British Official: Russian Spy Attack Is ‘State-Sponsored Attempted Murder’

by | Mar 12, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 19 comments

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    The nerve agent attack on the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter looks like “state-sponsored attempted murder,” according to the chairman of the U.K.’s Foreign Affairs Committee.  British media claims that Moscow is behind the attempt to use a nerve agent in the United Kingdom to try to kill a former Russian spy.

    Tom Tugendhat told BBC Radio 4 on Monday that he expected Russia to be blamed for the March 4 attack on the ex-spy and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England. Tugendhat said it was a “bit early to be absolutely certain of that” but added that the Russian government was “certainly behaving aggressively towards people in the U.K.”

    “We’re expecting the prime minister to make an announcement soon and, frankly, I would be surprised if she did not point the finger at the Kremlin,” Tugendhat told the BBC.Trace amounts of the substance used to poison Skripal and his daughter were found on and around a table where the pair ate at the Italian restaurant Zizzi, the BBC has learned. The table, along with other items, has been removed and destroyed. Scientists have advised police it could take weeks for the premises to reopen.

    Nerve agents are organic chemicals belonging to the group of organo-phosphorus compounds.  They are stable and easily dispersed, highly toxic, and have rapid effects both when absorbed through the skin and via respiration. Nerve agents can be manufactured by means of fairly simple chemical techniques. The raw materials are inexpensive and generally readily available. All nerve agents in pure state are colorless liquids. Their volatility varies widely. Of the nerve agents, Tabun and Sarin are perhaps the most well-known.

    According to CNBC, the advice to wash possessions applies to anyone in either venue between 13:30 GMT on Sunday 4 March and closure on Monday. Prof Dame Sally Davies, the chief medical officer for England, said the risk of harm to fellow diners was “low.”  Dame Sally said after “rigorous scientific analysis” there was some concern that prolonged exposure over weeks and months could cause health problems but it was “not a subject for panic.” She also said, “I am confident none of these customers or staff will have suffered harm.”

    The British, for all intents and purposes, are blaming Russian for trying to kill their own ex-spy in England. The former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter, Yulia, 33, remain hospitalized in “very serious condition” after being poisoned last week in Salisbury. The father and daughter, believed by authorities to have been deliberately targeted, were found slumped on a bench near a shopping center on Sunday afternoon.


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      1. 51.5074° N, 0.1278° W

        • “State-sponsored attempted murder”. One of the few things the Russians specialize in.

      2. Yep and we believe in the Tooth Fairy

      3. Qui BONO? No one can tell me that Russia benefits from this. It would have to be a very petty act of revenge….BUT it FIRMLY works as a FALSE FLAG assassination so the West can further VILLIFY the Russians to further their narrative taking us to REAL world war with them…all over some bullschit like this?

        Archduke Franz Ferdinand and World War 1 ALL OVER AGAIN…a world war the bankers and NWO NEEDS as President Trump is destroying the US Deep State tentacles.

        • your right, it was probably MI5 or CIA, Mossad who did it in a FALSE FLAG to blame on Russia.

      4. They were poisoned at or right near the bench, not in the restaurant. Aerosol attack at close range like the acid attacks that happen ALL THE TIME IN BRITAIN. What does that tell you. Also, if the nerve agent was that specific and persistant that first responders were affected by physical exposure to the liquids on them.. It doesn’t take rocket science, just a bare minimum of forensic investigation….but as I said above, there is a particular agenda to demonize Russia FOR ANYTHING That can be had to indicate they are illegally doing stuff in other nations, but the reality is the World Wide web of the USA CIA sponsored Deep state is crumbling. The NWO is being taken apart and is collapsing from the rot within. This is where life gets really interesting as the puppet masters lose control and the curtains and veils are falling exposing them.

        • theduran DOT com/the-poisoning-of-sergei-skripal-reads-right-to-hillary-clinton-and-the-dnc/

        • England had violated the Convention by poisonous substances according to which it was contractually obliged to invoke the UN specialists and hid the murderer who poisoned a citizen of Russia. Th
          is criminal State.

      5. Really?

        And how about all the Muslims from North Africa and other places that have silently invaded your country oh! I’m sorry,migrated.

      6. Rooskies gonna be Rooskies. Those crazy guys!

      7. Trafalgar Square, huh? To bad not Latitude:N 38° 53′ 23.3325″ Longitude:W 77° 0′ 32.5629″. After all, they are all just as bad a spies aren’t they?

      8. This is nothing new for Russia. The old Soviet secret police under all of their different acronyms did this to defectors all throughout the Soviet era. It’s just another example of Russia being one of the most treacherous groups of people in the world. And most people think Russia has changed tremendously since the Soviet era? People need to wake up. There is not as much difference as you think between the old USSR and today’s Russian Federation. They are no less evil, just better at hiding it.

        • Brave:

          Communism was kept alive by America, and collapsed when America went broke and stopped sending them our money.

          The Russian people are in the same as position as our citizens. The White Russians are victims. They have suffered under alien control. Putin called them out. Putin seems to be a straight arrow. He is at least working for his people. Which is a good thing.


          • B from CA, communism is still alive in China, Vietnam, North Korea, and Cuba. Yes there are boocoo Russians who were victims of communism but possibly an equal number who served the system. Putin is just a damn good actor. He was a lt.-colonel in the KGB when the USSR ceased to exist. His job was recruiting foreigners as spies. He was part of an organization that had blood on its hands. I would really be extremely wary of Vladimir Putin. He has said many times that the end of the Soviet system was a colossal mistake.

      9. Which state? The State of Great Britain? Their “former” spy has already apparently collaborated with the Deep State Democrats to thwart potential Swamp-drainer Trump from being elected by blaming him with the same thing for “hoping more could be revealed about Clinton” to the American electorate for their informed choice.

      10. Isn’t this what happens to Spies when the turn to others countries???

        I may not be right but its what it is!

      11. Which nation is surrounding what other nation with a military buildup? Russia as Americas primary enemy keeps arms manufacturing booming, the fake threat that strips all of our rights away. They want us to hate white people who are labeled “communists” because predatory capitalism is what made them filthy rich and secures their power hold. Too much BS flying off as sane thinking.

      12. The Rothschilds own the industries that profit from war.

        Figure it out.


      13. Explain the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko, who on his deathbed blamed Putin for it. Yes, I can see this current incident as a false flag especially since the victims are still alive. Russia usually does a terminal job. The facts remain, Putin is a member of the United Nations. The UN is an oligarch of global elitist, AKA Deep State, PTB, etc. The USA is also a member along with England. See the big picture. They are all enemies of the people. They all have something to hide.

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