Bureau of Labor Statistics New “Twofer” Employment Model

by | Dec 7, 2009 | Headline News, Tom of the North

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    Tom of the North at Outside the (Cardboard) Box writes a humorous piece on an employment model he calls the “Twofer.”

    In light of recent reports about the manipulation of global warming data to push through trillion dollar agendas and mandates, the “Twofer” model, or a derivative thereof, may very well be in use to manipulate our (un)employment rate.

    BLS Said To Be Using New Data Adjustment Model:

    In fact, the data showed that many workers had numerous, low hour positions. “As the data was drilled, it became apparent that people were taking all sorts of work. A few hours here, ten hours there, a day spent working somewhere else. All of a sudden, instead of one lost job, we were showing a net gain of four or five jobs in a surprising percentage of cases.”

    Thus the Twofer Model was born. ”Twofer” derives from the average minimum net gain of two jobs for each full time job lost. Applying the Twofer Model, BLS could now count each part time and/or occasional position as equal to a full time position.

    “Previously, we counted a Squeegee Guy as an Independent Contractor. This would benefit the Birth/Death model with respect to Small Business creation but would generate only one job. But now, looking at the data with fresh eyes, we count each vehicle as a separate position. The negative impact to small business creation has been negligible, but the job creation has been nothing short of astounding! The upcoming data sets should validate Administration policies as the highest employment rate in the history of the Universe emerges.”

    Read the full article: BLS Said To Be Using New Data Adjustment Model


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