Broke: Stockton Goes Bankrupt: “Precedent-Setting Implications”

by | Apr 1, 2013 | Headline News | 356 comments

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    One of the most dangerous cities in America has just declared bankruptcy, leaving creditors out hundreds of millions of dollars.

    U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Christopher Klein said the bankruptcy declaration was needed to allow the city to continue to provide basic services.

    “It’s apparent to me the city would not be able to perform its obligations to its citizens on fundamental public safety as well as other basic government services without the ability to have the muscle of the contract-impairing power of federal bankruptcy law,” Klein said.

    The city of nearly 300,000 people has become emblematic of government excess and the financial calamity that resulted when the nation’s housing bubble burst.

    Its salaries, benefits and borrowing were based on anticipated long-term developer fees and increasing property tax revenue. But those were lost in a flurry of foreclosures beginning in the mid-2000s and a 70 percent decline in the city’s tax base.

    Attorneys for the city said the city’s budget and services had been cut to the bone.

    “There’s nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy,” said Bob Deis, Stockton’s city manager. “But it is a vindication of what we’ve been saying for nine months.”

    The Chapter 9 bankruptcy case is being closely watched nationally for potential precedent-setting implications.

    The $900 million that Stockton owes to the California Public Employees’ Retirement System to cover pension promises is its biggest debt. So far Stockton has kept up with pension payments while it has reneged on other debts, maintaining that it needs a strong pension plan to retain its pared-down workforce.

    By 2009 Stockton had accumulated nearly $1 billion in debt on civic improvements, money owed to pay pension contributions, and the most generous health care benefit in the state—coverage for life for all retirees plus a dependent, no matter how long they had worked for the city.


    Creditors, who invested tens of millions of dollars into city bonds to help cover pension payment shortages have been left holding the bag. And now, with the city officially bankrupt, even those pensions are under threat.

    Stockton is the first of many large cities that will soon declare bankruptcy, with more troubled local city councils likely to seek bankruptcy protection in the near future.

    Like many indebted citizens of America, the Stockton government based their salaries, pensions and city development plans on the notion that economic growth could never end.

    Their plan worked until it didn’t.

    This is only the beginning.

    First, we’ll see major cities across America lay off hundreds of thousands of employees, a trend that has been gaining momentum over the last several years.

    Then, entire States, likely starting with California, Illinois, and New York, will fall under the weight of billions of dollars in debt. They will turn to the Federal government, who will happily engage the Federal Reserve to print more Bernanke Bucks to bail them out.

    Finally, the United States of America, in its entirety, will succumb to what can only be described as the largest sovereign debt collapse in the history of the world.

    The implications will be severe as the paradigm of peace and prosperity Americans have come to know will turn to riots, starvation and bloodshed.

    There is no stopping this. The debt loads on every level of government have become wholly unsustainable.


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      1. Coming soon to a town, city, county, state and/or country near you.

        • The premise of exponential infinite growth in a finite world is absurd.

          • Was watching something on the way when countries get their troops, the people, the leaders all lathered up just how easy it is to have something start. This tit for tat with North Korea and South Korea with the U.S. may just blow over, and it might just start a full scale war and here is why.

            First of all Porky has to prove that he has control over the military of North Korea and IF the slightest of ANY provaction starts from either side, it cannot satisify the little fat boy’s ego and his control over the country NOT to inflict some sort of damage that is much larger on the enemy than South Korea or the U.S. inflict on the North. This can of course mean the sinking of a South Korean frigate or destroyer like a couple of years ago. Then Porky can go back to his hermit country and say to everyone there look at what under my leadership we did. Much like the first successful launch of an ICBM test, and a much more powerful test of a nuke.

            The problem with this is that South Korea and/or the U.S. is just not going to take it this time. Force met with more force and the rapid escalation begins. When you have forces so ready and on such high alert, it is very difficult to contain anything if and when it begins. IF South Korea and/or the U.S. accidentally or ON PURPOSE (never trust the plans of BO for anything-false flag if you know what I mean), hits the North Korean forces then you have a real problem. Porky MUST respond back with at least equal force, he feels that he must or face true shame for a 28 year old “leader” that everyone know was too young to lead.

            Everyone out there that thinks this will be a cake walk for the U.S. and another Iraq or Afghanistan doesn’t understand what is at stake here. North Korea is not only likely to have many more than a few nukes, probably what India has. These bastards like I mentioned the other day have every virus and bacteria probably know to man fully weaponized. They have had decades to perfect this without any interference. Contagious viruses just are NEVER contained, they become worldwide pandemics.

            Here’s the absolutely frightening point. These maniacs don’t just have one of two different strains of say smallpox or some hemorrhagic fever, they likely have dozens. Yes DOZENS. I don’t even want to talk about for example a completely antibiotic resitant strain of the pneumonic plague that is extremely contagious nightmare bacteria. Simple viruses can also be made deadly by changing the genetic code of it. There have been mass jumps in genetics with viruses also. You could have for example a cold virus that is made into something that attacks and attacks the respiratory system until the mucus that builds up suffocates the victim. Years ago this type of viral engineering would not be possible for anyone other than the U.S., China, Russia, or other country like France. Now this is possible with many more countries, especially North Korea.

            While you have all these arm chair idiots saying let’s go take out another regrime and hang another banana republic dictator, the consequences of doing this could be and likely beyond catastrophic for the human race. Porky will take the entire planet down with him and ONLY those that can isolat themselves from the viral and bacterial outbreaks will be able to survive. Porky is likely to have only the worst killer of humans in those artillery shells and warheads, and many different types that would take years to develop vaccines against. All the while hundreds of millions or billions drop over into their graves.

            Everyone is thinking about Japan, South Korea, maybe Guam or Hawaii and Alaska getting nuked (worst case scenario), and what lies in wait is what has killed into extinction countless animal and plant species, DISEASE. Regular mass killing germs and terrible biogenetically engineered nightmares ready to be unleashed on the entire world. We better be extremely concerned about what is going on over there is the Koreans.

            • This sounds like another potential false flag op to me. Possibly. Do we know for a fact he said what he said, or is that just the US media (once again)…

              At any rate, our best deterrent has always been our nuclear subs. Yes he may very well have an EMP or hemhorragic ebolapox or sharks with fricking laser beams strapped to their heads.

              On the other hand he has a country the size of Pennsylvania. Or something like that.

              All we need to do is revoke that Clinton thing that didn’t let the subs fire without executive order. Kinda hard to give an executive order if all your electronics are fried. Make it more like, if you don’t get two consecutive calls from the White house in a 48 hour period, let ’em rip.

              And tell everyone that’s the new policy.


              Wanna strut some more, little fatty? How would you enjoy dining on 150 gigatons?

              • @ Theguy. It is not the H-Bombs that can make North Korea look like the moon, it is the one doomsday bug that gets loose is what worries me the most. There is just no way that once one or more highly contagious pathogens gets out that it is going to be contained. Like Pandora’s Box once it is loose it is GAME OVER.

                It has been said that humanity will not end with a fiery mass of fire and mushroom clouds, but humanity will die with whimper. When I think about some maniac country with God knows what microbes laying in wait to be released or that could get loose I think of the opening scene in the movie “The Stand” with the music from Blue Oyster Cult playing “Don’t Fear The Reaper” as that one army guard panicked and left with his family off the army bio-weapons research base to spread “Captain Trips” to the world.

                What Chip wrote below would be the only chance for something like this not to happen if war broke out, CHINA. There is just no way once the virus or some totally resistant bacteria is out that it is going to stay in one isolated region, no way. This is why IF it is manmade or just from nature people must have enough supplies ready to go that they can avoid exposure to others as long as possible outside their homes.

                Avoiding all contact with people has worked throughout history to staying healthy and well as long as some disease carrying vector such as fleas on some vermin is not the cause of illness. A prepper/survivalist after a pandemic has broken out is best to close up their home as much as possible and try to create a negative air circulation in their home. The main objective though is just don’t get around anyone, not once outside the survival group. The old six foot contact space of being contaminated with some germ still holds true with most cases. Having enough food, water, and other necessitites for the long siege will help a lot in staying alive during the nightmare of an awful panademic natural or from some fat little boy with daddy’s tools of death that he decided to use.

                • I was thinking about a self contained sys. to grow food…SEALED.
                  Sure..plenty of electricity…but If Chia or Russia was spraying defoliant.

                  I read about a new gmo that grow in agent orange…some spray they might have.

                  Seems the seed companies have a patent to grow seeds that are resistant to aluminum.

                  I still think they are planning ww3…a mass culling.

                  Maybe the best bunker is the sewers.

                  • S&G, Your idea about buy the Cities with Silver and Gold, and moving every one into them, but me and a few other hillbillies was alright. But this sewers for bunkers, I’m not to crazy about, cause all I got is a septic tank. Trekker Out. Let’s try something else!

                  • The aluminium you can deflect using a orgone cloudbuster. Willhelm reich technology. His books got burned on pyres by the fda. He died in prison.. BUILD IT

                • The true ugly bottom line is that this will be a battle between good and evil….it is not about money or even power….it is not about how you and yours will survive…it is about what you believe and how you will be able to fight…..I, myself, will fight the good fight or die trying…..just my humble opinion….but I will die eventually, so why not go “fighting on the side of God”?
                  This is what is coming….good vs. evil….
                  Choose your side and defend it….there will be no place to hide from it….so, do or die
                  Understand the situation, accept the situation, face what is to come….
                  I understand that many will not be receptive of my post, but I felt the need to say what has been on my mind….so, take what you will from it….and go on….
                  May God Bless US and Aid US….

                  • While my comment is awaiting moderation…I will state this also….to what good would it be to merely obtain and retain your own personal safety?….what comes next? What do most people of this Republic long for? How dear is YOUR Freedom?? We are approaching the crossroads and only YOU can decide which path you will take….
                    God Help US All…

                    • ps….my othe post is under moderation not for it’s content, but because I neglected to provide my email addy…

                  • Feisty, I totally agree with you. This is a spiritual battle. Most can’t fathom what is truly on the horizon. They think they have a good handle on it because they’ve watched the movie “The Road” but…they are focusing on the material and not the “good/evil” factor. Good post. God bless.

                  • FOB ~

                    I agree with you also. That was very well-said. Another thing that I want to add to this:

                    We can’t judge right and wrong by the actions of others. When we let others become our personal measuring sticks, then we’ve lost the battle right there. It means that we have no personal sense of right and wrong.

                    This has to be something that comes from withing – you have to tap into your conscience and your ethics when making your decisions. I’m not saying you should deliberately put yourself in danger. But you should help when you can. You should consider that those you aid and those you reject are someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s lover – if you can do so safely, treat them the way you would hope your loved one would be treated.

                    As for me, I am lying low when it all goes down, because the safety my daughters is my priority. But while I’m lying low, I’ll do what I can to further the cause. Our refusal to give in to the mob mentality is our little personal resistance. Don’t follow the crowd unless the crowd is doing the right thing by YOUR yardstick.


                • AND, we can thank our own STUPID-ASS GOVERNMENT for handing over biological warfare materials to pretty much every other low-dunk country on the globe. We already know we gave Saddam the bugs, as well as some muslim brotherhood group—Syria, Iran, Iraq, AE, you name it…they got some.

                  I’m afraid it is our covert quests to overthrow elected governments that wouldn’t give us what we wanted, that may ultimately be our own undoing.

                  What the hell did we think we were doing arming Al-Qaeda anyway?

                  As it came out that this stupid government has been supporting terrorist organizations, IMO— WE SHOULD’VE ARRESTED OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT for material support of terrorists AND PUT A STOP TO IT!

                  But alas, the masses are all doped up on the couch watching american idol…

                  • WE THE PEOPLE, thru our apathy and acceptance of status-quo, have been milked and bilked of our birthright and posterity. Make no mistake, this is ALL intentionally orchestrated. Google: ‘What good can a handgun do against an army?’ Get right with God, then seek His counsel. May He see fit to bless our endeavor.

                • Sure that’s all true. If it gets released then I suppose it goes to mortality rates, really. If it’s Avian Influenza… horrible, but not totally horrendous. Captain Tripps? Bad, real bad.

                  But… what would inspire any idiot to do such an impossibly stupid thing? Even if North Korea was run by Justin Bieber.

                  3/4 of the population of the US just up and dies, I guarantee you we hold the entire “axis of evil” responsible whether they are or not. And we incinerate the lot of them… or basically whoever on their side hasn’t died of the sam exact virus they released.

                  I’m not saying don’t worry. It’s physically possible this could happen. It’s not strategically possible however. No one would plan for such a completely suicidal thing.

                • @Be Informed

                  My husband and I have purchased heavy duty plastic and duct tape for such as this.

                  We have measured the windows,heat/air registers, exhaust fan,door,etc. to the room we chose for our “safe room” We have this plastic precut and labeled to where it goes.

                  We chose one of the bedrooms that has a bathroom, TV, telephone, etc. We have the proper tools to cut off the water, gas and the main switch to the ekectric panel to stop any/all incoming air.

                  We have a box of N95 respirators and box of MRE’s.
                  I understand that with an airtight room it is meant for just a few hours until the (whatever settles)

                  I read all of this on a website or a book, don’t remember which and followed instructions because we are about a 2 hour drive from a Nuclear Power Plant and it can travel quite a way if the wind is in the right direction.

                  I am really muddling along trying to learn and do what I can to keep us safe. Bugging out is not an option for us because of our age and health issues for most situations.

                  Please correct any errors of misunderstanding and add any other information that will help us and others.

                  Since this could be a problem it would be nice to have a subject for such a disaster and for those of us that have to bug in.

                  By reading what all the people have to say has helped me and so many others. I NEVER give a thumbs down. If I don’t agree or don’t like what they say I just move along. We all have our personal opinions and I don’t want to show disrespect to anyone.

                  Thanks BI

                  4 year prepper

                • @Be Informed

                  While I am waiting moderation I might add that you or someone give us “less fortunate” ones information on how to make our home less prone to break-ins.

                  After much pleading, I did get my husband to reinforce our metal doors with 3 1/2 inch screws in the strike plate to make kick-ins more difficult. I have read that some have precut boards to cover their windows.

                  I don’t want to trap myself in so I have not gone that route. We have the lumber and the tools to do such a thing because we own a specialty cabinet shop should we feel too threatened and the need arises.

                  We do not live in the city and our neighbor hood is not heavily populated. All of us know each other by first name and my husband has built or helped everyone of them in one way or another.

                  I understand that in dire situations that peoples
                  attitudes change and they in turn will bite the hand that feeds them.

                  Your opinion of making a home safer for us “bug ins.”

                  4 year prepper

                  • By what you write…

                    You do have the basis of a local self defense force…
                    Bring that network up to the next level…talk to them…
                    Express your fears…in a calm and forthright manner…
                    Draw out from them their fears…

                    You didn’t mention any “tools”…for protection,,,
                    Don’t give it up here, but there……. Your call…

                    Brainstorm …you’d be surprised what your neighbors think…

                • Its me again BI. I have potassium iodine tablets too.
                  Get them while the geting is good. I got mine from Emergency Essentials along with my N95 masks. Drug stores were out of them at the time.


                  4 year prepper

              • Your insanity matches his in stupidity. A nuke can hit SK in minutes. Japan, Ditto. Taiwan, Ditto. And then what? Even if you destroy NK, the world will be done. Those nukes will end globalization faster than the collapse of the dollar. Think about what is made in those 3 countries that make your world possible. Almost everything electronic. Not to mention the radioactivity that would circle the globe for decades.

                I won’t even go into the biological possibilities.

                • So basically he wants to kill himself???

                  I mean… look at it from HIS perspective for a minute. The whole “even if you destroy NK” thing… is not at all hypothetical if he does what you’re talking about.

                  Mutually assured destruction is no fun, and no sane way to live… but it IS a way to live (survive) in extreme circumstances.

                • “Not to mention the radioactivity that would circle the globe for decades. ”

                  Lol uh, not so much. You’ve been swallowing a load of anti-nuke propaganda. No, I”m not saying lets run right out and nuke NK, but no, if that were to happen, we aren’t all going to die in a radioactive cloud.

                  • @Makati1
                    NSM and Walt are correct. If NK were to use a nuke on any or all of those countries that you mentioned, the radioactivity would reduce by about half every 24 hours. So in about 2 weeks those areas would at least be relatively “safe”.

                • You are incredibly ignorant of how nuclear weapons work. The aftermath is nothing as you describe.

                  • So you’re gonna tell me dropping a few nukes on NK is going to circle the globe in radioactivity and we’re all gonna die?

                    Yea, not so much slobchuk

                  • Oh shit. My apologies.

            • All he is doing is shaking us down for money. NK saber rattles every few years and a back door deal is reached where they stop and then receive “loans’ from the IMF along with food and oil. Like Stockton going bankrupt the well is running dry and his bluff is being called.

              NK is not “nuts” but rather very calculating. That barbed wire on the DMZ keeps people in more than repels “invaders”. Let a war break out and the people in NK see the outside world and good by government.

              A few million refugees fleeing to South Korea and China will put a huge burden on both nations at a very bad time. Maybe the world community can get China to chip in some money to NK. It’s probably much cheaper than other alternatives. I have little doubt that such conversations are taking place as we speak.

              • @ Kevin2. The shakedown is much different this time, you have everyone on a hair trigger, and it only takes one idiot doing something stupid to start it all. This is my point, you have accidents, both real and planned that happen all the time. While the intentions of North Korea may be to get more money and show off their war feathers, but like many intentions they often are miscalculated. Hussein was world famous for misjudging the intentions of the U.S.

                Those people over in North Korea have been conditioned since birth to the regrime’s crap, and even if they say the life across the border it is unlikely it would do anything to do other than see the enemy to kill. Brainwashing from birth has a difficult way of being broken. This is besides the point, accidents happen and this is the danger of starting a war that was not meant to happen that goes straight to a nightmare beyond imagination.

                Porky and his regrime will not go down without taking as many of the enemy down with them or with the intention of taking enough of the enemy down that he and his regrime survive the onslaught. Hard core biology weapons can do this, that is the problem.

                • They’re brainwashed because all media from the outside is held back from them for very good reason. Any nation that goes to such extremes to control everything fears the people seeing the truth.

                  Porky ain’t attacking anyone or anything in such a capacity to start a war. Porky may not give a crap about his people but in modern war there is a very high probability that he and his family will become casualties. He is personally living too large and has been from birth.

                  I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all a scam. “Hay NK, start some shit to draw attention from minor problems like a world banking collapse and confiscation of personal wealth”. “We will grease you down with aid in 6 months”. Dennis Rodman being there just prior is spooky. Stranger people have delivered stranger messages.

                  Because we been lied too so much for so long my one core belief is I don’t believe. This problem is just too timely and going on too long.

                  Make no mistake unlike 1950 China now has a vested interest in not getting into a war over this.

                  • I sure hope he doesn’t find out we’re calling him “Porky”.

                  • @ Kevin2. If this is some sort of stunt in regards to the world banks that sounds like a potential horrible scene also. Remember the elitists want the population reduced to about 250 million people, what better way for them to get this than some biological episode that leaves the technology of the past 100 years intact? A nuclear war ends most of what has been accomplished in the past few centuries gone.

                    The best of plans go awry, if this is a plan. North Korea has the fourth most advanced biology weapons programs in the world behind only the U.S., Russia, and China. Even Israel is behind North Korea. Considering the horrific bio-wepaons of the USSR and the U.S. to be ranked this high is frightening. IF Porky has armed his weapons with these bio-agents, there exists the horrible possibility of just one of these getting loose. It ONLY takes ONE and the world is in deep trouble. ACCIDENTS happen, like the accident of these “leaders” ever being borned.

                    Dennis Rodman is spooky throughout life, this dude while playing basketball in the NBA would go and wear a dress after the game and wear all sorts of strange jewelery. I use to call him by his nickname “tape worm” rather than worm. This shemale cross dressing whatever is nuts on top of being a total weirdo. He doesn’t just do things for shock effect like Howard Stern, he enjoys it and this oddballness is him. I don’t know what he was doing over there other than maybe a publicity stunt.

                    I also want people to not only get ready from the potential of fat boy releasing some doomsday virus, but also people to get ready WHEN it comes from nature. Too often people have totally underestimated Mother Nature and gotten burned from it. In nature, likely from some hovel in India there is a super bug that will get out and act like the flu and kill like Marburg towards the later stages.

                    I think out of the most UNDER prepared scenarioes that are very probable SHTF events are a pandemic and nuclear war and radiation protection. This is what I am concerned about from the prepper/survivalist community, the lack of taking these seriously enough to put more time into learning and preparing for WHEN they happen.

                  • Calm down,….absolutely nothing will happen with North Korea ……..they have nothing that we want !
                    We will do what we always do,..give them aid ” food and money” . And little fatty will shut up for another year.
                    Next year repeat..

                    Obama does not have the balls to mess with china,who WILL intervene if we do some stupid shit.

                    They are our meal ticket…

                    Bet my house on it!!!!

                • Good point BI. An accident or misinterpretation of an event could cause things to escalate.

                  It reminds me of the Cuban missle crisis when the US was enforcing the blockade of Cuba. A few Russian ships made it through and the US ships were ordered not to fire unless told by the Kennedy Administration to fire.

                  The warmongers in the Pentagon who were itching for thigns to escalate so they could use their toys weren’t satisfied with Kennedy’s leadership and fired flares at the Russian ships without approval.

                  This infuriated Kennedy. The question was asked to the military heads What if the Russians don’t see them as flares, but as being fired upon and return fire?

                  We were very very close to nuclear war then. A misinterpretation of something could trigger war today just as easily.

                  Watch the movie 13 days. This is a very well written movie that is based on many facts of the crisis.

                  God Bless,

            • I wrote last week that porky is a front for China. I have not seen anything to make me change my mind. Just hang on, China is coming. They will call our bluff and laugh us home. Our goose is as cooked as England’s was before world war II, and no one is coming to help us. I don’t think they will attack us any time soon, because of our nukes. They will just send us home like a stray dog with his tail between his legs, because we have a gutless wonder for a president that has surrounded himself with a bunch of total idiots. The Bible warns againt calling them fools. When the powers to be get sent home they will need someone to blame and kick around to massage their bruised ego. Look out preppers and Christians.

              • Chinas beef with us is over the US securing energy resources around the globe with military and covert operations not some has been battle from 6 decades ago.

                This guy is annoying.

                • 6,600 dead pigs and 1000 dead ducks pulled from the rivers in China. The Chinese govt is being very quiet about this and the fact that 3 people have died from a flu virus. But they are not worried that thier water source is contaminated. DUH

                  • They learned from India, drink up baby,just a little diarea you’ll be fine….

              • The rednecks will save your ass… locked and loaded.

            • Too long.

            • Amen BI

              all the talking heads on TV are saying no worry’s ,nothing is going to happen there just posturing ,but they forget one thing both leader fatty ,and our own mutt ,both are narsisist with big ego’s ,there both to young and wet behind the ears to be running a country ,much less engaging in tit for tat ,i honestly beleive this is going to spiral out of hand so fast ,and some how a nuke is going to get loose (dosent matter how big or who let it loose ) when it happens everything in the world is going to change ,my wife has strict orders that no matter where she is ,if she ever hear’s that a nuke was detonated anywhere on this planet get home imedietly ,it doeset matter that we can kick the shit out of N. korea ,what matters is they dont beleive that

            • Does NK have bases in 150 nations? Has NK been murdering peasants since 1945 in undeclared wars so that its power elite could profit? Did NK strategic bombers (don’t have any, afaik) overfly near the US? If the power elite and their corporate fascist lackeys want another war remove those working class troops from the DMZ and put the Ivy League pukes there to spill their blood for Wall Street. Pineapple Boy in NK is frightened to death that the militarist West will invade him. He’s weak and he knows it. He has roughly 1.1 million starving fanatic troops plus a lot of armor and artillery. He could mess up SK pretty well in the first few hours, before he died, even without NBC weaponry. Russia, Great Britain, France, Israel, Pakistan, India and China have thousands of nukes among them. Khrushchev told us 50 years ago the USSR would bury us. Difference between NK and USSR was USSR could have. Let’s stop the militarism and war mongering before it gets millions of people murdered. Or at least put the power elite wall street ivy league pukes where their blood will be shed, because if one follows the money they’re the people who benefit from u.s. militarism.
              Down thumb away. I couldn’t care less. It’s time the chickenhawk war mongers shilling for their corporate fascist masters got called out on their bullsh*t

            • There is also the possibility that China is behind the actions of North Korea. I think it is more likely that they would use a surrogate rather than directly confront the US.

              I agree with the potential for bioweapon use. There have been plenty of countries developing weapons that have never been made public. This is always an underlying danger with any war in modern times. I think that, as long as wars are a “game” for TPTB, these weapons will not be used. But all it takes is one country to feel threatened and backed into a corner and there is the high likelihood that they will respond with everything they have available.

            • if they were going to use a pandemic to take out the world its not going to be by missle, if it is I have given the little fucker way too much credit.

              The best way to wipe out the human race is simple, and since most of these leaders have no true moral compass, you put the virus into the best weapons available, humans. Get them into the international airports. Done. 1 Person with the small pox virus would wipe out half the world using this method. By the time you realize what they did it will be way too late, they have hit every corner of the world.

              Most of the asian countries would be wiped out, most of the US, Canada, Europe, and aussy land. Not surprisingly the middle east will be hit less hard because of the lack of good transportation. Same with other less developed lands and countries. Granted their major cities would be effected.

              It would make the IED’s of the middle east look like toys for a child.

              Also if he was smart he would use non koreans, effectively making it hard to trace back to them, as long as he can keep his fat lil mouth shut.

              LAX, JFK, and Reagan International would be the only three needed to have ppl sent to who were carriers. Even if just one of those three, were the zero point it would be devastating.

              Then again the little pygmy N.K. leader is not too bright and probably wants to show off more then actually wipe out the world.

              One Step Further.

              • Fatty wouldn’t release any bios , he loves himself too much, however Iran , no problem!
                Remember jehad, 72 virgins,no fear of it coming their way,they did gods work!
                Nk just a blip in time, three months from now,when we pay him off again,all will be forgotten .

            • US will not respond to any agression from N Korea because we can’t exactly shoot a nuke at them when they share a border with Russia and China. That would start WW3 If we get hit we just have to bend over and smile! Thanks America!! My grandfather who server in both theatres of WW2 would be so proud of the country we live in!!

              GOD BLESS and buy more bullets!

            • Kind of sounds like it’s following the play by play in the book of Revelation. Get right with God and you have no worries.

              • Stop it with the god crap,……..would we be where we are today if there was a god?
                Sooooo sick of hearing that,brainwashed fools,if I told you everyday that a frog was king of the universe,and if you didn’t believe you would burn in lava for eternity ………..
                Eventually you would have ” faith”

                Load a crap

                Show me one shread of proof,not faith,proof,that any god was real..!

                Jesus,Mohamed Best con men ever………

            • To believe that this fiasco is ego related is wishful thinking at best. To characterize the US aggression in Iraq and A-stan as a “cakewalk” is laughable. The war with Korea never ended. That is a fact that is totally lost on the feeble-minded American psyche. However, the people and leaders in North Korea have remained focused on this for over half a century. Furthermore, the USA has depleted it’s financial resources to the extent that conventional war is literally out of reach from a fiduciary perspective. Moreover, the military in North Korea is 1 million + strong with full nuclear capability. The result of an engagement with North Korea will be decidedly different than fighting cave-dwellers in A-stan or the relative ease of desert warfare that the empire of Amerika enjoyed in Iraq. The Korean’s have spent 57 years preparing for the resumption of hostilities. Meanwhile, Americans have spent that time destroying itself. Game over. The end.

            • Well, “Porky” does not need to do this and I truly believe this and that he won’t! . Pandemics destroy continents as well as life itself can poison the continent for generations or even longer. And the strains can be traced and he would defeat his very purpose of causing harm but not destroy your country by being discovered doing this most horrible thing.

              I belive what IS VERY possible is he is being supplied with EMP nukes possibly from China and placed on freighters positioned off our coast or coasts and set off to burst at high altitude and also just very quickly scuttle those rather small cargo ships. This can be done without detection of the source and may even be done by remote control so evidence and retaliation is basically slim to none.

              These may already be cruising TODAY waiting for the the signal and we know this is a proven strategy (Iran launched their missles in this manner a few years ago and it is said for this very reason) and how do you stop or prevent this? The nukes are easily shielded from satellite detection. They do not need to be massive devices or super high-tech to do this. Even his regime could do this.

              And lastly remember the Chinese Sub in the Gulf of Mexico undetected for days? How is our detection apparatus doing elsewhere I wonder!

              This is a nightmare writ large! These small country threats are a strategy they have in their favor and it will work and we can scoff at and have political fools bluster on about, but the threat is real and it is truly a nightmare!

            • Well, the strategy of using freighter launched EMP nukes and then the ship scuttled can not be traced back to ANY country if it has been out there cruising around, maybe for weeks, waiting for the “signal” which could be a simple coded phone call. This an achievable strategy by any country that has the hardware, and they do!

              Iran launched missles this way successfuly a few years ago so…! This is a for real NIGHTMARE!

              China is very closely involved with N. Koresa and Russia is closely involved with Iran. This is VERY VERY bothersome to me! Why did we recently ratchet up the embargo on N. Korea? Are our morons in Wash. D.C. not only stupid but also insane?? We have basically intentionally crashed what little economy they have. They cannot engage in international trade now so what are they going to do?? This is what we did to Japan that led to Pearl Harbor!

              Well we will soon find out won’t we? I really fear this blunder because he has no way out! He and his father have been BEGGING for YEARS for the true end of the Korean War and for us to leave and let the North and South work out their own peace terms. That is all of Korea’s right! It should NOT be any of our business! We have meddled and refused ALL gestures of peace from BOTH sides. WHY?? It just doesn’t make sense to anyone who know’s the history and the FACTS.

              We are “playing” with serious trouble here! The fools are leading us to war and trouble! You can almost smell it.

          • Wolf: The stars are within OUR grasp and for all practical purposes, the universe is infinite. Think BIG get BIG results.

            WE are limited only by OUR imagination.

        • NAY – we are already broke ,
          keep the faith .

          • How does this affect welfare payments, food stamps and unemployment etc.? At some point they are going to have to cut back on some of these. I have been told that Calif has been weeding out fradulent recipients from their welfare and food stamp rolls. I can’t see how all those laid off city and county workers can be added to the already very bloated food stamp and medical etc load.

            • @Cara,

              It won’t effect any of those programs at least not for the foreseeable future as the federal government backs up most of those programs. As for them weeding out fraudulent claims, not a chance. The more they have on the doles the more money they get out of Washington.

              They have already cut back on enforcement officers as a means of cutting jobs instead of laying off social workers. Anybody can get on welfare here although we don’t call it welfare anymore because that is politically incorrect. Same as food stamps, they are not food stamps any longer it is just a program called SNAPS, sounds catchy doesn’t it? No food stamps now you get an ATM card so you look just like those people who work for a living and pay taxes.


              • sometimes you can still tell who’s using these cards.They have to pay for beer and cigs separately.There are sometimes other cues iykwim.

            • As long as there is ink and paper the payments will continue. The worth of those notes is open to debate. Actually there is no debate, their worth will continue to drop possibly rather swiftly and significantly.

              No shortage of money but rather a shortage of money value.

            • Fox news is reporting that the pension payments will be made in full. F___ the rest of you. Now who wants to loan us money or do business with us on credit?

          • and nuclear weapons have been obsolete since the early 70’s

            Can’t believe anyone still buys into this nuclear threat crap..

            much akin to wmd’s in Iraq..all nonsense for the useful idiots to argue over..and still to this day.

            Economic fallout..definitely!


            • 20,000 nukes in the world and you say they are meaningless? The ones aimed at the US are meaningless? You are dreaming if you think Russia ever moved them off of their Cold War targets. Not for an eye blink. And now China has theirs aimed and ready. No, the nuclear threat is not gone. It is worse than ever as the tide of power has moved to Russia and China and away from the West. Mad men are still running the world and always will. The fat boy may just set one off for one of many reasons and that will start the chain reaction.

              • I think Possee has figured out that destroying everything on the planet is not in the elitist agenda, but keeping the infrastructure intact while disappearing the useless eaters only, is.

                I must say I agree. The globalist elites value the world we have built, THEY JUST DON’T WANT US IN IT. That is probably why a nuke will likely never be deployed…we’ve GRADUATED to anti-personnel weapons since the nuke, weapons that leave the goodies intact while killing off the people. What more could a merciless, greedy bunch of thugs ask for?

                I’ll bet they even use a virus that doesn’t effect animals or fish, just people.

              • They became obsolete the minute nuclear power plants started storing their spent fuel rods in little inflatable kiddie swimming pools on the roof of the building.

                Either this is the biggest, stupidest, most unbelievable lapse in safety standards, or it’s deliberate. Ever hear of the doomsday weapon from Dr. Strangelove? Well now you got 300 of them.

                Go ahead, nuke someone. Your hair will be falling out in a month.

                I admit to the “accidents” scenario. This one, yes, I’ll buy that. One would hope that these folks’ own mortality would make them extra cautious, but when they’re 28 and have the entire military breathing down their backs? Yeah… ok, I could see a lapse in judgement going on there.

                I suppose you could also do the Omega Man argument… if buddy’s got a bunker that’ll go for 5 decades and a few thousand people, sure maybe he’d be crazy enough to do it on purpose I suppose.

                Don’t like to think about it, honestly. What on Earth can I do about it?

              • If history is correct..

                the only “madmen” who launched nukes ..ever?


                And that was on 8/6/1945..

                Segue-way 68 years later..

                It appears we are all living under the empire of madmen..

                Launching (non stop for 68 years) pre emptive “advisers” across the globe for humanitarian missions and spreading democracy.

                • Way to go, Possee!!!

        • So glad I got the hell out of California in 2002. Progressives have completely ruined the state as they have in New York. What is left isn’t worth saving.

          • You forget the big trees they are worth saving.

            • I hear you Paranoid. Nice weather is about the only decent thing California has left, and I can find that in many other places in the US. People used to flock to CA to experience the nice weather, for the most part, and were willing to endure unbelievably financial pain and torture in the process. It took me 4 years to really see CA for what it really is…a progressive liberal Utopian black hole.

              I can understand if a person is born and raised in CA, and calls it home; everyone is pretty much deluded for staying IMO.

              • Yes, that’s true.

                I go on or Trulia and I look outside CA and I just about shit myself. Birmingham has houses for less than some cars.

                But I go to the CA section and I pick the most isolated central CA shithole I can even imagine and even there, the prices are stupid astronomical.

                I could buy a mansion in Michigan for the cost of a tar paper shack in bloody COMPTON of all places.

                This place sucks worse than you can imagine, financially speaking.

                • Anywhere you get mass populous o blacks this happens…
                  Gee ,I can’t for the life of me think why no one would want to live in these places?
                  Such nice law abiding people…it’s not like they riot at the drop of a hat,or destroy property values do to loud music at 3am,or plan to loot BEFORE a storm hits….
                  Such a enigma!…..

                  Lock and load

                  • Name one predominately black city, county, or country that people actually want to move into.

                  • Anon,

                    I’ll play the Devil’s Advocate in this respectful rebuttal.

                    I don’t think this is an issue of skin color. Blacks happen to be extraordinarily, perhaps even shockingly, easily influenced by politics. Blacks feel safest within a “tribe like” mindset cocoon. Once the core leadership reaches a consensus on an issue, the rest of the community circles the wagons and considers it their duty to support that decision, good, bad, or ugly.

                    That explains to a large degree how 98% of blacks, many of whom are highly intelligent, could possibly vote for a president who openly advocates for the creation of a Nazi styled Civilian National Security Force that is…”just a strong as the military.”

                    Any black within the community who is not in lock-step with the group think, who dares to think beyond the community, or outside the box, is instantly and severely ostracized, personally, publicly, and professionally as not being “black enough” to be black. They are branded as a traitor. For many blacks, the thought of being isolated from the collective is tantamount to a death sentence.

                    That does not make blacks victims in any way shape or form. As adults we all have a responsibility to think critically for ourselves and to question everything. However, it does make the black community the quintessentially perfect political pawn. You could not ask for a more politically malleable, easily influenced voter block in the nation. ‘Nuff said on that.

                    I know I’m gonna get some heat for saying all that, but that’s just how I see it.

              • I lived in Cal. during the 70’s & 80’s. before the nutcases took over completely, it really was a nice place. Then came the rules and regs, no more cruising, no more smoking, more taxes, more fees, and the state just keeps circling the drain. The scary part about all this is that Cal. produces most of our agriculture, the state has a budget that rivals many modern nations, is the state goes under thats going to hurt everyone in the USA, BADLY. Yet the same libtards and crooks keep getting elected and we as a nation continue down the spiral, we the people need to DEMAND accountability, not some BS press conference or a six month stay at club fed, while the looted money waits for them, these bastards need to be locked up in Folsom or San Quentin, for a long, long time.

                • cjmartel,

                  100% correct. Americans are badly hurt already, they just don’t know it yet, but they will soon enough.

                  When the bankers decide it’s time to do to Americans what they did in Cyprus, it will be a rude awakening for the medicated sleeping masses.

                  California may have a budget that rivals many modern nations, but if it is unsustainable like that of the U.S., Stockton CA will represent the entire nation in the not too distant future.

                  There will be a few free and economically viable areas such as Texas when the SHTF, if Texans can keep it that way.

                  Just as they kicked New Yorkers out of their state in the 1980’s, Texans may be forced yet again to slam the door on liberals in order to save their republic.

                  Resorting to civilized recourses such as voting, for many states like New York, California, Illinois, and Connecticut it is too late for them. The damage is already irreversible IMO.

                  • I’ve got $2.29 in my account, so I hope they spend it wisely…

            • and the senoritas.

          • Build a wall around Cali. Cali refugees end up ruining any area they where they settle.

            • the dust bowl in reverse

            • +1!

          • You’re right YH, Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn’t worth a damn!!

            • A lot of people wonder how could a gun supporting state like Colorado ever pass a ban on 30 round magazines? I know exactly how. Back in 2002 when I left California I was one of millions of taxpayers who left the state. A massive flood of Californians moved to Colorado and brought their fanatical liberal progressive habits with them. Like a terminal disease, they destroyed California and are now looking to do the same thing in Colorado.

              West coast progressives move east and East coast progressives move west and try to meet somewhere in the middle of the country. That seems to be their plan, at least in my estimation.

        • The question, the big question has not been answered as of yet. That question is: Does the City of Stockton have to keep paying CALPERS and if they don’t will CALPERS continue to pay retirement benefits to Stockton’s retiree’s? If they do not have to pay into CALPERS any longer then at least seven other cities and counties in California will file Chapter 9 within 60 days.

          And if that is the precedent then you will see cities and counties across America following that same path. This is where it is going to get interesting. This is the reason that Stockton is / was the beta test for the rest of America. Of course it will be challenged all the way to the Supreme Court before anything is done.

          That recycled old fool of a Governor Brown will still demand that we build a high speed bullet train from Podunk to Podunk Ca. of 75 miles come hell or high water so he can get the matching funds from the federal government and then use the matching funds for other entitlement programs. That means the rest of you will be out the monies given by the feds. Up his and his liberal buddies. It is my hope that this is the beginning of the end for my California Government.

          California, where the saying “it’s only money comes from”. And yes the truth is that money here does grow on trees but the idiots cut them down and paved over the ground to build new houses that the resources such as water are not there for. All for the sake of more revenue from property taxes. Then came the housing bust and now look where they put me and others.

          Oh yeah, I forgot, the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s department and the California Highway Patrol announced about 60 days ago that they quit patrolling the city of Stockton. Now what you going to do? Call out the National Guard? Oh wait most of them are overseas where the supposed 1 million standing Army we have is supposed to be.

          Fu*k them and fu*k me running before I lift a hand to help out those idiots. And I am only 45 minutes away. Want to know how many people are going to abandon their houses now that city services will be cut to nothing. A whole bunch. The prices of houses down there will plummet to the point of where Detroit is with a median price of $6,000.00. That’s right I didn’t forget a zero. Six thousand dollars apiece. Plus 6 % of all people in California have left the state in the last calendar year. let’s watch that figure double if not triple.

          I would and could go on but have run out of steam.

          • BigB

            The Truth Shall Set You Free.

            Can I get an, AMEN.

            • AMEN!!!


            • Having lived in the state, I render a big AMEN!!!

          • Amen to that, as a former Stocktonian, I hope family down yhere have the common sense and resources to leave that place, shame I call it a stumping ground, but Texas is my new home now, and worry folks, I left the liberalism back where it needed to be left 🙂

          • I retired from the city of stockton (sewage treatment plant). I moved up to northern Idaho last summer. I have know idea weather I will get my check next month, but as soon as I find something out, I will post it here.

            • @DaveB,

              I hope you do my friend. It is all about obligations. You signed on to work for them and they made promises to you that they need to keep. Can’t say I agree with the promises that they made but do know that they need to make good on them.


          • I am waiting for San Diego or Lost Angeles to declare bankruptcy. That would be interesting.

          • Ah, but you are operating under the FALSE assumption that any retirement program is going to pay anything in the future. You need to look at reality, my blind friend. Somewhere along the line all of this banking circus is going to collapse. ALL fiat currencies will default and reset to a much lower level. Maybe it will take another 10 years, but I am thinking much less.

            Those retirement plans are not big boxes of cash or gold sitting in some vault. They are ‘investments’ in the same stock bubble expanding under the flood of the Fed printing press. The same bonds and treasuries that are losing money everyday. The same fake securities that are taking down European banks and countries as we type.

            Cyprus is the US in miniature. Based on lies and theft and corruption on the level with the worst banana republic. We are a police state with a dictator in everything but name. You are all debt serfs living at your master’s whim and you don’t even see the chains.

            • So succinctly stated… poetry.

            • Hey Makati1,

              Stop spreading the truth, your scaring hell out of everybody!!! Why can’t you be like the MSM and fill us full of shit, we apparently like shit, God knows we’ve taken more than our fair share of shit in the past couple of decades. It certainly looks like SHTF is coming faster and faster, as the decay becomes ever more visible, the rate of decline speeds up, as the decline speeds up, the masses begin to wake up to what has really gone on, I only pray we are not too late.

          • Pity that it is too late to build a fence to stop the people from leaving Kali.. Where ever they go, they screw it up with their liberal ideologies.

            Conservative states need to enforce a quarantine to stop the liberal cancer from infecting their states.

          • The entire Central Valley is a disaster. Stockton, Modesto, Merced, Sacramento. The water has ben turned off to tens of thousands of acres and forty year old nut orchards and fruit orchards are now dead. No compensation paid for this taking of property. Mexicans are the majority and over half the valley depends on various forms of welfare to exist. It is so bad crime wise that ranchers and farmers are virtual captives on their places as if they leave thieves hit them and steal everything that is not nailed down.

        • Not necessarily. My home town saved for 21 years before building a city hall. The only debt my city has is for a $3,000,000 crime lane the state leases foe $31,000 a month which makes all the bond payments for the crime lab and has built up a good reserve. My town is 12 miles from Stockton, we saved for 35 years before building a city hall (used a donated building before that) and otherwise have no debts, no defined benefit obligations that are not 100% set aside for every month, and relatively low crime.

        • hey everybody,
          the folks in Stockton
          HOPE you can spare some

          C’mon, help a brother out…

        • Those of us who are in the rapidly growing community of race realists, might want to study the demographic data on Stockton, California and then remember that our US Congress, lead by the Gang of treasonous 8 RINOs and by the Western Civilization hating leftists, Marxists and Communists with D’s beside their names on the ballot are feverishly working to get amnesty passed for the 20-40 million illegal aliens who’re inside our nation and in violation of our laws – and that amnesty will most certainly include generous family reunification provisions which will let those 20-40 million illegal aliens import another 50-100 million of their relatives.

          All of whom will immediately be eligible for tax payer provided subsidies for Obama care, plus they will also be given affirmative action preferences over every last White European descended native born American.

          Think Stockton is a crime infested, mismanaged and corrupt basket case of a city? Well, the treasonous rats in our White House and Congress intend to turn the entire nation into one gigantic Stockton, or one gigantic Detroit, or one gigantic Chicago. Or, a combination of all three of those cesspool cities.

          Hispanic – 117,590 (40.3%)
          White alone – 66,836 (22.9%)
          Asian alone – 60,323 (20.7%)
          Black alone – 33,507 (11.5%)
          Two or more races – 10,122 (3.5%)
          Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone – 1,622 (0.6%)
          American Indian alone – 1,237 (0.4%)
          Other race alone – 470 (0.2%)

          Remember the great old Kurt Russell movie ‘Escape from New York’? Or, how about the Mel Gibson classic, ‘Road Warrior’?

          Coming soon to a neighborhood near us all, folks.


        • “”””Their plan worked until it didn’t.”””

          I foresee the same thing for the banksters plan too.

        • There is a article at The Burning Platform dot com called AVAILABLE. It talks about all the vacant retail space available out there. We see it every day on our drives to work, all the signs in the windows saying “Space available for lease”. No pun intended but that is not a good sign either.

      2. Peoples Republic of California. Their own damn fault. I got no heartache for ’em.

        • dont worry about california it will soon be part of the pacific ocean

          • I was thinking it would be annexed by China. We give them a financially and morally bankrupt state, they write off our worthless T bills. Everybody wins. SARCASM.

          • Why do you fools always post that crap. The average elevation in Calif. is over two thousand feet. If Ca. goes you coastal flatlanders else where are screwed.

        • ” lay off hundreds of thousands ” ha ha ha ha ha ha ho ho ho ho ha ha ha ha he he he he he. I needed a good laugh. More like project a lay off of hundreds of thousands from the projected hiring of millions, while they continue to feed at the public trough and screw over the people that pays the bills. Move their medical into obama care and their retirement into social security and let them eat cake with the rest of us. They are the slime that created this mess.

      3. The wheels on the bus go round and round……until they fall off…nothing to see here folks……keep moving.

      4. Yes we can , Yes we can , Yes we can, Right ????

        • You all worry to much,….Obama will fix this as soon as he gets back from another vacation !

      5. Cities and govt entities everywhere have this disease…this sense of self importance that causes them to self destruct while trying to justify their existence throughout the process…its a vicious circle…anytime any group of people get together in a town/city/corporation they tend to succumb to this disease…believing that the collective is more important than the individual and anyone disagreeing be damned…if people choose to glome together in cities/groups then they have to realize that the burden falls to them as a group(when something goes wrong) because they as a group are responsible for the mess and they have to solve it themselves…not by making uninvolved persons share the burden of some imaginary shared(social)mess forced on them…they made the mess whilst enjoying the benefits…now they gotta fix it,its called responsibility!

        • Right you are REB.
          The new mantra of government- “We’re too inmprtant to be held accountable.”

          • oops- ‘important’

            • Doctor told me I was impotent, so I went out and bought me a new Cadillac.


              • A poor guy was going to the doctor to get a vasectomy. He showed up wearing his best suit. The doctor asked him why he was dressed up. The guy said “If I’m going to be impotent, I might as well look impotent (important).”

            • You meant to type “impOtent”.

      6. Yes we can , Yes we can, Yes we can……Right????

      7. Stockton—-gored by the “Horn of Plenty”

      8. So, I guess that really WAS the city manager panhandling at the truck stop. I thought he was lying to me…

        • Smokin
          I hope you kicked him in the chest and stole his tincup

      9. Is it possible that Government Motors can help? Maybe they could lend money to their union goon buddies in Cawdifornia.
        I have often wondered how a Gov. employee can retire at 50 yrs. of age, and the rest of us peons have to work until 66 or 67. Maybe if the gov. employees were forced into the Social Security, Medicare systems, maybe these communities would not be in as bad a shape as their in.
        I know retired pub. employees who retire at 50 yrs old, then get hired back into their old jobs and make double their income. hey public employees, GO SUCK EGGS!!!

        • theres the problem , where in the bible does it mention retirement ?

          work 6 days and rest on the seventh .

          I, plan to die with my boots ON !

          • Or food stamps, welfare, section 8 housing? I missed those in the Bible too……handouts a plenty………its in the Obamanation section. Check it out its right after Revelations.

        • Hope everyone had a glorious and Spirit filled Resurrection Sunday.

      10. The underlying problem is always long term debt of way too generous retirement and pension plans, along with fully paid health care, usually until death. And the crap about giving full benefits to a domestic partner. What a joke!!

        Liberals and their unions can’t see that they created this. Give everything to everybody. While they tear our constitution to shreds with the worse moral decay that history has ever seen. They have destroyed our manufacturing and now the greatest cities on earth will all be in ruins soon.

        Sure the feds can and will bail these cities out, but at what price? Every bailout, be it a “too big to fail company” or the city next door, brings all of us closer to a complete economic meltdown.
        molon labe

        • The city should just hire everybody. Then, everybody will have a good job and pay taxes to the city. Plus, they will all have platinum health care and retirement plans. But all will be good because everybody now working for the city will be paying taxes.
          Problem solved. I should be a city manager. This is easy.

        • Herein lies the rub—the FED will only bail out the cities/states that follow orders. Don’t have a full gun ban in effect, sorry about your luck.

          • I can remember driving the back roads in farm country ca. outside Stockton and other towns in the seventies and it was real common to see a gun rack and rifle in the pickups. Back when ca. was still a great place. You could open carry until 68.

      11. The list will continue. Wonder how they will pay for the free medical care and food? Hate to be a fruit-stand owner on the corner somewhere. This is what happens when liberalism takes over and no job opportunity for the citizens.

        I hope they adopt the motto from Vegas–‘What happens in California stays in California’.

      12. Oh come on you bunch of negative doomsayers. After all, the stock is great (cough), unemployment is nowhere near depression level (cough, cough), consumer confidence is high (cough, cough, cough). Obummer will save us. APRIL FOOLS. Man, did that hurt to write those lies. I wonder how the MSM can take it

        • @Jim(another)….You asked how will the MSM handle this one? Answer: they will blame Reagan.

          • Ug, you’re crackin’ me up! It’d be even funnier if it wasn’t true!

          • Or Bush. Don’t forget Bush. (Either one.) It can never be the Democrat Messiah’s fault.

            • It IS the fault of Bush. He deserves to be indicted for treason with many, many other officials; past and present, found guilty by the people, and hung from the Washington Monument or Jefferson Memorial.

              The penalty for treason is death. That is the law of the land.

              The Cherry trees on the Washington Mall couldn’t handle the weight of all of the bodies that should be hanging from them for the deliberate dismemberment of OUR economy, the theft and transfer of American manufacturing, and the destruction of OUR banking and financial system; including Dear Leader’s. WE need to make an example of them when that Day comes.

              Its US or them. Engage your employees or be bankrupted by them.

              • Ditto, Durango Kidd. Were I King for a Day, that cocaine brain damaged, treasonous, 9-11 complicit, lying war criminal would have already had his trial, been convicted, and he’d be sitting on a bunk in his prison cell today, listening for the footsteps of the approaching Warden and team of security guards who’d be coming to escort his evil hind parts down to the room where he’d be taking a final ride on the electric pony.

                • I wouldn’t wet his head either. 🙂

      13. Don’t see the FED’s bailing out the cities or the States unless they agree to less SOVEREIGNTY and independence. More than likely the Federal Courts will just give the private investors and pension funds like Cal Pers a haircut.

        These are individuals, city, and eventually State employees that will get the shaft; not Federal Employees who are part of the Federal Infrastructure deployed to impose the will of the FEDs upon the States and US.

        By laying off thousands of city and State workers, DHS will gain the opportunity to create the “legitimacy” of deploying “brown shirts” in their desire to create a federal police state equal to or greater than DOD: as promised by Dear Leader as part of his “fundamental transformation of America”.

        Lock and load. Engage your employees or be policed by the federales.

      14. Preppers,

        You still have time to gather supplies and focus on the basics such as, securing your house and converting fiat currency to real assets. This whole bankruptcy thing that these cities are doing is merely asking the Benny and the feds to forgive the debt held… Do you see state employees out of a job? Do you see police and firefighters protesting? Are Obama followers not getting their entitlements ? Until people start walking the streets of Washington, just keep on focusing on your prepping. Remember, keeping your mental bearings intact and know this will end in a bad way is what will separate you from the sheeples. As long as Stockton state employees are still getting pensions and vacation/sick
        me off, its not time to panic.

        Puff puff pass.

        • The ending should read time off.. sorry

        • They need to legalize pot and prostitution.

          It would be great to go to a Tim Hortons for coffee, get high and a bj.
          Then use it to fund the nation.

          I’m just saying….

          Who made up all these rules anyway?

          If folks were nice and mello and stuff…life would be right.

          Hey…even fat chicks need love….

      15. This is only the beginning.

      16. this is not awebsite for welfare panzzies but if you happen to be reading it your f==king foodstamps are about to disapear and QUEEN OBAMA is not going to help you so stockup

        • Oh, no… those EBTs (not really seen in stamp form much anymore) won’t just disappear. Not all at once, anyway. It’ll be more like they’ll watch the prices inch up day by day and week by week until the entire monthly allowance on an EBT can get them maybe a bag of chips. Meanwhile, our economists will continue to claim recovery as the official unemployment rate goes down (and labor participation plunges lower than ever) and will carefully evict all food and fuel and essentials from their inflation indexes so they can pretend there’s barely any inflation at all. All the cracks in the economy will be joyously overlooked right up to the day the EBT riots break out as people discover they can’t last a whole month on a bag of chips. Even then, the media will ignore the riots for as long as possible until the power goes out on their broadcasting buildings. You’d be amazed how long the ignore-and-deny strategy can delay the inevitable.

        • Not so quick! The local crackeheads and drunks let us use their cards and pin numbers for .50 on the dollar. Really helps to s…t…r….e…t..c..h the budget.
          And don’t feel a bit bad about it.

      17. “There’s nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy,” said Bob Deis, Stockton’s city manager. “But it is a vindication of what we’ve been saying for nine months.”

        And what was that exactly? That you have over borrowed and can’t pay your debts. Good thing it is someone elses money you were playing with.

        He should be jailed for this

        • It started way before him back in the early 90’s they started with “beautifying stockton” with the waterfront project, the sports arena, fancy streetwork in skid row, WAY oversize sewage treatment plant cogen expansion project (which I was a mechanic) the cogen engines sit idle because there is little digester gas, There is little gas because the city TAXED all the canneries out of business, so they moved to other towns and now there is no cannery waste.I think the upper managment, fire and police can retire at 50 years old. I know the SJ county can. I worked there for 10 years before I left and got another job. Half my retirement check comes from COS. I may lose it. At least I moved here in Idaho where the people (northern) are conservative, mostly self sufficiant, friendly, and have instinctive prepping.

      18. Whether you think the employees pension plans are reasonable or not, it would really suck if your financial planning was based on that money you expected to be there.

        Like all cuts, they are going to make these the MOST visible and the MOST shocking, in order to say “I told you so.”

        Case in point: “There’s nothing to celebrate about bankruptcy,” said Bob Deis, Stockton’s city manager. “But it is a vindication of what we’ve been saying for nine months.”

        Look for cuts that hurt the regular guys the most. They’ll want to make a point.

        • *grins like the Cheshire cat*

          • All government rests upon organized coercion, theft and murder. Peaceful productive folk go along with it because resisting would be difficult, expensive and likely futile. Big surprise that it’s beginning to unravel in California. From where comes the notion that we need to pay a self-perpetuating gang of thugs to do things for us? “It’s always been that way” is no reason to continue to meekly submit. Why are my real estate taxes three times more than my federal and state income taxes combined when I receive no direct benefit from county government? I’m tired of being stolen from to support tax fed parasites. I’d happily subscribe and pay $X for private police protection and $Y for private fire protection if I could tell the rest of local government to go pound sand.

            • Amen…We have volunteer firemen here. Who drummed it into everyone’s head that police and firefighters are “heroes”? What about the coal miners or high steel workers that risk their lives every day? No one calls them heroes. They don’t get to retire after 30 years unless they have black lung or take a fall. Such bullshit. Eddie Bernays would be proud.

        • Daisy my retirement plan is based on my savings and investments along with social security having some value. The borrowing and printing pigs have stolen my retirement, pushed up the retirement age for ss and have planted the seed for run away inflation. I have absolutely no sympathy for them. If they have to work at a drive up window at Mc D’s then they would have to be competing for that job with all the people that they screwed over. If they have to wait on a death panel for their medical care then they will be in the company of the people that they screwed.

          • Rick – definitely time for Plan B, huh? It sounds like, from your posts, you are doing very well with Plan B, despite all the machinations of the government. Farming for yourself is the way to go!

            • Sometimes plan “B” is looking like plan “A” and now I’m going to have to come up with a plan “C”. I have been playing around with my guitar and writing music, maybe being a street corner troubadour will be my plan “C” retirement. Time to get serious, got any good lyrics?

              • How about:

                The liberals stole my retirement.

        • Cum home.

      19. LOL!

      20. Do you people think this is a joke? This bankruptcy will result in mass suffering of poor families, while all you fat white people sit in your McMansions watching Faux news. The republicans who gutted this state by cutting taxes for the 1% will have a lot to answer for when the history of California is written. There will be a reckoning.

        • the reason californa is broke is because all you fags spent the money trying to figure out how to have kids once you were married dick head


          • Back on the Cap Key again.

            • And off the meds too, apparently…

          • That’s a sickening thing to say. You have clearly never been poor. Poverty happens to decent people too, not just welfare bums. Given the current economy it is going to happen to more and more good, hardworking people.

            It’s one thing not to have sympathy or to be ambivalent. But HOPING people starve to death? That’s just hateful and your views on this absolutely disgust me.

            • I know perfectly well that poverty happens to decent people and not just welfare bums, and that more and more decent people are slipping into penury. But SHTF doesn’t care if you’re a nice good hardworking person who rescues kittens and helps old ladies across the street. SHTF only reckons upon your brain and your materials.

              Where on Earth do you get the idea that I don’t care? Dude, I’ve been talking about this for 15 years while the other people on this blog have been totally oblivious to central banking. No one is more disgusted than I am at the destruction of the middle class. But the cold hard fact is that nobody gives a shit, and they won’t until it affects them personally. Democracy is the cancer that is destroying the Republic and it has to be stopped. The people at large are the willful architects of this totally unnessessary economic malaise. Whatever happens now, they deserve it. The people are like children. And you don’t cater to a child’s tantrums, you punish them. Like a sad clown, on the inside I’m really crying.

              • He does make a point.

              • “I’ve been talking about this for 15 years.”

                So….you started talking about this stuff when you were 2 years old?

                Wow. You’re some kind of child prodigy.

                • @ walt – i thought the same thing, but was going to give him at least 10 years old when he saw the light.

                  “We have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart?”

              • is one born a welfare bum, or does one become one when one falls on hard times?

                • @Eeder

                  Man could be a product of his enviorment but is not condemned to it. He can overcome by improving himself thru education and acquiring skills that benefit him, his family and his community. It is his choices, in most cases, that makes him what he is now and in the future.
                  The world is moving faster and so he must adapt. Most of all he must be able to see the change and not mire himself in his comfort zone.

                  • we need to slow the world down. it isn’t fair to the average person of average intelligence and means to always be trying to keep up with more and more crap. It has to stop. one becomes a welfare bum or a loser, when one falls on hard times. only we ,and the ptb create these hard times. globalism is not working. trying to make it go faster, is a ridiculous notion.

                • Say Eeder.

                  Many years have past since I fell of the New and Improved Electronic stuff. While others exault the functions of their new gizmo, I look at buying a new ax with a wedge head ;0). I guess I’m just a dinosaur unwilling to change as this world spins out of control.
                  What I have will stand the test of time. Functional now as when I purchased it 10 or more years ago. I find myself in the woods alot by myself, trying to throw off the bullshit that surrounds my everyday life. Taking time to listen to the wildlife and to catch a glimpse of them once in awhile. It is hard to remove yourself from the rat race as it encroaches upon you more everyday.
                  When we exceed terminal velocity it will all burn up and then we will see the true meaning of life.

              • Two quotes:

                Eisenkreuz says:
                Where on Earth do you get the idea that I don’t care?

                Eisenkreuz says:


                • If I really didn’t care I wouldn’t spend so much energy trying to help people.

                  • E ~ Then stop saying horrible things like how much you’ll enjoy it when people suffer and die. It makes you sound like a callous jerk and undermines anything positive you have to say.

                    People can only judge what is in your heart by the words you post. I’m sure that with the two quotes I shared, you can see my point.

                    ~ Daisy

            • The guy is a moron. Ignore him.

              • It. Depends o. Who is typing for the day

                • You noticed too? Wonder if shifts are scheduled hourly or by the day …

              • whom are you referring to john w. i will reserve my blasting until you confirm it is me you speak of.

        • People are the product on their own choices and actions.

          No one is guaranteed a free lunch.

          No one deserves a free lunch.

          Stop riding in the wagon, it is your turn to push.


          • I am glad that all of this world-wide meltdown is taking place finally. This is because I love the Lord Jesus Christ, and I look forward to His return. It is about time that many people stop loving this world, and start loving the Lord Jesus Christ. And if it is a lot of suffering that they need to make that wonderful turn to Christ, so be it.

            I have spent years and years being persecuted for my faith in Christ in much ridicule and other methods of persecution by those who loved this life and its world, and now I am happy to see this all come about. There is nothing any one can do about it, but provide emergency essentials for themselves and others.

            Even so, spiritually speaking, it is not only a time of prayer, but it is the greatest time of rejoicing, because we know that our Wonderful Saviour will continue to be with us by His Spirit while we endure the things to come, and we know we will see Him face to face soon.

            If you are ready and you know it, say Amen!!!

        • You are a fool. Think from FL350, not what you see.

        • If you notice”sanctuary cities” have mote problems more money going out than coming in. Damn the necessities just keep our pensions intact.

        • WRONG. its from OVERSPENDING. Light rail, Bart, EBT, section 8 housing, Obama phones, outragous pensions, enviro weenie impact laws that run small business out of state. Live within your Budget.

        • Should have stayed home. Ca. is finished, time for all the parasites to find a new host to drain.

      21. Sure it’s a big joke, you idiots. GO watch your Faux news and shut up. THere will be a reckoning, and all you fat white people in your McMansions will not be protected.

        • @Anselmo….How is Liberalism working for you today? The Fat Liberal spent other-peoples-monies and gave it away. We know we are doomed. No doubt. Thanks California. As California goes, so goes the Nation, right?

          How sad. A state once called the Golden State. A state at one time under conservatives had their GDP alone would be the 5th largest in the world as a country.

          Anselmo. Do you think the State can recover. If so, then how?

          • Last depression started on the east coast and moved west..this time, west moving east.

        • All you fat white people in your McMansions will not be protected.

          Hey, Amos. I think it’s time to break out the Quad 50. Have to protect our doublewide and secure the backend of the trailor park. Don’t forget the Black Powder!
          Banjo Music.

          • Told Amos that if the Quad 50 doesn’t work we’ll have to bring out our secret weapon.
            Mr. Skunk Ape.

            • Mr. Skunk Ape is one hell of a tree snapper but when he craps himself he can knock a buzzard off a shitwagon at 50 yards.

        • Us fat white people (I’m 225 at 5’11” and lift every day) have all the guns, douche. I don’t NEED or WANT the government “protecting” me. I’m a big boy and can wipe my own A$$. Bring your reckoning on, douche. Gotta go, sharpening more pikes to hang the warning heads on when it starts…

          • Don’t forget a good crossbar to keep them from sliding down, Lots of these liberals have a soft skull.

        • Racist much? Spew your hatred elsewhere…We come here for ideas and s

          • Sorry my comment is for anselmo the ra
            cist bigot.

            • By the way, Anselmo is a common Latino name. St Anselmo, jerks. What kind of name is Farmette?
              Secondly, white elitist rethuglicans were the ones who transformed this state from a middle class paradise to the banana republic it is today. You import Latinos to do your dirty work for pennies then bitch when we set down roots (in our ancestral land). California has been looted by white exploiters. You insist on cutting pay for public services and education.
              Are you the LA police? Are you some Orange county militia? Load up, jerkoff. You have your guns, fine, but you will not be protected by your government as you have been. You are spoiled. When the bad times in America come (as if you know what bad times are) you will be unprepared, because you have the guns but we have numbers. You destroyed Cali long time ago, it is ours by right.

              • Wooooo Weee! You can always tell just how low information a moonbat is by mow many invectives they use and how much they blame on a republican.

                Dont get me wrong, republicans are lame to say the least, but blaming California’s problems on ‘rethuglicans’ and even uttering the stupidity ‘faux news’ make you one dumb sumbitch.

              • Thank you, Anselmo D.

                I truly do appreciate it when, as a committed White Nationalist minded White guy – I see examples of Mestizos such as yourself volunteering to post honest and truthful comments that reveal your tribe’s true attitude and animosities towards White European men and women.

                Personally, I am convinced that White Europeans are probably the most stupid, clueless, hard-headed, irrational, most easily brainwashed and programmed by their electronic sewage spewing devices, most easily deracinated and biggest race cowards and race wimps and losers to ever walk around on two legs in an upright position. Trying to reach these numbskulls and help them open their eyes to the realities of race and to explain to them that the entire documented history of the world has been nothing more than a series of conflicts between competing ethnic and racial groups to determine control and ownership of territory, access to scarce resources, access to females, food, water and to determine dominance in political and cultural areas – this is a task that is almost impossible.

                Contributions like yours are very valuable, because I think they help open a few White eyes. So please keep them coming, Amigo.

                By the way. I’d bet that you and I could enjoy a few shots of tequila and a couple of cold beers together, because we probably would have a mutual respect for each others commitment to honesty. If we ever meet, I promise to buy the first round of drinks.

        • Anselmo? Really,thats priceless! How the hell do you come up with a name like that. Momma was mixing too much crack and Ripple when she thought that one up.Either that or,she’s thinking”well,his daddy was andy,or was it elmo? Oh well,dis name be’s coverin bofe of’em i guess………..

          • Andy or Elmo?


        • You’re pregnant, a man, and denied a divorce?

        • If you think those “fat white people” who are in McMansions are not protected … ignore the “No Trespassing” sign and scale the fence. 🙂

        • @Anus-Slo-Mo..Of course it is a joke. A big pathetic joke. If you and your ilk think the people who frequent this site, and others like it, will not be protected, I invite you to stagger our way and find out just how protected we truly are. Bring Chris Matthews with you.

        • {Sure it’s a big joke, you idiots. GO watch your Faux news and shut up. THere will be a reckoning, and all you fat white people in your McMansions will not be protected.}

          {Do you people think this is a joke? This bankruptcy will result in mass suffering of poor families, while all you fat white people sit in your McMansions watching Faux news. The republicans who gutted this state by cutting taxes for the 1% will have a lot to answer for when the history of California is written. There will be a reckoning.}

          Compare the posts. Did you lose the other pages of the play book, troll??
          Faux news
          fat white people

          So much for originality.

          • There are an awful lot of really fat and gross looking white people around these days.

            I’m White and this trend towards using Rosey O’Donnell as a role model, or maybe that big fat water buffalo governor from New Jersey – tends to make me crave a shot of Pepto-Bismal.

        • You are the bunny!

        • “THere will be a reckoning, and all you fat white people in your McMansions will not be protected”
          If you mean protected by government, you are correct. WE ALL made the necessary preparations to PROTECT OURSELVES AND OUR FAMILIES. Thank you very much. I don’t think people here will be asking for a government handout anytime soon.

      22. BWAHAHAHAHAHA this gets better and better day by day.

      23. @ anselmo….tax the top 1% at 100% and it does not even begin to cover your government supported nanny state lifestyle. Get out, get a job and work for your money. Then let’s see how you like giving up effectively 50% of your check as a MIDDLE CLASS citizen.

      24. Anselmo, F#$% you! Go find another country you like and relocate to it. Your hero, the BOY in the White House, has been pushing all this communist crap, now the chickens are coming home to roost. You have been misled by your own so-called leaders and NAACP for so long, you have no idea what reality. The entitlement programs cannot possibly continue for very much longer. That “safety net” has limits to it somewhere and when it finally breaks, all hell will break loose. braveheart

        • Didn’t I read some recount of the capture of Santa Anna by Sam Houston’s steel-balled gang of rough and rowdy Texans that wasn’t all that favorable, with regards to either the courage or the fighting skills of Mexicans?

          “During the short but furious fighting, Houston was shot in the left ankle, two of his horses were shot from under him, and Santa Anna escaped. The combat itself lasted 18 minutes, but the slaughter of the Mexicans continued for “another hour or so”.[10][30] The Texan militia had won a stunning victory, killing about 700 Mexican soldiers, wounding 208, and taking 730 prisoners, including Santa Anna (the Texans did not know they had captured Santa Anna until one of the prisoners called him El Presidente) while suffering 9 killed and 30 wounded.[31]”

          Hey, I’m really looking forward to the repeat of this kind of fun.


        The new currency will be backed by silver and gold. The metals will be kept in private citizens personal holding. The metals will be inspected and accounted for quarterly.

        If a person was to try and rob the “bank”…they would have millions of homes to visit.
        Part of the holding requirements is the metals owner needs to be a NRA member and keep firearms and ammunition.

        The currency will be restricted to US shores only and can only be used against goods made in America.


        What do you think?

        A stable currency backed by Gods money and secured by Americans and wide distribution.

        No Federal Reserve, no foreign holders.

        I’m just shitting you all here…but it’s a thought.

        Any comments?

        My thoughts… get banking back into the hands of the people.

        • And after who? makes sure you have it, he’s going to let you keep it? YA, SURE. When times get tough some people are going to get pealed and eaten like crayfish.

        • We’re not going to have an economy based on gold and silver you fruitcakes. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN. BITCOIN.

          • Guess what fruitcake, we aren’t going to have an economy based on bitcoin either.

            • Why not?

          • Ask people whether they’d rather have $1M in bitcoins or $100K in gold.

      26. Just another mini-Detroit

      27. IT’S GANGS NOT GUNS !

      28. @ Anselmo –

        Here’s a thought for you – how about going out, getting a job and actually working for a living? Everything I have came from my hard work and wisdom in handling my money. I have no debts, including the house since it’s paid off. How about applying some personal responsibility – what a concept, eh?

        You have only yourself to blame for your lack of activism in the right direction.

      29. Makes you wonder…me anyway…
        Is this part of the bigger picture that is agenda 21…
        Just another step along the road.

      30. Perhaps if Californians had not drank the Agenda 21 and supported the party who created regulations , higher taxes and foolishly promised workers pensions that weren’t affordable , California would not now be a wasteland ! The Elitist leftist used the Cloward and Piven strategy wrapped up in a whacko environmental lie called global warming to bring California to her knees and keep on pushing the Agenda 21 scam in the form of high speed bullet trains to nowhere. This will be coming to every city, every state if DemocRats have control of Wadhington D.C. in 2016 !

        • Sad to say, but it’s not “if” the leftists control this country. And to top it all off, there is not a decent conservative politician to run against them. The majority of the population is liberal and there are plenty hiding their agenda because they are afraid they might be talking to a conservative or think they have to lie. I’m so sick over our countries’ moral and economic decline I could just puke.

          It’s refreshing to be on this forum with like minded people. In the real world we must remember most are against us, morally, ethically and economically. When tshtf there’s going to be a lot of soul searching from the masses. A lot of them will buckle down and be able to take care of their families without the government babysitting. But most will hide in the corner and starve. The strong will survive sums it all up.
          molon labe

          • A strong grasp of facts and the ability to make other people feel stupid always wins the day.

        • Laugh all you want. Texas will soon be as messed up as Ca. Think not? Just look at Colorado, who would ever expect them to become crazed gun grabbers. With the next amnesty this will be a one party country from now on. The Stupid Party is going out of business. They are just too dumb to realize that.

      31. “Their plan worked until it didn’t.”

        Yeah, I think we’re gonna see a lot of that.

      32. Wakey Wakey Sheepies the time to act is now i dont care what you do just do something about it.[as long as its not bad]

        • Do what? None of us know what to do. We are now the minority and we all are becoming aware of it. I am at the point mentally where I am standing down. Let America’s people feel the wrath of stupidity, immorality, and greed run amuck. The Dems and Repubs suck. The majority of the young people in this once great land suck. The majority of the older people suck. That’s right we as a people currently are lazy and suck. I cannot stand it any longer. It is time to let the ship sink. I only hope that after the fall it can be rebuilt with people that finally understand what hard times are. Because right now, the populace can’t wrap their heads around difficult times. Devastation will be needed for the country to wake the fuck up. This could be financial, war, civil war, starvation, blood in the streets, whatever. But it will take a big slap in the face for a prolonged period of time to affect the minds and hearts of a generation of people. It is a necessary evil. I am no longer allowing the news articles to get my blood pressure up. It is not healthy. I am actually hoping for a big dose of reality to befall the US. Why pray for a continuation of this false reality of the American daily life? We all know this shit is fleeting. Why not just get the show on the road. I hate to tell you all, but there is no saving this sinking ship. Please don’t think me a pessimist. I am an optimist, just further out in time. I believe this land we own is too great to be kept down for too long. I think the physical greatness of America has a lot to do with why The American People became what we were. It will be that way again one day.

          • Well said brother, Well said

            • I agree.

          • @GoneToLong.

            “It’s all I can stands, cause I can’t stands no more”.

            The fuse is lit that eventually will detonate the powderkeg. To them it is all fun and games and they do not realise the pent up anger that is about to be released. There are many that are inflamed by these actions and “Wilding” is only part of it all. When it all explodes the collateral damage will be great. All will be caught up in it. For now I would like to say that cooler heads prevail but it will not last long should incidents escalate. So much can be said for tolerance.

          • For Gonetoolong: Just don’t lump all of the people in with one generation. I have grandchildren that are willing and able to fight for our freedoms. Two are actually serving right now.

            Us old folks have integrity and even though we watched the 60’s antics, we never joined their foolishness.

            There are many that still will help out a neighbor. Don’t throw us all out with the bathwater.

            • I am careful to use the word “most”. I don’t generalize all people by any means. There are great people of all ages left in this country of ours. I happen to have 4 kids under the age of 14. I believe each has more integrity than most of the people you will see in daily life these days. They also know about self defense and the fierce need for it if ever called upon. I am just tired of “groundhog day” in America. The same shit over and over from both sides. This country is run by throwing an idea/thought to the public, waiting on poll returns and then make a policy to correspond to the poll. Spineless we have become.

      33. The state pension funds of the biggest Democratic states like California, New York, and Illinois are grossly underfunded. They’re allowed to continue with the myth that the money they’ve set aside will grow by an average rate of 8% per year which is clearly impossible. There will come a time when the payments will just stop.

      34. Er what?

        “So far Stockton has kept up with pension payments while it has reneged on other debts, maintaining that it needs a strong pension plan to retain its pared-down workforce.”

        Strong pension plan? My employer doesn’t offer a pension plan at all. One would think that the “pared-down workforce” would be happy to have a job at all.

        • “””maintaining that it needs a strong pension plan to retain its pared-down workforce”””
          Translation…we need that money to hold up our fraudulant schemes.

          • If they held a job fair today there would be twenty applicants for every opening at half the pay of the current workers. State, county, city govt. jobs are a dream for the workers and a nightmare for the rest of us.

        • @abc Amazing isn’t it? That’s Union-talk and it’s the Union pulling the strings in Stockton. But there will come a time when the rate of return on investments can no longer be denied and even the mighty CalPers will have to face the reality and take their inevitable haircut. There isn’t a pension anywhere in the US that can keep up with the promised rate of return. The pension issue is systemic, symptomatic of the overall financial failures in the US and globally.

          Anyone, anywhere, who believes they are immune to economic hardship cum collapse will learn otherwise in the near future.

          The financial failures are facts, and the facts are available, but propaganda has been allowed to override the facts. It’s all part of the plan — rather than allowing a free market economy to behave as it should, the failure is planned in stages. Incremental failures will continue to occur. Our elite “leaders” have the entire system propped up artificially so that the systemic problems can be brought about in stages. Our entire financial system is fraudulent and we have become a system of bubbles supporting bubbles.

          The only ‘strong pension plan’ is through self-directed investments. Invest in yourself, your residence/land, secure all properties, and ensure your sustenance through gardening, more self-reliance, and long-term food storage. No time for whining now — time to toughen up and fortify what is rightfully our own.

      35. Retirement funds are an unprotected pile of cash. The financial predators will take them from the absentee retirees. Social security is no exception of course.

        The thieves are gone. The money is gone…
        “March 14, 2011 12:00 AM
        In each of the past two years, more than 400 Stockton city employees, mostly in the police and fire departments, have earned gross pay over $100,000, boosting their base pays through overtime, incentive pays and cash-outs of unused vacation, according to city payroll data.”

        “City employees in other unions also received more generous pensions with eligibility to retire at age 55 – with 2 percent of final pay multiplied by the number of years of service.

        This is in contrast to the vast majority of private-sector workers who cannot receive Social Security p ayments b efore they are at least 62.

        By the 2000s, Stockton’s full-time employees were also entitled t o free healthcare for life.”
        * Police officers can retire at 50 years old with pension

        Just the tip of the iceberg. City officials and even workers all over California are way overpaid. Probably no way they will get their fat cat retirements in full. Of course, they did not care about the future when they took those packages. Of course, they could gear up RE sales to Chinese and immigration; might be able to drive up their tax revenue some.

        Not sure what city is next; but, I’ll bet Stockton could sell houses to people from many places in the world. My understanding is investors are buying up houses in CA like crazy now though.

        • John, That 110k is a little low for fire and police. As a former shit plant employee, I made half the pay and I don’t get medical. Wait until the state corectional officers retire and leave the state with thier pensions being spent in another state (like mine) the economy there will only get worse. I bought small acreage to grow a garden and a mobile here in Idaho. I owe nothing but propety tax and utilities. (which I could survie without)

      36. Stockton, California, Police Chief Tom Morris was supposed to bring stability to law enforcement when he was appointed to the job four years ago.

        He lasted eight months and left the now-bankrupt city at age 52 with an annual pension that pays more than $204,000 — the third of four chiefs who stayed in the position for less than three years and retired with an average of 92 percent of their final salaries.

        • That’s the kind of stuff that needs to be brought to a screeching halt.

          • Oh, it will be..soon.

      37. I look forward to seeing California follow Stockton down the toilet. Liberals deserve all of this plus more and unfortunately they are taking us down with them. I’m sure that the big DC spenders will bail out the spendthrift Democrat states.

      38. Why does anyone even bother saying liberal or leftist or anything.
        Left wing right wing, same damn bird

        This has all been in the mAking for centurys and all governments and religions
        Are for the distracting of the people. Entertainment.
        The stings are being pulled from the shadows.
        Its time we put the labels in the trash and unite as one people.

        • BFB,

          Thank you!!

      39. BI, good evening, and once again, your analysis is flawless. Here’s one thing I’ll bet no one has thought of. Our military, with so many weapons with computer chips, would be in a world of hurt if those electronic weapons were to fail. I’ve heard somewhere that some of those weapon systems have Chinese computer chips and they can supposedly be turned off by remote control. If that’s true, then our forces in Korea will be toast. NK’s arsenal is nothing but old Soviet-era weapons, true enough, but those old Soviet-era weapons still pack a punch and are still deadly WITH NO ELECTRONICS. The AK-47 is Soviet-era technology and can be found in use in most parts of the world and are still as lethal as ever. You can take one of those or an SKS through sand or mud and they’ll still shoot. [sorry AR-15 fans] Another example is the Katyusha 122mm rocket launchers that NK is known to have. The Soviets built those in WW2 at the direction of Stalin himself. They were nicknamed “Stalin Organs” and were used with devastating effect against the Germans. The NKs don’t depend on electronics anywhere near the extent that we or other Western militaries do. They even have tunnels all over their country where they can hide people, provisions, weapons, etc. If we were to invade NK again, it wouldn’t end well for us and may even bring China into the fray since that’s right on their doorstep. That’s one of the last things we need. braveheart

        • The military buys thousands of PC and lap top computers every year. DELL brand but all made in China. In fact there have been incidents where the chip sets were compromised.

          • You are 100% correct. And it’s not just the chip sets. The network infrastructure has been corrupted with Chinese made equipment. The smartest military in the world has acted stupidly and also been sold counterfeit equipment when they were buying from “authorized” sources with GSA approval.

        • Since N. Korea is so isolated, perhaps we should be the ones to engage in a little biological warfare. Give ’em a good dose of of some bug with a 90% kill ratio and take out a few million without firing a shot. Do it right and there’s always plausible deniability. China doesn’t have to get involved at all since there are no fireworks. Keep the fat little man busy…or maybe get lucky and he bites the dust with the rest of them. Then all you have to do is make sure nobody gets out of N. Korea. Let the plague burn itself out.

          • @ Walt Kowalski. I like that way of thinking but there is a reason why many countries will use bio-weapons as a last resort to avoid be conquered, because they have a knack of going places you never wanted them to. I compare biology warfare in many ways to introducing a non native species to a new environment to control a pest problem, that new species usually become an evasive species that harms the environment a lot worse than the original pest problem.

            Biological weapons are far worst than the present day nuclear bombs because they just don’t stop as long as they have a host. They also jump species, and after having been in a biological body the new strain is often much stronger than it was orginially. This is why the Soviets took much pleasure in finding viruses that have taken out human beings and reculturing it from the dead person that was much more virulent.

            The Soviets also might sacrifice hundreds of monkeys putting a virus through one moneky after another to attempt to get a net virus afterwards that was much more potent. A virus will adapt to a new body’s antibodies and the immune system and become stronger and more resilient to the next host. You can bet North Korea uses real life “volunteers” like Nazis to get the worst possible viral strains they can get for weapons. No monkeys here, too expensive, just North Koreans.

            If pure evil needs a defintion one just has to travel to North Korea to see real life, minus the brimstone, hell on Earth.

            • That’s why I mentioned something that is very lethal, but burns itself out quickly. That one characteristic….quick burnout…is one reason why Ebola has not been a global slate-wiper…yet. It is so lethal, and kills so quickly, that it inflicts its damage in the area where the outbreak occurs..and then burns out in that area.

              Since the N.Koreans are so isolated, something like Ebola would be much easier to contain. Not many people travel to Korea. And they sure don’t let their citizens travel abroad.

              Otherwise, I agree with you about biologicals. The potential for an uncontrolled outbreak is just to great. Steven King’s “The Stand” comes to mind here.

              And of course, a wide spread pandemic is right up the globalists alley. Probably the only thing keeping them from doing it, is they realize they can’t control something like that either.

              It really is scary stuff. And I do believe that one day, someone is going to open Padora’s Box when it comes to this.

          • Walt,

            Your ignorance is unsurpassed!!

            • You are the poster child for ignorance there SD.

              The potential for China getting involved if we go after N. Korea is nothing to be sneezed at.

              If we are going to act against N. Korea, we’d better do it in a way where we can say we had nothing to do with it.

              A natural disaster in N. Korea to keep them occupied would be a good thing.

        • @ braveheart. Reminds me of the opening science fiction show Battlestar Galactica in which this is EXACTLY what happened, the Cylons turned off the Vipers’s and the battlestar’s computers by remote control. While this is a science fiction show, there may well be some truth behind this in everyday life. I have been extremely bothered by how dependent the military and everyday life is so freaking dependent on the electronic age. IF that fails through some solar EMP or cyber attack, or whatever else, everybody is toast. To have ANY foreign country’s technology in U.S. military is beyond asinine, it is pure insanity.

          Each day I see something riduculous that proves that humanity is de-evolving or getting “dumber”. I don’t know if people’s minds are being poisoned by what GMO foods and other chemical witches’ brew that they are eating, but where has the common sense gone? It is frightening to see just how stupid the masses have become. The 99% that don’t prepare for no good reason. I mean 99%, that is an incredible number to think about, 99% that don’t take the effort to care what happens to their families and themselves. That is pathetic. I wish Mac would get that article I sent him all ready to read, I think you and others would really enjoy reading it.

          • Patiently waiting! 🙂

        • I’m sorry, but at this point in our police, state with posse comitatus dead, I’m not bleeding for the establishment and their enforcement arm’s shortage of parts to spy on us with.


      40. With a Billion dollars in debt —
        surely there’s got to be some derivatives action in there somewhere.

        Derivatives are to a banker what gamblers are to a bookie.
        You need everyone to pay so you can in turn pay the next guy.
        ONE big bettor loses and doesn’t pay,
        Well, it just kind of fucks it up for everybody.

      41. Wish we could go back in time and force the FED developers to go down with the Titanic instead of those against it. Problem would have been solved.

      42. Shit! And I was going to bug-out in California.


        Californication Social Class War … the Have’s against the Have Not’s will soon very soon become more obvious on the street of Californication .

        California is on the Verge of becoming a 3rd world country … the Middle Class is going to disappear and be absorbed by the poorer low class . Street Crime is going to get alot worse than it already is ! violent crimes are going to sky rocket ! desperate people do desperate things !

        Towns will become walled compounds , refuges with Gestapo Forces guarding them !

        Expect a mass exodus of Californians RATS FLEEING A SINKING SHIP to its neighboring states , spreading the terminal debt cancer of Californication .


        • I really do wonder how a comment which is as accurate, as realistic, and as truthful as the one posted by free wee willy’s – about the present and future state of California – can manage to get 26 ‘thumbs down’?

          And, this happens on a website like Which is supposed to be a website consisting of men and women who have a higher degree of common sense and a stronger than average desire to embrace the harsh realities of this rapidly decomposing, rapidly deteriorating, once prosperous 1st world nation and who’s survival instincts have prompted them to take steps to safeguard their future ability to survive during the collapse that is most certainly looming on the horizon?

          Every word of free wee willy’s comment is 100 percent truthful – and the mass exodus of the productive White European segments of California’s population have been well documented by dozens of the top organizations who have a reputation for studying, analyzing, and tracking demographic movements of people. White Europeans who live in that cesspool realize that Mexico has effectively been allowed to ‘annex’, visi vi, reconquista tactics – the state of California and Whites wisely have no interest in being subjugated to being ruled by a hostile race of mestizos who go out of their way to spew their hatred and animosities towards the ‘Gringo Anglo-Saxons’ – so, they are packing their U-hauls and getting their butts out of that state.

          Only some starry eyed, delusional, left wing, Utopianism obsessed liberal who is permanently hardwired into a state of denial about the realities of race and has no grasp of the concept of ethnic and racial conflict that always arise whenever two or more racial groups are competing for dominance and control over a given piece of territory – would give a thumbs down to a truthful comment by free wee willy.

          Thus, for anyone who is a regular reader and who is deadly serious about the subject of survival – if you’ve got anyone sharing your foxhole who thinks like the starry eyed liberal I just described – you’d best give them the boot, because they will guarantee that you and your group will NOT survive what’s coming.

          Survivalism and Utopianism are incompatible ‘-isms’.

      44. Hey all.

        Haven’t been posting a great deal lately, just had a lot of things happening all at once with work and home. And something quite unexpected over the weekend, on top of all the rest.

        Lost a brother on Saturday night, which happened to be his 51st birthday, so I’ve been dealing with everything that goes with a sudden death in the family. He suffered a seizure at home, and neither EMS nor the hospital where he was transported were able to revive him.

        He was a ten-year army veteran, and I went to see his three grown children today. He will receive military honors on Thursday morning. They also secured a plot for him next to our mother and father.

        So, a lot going on. Once things get ironed out, I’ll be coming back regularly and hopefully be able to contribute, post some meaningful info. I’m up this evening waited for family to come in, had a bit of time, so I came on and read some to get back up to speed.

        KySSG . . . out.

        • KYSSG….Sorry to hear of your loss. Blood is thicker than water. Losses hurt worse when they are close. Wish you well.

          • Thank you. He and I were pretty close.

            KySSG . . . out.

          • KySSG ~

            I’m so sorry for your loss. You and your family are in my prayers.

            ~ Daisy

        • KySSG, so sorry for your loss. Hugs to you.

          • Thank you very much.

            KySSG . . . out.

        • So sorry for your loss.

        • KySsg
          Sorry for your loss, you will be in our prayers.

        • Ky SSG – so sorry for your loss; our prayers are with your family. PGR is available if you’d like…

        • @KYSSG…Sorry for your loss, prayers from my house to yours. Take care, CC

        • KySSG,

          Thoughts and prayers to you and your family. I’m sorry to hear of your loss.

          God Bless,

        • For KySSG: Just terrible. The thumbs up are not for your post but for your support. God bless your whole family and give you the peace that passes all understanding. You certainly deserve your time out.

        • So sorry for your loss.

        • Praying for you and your family!

        • Sorry… 🙁

        • KySSG,

          So sorry to hear this. May the Lord comfort you and your family.

          KY Mom

      45. Can you say “Polishing the brass on the Titanic”?

      46. From Trash to survival tin can arrow head.

        In a way…. because I know all this shit… I never worry.
        I took out a rabbit in the backyard with one of these.
        The wife was impressed.

        Survival skills…. get them.

        You sleep better.


        I always said… drop me in the wilderness with just a good knife and later I’d have a nice shelter, fire place, table and chair and be eating rabbit.

        Having this knowledge sets you free.

      48. DIY home made ARMED FLYIN’ DRONES ;0P

        might be worth it mounting a .22 lr semi auto rifle with a 30 round banana clip to your own home made flyin drone .

        I could have alot of personal fun time with this one .


      49. AmeriKan CIA controlled mexican drug Cartels dispatch agents deep inside US

        California Mexican Mafia , Bloods -n- Crips now operating drug trafficking human trafficking sex slave rings in the states of Washington Oregon Utah Idaho Montana Wyoming Colorado and the Dakotas .

        * And some crazy ole’ zionist jewish princess corrupt congress bwiatch wants my what ???

        ” From my Cold Dead Hands !” ;0P

        • Once the latest amnesty gets approved stop worrying about anything. Things will be so bad we will not even know ehere to start worrying. This country will be erased within the next ten years.

      50. They invested in an unknown..””Growth to continue””..and it didnt, and wait until those pensioners dont get what was promised and paid into, by them.

        I invested in arms and ammo and Training.. so when their fuck up becomes my problem ,I’ll know not only how to deal with it, I’ll have to tools to do so.

        every one makes a choice in life..I choose to live , as long as possible to become a pain in their ass!

        • The government union retirement plans are invested heavily in the stock market. Those stocks have to continue to rise. The off shoring of our jobs allowed stocks to rise as profits rose due to cheap labor and the wealth concentrated in their chosen investments. Government didn’t want to slow down the off shoring of our jobs because their self interest became too intertwined with it. They needed thaT 8% growth in their retirement benefits. The high unemployment at home meant more union government workers needed to provide the services to the people they helped to make unemployed. The devastated tax base (displaced workers) can’t contribute enough tax to the bloated government to satisfy the gluttony and as the great Debtpression continues, the stock market wont be able to keep up with their retirement needs, there just wont be anymore jobs to off shore.

          I think:
          The government pigs will next take the natural resources that are coming on line and see to it that they get the bulk of the royalties for their pensions, payroll and union expansion while cutting back on essential services. They will allow pipelines to be built to export terminals but will not build any new refineries so as to lower our energy cost. A refinery will interfere with the progress of agenda 21. All these third world energy producing countries where the USA has it’s hands in are all run by totalitarian governments. We are next and well underway.

      51. VRF

        Once again
        Common sense prevails..on your part that is.

        These public unions nationwide are facing a multi trillion dollar pension all their monies were, and are, heavily vested in the fiat ponzi scheme that most of us are now quickly abandoning..
        The upcoming, and ongoing, domino effect will be a nightmare for them.


        • Spot on! Possee

          I have been watching the unions attach themselfs to municipalities in an alarming rates over the past 5 or more years, some even earlier depending upon the state so some as far back as 10 years ,or more

          The unions figured out that survival ment getting away from the companies and jobs that could be outsourced, ( auto mfg. Appliance mfg.Steel mfg, trade unions etc..) but municipalities cannot be moved over seas, or to a different neighboring this is where were at.

          These will be the people to contend with when they realize thier security and “promised future” has been squandered by those they thought they could trust, I sure hope they take it out on the right crowd..couple these “screwed pensioners” , with the EBT crowd that wont be “getting theirs” either, and you have a recipe for total distruction and war..against anything that moves..not just those who screwd them..everyone, that means you, and me. even though we had nothing to do with it.

          you WILL be forced to protect yourself and your loved ones, weather or not you want to..because when people lose everything, they lose it, thats when the ugly gets repulsive.

          I do not want to be put in the position to fight, but I will do what ever I can within my power to protect whats mine if the fight comes to me. So thats why Ive trained, and purchased what I felt I could use for that day when it comes.
          I love my family and its my job to provide both shelter food, and protection until im gone from this land, and I’ll be dammed if I’ll be one of those types that acts like that should be left up to someone else.

          All of these advancements on my Second Amendment are going to go ignored by me, no matter the sanctions, laws, or treaties..Im not going to recognise them, or add any credence to them.I am my own man, and I have the Human Right to own whatever I feel I need to protect myself and my family PERIOD.

          If they want to bring the fight to my door, than fine, I’ll give them what they came for

      52. Default; shortest path to independence. Barter and grow food. Getting off the grid includes getting off the dollar. Flee to quality.

      53. anyone care to comment on the availability of ammo in your area ??

        before leaving work this morning I heard that the local Walmart
        was getting a shipment at 7am

        7:10 is the absolute earliest I can leave work
        I was at the store by 7:20

        ha ha ha

        too little
        too late

        they were already cleaned out
        I did get the last box of 40
        and picked up 2 boxes of 20 gauge slugs
        they had 2 more boxes left
        and 2 boxes of 45 were left
        but that was pretty much it
        NO 12 gauge in anything

        having been a “prepper” for many years now
        I wasn’t too upset
        but I can only imagine how the unprepared might be
        feeling right about now

        • completely gone from my area, even reloading components..gone

          the shelfs they used to use for reloading supplies are now being used for gun cases, and empty plasic ammo boxes

          found some .50 cal for BMG
          the projectiles, but no brass, no powder, and no primers

          Mostly Auto cal sizes gone. 9mm 10mm.40.45. found some 38 brass, but no projectiles, same with 357 brass but no projectiles as they use the same as 38

          scattered shit..and stuff no one wants.

          And if any store gets anything in, its picked over within an hour of the store opening

          I do have what I feel I need , because I prepped for this, but im always looking for more FAIRLY priced, I know what I have paid, and Im not going to get gouged..I have taken mental note of whos gouging and they can KMA if they think I’d buy a cup of coffee from them bastards, ever again!

          • When I was a boy .22 shorts were 10 cents the box. They were hard to find ’cause there was a real war going on.

            I vowed that I’d never run short of ammo and loading supplies after that. I stacked brass to the ceiling when it was 2 cents the round, once fired. Hodgdons surplus 4895 and 4831 powder was 50 cents the pound.

            That dime was silver in those days, but now the lead is still lead.

            Get some.

            Semper Fi

          • I went into a store for some gardening supplies and stopped by the gun department just to look. There was some 12 ga steel shot and target loads, some .17 ammo a couple of boxes of 45 cal bullets for reloading, some powder for muzzle loaders and caps for muzzle loaders. An elderly lady was buying a 10-22 and it looked like there were a few 22 semi auto rifles and some bolt action rifles.

        • A local pawn shop in my town buys out Wal-Mart, then jacks up the price. I am conflicted. I don’t like Wal-Mart, but now I don’t like the pawn shop either.

          • Isn’t that against the law?

            • Wonder if any of the gouging laws apply to this ammo shortage?

              • Gouging laws only apply during times of chaos like a hurricane. no one is making you buy ammo and there is really no reason why you must have it. Sure kicking myself for not getting a few thousand rounds of .22 and .380ACP. Never saw that Lanza moron coming.

            • Everything is against the law. Stop gun controllers breathing, gun control is illegal. ‘sides they’re polluting scum.

          • the Walmart here is limiting purchases to 3 boxes per person

            a couple of weeks ago it was 4

            and last year it was unlimited !!!

            my how things change

        • The employees are advising a select few who come in and stand in line for it. Never makes it to the shelves.

          The rest of the customer base gets to suck eggs.

        • Cases of ammo “available at local gun shops – but only allowed to purchase one “box” at a time. Twenty rounds of .556 don’t go far when the grandkids are shooting hundreds of rounds at the range.

          BTW the ranges are empty. No crowds shooting anything at targets.

          • LuckyGunner seems to be a good source. They have alot of common calibres in stock.

      54. Little to nothing here in S.E.Massachusetts…

        Check out Drudge on ammo purchases in Conn..just passed the new gun bill requiring a state issued “certificate” just to buy ammo…


        • possee,

          This is a frightening new “gun control” bill.

          Need Ammo? Where’s Your Eligibility Certificate?…

          Apparently, by controlling ammo (first by availability and now by eligibility), they will achieve gun control.

          • Got Ammo?

            • I see a whole new black market developing. New business opportunities.

              They can’t even keep drugs out of prisons. They think they are going to control ammo?


              • I am sure the Mexican drug cartels will be able to find a new very profitable business opportunity here.

          • Wow–an eligibility certificate for buying ammo, but not for being president of a country??

            • Yeah, no kidding


      55. lets hope this doesnt catch on

        5 of 10 Top Economies in the World Drop the Dollar

        the title is somewhat misleading
        but it does show other countries are moving away from the dollar

        this is VERY BAD NEWS FOR US

        I think the fact that the dollar is the worlds reserve currency
        is the only thing keeping this whole stinking mess afloat

        we lose that
        and we’ll plunge into a depression the likes of which we can’t even imagine

      56. Here in Mass a state issued Class A LTC ,B or FID is required for all ammo purchases.period.

        We have some of the most draconian gun laws in the US…ever since the ’94 weapons ban..

        My recent renewal for my Class A did include a pysch/background sweep..seriously..took 3 months to clear after all the FBI DHS CORI etc…

        Glock,Hipoint(except the sub guns),Keltec(except the sub2000) are all banned from purchase or sale…

        What is available in most states is totally banned here..

        Time to head out of the northeast corridor at some point.

        although N.H. is relatively still a free state/pro 2nd amendment..


        • KYMom

          We are also required ,by law, to pass a State Police certified firearms course before applying for any firearm is then approved by your town’s chief of police..submitted to the state firearms bureau..who then issues the approved license..


          • @ Possee

            How much does this all costs you?

          • I guess that part about “shall not be infringed” is just beyond their ability to comprehend.

          • Revoke all gun control laws. Revoke all gun controllers, with predjudice.

            A law repugnant is repugnant. The Constitution is law and it is written in simple English. Follow it or die.

          • Revoke that scum.

        • Jeez posse,

          I DIDN’T know it was THAT bad…

          Brother…COME ot of the Dark…Get out of that place, COME to the Light and get away from that ‘Salt water disease’ that everyone on BOTH coast seems to get…”Terminal Stupidity”…at least the law-makers, that is!

          Come AWAY from the Dark side Luke!


      57. Well let’s see. We have China and Brazil deal, China and Australia dead. Chinas Yuan at an all-time high as against the dollar. We have Brazil, Russia, China, India, and South Africa forming a new Bank.

        The Middle East is more than ever ready to explode, NK and SK waiting for the hammer to fall, China massing troops on their shores and along the border with NK. First time ever Military exercises with Russia and China. What more is there?

        Well the Eurozone groupies are wiping out private bank accounts. The European unemployment at record highs, more spy cameras in the UK than people. Anymore?

        Just look at what is going on in our beloved country, way too much to list here.

        To top it off the Sun is doing an amazing Fireworks display and the good old Earth is going Snap, Crackle, Pop.
        This is a very, very small list of thing going on, in the World today.

        You know JUST ONE GUY may have it RIGHT. OH WAITER CHECK PLEASE!

        Keep the FAITH

      58. Those states that pass laws like this one have been anti-gun for years. When their shelves are filled the ammo suppliers can send that excess to remaining FREE States. Buy it all up, preppers.
        They will become slaves by their own hands,

      59. No Purple Hearts for Fort Hood Victims, Pentagon Says

        just keep pissing off your first line of defence assholes, yes Vets and serving people will remember this..FOREVER!


        like its any skin off thier back to recognise these fallen soldiers propery..

        • “properly”

        • In order to award Purple Hearts, the scumbags in D.C. would have to first acknowledge that it was a terrorist attack. But they can’t have that. No….it’s a “violence in the workplace” problem. They can’t acknowledge the fact that our military has been infiltrated by our enemies.

          I think the next time something bad happens to one of these dirtbag politicians, we should just consider it “an unfortunate accident”…or perhaps “natural causes”.

          • I hear ya Walt


        This is what systemic failure looks like. And eventually it will be making its way around the world as the overleveraged financial system breaks down .

        If it’s not physically in your hands you don’t own it !

        Prepare as if there is no tomorrow , cause there isn’t one … GAME OVER AMERIKA !


      61. You simply can’t continue to spend money you dont have and expect to get ahead. The rest of California is next.

        • Stop worrying. It will be leaving the US in a short time, along with Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and probably Texas. Been listening to Hedgecocks immigration show and the least of our worries is bankrupt cities in ca.

      62. FWIW, I’ve seen multiple articles within the last 10 days hinting that the municipal bonds market is about to go… Stockton is but the first…of many.

        Morning All,

        Gold is blowing out as of the time of this writing, down to $1581 and
        change…might be explained by the ubiquitous short-covering which
        always trails something like the following;

        The aggregate PMI for Europoe is in….and it REALLY ‘ain’t good’…

        Of particular note are the Spanish figures, and that at a point were
        the unemployment figures there are going parabolic. IF it is NOT clear by now
        that Europe is ‘toast’ then it will never be. Remember Folks…nearly one
        out of EVERY three JOBS here relates – directly or indirectly – to the
        European economy – 30%….are WE ready for real unemployment here ABOVE that
        seen during the Great Depression which ‘printed’ at about +24%…we might be
        soon seeing that figure here pushing ABOVE 30%!.

        WYHAT do you think THAT would do to the ‘fabric’ of social problems here
        in the Good Ol’ US of A? “Econo-geddon” is now on ‘glide-path’, scheduled to
        land soon in YOUR town…The time of the ‘Choice’ is all but HERE.

        …AND if that weren’t enough, check this out,

        Ever feel like we’re just not allowed to get the same ‘access’ as those
        at the top? You’d BE right to think so…quoting from Business Insider,

        “And nobody relentlessly returns 24.5%, for 36 years, in the real world.
        (Except, of course, Stephen A Cohen.) Or 30.7%, the amount Romney would
        need to achieve a total IRA over $100 million.”

        Excuse ME…an IRA of over 100 Million! WTF?!!

        ….Game, Set and Match….rigged, rigged and RIGGED. Not you or your
        children or any other ‘ordinary’ American is ever going to get the
        proverbial ‘even break’….In the words of NY’er’s “fugedabotit”

        For God’s sake Folks, WHEN are We going to shut this MACHINE down?
        Stop the Machine….STOP it NOW…You HAVE the power, STOP Everythng…Turn if OFF.


        • I am not too upset over losing my retirement soon from Stockton. I kinda expected it. Thats why I bugged out to this area. I have been gardening (mostly root cellar type veggies) setting up a water system, fire wood, modifiying the wood stove to heat water and buying reloading componants. What bothers me the most is that 99% of people don’t prepare and don’t relize that they too are going to lose every form of income soon too. IRA, Bank savings, gold if on paper, its worthless. If your gold is physical, they will make it illegal AGAIN. Have something to barter and have a usefull skill. Ofcourse if you are reading this site, then you know this already.

      63. Better brush up on your Mandarin folks…..

      64. KySSG, my condolences on your loss and I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers. Loss always hurts the most when it’s kinfolk. stay strong and keep the faith. BI, good morning, just caught your comment #1395650 from last night. I have to agree that death from bio/chem warfare would be much slower and no less agonizing than death from radiation exposure. I wish we could just withdraw from everywhere and get out of the world’s business altogether. VRF and Walt, I saw the article on the Fort Hood victims earlier and i almost picked up my laptop and smashed it on my desk; it threw me into a rage. The idiots at DOD never stop and think that young people as well as everyone else see this shit and you can bet a dollar to a doughnut any of them considering a military career have changed their minds about such a move. If I had ever been in the military and gotten treated like that, my loyalty to them would end in a heartbeat. The vets in my family have always warned me to stay out of the service because they just uswe people and the pentagon’s treatment of the Fort Hood victims is simpkly another example of it. I never had what it takes to be mindless robot, anyway. Braveheart

      65. Not sure who researched this more but its interesting. Basically, the judge ruled to stiff the bondholders instead of the retirement fund.

      66. Not sure who researched this more but its interesting. Basically, the judge ruled to stiff the bondholders instead of the retirement fund. AFAICT.

      67. @ Norse Prepper. Excellent suggestion on the movie “13 days”, people don’t realize just how dangerous of a situation going on over in the Koreans. A 3 year war has already been fought there in which China came to the rescue of North Korea. This time……..? Like Merree said, a country will use ALL weapons available to stop from being conquered, just like the United States would. North Korea has many nukes that probably cannot reach the U.S. mainland on a missile, but they could on a cargo ship. One of the major ports would be that target of course. They already proven they can detonate a dead moving nuke of various sizes.

        Again, it is the biological issue that everyone should be extremely alarmed over. One bug, one agent, weeks later one dead civilization. I don’t like exaggerating anything, this is not one of those times that I would start to over blow this. Viruses are just not that difficult to manufacture, if Iraq and Yemen and other backwater arab states can do it, North Korea can easily. All it takes are the biological facility and the backing of a state and you can have at very least something that can easily kill millions. I personally worry about a jacked up Lassa Fever virus because this is one of the most contagious viruses on Earth, only a fraction of the number of individual viral particles can infect someone as compared to say smallpox or the flu, and it is durable in air.

        By the way, there is a real swarm going on on the Southwest Indian Ridge, this area in the past had a maximum 5.0, just had a 5.9 on it. This means that the normally sit still African plate is really moving, and that is serious. The African plate affects the Mid Atlantic Ridge that affects the New Madrid. The African plate affects the Australian plate that is where the largest earthquakes on recorded have occurred, the 9.1 in Sumatra and the super strike slip quake that occured last year. This is probably why the Canary Islands are awakening with volcanic activity, the African plate is on the move.

        The African plate is mostly very old continental crust that is DENSE. It will overtake the Australian plate, and it could also influence the Pacific plate. Ths previous earthquakes when this section moved include of course Indonesia and Vanautu to New Guinea, but again Mexico and Central America. This is the 11th time out of 12 that these plate boundaries have had Mexico get hit in the past. The planet is rumbling and ready for something huge, along with the people of the world ready to start a war in different spots of the world. End times?, it sure seems like at least getting close to some major SHTF event.

        • If we get into war with North Korea again,
          will they let us win this time?

      68. unrelated:
        Does anyone here have experience with Honda or Yamaha 1KW generators? Most people say you can’t go wrong with either, but Yamaha claims a longer run time. Cost is pretty much the same ($900-$1K). The Yamaha is said to be quieter, but not noticebly. I do like the fuel economy and low noise angle. I have also considered the HF model ($100 with coupon) which is surely an inferior machine (not even inthe same class), and also is a 2 cycle, which I’d rather not have to deal with.
        Thanks for any input.

        • A 1kw generator is probably better than nothing, but too small to run much more than your refrigerator. Starting up a dryer or washer will need more than 1kw.

          Look at properly sizing your generator, first, then make your selection. Too small is bad, too big is OK. Most homes need 5kw as a minimum, 10-12kw is about right.

          • I have a 3K for big loads. I want something that I can feed without too much trouble, and shy away from 2 cycles to make it easier for the family to use. In a crisis, I don’t envision my kid being careful about mixing oil & gas. It is going to mostly sit around, but if I need it, I won’t be able to sit & work on it. I understand the HF units are pretty much disposables, but have heard people say they have used them for a few years. The big attraction to the Yamaha is the claimed run time, but I have only heard one person say “I would never have another Honda” (car), and although he is not a complete idiot, he is blooming.

        • If I may add, try to get a unit that is already set up to accept propane and or natural gas as a secondary we should know once the lights go out, pumping gasoline out of the fuel farms is not going to happen fast enough.

          On the Honda VS Yamaha

          I have both engines in seperate equipment..both are great engines
          storage care is paramount, dont put it away wet (fuel in it) it wont act right for you when you need it, also buy with the unit a ful carb rebuild kit and keep it where you wont lose it.

          Dont even bother with any 2 stroke unit

          good luck Bob

        • No experience with the Yamaha, but the Hondas are (IMHO) the best you can buy. Never had a problem. Generators are one of the few items that you get what you pay for. Honda 1000Watt runs about $800, the 2k watt goes for $1000. I think it really depends what you are planning to use it for. Will it just sit in your garage for an emergency? Then maybe you could go with a lower quality. Or will you be using it regularly? Then buy the best you can afford.

          We use our honda all the time. Working in the field, tailgating, camping, emergency, etc. Always starts and super quiet. It will run 8 hours on maybe 2 gallons of fuel, depending what you are running off it.

        • I have the Yamaha. I would buy the Honda if had another go at it. My Yam was one of the first 1k’s. Never could get it to run smoothly at all speeds. They have prob addressed that from 2003.

        • I’ve had Hondas, generacs, boily (chinese honda clone), generic diesels and a couple, years ago I don’t remember the name. The Hondas will outlast anything and run smoother than any.
          And I second VRF on the propane. I have a propane conversion kit that works on almost any small single cylinder. Slickest thing ever. Can put it on or off in a few minutes. And propane is 1.50 vs. 3.50 for unleaded.
          I’ve got a bulk propane tank to fill smaller ones. Ran it through the company as fuel for generators. Will come in handy for gens and cooking when the shtf!
          molon labe

          • Kettle. where did you buy your propane conversion kit?

      69. I live in Stockton.

        It wasn’t so much “government excess”, as the 2008 housing bust….that left Stockton the “foreclosure capital of the country”…causing collapse in revenue to local businesses, and resulting tax revenue implosion.

        Blaming it on government spending misses the real cause of our woes.

        • …true but with respect the federal govt caused the housing bubble and its collapse so….it is ultimatly responsible.Remember the govicorp always makes sure it “APPEARS” someone/something else is to blame and can be used to hide their trail.

      70. “There is no stopping this. The debt loads on every level of government have become wholly unsustainable.”

        And no one is listening.

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