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    With the United Nations poised to sign an international arms treaty that would regulate global arms sales and ownership, and Congressional members just days ago attempting to sneak a nationwide restriction on “high capacity magazines” into a cyber security bill, the attack on firearm ownership in America is now in full swing.

    This afternoon democrat Senators Frank Lautenberg and Carolyn McCarthy unveiled what may possibly be the most sweeping anti-second amendment legislative action in recent memory. Coming on the heels of the tragic events that left a dozen people dead and scores injured in Colorado, it’s becoming painfully obvious to proponents of the Second Amendment and individual liberty that politicians on the State and Federal level are doing everything in their power to ensure this crisis does not go to waste.

    Two Democratic lawmakers on Monday will announce new legislation to regulate the online and mail-order sale of ammunition.

    Sen. Frank Lautenberg (N.J.) and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (N.Y.) said the new law would make the sale of ammunition “safer for law-abiding Americans who are sick and tired of the ease with which criminals can now anonymously stockpile for mass murder,” in a statement released Saturday.

    The lawmakers cite the recent movie massacre in Aurora, Colo. for spurring their bill.

    “The shooter who killed 12 and injured 58 in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater this month had purchased over 6,000 rounds of ammunition anonymously on the Internet shortly before going on his killing spree, according to law enforcement officials,” the statement reads.

    Lautenberg and McCarthy, who will unveil their new proposal at New York’s City Hall say they intend to “make it harder for criminals to anonymously stockpile ammunition through the Internet.”

    (The Hill)

    White House Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that President Barack Obama will “evaluate” new legislation that effectively bans online sales of gun ammunition, but he wouldn’t say whether the president could support it.

    Lautenberg says his bill could help to prevent the sale of ammunition “to a terrorist or the next would-be mass murderer.”

    “If someone wants to purchase deadly ammunition, they should have to come face-to-face with the seller,” Lautenberg said in a statement. “It’s one thing to buy a pair of shoes online, but it should take more than a click of the mouse to amass thousands of rounds of ammunition.”

    (Huff Post)

    It seems, as we noted in January when New Jersey proposed the banning of certain types of ammunition, that opponents of the second amendment have found a way to render it impotent by circumventing gun ownership altogether and moving to directly restrict the availability of ammunition itself, taxing it like they do cigarettes and alcohol, or eventually banning it altogether.

    The text of the proposed legislation has not yet been made available via the U.S. Senate Congressional records web site.

    The takeaway, as The Daily Sheeple notes: Stock Up Now. Not just on ammunition, but high capacity magazines, because these people will not stop until they’ve completely neutered our second amendment rights.


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      1. What difference does it make where it was purchased or how many rounds? Was he carrying all 6,000 rounds? Of course not. He wouldn’t have been able to move. Can ammo be purchased in bulk face-to-face? Of course it can.

        This is camel’s nose legislation. They are not letting a manufactured crisis go to waste.

        • Yes, but if you read further into it, this bill could potentially ban the private sale of all face-to-face purchases. For example, I, as a single person want to sell you, a single person, neither are dealers, the sale would be illegal. Therefore, all ammunition sales would have to go through dealers. This is how I read it. If they can’t get the guns, they’ll just ban the ammo. Sound familiar?

          • Of course a FIREarm isn’t a firearm without the fire, meaning the ammunition is just as much a part of the 2nd amendment as the gun is, or more.

            • Unrecon,

              Thank you. We also have the right to posses tanks and nuclear weapons.

              Being a government of delegated powers it can do NOTHING that the individual Man can not do, otherwise there is no source to delegate the power.

              Need proof that the corp is illegitimate? All is takes is the understanding that IT is trying to delegate power to YOU.

              Take back your power, and buy a few hundred extra rounds as quickly as possible. I suspect that they will be needed this December.

            • John Lott, a fellow professor with Barack Obama at the University of Chicago in the 1990s told radio host Laura Ingraham last week that Barack Obama told him,…

              “People shouldn’t be allowed to own guns.”


          • every one should be a dealer… besides ,a couple of good minds can construct a machine to pump out brass. we do not fear our enemy . we want a glass of their blood.

          • @JoeRepublic….

            I see career opportunities here for some folks with an exploding (no pun intended) black market in ammo.

            MANY of the founding fathers were smugglers and black market participants.

            People who would violate this law, should it be passed, would be in good company.

          • Never let a crisis go to waste, ” Saul alinski”.

            They need to push ammo sales to store fronts, then eliminate store fronts with taxes and regulations…..

            They can’t ban guns, confiscate them, at least not until a generation hasn’t been able to buy them.

            • ammo should be in vending machines

            • Hey maybe we should make one of those….gold or silver bullion only please…j/k…well wishful thinking.

            • Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms should be a convience store, not a government agency.

          • Guns and ammunition will become the new “Black Market”. The Black Market is simply a part of the Free Market driven underground by government regulations. Prohibition failed in it’s mission to stop alcohol sales. All it did was increase violent crime and created rampant corruption from the police, to judges, and up to politiicans. Gangs became more pwoerful and rich because of it. The same is happening with our “War on Drugs”. This is another collosal failure that is costing the taxpayer a fortune, with the same results as prohibition. I was an LEO for over 20 years and I know we have lost this one too. Outlawing guns and ammo will only spur another round of fruitless activity by government agencies. There aren’t enough LEOs to enforce any new laws by these idiots from the Senate. If passed, and I mean that’s a big IF, the one thing any new law will do is to create a lot more wealthy “underground” entrepreneurs. Reloaders, gunsmiths, and machinists will become kings of industry. So who wants to get rich!

        • Yahoo really made a propaganda piece out of this bill today.(please go and look)
          The title alone pissed me off. If this passes, i ask everyone, have they gone to far?
          If something like this doesn’t cause big reaction than I dont know will. It seems we just keep taking it.

          • *too

            • Of course we’ll keep taking it because it’s what we have become good at these days. We got Daddy Lautenburg and Mommy McCarthy tell’n us that the big spoon of castor oil they got for us, is going to taste great and is just what we need. Standby folks, the stench from DC is blowing our way. I havent seen nor read the bill as of yet, but I’m sure they’re already dottin’ the “i’s” and crossin’ the “t’s” regarding reloading components.

        • Agreed with you all..


          here’s some facts regarding ammo from our largest dealer in Massachusetts..

          We are very low on this ammo and we are trying to get more.

          Federal Ammunition (Call for availability)
          Ammunition availability is starting to tighten up due to the current high demand. We are doing everything we can to keep the flow of shipments arriving.

          • I buy something everytime I go out. I purchased on line only once as I don’t want a record of the purchase. Pay cash only! I don’t know for sure how much I have, but I think it is more than I can use. Better to have it IF I need it than need it and not have it. I am 66 and I recall a nation that at one time was free. We are no longer so. I am sad for my grandchildren. We have moved full time to our bug out location. It is now our permanent residence.

        • This whole charade should be nothing more than a another reason to pick up a few more bullets. I bet bullet sales between now and the Sheep Games in November take off like a rocket.

        • The bill also has some language that is going to say that all purchases of “large quantities” of ammo will be reported to the FBI and ATF. Who defines “Large Quantities”????
          Guess I will be going to the store today.

          • You know, they have to pass the bill before they know what’s in it, or define exactly what “Large Quantities” are.

          • I believe they stated over 1,000 rounds.

            • If you buy 900 rounds at 10 different stores, would that qualify as a large quantity?

            • Over 1,000 has to be reported. To sell you have to be a dealer and the transaction will have to be face-to-face. No way this horseshit makes it through the House, unless they’re making the big play on us now.

            • The rounds will be gotten around just as the withdrawal at banks of $10,000 is handled with lesser amts, like (2) @ $5000 or one at $9999…duh, this is stupid.
              Or order ammo in another name like your sister??
              There is enough ammo already out there that this is a ‘staging rebellion and riots tactic’, nothing more.

          • Just got back from my local academy. they now have no more remington twotwothree. They are also almost out of the soon to be illegal twotwothree despersal systems. Better get em while you can. I am investing in them now they will soon be double in price on the B.M.

        • Blue H20 and the rest of y’all: We got our ammo from ammo to several mo ago. I suggest everyone buy now if/before this bill is passed. Get out your credit card and get crackin’.

        • Mac is right; they (state and fed) don’t want this theater shooting to go to waste. Then they should apply the same zeal towards ‘fast and furious’ and with criminal charges for this administration.

        • What’s next? spoons that make us fat???…cars that kill every hour?…pans that burn our hands??? oh,no!! lakes that drown people???

          • Paper that makes us pass stupid bills.

            • UnSo,
              thats funny and tooo true

        • I think all anti gun congressmen should be seated in a movie theater prefilled with really gaseous BULLSHIT AND IGNITED, K A B O O M! At least a gun wouldn’t be needed or blamed. Obviously they’d never smell what they’re already full of and just tell them bribes were offered there. Yes it’s unfair entrapment, but WHO CARES?

        • the cost of liberty is a high price to pay,ask any american soldier who lost a lim,the people have chosen to be protected by a gang of criminals who could care less about them….I see a war coming and the people don’t care…..they elect criminals,worship criminals and do anything the criminals want,I see a war coming when the people realize the criminals are really after their children,AFTER the earthquake america will see the real truth………..

      2. i knew it was too quiet on capitol hill…

        • Its loud as hell, they are just behind closed doors because they know we dont approve of 99% of what they do.

          They do everything behind closed doors, from dirty deals to killin the constitution.

          If we see it(hear it), its just the tip of the iceberg or a dog and pony show.

          They know whats comming-


          • Not pitchforks, BULLETS from 300 million guns.

            They can ban sales, but they can’t take away what we got.

            Just for conservation purposes, only bullet per politician please.

            • Yes, we wouldn’t want to waste ammo or hurt any innocent animals or citizens nearby. 🙂

      3. So having a thousand rounds delivered to an address is anonymous but going to Wal-mart and paying cash for a thousand rounds is not.

        Who actually votes for these nincompoops?

        • @ Unreconstructed Southron. Who votes for these ninconpoops? Answer: those same people that put up with and even encourage the suffocating laws in those states these characters come from. New Jersey and New York are 2 of the states that not only totally hate firearms, but they also ban non-lethal devices also stun batons and TASERS. These total cess pits where wild vicous animals are all over the place running wild, many with rabies, THEY would rather have someone get their arm chewed up than be able to stop a life threatening situation from an animal with a non-lethal device.

          These hell-holes where criminals and wild dogs and other animals attack people all the time don’t want anyone to have a means of defending themselves. Even pepper spray is quite difficult to get, own, and use, here in states that have really wiped these asses with the constitution. Those voters until they are actually face to face in a life threatening situation want evetyone to be “peaceful and submissive” and let a pack of wild dogs rip their children apart. “After all pepper spray and stun batons are weapons and we don’t want our kids and their mentors to become violent criminals”. To think that anyone could be like this and even come out of their warren (rabbit hole) to walk amoungst all the “villians” is beyond me.

          Soon becomes the hypocrite when faced with having to use a weapon, any weapon, and getting robbed, raped, torn apart, killed, they will “attempt” to use the weapon at their feet or whereever at reach. You were very kind with your word nincompoop. I use a common term with those that want to take away self defense of the innocent and empower the criminal, I call them ASS MONKEYS.

          • Just saying, in place of pepper spray, one could use wasp spray. Effective range: 10-30 ft. And the one recieving such spray would have to go to the hospital for treatment.

            • @ NavyVet. I know some people that carry wasp spray because it is cheaper and fires at a distance, AND there are actually some totally evil pieces of filth that are attempting to make wasp spray illegal to carry because it is a weapon. These wicked rotten politicians and the true center of evil elitists want everybody to be totally helpless against THEM and the criminals. This is why I say that they empower the criminals, they are part of the crime syndicates that want victims as unable to defend themselves as possible.

              Whenever you see ANYONE that takes the rights of a person away to defend themselves, they are either:

              A. Part of the crime like the components of the mafia.

              B. They are too naive and too incredibly stupid to understand about the reasons why people need self defense.

              There is no C.

              These politicians have armed personal to protect them. These hypocrites would have one of their loyal supporters that is elderly go out on to the street without any self defense. Their idea is that someone that is 6 foot 8 and muscle bound and 250 pounds without any weapon is a safer street now, against some little old lady that is 5 foot, weighs 95 pounds and is 80+ years old. After all the thug doesn’t have a weapon and now everything is safe for everyone.

              Either A. or B. No one with any brain material left could not see that the physical mass of someone is weapon to someone much smaller than them. Put these terrible politicians into a Bengal Tiger cage and see what it is like to go against a much tougher opponent where neither party, the tiger and the politician, has no weapon. See who changes their mind about self defense before they get eaten alive.

            • BI…like Okie said,these pieces of filth live SOMEWHERE!

          • “””New Jersey and New York are 2 of the states that not only totally hate firearms, but they also ban non-lethal devices also stun batons and TASERS. “””

            Except for those used by the bankster funded domestic mercenaries, often called police.

            • Yeah, it’s pretty clear this has nothing to do with ‘safety’ for anyone but the government.

            • sixpack, very well said.

          • Liberty and Freedom defined ” Not being forced to vote for the lesser of two evils”.

        • @informed- I call them a$$ clowns.

          @US- “who votes for these nincompoops”?

          the so called 2 parties pick them, then we get to choose from them, and if someone comes around like perot or paul-

          EVERY trick in the book is played.

          If ANYONE does not see the coruption in the process now, is asleep at the wheel, a little kid driving with poop in the dipers.

          “american style of democracy”

          It would not surprise me at all if the only votes that are actually counted are the governors of the federal reserve system.

          It just wouldnt surprise me the least.

          • Again-

            Woodrow Wilson (may he burn in HELL)

            I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, BUT A GOVERNMENT BY THE OPINION AND DURESS OF A SMALL GROUP OF DOMINANT MEN.

            • Why couldn’t that moron realize this before he put the plans in place to take us to where we are now, not just on his death-bed?? WW gave us FDR who gave us LBJ who gave us o bummer. Massive trail of destruction……

            • @Kevin……

              Man, did you hit the nail on the head re: Woodrow Wilson.

              If I could, I’d go piss on his grave. Of course….he’s buried in the National Cathedral….how appropriate.

              Woodrow Wilson…now there was an ass clown of the first order.

              May he rot in hell indeed!

        • Dont vote!

          • I’m voting – not so much FOR Romney but AGAINST Obama!

            • Then vote for Ron Paul, even if you have to WRITE HIM IN.

        • Many of your neighbors.

      4. These neo-cons will stop at nothing. Next you’ll hear how much silver you’re allowed to buy or own. This is a dictatorship in the making on our watch. Stock up.

        • Lautenberg is a neo-con?

        • Neo-cons? What are you a moron? These are die hard far left wingers. Lautenburg is a damn commie and McCarthy like sarah Brady is a pain inthe ass making hay off their personal tragedies.

        • A dictatorship in the making? No, a dictatorship that’s well established, imbedded, dug in, just getting all their ducks in a row for the big putsch and all done right in the open right under are noses on our watch. And to top it off we’re paying for it, in more ways than one.

        • watchdog i don’t know how old you are but our government already did this once actually they confiscated silver and gold i believe it was in the 1930’s matter of fact irs agents were present at banks and had to be present before you could even open your own safty deposit box in case of gold or silver at which point they took it and as for the ammo ban guys all i have to say is that it’s mabey time for those of you who have not started to learn how to reload your own ammo and lots of it and as always keep your head cool and your weapons hot

          • Govt made it illegal for individuals to own gold. Silver was in circulation in our coins. Last year of minting of 90% silver coins in the US was 1964.

            Some of us are old enough to remember…

          • I believe that any purchase of gold over $500 needs to be reported to the Feds. Not 100% sure tho…

      5. Was the Batman shooter a false flag attack to garner support for the UN Treaty to ban small arms? Read Mike Adams’ article about it by clicking my name. It answers a lot of questions like how an unemployed student was able to afford $20,000 worth of weapons and ammo.

        • Aurora was as brazen a false flag attack as 911. The pictures of this guy do not add up either when they are compared facially.

          Makes you believe in the Oswald double theory.

          • Durango Kid: False Flag, who will ever know? What I find very interesting is that no one is talking about the explosives in his apartment. Since the OKC bombing TPTB have been closely monitoring all types of chemical sales. So what happened here, he just slip under the radar? And where did he get the expertise in making this stuff? It takes more than a few college courses in chemistry or the “Anarchist’s Cookbook” to come up with the boobytrap he set up. What he did takes practice and that means some kind of training. So who trained him and where did he get it? The entire “Lame-Stream Media” seems to have forgotten this deadly aspect of his plan and that makes me wonder why? False Flag, maybe?

            • @G8: What gets me is, did anyone see the so called explosives leave the apartment to where they destroyed the evidence, I mean the chain of custody. All we have is their word on the explosive and a few picture latter of them blowing up something, now they would not lie would they.

          • The entire attack was just a little too well planned and executed to be entirely amateur. The shooter clearly had help.

          • Wow. That’s seven…

        • False flag, without any shadow of a doubt. Police started arriving less than 90 seconds after the first 911 call, found the shooter in the parking lot and he gave up without a fight after shooting dozens of unarmed people. If that is not suspicious I don’t know what is.

          • ditto

        • Sorry to say it, but it is the same guy in the side by side pictures that I saw, and the $20,000 estimate for his ammo. was paid for with student loans. From what I can tell, he was a loner and a loser, who was also under the care of a psychiatrist. His Mother said (you have the right person) when she was referring to herself. This is getting out of control and should not be carried any further. As for the ban on ammo. that is a serious issue and should be stopped. Rumors can grow into monsters so do your own research before you carry a lie any further. It is almost as if this side is not letting a crisis go to waste either.

          Whether it was a set up or not, does not matter at this point in time, the democrats want to eventually take away your right to own guns and they must be stopped. Concentrate on what is happening in the house and senate now, not on conspiracy theories, they are almost impossible to prove so why waste your time.

          • Under the guise of a student loan. From what I read, his parents seem to be rather well-off. Why the student loan? To make the cash flow legit.

            • from what I have seen well off ppl dislike spending thier own money its how they stay well off 🙂

            • This was not a kid, he is a 24 year old man. His parents may be well off but why assume that they would foot the bill for him?

            • Holmes was not on a ‘student loan’. He was receiving a graduate student stipend (funded by NIH) just like a bajillion other graduate students in science and engineering do every day. I suspect the other grad students in his program were also receiving stipends. Usually if one PhD student in a science or engineering program is funded, so are all the others, regardless of his/her/its (or the parents’) financial means. It’s really no different than working at a full time job where how much your parents make is irrelevant to how much you make. Your employer (your PhD advisor) pays you to do the research for your degree. He gets this money from either a private corporation (e.g., ACME Widget Corp wants you to study how to make better widgets) or a government agency (DOE, NSF, NIH, DARPA, etc.).

              The fact that he was funded by NIH is not in anyway suspicious by itself (or even necessarily in conjunction with the other oddities which make me wonder who was *really* behind it). There are enough other legitimate oddities that we need answers to without digging into something which is standard for nearly every PhD student in science and engineering in this country.

            • As per an article at newswithviews dot com (use normal .) he got a GRANT for $26,000 from Nationl inst. for health fed funded org. Or is it the NHI? one or other is it.

              PS> as per comments on neocons etc goes…Check out an exallant article at Same web site newswithviews, by Charlott Iserbeyt(used to be at fed dept education under regan at high level 2nd from top honcho I think) she explains not just whats wrong with “School Choice” plans(ie actually pavlovian Kommie methods etc).

              But she tells how an conservative org we all thought we can trust is really behind this crap as well as they wrote the entire NAFTA plans!!…That org is well known “Heritage Foundation” begun by Paul Wyreich and pals……Thats org where alot of todays FOX news and spin off orgs/think tanks types neocons got “Trained”!

              Go read BOTH articles! Grant of $26,000 to batman shooter is near very bottom of page.

          • @Ohcumgache,,This proposed Lautenberg/McCarthy legislation is growing legs. I have to believe Obama never intended for that to happen this late in an election year. Anti-gunners do not fare well under these circumstances, as pro-gunners WILL mobilize. Even though Axelrod and Jarrett are burning the midnight oil, they and Obama are toast. I have to believe that the old saw,”what a tangled web we weave;when first we practice to deceive”, has tempers flaring in the WH. Obama wants 4 more years at any cost, yet his own party has cut his legs out from under him. I agree we should concentrate on the House and Senate now, but also watch for statements coming out of the WH. See which way they are going to play this. Don’t be surprised if things get so bad,(Obama’s numbers falling) that someone else walks out the Democrat convention as their candidate.

            • Swift,

              Your post is very intriguing and thought provoking. If I were one of the democrats, I would ponder that option.

            • I have been seriously thinking about that as an option too since they announced yesterday that Joe Biden was snubbed to allow Bill Clinton to speak. I think there really could be a protracted debate at the convention and possibly a bait and switch, not unlike what happened to James Garfield back in the day. Just a thought.

          • I Have to agree, lets not take our eyes off the Ball! The Democrats are AMERICA”S Enemy Period..they need to be tried for Treason for Starters just for allowing Obama to hold a Post he is not Legal to Hold, This is all not going to end well! Stock up Now…Prep Train Pray the end has Arrived! Semper Fi

            • Both parties are americas enemy. period

          • Ohcumgache,
            You still didn’t explain the expertise needed to set up that ordeal at his residence; or how/with what funds he acquired tactical gear used by swat teams.
            Even experts had trouble disarming that place.
            This is not hyperbole; reported by the experts, not mad stream media.
            The MO of these government-generated false flags is..” include enough truth, with just enough ridiculous, to make all facts questionable.
            Hell, man they are the best; have the best on the books; have learned from past mistakes.
            MKUltra. Again.

            • I think the “boobytraps” at his apartment were a fabrication. No charges were filed in relation to this as far as I know. We will only hear the official version.

        • Prepper, did you read the comments after that article? good grief. we don’t have to worry about the government. we’re gonna do it to ourselves.

        • I understand he bough the amo using his student loan money.

      6. And yet another attempt to circumvent our 2nd amendment. I have to ask, why do our elected officials hate us, or is it that they fear us, We The People. Our country will become great again only after career politicians are outlawed. Then representatives that run for office, will do so only because it’s their civic duty.

        • “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”
          ― C.S. Lewis

        • @ Zorbo,

          you answered your own questions as to whether the tptb hate and/or fear us: we AND THEY know they should be outlawed yet to do so would end many a lucrative career of hand-washing and tit-for-tat relationships that end up with politicians being bought… end that by setting 2-yr limitations and dramatically reduced or even terminated benefits and they would revolt or we’d actually be able to have real representation on Cap Hill once again…

      7. anyone could have caused more destruction by blocking the exits and poring a quart of gasoline on the floor and setting it on fire.
        there are all kinds of ways to cause mass desruction.
        taking away guns and bullets wont stop the crazys.
        hey how about we stop making violent movies?
        or if you want to watch (bad) movies the tsa has search you first.

        • anyone could have caused more destruction by blocking the exits and poring a quart of gasoline on the floor and setting it on fire.

          Yes, boone.
          Or using that expertise he ‘acquired’ in or under the theater and make the casualties greater and still maintain anonymity??
          But the PTB/liberals don’t want bombs outlawed.

          • …ever seen what a M-80 taped to a glass gal of gas does…just sayin…

      8. 1.21 million abortions per year 500,000 deaths from smoking per year compared to 7,000 deaths per year from gun violence. Laughable the stats dont even compare. Almost 2 million deaths in the us from abortion and smoking per year.

        • @ Persona,

          trudat, yo BUT the key is that the corrupt politicians make money on the abortion issue and cigarettes(through the FDA and the pharma conglomerate)… add to this that the nwo agenda has every individual disarmed so they can rule with impunity…

        • I’ve told many a person that, Persona, gun deaths are practically a non issue.

        • YES those 7000 DEATHS mean nothing. It is laughable eh? ok tell those ppl who were in the theatre who got shot and are now dead that it was laughable they died because thier numbers do not match up to abortion numbers. ( and yes again i will state i do own and carry im not for gun banning but SOME gun control is needed, NOT all gun control is needed )and this is directed to your exact comment in the context it can be read in.

          Persona says:

          July 30, 2012 at 10:46 pm

          1.21 million abortions per year 500,000 deaths from smoking per year compared to 7,000 deaths per year from gun violence. Laughable the stats dont even compare. Almost 2 million deaths in the us from abortion and smoking per year.

          If you ment it this way or not it still came out bad 🙂

          • @twistokane….

            How about giving us an illustration of ANY life that has been saved as a result of a new gun law.

            On the other hand, it would appear that the most violent places in our country are areas with the strictest gun laws.

            Stupid is, as stupid does.

            99.99% of the people in D.C. are stupid. (or evil)

            • how about look at what i wrote in the context it was wrote in. i was refering to someone taking 7000 deaths and saying they are laughable. now as for gun control ok lets see let me ask you this. Should we give a just release mass murderer a gun or allow them to carry a gun, OR a repeat offender who has robbed ppl at gun point more then 1 time? if you say no then you want gun control if you say yes they should be able to carry then your not 🙂 plain and simple some gun control is needed.

            • almost forgot to put this in there. This is what I said even tho it is only right above what you wrote ” SOME gun control” note the word SOME means that some not all a few yes, all no. Also the second thing you over looked is “NOT ALL gun control is needed ” note the NOT ALL part meaning not all gun control is needed. Asking me about new laws is mute since I never said anything about new laws being needed? I also feel that i brought up two valid points in answer to why we need some gun control in the first answer to you :)( note the word “SOME”, hate having to do this for moes. )But I do agree 99.99% of them are Moes.

            • You are one angry little fother mucker aren’t you? Take a chill pill man!

            • @anonymous

              not mad in the least lol. Just not letting someone say I said something I did not say. Never said new laws or even more laws. All I said is some control is needed not all control is needed but no one looks at that part they look at ” gun control is needed ” as me saying ban guns, or we need more laws, or we need even more control. what I said was we need SOME ( there is that word again lets not miss it this time :), gun control. I did not state any new gun control or even that we needed all the gun control we have at this point. But all everyone seen was “GUN CONTROL” please read everything that was said not just the couple of words in the sentance.

      9. these idiots wanting to ban guns and ammo are ignorant. THINK ABOUT IT

        Its pretty hard to make a gun and easy to make bombs. Timothy Mcveigh didnt need guns or ammo to kill 168 people and injure a lot more.


        these mass murders NOBODY UNDERSTANDS THEM NOT ONE DOCTOR but one thing is for sure they are pretty successful at what they do and they WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY to kill in mass. RIP to the victims who did not make it.


        • The NRA is a joke they are in for the dues what have they done in the last 30 years. I was a member, the only thing they have done is ask for your renewal, I dropped them last year

          • dh dropped after one year too.

          • Gee, I thought the other thing the NRA had done was keep the 2nd Amendment alive. Grow up and wise up, without the NRA your rights would be gone.

            • Smokey: If the NRA is so great, where are they in ILLINOIS, when people get in trouble with the gov. no legal help from them no way. The only thing that counts to them is $$$$. They like so many groups are HOT AIR, say this say that and at the end of the day have drinks together. You see it all revolves around $$$$ the lobby $$$, if one drink gets you the job, 2 will take it away that simple. They should call for marches on DC, call out the gun grabbers to have debates on Tv in prime time, give the people the facts, over and over again, look you can’t do do it with 30 or spots on fox news or ads in Guns and Ammo etc. NRA going to stop you losing your gun rights no way, the people with guns is stopping that now and will for the long haul. To me they do nothing but put on a good song and dance show. There are alot of things they could be doing and maybe they are, but don’t do it behind closed doors. Bring it to the people like the gun grabbers do.
              Thats Just Me

      11. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.

        • Si’

      12. Here we go again, these anti-self defense nut jobs wanting to ban something regarding to firearms. With them it is all a type of foundation they are looking for to totally ban firearms period. It is not that they actually think that banning a certain magazine or a certain caliber of ammunition is going to make “things so much better”. These characters want that first restriction to go further, right after firearms rights.

        There are so few psychos that actually go on shooting sprees in proportion to the millions of other responsible gun owners that have fewer accidents with their firearms than people have car accidents, in comparison to usage of both.

        Talking about car accidents. If that joker fetish psycho had obtained a license to drive a multi-trailer truck and had gone after a large crowd of people with some sort of flammable container and caused something on the level of 9/11, these asinines would then be focusing on limiting licenses for anyone to drive trucks. These true radicals go to the extremes of attacking freedoms the nanosecond they have any excuse to. Then they call extremely responsible gun owners that take much safety whenever they use their firearms, radical right wingers because they ONLY want to protect their most basic freedoms to self defense and to own firearms like the constitution gives the right to.

        If this JOKER did not have the access to firearms he would have found something else because that is exactly what murderers do. Most serial killers seldom use firearms, but if one of their victims had a firearm and was able to nail the serial killer, then dozens of other innocent victims would have been spared thereafter. This is not often brought up either

        A firearm is a tool, and like most other tools can be used to commit heinous crimes. A firearm is also a tool that can save lives and seldom if ever do these characters ever bring that up. These characters want to not only get rid of firearms, but they want to rid you and I of every single self defense, non lethal also. When no one can defend themselves, it sure makes it a piece of cake to exert complete control over everyone.

        • If Carolyn McCarthy really wanted “Revenge” for her husbands death and sons veggie mind state after shot.

          She wont go after My Whiteman Owned guns!…Instead she would try to Ban African Blacks, or at least them what came here from Jamacia as did Colin Ferguson(recall him? Self defended self took turns sitting in witness stand at court, Then, stood in front of stand acted as Lawyer asking self questions AND self answering selfs own questions!!!!).

          One really mental deranged asshat!…..She should try to Ban african blacks since They commit 90% all violent crimes each year for 50 yrs going.

          As a law abider Whiteman at risk due to my being “white” I REFUSE to give up My guns period.

          PS Carolyn, after ya ban african violent animals, go after 25-40 MILLION illeagle mexicans next as they also does alot of violent crime too!……pss sorry for your loss carolyn, too bad your husband aint still around so’s he could smack you Silly! and Knock some sense into your hysterical minds assininitys.

        • .gov wants a monopoly on violent, deadly force. It’s as simple as that.

      13. This is (as was posted earlier) a “Camel’s Nose” event. It also has the timing to be put forth while Congress goes out on Recess. Want to place bets on Obama pulls out the Executive Order Pen of Doom and writes “legislation” because Congress is “Not in Session” as he did the last time??

      14. Can anyone else smell TREASON?
        What country and who are these public servants really working for?

        please check out “Gun owners of America” and act now.

        I hate Treason.

        • Who do they work for??????

          “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and CORPORATIONS that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…”

          The fraud of the privately owned central banking, from the printing of money to the MGS fraud says it all.

          1.-NO ONE getting locked up for financial fraud/crime

          2-look at who gives(PAYS) our so called leaders, so called political “contributions”

          3- the 3 branches vote against our will, and put in place laws for the banksters and to protect the system(financial system)

          Who do they work for????

          The one group no one in the media EVER speaks of, THATS WHO.

          Woodrow Wilson (may he burn in HELL)

          I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world — no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, BUT A GOVERNMENT BY THE OPINION AND DURESS OF A SMALL GROUP OF DOMINANT MEN.

        • Who do they work for?!!! ISREAL and Jews!…Most of the Rabidly antiguners on Both house and senate ARE liberal/jews.

          Also so was that batman shooter guy…4yrs ago he worked as a summer camp counciler for Jewsih kiddies. That being “Jewsih Big brothers and sisters” org. summer camp for ONLY jews kids…AND their Own website FYI’s states ONLY jew background folks is hired for ANY/ALL jobs period.

          I wonder if the camp teaches or reinforces what their “Talmude” holy book says regarding all of Us Gentiles(or as jews say it us Goyim=aka=Animals/cattle!).

          Cause while every american now is aware of what the Islamics Koran says on kill all us “infidels” etc…How many of us “Goyim/animals”, knows that the jew talmude says?

          “Rabi askes a 2nd rabi…”Is Killing Goyim/gentiles ok if the killer is a jew?…2nd rabi answers…Oh Yes! Kill ALL gentiles and Especially kill off the very Best and Brightest of them!!”……1st rabi= But is that “Murder/criminal”?…2nd rabi= NO! whenever ANY jew person kills ANY goyim/gentiles it is NOT a crime Nor any Sin at all!…ONLY if a Goyim/gentile kills a jew is it then Murder, same as if he killes a fellow goyim/gentile. In either event, kill goys or jews Put all gentiles to Death for Murder….BUT NEVER if a Jew Kills any goys!

          Gee I wonder if Holmes got such training from Birth?…Or perhaps that last mass Murderer who shot us rep giffords?…Loughner, recall him?…He too was Jewish trained.

          If americas Non islamics are going to consider how a “Muslim” and His holy book teaches him regarding all the rest of societys “Goyims(that being Us gentiles). Then shouldn’t we ALSO question what the Jew Talmude and Kabalah books teaches, which is Very similar in regards to us Non jew types?

          Remember: the Facts and Truth under the 1st amendt is NOT “Racist nor, Antisemitic”….Just as goes for Islamic facts or truths spoken…Both Target US gentiles/Goyim!

          Why aint MSM never mentioning the jewish backgrounds of the Last Two mass killers?…What if it was “White Christians”? Or Mid east arab muslims?..You KNOW msm be all over That!

      15. I like the idea of staying alive. I have this notion that I have a right to live as long as I don’t harm others. I see little distinction between having a right to life and a right to defend that life so it can continue; they are so intertwined as to be indistinguishable.

        So why is it that these thugs who occupy the seats of governmental power want me to not have the right to defend my life with the best tools possible.

        Could it be that they want me defenseless so that they can easily plunder and control me since if I am unarmed and they have all the guns then I become easy prey and can do little to defend myself against this rogue government or other criminals who might prey on me?

        Where are the left wing civil libertarians who supposedly believe in life and liberty? Oh yes, they are cheering on the thugs in Washington, DC to take away my means of protecting my life.

      16. Unless you tell your congressional representatives to oppose this bill and all like it, today, it could pass on a voice vote tomorrow. Get involved now.

        • lol tell them what you want they will do what they want. As Always. you know this Smokey, its unfortunate but true.

          • The cynics and quitters are just as responsible for the loss of our republic as any elected representative. Tell them what you want, tell them often, and vote them out when they don’t do it.

      17. Hell, I carry down here. Dig me up.

      18. Those who give up freedom for security get and deserve neither.

        IMHO submitting an unconstitutional bill sounds like treason. And what is the penalty for treason anyone?

        • You need to look up what constitutes treason. This ain’t it. It’s douche bags taking advantage of a crisis for personal political gain.

          • then let’s call it “high crimes against the People”, if you prefer…

        • Wait, stripping of every other American right isn’t treason, you finally want to stand up with this?

          Too late suckers, y’all shoulda barked a year ago.

      19. 6000 rounds? That ain’t shit. Serious shooters can burn through 50000 rounds in a year pretty easy.

        • 6000 rounds means I’m running dangerously low….

        • @AJ,,right you are. Be sure to have the 50,000 rounds on hand; first for the civil war, then for the execution of sentence after the trials.

      20. Is this really a surprise?
        They dont want you armed and what better way to acheive that end other than making you beg them to take away your arms.
        There will be more of this to come because people do not learn history or from history.
        Gun control works just ask the experts : Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Castro, Amin,Jung-Il, and on the list goes.Dissarm your opponents before you step up to the podium with your true agenda.
        This is nothing new. Why is anyone surprised?

        • .
          Obama Plans to Lay Out ‘Specific Agenda’ for 2nd Term
          By Devin Dwyer | ABC OTUS News – 9 hrs ago.

      21. WE’VE BEEN SOLD OUT,
        DIVIDE A-N-D FALL,
        I-N-D-O-C-T-R-I-N-A-T-E !

      22. Baaa baaa black sheep

        They ain’t gotta take your guns… Lol you just won’t be able to shoot’em lol

        Bye bye miss American skys
        We sold Chevy to the Chinese, now there’s drones way up high.
        Good ol boys will loose their guns and all cry….
        This is the day the US died…

        Congrats, the US is protected by AR15 shaped blunt force objects.

      23. Sounds like My right to keep and bear arms is being infringed again.

      24. One more,maybe two of another whack job going bat shit will seal the deal.It’s also a high capacity mag ban thrown in.I see maybe a split.Ammo sales will die,but the mag ban might be reinstated.Just a hunch,i could be wrong and these bought and paid for puppets might go full speed ahead.

      25. He uses the word “Terrorist”.That bogeyman shit.

      26. he didn’t purchase the ammo anonymously, that is a spin on the truth. We all know when we purchase asnything on line it is not anonymous, especially ammo

      27. another reason why my preps cover brass,primers, powder and projectiles

        and reloading manuals for all sizes..I told you it will be the new currency when the crap hits the rotating air machine.

        • VRF,
          The “P” short- list is a biggie since few can mfr those components. For us, it’s time to buy copper jackets.

          • true, but you have to start somewwhere..
            Im also from the school of thought, that ammo will surpass gold and silver when we the people will need it most.

            the ability and technical knowledge of how to build a specific round, could prove to be a very useful skill
            that can provide security, income & food , when there are no more commercial means to obtain ammo

      28. they also use a word in the story that is false


        you dont buy anything off the internet anonymously..if that were the case they wouldnt know how he bought it first off, and seccondly he had to use a credit card…so that blows the anonymous situation out of the water too.

        I hate lies and deception..these traitors need to go

        everything you read should be picked apart for content and wording..everything

        because they are sneaky basterds, and we the people shoould be calling them all out publicly..and loudly

        they should be told..pass this you fuckers, and your income is cut off!

        • VRF, the ‘anonymous’ lie pisses me off too. Typical sensationalistic bullshit and they use that to “rationalize” what they’re doing. Every single incident that has caused American tragedy is being used to trash our Constitutional rights. The reality is that every piece of shit legislation that takes away our Constitutional rights should be illegal from the onset. Instead, it’s the normal procedure for crafting legislation. Congress postures and takes up time deliberating this garbage instead of dealing with the reality of an impending collapse. Divert, delay, destroy….welcome to the NWO.

        • Agreed. It pisses me off when people (media) say “you can buy a gun online without a background check”. No. You may be able to purchase it, yes, but you can’t take ownership of it until it’s sent to a FFL and they do the required background check for your state. They are spinning this as if I can just have it shipped to my house.

          • No kidding, if this were the case ..I’d own a few hundred more —– Tomorrow!

      29. boy is this ever going to boost prices, and lower availability..another outcome im sure they want

        • Yup, just went to Walmart, all out of 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP. A little bit of .223, 7.62×39 all gone.

          • Check avenues for private sales via forums because the prices are fair. So far….

      30. first an nwo “gun treaty” goes south, then a mass shooting, next a rehash of an old piece of crap legislation added to another piece of equally useless legislation like a post-it note and now another proposed assault on ammo…. is it me or does anyone else see a possible pattern here..?? jus’sayin’

        • Yes there’s a distinct behavioral pattern and it’s intentional. “You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm the Terrible.

          Didn’t this knee-jerk opportunistic garbage start w/ the Brady Bill?

      31. All I’ve got to say is the recent DHS purchase order for “riot gear” that will outfit 150 Enforcers isn’t gonna cut it.

        • It’s more than just stockpiling surveillance drones to spy on US citizens: the United States Army is attempting to procure an arsenal of riot gear in case the military must go toe-to-toe with civilians on US soil.
          A solicitation for weapons posted on the official government website for federal business opportunities reveals that the US Army has been in the market for nonlethal equipment that it very well might be used in the United States. In a Web posting made earlier this summer, the Army asked for bids regarding its request for riot shields, face masks, polycarbonate batons and body armor. On July 10, they awarded the contract to A2Z Supply Corp of Stevensville, Montana, who pledged to fulfill their request at the tune of $6,589.98.
          The latest inquiry from the US Army was filed only a few weeks before another call for bids was published by the Department of Homeland Security. On July 26, the DHS Office of Procurement Operations also wrote on that they were soliciting contractors to help equip them with riot helmets, tactic gloves, shin guards, body armor and other equipment comparable that could be used in tandem with a complex “riot control system.”

          • Yeah, VRF, I think that’s the piece I read about which will gear up 150 Enforcers. No doubt it’s all due to the illogical reasoning that those right-wing extremists will be violent come election time(or so say those far-Left radicals who actually DO what they claim Conservatives do).


        2 days ago I wrapped a bunch of regular D cell batteries in foil and plastic and put them in a military surplus ammo can. This morning I opened it to check something and guess what? They were all corroded and ate away at the plastic!

        • Made in China????? See,that’s what you get for not buying local.

        • Duh… You wrapped them in aluminum … Chemical reaction of the metals in the battery and the aluminum.

          Why are you wrapping batteries? If you “need” to, wrap them in their packaging FIRST ( common sense here ) with electrical tape.

        • Since aluminum conducts electricity, what you did was short out your batteries.

        • opps…

      33. Um..hey
        didnt TSA buy millions of rounds of ammo?

        so im putting them on my terrorist watch list

        and if anyone was able to buy that many rounds “anonymously” it would have been them..and that didnt happen

        this is just another gun grabbing bull shit yellow backed action.

        • They have been on my watch list for a long time…

        • “See something, say something.”

      34. This bill has no chance of passing. By the time it gets out of committee, the crash will have come and there will be no mail order anything, let alone ammo.

        • That can’t possibly happen here…

      35. I read this elsewhere but it seems to fit….1936…Stalin is sitting in his easy chair happily puffing his pipe and having a vodka while going over the list of who will be shot and who’s going to the gulag. That’s communism and we spent billions to get rid of it….2012….Obama is spending an afternoon chilling with a blunt and going over who will be snuffed out with a drone and who will be going to a FEMA camp.This is democracy and we spent trillions to defend it.

        • Made me smile JRS, so very true. Which lets everyone know one thing, there never was, and never will be “good government” so why do we still have it?

      36. How does this make us safer? I “anonymously stockpile” my ammo from Wal-Mart… cash only.
        I have bought ammo on-line, I didn’t like the look from the UPS guy, probably because of the “AMMO” sticker that was on the box.
        6000 rounds is child’s play.

      37. I should be able to buy anything, anytime I want, anyway I want, using any currency acceptable to both party’s and it should be NONE of the government’s business.
        Crazy, insane, demented, depressed, anxious, emotional, angry, happy….all are words that depend on the point of perspective of the person using them and it has been illustrated many times, the false accusations that some @$$ hat can phone in on an otherwise innocent individual under the guise of stockpiling whatever due to whatever…and the next you know, is SWAT breaking in on an innocent person.

        The guy in Colorado that committed these heinous crimes, we all know he is guilty, put a freakin .22 short in his brain pan, out behind the courhouse and bury him where he falls.

        The real action should be looking at what motivated this obviosly ill person. Was he “handled” by someone, pushed to go beyond the breaking point? After all, I would not put anything past a government that would insitute “Fast and Furious” as a means to cast a dark shadow on domestic gun purchases and our 2nd ammendement rights.
        Do not think for a second our corrupt government is incapable of the most heinous acts….we will see more, in my humble opinion.

        Terry W. Reed

        • “””The real action should be looking at what motivated this obviosly ill person. Was he “handled” by someone, pushed to go beyond the breaking point?”””

          Odds are he was on some psychotropic drugs, the same ones that get advertised daily on TV. They mention all kinds of side effects, but never state that most (if not all) of the school shooters are on these things.

          Side effect WARNING: Cymbalta may cause you to become a Mass Murderer and jeopardize the freedom of your friends and family.

      38. If a person is required to deal face to face, or online, how can the seller be sure of the individual’s state of mind? I buy approx 40000-50000 rounds yearly. Does that indicate the I am a possible mass murderer, no, all that indicates is I enjoy keeping my skill set up to speed. I concentrate on close quarter and long range 1000 meter +, so I go thru quite a few rounds weekly just to keep up to speed. A law that would dictate a dealer and consumer face to face is impractical due to lack of dealer in all cities. The nearest dealer for me would be approx. 50-75 miles. Unacceptable for most people! Just ask yourself if you are willing to pay more for gas that rounds when you need to restock. Peace to all, but most importantly, is prepared.

        • Yeah, VRF, I think that’s the piece I read about which will gear up 150 Enforcers. No doubt it’s all due to the illogical reasoning that those right-wing extremists will be violent come election time(or so say those far-Left radicals who actually DO what they claim Conservatives do).

          • They’re expecting violent leftist, OWS-type demonstrations at the GOP convention, and the same at the DEM convention, from the same people. If Obama loses, it’s expected again at the inauguration next January.

        • TexasRanger, you must smell like Hoppes. lol

      39. “Stock up Now!” You must be a stooge for the ammo industry by encouraging panic buying, thereby driving up prices, much to the delight of the bottom line of ammo manufacturers. Even a fleeting thought should tell anyhone with half a functioning brain cell this bill has no chance. Any politician who supports such a bill knows it would be political suicide. Go ahead, follow the herd and stockup now! Be a sheeple you so heartily detest!

      40. Like banning online sales of ammo is going to prevent a psyco from buying ammo.They will just buy it from the black market or they will still buy it online using bitcoins.New laws will not fix shit.

      41. Another thought just occurred to me. Could it be that Wal-Mart and local retail outlets are behind this bill since buying online is cheaper and online sales but into the sales of these establishments? I buy most of my ammo online since it is cheaper. Of course, buying online leaves a digital and easily traceable fingerprint any purchases.

        • JoeinNC, this wouldn’t surprise me. WalMart has a “vested interest” in the Internet tax legislation and they’re lobbying for it.

      42. We’ve all known that they would eventually come up with some kind of Bill that would target ammunition, and this is the beginning. And it’s only the beginning. I’m not surprised at this, are any of you really surprised?

        And kevin, Woodrow IS in hell, no worries!

      43. While I and my immediate family was exposed to guns my extended family raised in Philadelphia was not. At family gatherings conversations like gun control arise. I have heard them before cringe at the thought of someone having a thousand rounds of ammo. The “guns bad” has effectively been beaten into their heads and an extension of that is more guns and more ammo is obviously therefore worse. They have no statistics and their thought on the subject was formed from media sound bites.

        Countering the above with facts and truth takes time. I suggest using a source that is generally accepted such as the FBI Uniform Crime Reports. Read it and remember the numbers. It’s an eye opener for some that still have the capability to open their eyes that rifles of all types (including semi auto) account for about 360 murders per year in a nation of 310 million. The facts you present need to be from an acceptable source and easy to understand because the attention span of those conditioned to “worship the sphere” is quite short.

        • As a former philly boy,I can attest I lost that mind set when I left that city and went into rea Pennsylvania country.

          • Neighbor

            • Maybe.What county?

          • Montco.

            476 and 76 interchange, near conshy

      44. Like banning online sales of ammo is going to prevent a psycho from committing a violent crime. Hell you can just steal it from a police cruiser along with the weapons while the police are eating at Dunkin Donuts!!!

      45. Welcome to Amerika Babylon

      46. Just reafirms for me yet again, that Governments and Polititians are deceitful and do not have the best interests of anyone but themselves at heart. I don’t believe they realise just how much people have woken up to their dirty little tricks though. Politians really have lost any credibility and respect they once hadl. They are just criminals in suits, untrustworthy individually and collectively. Scammers, thieves and lairs.

      47. This is just me, look coming and taking guns from the people will not work period they know this. Oh they will try, but in a week it will stop because they will be to busy burying their dead, and the rest will go home. They will go after ammo, parts, reloading stuff. etc. They will turn your AR’s,AK’s and the like into clubs. The taxes on these things are going through the roof and to see who buying look for a form like a 4473 to come out of ATF soon on ammo. So stock-up on the above, YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT, and DO IT NOW. New money will be 22lr, 12ga, 223, and 308. For me this is a no brainer, also add HI CAP MAGS. Two quotes “The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed. (Alexander Hamilton) and “We the people are rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the CONSTITUTION but to overthrow the men who PERVERT the CONSTITUTION”. (Abraham Lincoln)
        Again this is just me. Look taking guns is a no-no– ammo,parts, etc. is a BIG YOU KNOW IT!

        • Burying the dead…lol no, they will leave the bodies in the streets when this happens, oct/ nov

      48. Always watch the other hand. And this beast has more than two!

      49. Flash Mob Robbers Steal $3,000 from Chicago Store. What Happened to Happy Dancing?

        • It’s not me–I’ve been hearing for a couple years; there is a large group going into department stores, grabbing expensive bags, coats, clothes, etc.; out and gone in their SUVs before the cops arrive.
          Organized, planned, get-a-ways always work.

      50. “An armed society is a polite society.”
        -Robert Heinlein

        We kicked God out of the schools,
        what did we expect?

        To all of you agnostics, and atheists…
        Did you get a better deal under “God given rights”,
        or the Privileges granted by evil men? Do you like the moral hazard and degeneration? Do you like the madness it enabled? Do you like living under political correctness? And you think it can all be fixed without absolute, incontrovertible, proof of the God of Creation? This is The Holy Grail of the Piper.

        To all of you ‘Christian’s, and I use that word loosely,
        is there such a thing as a ‘Christian Patriot movement’, or ‘Liberty Movement’?

        I answer; No.
        We are like a herd of cats. Easily scattered, divided and conquered. Each one out for himself, no trust of the Lord or his brothers because you are full of FEAR. Rev 21, the highest sin. Each of you holds a slice of truth and thinking you own the whole book. While your preachers push you in many directions, and your parties pull you in others. Are we still under ‘righteous authority’? Are your parties still beholden to you, or the fiat money machine? Has the Caesar crossed the Rubicon? Does Caesar still have the moral authority to rule? Will the Red Caesar be any different than the Blue? Soon you will wake up, and it will be too late for anything but your cold, dead, hands.

        We abandoned our first commission; Eternal Vigilance.
        We didn’t fight the battles when they were easy.
        We loved ‘The best system on Earth’.
        We trusted those who ‘Had our backs”.
        While we….slept, and partied.
        Now we trust those same men, to fix it all?
        The Party of Welfare and the Party of Warfare?

        It cannot be ‘fixed’, the numbers don’t lie, but you are caught in day to day distractions. Divided like ten toes of Iron and Clay, by the two legs of the Left and Right. You are Israel, the people, not the Land. Don’t be deceived by those who bear allegiance to the Beast that wears the Ten Shofar’s of Babylon, The System, the Rule of Gold that Babylon invented, run by the ten families.

        The power in the rock, is the only way to tear down the statue of empires.
        To fight for God and country, not an evil system.
        Unwrap the Flag from the cross, and let your light shine.
        We swapped an aristrocracy of royalty, for an aristocracy of money. See the truth, and it will set you free. The Rule of Gold, can only be conquered by the Golden rule. Then we can pound our swords into plowshares, and not learn war anymore. Build New Jerusalem, and birth the Star Child to search out the New Heavens and the New Earth.

        You cannot unify with the existing tool of MYSTERY, given by the Romans…it is the Sword of Division, the Lord’s prophecy come true.

        The Grail lives, in the Babylon Wilderness.

        The Constitution of the Confederation of the Kingdom of God.
        Contact the Piper, and you shall hear,
        a message of beauty, a message of fear,
        challenge him, one by one,
        to pass the challenge of the Son.

      51. i have developed a firearm that does not require conventional ammunition .. and its something most technically adapt people could produce if they had some tools and abilities and knowledge of the workings.

        there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

        I also stopped off at home depot and bought a new assult 2×4, before they ban them, or make me sign anything to buy them.

        my wife carries an assult purse..the dam thing weighs 2 pounds lighter than a buick coupe, and she knows how to take out an entire room with back ground check..or conceialed purse permit.
        legislate that! you lilly livered wanna be beaurocrat

      52. Got 440 rounds of 7.62X54R yesterday,Will order another today – These go for my mosin nagant m91/30 PU sniper,This is my rifle to go against any foreign troops being brought over to disarm us and what not. I could use a semi auto rifle for other matters concerning economic collapse,what to choose hmmm. I need to act fast

      53. This is stupid. So, some nutcase like this Holmes guy has 6,000 rounds of ammunition. Make it 100,000 rounds. What, is he going to use it all in one orgy of violence? Of course not. So, if this is the case, why have restrictions?

        Of course, you will say why allow that many rounds in the first place. The issue is that once you start drawing a line, it’s a slippery slope, and the leftists will keep chipping away at any weak point they see.

        The reality is that some nutcase like Holmes probably only shot several hundred rounds.

      54. No need to panic folks, just learn how to reload and buy a progressive reloading press.

        Also, just a point of order, the UN failed to produce an ATT when the conference ended last Friday. So, for now, there is no ATT. Ironically, it was countries like Iran, China and Russia that stalled the talks because they did not want small arms included in treaty language.

        I help fill the NRA’s coffers with generous monthly donations, but they can’t claim responsibility for killing the treaty.

        We still need to remain vigilant because the UN will most certainly resume the global gun grab effort at a later date.

      55. Why are people moaning they cannot buy bullets online?
        I say this is a GOOD move as I think if people want to buy bulletts then they should do it in PERSON in a REAL WORLD shop, this will help to identify the buyers.
        Personally I don’t think guns or bullets have a place in society!
        If people want to own guns & bullets then the guns should be STORED at a SECURE GUN CLUB!
        This will make society safer!

        • kev,

          That’s a great idea!

          But there’s a caveat (at least one). When the perp comes IN your home to rob, pillage, rape or murder, what are you going to do? Are you gonna tell the would be perp to hold on a few minutes while you run down to the GUN CLUB to retrieve your weapon? Oh wait a minute, most of these crimes happen late night/early am. So you’re SOL, aren’t you? The GUN CLUB is closed!

          You’re such a moron! Go back to your momma’s teat until you grow up a bit.

          • use a knife? when I was in the special ops I used a knife more then my rifle. Never been shot no one on my fire team was shot and never failed a mission. Skill over gear.

        • where do you live again?

        • kev….When the corporate government lays down all their weapons then PERHAPS I will think about laying down mine(but I doubt it).

        • Kev,

          If the American people are disarmed then our country will be a very dangerous place to live. Think about the fact that only the criminals will be carrying guns, and do not believe for one moment that they will not be armed to the teeth. How safe would anyone feel knowing that the robbers, rapists, home invaders, pedophiles and other vile life forms, will have more opportunities to pick and choose whoever they want to attack. What a field day for them when they can enter anyone’s home armed and knowing the occupants will have no means of protection against someone with a gun. The crime rate will skyrocket and the public will become easy prey. You can not have a fair and safe society without the right to protect yourself and your Family with a firearm, not to mention the ability to hunt for food if you want or need to. You come across as a narrow minded democrat who is not seeing the whole picture. Tunnel vision and tiny minds are destroying our freedom and lives. If you do not want to bear arms then why not put a sign in your yard stating that, I bet you will not sleep very well. The police carry guns for their protection and so will I and every American that wants to.

        • that just what Hitler did next will be cattle cars.

        • Troll

      56. 1 word, smugglers

      57. You Yanks will only finally realise how archaic your gun laws are when you’ve all shot each other.

        • So what “safe” nation do you live in where freedom rings? Personally I get tired of you foreigners who THINK you have all the answers when you don’t even know nor enjoy true freedom!

          Tell us where you are there “Sane” so we can tell you where you’re FOS!

        • Insane foreigner more like it.

          “An armed society is a polite society.”
          -Robert Heinlein

        • Sane (gelded) Foriegner…Or should we just call you “slave”?

        • Who you calling a Yank, BOY!


          “My next door neighbor wants to ban all guns! Their house is not armed! Out of respect for their opinions I promise not to use my guns to protect them.”

        • @ Sane foreigner. Obviously you come from a country that has not only taken away firearms from everyone, but most likely ALL means of self defense. Sadly your fellow countrymen probably walk around unable to defend themselves with ANYTHING or risk going to prison for carrying a concealed weapon. Your poor countrymen don’t even have pepper spray or a baseball bat, or cricket bat. Your government chooses to give the advantage to the common criminal. I don’t understand how anyone could not see that a bigger, stronger opponent is a WEAPON against someone smaller and weaker. Most parrots, most primates, most pigs, Most marine mammals, most animals with some intelligence understand this basic concept.

          Forget about a person, how do your countrymen defend themselves against wild animals? I have seen these dog dazers that are ultra sound that repel dogs. Has your Nanny state outlawed those to? How does someone in your country defend themselves from a dog biting them in their bum? Are your countrymen allowed to defend themselves at all, or does your law system give all the rights to the criminal or wild animal and the victim simply has to just take it?

          You would think after all the wars fought in Europe and in other places that the governments of these countries would want people to be familiar with defending themselves against a foreign invader rather than having all the citizens curl up in a submissive ball like a rabbit or a mouse, and wimper. God help your country if some terrorists or a small country invades it, your leaders have turned your countrymen into cream puff weaklings.

          • Be Informed: Remember if it came from France it was never fired and only dropped once.

        • Maybe we should stop shooting German Nazis and Russians, first, see how Europe likes it next time around.

        • Sane foreigner

          If you investigated your allegation you would find that violent crime in general with or without firearm is clustered in the minority neighborhoods with far less to none in other areas that have high rates of firearms ownership. Switzerland is a prime example internationally of this.

          Good luck defending yourself if this global economy falls apart.

      58. This is where it starts.

        The talk of making the possession and ownership of guns illegal has been going on for quite some time, long enough that the sheeple nod their heads up and down in unison, without reserve, without noticing that their rights are being removed. As many have stated, and I will agree, people kill people, not guns. Will this bill get passed this time around? Probably not, but they will create more awareness and support for their cause of gun control, making it that much easier and more accepted for the next bill introduced about guns to be passed.

        Let’s not forget last time the constitution was really screwed with…that caused the 18th amendment to be repealed due to horrific backlash. If you want to piss off the country, sign into effect something as silly as this bill, and underground facilities will pop up that will make ammunition. Organized gangs (not the ridiculous gangs nowadays) like the mob will rise to power again. Further corruption will fill our streets. It’s a pot waiting to boil over. Ridiculous.

        At a minimum the 1st (speech, religion, press, assemble/petition), 4th (unreasonable search and seizure), and 6th (trial rights)amendments have been tampered with, whether federally or at the level of the states. The TSA, Patriot act, etc have allowed our constitutional rights that our forefathers died for to be stripped from us, hiding under the alleged guise of safety.

        There are a few quotes from the movie Gladiator that I feel suits our current situation very well. I will change certain words to make it appropriate for us.

        “There was a dream that was America. You could only whisper it. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile.” – so true…our fragile United States, the dream of a free democracy has all but begun to vanish.

        “Our founding fathers had a dream that was America. This is not it. This is NOT IT!” – If they were alive today, they would punch these liberal, cheating, lying, money/power hungry jerks in the face.

        The next thing we know, we will no longer be allowed to petition, voice our concerns, have a jury trial, etc. If this is where it starts, then this is where it needs to end.

        • Careful, you’ll be sent to the “Free Speech Zone”…

        • Point well said…the dream is still alive,still burning deep in the hearts of freemen/women all over these united States,it will flare to glory again,regardless of what the pukes in power do to stop it…or however many of our own people proclaim its death,liberty has to be a fire in your heart and in your bones…you gotta feel it…you gotta live it,not just on a forum or with some buds at the saloon or gunshop but where it counts like when some govigoon is telling you you cant when you know you can,you just go ahead and live it will it cost you?…uhhuh,but theres a cost to apathy and compliance too,which in some ways is a higher cost than the one fighting back entails…lets not whisper about our God given rights anymore,lets shout them from the top of everywhere and make these scum suckers tremble in their crossdressed panties…”Live free or die tryin” 🙂

      59. sorry ’bout the Off Toppic information

        Farms ask WH: suspend ethanol rules due to drought / ‘pending food crisis’
        By News in GuardianNewsMedia, Posted in Business Economics
        July 30, 2012, 4:26 pm CDT

        The Obama administration was urged on Monday to stop diverting grain to gas amid warnings of an “imminent food crisis” caused by America’s drought.

        US government forecasts of a 4% rise in food prices for US consumers because of the drought have sharpened criticism of supports for producing fuel from corn-based ethanol.

        Meanwhile, research published last week by the New England Complex Systems Institute warned of an “imminent food crisis” because of the diversion of corn stocks to ethanol.

        “Necsi has warned for months that misguided food-to-ethanol conversion programs and rampant commodity speculation have created a food price bubble, leading to an inevitable spike in prices by 2013. Now it appears the “crop shock” will arrive even sooner due to drought, unless measures to curb ethanol production and rein in speculators are adopted immediately,” the researchers warned.

        In the latest move, the country’s meat, dairy and poultry producers called on the Environmental Protection Agency to suspend this year’s quotas for corn ethanol production.

        “The extraordinary and disastrous circumstances created for livestock and poultry producers by the ongoing drought in the heart of our grain growing regions requires that all relevant measures of relief be explored,” said the petition to the EPA’s administrator Lisa Jackson.

        It went on to warn that the requirement for corn ethanol production was further beating up corn prices, which were already at record levels because of the drought in the mid-west.

        “We are worried about having enough corn, soybean and other crops at any price to feed our animals,” Randy Spronk, the president of the National Pork Producers Association told a conference call with reporters.

        Producers were already scaling back production, and some could be forced out of business entirely, said John Burkel, president of the Minnesota Turkey Growers’ Association. “Even the most prudent and cautious producer could be put out of business,” he said.

        Under the EPA’s renewable fuel standard programme, oil companies are required to dilute their gasoline with increasing amounts of biofuel every year. This year’s mandate calls for the production of 13.2bn gallons of biofuels – almost all of it produced from corn.

        Food security experts and international aid organisations have also warned that ethanol could be tightening up supplies and pushing up prices in the global food market during the drought.

        Demand for corn ethanol was seen as a key driver of the 2007 and 2008 global food crisis.

        About 40% of America’s corn crop went for ethanol last year – although the refineries then sell on “distillers’ grain” as animal feed.

        But with expectations for a smaller harvest this year, there are fears ethanol will consume an even bigger share of the crop.

        That will price corn out of reach of livestock producers as well as countries which rely heavily on imported grains, food security experts say.

        Ethanol producers have already reduced production by more than 15% this year, and many refineries across the mid-west have closed because of high corn prices.

        The National Corn Growers Association, which supports corn ethanol production, said in a statement that it was “premature” to suspend the incentive. “With the crop still in the field, it is too early to determine this year’s final corn supply,” it said in a statement.

        • its not…I agree they should suspend ethanol production for gasoline. It will be a tough sell. The oil companies have too much money invested in lobbying. We would all have to jump up a grade or two in gas if they did that. If you need premium you may be out of luck at the pump.When ethanol is added to gasoline it raises the octane level of the blend. I don’t think the oil companies even make high octane blends anymore(other than aviation or racing gas). They make lower octane blends and rely on the ethanol to raise the level to advertised numbers.

      60. No body is paying attention to the drought here it’s not even mentioned in most web site folks this country is drying up at an alarming rate Mexico and Canada Iran is stocking up on three months of foods not because of war but because of this drought and guess where there getting there wheat from the US ship loads full the crops Are all but gone for this year ranchers and farmers are selling there livestock it’s all gone no bread no nothing you have to have corn to feed animals well it is gone only a little for now and it is only getting worse

        • 108 today, 111 tomorrow and 112 on Thursday.

          No, there is no drought or start of a second “Dust Bowl” here.

          Nothing to see here, please move on.



        • Do you know how to make primers…

          • Good point!

          • Actually, yes. There’s numerous threads around the Internet on how to “reload” primers. It’s tedious, but not rocket science. And no, it does not require mercury fulminate or lead azide. . . .

        • I ‘do’ black powder…
          It is still legal, and so are homemade ..firecrackers..
          under 50 grains…

          Fun stuff…
          But messing with mercury fulminate and other materials?
          hmm…leave that to pros…or those wishing to explore…
          Otherwise, you are back to FLINTLOCKS and cannons.

      62. Karen…A lot of these overseas sales are contracted a year ahead of time.BUT…years ago, the US kept large reserves of grain. Since the treasonous globalist legislators have ceded our sovereignty to the WTO, we are no longer allowed to “hoard ” our surplus by their rules. Joining to WTO has gutted all of America’s sovereign rights and is the biggest reason why our economy is in the tank.

      63. Have you ever wondered why leftists want an unarmed population?

        • I dont wonder..I know why

      64. The Three Percent today are gun owners who will not disarm, will not compromise and will no longer back up at the passage of the next gun control act. Three Percenters say quite explicitly that we will not obey any futher circumscription of our traditional liberties and will defend ourselves if attacked. We intend to maintain our God-given natural rights to liberty and property, and that means most especially the right to keep and bear arms. Thus, we are committed to the restoration of the Founders’ Republic, and are willing to fight, die and, if forced by any would-be oppressor, to kill in the defense of ourselves and the Constitution that we all took an oath to uphold against enemies foreign and domestic.

        • But you let Kelo and ObamaCare and…
          take your lands and bodies?

          You let Agenda 21 take over managment of your lives, gardens, ranches, farms, and whatever else they will try for…

          When it comes down to your cold dead hands,
          that’s all that will be left…
          one by one, they’ll take you down.

          You cannot fight an economic war, with popguns.
          Shared logistics, and trust, and common vision, just like the founders, must be formed, under the covers.

          or else, you’re pissing into a tidal wave.

      65. Regardless of passing an ammo online regulation, those air guns can do some major damage; what’s next??

      66. 1 comment just from the title of the article….


        nuf said

      67. What these Moron Senators fail to grasp is that Criminals will have access to ammunition through illegal channels, i.e. black market, smuggling, etc.

        Have they even heard about term “Straw Sale”?

        Next thing we know will be stamping every round of ammo and mandatory count and return of spent shells to the store after day at the range??

        This is pure madness!

        • As well as the HHS administratively required
          One million dollar liability policy,
          to protect ‘their investment’ in you..
          Remember ObamaCare?
          They own you now.
          Think the Red Caesar will repeal it?
          they are already whining about how difficult it will be to ‘unwind’…
          they have never repealed anything…gotta clue yet?

        • @ Mr. G……

          Oh…they understand it alright……they just don’t care.

          Their efforts are not about passing laws that actually make people safer. They are all about control and disarming the American people. That’s what they want.

          Mass shootings, like the one in Colorado are merely the impetus and excuse they need to ram the legislation through.

          Events like those in Colorado are their “Burning of the Reichstag”

          And like all good Nazis….they respond in the same way that Hitler did.

      68. Support your NRA lobby

        • I guess the negative was the closet commi

      69. who cares ,well just take what the gubermint has when the time comes theve got plenty enough,rite?

      70. buy it up cheap….stack it up deep….don’t panic buy online right now (you might get tracked) go to sporting goods stores, gun shows, gun shops and “friends” in the gun business and get stocked up. (especially AP rounds, penetrating SS109 and tracers)

        if they’re going to give the libs any ground at all on the Aurora massacre in order to save face….this will probably be it…

      71. To everyone: Stock up on all the ammo and high-capacity magazines you can NOW before this bs bill can take effect. Do like i do; go to sporting goods stores and gun stores for your ammo and USE CASH ONLY. I’m even sacrificing some other things i had planned to get more ammo and hi-cap mags for my m1 carbine and ruger 10/22. I’m even getting a .22 pistol i’ve been licking my lips at for some time. .22lr ammo will be one of the most in-demand barter items around after tshtf. Now i’m stocking up on more .22 than anything else; the .22lr is a lot more effective than anyone thinks. take care and keep prepping.

        • I agree. Used to disdainfully look down on .22LR after shooting high power cartridges until tested it on denim, board and thick tin cans from my Marlin 795.

          A 40 grain .22 round easily goes through 1.5 inches of solid wood board from 15 yards. Imagine what a hollow point can do to the soft tissue?

          Given a good rifling and right ammo, a .22LR is a lethal round out to 200 meters, so no one should underestimate it.

          • More people have been killed with the old 22lr than any other round. Go with 22 mag for that silly little more HEEEEEEEE!

          • Poppycock.

            There’s an old, old joke about a combat sergeant and a new replacement soldier carrying a .22 rimfire pistol. The old man says “Son, if you ever shoot me with that thing, and I find out……”

            The old .22 can kill a man under perfect circumstances, but generally speaking it ain’t even deadly on woodchucks beyond 70 yards or so. Believe me, I’ve hit but not killed more than my share of garden raiders. At that range a heavy winter coat will often stop the 40 grain solid bullet. Hollow-points even easier.

            • Let me just put it this way: If someone gets shot with .22LR, they are going to have a very BAD day. They may not necessarily die right away, but without proper medical help they will surely expire of blood loss and infection.

            • Old Coach: You ever been hit by round any round they all hurt even that little 22lr, so you tell me that you are going to stand out there at 100 yd’s and let someone bang away at you with a 22lr and laugh about it. GOOD LUCK my friend.

      72. Dianne Feinstein is on the wagon for this bill…. Just looked at a surplus magazine to make sure, but you can’t even order ammo online in cali.

        • Mr G…. Not true, It was overturned

      73. Yeah…this all fits into my mindset of all the stuff I’ve purchased over the last few years…

        No matter what happens…whether it be the “fantasy/unicorn” outcome or a complete break down of society, all my firearm-related stuff is all that I own that I really know will never be worth nothing. Granted, prices/values may go up or down, but it will always be worth something.

        • true, I have never made a bad firearm investment..never

      74. So, how many who posted here also wrote up a 15-word email to their congressman or senators,

        “As a registered voter who is very interested in protecting my rights, I demand you vote “No” on the Lautenberg-McCarthy ban on firearm magazines and internet ammuntion sales.”

        • Smokey,

          People can go to ( and fax your congressmen and senators. They have a list of all your elected officials for your area, addresses and their fax numbers.

          They will send the faxes out free in the “action board” section. The faxes are usually about protecting the borders and immigration. I just add other topics in the P.S. section on the fax.

          I read somewhere there is a law that says all faxes received must be saved for xx number of years.

      75. Surely, all preppers have ammo. Don’t leave home without it! By the way, I can’t say this enough, the Baltic Dry Index is in collapse. Down almost 50% this year. And this year wasn’t even a good year. Every day I check the charts and they are down 2% per day now. Something bad is coming faster and faster.

      76. Each shell casing with have a number on it. When they ask for your ID, your ID will be attached to those bullet shells. Because its a proven FACT that ballistics don’t work. They are finding ways to resolved this when we Patriots start killing. I just bought 5K of rounds online. In NYS they double the price of ammo compare to online stores.

      77. They are doing this because they are having the manufacture put shell casing numbers on the shell. When you use your ID you name is attached to those shell casings. They are doing this because its a proven fact that ballistics do NOT work. They know this…I just ordered 5k worth of rounds and not for target practicing neither. In NYS rounds are double the price up here compare to online.

      78. They are doing this because they are having the manufacture put shell casing numbers on the shell. When you use your ID you name is attached to those shell casings. They are doing this because its a proven fact that ballistics do NOT work. They know this…I just ordered 5k worth of rounds and not for target practicing neither. In NYS rounds are double the price up here compare to online.

      79. They are doing this because they are having the manufacture put shell casing numbers on the shell. When you use your ID you name is attached to those shell casings. They are doing this because its a proven fact that ballistics do NOT work. They know this…I just ordered 5k worth of rounds and not for target practicing neither. In NYS rounds are double the price up here compare to online.

      80. I was going to make a statement, then thought better of it, even though it was only rhetorical, this is how bad things have become. Free country? BS!! Liberty? Stolen! Freedom to assemble? Crushed!! no doubt that all this BS is about to come to a head.

      81. Remind me again how this doesn’t violate the oath each representative takes that they will protect and defend the US Constitution? If I take any oath having to do with government and break it, I go to jail! E.g., the paragraph next to your signature when you file tax returns… Please someone tell me hiw their oaths are meaningless but ours are punishable!

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