriate channels, like any nice person should. Be responsible.

      16. HIV is a disease from God. Everyone who gets it deserves it. You got to pay for your actions.

      17. Just a little fact that most people don’t know. Diseases mutate and become stronger. If a person with HIV/AIDS or herpes, for example, has the disease, having sex with another infected person exposes them to another strain of the disease; and therefore can re-activate a dormant condition and worsen the health of the individual.

        Personally. Unless you are in a relationship with the person who infected you, I think abstinence is the best, most socially responsible way to go; more appropriate than even wearing protection, which beats nothing at all, but which has a significant failure rate.


      18. What is good is now bad and what was bad is now good in the minds of communists.

      19. Well. The other recent story was that many other Hollywood big names are HIV+. This is probably a bone to them, allow them to keep doing what they are doing, and only pay a small fine.

      20. Lets see. Lets NOT punish someone at all for giving someone a killer virus deliberately and knowingly (essentially personal biowarfare/terrorism).

        Lets see how that squares up to logic and current PROGRESSIVE thinking. Would it be tolerated or LEGAL anywhere? Can an HIV infected person NOT be charged if they knowingly stab someone with a needle with tainted blood in it? then why would any sane legal system make an EXCEPTION in this case?

        This is a DEATH SENTENCE (murder though it may take some time for the death to occur, it WILL OCCUR if the virus goes untreated at all). This is murder.

      21. As long as the perverts give it to themselves who cares?

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