British Government Offering Farmers “Lump Sum” Payments To Stop Growing Food, Sell Their Land

by | Jul 25, 2022 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    The United Kingdom has introduced a new program that offers lump-sum, fiat cash payments to farmers who agree to stop farming and sell their often multi-generational, family-owned land to the government.

    According to reports, farmers who accept the cash must either retire or take on a different job of which the government approves. The British government is calling the program a “Basic Payment Scheme” (BPS).

    “The purpose is allegedly to fulfill Green policy agendas,” writes Mike Campbell for The Counter Signal.

    “Older farmers, who don’t want to change their farming methods, are being asked to quit or sell their land. In turn, new farmers can adopt alternative, environmentally friendly farming techniques.”

    The Netherlands is similarly trying to out farming in order to go “green,” though it is doing so by force rather than teasing the agricultural sector into compliance by dangling cash in front of farmers as an incentive.

    According to England’s Environmental Secretary, the UK cannot move forward with its green agenda because older farmers are “standing in the way of change.” In order to go green, in other words, farming in England must end, which will starve out the population and result in a new world order for the elite to enjoy.

    Many British farmers are so far in debt due to government and market corruption that they may have no choice but to close up shop

    Thanks to the COVID-19 plandemic, Great Britain is already well on its way towards the abolition of farming. Supply chain woes coupled with market corruption and skyrocketing inflation is already driving many farmers out of the business against their will.

    James Melville, a communications and sponsorship consultant out of the UK, tweeted that red diesel, which is used in farm machinery such as tractors, is now double what it was prior to the current inflationary situation.

    “Farmers are being forced to ration on red diesel,” Melville added. “Fertiliser prices have gone through the roof. Farmers are using less fertilizer. Less fertilizer means a lower yield in crops = Farming crisis #NoFarmsNoFood.”

    Put another way, farmers are being forced out of the business, which is often a family business, by central banking overlords and the other globalist architects that have created a perfect storm situation of skyrocketing prices, low supply, and general chaos throughout the markets.

    This is all part of the “Great Reset,” by the way, in which all the peons will “own nothing and be happy” while the fat cats at the top bask in all their wealth and excess at the expense of everyone else.

    “Rising prices on fertilizer, gas and just about everything else needed to do their jobs have made the government’s offer tempting,” Campbell adds about the cash payments now being offered to family farmers by the UK government.

    Poll suggests 75% of British farmers are “seriously interested” in shutting down their farms for 30 pieces of government “silver”

    BBC News, which often reports fake news, published the results of a poll conducted by The Tenant Farmer’s Association of England suggesting that most farmers are strongly considering taking the money and running.

    Some 75 percent of British farmers told the Association that they are “strongly interested” in quitting agriculture, selling off their land, and taking the cash from the government.

    The Netherlands is also reportedly offering to buy farmland, in some cases, as is Canada. Former Canadian Agriculture Minister Devin Dreeshen expressed concerns about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau following in the footsteps of Great Britain by offering to buy out Canadian farmers.

    Melville, in a separate tweet, calls this trend “the asset grab of everything,” meaning compromised and infiltrated governments all throughout the West are offering highly inflated fiat currencies that are on the verge of dumping and becoming worthless in exchange for tangible assets like farmland.

    “Meanwhile, in America, Bill Gates has bought up 242,000 acres of farmland in 18 states – and 268,984 of multi-use land in 19 states in total, making him the biggest agricultural landowner in the U.S.,” Melville further tweeted.

    Someone else with the Twitter handle of “Gmewizard.loopring.eth” (@GmeWizard) tweeted in response to Melville’s tweets that corporations are buying up farmland “to plant trees and rent out to other companies to offset their carbon credits.”

    “Lack of fertilizer on grassland & drought will seriously deplete winter stock feed, so stock numbers will fall meaning less availability and higher price,” this person added.

    “This is not capitalism, it’s cronyism, manipulation, strict regulations on farmers to make them quit and sell,” wrote another by the name of “Gee” (@CuriousMacaroon). “It’s what happens when the regulators are funded by the institutions they regulate.”

    Another person with the handle of “TechSavvy” (@PointClickDigi1) linked an article about how the Biden regime is similarly offering to pay American farmers even more money than usual not to farm.


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