Bye-bye 5th Amendment! Supreme Court Decides: Anything You Don’t Say Can and Will Be Used Against You

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    Everyone knows that when building a police state, it’s vital to strike a few Constitutional rights off the books.  Now, we can add the right to remain silent to the graveyard of the American justice system.  How can you expect the people to be properly subjugated with all those pesky freedoms that the Bill of Rights blathers on about?

    The would-be totalitarians can chalk up another victory, because the Supreme Court has made the decision that if you opt to remain silent, that silence can (and will) be used against you in a court of law.

    The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees our right against self-incrimination.

    No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.

    The Supreme Court said that unless a person specifically asks for their Fifth Amendment right to remain silence, that your silence can be used as an indication of guilt.  The case was brought to court on  the basis of an unconstitutional prosecution against Genovevo Salinas.  Justice Alito, who has a history of excusing the most disturbing abuses in favor of the government, said,“[Salinas’] Fifth Amendment claim fails because he did not expressly invoke the privilege against self-incrimination in response to the officer’s question. It has long been settled that the privilege `generally is not self-executing’ and that a witness who desires its protection `must claim it.’”

    So, the advice to sit there and keep your mouth shut, should you be unfortunate enough to have been accused of committing a crime, is no longer the best option.  If the police fail to read you your Miranda warning, you must explicitly say that you are claiming your Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate yourself.  In stating that, aren’t you, in fact, letting the police know that a crime, has indeed been committed by you?  The right to remain silent is supposed to mean just that – you can refuse to answer questions and your silence will not be used against you.

    Justice Breyer said, in his dissent:

    “The need to categorize Salinas’ silence as based on the Fifth Amendment is supported here by the presence, in full force, of the predicament I discussed earlier, namely that of not forcing Salinas to choose between incrimination through speech and incrimination through silence. That need is also supported by the absence of any special reason that the police had to know, with certainty, whether Salinas was, in fact, relying on the Fifth Amendment—such as whether to doubt that there really was a risk of self-incrimination, see Hoffman v. United States, 341 U. S. 479, 486 (1951), or whether to grant immunity, see Kastigar, 406 U. S., at 448. Given these circumstances, Salinas’ silence was “sufficient to put the [government] on notice of an apparent claim of the privilege.” Quinn, supra, at 164. That being so, for reasons similar to those given in Griffin, the Fifth Amendment bars the evidence of silence admitted against Salinas and mentioned by the prosecutor.”

    In 2001, Ohio vs. Reiner, the Supreme Court ruled that “a witness may have a reasonable fear of prosecution and yet be innocent of any wrongdoing. The privilege serves to protect the innocent who otherwise might be ensnared by ambiguous circumstances.”

    Apparently they have changed their minds.

    As Justice Breyer said, you must now choose whether to incriminate yourself through speech and incriminate yourself  through silence.  I wasn’t there when they wrote it, but I really don’t think that “devil and the deep blue sea” decision is what the authors of the Fifth Amendment had in mind.

    The “Supreme Court” is a joke.

    Yesterday it was announced that they struck down the need to prove your citizenship in order to vote in the United States – all you have to do is say you’re an American, and then “poof – here’s a ballot!” They have decided again and again in favor of huge, evil corporations like Monsanto. They have decided in favor of Obamacare.  The conflicts of interest within the Supreme Court, large corporations, the banking industry, and the government are so blatant that they don’t even bother to defend themselves against accusations of such.

    The checks and balances designed to be in place with the three branches of power are all leaning to one side – there is no balance.  We are collapsing into a police state, and the Judicial branch has just tipped us even further into that deep hole. It would be difficult to argue that this destruction of our freedom is not deliberate.

    The Justices of the highest court in the land don their robes, they hear these cases, and they destroy the Constitution, amendment by amendment.

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      1. WOW we’ve came full circle. First we didn’t have no Miranda so you just kept your mouth shut or talked. Then along came Miranda and they had to tell you to keep your mouth shut. Now here we are again we don’t know whether to talk or keep our mouth shut. Man I’m getting confused. Think I’ll just shut up and go to bed. Trekker Out.

        • Shutting up is the worse thing to do

          • “It has long been settled that the privilege `generally is not self-executing’” Oh, where the hell to start. To begin with, Justice Alito calling our constitutional RIGHT a PRIVILEGE irks me to no end. Do we now need to verbally invoke our right to breathe too, in order to be ‘allowed’ to breathe? A RIGHT is not a PRIVILEGE that can be taken away.

            Secondly, according to long-established precedent, There must be some sort of AFFIRMATION of guilt, whether it’s the defendant pleading “no contest” or “guilty plea” for the record or a guilty verdict by the jury (for the record). Where was this man’s public pretender? “Silence is not an admission of guilt”. I’d have to go look up the court precedences for that, but suffice it to say, there are many on the books.

            The RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT is exactly what it means in plain english.

            The “Supreme Court” is a joke—with this I fervently agree.

            • What happens if I have no hands and no vocal chords and cannot verbalize or submit a written demand to invoke my 5th Amendment right?

              These elites don’t understand that a Right is turned on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It cannot be turned off at their whim. They are trying to re-write the very essence of the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. This is why these Founding documents were written so average Americans could pick up a copy, read, comprehend, and interpret the laws and their rights.

              I don’t recall seeing anywhere in the Constitution any legal requirement for interpretations to be made ONLY by “Constitutional Judges” or lawyers. The People are perfectly capable of interpreting the Constitution by themselves, assuming of course they are not GMO brain-dead crackheads who voted for more “Fundamental Change” in the last 2 elections.

              • I agree with most of your statement- except the slippery slope “interpret” argument. That one gets me every time. I have yet to find anything in our founding documents that need anything more than simple LITERACY to comprehend what is written. The minute that “interpret” is thrown into the mix- so are tyrants, attorneys and bureaucrats…more than willing to do that for us poor dolts who can’t possibly understand plain english.

                • Religions have been doing this since the start of time with the bible, they tell lay people they are the only ones who can inteperate what it says, then means and stray far from what is written. Im not a bible nut, just pointing out that people will buy into this sort of BS because they no longer want to think for themselves.

                  Religions have set the example, trained people (sheeple) that this is just the way it is. Is it any wonder that goverment are able to now do this.
                  Try and change it, good luck with that! People dont want to help themselves any longer, they have been dumbed down through schooling, food, medication, tv, media and the list goes on.
                  The war of subversion isnt starting, its finishing with victory to the elite. There will be no outcry until far to late. Once the death camps roll into your area and pick up your friends children, then maybe, they may cry foul but probably not as the fema camp will be looking like a holiday camp to “help” their family from the hardships they find themselves in.

                  Look around, it is far to late to bring change to the course or to wake up those sleeping through their life.
                  I wish it was different but its not. Sure there will be some sort of movement to change but this again will be just to allow people to believe they may have some control over their future whilst the last vestiges of personal freedom, liberty and natural rights are finally stripped away from each of us, world wide. Watch as people turn on each other, inform on you holding onto your freedom so that they in turn may gain for another day but only end up in the same place as everyone else in time.

                  • Gee, you mean like the religion of Statism? You are aware that the Atheists in the 20th century have killed more people than all the Christian “crusades”, oligarchs, and inquisitions combined, right? Seems like Atheism is more our enemy than anything else.

                  • @ Anonymous – have a look around your local church, a lot of people pay lip service to bible, allow bad things to happen within the church/religion and still provide their pratronage of that religion but claim innocents because they themselves claim to be good Christians. Political leaders claim to be religious and go to church. Churchs support politicians by meeting with them and providing respectability and acceptance by doing so.
                    A religion or church that has been accepting of these injustices is the same as atheists, the very foundations of religion have been usurped. To point at one and not the other is just living in denial.
                    I find it hard to believe that Atheists have ever been in many positions of power, let alone started wars on a mass scale like those politicians in power that are all religious in one religion or another. Again, gaining creadability through those religions. Ive yet to read the scripture that supports the taking of 1 single life, let alone 100’s of thousands of lives for whatever reason is trotted out to support wars, invasions, peace missions (grabs for oil)

                    If your going to kill or accept others killing on behalf of you, theres no reason to hide from the fact (at least from a scriptual stand point) it is wrong.
                    Religions have a lot to answer for in this world and those that provide the base of support for them through their patronage have even more to answer for in the eyes of whichever God they perscribe to.

                    And no, Im not an Atheist, but I am a realist. Religions have become an empty whore and those that follow blindly, who wont stand up for what is right even if persecuted, are living empty lies.
                    Seeing how everyone has stood by for the last couple of thousand years as religion has been undermined and twisted, I dont hold much hope of a collective moment of enlightenment to happen and enough people wake up to what is currently happening in the world today and actually make any sort of stand for what is right. For this to happen, those same people would need to shake off religions also and hold thise accountable at the same time. This will not happen as the brain washing is complete in those institutes.

                    Everyone knows the truth of it but just hope it will be someone else that makes the stand and in thinking so, enables the problem to exist.

                    And that is the secret of power. People are lazy, want others to think and accept resposability for them (religion, politicians) and are just generally apathetic when it really comes down to the point they themselves need to make a stand that may take some real effort and risk to themselves. They cant overcome their own prejudices to work against elitism because as soon as the current form of it is overthrown, they will then try and assert their own popular form into the power vacuum.

                    At least the founders of the Constitution understood to never put one group above the other, allow for the protection of natural rights for ALL and give a frame work for civilisation where each person had the resposibility to protect those rights for all, even if you dont hold each one as important to yourself.

                  • Religion has nothing to do with this stoop. It’s dumbass thinking like yours.

                • I totally agree. Your comment reminded me of one of my high school history teachers years ago. He told us the job of the Supreme Court was to interpret the constitution, and then made a comment to the effect that, “They apparently think it’s written in Chinese.”

              • “What happens if I have no hands and no vocal chords and cannot verbalize or submit a written demand to invoke my 5th Amendment right?”

                Well, I’d imagine you probably didn’t do anything worth prosecuting in the first place…plus, you’d be way too expensive to take care of, for the prison industrial complex to turn a profit on you in prison. They want younger, able-bodied people to work while they sit in prison, not to take care of “useless eaters”.

                Trust me, I researched the prison industrial complex for years and years, and there is a lot of preparatory documentation at the state level to confirm that theory.

              • I’m afraid that if you have “…no vocal chords and cannot verbalize or submit a written demand to invoke…” your 5th Amendment right, their going to consult with Kathleen Sebelius. It won’t go well for you…

            • You have a 5th amendment “right” not to be a witness against yourself.

              You have a 5th amendment “privilege” against self incrimination.

              The two are entirely different

              • Now please explain what the difference is between

                ‘be a witness against yourself’ and ‘self incrimination’

                Of course, you tried to make them two different things but not so much.

                You a progressive?

                • The Supreme Court consists of members that were
                  appointed by the very hoodlums that would see us
                  grovel in the dirt!

                  Lady Justice must have took off her
                  blindfold and used it for a kotex.

                  • this comment is not intended to offend anyone but our
                    constitution has been void since the end of the civil war
                    the war was not fought over freeing slaves it was about
                    control the british lost their high standing in the world
                    after the revolution and regained it after the civil war
                    they could not control a divided country so they
                    supported the north every war we have fought since
                    then has not been for our freedom but in honor of the great whore britian now you know why your cell phone
                    records were sent to her if your are an American
                    patriot then your against her that’s why I still have
                    my STARS AND BARS A TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT remember what stonewall Jackson if we lose this war we lose our country

                  • “Lady Justice must have took off her blindfold and used it for a kotex”

                    In this economy, you might be right…

                • If the prosecution were to call you to testify in a case against yourself you have the right not to be a witness. I would think they would not be able to ask you any questions if you invoked the 5th upon being called. That would be different than not answering a question because the answer might be incriminating. On the other hand I have heard them ask question after question with the same “taking the 5th” answer.
                  Now everybody repeat together
                  OUR SUPREME COURT IS A JOKE

                  Buckle up!

                  • There is a huge difference between INVOKING your right to remain silent on the witness stand, and your right to not answer question during an “investigation”, which is what cops questioning you is—an investigation.

                    On the stand you are under oath and legally compelled to tell the truth “under penalty of law” — that test does not exist out of the court room (with the exception that you can’t lie to the feds, even in the investigation phase)…Then you are just about required to remain silent.

                    This damn “just us” system is so skewed, it isn’t even funny. The “law” doesn’t even apply anymore.

                  • “On the other hand I have heard them ask question after question with the same “taking the 5th” answer.”

                    Another subtlety that we should be aware of, in addition to this new twist just introduced by the SC, is exemplified in the quote above. The reason why you have to claim your 5th amendment right FOR EACH QUESTION is that a so-called ‘blanket Fifth’ has often been disallowed.

                    In other words, you can’t say, “I refuse to answer any questions based on my Fifth Amendment rights.” That will often be ruled as inadmissible.

                    You MUST answer each and every question and respond with your taking the Fifth. I know it seems ridiculous to normal minds to make such distinctions but that shows you the level of vapid legalism the judiciary has sunk to.

                    So keep in mind if you are questioned you might use the following guide when dealing with the police:

                    “Please provide your questions to me in written form so that I may go over them with my attorney and provide you the most complete and accurate responses possible. Based on my understanding of recent Supreme Court decisions, and your failure to provide a Miranda Warning to me at this time, I am claiming my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.”

                    Then, say NOTHING ELSE other than to respond to every question with, “I respectfully decline to answer that question based on my Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.”

                    Your attorney–should you need one–will bless the day you were born so smart, that at least one client didn’t bury himself with his own words.

              • What a sad day in America when you have to assert your RIGHT to remain silent in order to avoid unlawful prosecution. My advise is and has always been NEVER speak to Law enforcement personnel without an Attorney present.Yep that’s a hassel, but so is spending time in the pokey ! And they don’t call it the pokey for nothin if you get my meaning !

                • I think this is being a little over hyped. I do not agree with the ruling, but from the way I’m reading both the ruling and the assertions made by the jackbooted thug cockroaches – is that the suspect did answer some of their questions, but when they asked him a specific question about a specific issue – that’s when he clammed up. From that, they made the assumption that he refused to answer because he was guilty.

                  The rule needs to be: Never answer any questions and politely ask for an attorney. The jackboots, I predict, will take this ruling as an excuse to delay reading suspects their Miranda rights for as long as possible – so they can have more time to extract incriminating information from them, before they are told they can remain silent.

                  The 19 year old Dzhokhar Tsarnaev kid – remember how the FBI grilled this kid in the hospital for something like 16 hours before they read him his Miranda rights? This is the new ‘norm’ that I predict has been adopted by our jackbooted thugs with badges. So, clam up and refuse to say anything until you have a lawyer present.

                • hey sixpack, do you remember Mark Furman’s testimony (during or after the O.J. Simpson trial? He invoked his 5th amendment right on every question asked while on the witness stand, under oath to answer all questions.

                  • Yes I do remember Mark Furman’s testimony.

                    It all boils down to putting your responses ON RECORD. The stenographer can’t transcribe anything you didn’t SAY into the record. THAT is why being under oath in court is different from being questioned in an investigation. As the law actually goes, during an investigation, once you ask for an attorney or exert your fifth amendment right, they are SUPPOSED TO stop all questioning at that time.

                    They often don’t stop, but your right still stands.

              • More double talk from a liberal minded progressive who doesn’t know what the hell their talking about.

                • If you think I am a liberal or a ‘progressive’, then you are the stupidest asshole to ever breathe air and walk upright on two hind legs.

                  I am a hardcore traditional conservative and I am also a passionate defender of liberty and I believe that EVERY TOTALITARIAN COCKROACH on this planet does not deserve to LIVE. They deserve to be hunted down and exterminated.

                  BTW: Where you get the foolish idea that anyone who opposes totalitarianism and tyranny and jackbooted thuggery from an out of control ‘government’ has to only be a ‘liberal’? That’s pretty ironic and also hypocritical, because Communism is a LEFTIST ideology and I believe Communists should be hunted down and executed. No trial, no last cigarette, no plea bargains, just solid evidence of their having supported any aspect of the Communist ideology – and that entitles them to be terminated. End of story.

                  • You reply, in short form, was exactly what I recommended above in somewhat more detailed fashion. The responder who called that advice double-talk is the type of moron who sits down in an interrogation and begins to vent his political views like he was in therapy. They usually wind up plea bargaining to get half of the 34 charges dropped that they opened up all by their widdy selves.

                  • 50% commies, the other half cowards.


            • It was’nt me, it was some black guy, bout 6′, in an Armani suit, with big ears.

          • Wait! Look, everyone, our basic system of laws is Common Law. But, its difficult for the government to control, tax and catalog you under common law. So, they have been running under the UCC for a long time. But, this put the government in a pinch. While they can screw you over under the UCC, it still has to be lawful. Essentially the UCC states that a right not declared is a right forfieted. Its kind of dirty, however, all you have to do is make a blanket declaration.

            Get arrested? Simply make this statement: “I declare all my rights under Common Law to be in effect.” Say it loudly and pointedly. UCC 1-203 (I think) says that any intentional declaration of rights is sufficient to declare them all. You don’t have to individually identify each right you are declaring.

            Having this declaration on a buisiness sized card, with your signature upon it, that you hand out, is a BIG deal. Its an “I Gotcha!” they cannot circumvent.

            I know it sounds like silly games, but, they have to resort to these silly games so that you’ll think its bullshit and never try it.

            Good luck!

            • UCC 1-203 – that sounds interesting .
              gonna have to do some homework , thanks.

              unrelated , but the last part of the fifth amendment states that if property is “taken” for public use then the government must justly compensate .

              well thats BS , because its six years and counting and the stealing MFers have still not payed up , even after a court order . go figure………..

              • sixpack,

                You have no reason to be irked. You act as though it is YOUR court making the ruling. The Supreme court is a corporate court and can only deal with the privileges of it’s corporate persons. Since the court is admittedly deciding on a privilege, the ruling has no bearing on those with Natural Rights.

                Net Ranger is correct in that you must place yourself in the common law to be protected by it. The problem is, the courts no longer recognize the Common Law because they act under the Law of Necessity, which means whatever is deemed necessary for the corps creditors is done.

                You can totally discount what the courts say because they are working for the enemy under the law of war in a bankruptcy discharge. Stay out of them, silently or otherwise, because you leave your rights at the metal detectors on the way in.

                If someone wishes to “charge” you, tell them to take the matter to the Sheriff and have HIM assemble a jury according to the Constitution, along with your offer to pay whatever damages the Jury decides are appropriate.

                That places the corp in YOUR jurisdiction, where it’s officers can not enforce it’s codes.

                • I agree with you GC, but no one can discount what the courts say, because WE can and are held accountable to what they declare is THE LAW. You can’t ignore being cuffed and put in prison, whether you agree with them or not…besides, it was SUPPOSED to be OUR court, as in “a jury of our peers”.

                  Reality sucks, doesn’t it? They don’t need a person to charge anyone, just someone to read the books and find something they can make apply.

            • This is what you get with the Total State!

              This is what our sick culture has become: an authoritarian plutocracy with total control over us.

              The Total State is what the mindless statists want [more than a few on this site included], and that is why so many people cheer the State, cheer its wars, and that is why they ridicule the ideas of freedom, personal responsibility and accountability under the rule of law.

              With our authoritarian culture now, we are definitely surrounded… not by Muslims, but by the almighty Criminal State: The federal, state and local government Gestapo statist bureaucrats.

              We are doomed unless we reverse course. But, I already think it’s too late for that.

              We will continue down this road until it all crashes and burns.

              It’s not a question of “if”, but “when.”

              • You, sir, are surrounded by commies. Not to worry, the 101st was always surrounded. At the Bulge, they didn’t have much ammo. Be sure you have plenty. The 101st was armed with the M1 Garand. Get one and lots of ammo.

                Commies everywhere.

            • The country has been under a declared “State of Emergency” since 1933. Every president has renewed this. The country was bankrupted after the 1929 crash and FDR turned the country over to the international bankers for a bailout of national debt. Every gov entity that flies a yellow fringed flag is under admirality jurisdiction. The state (bankers) own title to all land and under your SSN(1933) you are reduced to a debt slave to repay the banks. Any gov document you sign is entering into an agreement to this unless you reserve your common law rights (a rubber stamp beside your signature should work). The only way to not participate in the bankruptcy is to not have any licenses or permits or have land or work using a SSN or collect any benefits. Yes, a drivers license is a privilege they extend you to drive on their roads and thus a benefit. Tough deal to get out of.

              • I love you clowns with the gold fringed flag nonsense. Those are ceremonial flags. that is all they are. Must be the Jews behind it,eh?

                • I love you lovers of clowns. So either flags mean something or they don’t, right? Let’s just say that the gold fringe IS ceremonial, what then do the doodles and artwork we call a flag now mean regardless of fringe? Based on the subject of this article and ensuing conversation, it seems that if there is meaning in those symbols after all, it would be wise to figure THAT out.

                  Do you have a flag?:


                  • Yeah, it’s got a snake on it.

            • Thank you netranger for explaining something I never could get distilled. Amen.

            • I think you’ll find that the invocation of “all rights under Common Law” is seated in INTERNATIONAL LAW, not current U.S. criminal law…isn’t the UN grand?

          • Huh? “Shutting up is the worse (sic) thing to do.” HUH???

            Talking is the worst thing to do.

            Rule #1: If you are apprehended by the security organs, you are dead. They will never let you go (Guantanamo). They may kill you, but you will never leave alive. So forget your own welfare. For all practical purposes, once apprehended and detained, you are dead.

            Rule #2: By talking, all you can do is destroy someone else’s life. You will be asked two questions by the interrogators: 1) Will you confess? and 2) What are the names of your accomplices?

            Of course there are no accomplices. You didn’t do anything. But that doesn’t matter. They want names. If you start talking, eventually, you will give them names- the names of innocent people who will then be detained, and who in turn will give them the names of more innocent people.

            In a totalitarian police state, the right to remain silent is no longer about self-incrimination. No-one will ever see YOU again! The right to remain silent is the right to keep other innocent people out of the ravenous maw of the security apparatus.

            • WTF are you people crazy?

              You have the right to remain silent.
              Whatver you SAY, can and will be used against you in a court of law.

              Miranda exists for a reason. That has not been trumped, crazy people.

            • The first 3 (of 10) OLD SCHOOL RULES are as follows:

              OLD SCHOOL RULE #1: ALL COPS LIE.

              OLD SCHOOL RULE #2: Cops are NOT there as your friend, no matter what they tell you. (when in doubt, refer to RULE #1).

              OLD SCHOOL RULE #3: KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT-You can only talk yourself INTO trouble, not out of it.

          • When you get a chance please tell Jesus Christ he was wrong when they spit on him and executed him. Jesus never entered into dialogue with them. We have come full circle, welcome to part II of the Roman Empire saga.

            • Jesus wasnt there at the first trial so he wasnt able to speak. 1st trial was held by Talmudic Pharisees and sanhedrin etc. Then Pharisee rabbis And Their jewish temple “soldiers” or gaurds went to the garden and arrested Christ, and again held a trail. Then a 3rd trial was held by Pontius Pilot due to much pressure and Threats of total revolt riots and killing of roman citizens and soldiers, By the Talmudic jews who Obeyed those pharisee rabbi’s as if They were Gods.(who do you think Taught usa blacks their loot/riot threats methods?)

              So actually it is more like:Welcome to part II of the original Russian takeover by jewish commie Bolsheviks in 1918 russia. As for zionists, look at as if the zios are Right wing Facists, while the Bolsheviks are Leftist Demacrat liberal Kommies wing. Yet same as a Bird has TWO wings of the Same bird…So too is our troubles in the usa today. Same Kommie bird, same Talmudic beliefs, same yiddish language, but Two wings of left and right. Once its done it wont matter which, zios or bolsheviks wins total control…As then Both meld Back together as ONE single Group again, as they Always have done when working their Nation Wrecking tactics. SEE 1918 Russia as Prime example to what america can expect soon. Unless patriots unite and Halt them.

          • Not when your going to bed. Trekker Out.

          • Wow… we need an article to tell us we are still guilty when preading the 5th. If they want you gulity; your going to be guilty.. PERIOD!!

            Watch your six and stay off the radar!

            • How many politicians or bankers plead the 5th?

              • Anonymous says:

                “How many politicians or bankers plead the 5th?”

                Lois Lerner, the director of the IRS division that singled out conservative groups, invoke the Fifth Amendment when questioned by a congressional committee.

                You see, the government can claim the 5th, but the slaves can’t!

                That’s what they call “Justice” in a Democracy.



                “A system of government that screws the population buy convincing them that voting makes any difference.”

                Also see: Fascism, Socialism, Communism and SUCKERS.

                • yeah except the congress comittee assholes First allowed that lerner irs woman to make Her Opening statements and spew HER side of the story makeing her and her honcho cronnies all swell guys. THEN she changed to plead 5th and refuse to answer. They should have struck her statements from the record for doing that I think.

                  Once a person opens the door, makes statements in Favor of self etc, its TOO late to then plead 5th and refuse answering. Must be nice to go live cspan and tell entire world how You are so innocent etc…Then refuse to answer cross exam questions eh!

                  Just another dog and “Donky” show. Fuckin Kommies!

          • Completely agree, because when you shut up they take it as a confession because your not denying it, it’s just a big trap to get more slave labor. Same as when when a cop asks “do you understand me? He’s stating “stand under me and accept my authority” and if you say yes you are initiating a verbal contract

        • Thanks Daisy….another great article! Keep ’em coming….

          • Come home. Keep mouth shut. You are forgiven.

            • Who gave the Supreme Court the right to decide Constitutional law? The Supreme Court! There is nothing in the Constitution giving this power to the Court, they just assumed it.

              Ultimately the people decide, either by direct action or by silence they affirm.

              But ultimately the only way to enforce the clear meaning of the Constitution is by the action of armed citizens with the clear will to use those arms.

              Eventually, the Feds will over-step, such as by a door to door gun confiscation. If Americans do not act by then, there will be no America to defend; indeed, there’s not much left now of the country our ancestors fought and died for.

              • Well said.

              • WarriorClass,

                I haven’t researched this through the precedents over the centuries. It’s just my 3 cents. Having at one time or another over the years read most of those cases.

                The Supreme Court exists among other things to decide federal Constitutional law.

                The Constitution, Article 3, Section 1 : ” The judicial power of the United States shall be vested in one supreme court….”

                It is the ONLY court specifically created by the Constitution

                Art. 3 S 2: “The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising under this Constitution….”

                To answer the question you asked, the Supreme Court appropriated to itself the power of judicial review in Marbury v Madison in 1803.

                Our rights began to be at the whimsy of judges 200+ years ago. The Power Elite has always selected and funded their errand boys the political vermin. Always selected judged whom their errand boys consent to.

                What is relatively new is they now make no pretense of defending our rights.

                I agree that in the foreseeable future it is LWRC and Mossberg that will defend our rights.

                sources: The D of I and the U.S. Constitution, Cato Institute, 1998.

                The Oxford Guide to United States Supreme Court Decisions, ed. by Kermit L. Hall,
                c 1999.

              • “Ultimately the people decide, either by direct action or by silence they affirm”

                You do not “affirm” your constitutional rights by your silence when they are violated…you have God-given rights AND constitutional rights, for the latter you must use it or risk losing it.

                • Nobody’s rights came from the constitution, it just recognizes the existence of the rights endowed to us by our Creator. The constitution can’t give you what it does not have to give. Our rights are unalienable, we can’t give them up and no one can take them from us.

              • Commies everywhere. Stay sharp and away from crowds. One good big bore rifle and a couple of brothers is enough, but have lots of ammo.

            • Great article Daisy!

              “Scopolamine, the most dangerous drug in the world: ‘Devil’s Breath,’ a chemical from Colombia that can block free will, wipe memory and even kill.”

              Hmmm… After being exposed to this drug (It’s odorless and tasteless and can be put into drinks or breathed), people walk and talk and ‘look normal’, but will follow whatever ‘directions’ they are given and won’t remember any of it later.

              Do they put this in the food or air in Washington? Congress and the Supreme Court … they vote for laws that make us wonder.

              Daily Mail

            • Every “family” has at least one “drunk Uncle” Daisy…the good news is alcohol induced liver disease is ultimately FATAL! Have a swift journey to “the other side” Daisy’s “Uncle”.

              Coming soon: Yental exposes the three levels of TROLLS now operating “inside the wire”. And more importantly, how to defeat THEM with minimal effort. It does require a dedicated level of “self control”, but NOTHING ELSE.

              The “old guard here” will be called upon to form a solid skirmish line that ALL must agree to respect regardless of personal desire to comment and thereby open the door to additional “trolling”.

              TROLLS are powerless without feedback/response. THEIR ACHILLES HEEL!

          • “The ‘Supreme Court’ is a joke.”

            Perfect summation!

            • “Men in Black”
              Traitors in robes

              Now the entire farce of a “just us” system has reared its ugly heads for its true nature..

              many of us suspected all along..

              question is what’s next..Daisy?


          • Daisy? Yeah ok what would you expect from a NON AMERICAN..thumb it down but it is the truth.

            She is crazy as daisy…

            She is “show me the money daisy”

            Crazy…non Americans telling me what my right are.

            • She is an American. Who happens to live in Canada. So…how does that make her a non-American?

              With people around the world pleading with Americans to defend their rights, as one of the last bulwarks against tyranny, why does it matter if someone is American or not, anyway?

              Daisy, I hope you have a good laugh at all the trolls, plus Facebook Page (but alas I repeat myself), getting their knickers in a twist because you DARE to opine and educate. HOW DARE YOU TRANSGRESS YOUR BOUNDARIES! HOW DARE YOU QUESTION YOUR MASTERS! And blah blah blah, etc.

              • How dare you ridicule real Americans with valid opinions , in favor of a paid shill who runs away from her country , for what ever reason. And then has the nerve to bad mouth us.
                As usual she is full of shit.

                • Yes key word ran away. Buy then to sneak back in.

                  • Wow FP, you have to be really jealous of Daisy to attack her so much! It’s almost child-like….how old are you anyway?

                  • FB Page classified as T-1. Further elaboration to follow…soon. ;)!

        • Off topic, from The Burning Platform blog;
          Who Are The Real Traitors?
          Edward Snowden is a patriot of the highest order. His act of heroism, knowing he would be despised, attacked and hunted down by the American Thugocracy, is on par with the actions of our Founding Fathers who knew they would be hung if their Revolution failed. A true patriot must be ready to defend his country against a tyrannical government. Edward Snowden just dumped the tea into the Boston Harbor.

          Edward Snowden is standing up to the autocratic powers that have seized control of our Constitutional Republic. Other patriots (Thomas Drake, William Binney, J. Kirk Wiebe, Bradley Manning, Julian Assange, Aaron Swartz, Daniel Ellsberg) have sacrificed their careers and lives to reveal the truth about government corruption and malfeasance. Ben Franklin pondered whether we could keep the Republic they had given us. He understood human nature and the likelihood that we as a people would become corrupted, vote for people who promised us the most, and would willingly sacrifice our independence, freedom, liberty and rights for the presumed safety and security of a despotic government:

          “In these sentiments, sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults; if they are such; because I think a general government necessary for us, and there is no form of government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered; and I believe, further, that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic government, being incapable of any other.”

        • The supreme court is nothing but a bunch of old, bought off, elite, senile pigs who think they are gods. I spit on their decisions and I have no respect for any of them. It is an elite club that should be abolished.

          They have been given power that should belong to the people, I hope they all get Alzheimer’s disease and forget to eat.

          • They are appointed by which ever commie is in power, and the commies are everywhere.

          • I hope we get to piss in their ashes and make mud.

        • Love you Daisy but you have taken this ruling out of context. WE still have the right to remain silent and everyone ought to exercise that right when initially confronted by police.

          In the case in question, the defendant was speaking freely under interrogation until he was asked a question that he deemed would incriminate himself if he responded to the question.

          At that moment he remained silent to a specific question.

          He remained silent. He did not invoke his 5th Amendment right. The SCOTUS basically ruled that if you are going to ALLOW yourself to be questioned to begin with, THEN the fact that you remain silent with respect to a specific question that it could be construed toward your guilt by the police.

          I don’t agree with the Ruling, but if the suspect is stupid enough to ALLOW himself to be interrogated without a lawyer present, then he should expect what he says and doesn’t say to be interpreted by the police as to his guilt or innocense. No doubt that at that point the police believed they had the guilty party and proceed on that basis.

          The jury has a right to regard or disregard any evidence presented to them. Why did they convict him?

          • durango kidd says:

            “The jury has a right to regard or disregard any evidence presented to them.”

            The VAST majority of criminal cases NEVER end up before a JURY! They are plead out. Prosecutors ensure that by threatening the accused with 3X the normal sentence if they don’t accept a plea.

            As a “wannabe” DK, that’s one of the first lessons a scumbag lawyer learns!

            Trial by a jury of your peers is under attack by THE STATE.

            “A trial? You don’t need no stinking trial!”

            • I am sure that the vast majority of criminal cases never see a jury. But that was just another right that the man likely didn’t invoke.

              If you are not going to demand your rights, it is more than likely that no one will step forward to demand them for you.

              The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Let your barnhardt out!

              • durango kidd says: [paraphase]

                The system is just.

                If the cops arrest you… your guilty.

                Don’t ask for a trial, ’cause if you do, you will be found “double” guilty, and you’ll get the MAX [all the better so we can keep you longer].

                Save the tax slaves the expense, plead guilt now and work for the Corp on the farm. After all, there are no jobs.

                It’s the new normal.

                • DK didn’t say the system is just. He said if you don’t demand your rights, the just us system will roll over you. They always push people to cop a plea deal to limit the chance of an appeal. “Well, he plead guilty to THIS, so he must have been guilty of the original charge.” Most defense lawyers are part of the machine. They’re buddies with the prosecuters, and want to be able to “work with them” in the future. Perry Mason really caring about his clients was just a TV show.

                • You can “paraphrase” me all you like but the readers here are not stupid, so to try to put words in my mouth and then rail against them, only serves to make you look ridiculous. No one is buying. 🙂

                  No the system is NOT just. WE do not have a “justice system”. We have a legal system.

                  The US Constitution is OUR best weapon against a police state and that is why I am considering the time and expense of law school.

                  The rights I work to save will be my rights, but they will be yours too. Engage! 🙂

        • The presumption of innocence has been formally tossed out the window.

        • Population control
          And others good lirycs
          Taking about the new world order agenda
          Very good
          Strongly recommend everybody to lysten

        • All i know is they are trying to take away whatever constitutional rights they want to change! When our forefathers made the constitution, they didn’t create it to be taking our rights away!!! Our forefathers are probably rolling over in their graves right now!! They created the second amendment rights and look what they have been trying to do with that the last few
          Years! I do agree people should not have assault rifles though. For the simple reason that crazy kids and adults use them to shoot up schools like Shady Hook,Columbine and Aurora among others! So if they don’t get them off the streets it’s just going to keep happening!!!!!! If they took them away over in Iraq and Afghanistan they wouldn’t even have guns at all anymore!!

        • This sounds vaguely familiar…

          Like… 1938…

          In any event. Oooo they can 3-D print a trachea and put a radio controller in your arm. PFFT. Shit. That’s just junk-yard crap. I hardly think I need to start worrying about the Ubermensch if this is the best they got.

        • The rath of con!

      2. Reverse Psychology. Don’t fall for it. Head shots for dumb asses. Hey, that sounds like a cool name for a glamor photography business. Maybe I could meet some chicks?

        • There is a real photography business called “Glamor Shots”…close enough.

      3. The last several paragraphs sum up the state of the union with the banner headline “The Supreme Court is a joke.” Correct. No thinking American could come to any other conclussion. The Bill of Rights exists in name only, with the exception of the 3rd ammendment our rights have been eviscerated systematically with the “Court’s” blessing. Remember Freedom?

      4. Thought crime comming soon to a courtroom near you. George Orwell wrote a warning not a f#&%*#@ instruction manual. Are we the dumbest people on the planet?

        • Boss Hog

          I love your quote. I wish I beat you to it. Well I’ll use it anyway.

          “George Orwell wrote a warning not a f#&%*#@ instruction manual.”

          • Kevin2 I cant claim authorship but its worth quoting again it would be funny if it wasnt tradgic.

      5. Hopefully no one gets into a jam like that. But, just remember if you do, Rats aren’t forgiven! ;(

      6. the s.c. needs a 12 gauge enema


      7. the supreme court can go fuck themselves

        in a land where there is no law

        man must make his own

        and sometimes people gotta bleed

        N.O. ;0p

      8. Big Theater Movie … ‘THE PURGE’




        Shabbat Parah / שבת פרה

        Shabbat Parah (“Sabbath [of the] red heifer” שבת פרה) takes place on the Shabbat before Shabbat HaChodesh, in preparation for Passover. Numbers 19:1-22 describes the parah adumah (“red heifer”) in the Jewish temple as part of the manner in which the kohanim and the Jewish people purified themselves so that they would be ready (“pure”) to sacrifice the korban Pesach.

        List of JEW PURIM Dates
        Shabbat Parah begins in the Diaspora on:

        Fri, 21 March 2014 at sundown (20th of Adar II, 5774)

        Purim celebrated in Jerusalem and walled cities.

        List of Dates
        Shushan Purim begins in the Diaspora on:

        Sun, 16 March 2014 at sundown (15th of Adar II, 5774)

        NinaO ;0p


        LOOK AT THE DATES … 11 April 2011 04/11/11 “ILLUMINATI POWER NUMBER ’11′ LIKE 9/11 AND 3/11 FALSE- FAG ATTACKS”

        The April 2011 Fukushima earthquake Fukushima “Fukushima Hamadōri earthquake” was a potent magnitude 7.1 Mw intraplate aftershock that occurred at 17:16 JST (08:16 UTC) on Monday, 11 April 2011, in the Hamadōri region of Fukushima, Japan.

        JEW PURIM WAS – Purim in 2011 will start on Sunday, the 20th of March and will continue for 2 days until Monday, the 21st of March.

        Note that in the Jewish calander, a holiday begins on the sunset of the previous day, so observing Jews will celebrate Purim on the sunset of Saturday, the 19th of March.



        NINAO ;0p

        • Oh goody.

          Not only do we get your idiotic anti-semitic diatribes, but we get em in spam too.

        • You are such an entertaining tool. The Jews did it. LOL funny.


        • They also have another Very important day each year…”Yom Kipper” that is when jews go into their synogouges for services, and Recite the Prayer called “Kol Nidre”. This prayer is designed to, and Believed by jews for, Absolving all jewish persons who recite it, from ALL “OATHS” made, and “PROMICES” made, and For the Entire “New Year in Advance”!

          In other words at least 3 supreme judges are jewish, and likly agree and believe in That prayer effect. That also includes all Oaths or promices to tell the TRUTH on a Witness stand in a criminal case etc.

          ALL oaths or promices are rendered NULL & VOID if the jewish preson decides to “believe” it true. They do not need infrom you or any others that they are Exercizing this jewish belief. They simply LIE even under OATH! And believe it is OK and NO sin Nor crime because their Talmud teaches it so, as do their Rabbi’s.

          Consider how many current and Past high level polititions as well as High Apointed “Officials” in over 100+ Beaurucracies(sp?) and “Agencys” ALL which are UN constitutional in their existence, have a Jewish head honcho controling it.( It should not need be said every time any mention is made about jews or jewish issues, but For the Ignorant amoung us, NO I Do NOT mean that all jewish folks are like that, or do such things. However, I also have NO method to determine which are which, except take Their word for it. Of which may be a huge Mistake since so Many do believe in these practices etc.)

          US Supreme Justice, Ruth Bader GinsBERG admited about a year ago at a Harvard(?) Grad class she was Keynote speaker of, when a woman student asked Judge bader this question.

          “Besides the US Const. Are there Any Other forms or systems of “LAWS” that You 9 justices ever use or go by in determining “difficult” cases?”(not an exact quote but very close enough!)…..Ruth Bader Gleefully answered her with…”oh Yes! Not only do we make decisions based upon the us const…BUT! MANY times we refere to “INTERNATIONAL LAWS” as Well as The “TALMUD” Laws!”

          What does the 1st ammendt BAN fed govnt from doing? It BANS the govnt “agents” such as Judges from use of ANY religions or preference of one over another. WHAT is the TALMUD? Its is what many jews call the “TORAH” which in English means “Law”…Many christians today are FOOLED whenever a jewish person OR a Preacher tells a christian “jews are just like christians cause they go by the Torah and That is the Fisrt 5 books of the Old testement written By Moses”

          Well, Mr Preacher thats 1/2 correct. Yes the word Torah means Law same as first 5 moses wrote books in Old testement. HOWEVER..99+% of jews who state that word “Torah” are refereing to their TALMUD as the “Torah aka Laws”. NOT the books of moses in the Old test.

          There is a HUGE difference. Massive huge. Rabbi’s and others admit their Talmude OVERIDES and is HIGHER law than even Moses 5 books also called “torah or law”. In fact Some Rabbi’s admit they believe their Tamlud books Are HIGHER law than GOD Himself!. Look up their Many quoted statements to that.(what did Christ say about them? “Ye Vipers aka snakes, You teach Traditions and Doctrines of MEN! that make the word of GOD of NO effect! You follow a man to the ends of the earth to Prostalyze him…ONLY TO Make him TWICE the Child of HELL he was Before You got to him!”)

          The Main point here is that america has been Hyjacked by a very small, yet Very powerfull group of persons whos religious belief is Jewish Talmudic, and they make use of Kol Nidre prayers to NULIFY and AVOID loyalty to OATHS made or taken such as “I Diane finestien swear to UPHOLD and DEFEND the US Constitution etc etc etc!”

          Knowing full well in her mind she has NO duty to Keep her OATH, as long as she hoofs it down to her local sinagog to recite that prayer on “YOM KIPPER”(I think its jews new year celebrations).

          We have Psycopaths and Lunatics who has such phony beliefs Running America into the Ground, while They believe NO sin nor crime has been commited by Them due to a stupid Prayer spoken on one single day per year to Absolve them from Obeying ALL Oaths or Promices made to…GENTILES/Goyims. If They number just 1.5% of pop of usa, isnt it a Vast Majority of “Gentiles”(the Other 98.5% usa pop aka us folks!) they are makeing their Oaths to or For or on Our behalf?

          Like it or not these are facts and Who we are dealing with, or perhaps I should say who is dealing with Us folks!

          There is ZERO excuses today due to Online many websites with TONS of info regarding these issues and Facts to Prove it all. Yet untill a huge number of decieved evangelical christians agree to at least CHECK this stuff out for themselves, and once learning Truth of these serious issues, agree they MUST Stop all unquestionable faith in Preachers who may be teachings Falshoods. Be it due to pastors own Ignorance-or his school training-or due to GREED for mammon/money from kissing jewish talmudic ass, or kiss israel state ass. No matter what reason he is teaching UNtruths or 1/2 truths so tens of millions of good but Deluded christian folks will keep BLIND support of those folks and their “state israel”.

          WHAT IF YOUR PASTORS ARE WRONG?..How would You Know if so? Unless You personally research what the hell do these jewish religious systems teach and How can That affect America and Us folks. Do you Get it Yet?

          There are very good Honest Rightfull reasons in Past european history, All forms of “USURY aka Charge intrest” was Forbidden! And also Forbidden was “NO jews were allowed to occupy ANY office of Trust, NOR sit in a JURY nor give testimony in criminal cases as a witness etc.”

          Once You understand the Ramifications and Potentials for Mass abuse and downright Scrambling Our USA System of LAWS based on US CONST etc. BY persons of such “Beliefs” then it becoems Crystall Clear why in days gone past, jews who placed belief in their Talmud and teachings of their rabbi’s were forbidden to be a Senator-Judge-PREZ!-Witness for or aganust in crime cases- and all other positions of PUBLIC TRUST!

          It simply IS what It Is. I/we didn’t make it so…THEY did!

          DISCLAIMER: NO it is NOT Racist NOR Antisemitic to make Note of these issues, especially when their effects upon america and its people as a whole are so serious and Have already caused so many Troubles. It Truly Is time to WAKE Up! and for “some folks” Time to Study what really do those Other religions teach? And How can That cause troubles for Us and america as a Nation?

          Or just remain in totally BLIND trust/Obedience of some preacher who himself may be very Deluded to these issues and Truths. But you NEVER shall Fix america in such a state of Blind Faith trust, even though Today it is very simple to research these facts and truths.

      10. The most convincing argument I ever heard was from the business end of a weapon.

        It has a way of sinking-in really quickly.

      11. The smell and unfortunate reality is getting worse by the minute or hour….which is it?? Guess that I do not need a driver’s license or insurance if I am pulled over by the LAW.

      12. Please don’t refer to our legal system as a “justice system.” It certainly has no resemblance to the justice intended in the Constitution & Bill of Rights. The justices seem to have given-up on the Constitution.

      13. Whats going on with alex jones? Ive suddenly have started questioning his genuiness?

        • ALex Jones is a jackass and gives you people a bad name.

          He is almost as crazy as daisy…

          actually he should have her on his “show”

          Its called a SHOW for a reason.

          Alex is all about the money, and raking it in…

          for now… lol

          • Blah, blah, blah harry

      14. @ Daisy. The less and less importance put on to much of anything, the easier it is to just dispose of it without making much of a fuss. This is the whopping problem, fewer and fewer people care about the Constitution. Unless it affects their worthless butts outright, they are just fine with BO or some other loser telling them exactly what to do, think, and care about. The lazy bug has struck millions, no make that hundreds of millions. I put much blame on the education system also that feels it is far more important to be politically correct than value freedom.

        I guess the old theory about powerful countries having a lifespan of about 200 years is sadly true. The decay has really taken off in the past 15 years or so, and accelerated expotentially each year. Just look at how the crubling infrastructure is happening all over the country. One bridge falls into the drink, and instead of the public saying that this can happen to me when I am travelling to work one day, they tell themselves that it was a fluke and forget about it. Just like the laws of land, the public is oblivious to all of this. Then when you and sites like Mac bring this up, the majority of ass monkeys call us wild conspiracy radicals.

        Print the truth and the masses don’t want to hear it. They actually are more concerned about kim kardashian having a child. You have to be an utter loser in mind, body and spirit to actually encompass your life with this liquidified pig manure to watch your country falling apart, the world on the brink of world war, the economy is very bad shape, the sharp increase in geophysical events, and be more concerned about hollyweird gossip.

        You know Daisy, I really wonder if the destiny of the human civilization is a Mad Max or the movie The Road because the masses have ALLOWED themselves to completely stop giving a F about what really matters. Like the scene around the fortune telling machine that reads has ? mark above the words Your Future in the nuclear war movie The Day After, I am beginning to see firsthand that answer to that symbolic question.

        • We are “wild conspiracy theorists” because we dare to actually think through the processes! “Jeez, BI! Just follow orders and shut yer mouth! Complicating all this stuff doesn’t make it any easier!” Thats kind of what the world says. To that, I say, “Thats just what they want you to think.”

          While some of us may “overthink” stuff, sometimes a full analysis is a really good thing. You know what they say? The devil is in the details. In this case, its the occultist rituals that are in the details but its nearly the same.

          Thank you all for your wild conspiracy theories. It should be proof to many of us that we’ve been vindicated in many ways with the scandals coming to light. Stay the course. It is the right one.

          • Yes devil is in the details. However, as only in spirit form, the devil or Satan, Must rely upon Human demons to do his dirty work. hence Christs and apostle Johns words.

            “Ye(you) are OF Your Father the Devil, and His LUSTS You shall DO…He the devil was a Liar-Thief and Murderer from the Begining” Christ speaking TO Pharisee Rabbi’s AND ALL Their Talmud Judiac Followers.

            LIE-Swindle-Steal-Murder..aka welcome to Bolshevik Zionistic Jewish Communistic Ruled America. History is full of factual examples just how often and how Much the Lusts of Satan have been And Are still done BY his “Children” or as Genisis states it…”Satans SEED aka Off spring” aka Decendants aka, SEE above example.

            The Main question at this Late date is: Why are so Many folks still so deluded as to the True nature and evils done by these kommies? Why do tens of millions of otherwise good solid patriotic american folks continue to Trust/believe the same MSM and Hollywood swidnlers on everything they teach to the Contrary regarding this group of demonics and evil doers? And worse yet! Why do such otherwise good folks Continue to Worship that group as if they really were some type of “Master Race” which IS what Their talmud beliefs teaches them they are.

            Aren’t those foolish folks who so worship all spoken about that group, except if its in a Negative context(although fact and truth) Tired of being Enslaved by that small group or “Master Race”. Why not begin Acting like the “ELECT” that you are supposed to be? Instead of worshiping those “Self Chozens” master race believers

        • Most care it is just that they have given up any hope of protecting the system they were raised to believe in. The whole thing now resembles a sick comedy where those who should know better deliberately try to destroy everything while claiming to make things better.

      15. Are you still making these statements from another country or have you completed your move here.

        • Are you “still” jealous FP? Get over it already…..jeez!

          • I will laugh my ass off if her new farm has anything to do with land I own in Washington. That is where I put almost all of my money when I liquidated all my paper last month. Plus what I all ready had. I do own a few leased out to organic farmers and a few leasedto commuty farm groups.

            • your such a man @fagboypuss

              i takes a real tough guy ( a washington state veterans administration employee at that )to go around every day harassing and stalking a hard working single mom trying to make ends meet on a dime every day . i bet the washington state veterans administration is real happy to have you as a employee .

              they must be so proud of you stalking attacking and harassing women online .

              you must be the washington state veterans administration employee of the month there every month @fagboypuss .

              keep it up woman beater i’ll be seeing you soon … thats a promise .

              N.O. ;0p

              • I hope one of the first things she does is come to a gun show. I will set her up with what she needs to keep stupids away like you.

                Now what you do for her more joo shit fling to show how what you are.

                • There one in Oman very soon I post the schelule.

                  • I meant Omak WA

            • Why would that make you laugh your ass off? Be careful as there will be nothing left of you should you indeed laugh your ass off.

              • Ok John W….that was really funny!

              • I like that and will remember 1000 ups

        • Come home.

        • keep harassing her @fagboypuss


          one of these days asshole

          you gonna look behind yourself and there i’ll be standing

          and i’m gonna hurt you in ways you’ll wish i killed you instead .

          N.O. ;0p

          • LMAO!

            Oh, did you actually believe your own empty threat?

          • You have made that threat before.

            First remember I have seen you. You have not seen me.
            Second you do not every leave your “home” office anymore.
            Third your still just a worthless crap spewing wannabe of a man

            • i’m coming for you

      16. As someone said in another topic….”These stupid kids are going to get what they deserve.” I can only hope that one day the Constitution and the nation will be revered again.

      17. The goverment has also trampled on the last sentence of the 5th. That no persons property shall be taken for public use without just compensation. The Rights & freedoms in the counstition where merely outlined by the framers. the framers did not give them to the citizens. those freedoms & rights are inalienable they are god given. A citizen has a patriotic duty to disobey & refuse to comply with uncounstitional lasw.

      18. Stay there please .

      19. All thoughts of the Amerikkkan sheeple rising up against tyranny are gone.

        • Too many commies out there, esin and the few who aren’t commies don’t have enough poodle popper ammo to take ’em to the shed.

      20. “are you a ‘prepper’?” (silence) “then you ARE one of those ‘doomsday prepper nut jobs.” (silence) “do you have a ‘stash’ of food, water and weapons?” (silence) “good, we’ll be looking for it and when we find it, we’ll be seizing it as evidence.” (silence) “how many and who is part of your little ‘tribe’ of government-hating illegal militia?” (silence) “we’ll be going through your phone and computer for names and to locate every individual you’ve had contact with and they’ll be right here next to you.”

        get the idea? they mean to be our masters.

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst.

        • Commies are the masters, Preacher. They are everywhere.

      21. This decision does not say what you think it says. Essentially you never ever had to be given your “miranda rights”, ever. YOu just had to declare them.

        Its like the recent Boston Bombing false flag and the brother that got caught. Mainstream (Lamestream) news bantered about the “miranda rights” question. “Will they give him his rights?” “I don’t know, maybe they won’t.”

        Its typical psychological programming: you can’t “give some one” a right!!! I was screaming at the TV. (I seldom watch TV for this reason.)

        What the supreme court decision does, is this: It actually strengthens the right to remain silent while at the same time confirming that we are running under the UCC. Under TCL (The Common Law) you have a right even if you don’t declare it. You can only forfiet a right if you make a declaration of forfieture. Imagine the problems this causes a government that wishes to control you, rob you and monitor you? So, our corporations, er, uh, governments, have adopted the UCC. Under the UCC, you have no rights. …until you declare them. Conveinient, huh?

        The SCOTUS’ decision is a good one. Confirmation of the UCC. Strengthening of the right protected by the 5A. They do their best to hide it, but, it all has to be lawful.

        TCL is the answer. Declarations of your rights under the TCL, The Constitution, gives you power. They want to confuse and confound you as much as possible. It looks like its working. Don’t fall for it!


        These fucks were really commies.

        See how far they have come.

        I don’t hire dems, I don’t rent to dems, if a person is a dem…if they ask me a question I give them a hard time. They are my new 2nd class citizen. They have enslaved us all.
        View them for what they are. Commies.

        Look at fat Ted Kennedy…how many social programs we are now stuck with.

        I’m creating a new company.
        I decided to not hire anyone and go it alone.
        Because of all the crazy payroll laws from the dems.
        Workers comp, unemployment, having to match fica, disability.
        Then there’s all the crazy lawsuits from these people.

        Think about it.. I need a programmer…it’s a desk job…why the crazy workers comp costs? What, they might break a fingernail?

        Fuck ’em all!

        Starve mother fuckers.

        Even if it takes me 5 times as long…I’d rather go it alone…then I don’t have any issues of any type.

        Dems are the new scum I hope fail.
        Their kids will bitch there are no jobs.
        Why.. because they tried to enslave people like me and I won’t be someone’s bitch.

        Yeah…keep putting the repubs. down…we’re the only one with the balls or skills to create new jobs. No wonder everything went to china!

        Thanks for listening.

        A prep…if you own businesses is to automate everything.
        Hire no one. Minimal staff if you have to. Why be a slave.

        You watch…next the dems will go after IRAs and 401k accounts.
        They will “Nationalize” or “Deprivatize” them. They will take my equity stock…Stock I bought, hand picked…equity ownership in companies and give me an “account”. Then the hyperinflation will kick in.

        If all goes to shit…and a dem comes to my door starving… the door will slam shut.
        Hate? YES I HATE THAT THEY ENSLAVE US ALL AND NOW ARE TAKING OUR FREEDOMS. The real enemy are the dems. Have you noticed all the bankers are dems?

        • Blame the Dems all you want, but lets face it..the repubs and dems are just a two headed beast..its one animal against us all
          and they both need to go for us to survive

        • You’re right, dems are commies, but you’re wrong if you think only dems are commies. Most repugs and most of everybody else are commies. Stack ’em high on your list of commies. Whatever other stacks you manage is just fine.

      23. That just takes my breathe away. I never thought that in my lifetime I’d see such a quick erosion of our rights as happened in other totalitarian societies. So what the court has forced us to do by this insane decision is that even if we’re pulled over by the police for a traffic violation, that we should respond to that age old question of why we were pulled over is, “No I don’t know why you stopped me officer, and I’m now invoking my 5th amendment right to remain silent to any and all further questions”. Since the court has decided that remaining silent without first being Merandized is an admission of guilt, we have to beat the cops to the punch and claim it before ANY and ALL questioning. So from now on any time a cop ask any question, we have to respond by ALWAYS invoking our 5th Amendment rights per the court’s new ruling “Salinas vs Texas 2013”. This will really slow things down but these assholes asked for it and they’re going to get it.

      24. What the hell happened to our courts?

        • @jiminva
          everything that has happened and everything that will happen in this country we have asked for in our inaction…ya aint seen nothing yet, the elites are that close to having everything there is that has any value…rights? what rights, the only right that the elites are going to let us have is to die with nothing of value in our possesion.

        • Judges and Lawyers is whats happened.

          that, and absolutely no accountability

          • Take a close look at most all judges, at least fed judges, and most lawyers. Check Your local phone book listings. Notice any certain similarities?

            The facts is Most are of the talmudic religious beliefs. And that teaches, IT their talmud “holy” books which in English means “LAW” aka Torah aka Talmud=LAW.

            Furthermore, They believe that those talmudic “laws” are the absolute Highest Laws On Earth bar None! No joke, No BS…Just Fact. It Is what They believe, and Most “Practice” even while sitting on their US Law benches. They believe their talmud and Rabbi’s(or the more famous rabbi’s) are actually Higher than even GOD.

            There are verses in the talmud which are Two rabbi’s debating weather or not what their head rabbi’s say is Higher Authority than God is. And the Conclusion Both arrive at is…YES it is Rabbi who causes even God to have to give in to the head rabbi in such debates. And Both rabbi’s agree sometimes even God must go to the Rabbi for answers!!!

            They think of themselves as THE Master race bar None. People who desire Truth Owe it to themselves to Research these issues and Learn about it. Especially with so Many now controling everything that matters in usa govnt-society-msm news-hollywood movies, designed as tools of propaganda, and most every us rep or senate comittee Head chairman on all important comittees such as International or foriegn POLICY, WARS!, TAXES! Rules judges follow etc etc…I realize many folks resort to Kneejerk reactions and come unglued at the mention of the Forbidden “J” word. But as long as you keep being in abject Denial of Who is doing these things, and What they base it on(tamlud beliefs) you never will be Free of their evils.

            You cannot fight any enemys or systems unless you first ID who or what it is. If This pisses you off(anybody)? Then I recomend you complaign to THEM as it IS They who did and are doing this. It Is Their religious beliefs NOT Mine. I am meerly the messenger. Instaed of Fixating on calling good honest folks “antisemitics or Racists” Why not Focus your Anger at Them who are doing this to destroy You and the nation of america?

            Perhaps a NEW PC Term is required today?…How about make use of…”Anti-GENTILES” for a change as That is way closer to factual Truth eh.

        • They have been Californicated. Does that make sense?

        • @jim. The courts were packed with commies.

      25. One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors”
        ~Plato, 427-347 B.C.

        “If the citizens neglect their Duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made, not for the public good so much as for selfish or local purposes; corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the Laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizen will be violated or disregarded.”
        ~Noah Webster – (1758-1843) American patriot and scholar, author of the 1806 edition of the dictionary that bears his name, the first dictionary of American English usage.

        “A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable for he is known and carries his banners openly. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself… for the traitor appears no traitor: He speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their faces and their garments, he appeals to the baseless that lies deep in the souls of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is to be less feared.” ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

        Keep the FAITH

        • Great quotes Watchman!! Cicero has always been one of my favorites, if memory serves me right, he was the last consul in Rome to fight against tyranny, unfortunately he lost, and his head AND hands were nailed to the Rostra, and the rest, as is said, is history. Thanks for an intelligent insight!

          • Cicero Was Vindicated though…When in 70 AD his enemys temple was demolsihed for Good by Roman armys.

            Christ Predicted it would be so destroyed NOT one single stone will be left standing upon another.

            That was Fullfilled in 70 ad era. AND is the Ultimate best ever PROOF, that that wall They call the “Wailing wall”(nobody can wail like they do). Is NOT remians still standing from that final second temple.

            Why do so many preachers keep saying that wall IS whats left standing? Are such pastors Doubting the Word of Christ? or just Liars or Decievers? Promoting Falsehoods perhaps?

      26. I had the right to remain silent…I just didn’t have the ability

        • LOL , VRF , i have never been one to shut either.

          even when it was the best idea.
          and i have the scars to prove it !

      27. I find it ironic that those who agree that the government of these United States might systematically violate, and eventually abrogate, one of the individual rights recognized by the Bill of Rights apparently believe that the USG will stop at that.

        They evidently believe that when the government has erased the right to bear arms that they’ll continue to respect and recognize the rest of those rights recognized by the Bill of Rights. I find such naiveté’ to be astonishing.

        If the government destroys the right to bear arms, they will have destroyed the concepts of individual rights and individual sovereignty. These concepts are the basis of the philosophy of the enlightenment, and the foundation of Western civilization and our technological society. This is why the more educated totalitarians among our enemies are pushing this issue so hard.

        We do, indeed, fight for the future of civilized humanity.
        Aim small, miss small…..

        Keep the FAITH

      28. * B.I.

        Peru’s earthquake shook some buildings in the capital of Lima on Tuesday afternoon shortly before 2 PM local time. The epicenter of the quake was roughly 22 miles away,

        The tremblor spread out from a depth of a tad less than 38 miles. At the time of writing, there were no reported injuries or major damage from the quake.

        There was a bit of excitement when it first struck.

        Peru earthquake could be as powerful as 5.6. But the USGS has now confirmed that the earthquake was a 4.6 on the Richter scale.

        Well I hope this was all they are going to get, maybe this took some pressure off them?
        whats your thoughts ?

      29. Is there an Amendment in the Bill of Rights that hasn’t been watered down or otherwise altered to the disadvantage of the citizen and to the advantage of government short of the Third Amendment?

      30. It was an NRA tee shirt that got Jared Marcum in trouble — but it is GOA which is doing something about it.

        • It was an NRA tee shirt that got Jared Marcum in trouble — but it is GOA which is doing something about it.

          Gun Owners Foundation has come to the defense of a West Virginia teenager who is actually being prosecuted (a.k.a., persecuted) for his pro-gun views.

          The outrageousness of this case has prompted the involvement of Gun Owners Foundation, which has agreed
          to help Jared pro bono.

      31. — The U.S. Supreme Court

        Norton vs. Shelby County 118 US 425 page 442

        ” Where rights secured by the Constitution are involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them.”

        SCOTUS the protector of the Constitution, not anymore!

        • @ Luther,


          “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

          -Norton v. Shelby County, US Supreme Court Decision 118 US 425, 442 (in 1886)

          Let ’em stick THAT in thier pipe and smoke it…

          • Miranda v Arizona 384 U.S. 436, page 442

            “…and it is the duty of the courts to be watchful for the constitutional rights of the citizen, and against any stealthy encroachments thereon.”

            When the courts divert from their intent it builds a solid case for the People to regress their grievances.

            • 🙂


      32. We have been given some sage advice by Thomas Jefferson and company, when the government has morphed into an out of control leviathan then it is the right AND duty of the American citizen to bring it down. I know many people on this site have inferred that Americans don’t have the stomach, don’t be so sure. Americans are slow to anger, slow to react, however, when the SHTF, look out, I firmly believe Americans will answer the clarion call to arms. Do NOT lose hope, this is wtptb want, hang tough, keep reading your bible, and teach your children the REAL history of the USA, not this watered down drivel that has been foisted on us as history. And above all else, do not waste your time trying to convince libtards of the error of their ways, you would get more response from a single cell ameoba.

      33. What the decision means is that your silence can be commented on by the prosecutor in the closing remarks to the jury. Any competent defense attorney should be able to successfully rebut that argument. I’m sure that the more money someone has the less likely they are to talk to the police when accused of a crime.

      34. A common chant at the rallies has been “No parties!”

        Brazil is getting sick of its government too..and No parties is about right

        we need to send the message to DC..No repubs, No both need to go if this countrys Republic is to survive

        • @ VRF. The most recent quake west of the Galapagos Islands indicates much pressure building on the Cocos and Nazca plate. This exact section lead to; a 7.6 in Chile in 1987 and a 7.2 in Ecuador the same time, a 6.7 in Bolivia in 1988, and a 6.7 in Peru in 2006. I am glad Peru had that 5.6 because it woke everyone up down there to what is possibly coming soon. However it would take about 7000 of these earthquakes in this size to relieve the pressure of just an 8.0 future quake. About a quarter of a million to relieve the energy pressure of a 9+. People forget about the dangers they live under, and just such a quake that harms no one can save many lives by showing people that they live under a ticking H-bomb.

          This quake near the Galapagos Islands also leads to major quakes in New Zealand, Indonesia, New Guinea, Fiji, and the Philippines. What I thought was interesting is that when this part of the area gets active, Hawaii is affected. Kulafarmer should be on alert, as back on October 6, 2006 this exact point was hit with a similar size quake, then 9 days later the Big Island had a 6.7 on Oct.15th. This region near 100% of the time leads to a major earthquake. This was the 46th time out of 50 that Central or South America got nailed after a precursor quake occurred and still nothing in regards to a 7.5+.

          Had that 6.6 near Costa Rica over the weekend, and this hardly relieved anything down there as it would take almost 1000 of these to stop a 8.5 coming. It is ugly down there with the tension building. I say Ecuador, Peru, and Mexico are the 3 top targets right now for a very large Earth shaker, though the other areas I mentioned are potential danger spots also. Already 3 have been hit since June 8 forecast came out. Again, I hope your family will be safe and really well prepared for losing practically all utilities, epsecially having a reliable safe water source.

      35. IRS to pay $70M in employee bonuses

        “The IRS always claims to be short on resources…”

        “But it appears to have $70 million for union bonuses. And it appears to be making an extra effort to give the bonuses despite … instruction to cease discretionary bonuses during sequestration.”

        My Way dot com

      36. Can I use the ‘Me Speak No English’ excuse?

        • yes UGLY and you can vote twice and get a cool new phone,
          foodstamps Obamacare and free rent !

        • 50 Million Patriots should fight fire With Fire. By doing what they are doing. Get a mexican given “Matricula” ID card. Then get in line for Amnesty, a NEW usa ID(make up any new name-age-etc You choose) and Move to Line#2-for Afirmative action “minority” benifits.

          If their kommie plan is to overburden the entire systems to force a crash aka Clowered and Piven kommie methods, well Why should We allow Them to destroy Our nation that way? “IF” that really is the inevitable ending soon to occure?…Then Who has more Right to do such than We True native Born-Natural Born-REAL americans?

          I prefer that usa does NOT go down as such. However if it is to be so anyways?…We can do a Far better job at Looting and burning it down than illeagles-African savages-or zionist boshevik kommies. Perhaps we need to Fan that Viking pilot light that glows within every white and other patriot american, into a Rageing Torch Flame ready to do serious dammages.

          If we cannot save america…Why allow Others to destroy whats rightfuly Ours? Nobody can do dammage or battle like Whites once they get tired of the BS and Re-ignite that never dying Viking Flame within each of us.

      37. I think it’s safe to say the government is no longer legit and it’s okay to ignore them now.

        • So when they stick you behind bars, will you still have your hands over your eyes telling yourself, ‘it doesn’t exist’?

          • Stalinist commies will do worse than put you behind bars. They’ll shoot you behind the ear and dump you in a trench.
            Stalinist commies everywhere.

      38. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

        The unborn have no voice?

      39. Nothing that anyone in government does, Supreme Court included, has any legitimate basis to it whatsoever. My rights come from God, not from some manmade government, and THEY’RE NOT PRIVELEGES! To me, this latest ruling is null and void just like all the others. the entire system will collapse; only a matter of time. What is a judge? A corrupt attorney in a black robe who thinks he or she is God. Even judges will one day stand before God and have “judgment” passed upon them! braveheart

      40. Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.

      41. Now the regime is returning to the “his silence condemns him” rule of jurisprudence. Sir Thomas More, the illustrious English victim of this legal “principle” during the reign of Henry VIII, must be laughing in his grave.

        Torture is now enshrined as a legitimate investigative tool in ZOG Amerika, and thanks to Senator Carl Levin’s NDAA of 2012, we have had the right of Habeas Corpus (which was enshrined in English law since 1215 and carried over into American law) stripped from us. What’s next — the slaughter of our first born?

        • ” the slaughter of our first born?”

          that’s already been going all these made up wars

      42. I’m a recovering prepper. I realize God is not the author of fear. He does not give a spirit of fear. This culture today is based on fear. We have a job to do and it is to get God’s word out. When God sent the apostles out he told them not to take money or extra clothing. He tells us not to put gold and silver back but to put our treasures in heaven. Many quote about Noah who was told by God to build an ark. God never spoke to me about stockpiling stuff up. If we want to survive we have to put God first and He will give us what we need as we need it. A simple question I ask myself is how is my relationship with God. If it is great and you feel like you need to do these things then do them. If not put God first and He will take care of all your needs. We have to walk with Him. This battle is not ours but belongs to the Lord. He told us what would happen so we would not be dismayed when it comes about. I struggle with this because its in our faces every day but He tells us to think on these things…Phil 4:8 whatsover is good..etc. Anyway brothers get right with God and He will guide you. Don’t give way to fear. God tells us some will hide in the forests and disease will kill them. Some will hide in the cities and war will kill them. Only God will bring you through.

        • Mordacai…read carefully.
          I Timothy 5:8
          Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

          I’m trusting in my Creator…and His word through Paul.

          • Your right, however, it also says to seek ye first the kingdom of God. God brought famines and pestilence on the people when they disobeyed. He says not to lay up gold and silver but put your treasures in heaven (one that we often ignore) . The verse your talking about is about lazy people. He says don’t worry about what you will eat or what you will put on. He said when He returns will He find faith on earth. We are allowing fear of future events to control us. He punished David when He numbered his army because he was being self reliant. God says this battle belongs to Him. Matt 6:33 says that if we seek first the Kingdom of God all our needs will be provided. We cannot take one verse out of context and ignore what Christ is teaching us. He will get the glory for defeating this beast. They will pray that their bunkers will fall on them. If prepping is taking up your time with God it is a problem.

            • I don’t mean to sound like I got it together. I am a recovering prepper. What I realized is you are always chasing something. Do you have enough medicine if the flu hits, do you have enough food. Must always learn new things about trapping. Where is a safe place to go. How can I take care of everything. Can I trust these people not to steal my stuff. Where should I live? I do not believe this is what God wants our minds centered on. He told us what was going to happen so we would not be dismayed when it comes to pass. Not because He wants us to be consumed with getting ready for it. He is a Father that provides for His children. He wants us to tell people about it and how to escape it. What about all the old widows and elderly? Can we take care of all them. I realize that its hard for me to stand by when all this is coming about. However I believe that I must focus on what He tells me to do which is to get His gospel out. God does not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Anyways as I said I struggle with these things and as a 19 year sober recovering alcoholic I realize that this steals the fruits of the spirit…love,joy,peace….from my mind. Phil 4:8 says to think on these things..whatsover is good..etc. I right this because it helps me also.

              • @mordacai
                i know a lot of us are wondering so i’ll ask the question… i am curious whether you have children or grand children who are counting on you for their well being???

                • yes, I have a farm and grand children who love video games. Spent lots of time taking them camping and trying to teach them. Now some are getting into drugs, sex, etc. I spent a lot of time teaching them about God but today their is so much so called entertainment. Lots of my time was wasted looking for what may happen in the future that I realized it stold away the joy of today. God meant for us to have life abundantly, to give us the desires of our heart. I always believed God but never really trusted that He would take care of me. I get so angry at the injustices but I keep reminding myself we will not stop this. God said it was going to happen and it will. Worry about kids is a choice. We either exercise faith or we exercise worry and fear.

                  • @mordacai
                    i have read your responses and thank you for your honesty and faith…i believe in a supreme being but i don’t have the level of faith that you do…there is just so much evil out there and i have a difficult time with the “everything that happens is gods plan”…if i don’t do everything that i can possibly do to protect and provide for those who are under my care i couldn’t live with myself, yes it may all fall apart anyway but as long as i know that i did all that i could i will go out at peace with myself…please pray for all the children.

              • One more thing, when you quoted Paul don’t forget that this is the same man who was beaten and left for dead 3 times..shipwrecked, etc and kept right on preaching the gospel. He even converted his jailer. “He that seeks to save his life shall lose it but he looses his life shall save it.” Paul’s life was not spent in trying to find a way to hide out and survive or to wage war with mankind but in doing the work of God.

                • True story…A lady in England Worldwar2 had to go down with the rest of the townspeople when the air sirens went off and the bombing started. She had to drag all her kids down there. After about a week she didn’t go down. Some of the people from the shelter came and asked her what had happened. She told them she had a God who said he didn’t slumber or sleep. So if He was awake worrying about it why should she be. About a week later the town was bombed again and almost all the houses were destroyed…Her house received no damage.

              • I don’t mean to sound like I got it together. I am a recovering prepper. What I realized is you are always chasing something.
                {Then you were doing it wrong!!}
                Do you have enough medicine if the flu hits,
                {Some is better than none}
                do you have enough food.
                {Yes, calculated is better than guessing!!}
                Must always learn new things about trapping. Where is a safe place to go. How can I take care of everything. Can I trust these people not to steal my stuff. Where should I live?
                I do not believe this is what God wants our minds centered on.
                {Oh, yes, he does–he wants us safe and gives us responsibility to keep our loved ones’s called ‘free will’}
                He told us what was going to happen so we would not be dismayed when it comes to pass.
                {Luke 21…read it daily. Yep, it’s coming, but I am not gonna sit down and die till He takes me, not some jack-leg thug on steroids!}
                Not because He wants us to be consumed with getting ready for it. He is a Father that provides for His children.
                He wants us to tell people about it and how to escape it.
                {And that’s what this fine site is doing..praising Him AND sharing the prepared message with the scripture. We may not all go with the first round of fire, man.}
                What about all the old widows and elderly? Can we take care of all them.
                {Nope, but I can make a difference with just one and pray that effort is multiplied by millions!!}
                I realize that its hard for me to stand by when all this is coming about. However I believe that I must focus on what
                He tells me to do which is to get His gospel out.
                {Amen..and so we speak here our way, the prepper way. Never, ever, have I felt consumed with prepping to the point of forgetting my Creator and acknowledging every day His love, generosity, His grace.}
                God does not give us a spirit of fear but of a sound mind. Anyways as I said I struggle with these things and as a 19 year sober recovering alcoholic I realize that this steals the fruits of the spirit…love,joy,peace….from my mind. Phil 4:8 says to think on these things..whatsover is good..etc. I right this because it helps me also.
                JayJay says …rant over!!

              • I agree Mordacai. I was given a verse about how there is no fear in GOD the other day. I don’t have it now but its posted on my fridge. We can value our preps and put our trust in GOD. I have 4 tires on my truck but I still carry a spare. There is a balance we need to keep and never get proud or boastful in our prepping because through it all; GODS still in control. Remember when JESUS said

                25″Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes?

                26″Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

                27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

                28And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.
                29Yet I tell you that not even Solomon in all his splendor was dressed like one of these.

                30If that is how God clothes the grass of the field, which is here today and tomorrow is thrown into the fire, will He not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?

                31″So do not worry, saying, `What shall we eat?’ or `What shall we drink?’ or `What shall we wear?’

                32For the pagans run after all these things, and your heavenly Father knows that you need them.

                33But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

                34Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

            • I believe you IF referring to End Times. I don’t believe this is that point for human kind this go round. It may seem like it, but I don’t believe we are there yet. Humans have centuries to continue cycling thru good and bad. This coaster is just up at the top on the hill for the US. It will come down, many will die, but hopefully those that prepared will weather thru. I believe in equal parts prep and prayer brother.

            • Mordacai–I admit.
              My faith is lacking.
              I ain’t gonna sit around and wait for Jesus to perform the loaves and fishes miracle.
              Sorry. Believer here that was taught do for yourself what you can do and let God handle those things bigger that need handling.
              My duty and JOB is to feed my family.
              Out of context you say?? I don’t think so..if it is for the lazy, as you say…then I’m right in line with the scripture, cause I ain’t that!! 🙂

              • JayJay, you can increase your level of faith
                By Jude 20. It works!!

                Keep preppin’

                • I do believe faith comes with doing.
                  17 Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

                  My faith is accompanied with works..I provide food and supplies for my family with those prayers.
                  I agree with gonetoolong’s post.

                  • I just wanted to say once again that you cannot pull scripture out of context. James says just 2 verses before this If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? A few verses later he says believeing in God is not enough. Even Satan and the angels believe. Just a question to think about… Am I holding back from helping people in need. Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction… Are we doing this?

              • One thing I look at is that at the end people run to and fro. Saying Christ is over there, etc. They are full of fear. God says don’t be dismayed. There will be wars and rumors of wars. Earthquakes in different place. All this is the beginning of sorrows. The end is not yet. Nation will rise against nation…etc I’m just saying there is no end to preparing for all the events that may happen. My guess is they will release ticks and mosquitos with new diseases that only they will have the antibiotics. Without a close relationship with God antibiotics will useless. God talks about 10 virgins waiting on his return. Only 5 had oil in there lamps. He told the other 5 to go out and do business to get the oil. The doors were closed. Now is the time to get oil in our lamps. He says faith comes by hereing (reading your bible). When we end up running too and fro preparing , bible study, prayer can easily fall by the wayside. Prepping has now become our religion and is placed as a priority above God. Somehow we think we can draw close to God when we are surviving and our lamps have become empty. This is a false idol. Self reliance has to be crushed out of us to make room for God reliance. Nothing wrong to have things back. I’m just saying that we must be willing to sacrifice our lives for what is right not plan on hiding out and surviving. If we gain our lives and lose salvation what good is it. When I, myself, draw close to God prepping becomes as foolishness. Today many preppers are searching scriptures to make it O.k. We have to read the bible to be taught by it not to prove what we want it to say. The hardest thing to do is to follow and trust God. My nature wants to be in control and to be self reliant…kind of like Conan when he prayed to his God and said help me but if you don’t to hell with you. If this is are underlying attitude you prep in vain. Fill you lamps with oil first. Seek you the kingdom first then all else will be added unto you.

                • He spoke a parable to them, saying, “The ground of a certain rich man brought forth abundantly. He reasoned within himself, saying, ‘What will I do, because I don’t have room to store my crops?’ He said, ‘This is what I will do. I will pull down my barns, and build bigger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. I will tell my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years. Take your ease, eat, drink, be merry.”‘

                  “But God said to him, ‘You foolish one, tonight your soul is required of you. The things which you have prepared—whose will they be?’ So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.

                  • Oldman, I’m not full of faith. I’m just saying that its what we choose to exercise and what we focus on. When Peter took his eyes off of Christ and focused on the waves he started to sink. Things are going to get much, much worse. The disciples got really fearful when the storm arose even though Christ was sleeping with them in the boat. I was an alcoholic, drug addict rough and tough treeman for years. Got cleaned up. God blessed me abundantly. After awhile I didn’t know really what to do with all that I had which includes a farm and 4 rental properties. Prepping became a way of life. I continued to read about all the threats. Worked out strategies to fight through. Got a disease that was life ending. Spent lots of money with doctors and finally gave up and sought God with my whole heart. Was healed completely. I realize God will keep us here as long as He wants to use us for His service. If we are just planning on surviving and taking care of our own we are not showing interest in His work and His plan. This is useless. Think about when you started prepping. What were your goals. 3 months food supply for 4 becomes 1 year supply for 6. It causes us always to focus on ourselves, our families, our children. It causes us to grow in fear as we see the enemy and the evil grow. I was not growing closer to God who had always taken care of me but was becoming self reliant. You will never be prepped enough. In the mean time life goes on and the opportunities to serve God our passed by. Your money and time is spent on yourself and family and you become like the police as far as you trust no one. The opposite of fear is love. Perfect love casts out fear. Love is always focused on others. How can I help my neighbor to have a more abundant life..How can I help the children to know God. Anyways I did a lot of this today because I often struggle with taking my eyes off of Christ and focusing on the storm ahead. By writing these things I remind myself.

        • Mordacai, make sure you have plenty of Acts 13:52!!!!

      43. It’s unfortunate and dangerous that today’s legislators seem to have no concept as to the seriousness and binding nature of an oath made before God and man to protect and uphold the Constitution.

        Most of them, with certain outstanding exceptions, seem to think a man’s word means nothing. They have been lying and have been lied to for so long the truth is an anathema to them.

        They cannot recognize truth and will not recognize an honest man.

        They no longer see themselves as servants but as rulers of poor ignorant people who cannot admit what is right for themselves and who would be as lost lambs if they were not shepherded by powerful leaders.

        Keep the FAITH

        • Quoting Supreme Court Justice Brandeis here,

          “Our government teaches people by example. If the government becomes the lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for law; it invites every man to become a law unto himself; it invites anarchy.”

          -Louis Brandeis

          Stand by for Anarchy…in 5…4…3…2…1..

      44. It is clear the Supremes have been taken by body snatchers. We have nothing but parrots up there.

      45. Wow–Just like trekker I am totally confused
        Saying nothing now means you said something??
        HUH!! WHAT!!..5TH has been turned upside down.

        • Upside down. The new status quo. I think I will go punch some holes in my umbrella. That would makes perfect sense these days. WTF is wrong with people now? Am I in the twilight zone?

        • Thanks Neo…does that mean my old rubber stamp is no longer valid?


        • It won’t be so much about numbers when it hits. It will be about precision targeting that makes the difference. Cutting the heads off of the snakes. The sheep LEOs often are only following orders with gang mentality. They will lose willpower when the actual order givers disappear.

      47. God i hate liberals…

      48. Fuck Arabs, Muslims’, Jews the United States hoodlums and the Canadian politicians who have been caught on the take….people need to revolt drag the MF on to the street and hang the bastards along with the corporate
        assholes like Google, Monsanto, plus all the Finance, Banks that rob us blind daily get rid of Income tax and the Central Cartel Banks of London, …..

        • Eventually it will take place.

      49. Harry, I don’t care what you say about Jones since I’m now skeptical of him myself, but you back your ass off from Daisy Luther. SHE IS THE REAL DEAL AND HAS A WHOLE COMMUNITY ON THIS SITE THAT WILL STAND UP FOR HER, SO YOU GO F#$% YOURSELF! Mac, we’ve got another troll; a new dog has peed on the carpet. braveheart

        • @Braveheart, YouR a Gosh Dam FLIP FLOPPER dude! I mean,… are you “BANGIN” Daisy or somthin ??? EverytIme she opens her mouth its supposed to be THE GOSPEL or some shit. She’s not even a fellow contrymen and always tryin to tell us what the fucks up as if we didnt already know. Isay you and her need to either shack up in Canada and worry about Polar Bears oooooooooooooooor move to Cuba a roll some friggen Cigars and shuuut the Everlivn Ferk up !

        • And for the amount of reader. The response really is they do not care.

          We don’t need a private form no one really read us down here.

          And it saves mac a lot of $ for internet fees.

      50. Calling Principal Mac! Calling Principal Mac! 2 kids, FBP and NinaO, need to be taken to the woodshed! That is all!

        • This is not me nor Nina.

          This is more who have had enough of her Im righteous attitude. At least she in it for the money now. Now she starting to fit in.

          • You know Facebook page….1)your sentence structure is atrocious, 2)apparently, you’ve never heard of contractions-example “she’s” meaning “she is”, 3)Instead of using a demonstrative adjective “that”, you use “this” which can either be used as a pronoun or adjective, but is an extremely cumbersome usage in your sentence, & 4)I’ve never gotten the impression that Daisy has an “I’m righteous attitude”! She comes across in her articles and blog as a very down-to-earth person.

        • Thats just GREAT,…….!Now Braveheart is the fukin internet Nazi POLIZI ! Nice Job Mac……does the clown get a 401K being a guard dog ?

      51. I don’t understand why anyone is surprised considering all the tyrannical actions of the US Government these past years.

        The Supremeo’s are on the same payroll as the Legislative and Executive Branches. Their checks are issued by the United States Treasury and that my friends are who they are beholden to. Their power over us also lends to certain fringe benefits from our friendly global corporate entities.

        All thinking otherwise are lemmings in a cage.

        Who ever holds the purse strings of a nation cares less of it’s laws or something along that line.

        Wanna stop this? Get rid of the FED, repeal the 16th and 17th, All payments for the Legislative branches come from their respective state treasuries and the Supremeo’s payroll will be split among the states.

        Otherwise, the beatings will continue! And as is painfully obvious we have a uncontrolled government.

        Will this happen? No! Mainly because we have been programmed to follow their laws and play by their rules. As soon as the Supremeo’s rubber stamp it we drop it and go on to another useless battle. Yea,,, fight within a system that is constantly changing the rules in their favor. Good luck!

        The constitution is the Supreme Law of the land and no one including the Supremeo’s are allowed to usurp it. This is called high treason not to mention abuse of office.

        Any law or treaty not compliance with the constitution is not law and the treaty is invalid.

        Of course this is all happy talk until we as a people say “enough,,, cease and desist”!

      52. Standing by in Pennsylvania…Is it time yet?

        • 🙂


      53. but this dont apply to government scumbags working for the liberal extremist democratic party. these people have and are following the communist manifesto to a tea. wake up people the entire structure has been subverted and only patriots can remove the scum from the nation.

      54. The Constitution lives only in the hearts of those whom believe in it, abide by it and are willing to defend it.

        We are simply outnumbered.

      55. It is a sad truism that most people will do anything to keep that paycheck coming. Example: these cops. Also the group of people that certified Flight 800 as a fuel tank explosion (while their paychecks were threatened by gov). Now that they are retired, all of a sudden they grew a conscience and are ready to tell the truth. F them. The mind conditioning that gov is pressing on the police is obviously working and they see conservatives as their bitter enemy now.Obama will probably soon appoint a “Czar of Propaganda”. We now have no one, maybe with the exception of Rand Paul, who has the balls to fight for us. Find a militia group and go to all the meetings. Thats the only thing that seems appropriate at this stage of the revolution which is coming.

        • militia groups are full of commies from the alphabet soup groups. Join and be gulaged.

      56. Looks like Lois Lerner made the deadline

      57. Hello Daisy.
        First off, it is a good article and enjoyed reading it.
        Can’t help to think that both the Bill of Rights and the Ten Commandments are being ridden into the ditch. Over powered by Political Correctness and Materialism. Our country has lost its rudder and is dangerously close to the shoals of despotism. Those whom have placed themselves on high pedestals will in the end, be victims of their own misguided decisions, to please a corrupt populace. Most of us will never hear their cries for justice in courts that deliver tyranny, for we will be long gone by their hands. Damn them all!
        The Light of Liberty became dimmer today.

      58. So the lesson is people; Prepare to die for your God given personal liberties! Prepare to decide to fight back with LETHAL FORCE if your attempted to be questioned or stopped by ANY “authority figure.” The police are just mercenaries now for their banking masters & the courts are rigged in favor of the elite only! LIVE FREE OR DIE TRYING! Justice & Rule of Law is DEAD, DEAD, DEAD!

      59. Welcome to NAZI Germany, YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS…

      60. Early in my career I was a paralegal to two public defenders in a large western city. A few weeks on the job I met one of the senior judges. He said something that was wise and funny at the same time.

        “An ambitious prosecutor can convict a ham sandwich. Don’t talk to the police.”

        As an anarchist I think it’s debatable the wisdom of “you have to identify yourself.” Government isn’t your friend and neither are the police. Especially if you didn’t call them, they aren’t speaking to you to be social.

        ANY information, no matter how innocuous, added to other information they have or may obtain, from you or anyone else, can be used to make a case against you.

        Clam up as though you are a downed pilot in the hands of the Gestapo. Because you are.

        If you must say something, tell them to go F themselves.

        He didn’t say a thing, your honor. Wouldn’t even tell us his name and address. Therefore we know he did it. Makes naked their totalitarian agenda.

        The police happen upon very few crimes in progress. Far more often naive people talk their way into prison.

        Act as though you are a prisoner of war. Because you are.

      61. 9-11-01 and 6-22-13 Terrorism Foretold in Simpsons and other shows?

        “found numerous references to 6/22/13 terror attacks in the current TV shows “Revolution” and “Defiance”…”

        The Daily Sheeple

      62. World Food Prize awarded to MONSANTO scientist who created genetically modified crops…

        Drudge Report

        • white(good) is black(evil)

          black(evil) is white(good)

          in zog amerika .

          N.O. ;0p

      63. another alternative news reporter ‘Breitbarted’ by the ZOG’s NSACIAFBIMOSSAD black budget domestic assassin squad .

        Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash – “It sounded like a bomb went off” – Currently Was Working On CIA And NSA Story.. – See more at:

        it was a ZOG CAR BOMB that killed him .

        N.O. ;0p

      64. Ahhh, another DELIGHTFUL day!

        Dow down 210 pts,
        NASDAQ and S&P down similar percentages
        GOLD down to $1349!!
        Bond Market getting Jack-Slapped.

        I’ll BET that that is going to have an ‘effect’ on JPM’s ‘Eligible vs Certified’ ratio in thier big bad Ol vault across from the NY FED…For those of you who don’t recognize the pattern here, allow me. GOLD falling when all else is falling – under these circumstances – suggest that a WHOLE bunch of People who were deep in the market are HAVING TO RESORT TO selling GOLD to cover thier shorts (or alternately, their ASS’S)…they’re getting murdered today. How do we know this? Simple, the ‘Margin Debt’ was reported a few days ago to be at the highest level EVER seen: Translation: that’s debt where people have taken out loans (of one sort or another) in order to ‘invest’ in the market. Here that is now at 326 BILLION dollars. Ho Ho Ho….the irony here is STRONG!

        For all those poor guys out there today losing your shirts, I have only one thing to say,

        YOU are the cause of yor OWN misery….the demon GREED owns your ass’s…and it will NEVER let go! As you have striven to enrich yourself without care or concern for the dignity of your fellows soon you will be reduced to EXACTLY that.

        Welcome to the ‘Poor side of the tracks’!

        Hahahahaaaaa…only NOW do you begin to see what the outcome will be. If it isn’t obvious just yet, let me be explicit here: No one will have ANY sympathy for you… or yours…when this all wraps up…NONE at all. Your PRIDE will be broken…What will you have then, Hmmm? Nothing…nothing at all. Oh the horror at having to LIVE just like the rest of us ‘low-life’s’ that you so despise so much and so publically.

        Indeed, “Revenge is a dish best served COLD.”

        Feeling Chilled yet?

        For the rest of you here this is the way of it: The FED knows that the ‘cat is almost out of the bag’ they are just a teeny-weeny bit away from FINAL loss of control of the system…and they are TERRIFIED of what will now come. Let THAT be your ‘Happy thought’ for the day Citizen’s…it woun’t be long now, the ‘waiting’ is ALMOST over.

        • MeyBeSo,

          I am delighted that you put some light on this situation, especially covering their shorts with the sale of their GOLD.

          The only thing I found wrong in your statement is the expression of your delight – “Hahahahaaaaa…” it needs just a few more ha ha has….added

          Y’all Beware! Very well said, especially the last paragraph.

      65. here’s another true story for ya

        during the Crusades

        the “Christian” crusaders

        attacked,looted,pillaged and destroyed Constantinopole

        a “Christian” city

        thousands were slaughtered

      66. oh this is gonna get good

        Were the people on TWA FLIGHT 800 killed by their government?

        there are as many holes this government story
        as there are for 9-11

      67. Something people within 200 miles of the Long Valley Caldera should be very concerned about. Check out all the activity here.

        This area is capable of a Volcanic Explosive Index VEI of high 6 to low 7 range. Tambora in 1815 blew and was a 7 and caused the little ice age for the planet. This activity could be the indication also that the San Andreas is getting ready to go off, or maybe even the Owens Valley fault of smaller faults in the radius of about 300 miles out. I used the 200 mile radius as a guide to say that those within 200 miles of a VEI 7 volcano going off are likely going to be covered in AT least 2 feet of ash.

        Ash is extremely heavy and is pulverized rock. 1 inch on a house roof causes it to collapse. Scratched car windows like no tomorrow. It can kill people breathing this in as it gets into the lungs and bronchial branches and acts like cement and suffocates a person. This is something to certainly keep an eye on as there is a lot of precursor quake activity all over the place indicating something quite large is coming.

      68. 1:
        A law school professor and former criminal defense attorney tells you why you should never agree to be interviewed by the police.

        Law prof. and cop agree: never ever ever ever ever ever ever talk to the cops about a crime, even if you’re innocent

      69. off topic.

        This article about who in the global plantation is going to win the race to the bottom made me laugh, for a minute. Then I became really concerned.

        Human rights are being consigned to the dustbin of history the world over, and a new age of feudal dictatorship is being foisted upon us all. For a while there the US was a beacon of hope globally for those who just wish to be left alone to earn an honest living for their families in peace.

        The authoritarian instincts of the jobsworths, the loony left, religious fanatics etc are being used against us all by a pyschopathic elite. Worse still those elected tax payer funded public offices both in Europe and the US which once facillitated the protections against tyranny for the ordinary man, have instead been filled by the worst kind of Yes man.

        Yellow bellied, self-serving corrupt cowards more interested in lining their own pockets than doing their jobs. Even at the cost of their own Grandchildren’s freedom.

        Once they have served their purpose they and their families will be cast off by the elite to toil for starvation wages just the same as the rest of us. It is only the greed of the “Yes Man” that blinds him to this truth. (For evidence of this one need only look at the ever increasing list of once “powerful” puppet dictators who once their purpose was served, were subjected to regime change).

        Supreme Court Judges and the President are examples of public office that have been reduced from protectors of the free world to that of mere puppet repeaters of the elite meme.

        • You are absolutely correct. The politicians and new money folks only think they are the elite when doing the old money elites bidding.. A line from a B movie sums it up best– You can only serve the elite but as hard as you try you will never be one of them..

          In the end- they will be tossed out like yesterday’s trash, only then will they perhaps realize they have sold their own progeny into bondage.

          As a side note– did anyone catch they spike up in the 10 year? From 1.6 to 2.3 in a little over 2-3 weeks time.. Be interesting to see if the DYX will go down.. Na, the was article this morning discussing the newly brewing scandal in the FOREX market with currency manipulation. Well they manipulate everything else- LIBOR, commodities.

          Sudden moves in the bond market bear watching as the vast majority of outstanding derivatives are interest rate instruments– IRS (swaps, etc.)

      70. If you do not specifically RESERVE ALL OF YOUR RIGHTS, in the eyes of the court you have already been deemed to have WAIVED them. If you are called to testify and feel that you might be incriminated in any way, specifically tell the court – loud enough for the judge and the court reporter to hear it- that you specifically reserve all of your rights and waive none. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2013 is another way of saying it in writing.

      71. When does something happen? Do we all just sit around and let them keep striping all our rights away? It doesn’t seem like there will be a definitive ‘push back’. Does anyone see an end to all this? Last election proved we cant vote them out…

      72. Are conspiracy theorists who say TWA flight 800 was shot down right? Filmmakers claim jet that crashed over Long Island killing 230 was hit by explosions OUTSIDE aircraft

        TWA 800 was shot down by accident during a live-fire test of the US Navy’s Aegis-CEC system. This was not the first time there had been problems, as an earlier version of the same system had shot down an Iranian passenger jet in 1988. ~ mike rivero @whatreallyhappened dot com

      73. My previous comment (Comment ID: 1810748) is not intended to provide legal counsel since I am not a an accredited attorney having ever been admitted to the BAR (British Accredited Registry). It a layman’s understanding for educational purposes only. Reb

      74. Santiago,Chile

        earthquake 5.7

      75. “In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank.”

        ~ jim stone

      76. When will they change the Flag? From stars and stripes to a rainbow one or obamas rising sun shit WTF

      77. The men in black dresses (Judges) are all bought and paid for these days. I have seen the blatant obviousness of it in federal court myself as they rob honest people of their homes to this day. It’s a shame but we will have to make examples of them with their necks hanging from ropes. That’s what the constitution is for. Checks and balances, and ropes.

      78. Cigarette? Sure we can do that A blindfold? Sorry we voted no on that. U get to see it coming your Supreme Honor & the rest of you liberal puke politicians. OUR PLEASURE!!!

      79. For any court,council,agency,department,government or lack of any or all of the same and in any jurisdiction,territory,district,state or place of land sea and air here is a deceleration of my own personal purpose,intent,statement of faith and guarantee of sovereignty and individuality of defense protected under the first amendment. I Matthew T Mayberry age 42 currently but not limited to the sovereign state of Maine and citizen of United States of America hereby chooses to remain silent and plea the fifth amendment whenever and wherever in cyberspace or in real life while court is in session or when it is not,except wherever,whenever and however I have or may have posted on comments,commented by writing including but not limited to with or without my signature or digital signature,typing,sign language or hieroglyphics,emails,phone calls,texts,spoke,chatted or prayed whether it be by myself and in connection or conjunction with the Holy Spirit or not.

        This disclosure and Deceleration is in effect before I was born and even while I was in my mothers womb through all my life and into through my death until I be reunited completely and fully to my Maker and Savior Jesus Christ and also while Christ and His Millial reign and Kingdom on earth exists should I be with Him in body or spirit with my own body and feet on earth or not.
        This disclosure and Deceleration is in no way to trump the Christ in the person of the Father Son and Holy Spirit but is to be recognized buy and through if need be any who do not recognize nor respect His Kingdom,Government and or Rule of all things in heaven and on earth.

      80. Try invoking your 5th Amendment right with the I.R.S. Good luck.

      81. I hate to say it but The Supreme Court was right in this decision. Until you are placed under arrest you have to annouce your desire to use your fifth amendment rights. The fifth amendment is there to protect you once criminal proceedings have commenced, not before. Since he was working with the police in a consentual interview, the fifth amendment did not apply. So its best to say that if the police want to talk to you let them do it through your lawyer.

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