Breaking: “Fukushima Cooling System FAILS” After Tsunami, 7.4 Earthquake Hits Japan

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 45 comments

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    Update 9:22 PM EST: The cooling systems for the reactor at Fukushima is reportedly back on, and the situation has been averted. Tsunami waves maxed out at waves reaching heights of about 4.5 feet (1.4 meters), but no significant damage or loss of life has been reported. The magnitude of the earthquake has also been downgraded from earlier reports of a 7.4 to a much weaker 6.9 earthquake.

    One of the worst case scenarios is happening again.

    According to reports, Fukushima is being struck again by a tsunami after a large 7.4 earthquake – just updated from reports of a 7.3 earthquake – struck off the main island directly in front of the Fukushima Prefecture where the beleaguered TEPCO nuclear plant is situated.

    via CNN:

    A tsunami warning is in effect for Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck off Honshu at 5:59 a.m. Tuesday (3:59 p.m. Monday ET), according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.A tsunami wave of 1-3 meters (3-10 feet) is possible, according to the agency.

    Numerous aftershocks, somewhere in the range of 5.0 to 5.4 are being widely reported as well.

    According to RT, that tsunami has advanced and has now affected the cooling system at Fukushima. Seriously – this is reportedly happening!

    Fukushima reactor cooling system stops following quake & tsunami

    The cooling system of the third reactor at the Fukushima nuclear power plant has stopped circulating water following a powerful 7.3 offshore earthquake.

    Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) told national broadcaster NHK that the cooling system in the Reactor 3 spent fuel pool stopped working. Japan’s national nuclear agency has confirmed that the temperature rise in the pool is “gradual.” The exact cause of the cooling system stoppage is currently unknown. However, the system might have been “shaken” during the earthquake, according to nuclear agency officials, as reported by NHK. No cooling water leaks or any other “abnormalities” have been reported.

    There may still be large waves – potentially as big as 10 feet – that hit the shores of Japan, though the size and extend, and the potential scope of the damage and/or loss of life remains to be seen.

    On March 11, 2011 a 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Japan and triggered an enormous and devastating tsunami that crippled the nuclear power plant, and exposed that world’s oceans and biosphere to potential contamination.

    Fukushima is already an open wound but these new events could exacerbate the problems – or magnify them.

    That’s why it is so completely disturbing that the powers that be never properly fixed the problems that were still ongoing after years. The situation at Fukushima Daiichi was never fully contained, and the reactors continued to leak; there is no way to stop the reactions or disable the rods. The authorities simply lied and killed all the press coverage, forcing silence on the issue, except for the online blogosphere, where the issue has lived on as a hotly debated topic that people believe is causing health problems and environmental issues on a widespread basis.

    RT: Video of blast at Fukushima nuke plant, radiation leak reported

    2013:Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Going From Horrible To Horrendous

    But whatever has been swept under the rug is likely to come to the forefront if a new tsunami brings massive destruction to Japan’s mainland again.

    The failure of the cooling systems is – for now – only the first problem to be acknowledged in news reports. The situation is ongoing, and less than 24 hours have passed.

    Considering that the corporate and government authorities in Japan made a concerted effort to silence bad news and pretend the problem away, there is no reason to believe that transparent coverage about what happens after this new earthquake and tsunami will be forthcoming.

    So keep your eyes open, and your screen’s recording what is being reported and what other information comes out.

    RT has continued live coverage of the events in Japan.

    The reality of a potential catastrophe compounding the existing damage at Fukushima, and to everything its waters touch, simply may not be reported.

    The powers that be on the Internet, and in the spheres of politics, are going out of their way to censor the grassroots media that thrives online, and are using 21st Century gestapo tactics to silence what they are labeling “false news.”

    This story may be updated as more information becomes available.


    Japan Admits First Cancer Death From Fukushima: “Health Effects Have Been Minimal”

    Cover Up: “The Levels of Radiation In the Place Are Through the F*cking Roof”

    Unprecedented Mass Die Offs as Pacific Ocean “Turning Into a Desert” Off California Coast

    Japan UPDATE: FEMA, DHS, Whitehouse Silent…Potential for High Radiation Levels on West Coast April 6….Plutonium Soil Contamination is Serious…TEPCO pays Apology Money….Red Cross Holds On To $1 Billion in Donations


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      1. The Fuk you say….

        • Since TEPCO was so truthful in their reported assessments the first time around…

        • ITS ALL CONTAINED!!!!!!!



        • In the 1800’s, Edgar Cayce predicted, “the greater part of Japan will go into the ocean”. Not difficult to imagine how it would come about. 🙁

      2. The cooling system has been restored. Thanks for the email alert, did not know this was happening.

        • Thank God

      3. Wtf… As big as TEN FOOT WAVES… Seriously… you wanna know how far inland a 10 foot wave goes… about 15 feet. 10 foot waves are absolutely nothing… that’s barely a “surfing” wave. Winds can easily make 10 foot waves every day… they generally break way before hitting land. The whole “3 foot waves”… Makes me giggle. OH NO, NOT a waist high wave that children play in…

        • Hello,
          A tsunami usually travels at several hundred km per hour. The wave height of 10 ft is actually quite high because that’s the part that’s out of the water. The wave, because of how it is propagated is underwater as well. It might extend 40 -100 ft under water but only 7-10 ft of it is actually showing above water. When the wave approached the shore it’s height can increase dramatically as the water becomes shallower. If this is the case it will travel inland hundreds of feet.
          SolarGuy out

          • Thanks SG apparently ‘M’ didn’t realize all the great MASS of water following/connected behind the initial front wall.

        • A tsunami wave is not just a 10 foot wave – but a 10 foot wall of water that rolls in a covers everything.

        • It was 10 feet in open water dude. A wave 10 ft above the surface in the middle of the Ocean could be 55ft tall by the time the shelf pushes it out of the water on to land. Jeez

          • I was in Kauai after the BIG one hit Japan and the tsunami that reached that island was only 6 inches tall, BUT when it hit the island it brought water 8 ft tall into the island, so YUP!! people who don’t understand things seem to spew before they find out the truth!! you were exactly correct my friend! and of course there many variables that can change how the size of the wave effects the land mass it approaches!!

            have a great thanks giving!

            • There is a strong parallel between EMP waves and tidal waves. A true tidal wave, tsunami, has a low frequency very long wavelength and a huge amount of energy. They are very much like a CME from the sun. When they hit the beach, it’s a huge wave that hits.

              We watch waves move when we are on a boat, but a tsunami moves at the speed of sound with a small wave height but very long wavelength.

              If you know a tsunami is coming, sometimes the safest place is on a boat heading to deep water, because the wave piles up to massive height when it hits the beach.

              My great grandad was in Hawaii on vacation when the big tsunami hit in the 60’s. There is film of people on a bridge over a canal who were just wiped away by the wave. Great grandad was at a hotel sitting on his rooms porch, smoking a cigar, overlooking that canal, when the wave hit. He watched about 75 people die! He never told his wife who was in the room taking a nap exactly what he’d seen. It shook him for the rest of his life.

              They say when a tsunami hits the ocean retreats just before. Tourists often walk out to see what’s up. Then the wave comes in and goes several times further in land than the water retreated. If you are ever near the ocean and the water retreats unnaturally, stop being a tourist, and run for your life.

        • Yeah for many coastal areas in the world, a 3 Ft wave, is the swings in the tide levels low to high, twice day on the shoreline. Its nothing. But hey make it more Fearful and maybe you the reader will click the adds right and left to buy more overpriced preps. lol Just go buy regular Canned food at your Grocery store, you will be plenty happy with the foods you already eat. Try Sams Club or Costco to buy in bulk for a great savings. Canned Salmon is great and keeps for 5+ years shelf life. Cooking 1 cup of Beans and 1 cup of Rice today and adding in a 19 Oz Can of Progressive beef soup to give it more flavor and goodies. Cost? about $1.25 total, for a big pot of stew. The soup was $1 ea. per can. Beans and rice cheap.

      4. Just think Rellik,Nailbanger…..
        …..forever sunsets

        • Let me see, it is about 4,000 miles to Fukushima.
          It is about 3000 miles to Hanford WA. We really are out in the middle of nowhere!
          I suspect the only glow I’ll see is in an Imu.
          or our usual sunsets.
          But thanks for the thought.
          Our local nutcase liberals test for radiation all the time.
          Nothing unusual.

          • Big big ocean,,,,
            Fukushima literally a drop in the barrel

            • I kinda stay away from Pacific Seafood. Salmon tastes just like Nuked Chicken of the Sea.

              • Here is one of the Best Advance looks at what 2017 will be like with a Trump Presidency. Including the economy and the stock market crash coming. Gerald Celenti Nails it over and over on lots of issues, including the MSM DOA Presstatutes. A lot of the good stuff is at the end of the 36 minute video. Gold $2000, etc. Well worth the watch.

                Gerald Celente-2017 Predictions-MSM Gone and Financial Market Panic Coming

                • Immediately after Trump was announced Pres on Nov 8th, there were vast market swings in Gold, UP then Down. Well it was all manipulated and rigged. This Video explains it. 8000 Tons of Paper Gold was dumped on the market to crash precious metals. That’s more Paper Gold than the US has in its entire Physical Gold Reserves, which just reflects the Fraud and Manipulation. This is Banker Collusion and Conspiracy. You see when Gold Goes up, it reflects the Feds Failure, so they depress it. Its all EGO. So where are the Regulators cracking down on this BS? Well, They are in on it too. Watch this:

                  Rob Kirby-Massive Fraud 8,000 Tons of Paper Gold Dumped on Market

                  ht tps://

                  30 Min Video –

            • Nailbanger,

              Tell all family members not to eat any seafood they can’t be absolutely sure doesn’t come from the Atlantic.

              There’s a lot of really great deals on fish from the pacific and Japanese fish farms. Don’t kill your family to save a few percent on the grocery bill.

      5. B-informed. Where are you??????
        Remember his theory about the reverb around the earthquake ring. Tantalizing.

      6. The world still doesn’t know how many Japanese citizens were sickened and died along with the ongoing dumping of radioactive water dumping into the pacific. Its bad when your population depends heavily on its fisheries to feed the country and what you harvest is contaminated.

      7. Why would they report the situ getting worst. That’s not the gov controlled media I know. They keep us in the dark and feed us bullshit like mushrooms. Tptb has to maintain the situation is under control or people will get crazy. They will lie to us till humanity’s last day.

      8. I for one, am not worried in the slightest about the Fukushima Reactor situation, nor the tsunami alerts, nor the alleged radiation that has allegedly spilled into the Pacific. Haven’t seen on shred of actual documentation about any of the above at all, other than rumors in various alt.publications, in which I hold no credibility whatsoever.
        Larger Richter Scale earthquakes along the Japanese and Pacific Coasts ARE to be expected. Yet, I see little to no preparations being done along the Cascadia Fault Zone by the Pacific Northwest tree-huggers and associated drum circle dancers.
        So be it, because the real danger when that one lets go, will be the panicking hordes of little Socialists, wanting to stop the tsunami inundation with choruses of Kumbayiah, and a human chain. Good Riddance to the lot.

      9. Let us all say a Prayer for the good people of Japan, their safety, and for all former victims, thank you, my friends.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Good People of Japan? Their ancestors bombed Pear Harbor while their ambassadors where in Washington talking peace? Fuck them. I wish Harry Truman would had dropped enough bombs to make that island disappear.

          • Yep the Good Civil and orderly people of Japan. You don’t see “Japs Lives Matter groups” burning down cities do you.

      10. The big weakness at Fukushima is the storage tanks used for the flood of radioactive sludge and contaminated water Fukushima produces daily.

        The tanks are being mass produced as fast as possible. They aren’t the most reliable things made. Structural failures are common. Once filled their contents are dangerous. Take a look at the area around Fukushima on Google Earth. It looks like the worlds biggest tank farm.

        This area of Japan is earthquake central and these tanks could easily rupture in any reasonable quake. is predicting further similar quakes for the area over the rest of the week.

        Search YouTube for DutchSinse to find his latest worldwide earthquake predictions. He starts new live video predictions at 11:00 pm central time daily when needed or every few days when probabilities are low.

        • Dutchsinse also forecast the Japan earthquake in 2011.
          Japan was issued a warning on November 19, 2016 for a large activity to strike.

          Dutchsinse is trying to get the Truth out to warn people of impending earthquakes. Earthquakes can be forecast by using simple laws of physics, and he has consistently proven it. Deep earthquakes are always followed by shallow earthquakes of even greater magnitude.

          On Dutchsinse’ You Tube Channel:
          11/21/2016 — Large earthquakes strike Japan and New Zealand — New Pacific Unrest event

          • 11/21/2016 — Large earthquakes strike Japan and New Zealand — New Pacific Unrest event
            h ttps://

            Japan was issued a warning on November 19, 2016 for large activity to strike:
            11/19/16 10pm earthquake update dutchsinse
            h ttps://

            • Gotta give credit where credit is due, you Sarge are the one who showed me DutchSinse web site. Thank you.

              My brother has a masters in geology and a boatload of computer science experience. He’s open on DutchSinse methods. If the geology world opens even slightly to the idea, we agree there will be a flood of studies and thesis expanding his work. It’ll only take a couple professors to allow some thesis work to prove or disprove it.

              This is really cool stuff, and with DutchSinse 70 to 80% prediction accuracy rate, it won’t be hard to prove. Once a few hundred fertile minds with some research money backing them up get on board the cat will be out of the bag.

      11. Dig a hole to the center of the fricking universe and drop that thing in it.

        “I know let’s put it right on a tsunami-prone coastline… AND store the spent rods there too! What could go wrong?”

        Speaking of.

        Whatever happened to that oil plume from hell in the Gulf of Mexico? They stuck this little cork in there… and then…?

        • Crude oil is a natural thing. The same as the gas froma volcanos vent or a snakes poision. They are all natural things. Granted they are harmful to many kinds of organic life. However those are food for many organisms. And when the oil plume happened a oil eating microbe also had a population explosion. I had many years of accumulated oil and grease buildup on my concrete shop floor. I simply shoveled green runny fresh cow manure on it. and that build up was eaten and I was able to sweep it out with a broom and garden hose. the cement was sparkly white. and for a bonus the grass by the shop doors was really green and lush.

      12. This could be a small quake right before the big one hits…

      13. Made in Japan.

        • back in the 1950,s one Christmas I seen my Uncle go berserk. He was in the Navy during WWII. Fought in the Pacific. One of the children had a new metal toy. There wasn’t much money floating around that year because the steel mills where shut down and there wasn’t any work. Well My uncle looks at the toy and inside you could see it was made from a recycled jap beer can. Boy did that get his goat. I learned a whole repetore of cuss words. I first hand seen a 1/2 german &1/2 swede do the elephant stomp on a brand new toy. If there had been a slant eyed person or someone he referred to as G D Ike anyplace around I think he would have stomped them flatter than a flitter also!

      14. Have you been taking iodine and selenium.

        These nutrients protect your thyroid and sex organs, no kidding.


        • Nope, I like my organ glowing. Helps me to find it when I get up in the dark to take a leak.

          • Off note. Dollar index @ 1.01, Stock market breaking through barriers (highs), Silver @ 16.40……watch out. Now’s the time to pull the pin and pick up some more silver if you’re able.

      15. The Daily Sheeple is down.

        • They are up. Here’s a video about it:

          ht tps://

          Here’s their current site:

          ht tp://

      16. Fukushima, WW3, Climate Disruption, Financial collapse, EMPs, asteroids… whatever!! Its all getting boring… same old stuff.

      17. Please be advised…this plant is NOT the same plant, but a plant just north of the original one that is still shutdown. Daichi vs Dai (Sp)

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