UPDATE: SoKo To Officially Blame NoKo: It was a Torpedo!

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    Update Posted May 19, 2010 – 2:00  AM CST – SoKo To Officially Blame NoKo: It was a Torpedo!

    Nearly a full month after our initial report that South Korean and US investigators determined that North Korea had, in fact, been responsible for the sinking of a South Korean vessel in later March of 2010, the mainstream press may be ready to run with the story.

    The Washington Post Reports:

    South Korea will formally blame North Korea on Thursday for launching a torpedo at one of its warships in March, causing an explosion that killed 46 sailors and heightened tensions in one of the world’s most perilous regions, U.S. and East Asian officials said.

    South Korea concluded that North Korea was responsible for the attack after investigators from Australia, Britain, Sweden and the United States pieced together portions of the ship at the port of Pyeongtaek, 40 miles southwest of Seoul.

    On Monday, North Korea for the first time directly denied that it was involved in the Cheonan’s sinking. “We will not tolerate the confrontations and warmongering schemes of the puppet regime of South Korea,” said Yang Hyong-sop, vice president of the Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly.

    Will this go mainstream viral, or will the news blackout continue?

    This really is fairly big news. The rogue nuclear nation of North Korea, as they’re referred to by President Obama’s recent nuclear policy, has intentionally fired a torpedo at a South Korean vessel, violating the cease fire agreed to in 1953. This isn’t the first time that NoKo and SoKo have engaged each other since armistice, but North Korea was not a nuclear state before.

    More news or no news as the story develops…

    Posted April 22, 2010 – 17:00 PM CST  – NORTH KOREA DENIES

    The Korean Friendship Association, an international public relations organization for North Korea, has responded to allegations that a North Korean torpedo sunk a South Korean patrol vessel on March 26, 2010. (read earlier reports)

    From the KFA Forum:

    The south Korean puppet regime of Lee Myung Bak,which is totally dependent on the US,raising a hullabloo over the tragic sinking of its warship the Chonam in disputed waters in the West Sea of Korea.Even though the south Korean  puppet defence minister himself stated “but there is a possibility that this case would remain indefinitely unresolved due to a lack of physical evidence.”

    The south Korean rulers have tried to blame the DPRK for the incident and there has been wild talk of military retaliation and the likelihood of another ‘sanctions’ campaign against the DPRK.Given the seriousness of the allegation you would think they would have better evidence than vague talk of an  external explosion and James Bond style stories about midget submarines, submersible craft and suicide squads.

    The south Korean authorities admit “Up to now, no other debris — except the warship wreckage — have been found,” clearly if it was a mine or a torpedo fragments of it would have been found by now. Moreover no DPRK vessels or submarines were detected near the Chonam on the day  of the sinking. It is an allegation without real evidence, all circumstanial.

    Updates to follow as they become available…

    Posted April 22, 2010 – 12:10 PM CST – MEDIA BLACK OUT?

    On March 26, 2010, Americans couldn’t help but come across reports on television and the internet regarding the sinking of a South Korean patrol ship. It was rumored to have been a North Korean torpedo or mine, and the news wires were on fire.

    Screen Shot taken from DrudgeReport.com on March 26, 2010 at 16:00 EST:

    (Click Image for Close Up)
    (Click Here For Link to Drudge Archive)

    At the time, this was reported as quite a large story with North Korea being suspected of having launched a torpedo at the South Korean vessel. After the ship sank, an investigation ensued, and the story was put on the back burner pending the outcome of the investigation until earlier today (read the original report).

    However, now that South Korean military intelligence officials and the President of SoKo himself has hinted that this was a North Korean missile attack, the US media has remained silent 12 hours after the story broke.

    The following screen shots from five major US media network home pages show that the mainstream, as well as Matt Drudge, are curiously silent on the matter.

    There is not a single mention of this incident on any major media news home page.

    This must no longer be an important enough story now that a SoKo / US investigation has likely confirmed North Korea’s involvement:

    soko_noko_silence_1Click Here for Full Size View

    Updates to follow as they become available…


    From Reuters via Zero Hedge:

    South Korea’s military believes a torpedo fired from a North Korean submarine sank its navy ship last month, based on intelligence gathered jointly with the United States, a news report said on Thursday.

    South Korea’s defense ministry had no comment on the report.

    “North Korean submarines are all armed with heavy torpedoes with 200 kg (441 lb) warheads,” the military source was quoted as saying by Yonhap. “It is the military intelligence’s assessment that the North attacked with a heavy torpedo.

    If the Reuters report, citing South Korea’s Yonhap News Agency, is correct and the United States was involved in the investigation, then we have a very serious problem on our hands.

    This information is still breaking and we would expect a response from President Obama’s administration or the US military within the next 24 hours. Let’s hope this is a rumor, because if the official story is that North Korea sunk SoKo’s ship last month, then we have a rogue nuclear state, or outlier, that just fired first.

    Note that in between the time that this ship sunk on March 26, 2010, through today’s revelation, the President issued a warning in the form of a new nuclear policy, elements of which were directed at North Korea and Iran, leaving on the table the possibility of a US led nuclear response to any perceived acts of aggression.

    The President has left open the option of striking in response to any threats, and even striking first if he deems that an attack on the United States or her allies is imminent.

    Seoul Composite Index: Down 0.64% @ 1:00 AM CST

    Updates to follow as they become available…


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      1. Also it should be noted the South Korean Navy has recovered the stern portion of the sunken patrol Vessel which should also reveal evidence as well.  Look for the SKN to reply in kind prehaps sinking one of the north’s Subs .  We will see  but I doubt the South will let this one just go away IMO .

      2. Think this could be a US false flag ops to position NK and SK for the coming WW III? It does say SK’s intel was jointly gathered with US intel and we know US intel agencies have been infiltrated a long long long time ago.

        The timing is just TOO good and when the timing is just TOO good. You know it is no accident.

      3. Remember “it” always starts with a Naval incident, e.g., Gulf of Tonkin, the sinking of the Lusitania, the sinking of the Maine, Peral Harbor, etc.

      4. We know one thing for sure.  Obama will talk a lot  and run his mouth off, but will do absolutely nothing to help our ally.

      5. I think that the timing is bad for offensive actions.
        First of all there are no hard evidence of the “attack”, so Obama cannot act based on speculations.
        Then by opening a third war front (Iraq, Afghanistan, Korea), he jeopardizes the country’s financial stability. You all know how much money are needed for a single day in the current fronts.
        Finally, is it Korea actually an ally, or not?  May i remind you that in both Iraq and aFghanistan, most tough operations are being processed by foreign troops, rather than natives.
        So is it worth the trouble to start losing U.S. youth in another area?
        Finally, the North Korean guys are following their leader to the death (the real motive of this  is not playing any role). What if they throw nukes to Japan, or Australia, or Taiwan? Do we really want to start a nuklear war?

      6. I guess that it really doesn’t matter much where it starts, with an incident/attack on Iran or on North Korea; the PTB seem intent getting WWIII kicked off as soon as they can manage it. The elites of the NWO are all behind some serious population reduction in the very near future.

        As far as the South Koreans being able to hold their own, believe me; these are some seriously tough little folks. All of our so-called allies should be as capable and competant as the South Koreans are.

        But, one way or another, war or global pandemic; the NWO figures that we need to reduce the world’s population by at least 50%. Just as long as it isn’t them, they could care less what happens to the rest of us.

        GOOGLE “deep underground military bunkers” and see what pops up. These are located all across the United States. This is where the bastards figure to hide out for a couple of years in the lap of luxury while us ‘commoners’ deal with the situation up above. Get ready peeps, it’s coming to your neighborhood ….. SOON!

      7. I always believed it would only take one catalyst to send the world into war.  I’m not sure if this is it or not, but if what this investigation brought forth is true and the South does nothing about it they will look weak and it can lead to more aggression against the south. On the other hand the South can retaliate and thus lead to an all out conflict. It will be interesting to see what happens.

      8. I don’t think obamass would strike back if the whitehouse was hit with the first monster and his daughters  in it.  He is A 98 lb bully.

      9. Sorry for the re-post, I originally responded to wrong article, ALTHOUGH the last three articles all point to the same thing…

        We are definitely on the brink of the abyss.  I have been seeing it coming for quite awhile as have many of you. If you know history well, you can “predict” the future.  The need for resources,  corruption, greed, religious and ideological differences, and power mongering have reached a zenith. The tension is palpable and extreme.  It is part of the human condition, when the stress levels reach a certain point, the great tranquilizer, WAR, becomes the remedy.

      10. We all knew what happened whenthatship blew in half. All the hoopla saying it was an old 1950 mine floating or it was an internal explosion was a bunch of media hogwash .Northe korea did it to attracty attention to it again and like a good little boy the United States says a few words and  threatens more sanctions which are a joke.  Rumor is they might do another nucular test  to which i say we might as well not say any thing because it wont stop them anyway .I say pull our Troops out of there and give South korea nucular weapons to which would absolutly insure that North korea will be no more  and be donw with it.sooner or later SHTf scenerio will occur-were only prolonging the situation by inaction .

      11. I agree with JBoy, the only thing Obama and Geithner know how to do in foreign affairs is bow down before foreign dignitaries, lick their boots, then give them enormous amounts of U.S. taxpayer money as a reward for the privilege of doing so.     

        Stick a German Shepherd or Mexican Chihuahua in front of them and they would gladly bow down and pay homage to the dog as well.   Just mention another nationality and they are slobbering all over themselves at the thought of servitude.    

      12. Do you really think that North korea would step up to the plate and just say yes we did it ?  Even if they found a piece of  a North Korean Torpedo stuck in the wreckage they cant do much any way . Basically its your ship blew up by an outside force-you have no actual proof and if you did there is nothing you can do but cry about it to the UN-which stands for united nothing .  IIf another SouthKorean ship was to be blown in half tonight-the results would be the same-NOTHING !

      13. Shaggy, I agree — but I had to put that KFA excerpt in there because it goes to show how ridiculous commie propaganda can be. (not that we don’t have our own propaganda, but the NoKo’s are no holds barred on the BS they spew).

      14. I don’t think North Korea did anything. I believe this is another Gulf of blame somebody else game to raise geopolitical tensions. Like the quote says; The south Korean authorities admit “Up to now, no other debris — except the warship wreckage — have been found,”

        How can south korea claim it is a torp or whatever if they aren’t even sure how it blew up? Could it be an accident? Like an honest accident but they didn’t want a good crisis to go to waste?

        I believe this is a black operations. As you all know, USA has been trying to push China away into the arms of the Iranians and Russians by selling arms to Taiwan, paying visits to the crook called Dalai Lama whom have admitted he was on the CIA payroll for many years while China requests that US to not go, and finally the whole Google situation. All of this is just political maneuvering for the upcoming WW III.

        They want a EAST vs WEST, Democracy vs Communist battle. The battle they’ve been setting up for since after 1945. And we know the south korean gov’t takes their orders from sources other than the korean people. This isn’t the scenario that will start WW III because the bankers aren’t done looting the world yet. They will still force the VAT and FAT taxes through, if for some reason they do not succeed or if the American public wakes up and lynches them, then they will use WW III as a smokescreen to retreat behind.

        WW III is a smokescreen for when they are done stealing the wealth of the entire world, plus extra features like population reductions, mass starvation, economic collapse, collapse of civilization and finally when all of that is done playing out….the rise of the NWO. They have already planned WW III since the 19th century, it is nothing new to them and they know they need it to bring the NWO in. So why not loot the ENTIRE world of its wealth and then start WW III to retreat behind?

      15. South Kore today said they do in fact have Physical evidence. Its been rported that they found one of the propeller blades  that has north koreas serial numbers on it found in the wreckage  and also what kind of exsplosives were used (North Koreas current torpedo’s has  the same Charge) .  They have the evidence but the question remains  what are they going to do about it.There is always bringing it to the security council which is probably what they will do .Its also been mentioned that South Korea can also do a tit for tat responce which of cource they have a right to do but i think it wouldnt be the smart thing here.They need to increase sanctions followed by freezing  all north korean assets and no longer doing joint venture with them . Secondly they can tell north korea that if something like this happens again there will be a like wise responce in return . Im sure when the evidence is shown to the world leaders and tehre experts and its shown it is from north korea,That north korea doesnt have a leg to stand on .Im sure the Dear leader of NK cried his heart to china when he went there last week .He probaly told china that they did attack the SK ship  and he was there for damage control  and of cource for a handout too .  Interesting how this comes outbut im sure it wont be Nk favor.

      16. SoKo may have “proof” and NoKo probably did it. But I doubt that there will be any military response in kind over it by SoKo.

        No balls.

      17. Airborne71:
        The Republic of Korea (aka South Korea) Navy (ROKN) recovered both portions of the ship.  The ROK government (ROKG) has pretty much said they will not be attacking North Korea (DPRK), but will sever financial ties to hurt them.  There is a lot of trade that would hurt the DPRK much more than the ROK if cut.

        Take off the tin foil hat, please.  If you can, explain why you think the timing was “just TOO good.”  In reality no one gains from a renewed North-South conflict.

        As the reports say, we’re already helping with the investigation.  And the ROK military doesn’t need our help – they are fully capable of taking care of the situation.  Our stepping in militarily would insult our ally.

        We’ll have to see what South Korea produces as evidence.

        Anonymous 6:05:
        Your facts are off on what the ROKG says it has.  I think if you read more about this, you might recognize some of your rhetorical questions about this North-South issue to be sort of ignorant.

        Theyhaveproof & zukadu:
        Agreed, they may have something, but there are other options aside from teh military one.  On the other hand, the ROKN is probably out for blood and may engage a lot faster than before.

      18. If a Chinese-made Yu-3 type torpedo is presumed to have hit the Navy corvette, why don’t go and invade China.
        If they want to kill each other, let them do it till get tired and quit. They are in war since 1950.

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