BREAKING: China Puts Troops on Nationwide High Alert Over North Korea

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Headline News | 49 comments

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    China has put its military on “nationwide alert” while ordering 25,000 more troops to prepare to be sent to the North Korean border as tensions build.

    Citing the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, a nongovernmental organization in Hong Kong, the Oriental Daily News reports that Beijing has ordered troops from all five of its military regions to be on high alert due to the escalating crisis in the region.

    “Armored and mechanized infantry brigades in the provinces of Shandong, Zhejiang and Yunnan received the state mandate,” reports UPI.

    Around 25,000 troops of the Chinese military’s 47th group army of the Ninth Armored Brigade have also been told to prepare to travel long distances close to the North Korean border, while other troop divisions may also have been mobilized.

    The new maneuvers follow earlier reports that China deployed 150,000 troops along the North Korean border on Sunday.

    Yesterday, an editorial in the Global Times, which is widely seen as a mouthpiece for the ruling Chinese Communist government, let slip that Beijing was prepared to carry out its own strike on North Korea’s nuclear facilities if the Stalinist state crossed a “bottom line”.

    The editorial was subsequently deleted, almost certainly on the orders of government officials.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping urged President Trump to pursue a peaceful resolution to the crisis during a phone call between the two leaders earlier today.

    South Korean expert Cheong Seong-chang says that the United States could launch a retaliatory strike against North Korea’s nuclear reactors if the Hermit Kingdom conducts its sixth nuclear test, which could take place over the next two weeks.

    The USS Carl Vinson carrier strike group is currently steaming toward the western Pacific Ocean in a massive show of force, while reports also suggest that Seal Team 6 could be training to take out Kim Jong-un.

    The U.S. Air Force has also reportedly deployed WC-135 “nuclear sniffer” planes that specialize in detecting radioactive debris after the detonation of a nuclear device to Okinawa, Japan.

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      1. I wonder what Trump promised China in return for their cooperation on North Korea

        • TRUMP didn’t have to promise China anything. If the Fat Kid is not removed, then S Korea AND Japan are within their rights to become nuclear powers.

          A nuclear Japan is China’s worst nightmare. Ever hear of the “Rape of Nanking” ??? I didn’t think so. Multiply this assault upon China by a Japan with nuclear weapons. Nuclear weapons are the great equalizer. Forget S Korea, China doesn’t want an “equal” Japan.

          The question now, is whether 150,000 Chinese troops will make a beeline from the Yalu River to the DMZ after Kim is eliminated. I would guess so. 🙁

          • For Japan to become a neuclear power is an assembly operation. They bought literally tone of weapons grade fuel from France in the 80s. Some is stored outside Japan, so they’ll never see that stuff. They have plenty already on hand.

            • You are correct Bertha. Japan has everything it needs even “triggers”. They could have a nuclear missile force of 80 weapons over a long weekend …. like Easter weekend.

              Just a couple of those warheads attacking the Three Gorges Dam would put most of populated China under water in a matter of hours. 🙂

          • Everyone has heard of the rape of Nanking, dude.

        • That the US would import more happy meal toys.

        • Trump gave them, China, back their “most favored nation” trade status for their help with problem of North Korea. You know he did. Trump’s probably going to let China have control of the South China sea and control of N. Korea. And there also is the feud between Taiwan and China. China just got on board too quickly with Trump. Trump’s made some “big time” promises to Xi.

          • NO. I have a Franklin that supports that “no”. Any takers ??? Certain things have a priority. Once Kim is out of the way, expect the global currency deck to be reshuffled before the end of this year, or sometime next year, with the Yuan at 2 or 3 to the dollar instead of 6.

            That action will crush China’s manipulated, competitive edge against US, and SLASH the US deficit, making America “Great Again” before TRUMP’s first term is up.

            Initially the Chinese people will like it because it will give them more global purchasing power and it will “jump start” the transition to a service economy within China. Eventually it will have a depressing effect upon China’s exports but China is already moving heavily into robots and will build new factories ….. in America.

            Remember folks, China PEGS the Yuan to the dollar and can re-peg it at any time. Before that happens the BANKS will assemble tonnes of Yuan.

            There, I just delayed WWIII with China. That was easy. 🙂

            • USA: natural born killers and fundamental insanity

        • Who says they are cooperating? They are just enforcing their borders so a bunch of starving North Korean refuges don’t flood into their already over populated country, that and protecting their interest in NK for their own personal use so the US or S Korea don’t claim the spoils of war in the event of a successful strike!I don’t think they want to bite the hand that feeds them.. US, but they are a nervous nation and will never allow the US to occupy NK!

        • He promised them North Korea

        • He may have promised he wont send Hillary Clinton over there to straighten them out

          • EOTS, let Trump send the entire Clinton family to NK. If they had an ‘accident’ while in NK, I won’t shed any tears for them.

          • LOL

        • China is no friend of North Korea. Historically the ethnic divisions of peoples living there have battled each other for thousands of years and those hatreds still exist along those lines.

          Having a denuclearized and kimless North Korea would be an excellent reason to roll back US military bases from the region. Something often complained on this forums about.

          Imagine no North Korean threat and the billions America would save in pulling troops from Japan, Guam, South Korea, phillipines etc…it would be quite the deal struck with China. A new Monroe Doctrine. China worry about your hemisphere and the US worry about ours. That is pretty incentivizing for the Chinese to get onboard with.

          A great economic and sphere of influence deal both sides benefit from and so does the world.

        • What Kim Um jong, whatever his name is… doesn’t realize– or perhaps he does– is that out NEW president is jUST AS RASH, RECKLESS AND SCREWY AS HE IS!!!

        • I was wondering the very same thing, Anonymous (other anonymous). I assume he filled up an enormous bag with US dollars–all for Xi Jinping.

        • He invited Xi to dinner, then said: “Watch this.”

          Then they had a great conversation, which is clearly putting Putin in a difficult position. My guess, Putin reigns in Syria and Iran, China gets the Norks under control, and Trump has averted war and eliminated three dangerous rouge nations. And all he had to do was bomb a nearly empty military base. US and Russia relations improve, China and US relations continue to improve, and the world stops shitting all over itself.

          I have the feeling that things are going to gradually improve over the next couple years, and our worst fears may be past, at least for awhile. We still have massive economic issues, but those took a long time to create, and will take a long time to repair. Methinks we’re getting started.

          I’m feeling a lot better today than I have in a very long time about the future of our nation. I pray that my enthusiasm is well-founded.

          • America has a reprieve under TRUMP. What comes after him is the BIG worry. Patriots must not rest on their laurels. Its time to organize and crush the NWO once and for all.

            Indict. Convict. And execute for TREASON !!! 🙂

          • How dare you be the voice of reason, Thor 😉

            “I’m feeling a lot better today than I have in a very long time about the future of our nation. I pray that my enthusiasm is well-founded.”

            you and I both.

        • I don’t know but I’d sure like to know what Xi and Vlad talked about when Xi left here and “unexpectedly” stopped by Alaska for some “sightseeing” on his way back to China.

        • Welcome to diplomacy 101.

          better question: are you good with trading favors and working WITH China to keep NK from doing something stupid, or would you prefer we go it alone and force Chinas hand as NK’s parent state to respond?

          Take your time, I’ll wait.

      2. Anonymous, very good question. Still waiting to see who strikes at porky first.

      3. The troops are there to make sure that America does not take over North Korea because if they do, America will be placing ICBMS and the defense shield in North Korea to decapitate china’s first strike capability. China supported North Vietnam, and they supported North Korea in the Korean war. China is the enemy of the American people and for the 350,000 chi-coms in Ameirca, the ones that are here to take us on, we Patriots are putting you on notice.


      4. Hicks; If you remember North Vietnam gave China a little spanking and sent them home embarrassed. They don’t like each other much,never have. Chill a little, there aren’t chicoms under every rock you overturn.

        • Jim
          Correct you are. Nam and China are not friendly any more.
          They have better ties with the US than China.

      5. China doesn’t want KIM’s people running over their border. You see When China has illegal over running their border they put around 150,00 troops on it. What do we do. We give them Free Hospital care, free Food. S.S. and the list goes on and on!!!


        • Nail meet Hammer

          this country spends too much time placating the winy cry babies

      6. What is absolutely mystifying to me is the total lack of secrecy of intentions by all sides. What kind of strategy is it to tell one’s prospective enemy exactly what you are doing, how many forces and of what types are being arrayed against that enemy, when the commencement of attack is scheduled to occur (at least what general timeframe, that is)? I don’t know about the various governments intentions and protocols; but, if I was in command I’d sure as hell not be playing nuclear poker with my cards laid face up on the table. This whole business from Syria, Eastern Europe, North Korea, the Mischief Reef Islands, in the Indian Ocean off Iran, the Persian Gulf, the Eastern Mediterranean build-up by all parties, flyovers by Russia off Japan…. to name it, stinks to high heaven of b.s. Whether or not there is a breakout of hostilities in the offing is not the case; rather, some very odd media distributions all in all.

        • I wondered the same this morning when the first thing I read was Seal Team training to assassinate Kim Dun Wrong. Why announce your intentions?

      7. Kim Jong Un punishes failure. I’ll bet he’s been fed so many fle reports of North Korean strength that he thinks he really can detroy the USA. He can cause serious harm. Anyone who comes to Kim Jong Un with bad news is at risk of being killed/demoted. All he gets is good news which are lies. Wake up time is almost upon him!

      8. My guess is china gets the south china sea in exchange for removal of Kim.. NK is full of untapped resources so maybe it is its own prize. Just follow the money and it makes sense.

      9. “The U.S. Air Force has also reportedly deployed WC-135 “nuclear sniffer” planes that specialize in detecting radioactive debris after the detonation of a nuclear device to Okinawa, Japan.”

        I don’t think that’s a very good idea. Once those planes get near Japan, all the bells and whistles and flashing lights on their sniffer equipment will start going off.

        Woooo woooo woooooo!
        “Quick! Hit the reset button!
        3 seconds later…
        Woooo wooooo woooooo!

        • Hahaha yeah no doubt

      10. Now we rush to bomb a nuclear facility freely risking a nuclear response. Wolfowitz and his doctrine has made everyone rabid. The unconstitutional deep state shit will not only let them assess our capabilities but sow our own destruction. Too bad there isn’t a more effective form of redress.

        • This is all BS. We said no regime change in syria then look what happened. we bombed syria airbase. now we are saying no regime change again. wonder how long till we bomb syria again. I am not sure the north korea crap is even about north korea. China does not want us to take it over as we would be on there back door and even though russia has a small border with north korea , I am sure they would not be happy with US having control of this area. We are moving a lot of assets into this area and I for one am worried about us doing a lot more than just north korea. we don’t like the south china sea debacle.
          Trump has not been captured in my opinion but has been on that side the whole time. I voted for him and am mad as hell. He said he would never show his hand and I believe it so for all this to be in the news for all to read is worrisome to me. maybe they are redirecting our thoughts toward north korea. sad thing is i am even thinking this way

        • also why when we never believed the polls before are we suddenly supposed to? saw one where most americans back trumps war crap and Ivanka is most popular trump staffer? really

      11. this is all BS. just like the week before bombing syria they said we weren’t interested in regime change then what happened? just like they are now saying no regime change again. makes me wonder how long till we hit syria again. they are playing games with everyone, an I for one am not buying it. China does not want the US having control of this area and having us at their backdoor. And am sure even though russia has a small border with north korea they would not want US having control of this area either. this all smells fishy to me and how big a threat is north korea at this point? Deep state is playing us all. are we sure this is about North Korea? or is it about china. we are moving a lot of assets into that area.
        Trump is a part of this. people are saying he has been captured by deep state , all BS. The polls we didnt believe before we are supposed to believe now? that most americans back his war shit? no way. one poll even said Ivanka is most popular person on his staff. REALLY.

      12. Off Topic:

        In one hour at 3:00pm pacific time, And 6 o’clock eastern; a limited time (23 hours) on vaccines. Tomorrow’s part 2 starts at the same time.

        This will be a forum of doctors from both sides of the debate.

        It will be through “the truth about Cancer” and is titled “the truth about vaccines”.

        Another seven part series for those who want facts and care about health and survival.

        It is good to know about those things we can actually do something about. Keeping in balance, it is something East and West agree.


        • Who wrote it ? And who’s funding it?
          Very interested in the TRUTH
          So .. I want to follow the money and liars first before I waste my time

          Sincerely no attack on you

          • Would like to see that come on here as a story

            I don’t watch TV
            No really , I don’t watch ,and don’t have any regular programmed propaganda being piped into my home

            It’s fucking great
            Next is this dam cell phone

            • Enemy:

              It is on the Internet. I don’t know who funds them. I think it is all by donations and sales of the CDs. It is free only during this seven days. You won’t be wasting time. I’m going to go where I can get free wifi. I’m signed up. Get signed up. Google. The truth about vaccines or the truth about Cancer. Maybe someone can put in a link.


              • Enemy:

                I made a mistake about the time. It starts at 6pm pacific and 9 eastern.


        • Correction ! 6 pm Pacific/9pm Eastern


      13. Why are you guys using articles from Infowars?
        Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. Infowars spreads sensationalism to keep people coming back.
        After seeing all this war propaganda and the recent Osama bin Laden article, I’m starting to think this site isn’t credible.
        What ever happened to the supposed Obama martial law too?

        • “What ever happened to the supposed Obama martial law too?”

          Its coming right after the FED destroys the source of its power and control over the entire world so the BANKERS can issue a new world currency [THINK SDR’S]: which is neither a currency nor fungible outside of the central bankers.

          Brandon and his mentor, Rickards are both fucking IDIOTS !!! 🙂

      14. The only good thing about Infowars is the female anchor with the big fun bags.

      15. 150,000 dead troops if we so deem it, via 1 Ohio class sub.

      16. durangokidd

        I also really can’t believe this site also propped up Trump to be a anti-establishment savior.
        Where is the indictment for Hillary?
        The swamp is now deeper than before and the Obamacare repeal is a sham.
        And Trump is also following Obama’s strategy of aiding ISIS in Syria.
        The Americans have been fooled again.
        Trump is a Zionist puppet who claimed to be anti-establishment.
        There are many “awake” preppers still sound asleep.

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