Bulls Eye: Smith and Wesson Sales Sky Rocket: “We Are At Maximum Capacity”

by | Jun 26, 2013 | Headline News | 308 comments


Economic growth from the first quarter may have just gone boom as American wages collapse and the prospects for jobs continue to deteriorate, but one industry is breaking records without fail every month.

Firearms manufacturer Smith and Wesson reported a 37% increase in sales year-over-year, with President James Debney noting that demand for product isn’t waning and production capacity is the only bottleneck (so, if they had more manufacturing plants, sales would be even higher).

President James Debney:

“…gains over the year were driven by strong consumer demand for our products, which we believe is due to heightened awareness paired with our ability to significantly increase our manufacturing capacity. Full year sales growth of nearly 43% was driven in large part by our increased M&P production. Demand remains strong across our product portfolio…

“While we significantly increased our production capacity in fiscal 2013, we remained capacity constrained as we have in the past five quarters. We plan to continue intelligently increasing capacity in fiscal 2014.

“…Sales for the quarter rose 37.6% year-over-year. Gross margins in the high 30s continue to expand …”

According to the report, Smith and Wesson manufacturing operations are running at maximum capacity.

He may be destroying the broader economy and impoverishing America, but we can’t deny that President Barrack Obama is without a doubt the greatest gun salesman of all time.

gun-sales-obama(Infographic via The Gateway Pundit)

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    1. Action Speaks

      One can have all the pretty stuff on their ar-15. All the lights, scopes, lasers, bells, and whistles. One can look the part I guess. But none of that stuff matters if you’re the first one to get zapped leaving your house. Then some other guy is going to have all those fancy “manly” contraptions.

      • manly contraception

        some gay guy in leather chaps with a wad cutter.

        • Facebook Page



          I purchased a 1000 rounds of ammo laced with bacon and pig grease. Also with Pig Paint so it will help identify them.

          I sent them via my friend that came for the funeral to give out to IDF Soldiers. Not all to one but one here and there. To anyone who wanted one. To put in the mix of all the rounds around.

          So in your honor there could be up to 1000 “Freedom Fighters” Not going to get to their virgins. I even engraved Nina in a box load of the brass.

          You know can say you inspired someone to take a stand and do something about the “Freedom Fighters”.

          • ihatepunks

            I usually dont comment on silly stupidity, but in this case I will…..first of all pig laden bullets DO NOT make a difference….Silly people, they can eat pork IF NECESSARY, so how does a bullet with pork paint preclude paradise? Another silly ‘fear based’ product peddled to the ignorant know nothing-know it all israeli firster masses while enriching the devils who orchestrate chaos….another shining example of american understanding….every wonder why we’re so fucked up? I dont! You are more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist…opps they are the terrorists….lol.

            • Facebook Page

              Nina your info as usual is wrong and taken from some bs internet wannabe.

              Pigs are considered unclean. And a true believer will starve to death before ingesting and pork product.

              You are talking about wannabe muslims in name only. A jihadist does not eat the pig.

              Why do you think when available contractors use pig skins to transport their bounties. Adds insult t0 injury (Death).

            • Facebook Page

              And for I hate punks. I will order 200 sniper rounds so we know they don’t get wasted in firefight.

              I suggest we all start sending small amount of 5.56 to the troops everywhere.

              It supports a Made in the USA company and allows the troops to stay PC, Who will know which round are the meaty ones.

              Only God Will.

              • Paranoid

                Does anyone know how many guns S&W is producing?

      • Brought to you by the Number 13


        13 years illegals become citizens.

        13 years in prison for scribbling anti-bank messages in chalk.

      • OutWest

        I have an Obama rifle.
        It shoots promises and lies,
        and it never runs out of ammo.

        • Gods Creation

          Does it come with a teleprompter shaped scope?

        • JayJay

          Ruger is coming out with a new and intimidating
          pistol in honor of Senators and Congressmen.
          It will be named the “Politician”.

          It doesn’t work — and you can’t fire it.

          • Switzerland

            But somehow if keeps finding its way into your pocket…

        • Butterknife

          There is new ammo for that gun it is called Orwellian double speak and the masses fall for them every time, very effective.

      • watching and waiting

        A wise man speaketh, not so wise men should listen.

        • Mountain Trekker

          W and W, The Superintendent of the division where I once worked, told one of the know-it-alls, that never shut up, Red, shut up! If you talk all the time,you just know what you know, but if you listen, you know what you know, and what the other guy knows. To bad I did’nt learn a lesson from that. Trekker Out.

        • Them Guys

          Speaking of Wise men…Here’s one who Ron Paul Endorsed for Prez from the Constitution Party.

          WHAT DOES JOHN HAGEE REALLY WANT? (Hagee=TV mega church/wolf in sheeps clothes)

          By Chuck Baldwin
          June 27, 2013
          NewsWithViews dot com

          John Hagee, and many other evangelical preachers, constantly beat the war drums. Without ceasing, they encourage America’s political leaders to wage non-stop wars of aggression–especially in the Middle East. They constantly trumpet America’s unconstitutional interventions in the Middle East with terms not unlike those used by militant Muslims. Hagee’s pro-war fanaticism is so extreme one must wonder how much he is being paid by the Israeli lobby. My guess is it’s a bunch.

          Much of this Christian war fever is due to a convoluted interpretation of Scripture–especially prophetic Scripture. While I will leave most of this discussion for another day, let me simply say that whatever God plans to do in regard to the reestablishment of the Davidic Kingdom, it has precious little to do with the atheistic, apostate government currently headquartered in Tel Aviv. And Hagee, himself, teaches apostasy when he declares that Jewish people today have a special covenant with God and do not need to come to faith in Jesus Christ in order to be saved, and when he says that Jesus never even claimed to be Christ (Messiah).

          Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by me.” (John 14:6 KJV) Now, either Jesus or John Hagee told the truth. I’ll take the word of Jesus. Plus, Mr. Hagee apparently forgot Simon Peter’s confession, which Jesus said was due to a revelation from God the Father, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God.” (Matthew 16:16 KJV)

          So, what is it that Hagee and the rest really want? Perpetual war? Total genocide? A global New World Order with the likes of G.W. Bush or Barack Obama at the helm? What do they really want? Do they really have such an inflated view of themselves that they truly believe that they are going to manipulate what God does or doesn’t do regarding the fulfillment of end time events? Is God their servant? Is God Israel’s servant? Is God America’s servant? Balderdash! God is no man’s (or country’s) servant.

          I wonder what these warmonger-preachers think about all the “blowback” from these illegal and immoral wars of aggression that G.W. Bush (and now Barack Obama) has led us into. Not only are these wars provoking people all over the world against us and doing more to recruit volunteers for militant extremists in the Middle East than anything Al Qaeda could do on their own, they are having catastrophic results on missionary work.

          Now think this through: these warmongering evangelicals beat the war drums; they encourage the young men from their churches to go off and fight these “holy” wars; they work tirelessly to elect pro-war politicians; and they twist Old Testament Scripture to fit these modern crusades. Then, the politicians whom the warmongers helped elect send the US military to invade, bomb, and kill hundreds of thousands of people, the vast majority of whom are innocent people. After which, these same warmonger-preachers get up in their pulpits and cry and weep about how we need to send missionaries to preach the Gospel to the same people they just got done trying to annihilate.

          Exactly who is it that the missionaries are supposed to reach? The ones lucky enough to escape death and destruction from US bombers and drone attacks, I guess. And exactly what is the message our missionaries are supposed to deliver? “I’m from America, and I’m here to tell you about the love of God.” Oh, that is going to play really well with the loved ones of those family members we just destroyed.

          I’ve had so many missionaries tell me how difficult it is for them to try to minister to people around the world today; and the chief reason is the bully reputation that America has built over the past several decades.

          End of Part-I see Next post for Final Part includes portions of recent Iraq Veteran’s Suicide Letter to parents!

          • Them Guys

            CONTINUED: Part-II RE: Article by Chuck Baldwin…..

            Furthermore, do these warmongering evangelicals really want to deal with the fact that we now have over 23 veterans and active-duty military personnel committing suicide EVERY DAY? That equates to more fighting men dying from self-inflicted wounds than from wounds received in the wars they are asked to fight. This is a first in US history. Is John Hagee interested in why so many of our fighting men are killing themselves?

            Just recently, an Iraq War veteran killed himself and left a sad and compelling suicide-letter explaining why he ended his life. The letter was posted with the family’s permission. This young soldier was engaged in over 400 combat missions as a machine-gunner in the turret of a Humvee. He was also involved in the interrogation of countless Iraqis. In the letter, the soldier said, “The simple truth is this: During my first deployment, I was made to participate in things, the enormity of which is hard to describe. War crimes, crimes against humanity. Though I did not participate willingly, and made what I thought was my best effort to stop these events, there are some things that a person simply can not come back from. I take some pride in that, actually, as to move on in life after being part of such a thing would be the mark of a sociopath in my mind. These things go far beyond what most are even aware of.

            “To force me to do these things and then participate in the ensuing coverup is more than any government has the right to demand. Then, the same government has turned around and abandoned me. They offer no help, and actively block the pursuit of gaining outside help via their corrupt agents at the DEA. Any blame rests with them.”

            The distraught soldier went on to say, “Is it any wonder then that the latest figures show 22 veterans killing themselves each day? That is more veterans than children killed at Sandy Hook, every single day. Where are the huge policy initiatives? Why isn’t the president standing with those families at the state of the union? Perhaps because we were not killed by a single lunatic, but rather by his own system of dehumanization, neglect, and indifference.

            “It leaves us to where all we have to look forward to is constant pain, misery, poverty, and dishonor. I assure you that, when the numbers do finally drop, it will merely be because those who were pushed the farthest are all already dead.

            “And for what? Bush’s religious lunacy? Cheney’s ever growing fortune and that of his corporate friends? Is this what we destroy lives for?”

            See the report and the soldier’s complete suicide-letter:
            (at info wars website / iraq vet kills self/ after ordered commit War Crimes/ cover it up)

            What was the soldier’s lament? He was forced to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity. He was forced by the government to cover up these crimes. His government abandoned him in his hour of need. His pain and guilt was more than he could bear. The soldier’s own words were that his was “Not suicide, but a mercy killing.”

            Mr. Hagee and the rest of you warmongering evangelicals out there, is this soldier’s suicide (and the suicides of over 23 active-duty and military veterans every day) what you had in mind when you beat the drums for America’s undeclared, unconstitutional wars of aggression? This young soldier saw the reality of these wars up close and personal–and he didn’t like what he saw. And don’t try to brush this off by saying it’s always been this way. No it hasn’t! We didn’t have suicides like this during World War I or World War II. Whatever the politics back then was or wasn’t, those were lawfully declared wars in which our men knew what they were fighting for. They went in; they fought; they came home.

            The war we are fighting in the Middle East is now America’s longest war, and there is no end in sight. Bush and Obama have made perpetual war an official US policy. In addition, this “War on Terror” has transformed the American people from citizens into suspects–every last one of us. Military drones by the tens of thousands are, or soon will be, flying over the skies of America. The American citizenry is being spied on relentlessly. Two super spy centers are currently being built: one in southern Utah and one near San Antonio, Texas.

            These super spy centers are designed primarily to spy on the American people. Liberties once protected by the Constitution and Bill of Rights are now publicly and blatantly abused. And evangelicals such as John Hagee say nary a word of protest. Instead, they continue to support and promote this so-called “War on Terror.” At what cost, Mr. Hagee? At what cost?

            Hundreds of thousands of innocents are being killed; animosity against the United States is growing exponentially; in an effort to keep our country at war, our economy is being overburdened and overtaxed to the point of no return; in the name of the “War on Terror,” America is on the verge of becoming a giant police state; we are inciting China and Russia into nuclear war; and America’s military veterans are killing themselves more frequently than are enemy bullets. Is this what you want, Mr. Hagee? Is this really what you want?

            Chuck Baldwin is a syndicated columnist, radio broadcaster, author, and pastor dedicated to preserving the historic principles upon which America was founded. He was the 2008 Presidential candidate for the Constitution Party. He and his wife, Connie, have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Chuck and his family reside in the Flathead Valley of Montana (Links to his own website etc are at main article website Listed at beginning of Part-I )

            • DRD5508

              Them Guys, lengthy but true. The ‘What’ and ‘Why’ questions of both parts are easy to answer. Hagee is a salesman. Remember, he also said ‘the jews didn’t reject Jesus, but Jesus rejected them’.
              Most don’t even realize that with preachers like him(Hagee)they are distroying the fundamentals of Christianity just as the libs are doing to the constitution and America.

      • Ever ready NY

        Totally agree. Those people with accessories valuing more than the rifle itself will more than likely have a harder time of letting go of it when the time comes. As in, sometimes you’re going to have to toss that rifle in the lake so to speak in order to live and fight another day. Don’t get me wrong, all those bells and whistles are definitely cool, but when comes time I doubt most would know what to do when bullets are flying back at them. Truth is most Americans have not seen true hardship, such as the current situation in Syria. Having parents that survived the Vietnam war(south Vietnamese), most of you including myself have not seen or felt real pain and discomfort. So speaking specifically with the tacticool rifles, better learn how to use that thing efficiently, and effectively under duress because a trained fighter with a single shot whatever is more effective than an untrained one with “modern” rifles.

        • Red Leader

          Having a quality red dot sight on your carbine such as an Aimpoint or an Eotech is a major game changer in speed and accuracy as opposed to iron sights. They are especially valuable for those of us whose eyes are getting older.

          The majority of gunfigits take place in low light conditions. The ability to instantly clamp on an AN/PVS-14 NVD behind red dot the sight on your carbine gives you the ability to search for, identify and engage threats at night. This is huge force multiplier that gives you a tremendous advantage in surviving a nighttime engagement.

          These are not tactical toys. They are important tools that will give you the edge over those who are not equipped to your level.

          • Action Speaks

            Completely agree word for word with everything you said red leader. My only concern with people that rely solely on the red light(not saying you) is if the power goes out, the batteries may be hard to come by. So if a person has no clue how to aim using iron sights, then they set themselves up for disaster. Not dissing the technology, just the people that buy everything fancy because it makes the rifle look badass, and not knowing how to fire rounds down range with accuracy without all those things.

            • Dick

              Go trijicon, or other similar light capture models that don’t require batteries. More expensive but my families lives are worth it.

              More importantly TRAIN with what you got. Familiarity and confidence are invaluable in stress filled situations.


          • Cherokee Kid

            And may the “DOT” be with you!

    2. Shootit

      Hornady is running 24/7. They are requiring 50 hour work weeks from their employees. One employee said they were 1 million orders behind.

      My information is a couple months old. I will have to give him a call to see if anything has changed.

      • Kevin2

        Manufactures may be making ammo but it damn sure isn’t getting to the retail establishments. One close friend is a Federal Distributor that was getting five trailer loads and is now getting two in the same time frame. The local Walmart is getting according to the staff 20% of what they were receiving.

        I don’t know how but one plus one is not equaling two. Something isn’t right here.

        • Gopher

          I’ve picked up 400 rounds of 9 mil in the last month and a half at a small town WallyWorld. Ya got to be relentless! I’ve also got 3 extended XDS mags from a small garage store black powder guy. Its out there, just keep lookin’.

        • Smokey

          The stores here have ammo. Reloading components are in stock. It’s getting better. The folks trying to sell all the WalMart ammo at the gun shows are having a real hard time.

        • Mordacai

          After a few more wars there will be plenty of guns and ammo. They will hand it out to the men that our left if you agree to side with them. With this the famines and diseases will run rampant, Most people do not turn to God. Remember that the ones in power are building huge bunkers and stockpiling food. We do not want to become like them. They also are planning on securing their bunkers with lots of security devices. They plan to let the rest of us kill each other off and fight over the scraps. Some of the preppers are doing the exact same thing on a smaller scale. The opposite of fear is love. Fear is only concerned about what will happen to you, to your stuff, to your family; it has no concern for your neighbor. The 2 great commandments are Love towards God, and love your neighbor as yourself. Remember when the lawyer asked Jesus this, it was concerning who would get Eternal life. Then the lawyer asked Him who is my neighbor and Jesus spoke the parable to him about the stranger getting mugged and people passing him by. Fear of man leads to selfishness. Love is always outward. It is concerned more about others than oneself. We need more faith in this time. Faith comes by hearing so reading your bible, church, and lots of prayer. This takes away fear and replaces it with love.

          • Lanny

            Bunkers for the Godless are nothing but tombs…

          • Piper Michael

            Lovely sentiment Mordacai,
            Unfortunately, there are too many here and elsewhere, who are past fear, and fallen down the rabbit hole into outright hatred and paranoia. Americans are not buying guns just to prep or resell, we are buying guns for war.

            There are too many who want it, and many more who see it but don’t want it. Once you’ve seen the elephant, you know, the elephant sees you too, and crushes your soul, and your society. See what war does to vets, and countries, and see the future.

            1+1 is not equal to LOVE.
            God bless

            • Dick

              Powerful comment.
              I would say that many you speak of are not hoping for war.
              I absolutely hope I am prepping futilely.
              The problem is I see the world devolving and we are returning to basic instincts.
              The desire to survive is natural and easy to grasp when things are bad.
              I will not ignore that and put my faith in others.
              I do believe in God but I have more of a this is an experiment view than one way is better than others. In the end I will rely on myself, my family and my community.


              • slingshot


                Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum.

                If you want peace, prepare for war.

        • Paranoid

          I was in Hornaday’s plant in Grand Is a week ago. They sold almost 20 million rds of Centerfire ammo in May. They have bullets but very little ammo.

    3. Guero

      Guns may be going up, but I haven’t actually seen any ammo for sale for the last six months. I keep hearing “We got a shipment in yesterday, but sold out in just a few minutes.”

      • Justice

        Ammo is slowly coming back. Best advise is to get there when the stores open. However some stores are price gouging ! Buttholes ! One store was selling 45 cal 50 rds for $35.00 American ! But careful out there and keep your powder dry !

        • Anonymous

          Soooo….you’re against capitalism. You believe that gun and ammunition dealers should ignore market force scarcity vs demand because….why? As a matter of fact if some were not priced out of the market the products guns and ammo will never again be readily available. Or if the sky fell I guess you’d be the guy handing out free guns and ammo.

      • watching and waiting

        ammunition is coming back on line, these on-line companies have ammuntion

        try the lucky gunner
        try ammo-to-go
        try cheaper than dirt

      • Red Leader

        Try http://www.gunbot.net You can buy ammo as soon as it comes up for sale.

    4. Fed up with Feds

      Well duh, people are sick of the vile this potus has heaped on the “real American” people.
      We know what is coming! 1776
      He will continue to destroy this country as fast as possible,until people finally say what the fuuuu.
      My only wish,is we wake up before its too late to turn back!

      I’m at my point,…anyone else?

      • Dick

        I too am tired.
        Nothing is making sense right now except that our economy is spinning apart faster and faster.
        TPTB can’t ruin us any faster or they would.


        • Fast & Furious GOP

          Graham, McCain, Rubio, Flake and the rest of the Republican Party are working feverishly to fix things! Just keep voting for the GOP and everything will be just like Rush and Hannity and Medved and savage and the rest of the gang promise!

          • islander

            thanks , I feel so much better

          • WOW!

            It is either time to get off your meds or double the dosage!

      • Stinky Steve

        Not until you see the whites of their eyes! Mind you they have body Armour,and most of us don’t. We have a 6″x6″ head shot only! make every round count!

        • Lurker

          You better be getting double-taps into that 6×6.

          If you are relying on a single shot then your target is significantly smaller than 6×6.

        • Kulafarmer

          Body armor wont do much against 300 win mag or heavy 30-06 even, and if it stops the round the poor bastard wont be feelin so good even if he does get back up in less than 10 minutes. Even a good solid hit to the sternum while wearing armor will incapacitate the recipient, AR 15 is nice because you can usually see your hits if the rifle has enough of a barrel and good optics,
          Got SMK?

          • OutWest


            If an armor vest is being worn,
            a shot to the groin / pelvic area
            is as lethal and instantaneous as
            as a lightning bolt.

            • YankeeDoodle

              How about a nice shot to the shins with a 308?

            • yental

              This is the information that needs to be absorbed and “practiced” by those that fully intend to ENGAGE, whether defensively, or offensively. Forget the “center mass” training, and start practicing to HIT neck, face, groin, arms, legs, and any other exposed “target of opportunity”.

              • Eisenkreuz

                Learn where the femoral artery and radial artery are. A person can easily die that way.

            • Wink

              Jaw, Mouth
              Between the eyes
              Groin… Nah…Far be it for someone to ruin their love life.

          • Kaiser Soze

            One in the chest. Two in the head. Just to be sure.

            • Kulafarmer

              Stitch em up with a converted mil spec ar15, even if they live theyll be sol

          • Two Buckets

            Big hunting calibers ie 338,375,416,444, will make good #2 rifles. Good folk leave the emptying 30 rds full auto around corners to the camel jockeys in the middle east. Because at the rate those ammo junkies are burning the stuff you going to need an obama or an oil sheik to keep you supplied & if they aint your supplier why not think out the box and invest in a good lever 4570govt armies have been training & equiping for over 1/2 a century on how to fight against each other with ar’s or akm’s & its made the military complex rich. the 4570 in an unconventional setting is a skirmish winner in the right hands

            • Smokey

              Buddy of mine had a car to scrap, we got it started, then fired two rounds of .416 Rigby into the engine block, engine running, from 40 yards. First round, engine stalled out. Damage was: radiator and fan destroyed, block visibly badly cracked, and other component damage from bullet fragments. The round was flattened to 0.95 inches diameter, with some peripheral chunks coming off to damage other parts. Second round was into the upper engine components. Results were: top manifold cover and six coils destroyed, and bullet penetrated into the vehicle interior and out the trunk exterior. I doubt if the results would have been different if there had been two people in the car seats along the trajectory.

              • Two Buckets

                great story do you remember what bullet you used a reload or factory

                • smokey

                  400 grain Barnes solid, the Cape Buffalo round, reloads to spec, not hotted up.

                • Smokey

                  Technically not reloads, sorry, it was new Hornady brass. You can make your own rounds for $4.25 apiece, vs. $12 apiece for factory ammo. Re-use the brass, cost goes down to just under $2 a round.

          • Red Leader

            Level IV Body Armor plates will stop 30’06 AP rounds.

            Most Kevlar helmets are Level IIIA which only stops handgun rounds.

            The highest level soft body armor is IIIA so unless they they are wearing plates, a rifle will penetrate anything else.

        • Whites of their eyes

          Stinky, That’s racist.

          • troll killer

            Whites of their eyes

            nothing racist about it just means be damn sure there close enough to see what and where your aiming at
            and for gods sake don’t waste ammo make each shot count

            Troll killer

            • Kulafarmer

              That comes from the revolutionary war days i believe, range and accuracy on a smooth bore muzzle loader was all over the place but they could definitely cause mayhem if they were close enough!

          • Stinky Steve

            Oh1 come on now!

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

          BUY a .45-70 Rifle

          it makes the Entire Body a HEAD SHOT .


          • Smokey

            If I win the Lottery there’s a .45-70 Gatling, new-made by Colt, $49,995 at the local gun shop. A serious piece of hardware, that.

            It’s No. 2 on the Lottery List, right after paying off the house, but before the new truck.

        • tumbledown

          aim for the legs then cap em when down

        • AnonLegion

          Aim at the no action zone. It is a small area of the face. It goes from the middle of the brow line ( between the eyes some ppl got fucked up eyebrows or unibrows ) down to if you put your pointer finger directly between your eyes and lay it down your nose, it will be where the first knuckle is. and from center of eye to center of eye. If you shoot 1 shot in this area even if they are pulling the trigger they will go slack and never fire the shot. It is roughly a 1″ to 1-1/2″ box. If the target is wearing body armor and you are flanking aim if you can aim for 3″ to 4″ below their arm pit. ( you will get a heart shot or lung shot. ) it is unprotected. Also there is a 1″ spot off the side of the helmets that will be unprotected if they are wearing a high collar vest. If you see thru a scope a canister with a white stripe at the bottom ( this may have changed since the 90’s ) it is a white phosphorous grenade. shoot it and do not stare at it thru the scope.

          Great things the military teaches our special ops eh?

          One Step Further

    5. Ordinary Average Guy

      COLLECT INVESTORS….time to start up another ammo/firearm company…or at least become a subcontractor to an existing one. Made in the USA…for the USA….make and get them while you can…before TPTB decide its not in your best interest to own one (or more)

      • Anonymous2

        That dude from Asheville, NC on Doomsday Preppers had an AWESOME design. Called it the Joshua I if I remember correctly. AT the prices I’ve seen for weapons, I assume there is a HIGH barrier to entry such as $1M to get a license to manufacture or other something?

        Also, down in SC recently. LArge sporting goods store had ammo: $50/small box. ouch.

      • DRD5508

        OA, then Soros will buy the new company.

        • Ramen Noodle

          And sell it to the Chinese.

          • JayJay

            Yep–seems about right. Bullets for those Smithfield hams.

    6. Patriot One

      That’s a nice increase, but we are gonna need more guns and ammo. We also need ammo prices to come down and quantities to go up in a big was. I think every gun should have a minimum of 2000 rounds to go with it. Once your out of ammo all you really have is a very expensive club.

      I sure wish I could find and afford more ammo!!

      • Smokey

        For the price of a case of .308, you can get into reloading your own.

        • Paranoid

          With what? Last visit they had 32-20 brass, 44-40, and 454. for powder they had 50 cal and shotgun. Did have pistol primers.

    7. Tactical

      IMHO these days, you better research first to see 1- Is your desired caliber even available, 2- can you effort it, before proceeding to purchase the actual gun(s). Not sure about other readers but personally I hate to have pretty looking guns to be safe queens and nothing more. That goes back to the timing of each individuals…..if you bought them on time with enough ammo when they were plenty and at normal prices then you would be much happier person at the range and even when you are sleeping.

    8. 95lbgermank9

      thank you MR president>>>

    9. Be informed

      Whether it is BO or some other reason, people are purchasing ammo and firearms and this is positive. What is uplifting also is that many of these ammo manufacturing sites are right here in the U.S. This means the more purchses of made in the USA firearms products, the more you are helping yourself and your neighbor with more money staying in this country. One extra job at an ammo plant means that this will help create jobs in the community. It use to be one job creates an average of two. Even if this is now one to one, that one on the average that is staying here and not going to the enemy China. The more money made here and spent here will help everyone until the ball falls, which each day seems ominously closer.

        • Smokey

          Good news for a change.

        • Peace on Earth

          OMG! That is too funny!

      • Night breaker

        Yeh I just contributed to that S&W record , model 617 and classic 27 !
        In NJ get them while you can before they pass the new BS laws.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Kevin2

          How long does it take to get a purchase permit in NJ today? I lived there two plus decades ago and can’t imagine going through that process again.

          The 1950s made Smiths pre model number (back when they had names like Combat Masterpiece) we’re works of art. It was a time and day when for most mass produced items, “Made in America” meant it was the best made in the world”. Damn how I wish the clock could be turned back.

      • Someone please tell me asks not

        WHY is China “The Enemy”?

        • Be informed

          @ Someone please tell me asks not. Anyone that aims enough ICBM’s and SBLM’s to turn my home and your home into a moonscape is the enemy. Any country that uses all the money from lost U.S. jobs to build up a military that will be used to kill Americans is the enemy. In reality all governments have become the enemy of the people. I guess the real enemy of everyone right now is TIME, as we are rapidly running out of before…………

          • Prescott

            Be informed: They won’t have to fire a shot at us because they’ve got us by the balls. China hold 8% ($1.2 Trillion) of all U.S. debt. Their economy is very shaky (see my other post) and if they start to fall and see us as threat in any way, all they have to do is dump their holding causing a worldwide panic in the bond market. U.S. bond prices will skyrocket and spending for nearly everything will come to a screeching halt, collapsing our own economy. Bonds are easier, faster, and a lot cleaner than bombs. The Chinese have played us very well.

          • GET INFORMED

            Who has the most nukes and the biggest army?

            The U.S. or China?

            Who has their military in 141 foreign nations?

            The U.S. or China?

            Whose government created tax breaks to outsource the peoples jobs?

            The U.S. or China?

            • Be informed

              @ GET INFORMED. Who has the most nukes? Russia.

              Who has the biggest army? China.

              Who has their military in 141 foreign nations? U.S.

              Whose government created tax breaks to outsource the peoples’ jobs? The Traitors to the enemy, our fearless leaders.

        • Prescott

          Someone please… : They are our competitors (economic & political) and that makes them our “enemy” , sort of. But China has a lot of her own problems. Because of poor farming practices coupled with changes in their weather pattern , they are loosing nearly 1 million acres of farmland a year. They need to import more food every year. It was in the news just yesterday, but they’ve been having problems with riots on and off for years in their western state where ethnic/religious minorities resent the eastern Chinese from coming and taking over. Because of their rapid industrialization, they have some of the worst air and water pollution on the planet that is making millions sick. And NOW as the world’s economy continues to slow, they can’t sell as many goods as they need to keep their new middle class happy and they have hundreds of high rises unoccupied due to overly ambitious construction projects. All of these items together are a recipe for a disastrous collapse. And as anyone who knows, a nation in collapse often lasses out at others. We’d number one or two on their “hit-list”.

      • Mountain Trekker

        BI, yes they are being made here, but as I’ve commented before, I can’t understand why many of these gun companies are still in these anti-gun states. Most of these states have been anti-gun for 40 or 50 years and still these companies stay and bring revenue and tax money into these lousy states. Just to name a couple, S&W is still in Mass. and Springfield Arms is still in Ill. They could move to Pro-Gun states, which I’m sure would make them lucrative deals to get them to come and bring their jobs. Trekker Out. Keep Packen!

        • Indy Colts

          Don’t forget Mossberg is CT

        • Smokey

          Colt, Winchester, and Remington were all in the same valley, I believe. A century of manufacturing before the left took over the states, the skilled workforce is there, the plants are there.

          Could take 10 years to move operations.

          I’ll bet the employees at the factories, their families, and the businesses they keep open with their paychecks know not to vote for the lefties next time around.

    10. Mordacai

      At the end they throw their gold in the streets. Gold has always held value when the world was prospering. It was way to hard to carry your grain, cattle, etc with you so people sold it and transported the gold. Gold will have no value when the land is not prospering. I remember one city in Europe during World War 11, cigeretts became a currency. People would trade them and when they became more abundant people would smoke them, then they became less abundandant and people would trade them again. Right now they are manipulationg the price of gold so they can get it all for themselves. I think it will rise again, however, long term precious medals will fall and only food will be the real currecy. Remember during the civil war, the good for tokens became real popular. Good for 10cents off, etc. Metals were used strickly for weopons. Even copper was taken away and the steel penny came into being.

      • Archivist

        You are confused. There were plenty of coins struck during the Civil War, including copper ones. There were copper 2 cent coins and even 3 cent coins, some nickel and some silver. The steel cents came out during WWII.

        Also, gold always has value. Always had and always will.

        • Mordacai

          That’s what happens when you get old…lol..This is the time the wooden nickles became common also(1930
          s). Point was that gold is a way to store wealth. When there is no food, all currency loses value. History has shown that barter comes into play until a time when peoples needs are met again.

    11. 22. shooter.

      Still can,t buy 22. ammo. It really must be the prefered bullet. Besides that. How about the new ammo prices?!?!

      • Paranoid

        Still buying 22 ammo for $23.09 a brick, including sales tax. Gave my brother 2500, and insurance guy 600. Just keep looking

        • Anonymous

          BULL-DINKY! Prices have not been that cheap for 22 LR since just before the Newtown False Flag Event…if you can find a single box of 500+ rounds for under $40.00 you are lucky. Bullets are the ultimate “investment-grade-precious-metals”

          • Paranoid

            Sory Bud, but that’s what I am paying. Sorry both of your brain cell are fighting each other. Mostly Remington Ammo.

          • Smokey

            $27.95 a brick here for CCI this week. The gougers are ticked off about it, too. Store owner knows who they are and they get a brick a week.

    12. PO'd Patriot

      I’ve been purchasing firearms for over 35 years now. Most have been the hunting type until probably 20 years ago when I started purchasing military weapons. I do enjoy the old ones ( 1917 Enfields, Springfield MIA, M1s, ’03s and 1911s). I always have admired their craftsmanship and finish. I have sold some because I also always felt they were an investment. This year certainly has proven me right. Many thanks ‘Ol Slippery for being such a good little commie and for making it a sellers market. I’ll be keepin’ some though just in case.

      • Them Guys

        PO’d Patriot: What is a Colt Python .357 4in Blued, aprox 1980’s era, Mint cond. Test fired only, worth in todays market IYHO? Thanks in advance if you can answer.

        ps last I looked few months ago it seems prices were about $1800-$2000. If true? I may be selling at least one.

        • Smokey

          LNIB Colt Python, $1650 minimum. Try a Gunbroker auction and see what you get. Don’t forget a reserve. Have several good pictures on your site.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Nickel might bring 1650.00, but I would say that blued would bring around 1400.00 in that condition. But hey I’ve seen some wild bidding on GB lately.

            • Them Guys

              Ok Thanks guys. I think I may try to trade for an Ar, perhaps Rock River arms, or just sell one of my pythons and buy a new ar. Now I am wondering what my LNIB S&W Mod 29’s are worth! One mod 29 44 mag is in the wood case with a couple factory orig tools and has the nicest buleing I ever seen. Nothing beats Older made revolvers and the bludeing jobs they used to do. One guy told me its due to S & W used to let you special order what was called “Bright Blued” or something like that. Whatever the reason it sure is the best blued job I ever seen. Like a Mirror almost.

              I Must think awhile on it as once gone it will be missed. hard to ignore such huge profit margins though as are now posible if you bought awhile ago eh. I do need an AR-15 as I sold the two I had.

              • Two Buckets

                Keep the 29 the 44 is such a versatile bullet its good for so much more than 223, where you going to conceal an ar if you have to go on the move in sight of public all you will become is a magnet for 100s of 223s flying at you, invest in 3-5 speedloaders try be inconspicuous & your well crafted 29 will get you an ar if you will ever need one

              • Two Buckets

                I always try think objectively as possible & a good way to go about choices ask yourself given the same situation & circumstances what gun would Elmer Keith choose? anyhow are modern S&W or any new firearm in anyway manufactured to the same standard & craftsmanship to those made 20 or 30 years ago

              • smokey

                Run .44 Special in that, good shooting.

                • Two Buckets

                  hornady 165gr ftx is accurate & dont have to double tap

    13. y99

      All I can say at this point is that my guns and ammo are out preforming my gold and silver.

      • Mountain Trekker

        y99, that may be true with ammo, but not so with guns. Now that the market is flood with AR’s they’re about like gold, right at this moment. ARs that were selling for $1600 to $1800 a couple of months ago can’t even get a bid at $900 on gunbroker.com. Trekker Out.

        • Paranoid

          Yup; store I lerk at has had AR’s in stock for over 6 weeks, still selling, but never out. Lots of mags, for $14.95 up. Keep trecking

    14. VRF

      Hat tip to yours truely

      maybe i’ll just sit back and stop posting, doesnt seem that Mac pays attention anyways

      • Dick Head

        Neither does anyone else so don’t take it personally.

        • VRF

          yer right, bad night i guess

      • VRF

        Hey sorry ya’ll , didnt mean ta piss anyone off..but in the past 6 or so months Ive posted about breaking stories, some more so big time than this and never even got so much as a mention..

        so , guess it rubs me wrong when I see where others get at least a hat tip.

        go back in the previous thread and you’ll find this one.

        and just to piss you off more, red thimbs dont mean shit to me, really if anything, it means I hit it right when im controversial or go against the grain

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. You are all right in my book. I am still watching the earthquakes and this one on the Reykjanes Ridge, exact spot in 1985, lead to a 8.0 in Chile a few days later. In northern Peru back in 2002. I know something horrible is coming to the South and/or Central American region. I really thought that last month it had reached that threshold, but here we are close to July and still nothing over 7 pointer. This is really bad. I just hope your family has supplies put away and will get to someone safe very quickly when it happens and not hesitate for a moment. I truly believe that some super or near super quake is coming to either Ecuador, Peru, or Mexico. Too many of these precursor quakes point at all 3 of these locations.

          • VRF

            Thanks BI, I think im just venting, the frustration is mounting.., and keeping an eye on the war picture and games, than the earth and mother nature games im flooded with sensory over load..

            thanks for all you do , and keeping us and myself updated on the earth moving issues in Peru and elsewhere

            • CLess

              VRF, I saw your post on the other thread First. Thank-You. It prompted me to take another look at relaoding supplies. (use to load my own in the 80’s)

              My preferred loader is 8 weeks out for delivery.
              Found brass and primers, which was impossible in Feb.
              Found bullets for my “little friends”
              Also my preferred powder is available again.

              Now I just have to get my DH to agree to the orders.


        • OutWest

          VRF— You have everyone’s respect on this site,
          especially me.
          I don’t believe you were intentionally slighted by
          When he has given credit to another poster maybe he
          was having a less hectic day than usual and more time
          to think about it.
          I’ve put myself mentally in Mac’s shoes before, and
          honestly, I don’t know how in hell he pulls it off.
          But that aside, I want to let you know that you are
          an appreciated and valued contributor to the rank and
          file of this site and I’m sure to the editor as well.
          As for my part, a big hats off to you, Sir. Thanks.

          • VRF

            thanks for paying attention, to be honest, thats all that really matters to me, and your right, he’s got his hands full for sure

            • Former Cal Girl

              VRF hang in there, I appreciate your posts.

      • Silly rabbit

        VRF, I dont think the thumbs were ment to be Negative Response…You do good leg work on here

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

        @VRF … chill dude @mac does care for you All … mac and crew are very busy working trying to make a living to support their own families households on multiple projects that barely pay the light bill . no one gets rich doing what they do . give em’ some slack please . And PLEASE be happy they care enough to allow us all to post here our own thoughts as we do daily free of censoring unlike most websites . THANK YOU .

        N.O. ;0p

      • admin

        VRF, thanks for the link man! My apologies for failing the hattip here. I totally dropped the ball.

        Belated VRF hattip added!

      • Paranoid

        Is that anything like: “Nobody likes me. evrybody hates me; I’m going into the garden to eat worms”?

    15. Watchman

      People we have but one box left, we all know which one that is. SCOTUS today sealed our fate. As far as I’m concerned: STICK A FORK IN US, BECAUSE WE ARE DONE. If he hasn’t turned his back on us, GOD will surely do it now. Time to go to ground; the bunker door is going shut at this adobe, soon very soon.

      Keep the FAITH (III)

      • Sigi

        The SCOTUS decision on Prop 8 was definitely a strike against government for, by, and of the people. It basically found that we have no legal standing of our own; the state must fight for us or we cannot come into their chamber. The professional politicians have been elevated to a class the founders never envisioned.

      • Them Guys

        That Guy Jeff rense who owns a website, I think it is (guy with really Big hair curly and large moustache in his picture at his site), his wife was pissed at him last year and began to post comments at incogmans website. She was basically posting negative on Jeff due to being pissed at him, and in a few comments she mentioned how much he earns per yr from Just that website. With a combined cash flow from ads And subscribers for radio shows and video shows, she said he averages $400,000 Per yr!…She included plenty of personal info regarding her diviorce from him etc and alot more personal info on how he erans so much. So it seemed she Was who she claimed to be(his ex wife) and knew what she was talking of.

        Thats likly a huge exception to the rule on avg for earnings. As his website is one of if not The orig website that began almost from the very start of internet access. Plus hes got more ads than I ever seen anywheres else. I cannot recall his site name now? Perhaps just rense dot com(?)…

    16. Big Baby

      I’m not feeling the love. Will somebody burp me?

    17. Jim in Va.

      guns are back on the shelf here in the Shenandoah Valley. Ammo is more plentiful and the price is slowly dropping. keep buying cuz the next shooting will start it all over again.

    18. Timbo

      Targeting will be key to minimizing collateral damage. One must do extensive independent study of the true roots of our problems. With no roots plants die.

      • Highspeedloafer

        Amen Timbo!

    19. Southern Gal

      I just spoke to my cousin that works at a small local bank back home. They are bring told that a “currency change” is coming this September or October. Get everything you possibly can over the next few months…God only knows the hell and judgement that is about to descend upon this nation.

      • Anonymous

        SG. The new change will be the new 100 bill …comes out oct.8th
        If that helps or not?

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

          that POTENTIALLY will cause a 30-40% loss of purchasing power of the dollar across the board .

          got PHYZZ .


      • Sigi

        The cheering crowds of today won’t cheer for long once the nation’s due disciplining begins.

    20. iceman

      Obozo to give free rifle and 250 rounds to everyone who got an Obozo phone, of course the taxpayers are flipping the bill, it will come under the self defense tax on your paycheck. Because he said “everyone should be able to defend themselves” rifle made in china of course, ammo from mexico.
      Joe”shotgun”Biden approved!

      • Obama Phone Home -- Kenya calling

        I’ll vote for him again! Where can I get mine?
        When they gonna give some more carton of Winston’s?
        This fuckin phone be needing some upgrades too.

    21. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      carrying a weapon comes with serious responsibilities and potential deadly life long personal cost

      if your carrying a gun or rifle you must be prepared to destroy kill another human being with it and then deal with after affects of doing so

      remember your USE OF FORCE POLICY – use only the force necessary to stop the threat of bodily harm or death

      the THREAT must have INTENT , OPPORTUNITY , CAPABILITY to cause death or serious bodily harm to yourself or others .

      or you will be seen as the aggressor murderer in a court of law .



      NinaO ;0p

      • Them Guys

        Can we use the Same type Probobal Cause Cops use? IE: COP= Your Honor the suspect LOOKED as if he was THINKING of comitting a crime….

        Armed Citizen after a shooting: Officer, Tyrone Looked as if he was Thinking of Rapeing a white woman. So I Stopped him from doing it.

    22. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      dear whopper junior jugheads ,

      u.s. marines usmc are NOTHING BUT DOD mk-ultra artificially chemically conditioned mentally dumbed down retarded ebonic speaking stupid murderin thugs , vicious dogs and thieving bullies for the ILLUMINATI . NWO , FREEMASONS , JESUITS , ZOG , COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS CFR who really own the banks , america and the world .

      And that is why ‘barry the fairy’ doesn’t trust them with his life , takes away their gun bolts when he’s in range of them .


      u.s. marines usmc are nothing but DOD mk-ultra trained condition mindless killer thugs for the ILLUMINATI NWO ZOG GLOBALISTS .

      ‘DEAL WITH IT!’

      NinaO ;0p

      • Anonymous

        honestly man get the fuck off this site, everyone fucking hates wat you have to say, its “ZOG” something or other every couple lines, your opinions offer no insight to anyone reading, and are nothing more than a rant you can do on Microsoft word on your own time, many people on this sight are friends family and associates with USMC members and they are nothing you put them as so please just drop it.

    23. Grasshopper

      At least Hitler’s doing one thing right. He may be shredding our Constitution to little tiny pieces and stealing our guns, but according to today’s paper he’s proprosing sweeping changes to climate change legislation.

      For all you republicans who will give me thumbs down, just remember: “a house divided cannot stand”. And that is how the elite have managed to enslave us. they’ve gotten us by the balls so to speak (or, you guys, that is) because we are a divided country!

      Democrats are too stupid to realize the importance of the Constitution and gun rights. Republicans are equally ignorant: they listent to non-scientists, talk show hosts who proclaim GW isn’t happening instead of doing their own research.

      Alex Jones is great when it come to the history of the elite but he doesn’t know crap when it comes to GW. Everyone has their expertise. GW is not Jones’! It is mine; I’ve studied it for years.

      So before you conservatives hammer liberals for their ignorance concerning the Constitution, you need to get your own heads out of the sand, do your own research about GW or all your prepping is only going to fulfill half the bargain of the chaos ahead.

      Furthermore, your ignorance will only serve to divide us by your not knowing the truth and that is exactly what the elite want: to divide and conquer us.

      And yes, God made climate. He also made the law of physics: if you jump off a cliff it will result in pain/death. Likewise, if 7-8 billion humans burn a tremendous amount of fossil fuels, it will also result in pain/death. Don’t mess with God’s laws!

      • STFU U Whacko LibTard

        If you jump off a cliff into the lake below…
        you get all wet — like you and your psycho-babble dribble.

        • Ted Kennedy

          Now that was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Sailing in Newport if you show.

          • John "The Country Club Lush" Boehner

            Drinking the gin and smoking them Newport’s don’tcha know!

      • Kevin2

        The US reduction in the use of carbon based fossil fuel has zero to do with climate change and everything to do with the transfer of industrial capacity from the developed world to the developing world. China for example is exempt by treaty proposal and in 2010 has surpassed the US in carbon to atmosphere. High carbon fuel is to be increasingly taxed in the developed world so less is used and more is available to fuel the expanding industrial capacity in the developing world. We cut one unit only to facilitate two units of usage in the developing world.

        Regardless of the question the answer just so coincidently facilitates globalization.

        Ostensible is the operative word which explains so much that comes from government.

        • Kevin2

          China is also putting on line two new coal fired power generating plants per week. The life expectancy before a major rebuild is 40 years. Obviously they have no desire to reduce their carbon footprint in the future. JFK made a speech regarding nuclear atmospheric testing and said, “We all breathe the same air”. Carbon to atmosphere reductions in the developed world are nothing more than an ostensible excuse to facilitate the increasing transfer of manufacturing to the developing world.

      • Smokey

        The oceans are warming due to volcanic activity and creating far more CO2 than all the engines on the planet. We are not the true problem.

        We should use our resources wisely, and be as clean as we can, but that’s as far as it should go. Our civilization runs on cheap energy at demand. Take that away and we become slaves to the bureaucrat with his hand on the switch.

      • Archivist


        Man-made global warming is a crock. First of all, there hasn’t been any warming globally in years. Secondly, any warming in the past has absolutely not been caused by carbon dioxide produced by man. If you go back to the graph the promoters published showing carbon dioxide versus global temperature, you will see that they roughly correspond. But if you look a little closer, you will see that every spike in temperature comes before the spike in carbon dioxide. In other words, warmer temperatures cause more carbon dioxide to be released from the oceans.

        And that’s just a small part of the actual scientific evidence.

        Extreme bogosity as usual.

        [bogosity – the state of being bogus]

        • MayBeSo

          @ Archivist,

          +1 for PROPER use of the word ‘Bogosity’…

          • Smokey

            +1 for being able to read the graphs. CO2 follows temperature, not the other way around. Al Gore has it completely backwards, deliberately, for money and power.

      • Not so Much

        It’s kinda funny that you quote a house divided
        and then immediately yammer about a scam that’s used to divide.


        • Them Guys

          Grasshopper: Read/Leran about Photo-Synthysis…Green plants etc EAT CO2 and turn it into Oxygen and Dew(water) for Our use so We do not Die off. More co2 should= More what we need aka air and water. Now go Fire Al Gore as your hero.

      • Them Guys

        God also says in one of the gospels(?) that people will Worship Animals-Trees-Stars-Planets-SUN-the earths Dirt and Rocks etc-Even the Creepy crawling things(the spiders and snakes etc) of which are all Created By God The creator…BUT while they Worship His created stuff..They will Fail to acknowledge and worship Him as the Creator of ALL.

        Therefore he says he shall Send Them a Huge Massive DELUSUION and Place It into Their Minds to Believe such! Then He shall Destroy them all for False and Idol worship of things created. (like idiots who climb 200 ft up a Tree and Chain self to it to stop logging etc).

        Being that it first states such typical Worship of what we see happen daily for last 20-30 yrs by Fanatical Tree huggers and save the whales-spotted owls(prof who coind that Admited he LIED so to Halt logging in Oregon etc) and the Polar Bears…..Then it makes Logic sense that the “Delusion” spoken of, or at least a Vast part of it must indeed be…Global Warmng IS that grand swindle aka delsuion. And YOU fell for it!!! Yeah You read 3 yrs worth as you said in prior posts. But it is Obvious you ONLY READ the Pro GW side. Otherwise you would Know that aprox 35,000 Scientists Opposed to the scam of GW all signed a massive petition a few yrs ago Demanding an END to Lies etc.

        Wake your Liberal deluded mind asap. A Mind is a terrible thing to waste! especially when wasted on Liberal agendas.

      • VRF

        yup, he’s being used as a distraction..we have been listened to for over a decade, maybe even longer.

        most everyone is too busy watching this hand while the other one is stealing your girl, and screwing all your brothers

        • Smartphone

          VRF,fat fingers..thats a thumbs up..ob thinks hes a Magician, bit hes a bad one, we see his tricks every time..

      • mountain man 6-1

        @ Nina O…….Snowden might be a traitor to the Feds in Washington, but he should be a Hero to the U.S.public! We need to know of the dirty dealings of the Gov’t.! Besides,I heard Snowden himself say on tv that he knew a lot of ‘other things’ that’s going on ,”But I can’t talk about that!” Proves to me that he knows when to STFU .Hope he gets away, but I doubt he will. FEDS probably already have a $5 million dollar bounty on him and there’s a lot of SpecOPS guys out there needing the work!….mm~

    24. Y'all Beware!

      Y’all have been payin’ USPS for a long time. NOW it’s time to SMILE!

      On Monday morning the Postman is walking through the neighbourhood on his usual route, delivering the mail.

      As he approaches one of the homes he noticed that both cars were still in the driveway. His wonder was cut short by Derek, the homeowner, coming out with a load of empty beer and spirit bottles for the recycling bin.

      ‘Wow Derek, looks like you guys had one hell of a party last night, the Postman comments.

      Derek, in obvious pain, replies ‘Actually we had it Saturday night. This is the first I have felt like moving since 4:00 am Sunday morning. We had about fifteen couples from around the neighbourhood over for some weekend fun and it got a bit wild.

      We all got so drunk around midnight that we started playing ‘WHO AM I.’

      The Postman thinks a moment and says, ‘How do you play WHO AM I?’

      Well, all the guys go in the bedroom and we come out one at a time with a sheet covering us, with only our ‘family jewels’showing through a hole in the sheet. Then the women try to guess who it is.’

      The Postman laughs and says, ‘Sounds like fun. I’m sorry I missed that.’

      ‘Probably a good thing you did,’ Derek responded.
      ‘Your name came up seven times…

      • Gopher

        Thanks, that was a good one!

        • Them Guys

          At the Local Drug Store last week, a Headless man was seen standing in front of the counter, with a Sign Over it that says “Returns and Refunds”…Only Defective items accepted for Refunds.

          The Druggist store owner was standing behind the counter, reading the instructions on the pakg of Clearasil Pimple creme, being returned for a refund.

          The Druggist asked the man “Whats the Problem? It states right here on the instructions…REMOVES BLACKHEADS!

    25. Eisenkreuz

      The Supreme Court did exactly what it was supposed to do today. The Constitution was written to ban idiots like you from having an opinion on other people’s marriage. America is not a democracy. The court enforced that by striking down the peoples asshole opinion. All you religious bigots are just jealous you’ve never got it on with a member of the same sex. I know you old people are all repressed.

      • PO'd Patriot

        It don’t matter if you’re pitching or catching Eisenkrueton, you’re still playing baseball you little perv.

        • Eisenkreuz

          There is nothing perverted about gay sex old man.

        • Be informed

          @ PO’d Patriot. Today “decision” underscores that the supreme court is capable of ANY “ruling”. Use to be that the court considered the safety of children, not anymore. You open acceptance of this, homosexual marriage both male and female, and you open acceptance of inncoent children being exposed to this total abomination. Children’s family at very least will be ostracised if they forbid their children from being at the homes of homo father and father or homo mother and mother. Then there are the legal ramifications of not accepting THEM in public places. The old decrimination lawsuits and other “forced” compliance.

          This is a huge issue here. They are focing that you, me, Mac, and the other people to accept homosexuality. They are not giving us a choice to accept them or not. We have to comply or face penalties of some sort. Marriage is what society says is accepted, omitting the tax issues and other legal reasons. If I don’t want to be around someone, this is my choice and how dare society try to force me to go against my free will. That is what is happening though in subtle ways at first going to hard core enforcement of it.

          I can sound as politically incorrect as possible, but the truth of the manner is that queers are dirty. If I ever a shake the hand of a fag I throughly disinfect my hand like if I had just touched dog crap, because really I probably just did. Anal intercourse is an abomination because it is bacteria ridden. Human beings are not suppose to put something up into something that is meant for human waste removal. The old expression cleanness is next to Godliness is very true here. If anything it is basic common sense not to be surrounding yourself with fecal material that is full of E-Coli and every other disease you can think of.

          I can see that Eisenkreuz will argue that fags use protection. IF this was true then why has AIDS run through the homo community like a plague. The promiscuousity of the common fag is unbelivable, even when they are married. There are exceptions, but stereo typing is fairly accurate here. Most queers and lesbos are sex fiends. With this the spread of disease to people that are clean is inevitable. Look at how much the Norovirus spreads because people don’t wash their hands when they come in connection with human waste.

          Yeah, we have a right to not become ill, and the homosexual community spreads disease like the fleas off of the common rodent. This is not being a fag or dyke basher, this is just a plain fact. Then poor children have to be exposed to this that have done nothing wrong to anyone. Society is forcing perversion right down our throats whether we want it or not. What about our rights to live our lives like we want to? What about our rights to not have to be exposed to this weirdness and bacteria carrying vectors? Where is our choice in the matter gone?

          • AKH2O

            While this is my first post on this blog, I have been lurking for some time. BI, I always scroll down the comments to read your posts – especially the ones about earthquakes. Your posts are well written and well reasoned. But this post? Wow. You have really disappointed me. I never knew you held such hatred. It wouldn’t take much to imagine you wearing a Nazi uniform and ranting about dirty Jews.

            Live and let live.

            And BTW, I am straight as an arrow.

            • Be informed

              AKH20. I look at the way things are, and that might not seem fair, science, math and raw logic are often not perceived this way. From a biology point of view it is dangerous to have anal sex, you risk contamination with fecal material of true horrible disease. IF homos practiced safe intercourse then the AIDS would never have become and continues to be so rampant. YES, there is a definite health risk to the public from this. The same as those too stupid to not wash their hands after going to the bathroom.

              The pedophiles are also rampant, like that demonic groups NAMBIA that RAPE young boys. Do all fags molest children? OF

              • Be informed

                @ AKH20. Sorry about that, the thing sent you some reason. OF COURSE NOT WAS CUT OFF. The fact is that the more acceptance of homosexuality the more the chance of young children becoming victims. This is really what it is about, disease and children being victimized. When you see that devil jerry sundusky and what this pure evil is about, you see this happening more after homos are given not just equal rights, but advantages to these rights.

                Just like handicapping citizens with anti-gun laws against criminals, you start to make people afraid to reoprt fag crimes against kids because they are scare to death of being called a homo basher, you open the flood gates of inncent kids suffering. Kids are already terrified of telling what happened. Now they have to be even more scared of being a fag basher for trying to protect themselves.

                Many queers and lezzies are not evil towards kids, many are though. Exposure to these deviants is what parents are risking about allowing their children around many of these. I have known queers that are very kind, but I have to admit it, I don’t trust them around kids. This is my opinion and my right to express that feeling. It is also the right of a parent to keep their children away from danger, and this will be gone because those rights the state will say is violating someone based on discriminating. It is the legal garbage that I can’t stand.

                You and Eisen talk about someone being born that way. Okay I can respect that. But in the same idea, would you trust your children around someone that is clinically insane? Would you trust a child in the presence of a known sex fiend? Would you trust a kid around someone that is extremely violent and ill tempered? Of course not. Society has said that a child cannot be kept away someone based on their color, gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, etc. This is taking your most basic freedom to choice your own life course and saying that you don’t have that right. Horseshit this is.

                IF I or others don’t want to endanger myself by being around someone that is dangerous for whatever reason, that is my choice. This is being taken away from all of us. If someone is coughing in line with some MERS virus and I cover my mouth and step away to prtoect myself from catching death, I get all sorts of looks like I have done something wrong. The political correctness crap, don’t hurt someone feelings at the expense of getting very sick. F that. This goes against all logic and common sense.

                Anyone contaminating themselves with feces is a walking germ. Their urinary tract becomes infected with some terrible bacteria from anal intercourse. You bet I find this sick, that orifice is meant for explusion of waste, not to be handled, and least of all not to come into contact with other parts of the body. Women get urinary infections often because of the closeness of the waste tract and the urinary canal. This is just plain science, and many people don’t want to hear about this because they just see the homos as wanting love. Fine, but their practices of this leads to disease. Again, science fact.

                I don’t like to discriminate against anyone, but I am not going to deny the very high disease potential the same as someone that handles raw chicken and then cuts up the dinner salad. This is disgusting, stupid, and animal like. Sorry if I offend people with talking like someone that you and a copule of others feel is unfair. I deal with facts and the fact is homos are dirty and carry a wide set of disease both viral and bacterial. Many of them are sex crazed and will attack young boys. Ask a few fags about how they became that why and you will find that many of them say they were attacked between the ages of 8-13 by some pedophile. Too much of the truth is hidden against this political correctness aura. Too much.

          • Eisenkreuz

            BI, the world has changed and its just too damn bad if you don’t like it, old timer. With a 50% divorce rate, who gives a shit if children grow up in a gay household? They won’t be any more fucked up than the rest of the kids in our shitty society. Has it ever occurred to your bigoted ass that people don’t CHOOSE their sexual orientation? Gay people aren’t any more sexual than the normal population.

            • Be informed

              @ Eisenkreuz. You know something, you have absolutely no respect for the safety of young children. Certain people are borned with a chemical difference. Does this give them a right to poison the minds of children and molest them? Why don’t you watch to catch a predator and see just how many of these sickos go after inncoent little kids. I don’t ever bash fags or dykes directly for the way they are. I though have ever right to feel the way I do about their practices. I am so sick and tired of this political correctness crap. I am all for the pursuit of happiness, but NEVER when it comes at the expense of the innocent.

              These fags and dykes are not just asking to be left alone and have basic rights. They are attempting to brain wash people into not only fully accepting them, but to embrace their life styles. They are trying to shove their way of life down everyone’s throat, and if you don’t accept it you are some bigot. I have the right just like you do and everyone on the site that lives in a free country to accept or deny anything. This is what is called freedom. Go over to Iran or saudi Arabia and see how long you would last with your pro queer rhetoric. You are the lost one.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Yes BI it’s sickening. Just another pillar(marriage between a man and a woman) that has been allowed to rot and crumble. I feel terrible for my children and what they will have to face going forward.

          • Calioutlook

            Why are you are so full of hate, BI? We are all human beings. To say that gays are pedophiles and disease ridden is like saying all gun owners are violent war freaks. It’s hypocritical. Just like gun owners fighting to keep their guns, gays are just wanting to get equal rights. You’re an intelligent man, it don’t take much to research to find out which ones. Same rights heterosexual get to enjoy today.

            I’m not a shill, just a daily reader here. I woke up and decided, I will favor no political party. I’ve read through here for preparedness, current events, and even your earthquake prognosis. Your intelligence in that area is a gold mine of knowledge but reading your posts regarding gay bashing, they almost seem to be written by a different person.

            It’s ironic that you harp about earthquake in California and saving lives but with all the gays here why bother? You seem to have an opinion so vile of them, you should just wish it is swallowed by earth and disappear forever.

            I’m not singling you out. Everyone is entitled. Entitlements. Isn’t this what we have always fought for? our rights, our freedom. If we keep getting distracted by the polarizing issues they are bringing upon us, we have already lost round 1 of this Battle. Divide and conquer. A gay or lesbian will fight tooth and nail for freedom just as you will, why? Because we are all people, humans.

            They are no different than you and I. You may not agree with their lifestyle but does everyone also agree with a prepper lifestyle? NOPE. Preppers are pegged as tin foilers, conspiracy nuts, and crazy paranoids.

            Its a shame that we can be swayed so easily to the left and the right paradigm. Our frustration with the Establishment pushes us to hate on each other, using one another as punching bags.

            Perversion is psychological ailment. It not only affects the homosexuals, it affects the mentally sick people. No gay man or woman molested me, 3 heterosexual men did. Not all gun owners are mentally psychotic killers either.Watch out a gay man just might save your life in a SHTF event.

            Anyway, this will probably be thumbed down anyway. I hope we can continue to be decent people. Capable of someday overthrow the PTBs and live harmoniously without prejudice. Someday, when I teach my grand kids about LOVE THY NEIGHBOR, I hope I can truly believe in my heart that that’s what the Bible truly preached and not about the smite of GOD’s sodom and gomorrah and abomination.

            • Be informed

              @ Calioutlook. I don’t hate homos, I hate the way that society is allowing young children to become possible victim of homos. IF homosexuals kept to themselves and practiced safe hygiene and protected others from disease, then live and let live. However, we as humans feel this notion that anyone that has been wronged must be made up for this. Give the group more rights to make up for what has been wronged. I have known fags going to college and general life and the one common trait that I have seen, not all but most, is that they have no loyalty towards just one person. Will mariage changed this? In my opinion, no.

              Monogamy is safety. This applies to hetrosexuals also. The AIDS disease spread so rapidly because homos are in general sex fiends. The orgies are unbelievable and sick. Human being don’t have to be pologamous, they can be with just one person, especially when it comes to sexual engagement. Disease spreads, yes it does. As mentioned above in the comment to AKH20, I base what I say on facts and science. I can’t stand the idea of withholding information, facts, and the truth because it might offend someone.

              I suppose I could use more tame language, more scientific terms rather than slangs. But WHY? It is my Constitutional right to say what I want to. A word is only a word. The news now censors everything, they called it the N word, the F bomb, gay slur, they won’t even call it a muslim extremist or radical anymore when some diaper head blows up a bunch of innocent people. This is what I hate, the censorship of free speech and the walking on eggshells with what you say.

              Thank you Mac, again and again for living up to your beliefs on free speech and allowing us to express ourselves in the way that the Constitution and the 1st. Amendment was meant to be.

              I want the protection of the children and the protection of health in regards to homosexuals, and unfortunately this is going to become less and less of an issue because we all have to make sure that we give these people special rights now. As long as they leave kids alone and don’t spread disease, that is cool, but it won’t happen because society is in a deadfall right now in way more aspects that these court rulings.

              • Calioutlook

                BI, this will not turn into a hot debate. I will not derail this thread further. I will post only facts about the DOMA recall of the Supreme Court. This is my final reply on here regarding this topic. I apologize in advance.

                How do these following rights that the gays earned endanger the children?

                Here are just a few of the key federal benefits many same-sex couples stand to receive now that the Supreme Court has dispensed with DOMA:

                — Survivors’ benefits: DOMA barred gay and lesbian couples from many entitlement and welfare programs, including doles tied to Social Security. Same-sex spouses will now be eligible for Social Security survivors’ benefits upon the death of a partner, among other forms of assistance, according to a December 2012 report by the Human Rights Campaign.

                — Tax-free employee health insurance: Federal law has lagged behind the almost 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies who offer tax-free employer-provided health benefits to domestic partners. Health coverage for the spouses of gay and lesbian employees will now be available without any taxable strings attached.

                — IRS perks: Gay and lesbian couples have historically faced a higher tax burden than traditional couples, according to M.V. Lee Badgett, the Research Director at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy at UCLA. Same-sex spouses can now claim a host of perks, from estate tax exemptions to head of household deductions. What’s more, same-sex spouses can file tax returns jointly, avoiding additional strain on wallets.

                — Emergency leave: Present law does not offer gay and lesbian employees time off from work to tend to a domestic partner or that partner’s family member, according to the Human Rights Campaign. But the guarantees provided by the Family and Medical Leave Act will soon become available to same-sex spouses.

                — Green cards and visas: There are an estimated 28,500 binational same-sex couples — meaning one partner is a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and one isn’t — but DOMA did not allow the former to petition for the latter to immigrate, according to the Williams Institute. But gays and lesbians may now lobby the federal government for green cards or visas for a non-American same-sex partner.

                Pedophilia is a sex crime. Jerry Sandusky is a piece of shit. That’s a given. I was a victim of it. There are days that I wish I could go back and inflict the same pain on those men who violated me, but guess what, nature took care of that for me.

                Yes, you are right. Freedom of speech. I hate that Paula Deen is being crucified for dropping the N-bomb. I’m not calling you out for speaking your mind. I’m calling you out on the hate you spew and how it sounds like this mad man in history who called for the genocide of 20 million Jews.

                The thing is, one passage that is on my mind right now—

                “Cast the first stone” in the Bible: John 8:7.

                —-Peace and Love—–with respect to everyone.

                • Be informed

                  @ Calioutlook. You are right about not creating a debate. My issue are two. First that in no way does society start to accept that just because homosexuals are married that they can be trusted like hetrosexual couples, because in my opinion they can’t. I see helpless little kids that are at the mercy of possible perversion and I have a whopping problem with that. You and others say that homosexuals are borned that way. Okay, then something is wrong with the brain chemistry because this is not what nature intended, as homosexuality is a genetic dead end. Someone with whacked out brain chemistry could be dangerous to all children. Again, this is my opinion not from a ahte point of view but from a point of view of preventing inncoent victims because society is too concerned over what sounds good on paper.

                  I don’t think anyone should be denied rights to medical tretment and the same tax benefits of everyone. Again, this is not my issue, it is the welfare of children. It is also the lack of spreading of disease. I think anyone that cannot safely interact with the public in regards to keeping others from catching disease has no place in the public. This goes true with everyone. Someone that has the plague you don’t allow to walk around spreading death, you secure them until they are not contaminating everyone. Allowing someone that infects others to work with food, like the spread of the Norovirus all over the place is criminal.

                  Again, my point here is safety. IF homosexuals were no danger to children or public health, leave them alone and let them be. This is not the case and why I expressed myself over the matter on this. Logic and reasoning too often in this walking on eggshell society can often sound hateful. Use of slangs can express discourse yes, or just an expression of frustration with the manner of the way things are decaying so rapidly.

              • Them Guys

                Hey BI: Not certain if true? But a few yrs agp I read of the origins of PC correctness. What I read said it Began with Lennin(russia kommie) back around 1920-22 era. Seems Lennin was speaking with Trotskys Pal Engles(I think its spelled that way) who Lennin mussed to that he, lennin desired a method to have total Mind control once he acomplished his goal of overtakeing russia with communisim.

                Engles informed lennin he knew of zero ways and did Not expect it will happen to gain such total Mind control or as some calls it “Thought- Control”…But Engles offerd a solution of sorts…PC only he called it some other thing I can’t now recall, Engles said You can make a List of certain “words” and Forbid folks in russia from speaking those words in Public spheres. Then Keep Adding More forbidden words as necessary!

                Thats what Lennin did! His very First Law for the Soviet USSR was to Forbid all “antisemitic” words or phrases, and under penalty of DEATH!..he Modified it till it became DEATH for any person “Suspected” of being antisemitic. Many were Killed off due to that law.

                Any acusation by Anybody euqaled an Instant Bullet to back of head. As fast as the “Cheka”(secret police) could arrive on scene.

                Compare That era and how it began with PC…To…Todays america. As near to exact same as can get! Except we aint seen folks killed as yet!….YET! being Key word.

            • Them Guys

              The New testement has an entire chapter Devoted to the Differences between children of LIGHT and them of DARKNESS…Fags are in the list for DARKNESS. Children of the LIGHT side(Gods) are warned to TURN AWAY from such…Such being the folks listed in the Darkness(satanic evil) side. Make whatever comparisons to gun owners or preppers you want. But 98-99% of people Know the difference of those who CHOOSE a fag lifestyle is an abomination and plain wrong.

              Even stupid animals in the forest are smart enough to go for their Own Kind and of the Opposite sex.

              Faggotry goes Against Nature. It dont matter what you say that is what it is. Unatural sex. Also perverted. And NO amount of anything said nor done by faggots will change that vast majority who KNOWS this is truth.

              And by Forceing that crap on the Other 99% will sooner or later likly cause a Reaction. And it probobly wont be that 99% who gets the bad end of it all. It is Provoking a huge nationwide massive fight. One fags will lose.

              And compareing it to nazis and jews issues or racisim etc is a cop out. Because You know fagots is UN natural and perverted. So you try to argue some Other issue mixed in with it. Nothing will Justify it. Wrong Is wrong. One day soon God Himself is going to Prove Me correct!

              FROM SUCH TURN AWAY! Read that chapter. Turn away=Refuse to have anything to do with them types. It lists aprox a dozen types, Fags in one of them. I agree with Gods word.

              Love your neighbor…What if hes a True Hitman for Hire? Ignore That anyways? Wake up.

      • Anonymous

        Shit stir!!!!!!!

      • That was funny!

        I usually give Eisen a thumbs up without ever reading his collapsed post. I don’t know why I opened this one. Now I know why you collapse them. But I am still laughing my ass off!

      • Kevin2

        In my opinion the government should be out of the marriage business period. Actually the government should be out of everyones business up until their business truly effects someone else.

        Freedom is a difficult concept for many in application because deep down far too many really want to control others. I remember the debates over males with long hair in the 1960s with the WW2 vets that fought for freedom not wanting too much of that freedom here at home. Its, “Your free to be just like me”.

        Charlton Heston said it in his famous “From my cold dead hands” speech. “Freedom is a scary thing”.

    26. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      Idaho Company comes out with new pork-laced ammunition they believe will keep JEWS from going to heaven ;0p

      jews are forbidden by religious law to eat unclean pork


      NinaO ;0p

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

        A company in Dalton Gardens, Idaho has developed a new line of pork-laced bullets they hope will be used to fight back against Israeli Jewish terrorists.

        South Fork Industries created the bullets, which they call Jewhawg Ammo, so they can be used as a ‘defensive deterrent to those who violently act in the name of Judaism.’

        They took traditional ammo and coated the bullets in a pork-infused paint. Those shot with the bullets would be unclean, as the Judaic Talmud religious beliefs forbids JEWS from coming into contact with pig meat.

        the only good jewbug , is a dead jewbug

        NinaO ;0p

      • Sigi

        Actually it’s meant to scare the Muslims.

        • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

          i couldn’t resist they play of words as jews are similarly banned for religious reasons from touching pork .


    27. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      Idaho Company comes out with new pork-laced ammunition they believe will keep JEWS from going to heaven ;0p

      jews are forbidden by religious law to eat unclean pork


      A company in Dalton Gardens, Idaho has developed a new line of pork-laced bullets they hope will be used to fight back against Israeli Jewish terrorists.

      South Fork Industries created the bullets, which they call Jewhawg Ammo, so they can be used as a ‘defensive deterrent to those who violently act in the name of Judaism.’

      They took traditional ammo and coated the bullets in a pork-infused paint. Those shot with the bullets would be unclean, as the Judaic Talmud religious beliefs forbids JEWS from coming into contact with pig meat.

      the only good jewbug , is a dead jewbug

      NinaO ;0p

      • yental

        Muslims are “pork-a-phobic” as well. TWO BIRDS, with one slice-o-bacon. How about C-130’s dropping REAL bacon bits all over the potential disputed battlefield. Got salad?

        • Them Guys

          Oh that was good! two birds with One slice bacon! Just spit coffee all over desk! Too funny! Got salad?!!!!!!

    28. Watchman


      1) Cook a week’s worth (or several days’ worth) of beans at once
      thus reducing the overall fuel required per day.

      2) Buy the pre boiled, dried beans like those found in the
      instant cups-O-soup available at the grocery store.

      3) Get a GOOD thermos. Put your beans in water and heat up the mixture until
      it is boiling. Then pour everything into the thermos and
      seal it, and wrap it in a heavy towel or two. Wait several hours.

      Result = cooked beans with little energy used. I’d guess a
      wide mouth jar would be easiest to use.

      Seems like a good way to cook lots of things!

      Keep the FAITH

      • yental

        EXCELLENT and soon to be quite useful. ;)!

      • JayJay

        And be sure to find a chart of the expanding capacity of one, or two, or three cups of beans.
        Hint: steel thermos does NOT expand.
        Lesson learned the hard way with noodles, peas, and canned chicken dish.;-)

        But it all cleaned up nicely; because it exploded UNDER the kitchen cabinets!!! 🙂

      • ILmom

        Pressure cooker will do the same too!! And you can cook higher volumes if you have a larger family

        • Mountain Trekker

          ILmom, And pressure cookers have so many other uses. What a great item. Treker Out.

      • The Cooking Mom

        impressive list of INSTANT beans at

        Keep preppin’

    29. GoodDay_2EnterIntoEternity

      Maybe an intended scenario? (just thinking out loud)
      I bet some of the rulers of this earth would love nothing
      more than massive chaos with much Gunz.
      But anyway, interesting thing happened to me this last week:
      I was starting to have internal doubts regarding my recent renewed
      interest in self defense and “protection” tools.
      I know God desires peace, but we are also duty bound
      to protect ourselves and loved ones when our life is in danger.
      I had just left Mass (and felt very peaceful and “renewed
      spiritually), the priest is White and he had previously
      spent time ministering to a predominantly Black
      community…..dang he sure does know how to give homilies that
      wake you up and “move the soul”.
      The next day, I still had that little internal struggle/doubt when I went to
      a Babtism service. It caught my attention when the Catholic Deacon (also Hispanic)
      mentioned he was a member of the NRA and former Marine.
      The couple of us who had gone shooting the previous week for outside
      practice smiled as the Deacon talked about one of his favorite phrases (I believe while
      he had been in the Corps): ” Praise the Lord, and pass
      the ammo!). Just though it was funny but at the same
      time I believe God was confirming to me that “it is OK
      to defend yourself and your family” if and when the time comes from any and all aggressors.
      My Note: Definitely identify your target before you pull
      the trigger, and don’t let any hate you may have rule your life.
      Peace out

    30. 3n3my of th3 Stat3


      Another IRS Employee Greg Roseman Pleads the 5th

      obviously the privately owned company ‘IRS’ and it’s spawn didn’t get the memo from UNITED STATES SUPREME COURT OF TRAITOROUS CRIMINALS that the 5th Amendment no longer applies in Fascist ZOG AmeriKa .

      NinaO ;0p


      • JayJay

        I watched that and it hurt–this maggot will be laughed at by all jailed when he is caught, not to mention his ‘friends’.
        BIG MAN beats up a woman with baby watching??

    31. Y'all Beware!


      ‘My Note: Definitely identify your target before you pull
      the trigger,’

      PLEASE KNOW WHAT’S BEHIND IT BEFORE YOU PULL THE TRIGGER,unless it’s an all out ball bustin’ shoot ’em up.

      Y’all Beware! Some of y’all know what I’m implying.

    32. VRF

      Cop rape case highlights life-endangering outrage of ‘Only Ones’ mentality

      Remember where you read this, and dont be surprised when it comes to a reality in your cityCop rape case highlights life-endangering outrage of ‘Only Ones’ mentality

        • VRF

          A West Sacramento police officer allegedly raped at least six women while on duty, the Police Thugs blog reported Monday, referencing a Huffington Post article from February. Officer Sergio Alvarez, a five year veteran of the force, was initially placed on administrative leave and then fired and arrested after an investigation into the allegations

          In fairness to former Officer Alvarez, he has not yet been convicted. Trial is set for September. He remains in custody with bail set at $26.3 million.

          Dan Drummond, who was police chief at the time (he was replaced in May), said he and the department were “appalled,” and to keep it from happening again, they’re reviewing their policies.

          “We are looking at our procedures and the way we are accountable to each other,” Drummond told the press.

          What, the WSPD personnel department is going to write a “Don’t Serial Rape the Public” policy?

          • Kevin2

            “Who protects us from our protectors”?

            • yental

              Looked in a mirror lately? If not NOW, when. If not US, who!

              • Revelation

                It’s G-d’s plan.

                Everything goes to shit.

              • Kevin2

                Its a quote from the Romans loosely translated. A too powerful government has been a problem for mankind since government began.

            • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

              the new ZOG FEDGOV DHS MOTTO:

              “TO PUNISH AND ENSLAVE!”


    33. braveheart

      Eisenpuke, what the SCOTUS should’ve done instead was ban a dickhead like you. I speak for everyone here [hope nobody minds] when I say you need to move on with your stupidity and your insults. Nobody really wants to hear it braveheart

      • Eisenkreuz

        Chickenheart, you wish you could cuddle with something as fine as me. You bashers are all gay yourselves.

    34. braveheart

      VRF, you have another fan right here. I always enjoy reading your comments. OutWest, I don’t know if you caught my response to your post in the last forum; it’s OK, I know you’re one of the good people here. On the topic, S&W revolvers were all I owned from the late 70s up until 2000. They always made the best revolvers in my view. Too bad they’re under British ownership now. ammo is making somewhat of a comeback in my area now, primarily at the gun stores. Still nothing but hunting loads and shotgun ammo at the local sporting goods and Wallyworld. if everything goes right for me in the next 2 weeks, I’ll be adding a shotgun to my small arsenal. braveheart

      • OutWest

        Braveheart— I did—Thanks—

        • Indy Colts

          Mossberg 500 pursuader. Mossberg is the only shotgun that meets all military standards and tests. Tactical pistol grip guns kick like a son of gun though.

          • Kevin2

            I think the 590 meets the military specifications having some plastic parts removed like the trigger guard. That damn thing has a sweet spot between 20 to 40 yards where it owns that area.

      • VRF

        thanks BH, you always get a green from me. and on the S&w Revolvers you are on the money.

    35. Fema camp fun

      You know… if the currency collapses…it will be quite fun to watch.

      This decade I’ve noticed a trend. Seems all the dems are getting fired off as they don’t have the work ethic of the rep or NRA members.

      They will be the protesters and new fema camp residents.

      ps. RE: Paula Deen. Boycott the Food network and the Olive Garden.
      Enough of the “White racist witch hunt”. Seems all the blacks can call us crackers and other nasty things….and get away with it.

      What this does…is make it uncomfortable for people.
      Then you get tribalism mentality and it sets you back.

      • VRF

        every group or company that has boycotted her, I have already boycotted them, way before this happened

      • abridged too far

        At least you didn’t say hebe-jebe!

      • Mountain Trekker

        JRS, you must be Italian.

        • JRS

          No, MT, I’m not. The list is not comprehensive but off the top of my head. Rereading it now, I see I mentioned honky twice. Freud would probably have a field day with me.

      • Smokey

        Good list, but what’s so bad about Pollock? It’s a delicious cold-water fish.

      • Paranoid

        You forgot them there,: Wops, Trailer trash, jungle bunnies, slant eyes, Hillbillies, faggots, and a whole lot of other useless people that for some reason nobody cares if you insult them: Like white Taxpayers.

      • Kevin2

        If one looks at the current economics of food with 20% of the US public on assistance and minorities being disproportionately represented within that 20% the reasoning becomes more clear. Those businesses don’t want to piss off their customers. At one time they were people who worked but, “The Times They Are A Changin”.

      • CLess

        LOL, good one.

        Unfortunatly, so true.


    36. braveheart

      Howdy, Po’d Patriot. I’m playing ‘hardball’ with Eisenpuke. I’m sick of his stupidity and insults. He needs to move on. there’s not one person on this site who would disagree with me. I’ve really been in the mood today. I threw up my lunch when I read about the SCOTUS decision on gay rights. Later, when I read the article on the immigration bill, I had to get up and leave my computer for about an hour. It took me that long to calm down and also saved my computer’s life. If eisenpuke wants to tackle me, he can bring it on. i’m sick of the bastard. Eisenpuke=dickhead as far as i’m concerned. braveheart

      • Eisenkreuz

        We need to make Spanish a co-official language. The world is sick of you rubes and your monolingualism.

        • Be informed

          If I go over to Spain, or some Latin American country I am expected to speak Spanish in THEIR country. The United States was founded on the English language. Not German, Flemish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, or some other language. Why should you expect others to learn a FOREIGN language in a country that speaks English. With this type of thinking, someone should know several different languages. You would force us to learn arabic because of all the muslims coming to this country. You immigrate to another country, you speak their language. If you, Eisen, personally decide to move to the red light district in the Netherlands then you should speak their language, either Dutch or Frisian.

          • Kulafarmer

            I will learn German or Portugese before i ever learn spanish, more useful to learn Russian or Mandarin.

      • possee


        Ignore the fool..


        “its” mission is solely to distract.aggravate.and keep us off topic..

        the morass of traitors in dc continue our demise at a frightening pace…

        daily I might add..
        along with the tyrannical black robed Politburo aka “the supremes”

        stay focused

        stay calm

        stay positive


    37. ralphieboy

      Some of the well made AR-15s are pretty cool. A few expertly trained folks with AR-15s setting up a perimeter is a good thing. Should probably consider one, given the quick firing capability at close range. Maybe a good idea?

      Yet I have always liked keeping it simple. Handguns are, a Ruger GP 100 .357, a Taurus Model 85 .38 special. Recently purchased a Henry Rifle .357 – simple mechanisms all – and I can practice with widely available .38 special ammo.

      That said, my concealed carry is a Glock 19 Gen 4 9 mm, sweet little piece. No point in .308. Used to have a couple of very lovely pre-’64 Model ’94 Winchesters – one a carbine, one a rifle (both 30-30), and regret the day I sold them, along with many other weapons I have traded over the years. Yet the Henry is solid, gorgeous, and sufficiently heavy for a steady shot, and I’m thinking at 100 yards, sufficient for deer. We’ll see this fall. Besides, it is damned pretty, American made, and shoots better than my long gone Winchesters even. My final close range home defense piece is a good old 12 gauge Mossberg Persuader. Looks alone of that piece are pretty intimidating, especially with the piston grip.

      I’ve been shooting for 53 years – duck, deer and varmint hunting, and regularly go to the range to keep skills up with handguns. My biggest concern is that people unfamiliar with firearms simply buy into the mania – and have no intention to learn their proper use – much less be properly trained. Even so, with a good old fashioned economic collapse – the threat to life and property will be immense, and I am gratified that at least some folks are exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

      I’ll be the first to admit my military skills are low level at best, but at least I’ll have a fighting chance to defend my family if need be. I think it grossly irresponsible to not take such measures, let along stupid. Incidentally – my kids (all adults now, are all well trained and excellent shots – my daughter even shooting competitively.

      Re: ammo – here in Texas still in short supply – can only get one box per day, necessitating daily trips to my local gun shop. But that’s enough to stash some away and stay a little busy at the range once a week.

      • PO'd Patriot

        ralphie boy, going over today and plunk down some cash on a Gen-3, 19 myself. I had a 9mm many years ago but cut it loose (Detonics 1911 frame). Wish I had kept it now. The 9mm can be a good round if you roll your own ammo. I have quite a few wheel guns that I favor, but I always seem to migrate to my series 70 colts (1911).

        • Indy Colts

          PO’d Pat

          Don’t buy a Glock 19 because mine is on its way back to glock for repair for ejection issues. This is the 2nd trip to glock because the first they returned with no repairs being made. BUY A S&W M&P or Springfield PLEASE!! Save yourself the stree of dealing with glocks crappy customer service.

          • PO'd Patriot

            Was it a fourth generation?, cause they did have issues with the recoil springs. That’s why I’m getting a third gen. I usually change out all my springs anyway for Wolff springs.

            • Indy Colts

              No I bought a 3rd gen and its not the springs. Its the extractor and ejectors. They are using MIM parts now and they suck. I used to love glocks but they are crap. Basically you have to replace a bunch of parts and use different configurations until you solve the ejection issues. Springfield XD models would be my choice if I could get a refund

              • PO'd Patriot


    38. The Cooking Mom

      Earth facing coronal hole!!
      Get over to solarham.

      Keep preppin’

    39. NMBC

      Another Tea Party leader, MICHELE BACHMANN knew what was coming, so she and her family applied for 2nd citizenship in Switzerland. 🙁

      Our so-called caring leaders who said, they are loyal to this country and their people at the same time are ready to leave and get a new identity when all hell breaks loose.

      Safety, Justice and Happiness for all. 🙂

      • Eisenkreuz


        • Them Guys

          Bachman has her Head deeper Up Israeli and Zio ass than even John Hagee does! Another jewdeozio so called christian.

    40. 22winmag

      Is there anyone here who really thinks “they” would last very long against “us” in a martial law/occupation/fema camp scenario? Is there anyone here who thinks there isn’t currently 100 times as much guns and ammo in circulation as the American people would ever need to wage a successful insurgency against any occupier?

    41. Anonymous

      Eisencrap. Last month you were talking queer this and queer that and how wrong it is. Now you are talking like a mouth full of it. Did your little faggot friend come back to you and everything is better now? It takes a real sick bastard to enjoy having someone else’s shit on them. You and your perverts are totally gross. Leave the kids alone you weirdo.

      • Eisenkreuz

        I never said homosexuality was wrong.

        What the fuck are you talking about leave what kids alone? Homosexuality has nothing to do with that you bigoted asshole. You rube. You redneck.

    42. braveheart

      Get him, anonymous. Eisenpuke needs to move on. I believe SHTFPlan.com would be so much better off without him! braveheart

    43. Anonymous

      The fags won 1 today.

      • Anonymous

        U r a fag. How were you born.

      • 3n3my of th3 Stat3

        Russia is lookin better and better as a potential BugOut location every day .

        time to apply for that russian passport .


        • Facebook Page

          I will pay the fees and the airline ticket and your first 3 months of regular living expenses if you go and never return.

          • Facebook Page

            Oh you just sneak back in. Probably though Canada.

    44. Anonymous

      Lib Tards.

    45. PA farmer

      Listening to a Radio show called Coast to Coast AM, Alex Jones is on it, I know who he is but have never listened to him before, I can only say one thing, that is WOW!! He is covering everything about the Elites around the world, if Alex is even half right we are in big trouble..pep, Ammo.. Dos anybody have any thoughts on Alex Jones.

      • Eisenkreuz

        Alex Jones is a fruit loop. Don’t listen to that wacko bird.

      • Outlaw

        I enjoy listening to his radio show daily, but there are better sources of info on the net than his website. As w/ everything use his info as a jump off point and look into it yourself and form your own opinion.

        • Indy Colts

          I downloaded the Alex Jones app because you can listen to his podcasts. You can stream them or download so you don’t use data. INFOWARRIORS UNITE!!!

    46. Be informed

      @ Kulafarmer. I was reading all about the most ideal place for growing food in the United States, especially after this comes down on all of us, and you and others may be surprised at what I found. I have a few books on fruit and vegetable and many books on climate and I found what I believe is the best place for the the best yields of fruits and vegetables are the Mountain slopes of Hawaii between about 4000-6500 feet in elevation.

      Fruit trees usually require some chill hours to go more dormant and produce a good crop. Apple, peach, cherry, plum, etc. At this elevation you get those chill hours and no frost. You also avoid the harsh temperature changes in places like California that stress out plants and trees with above 100 degree heat. The temperature seldom goes above 75 or so, and of course there is plenty of water. Many vegetables love this cool climate that is fairly uniform all year long. The warm or hot weather vegetables can still be grown by using items such as black plastic to absorb the heat from the sun. Citrus will grow here well also, and grapefruit and others that require more heat can be planted on the south slopes.

      I was looking at some of the areas that have population to them that are over 4000 feet in elevation and I could only find the town of Volcano. I know people live in farms up to almost 10000 feet, or just have homes up there overlooking the valley below. Out of being curious, are there any real towns in Hawaii that are 5000 feet up or higher?

      I would think that being up a distance would offer some safety when all this happens. I can imagine with the volcanic soil the growing is pretty good up there above 4000 feet. I know that coffee beans do quite well up there like in Columbia for example. People are most fortunate to live in places where they can grow what they need year round. Anyway, is this correct that between 4000-6500 feet in Hawaii is the best place in the country to grow fruits and vegetables?

    47. 3n3my of th3 Stat3



      A MUST LISTEN … https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7VOWnnEphjI

      NinaO ;0p

    48. Proftel

      North Americans!

      Obama is “the guy”, Obama is the best president you elected “directly.”


    49. 3n3my of th3 Stat3

      warning to the zog amerika fedgov …



      *And the once free American Citizens are just about there .

      N.O. ;0p

      • Facebook Page

        You are all talk you wont do anything even when other will. Pussy.

    50. VRF

      these dealers, and users will be a force to be reconed with, your own neighborhood could be harboring one

      Most methamphetamine laboratories continue to be reported by the United States, where their numbers quadrupled from 2,754 in 2010 to 11,116 in 2011.

      Basically, Mexico and the U.S. combined are a meth powerhouse.

      In 2007 Mexican authorities made the largest drug cash seizure in history when they discovered $205 million in the home of a suspected cartel supplier of meth-precursor chemicals.

    51. Watchman

      An inexpensive (and disposable) yet effective oven can be made for almost nothing. Select a heavy cardboard box with the lid still attached so as to open like a refrigerator (a liquor carton works well).
      Line the box and door with aluminum foil. Fasten the foil in place with duct tape. Make shelf supports by punching coat hanger wire through the sides. Two or three shelves work usually work fine. The lowest shelf should be about an inch from the oven floor.
      Place items to be baked on the upper shelves. Place hot coals in an 8-inch foil cake pan on the lowest shelf. Each charcoal briquette yields about 50 degrees in this oven, so plan 7 to 8 briquettes for a 350-degree oven. The cardboard oven works well for baking biscuits, cookies, cakes, etc. It may take excessive time and charcoal changes for items such as a roast. For that, get out the Dutch oven.

      Keep the FAITH

    52. VRF


      all this sizemic (sp) activity and volcanic activity, would you say its somewhat linked?

      An Alaskin Volcano has been spewing cinders and smoke

      see link to follow once moderated

    53. VRF

      Washington earth quake 4.3 — 4 hrs ago

      • VRF

        sorry not 4 hrs ago..the news story I read before this was four hrs old

        A Washington earthquake with a magnitude 4.3 shook the central part of the state of Wednesday night.

        The earthquake which was located 25.9 miles west-northwest of Entiat and 33 miles northwest of Wenatchee occurred at 7:45pm.

        According to the US Geological Society (USGS) the quake was 6.33 miles deep

        • Be informed

          @ VRF. The range of volcanoes in Washington and Alaska are linked together. If you follow the line from the Aleutian Islands it continues through southern and central Alaska down through the Canadian Rockies to Washington through to Oregon to northern California and then it passes through the Sirrea Nevada mountains, most notable the Long Valley Caldera. Then it continues all the way dwon the eastern spine of California to near the San Andreas to Mexico all the way down through the Andes to the Antarctica. It follows the path of the Ring of Fire.

          Actually the Antarctica has a large number of dormant volcanoes down there. If you ever see the volcanoes waking up in the Antarctica in swarms, the planet I believe will be in very serious trouble. Like in Iceland the miles thick ice cap helps to keep the volcanoes sealed up somewhat, not totally but somewhat. The Antarctica basically is stable and does not move and why it has remained frozen for millions of years. Any indication of movement could be the symptom of increased volcanic activity. Even some sort of faster polar shift of the crust.

          Too many precursor quakes have occurred the past few days, something again is coming, the movement on the Mid Atlantic Ridge shows this. Yesterday’s quake on the Reykjanes Ridge in the past has lead to quake activity in the Washington area, especially from northern California to Vancouver Island. Certain pressure point releases at certain points follow the same pattern decade after decade, as major quakes occur at the same areas from this. Makes sense as dams and roads get the same stress cracks that are repaired year after year from the same road travel and the same water pressures.

          • VRF

            hell of a ride on this third rock from the sun, aint it boss?

    54. slingshot

      Test. Having trouble with E-Mail

      • The Cooking Mom

        Me too. Check out solarham. Probably from the massive hole.

    55. Satori

      Cold Weather Causes Murder ?



      Posted on 27th June 2013 by Administrator in Economy |Politics |Social Issues

      Chicago, Houston

      A Tale of Two Cities Chicago, IL Houston, TX
      Population 2.7 million 2.15 million
      Median HH Income $38,600 $37,000
      % African-American 38.9% 24%
      % Hispanic 29.9% 44%
      % Asian 5.5% 6%
      % Non-Hispanic White 25.7% 26%

      Pretty similar until you compare the following:
      Chicago, IL Houston, TX
      Concealed Carry gun law no yes
      # of Gun Stores 0 84 – Dedicated gun stores plus 1500 – legal places to buy guns- Wal-Mart, K-mart, sporting goods, etc.
      Homicides, 2012 806 207
      Homicides per 100K 28.4 9.6
      Avg. January high temperature ? (F) 31? 63?

      Conclusion: Cold weather causes murder.

      hat tip Burning Platform

      • Them Guys

        If conclusion is Cold weather causes Murder….Then what Better reason can one find to begin Shipping Black africans Back to Africa where it Remains warm to Hot at all times. On a Plus side Africa still has Vast regions of Jungle, where zero Riot/Looting dammages will occure.

        Perhaps a new Nationwide effort or plan is needed to get all non black folks to always mention things such as “gee I sure wish I was orig from africa cause its an awsome place to live!”….If repitition of propaganda really causes most folks to start to believe whatever is being so often repeated….That may work swell.

        If say a full 90% of chicagos africans choose to go there to live, I for one sure wont complain. I’d also vote to grant cash Bonus’s if they Take a couple “others” with them when leaving. OyVeh! Tyrone is taking us with him to africa!

    56. slingshot


      The Gay and Lesbian issue in a collapsed society.

      Some people detest this behavior while others embrace it. The ruling on Gay Marriage is just a ruling that permits this and doesn’t mean everyone has to become Gay. As to it showing the moral decay of the country? I think it does. Does it surprise me? No it does not. Do Gay and Lesbian actions deserve the same privacy behind closed doors as straights? We believe that the Constitution is for all and not just some people. When Blacks march for Civil Rights is it the same for Gays? Or do we differ by calling those who oppose racist and the others homophobes. There are extremist in every group and do more harm than good. Example would be Gay parades in which the most bizarre outfits are displayed with actions that may be celebratory to some and highly repulsive to others. On the other hand I have worked with Gays and lesbians that I thought were straight. Also one worked beside and he use to talk about the men that passed by while I would talk about the women. Odd and weird but he did work you could trust. How many that have been in the military, in War, were in the same firefight. No thought of Gay or Lesbian acts as you were more tuned in to saving your ass. Would you refuse a Black Doctors ability to save your life or a blood transfusion, knowing it came from a black person.
      If it came from a Gay person? One with Rare blood type. Yes, health issues are present.
      Do Gay people love their children any less? Whether by divorce or by adoption. Will they teach their children to be Gay or to be tolerant. How far has interracial marriages come into the mainstream of life.
      This lifestyle does not produce life and in some cases death. On the religious side it is an abomination before God. I do not dispute that.
      In the days ahead the Gay and Lesbian community are going to be faced with more danger because of their lifestyle. Easy prey. Transvestites and trans-sexual will be hunted by those wishing to exterminate them.
      With all I have said I now envision a dude with pink leotards wearing a Tutu firing a .375 H&H at the enemy saying, “Give them Hell, Baby”.
      Ah, Gee Wiz.

      • VRF

        The divorce lawyers and court system is salivating with this one…

        welcome to the misery ,, now that they can have legal unions, they can also pay the price for that decision..careful what you wish for..you just might get it

        personally, I could care less..

    57. ken

      Wholesalers/Retailers will hold this ammo and not sell it as it makes more cents for them to keep the shortage going.

      Besides since americans seem willing to go through the sexual assault by government (TSA),,, turning in guns won’t be a problem.

      Owning weapons ensures you’ll get swat teamed when the SHTF. Their organized. They protect each other. They constantly train. They always improve tactics. Their communications are top of the line.

      All courtesy of you and your money which keeps you broke and almost hungry.

      When that armada of 200 swat members and tanks pull up to your home just what good is that AR and 5000 rounds of ammo?

      Yes gorilla warfare would be somewhat effective but you need the consent and help of other citizens which is very questionable in amerika. It worked in Afghanistan but the Afghans are very religious and nationalistic. They will fight to the death for their country…. americans are the polar opposite.

      Any vets out there? I mean combat vets… Is not attitude and camaraderie the most important elements of an effective team?

      americans in general have neither.

      This is how I see it. It is not politically correct and may receive many dislikes…. but the truth…… is the truth.

    58. VRF

      Semper Fidelis!!

      this is how its played

      He’s 5′ 7″ and 65 years old, but one accused bank robber in Florida found out the hard way it’s not smart to mess with Eugene Storley. The robber, wearing a hard-hat and surgical mask, first made the mistake of trying to fit a too-big gun through the teller window. That’s when Storley took his chance, wrestling the man to the ground. As Storley, a cancer survivor, told Florida today, “I’m pretty well trained. I know I could’ve gotten him. Even though the guy is like 6’6” and I’m only like 5’7″… It was pretty cool.” The 43-year-old would-be robber is now in jail, and Storley’s being hailed a hero.

    59. Butterknife

      with 20 million background checks per month I am thinking we will have half a billion guns in private hands by the end of next year. Great job everyone. 🙂 now if we can get ammo manufacturing to increase to meet the demand.

    60. Satori

      interesting little aside to the MERS situation

      this story dates to March 2013
      but goes to show how governments react

      Coronavirus: Is this the next pandemic?


      the physician who first came across MERS
      was forced out by the Saudi government

      word to the wise

      ALL governments

    61. Satori

      the threat from space

      NASA finds only 10% of potentially threatening near-Earth objects: pleads to public for help


      “There could be more than a million NEOs that are about one-third of a football field in size. An NEO hitting Earth would need to be about 100 feet or larger in order to cause significant damage in a populated area. The space agency said less than one percent of the 100-foot-sized NEOs have been detected.”

    62. Ahab

      These firearm-sales statistics are eloquent testimony to the fact that the social contract in Amerika is dead (such as it was), and that the people have ZERO confidence in the regime and its motives. Of course, the entire philosophy of official Amerika is based on the assumption that it is up to the people to earn the regime’s confidence, rather than the other way around. In any event, it is clear that the regime feels itself in a cold war with the people and that the people know it.

      One added benefit the regime accrues from the pro-sodomy “ruling” of the SCOTUS yesterday is that another regime-dependent, protected class with special privileges has been judicially recognized. That should ensure their absolute loyalty when the regime moves to open hostilities against the people in Amerika.

      The creation of a pro-sodomite, pro feminist US military is nothing but the regime’s recruitment of an armed force made up of hate-filled outcasts, perverts and freaks that can be counted upon to display 100% dedication in crushing the people (probably with great cruelty) when martial law is ordered by Obongo. The good news is that these armed forces will be useless against real soldiers.

      • Butterknife

        While I would like to agree with this, looking at the rise of Hitler’s brown shirts and the facts, the Nazi Party began in a gay bar in Munich, and was riddled with homosexuals one has to surmise that the gay soldiers of the NWO will be effective enough. Whether they will be thrown under the bus at a late time is of no import.

        • Ahab

          Homosexuality was illegal in the Third Reich and, in fact, in Stalin’s Russia. A “gay bar” in the capital of Catholic Bavaria? Now that’s funny!

    63. slingshot


      “The good news is that these armed forces will be useless against real soldiers”.

      I think you underestimate their capabilities.
      Were they useless in Iraq or Afghanistan? Were they not real soldiers?

      • Ahab

        My supposition regarding the combat ability of the US military is predicated on what we can expect to develop in the immediate future, not prior performance (which itself does not appear to have been especially effective, if one considers that the regime has been negotiating with the Taliban for some time now because of its inability to defeat them).

        The far-left agenda of the Obongo administration, including the ending of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in favor of in-your-face, out-of-the-closet faggotry, and the new policy announced by General Dempsey a couple of weeks ago (which can be summed up as “fight rape by putting women in the front-line”) have already had destructive effects on the regime’s forces, which will only accelerate with time. These effects include the lowering of training standards to accommodate the lower level of upper body strength in women and the exit of trained combat personnel who refuse to serve alongside sodomites.

    64. CLess

      I just have to ask, in reguards to the Obam logo in the above pic…

      Does anyone else see the sun rising, in a blue sky, over bloodied farm fields???


    65. MayBeSo

      News Flash,

      At shortly after 1:04 Gold transiently dipped BELOW $1200/ounce….didn’t stay there long, it rose slightly in the last several minutes back to $1201/ounce.

      WATCH what’s going on, the pressure to the low side is being engineered by those who DO WANT it….LOTS of it!…and they’d crawl through pig-slop – face-first – to get it. This is little more than “Economic Warfare”. Whatrever you do now, be careful, very CAREFUL.

    66. DeanNandana

      Howdy. I’ve recently started stocking up on gunsmithing supplies. Figure in a SHTF situation being able to make mods and repairs could be a mighty good thing. And perhaps a barterable skill. Picked up a Manson muzzle crowning kit, not cheap, but it’s a piece of top-shelf kit. Did 3 crufty 10/22 muzzles a couple weekends ago, touched up with some Oxpho-Blue from Brownells. Nice.

      Been watching iraqveteran8888 YouTube channel, they’ve got some really good gunsmithing videos. (And some pretty doggone funny stuff, too.) Them and Hickock45, you got to love that guy.

      Ammo’s coming back in Southern Michigan, looks like. Slowly. I got some .22 Stinger off the shelf at gun & pawn in Coldwater, MI when I was on vacation Memorial week.

    67. braveheart

      Eisenpuke, you’re the one nobody needs to listen to.

    68. Dyna Chrome

      As long as you are arguing ammo, may I put a plug in for the 7.62x54r steel core surplus, fired from a Mosin Nagant carbine? Even that ammo ain’t cheap anymore, but it will put the hurt on someone, armor vest or not!

      • Smokey

        You bet, for $350 you can get a Mosin-Nagant carbine in very nice condition, a spam can of surplus ammo, bayonet, and a cleaning kit. A rifle instead of the carbine will save you about $75-$100, if you want.

        For $500, you can upgrade to a very nice 30.06 or .308 deer rifle, often with scope, from any local pawnshop, 100 rounds of ammo, and a cleaning kit. You’ll see perfectly good Springfields and Mausers in .30-06 for $300 if you look for them.

        When the Lee-Enfield or SKS were cheap, you could have armed a neighborhood platoon for $1500 out the door.

        The Mosin-Nagants now on the market are the last of the cheap surplus rifles we will ever see in this country. More will come in, but they’ll all be Mosins and not much else. Get what you need now. Same with the surplus ammo.

    69. ncjoe

      Won’t be ironic when you Smith and Wesson worshippers are in a firefight with another Smith and Wesson owner? Remember, your beloved Smith and Wesson and other gun makers are arming all sides, not just yours. The ammo makers are supplying all sides, not just yours. And both are laughing their asses off at you all the way to the bank. But, as you lay bleeding to death from bullet wounds fired from another Smith and Wesson, I am sure you will be happy in that knowledge.

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