Bringing Chaos to America: Obama “Running A Shadow Government” From Washington DC

by | Mar 10, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 118 comments

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    There is a great deal of concern in some circles about the stealth maneuvers of state that may be in the works.

    Unlike other former presidents, who’ve sailed into the sunset, become mostly a fixture for autographs and nostalgia, and who’ve by and large stayed out of politics, former President Obama has set up shop in Washington, D.C. and he plans to stay in the game.

    He is not only inside the beltway, but just a few blocks from the White House. His top advisor and perhaps his closest confidante, Valeria Jarrett, has moved in with him.

    At this time, it’s not exactly clear what they have in store for America, but Obama 2.0 is taking shape, and many are already calling it a “shadow government.”

    According to the Associated Press:

    A Pennsylvania congressman has accused former President Barack Obama of staying in Washington solely to run a “shadow government” to undermine the GOP agenda.

    U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly made the claim to fellow Republicans at an event Saturday north of Pittsburgh.

    A video clip posted to YouTube shows Kelly saying that Obama remained in Washington for “one purpose only … to run the shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda.”

    Many figures on the right have been discussing their fears about an Obama-led shadow government.

    If they are right, this is most certainly not politics as usual, and it is not necessarily an empty threat.

    Already, there have been sustained protests against President Trump, and anyone associated with him. During the campaign, there were violent clashes in both political camps, and there has been the underlying sense that things are reaching some sort of maximum…

    Is there subterfuge of our elected government? And who is really running things?

    In the giving and taking of marching orders, former President Obama is a taker. He and his staff might be capable of advanced fundraising and organizing activities, but the agenda itself trickles down from bigger pockets.

    If there is a shadow government in the works, and there are apparently several competing shadow networks, then Obama’s is certainly tied to the purse strings and upstart flavor of George Soros, surely the foremost patron of instigation during the Obama Administration.

    After all, who got an unknown state senator the keynote speaking slot for the 2004 DNC convention? Who got this self-described ‘son of a goat herder from Kenya with a funny name’ into the White House only four years later? And who stirred the pot on gun control, with sensational hysteria over mass shootings, with Occupy Wall Street, with Black Lives Matter, with the Day Without a Woman marches and dozens of other astroturf “movements” that are designed to drive a wedge through society?

    The danger of a Shadow Government is not one that will rule, but one that will sponsor an “American Spring” – a controlled opposition uprising that can be used to delegitimize the government and foster chaos.

    Who knows?

    If riots pop up in dozens of cities, and real violence spreads, the country itself could descend into madness. Similar efforts by George Soros – and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, another Obama shadow advisor – to create the Arab Spring, and before that, the color revolutions that unglued the Soviet Union by fostering opposition throughout Eastern Europe.

    We’re entering into a phase where a cold civil war could spring up in this country, met with pockets of violence, plausible installation of martial law, and hare-triggered ideologues may clash in the streets.

    As this coincides with dramatic pitfalls in the long-term economic collapse which is still ongoing, this stealthy action could undermine the larger fabric of the country – very Cloward-Piven Strategy. The left-right divide has never been more deeply felt, and ex-pres Obama is in the perfect position to give Soros & co. an assist in toppling things over.

    So goes the nation?

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    2008 Repeat Coming, Says George Soros, Harbinger of “Impending Financial Markets Crisis”


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      1. Butthole-in-Chief. What he was and always will be.

        • I hope you have time to read this, and pass this on. This is summarized from Laura Hollis at Townhall at

          You may have heard of the disgusting leftist incident at Middlebury College in Vermont last week, where a conservative author, Charles Murray had been invited by a student group to speak at the college. Hollis notes: “When the day arrived for his speech, irate protesters prevented the start of Murray’s presentation with chanting, yelling and slamming furniture. Murray, event moderators and guests were forced to move to a second venue (planned, in case of such an occurrence). The protesters followed, setting off the fire alarms and banging on the walls and windows.

          Murray’s lecture, impeded though it was, did take place. At its conclusion, however, the mob turned violent, blocking the exits and refusing to allow anyone to leave the building. Middlebury professor Allison Stanger — a faculty moderator — was physically attacked as she tried to usher Murray out. Stanger’s head was violently jerked by one person who pulled her hair, while another pulled her body in a different direction. She was taken to the hospital for her injuries.” (Yep, H8TE in this case if just fine. But don’t try the exact same thing against the radical homosexuals!)

          “Murray wrote a powerful essay this week in which he warns that the Middlebury incident threatens academic inquiry as we have come to know it. Stanger — a Democrat who does not agree with Charles Murray’s writings — published a widely circulated post on her Facebook page in which she, too, decries the descent into violence, and she defends freedom of speech on college campuses.”

          Despite Stanger’s laudable courage, she takes a similar “idiot left” descent into stupidity when she blames President Trump for “the evils that he has unleashed.” Notwithstanding the wars that Hilary unleased on Libya or Syrian, Hollis notes: “Trump’s election may have “unleashed” this fury, but he didn’t create it. Stanger was not attacked by Trump supporters. She was not attacked by Murray supporters, or by those who have read his books. Stanger was attacked by people who — at least until recently — she would have considered to be on her ‘side’ of the political fence….The “fury” Stanger witnessed and the violence she experienced was at the hands of spoiled, indulged, anti-intellectual brats who’ve been convinced their views are the only ones that matter; who thought they were going to remake the United States to their liking in an insidious, if bloodless, revolution. When Americans who oppose their worldview pushed back — peacefully and nonviolently in an election — it was decided that perhaps the revolution should not be bloodless.”

          “By blaming Trump for the violence she suffered, Stanger echoes the same excuses that have been used to justify violence against Trump supporters. The mayor of San Jose tried to blame Trump for the coordinated, violent mobs last year that attacked innocent people, pelted them with eggs and rocks, slammed them to the ground, ripped their clothing, broke their ribs and their noses, smashed their cars, and terrified them in other ways.” And there are calls for more of the same.
          (And it isn’t just speech, but even scholarly research and scientific inquiry that are being shut down, as researchers who challenge popular conclusions about anthropogenic climate change or transgender health can attest.)”

          Hollis concluded: “The real threat to our liberty and our lives is not from Donald Trump, not from Charles Murray, and not from the right. As evidenced by San Jose, and Washington, D.C., and Berkeley, and Portland, and now Middlebury, riots are increasingly the method of choice for a hysterical segment of the left determined to silence all opinions with which they disagree. Even if this segment is a minority, as Professor Stanger alleges, it is a minority that is increasingly powerful, beyond reasonable controls and willing to destroy its own.”

          “Professor Stanger is in denial. This is understandable, but foolish. Revolutionary ideas are often incubated in universities, but their implementation is inevitably taken over by thugs who have little interest in the niceties of political philosophy, and who quickly realize that the best path to power is brutality. All who oppose them — even their former allies — become the enemy.”

          “Study the history of the left: Stalin’s purges. Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The “killing fields” of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. The imprisonment and execution of Cuban “dissidents.” So many of those who originally believed in the ideals of the revolution say the same thing: It was not supposed to be like this. Professor Stanger, too, insists that it is not supposed to be like this. To the contrary, the left’s revolutions are always like this.”

          To which I add: This has been true starting with Robespierre, and up through, as the Black Book of Communism, Oxford University Press noted, the murder of over 100 million people last century. Imagine if 100 million homosexuals, rather than anti-communists, had been murdered. But apparently, H8TE is ok when it is from the left.

          • TEST. after reading your post, I find myself for the first time ever in my life sympathizing with a lefty. I won’t even call this person a libturd. I admire her trying to help Mr. Murray and standing up for his right to free speech. After what she went through I can’t help but wonder what’s going through her mind now. If any of those libturds had attacked me the POS would be laying on the ground in need of medical attention and I wouldn’t even care about any consequences. I don’t care how someone looks at me. Just DON’T attack me and you’ll be just fine.

          • TEST

            “The “killing fields” of Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge. ”

            This isn’t a political statement but just a factual reality. The genocide of the Khmer Rouge (Cambodian Communist) was put to an end by the war weary Vietnamese Communists. This put them at odds with their historical enemy China also ruled by Communists resulting in a very bloody short war in 1979.

            The idea that Communism is a monolithic block is nonsense because its common for Communist to battle Communist. Communism has been the ostensible excuse to motivate the masses to do the bidding of the few. In the case of Vietnam they were far more nationalist.

            Like Obama being the greatest gun salesman in the history of the US the excessive capitalist is the best recruiter for communism. FDR instituted the “New Deal” legalizing organized labor among other things to pacify the downtrodden masses ripe for Communist exploitation. Its wise to share some of the loaf of bread.

            Few geo-political problems are solved with a purely political solution as the root cause is most often economic. As Einstein said, “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”. The high-water mark of the career of General Douglas MacAuthor wasn’t Inchon but rather his efforts in creating the post war Japanese government.

            • Sure it’s ok to “share some of the loaf” but, after I milled the flour, kneaded the dough, split the wood for the stove, raised the cows and chickens for the ingredients, these pricks want the whole loaf. There is no shame or forethought that their actions are against what they actually believe. Mob mentality rules.

      2. When are you sheeple going to wake the frell up, Berry is controlled. Just like the past 9 presidents, JFK said no and they murdered him. They have a plan and the sheeple have fallen for it. Bush 2 got the ball really rolling after Sept 11, 2001

        • Darkwing,
          YES it appears there agenda is NOT moving ahead fast enough and so they are allowing Obutthead to create more chaos, once civil war breaks out they will have won as they will use the military at some point to try to calm things down and then round up the ones of us they cannot control. gonna be interesting times to see how it plays out!

          • Perhaps he will die.

            • Or the brave heroes (your sons in the military) that fight against our freedom will die!

              • Who gives a fuck.

                • Not me, less idiots to deal with when and IF freedom ever comes back.

        • This doesn’t surprise me as I’ve read Holder and Lynch had a slush fund going at DOJ. They never prosecuted one criminal banker but fined them millions and billions, victims, us never get a cent. This slush fund money is then funneled to soro’s type organizations to destabilize America. Our congress knows soro’s and that he is very good at destroying countries. Yet no one is arresting his evil a$$. Missouri is passing a bill where demonstrators can’t cover their faces. Come to MO dressed and covered in black and face arrest. So many in DC want a communist world govt, population reduction, and a digital currency. We are seeing the last chapter of our Bible come true. Choose your side wisely. You don’t know me but I’ve been reading your comments for years.

          • Betty, welcome and I hope you’ll keep posting here. You might want to check out a recent article at that the new AG Sessions is considering investigating Holder and Lynch. I hope he does.

          • Betty

            The people at the top, Soros included (although he is the fall guy front man) are not communists but rather some variation of fascists. As its said, “They were capitalists that climbed the ladder and then, once at the top pulled it up behind them”. They fund communism to efficiently control the masses. In the end defeating communism is an exercise in futility because the root problem isn’t them, they are mere employees. Defeat them here and they reappear over there. They’re funded from the outside.

      3. Bring it! the Obullshit shadow Guberment will get a surprise in the near future. They will start the Civil War and we will finish it!!!!

        This is what he tried to do with a Race War and didn’t get it. Now he is trying another type of crisis to start a civil war.

        They are saying that they have around 65,000 turds. The way I see it that make it a target rich environment.

        Let them riot in the big cities. Where they start their shit here in the BURBS they will get a schooling like never before.


        • Sarge, I’m with you on all of that. the last figure I heard was 30,000. Now it’s 65,000? That’s OK. I think 10% of the 100,000,000 gun owners in this country can handle of 65,000 commie POS. It will be target-rich out there for sure. One of the BIGGEST targets would be Obola himself…..

          • Mac, how many more times do we have to see Obola’s picture on here?

            • I do it just to mess with you… I know you especially like to see pictures of Hillary!

              • Mac, LOL! However, I believe everyone else here shares my sentiments.

              • Mac

                She drives me crazy
                Oooh Ooh.
                Like no one else
                Ooh ooh.
                She drives me crazy and I can’t help myself.

                by Fine Young Cannibals. ;0)

        • Sgt Dale,
          The time is going to come when we have no choice , it may not be as we predict , the best possible outcome will be to continue to resist by any means possible for maximum effect .
          As long as like mined people organize and support covertly the people that are defending our way of life at our local level this will become a stalemate , no one will win in the short term . It’s best. To think about what is before us as a stay behind operation to preserve our culture and heritage .
          The progressives think they will get their utopia but what the are going to get is Belfast circa 1970

          Prepare for a long duration event that will be difficult and challenging .
          Organize an Auxillary , Comms and like minded people . Build that infrastructure .

          Think , Organise , know , then act .


      4. Zbigniew Brzezinski and Henry Kissinger. Two greatest scourges on earth. Oh, and Soros.
        Make that three.

      5. Lou Dobbs couldn’t keep a straight face, when this guy said, “Obama is the mastermind”. It is already reported that Obama is just a charming front man. He speaks well enough to entice, but a mastermind he is not.

        The globalists have had an organized machine for decades. They are unleashing the blacks and illegal and legal Hispanics, and suckers for the oppressed minorities;
        along with dedicated Communists and other troublemakers and malcontents. It doesn’t take a mastermind to figure out that this “Obama shadow government” is just part of the globalist agenda to create a race war and then stop it by locking us down under Marshall Law with curfews and restrictions on our freedoms.

        Wise up. You stupid knee grows are being used.


        • B from CA, martial law wouldn’t stand a chance against 100,000,000 gun owners. Let the f#$%ers bring it. If they want to commit suicide, someone will oblige them.

          • Bfromca, Obama has the IQ of an insect. He is just the house nagger if you will….

            • Obama may be duplicitous and evil, but he is not stupid. He knows what he is doing, and that’s what makes him very dangerous.

      6. Yeah, they need him there to blame in case Soros dies. The whole media circus is just that.

        • yeah right, someone needs to take out Soros and then a lot of this crap would die out.

          • Well that’s exactly what they would like you think. All you have to do is look what the leaders of countries all over the world are doing to their own citizens. Yeah, it’s as if they have no connection to the people that they are supposed to be protecting. What does that tell you about who they work for? While the leaders of countries that are trying to protect their citizens are said to be the bad guys and are removed.
            It’s not one guy that is doing this. And I guarantee that when Soros is gone you will see no changes. Though they may still blame him since they always want to keep you looking in the wrong places.
            This is just business as usual. And that business is as old as time itself. It’s just global now.

      7. Apparently Obunger has a direct line to Saul Alinsky in Hell for advice

      8. Obama is just an employee of the globalist Shadow Government, abet a useful one, but an employee none the less. I think their number one employee was Bill Clinton. Their flop in recent times is Hillary, while highly motivated her focused drive was a handicap with the populous because her loyalty to her masters was quite obvious. Bill on the other hand could convincingly say, “I feel your pain”, while facilitating it.

      9. Amazing. Just when I thought you morons could not get any stupider, you prove me wrong! If you actually believe this shit, you are not intellectually fit to survive. Obama is doing nothing more than sitting back and laughing his ass off at you fools, just like anybody with half a functioning brain cell is doing. You focus os this crap and your dear Trumppher is destroying this country.

        • uh ooooh,….troll’s about to get FLAMED!

        • Cant stand bs, you don’t get out much, do you? Obola and his sidekick Valerie Jarrett are doing a lot more than you think. Get out and take a good look all around you. You spend too much time in mommy’s basement. Trump is not the problem. It’s Soros, Obola, Jarrett, and all the rest of the commie/NWO crowd. Can’t fix stupid. Can’t fix a stupid troll like you.

        • csbs

          You are right we are all wrong, and you are the only one that is right.

          Like the nut in the insane asylum.


          • Sgt. Dale,
            Sarge how can he be “RIGHT” when he is so far “LEFT” LOL
            thought you might need a little humor!!

            • A 54
              Yes I can use some, and THANKS!!!

              • Sarge, csbs is the ‘village idiot’ missing from someone’s village. BTW, how’s it going with that land you’re looking at?

        • Mr. BS is one of those sad people who has a serious case of psychological projection. Sad how sick these people are. I hope mommy’s basement is warm, and also padded against the incessant banging of his head on the cement floor….

          • Ad hominem attack? Way to go.
            So it’s a psychological projection? He’s insane so he thinks that everyone else is. Kind of like a shit stirrer who wants everyone to think that he is on their side? No, that’s a different kind of psychological projection isn’t it. It’s more manipulative than thought provoking.

            • When everyone else seems insane, thats when you know your the only sane one!

          • TEST, LOL! Good one!

        • Bullshit is unavoidable whenever circumstances require someone to talk without knowing what he is talking about. Thus the production of bullshit is stimulated whenever a person’s obligations or opportunities to speak about some topic are more excessive than his knowledge of the facts that are relevant to that topic. This discrepancy is common in public life, where people are frequently impelled — whether by their own propensities or by the demands of others — to speak extensively about matters of which they are to some degree ignorant. Closely related instances arise from the widespread conviction that it is the responsibility of a citizen in a democracy to have opinions about everything, or at least everything that pertains to the conduct of his country’s affairs. The lack of any significant connection between a person’s opinions and his apprehension of reality will be even more severe, needless to say, for someone who believes it his responsibility, as a conscientious moral agent, to evaluate events and conditions in all parts of the world.
          Harry G. Frankfurt

          Bullshit is the glue that binds us as a nation.
          George Carlin

          • Where the real problem comes in, what raises my attention to it, is when I believe it is purposely being spread as disinformation and as a tool of manipulation. Some people spread misinformation only because they are ignorant of the facts, they believe what they are saying is true. If they are just misinformed and willing to learn from their mistakes, that is virtue. But it’s the others who spread information with malice, so it’s hurtful and destroys one group to the benefit of another. In simple terms, they are playing people for fools for fun and profit.

        • @cant stand bs says……

          For someone who can’t stand bs, you sure do create a lot of it.

        • Books are like kryptonite. LOL

          • If you don’t want your car broken into in a black neighborhood just put a pile of job applications on the seat!

          • When we had times of “drawling circles” (refinery talk for a smooth running operation, a carry over from the old pneumatic controlled instrumentation charts which were circular and a straight line meant no upsets) I read books. Most operators played PONG / video games, cards or something similar. A fellow operator, dismayed at my not joining “the group” of brain dead, stood next to me, looked down and bragged, “I never read a book in my life”. I looked up, just long enough to say, “and it shows”, before going back to my non fiction reading.

            Whats worse than being ignorant is being proud of it.

            • Really, you read books? I don’t know what books you were reading. Mostly fiction huh? Did the baker or your uncle tell you that you should read books do you could become the person you are today? I don’t expect this to get posted. You protect this piece of work.

              • Actually what started me off on this endeavor was Gary Allen, “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy”. Later “Best Evidence” by David Lifton cemented the previous. Ed Griffin, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island” was very involved. Justice Mullins, “Secrets of the Federal Reserve” was good. The part about Standard Oil refueling NAZI subs in South America was riveting. Much later ” Wall Street and the rise of Hitler”. ahh Prescott Bush was in the thick of it. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” is great reading. First the banks then the CIA, then the military if necessary. Smedley Butler, “War IS A Racket”. Sun Tzu, “The Art Of War” . Carl Clausewitz, “On War” with the great quote, “War is politics by other means”. Einsteins Universe was too heavy. You read a page and understand it, turn the page and forget what you just understood. Countless magazines and lots of elementary engineering as I have a Gold Seal in stationary Engineering and thought it too. I was fond of encyclopedias as a kid, one TV, not sports minded, stuttered bad, by window to the world.

                • Virtually no fiction except 1984 and never got through it completely because I thought it was fiction. I’m re-evaluating that decision.

                • Eustace Mullins not Justice Mullins. Damn auto spell.

                  Taught not thought.

              • Actually Mr Hahn the baker of exceptional ability was a German Soldier captured and interned in the USA as a POW. He had high praise for his treatment saying that he was treated better as a US POW than as a German soldier in the Army. We never discussed books at all. Uncle Jimmy let his experiences out in drips and drabs and I never knew he had a Bronze Star with V until it was in a newspaper article that he was in. Interestingly he came across his first cousin in a POW camp that was an Italian soldier taken POW at some point after Italy switched sides. Small world.

              • Yeah, right

                h ttp://

                Imagine the power that they have today? Interestingly a close friend has a close friend that is an Attorney that scoffed at the claim my friend made about the above calling it bullshit. He had an undergrad degree in Political Science. Well I linked my friend the actual court records from Federal Court in Newark NJ. He forwarded to the Attorney. Not one more nay say to my buddy.

                Formal Education is an indoctrination. The above should be required reading in all school texts. We’re the USSR with a velvet glove.

                • You do love propaganda. And covet everything that you can find to support it. So ultimately then everything you tend to say is ruled by it. Why don’t you instead fight the indoctrination on all fronts if your fighting it? Just because the US government points it’s finger at those people over there and says that they are attacking you, doesn’t mean that they are. And really never has been at all in recent history. That’s why not that long ago they admitted that they needed a new Pearl Harbor to push the useful idiots to where they wanted them.
                  That guy from Germany was Time’s Man of the Year. I guess that was before Operation Mockingbird. As you can see I’m more interested in what they didn’t tell you than what they did. So when I see someone spreading the same old propagandized lies, or purposely twisting history to fit the same agendas, I just have to say something. To you because you can justify anything if it fits your splattering of morality for the cause.
                  So now that you are retired and going out to lunch with those other people down there who love cheap lunches (bad for you), and you also like the Mexicans cutting your lawn and cleaning your house on the cheap too huh. And you probably tell them to read you posts too. So you have to show them how much you appreciate them being here even though they are here illegally. Though you probably know too that they most likely can’t read in English or Spanish.
                  Someone’s paying for all of this above and beyond what they can avoid in taxes and what they cause to take place in every place they settle. Instead of just having them mow your lawn, more into one of their neighborhoods and get back to me.

                  • Times “Man Of The Year” is picked not for good or bad but just impact. He certainly had that.

                    Its obvious that the books I cited were of not government propaganda. Shadow government, JFK assassination a coup, the military / intelligence agencies being the enforcer for Wall Street; hardly flag waving subjects; they’re quite critical of the system. I suggest everyone read them, they’re an eye opener to what is, as opposed to what we’re told. I’m not in disagreement, the government is corrupt doing the bidding of internationalist business not the US public. You can’t sell me that Hitler was good for anything. Family, friends fathers, people I met, all seen his horrors. Not the collateral damage from war but intentional cruelty. In Belarus the women, children, old people were put in the church, it was set on fire, anyone feeling was shot. Thats not an isolated incident, its the norm.

                    Yes I hire lawn care service. Your not seeing me push a lawn mower and get another MI. I would gladly hire a kid in the neighborhood as I did in the 60s early 70s. Did a half dozen lawns in my day after doing Pops. Unfortunately kids are not not there. Regardless I’m not doing it. Actually don’t do lunch. Everyone wants to talk golf. I don’t worship the sphere, never played the game. Go to the range on occasion, best people there.

                  • Yeah, right

                    I’m surprised that your unfamiliar with Eustace Mullins reading your writings. Personally I like his groundbreaking work regarding investigating the roots of The Federal Reserve as he was spot on with the conspiracy as was Griffin in The Creature From Jekyll Island. I take exception with Mullins anti semitic politics.

                    • Yeah, I read books too. This was never about books that have been read. It’s about how you put your spin on topics, go after others hypocritically, and avoid, by playing dumb, pretending not to understand what the topic at hand is. Which in case you want to do that again, that topic was you and your twist and shout, while going off on tangents and cherry picking statements and taking them out of context to vilify. Just as you continue to do. Yeah, we’re talking about the FED and Jekyll Island now. So go do what you do best. Go b.s. yourself.

      10. The person we need to be most concerned about at Obama’s shadow government White House may well be Valerie Jarrett. She is probably the brains behind the OFA operation since she moved in!

        • Pine, I think you’re right. She and Obola go WAY BACK together, all the way back to their days in Chicago. Something needs to happen to her…..

      11. “On March 16th, each of us will mail Donald Trump a postcard that publicly expresses our SUPPORT to him. And we, in vast numbers, from all corners of the world, will overwhelm the man with his popularity and hope for success. We will show the media and the politicians what standing against him — and with us — means. And most importantly, we will bury the White House with our support as US citizens for the office of the Presidency.

        Each of us — every American from every working class, each congress calling citizen, every boycotter, volunteer, donor, and petition signer — if each of us writes even a single postcard and we put them all in the mail on the same day, March 16th, well: you do the math.

        No media deception or disingenuous leftist politician will explain away our record-breaking, officially-verifiable, warehouse-filling flood of faith. Hank Aaron currently holds the record for fan mail, having received 900,000 pieces in a year. We’re setting a new record: over a 1.5 million pieces in a day, ringing with nice things to say.

        So sharpen your wit, unsheathe your writing implements, and see if your sincerest well-wishes can pierce the media’s famously thin skin.

        Prepare for March 16th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as
        “the call of patriots” !!

        Then, on March 16th, mail your messages to:

        President Donald J. Trump
        The White House
        1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
        Washington, DC 20500

        • And don’t forget to forward this to ten other people or you will be held responsible for breaking the chain and our fall into an economic collapse.

          • Why not have this before the 15 of March?You know,with debt ceiling and all.Better yet,why not 1.5 million each choose a enemy of the potus and do as you see fit and justified,now that would send a strong message of support!

            • Beats me. It wasn’t my idea to start with but as the youth today say, “I’m down with it”.

              The new posters that started to appear in the last two months or so are particularly interesting. Hmmmmm.

              • I’m glad you think so.

                • Why don’t I just sit on my deck and flip the bird toward town and say ” fuck you all, you made this shit don’t cry to me in your awakening of stupidity! And say ” fuck you government of the sheeple, come and get me assholes, I will die but so will many times the amount of you!

                  • Trump is a shill you want to know why? He’s still alive, think about that.

              • I get it, you meant ‘verly intellesting’ didn’t you?
                You’re interesting too. When I see someone being admonished and called a sociopath for saying that maybe if we took pot shots at the people crossing the border it might stop the immigration, and you defending the crossing saying that they are just unarmed families. Or that fire bombing tens of thousands of women and children is o.k. with you as long as they are white I guess. And using the excuse that that guy sent rockets to bomb England first as an excuse for that, another lie. Or to nuke Japanese since they bombed Pearl Harbor, which they were allowed to do. Oh yeah, and it’s o.k. to do what you will with ‘ragheads’ too. All in your words. That’s what makes you so interesting still.

                • “When I see someone being admonished and called a sociopath for saying that maybe if we took pot shots at the people crossing the border it might stop the immigration, and you defending the crossing saying that they are just unarmed families.”
                  You can’t shoot unarmed families attempting to enter your country.

                  ” long as they are white I guess.”
                  No brown, black or yellow didn’t matter either. Actually that was the British strategy in Germany. The US used it on Japan in the absence of accurate precision bombing due to the winds across the island. To stop the enemy capacity to make war you must kill people and break things. For this reason war would be avoided as a last resort.

                  ” Or to nuke Japanese since they bombed Pearl Harbor, which they were allowed to do.”
                  See I learn a lot from this BB. The Japanese were allowed to attack without a declaration of war but the US was not allowed to use an atomic bomb that previously never existed and therefore would never have been part of international law. Damn thats even nonsense by nonsense standards. Actually the US used the A bomb to make an invasion unnecessary and had to use it twice. Japan could have surrounded after August 6th 1945 but needed a repeat on august 9th to get the message across.

                  The Germans did bomb Coventry which was the excuse, possibly ostensible but it occurred anyway to bomb German cities. The V1 and V2 designation was Vengeance Weapon. War is a very ugly mess. I theorize that the aftermath the treatment of Germany and Japan was far better than what we could have expected if the alternative occurred.

                  • Yeah, o.k., so it’s o.k. to bomb civilians. And I will tell you that the Japanese were allowed to attack because FDR was trying to start a world war from at least 1937. Sanctions against Japan and Lend Lease in Europe. Well his owners were. The b.s. about using nukes to avoid a land based invasion are just that, as are the reasons for fire bombing any civilians in any city, especially Dresden. And ‘you theorize’ that what was done, would be worse if the shoe was on the other foot? I see you like to think that everything you think is o.k.. And you now try to double b.s. your way out?
                    There is only one group of people that I know that would want borders open around the world, think that fire bombing white women and children is a good idea, and think that either killing them in their own country, or moving Muslims to white countries is a good idea. But of course there are brainwashed ignorant minions that do back them up on that. So which one are you?

                    • “would want borders open”

                      You got the wrong guy. I never advocated open borders. I just know you can’t commit murder under color of law guarding them. You can’t shoot unarmed people trying to enter. Period.

                      The British did Dresden. The US did the Japanese cities under LeMay’s plan attempting to destroy the cottage industry greatly feeding the Japanese War machine. Trade winds prevented the US tactic of pinpoint bombing (as pinpoint as it could be with the technology of the day). It took not one but two atomic bombs for the Japanese to surrender. They could have saved both when it was obvious that the war for them was lost a year before.

                      The military actions against the middle east have zero to do with terrorism except in the fact that that the US is arming them and unleashing them to topple stable governments leaving intentional exploitable chaos in its wake.

                      You must very selectively read my posts because I’m one of the far more aware of the TPTB Globalists and their various organizations, the Trilaterals, BB Group, CFR, Skull And Bones and Round Table.

                      I’m no fan of Hitler and his super race idea. The German “Gott Mitt Uns” belt buckle is revolting. If Hitler and Japan had won it might have been 50 years but those two would have ended up fighting each other as both were convinced of their own racial superiority.

                    • “you theorize’ that what was done, would be worse if the shoe was on the other foot”

                      Post WWII USA would be entirely different than post WWII Japan and West Germany if the USA would have been occupied by Japan and Germany with them the victor. Thats not even open for debate.

                • You stop the illegal immigration by taking away what drawls them here. NAFTA decimated the Mexican farmer creating massive unemployment. Employers hire illegals in the US and apparently the penalties are not severe enough to deter them. They get welfare, their kids get educated on our dime. You can’t put out bait and then shoot the creature you drawl in, thats poaching.

                  • They I guess it would be alright to bomb them. I’m sure if they were melted into the desert that would slow them down and that would meet your approval too because sometimes to accomplish your goal you must kill people and break things.

                    I see you want to keep this going. They wouldn’t post my last comment since they seem to like to protect people like you who have been here spewing your b.s. for awhile. You and your buddy seem to like to spread misinformation for a purpose. Him more than you. Actually it’s just different tactics.

                    There you go, keep harping on something taken out of context like all good trolls do. The point of shooting them was not about actually shooting them. The point was all that you quoted above and that the people who were in charge of either facilitating there wanting to come here and accommodating them when they did get here, needed to be stopped. And since the citizens of this country seem to have no control of how the government is handling the situation, maybe people needed to take things into their own hands. Yeah, so you pick that out to defend “unarmed families” that are, boo hoo, coming here for a better life. B.S., they’re coming here to milk the system, therefore being allowed to overrun and remove the whites in this country, just as the ‘rapeugees. are being brought into Europe to destroy those countries. If you don’t want to recognize that and stick to the comment taken out of context to somehow take the high ground, then you have exposed yourself what you are. Now go and make more excuses for the continuations of the wrongs that are being done then and now.

                    FDR was looking for world war since 1937. Churchill was ecstatic when Pearl Harbor was bombed, which they knew was going to happen, because the also knew of the agreement between Germany and Japan, though secret. The isolationist US was now involved in a world war. If you want to get into sanctions against Japan and Lend Lease we can. If you want to get into the Treaty of Versailles, who was there, and how that was written to assure another war we can. But that won’t happen. You will continue to do the only thing you know how to do. So that make you irrelevant.

                    • I’de say raping Nanking China in 1931 wouldn’t be the right thing to do so you embargo them. I won’t sell you oil or steel gives them no right to disrupt the hangover of Sailors,Soldiers and Marines on December 7th, 1941.

                      WWI I’ll give ya. Not our war. It certainly was the bankers war for sure. Its aftermath led to WWII as its really WWI part II.

                      Were loaded with what is highly likely illegals here in SW Florida. They work their asses off in lawn care and construction doing the physically hard work. Putting on the news the crime comes from overwhelmingly blacks in Ft Myers (Cops is soon to film there) and tatted white trash dopers. “Taking matters into your own hands”, to thwart illegal immigration is insanity and you’ll meet the worst of them in prison sooner or later.

                      Fine and jail the employers that hire illegals, suspend their social benefits and return them. Word will spread not to come here.

                      I’m not a Neo-Conservative but rather a Libertarian Constitutional Originalist with a conscience.

      12. It’s time for a shadow arrest, shadow trial, shadow conviction and a shadow execution by shadow hanging or shadow
        Firing squad.

        • But if it’s in the shadow, it never happened. Bad stuff should be exposed so people can understand what happened. Some will learn from it.

        • Bingo, fight fire with fire. A secret court, secret evidence, secret judges, secret decisions, secret warrants, ALL unconstitutional. Only a police state would have a secret court. But the revolt will not be secret.

      13. Mar 3, 2017 64 WAYS OBAMA IS SABOTAGING TRUMP Ex-president plots to force resignation or impeachment

        WASHINGTON – It might seem outrageous and unprecedented that a newly departed president would devote himself to overthrowing his successor, but that is exactly what a mountain of growing evidence appears to indicate.

      14. So let it be known that since Obama is still in charge, he has renamed his heath care plan Trumpcare, an has ordered boots on the ground in Syria. The Donald would never do that since he said that he wouldn’t.

      15. Jan 19, 2017 President Obama Enacts OVER TWO DOZEN LAWS… All In ONE DAY!!!!

        On Fri. Jan. 13, 2017, President Obama has decided to enact over 2 dozen different presidential actions — for a grand total of 25.

      16. They don’t listen because they have made their move from preparation into operation. That deterrence is required there is no doubt. But motivation is different this time. Then it was what could be, now it is what once was. Too easy to chuck out that what was tainted and left undefended from the beginning and lose the Constitution forever. We must take prepping to a higher level and try again. A true Constitutional Republic. It is all laid out for us already, sitting there, waiting still. A legitimate Minutemen 2.0, make them quake.

      17. The warmongers are bleeding this nation dry. Trump is one of them. The majority of money goes to waging war, at the expense of this nations present and future. It is freaking sickening that the population allows this madness to carry on. We live in a militarized police state and the opposing peoples voices are silenced while freedom is completely obliterated. That’s some heavy duty dumbing down of the population. That would be the gist of my correspondence with Trump. The election was a joke and the joke is on us. Oppose the madness or suffer the consequences. The people are distracted with meaningless right vs left BS.

        • And for those that don’t like war, we will give you infrastructure. But I wouldn’t count on it. In fact they may be melting down the current infrastructure to be used for the war effort. Oceania will always be at war with Eastasia. Get used to it.
          We have now taken over your television set…. Like who knew? Yeah, don’t touch that dial, or else.

        • Totally agree: it is all about war and Trump will never drain the swamp because he is one of the crocodiles.

          Quite simply all the major Western politicians are in hock to Islamic finance and kick-backs. They are answering to a medieval death and sex cult that loves war, rape and domination. This beast will roll on until it has all white women as slaves and white men either converted or dead. We are in dark times.

      18. Mar 8, 2017 8,000 Documents Detail CIA Crimes — But US Media Won’t Touch Them

        Hats off to our so-called free press. Even with our pragmatic worldview, the western media consistently performs well below our already extremely low expectations. It’s now been roughly 24 hours since Wikileaks released more than 8,000 documents detailing the CIA’s “global covert hacking program”.

      19. Mar 9, 2017 Pentagon Video Warns of “Unavoidable” Dystopian Future for World’s Biggest Cities

        At least that’s the scenario outlined in “Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity,” a five-minute video that has been used at the Pentagon’s Joint Special Operations University. All that stands between the coming chaos and the good people of Lagos and Dhaka (or maybe even New York City) is the U.S. Army, according to the video, which The Intercept obtained via the Freedom of Information Act.

        • This video is listed as posted 3-9-17, but I know I have seen it before. Yeah, I like the way all the cities that they show in future turmoil are not inhabited by whites, and are basically slums. But the military that walk the streets there is. I don’t know what that’s about.
          What this video does tell you is that in the future they will need to root out the one percent that they see as the criminal trouble makers. I think that is the point of the video. Along with saying that they won’t be able to this in the normal way that it is done to today. There will be too many just by percentage of population. Again showing you the ‘criminals’, working from a laptop sitting on a curb, and ‘agitators’, in the streets who might just be starving to death. So the guy at the end with the gas mask might be telling you something. You know, like to make the world a better place in the future they might need to do a mass population reduction using the aerial spraying of viruses or other mass extermination techniques in some countries, while just having other countries overrun with mass immigration until they become the hell holes that would need a massive cleansing too, because there are just too, too many useless people.

      20. All of you asswipes that put ANY stock into ANYTHING this dickless “writer” that calls himself mac slavo are naught but sheep in the slaughter house. Nothing he says has any merit. wake fools..turn the fucking page already!!

        • Hey, but you can still learn a lot here. You can stick around and see what comments that you post get printed and what comments that you post get deleted. And if you stick around long enough you may get disappeared. This site like all sites is for entertainment only. You get entertained by writing things down that bother you, and they are entertained by watching you do it. Plus now they know where you are and what you’re ‘thinking’. And if you notice, the more bullshit you spew, the more revered you are. You can talk about killing people and you can stay. You can rewrite history and you can stay. As long as you bash the right people. And the more you care about minutia, the more they know they are doing a good job. Oh, oh, I could be in trouble. But what else is new.
          I like that your comment stayed up. I guess some people always saw the benefit of being persecuted.

        • You sound like gay veteran ? To think Obama dosent have a Muslim mafia well funded and working hard sounds a little like what the enemy wants us to believe ? The domestic enemy? And why Georky Shwartz . George Soros real name . Is funding the Muslim mafia is probably the reason for all wars . To lower real estate values so they can buy it up cheap and get the starving survivors to rebuild it for food? How could anyone say Mac is totally wrong about what seems totally obvious?

      21. There is a concerted global effort afoot to place Muslim radicals in key political positions in order to facilitate the mass importation of Muslims into the West. Why do this? Because the countries where they currently reside are resource depleted and rapidly over-populating. They need ‘living room’ as the Nazis once said.

        The mayor of London – the world’s most powerful financial centre – the president of the US for eight years – the most powerful country in the world – Canada’s immigration minister and its cuckolded prime minister (a secret Muslim) – all working for the cause. That people can’t see what is in front of their faces is amazing.

        • And what you can’t see right in front of your face is that the plan for the Muslims being brought, actually put, into these countries are not being facilitated by other Muslims. It’s about taking down the West in any way that the people that are facilitating it can. And when I say West, I say the white population. So if it’s done with Blacks, Mexicans, or Arabs it does not matter to them. You just have to realize who ‘them’ are.
          The US has already been taken over. That started 150 years ago, and was substantially implemented 100 years ago. And totally implemented 70 years ago. To have you blaming this group or that group without looking any deeper into history is what they want. It’s divide and conquer. I really didn’t know myself that Muslims were such a problem before 9/11. But of course now they are, since where they were under control, even if they were radicalized have now become resource depleted because they have no access anymore to those resources. So once you remove their homes/country, just point them to the people that they were told took them from them. And of course help them to get to where those people are.
          The borders are open there and here because those that want to destroy these countries now own the political leadership of those countries. The Muslims are just tools. They have a totally different social upbringing. And those that are importing them know this. It’s a plan. And it’s right on schedule.

          • Yep, all by design. Protocols of the elders of zion.

            • Deleted by pretty much every search engine,it is in Bill Coopers book behold a pale horse.

              • Yes it does tell a true tale does it not?

        • Frank Thoughts

          “Why do this?”

          The goal of the globalists is to blend in the entire world, economically, culturally, politically, racially. The goal, a “One World Government with a One World People”.

          The Islamic’s, a tad untamable, are therefore getting an early start with the blending process.

        • If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

          George Orwell

      22. It’s the Chews. The Chews are the ones. Muslims do not own the banks. Muslims do not own the media. Muslims do not have most of the seats in government. The Chews are bringing in the Muslims. The Chews are orchestrating the demise of Western Civilization. Muslims are the proxy. Chews are behind the Muslim problem in Europe and it’s started here in Dearborne, Michigan. They have another stronghold in Fremont CAlifornia near Silicon Valley.

        White people better get their heads out of the sandbox now or their women daughters and wives, and even young boys will be gang raped by Muslim black and Middle Eastern men brought to you by the Chew.

        • The Rockefeller’s are neck deep in this. The Trilateral Commission was their idea.

          • And the rockafellers are luitenants in the rothschild empire.

            • I think at this point the “chain of command” isn’t rigid. The top tier all think alike, they’re all amoral. I doubt if Rothschild issues orders to the tip tier as they’re all in equal cahoots.

      23. The shadow is being allowed to continue or it would be dealt with. Why is it being allowed to continue is the question.

        One thing you can surmise is that at least the dems/commies don’t lie about who and what they are. The worst of the lot are the Rino/Neo’s.

        The Rino/Neo’s have past some of the worst laws that directly lead to Globalism. The loved the treaties and spying on you. Look at Rinocare, the latest example kick the can down the road lie/setup.

        Draining swamps takes direct action. Deal with the wild life then bring in the heavy equipment and start moving earth. I just don’t see it. Sounded great on the campaign trail.

        But what we are told is its up to the people. 1st it was we need a house, then senate, the white house now the people. What the heck are the elections, the peoples voice. So now are they asking people to break laws or become victims of the left???

        What are they directing people to do, fight among themselves while they sit in luxury and laughing!

        Teddy Roosevelt would have marched troops right over to that house and drug them out for trail if not shot on sight. Teddy Bear took many direct actions to break strangle holds by big business, as well. Andrew Jackson stabbed many of his closest folks right in the back like many who helped him win the war. Lincoln caused Civil War!

        K2 suit up, based stickman style, you’ll need it!

        • “Teddy Roosevelt would have marched troops right over to that house and drug them out for trail if not shot on sight.”

          TR used the courts and justice department once he got the Anti Trust Acts through.

          The Democrats hid behind their traditional support for US labor and under Bill Clinton abandoned them. Labor, an orphan had nowhere to go except back to the abusive parent the Democrats. A stepfather emerged Donald J Trump and courted them. So far he has yet to beat them as their father did in later years and even brought them some small gifts of the demise of TPP and some jobs returning. Time will tell if the new parent takes to the Wall Street bottle and becomes abusive as the old.

      24. So we move from an Arab Spring to an American Spring.

        Is it going to happen? Depends on how many radicals he recruits to make things happen.

        With all the fake news. Unreported News. And news that has some merit but mainly Bullshit. I would like to bring it down to the lowest common denominator. That is when something does go down, may it go down BIG TIME. Where YOU make the decisions that COUNT. What You See is what you got to go with. Won’t matter if it is wrong or right. Only that you beat the bastards off you for good.

        Am I still prepping? You bet. Only I am splitting hairs with fine tuning items. Update on weapons. Filled more sandbags. Collecting survival information.

      25. I was told years ago by what I consider a reliable source. That the Hacienda 7 Or the house of 7 run the world . 7 very wealthy families numbering thousands. They feel that since they inherited billions they should rule.

      26. This sure has been an interesting day.

      27. So arrest Obama and disband the organization he created as a start. Dont just sit like stunned haddock and do nothing. If you must fight to preserve America then that is reality and go for it with all of your might nothing half baked or wishy washy full out wins it

      28. The American Model is dead. It has only stayed alive for as long as it has through debt and money printing and war. The idea of blending all these races and cultures together in a hyper-greedy economy with no common culture or way of behaving was never going to work.

        The future will be with countries that have a clear sense of who they are and do not have much racial or ethnic diversity. We can see even in Africa there is a big push on to reduce the number of races within the continent: plans are afoot to kick out (or kill) all the whites that are still there. Hostility is also building against the Chinese, the new colonialists.

        America will break up in the next 20 years. You will see a break-away white republic form. The new ‘fly-over’ states will be the black and ‘minority’ places, which will be like the third world: disease-ridden, poor, violent, lacking any prosperity.

        • “America will break up in the next 20 years.”

          A friends wife from Belarus told us that they were taught that the US would break up into separate countries one day. I think their sociologists looked at both the diversity of cultures and the inherent lack of a totalitarian government to keep it together. As the USSR government relaxed its grip it fragmented. First went the satellite nations of Poland and Czechoslovakia then the USSR itself. The world held its breath hoping that no significant violence would occur in the death throws of communism. I’m not sure that TPTB will be so inclined here losing their Bully Boy enforcer of their rule.

      29. Organizing for America. Obama’s new outfit. Over 300 offices nation wide. Over 13,000 employees. Paid for by Soros and others like him. Think about it. That didn’t spring up over night. Where was the so called conservative movement with a warning? Somebody knew about this and kept their mouth shut. Why? Are we being played by the invisible hand? Or is the right wing so darned incompetent?

      30. I make a prediction here: I believe that Obama will end up as POTUS again. He will run as the VP for the democratic nominee of 2020. (this is legal) They will win after spending 4 years undermining the Trump administration and fomenting revolution. Then, magically, the POTUS will either resign (due to some scandal), or more likely, be assassinated. The democrats will have a “right-wing white racist” as the fall guy to blame, and the streets will be filled with revolutionaries……Obama will then declare ML, and take complete control of the country. Communist Revolution completed.!!!!

        • J

          The power within TPTB lay in the illusion that the citizenry have control. This is why the US is the USSR of 1970 in substance but a free democratic republic in illusion. This falsehood keeps willing soldiers enlisting (long with poor economic opportunities). This illusion quells any thought of revolt because its understood by the masses that the problem is because the wrong party is in office. Its very important to maintain.

      31. We better start talking about the things we need to do instead of bullshit. Not that the stories are short of substance but the wrong type of substance.. Does anyone care what Obama does? We know that he wants to dump President Trump and his policies. What will you do if the Left succeeds?

      32. President Trump needs to fire EVERYBODY

      33. Wasn’t Obama the shadow of Cheney-Bush?

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