Breaking: Suspect in Suspicious Packages/Mail Bombs Investigation Arrested in Florida

by | Oct 26, 2018 | Headline News | 53 comments

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    A Florida man has been arrested in connection with the suspicious packages and mail “bombs” that were allegedly sent to prominent Democrats and CNN over the last two weeks.

    Cesar Altieri Sayoc, Jr., 56, of Aventura, was arrested at an AutoZone in Plantation, Florida today. DNA evidence was reportedly used to link Sayoc to the packages.

    From the Orlando Sentinel:

    Records show Sayoc has a history of arrests in Florida on a variety of offenses, most of them involving theft. Broward County court records indicate Sayoc was born in Brooklyn, N.Y.

    Court records in Miami-Dade County show Sayoc was arrested there in 2002 on a charge of threatening to throw, place or discharge a destructive device. He was sentenced to one year of probation in that case, which he completed in June 2003.

    Here’s more on Sayoc, from the SunSentinel:

    A registered Republican, Sayoc has been arrested at least 10 times according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, once in 2002 for making a bomb threat and most recently in 2015 for a probation violation.

    That registration was current as of Sept. 30, 2018, according to state voter files.

    State corporation filings show him as an owner or manager of two businesses, Native American Catering and Vending and Ver Tech AG.


    Law enforcement officials told The Associated Press that the devices, containing timers and batteries, were not rigged like booby-trapped package bombs that would explode upon opening. But they were uncertain whether the devices were poorly designed or never intended to cause physical harm. A search of a postal database suggested at least some may have been mailed from Florida, one official said. Investigators are homing in on a postal facility in Opa-locka, Florida, where they believe some of the packages originated, another official said.

    FBI agents and other law enforcement officers in the AutoZone parking lot were seen examining a white van that was covered with stickers. They covered the van with a blue tarp, loaded it onto a truck, and drove it away.

    Photos of the van authorities took away from the site of the arrest appear to show photos of Trump and a presidential seal, along with other political decals. One sticker read “CNN sucks.”

    A Facebook account that appears to belong to Sayoc is filled with pro-Trump posts and videos from 2016.

    Update: The Facebook account has either been deleted, or the privacy settings were changed since the time of this writing.

    However, some Twitter users captured screenshots of some of Sayoc’s Facebook posts:

    Twitter account that appears to belong to Sayoc (under the name Cesar Altieri) is also filled with pro-Trump posts, a lot of Soros-bashing, and incoherent ramblings that often include references to “Unconquered Seminole Tribes”.

    His last Tweet was posted on October 24:

    Naturally, some people are already blaming Trump for this guy’s behavior, just like they did when James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, targeted Republican members of Congress in June 2017. Hodgkinson fired 50-60 shots at a D.C. baseball field, wounding at least four people, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.

    If what we are being told about Sayoc is true and his social media posts are actually his, let’s be sure to place the blame where it belongs: on Sayoc himself – not on Trump, not on Republicans, not on anyone else.

    This is a breaking story, and this article will be updated if additional information becomes available.


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      1. Fuckme – At least there’s some kind of sane, rational thinking going on in this guys swede.

      2. Don’t y’all mean the deep state’s patsy was arrested in Florida for the dog and pony show?

        • I agree 100%. Enough said.

          • Yep.

            • No wonder this guy calls himself “Thar She Blows”. Sorry I just had to say that lol. 😛

              • I laughed. 🙂

        • They knew right where to go. Convenient isn’t it?
          More deep state BS!

          • Funny how the Progressive Socialist Democrat FBI knows right where to go for a Donald Trump Bomber, but ask them who is paying for all these caravan(s) and it’s: “Huh? What? What caravan(s)?” Yes folks, it’s your tax dollars at work securing somebody else’s borders.

          • Rellik, agreed. He’s the ‘Lee Harvey Oswald’ in this case. Like I said, this is false-flag with a CAPITAL F. And a registered Republican? We won’t hear the end of this one for awhile.

        • Exactly.

        • While you are being Distracted and Decieved:
          – -Hanford Nuclear plant had incident. today?
          if you are in Wash,Idaho, Oregon, Utah, you might want to check rad levels. Workers told to shelter.
          – -North Texas Nuke Facility had incident very recently. Fort Worth Star Telegram carried story. Curious that a supposed earthquake reported near same time? Coincidence?
          – -Economy might tilt? Market crash?
          – -14,000+ INVADERS are heading to USA border.

          All while you are Distracted by made up nonsense.

          PS–Texas is supposedly having a “exercise” I believe next week? The FEDS often have “exercise” right before they murder American civilians. So you might want to pay attention to the real world? Your choice.

          Question for you:?
          Is it rational or prudent to have an “exercise” of pretend terrorist in a state where EVERYONE is gunned up and armed? Looks to me like a “pretend” “exercise” actor could be in very real danger form CDL old Pa, old Ma, or yahoo new CDL holder. Play crisis actor might catch lead from a real CDL holder not knowing it’s pretend fear theater.

          Looks like more careless pretend to get civilians nicely feared up.

          Fear is the favorite weapon of Tyrants-Media-FEDS. many people who are in fear revert to child like and follow easily. People can then be decieved into supporting war.

      3. So the MAGABOMBER turns out to be the MAGABOMBER.

        Surprise, surprise, surprise!

        As I said a couple days ago, this was an obvious (and transparent) double false flag done by Republicans trying to pull it off to make it look like a Democrat false flag operation set up to blame Republicans.

        All those jumping to conclusions about it being the Democrats, well how do you feel about it now?

        FWIW, this is probably the end of the entire right wing Trump movement, his and his supporters agenda’s are now finished.

      4. Native American Catering. At least the Native Americans know what they are facing, and under the Demorats they will have to face it again like in the beginning of the White Man invasion. This time it is from the south and the Commies.


      5. The press will eat this up like never before. Repubs will all get blamed for this idiot. It all seems planned by the dems though. FALSE FLAG!

        • Wait till the democrat so called representatives get rolling bashing and generalizing ALL conservatives….

      6. This will be old news by Monday. Luckily no one was hurt or killed, otherwise this bomb mailer story would hang around.

        The illegal caravan will be front and center with the election in ten days or so.

        • “The illegal caravan will be front and center with the election in ten days or so.”

          Not if the anti-conservative, anti-social media (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube), has anything to do with it. There’s just 10-days until the election. There is a lot of censorship and banning to do.

          And the wholly owned Progressive Social Democrat media has a (yet another) landslide to rig.


        • Watch that turn out to be a Republican false flag operation too.

      7. I don’t believe everything I read, as per my posts here the past few months, but apparently the guy who was charged with this crime is a Republican who voted for Trump.

        • So that would be: “Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!”

      8. Most guys that hang out at titty bars don’t make bombs.
        I say keep looking for the real perpetrators.

        • You seem to have a difficult time accepting reality.

          I take it you’re a Republican?

      9. The average American sheeple will buy this lock stock and barrel. Kiss any chance of a red wave on November 6th goodbye, it’s going to be a slaughter. If I were trump, I would privately be employing some of the top notch around the world to find things out and expose them. WTF is Jason Bourne when you need him?

      10. Is he really a Seminole Indian? There are many people claiming Native American status with little to none actual DNA to support their claim. If Phocahontas is a Native American, so is this Unibomer copycat suspect. The “Uni” bomber, so named because he targeted University people. Should we call this guy the “Inva” bomber for invasion? Or maybe the “Repo” bomber? “Repobomber” has a nice ring to it. And the name serves a duo purpose (prepper appropriate); it can be recycled when someone bombs the repo-man after his car is repoed (repossessed).

        If this guy isn’t a nut who went beserk when twitter banned him, maybe we should call him the Twitter-bomber or twit-bomber, than he is either a scapegoat for the demo-Commie-Deep State Anti-American Americans, or he is trying to start the Civil War that is being promoted by other frustrated sorts and by gun dealers and deep state bankers/war profiteers.


        • Not Repo; it would be “Repubomber” for Republican. Though it is pronounced “Re poo”.


        • Of course he’s a Native American, why do you think he didn’t send Elizabeth Warren a bomb?

        • His mother was Italian and his father was Philipino. No native american in his DNA…kinda like Elisabeth Warren.

          • Jim, ten four on the Italian-Filipino. Seminoles also deny he is one of theirs. His lawyer said he had identity issues.

      11. A MAGA nutcase. Just what I was afraid of. Totally erased the goodwill from Steve Scalese shooting, Mad Maxine, etc.
        See, we can do it too! Moron.

      12. Was this crazy a felon? I thought that a felon could not vote.

      13. I’ve never seen early voters coming out in numbers like the past few days … didn’t look like no liberals I ever seen.
        Smart peeps the weather gonna get rile!


      14. I thought it was amusing that the tarp came off of the moving crime scene and three agents had to stand on the lift to hold it down so the public couldn’t see the stickers on the windows and take pics of the van.

        However, was on the internet before they got to the FBI station.

      15. Told you so. A lunatic…dime a dozen.

      16. Rumor is the “bomber ” was a demoncrap for 28 years… But can’t hold
        that against him….. heck so was I before Kennedy was killed!!!!

        My question is….this guy was sleeping in his van at his mothers’ house,
        he was broke, and yet he bought materials for fake bombs,
        Will they tell us he drove all over the US to deliver them…?
        ( because there were no cancellation stamps by PO..??)

        And how did they know there was one to Joe Biden missing??????
        Who reported one missing???

        Where did he get the money to buy that shiny new looking van??

        Is he an FBI–CIA plant? Nothing…. about this whole story makes any sense.

        So…. I’m going to bed and by morning this will be long forgotten history.
        Threre will be act THREE shortly. Yawwwwn.

      17. I think that all rational people would like to find the pattern, but he has contradicted himself, on most everything.

      18. How about we get the recordings from all the surveillance cameras where ol’ Cesar lives. Let’s go back in history and see when the Trump stickers and crosshair pictures first show up.

        I bet if they had been on there more than a few days (Oh so perfectly laid out and squared up) and that van was parked in public anywhere, some Liberal or Democrat would have vandalized that bad boy something awful.

        Anyway, show me the “tapes.”


        • GOOD POINT!

      19. FAKE NEWS!

      20. No Really!!! Is that you Blowboy??? You haven’t made a comment and haven’t insulted anyone so it must be you, sounds about that stupid. You need to take lessons from some muzzy bomb makers.

      21. Interesting story on how law enforcement can now find nearly anyone.

        ht tps://

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